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The Prospector Dec 7, 1901

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Array |*o*
MXK* _____________
■ -t
$2.00 a year.
Miners Supplies,^-^=^
XiILXiOODEl-., -B.'C.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
Paul Santini,
Carries a  full  stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry   Goods,   I! -ots   and   Shoes,
Hardware, etc.
*      ¥
Lillooet, B. C.
W. F. Allen, Proprietor..
This  Hotel is capable of accomodating HO Guests.   S tuple Rooms for
Commercial Travellers, Everything First-Class.
Hotel Victoria,
XilXiLOOHT   33. O"
•, This hotel being new and thoroughly finished throughout is the only firm
class hotel iu I.iiiooet. Person, citllinit at Lillooet will receive every attention by
stopping m (*•«• Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel, Headquarters for the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
•   •0900     CHAKOltS    MOOIiHATB.     0   0   S   9   0   0
Stage leaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooot, returning next day.    Special trips made.
II you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
iAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, 1890.
Asiay work of nil ile. criptinns tnitlci taken.     Tests mnde up  lo 2000 Ihs.
jiaiic of checking   .metier   pulps.
aptly ait-ndc.! le.    Correspondence    solicited.
Wc are delighted to find thai the efforts to
establish an Athletic Club in Lillooet have
been'slice ess fill. Such an organization has
lung been needed. Any society formed un-
der similar auspices to the above, should be
ably nnd willingly .pported. This young
Dominion will need nil the.* vitality that i.
now being produced In our gymnasiums ami
all      ic clubs,
iDuth as a rule, takes to amusement readily. It requires very little effort to persuade
thu young people to goin for a swim, to fence
and box. Tht* effort io organize them for
these purposes Is often laborious, yet organization and good training are essential to the
lu-'si results.
Hut if the love nf pleasure completely absorbs a jouth, his Career Is closed. We advocate mental gymnastics, to be placed along
side of physical drill. Many a youth never
reads a book, and many Others have only
third rate books placed within their reach.
Kit )wledge is a greater power than muscle,
and unless the habit of 'getting to know' by
reading and rtudy, is formed now, many of
our young people will soon be athletic dunte.t,
Wc therefore would advocate the establishment of tlio Library offered by the govern;
ment. The names of less than a score of
persons are necessary to secure the government offer. Surely the lethargy nmong our
townspeople, yi this matter, is only temporary. We are sure if the library were here
that many of the indifferent ones would welcome tbe books. Hut signatures are neceSS*
ary. The petition is in the hands of Mr. .
Gibbs. Now let us get a move on, nod sign
our names, and thus show that we want the
We have received a copy of the first issue
uf the "Vancouver Ledger."
In lhe City of Vancouver there are editions
of lhe daily papers issued evary day excepting Monday. The journalists of the Coast
have thus far deemed it best to observe the
second day of the week as their Sabbath or
Day of Rest. Now as the-,,Vancouver dallies
ignored the 1st day of the week as a day of
rest, so the Lodger company has no regard
fur the Journalistic day ol rest. IJeing the
only Monday paper the "Lsdegr" hat an opportunity to succeed.
The tone of the lirst issue is healthy. The
aim is to give general and mining news, especially that from inland points.
We wish tho new venture success. We
believe there is room lor a weekly paper if it
is not s 'weakly' one.
We copy tlie full.winn fro;:: the Vic
tenia "Colonial" which in one of I lie few
panel, able nud willing lo ({ive tlie
Bridge River properties their tine
place, flow much more just ia tlie foi■
lowing than, for ex uuple, the Insinuations of the correspondent tn the New
Ytn b Mining Journal, referred lo in our
editorial of November !6lh. The "Colonist writes as follows: Tlie (act that
tiie lien D'or niineti have been compel)-
io no [nto liquidation proves once again
the folly o%em >arkiii). upon an enterprise of this nature without an adequate workln. capital to bring it to a successful Hsne. Fortunate!)' in one sen*i.*
tiie lesson in thin case only impresses
its* If on but a few, as only a limited
number of -hares was held hy the general public, ibe majority holdings being
in Ihe ba tis of tbe original promoters
and members of the directorate. These
Gentlemen have shown tlie utmost faith
in the pioperty—so much ro lhat economy ill one or two minor respects has
not always been consulted. Nevertheless op rations bave been conducted in
a more or lejs effective and systematic
manner, and but for tbe lack ol working capital, already leferred to, and exceptionally ndveise londitions consequent upon the inaccessibility of the
mine, there is no doubt but that the effort would have provjd remunerative.
It is however to be bopeu, that a purchaser may yet he found for the pioperty at a sufficiently high price to al
least return to the present shareholders
the money ih"y have expended iu promoting the undertaking.
<7^~Brief Despatches. ~"X>
Last Monday at noon the 57ih Con-
greas^of American Legislators was open-
One ol the first aciB was to arrange
for a service in honor of Ihe late Pres
itlent. Tne main stitijec'.s of probable
legislation will he iu connection wiih
Trusts', the Isthmian canal, subsidie"
h»r harbor improvements, irrigation ol
Western aiid lands, labor legislation,
Philippine government and a new Pacific cable.
Tlie steamer Faraday has finished laying cable between the Azores and Ireland, for the   Commercial Cable Company.   This completes the fourth,cable
for lhat company, between the. United
.Stales and England,
Since the recent decision of the Privy
Council that each Province  has power
to make  its own.liquor  laws, tlie people of British Columbia are again gutting intt rested  in prohibition.
It will be remembered that-in British Columbia the plebiscite resulted in
a vote by a large majority in favor of
the sale of liquor, and now lhe question
will be ajive one in politics.
The .Sporting Club appearB to be here
to stay; its thrice a week meetings are
very well attended by the numerous
members and very enjoyable evenings
spent. Several of the lads are becoming
very expert in tbe manly art of self
W. E Brott, Manager of the
Anderson Lake Mine, is authority for tlie statement
that a deal has heen completer these Mines. Full particulars will be given in a later
A specially      The United States government is pre-
Snn.ples   from   .he   Interior  hy   Mail  or   Express   I'"**"'** '" W* »eliel to the   115 Nome
miners who are reported to bu stranded
at Unalaska. Captain Healy ol tin
revenue cutter service lias received instructions to hold himsell in readiness
lo preceed to lhe far north in command
of tbe McCul'ock, Tlie cutler is pro
visiouetl for the trip and the govern-
ment is only awaiting specific information Concerning the sttauded Ralph .1
I/uig before despatching tho cutter on
mission ol relief.
>on;t Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
hav»* jist received (litre*, from Scotland tiie beat seloQtion of Tweeds, Worsteds, Sergei
:"<. •  the Interior.   AaVtsfsellntl guaranteed.
TllOXta!) MCCOSH. Merchant Tailor, Asbcrofl, II. C
The latest reports from Cariboo give
three feet of snow on the ground, and
numbers of men already on the scene
putting ii]i shacks, and waiting for
the return of Spring,
The Ashcroft Journal map will be
found to be of great service intending
prospectors. There is uo doubt about
ils general correctness. The information it eivri to comparative strangers
wili b,: found invaluable.
The 'Ledger's Dredge report is true.
