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The Prospector May 23, 1913

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VOL. 2, NO. 28
LILLOOET,    B. C, FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1913.
Change of Venue to Vernon
for Paul and Spintlum.
Jurors Summoned From Lillooet
Chief Justice Presides.
Highly Technical Case, Says Judge Calder
•     •     •
Whatever  the legislature I quantities, for which he was
may have intended in fram-jnot licenced.
Clinton Assizes will open June
2. It is expected that Chief Justice Hunter will be presiding
judge. In the Paul and Spintlum
cases a change of venue toVernon
assizes has been granted.
From Lillooet, John Dunlop has
been summoned to serve on the
grand jury, while the following
nine citizens have been called as
petit jurors: W. J. Abercrombie,
W. Manson, Roy Burkholder, C.
D. Ray, Duncan McDonald, Wm.
Durban, W. Haylmore, M.Foster
and W. G. Duguid.
Alleging that public feeling in
the Clinton district is so aroused
over the murders attributed to
Moses Paul and Paul Spintlum
that families have been terrorised
into moving out, that ranchers
have been carrying guns in their
rigs when they ventured out
along the roads, and that in the
state of public feeling a fair trial
for the two Indians is not possible, Mr. Stuart Henderson, K.
C, asked that the venue of their
trial be changed from Clinton to
Vernon assizes.
"Feeling is intense and the
public so nervous over these men
that if a murder was committed
in Clinton tomorrow, although
Paul and Spintlum are behind the
bars, I am sure they would be
accused of it," said Mr. Henderson. The application to change
the venue was opposed by Crown
Prosecutor A. H. McNeill, K. C,
who stated that the attorney-
general was desirous that the
trial be proceeded with at Clinton. "Among other reasons,"
said Mr. MacNeill, "it is important that the Indians in the district should see and know that
these men are given a fair trial.
They could not be present and
know this if the venue is changed." In his own affidavit, in
attempting to show that nearly
every man in the district had
been engaged in some capacity
or other in the hunt, for the two
men, Mr. Henderson alleged that
$40,000 had been spent in Clinton
by the attorney-general in his
efforts to secure the capture of
these men.
"I think that is to the credit of
the attorney-general. It shows
that he was determined to have
these men brought to trial at any
cost," said his lordship.
His lordship laid over decision
until the opening of Court in
Victoria on Monday, when he
granted change of venue to Vernon, where assizes opened May 22.
ing thisAct we have nothing
to do. Although we may understand that it had no inten-
Asked by theCourt whether
he had the facts of theCamp-
bell vs.   Rex case,   counsel
tion of allowing a man to sell J said that he had not, neither
in wholesale quantities, we had he studied them. He only
have not the power to con-1 had Justice Gregory's decis-
strue into the act the mean- \ ion, which had been forwarding that only one bottle shall ed by the attorney-general's
be sold in one minute, one department,
hour or one day. The trouble I Without the facts, where-
arises out of the difficulty to | by could be decided the rela-
'define when a retail sale i tion between the circumstan-
ceases to become such and | ces of the Campbell and Ab-
merges into wholesale. The j ercrombie cases, his honor-
whole case centres around!thought the decision of little
the meaning within the act; assistance in deciding the
of the sentence inSection 22, |present issue.
that not more than one
perial quart may be
"one act or vending.''
Such is a general summary
of the opinions expressed by
Judge Calder Tuesday evening at the hearing of the
appeal cases of W. J. Abercrombie and Joseph Powers
against the decision of Stipendiary Magistrate Saul,
whereby   Abercrombie   was
The court also commented
sold at on the silence of the evidence
from the lower court on material points, especially with
regard to the location of the
box in which the liquor was
placed. "If the box was left
in the hotel and the bottles
placed in it there, the case
was on a different standing
than if the bottles were carried singly from the premi-
fined $200 and Powers $150 ses> remarked the judge _
for selling more than one im- , Mr-. Cornwall- "I submit
perial quart of rum to Wm. th,at it would not matter
Leach, on April 10 and 11.     whether the box was in  the
Judge Calder reserved de
bar or on
the street."
the other side of
cision, stating that the case, "1^ Calder---"I entirely
was of such a highly technical disagree "
nature that he desired to con-     por tne defen     Mr> Jas
suit authorities   Mr. Temple M     h d that without
Cornwall Kamloops, appear- the facts &Justice Gre?0Iys
ed on behalf of the Crown; miingmthe Campbell case
Mr. Jas. Murphy, Ashcroft, -    -      -    -   --•
was valueless in deciding the
present issue. He quoted a
case before the Ontario courts
which was an exact parallel
to that being heard. Here a
bartender selling several bottles of liquor, each bottle
being singly paid for and
taken from the premises, was
conducted the defence.
Mr. Cornwall argued at
length that a decision of Mr.
Justice Clement, in Campbell
vs. Rex, given Nov. 12,1912,
and since sustained by the
Appelant Court, covered the
present   case.     In  this the
crux of the ruling of the jus-1 convicted in a magistrate's
tice was that a hotel-keeper court. Appeal from this re-
may only sell liquor in just suited in a County Court
such a manner as his licence judge quashing conviction,
allows. This, argued Mr. This ruling was upheld by
Cornwall, covered the Aber- the Court of Appeals,
crombie cases, in that he had Judge Calder vill hand
allegedly sold in wholesale down his ruling at a later flate
Inquiries for Land.
Many inquiries have been made
during the past few days for property in the new townsite. Several buildings, two of them of
large dimensions, will be erected
as soon as lumber can be secured.
One investor only awaits telegraphic instructions from the
coast to close a deal for an entire
block. Indications point to a considerable extension of settlement
this siimmer at the west end of
Lillooet Brass Band.
Lillooet brass band! Where is
it? With a full set of instruments
donated some months ago by Mr.
Arthur Noel, available and lying
disused in storage, it is time that
the musical talent of the town is
organised. Dominion Day celebration is fast approaching.
