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The Prospector May 4, 1905

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Array * * .
)V s
Vol. 7, No. 19.
LILLOOET,  B. C.   MAY 4,  '05.
Dollar a Year.
\ 12
3        4      6        6        7 8      9
10     11     12        13      14 15   16
17     18     19        20      21 22   23
24     25    26        27      28 29   30
12   3   4 5 6 7
8  9  10   11 12 13 14
15  16  17   .18 19 20 21
22  23  24   23 20 27 28
29  30  31
I make a trip through Lillooet District
every summer.
Notice is hereby given that 6o days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commiss
loner ol Lands and Works for permission to
purchase 240 acres more or less of pa~iure
Und situated in Lillooet District.
Commencing at a post marked M. E
loud Lot 661 N. E corner ihence ea
chains thence south east 20 chains thence
west 40 eh tins thence north 20 chains to
point of/commencement.
17 Mile House "1    M. E. BELOUD.
April 7,   1905. /
E. B*-
ast '4°
SITUATED in the Lillooet Mining District
on McGiHivray Ct__V about 2 miles above
Anderson Lai e. Take notice that I, J. H.
Purdy. free miner's certificate No. B52854
nnd I,, Dr. Alfred Boole, free miner's certificate No. B 78438 intend 60 days from dale
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
certificate of improvements for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims
und further take notice ihnt action under
•ertion 37 must be commenced before thc
issuance c f such certificate cf improvements.
Dated this 14th day of April 1905.
Notice Is hertby given that I have placed
my books and accounts into lhc hands of
Samuel Gil.bs. Notary, Lillooet, for collect,
ion. All persons owing me money are hereby initructed 11 pry such indebtedness to
him forthwith; and all receipts given by him
on my account will be valid. •
Lillooet. :7th day    > YICK K1_E
of   April,    1905.    J
There are four ways of going to lowa-Lillooet dredge.
You can walk of course, but
it is six miles. There is a
certain white horse in use,
and also a boat. Last but
not least, is the Rebagliati
The dredge has been ruft-
ing pretty steady, since the
overhauling, but the lower
tumbler, which has been giving trouble occasionally for
a long time. 'J he bearing
on one side allows too much
play. This will be remedied
Tlie Celestial chef contracted a cough very suddenly. It was serious for a time
and he thought he had a bad
cold. It Avas only a little
pepper the boys used on his
E. Bell of Llin ton, Indian
Agent, is in town.
G. A. Gibson is in from
Bridge Kiver. He is owner
of a half interest in the famous Countless claim. Last
Summer he and his partner
boughi the Hogan house Sl
lot between Arthur & Babb.
The last article to come in
is by C. D. Wray, on Roads,
and will appear next week.
Apricots and cherries are
making wonderful growth.
Salmon are worth a dollar
The Jameses, Brett and
Rowbottom, are talking ot a
Grizzly Hunt, next week.
We I.ny nnd Sell Typewriters.
Jiwt now it's a Smith-Premier,
~_.eouii.1-li.vm1. but in Splendid
Working Order. Cull nnd See It.
$34.00 CLARKE & CO.
Lillooet, 13, C.
Lillooet, Mny 2,1905.
Editor Prospector,
Permit me space in your
columns for a few remarks on
the Lytton-Lillooet wagon road
A very liberal grant—$4000—
lias been made by the Government this year, sufficient to
make several much-needed alterations and essential improvements ; in fact, about enough to
make an excellent road all thro'
for the country.
There is, at the present time, a
patent grader at work on the
Lytton division,—an innovation
for whicli the Government deserves credit, as it is doing good
work, and is, no doubt, ol greal
advantage. However, it is to be
regretted that no further use is
being made of it than merely lo
clean the road out.
The heavy grades und accursed
hills are the damning features of
this road, and not the slightest
attempt is being made to cut
out or modify these. The 8-mile
hill should be cut out, as it is bv
far the worst hill on the road.