It wai suggested that aa the rep irte
given in a few papers appeared to
be false, it would he hci'er not to publish such items at present. Tlie
Ledger now says "All that the Ledger
said last week about the Dredging
pltrit on the North Thompson taking
ut $300 per day and upwards is trm ,
tnd we have undoubted cut!.ui ily foi
-0 slating."
Advertise in ThePros-
The Boers repulsed.
Thc Boer..- on the ti ight of November 26
made a general attempt to break the blockhouse cordon along the railway iiue west of
Middleburg, but were repulsed, it is thought
with heavy loss. An armoured train turned hack the main body of the enemy, ami
the garrisons of the block-houses checked thc
attacking parts a: other points.
From one who is there.
Special to the Prospector.
Tbo Crows Nest Pass is becoming a
hive of industry whicli will in the near
future bring more wealth to those* ho
invest than do the gold fields of the
Already J. J. Hill has moved his
magic wand over tbe coal fields and tlie
"Great Northern" ears are very ninth
In evideuce iu carrying^coal and coke
from Canadian territory to tbe States,
an B. 0. markets are simply a drop
in the bucket and their orders would
not seep the mines working more titan
two days in tlie week.
Th- merchants In thn town of Fernie are alarmed lest lhe Cual Co. erect
stores of Iheir own at the mines w ti it-It
are live miles from Fernie. This would
prnclicall kill the trade of tbe lown,
and ruin tbeir vested iuteresis.
The Great Northern Railway is being
pushed vigorously aud should we have
an open winter it will reach to Fernie
in tlie Spring.
Tilings are looking belter at Ihe new
lown of Michel. Rapid development
may be expected.
The C. P. R. tunnel at the Loop on
•he Crow's Fest Pass ie Hearing COUip
letion. This tunnel through the mountain cuts off a verv sharp curve and a
dangerous piece of trestle work.
This line will be the shortest and
uv st interesting route le tlie   Coast.
Wise and otherwise.
Two Englishmen, both very much
worse for wear, were arrested the other
morning at the Victoria boat, on the
charge of stowing away and beating the
company out of the rightful fare on the
steamer. The men meekly followed the
constable to the police station, aud
when their cases were brought forward
the charges were eaBilv proved. The
men were lined ?5 each or a term of 20
days in jail.
Next morning, one of the men gent
lor an officer and asked to be taken to
a dentist. After some consideration
tbe request was granted. The man said
he did not want to stay in jail, neither
did bis companion wish to while away
■ lis lime there, and he had decided that
the gold in bis teeth Bhouid be sacrificed
in a good cause. So he wanted to Bee
a dentist and have the gold taken out to
the amount of ten dollars, and paid to
city for ihe lines imposed.
The dentist found to his surprise that
the man bad a large gold plate in his
mouth and valued the plate at $200.
Being a tender-hearied man, the dentist declined,to interfere with lhe man's
masticating apparatus, and paid his fine
and both men went to work in the city
Ihe next day to pay back thc amount
loaned to tbem.
Vancouver Province.
An editor in Columbus printed an
item that the man who was hugging
the hired girl had better stop or his
name would be published. In a few
days ahout twenty-five citizens paid up
their subscriptions and told the editor
to pay no attention to foolish storiei
going around.
A wealthy foreigner wunt out intent on
a days sport. He wanted to hire a dealer's
Uest horse and trap, but not knowing his
man the dealer demurred at uniting them
into his hands, Determined to have his drive,
the gentleman proposeb paying for thc horse
and the vehicle, promising to sell them back
j at the same price when he returned. To
that (he other saw no objection, so his customer's wants were supplied, and off he went,
lie was hack in time at the stables, his money reimbursed accordingly according to contract, and he turned to go. "Hold on you
have forgotten to pay the hire" exclaimed
the dealer. "My dear sir," was the cool reply, "there was no hiring in Ihe case. I
have been driving my ownhorseand trap all
day." And he left the dealer to his sorrowful reflections.
Mr. F. II. Kinder is new on the
iang Ranch, Fred is no doubt prep-
ring to receive the 1500 head of Block
tattle Which tl.e Hon. J. 1). Prentice
has recently  ordered  Irom the K.iBt.
act.rand .ood ruputation in t.ob stats [una
in this rouuty required ] to represent and adr-
firtisn old •ita.llshed wealthy business house
ol solid nnantul standi ng. Kaiary I18.U0 wa*k-
ly with oxpsnses additional, all payable In
In cash all payable in cash e&ah Wednesday
direet from the head office*. Horra ana t.rrl
Ages fiirm-ht-'t, \* huu necessary. References
Enclose sell-addresaad stamped envelope. U_n-
agcr, Slfi.Vaxton   Building, Chisago.
Nel*on city is about to lose He itreet
cars. Tbe Company operating the Electric Tramway in tbat city finds that
the business cannot pay its way. Efforts are being made by them to secure
ihe street lighting contract as their surplus electric power ia sufficient for thia
purpose, and it is believed tbat in tbis
a reasonable profit would be made.
Publishers' announcement.
Owing to increase of advertisements, we have decided to
remodel the 'Prospector' and
will endeavor to have the
new issue ready for the New
Lift   Out   of   Despondency
Into Future Joy.
A. It Wai li Great Night fur Our Dark
n in 1,1 Wheu in Bethlehem the Infant
Saviour W». Horn, So Will It Ue i.
Great M_ht When Christian flupa Is
Morn In the Soul of the Sinner,
Kntered aecordinijlo Aet of Parliament of Can-
ada, in lhe year l'.K)l. by William Daily, of Toronto, o I the Dep'u of Agriculture, Ottawa.
Washington, Nov. 17.—In this dis-
courso Ue. Talmage would lift people oui. cf despondency mul bring
something of future joy into earthly depression. The text U Hebrews
vi,   111,   ■•Which  hope."
There is an Atlantic ocean of
depth and fullness iu the verso from
which my text is taken, and I only
wade into tho wave at tlie beach and
take two words. Wc all have favorite words expressive of delight
or abhorrence, words that easily
find their way from brain to lip,
words that have in them morning*
and midnights, laughter and tears,
thunderbolts and dewdrops. In all
the lexicons and vocabularies there
are few words that have for me the
attractions of the last word of my
text,   "Which hope."
There have in the course of our life
been many angels of God that have
looked over our shoulders, or met
us on the road or chanted the
darkness away, or lifted the curtains of the great future, or pulled
us back from the precipices, or rolled down upon us the rapturous music of the heavens, but there is one
of those angels who has done so
much for us that we wish throughout all time and eternity to celebrate it—the angel of Hope. St.
Pool mukes it the centre of a group
of three, saying, "Now abideth
faith, hope, charity." And though
he says that charity is the greatest
of the three, he does not take one
plume from the wing, or one" ray
of lustre from the brow, or one aurora from the cheek, or one melody
from the voice of the angel of my
text,   "Which hope."