Under the circumstances it would
not be creditable to have to bring
in an outside band, because of
lack of initiation at home.
Dr. Jones arrived from Victoria
Tuesday evening and proceeded
at once to his ranch.
Hon. J. Dunsmuir and Other
Officials to Arrive June 1.
Party   Will Make Trip to Bridge
River by Automobile.
Hon. J. Dunsmuir, the largest
stockholder in the Coronation
mines, H. B. Thompson, president
of the company, and B. J. Perry,
director, are due to arrive in Lillooet at the end of this month, in
order to be present at the starting of the stamp mill at the Coronation, June 1.
Splendid progress is being made
at the mines, where a large
amount of free-milling ore of very
high value is on the dump ready
for crushing. This will be treated
this year. To operate the ten
stamp mill, Supt. C. L. Copp has
secured the services of Mr. E. C.
Semmens, formerly of the West
Coast of Africa, a mill man of
many years' experience.
Asked regarding   prospects a
few days ago,  Mr. Copp was reticent, smilingly remarking "We
. prefer to let the bricks talk for
.us in the fall."
Accompanying the party will
be Mr. Arthur Noel, who will
take in with him ex-magistrate
Williams, of Vancouver, and Mr.
"Pete" Ferguson, owner of the
Pioneer mine. The party will
travel to the mine by automobile,
a machine having already been
engaged for the purpose.
Mr. William Sloan, who owns
the controlling interest in the
Lome, will also be in about the
same time, for the purpose of
deciding upon a plan of operation
for the development of this
Presentation to Mrs. Dupras.
In commemoration of her marriage, and as a mark of the appreciation in which she was held
by her friends in Lillooet, Mrs.
Napoleon Dupras was this week
presented with a handsome oak
dining-room suite. The presentation was accompanied by the
following testimonial:
We, the undersigned, desiring
to express express our good will
and wishes for a happy and prosperous future, toward Mrs. Napoleon Dupras, request her acceptance of a token of our appreciation. (Signed) V. E. Keeley,
Neil Keeley, F. 1). Keeley, T. A.
Alford, Lee Rowland, H.J.Kearv,
A. W. McQueen, E. Bonner, 1".
McMaster, R. Pollard. B. Huell,
W. R. Baker, F. M. Brophy, C.
E. Walker. Jas. F. Farmer. M. R.
Eagleson, H. McDonald, Victor
Deeply appreciating the kindness of her friends, Mrs. Dupras
tenders her warmest thanks, in
which she is supported by Mr.
Dupras. ■ MSmm,.,
Published to promote the Welfare
of the Lillooet District.
Managing Editor.
MAY 23, 1913.
North Fork  Road.
While in Vancouver a few
days ago we were assured by
Mr. A. McDonald, M. L. A.,
that a commencement would
shortly be made on the construction of the North Fork
road to Bridge river. The
member corroborated the
statement made by the Prospector last week to the effect
that an appropriation for this
work had been made, and
promised his assistance toward securing an early start
on the work.
The need for this road is
imperative, both to the ranchers and miners of the district
which it is destined to serve,
and to the merchants of Lillooet. After waiting half a
century for the development
of the rich mining wealth of
which it is the centre, is Lillooet now to be robbed of the
harvest of its patience and
industry because of the lethargy, or worse, of the provincial and local authorities?
Such is the question which
has to be faced. With the
completion of the railway,
traffic and freight will be diverted at the Mission, unless
a direct and easy road is built
into town. The day of promises is long past, Action is
Location of P. G. E.
The location of the Pacific ■
Great Eastern road in the
vicinity of the town of Lil-
looet still remains shrouded
in mystery. That there is
continued delay in the commencement of grading con-
tracts north-east of Cayoosh
creek, is significant. To this
is added the announcement
that the much heralded steam
shovels will not be brought
in for several weeks. Why
the delay and mystery? Is it
because there is still doubt
regarding the location of the
line on the far side of the1
river? From well-informed
circles comes an affirmative
Applicable to Lillooet.
Whether in pleasure or business,   Victoria   is in  for a
"boom."     Those   who   are I
"grouching" over quiet times
and tight money today, will
have the laugh on themselves '
tomorrow,  when the results
of new enterprises affecting
the development of our city
begin to be seen.    There are j
two ways in which a city be- j
comes popular and prosperous—by  being busy and by!
being happy.    If you cannot
keep busy keep happy! That
should be the golden rule of:
civic conduct.     Show a man
a smile and he sees success;
greet him with a Frown and
he   spells   out  Failure.    A
cheerful mind is one of the
greatest gifts of God.  It not
only gives cheer to others,
but gives them confidence in |
you.   So, if a city is to be
successful, its citizens must
"keep on smiling."—Victoria
Barker— "Congratulate me,old
man! My best girl has just accepted me over the telephone!"
Candidus—"Are you sure she
understood what you were saying?"
9       •
"Why do you tramp around the
"Solely because I can't afford
an automobile, madame. I have
no liking for walking as a fad."
•    e
"Sam, are you the dominating
influence in your household?"
"I guess, sah, you'se bettah
ask de misses dat. She am de
Parson- "Do you take this woman for better or for worse?"
Bridegroom -• '''Well, I can't
exactly say. Her people think it's
for better, but mine think it's
for worse."
o      o
"I haven't anything to do,"
complained Cholly. "Afellah gets
tired of just twirling his cane,
don't you know."
"Of course," assented Algy.
"Why don't you get a dog to
lead, old chap."
e    o
Casey—"'Tis hard luck about
Kearney. Oi hear he hod t' hov
his leg cut off bechune th' ankle
an' th'knee."
' 'Cassidy - ' 'Ay! The docthers
decided that to save his whole
leg they'd hov to cut off part
Stamps for the mill at the Coronation mine passed through
town this week, en route to
Bridge river. Reports from the
mine state that everything is progressing favorably for the expected big season's work.
Bridge River Mail.
