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The Prospector Mar 14, 1903

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■■:>■ ■
_ ■..*r,-*ii,Aiir.'3z;
Vol, 5. No. 34.
$1.00 a year.
In a few of the rural districts there
appear, to he a praiseworthy desire on
the part of the tru-tees and parents to
contribute something in a direct manner towards forwarding the cause of
education. In some district at least
Ih'y do not wait for a paternal government to do everything for them. During
the past year nol a few of the rural sec-
t oris have adori.,ed the school ground,
with shade and ornamental trees; extended the play-ground liy 1 .tying more
laid; kept the fences paintid and in
good repair; kalsomiued lhe walls of lhe
school room—all at their own expense.
This is not hy any means a general
practice, and it is simply men ioned
here ns something woithy of imitation
by other section., and because of it?
rarity. The prevailing tendency, however, on the pa't of rural trustees is, lo
look to the Department of duration t
put iu a window-pane, to p.H a shingh
on the roof if it leaks, to repair a door i
it hangs drunkeniy on one hinge, antl
to mend the fence if the op rail hat-
broken or fallen; iu short, to do no,Inn*.
-hifih costs au effort in money or energy. It is needless lo slate that in a
number of these utterly dependent
schools educati hi is at a very low ebb,
and that there one may look for tl.e
smallest return for the money actually-
One of the great drawbacks, among
others,, to the progress of en* uc * ion iu
the rural districts of the Province, is tl.e
too frequent change of teachers. In a
very large number of schools it is the
exception, not the ru'e, to tir.d the same
teacher for even two consecutive yiais,
and while this holds little genuine progress need be kokid for. Why the
teacher is dismissed is most frequently
far removed from even the semblance of
just c tuse. Generally it has nothing to
do with character, scholarship or ability
to teach at:d control the school. Too
often it is ihe result of local factional
fights. Sometimes it ari.es from local
jealousy and prejudice, but oftener from
an unworthy desire on the part of too
many of the residents of the section to
have tiie handling of that portion of the
teacher's salary which he is obliged to
part with for lhe privilege of eating and
seeping in the diatrict. While this is
true of some of our more isolated and
primitive section., the larger and more
flourishing districts have advanced be-
. ond that stage. These latter have ar
rived at that stage of development when
they cau afford to eliminate all personal
considerations, all local jealousies ami
prejudice., and think only of the larger
interests involved in ihe education of
their children. But how regrettable
tint these interests should so eft* n he
malignly sacrificed to gratify miserable,
and frequently imaginary, petty personal grievance..
But the teachers themselves are nol
always blameless. Judging by the attitude   assumed by   some   teachers to
wards their work and duty, it would appear as ii ihey imagined that a sort of
providence, in the form of a paternal
-overnn.ent, had set asdde a few bundled thousand dollars annually that,
they maj le enabled tumuli by month
io di aw a certain salary wiihou giving
value for it. ll would he well lor teachers not to foi get that the annual appropriation made by the lepresi-nlaiives of
ine p pple is for lhe education of the
ci.iliiieu, Slid lhat leaciiers-.tie oue ul
the means ad pted by governments
wheieoy lhe children may he educated.
The educational system, the schools,
and all ih- oilier appiianc<_ hy which
the constituted autliuiities attempt to
c in pass the woik of education were
piimaiilv created for the bene tit of the
children and not fur the teacher. Wtiile
he great majority of our teaclurs
recognize their proper relation not
nly to the system and to the children,
•lit als i to the people, there is a small
mil oii y whose altitude requires much
ie adjustment to bring it to the true
profesbi-nal locus. Winn a teacher engages lo leach a school, even although
here is no written agrteuient, he contacts to teach diligently and faithlully
lhe subjects laid dowu in tiie course of
study, aid, while eschewing religious
dogma, to Inculcate the highest morality,
lhe mere linn-tei ver, the mere lesson-
hearer, does uot and cannot fulfil the
terms of this contract. To do tins lhe
teacher must have enthusiasm, a strong
sense of duly, an interest in children
and love for lhe woik. The hireling
has not these, ''because he is an hireling." Theie are a few sections in this
inspectorate wheie, while the expenditure for education is fifty dollars a
month besides incidental expenses, the
work done would not lepment tifty
dollars a year. Tl e careless worker
in wood or metal may spoil a door or a
hinge iu the making, I ut the teacher
who is a mere hireling and time-server
mars the human mind and soul, and de.
privea youth of ils intellectual birthright. Lest, however, the teachers may
think my criticisms imply harshness
and want of sympathy, permit me to
quote the woids ol one who had, in his
dwy, gone in and out among schools and
teachers for twenty years, as expressing
better than any words of mine my sentiments tow aids the great majority of my
brethren in tlie profession:—"No one
feels more thnn 1 do how laborious is
their work, how trying at times to (he
health and spirits, how full if difficulty
even to the  best The quantity of
woik actually done at present by teachers is immense; the sincerity and de-
vottdnt.s of much of it is even affecting;
they Ihemteives will le the grealesl
gainers by a system of reporting whicli
clearly states what ihey do, and what
tlieyf~.il to do, not one which drowns
alike stiiMss mid failure, tl.e able nnd
the inefficient, in a common flood of
vague approba.ion."
