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The Prospector Jan 4, 1901

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 JLu / r~ ,A /   /
Vol. 3, No. 26.
$2.00 a year.
&_.uebal   2v_::e]£_o:e-ta.:i_tt
Miners Supplies.^*s^-
lilliliOO'ET, T3.-Q.
Branch Store at Bridge Kir^ where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.O
*_•■„£_._ LI III.
a full •lock of all kinds ni Gioceries, D.y
Hardware, etc
Oarriss a full (took of all kinds of Gioceries, D.y   Goods,   Hoots  und   Shoes,
Hardware, etc
i»xo_s"__i___a iiiotsxi.
LMtooul. «. t,
FRED. M.  NELSON, Wcprlrtfir.
0_mr-le R.otb   for   t'ommtrclal   Tr.vell.ri,
lUfarr Btab). iu Connection.  Rui in«eu
lt..mb;ial i*r snesta to mol from
Aadersnn I aire and Bridge
llit.r i.olr.is.
XiXXiX.OO_BT, 13. tJ
Thli h.t.l bein_ new and thorough,'.; fitiishod througliottt istheori'y first
tine hoteJ in Lillooet. Person, vailing ai Lillooet will receive every attention bj
.'•cpiiinj at the Motet Victoria, (.loud stabling in connection n tin the hotel, Ilead-
sju.rl.ri for th. Lillooet-Lytton mage.
•   •••••    CHARC-tca   MODBRATS.    L   .;   C   _   $   Q
D.   FEA3EB,   J?_3,0_?.
ITv. Bar ii supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigan. -
Li. C.
Plage leaves Lytton every Tues l:.y and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.    Special trips made.
If y»u contemplate a trip Into Lillooel dislricr, wiittiua 'or informnllon.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I
Genaral D.alsr
BY   Bia   A.  FRASER.
RumorB have been circulated thnt other
parties in town were implicated in the production of the recent article for which the editor of.this paper is arrainged for criminal
As editor of this-paper I emphatically
that tbe article in tjitestion was  neither die-
ated nor instigated hut was inserted solely on
my   owj     responsibility   and   on     my  own
initial, v nd    that       no      oilier     party
had      any     knowledge        of    the     matter previous to its appearance in print.
A Rummons'wos issued hist Saturday againfet
the editor of This Prospbctox for criminal
Mr. Phair took action in the matter al*
(bough be is not the only government
official in the district.
On account of tbe illness of the defendent
the case has been adjonrhed until Wednesday
)_ull line   of   Groceries,  Dry Good.,  Boots   and  Shoes
Ohothing and Hardware.    Miners' Supplies.
Kamloops, B.C.
Furniture of overy description.  Carpets,  imlo'im,  Window Shades, Cornice Poles, ek'.
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
ITnr AlttcLr.*, t-^**V.« {|,r B-tafWny nnd Mr He* nnlnU leave Victoria urcrv W_.inoH.ltu
1 Ui   «!£-._»*€■-   erfttiitiflrmii; v_ni ...iy_i ovftrj rhnrttUy «< 1 ,..ra.
at»*m_n f»r B. & Northern I'olnli la.- v* Vietoi ti Mid .'ftttuouveT ,v»- .iv.   Regular st.aruari
ft 1 til lii iiUh olat-bla p«.int«.   ParileulunB 0:1 _u.nUca.lou,
jfulnr -t?nin«rc
(.. 8." BAITS.. , U. 1'. .
Subscribe for Tha Prospector.
Conada's Advantages.
Lord strathcona, high commissi uer
for Canada, hns addressed tiie following
ljlter to Messrs. Allan i'.rolhers & Co..
"Dear Sirs,— A? you are a rare, the
Canadian    Government     atUchea   Ihe
agriculture, however, that opportunitiei
await the new settler. Canada has
abandaut wealth in her forest:', mines
fisheries, all of .vhich can bo moie
rapidly deve'oped than is the ease nt
present, with the advent of lnorecapi'.al,
and more people; and the same remarks
apply to ti.e important manufacturing
indnslfy, which is expanding no satis-
factorlly, Both In agriculture and in
the other dircciiotiB mentioned there
are excellent openings (or men with
capital, and for lahorofthe classes in
demand. Apart although from the material advantages to be obtained by settlers, the social benefits the country affords are worthy of attention. Taxation
Is light the cost of livin ii relative!v
cheaper than in the United Kingdom,
the olimative is healthy and attractive,
and a man with a   family   has   unusual
in lifo of bis children, The object 1
have iu view in writing is to ask that
your company will ho good enough to
again impress upon onr agents tho importance of tlie matter, both   from   the
i Canadian point of view, as well as from
our own, and 1 shall bo glad if you will
eend them a copy  of   thia   litter.    You
I may, perhaps, consider that they might
(lo more  than nt p'osent  to  extend   a
knowledge  of Canada  in   the   United
I Kingdom : and it  is necessrry to  point
greatest importance  to tho  encourage-      ,,,   . .,       .     ,■        .     "    . ,   ,
... ,   , .     .  I out that if  emigration of a satisfactory
ment of Immigration, am  the  matter is i   , „,     . ,   • ,, ..
,. , . character should  increase aa the   result
one in win. i vonr company is a so deep- [   ...   .     r,   . ■,,    ,
of their ell'.irts, it   will, of course, be  to
growing  and almost overpowering evil.
It was a'decided stop ahead in the way
ol morality and civilization.   It waa  a
bold and noteworthy effort on their part
at the refusing of the eo-callcd civilization of the present d3y.
It is every   man's   duty to study   the,
great cause of temperance, not only for
the benefit of the grown up population
of the  world, but for the future welfare
ol tl.e young generations that are rising
I up among US,    Lethe who says civiliza-
rtachlnery in Uood Shapeinill Closo! Down  tion and  whiskey must go together   lo
Owinn to Severe Frost.-Will k'=>aa.e u   hiande I a" B tool.    It   BCcmB to   be tlie
irder of things that wherever man goes.
. whiskey must follow.    Every newly dis-
The Ample Mines  pounding oO tons I  ov„ed coD„lr_ _______ becuir.tene_ wUb
daily, Lil.ooet  can boast of having   the    . A _iip   goea   for_.ard   with   a
only cyanide plant in British   Columbia   ,,a_drea pioD_ti, and a few days later
in full operation.   The   Ample  mi.l   '' Lnollier Bbip £0efl forward in hard pur-
one of tlie  largest   in the province   and i |n,t ___h __ u-__re_ banele o[ whiskey.
tbe whole machinery constitutes a mag-     It Illliy uk0 years  and ycai. to over-
facU.tiea   for tho education ami starting   _iacant mining apparalus. | comP| _[_ _e ;ep___  __t „ ■„ lhe duty
'lhe null which is situated 9 miles 0,ever- eWlta.-d ir.an to do what he can
from Lillooet, on the bank of Cayoosh a_(, aU ,|e can u destroy this evil of
creel: is 108 feot  high, 120 feet long
The word can never be thoroughly
iviiizrt.1 until whiskey and wars aie
traditions of the part. Let our ministers
preach against and condemn these two
Soori as t!ie Weather Moderates.
ly concerned I veu'uro to lliink that in
no part of the world can emigrants ob-i
tain greater advantages than in the
Dominion of Canada, In the niovinces
of Manitoba, thd North-WeetTerritories'
and parts of Ontario free grants of I GO |
acres of laud are offered, [n Prince El-1
ward Island, Nova Scotia, New liron-!
nvick, Quebec, Ontario and BritiBh Columbia, us v, ell as in Manitoba and tbo
S'orth-West Territories, public lands can |
bo purchased on what are practically i
nominalional term", and in every part'
of the country improved (arms may be j
acquired at reasonable prices by those!
«ho are possessed oi a little means. The
■i.tiici I'U'al ! u!u-try ii in a very Qour-i
islilng coeditlon. There Isa large mar
ke'- locally for the produce that is raised
while tlie exports ol tlio Dominion os-
pccially (!rc?.t liiitain,  of  cattle,
meats, gr»ln ofa'l   kinds, flour, butter,
their advantage as   well.   Believe   me,
"King out fnlse pride in jilnce ind blood
The civic slander and thespite
King in the love of truth and right.
King in the common love of good.
King in the valiant mnn mi.l free
The largest heart the kindliest hand
King out the darkness of the land
King in the Christ that is to he."
"The Bending TsvtM."
The old miner, tlie old packer nnd the
i!d ranchman, in this and oilier sections
" 1 of our province are expressing   surprise
I at the great cnanges  which havo   laken
i place around them within the laat dozen
i years.   The Indians with their wigwams
are no longer in the majority and the
cheese, eggs and fruits, aro increasing woman „, „,e pale ,acejanot now a
with great rapidity.    It ia not only in ____  ,.   ,|l8  ,0_.   _u,   _im_g
— -'       '    _ ■  :! camps of the far West.    A new cva has
certainly dawned upon na and new
conditions are being constantly cooled.
We have in our minds the children of
the whilo man in the west, the boys and
girls, the "BendingTwig" we want Ihem
to have a fair chance in liL', a chance
equal if not superior, to tlie children in
oilier provinces. Even we who have no
ufiildren of our own want to give all the
youngsters "a good show." We therefore
advocate everything that wilt insure (m
them a sound body and a sound mind.
Among the essentials to sccuro these
two things are the following, namely
athletic sports. BportS are the best of
ill occupation far the child
only develop
a rich lady cupmI of iter Deafness tind Kotses
In.tue Head by Ur, Nicholson's Arllttctitl i:-n
Drums, gave fiO,IXIU lo his Institute, so lhat the
deaf peuplu unable to procure the Kur Drums
tuny liuvi-iiiem Iree. Address No. 11628 The
Sicholson Institute, 7«0, Eighth Avenue, New
York, i .a K.
evils and they will  be doing some good.
| They, are the greatest curses of modem
David Dalziei..
Too Atuch Ram.
Victoria, Deccmbci  26.—James  Wil-
HO wide, containing an up-to-date
cyanide plant. The machinery latelv I
installed is ol the most durable kind well
qualified to crush the extremely hard
The mine itself is one and n half miles
distance from the mill and 1000 feel j
above ii. The nre is conveyed to the
mill by a tramway which is a work of
wonders in itself, The tram works
automatically, tlie full buckets oa thcii
decent pulling the empty ones up,  with
the exception with one man at the brake foni ;l laborer, CO years of age, drank six;
the tram works alone. Tho buckets J large liter glasses full -jf rum on Christ-
deposit their ore into bins fiom whence | maj evening and died within an hour,
it is transferred to the cruehers and roi- The liquor, according to the doctoie, did
leia which grind it into very line dust, j |10» have time to make the man drunk,
The ore is then deposited inlo va:s of slow paralysis affecting the whole body
which there are seven with a capacity of  eiuiuLaneoualy.
50 tons each,   After  this  acted on   by	
the cyanide solution,   the dmit is   then I
passed over zinc  showings which   separate the gold.
The power for working tbe mill is
procured fiotn tbe creek the water power
being brought iu pipes for a distance ol
over a mile by compressed air.
Tie employees at present number
about forty but Ihis number will be
largely increased in the tuturc.
The whole works arc a great credit to
ihe company ucd especially to superintendent Rives.
The   company    has   surmounted   in- R-llro.4 Will b. Built.
numerable obstacles In placing the mine The Victoria, Vancouver and Eastern
on a paving scale. The mill crushes 501 Railway and Navigation companv was
daily  averaging nearly  $20 a ton by ac-
Cr.e Thousand Canuctis.
Ottawa, Ont. Dec, 24—Lord Minto
has received a cable from Mr. Chamberlain asking for one thousand recruits,
for Cienernl Baden-Powell's Transvaal
police force, in Canada at five shilling*
per day, .11 this numi-cr c?.n ietreViiinv
the dominion then ten captaincies and
fifteen lieutenaucies in the imperial
army will go to the dominion militia.
tual assays.