For a Licence to Take and Use Water
NOTICE is hereby given that
J. H. 0. Donaghey, of Lillooet,
rancher, will apply for a licence
to take and use one cubic toot per
second, of water out of Eleven
Mile creek, which flows in a westerly direction through P.R. 1662,
and empties into Fraser river
about one mile from point of diversion. The water will be diverted at about one mile from its
entrance into Fraser river, and
will be used for irrigation purposes on the land described as P.R.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 29th day of April,
1913. The application will be filed
in the office of the Water Recorder at Clinton.
Objections may be filed with
the said Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria,
B, C.
May 7,1913. Applicant.
For a Licence to Take and Use Water
NOTICE is hereby given that
Frederick H. Kinder, of Lillooet.
rancher, will apply for a licence
to take and use Twenty-five
miners' inches per second, of
water out of Enterprise creek,
which flows in a northerly direction through Crown land and
Gold Falls mining leases and empties into Cayoosh Creek, near
Cayoosh Creek Falls. The water
will be diverted at about 2700
feet from its entrance into Cay-
i oosh creek, and will be used for
! irrigation purposes on the land
described as Lot 2686.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 29th day of April,
1913. The application will be filed
in the office of the Water Recorder at Clinton.
Objections  may  be  filed with
the said Water  Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament   Buildings,   Victoria,
iB. C. F. H. KINDER,
May 7,1913. Applicant.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Chas. E. Walker Leaves for Bridge
The petition which has been      River to Assist Development.
circulated during   the past
two weeks, asking for a tort- For the purpose of extending
nightly mail service to Bridge the development of the Marconi
river, has now been com- Group, owned by himself and
pleted and has been forward- 0. Ferguson, C. E. Walker left
ed to Inspector Greenfield at on Monday for Bridge river.
Vancouver. According    to   Mr.    Walker's1
The request was signed by statements good showings have
every man available who was been made during the four years .
directly interested in Bridge work has been in progress.   A j
river.    Care was taken that large area   of   land   has  been
it should  be  in every way ground-sluiced.   To obtain water;
clean, every name upon the for this purpose a ditch three
list being an actual owner or miles in length was constructed. |
resident of the  district.    In     Considerable cross-cutting has
every way a genuine appeal been completed and twofairly-
for a utility which is very good leads have been uncovered.
badly    needed,   and   which These, however, are  not consid-
should   have   been   granted ered altogether   satisfactory  to
months ago, the petition de- Messrs.   Walker and Ferguson,
serves favorable attention at who will continue the work in J
the hands of the authorities, confident expectation oi*  some-
 -  thing still better being met with
this summer.
While there is possibility of his
making a return trip to town in
a few weeks, Mr. Walker says
that he expects to remain in the
hills until the snow flies.
The Leading Specialty of the
Royal Nurseries, Ltd.
No word has yet been received regarding the opening
of the road through Chinatown and the clearing of the
old adobe hovels which now
obstruct the right-of-way. In
the meantime building operations  in the vicinity con-
We spare neither time nor money  in  procuring
we consider the best Roses in the world.
Our stock comes from the greatest rose specialists of
England, Scotland, Ireland and Holland.
these reasons our R 0 S E S are FAMED.
Visit our Nurseries at Royal (on Eburne Branch
B. C. E. Railway) and inspect our slocks. There
you  will see Hollies by the   thousands,   Orna-
mental  and    Flowering   Shrubs,   Shade
Pete   Sherwood,   an   old-time
tinues to be delayed and the Lillooet man, and the former
progress of the development headlight of Lillooet baseball
of the town retarded. affairs, was in town this week.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Trees,
Rhododendrons,  Fruit Trees in  Great Variety.
Then we have all the old garden floral favorites by the
tens of thousands: Forget-Me-Nots, Coreopsis,
Daisies, Gailiardias, Cowslips, Carnations, Auri-
culus, Campanula, Primroses, Columbine, Pinks,
Arabis, Etc., Etc., in endless variety.
PANSIES are a leading feature this year. We have a very
special, unequaled strain. Our stock of Hardy Herbaceous,
Alpine and Rock Plants is the most complete in Canada. See
our special offers of collections of Ornamental and FRUIT
TREES, for beautifying your homesites, at $15, $30, and $60.
THE ROYAL NURSERIES, Ltd., Vancouver, B. C.
HEAD OFFICE, Suite 710 Dominion Building,   207 Hastings. W.
Phone   Seymour 5556.
Nurseries and  Greenhouses at  ROYAL.   Kerrisdale P.O.
Phone    Eburne 43.
Stork   2110 Granville St.       -       Phone   Bay view   1926. THE   PROSPECTOR
Over the Rockies by Motor Car is
Now Pleasurable Trip.
There is a great motor road
now in course of construction from
Banff to Windermere, in the Columbia Valley, eighty-five miles
south of Golden. From Calgary
to Banff, the road, ninety miles
long, is now complete. From
Banff, Alta., on the eastern slope
of the Rocky Mountains, to Windermere, B. C, is another ninety
miles. It is the intention to construct such a motor road that the
trip can be made in four or five
hours between Banff and Windermere, where the C.P.R. propose,
upon completion of the motor
road and of the railway now
being built south from Golden to
Windermere, to establish at In-
vermere, on lovely Lake Windermere, one of its largest tourist
In time this great national
highway will be continued from
Invermere across the Selkirk
Mountains to West Kootenay,
and from thence by way of the
Monashee Pass to Vernon, in the
centre of the northern Okanagan
district, connecting at this point
with all the Okanagan roads;
from there by way of Grand Prairie to Nicola, Princeton, and
across the Hope Range into the
Fraser Valley at Hope, thence to
The total distance from Calgary
to Vancou ver by such a road, for
the most part remote from the
main line of railways, will be six
hundred and fifty miles; it is hard
to realize, much less describe, the
possibilities it offers. The traveler
leaving Calgary in the morning
could lunch at Banff and spend
the night at Invermere, lunch
the following day on the west side
of the Selkirk Mountains and
sleep at the Arrowhead lakes.