That was a great night for our
world, when in a Bethlehem caravansary the Infant Koyal was born, and
that will be a great night in the
darkness when Christian hope is
born. There will bo chanting in
thc skies and a star pointing to the
Nativity. I will not bother you
with the husk of a definition and tell
you what hope is. When we sit
down hungry at, a table, wo do not
Want nn analytical discourse as to
what bread is. Hand it on; pass it
round; give us a slice of it. John
speaks of hope as a "pure hope";
Peter calls it a "lively hope"; Paul
styles it a "good hope," a "sure
hope," a "rejoicing hope." And
all up and down tho Bible it is spoken of as an anchor, as a harbor,- as
a helmet,  us a door.
No better medicine did a man ever
take than hope. It is a stimulant,
a febrifuge, a tonic, a catholicon.
Thousands of people long ago departed this life would have been living to-day but for the reason they
let hope slip their grasp. I have
known people to live on hope after
one lung was gone and tliscn.se had
seemed to lay hold of every nervo
and muscle and artery and bone.
Alexander the Great, starting for
the wars in Persia, divided his property among the Macedonians. He
gave a village to one. a port to another, a field to another and all his
estate to his friends. Then Perdic-
cas nsked, "What have you kept for
yourself'.1" lie answered triumphantly, "Hope." And, whatever else
you and I give away, we must keep
for ourselves hope—all comforting,
all cheering hope. In the heart of
every man, woman and child that
hears or reads this sermon may God
implant this principle right now!
Many have full assurance that    oli
is right  with the soul.      They     are
as sure  of heaven  as  if they      had
passed      in   pearly   panels     of     tho
gate,   ns  though  they  were     already
seated  in  the temple of God unrolling      thc    libretto     of  the  heavenly
chorister.      I  congratulate all   such.
I wish  I  had  it  too—full  assurance
—hut  with   me  it  is   hope.      "Which
hope."       Sinful,   it   expects   forgiveness;   troubled,   it  expects  relief;   bo-
reft,   it expects reunion;  clear    down
it expects wings to lift; shipwrecked,
it expects  lifeboat;  bankrupt,   it expects  eternal  riches;   a. prodigal.     it
expects   the    wide   open  door   of   the
father's   farmhouse.      It  does      not
wear itself out by looking backward;
it. always   looks   forward.      What   is
the use  of giving so much  time     to
the      rehearsal   of  the  past'.'      Your
mistak's are nol  corrected   by a review.        Your    losses  cannot,        by
broodini; over  them,   he  turned  into
gnins.     It is the future that lias the
most. f'ir us.  nnd  hope cheers us on.
We have nil  committed blunders; but
does  the  calling  of  the  roll  of  them
make     them  any   the  less  blunders ?
Look   ahead   in   nil   matters  of     usefulness However   much   you   may
hnve accomplished for God   and   Hie
world's    betterment,    your    greatest
usefulness is to come.      "No,"     says
some one,   "my    health      is     gone."
"No."     says some  one,   "my   money
is    gone."      "No."   says   some    one;
"tin' most of my years are gone and
therefore my usefulness."     Why, you
talk like an infidel.     Do you suppose
that   all your capacity to do good is
fenced in by this life?     Are you going to be o lounger nnd a do-nothing
after you  have quit this world?      It
is my business to tell you that your
faculties are to  be  enlarged  and  intensified  and  your  qualifications  for
usefulness  multiplied  tenfold,   a   hundredfold,   a   thousandfold.
Is your health gone? Then that
is a sign thai .vou are to enjoy a
celestial health compared with which
the must Jocund nnd hilarious vitality of earth is invalidism. Are
your fortunes spent? Remember.
yon are to be kings and queens unto
hod.      And  how much  more  wealth
you wil! have when you reign fo.i-
ever and ever! 1 want to see you
when you get your heavenly wTork
dress on. This little bit of a speck
of a world we call the earth is only
the place where we get ready to
work. We are only journeymen
here, but will be master workmen
there. Heaven will have no loafers
hanging around. The book says of
the inhabitants, "They rest not day
nor night." Why rest wheu they
work without fatigue? Why seek
a pillow when there is no night
there? I want to see you after the
pedestrianism of earth has been exchanged for power of flight and velocities infinite and enterprises interstellar,   interworld.
Am I not right in saying that
eternity can do more for us than can
time? What will we not be able to
do when our powers of locomotion
shall be quickened into the immortal spirit's speed? Why should a
bird have a swiftness of wing when
it is of no importance how long it
shall take to make its aerial way
from forest to forest and we, who
have so much more important errand in the world, get on so slowly?
The roebuck outruns us, the hounds
are quicker in the chase, but wait
until God lets us loose from all limitations and hinderiuents. Then we
will fairly begin. The starting post
will be the tombstone. Leaving tho
world will be graduation day before
the chief work of our mental and
spiritual career. Hope sees the
door opening, the victor's foot in
stirrup for the mounting. The day
breaks—first flush of the horizon.
The mission of hope will be an everlasting mission, as much of it in the
heavenly hereafter as in the earthly
now. Shall we have gained all as
soon as we enter realms celestial —
nothing more to learn, no other
heights to climb, no new anthems to
raise, a monotony of existence, the
same thing over and over again for
endless years? No! More progress
in that world than we ever made in
this. Hope will stand on the hills
of heaven and look for ever brightening landscapes, other transfigurations of color, new glories rolling
over the scene, new celebrutions of
victories in other worlds, heaven rising into grander heavens, seas- of
glass mingled with fire, becoming a
more brilliant glass mingling with a
more flaming fire.     "Which hope."
Now, let me introduce this feeling
into the lives of some who nre at
times hopeless. There is a family
whose son has gone wrong. Father
and mother have about given him
up, he seems so headlong, so ungrateful, so dissipated, and the bid
folks do not know half the story of
moral precipitation. He has ceased writing home, but they hear of
him through people who like to
carry bad news and every time the
report is more deplorablel
swears, he gambles, he drinks,
goes into all the shambles of
His former employer says the
  is no
hope for him, and all outside tho
family agree in thinking he. will never reform. The father and mother
have not quite given him up, and
these words are to strengthen their
hope. That boy is going to come
back. You have a hold on him
that you must not relax. Through
prayer you may win the eternal God
for your side of tho struggle. You
must enlist all tho heavenly dominions, cherubim and seraphim and
archangel, in the movement to save
you sou. Some day or some night
he will call a halt to his infamous
practices. Something will happen
to him, as happened in a New York
hotel to a son of one of the most
distinguished clergymen in Scotland
and one of the queen's chaplains.
"When can I see you?" said a distinguished-looking young man :.t the
close of one of my services in Brooklyn tabernacle. 1 said, "You can
see mc now." lie said: "No; I
want a private conversation with
you at your own house. When can
I come?" I said, "To-morrow
night." "Your name,"  I     asked.
He gave me his name, tlie exact
name of hi, father, whose name was
known r.nd is known through the
Christum world, though years ago
he departed this 1 "e. Returning
Home, I tool* ,ip n took
of which his father was Hie author, and in the picture at the opening of the book I found that the
young man had most markedly his
father's features. So 1 was sure
there was no deception.
On the following evening he enme.
