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The Prospector Mar 10, 1899

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<L«t^ •
Vol. I. No. 35
$2.00 a year.
An item appeared in these columns
several weeks ago in reference to the
advisability of establishing a custom
hou&e here. We are pleased to note
that the matter has been attended to.
Mr. Brett, our local postmaster having
received the following letter from Acting
Post Office Inspector W. H. Dorm an,
"I beg to inform you that your office
has been added to the list of post offices
authorized to collect customs duties on
articles arriving by mail from places outside of Canada. You will be supplied
with a book in which to enter all such
parcels as you reoeive and will also take
a receipt in the said book for parcels delivered by you. Dutiable packages
Bnould always be accompanied with a
manifest from the collector of customs
specifying the value and amount of duty
to be collected and you will remit the
duty collected to the collector of customs at New Westminster until otherwise directed.
"You will be allowed a percentage on
the amount of duty collected, the rate
of which you will be informed of by the
Customs IK-paitmen."
This will prove quite a convenience to
many around this part of the country.
the trail three times.    He escaped without other injur" than trifling frost-bites
Not so fortunate was James Wishart,
formerly of Victoria, who was caught in
the storm on the way in to   the   Atlin,
The Ashcroft Mining Journal states
that Lillooet has in the past received
frjm the Government more than its due
share for   fire   protection.   As  proof it
and was so severely frozen that he   had i refers to the $1,000 granted to   the   L 1
Atlin News.
Atlin City, Feb. 13.—People are coming every day and many are on the
trails, toiling hard to get th«dr outfits in
before the braking up of the ice on
the lakes. Joe Heaney with seven
teams laden with supplies for the Government Agent Graham arrived yesterday over the Toochi trail, and more are
expected to follow every day.
There are three trails to Atlin, namely,
the Fantail cut-off, the Toochi and the
one which follows the lakes from Bennett. The Fantail being the shortest by
upwards of 40 miles has the preference
for dog teams and handsleigh-, while the
Toochi is by far the best route for horsj
Mr. H. J. Baker of Victoria, now of
Bcthune & Co., customs and general
brokers at Log Cabin, was a passenger
by the Tees and brings the latest news
from the Atlin district. Though weather almost as mild as that of Victoria
was being enjoyed at Atlin City, Mr.
P '.er tells of a terrible blizzard experienced on the trail coming out, two
victims of which also were passengers by
the Tees. This storm commenced at
noon on Monday last, he says, coming
on very suddenly, great black funnel
clouds sweeping from the mountains
and spreading an awful all over the
trail,   while   the   temperature dropped!
to return to the coast for treatment.
Mr. Wishart was packing in ids belonging over the Toochi trail, with a view of
settling himself in Atlin in charge of the
oar at RusseFs hotel. He had heen
walking in water, and his toes were so
badly frozen by the fearful cold that
there is no hope of saving them from
Andy Galamo, lately officer of Ath'n,
has nearly completed his hotel on Watson avenue. It will be the largest hotel
in the place. Andy says that he has
room to accommodate upwards of 70
guests, which speaks well for his enterprise in having built such a fine hotel
under the disadvantages which one has
to undergo in building during the winter
months in this northern country.
Little actual mining has been done on
t'iecreeks this winter owing to the uncertain siate of affairs and the severity
of the weather. IJowever, a few miners
are at work, as it is a case of work or
starve. A party of two are said to have
taken out $100 on a claim on Spruce creek
in four days, working live hours per day
which speaks well for that creek.
Work'ng at this time of the year is
done under the greatest difficulties, and
many times the same aniout of work
could be done during the same time in
the summer.
Five police arrived here on the 9th of
February from Tagish. The commuity
however has been as quiet and peaceable
a little town as one would   wish to  see.
D. Menzies, of Vancouver, the customs
officer, arrived here at the same time to
intercept any one who may decide to
come via Juneau. Fritz Miiler and party
arrived from Juneau lately and say it is
a terrible route. They were 32 day on
the way and were obliged to break their
The railway to the uummit has been
sadly interfered with by snow, which
blocks the tracks although 500 men are
kept at work shoveling. There is a war
of rates on between the railway and the
Brooks packers, resu'ting in a two-cent
charge from Skagway to Log Cabin for
a service costing probably four cents and
for which until lately eight cents has
been charged.
Intending purchasers should be careful-what they invest in, as a lot of claim
jumpers are about jumping claims on
promising creeks and obtaining records
for the same, and selling claims on these
I certificates to buyers.
There are four good   shelters   on   the
looet fire brigade last year and mentions that Ashcroft only gets $200. Lillooet has not received anything for tire
protection except that $1,000 which was
granted on the understanding that nothing more should be asked, for at least
rive years. As Barkerville has been receiving $500 per annum for fire protection it is not unreasonable that Lillooet
should get some help. $1,000 when
spread over several years is not much.