With an early start on the third
day, he could lunch at Vernon
and spend the night in the Nicola
Valley. The fourth day would
take him through the Hope ridge,
and with a good run he could
make Vancouver that night.
Returning to the Banff-Windermere section of this route, the
Dominion Government is building
that part within the present
Rocky Mountain Park, a distance
from Banff to the summit of approximately twenty-six miles.
The Provincial Government of B.
C. and the C.P.R. are uniting in
building the B. C. section from
Vermillion summit to the Columbia Valley government road at
Sinclair Hot Springs, a distance
of sixty-two miles. The Dominion government has built a bridge
over the Bow river, and has two
large parties of men on the Castle
division. The work between
the Vermillion summit and Sinclair Hot Springs has been late
and will be finished in 1913.
The Castle division, where the
Dominion Government is now at
work, consists of an eight-mile
ascent on an average grade of
not over two per cent., through a
country which has been partly
burnt, but commands from practically all points of the road a
magnificent view of the Bow
river valley, with Castle and
Storm mountains close at hand.
Two pretty lakes lie at the summit, and no doubt at this point
within a short time a stopping
place will be erected.
The main range of the Rockies
at this point combines some of the
finest panoramic views in any
part of America. Paradise Valley
and the far-famed Lake Louise
district lie close to the northwest,
with Banff and Mount Assiniboine
to the south-west. The Vermillion Valley drops quietly down
between these two groups of
mountains at an easy grade, with
an average of two per cent., and
into this valley run the various
mountain streams that rise in the
glaciers of the main range.
At a point ten miles south of
the summit the various ochre
beds are situated; they have been
deposited from a mountain of
iron ore, and the Indians have
for many centuries here obtained
their red paint from this source.
On the west side of the valley
near here extend great grassy
slopes, locally called slides, for
avalanches of snow have cleared
off all their timber, and on these
moose, sheep and goats may frequently be seen. Excellent pasturage is obtainable here. The
camping-ground on the banks of
the Vermillion is really ideal.
From this point southward the
valley of the Vermillion widens
and the motor road traverses high
benches, crossing the creek only
once at the canyon. There are
two of these canyons on the river
caused by limestone intrusion;
both are very picturesque, though
shallow. In the deep pools below
them, which are easily accessible
to the fisherman, three to five-
pound trout may be seen swimming about unconcernedly.
The location of the road through
the valley has been carefully selected; in some places it boldly
crosses the foot of huge slides in
order to obtain better points of
view and avoid long detours. The
Vermillion river joins the Simpson on the west slope of the
Rockies, at a point not more than
thirty-five miles from Banff by
trail. The highway follows the
north bank of the Vermillion
below its junction with the Simpson, in full view of Goat Mountain, which has always been famous among hunters for its sheep
and goats.
Throughout this section of the
road and down the wide stretches
of the Kootenay valley the charm
of the environment is remarkable.
Neither hunter nor tourist could
find a more attractive region on
this continent.
Though there are over one million acres of fairly level land in
the upper stretches of the Kootenay valley traversed by the motor
road, all of it lies above an elevation of 3,400 feet, and, while
enjoying a mild climate, it is safe
to predict that it will never support any large agricultural population. The road through the
Kootenay section follows wide
benches on level grades for over
twenty miles.— Mr. Spragge, in
Saturday Sunset.
Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods
Men's Furnishings
We Handle
Shoes, Crockery, Furniture, Linoleums,
Saddlery, Miners' Supplies and Farm
Implements,    NA-DRU-CO.   DRUGS.
We are agents for the best goods, as Eastman Kodaks and
Films, Edison Phonographs, Sherwin Williams' Paints, Singer
Sewing Machines, Wood Pipe, Robin Hood Flour.
We aim to make our prices the lowest the best: goods can
be sold for, but are  prepared  to  meet all fair  competition.
Established 183G Head Office Montreal.
Savings Department
Accounts opened for sums of $1 and upward.
Current Accounts
Issue cheques and have paid cheques
returned to you for receipts.
Made in all oarts of the world.
Travelers Cheques
Issued payable anywhere, j
General Banking Business Conducted.
Fifty-five well-furnished rooms. Hot and cold baths
Excellent table.  First class bar.  Large sample room
Two autos on request from Lytton or Ashcroft
Headquarters for Lytton-Lillooet stage line. Stage
meets Seton Lake boat.  Rigs furnished on demand.
RATKS: $1.50 per day and up. By month $35 and up. Meals, 21 for $9.00
Lillooet, B. C.
J.M. Mackinnon, BROKER, Vancouver,!*. C
Suite .") Williams Hldg.
413 Granville St.
Lillooet Ranches and Fruit lands a Specialty.    Correspondence Solicited.
Timber bands,   Ranch  Lands.
Coast  Lands and Real Estate.
General Merchant and Forwarding Agent.
Miners and Ranchers Supplies a Specialty
Ship Goods to Lillooet in my Care.       Prompt Attention Guaranteed THE PROSPECTOR
Water Notice.
FOR a licence to take and
For a Licence to Take and Use Water
NOTICE is hereby given that James      NOTICE is hereby  given that
Bishop,  of Clinton,   will apply for a; Louis Santini of Lillooet, rancher,
licence   to   take   and   use   4(1  miners'!     .,, . ~v. ,• ,      ..	
inches of water  out of  57-Mile Creek, | Will apply for  a   licence  to  take
which flows in a South-Easterly direc-: and use two cubic feet per second,
tion through Lillooet  District and emp-,   j.        , ,      ,. v       .   .     ,^      ,
ties into Bonaparte River, on Lot 1096. of w»ter Out of Fountain Creek,
The water will be diverted at a point i which flows in a North-westerly
about  one   mile   up-stream   from   the    ■>.       ,•      , i i   /-, 1     j ,   ,1
West boundary of hot 535, and will be: direction through Crown land and
used for irrigation purposes on the land | Eountain Indian  Reserve No. 1,
described as Lots J666 and [096. j i-       •   t     t? . • ,	
This notice was posted on the ground ; and empties into  Fraser  river
on the thirteenth day of May, 19)3. i near Fountain Indian Reserve No.