ITe said that he was the black sheep
of tho family flock. Ile had wandered thc world over and been in all
kinds of wickedness, but a few
nights before, after rending a letter
from his mother in Scotland, he had
retired for Bleep, but in the adjoining
room he heard some young men in
such horrible conversation that he
could not sleep. He was shocked as
ho had never before been by the talk
bad men.       Ile aroso, struck      a
light, took out the letter from
mother and knell down by his bedside nnd said, "0 Lord God of mv
mother, have mercy on me!" lie said
thut since tlmt prayer he was entirely changed and loved what he before
hated, and hated what he . before
loved, and asked whnt 1 thought it
all meant. I replied, "You have
become a Christian." Ho said he
might be called at nny time to leave
the city. I never saw him again, but
it seemed to me that he had turned
his buck upon his wicked past and
had started in the right, direction
And it may be so with your boy.
Write him often. Tell him how you
ure all thinking nf liim nt home, and
if may be, your letter in hand, he
may call upon his mother's God to
help and save him. Hope, you of the
gray hair and wrinkles! Heaven fins
its thousands of souls who were
once as thoroughly wrong ns your
boy is. They repented, uud Ihey nro
with the old folks in the healthy ah
of the eternal hills, where they have
become young again.
To another class of persons I introduce the angel of hope, nnd they
are the invalids. 1 cannot take the
diagnosis of your disorder, but let
hope cheer you with one ol two
thoughts. Such marvelous cures are
being wrought in our day through
medication and surgery that your
invalidism mny yet be mastered. Persons     as ill as you have got     well.
Cancer and tuberculosis will yet five
way before some new discovery. I
see every day people strong and well
who not long ago I saw pallid and
leaning heavily on a staff and hardly able to climb stairs.
But if you will not take the hand
of hope for .arthly convalescence let
me point you to the perfect body you
are yet to have if you love and serve
the Lord. Death will put a prolonged anaesthetic upon your present
body, and you will never again feel
an ache or pain, and then in his
good time you will have a resurrection body, about which we know nothing except thnt it will be painless
and glorious beyond all present appreciation. What must be the
health of that laud which never feels
cut of cold or blast of heat and
where there is no east wind sowing
pneumonias on the air, your fleet/*
ness greater than the foot of deer,
your eye sight clearer than eagle in
sky. perfect health, in a country
where all the inhabitants are everlastingly well! You who have in
your body an encysted bullet ever
since the civil war; you who have
kept alive only by precautions and
self denials and perpetual watching
of pulse and lung; you of the deafened ear and dim vision and the severe buckache; you who have ndt
been free from pain for ten years,
how do you like this story of physical reconstruction, witli all weakness
and suffering substracted and everything jocund and bounding added?
Do not have anything to do with
the gloom that Harriet Marti—eau
expressed in her dying words: "I
have no reason to believe in another
world. 1 havo had enough of life
in one and can see no good reason
why Harriet Martineau should be
perpetuated." Would you not rather
have tho Christian enthusiasm of
Robert Annan, who when some one
said. "I will be satisfied if I mun-
nge somehow to get into henven," replied, pointing to a sunken vessel
that was being dragged up the River
Tay: "Would you like to be pulled
into heaven with two tugs like that
vessel yonder? I tell you I Would
like to go in witli nil my sails set
and colors  flying."
Again, let. me introduce the element of hope to those good people
who are in .' ipalr about the world's
moral Condi! ■■ i They have gathered up uppulli.iri statistics. They tell
of the number of divorces, but do
not take into consideration that
there are a thousand happy homes
whero there is one of marital discord. They tell you of the large
number in our land who are living
profligate lives, but forget to mention that there are many millions of
men nnd women who are doing the
best they cnn. They tell you the
number of drunkeries in this country, but fail to mention the thousands of glorious churches with two
doors — one door'open for all who
will enter for pardon and consolation
and thc other door opening into the
heavens for the ascent of souls prepared for translation.
Let Hope say to the foreboding:
"Do all you can with Bible and spelling book and philosophic apparatus,
but toil with the sunlight, in your
faces or your efforts will be a failure. The pallor in the sky is not
another phase of the night, Imt the
first sign of approaching day. which
is as sure to come as to-night will
bo followed witli to-morrow. Things
are not going to ruin. The Lord's
hosts are not going to be drowned
in the Red sea of trouble. Miriam's
timbrel will play on the high banks
'Israel Delivered.' High hope for the
home! High hope for the church]
High hope for the world!
I introduce the angel of Hope to
thoso who through disease have lost
Christian friends. "Ilow cculd I lind
them." says a bereft soul, "up there
in thc land of the nultiuidinous?"
You may find them by inquiry, by
heavenly escort and by unfailing
memory of the guard at the gate.
"And he carried me away in the
spirit to a great and high mountain
and showed me that great city, the
holy Jerusalem, descending out of
heaven from God, having thc glory
of God, aiul her light was like unto a
stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear ns crystal, and had a
wall grent und high and had twelve
gates and at thc gates twelve angels." So you see there will be an
angel guarding each gate. As you
go iu nsk thc armed guard. He saw
your loved one pass through and will
know the direction to take and by
what fountain or in what street of
gold is the mansion prepared. The
blessed Christ knows where your departed loved one is. and he Will tell
you if no one else will. Fifty ways
of finding out the whereabouts of
your ascended one. "But will 1 surely know him when I get there, for he
will be so changed?" Yes, for yon
will be just us much changed, nnd
the old nihility will assert Itself. The
soul will be as easily distinguished
by soul there as on enrth the bods-
is distinguished  by  the body.
Then cultivate hope in regard to
your own health, your own financial
prosperity, your own longevity, l.y
seeing how in other people God mercifully reverses things and brings to
pass tin* unexpected, remembering
Hint Washington lost more battles
than he gained, but triumphed at. the
lust, and, further, by making sure of
your eternal Safety through Jesus
Christ, understand that you arc on
the way to palaces and thrones. This
life is a span long, ending in durations of bliss that neither human
nor archangolic faculties can measure
or estimate — redolence of a springtime thnt never ends and fountains
tossing in the light of a sun that
never sets. May God thrill us with
anticipations of this immortal glee!
"Which  hope?"
1 said in the opening of this subject that my text was only the wave
on the beach, while the whole verse
from which it is laken is an ocean.
But the ocean tides are coining in.
and the sea is getting so deep I must
fall bdek. wuding out us I waded in,
for what mortal can stand before the
mighty surges of the full tide of eternal gladness? "Eye hath not seen,
nor ear heard; neither hath entered
into the heart of man the things
which God hath prennred for them
that love him."
Tbe    Story    of    a    Bran    Founder's
Transformation of Gambrlnna.
A story is told of a brass founder
who was one day visited by a friend
acting as agent for one of the cities of
Central America. Tbe agent asked
what it would cost to cast a statue of
Christopher Columbus for the public
square of the city. The amount wns
far in excess of the sum which tbe man
had at his disposal. He was about
leaving In despair of being able to secure the statue when the brass founder
"Come back In the junk yard and let
us see whnt can be found there."
He went back, nnd tbe brass founder
showed blm n colossal statue of GntO-
brinus, recently removed from the
front of a large brewing establishment
Coder his feet rested n beer keg. In bis
hand was n large and overflowing
schooner, his beard was long and shaggy, nnd about his brows was wreathed
a garland of barley and hops.
"Why, this will never do." said the
commission merchant. "I want a statue of Columbus."