The .vay the town was circumstanced as
to fire protection made it desirable that
a bulk sum shoul be granted and not a
small annaul sum.
Ferries at Bridge River.
It is to be hoped that the Government
will do something this year towards the
establishment of ferries acroBS the two
crostings at Bridge river. A subsidy
'!"« been granted to the ferry at 20 mile
post, where one person does not cro^e
lor every ten at Bridge river. If a chai-
ter was granted, private parties would
be willing to put scows on fur the sake
of the tolls. Petitions have been sent
down asking that the necessary steps be
taken but up to the present nothing has
been done. The only expense to the
Government which would be incurred
by doing what the petition asked, is the
cost of an advertisement in the Gazette.
If something is not soon done it will be
too late for this year.
CI ief Licence Inspector fur such district.
No person snail he granted a licence
for the sale of liquors by retail unless he
has been a resident, of the Province for a
periud of twelve months befoie applying
lor such licence.
No licence shall be granted for the -ale
of liquors by retail in any town,   village
or settlement, utilessa petition (S .:1m ditto
0) lor  the   granting  oi   suou   licence,
signed by at least two-thirds of she resident householders, other than  Chinese,
Japanese, or Indians, over 21   years   of
age, of such town, vd age or settlement,
shall be presented to the   Board.     Tiie
words "residing householder"  in   this
section meaning a person residing withm
the limits of the town, village or  settlement that the licence is applied for, and
who lias resided within such   limits   for
the space of at. least one calendar month
before signimj; the petition.
Every person to whom a licence to
sell intoxicating liquor will hereafter be
granted shall before receiving such licence
be inquired to pay to the Government
of British Columbia, as a fee fur such
licence, the following duties,   that  is   to
say :-
I red
with startling suddennees until the ther-i Toochi trail from Log Cabin to Atlin.
raomeier registered 60 degrees below zero. JThe first is twelve miles out; the second
Mr. Baker said he had but four miles to 123, the third—Gold Gate'hotel—35 miles,
go to reach shelter, but so fierce was the j and the forth—Taku City—48 miles, the
storm that it took him four and a half! distance thence to Atlin City being about
hours to cover the distanee and  he   lost j eight miles.
For a "wholesale licence" hvohumi
dollars for one year.
For a "hotel licence" in a locality of
not less than fifty inhabitants (not counting Chinese, Japanese, or Indians,) two
hundred dollars for one year.
For a' hotel licence"iu a locality of less
than fifty inhabitants, one hundred
dollars a year.
Before any licence is issued, the person
applying for the same shall enter into a
bond to Her Majesty in tint sum of five
hundred dollars, with two good and sufficient sureties, to be approved of by the
Commissioners, justifying by affidavit
in the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars each, conditioned for the payment
of all fines and penai;ies which such
persons may be condemned to pay in
respect of any offence against this Act,
and such bonds shall oe in the words or
to the effect of Schedule F to this Act.
Might Have Been Cerious.
A few days ago, some young ladies
from Pavilion, accompanied by a friend
from Clinton, met with what might
nave been a very serious accident. Tney
were returning up the mountain after
visiting their neighbours when one of
the axles broke and thep.uty dr. pped to
the ground. If the accident had
occured going down instead of up the
mountain there is no telling how serious
it might have been as it was, however,
the serious side was completely over-
lookedat the comical side being presented
as t he a foresaid young lad ies were obi iged
to suddenly change their horses from
carriage to saddle and continue the rest
All Provincial Constables shall be Lie-1of   tl,eir   Journey,   a   couple of   miles,
ence Inspectors under this Act, and the j derated witn robes, capes, muffs mad,
Lieutenant-Governor   in Council    shall I shawls etc.—Com.
appoint a Provincial Constable or some j
other person in each district to   act   as I    Subscribe for The Prospector..
Liquor Licence Act.
Several changes have been made in
this Act in so far as those portions of the
Province not situate within the limits
of any Municipality are concerned.
There shall be a Board of Licence Commissioners to be composed of two persons
to be appointed from time to time for
each district, and vho shall cease to hold
office on the 31st day of December in
each year, but may be re-appointed.
The said office shall be honorary and
without any remuneration, except that
such Commissioners may be allowed for
their traveling and other expenses, when
obliged to leave their homes to attend
meetings of the Board, the sum of five
dollars per day and their actual railway,
steamboat or stage fare or expenses for
horse hire.
The Board shall meet on the fifteenth
day of June and the fifteenth day of December in each year, except when such
days fall on a holiday when the meeting
shall be held on the day following which
is not a holiday. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, MARCH   10, 1899.
Published every Friday.
Payable in advance.
LILLOOET,   15.   C. FRIDAY    MARCH 10, 1899.
What u useful member Mr.   Macpher-
eon has shown himself. He has succeeded in abolishing barristers wigs.
The leather legs of some of our English
friends might now engage hie attention.