The application will be filed in theoffice h     The water   will  be diverted
^ObLtiorfs1 may0rdber llS'S  the' at about three miles from Fraser
said Water Recorder or with the Comp-! river, and Will be used tor HTlga-
troller of Water Rights, Parliament tion purposes on the land describ-
Buildings, Victoria, B. ('. ed as P   R   1763
1   Ai      i:;;ilui' This notice was posted on the
ground on the 18th day of April,
1913. The application will be
filed in the office of the Water
Recorder at Clinton.
Objections may be filed
the said Water Recorder or
Lillooet to Lytton
Experienced Driver.
Reasonable Charges.
Water Notice.
with ;
with j
NOTICE is   hereby given that James
Bishop,   of   Clinton,   will   apply  for a
licence to store or  pen   back   two hundred acre   feet of  water  from 57-Mile j
Creek,   a   stream   flowing  in   a South-;
Easterly  direction   and   emptying into j
Bonaparte   River,   on   Lot 1098.    The i
water will   be   stored   in a reservoir of
200 acre feet   capacity, built  or  to be
built at Truran   Lake, and will be used
for irrigation purposes as authorized by :
a   notice of  application for a licence to '
take and  use  water, posted   herewith,
on the land described   as   Lots 1666 and
1096, Lillooet District.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 13th day of May, 1913.    Tne ap-  William   AhPrvrnmhip Kpttlv<?  nf
plication will be filed in the office of the : Wllnam AOeiU Oil! tlie rvCUljS, OI
Water Recorder at Clinton. j Lillooet, rancher, will apply for a
Objections may be filed with the said ! i;ppm,p rr> f-bp anrl nsp onp f-nhic
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller   1,cence l0 laKe ana use one CUD1C
of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, I foot per second, of   water Out of
Victoria, B. G.   JAMES BISHOp       ' an unnamed spring which flows
Applicant, in a northerly direction through
 ■ : P. R. 1837, and sinks into ground
Public Notice. 'on p- R- 1837-    The water will
i be diverted at or close to P. R.
the Comptroller of Water Rights.: Listings of Lillooet Farm Lands and Town Property. If you
Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, ■ haye °roperty for saie we can find you a buyer.   We write
LOUIS SANTINI        fire life and accident insurance.     Ask us for our rates.
" Aopli'cant. I They can't be beat.    Let us attend to your conveyencing.
May 1, 1913. '
For a Licence to Take and Use Water
NOTICE is hereby given that
Notary Public always on hand.
Boultbee, Jacks and Cruickshank,
Exclusive agents for the Lillooet Townsite Addition.
For a Licence to Take and Use Water
NOTICE is hereby given that
Pacific Great Eastern  Development Co., of Vancouver, B. C,
will apply for a licence to take
and use 50 cubic feet per second,
of water out of One Mile Creek,
which flows in an Easterly direc-
| tion through Lillooet District and
IN THE matter OF THE ESTATE 1837' and wil1 ^ used for irri£a" I empties into Lillooet river, near
OF ROBERT HPNPY GRAHAM ; tion purposes on the land describ- Lot 204,   Lillooet District.     The
LATE  OF tWtOWN OF LIL-ed as P. R. 1837. ^ate5uWU1J be   ^f^oAQ   T mr
LOOET, IN THE DISTRICT OF     This notice was posted on the ^SSSfe?J^L?LIfor
LILLOOET,   BRITISH   COLUM- L.onnd on thp 28th dav of Anril   °°etd str cti aPd will be used tor
BIA  deceased intestate    j Sround on tne -*tn dav ot APnlM municipal   irrigation,  industrial
Sealed tenders for the purchase of an! 1913"    The  application  will be i and power purposes on the land
undivided one-half of 87 1-2 acres of' filed in the office of the Water described as southerly portion of
Lot 1593, Group i  District of Lillooet, | Recorder at Clinton. I Pemberton Meadows.
Province of British Columbia, the pro-j i    This notice was posted on the
perty of the above-named deceased, will      Objections may   be   hied  With ; __niinfi ftn tu P iQ+h d av of A nril
be received  by the   undersigned until, witu th(x said Water Reorder or ?E?o      mu        T«       ™K
noon, the 16th day of June, a. d. 1913.I w,Ul the said " atei Kec01der 01 ! 1913.    The application will  be
The highest or any tender will not: with the Comptroller of Water I filed in the office of the Water
'        '--"^O^N Richards     [ R'ghts-    Parliament   Buildings,! Recorder at Clinton, B. C.
Official Administrator, I Victoria, B. C.
Ashcroft, b. c. Wm. Abercrombie Kettlys,
  May 1,1913. Applicant.
For Sale.
Seated    Mountain     Democrat    Spring j
Wagon, with good strong- brake, guar- i
anteed to carry fifteen hundred pounds, |
price One Hundred  and   Fifty   Dollars. :
Also, one new  It) oz.  duck tent, 18x2-1, I
with five-foot walls, price Eifty Dollars.
Half-Way House, Lytton Road.
For a Licence to Store or Pen
Back Water.
Objections may be filed with
the said Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria.
Pacific Great Eastern
Development Co.
By W. S. DORAN, Agent.
Mav 1, 1913.
NOTICE is hereby given that | For a Licence to Take and Use Water
Louis Santini of Lillooet, rancher,
Public Notice.
announce that 1 will not be responsible
for any debts in future incurred by my
late partner, Nat. Wells, nor for any
deeds of any kind which he may cause
to be executed.
(Signed)     W. J. PAGE.
Portage, B. ('., May 15, 1918.
James T. Farmer.