Want Hore Territory.
Representative De Armond, of Mis.-
ouri, recently introduced a concurrent
r. solution at Washington providing as
"That th»» Pre-ident be and is hereby requested to le.iinand advise Congress upon "'bat terms, honorable to
Iioih nations, aiul satisfactory to the
inhabit, ins of the leiriiory primarily
affected, Oieat Britain would consent
to i ede to the United S alt s all or any
part of lhe territory lying north of
and adjoining the United States, to be
formed in due tine into one or moie
slates, and ad mi tjfd into the Union,
upon an equality with other states,
the inhabitants thereof in the meantime enjoying all lhe privileges and
immunities guaranteed by the Federal Constitution."
At a City Council meeting held in
Windsor, Out., last week Aldermen
Leggett and Keongh offered lhe following resolution as an snswer lo the D«
Armond lesolution pus.-tiled in ibe
United Sat' s Congress la t week:
' Iu view  of the wouderlully rapid
growth  of   Canada in   tie last  few
years, and, as a natural cons.quence
thereof, the necessity of lie acquisition   11   more   territory  to  meet its
growing needs; then foe, be it ie-
solven, that the Mayor be,   and  is
here) y, authorized to F'gu a  petition
on bt half of this Cotiu.il,  to he forwarded to His Majesty, King Edwani
VII., through the hands of the Governor-General   of   Canada,   praying
him to confi r with the President cf
the Uni ed  States to ascertain  upon
what terms, if any, consistent with
their dignity, lhe people of the Unitid
Stales would agiee to annexation or
sale of the States to Canada, atid in
thc event of such  annexation or sale
to he divided   into one or more provinces, the   piople of    the Commonwealth to be guaranteed   the   same
laws and troiic ion as the citizens of
Canada now ei joy."
Mayor Drake thought 'hat the undertaking was such that it should  be further considered  hefoie any action was
taken, and the resolution  was referred
to the Market and Property Committee.
Ti is is the least important   committee
ot lhe Council,  but has charge of all
transfer of all properly.
Only One Way.
Ottawa, March 6.—Sr William Mulock has finally obtained the consent of
the Postmaster-Genenal of England to
reduce the rate on Canadian newspapers and periodicals po-ted in Can-
aea for transpontntion to England to be
the same as if po-ted tor points in Canada. Although Sir William has been
endeavoring to induce the Imperial Governing to reduce its rates to Canada, it
has not ytt -onsented. The reduction
on Canadian rates takes place tomorrow.
The b'olher of Dr. Mathers came in
by special stage yesterd.iy.
Efforts v. ill be niHde lo locate the bullet that entered the head of "Plashwa"
the Indian.
About Ore Sampling.
The average specimen of rock as
nr tight in by the prospector to be ss
saved, seldom fairly represents the ac-
ual Value of the. ore found. This fools
iioth himself ami the prospecive purlin e e r. The limit) ie-Bon fo* this is
hat the sample is too small, a'.d < veil
this is ofien reduced by Ihe assayer not
hu-king down the whole sample, but
quartet ing it in too large pieces. T.i
get a proper sample the miner should
get 50 lbs. or more of ore right across
lhe \eiu or ledge; lueak this with a
iianimei into pit ees one inch square on
an iion plate, quarter with a s.iovel,
taking two opposite quarters and ''educe
these with the hammer again lo one-
half inch, quartering these and taku g
op|o.iie qui.riers until he has about 5
lbs. lo lake to lhe assayer.,.who should
reduce ibis, lb one-qunner in the
.-rusher, quarter and giiud on the bucking I-und to 10 n.esii, quarter and re-
.luce to 60 mesh, until one-half is left to
s a triple for the crucible.—Similkameen
S ar.
Mining Resources.
The edition of 3,500 of Bulletin No. 7,
on lhe Mining Resources of British Col-
uinb.n, i-8'iid b.v lhe Provincial Bureau
of Inhumation about six weeks ago, is
exhausted, and the th maud for copies
is so great that the government has decided to print a second edition of 5,000.
Fruit Culture.
In a recent lecture on "Fruit Cull ure"
deliv.-red before a me.iing of residents
of Ladysmith, Mr. R. M. Palmer had
many things to say of interest to farmers throughout the Province. Here are
a fe?.'of his main points:
For au orcha d, slopes are more preferable to low lauds, being less subject
,o frosts.
Peaches are accepted as the standard
whereby to gauge the hardiness and
tenderness of fruits. If peaches thrived
in any spot, many other fruits could be
grow n there to advantage.
Of all a.ptcts the South Western is
the best; the worst are the eastern points
of the compass
Whereever fit trees have grown the
soil is sour, and the only thing that wili
reallv grow well and thrive there is the
blackberry. Such soil should be generously top-dressed with stable manure,
well rotted, and lime. This should be
spread lighllv on the surface and gently
worked in with the rake or harrow.
Every new distiict invariahly falls into the hands of the travelling tree pedlar. British Columbia has suffered much
from this cause; in fact, il has suffered
more from the importation of worthless
plants than it has from all the fruit
pests put together. Get plants from B.