Since writing the above Tiik PaoH
PECTOI! liai learned that owing to the
extremely cold snap the Amplo mill has
been forced to close down. The cyanide
vats are frozen stiff aud tho gold in
solution will not precipitate on the line
The large  pimp   at tlie Toronto-Lil-
I ioet tiUiirlz  mill broke down this week
necessitating sending to Toronto, where
the pump was manufactured, for a new
Tl ev not j pie.'e to replace  the broken  part.   This
the muscles, but they in- [ "W arrive quickly by express,    In lhe
J. IL Anthony.
i      censors to .    Rti   ■
Business establlsl IfttJt]
Genera! flcrchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Silverl-torn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, - - 1!. C.
First-class in every respect.
Choice  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars. Sample
room   tree.
let Intk'liver en I collet in muMt otnmbia
tor old established manufacturing nbulet-io
lionsc. $9K)ayeir,sure pity. Itouosty more
than experience required, tiur reference, eny
bunk  lu any city,     v .:
crease Belf-control. The youth who
plays "lacrosse" must obey the laws of
the game, which sometime! appear
arbitrary and harsh, and in the way he
gradually learn obedience lo their law,
such as the laws of hie town nnd country.
Sports then, rightly conducted, tend to
develop the youth into a good citizen.
Wo would advocate the formation of a
club in town for the younger boy?.
Baseball is qulto popular, so are lacrosse
and "cricket. The last game appears to
us more suitable presenting, as it docs,
te«est dangers ol accidents,
Tnen again we are reminded ;'i a recent
issue, of Ihe need of a Reading room
and public library foi this, town. This
can lie secured if only the leading citizens will take tho proper steps, In no
heller way can soma of our leadii g men
and women hand their names down to
tho 20th century. The Dominion Government gives a grant of $200 to help
each public Ibirary in Ontario, and will
iloubtleai he'p us if we gave substantial
evidence lhat we mean business. A
public library is nithin our reach, and
it will prove of use lo all.
But another need in just as gcat a«
those mentioned. We refer to a public
life. We express our pleasure at the
great improvement which has recentb
t.-.keu place in thii direction, but much
moro remains to be done To say lhat
Lillooet is no worse than other places in
the province is very weak argument In
favor of what every true citizen knows
to be wrong. The lime has passed long
ago since it was considered proper to
allow sueh scenes a« occassionally trin
spirts in our town. Now if while men
are determined to Bell, themselves, to
diseased  Indians   women then   let   the
authoritieseam|el them to goto the
Indian   reserves,   and  shut   out   these
mean ime the mill will continue erusl
ing Us   regular quantity of ore, though
the material cannot be  cyamded   until
the pump is again in working order.
Iron Claims Purchased.
Victoria Dec. -8.—Thc Pennie syndicate, represented by W, Sweeney has
purchased the iron elalmsin _a"t Sooke
from Young _  Ralph, of  this city,   for
last week at Vancouvr formally organ-
izea. The question of the building of a
•oast to Kootenay line is no longer a
matter of doubt or supposition. It is nt t
a plain everyday business fact that the
road will be built.
Up to tlio present time all the work
that has been done along tho line of
perfecting arrangements for the road
has been under the old syndicate agreement, but with thfl organization now
completed work will begin m earnest
and with as little delay as possible. The
new company is bo far practically a
local concern as it is in the hands of
Vancouver, Victoria and Hew 'Westminster capitalists, with Alexander
(Swing, New Westminster, W. L. Nichol,
Vancouver, and ,T. T. Betbune, of White
ilorBe, as the first board of directors.
B Italn and _oer.
The following 6trango story of Spion
Kop is told by Mr. Hales, the London
Daily News war correspondent:
"Amongst our dead thev (the Boers>
saw a sergeant lying at full length  shot
Van Anda "dine Sold.
Vancouver, Deo, 2S.- The paloof  the
entire interest on Texada island of   lhe
in Ar.da Copper and Gold   Company
foO.OOO. Machinery and plant is to be through the brain, vet even in death tl.»
installed at once. The ore is to be man looked like some fighting machine
shipped to Port Angeles for blast fur- suddenly gone out of order. His liflo
nnces to be erected there by the  syndi- j waB T'^eed agiacBtliis shoulder,his left
baud grasped the barrel on the under
ride, the fore-finger of the right hand
pressed the triger lightly, the barrel
rested out upon a rock, and his death-
dii h il eye still glared along the 6ijtts,
A Boer soldier saw ihe sergeant as l,e
lay, and with tudo bauds grasped the
rifle by the barrel and tried to jerk it
from the dead man's grip, but as he pulled he brought the lille in a line with hi.
has been completed. Fifty-live per cent
d the stock was transferred loan Kng-
luh syndicate headed by John Lowles
cx-incmbcr of Parliament oi the British
House of Commons, who ha« large ! own breast, and the unyielding finger on
in'erests in Kootenay. The deal is the j the trigger did the rest. The rifle spoke
largest ever msdo on the coast, the basis [from tbe dead man's hand, and the
of consideration being a half a mii!h n in j bullet passed through the Boci's heart,
cash. The bondholders will be paid and . laid him beside the Briton."
a small dividend given to shareholders.
Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars |
will nt once  be   spent in development,!
$100,000 of this being for a tramway from Mr A' :N*'->Ison brother of Fred H.
Cornell shaft lo the smelter, new hoist-1 x°;Bon ot th(s 1>ionecr expired suddenly
ing plant, etc. Six hundred thousand T"""^ morning. Mr. Nelson Had 1 eea
dollars has been spent on the property ■ 'id; °"lv s verT few ,!b-v9' lli3 ill,ie6s 110t
to date. H. W. Treat, formerly prioci- being considered ■ dangerous one, but
pal owner, will retire from the management Feb. 1st, When he will leave for
New York.
stomped    oitvrO'
The refusal by the license commissioners of Lillooet, on the loth day ol
women from our town except when in I December, to grant liquor licenses for
day time ibey come to transact legtI- the Bridge River ui triol ie, in our estimate business.     Let every ell jen aat to
pneumonia bail acquired a fatal holtbon
his system. Mr. Nelson was formerly
emploiel at the Pioneer but more lately conducted tho Excelsior Restaurant '
ia partnership with Mr. Alex Wtols. llj
leaves a wife and family lo mourn Ids
By lee general and affable nature Mr.
Nelson hail made himself extremely
popular with the to*n folks nud he wiH
bo   h   rolsee :
place TimreiLr ado
Among the lonely hills It lies,
Deep, 'Jark an<_ still.
And tnirrori bai k I ie changeful aldei,
Tlie Bun, moon, star i, the bird that flies,
The broad, brown shouldered hill.
The world's wide voice is Bilent here;
The cries 'A men,
The sob, the lough, the hope, the tear,
The thing* which make earth sad and dear,
Lie all beneath its ken.
And only he who cornea from far,
Seeking the deep
Communion sweet with sun and star,
Knows of the calm and joya that irs
In its vast stirlesi Bleep.
For here the eternal soul holda speech,
Yet makes no sound;
With  naught  but clouds which one might
The black tlood, the untrodden beach,
And barkening space around.
Time and the things of time are not;
The path we trod
Ends with the world's end here, and thought
Can neither see nor dream of aught
Save man'- own l.r.i t and God.
—Robert liiin in Chambers' Journal.
©x #-::#*#*•#•#•*• *•*♦*•#•*•*«
A Weird Btory of
Irish Love.
_ HY   NORA  FERRY. m •
ft *
t'-.-i 9 *•*•*•*•« -•*•*•« •*•■>: •!:<•<>:•
"Your wife sent for me yesterday, Kir-
wan. She tells me that you would not
answer the last letter she wrote you.
What is it makes you so unforgiving,
Maurice Kirwan?"
"I thought you knew my wife," Maurice Kirwan said, with his eyes on the
"I know your wife married her father's
shepherd's son, but I know nothing more,
except that she was the prettiest colleen
nnd you the best piper on the Shannon
"She said once I had piped her down
from her right place."
"Did yon J"
"Sure. Father Hackett, and it was no
fault of mine. She put the eontetlier on
me, not me on her, and when 1 saw she
won tired of me did I not give her all the
freed un I could with a heart and a
"Well, her freedom has not contented
her. Kirwan.    Your wife is dying."
"Vun —Norn dying?" •
' Will .vou an to her? She wants you."
sr,:;l the priest gently.
"Aye. I v. .11 go," Maurice Kirwan nn-
: ■. with his eyes still on the ground;
"I'll go ut i nre.   What's Ihnt In lhe y nd
■   er,   father?"   flushing deeply  under
i is tau.   "Did Nora send lhe ear for me?
V' -t tne going to her again maybe?"
"Yes: we tuny a-t well drive to Cash-
hiiiii-uii-gt'ohn together."
"You may drive, father; I'll go to Norn
on my own feet. Your reverence can
til) her so when you see her."
"I will give her a kinder message than
y.ni st'inl. Kirwan." the father said severely, "antl 1 hope to lind you more for-
givius when we meet nt Cushlauu. Do
not delay on the road, however, if you
wish to lind your wife alive."
"Nora must wait for me," Maurice Kirwan muttered as he took his way along
the Cnslilauu road half an hour later.
"find knows I've waited long enough for
1 or. Seven years next Ilollandtide since
we set eyes on each other last, anil never
a senrt of pen on paper between us since
—(Jod save you kindly. Jimmy Dolun; a
Rue soft day indeed" (to a passing beggar)—"till now, that is. And the father
t vs it's dying she is! Anil what is it
• e wants with me, I wonder? Is it to
p.lt more hitter words on me? But a dying woman must have her will, and if she
puts a curse on me it's little I care. My
days are none so mu'ry now. And how's
the old mother, Doimell? And have you
heard yet from Larry in Dublin? And
(lod save you kindly. Maty Coneely.
Anil which road are you going this soft
"I'm going my lone." said the old woman he addressed, getting up slowly from
her seat on a fallen bowlder. "But it's
tbe longest road you're going that you've
ever gone yet and the bitterest. I can
see tbat much. Maurice nviek, though it
is uo wise woman I am. Oo on wid you;
go on to your fine win*, Maurice nviek—
"Oil. younir site Is, snd (sir she is sue] would be
crowned queen,
it the kind's son were home sgsin with Kathleen
The cracked old voice quavered out
into silence, and Maurice Kirwan took
up the song almost unconsciously ns be
went rapidly on his wny, striking off
from the highway upon the green, smooth
esker that wns the nearest path to Cash-
lattn-na-geelia. Then he remembered bow
his wife used to sing the snme song iu
the days before their ill assorted marriage
(•rumbled in ruins around their fallen
house ot love, nnd he stopped abruptly.
"It's hard I am, a* the father snys, to bo
singing my lone and she lying sick to
denth. Never fear, Norn bawn! I'll
sing no more."
"Who is it speaks? Well, Piper of
Cashlaun, what'B your will with me?"
Tho speaker, one of two hare footed
girls seated in a grassy hollow of the
esker, with a measure of blackberries between them, looked up with a challenge
In her dark eyes and Hung a berry with
true aim at the piper's heart. "What's
your will with me, Sigbile, or with Ouoir
here?" nodding at her companion, wdio
wits ns fair as she was dark, but who
did not lift her eyes from the measure of
berries. A blackberry branch lay across
her knees, which she was slowly stripping. "You walk on tired feet, piper.
Hnve ye danced too long to your own
music, as Una bawn did once upou a
"No,"  .Maurice  Kirwan said dreamily.
"lint maybe I trod on the hungry grass."
"Or on tlie oilier grass, tlie sorrowful
grass   that   grows  on   ul)   the   eskers,"
said the girl.
"Maybe I've been treading on the sorry grass nil my life, I think," Maurice
said wearily, "nnd the mold would be
merrier walking."