L 1 L L O O E T ,   B .   C
Cancellation of Reserve.
NOTICE is hereby given that
the reserve existing upon Crown
lands in the Cariboo and Cassiar
Districts by reason of a notice,
bearing date September 12,1907,
and published in the British Columbia Gazette on September 12,
1907, as well as the reserve existing upon Crown lands within the
Land Recording Districts of Cariboo and Lillooet and the Kamloops Division of Yale Land Recording District by reason of a
notice, bearing date April 3, 1911,
and published in the British Columbia Gazette on April 6, 1911,
is cancelled in so far as the same
affect the acquisition of lands
under the provisions of the "Coal
and Petroleum Act."
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B. C, April 14, 1913.
For a Licence to Take and Use Water
NOTICE is hereby given that
t Henry Christoe Ferris of Lillooet,
NOTICE is hereby given that j farmer, will apply for a licence to
ancj James Coleman, of Clinton, will i take and use six miners' inches
i apply for a licence to take and per second of water out of an un-
apply for a licence to store
or  pen  back  one  hundred
sixty  acre-ieet  oi   water trom,useone cubic foot per second of named spring, which flows in a
Fountain creek, a stream flowing. waterout of Cut-Off Valley creek, j southerly[direction through crown
in a North-westerly direction and i which flows in a North-easterly
emptying into Fraser river near' direction through Cut-Off Valley,
Fountain  Reserve   No.   1.    The ! and empties into Bonaparte river,
... , , near Clinton,
water will be stored in a reservoir     The water win be diverted at
i to be built ai the point of diversion the intersection of said creek with
and will be used for irrigation
purposes, under a notice of application for a licence to take and
use water, posted herewith, on
the land described as P. R. 1703.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 18th day of April,
1913. The application will be
filed in the office of the Water
Recorder at Clinton.
Objections may be filed with
said Water Recorder or with the
the South boundary of P.R. 1918,
and will be used for domestic
and irrigation purposes on the
land described as P. R. 1918, Lillooet District.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 9th day of May,
1913. The application will be
filed in the office of the Water
Recorder at Clinton.
Objections may be filed with
the said Water Recorder or with
If «r«n   ntu*A   n„,r+u;«„ :„ I Comptroller   of   Water Rights,  the Comptroller of Water Rights,
ii   >ou  need  anytnmg in|Parliament Buildings,   Victoria, Parliament  Buildings,  Victoria,
the Printing line give this
office a call.
B. C ; B. C.
May 1,1913. Applicant. May 15,1913. Applicant.
land and P. R. 1897, and disappearing into the ground about 100
yards south of point of diversion.
The water will be diverted at the
spring and will be used for irrigation purposes on the land described as P. R. 1897.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 1st day of May,
1913. The application will be filed
in the office of the Water Recorder at Clinton.
Objections may be filed with
the said Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria,
B. C. Henry C. Ferris,
May 7, 1913, Agent.
For prompt and efficient
freight service see Charles
McCaffery, Lillooet, R. C. THE   PROSPECTOR
Clinton Assize Date will be Fixed
When Mr. Bowser Returns.
Clinton assizes will not be held
until well along in the summer.
Attorney-General Bowser has left
on a vacation trip to California.
Before leaving Victoria he made
the announcement that the date
for this district's assizes will not
be fixed until after his return.
One of the reasons for the delay in fixing the date, he stated,
was that he had not yet arrived
at a decision regarding the disposition of some of the murder
cases on the Clinton docket.
This applies chiefly to the charges against Paul and Spintlum,
alleged murderers of constable
Kindness and others, in informed
legal circles on the coast the impression is current that a change
of venue will be made for these
trials, and that the men will be
tried either in Vancouver or
The federal government is considering the advisability of establishing a postoffice at Nazco, and
are asking for tenders for carrying the mail between Quesnel and j
that place once a month each
Have you anything to sell?
Do you desire to purchase?
For Sale or Wanted -i'l,?ertise-
ments one dollar per month. Legal
Notices $7.50 for required series
of insertions.
Ice Cream
Summer Delicacies.
Cool and Pleasant Accommodation
Fruit in all variety.
High-class range of
Chocolates, Candy,
Cigars and Tobacco.
Mrs. Nellie Dupras, - - Proprietor. |
Water Notice
NOTICE is hereby given that Antonio
Viera, of Bridge River, farmer, will
apply for a licence to take and use one
cubic foot per second of water out of
Strawberry Creek, which flows in a
Southerly direction through P. R. 1610
and empties into Bridge River near P.
R. I6J0. The water will be diverted at
about 1-2 a mile from Bridge River, and
will be used for irrigation purposes on
the land described as P. R. lHJO.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 10th day of May, 1918. The
application will he filed in the office of
the Water  Recorder at. Clinton.
Objections may lie tiled with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller
of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, 1!. C.
May 28. Applicant.
Headquarters for Mining Men
Free Bus Meets All
Boats and Trains
Commercial Hotel
L. H. Clement, Prop
Guest Comfort is My Motto
Corner Hastings and
Cambie Streets
Vancouver, B. C.
American and European Plan
Livery and
Feed Stable
Horses and Rigs for Hire
Light and Heavy Draying
Express Delivery.
Emmet   Darcy
Bus Meets all Regular Boats
at Seaton Lake
B. C.
Chinese Goods
Outfitter for Prospectors, Trappers,
Miners, Ranchers,
Etc. Our goods are
the best and prices
are right
I"' I). BOOTH, B. SC. B. C. 1„ S.
G. M. DOWNTON. B. ('. I,. S
Booth & Downton
1011-1011   Rogers Building
Phone Seymour 1544
Vancouver  and Lillooet   B.  C.
Samuel Gibbs,
Lillooet Representative
Pioneer Watchmaker
and Jeweler
318 Cambie St.      Vancouver, B.   .
Orders by Mail Attended to.
Fine Watch Repairing a Spcialty
Clothing, Boots,
Underwear, Haberdashery.