C. nurseries, and then if there is anything wrong with the goods you can gel
at the sellers.—Colonist.
€111 Cl
The C.P.R. strike continues.
The Extension mines are to be closed
after April _st.
The  Hon.  Geo. Fi ster has been defeated in North Ontario.
The Dominion Parliament met last
Thursday. Senat rial vacancies have
been filled
Ira  D.   Sankey  ha* none blind at his
home at Brooklyn, N.Y.
Canada's mineral  products last year
amounted ui seventy million dollars.
Great Britain has accepted the invitation to send exhibits to the St. Louis Exhibition.
A slioatage of mechanics is reported
from Ontario.
Compared wild last year the number
of emigrants from England to Canada
so far this .ear has doubled.
The Speech from the Throne at the
opening of the Ontario Legislature promises reform in L'qnor Laws.
Sir Chaile* Hibbert Tupper has declared his opinion that Party Lines
should be drawn in British Columbia.
Mr. F.C. Wade, of Winnipeg, has received notice of his appointment as one
of the counsel to prepare Canada's case
for presentation to the Alaskan Boundary Ci mmission.
There was a mass meeting last Saturday at Victoria to discuss the question of
the Alaskan Boundary, with the object
of strengthening ihe hands of the
Dominion Government in any protest
that may be made against the personnel
of the United Slates portion of the
treaty commission.
The Directors of the Trans-Canada
Railway waited on Premier Ross and
tlie Cabinet this week, and asked for a
tirant of 20,000 acres per mile, lor the
Railway or 6,000,000acres in all. They
would take the grant and carry in settlers free. Tne Premier promised consideration.
or lady in caeh county to manure linsiness for
an old established house of solid financial standing. A straight, bollH tide cash salary ol 118,00
paid by check each Wednesday With nil expenses direct (rom headquarters. Money advanced for expenses,
Malinger, 840 Caxton Building, Chicago.
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E. O. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops. THE  PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B.C., MARCH 14, 1903.
AT I.I I.LOOK I*.  I'.C.
ItY THE I'HO-l'Riil'OII  I'UBI.I   II   Nil   luMI'ANY
THE   PKOSPBC I OK is the only paper published in the Lillooet District, and is all home
Sutisi'iiptiiins: One Dol I nr n vearin inlvxiice.
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.. 'j,1 -_-.«_■' ■■._,.!■
L ',*';*..■ .    ..■.-. '___.- - .._-_ .
j*l"r:':-:'^/'--:■ •
Orgiiiii-etl Litbor ink) Oi'gitn-
izeil (,'iipil.il nre itgain nt wnr on
the ('. V. II. Tlie efforts of tbe
one to setMire hu»ei-wn^es nntl
those of the other to win larger
iliviilentls are ever bringing the
two giant-, into collision.
Every sensible man believes in
the honest combination of Capital antl the right uf Litbor to
organize for the purpose of self-
ilefense, but it hns long been felt
thnt these two forces face ench
other as industrial opponents,
and not as having mutual interests.
The recent coal strike in the
anthracite region is snid to hnve
involved a loss of  $29,350,000
in wages ami $08,500,800    iu
ope.iir.ors' receipts.    \\'e wish to
emphasize another phase of such
struggles.     We   cannot  ignore
the fact tbitt every buyer of coal
throughout the country had to
pay from $2 per ton nnd   upwards more for their coal, and
even then it could not always be
secured,  so tbat privation has
come to millions of helpless consumers.    Yet the money loss is
n>t all.   There is tbe undoubted
injustice and oppression of the
operators, the extort ion deliberately planned by railways and
coal dealers resulting in unspeakable suffering and even death to
many helpless poor.   And what
distrust, suspicion,  and hatred
are created, not so much against
Capital as by Union men against
Non-Union men who tlo not wish
to join the Union!   Truly the national life and well-being tire imperiled and, tf so, the question
is a national one aud should be
regarded as such.
The system of compulsory arbitration seems to be gradually
gaining favor. We would wish
for its speedy acceptance. The
advantages of a committee,composed of an equal i iu in ber oi
men chosen by employers and
employees, are evident. In the
first place, it brings together the
representative's of Capital and
Labor. They thus learn to know
and respect each other. Then,
no time is lost iu getting complaints before the committee, for
it. is the* eto adjust matters before prejudice and passion begin
to rule. Moreover, the disputes
would be kept to the parties immediately involved nnd not be
the means of arousing the passions of a, whole nation as the
great strikes do.
Such a system already prevails
in some parts of England and it
might well be tried on this side
of the A thi n tic.
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every  pocketbook,  and  every  taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
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or lady In ou-h nullity to manage hiisliio~s lor
Hnol.r.-stablish.-.i l.oii-.'ol-sdii.l liiii.niiulMai'il-
iuK    A Hlriil.lit, bulla Mite i'i'kIi ~~l-"*y >n *.'>*.»'
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»es direct from hoadqiwrun-.   Money advanced lor expenses.
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The army of the iliaengagetl i. fluk-
twi'k to New York thi" sra-on of lli«'
yea-. Tiiroiiah llie country many etnaH
companies liave tail.il to catch tlie interest ot the plnyitoimr puhti., have
saved what thev i-quld from the trunk,
the hotel men confiscated, and worked
neir wny b.uk to tlie st~.rtin>_ point.