There are rocks standing in
the track iu many places, that it
would not cost much to remove.
They have been there since the
road wjiis made and it seems likely they will stay there, ns long
as Stevenson runs the road, unless heisjforced to tnke them out
It is quite probable that John
Dundas hasn't a stick of Giant
or a hummer and drill in his outfit. One day's work with the
plow und grader would obliterate the worst pitch on the 10,
just b-Jlow the crossing of the
stream. This is the most impracticable spot on tlie road in
winter nnd iu wet weather ; it is
left as it has been.
The rpad above the 17 should
be cut off, and anew road made
acro.s the gulch, to come out at
the corner of Ruddock's fence ;
the present route is us unnecess-
ary tis it is villainous.
I lic.v make a distinct *U>tc-
inent, and chullenge anyone to
controvert it, that there has already beeu enough money uselessly frittered away — hiding
rocks with a little dust and slovenly, slipshod ways of doing
things — to have made a first-
class rond, if it had been properly expended.
The bald fact remains that, iu
spite of all the money that hus
been lavished on it, the Lytton
division of the roud stands today in the same disgraceful and
hideous deformity iu which it
was conceived, with one lone exception, —and that is where I
changed the road last tall, at a
cost of less than $100, cutting
out altogether one of the worst
hills ou the road, and the most
impracticable in winter, except
the 10. 1 understand Mr. Stevenson has stated the new road is
no better than the old. Apart
from the obvious nnimui.; this
only exemplifies the fact of which
unfortunately. we have already
too much proof; i. e. that although Mr. Stevenson may be a
good and high-minded citizen,
and might maKe an excellent sky
pilot,— he knows about as much
nbout a terrestrial wagon road,
as he does of the interior of the
Sultan of Turkey's harem.
Arthur II. Martley.
Spectacles and 1 metes a gri-ai many
4J year., and eairy a larger stuck of
**- these goods than any other drug etore
3 "1 B. 0. ouieMe of coast cities. We
\f\ have a Oral class English Te.tinu Outfit. Ordinary rupture is curat)!.-,—is
W.ieing cuieil eveiy day, A Well-fitting
j* irn-s is comparatively comfortable,
q Imt many t-uffer daily torture from
■* ill-fitting trusses, If interested, a
*■ talk with us, either personally or by
Sj letter, will cost you nothing, and if
£ >ou buy, we prouiibe you satisfaction
© urmouey back.
*       is for       *
General Store,
Agent for the 1_. X.
Miners   Supplies,
&c.   Lillooet,
Drop in
tan       and        ta
Pa (j pj The Prospector:
Advertising Rates lw as pos_.b_.i_,
Basis of 30 cents per squake Inch,
m. Month. Landor Mining Notices
So days $4        60 days $6.
DB"X" C. "W. A.-Ea2i~rSTE,03~TC~f
The Ottawa Free Free Press .ays,—
" The herculean task of establishing a
newspaper, on a paying basis, become?
more evident aa the years show so little
increase in the total number nf publications. In 1904 there were 1,145 paper-
in Canada; in 1C03 there were 1,151, but
6 of a guin." There are 69 papers in oi:r
li. 0. I. is a recognized fact that onlv
one fifth of tbem are oiakin.; a profit.
In view of these solemn conditions, tht
Prospector has decided to be satisfied to
get along on a grubstake. If you can
think of anv excuse for sending me a $
do not hesitate. Pet baps you have already done so.
No appeals as to voters were
A horse bestridden by the gallant chief of all the Bridge River
Indians, dropped dead near the
English Church.
Mr. Cleveland, who left some
time ago to do some assessment j every morning,
work, etc, has been suffering an     Mr. Navcii*i.e Rouleau gave ni 1
attack of mumps. ol'1,er   -social   to  a few   of his
j*. *w_ _&:e_j_.tz,soi_t,
_H_XT2-Trr_m_=il-3i &rfx_DX
cxiXisTrraisr, _b. c.