"That's a guess," the girl said, nodding her dark head gravely nt him. "And
it may be thnt the sorry grnss grows
even en the hills of Tir-nn-n'Og, piper.
"May It he long, avounieen, till you
go there to rind out."
"Oh I have been there already, Blie
said lightly. "And the hills are hard
climbing, piper. But there are valleys,
loo-valleys galore and green, green nre
(hev. Are you so tired, piper? Come,
eat and drink. Here are blackberries
Hper thnn you'll find on any bush within
n mile of Cnsblnun, and here is milk for
Jon it. a cup of Hollywood for luck.
Drink, Maurice Kirwan.
•I drink " the piper said a» he gave
tack th- imPtr cup, "an. I bias. th.
iww  mat  gave the  milk  and  the hand
that milked her."
"Your wife lias many cows in her
byies, hut mine yields such milk as this,"
s..i,i the dark ,ui:i. laughing softly. "Nay,
hut :-it down again. What would you
ii,)'.'"' as Maurice Kirwan stumbled to his
"Nora," he said vaguely, "shame to me
for forgetting her!"
"Worse shame to you for taking food
and drink of me without payment," said
the dark girl, laughing still, "and my
brother's pipes lying iu reach of you
all the while."
"You- have put a charm ou me with
your milk and berries," said the piper,
trying to shake oil the hand she bad
laid on his arm, "Let me go, for death's
uniting for me at Cashlaun!"
"He is old nud knows how to wait,"
said the dark girl, "but you and are
young.    You are a piper and I"—
"You are uot lueky," Maurice Kirwan
muttered. "Take your eyes off ute nud
let me go."
"Let him go," said the fnir girl, speaking for lhe lirst time. "Be kind, Sigbile
Kl-Gara, und let him go. He shall pipe
for yon again."
"He shall pipe," said the dark girl almost fiercely, "and I will not listen. Yes,
go, but I lay it ou you to pipe uo more for
any man's pleasure, Maurice Kirwan.
and I lay it on you, too, to remember and
he sorry that you would not pipe for me
every time that you drink milk and break
bread. Now you may go and meet death
and your wife if the Shee-yo do uot blind
you as it blows along."
The fnir girl laughed softly. "Sighilc
Ni-Gara means you less ill than she says.
piper," site whispered. "And you need
nut fear the fairy blnst because nothing
can hurt him that has broken bread with
the Sliee-nii, the fairy people."
"I thought you were all dead," Maurice
Kirwan muttered blankly us they stepped
out together nh^ig the green ridge of the
esker. His companion laughed, and then
she sighed.
"Perhaps we are," she said, "or is it
that you are the ghosts and we ure those
who live? Are nil the airs you ever
played dead, too, piper, or are they waiting somewhere for other pipes? There
was a song once—how does it go?" She
was speaking in old Irish now, and her
voice was very sweet.
"1 was a wind, and I went before
When Fiontl ami rVrgns down lo the war;
A little 141-ny cloud 1 was .gain,
And over Clonlnrf I shed my rain;
A little gray cuckoo sal on a bougb,
And I was the bird that a voice am now;
I was a cream in a young bride', breast,
1 war, ihe dream rocked O'Neill to rest;
A nml I was when I first began—
Soul ol woman and sin of man;
Both have I been and again shall be
V Ian Ihe Mind see"—
She stopped sliil for a moment, for they
had been walking very fast, and she
swept hack the fair hair from her face
thai she might look the better into Mau-
lite Kirwan's eyes, which were dark an.)
troubled wilh slow comprehension. "You
will understand soon," she said, "but you
must keep ail your music safe iu your
heart for Sigbile Nl-Gara aud me. You
must not play it, piper, or it would not
he worth our hearing. Turn now. Do
you see that smoke? It comes from the
chimneys of Cashlaun. I have brought
you by a path few know of, and now you
may go to Nora. Yet stay a moment,
piper, nnd"—as be put out bis bunds impulsively to stay her going—"what is it
you desire? My name? Oh, Sigbile Nl-
Gara culls tne Onoir, hut Maurice Kirwan may call me Nora. But only once In
Maurice Kirwan's life will I come to bis
"When will lhat be?" he cried. "Collet n dims, lell me only that, for Mary's
But the "fair girl" did not answer, and
when next tlie bewilderment lifted from
Maurice Kirwan's brain  be was in tbe
chamber   where    his    wife    was   dying.
1'ropped up with many pillows, she sat
in a great chair beside the window looking eastward, and all her wealth of yellow hair lay loose around her worn face.
"You   have  come   at  last,"   she   said,
holding out bur bunds lo him with a piteous  little  smile on  her trembling lips.
"And, oh, how bard—but how hard you
were to move, Maurice!"
"I tun here now, Nora bawn."
"And won't you look ut me now you
have come?   Oh, I havo grown ugly, I
know, ami I know I look old, Maurice.
Do 1 uot?"
"Do you, Nora?"
"Ami so do you. But your hair is
gray here nnd there. And look ut mine!"
lifting iu both her hands tbe wonder of
shining yellow hair that uow was her
ehiefest beauty. "Look!" Her husband
bent bis head and kissed the yellow
tresses softly.
"Pulse of my heart," he whispered.
But Nora stopped tho rest of tbe eager
words ou his lips.
"Hush!" she said faintly. "Y'ou don't
know half how proud nnd wicked I was—
and am now. Do you know, Maurice,
that if I were not dying yon would not
be here by tne now? Oh, my pride, my
pride! Il bus spoiled our two lives, und
we might have been happy enough. We
never ought to hnve been mun und wife,
Maurice, I nlwnys told you so. And
"Antl yet I am not sorry, Nora ma-
"Not sorry," sniil ihe wife Incredulously, "for nil the sorrow I put upon
yon—ami nil those wasted years of ours?
Not Borry, Maurice?"
That night lhe hells of Cashlaun tolled
u lung pea I, nnd lhe few thai were uwuke
to hear it said softly to each other thut
Maurice Kirwan's wife bad gone uwuy
and left her pride behind her. But it
may he that she will come ngnin when
Maurice Kirwan's sands have run
through, ami the other Nora wiib her—
the fairy Norn Unit he met wilh Sigbile
Nl-Gara among the green eskers lu
blackberry time.—Black and While.
A   Network  of  Cnrlon.  Stories  Hare
Been Woven  About  It.
The little crab about tbe size of a pr-a,
resembling a bleached out spider, is the
oyster crap. In Europe it is called the
pea crab and is decidedly scarce, rarely
seen except by naturalists. It is common ou our coasts, not only in oysters,
hut also in mussels and scallops.
Washington crab is a naute tbat hns
been suggested for it, as it was considered a great delicacy by our Grst president, says The Scientific American. Th.'
oyster crab has been known from tbe earliest history, and a curious network of
stories hnve been woven about it.
Aristotle the Greek and Pliny the Roman, naturalists, believed thnt a definite
relation or understanding existed between tbe shellfish and its lodge, and
even went so far ns to sny thnt detttb
would be the result if the crab should desert its host. The watchful crab, living
within the home of the dull antl stupid
oyster, on seeing small lish approach,
would wait until one more bold than the
rest of his companions ventured within
lhe open shell; then, gently nipping the
oyster, tbe doors would be closed nnd the
fish held n prisoner. Thereupon the two,
the host uud his guest, would feed nt leisure upou the body of the venturesome
Another story, which held its own until
late in the last century, was that this little crab played the part of the "king's
jackal," who htiuted by night for his
majesty the lion. It would sally forth to
bunt and bring food to the helpless n,»is-
sel or oyster und on returning from the
bunt, should it find the house closed,
would give a cry, which was leeogniz.ed
by tlie host, the door instantly opened,
and it was allowed to enter. Study has
shown that the crab never leaves its
home nnd cannot cry, but as for the lion,
wbo, in fact, often gets the food for the
jackal, so it is that the little crab feeds
upon the substances which are swept iu
by the current of water made by the bivalve in order to bring its own food and
to freshen lhe water for its respiration.
Again, the crnb wus snid to wnrn its
protecting host from danger by a timely
pinch, so that the doors could be closed
against some crafty octopus or insidious
starfish, and for which service the crnb
wus rewnrded by bonrd and lodging.
It is true the oyster crab may act in
such manner thnt it warns tho oyster of
the approach of danger, but oue can
scarcely believe that it is anything but a
personal motive on its part. Present day
folks do not believe tbat any intelligent
understanding exists betweeu the two.
We have nil seen how n crab will hurry
back and forth on the approach of danger, will dart Into the first crevico to escape its foe and when in safety brandish
its formidable claws with the greatest
show of bravery. So the little oyster
crab may with the same instinct run
hack and forth within the sensitive man-
lie of the oyster nnd, retreating, push
against its soft body, which will indicate
lu tbe slothful intelligence of its host
that something is wrong outside, when it
will discreetly close its "hell us tbe better
part of valor
A Unique Dell Tower.
When the first settlement wns made
ou Commencement buy, Paget sound, it
wns simply a lumber camp and trading
post. After the Northern Pacific rail
road was completed to Commencement
bay a city was built ou tbe high ground
above the lumber camp southward, nnd
thnt Is the handsome city of Tacoma.
The ancient lumber camp Is now thai
part of Tncoma which is called "Old
Town" locally. Early In the history of
Old Town an Episcopal clergyman, now
Bishop Morris of Oregon, built a little
wooden church in the plnee alongside of
a huge fir tree that had been broken off
about 40 feet above the ground.
It wns first the intention to build the
church behind the tree and cut a doorway through the trunk, thus making the
tree the entrance as well ns the bell
tower, but this plan wns nbnndoncd. A
belfry tipped with n cross wus built upon
the top of the tree, n bell placed therein
and swung. To this day tho ivy clad fit-
is the bell tower of tho church.
A Boll by Lord Rn.aell.
"The late lamented Lord Chief Justice
Russell had, I believe, little in bis accent
to indicate that bo was born on the other
side of the St. George's channel," says n
correspondent, "but now nnd then, like
nil his countrymen, he would betray his
nationality by perpetrating what Is called
a bull. I remember, n good muny years
ago, I was at a political meeting at Bill
ham. It was in 1880 or thereabouts,
when coercion wns the burning question.
Lord (then Sir Charles) Russell made an
Impassioned speech in favor of liberty, in
tbe course of which be snid:
" 'Lndies nnd gentlemen, if the government coercion bill is curried no mnn in
Irelnnd will be nhlo to speak upon polities unless he is horn deaf nnd dumb.'
"Curiously enough, nobody laughed.
Every one Roomed so overawed by Ihe
eloquence of tbe speaker thnt the bull to
nil appearance passed unnoticed, n testimony surely to Lord Russell's power bb
nn orator."—London News.
Mensnring a Light-Ins Klanh.
A German nBtronomer bus been endeavoring lo iiieustire the width of u streuk
of lightning, nnd he tells us Hint tbe particular flash which allowed itself to be so
measured proved to he about live milli
meters—that is. 'one-fifth of nu inch-
across. There is uo known method of
obtaining such a result direct, nnd the
calculator wns forced lo depend upon u
photograph, which, curiously enough, included both a building and the flash
that struck the building at lite moment
the lens was uncovered, This picture
was taken from n window of the Hamburg observatory, and ns the distance of
the building struck, together with the
focal length of the lens, wus known il
wns not a difficult matter to arrive at the
result given. It is not lhe first time Hint
this experiment has been tried under
much the sinny conditions and with n
similar result. The Gorman nstrououiei
makes the nsserlinn Ihnt u lightning
strenk may be considerably widened by
being noted upon laterally by a struug
wind.—Chambers' Journal.
I l.-oiiiitt-H  nml  Her l»enrl,
It Is Bitid Hint Cleopatra made a banquet for Antony, the costliness of which
excited bis astonishment, and when Antony expressed his surprise Cleopatra
took a pearl eardrop, which she dissolved
in a strong acid, and drunk to lhe health
of the Roman triumvirate, Baying, "My
draft to Antony shnll far exceed It."