All of tliem hive experiences to relate.
One chap told of an iii-tilt that was of
(vred the profession by lhe proprietor
of a eteani .cow on tlio Sacramento
river in California. The conipany
stranded in Sacramento.
"Onr manager was square, though,"
related the player. "He didn't bkip
with the last niielit _ re eipts, as they
generally do. We thought, if we could
vet to Frisco we might strike something,
either an engagement or the price of
'he fare East. There was not money
enough to pay lhe fares from Sacramento up, but our manager wat* a
Ihi. tier, if he d il have hard luck.
"He found a steam scow that was no-
ing up with a load of phosphates for fer-
ilizers.   The captain agreed to carry us
up.   I wa-, never so insulted in my life
as I was on that trip.
"Half way tip the hay we met an
other .cow coming down.   The cap ain
"Hellop, Cap!" he yelled. "What
yer loaded witli?"
"Our cap'ain yelled back : 'Fertilizer
and actors!' "
"And what would you have had him
answer?" s >me one inquired,
"By  heavens, sir, be might at least
have said, 'Actors and  fertilizer."' de
claied the insulted one.—Inlet-Ocean.
It is leporled that a Klootchman
found $6 in two pans on lhe river near
town last week.
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Mining Property for sale.
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lull ~ip(!|im.ill, of llie Toroiltu l.illiHii'l 'didil
lleefs l'mu pn ii y I .lull led, ult nine In llm l.llluiiel
disiiii'l uf H' ilish Culllinlilii; Inehidliig llin
Ample, Whale, Mniiiireli and Wcllund Vale
minus \vliIcli tire drown griinied, alsu ilu*
Nortli Him', diildeit Kti'lpu, llnlden Kag'e. Iluliy
mid juinlin mineral clillin, In lite sinue dial
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llie whole |.ui|.i'iiy are requested Im.
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nf llie propei iy ivlll he iMHi~ldoii.it I'riuii -In
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Willi an assay value ii|i|iiox|iiiulliig $IIMI(I to
fll.(Ill Wagon iimil frmii Itathoad io mill. Tlio
wluileof iheiiliove will henr looking hitn nnd
Inveallgiillini ami are nn excepiloinilly lin|inr-
nitil ami valitnbie group n.ehiliiis Willi lull
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and I am ever grateful. I have a J.unily of lour children, an.l for six year., was
unable to work. I am now in lhe hesl of health and am doing business every
day.    This  tesliuiony you can maUe sueh use of  ns you see lit.
Home  address, 235,   Kivinglon sheet. S.    Raphael,
67 Unsl 1291I1 St.,   New  York City.
- _ 6 fl fi fi tt
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
Do   mil delay.    Wi'iie at ome,   addressing DU. TAI'T  HMOS' MKDICINIi CO.,
79 K.ist   1301I1  St.,    N.   V. City.
Sold by all Druggists.
Subscribe for The "Prospector"
$1,00 per annum.
O-.BIsr.B.E^-A.Xj     _M:_B_RO-BTA._l_NrT
Miners Supplies.^—^p^
IiI"I_1_00:ElT, T3.CC.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C THE  P..OSPECTOI-, LTLLOOET, B.C., MARCH 14, 1903.
Steve's Last Bide:
jliH oMiei*.   Her tivowetl iiiten-
tli wns (lien nnd I here to -shoot,
eve for throw iii"' her out  of
Ccouch.   Sieve looked nfclier
silence, nnd then wilh the pro-
[liiiil courtesy of nil   Weslern-
s  town It I   women,  he   l»e<»f>etl
i' pnrdon  nntl  nissiired  her it
ould not, hn|>|ien iignin.
Some of these men were proline    Hwenrern    nud    hnliitunl
Ijuiiknrds, hut. their respect for
jjoiiien  nntl  children  seemed to
Il tl ive till tit her virtues.    "Mny
I kiss  your liltle boy?" suit I  n
-inline   nijner    to   me.     "Cer-
niiil.v," snid   I, nnd ns he took
lie little fellow  iu  his  nrius   I
Ijiiindered nt the trembling which
Jhook  his whole frame.   Seeinji
jliv surprise, lie snitl, "1 once hnd
|{i. little boy  like Hint chnp, but
lie sleeps now with his mother iu
T'lie fi'i'nveyni'tl  nt  home."    He
Irifted nwuy  into   the   outside
j.nrkness,    nntl    I    hnve often
nshotight thnt   perliftpH the memory of the mother nud boy mny
hnve snvetl him nfter nil.
■ Once I snw Steve sorely tenipt-
l'„d nnd his triumph over ir, wns
hto me tl, benediction.   For four
lilnys nud three trig, its we hnrdly
Rever left  the conch.     1  wjis   so
■[tired thnt ntn, (slior*. stoppino-
Ijplnce I slept while (-linking- to n
which  kept my botly out of
jthe mud.      But,   Steve    seemed
jnever  to  lire.    In   the conch its
Ifellow-pnssenoers were gamblers
mini fnileu women.   They drunk
liquor   continually,   nnd   ngnin
lind  ngnin  pressed it on Steve.