Archie Jam's is out to Big Bar
Lake on a. fishing trip. Archie is
ti. great sport.
Geo. Walker aud Jimmie Gates
have returned to Lillooet, after
spending a. few pleasant days in
a very pleasant town, getting
pack horses and attending to
other business. Jimmie traded
for A. Ferguson's 'Black Nell'.
It is reported that Mr. Sherwell j
is getting tired of Chinese cooking as well as Chinese laundering.
Mr. Gillespie passed through
town a lew days ago, on his way
to the coast ; he has quit the
Gang Ranch, and will remain at
the coast for the present.
Mr. Colbraith of Hazel ton, has
a good loe of pack horses, 26 in
all, nnd has two men feeding and
handling them, down at Mr.
Sherwell's ranch. lie expects to
ship about the fifth.
■* We are having a very dry, cold
Spring, the thermometer show*.
inn- from 5 to 10 degrees of frost
Patronize the barber shop—
Everything  neat and sanitary.
For sale, three and a half acres
adjoining Lillooet, crown granted and taxes paid. Price $100
Inquire of the Prospector.
Rev. E. Pugh conducted morning and evening service at St.
Mary's Church, last Sunday, besides preaching in the language
of the Indians at nine. On the
way from Lytton,    they had an
friends on the 26th.
Miss Sadie   McMillan gave a
a dance on the 28th. which was a.
success from a social standpoint
t here being a large and agreeable
crowd in attendance.    I
Captain  Watson of 108-mile
House passed   through,    a.  few
days ago cm his way to the coast
Dr.  McAbbe will be in town a
few days, giving  every one   a
chance to have his teeth fixed.
Louis   LeBourdais . was  out
accident,   and hud   to ride   the with four ov five Others, chasing-
wild   horses    on    Milk    Ranch
horses into town.
Victor Spencer, who served in
Africa with Strathcona's Horse
is driving a band of cattle along
the Cariboo Road, through Lillooet District and north to the
famous Bulkley Valley, over the
Huzelton trail. He will have the
company of one white man and
Mountain,  a short time ago.
Clinton Onlooker
Just to he a. boy again, praps?
No. then what ?
Just to have a cabin and garden iu Lillooet, and a summer
shacK up Bridge River, with a
little grub, game, gold, scenery,
solitude, fishing and companionship. Then to have a nice warm
wood-pile waiting i'or winter use,
May Day was Court Day
at Lillooet, and flags flew,
proudly.      Judce    Cornwall
1- O j
drove into  town Sunday af-'
lernoon.     The bar was rep-j
resented   by   S. Gibbs,  and!
!__*. S. Peters.    One ease was
settled  out   of court, Means
vs.  Sanson.      The   registrar
was authorized to hand over
the money  paid  into court, j
Mrs. Phair vs  John   Curry,'
on a note.  Defendant not on
hand. Judgment for plaintiff
on proof that  payment had
been asked. 1
Mrs. Phair versus John B.:
Arthur.     Judgment   by default, as payments had been
made,    admitting    liability,
Interest at 8 percent.
P. Santini vs. J. C. Morr-'
ison, tried in PJ02 and verdict for Santini, but no payments made. Defendant, a
school teacher here, moved
to Revelstoke, got married,
and started a dentistry practice. Mr. Gibbs moved for
and secured Judgment Sum- j
Phair v. Sutherland, for an
amount paid Mr. Jensen oil
Sutherland's order about the
time he was building Phair's
store: Mr. Peters read an
application for more time or
for trial at Westminster, the
present resilience of defendant, and on the ground that
plaintiff is related to the
Registrar. Further action
to be taken by Mr Cherry—
The Judge pointed out that
summons was served 14 Jan
and steps should have been
taken earlier, but granted an
adjournment- Arthur Phair
for Plaintiff stated the account was about out-lawed,
and liis Honor said service
would obviate that
Indian guides.    Two men went
ahead by steamer from Victoria, allu a good Government job
to'get ready for their reception,     You don't want much!