There are two difficulties In this anecdote. Tbo first Is, that vinegar would
not dissolve a pearl, and the next Is thnt
any stronger neld would be wholly unfit
to drink. Probably the solution Is this:
The pearl wns sold to some merchant
whose mime wns Bynonymotis with a
strong acid und the money given lo Antony ns n present by the fond queen. The
peiirl melted, nnd Cleopatra drank to the
health of Antony as she banded hi in tho
"The kind of man that wins," said the
necessary diseourser, "is tbo man wbo
goes nfter what he wants."
"Not he," said Ihe other hnlf of the
humorist's dinlogist team, "The winner
is tbe mnn thnt enn sit still nnd confidence people Id*" bringing what he wants
to him."
The night when last I taw my lad
His eyes were bright and wtl.
He took my two bands in his own,
" 'lis well." says lie.  "we're met;
Astliore maiiiree, lhe likes o' me
I bid ye now !..:„. I."
Ah. sure, the same's a Ihriflin thing;
'Tis mere I'd do tor him!
I trdzMJ the ninlit 1 promised well,
Away on UalhimliltI,
An every little white or so
I thr)' (orgeltin Jim.
It shouldn't take that long lo do.
An him not  very tall;
'Tis quale the way I'M bear his voice,
A bu>  that's out o" call.
An whiles I s.t- lit us stand as plain
A.- e'er a  six   loot  Wail.
Och, never teat, my jewel!
I'd [urge!  vi- now this minute,
II I .nl)   hi I a  notion
O' tiie wa.  I slum!.I begin it.
But (list and lasi n lsn'1 l.nown
The heap ,,' II.r,.utile's in it.
Myself be^an the night yc went
An hasn't don,, it >et;
I'm unu- \ lit ii. give il up,
I'or while's lhe use to trcl?
All Ilia nu.Hunt's Ijirlv spoilt on me
Wid Ullndlli lo l,.i„ct
-Moir.i O'Neill,
"How long can you stay under water?"
nsked the curious person.
"Permanently, if I choose," replied the
professional diver who had nnswered the
question several hundred times before,
"but I prefer to come to the surface ev-
ery once in awhile to breaths,"—Chicago
P.nt the Doctor (lot   1.title Credit  I'or
li In   EStToi'tN.
A story Illustrating lhe good sense
anil humor of ihe lute King Humbert
is ttiltl ut the expense ef his physician,
Ur. Kiigllouo. Soiiietlllies the king,
rnmi his hunting bulge of Castle l-'u-
,mnu went to the sen ami amused him-
elf by shoveling sand into a curt.
"Take care, your majesty." said Sagll-
one one day. "not lo perspire too
much." "Ah. my dear Signer Doctor,"
answered the king, resting his ehln
un his two hands that grasped the
handle of his spade, "this uiusrulnr exercise does me much more gootl than
your prescriptions." "Yes, but one
must abuse nothing." "But 1 tell you
that 1 feel very well, and you are
afraid you see In this poor shovel a
•jnmpt'titor." And. laughing heartily.
Hie king finished filling his cart
However, by exposing himself In
every way without exercising any care,
the king contracted bronchitis, which
took n chronic form nml gave him a
rather troublesome cough. This cough
was a source of anxiety to the faith
fill doctor, ns he could not convince his
patient of Hie necessity for taking tiled
ieine. Occasionally the doctor was
even sent away abruptly by the king,
who would sny, "1 have not called you
Why did you come? Yon may go. I
thank you very much."
One evening, however, the doctor
thought be hnd gained his point, nnd he
prepared for the king In his bedroom
the powders be wus to take during the
night. The next morning Dr. Sagllone
rose very early, being very anxious to
know the effect of his medicine. He
was received In the bedroom nnd nt
once nsked, "Well, how does your maj
esty feel this morning?"
"Much better—I may sny quite well,"
wns the response,
"Ah," observed the doctor, rubbing
his hands with satisfaction, "yon see
the results of listening to reason."
"What do you mean?" nsked the
"The powders!"
"Bravo!" shouted Humbert. "Go
Into tbe next room nnd see what you
can lind."
The powders were In the waste [inper
Such   in   I'ltiue.
"There Is bound to be a fly In the
honey," said the disconsolate looking
citizen. "There's always some small
elu-nnistance that prevents Joy from
being complete."
"What is the trouble now?"
"The leading paper of my community
printed my picture the other day."
"That  was nice."
"Ami It said that 1 was one of the
people whom everybody knew; that my
I'anie was sueh that It had spread beyond the confines of my native city
ami wns carrying light Into tbe regions
"Then they got n bit rushed In the
oflice ami put my friend Wiggins' name
under my picture."
"That wns n little unfortunate."
"It Isn't the worst Not a soul
noticed It except my wife. Anil nil
she snid wns that she didn't think il
looked much like Wiggins!"
A young mnn or this city rang up
lady ncqtmlntnnee of his in Cotir
street some days ago, but Insti'tul o
her answering Ihe phone herself he
elder sssler did so. The young inn
recognized the difference nt once an
said  In a  suave,  mellow  voice:
"Won't you please deliver u utessag
to Miss ('lain V"
Delighted nl the prospect of cnrryln
a message that might result In glvlu
her some Insight Into the relation Hill
existetl between tier sister and th
voting man at the other end of the Hut
she answered:
"Why. certainly, with the greatest <.
"Well, tell her to come to the phone.
Poor Gootl   llnlills.
There nre four gootl habits—punctuality, accuracy, steadiness nml dispatch Without Hie first of ihese time
Is wasted, without the second, mis
takes lhe mosl hurl fnl lo our own
credit and Interest ami that of others
mn.v lie committed Without the third,
nothing tan he well done, nud without
Ihe fourth opportunities of gnat ad
vantage are lost, which It is linpus
slide to recall.
ITie VWorthy Mnn Stiller. I'or the
Wrongdolnirs of Other People, but
In the Long Run Manages to Conic
Out Abend.
[Copyright, WOO, by C. B. Lewis.]
As I rested under tbe shade of a highway tree at noonday to eat the primitive meal that a pilgrim may carry
with him, the air wus balmy, the birds
full of song, and I felt tbat It was good
to he upon nirth. As my old boss
chunked his outs, my fightin dawg
slept and my bottled grasshopper purred softly to himself I found myself
gittln off sieh olisei'vasliuns as:
"A clear conscience nnd u ham sandwich are better than $100 won at
And also:
"lie who hath fame hath detractors;
he who hath power bulb enemies; be
TIIK I'llfllllM nKATEN.
who hath only a tintype outfit nnd $87
In cash In his bind pocket Is the mosl
content of all."
Anil likewise:
"Be ambitious, but not too much so.
It hurts a feller less to fall from n
fence than from a house roof."
I was still feeling mictions nnd high
speerited when liking comes two Phil
Istliies ou hossbaek. I saluted Hieni
with smiles of welcome, but thai- wus
no responsive grins on thai' fnces ns
they got down off their critters. Sun
thin whispered to me that a lulsutider-
standlu wus about to taker- place anil
thnt It was my duty to put up my
dukes and see It through, Without
wustin any words the strangers pitched into inc. nml without a word I lambasted them right nml left. It was a
purty scrap, but alas Integrity doesn't
alius triumph. Alter about ten niinits
my wind gave out, I'.nd the Philistines
battered my nose nnd blacked my eyes
antl left me lyln n human wreck on the
bosom of the nlrtb. As tbey moved
away they Indulged In words which
led me to believe that a feller pilgrim
resemhlln me In benigtmess nml inno
cence hnd sold them ion city lots iu tbe
town of Golden Hope, und Hint they
bad hunted for the said town in vain
Hope returned with my second wind,
and as 1 sat sooihin my nose with a
handful of grnss I found myself sayln:
"A clear conscience Is Its own defense, und truth is u mighty champion.
Though a licked man I yet have no
fear of bein nrrested fur stenlin a
I hnd risen up to hitch my boss to the
wagon to purceed onward when two
oilier human hc'i's rode up and pur-
cectled to revile i.ie. Itememberin that
a soft answer turnetb away wrath,
while cnllln a mnn u liar stirs up the
bile. 1 gently nsked for on explana
shun. It appeared Hint a feller pilgrim
of lhe same venerable appearance as
myself had sot down with them in the
town of Ited Hot to a gnuie of poker
antl. hevin lost to them, bad worked off
a counterfeit bill In payment As they
declared me to be tbe sinner 1 started
out to argue tbe case, but they would
not hear my words. When 1 saw them
peel off their coats and spit on their
hands, I realized that Integrity was
called upou to bump herself, and I
gathered up my muscles and sailed in.
Truth is mighty nnd must prevail, but
she don't ullus prevail that same day.
It was so In this ense. 1 was licked
agin, and It was nil of hnlf an hour
Detore I bad bound up my hurts, got
the grass out of my hair and found myself observin:
"He who would not battle for his
conscience is a coward. He wbo would
not light again after bein licked twice
hath uo perseverance aud deserves not
Then I bitched up and went forward
to the town of Set 'Em Up. My appearance was not as venerable and benign as 1 could have wished for, but
my heart was stout and truth was
ever before me, as I toltl lhe inquisitive
Inhabitants that I bad been toyed with
by a cyclone as I slept the sleep of the
just. They gnve me welcome at first,
but when we had lining about a dawg
fight and my canine had won the
stakes the people fell upon me for a
deceiver, and 1 wns thumped nnd
pounded and walloped nnd landed In
tbe town jail. I lay thar In my sorrer
fur two days, and my food wns bread
and wnter. Then tlie mayor of the
town visited me, although it wns his
dawg which had been licked lu tho
"Pilgrim," says he as he sits down
uesido me In a brotherly way, "the
wild find woolly west is a vast expanse
of 11011117."
"She surely be," snys I.
"And she Is filled with all sorts of
critters. A few may be without guile,
but the rest are full of deception and
wickedness. Fur Instance. I don't
think you've got any guile about you."
"If I have, I know It not"
"I believed you bad when your detwg
licked mine anil 1 lost 1(120, but I have
thought better of It Eveu beneath
four skinned nose antl blackened eyes
I kin see the bVjish of Innocence."
"1 was born fliat way and can't help
It," I modestly says.
"And belli without guile what sort of
a poker band do you play?"
"Now and then I lose a pot bekase
the other critter gits a Hush to my
threes, but sieh an accident seldom
happens. When I am in good spoerits
nnd playln in the Interests of virchew,
I kin mostly manage to hold fours."
"Pilgrim, I thought so," snys tho
mayor as he pats me on the back.
"Tonight let us sit In a game of poker
and wallop the heathen and divide the ,
spoils. 'Tis not that we may gain
worldly spoils fur ourselves, but that
we may convince the said hen I hen of
the error of his ways. And how about
tbat old boss of yours?"
"lie, too, has the Interests of humanity at heart," I shys. "He has Integrity, sympathy anil n eonlhlin nature."
"Kin be git along better'n a cow?"
"Alas, he kin. I say alas bekase the
owner of the other boss will net alius
believe that I 11111 lookln after the footprints of integrity. You kin gamble
that that humble look in critter kin do
a mile qulcker'n anything that stands
on legs In this perlickler portion of the
western hemisphere. 1 have wealth
that snys he kin, and when a wayworn
pilgrim will put up bis shekels on his
own boss be knows whereof be bets."
"Yon bet he do," says the mayor, and
be lets me out of jail and gives me the  1
freedom of the town and brings food to
my   stomach   and   happiness   to   my
The next day my guileless old boss
won u race ou which the stakes was
$100, and ns we divided Hie dross the
mayor wiped a teal from his eye and
"Pilgrim, this will bo 11 great moral
lesson to me. Hereafter I shall become
a man of innocence."