^ents for House of Hobberlin Tailoring Co.
Store near Seton Lake
General Merchant
Large Assortment of Goods Always on Hand
Dry Goods, Groceries,   Hardware,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Miner's Supplies
=====   Outfitter for Camp or Trail   =====
REGULAR Trips up Seton Lake every
Convenient for all passengers to Mission,
Bridge River, Short Portage, Anderson Lake,
MoGillvray Creek and the Pemberton country
Leaves, 8.00 a. m.    Arrives at Mission, 10 a. m.     Arrives
Short Portage, 11 o'clock
Returning Leaves Short Portage, 12 p. m.     Leaves Mission
12:45 p. m.    Arrives, 3:00 p. m.
W\   J.   Abercrombie,   Proprietor
A First-Class Table.
New Lillooet Townsite!
Very large lots at very small prices
If youwish to purchase land in the Pemberton
Meadows, write us for our list of prices.
Merlin Grimm and Co.,
811 Rogers Building Vancouver, B. C.
Came  in  on Early Gold Rush
Cariboo in the Year 1858.
LA ROCHELLE AT REST. New Gasoline Contrivance May Much
Assist Mining Development.
Oldtimer Passes Peacefully
Away at Ripe Old Age. '       Another important mechanical
| aid to practical  mining develop-
'ment is about to be introduced in
Lillooet. This is an improved and
practical gasoline drill.    The first
to be brought  into  the district
| will   arrive from St.  Louis, for
| Mr. D. C.   Paxton,   as   soon   as
shipment can be made.    It  will
be used in the development of the
i Wayside mine, which Mr. Paxton
j purchased some time ago from
I Messrs.   C.  E.   Walker  and 0.
Ferguson, present owners of the;
Marconi group.
Mr Paxton has returned from
Cincinnati, where he has been
spending the winter. He will at
once proceed to Bridge river to'
superintend active development
work on the Wayside. This work
will continue all summer with as
many men as can be handled.
Speaking of the practical utility
of the new gasoline drill, Mr.
Paxton is enthusiastic of its possibilities and usefulness in the
early development of mines. Before it is economically practical
to install an expensive air-compression plant, this little machine
can be laid down with excellent
In construction it is a small
gasoline engine of from 1 to 3
horse power, directly attached to
the drill. Its cost is from $250
to $750, according to size. Its
consumption of gasoline is about
1 gallon per horse power. Owing
to the fact that there is no leakage from pipe line, or heavy
engine friction, the3-horse power
machine will do the work of an
8-horse power air compressor
plant, it is claimed.
LILLOOET VS. PORTAGE 1. W. W.'s Getting Busy.
Death, the Last Grim Reaper, !
on Tuesday called to rest Fabian !
La Rochelle,   one   of   the   best-1
known survivors of the early gold
rush  to  Cariboo.   For  fifty-five!
years Mr. Rochelle lived in Lil-
looet, part  of the time ranching !
and mining at Bridge river, and
for the past 35 years on his ranch
at Pascelqua, where he died on
Tuesday morning at the ripe old
age of 88.   He retained his faculties to the last, bidding an affectionate farewell to the relatives
assembled   around  his   bedside,
and  giving a  few  final instructions on business affairs
He was born in Jolliette, Que.,
a descendant of one of the earliest Hugenot families to settle
in Canada. In 1855 the call of the
west became too insistent for
Fabian, and he took the long trail
to California in search of gold.
From California he, two years
later, joined one of the early
parties of gold-seekers, whose
objective was the Cariboo. He
arrived at Lillooet in the fall
of '58.
During the next 12 or 15 years
he was engaged in placer mining
and ranching on Bridge river, in
partnership with James Dickie.
This he continued until 35 years
ago, when he settled for the remainder of his days on the Pascelqua ranch.
He is survived by one son,
Baptiste; one daughter, Mrs. M.
Phillip, and four brothers, all
octogenarians.    Of these, Frank,
Town Wins by   One   Run
After Exciting Game.
Each Team With One Game to Credit.
Whose the Series?
'Twas some ball game! After
leading the Lillooet boys through
eight innings, with the score
standing 22-16 at the end of the
I. W. W. agitators are said to
be busy on the G. T. P. east of
Fort George and are prepared to
call a strike at any time. It is
generally believed in that district
that trouble will actively commence «oon after the ice breaks.
Meanwhile, tlie contractors are
firing known I. W. W.'s by the
hundreds, shipping in other men
to fill their places. In order to
avoid bringing in members of the
defeat  on  Sunday  by  one run,
score standing 23-22.
In  the  first, the locals established a nice lead of
were "easy" in the second, each
team adding  one to the score.
seventh. Portage  went down to agitating body, hundreds of men
are being shipped direct from
Russia, Austria and Italy. These
will doubtless prove hard material for the I.W.W. organizers.
Two weeks in jail and a $500
bond to keep the peace for six
Two to nil in the third paved the months, was the sentence handed
way for the reversal of the fourth, |out to one organizer by Stipendi-
when the boys from the lake piled . ary Magistrate Jowatt, at Mile
up a formidable seven. 53' for engaging in a fight with
From that time matters  went the   time-keeper   and   boss,   at
from bad  to worse until the ar- ^''e ^x
rival of Mark Eagleson. at the' In th« meanwhile everything
end of the sixth. So vigorously remains quiet and orderly in Lil-
did the Commandant of the Root- (looet construction circles. This
er's Battalion take the situationS styte of affairs 1S expected to
in hand that, although in the last continue. Stern methods of re-
half of the ninth eight runs were: Pression will be made if any
required to win, the boys were jattemptis made to stir up trouble
keyed to such an enthusiastic among the men here,
pitch that the apparently impossible was accomplished.
Great excitement prevailed as
man after man went down until
the game stood a tie. Some wild
fielding by the Portage boys and
an overthrow past Thomas, on
third, enabled   Williams to get
Six Months Jail and $300 for Selling
Liquor to Indians.