A CIVIL'^*?2~.DlEf-
Cnnada'* Interest   iu   mu   K-inotlr of 81»
William Ji.lu.iit: n.
Canada and New York have a joint
inteiest in the memory oi Sir William Johnston, the most picturesque
persobal ity of the generation toitw-
diatoly preceding the commencement
of the American revolutionary war.
He was an Irishman by birth, but at
twenty-three he emigrated to tho
wilds of the Province of Now York
to manage an uncle's landed estate
which lay in thc valley of the Mohawk River not far from Schenectady. All about him were the survivors of the great tribe which cava
the river its name, and with these
and others of tho. Iroquois confederation he became intimately acquainted in the course of the traffic which
he carried ou with them. By honorable dealine, an attractive manner,
and facility in accommodating himself to their modes of life he ecauir-
ed an ascendancy over the Indians
that was as advantageous to tho
Government as it was profitable to
When still young he was created
military commander of tho Six Nations, and through this appointment
he was drawn into the frontier wars
against the French. He took part in
1754 in the Albany Conc_re.s, which
was ln some sense the prototype of
the later gatherings out of which
was evolved the American federation.
With the rank of "Major-General" ho
took part in the campaigns of
1755-GO, that ended in the capitulation of Montreal, at which event ho
■ft as present as commander of the
1-idian allies of the British. His
preat personal influence with the Indians of New York kept them from
Joining in the conspi-ncy of Ponti_io
three years later, and when the
movement died down he it was who
by a treaty of amity ciuen'hed at
Niagara the smouldering embers of
that curious uprising.
Sir William John.ton, ln tho enjoyment of a liberal pension and a
Baronetcy, lived till 1774 on an extensive estate granted to him by tho
British Crown close to the place*
which had long been his home.
Johnstown, called after himself, was
founded by him, and there a monument to perpetuate his memory will
be unveiled this month. As the battle of Lexington was not foueht till
1775 he was just spared the catastrophe that scattered his family and
drove them to reside near Montreal
His son, Sir John Johnston, fouorht
on the British ?idc in both the revolutionary war and the war of 1812-
15. To those who- admire patriotic
statesmanship there is on this continent no shrine moro worthy of a
visit than the old home of this famous civilian soldier, whose reputation is tbe heritage of two nations
and whose meinorv is unstained by
nny act of savasrery.
Heroes Exhausted
Body Emaci
T.reol •Feef.-mgrs and terrible
wca.kne33—aw-fered five years
and   restoirec- to health
fcy _>_■_ Chase's Nerve
Mrs.'GeoT-GE Cook, Wolland, Ont,, states:
" For five years 1 wus troubled with nervous.
ness tiicd feeling, headache and a terrible weak.
-loss, I wa; so miserable that I could not attend to my household
duiies. During this time
I was a great suffei er and
became much emaciated.
I  was   treated    by a
good   doctor with    no
=_~n /-rST~~- • ~~ -■■-■•; rrr~~r,^T", —. j"'?- *-./■:      ••.,'»/    ^»«~-i'»..... V..' 7, a  ui'mu huvimku  inn io
ml$MlM M mi ®M  ^Llm^^A^Dr* Ch:,st's Ncrv«
jp IP ^0 00 M$ IaW ; vii^Jwtw™?v,hich idMond,u
e«_      i!~~~~»   /■,«-— *■"■—   /w-     >.~t-^        ■_    \;    i ^-"•(./-v^ic-,.  .tl0lt time was much
Change tor the better and
u friend advised mc to
Paul Santini,
MRS. COOK Improved in health. After using six boxes of this precious medicine I
was sound and well. I shall always recommend
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food for 1 believe it saved
me years of misery,"
Dr. Chase's Xerv? Food, the great blood
bulldel and nerve restorative, fitt. cents a box.