"Wait until I have touched this one
up. Come hack in about n week and
see what you think of it. If it suits
you, you can have It for tbe amount
you have at your disposal."
As soon ns the visitor had gone the
brass founder set two men at work on
the figure of Gambrinus. They removed the beer keg from under his
right foot and placed there nn anchor
and a coil of rope, from his hnnd they
removed the goblet and substituted a
globe, with the continents traced on
it; from his brow they took the wreath
of barley nnd hops and substituted a
wreath of laurel and then proceeded to
trim up his whiskers. The finishing
touch consisted In putting at the base
of the statue "Crlstoforo Colombo."
When the commission merchant came,
lie was delighted with the figure and,
purchasing It, shipped It to the Central
American city, where It adorns the
public square nnd Is looked upon wdtb
veneration by the citizens of that town.
•n«t    by
Particularly     Gnnrd.
Firms Thnt Ilium, u.
"Speaking of Insurance matters,"
said a listener, "I suppose the plain,
old fashioned null has caused more
fires in the big establishments where
machinery is used In many and complicated ways thnn nny other little
thing In existence. The only thing
needed Is for It to come In contact with
some other hnrd material with sufficient force to cnuse a spark and beat
generation. Nails hnve really produced
a heavy per cent of the cotton tires of
the country. During recent years, on
nccount of steps taken by the owners
and conductors of the larger cotton and
byproduct plants at the instance of Insurance men, the nail has uot been
sueh n prolific producer of fires.
"A way has been found, for instance,
in cotton gins, cotton mills nnd In
plants where cottonseed are put
througli manufacturing processes, of
extracting nails and other weighty nnd
flinty substances that may find lodgment fn these Inflammable products.
Gravity Is the natural force used. Nails
and rocks and materials of this kind
are heavier than cotton and Its byproducts, nnd they have n tendency to
force their way to the bottom oT the
heap. By allowing these products to
pass over a rolling belt arrangement
these heavier materials filter toward
the bottom and are finally extracted,
so that when the cotton or the cottonseed passes through the grind in the
various manufacturing processes there
is but little danger from lire so far bb
these things are concerned."-
Hoyt tbe Good House fr Ife Don Cling
to Old Uabblsb.
''Always before we move," .old Mr.
Hilltops, "we go through everything in
the storeroom and cull out and throw
awny the things that we don't want. If
we never moved, I don't know but what
finally we'd be buried under the accumulation of things which from time to
time we save.
"We save tons of newspaper clippings
alone, and we always have a pile of
luagnziiies containing articles that we
want to read over again, but never do.
We put away old clothes and don't know
what not of things we've got through
with thnt are of no earthly use to us, but
that we hate to throw away. And how
we do hang on to some of these tilings!
Why, say, we've got boxes and trunks
containing things that we've saved »n
that way that we've been lugging around
fer years, paying to have them moved
and giving up room for the storing of
thein, that wc never look into nt all. We
couldn't tell what was in some of them
without looking, but they are things we
sort of hate to throw away, and so we
keep lugging 'em around.
"I don't want to drag in melancholy
thoughts in a cheerful conversation, hnt
I find myself wondering sometimes now,
as I grow older, what will become of nil
this truck we save up in this way when
we die. It will all be just lying there,
and those who come after us will look at
it and wonder what under the canopy
we saved it for, and then they'll throw
it away, which I tell Mrs. Billtops we
might just ns well do now ourselves and
get rid of it. There's nothing in the
whole blessed storeroom that we might
not with perfect safety throw right out
without ever looking at it. Oh, of course,
that is rather a sweeping assertion, but
nevertheless it is substantially true that
nil that miscellaneous array of boxee and
bundles there, of odds nnd ends of one
sort nnd another, we might just as well
throw away bodily, and we never'd mi.is
'em. We had a curious experience in
this way last fall.
"Weeding thtogs out, then, in thc usual
manner, we set out of tlie storeroom one
dny three big boxes of stuff to look over.
Hut somehow these boxes gut mixed ;n
with the stuff that had been looked ovc-
and was ready to throw awny, and nwny
they went, never looked at:, nnd we never
discovered it till the next day. Then
there was a time! Mrs. Hilltops wanted
to have me go right away and find out
what dump the things collected on our
block wont to, and see if I couldn't get
the boxes hack. Our oldest daughter,
I.iieiniht. wns sure the green box contained all of her very best patterns, and
1 don't remember now what other things
of tremendous value those boxes did contain, but I staved the folks off somehow
from day to day, and gradually they felt
easier about it and in a week they forgot it.
"That wns a year ago, nnd do you suppose we've missed anything? Why, not
a thing. There wasn't anything In those
boxes that we really wanted to use. If
there had been, we would have kept on
using it, but we hated to throw the stuff
"I tell Mrs. Billtops. as I said before,
that it would be perfectly safe to clenr
out the whole storeroom without looking
nt the stuff at all; just throw the whole
thing right away; that we never Htore
cash there, nor title deeds, nor anything
of real value. Hut she says no: she'd
rather look things over, and I suppose
that some of these old things, anyhow,
mny have in old associations a value
that will make us cling to them to the
A  lli-uii li.-ii   Mnn'H  flonmot.
Once when Sir Horace St. Paul was nt
college lie found a man lying drunk in the
quadrangle and tried to make him get up.
"You're drunk," lie said: "you don't
even know who I am." "Yes. 1 know
very well wdio you are," said the man.
"You're the fellow thut wrote nn epistle
to Timothy and never got nn answer."
This is often quoted as one of the naturally clever retorts of drunken men.
A curious custom prevails in Korea.
If a man meets his wdfe in the street, he
ignores her presence and passes her as if
she were a stranger.
Ilow   tbe   Small   Boy   Succeeded   In
Breaking- Bad News Gently.
"What do you want, little boy?"
"Is this where Mr. Upjohn lives,
"The Mr. TJpjohn that runs the
"He Is an officer In the bank."
"The Mr. Upjohn that went down
town on a trolley enr this morning?"
"I presume he went on a trolley car.
"Is he the Mr. Upjohn that was In
that horrible street car accident?"
"I haven't heard of his being In nny
street car accident."
"Didn't hear 'at he'd sprained his ankle jumpin' out o' tbe car when tho
train run into it?"
"No, my little boy; you frighten me.
What has"—
"Didn't hear how he run Into a drug
store for a piece o' courtplaster to stick
on a little cut he'd got over the eye?"
"Not at nil.   For mercy's sake"—
"He Isn't in, Is he, ma'am?"
"No; he's"—
"Name's John U. Upjohn, Isn't It?"
"Yes, that's his name."
"Then he's the snme man. He won't
be here for an hour or two, I guess,
'cause he's Btoppln' to have one o' hlB
teeth tightened that got knocked a little bit loose wheu lie was jumpin' out
o' danger, y' know."
"Little boy, tell me the whole story.
I think I can bear It now."
"Well, ma'nm, he's In the hosplttle
with four ribs broke, nn' one leg's In a
sling, an' his nose is knocked kind o*
sldewnys, but he's gettin' along all
right, nn' he'll be out ngnin in about 9
month, an' here's n letter f'm the doctor tellin' v' all about it, ma'am,"-
A cup of butter means sixteen tablespoons. When we measure butter in a
cup, we measure It packed solid.