R. G. Dunn's weekly financial and
commercial review, published at New
York, says; "The situation is withoui
precedent. Business has never been
better <>n the whole, and in some great
industries the gain is astonidhing.
Exports surpass last year's as much as
imports, though the excess over imports
then was heavy. Failures are small* r
than last year, and smaller than in
either of the six years past. Stocks are
stronger, the average for the active railway securities being a little higher and
for trusts much more, owing to the extraordinary advance of $48.75 in tobacco.
The outgo of breadstuff* and cotton continues heavy. But there are some who
fear that such prosperity cannot last.
Popular impressions have to be reckoned
with, because they control.
We would remind our readers that by
the amendment to the Mineral Act all
free miners' certificates expire on the
31st of May instead as formerly one
year from date. "We would recommend
evreyone to renew their certificates on
the 31st May next an although there is a
saving clause in the act it is not clear
whether it applies to free miners' c< rti-
ficates or not. It would be ioolish to
run the. risk of losing a valuable claim
for the sake of a dollar or two. The
amending act imposes a fee of $15 on tl e
issuing of what is termed a special certificate. This is a certificate which revives the right to all claims which have
been lapsed by the neglect to renew.
If however the claims have hi en staked
in the meantime the original owner
loses them. It also imposes a fee of $10
on an abandonment. It is now necessary for mtn working in a mine to bold
a certificate, but as nearly miner has
one it will not make much differrence.
The. Ashcroft Mining Journal has not
published Mr. (Jullis' letter, which appeared in our issue of the 24th Feb., on
the ground that having appeared in Tiik
Probpector it was unnecessary. Thank
you. We are glad to see that our little
sheet is so widely read iu Ashcroft and
vicinity. While on the subject of the
Mining Journal we might mention that
the editor of that paper has not shown
the accurate knowledge that we should
.expect from a metropolitan journal.
He states that "two four-horse teams
" do all the freighting between Ash-
" croft and Lillooet." There happens
to he just double that number r teams on
the ro id.    He al_o appeal tc he unaware
that a great quantity of freight is brought
in from Lytton by pack train. As we
would not venture to dispute the
opinion of so eminent authority as the
Mining Journal viz.: "That freight will
" be as expensive by the road from Lyt-
" ton to Lillooet as from Ashcroft," we
are forced to the conclusion that Lytton
must be a better place to buy goods than
An Amateur Athlete.
The latter is the new name of the O.A.
A.A., which at ageneral meeting recently
adopted the following new definition :
An amateur is a person who has not
competed in any competition for a stake,
bet, moneys, private, public or gate receipts, or competed with or against a
professional for a prize who has neve*
directly or indirectly received any bonus
or payment in lieu of lo-s of time whil-t
playing as a member of any club or any
money considerationt whatever for any
services rendered a9 a player, except his
actual traveling and hotel expanses.
An official watch examiner is to be
appointed by the president for all championship meetings, and the watches used
shall be certified as correct by the
examiner. Boxing was added to the list
of championships to be governed by the
English rules.
No records made on Sunday will be recognized.
First Case on Record.
Dead wood, South Dakota, March 3.—
Shoote-at-hini, an Indian irom the
Rosebud agency, hsxS commenced divorce
proceedings in the Uni'ed States ci cuit
court in this city from his wife Fanny.
He alleges desertion and infidelity as the
cause. This is the first case on record
of an Indian applying for a divorce.
Canadian News.
Windsor, Ont., March 3.—A case of
•mallpoxhas been  discovered heie.
Brantford, Ont.,!tMarch 3.—A delegate
to the Canadian Order of Forsters convention, here, pulled a fire alarm, for a
joke, and was fined $10 and costs.
Montreal, March 3.—The Montreal
health authorities have written the Pro-
pincial Board of Health, asking quaran-
dne to be placed on the proyince of Ontario on account of smallpox.
St. Thomas, Ont., March 3.—John W.
Daley and Bertha M. Johnson were married, Wednesday evening. After the
ceremony, they started to drive to London, but the team of horses became
frightened, and ran away, throwing out
the newly married couple, and badly
injured them.
Quebec, March 3.—Martin P. Gonnolly
nas purchased, by tender, the output of
.under twin from the Kingston penitentiary for the current year. The Ontario Binder Twine Co. will handle the
an put.
Perth, Ont., March 1.—Replying to Sir
Charles Tupper's attack on the Canadian
Oouimis-ioners, at Washington, Hon.
Mr. Sifton said, in his speech, last night,
lie did not know what more Sir Charles
would have, unless the Commissioners
had slammed the door when they went
iway from Washington. Mr. Sifton
•^aid when general eledion came alontr,
i he Liberale would show a record of a
million and a half annually for their
'erni of office.
W, F. Allen  Proprietor.
,.,      7*-      7«\     )K     )K      ?K     ?K
l£      ^     ^
V£    ^
First Class Hotel in every respect.     Accommodation
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably furnished.     Commercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Large sample room.