To protect you against imitations the portrait
und signature of Dr. A, W. Chase, the famous
leceipt book author, are on eviiy ho:, ot ins
reniedic_i ,
The  Prospector.*
Notice is hereby given that I slmll nt lhe
expi-y pf 2 months nft r date apply to the
Chief Conii'nissiimev of Lands and Works to
purchase 320 acre; more <>r less of land ir.
Lilhciet Dktiid commencing at a post about
1 mile east of 19 mile post Lillo. et & Clinton
wrggon roi (1 thenre south 40 chains thence
east So ch:i,ii s then ncrlh 4.J chains then west
80 chains to initial post.
18 Mi'e House,    j   DANIEL
April 10, 1900.    f
Notice is hereby given that at the expiry
of 60 clays from dale, I shall apply to the
Chief l om.nissii ner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 640 acres of land in
Lillooet Distiici, lyirg due east of Lot 18,
Creep One, Lillooel District; cumin, ncing
at a post Uinr.ked "A B.H. O'Halioran's
S. W. Corner'' thence cast 80 chains: ihence
north So chdnsi thence west 80 chains:
thence south So chains to'the punt of commencement.
Dated this 13th day)  B.H. O'HALLORAN.
of Match,   19J5.)
Notice i.s hereby given that I shall at lhe
expiry q{ 6o clays from date apply for permission from the Chief .Commission rof Lands
an 1 Works to purchase 640 acres of land in
the District of Lillooet commeucine; about
live miles from North Must corner of lot 225
thence north S-> chains thence west 80 chains
thence South 80 chains thence Last 80 chains
to initial po t  .
Empire Valley,    )      JOHN BISHOP.
March _o, iyo5   J
Notice is hereby given that I shall at he
expiry cf 2 mn.tl.ui apply to lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase ioj acre of land in Lillooel
District, comtnenc ng' at a post about one
mile east of the 20-mile post, Lillooet and
Clinton wagon I'Oid, ihence east 4:) chains,
no;th 4dchains, west 40 chains, south 4,
c'lains IO initial post.
iS Mile liouse, I      THOS. J. COLE,
March 17,  19 .5.J
Notic is hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 60 days from da'c, apply for permission from the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, to purchase 640 acres of
land in :h District of Lillooet, commencing
at a p"int about one mile from North Last
Ci rner of Lot 325, thence Noflll 80 chains,
Ihence west-S J ch .ins, thence s lutll 80 chains,
ihence Kast So chains to initial point.
Empire Vallev,    )
March 20, 1905   j* SAMUEL BISHOP.
Here is a list of papers which you may
sec at our oliice ; Victoria Times, lledley
Gazette, Scientific American, Winnipeg
Free I'i ess, Montreal Weekly Witness, and
the Family Herald of course The Vancouver
World and News Advertiser, Kamloops Wawn., Ashcroft Journal, Seattle I'. I, Herald
of Revelstoke, l'"t Steele Prospector.
The Pro'in ctor will print free ilie fo
lowing adveriUements :
help wanted,
work wanted,
articles 1*01! sale.
Fir Seeds wanted,
For export, seeds of Douglas Fir and cedar
1 will pay for clean seed $1,00 for fir and $2
for cedar per pound.
The seed can be secured by gathering the
cones from thc trees, anil spreading them On
a tight floor, or on sheets; or on paper in a
dry room. In a few days the cones will open
and (he seeds drop out hy stirring them occasionally.
Then clean the seed by using a sieve, or hy
pouting from one dish into another, in a light
breeze, to separate light seed and dirt,
Advise as soon as possible, the quantity
\ ou have, and I will send directions about
shipping.  See my advertisement in this paper
M. J. Henry,
Notica is hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 2 months after date apply to the
Commissioner of Lands and Works to purchase 00 acres more or less of land in Lillooet
District commencing at a post near top of 17
mile hill west side of waggon road ihen north
to my pre-emption then west to my post then
south to southeast post then east to initial
18 Mile House, THOS. J- COLE.
April 17, 190.1.