That eight we sat In a game of
poker. It was Iwo guileless men ng'in
throe critters who boasted of their
wickedness and would not reform.
They held threes nnd straights and
flushes, and with solemn words they
bluffed when tbey bad .only nee high,
but when tbey hnd nothing more to bet
my share of the bod)dle was many,
many plunks. I'luler the advice of tbo •
mayor 1 bitched up my hoss and whistled to my dawg and lent Set 'Km Up
at midnight nnd with softly rolling
wheels, nnd when I wus a mile uway
the elation of my heart caused me to
observe to myself:
".Man Is a critter of vicissitudes. He
cometb and goelh antl fallelh flown "
unit risetb up. He llcketh nml gitteib
licked. He wlnneth and be loseth ajl,
but let us remember that the manrj
without guile failetb not to tl'ilimpii
over difficulties and come out on top." }
M. QUAD. f
Women  can  fool   the  men,   hut they ,
can't fool each other.—Atchison fJInlm
Sliiiki'Mpenre. among bis tunny ullu
slops to the sweetness, tbe luiincellt-i1
antl thi' helplessness of the lamb, mil)
once cites It as nu article of food
The Lombards Introduced the custom
of charging Interest for the use of
= /
And if thoy aro diseased use the'.
World's Greatest Kidney Cure,    i
It's a simple matter to test the kidneys. You need not)
consult a doctor. By asking yourself three questions, you ca^i
determine whether or not your kidneys are deranged. y
First—" Have you backache or weak, lame back ?" (
Second—" Do you have difficulty in urinating, or too frtfc-
quent desire to urinate ? " \
Third—"Are  there  deposits like brickdust  in the urine)
after it has stood for 24 hours ? " '1
In its early stages kidney disease is readily cured by a •
few boxes of Dr. Chase's   Kidney-Liver  Pills, a preparation-'
which has made Dr. Chase  famous throughout  the world fo;r
his wonderful cure of diseases of the kidneys.
If you have kidney disease you can take Dr. Chases Kidney-Liver Pills with perfect confidence that what JpTas proved
an absolute cure in so many thousands of cases ywill not fail
you. So long as the cells of the kidneys are not completely
wasted away, as in the last stases of Bright1- Disease, Dr.
Chase'e Kidney Liver-Pills will give theiy new vigor and
strength and absolutely cure kidney disease.^ One pill a dose,
25 cents a box, at all dealers, or Edmanson,' Bates & Co., Toronto, Ont. j THE PROSPECTOR.
When    Yon   Rend   Thia   Little   Tnle.
Von Will Believe lie Una.
"1 am unlucky, just naturnHy on-
lucky," said a mnn fniui one of the upptu
piitiahps, "and nutliinj.' n'ould Induce in?
tn entertain a pi-ptiKitlun thnt was in
liny wny open to clmiue. beeatise if 1 did
I know I would nievii.-ilily *;et the worst
of ii. Vou m.i.v call iliis superstition, if
yon like, lint it is supported by k.i many
painful experiences lhat I would be a
foi.I in diarcg.rtl tbe warning.
"Tin* iast time I gave fortune a chance
In j I' nn' iu the solar plexus was several
yeiiia iitfn, when a h\g lawsuit was ou
tilul at a neigh boring town, Involving ihe
titli ro a large tract ot l.tud in which I
bebi an interest. A couple of days before
the case was closed an old uogro aunty,
whom, hushuinl was lhe bailiff in rhntge
of lhe jury, mill me thai the verdict was
already decided upon. Her husband lind
t"l I Iter Ilia I 'the while geiiiiiien hail
done made up their minds:' but. bavins
sworn not to say anything nbout tbe Be*
CI'cIh of lhe jury room, lie wouldn't go
any furl ber.
"1 hnd reason to believe the old woman's story was true, ami, its a prior tip on
ll:c result would have been worth a lot of
money to me, I told her to tell him tbat
I would give him $50 if he would simply
loos at the side that was going to win
when I came into court that afternoon.
'He doesn't need to say a word,' I udded,
'so be won't be breaking bis oath not to
"Of course I oughtn't to have employ-
"il any such sophistry, but I knew the
<id hypocrite only wanted a pretext to
betray bis trust, and, sure enough, when
I entered the courtroom be glared fixedly
at the side where the plaintiffs were seated. 1 went right out and accepted nn
offer for my interest that bad been made
me on the quiet earlier in tbe week.
"The next day the jury returned a verdict for tbe defendants, leaving tne about
$-.1100 out of pocket by reason of my notion. 1 bunted up tbe bailiff to get some
of bis gore for lending me astray, but
when I found him I walked off without
lifting a finger. It was my cussed luck
once more! He had tried to give me a
straight lip, hut he couldn't look the way
he wanted to to save his soul. lie was the
only cross eyed nigger iu the parish."
I believe MINARD'S LINIMENT will
cure every case of diptheria-
I believe MINARD'S LINIMENT will
produce growth of hair.
Stanley, P. 10. I.
1   believe MINARD'S  LINIMENT  is
the best household remedy tin earth.
Oil City,  Out.
Oom Paul will henceforth hnve to be
reckoned among the outlaiiilers.—Boston
President Kruger's Inst trek has pic-
turesque and pathetic aspects which will
appeal to the historian, the painter and
tbe poet of the fill ure.—Chicago Record.
Now thnt President Kruger lias left the
Transvaal he might do worse than take
up a residence iu America. There are
»ots of line opeiiicgs in tlie country for
young men of his energy aud thrift.—
New York Mail unit Express.
I-ieutonnnt ITolisnn is home nfrnin. Let
bygones be bygones. — Wiislii.iirion Stnr.
Lieutenant riohson hns by this time
learned to protect his mouth from female
kisses. He now needs to learn how to
protect it from the enterprising iuter-
vi*»v _r.—PlUIadelnhU  Bulletin,
There i_ danger in neglecting a cold.
Many who have died of Consumption dated.
their troub'cs from exposure, followed by a
cold which settled on their lungt?, and in a
short time they were beyond the .-kill of the
best physician. Had they used Bcklo's Anti-
Consumptive Syrup, before it was too late,
their lives would hnve been spared. Thia
medicine hns no equal for curing coughs,
colds, and all affections of the throat and
Oiiq uf the -Ureal of Moult a.
_n 1891 there was printed in St.
Petersburg a 'book containing interviews with many prominent persona
on the position of Hebrews in Russia. Tho authorities lalir fared, and
apparently every copy was destroyed. One, however, found its way to
Iterlin. It has be.ui translated into
German, and the original presented
to the British Museum.
Water formed rocks are nil stratified; igneous and volcanic rocks
never are.
If you have Backache you have
Kidney Disease. If you neglect
Backache it will develop into
something worse—Bright s Disease or Diabetes. There is no
use rubbing and doctoring your
back. Cure the kidneys. There
is only one kidney medicine but
it cures Backache every time—
Coining lion n With a Parachute.
"Coming down from the clouds In a
parachute Is like a dream," said a circus balloon artist. "Ever dream ot
lulling from a high place? You come
down, alight quietly and awake, and
you're not hurt. Well, that's the parachute drop over again. No; there Is no
danger. A parachute can be guided
readily on the down trip, but you can't
steer a balloon. To guide a parachute
out of harm's way a practiced hand
can tilt It one way or the other, spill
out air aud thus work it to where you
want to land or to avoid water, trees,
chimneys or church spires.
"Circus ascensions are generally
made in the evening. When the sun
goes down, the wind goes down. Tlie
balloon then shoots into the air, and
the parachute drops back on the circus
lot or not far away.
"A balloon is made of 4 cent muslin
and weighs about ."(10 pounds. A parachute is made of 8 cent muslin. The
rope that secures the parachute Is cut
with a knife. The aeronaut, tk'ops
fully 100 feet before the parachute begins to fill. It must till If you're up
high enough. Invariably the fall Is
In-all first. When the parachute begins to till, the descent Is less rapid,
antl linnlly when the parachute has
finally filled it bulges out with a pop.
Then the aeronaut climbs on to Ills trapeze and guides the parachute to n safe
lauding. In seven cases out of ten you
ea n land back oo the lot ■vhere you
started from."
Wmiled n Job as Bos..
A boy of about 14, with well worn
clothes aud a face In which timidity
and determination struggled for the
mastery, entered the oliice of a shipping house on Front street one day last
week, approached the desk of him
whose appearance spoke the control of
the establishment and, catching his
eye, said:
"Do you want a boss, mister?"
"What!" exclaimed the proprietor,
surprised out of his self control.
"I want to know If you want a boss,
"1 don't understand you. What do
you mean?"
"Well, sir, I've been looking for
something to do for three weeks now,
and nobody wants a boy, so today I
thought I'd see if somebody didn't
want a boss.   I'd like to be a boss."
"Well, welll That's not bad. Are
you willing to work up to the job? It
took me 2B years to get It."
" 'Deed I ain. sir, If you'll give me
tbe chance."
Today an earnest boy In jumper and
overalls is struggling with bundles and
packing cases in the shipping room of
the concern. lie Intends to be boss of
the establishment before his side
whiskers, which have not yet sprouted, nre as gray as those of the present
And the chances, with his energv and
will,   are   In   his   favor.
Four Good Smoke! Cheap.
"Gimme three nickel cigars," said
the man with the red necktie at the
restaurant counter. He wns quickly
"Now gimme a good Havana or Key
West cigar, about a lo center."
He carefully lighted the Havana cigar and tucked the nickel cigars In his
upper vest pocket.
"You smoke a Havana yourself and
keep the nickel cigars for your friends.
I suppose?" said the dealer, with a
sickly smile.
"No," said the man with the red
necktie; "I've got a better scheme than
that. I always smoke a 15 cent Ha
vana or Key West cigar after dinner.
Then I smoke the nickel cigars after
ward. The nickel cigars taste exactly
like the Havana cigar, and thus I get
the benefit of four choice cigars that
ordinarily would cost me UO cents for
30 cents.
"Try It yourself," said the man with
the red necktie as he walked out.
The IMctnre and the Frame.
A well known artist used to tell a
good story concerning his I'-st nestle
my picture. He was fnvoreu by many
visitors to see It. his frame maker
among the number. This good fellow
took his stand before the work and
seemed burled in profound admiration.
"Well," said the painter, "what do
you think of It, John?"
"Think of It, sir? Why, It's perfect.
You won't see one better, 1 know. Mr.
 has got one Just like It."
"What!" said tlie amazed artist "A
picture Just like that?"
"Oh." replied the frame maker. "I
wasn't talking about pictures. I was
speaking of the frame, You may believe me, sir. It's the frames as gets
'em In. and Hint is just n beauty!"
Wherein They  Were Alike.
A country minister who, though a
poor man. was notoriously defective
and hesitating In his style of delivery
In the pulpit, was sitting having a cup
of ten Willi one of tlie old spinsters
connected wilh his congregation when
he observed that tlie spout of the teapot was either choked or too narrow.
"Your teapot. Miss Kennedy." he remarked, "disna-disua rin weel."
"Ay. Jist like yoiirsel', Mr. liroon,"
retorted the nettled lady. "It has an
unco pulr delivery."
Hon lie Out 111.
Mrs. Asklns-What makes Mr. Mod-
dlin so sick?
Mrs. Motldlln-Oh, he was out Inst
night   drinking   somebody's   health.
"In de ease ob er good many men,"
remarked Uncle Kphe, "de lung power
am no Indication ob de brain power."—
Colorado Springs Gazette,
The only proper place for the practical Joker Is the "dangerous" ward of
un   insane  asylum.—Philadelphia   tla
Miss Emma Huskinson, n Captain In th*
Salvation Army. Tells How She Regained Health Through tlie.se of Or.
Williams' Piuk 1-ills.
From the Hun,  Orangeville,  Ont.