*   >K   #   *   *   *   *
Heciclqiicirters  tor tlie B. C. Express Stages
As soon as the Lillooet-Lytton road is 'Otnp'eted we will run a through *1ijn
from Lytton to Lillooet. At present we have rigs at both ends of the toad wl ch
will take you as far a« possible, and we supply saddle horses for the re-*t of iln
trip.    By starling from Lytton over twenty miles is paved when jfoinvr to Li I In tt.
if you contemplate a trip into Lillooet disttiof, v\ lite u-i lor information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I.
Hotel Victoria.
This hotel being new and thoroughly fii'uhul tUrougho.it is the only fir ft
class hotel in Lillooet. Persons calling at Lillo iet will receive every attentin hy
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. 1 ea -
quarters for the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
©    q    9   g   q    q     CHARGES    MODERATE.   _©©©©©©
ID.   _?i_E____S__]_?i    J?___0_?.
The Bar is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Flour Milling Produce and
General Merchandise.
Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates.
^     Gh__]__T_Il_^A.Ij  STOiJE.     ^»k     <^,
Post Office and Telegraph Office in connection.    Freight teams plying once a
week between Lillooet and Ashcroft.
LEE & CUMMING-. Agents, Lillooet 15. C. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, STARCH   10, 1890.
Dewey Don't want it.
New York, Feb. 28.—According to the
"Journal" and  "Advertiser,"   Admiral
Dewey has been repeatedly approached
by politicans on the subject, but says he
would not accept a nomination for the
presidency.    The admiral is quoted,   in
a Manila cable, dated yesterday, as saying:   "I have no desire for any political
office.   I am not fitted for it, either   in
education or training.       I  am  deeply
grateful for any expressions  of  kindly
sentiment from  the  American   people,
but I desire to retire  in   peace  to   the
enjoyment of my o'd age.      The navy is
one profession, politics  is  another.     I
am too old to learn a  new  profession,
This is final."
be very high. She will have three masts.
Her gross tonage is 17,040; displacement, 30,100 tons ; length over all 704;
between perpendiculars, 685 feet; beam
68 feet moulded depth, 49 feet 6 inches;
total depth, 68 feet. She will have
fifteen boilers, weighing 1,100 tons; her
engines will be triple, foil'•cylinder, four
crank balanced. Her indicated horse j
power is 28,000. In order that full advantage may he taken off this, she will
have tv'o three-bladed propellers, placed
very close together. As a cruiser she
will be able to steam ^4,000 nautical
miles at 12 knots—or around the world—
without coaling.
All deaf and  dumb  people are  not
painters.but they make si_ns,so to speak.
"A well read man" dont always apply
to the learned. How about a healthy
Leland House
Corner of Hastings and Granville Streets.        \\ SCOV VE\\   P. 0
■W2&.   HAMILTON,   _?_E_0_?.
CARGILE HOUSE, ashcroft.
Is now under new management and has been thoroughly renovated. Culinary
department unsurpassed. The Bar is stocked with choice liquors and cigars and
will be in charge of experienced men.   Every convenience for commercial men.
FRED H. NELSON, - - - Proprietor.
Exposed to Smallpox.
St. Paul, Minn., March 3—J. H. Carter, colored, was, yesterday, sent to the
pest-house, he being discovered to have
clearly developed a case of smallpox.
Carter is a sleeping car porter, and had
just came through from Spokane. He
was employed on a special, on which
were James J. Hill and other officials of
the Great Northern Railway. He was
sick while with the Hill party, and continued to work until the close of the
week, when he was unable to continue at work. As soon as it was learned
that Carter had the smallpox, a telegram
was sent to President Hill, and his
private car was fumigated thoroughly,
and his entire party vaccinated.
"I hardly know what to   make of the
new minister," said the King of Mowpka
to his forty-second wife.
As usual, woman's aptitude
mating a man at his trut) value
the front.
"Suppose you make a stew of
she suggested, and it was done.
for esti-
came to
J. H. CIeinents,<c=l_^^ ashcroft.
Lrillooet Moil orders carefully- attended to.
Benedict—"I've been carrying the
baby around the floor for a week back."
Bachelor—"Carrying the baby for a
week back? Pshaw! That's no remedy
at all. What you want for a week back
is a porous-plaster."
Scurvy Reported At Dawson.
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 28.—Advices from
'Dawson says that men are dying of scur-
v", in the suburbs of the city.   Recently
John McPhail was found almost  dead,
in a tent, on Victoria Gulch,   his   food
was gone, and he was waiting for death,
'unable to do anything to help himself.
His partner was taking care of him, but
'was stricked with scurvy, and hastened
I-to Dawson for medical aid.
The Gold Commissioner at Dawson
[has just made the important ruling
[that "a person locating a claim, and,
[after prospecting it, findj it a blank, or
[unproffitable, he can make an affidavit
[to that effect, and regain his right to
[locate again on unoccupied grounds in
Ithe district."