Nothing could    tempt   him    lo
drink,  nnd  when  nt   the end of
'oui- long ride he stepped tlown
from the box, every inch it mnn,
1 thought surely God  will  not
forget such  n, mnn  in  the d.-ty
when duty  well done will count
for something.
Steve believed in Providence—
mid Hint menus much when every
hour you are I'nce to fuee with
(•outino'encies which no one cnn
forsee nor prevent. One nwfully
tlnrk und stormy night, when
the rond before us wns uiiiisunlly
perilous, we lind ns off-lender it
very diuigeroiiH horse. Sieve
seemed very thoughtful tlmt
night, for the wny wns it risky
one for it trusty horse, much
more for one so tricky ns ours.
We reached our next stopping-
pi nee without it hitch, to Hud
thnt our off lender hnd never
been attached t-> the driving
rein! 1 see tlmt Ncene no'iiin—-
the dark night, lit up with lanterns, nud the wondering ostlers
taking the horses to the stable,
whilst Steve was exclaiming,
"God only brought us through.
.Providence, boys, Providence tlid
it," nnd L fancied every one said
Steve wits superstitious, as nre
all Westerners. One inoolil'ght
night ii. huge wolf ran in front of
our conch for miles. Nothing
scared him. He kept at nn equal
distance from us for hours, ns if
piloting 118 safely ncross the
plain. Steve averred that it wns
the embodied spirit of some lost
and, perhaps, murdered miner,
lu the distance were the mountains, ami nil around us the
plain, with that uncanny wolf,
the only solitary living thing except ourselves as far as we could
see or hear. Pardon me, reader,
if i confess to something like awe
whenever that scene recurs to
me. ll wns all so weird, nud yet
so marvellously real, Hint, 1 have
censed to wonder why men living
ii in i<l such mighty solitudes see
the supernatural so vividly.
For yenrsSteve drovehisconch
over these mountain roads.
Sometimes he cai;ried the treasure trove of Cariboo, with mi
armed guard keeping watch day
and night. Great men and rich
lien were often his passengers,
but to all he wns simply Sieve,
the best driver on   the   Pacific
Const and "as honest a man,"
the miners deelnred, "ns ever
wore shoe-lent her.".
Put there came ns their will
come to nil, his hist ride. vV'et,
tired, nnd, ns he declared, "a
sort of nil-gone feeling" possessing him, Steve got off his coach
for the lust time. The men who
lived iit the little stntion stowed
him iiwny in their "best hunk"
ami tenderly watched over the
now fever-stricken man. But
Steve Wiis nwny K.-ist with father
.MM.) mother, nud sniigns he sung
when a child, the old nursi .-.\
rhymes ami simple hymns of
childhood. He lay dying in the
mountains, but he lived in memory amid the scenes of lhe long,
long iigo. The men listened and
sighed, for they, too, could not
Steve wjis restless, nnd, when
the end drew nenr, the wntehers
noticed tlmt his right foot kept
ii/oving outside the blankets ns
if searching for something on
which to rest. They tenderly covered it over again nnd again ;
but still the foot moved to and
fro. Just iis the shadow of death
begun to creep over his countenance Steve, for t he first time in
some hours, spoke. "Boys!"snid
he, "boys!" in louder tone,
•"'boys!" yet louder, "I'm on Hie
down grade'nntl 1 have lost the
brake." That wns till, nnd lie
died. He could not stop the
rush of the pale horses nor sto|
Hie coach of Death in which
we must .-ill ride. But I hoped
that fit the close of Ids last
jouriies (here was some welcome
from ibe master for a man who
lived i> "while life" and always
tlid nis duty under the shadow
of H»e Providence of God.—
Mi '.nudist -.Ing.-i-ine and Review
15"liuS ior Fall or Spring planting.
Seeds, Plants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3000, Westminster Koad, Vancouver, B.C.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyo ~ Bending n nketch and description mar
quietly a.*, errum our opinion free whether an
Invention la probably patentable. Communications si .Icily -nntldentlnl. Handbook on Patent!
■out free, oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents -.ken through Munn A Co. receive
iptcial notice, without char.o. In tbe
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.nreest circulation of any scientlBc Journal. Terms, |~ a
year; four months, tl. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.36'B-^ New York
Branch Office, (325 F St. Washington, D. C.
Oi to my Ilum-li, a red mare witli
white ci-ou* mi forehead. No ln.mil.
(Kui.r nan have the sunn* Ity proving
properly and paying expense..
Rt.'iiird Meano.
Pin-helium, B.C. February 7th 1902.
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers-
As far back as the year 1658, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Bee-
bar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
and'I-Kson lAki. and HitiDGi-uiVEit mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain unprospected.
3.Jt^]shing andJHun^^   Grounds--=^*-^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is J.;ere.   Mountain  slut}), bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound.    Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. ksSalubno^
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
tlie climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit may be grown, and
at the present time,November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Kailway towns are ashckoft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
Into my field, a white and red heifer,
.villi lioli tail. Nn hraiid.' Owner rim
".vi' the .a" e hv provinjr property and
|i.iyin_ expenses.
Eugene   Santini.
Lillooet. Feh. 7th 1903.
"Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba FreePress and Prospector for $ 1.50
The Manitoba Free Press   with its weekly Supplement gives 28 pages of reading matter every week. In addition to this, 22 admirable
painting reproductions  will be given.    For $1.50 we will have the Free  Press, the 22 paintings and The Prospector sent to you  for
one year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two beautiful pictures "I'URITV" and "ALONK" which are to be presented wilh the Family Herald are 22 x 28 inches  in
size, and are suitable for framing.
Lever _Y-Z(WiaeHead)Diainfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfects and cleans at the same time. w
or linlv In -iii-li iioumy in ....111 mu linxinaxx foi'
1111 ul.I iisiii 1,1 Islii'il huiiNOofso'ii! II 11*11 ni-lnIMAnrl
iiik. A-lriilglit, billiii llil-i-iixli x.-ilniy <u $18,0(1
riald by cheek ea.h Wodii.xiluy wiih nil ..x|„-n-
x-.dl.uul from liuadquiirluis. Money nUvmie-
crl fur _~p_llK0X.
Mailngur, -III Caxtoil Building, l.'hieiigo.
The Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 30
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
Special. We were successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special rate.    We will send you  all the above papers vi/-: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, would wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for ijjfo.oo. THE  PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET,' B.C., MARCH 14. 1903.
*~i° **..-- .'i-> ->, .< *; .*> ..■ ■*
. ■• .   * .   A .   .,   4   .'. ,
,f:   A.*   f /  ■   ft.'■•    6■/ ,  .    '       O
>•'& »'':-> <..'-■■ » ~> <•:,.> •}_* »..->
5aul S
<*.' y: ti/ . ' &-" ,*.   **.' *.".*.' ,.$
.■> *■; ~i -y< *
'4 , - *     .     *     «
_> «' -> ft".-ft *; .-> ». .> -;» **. v*
«     «   . « .   «
Dren lefl- foi* Asliciol'l tliis
•Ins. Dickey, Jr., wits in   town
Inst Tlmi'siliiy.
.1. vVtilker cti-uie in from Aslt-
croft'i List S;iliii(l;i,y.
Fntliev   Roi-er    linst   rehivnetl
from   liis  visit   to  Mission (il v.
_fi)Tlt'S  ;i  -lull
M I.
.i  * . i ,"i !  I* i nds o! (i I'lH'i-i'ii's,
1 !obl,- ami Hhoes, I ardwaro Sin.
\. 0.
))-\ Woods-.
A. Murcliie, pliotog'nipliev, left
for llie Coast   last.   Wednesday
Dr. Sanson came in last
Weduesdityevening*to attend tlit*
case of Dr. Mathers.
Tlie worst wind storm of tlie
season struck town last- Monday
and lasted three days.
Mr. Birks, representing' Piercv
& ('o., Victoria, came iu by special stage last Thursday.
Every Woman Should
That Prof. W. Hodgson Ellis,
Official Analyst to the Dominion Government, has recently made a number
of analyses of soaps, and reports that
" Sunlight Soap contains that high
" percentage of oils or fats necessary
" to a good laundry soap."
What every woman dors not know
is that in common soaps she frequently pays for adulterations at the
price of oils and fats. Try Sunlight Soap—Octagon Bar—next wash
day, and you will see that Prof.
Ellis is right. He should know.    206
it J M
Nli'.-*'   W'I'-.N'BI I i. ST Kit, I'*. ('
(Jc.nonil 1 lard\vam,
Picks and Shovels,
A xos, Hoes Si Wakes,
Bar Iron, Drill Steel,
()ils. Paini*~i, Sic.
Mr. VV. Brandon was unwell
tliis week and inconsequence had
to dismiss the school last Tues-
There will he services in St.
Mary'sChuich iiextiSund.iy, both
morning' and evening*: The Key.
Mr. Pugh will officiate.
The Indian who was shot a
week ago Ktinday is recovering
quite rapidly, but young- SwiiiU
it-- suffering from internal injuries
sustained in a. fight with the
same Indian a, week ago.
Tlie Key. J. II. Wright will
preach at Pavilion mountain
next Sunday. Dr. Sibree Clarke
will conduct the service in
llie Methodist Church on Sunday
evening. The morning service
will be withdrawn.
fam^fcis' :;'.' . S
Wf^i-cirl'r-i,   ■
^L'0ei%;:e^y .
|l'(/'iix-;j~5/' •■.
[I..S.]      I1ENKIG.JOI.Y iiKl.li'I'lilNIEia..
EDWARD VII, by the (Irnee »f (toil, of  ill. I
Unii-il   KiriRilom  ui  Ureiit   liii.-iin   mul I
1;cliinil nml ut Un* lli'i'sli DuniiiiiniiK lie-
ymiil iliu Sens,  King,  l-ofcuder    ot    lliu
Pin lit, etc., uu-., mc.
To our fuiilifiil ilm Members elect-it to-servo
in tli~ Legislative A.~eiul.uy of Our floV
im-eof -il'isli I'oiiiiniiiii, nil.) suiniiionoil
mul iiiiicii in ii ineet.iigof the Legisliinue
or Piiiililmoni in Our s iiil i tuvlliee, ni Oiii
- ily ui Vii''oi'in, on'I liiiisiliiy, lite Iwelllh
ilny nf Miii'cli. one Hums mil iiine liliinlreii
mul three, lo hnve been eoniinelieed ami
bekl, mid every of you,—(IREBTINO.