Throe Marks
m«-. Designs
ytfVIXH      Copyrights As,
A-nyono bciicIIuc. n rl;otr.i nncl description may
~-.iiCt-l_r ascertain onr opinion froo whether «n
Invsnticn Is'nrohnbljrjmtentnblO. Communion.,
lions ~t.ri.tly conlldantml. 1 lancili. ckoh Patents
sent. free. Oldest npency for no curing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
spec iul notice, without charao, ia tbo
stieftHfle Hiertottu
A luindsomoty Illustrated wppklv. Lnreost circulation of any S-HBMltlo Journal. Terms, S3 a
year; four montbSi'gl. Bold by till nowsdculorn.
MUNN & Ca.se,c"—»-New York
Brunch Office, f_l> V Et- Washington. D. C.
Rest and Sleep
Is a marked symptom of nervous exhaust.oii, the natural
ou icome of which is paralysis.
The person whose nerves are exhausted can.
not lceep quiet but is restless and fidgety, easily
irritated and subject to spells of severe headache
ond indigestion. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food thoroughly cures nervous diseases by building up the
system and instilling new vitality into t_;« wasted
nerve cells.
Miss M. Andekson,
135 Creighton Street,
Halifax, N. S , states :-
'' My whole nervous system
was deranged, 1 could no*
sleep and had tevere at
tacks of headache. I procured a box of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food and by the
Jime I had taken a few
boxes 1 was all right again.
My appetite was very much
improved, I was cured cf
sleeplessness and head-
KISS ANDSilSON ache, ?nd my system generally seemed to be thoroughly built up."
By noting your Increase in weight while using
this great food cure, you can prove lhat now, tirrn
flesh and tissue is being added to thc body, To
protect you against imitations the portrait and
signature of Ur. A. W. Chase, thc famous
receipt book author, arc on every box.
Clinton and way points,
Hotel Victoria,
Headquarters of
BIG- Q-A.l~~Ca HITlsrT~E3E,~3
Wire for Outfits, guides
Etc.   Cost  Reasonable.
Every Attention to Travellers and Commercials.
Large Sample Rooms.
Hkadquartf.rs of Ashcroft and Lytton
Stacks.  Special rates for families Spending seasons.
Rooms,   Table, Liquors and
Stabling,   All   Excellent
Leaves Railway at Lytton at 7 a. m.
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays
One hour at noon at Half-way House
Reach Lillooet 5 p. m. Returning on
Fue-days, Wednesdays, Saturdays and
Sundays.   47 miles along the Fraser.
Beautiful   Scenery.
Special Tripe   made.
Write to
P.    REBAGLIATI   &   CO.
If this be respectfully marked red
■It menus that your siibscrlpton und
my rent liave not boon paid.
If niHrkud in a thankful blue you
will know your dollar got here,
nnd a receipt la returning.
Tlie scathing rebuke given by
Judge Spinks of the County
Court at Kamloops, tlie other
day, to bar-tenders who hud
been shown to have given liquor
to men already intoxicated, was
undoubtedly deserved, nor waa
a whit too severe. It is fully
time au example was made of
some bar-keepers, who are guilty
of so gross a breach of the law.
Iu to-day's despatches there is
a report of ti suicide a.t Otter
Flat, of a man to whom liquor
was given while he was already
under its influence. As a result
of that spree, of that overdosing
with liquor, perhaps none too
good, the unfortunate being
took his own life. It is to be
hoped tlmt not only Judge
Spinks, but all others possessing the necessary authority, will
deal rigorously with all instances of violation of the law in regard to supplying persons already intoxicated,   with liquor.
Garden    Seeds,
5, 10, 15 and 20 cents per package,
according to ~ize and quality.
Before the Choicest GO!!