Heretofore, a person lost his right,
lafter registering.
How She Fell.
"You ought to have seen me" said the
vivacious young lady to the minister,
"I'd just got the skates on and made a
start, when I came down on my—"
"Mima!" said her mother.
"What9 Oh, it was funny ! One skate
went one way.'and the other t'other,
and down I came on my—"
''.Jemima"    reprovingly    spoke
"Well, what? Thev scooted from
der me and down I came on my—"
'Jemima!''yelled boih parents.
"On my little brother Johnnie, who
had me by the hand, and liked to have
smasned him. Now, what's the matter?"
The girl's mother emerged  from   be
hind the coffee   pot,   a   sigh   of   relief
escaped from the  minister, and   the old
gentleman very adroitly turned the conversation in a political channel.
_r>vd:_E_E?;CH:A.isrT tailor.
Tweeds, Trouserings, Serges, Winter Goods, etc
Call and inspect our stock,
ng and cleaning a specialty.
Good workmanship and moderate charges.    Repair
Orders by mail or express punctually attended to.
Storage & Forwarding: Agts
Consign your goods to our care.     We settle railway charges and forward to
destination without delay.   Correspondence solicited. W. B. BAILEY <k Co
Notice is hereby given that thirty days from
date the following animals will, if not redeemed by their owner on payment of winter's
keep, be sold for same:
One Mare, branded "W." on neigh  shoulder.
One Horse, no brand visiable.
Half-Way House.
Lillooet-Lytton Road, Feb. 28tti, 1899.
N. de Kevser
The Largest Ship in the World.
Last month the S.8. Oceanic of the
JWhite Star Line was launched at Belfast;
Ihe will be 5,000 tons larger than the
)resent largest vessel in the world, and
twice the size of the largest battleship
ifloat. The idea is to make her arrive
iegularly at New York and Liverpool
respectively early on Wednesday morning, having left the other side the previous
'Wednesday. In accordance with recent
practice, the funnels of the Oceanic will
Mineral Act, 1896.
(FORM 1<\)
Certificate of Improvements.
Surprise, Alph ___£ Fraaction, Omega Fraction mineral claims, situate in the Lillooet
mining division of Lillooet district. Where
located:   Cayoosh creek.
Take notiee that The Alpha Bell Gold Quartz
Mining Company, Limited Liability, free
miner's eertifieate No. 9CMA, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
reeorder for a certificate ot improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a erown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
seetion 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sueh certificate of improvements.
Dated this twenty-seventh day of October,
1898. 17
;'jie Alpha Bull Gold  Quartz Mining Company, Limited.   H. DePeneier, Secretary.
anufacturing Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Field and Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
All orders by mail and express promptly attended to. All work warranted or
money refunded. If your eyesight is defective call and have your eyes tested free
in the most scientific way. Spectacles and eyeglasses sent on approval to responsible parties. Tell distance you can read the smallest newspaper print and
age.   We will guarantee satisfaction.   Repairing department a specialty.
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All points in  Cariboo—Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and Friday.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnished.
Head Office:   ASHCROFT, B. C.
The Prospector
STJ_3SOKI_3__3  FOIR,    XT\   $2  j__  Y_33A._=e.
Court Martial of Torral.
Madrid, March 2.—General Torral,
who commanded the Spanish troops at
Santiago de Cuba, has been arrested and
nnprisoned, previjus to being tried by
» ourt martial on the charge of capitulating to General Shafter, on July 14th last.
Hugh Rvan's Wealth.
Toronto., March 1.—The will of the
late Hugh Evan will not be probated for
a few days. The legal adviser of the
deceased estimate the property at about
$1,275,000, and this amount is, no doubt,
very nearly correct. About half of it is
in Ontario.
A Bribbed Official.
Guthrie, Okia, March 1.—IntbeLexow
investigating committee, here, a decided
Eensation was created when W. P. Sims,
a large cattle shipper, swore he had
paid $500 to cattle quarantine inspector
Sim Matthews to allow 100 diseased cattle
to cross the quarantine line. He cited
several instances, tending to show
Matthews bad received tips for passing
cattle over the lines without inspection.
Lord Herschell Dead.
Washington, D, C, March 1.—Lord
Herschell, one of the High Joint Commissioners from Great Britain, died,
here this morning. Lord Herschell was
Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, and
was sent to the United States, because of
ids eminent attainments, to take a leading part in the negotiations, designed to
sett e all difference between the United
States and Canada. During the winlery
weather, when the sidewalks were slippery, he fell heavily and broke one of
his pelvis bones He seemed progressing
favorably towards recovery, and was in
good health, comparatively, until about
7 o'clock this morning, when he was
suddenly stricken with heart failure,
and expired about half an hour later.
The Supreme Court adjourned, upon
the announcement of Lord Herschell's
Dominion Redistribution.
At the meeting of the Vancouver Liberal Association, Wednesday evening
last, a letter was read from the Hon.