Among ihe oldest and most highly
respected residents of Orangeville is
Mrs. John Huskinson, whose daughter, Emma, has for a number of
years been an acute sufferer from the
after effects of malarial fever. A reporter of the Sun bearing of the wonderful effects which Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills have had on Miss Huskinson, called at her home to enquire into I lie I ruth of the rumor. After
staling the reason of his visit, he
wus kindly received by Mrs. Huskinson, who gave, him the following
facts of tbe cure: "Some years ago."
Baid Mrs. Huskinson, "my daughter
Emma, who is now captain of the
Newmarket corps of lhe Salvation
Army, was attacked by malarial
fever. She was under a doctor's care
for a long time, and although she recovered sufficiently to go about, the
after effects of the fever left her very
weak and the doctor did not seem
ali2e '.o put any life into her. She
had frequent headaches, was very
pale, and '.he least exertion would
greatly fatigue her. ?.. thought a
change might vi-.i her ,j-_od and consequently she went on a visit to Toronto. While there she was advised to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and at
once purchased a supply, llefore she
had finished the second box she noted
a marked change for the bolter, her
appetite improved, her color returned, lhe feeling of exhaustion had disappeared, and by the time she had
taken half a dozen boxes she was enjoying the best of health, and all her
old-time vigor had returned. Although her work in the Salvation
Army is hard and exposes her to all
kinds of weather, she has since been
able to do it without the least Inconvenience.
"Some time after my daughter's
euro I found myself completely run
down, and to add to my trouble was
seized witli a severe attack of rheumatism. Remembering (he benefit my
daughter had received from Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, I decided to use
them, and befo'o I had taken half a
dozen boxes I felt fully recovered and
have been in the best of health ever
since. My advice to all ailing is to
use Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have restored more weak and ailing women
and girls to robust health than any
other medicine ever discovered, which
in part accounts for their popularity
throughout the world. These pills
are sold by all dealers or may be had
by mail at 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for $2.50, by addressing' the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., 13rock-
ville,  Ont-
And. Worse Thnn  AU. Ia Itnnsla,
"I see that Russia talks of dividing the
year ialo l.'l months of _8 days each aud
every mouth to begin mi Monday."
"Whew, think of liie hard luck it would
he to be born on the 13th day of the 13th
mouth of lhe loth year of Hie new stvle
ut 13 minutes after 13 o'clock!"
Ladies  of Canada:
The world never saw such an exhibition of patriotic sentiment ns lhe
African war called forth.
Canadians, Australians and the
splendid youth of Natal fought side
by side with the British tea planters
of Ceylon and India.
Australia drinks the tens of Ceylon
nnd India, while Canada already
drinks their Black Ten. Drinkers of
Japan tea should try their Green
teas. Up to date tea merchants (the
Saluda Company, for instance) now
sell them entirely om merit. "Middle-of-the-road men" are only waiting for supplies. While "sit-on-the-
fence-men" are waiting to see how
tiie  ent  will  jump.
Ladies of Canada, wo pray you aid
the   British  planter. Colonist.
Apprnrnnees Agnlnat Them.
"It's   time   we   were   turning   up   lln
chaps who did that safe breaking job i
the coal oliice the oilier night," remnrkeil
lhe chief of police.  "Have- you made an,'
in rests?"
"I run iii a couple or suspicious looking
follows this morning," replied the pu'rol
"What was suspicious ahout them?"
"They wore plug hlltd anil suck fonts,'
said the piHniliiinii. who hail seen belle,
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bonds bought, sold ami
carried   on   margin.    Listed
mining stocks enrried
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg
Money lent nt lowest rates.
Stocks and bonds bought and sold.
Railway nnd other farm lands In
w Manitob.i and N. W. T. for sale.
w     Maps nnd folders sent on upplica-
<? tion.
4i     Gait conl from Ie.hbr.dge.
4?     Price- quoted to all railway points.
If onr- can wear old, loose kid glovp*
tvhile ironing, thoy will save mnny cal-
loused spots on the hands.
.Marks thut hnve been made on paint
with matches enn be removed by rubbinc
first with a slice of lemon, then with
whiting, and washing with soap and water.
To mend china mix equal parts of fine
jihip, white of egg nnd white lead together. Apply to the od::es. press together, lay in place if possible and leave
till hard and dry. then carefully scrap*
off the cement thnt sticks above the joint.
To ardent partisans: Don't wager your
wages.—St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
The petrified log of a giant hns been
unearthed in Pennsylvania. It was probably pulled off in some prehistoric political campaign.—Denver Post.
Corns cause intolerable patn. Hollo
way's Corn Cure removes the trouble.
Try ft and see what an amount of pain li
Unless she is a hostess a lady need not
rise when a gentleman is introduced to
"A mnn is known by the company he
keeps;" this applies equally to u woman.
When shopping, do not order nssist-
unts nbout; a lady never forgets to be
thoughtful for those who serve her.
When visiting, conform to the rules of
the house in which you nre staying; a
visitor should uls\ays bear this iu mind.
No lady would turn nnd look belffnd
her in the street; tho girl who does so
directly courts unpleasant attentions
from men who are passing.
Pahiiklkf.'h Piixs possess the power of
acting specifically upon the dieeaeed organs,
stimulating io notion the dormant energies
of the system, thereby removing disease. In
fact, so great is tho power of this medicine
to cleanse and purify, thut diseases of almost
every name and nature are driven from the
body. Mr. D. Car_well, Carswell, P. 0., Ont.,
writes: '■ I have tried Parmelee's Pills ana
find them an excellent medicine and ono
that will sell well."
lii.ly Demand. Uevognltion.
Italy proposes Lhat Italian sit ill be
recognized as an International language f>n the same footing" as English.
French mul German. Dr. Baccelli,
the Minister of Education, lias directed dolegatos to International congresses to demand thai papers shall
in' read in lla'ain. and .hat Italian
delegates shn.l employ their own
Uinguago i-.i tlie disc us felons, inst ml
of using o; e of tho threj language
no*V t.''..i;u'I,v admi' ted
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There is only one
way to cure di afness, and that is hy constitutional remedies Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of Ihe mucous lining of the
Ettstaehinn tube. When this tube gels inflamed you have a ruinhlirg sound or imperfect
hearing, and when it is entlrelv closed deafness
is the result, and unless tlie inflammation can
be taken out and this tube restored toltsn.r-
mul condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an inflamed condition of the nine us furfa.es.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused hy catarrh) that can
not be cured hy Hall's Catarrh Cure, fciend for
olrculars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Halls Family Pills aro the best.
SrcnrliiK Pence.
Mrs. Smith—Your husband bothers you
a great deal. Mrs. (Jiognn. doesn't he?
Mrs. (-l'ognn —Kaiih. he does so. 1
have to bo tight In him all the time or I
Wouldn't get n minute's peace. —Philadelphia Press.
Tying knots In the handkerchief to jog
one's memory had its origin in China
thousands of years ago, before writing
wns invented in lhat country.
The nneient Hindoos called the stnrs of
♦ho Ureal Dipper the "Seven Poets."
Frittering Frill—Eddie, .lo youse
b'lieve a vegetable diet is Lvst fur
yer  health?"
Evertired Eddie—"I b'lieve, Phllliu,
dat wotever I kin git in de way o
eatables is best for me."
The superiority of Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator I. shown by Its good effects
on the children. Purchase a bottle
and give It a trial.
Nearly all pure carbon exists in
three distinct forms—the diamond.
graphite and charcoal.
Our new antl handsomely illustrated catalogue will place you
in just as good a position to
"shop" with us as though
living in our city.
It contains hundreds of the
very choicest tilings in fine
jewelry, watches and silverware.
A copy will be sent you free
upon application.
Established 1851.
We prepay
chars?, and
refund money
if desired.
Yonge and
Adelaide Sts.,
Tora, the Japanese wife of Kir Edwin
Arnold, has become one of the most popular hostesses in London. She speaks
English perfectly and with only a slijbt
Lady Gwendolen Cecil, the unmarried
daughter who now presides over the
household of Lord Salisbury, tbe British
premier, is esteemed as one of the foremost of English mathematicians.
A Boston teacher with n noteworthy
record of long service is Miss Sarah Fuller, who has been principal of the Horace Mann School For the Dent' ever since
it was opened, nearly Ul years ago.
Charlotte Bronte was once the govern
ess of the little boy who became the late
Professor Sidgwick. It ts remembered
thnt she did not parlVularly enjoy ber
days of tuition in »_.c Sidgv.*ick family.
Jenny Und is said to hnve saved the
old Whig party once by singing *'I Know
Thnt My Redeemer Livcih" in a way
that affected the conscience of nu opponent who was plotting to stuff the ballot
Mrs. Charles.II. Stephens of Avondale,
O., is said to have the finest collections
of palms of any amateur collector of
flowers and plants in this countrv. She
has many rare specimens from Brazil
and other climates.
Sarah Bernhardt was so displeased
with the performance of tho Jnoanese
company of players given at Luie Ful
ler's theater in Paris for her especial de
lectation that she left in indignation before tbe show was over, saying tho Japanese acted like monkeys. The French nre
said to bo the most polite people in Europe; Japan is said to bo the most polite
nation on earth.
Lady riopetoun. tho vicereine of the
new Australian confederation, is an excellent shot. When she was in New Zea
land, she delighted the colonials by exhi
bitions of her skill. Sje presented a local
club at Auckland wife n fine buck which
she shot when deer stalking in thnt da
trict. She also competed nt local ranges
in different parts of tbe country, nnd her
frequent bullseyes drew loud upplause.
In his Vegetable Pn_i__ Dr. pHrmelee haa
given to the world the fruits of long scientific research in the whole realm of medical
science, combined with new and valuable
discoveries never before known to mnn. >or
Delicate and Debilitated Constituiions
Parmelee's Pills act like a charm. Taken in
small doses, the effect is both a tonic nnd a
stimulant, mildly exciting the secretions of
the body, giving tone nud vigor.
"What kind of » man is the new
boa tiler?"
"lie's the kind that likes to sit In a
rooking chair and rock hard."—Chicago Record.
Thomas S. Bullen, Sunderland, writes: "For
fourteen years I was afflicted with Piles; and
frequently I was unable to walk or sit, but
four years ago I was cured by using Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, I have also been
subject to Quinsy for over forty years, but
Eclectric Oil cured it, and it was a permanent cure in both cases, as neither the Piles
nor Quinsy hnve troubled me since."
Tes—"I hear youv've taken an interest in church work. You have a
Band  of  Hope,   haven't you?"
Jess—"Not, yet, but I'm to get it
today, and it's to have two diamonds in it. Charlie only proposed
last  night.
1U-5VA11 A,    factory, Montreal
A man drifted into town today
penniless. and with boles in his
shoes, and his friends are recalling
that when he left Atchison four
years ago, giving up a good position, they complimented him upon his
ambition to "get out of the old rut.'
—Atchison  (Hobo.
Froe Bus. Am
"Mario, did you bring me a present
from Paris?"
"Of course. Harry, and I brought
a lot of beautiful things for you to
give me on my birthday and o.ir an-
Minard's Liniment Cnres Col, Etc.
Mamma—"Ethel, I must really forbid you touching that lobster—you
know it  dot's not  agree with you,"
Ethel (resignedly)—"Very well,
mamma, but it does seem as if every
thing In this world that is ice is
either   wicked   or   indigestible."
Qui Her—Old Perkins is not himself tiny  more.
Quizzer—Why. how' odd! And
doesn't   lie  really   know  wbo  ho   is?
Minard's Liniment Cnres Distemper,
In   Ilouht.
"How Is my sun getting on?" inquired
Ihe boy's father.
"1 t'liu'l spi'iik us approv'ngly ns I'd
like lo," answered lhe instructor. "Whenever I ask him a question, la- wants at
k'fisl a day lo look np lhe answer, and
whoa he gets it ii is Misunlly unsatisfactory."
"Well," answered the parent, with a
sigh, "lime alone ena (tl). I suppose he
will turn "tit tn he either a great dlplu
mat or tin good on earth"-
Minard's Liniment Cnres Diphtheria.