One cup of snuce means one cup of
liquid, regardless of the amount of
thickening and butter that yon use.
A novel and dainty way of cooking
little new onions Is to boll them and
serve tbem on toast, similar to asparagus.
Stir all sauces with a wooden spoon
until they thicken and begin to leavi
tbe sides of tbe pan. Add flavoring essences after taking the pot from the
After boiling a bam let It cool In tin)
water In which It was cooked. TbU
helps to make it more tasty, moist and
tender. The snme rule applies to tongua
or corned beef.
Sardines broiled In a chafing dish are
nice for Sunday night suppers. Use
Just euough of the oil In the box td
cover the bottom of the dish und keep
the fish from sticking. When they are
browned on both sides, sprinkle llber-
ally with lemon juice uud serve hot.
When n man flatters himself ho knows
a woman, he flatters himself.
Carried   Fnrtber.
Not long ago a lady was giving a lecture. Her subject was the human figure nnd the requirements lu the wny of
proportion for beauty. She herself was
of generous—one may suy unwieldy—
size, and her manner was supercilious
and lofty. She wns trying to demonstrate the relative sizes of the limbs as
they really ought to be.
"For example." said she, "twice
round my thumb"—she held It up—
"once round my wrist; twice round my
wrist, once round my neck; twdce
round my neck, once round my wnlst."
Here she paused, nnd a shrill voice
from the audience exclaimed:
"Twice round your wnlst, once
nrouud Hyde park!"
The lecturer hastily pnssed on to another branch of the subject-
Bronchitis, or a Severs Cold ou tho Chest and Lungs, Doctors will Point you to Dr. Ohase's Syrup of Linseed
and Turpentine as tho most Effective Treatment.
For every class of disease there is one medicine that stands pre-eminent as being superior to all others.
In the case of Asthma, Bronchitis, and all throat and lung ailments the recognized treatment is Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed und Turpentine. Doctors do not hesitate to say that when tho patient becomes flushed and
* xn -perated in his struggle for breath, wheezes loudly and experiences intense agony in his chest and lungs
there is no preparation available ihat will givo such prompt and thorough rellof aa
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
Mrs. George Budden, Putnaruville, Ont., says <-"I feol it my duty to recommend Dr. Chase's Syrup of Lln-
Beod and Turpentine, as I had thc Asthma very bad ; could get nothing to do mo any good. A friend of mine
P rsuaded mo to try this remedy, es he had tried it, and it proved successful. I tried it and It cured me. I
am thankful today to suy I nm a well woman through the use of this remedy. I keep It in tho houso all tho
time nntl would not be without it."
Ur, Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine is so well known in the homes of Canada that it seems un-
nccossary to add further comment, but a word of wnrning may be needed. There are other preparations of
llnoeed nnd turpentine, Imitations of Dr. Chase's. Be sure the portrait antl signature of Dr. A. W. Chase are
en the bottle you l.uv. Twenty-five cents a bottlo ; i .miiy size, threo times as much, 60c. All dealers, or
Edmonson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
We want Men, Women and Children to Work lor us at their own Homes, under th* Dlreotltn of
(Authorized Capital, $180,000)    To Fill Largo Ountraota—Good Wages Easily Enrneil
Wo want a few mor_ workers in thit locullty, at once, nnd in order to i*cur* your co-operation without the delay *- <K»rT<eepQndence, we
herewith explain our full plan in this advertif_meiit. The work is -.imple, and the Machine is e-ttH. *_*nvmt*4, a*"**-! wtth ttte (lu.td*d. rvq.nr.-n no
teacher. If you wish to join our staff of Workers let ua hear from you promptly with remittance, and we will vend machino end outfit to b _($!>.
work at once.
We wish U)ser_r* the services of famlHc* to dn hnl.tfrf fer ui In their homes We are the Introducers of tins plan In Ctjisdn ind *H *? him-lt knit..** concern ru tenant I (>•■»%
After long experience, we hnve he-en aide in produce an Automatic klnchine -V which ail klmU of seamless kiitttliie la <lou* tij mil- F.mitt* "SW-hlii*, **.ct.j'*r*-i1iS''i>jt MMH.tr
ordtnarv lulelliaence lo quickly lenrn lo do the work from tha Instruction (Jul.:*.. All lliut «t re-jnire i- that y.u uie th« BM-rhlns a.-wrafh-tf n» U.ftAWes. TlMi _l*-tH__ Wilt* msde
expressly for thin purpose, and the operatfnU So tlit,pie, [l ran not possibly make B mlsuke 111 111 wont, ,  .
Theui--Ht.l_ii.uinl now Is for Woodmen 's Sinks, ami MotOTUieil'S Mittens, .•:„-. v. - ;.;  -,,-,. to sitpply the dams-id, we Hare taken this i_e*bo*ef a*lv«rt»sin-r for more help.
The price we pay forfintalicd hi.-v.'l. storking- la |In.(si pet buii.lr.il ;   WOCdlntll s so< kr. fir  per pelt, ami lui.tnlinM. I Mite, i, ]3< _ wife
'Hit machine .mi lie operated hv any one ol a family. ami at our mires nny siierx-Ur !amity shei.il he iihle !" sin iptn Lliem t-!v .» rMmft*tcbl.h'.
Our plan Im to sriul out enh in.ic tiine in _*«lun*t_ wi;li a wkor «iot:kluK i.urtlallv Knitted, u-nl rvmeinliie lu tlie nwetilua m-iv te t* .._t.|»pT$r S._.tu. Mm"- "-">•>£>. ;_.n Vt-JiUt 1
nnnpolrr.fnainiileai>ckHoratoi'kiiu:n ami a simple ami tompl«t« [nitnirtlnn ('p>l.le, ibowinf how tli" worn l_ to be -lone.   Wh-.n smu^l« U-_ WBH fi»«»i*d *iut .h mi i*_*Af »_*_.» aitM**-*f
tory, weaenilairtiantlty of y.ini. which you knit uml return likewise wta_n tliiinhinl.   We prepay C-UMVCI on ..11 w»rli one w_y. sud our WM.Wrs |i_r nm *W]___   Thc ***»i*V.-* wt
have slated, ia aim pie aiul ntptiil. doue, the muchlue hirtnof u (ajia-hy ui ten Uimisutnl  stitches u minute.    \ve h-irs nn_ny p^raritia now In »u. niii^i.y wlbe r 4ft Milt fr_»i t-wen**yr-11t*
to thirty rairso. m.cksor*li<_fclnL,'sa<lav.*iiin where the time nl a lamilv Is •*t**vf>t«>l lo the York, y_UWt rewllly see ttastfnjtn f! to«lu per wnk 4s ri ba artei** •■tails-..