Charged with selling liquor to
Indians, Cme Duranti, an Italian,
was on Tuesday sentenced by
Magistrate  Saul   to six months'
Considerable activity is noted
father of J. Russell. Lillooet, is at present at the head of Ander-
over90, and lives in Wisconsin;'son lake. The P. G. E. railway
John resides at Lynn Valley, : has purchased the holdings of the
North Vancouver; Fred, Custer, Catholic Church, and it is antici-
S. Dakota; and Joseph, at Wag-1 pated that this property will be-
ner, S. Dakota. Arthur and Chas. come a town of no mean import-
Noel are nephews. ! ance. At present there is, in
Deceased was buried  on Wed- j course of  construction, a  large
nesday.  store being built by  Eri Thomp-
....    ri ii j r   rr     j     ,   i ' son. Mr. Thompson has a consid-
Meeting Called for Tuesday to Arrange erable amount 0f freight on the
Dominion Day Carnival. j road to supply the settlers and
' prospectors who are coming into
A meeting of the citizens of j that locality. He is also building
Lillooet will be held at Santini's I a large bunk-house to accommo-
Hall on Tuesday evening next, to ! date about fifty. Mr. McDonnell
arrange preliminary details in j is also building a restaurant, and
connection with the annual Do-' the P.O.E. is building a stable
minion Day celebration. ' that will  accommodate  about 20
At this gathering officers and j teams,
committees will be elected to The McGiilivray Creek sawmill
supervise arrangements. It is is working night and day to ac-
proposed to still more firmly commodate the rush of orders,
place Lillooet before the eyes of Fred Arthur, formerly of the
British Columbia by making the provincial fish hatchery, has en-
coming First of July carnival the tered the forest service, and is at
biggest and best yet held. , present on thePemberton Portage
It is to everybody's interest to acting as P.G.E. fire patrol,
jump in  and  make  the affair a:     A dance will be  given by Eri
Thompson in his new store when
, completed.     All  may be sure of
a cordial welcome.
The  large  amount of freight
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Noel have; going over the Pemberton Port-
returned to town for the summer, j age has cut the road up prettv
Mr. Noel will take a trip to; badly, and it is in need of repair.
Bridge river about June 1 travel-, Mr and Mrs Cummings at the
mg by auto to the Coronation and old Half-way House, are the
Pioneer mines. busiest people on  the Portage.
As soon as he can secure lum- attending to the comforts of the
ber Mr. Noel intends building a traveler
fine  residence on the new town-'
site at a cost of $10,000. Fie will Merlin Grimm & Co. sold four
also build some small business more lots on the new townsite,
premises. yesterday.
, i      ,i j imprisonment and fined$300.   In
home, bag the necessary run and   ' e\.     ,.        '     .   .
., ; the event ot  the  fine not being
save the game. ... .... ,.   „
Tn    u   . u .    paid, accused will serve a further
Each  team now has a game to ^ ^^ jai, ^
its credit. Who will capture thej Duranti last winter received an
third and secure the series is now exactly similar sentence at the
a question of paramount interest. I hands of Indian Agent Graham.
j This case he appealed and was
^vv*vs>v*v*vv*vv*»wvvw*v ! given his liberty by Judge Calder.
> AROUND THE  TOWN I on the ground that sentence was
M.  J.   Baker,  of  Pemberton,
spent the week end in town.
Jas. O'Neill was in from Bridge'    What is to be done regarding
river Wednesday. the formation of a Lillooet Board
Roy Burkholder  left his ranch
That Board of Trade.
on the  North Fork on Tuesday,
for a run into town.
of Trade? Several expressions
of approval of the suggestion
have  been   tendered  The  Pros-
Some men find it hard to keep Pector, while none to the con-
on the water wagon, but Archie trary have been received the
Brown finds it harder to keep on advantages to the town oi such
the milk wagon vide a Sunday "i organized body are apparent.
episode. Very little expense iv,.u   ;„■   ,,
?:-:Th?™^l!:-a.?.i,?LPit^! kind could result,    last events,
and shadows looming ahead.show
the necessity   of such a  body,
curred  and   no  liabilities of any
were in town this week from the!kind  could re8
head   of   Anderson   lake.     Mr.
Thompson was arranging details
in connection with his new store.
G.   D.   Callaway   arrived    on
Tuesday and left for Bridge river
red-hot success.
To Build Fine Residence.
which would in a solid and organized form, voice the wishes of
the community on matters of
public    importance.     Why    not
next morning for the purpose of | organize?
conducting assays at the Coronation group of mines.
Walter  C. Keeble  took a run
over   from   Lytton   on Tuesday
night, bringing in Mr. J. Murphy
of  Ashcroft,   and    Mr.   Joseph
Reid,   former proprietor of the
Astor Hotel, Vancouver.
Judge Calder and Messrs. Jas.: R. D. Thomas, sec.-treas. of
Murphy of Ashcroft. and F. T. the P. G. E railway, arrived
Cornwall of Kamloops, were in From Victoria Thursday, and left
Itown this week on legal business for Portage on Friday morning.
in connection with the Abercrom- Mr. Thomas is making the trip
bie appeal case. Mr. Cornwalljoyer the route of the line from
was accompanied by his wife and Lillooet to Newport.
by Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Cornwall.
Fire  Protection.
A meeting of property-owners
is called for to-night (Friday) at
7:30, at the Excelsior Hotel, to
consider the purchase of hose and
hydrants for fire protection.
Bob  Pollard is now recovering
from  his attack of rheumatism
; and expects  to  be  able to leave
I his room in a few days.    "Bob"
is being nursed at the home of
Mr.   and    Mrs.    Baldwin,    and
F 0 R S A L E .
A number of Chairs, Rockers.
Water Sets, and other household
utensils,  all  in  good  condition,
of the kind'atten. Gall at  Lillooet   Lodging  Rooms
tion which he is receiving.
and inspect them.


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