•• trv You  Aslcop. Miss'.'"
This is from t.e Oaulois, Paris
"Aro you atlsep?" li appears thai
this apparently harmless question
constitutes a punishable oHenso when
addressed to a telephone employe. \
gentleman at Corlsruhe, impatient at a telephonist's dtlay, criod:
"Aro you asleep, Miss?" whereupo.i
he was prosecuted and lined one
pound for offering an unjustifiable Insult, lie has appealed from the sentence by the magistrate, and, happily
for him, there are judges at Berlin.
Anthracite coal is hard and stonelike in its texture and burns with
scarcely any  flame and no smoke.
can be seen in America than
in the immense collection of
Watches, Jewellery, Silverware
and Diamonds to be found in
our 'Palace furnished' and reliable jewellery  quarters.
We would like you to be-
coino, acquainted with our
business and its many inducing features. An initial order
—however trifling it may seem
— is always appreciated for its
evidence of friendliness. It's
as easy and satisfactory to do
business with us "by mail" as
tho' you were here in person.
Our new handsome illustrated catalogue—sent free on aj>-
plication—tells just how.
B. & H. B. KENT,
The Leading Jewellers,
Buying the Butland Music Stock,
at 50c on the $, is what enables us
to sell music at lower prices than
any  other  store  in  Canada.
Our .Special Bargain lots are decidedly lower than any ever offered.
Lot No. 3 contains 20 pieces of 10c
music for 50c. This means we give
you music for
50C, WORTH $2
Containing the Following :
I want my Lu Lu.
My Lady Lu.
I Like to Hear that Song Again.
I Waited, Honey, Waited Long for
Come Back to Erin is the Song I
Love  Best.
On the Old  Missouri  Shore.
Let Music Break on this Blest Morn
Little Baby Joe.
Let Me Dream Again.
The Letter in the Candle.
Topsy-Turvy, Cake Walk.
Topsy is in Town, Cake Walk.
Mascotte  Marche.
Mascotte  Quadrille.
Mascotte Potporrie.
Cooing Doves.
Curious  Story.
Fatinit/.u March.
Bavarian  March.
Postage, 10c Extra.
(Successor to R. B. Butland, <
T     To Lonn on improved farms at cur-
t      rent rutes.   Write to
Brass Band
Instrument-, Drums, Uniforms, Etc.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fine catalogue
50j illustratione mailed free. Write us for anything in Music or Mnsli-al Instruments.
Whaley Royee & Co., ™^__fg&;___
H-nufact-red lir THOS. l.KE. Winnipeg,
Catholic Prayer asS_STS2?
Blur,, Keliirioua Pictures, statuary, and Ohnrota
Ornament*, Kducational Works. Mail orders receive prompt attention. D, J J, __|j[ J CO.JOB-Ml
The Only Printers' Supply
House in the Northwest™"
175 Owen Street, Winnipeg.
Minard's Liniment Cores Ui,\ li Cow
W. N. U.   298
(Trade Mark Registered November 24,1890 )
Dr. Banohe agrees to take instruments back
al half price if parties using them are not benefitted after using for five weeks.
P. Free., Winnipeg, snys: I have used "Oiyd-
onor for two weeks for Br.m.hitfs anil Catarrh of the Head, and I feel  ike a new man.
Mrs. F. L. Cook, Winnipeg, Hay_: I hau suffered untold agonies irom Bright s Dipease.aud
U relieved mo of Pain, and 1. s.x weeks I was
Mr. W. O. Ellworthv, Winnipeg, says: I have
suffe ed for fi$ years with articilar iheumatlBm;
was In hospital for 6 weeks, and used almost
overy remedy, Including mesmerism galvanism, electric belt, eto I have used Oxydonor
10 days and received more benefit than from
;.nything else.
Mrs. Gngncr. Winnipeg, says: I have used it
beneficially with my family whenever Bick,
and it has cured uic of Eevere indigestion and la
Sub-dealers wanted in every district. Address
Wm. T. tilbliins. Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.
Send for Booklets of grateful reports.
Marritvl women ihould all
V now of (.olden Seal, "The
Wife's Friend," % cer.aiu
cure for I#iioorrhea and
all irregulsnticB. Hu
l»cn used by thousand!
or women. A traiued
nnree will answer all enquiries, $1.00 per boi,
sufflolentfoi*on, .ii-nihi
treatment.  Addr_i. itold-o
8e«l   Meilti-il Co.,  Toront*,
o«t. tnd Wlnnlpfff. Man.
for ia! • 1>) all Dru. | Ut*
L-'ARY -:, 1001.
, Kichry left fin the coast lhe flrtt of the
Frank i. i. \    ;fl   en tlitt tick
Calllncrs Plurality.
Kaml-r-pt, tl.   0.. Deo.   27.—Tbo   r. -
stilt-   i the ottleiul reco.int iu Yule-Cari-
! uo IS as i; liu'.i r :
tlalli if, ti 100; Foley, 2 ol4; McKano,
list ll.ii-  2,081, rejtic'.ed, 42j spoiled 8J.
l'ul lie S haul opens   M'jndiiv
,_ at 9.30.
Mr. E. 0. Delong ia fixing up his reti-
dri.ee tbia week.
li. II  Brett left with the iliidge river
wlTutsiay morning.
J vi.   Brett, 1'. A. Ollflirist  left this
we.k for McGillivray creek.
Archie McDonald road  superintendent  left
foi '.linlon Wednesday Morning.
Mrs Webster,  mother of   Mrs F.
fcelsou tu now convalescent.
A etorm swept over Lillooet this week
winch gives promise of good skating.
Key. Kr. McRae of Clinton held service
in the Methodist Chinch last Thursday  even
i'1-- ,
The carpenters and painters are Lusy,
renovating Arthur Hartleys residence iu
.Mrs. Martlev arrived from tlie Grange
Wfdnetday,and Will reside in Lillooet
in to.ure. 	
Ar hnr Kelly who had tlie misfortune
to break bia leg eoiuo weeks ago ia able
to be out again.
Clerk—You can't eet a room for him
here,    tie's drunk.
Wytle (supporting bis "weary"
friend)—1 ki ow be is.   What of Unit?
Clerk (scorntully)—This U a temperance house.
VVytte—Well, lie's too drunk to know
the difference.
Mike Gaynor canst down flom Bridge river
hi week suffering from a severe attack of
neuralgia, hut is now better.
Ei.liO] rotter eays we chase lhe dol
Ur too bard, Th.;n let theuoll.tr let ut
a little on its rapid fait.
Pat McLaughlin, one of the Lillooet miners
who has heen employed at the co.-.sl for the
last year has decided to try his fortune in the
n ■i.h.	
W. Cummings jr. and bride, Mie"
Prentice of Vaneouver arrived at Pavilion mills Monday, 'fur. 1'nosPBCTOR
extends congratulations,
London, Dec. 29.—The London & Globe
Finance corporation, Limited has suspended
payment. When the brokers yesterday delivered se-ck purchased on account of the
London „ Globe and asketl for payment, they
received checks which were dishonored. This
was followed today by tlie laihuc on the stock
exchange of twelve firms.
While the difficulty of the firms closely
with the Londou„ Globe division were largely discounted, the repeated fall of the hammer this morning caused a great sensation. It
is feared the full list of failures is _not yet
According to despatch received by the
Associated Press from London_hc financial
papers announce litis morning that some
trouble was disclosed on the stock exchange
yesterday in the west Australia market consisting in the shares] of London & Globe Finance corporation, limited, and Le Roi
Mining company, limited, seven firms had
checks returned by the Clearing house.
This the despatch added, did not imply failure, however, asMt was expected that the usual
period of grr.ee allowed would enable the
firms to meet llicir engiigement.
Almost the whole interest on the stock ex-
changed to-day lias centred in the west Australia market, the condition of which sympathetically affected the others, All the shares
of the London _ Globe group toppled, especially Lake-views and tlie Le Roi No, 2.
The snares of the latter were yesterday quoted
at 22, but to-day they are unable at
4. The London & Globe is also heavily involved in the British Columbia market.
The failure ol she London _ Globe Finance
corporation brought about the failure of the
thirteen firms, on the London stock exchange,
who are especially connected witli the W'nit-
aker-Wright group. The financial trouble is,
however, confined lo lhat particular group.
Le Roi No. 1, only declinedone-hali a point,
closing, 5 3-8.
Mineral Act, 181   .
(Kohm I1 )
Certificate ol iraproveacDts.
Lome, Marqu.B nnd Golden King Mineral
Claims situate iu thti Lilluoot Mining If.vision <>: Lillooet District. Where located.—
t adwallader Creek.
Take notiee that I, Daniel Hurley frc imh er'i
certificate N<>. L8U40 and us »eent i..r s. couch
Ian tree miner's eenifiralo No, IT.'M. .1. A. .Murray free miner's eertifieate No iiUSUl, W ,i.
Abercrombie free miner's f-ertideate No. 18111,
William Yojng free miner's rerilflt'ttUj So, )7i>lt
and Join. F .May free miner's ,ei [Heme No,
11582, Intend, Bixtyday.* from the dale hereof,
to apply to the Mlniug Uecnrder torn L'e Mil
[•ate of" Impro ,'ement;. for (he ; lu \ ■■ ■ ■■ of o!j
'.ainiiig 11 ('ruwn Grant of the a ove claims.
Aud farther take notiee that action, under
section 87, must 'ni' i. i:m11-;i■ .'il befo'te the issuance of stu ii Cert ill cute of Imi roveii ems.
Dated this Will day ol November, in.
Mineral Act, 1890.
(Form l-\)
Certificate oi Improvements.
Itirnm and Copcland Mineral ('lalmB, sltuntc
iu the Mllooet Mining Division of Ullooei
District.    Where located:      Ou the right
hunk of Cadwallader creek.
Take notice that I, Alfred Wellington Smith,
free minor's certificate No. 180S_, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to Hpply to ihe mining recorder for a certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant oi
the above claims,  _
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must Ijc eommen-'ed before tlie Issuance of such certificate of improvements
Dated this fourth day oi Oi tober HMO.
I.tllooet, i:. c
11 :v S"
Vancouver,It. 0.
Headquarters tor mining   wee.     Eurcpba;
Mr. II. 0. Parker lias n good stock of
fnnii'irc on hand in the Uren r.iock.
>lr. Parker Intends incrc.ieini; his etock
considerably in the near Intnre.
9 * <-» a* <«. Mi'jn
u ci 11 c. u i a i s
iJ_\ <_R't'1.f»
M ^) pi jj
.1     Q  W I
Established 1888. Incorporated Ifciio
li \'.Vst)N, V. T. VANCOUVER, B. C.
Importers and Johbors of HARDWARE,
Iron, Steel, Class, Taints. Oils Metiits, stoves, Tinware, Guns, cte.
Wc make a specialty ol Bti|>}>iiofi for
Mills, Mines, Blacksmiths, Hallrokus, Contractors, Lunt'jornieii, etc
Agents for;—     Giant Powilpr 0\ Maj-tie Steel Rangei
I   i banks S.-itd-H Oauton Mining Steol
Bennett*n Engli.li Fuse SpoonL-r'a Cuppc-rina
Registered Trademark "SUNSEf "
Onr guaranteed eecnritv plan k a popular and profitabio policy to the assured.
It will pay >•<■•] to ice nnr rates and diffeient plans hi-(ore taking out n policy.
WM. BOI.DES, Inspector, Vancouver. THOS. MoADAM, Provincial Msnac'r.
Notice is hereby given that after tiio is
of December, 1900, a bounty of two dullim
(fj.tiu) will b„ paid for every i-oyote killed in a
settled district of the province, subject to the
conditions ui a uotiuedatod iliu iWud ui August,
Hy Command
l'r vincii l Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
20th November, 1900.