We furnish nnr workers all the materials. Tarn, etc., free, ami evei Ulilna lhat U i."ce«.-rv for the woik. We fnmtstt tha iim.-hint* mi!> for the ^KfWlv, iua of U«H desiring te
take einplovmem wilh ns, who ir-USU tn order to hecmne a member. Itnd ua at leant, one Bond re'ermn e. mu! rslolttanea aci.oriWnL'ly; tojrlve iM'in« un'rWilf ev-nraiH'.wflwi His .jun.itl-
tiesofv_lnsMi--ys.il we may semi irom lim- to time will not haw«.te<l or !ni<titpp.opr'_t.<l. Oof Intert-is are iniiinaJ, ami this .onffitnt- Bust pe .**_3- hj.V-\ II *_«r« rcre-tO tWtfh
We guarantee fair ileal ing nnd prompt payment (itr Wn.k, so do not ask us to deviate from our terms, a*, we esnnot make mihlltieUou wliL -i,r a_,1 uol auoihvr ; btsluua, wo ar_ ilM/h_
"" --•—-lire business, atii must be governed hy business prinnlplT"
The ma!iu'*''iur«'l price of the
ichllie l'
Titers (S aUrfedenianri by the traje for this dims of work. Our worki
supplied wiih work ss long as yo.ido 11 siTTfiiactnrily for US ami return It prom
honesty and Integrity, we must ask you Wtlo the same. In order that we may k
We have. In st brief a manner as pnss) Me, emlcsvour<'d to show vim whet our
everything weclutin lor li, or refund Hi" money Kach machine, if-curely peeked v
iKixliign-ul shlpplui*- Slinuhl you deride tn **nga__ with us it will he neceStt-7 tOI
yo.ir property, upon receipt of which we will forward ma- hlue and outfit re.my to con
We are so freqiientiv nnd iiunecessarllv a_ke*l ll one can learn in kmi without
the Instnu tion r.ui.le can lenruln knit _t once
Hal any titnns worker Ictinines -u o .1 lifted and wistaria to discontinue in out
condition M when received and provided an aniontiL of work «<)__] i„ the amount pal
In iirlii! ihk y„u inn-; ..-in i...ti |l;-tu.d t'lw 'h- i.tif.•■(•,:■:::■ -i   ■'* ■!■■ trielidu
ud positively will not he sold to any oilier* than those who will ■. .-j -.«■ to do Vnltttuc for us.
"      '" " — J     " *    "   *  **     isr slier year, rtmi if vou au«M* w41ti u» hv_ols or spsre tln__J we wit) ksap *f«n
rhers v. ii'u Isrge ip-itnills..* oi vaiUahle ym ■.. aiul aa n_ (Hve r-fen-i.Ai 1. tusur
Append t
v.   vfeetitr
w with whoi
ion it year after
-nplvs.iy ssto tl__ maehlp*. It la just what ws lepresrnt It tn w. and will piH-tvafy da
til 111 outfit, ll 9.t up  f'ir  wnii,. liiornujfhly lesne,.. *!, I u »<-,_ tt si* «■_;.: 4: mui->!K Viilf-v 1   fc-Wt-**
nd us si least one good reli'ieuce, together with the r*ml-_*ii-c   oi |Vi,.., Which ma_.Mt.i- inao-liie
Leaetaur.   We say, Tss ;  It renulroB no .eschar;   sny parson of •rdtimry iiit«UU«u«s who esc road
miploy we will take hark the msehlse and return the moaey, provtded the asachloeis In ssgutd
>r.%» a ■■■..'..   in.. who willspesk ss tp yonrh-nentf, also nam- your Kssrestexpressuffiee.
Our gstseswsss—KsprsSsOsmptnlSS, Clanks, or Toronto Bki-in»«» Houses. Heart Oftlnoi  Moltlnpp-BI-S*, Tcronto. THE PROSPECTOR
a Came Where Aiiviit Cadets Turned
Discipline Into a Joke.
Among other good stories told by
Cyrus Townsend Brady in his "Under
Tops'ls nml Tents," published by Scrib-
Ders, is this:
It is related that a large number of
naval cadets were negligent iu following the service in the chapel, which was
after the ritual of the Episcopal
church. An incautious officer in charge
on Sunday morning made a little nd-
dreSB to the church party on the subject, saying he supposed that some of
them erred through Ignorance, but if
they would observe him carefully nud
do ns he did—in military parlance, follow the motions of the commanding officer—they would not go wrong.
Word was passed quietly through the
battalion. They marched into the
church. The officer in charge took his
plnce in tbe front pew, settled himself
in his sent and calmly blew his nose.
Three hundred noses were blown si-
multnneously with a vehemence that
was startling. The officer looked around
and blushed violently in grent surprise.
Three hundred bends "followed the motions of the comuiandi-g officer." Six
hundred cheeks violently tried to blush,
a hnrd thing to for n midshipmun to do,
nnd so on through the service.
The man could not stir without instant imitation. Ue Dually confined
himself strictly to the prescribed ritual of the service, lookiug neither to
the right nor to the left, not dnrlng to
raise a finger or breathe out of tbe or-
dlnnry course. This enterprise nlso
wns a startling success.
The cadets received other instructions
later in the day from a furious officer
who sternly resented their Innocent
statements that they did not know
which wns ritual and which was not
and that he bad uot Instructed them
that blowiug his nose stood on a different plane from saying his prayers. It
v;as a huge Joke everywhere.
J. 0. C. Bremner's staghounds killed a porcupine last week. Mr. Bremner took 24 quills out of the mouth
of one of the dogs and a large number out of the mouths of the others.
Some of the quills had worked their
way through the roof of the dog's
mouth and were ,pulkd out point
foremost through the skin of the
nose. They had penetrated the bony
structure of the dog's mouth and
nose in their passage. The -dogs are
very little the worse now, although
their mouths were very sore for a
time. Porcupines are very seldom
seen here.—Edmonton Bulletin.
Bear Sirs,—A few days ngo I was
taken with a severe pain and contraction of the cords of my leg, and
had to bo taken home in a rig. I
could not sleep for the pain and was
umilj.c io put my foot to the lloor
A friend told me of your' JIlNAItli'S
LINIMENT, and one hour from the
lirst application 1 was able to walk,
und   the   pain  entirely   disappeared.
You can uso my name as freely as
you like, as I consider it the best
remedy I  have ever used.
ingersoll,   Ont.
How to Keep the Baby Healthy and
Happy-—Avoid the So-called
Soothing Medicines.
Every mother is naturally solicitous as to the health of her children, but not everyone treats their
little troubles in the right way. The
so-called soothing remedies are still
used altogether too much, although
physicians have preached against
them for many years. The fact, lhat
they put children to sleep is no sign
that they are helpful. On the contrary, soothing drugs are dangerous
and distinctly harmful. At the
slightest sign of Ill-health or disorders, give the little ones Baby's
Own Tablets. The medicine is purely vegetable, and is guaranteed to
contain no opiate or poisonous
soothing stuff. For indigestion, sour
stomach, colic, constipation, simple,
fevers, diarrhoea, the irritation accompanying the cutting of teeth,
j there can lie no better, no safer remedy than this. Baby's Own Tablets
are a sweet, pleasant little tablet
| which any child will take readily,
and dissolved in water, may be given
(with absolute safety to the youngest
j infant. Mothers who have used these
* tablets cheerfully testify to the bene-
i fit. their little ones have derived from
them Mrs. II. J_. McFarlane, Bristol,
Que., says: "In my estimation
I Baby's Own Tablets have no equal
jas a medicine for little ones. In
cases of children teething I would
not lie without them on any account,
as they keep my baby healthy nnd
happy." Druggists keep them, but
if you cannot find them conveniently,
send 26 cents direct to us and we
will forward a box by mail prepaid.