Is the western metropolis of Canada
Is the newspaper that you should read
If you want to keep abreast of the
Subscr'ption price, Dally, $3.00;
Weekly, ,1.00 a year. Bend us 25c for
the Dally for a month and see for yourself   what   we   are.
P. 0, Box ~12-, V-._-c6-iv6r, B. C.
There are very few cleansing operation, in which Sunlight
Scap cannot be used to advantage. It makes the home bright
and clean. m
This battered old type was
handled by u Methodist Minister
fori years. That accounts for
its running so readily to sermons
aud also for its balteredness.
The Vancouver World lately
had a whole first column editorial about St. Paul, for which do
not blame the writer too much,
lie probably thought tlie Good
Tidings of Great Joy had not
ieen heard in parts of 15. C.
Paul said tlie Athenians loved
to hear some new thing, and so
do subscribers today.
Here is about what it amounts
to. Local,—Two cons went up
street, a white one ahead ot 1.
black one. As we go to pre-*,
tliey are coming back down, the
black leading, The  Prospector.
Clinton, April 28
Editor of Prospector,
Sir,—I read in your last issue, a letter
from Mr. Arthur H. Martley. in reply
to my letter of three weeks past, on the
game laws of B. 0.
Mr. Martley eays he doesn't see why
$_ guide for a bit; game hunter should
act as a game warden, unless receiving
pay. I would like to say through yr ur
columns, that while not diecusfeing the
game laws, I do think that guid.s ar.
more directly interested in protecting
game that any one else. As Mr. Mart-
ley eays himself that it is a privilege to
act as a warden, why should lie expect
pay. He also suggests -liepl.erd_ for the
protection of game. What a laughable
idea! Picture to yourself, Mr. Martlev
all ready with a bottle of bug poieon,
his gun BDd an Indian guide, heading
for the mountains, to live on the good
mutton of " an old ram," that he tell-
about, and to act as shepherd to the
wild sheep of B. 0. How many eagles
and coyotes do you think he would kill.
I have been in the mountains a great
deal in the last 15 years and have never
yet seen positive proof of an eagle, coyote ot wolverine having killed a mountain sheep, which I still maintain need
the most protection.
Anyone would be led to suppose that
Mr. Martley was utleily ignorant of the
eame laws, when he eajs that the mutton of the big horn sheep is the best in
the world. Yet he knows that we are
prohibited from killing ewes or lambs
at any time. Surely he will not say Ihe
mutton of a big ram is the best meat in
the world in open season. I am glad to
~4y that my taste differs from his, if Ik
likes that kind of meat.
I baidly expect the Government will
legislate fiom either Mr. Wray's or m>
own suggestions ; but ii thev should, I
am sure they would give better satisfaction to a majority of people, and par.it•
ulaily to the guides of 13. 0. than they
would by lining the mountains with
shepherds at a yearly salary. They had
better make a park of the whole Province, as there are sheep in other parts
besides the North Fork of Bridge Biver
that need a little protection.
I hope Mr. Martley will stop jesting,
■tick to reason, and advance some more
feasible idea, whereby the Government
can better protect the game, especially
the Sheep of the Province, which we all
know are a valuable aeset, if properly
bandied.      I remain,
Yours truly,
The able pens of Wray and Martley
are engaged on the subject of Roads, in
this issue. Have you any ioads up yonr
way, Mr. Pearnou ?
CJ..  __A_.  -t^-Ei-A-XJ-X/,
H General   Merchant. ^
Outfits   and  Guide?   furnished
tOtF"      to   Hunting Parties.       _J_t&
Groceries, Hardware,   Drugs, Photo
Supplies, Dry Coods, Etc.
X.IIi"T~~00~H3T     -     -     LB.     C
POCKET   ZDIJ__._Eai_____3
1, 2 & 3 DAYS TO A PAGE.