Deputy Attorney-UctiGnil. i '' nioollngof the
(.egUliititru or P~riii'iiioul. of ilu- Proviuee ol
ilri.ish I'liliunbiii sinmi. Cii.lluil for Tliur. ilny,
thc twelfth dayof Miueli, oue lliou-iiiul nine
hundred ami three, nt which time, nl Our
ciiy of Victoria, you were held ami eoii-
strniui-ii to appear!
Now KNOW YE, ill ii i foi iliver-i csuses and
Consideration-, nnd Inking into .(.'fiiisiileration
the e.'isn and convenience oi Our loving sub-
jei'ts, We have lliiiURliI tit, liy and « llh tlie ml-
viceof Our Executive Council of the Province
of Fliitisb Columbia, to relieve you, and each
of you, of your attendance al the time nforc-
stiid; h-roby convoking, nnd by these prosem-
enjoining yon, and eiwli of you, tlmt on Thursday, the second d~y of April, one thousand
line hundred nud three, you liieei Us in our
Legislature or Parliament of the said Province,
ni our i itv of Victoria, FOR THE DISP.ATi H
,OF BUSINESS, to trent. do, act and conclude
upon those things Which m Our Legislature
ol the Province of Rriiish Columbia, bi lhe
Common tiouncll of Our snid Province mny, by
the favour of Ood. lie ordained.
In Testimony Whereof, We have caused
these Our Letters to be made Patent, ami
tbe Ureal Heal of Our said Province io be
bereiin o affixed :
Pacific Ry.
Trlllns il*'|.;ii; -,!*. follow s:
K    llioiiud -v ' ' Wr  i!hiiiii'l   .! .m'
l.V l*'l i>N
Kiisiliiiiiiul 20.57 W'c.-iliiiiind  5-.;i
To St. Paul—Daily
Toronto-Monday & Friday
Montreal & Boston-Wed.
Elegant Equipment
Lowest Rates
Lillooet, RC.
W. F, Allen, Proprietor.
First-Class Hotel in every respect.      /.ccomodatiol
for Eighty Guests.   Large Annex comfortably fur-f
nished,     Sample Rooms for Commercials.
All   guests   reooive   evan/   _,_t.en_icn.
4-^*^   ' -I* C. PARKER, = Lilllooet, B.C,
Having purchased the stock ol
R.J. Atkins, we a\e now add ihi
to it and prepared to fill all orders]
nepaiv Shop in connect ion  will) Sloro,  w.lierti your over'
wmiiI will I ie supplied.  A coinpleli-lMruHbiiigOutfiton lnuid
M A 1.1.   Vi >1   R OW
nul niii-i- ( . ol inn ! Iimik'II ■
!-• I'M'A IK'.'-'.    I'
u' t'oTec nnd Ten l'oi»l
CA LtIJE.00 cc Ll !_'__< )(.)l.t STAGE LINESJ
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton ct VVnv L'oints:
•. y . and l-^ridaysl
;";{Steamships from fl>
Vancouver to
■ inlays.
ciii . ..
.M'Sii: .a 1.1 \,
.1 AI'AN,
All points in < '■:riboo:      -    -
loOMilo Ilonsc : MontLivs ,v Kri.Uivs Isotni-weekly service.!
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
ecial ci>nvi"yiinci.s l'ni-nisli<-!(l.    Sctul   I'or folders
_♦.   *•**
Dr. Miitlieis, of New VVeHfcniin-
ster, who locntml in town a. Feu
weeks ago, now lieH (litngei-oiislv
ill from blood poisoning iii llie
leg. Tlie trouble in of somewhat
long standing, but up to Ibe
present com plications had been
prevented. Tlie latest report is
that amputation of the limb is
regarded by the surgeon as imperative and Dr. Mathers' friends
have been notified to that effect.
They are expected to arrive in
lown to-day.
T.owe~'l   Kill -.
ul I'.-, 1 icul.i    1:1
u ' i".  ,\" 'nl or
, l.csl hfe
1 .1' ni 1
in or uililii
'• 'I'n and ■
ll.'l'lll.ltln':   \
ii.CI'.U i
Ammmmm. I
v   1. cnvi '■,
A. li. f .A.,
Vim ver. II. (
wiTNEK,   tlie  Honourable  Kir   Benki      | |\1 (\ \A/A\A/.\
GUbTAVK .loi.v ok 1.01 niNi. it~, K 0. M. li..   .  I I \| V  J . \l \l f—\ V V   M
l.ieiileiiiini-iiovi'i'iior of  (mr said I'rov- !
iiu-e of Hiitisli Columbia, at Our Govern
ment House, in OurCliy of Vlotorbi, In
Onr snid 1'rovl ire, tliis nineteenth dny
of Fehruary, In Ibe vearof Out l/ordon'e
thousand nine hundred and three, and
in tlie third yoar of Our Iteign.
By Coniniand.