David Mills, concerning the redistribution of seats for British Columbia, as
follows: "I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of
the 28th ultimo, and to state in
reply, that I shall give to the resolution
which you hive forwarded to me my
most favorable consideration. I am not
well informed as to the division of British Columbia. It is the intention of
the government to avoid, in the redis-
tribulian of seats, the. braking up of
county boundaries, and to give to each
county, as near as regard for this principle will permit, the representation to
to which it is entitled. I shall be greatly
obligad if your Association will give me
some idea of what redistaibution they
think may be made in accordance with
the principle which I have stated—that
of preserving the county boundaries
A bachelor editor, who had a pretty
unmarried sister, lately wrote to one
Bimiliarly circumstanced, "Please ex-
el, an ue."
We always get mad when we walk
along a street about 9 o'clock, and, passing a shaded porch where a young man
is bidding his beloved a good-night, bear
the girl exclaim, in a low voice, "Oh,
stop! George; you haven't shaved."
Subscribe for The Prospector.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
B. 0.
First-class in every respect.
Choice  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars. Sample
room   free.
Anthony & Kobson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.)
Business established 18(>3.
General nerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Groceries, Drygoods,
Confectionery, Tin
Goods, Flour, Fruit.
Butcher Shop in Connection.
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGlLLlVRAY, Proprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.   Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquarters for stage.    Stable in connection.
._ supply of
always on hand.
TR0REY The Jeweler
Vancouver, H. C.
Offical watch   inspector for
< J. P. R.
Twenty-six years with Messrs. Vivian i_
Sons. Swansea, England.
Office and Labatory :   614 Hastings St.
Assays and Analysis made of all kinds of Ores.
The Labatory is up-to-date, with all modern
appliances, including GATES' most approved Ro;!k Grinding and Crushing  Machinery.
; Ry. _E_L. -_3__Eo_Br3ri_E1-
Post Office Store.
Book, Stationery, Soaps,
FartCY Goods, Tobacco, etc
Printers' Supplies,
Job Printers'
Paper Stock.
Gas and Gasoline
Engines at
Toronto Type Foundry(Co.
British Columbia Branch
»20 Cord'tV i S rtM,
J. M. Mackinnor
Mininq Properties
Properties IBondeo
and Contractors,
Contractors for the design and construe-
tion of complete stamp mills, concentration^
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments!
Peterboro Ont., and Vancouver, P. C.    I
McDonald's Big Scheme.
There has been considerable   specula-
Ion as to the exact reason of Alexander
[cDonald's,'he Klondike millionaire,de-
larture for England last   fall,   aud   the
lature of the extensive deals U>at   were
Understood to be in prospect.   Tin Her-
lld of February 11, published   in  Glasgow, Scotland unravels   the   mystery.
|t seems that Mr. McDonald is trying to
jioat a mammoth company for the  purpose of developing his Klondike property.
The McDonald's Bonanza, Limited, is
Ihe name of the company that has been
Incorporated, with a capital of £450,000,
\r nearly $2,250,000,   which   is  divided
lto 115,000 preferred shares and 335,000
Ordinary shares, all of $5   each   Forty-
ive thousand  of the   preferree  shares
liave been applied for by the directors
jind their friends, and   the   remaining
[70,000 shares   will   be  sold,   if   buyers
ippear, at their par value.
The directors of the company are the
Hollowing:     H. B. Marshall, James M> -
tllillop, Lieut. Col. C. Roberts, D.  Tyrie
[Laing, Alexander McDonald and   Hugh
[A. Ferguson.      The manager  iB G.   T.
It is the intention of the organization
[to acquire at once from   McDonald   and
[Ferguson the following   claims   in   the
[Klondike:    No. 2  above   discovery   on
[Bonanza creek, and No?. 1, 2, 3,7, and 8,
ton Skookum Gulch.     The prospectus ot
tthe company states that in 1897 gold   to
^the value of $32,000 was taken from  one
[of the claims, an average of $40   to   the
ton of gravel removed, and that another
.claim in 1898 yielded $175,000, an average
of $50 to the ton.   The value of the gold
deposits is estimated as follows:   No.   2
I above, Bonanza, $4,500,000:   No?. 1,   2,
rand 3 on Skookum   $1,425,000, and Nos.
7 and 8 on Skookum, $685,000 a total of
and easily made by ladders extending to
the upper decks.
All thi8 has been changed. Watertight bulkheads, air-tight firerooms and
battle hatches have transformed the
engineer's place of duty into a number
of steel cells, almost as inaccessible, one
from another, as though they were iu
different townships. Instead of one big
engine room there are two, three, and
even four, each in its own water-tight
compartment, and the big street-like
fire room, in which the sunlight used to
shine, has given place to as many as
eight narrow black holes, cased in from
all the world.