At   Smith   Bros'
Vernon and Kamloops
• ■
with the PROSPECTOR,
All Indian living ut rein ber ton
Meadows died of a hemorrhage,
in liis cabin, on the 15l.li. He is
supposed to have stored awny
money somewhere, from many
years of successful trapping*.
On tlie day before, an old Indian woman died.
Air, II. Westburg tho mail man
made a trip to Lillooet this week
Goods are reported to be cheap
at Squamish, and ouly 60 miles
to puck.
Mr. Purcell is still doing business at the old stand at Douglas
Notice is hereby giver, that ! shall at the
expiry of/60 days from date, apply f'»r permission from the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works to purchase 640 acres of
Land in lhe District of Lillooet commencing
ahout two miles' from the North Enst corner
of Lot 225 thence North 80 chains thence
West 80 chains thence south 80 chains thence
East 80 chains to initial point.
Empire Valley,    )
March 20, 1905   f      JOHN ARTHURS
Notice is hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 60 days from date apply for permission from the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works to purchase 640 acres of land in
the District of Lillooet commencing ahout
three miles from North Kast corner of lot 225
thence Nor'h 80 chains thence Wesl So chains
thence South 80 chains ihence East 80 chains
to initial point.
Empire Valley, )    MARGARET BISHOP.
March 20, 1905 f
Notice is hereby giver, that I shall at the
expiry of 60 clays from date apply for permission from the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works to purchase 640 acres of land in
lhe District of Lillooet commencing about
four miles from North East coiner of lot 225
thence North 80 chains thence West 80 chains
thence South So chains thence Ensl 80 chains
to initial point.
Empire Valley, >  WILLIAM BISHOP.
.March 20, 1905. j*
Notice i3 hereby given that I shall at the.
expiry of 60 days apply for permission from
the Chief C'ommisssoner of Lands and Works
to purchase 640 acres of land in Lillooet District, commencing at the North East corner
of Lot 225, ihence North 80 chains, thence
West' 80 chains, thence South 80 chains,
thence Kast 80 chains to initial point.
Empire Valley,    *>  ANTHONY BISHOP.
March 20, 1905, f
Notice is hereby given that 60 days from
date I intend to apply 10 the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase 320 acres of pastoral land situated
in Lillooet District, commencing at a post
at the northwest conr r of Lot 536, marked
Elizabeth Foster's Southwest post, thence
north 80 chains thence east 4") chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated the oth day*! ELIZABETH FOSTER
of April, 1905.   /
Notice is hereby given that 60 days from
'date I intend to apply to thfl Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for permission to
purchase 320 atfres of Pastoral land situated
in Lillooet District, on Thomas J. Cole's
mountain, commencing at a post marked
Moses Foster's west p 1st, thence north 40
ehains, thence east 80 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence west S~> chains to poinl of
Dated ihis 5th day *1        MOSES FOSTER
of April, 1905     J
By George Hurley.
M/'\«/\»/V»/\»/'Nl?//'\t/\T ^SS/^/'\<t/^/S^/\^y\»ys^/\A/\f/\A/\r/\\.'\,/^f/Si>/'-et/S»^
*f? V.<» <S» «*? -38* «ft? •&► •>«» <3»& <..'? «5 e> <SK' •«? *»• <s:> $]e? W >Z$9 W SB? 3S* V_9 <*? * •ss* ♦*♦
7*S/*SASASAS/A\7*\ASASASASASAS,iSA\AS/*S A\A\/i\/i „'*S; ♦ ./♦ \7*\/*\
Baillie Hotel - LYTTON
Under  Entirely New   Management.
Excellent Accommodation for Travellers.
A choice and  varied Assortment of liquors   and cigars,
Good Stabling       —       —       Charges Moderate.
McDonald and McGillivray, Ltd.
General   Merchandise,
Clinton  B.C.
R. D. dimming lias sold the Broadwell
business again.
Ashcroft Customs office has hem. trarip-
fcrr.<JI irom J. f~ Knight   •;> M, ttryf-Oii


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