Uoputy I'rovini'inl Becretaty.
School Inspection.
O.iyo isli Orualt.—luspeetel Mny 26tlt,
190-'; pri". ent, K5 ptii ils. Tills U an tti-
eii-ted school, opened i.- p emlie-, 1901.
Keeultu (airly satisfactory, exsept in
r. iKlinjt.
Lillootet.—Inspftt'led Repleniber 18 li,
1901, nml May 26t»•. 11112; present, 37
pupil*. The firini'iples if -11 ill.luetic
are fairly well understood, hut pupilf
are nut accurate in the uicchaiiical
work; mote frenuent review necessary
in all lhe siibjeits.
Pachrliiua. — Inspected May 26th,
1901; pre. etil, 14 pupils. This school
shows remaikubie progress, considering
it, has  heen in operation only   a few
A. O. 8-BWABT,
Inspector of Schools.
1 .>   *> V*'   *.:'-'
Read onr special
offer Oil i lie
third page.
Mr. \V. !'. At.I.EN 1 ;; lo noiily hi
i'.i.'.s . i.d cusli mers thai llie I'i in-ci II •.
will ciioiintto itudor h .- inniui mi'iil imil
. L'liuit nn -I : n her nolice. M r. Uli .1 as-
;ires his friends ami Iho Irivellin;' |iid'i*
.. . 1 li, ihal 'i.r hesl hi' care and attention
■ I in- Ihi wed -.1 .''1 who p.'...!.:. .: liii.
i .n "cr i I ilch
\v. v..'.;.:...x,
! Illooi I, I 1" ir, 1   vi.
A   ll U1C \
Ni'ws from nil Mm world—Weli-w.hte
oiipiniil  st..i*u—*\ns\<i'<H ni i|iii"ii *—-
A tt i I'* on  llonlth,  the Hiunf,   New
llniili.-, vi d mi  Work  iihoul lhe Ka'ii
;l|lil i infill n,
I- n iiii'iiihi r of the As.oclati'd l'n-s
llm only Wcslirii Nettspitpir 1 iv-
ini_ Iho i'n tire teh'triphh; new* nervine nl' the Ne.v York Sun, anil ~poc-
i.il cahle of the New Ymk World—
1>. ily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout theiuuii-
Bi;hscrihe lor The WKKKI.Y
INTEB-0015AN (.One Dollar)
iitidU'HEl'T-OSPI-OTOK  if:)
BUT 11 FOR fl.23.
linnlly   i-i," iiled
II   i-nesB    Hindi
Tli.   new (.luge line. Icutvoy I,yiloii <". ,-i-y Mondiiy iiiidl
Fi-i<l:iy   I'or  Liliouci, I'etiii.iin^ next   .lay.      Si
made.    Write, us foi- iiifnnii:il.ion.
.pecial tripa|
relet' Uobrtglluti & Co., Lytton  B.C.
1 _'i. i
Pioneer Drug Store, S
iiiinu.t I! v m
' pi
? Lillooet, - • - II. £
DI'll     .
-. -. C\ -',     '   5, "'.. RI UMl RY,
PROM T A I ll.M 1 ION TO   _
Llil IUH ORDERS. I   '■ ■":
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR.
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS i|i~'u.-i|. Mc liinii Tnilor, AslieiofE, 11. 0
PI.l.I.IiW-HARVl.Y, HRVAN r & GlfflN
M1N-1NCJ KM;i.NI..:i;.i AM) assayjsrs,
Vancoiivor, B.C1.
'■_.HUi])lislit..l, 1390.
Assay work of all descitplions lindcilnkcn. Tests mnde ii|i lo^ooolhs. A spec iul ty
made of checking smelter pulps. Siunplr* front 1 bo Jnterior hy Mail or Express
promptly oil mleil to.    Co r r.es po.n d c 11 c c   so I loi led.
No  I" u I.
On to  my lliini'li,  11  ri
■I hile en-* * • ti   foteiii ;"l.
11 . ii* r on 11  li ive tin    - une  i,y pnn 11 u
[ir iport y iti d pin ii . i'X| "    •■-■
i; ■   hi • Mi ins.
qilH,   I. ('   I'.'i-r■!!•>•   "Ih 19 2.
I'll, h
Into my ll Id, a n I 1 ■• nnd re ! I eifer,
ivllli hoh (nil. N' hrtiiid. Ovi mr cnn
1 ivi- ihe sa * b hj iii'ovti'ii p-v.-i'tty ami
'i lying ex|)t.ii!.8.
Eugi ii"   S 11 Ll it f.
r.Ul 101 1. I', ii. 7ih 1003.
Use Lever's Dry S"Hp (a powder) to
.'.'fish woolens ai:d flannels,—you'll like
it. 32
Blacksmith Supplies
We ctivry tlie.largest nnd host steelc in B.C.,
iiicliidiiip;: Bar Iron, (ast Steel Sprtrtj Steel, lire Steel,
I! )R3E RASPS,  ETC.,   ETC .
Sole Agenta I'or VALENTINE'S  11 iuh tjrnde CAUUIAOE VARNISH.
u All, m: in: Its KEOElVEOlill IMIOMI'C ATI I.NTIoN.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.


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