Even the long shaft alley that was the
comfortable home of the grizzled old-
fashioned fireman, whose passing we regret, has become two or three steel-
locked dungeons, info which one cannot
enter without instinctively making sure
that rapid escape is possible. The
engineer has no longer his duvies under
control of his own eye and voice, but
must fret his nervous system by depending upon the action of subordinates,
whom he can direct in an imperfect
manner only through a system of communication as complicated as a city
telephone exchange, aud much more
liable to derangement.
Certificate of Improvements.
Little Joe, White Crow, Delighted, Jim Crow
Fraction and Bend 'Or Fraction mineral
claims situate in the Lillooet mining division of Lillooet district. Where located:
Cadwallader Creek.
Take notice that The Bend 'Or Mines, Ltd.,
free miner's certificate No. 89122 a, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificates of im pro vents, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, mnst be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improve nents.
Dated this first day of December, 1898.
The Bend 'Or Mines, Ltd.
21 per C. T. Diamond, agent.
__.. UFFORD,
VANCOUVER, - - - - B C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for fine work. Leave your orders with
the postmaster who will have it attended to as
well as if you came personally.
Route to all Eastern Points.
Fewest Changes,
Quickest Time
"Father," confessed the callow youth,
'I have married her; we are two souls
fewith but a single thought." "Well,
you've gained something. A. single
thought isn't so many, but it is more
<thrn I ever knew you to have before,"—
Detroit Free Press.
"What's the most remarkably feature
of a newspaper office?" "Why—er—the
The world against him : Despondent
Tremiow (mournfully)—Weli, by gosh 1
This is the irony of fate for keeps. Here
I've spent me last fifty cents to commit
suicide with ga-s, an' I get a room with
'lectric lights.—Judge.
"Arthur, I would like to go to the seashore, this summer," "Agreed Where
would you like to go?" "But, Arthur!"
"What's up now, my deai?" "But I
wanted you to say no so I could persuade
you."—Fliegende Blaetter.
Lxillooet. B. C,
Notary Public, Accountant and
Mining   Broker.
Reports on Mining Properties.
Through First class Sleeping Cars and Tom-is
Sleeping Cars to St. Paul, Montreal and Toronto
without change.
The Dining Car Service along the line of the
C. P. R. is unequalled anywhere.
Connections at Vancouver
With Steamer lines for
For full information as to rates, time, etc
apply to the nearest ticket agent, or to
District Passenger Agent, Vancouver, B. C.
Subscribe for The Prospector.
Trying on the Nerves.
During the dozen or more years in
which fighting vessels have been changing into the present forms, much has
been said about the dauaers and responsibilities that the development has
brought to the engineering   staff.     In
. even the largest of the older types of
warships the post of engineer was on a
working platform over the horizontal
cylinders, and nearly, if not quite, as
high as the level of the berth deck.
Above him was a large hatch or trunk,
wide open to the spar deck, through
which he could see the sky and hear all
that was doing in   the   management  of
I the s) W>. It also supplied him with
fresh*air, sometimes too liberally when
sails overhead were set, as the writer recalls many instances of wearing an overcoat on an engine room watch. No
watertight bulkheads or air locks interrupted the unity of the power plant;
the engineer from his station commanded
an unobstructed view of the   fire-room,
| as well as of the engines, and he could
reach any part of his domain with his
voice. In the final emergency, escape
from engine and fire-rooniB were quickly
Notice is hereby given that thirty days from
uate the following animals will, if not redeemed by their owner on payment of winter's
keep, be sold for same:
One Mare, branded "W." on neigh   shoulder.
One Horse, no brand visiable.
Half-Way House.
Lillooet-Lytton Road, Feb. 28th, 1899.
Mineral Act, 1896.
■_ (FORM K.')
Certificate of Improvements.
Mainland Cigar
British Lion
And be sure that each Cigar is branded, otherwise they are not genuine.
They are not only made of the Choicest Tobacco but are of home manufacture, and
should be patronized by all good citizens.
128 Water Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.
Ida May, Mary Fraction and Nellie Fraction
mineral claims, situate in the Lillooet-
mining division of Lillooet district. Where
located: Cadwallader Creek.
Take notice that I, William P. Gibson, acting
as agent for the Alpha Hell Gold Quartz Mining
Company, Limited Liability, free miners certificate No. 95643, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant oi the above
And further take notice that action, under
section 'Al, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this twenty-second day of February,
$2.00 A year.
Tin  shop  in connection.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have iu stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Established 1862.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Stoves and Tinware. Miners steel, Picks
Shovels, etc.
r^ijjia 6
Mr. Kendell is a passenger on today's
E. Bell, Indian Agent, at Clinton has
a notice in this ifisue.
D. and W. Arthur left   on   a  trip  to
Pemberton Meadows, Tuesday.
Everybody po and take   your   friends
to the Burnt Cork show on the 16th.
T. A. and 0. Brett arrived in town
Thursday, from McGillivray creek, they
having completed their contract   there.