Dailv Tourist Cars
Tuesdays and Saturdays
Thursdays to
Trains pnM Lytton a3 follows:
East Bound, 2.05 West liouud 5,2!
Pamphleta furnished free.
E, J. f!0\__,
U. A. P.,
niver. B, C.
Lytton, V.f.
The DrBt seseion of the new Dominion
Parliament, which lias been Bummoned
tor tho Sixth oi Febinary r.ext, pro-
11 iac« to he a comparatively ehort one.
Mark Easlcaon ar.d D. Murray of
Giintnn visited town this ueek, and left
■\Vv.'needay morninp. Mr. Laglepon expects to return shortly to en'er into
Mr. Maxwe Is e'ection iB to be prc-
t-?«t>d by the Conservatives o{ Vancouver, on the ground tliat bri' ery and
corruption weie used to secure his re-
Capt. Uaudin has Bent the department
an official statement of the Alpha wreck,
upon which tl.e fisheriis department
vill decide whether an investigation ie
The contract for the construclion of
t ,_ Thompson River llridge at Kara-
1 nips has been given to D. liain, of New
tVeBtminster. The c-ntract price is in
tne neighborhood of $.1,000. Work it
lo bo continued at an early date.
Mr. H. F. Erown connected with the
Union Iron Works oi San Francisco,
■who has been engaged the Ust few
i>,..rthn installing the machinery at the
.Ample mill has completed his task ai-d
Ian returned to bio home in California.
Y. C. Fireman of Vancouver who is
connected with the Toronto-Lillooet
Isold R1 efa Oompany paid a visit to the
property last week and left on Sunday's
ei»fe. Mr. Fireman WM extremely well
pleased with the appearance and working! cf tbe mine.
Tiie department of finance is just
about to iesue a new (4 bill. It hears
tl,e portrait of Lord Minto in uniform,
»i«n of Lady M;nto. Tlie center bears a
scene on the Sault Ste. Marie canal, and
thu back of the note contains a picture
ol the parliament buildings.
A midden cold snap following a higl
„ ,..,h wind struck the town early
■Wednesday morning and the thermom-
„U,r is once again cloee to the zr-ro point
Probably tle weather prophets think it
i .ii.ble that we should have a taste of
v i,ai ou.er leSB tavored localities get all
vi. ter.	
O , Sew YearF.ve a watch night ser-
,.!■.,. w'an held in tbo Me'.hodist church
, ,._ . od bvc to the old year and cen-
, ,,- ail to welcome the now. Ov.r
,,".:„.,'live attended the service wl.cb
-..UwereBtln* and helpful.
i, o.ilnistht lioil' '«!1j wirfi r"ng
, '7,.n,,nl!-« bomLB wore let off to the
J..„. .HMreH« ol lho.e«bo tried to sleep
lt.t me   }**■ iu-
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore ex is tine; between John Collum and
David Coughlan, as hutd keepers at Sucker
ctcek, lias heen dissolved, John Collum will pay
all debts against said firm, to whum all accounts nre to be paid.
John Collum
David Coughlan.
Sucker Creek, B.C.
Dec. 20th ifyco.
A lull st jck of all kinds of
is now for sale by
Stoic and Repair Shop in Uicn Clock.
Call and examine  stock.      No trouble to
show goods.
Tho Vancouver Westminster Northern and
Yukon Railway company will apply id the
Parliament of Canada al ftpnext aeMtfon for an
act declaring tht works whiuli lhe curupany is
byitsaeto! incorporation autfinrzed to eoii-
struot to he works for tho ffoncral arlvand'go
oi Canada^ extending the portod within which
die company may complete tbe an me and authorizing anextenalou rrom li_ northern tor-
minus in ti northerly direction to Dav.con city
In the Yukon territory, thence onward alons
the Yukon river to the boundary of Alfldka. atid
giving power to tho company to ronstruct-oi
acquire and to operate such branch linos and
extensions ns tbe Sorernor In Connci! may
from timo to time authorize, ami to own antl
operate telegraph nnd lelephono lines, bridge-,
warehouses, steam Hnd other vessels, ferricfti
timber-lands, Vtliarves, roads, water ri_fhr's;
wuter powers, and to deal in the gtiiioratu
elo-trlclty and electric power and to make
snob agreements for conveying or leasing thii
company's railway nnd Its i fgftte and powtirt "s
is usually given to railway companies In itu-n
act of Incorporation und for Otbor purpose..
Dated hi New Westminster,
Province of British Columbia
December l_lh l'JOt).
XOTD'E 18 HEREBY GIVEN that application
will be made m the Lcgialative AsRcmbly ol
the Province of British Columbia at its next
session for an Act to incorporate a company
wiih power to construct and operate a railway
from the city of Victoria thence north-westerly
to a point at or near Seymour Narrow*, Vancouver Island, thence by bridge or otherwise
to the Mainland of British Columbia thence
north easterly alternatively by way ol Tote
Jeune Cache or Yellow Head Pax-or vicinity
of Fort George or Piue Kiver or Pence KJvei
Pusses to a point nt or near the eastern confines
of tbe Province mid from any poinl on such
line to the northern boundai t.;; ol the Province
or to any coastal  |>oiut thereof or to any rain*
ing regions or settlements in Cariboo, Lllh	
VVestminster, or Cassiar Districts and branch
lines of any length thurefrom and with power
to construct, acquire and operate lelegr ipli
and lelephone lines(auihoriz d to charge tolls,
thereon for the transmission -if ti esr. ges ror
the public) ships, vessels, wharves, works,
waterpow; rs to supply etectiic po'.Ver light nnd
beat and m> expropriate waters nnd lundi for
all such purposes and for am'h other rights,
powers and pi Iv.logi h as are usual, incidental,
necessary or conducive to the attainment ,.•]
tbe above objects,
on behalf of applicants.
Dated December 8rd, 1910.
OiililUil   Li til Li
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply tit tlie yard.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
Our CpectaHicwi
i t*   I! i.. K 1 -J IX
L.-l   UlUHUleH
jc./__.rx.ooi?3, __ a.
m !
U.J dl
oiicte Creek, B.C.
Central point for Bridge
Liver M
ers and Pros-
Good  ace ■.;.'.-
Stable in c mm ctio
Lillooet, Il C.
Manufacturer of all kind of
None bul tht! best material used, Minorx or
proajioi tora Bending in orders will recclvi
prcinit lUtenUoa anJ ^:t.'..: Jtlonjirnarautced
I     Ul    V__>OiiOa
1 Work Horse,
1 3-incli Bain wagon
1 set bobsleighs
1 Steel beam plow
Double work harness,
30 cords dry wood,
1 Bed room suite,
1 Bed lounge,
1 8-day clock,
One-third interest in
the Banishee and Centennial mine ra 1 c!
situate near McGillivray creek.
Apply to
Lillooet, B. C.
ExeeMer House
Dinin;:; Room.
WOODS „ KELSON   •   -   Proprietors
First Class Meals Served.
Open tf_y end night. Short
Orders a Specialty.
Lillooet. D. C.
'j in ware
Miners Supplies
Farm implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furnitm-e, etc.,
\Y nr.'.urs uto ll     I    . :.  11 It- '■<>■
Why are the people of Pavilion so healthy?
Because they use Pavilion Roller Flour.
IJ. gz W. CUMMIKQ Monufacturora, I'AVILION n. C.
....... .;■* .  .,.-.'-. c;T^ ,;:.,.%,'., .'..* &+ «'• «% ^ ^ t... (..,., ^i.,..-,.. .'S ... .■ \ (.-^ .\:. Jk }%*
1V 111 \ ! i n
J. IV!. iviackinnon,
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondea
Vancouver B. G*
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
1 havo Just recolrod direct from S.?«tlan1 tho beat s&toetloti of Tweeds, tforatftflt, Stryti
Pantiug8 tu the tale.lor.   S4(lsffcCtlon KU_,rantccd,
■JilOMAS UcCOBH, Mercfiftnt TAilor, Aahefoft, B. 0.
T__-_ITi]  I^__iJlj_^2TID^^^^_^-.j
Oornerol Hastings and Granville Streets.        VANCOUVER   B. ('
p r t_ndMwn&P« CANA™ PA*
i\AVi_AliUri 10.
G cneral Hardware,
Paints, Oils and Varnishes,
Stove s, Enameled 1 ron
and Tinware.
Mln^re Steol, Ploks. Sliovols, eU\, Wire Calto
and.Itussel Wire Pomtliig.
VANCOOVBIt,  -   -  -   -   B.C.
Timo Tablo No. M.—Tnkiug E.Gct Not. 1M_,
Vtctorln to Vr.ncouvor—DallT at l p. ra. V.n-
rouver lo Victoria -DullTAt l.I0p,m., Oron AV*
rival ui the C.I'.R. No t train.
NI'.'.V «'EST5!1N8TER ItOtlTK.
I.?,>vi- Victorld tor New VVet)tmlrift.r, r.nfin.F,
'nl- I^T.-11■ t, i'liimpL-r's PafP—Tuenilay nnd
Friday at 7 a.m. t.eavo New Weatmtntwir tor
Vii-torln ii"! Way Forts — Wednekday and
Saturday al 7 ii.m
X'.l:.T!li:t'X ROCTE.
F3t earn fillips oi U.i.^  eompflTjy  will Ipits far
Fori   Simpson  and  intermediate  polnti,  .1*
Victoria, 1st nml loth I'm h ntoiith at 11 p.m,
Itcan   Ijipsot this eomoany will leave er*ry
lucsday ror Wrangel aud Bkagway at 3 p.m.
Di'iiliT In   V.'ii'cIk'S   Diamond*, Jt'»v-
iliv iv.il Oj'tiinl ((OOilu.     t.'.ir ri'pail t\e-
liarttiient is   mu-x.fH.tl   for   Hno work,   "T„e';oT,;pany reserves the ngfit of rbangln«
|,".\".' yi'iir  urilurs with   Hie poatlliiletir   this timo tabic at any timn without noliacavto*
Htearaer  leaves  Victoria   for  Alberni   end
Siniiiiil jiiii^, on llie Imh ami 20lh oi r.nch
month, extending latter lri|s iu tjimtsiua
mi i 'JapeScntt,
o will lm vi- it nt I ended to ut u^l! as if
you ninio ii.i'tunully.
C0_1?A^Y.    .
Cariboo and LH'coet
Ciiriton ond way points, Monday,
Wfdne-day and FrnUy.
All |K)inls in Cariboo, Monday'*.
Lilloool direct, Monday and P May,
Fotlts of Quesnel e, nnd way pulntB,
Moid. y.
A e\ie. i.il ooseh, carrvlnR p-isHenePts
mil t'xpn,*«, «i:l I. :.\»- A f ir. fi (or tt.i
InO-Mile.  Hume "" Friday's, returnini:
Through and t:t urn Tickets ri Reduced Rates
(special UouveyautH Furuialied,
lertodellver and collect In  R ItUh Columbia
[.,,■ old e i bli ■' ■ 1 manufacturing tt holt 'ate
uiinso. . - 'i year, sine pay. Honesty more
th, ii exporlonee required, n n ri>l ■ n ■■
Uuk In any city. I close self- id In Bsnd
staiuced -"I e|niie. Man i ■■ ture.a. Third
i   . . .      	
It. A   ii •■ Itl.Kl'ON,
Uenul'al Fratglli Airont.
■ . 8, BAX I'Klt,
Qeneral Paasenger Ag.-nt.
A■>    T) T-3 <Z' fl t <«^Tj |T! f __>       _\
5 q_
| Agent.
*r\ I( you w.mt
f> To insure your lifo.
To insure your property,     ^i'\
To insure against accident, j¥t
i>\ Cull on. /*>
Rio. A. Fraser       <|
.% i.illo.iet, u.r. ^|>
[lead The Prospeetr
$2.00 n Yonv.


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