0. H. Macauley, representing the Canadian Fire Insurance Co., came in on
last Friday's stage and left again   Tues-
d a y.	
Cottage prayer meeting was held at
Mrs. Miller's residence Thursday night,
and at Mrs. Allen's the previous Thursday.
C. D. Wray came down from the
north fork of Bridge River the fore part
of the week and intends returning
A few of our "sports" went out fishing
Thursday, hut their fish stories were
larger than their baske s when they returned.
There is only one star hoarder at the
Hotel de' Burns now, the others having
served their time and were liberated
this week.
J. Amees, who represents the Dominion Cold Dredging Co. here, is having
the dredge thoroughly overhauled and
expects to have it in working order
By the end of the week all the machinery for the Bend'Or mines is expected to be at Jack's Landing. About
forty-five men and the same number of
hortes are employed on tins work.
T Cole, of the 18-mile ranch, was in
town this week. Mr. Cole, though an
oM timer in this Province, is still hale
and hearty, and generally gives the
"boys" some good advice when becomes
to town.	
Alex. Minty, the popular mail carrier
between here and Ashcroft, made a quick
trip last Monday. Owing to the trains
being late, lie did not leave Ashcroft un-
7 a.m. instead of 4 a. m. as is usual, but
he got here on ti   e just the same.
Nob Hill seems quite   lonely   without
R. H. Brett  received   a  consignment
of some new pipes today.
Rev. C. Ladner came in on Monday's
Btage and wuit out again on Tuesdax.
As he has been unable to send a substitute, Rev. Mr. Hughes will remain until the conference, which takes place
about the middle of May.
J. Ferguson, care taker at the Golden
Cache mine reports what might have resulted in a serious accident there. It
appears some boulders got loose on the
mountain side and came crashing down
causing a small avalanche, but as hu-k
would have it, the whole mass passed
tl;.- dam, a little to one side. Had the
elicit struck the dam it certainly would
havu caused fiurivus damage.
Don't forget the dance after   the minstrel show.   Good music.
The road to the lake is becoming quite
a promenade for the young people on a
line Sunday adernoon.
M. Gaynor came down from Cadwallader Saturday last. He reports everything looking up well around there.
Eddie Bell, of Clinton, the wel'-known
B. C. X. Co'8 special stage driver, is
confined to his rojin wilh la grippe.
Chas. Glenn left, Tuesday, f >r Bridge
River to look after some of his property
there.    He also took the mail up.
Church of England services will be
held in the new school house on Sunday
morning at 11 am. Rev. Ri hard Small
The funeral of the infant chill of Mr.
and Mrs. D. Hurhy took place Saturday-
last, Rev. R. Hughes holding service
at the house and grave.
0. F. Law, of Vancouver, who has
been spending a few days in town, went
up to the Lome, Tuesday, to lee ho a tl e
Aork is progressing there.
Mr. and Mrs. Borland, of the 150-Mile
House celebrated the first anniversery of
their wedding by giving a concert in the
Caledonian hall on the evening of the
23rd of February.
Chas. Diamond spent a few days at
Mission last week, on business connected
with the Bend'Or machinery. He reports having had a pleasant time, only
lie objects to getting up so early in the
It is reported from the Cariboo road
hat the anti-Chinese legislation enacted
.it the recent session of the Legislature,
has already had the effect of ridding that
part of the country of a lage number oi
Chinese. Their places will be tilled by
white men, to the great advantage of the
whole Province.—Sentinel.
The Burnt Cork Comedy Co. intend
giving another show on the 16th inst.
Toe boys promise a treat this time and
everyone should  go  and  have a good
augh. Tickets are selling rapidly,
nearly all of th^ "dress circle" seats are
old and there is only standing room left
in the "gods." A danct; will begiven after
i he show for which good music has been
Notice is hereby given that I shall, on behalf
of the Lillooet tribe of Indians, apply to the
Commissioner lor the district of Lillooet for
permission to record Twenty (20) Inches of
water to be diverted from a small spring near
.he Indian reserve, McCartney's flat, about six
miles below Lillooet, for domestic and agricultural purposes.
Indian Agent.
Clinton, 11. C , Feb. 27tn, 1809.
Established 1886.
Incorj orat«d I8i».i,
Wholesale and Retail Hardware.
VANCOUVER, 15. (\ (<
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill $uppip s
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors' and Lumber Supplies
Agents for The Giant Powder Co., San Francisco.
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Drv Good
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc.
C9-__3_>T__1I___.I_    i_^___x.O__rA.2STT.]
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store at Bridge1 River where
full stock of General Merchandise and Mill
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.€j
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty
THIS ASHCROFT BRANCH is the most convenient Bank for Lillooet and fj
places in the Cariboo district.   Money rec.aived on deposit.    Drafts issue I and collections uoM
in any part of Canada, Great Britain and the United Stales.
Qold  l'.-.irtl an '.   '.iiKil.i i  ii   Pu'rjh '.n.s 1


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