The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Every mother should have our valuable- little book on the care of infants and young .children. Sent free
for the asking.
The first fire engine used in the
United States was brought from
England lo New York In 1731.
Every widow, even to the 300-
pound limit, imagines she makes a
"pathetic figure in black."
MAID'S LINIMENT Cnres Danlraff.
In Now Orleans last year sevonty-
eig-ht persons died from the effects of
gunshot wounds.
miring the month of October 320
immigrants lodged at the government
buildings, Calgary.
Beware of  Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
ns mercury will surely destroy tho senso of smell
and completely derange tho whole system when
entering it through tho mucous surfaces Such
articles should never bo used oxcepton proscriptions 'rom rcpurabio physicians, as tho dniuaRO
they .vill do is tenfold to the (mkxI you cun pos-
ibly dorivo from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.,Toledo, O ,
contains no mercury, nud is taken internally,
nctinK directly upou tlie blood and mucous surfaces of tlio system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Cure be sure you pot tho genuine. It is taken
internally, and mado in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
Cheney & Co.   Testimonials free.
Sold by Brnggists, price 7'>c. per bottlo.
Hull's Family I'iils are tho best.
Slow   wisdom   is   sometimes better
than  sudden  inspiration.
When a widower puts a black band
around his hat, the women say: "The
old hypocrite."
Minard's Liniment Cnres Burns. Etc.
The chief reason most men want
to go to heaven when they die is
that they know it will surprise their
wife's relatives to see them there.
It isn't necessary for a man to sow
wild oats, they come up along the
path he travels.
The fellow with an axe to grind is
always    looking for     someone  to do
'him a good  turn.
MINABD'S LINIMENT for Sale Eraywto
An Odd Neat.
A cor respond ent of Cnssell's Magazine records a curious freak on th«
part of some wasps In Gloucester, England.
The wasps were noticed going In and
out of a lock which secured a workshop door. The owner of the shop had
the lock removed to satisfy his curiosity about the doings of the busy workers. He found a nest inside. The cells
were made of mud ami were full of
larva-. There wero several dead wasp»
Inside the lock.
As tho lock was In almost daily usa
the wasps could not have had a very
peaceful home.
Florida's  orange    yield   this    year
vill be at least 1,20(1.000 boxes.
Because there are sermons in stones
it does not follow that many preachers are old fossils.
After "a woman succeeds in getting
the wedding ring where she wants it
she begins to say what   she means.
Dr. J. D. Keli-gtf's Dysentery Cardial ie a
speedy erne for uyaentery, diarrheal, cholera, summer complaint, ge„ .-ielciie-a and
.otnpl.int-iuci .entui to children teething.
It gives immediate rehtf t* .Irjso biiflering
Irom iru-, tlecis of indisaret'on in e.itini» unripe fruit, euct—aberc, etc. li nets with wonderful rapidity and never fails to conquer
llie disease. -*.* one need fe.ir cholera if
they have a bouie uf this me-icine convenient.
The average man fails to learn a
lot of things that experience should
teach him.
Most  girls who look  sweet at men
don't mean it.
Coquettes  nre like weather vanes-
only  lixed when they become rusty.
MINARD'S LINIMENT Relieves NenralgtJ.
Bucoeetted in KxpreBiing Himself.
Numberless are ihe tricks which
newspaper reporters play upon one
another to relieve the sombre "grinding" of their calling. Two young
men, employed in a morning paper
in a large city, were detailed ono
day to call upon the resident Chinamen and "interview" them respecting
some immigration measure then
pending in Congress. One of the
two reporters was a beginner, and
the other an experienced man., naturally assumed the management of
the  assignment.
"Hillings," he said, nfter they had
invaded several laundries without
any important results, "here is a
tea store. 1 wish you would go in
and talk with the proprietor. I
want to know what he thinks about
Chinamen voting. I'll go and pull
oil an interview with the man who
runs this cigar-shop next door. He-
member to use tho very simplest English at your command."
The young reporter went inside the
tea store, took out his note book,
and thus addressed the proprietor,
who happened to be alone at the
moment :
"John, how ? Me—mo telegraph,
John ! Newspnpe—savvy,    John ?
Ncwspapc—print things. Un'stan ?
Me want know what John think
about Chinaman vote, see ? What
John think — Chinamen — vote —
all surac Melicnu man ? Savvy,
John ?     Vote ?     Whnt think 7"
The Chinaman listened to him wltb.
profound gravity until he had finished,  and replied :
"The question of granting the right
of suffrage to Chinese citizens who
have come to the United .Stales witli
the avowed intention of making this
country their permanent home is one
that has occupied the attention of
thoughtful men of all parties for
years, and it may become in time
one of onraniount importance. At
present, however, it seems to me
there is no exigency requiring an
expression of opinion from me upon
this subject. You will please excuse me."
The young reporter went outside
and leaned against a lamp-post to
rost and recover from a sudden
faintness that had taken hold of
him. His comrade hnd "steered him
against" one of the best educated
Chinamen in tlie United states.
When three women sit down to talk
about a new dress pattern a small
boy with a  toy drum  is  inaudible.
The  Molt  Costly  Thin;-   of  ltd   Kiad
In  the World.
To go to India and not see the wonderful Taj Mahal at Agra would be as gieat
1 sacrilege ns going to Egypt aud missing
iho pyramids. Agra is a small place
about midway on a line drawn frurn Calcutta to Bombay. The English ollicers
who have to spend the summer there lie
in lied all day, with coolies to fan them
and pull the "punka." Therefore I was
constrained to do my sightseeing at night,
it was the time of the full moon, which
in India means a grand illumination, u
light excellent by which to read.
After a three mile drive over an excellent macadamized road my "giiarri-
wallnh" turned into a large courtyard,
which was surrounded with temples built
of red sandstone. These temples would
be lirst class wanders anywhere else, but
anxious to see the "pearl of thc orient"
I started up the steps and through tha
great red doorway, only to stop in amaze-
ment at the inner doorway at my firs*
view of the Taj Mahal. The moonlight
struck full on its pearly dome and threw
into violent relief the slim minarets at its
corners. In front was the water in the
score of fountains, giving forth its own
reflections of the beautiful marble masterpiece, and all around tlie somber, dense
tropical foliage for a setting.
The harmony of the proportions makes
the Taj Mahal look small. Yet it took
20,000 workmen twenty years to complete
it, and it cost about $10,000,000. Standing in its superb doorway I found it
would take seven men placed one upon
the other to reach the top of this doorway. There are no windows—ouly marvelous screens cut in the forms of intertwining vines and flowers and out of immense marble slabs. Even in the center,
where the great sarcophagi lie in which
the builder and his wife are resting, the
decorations are of marble inlaid with
precious stones. The inscriptions are of
black marble inlaid ou white. And the
moonlight obliterated the grain and thc
seams iu the marble with its sheen, and
it was as though this monument to a
faithful wife was oue piece of dazzling
Though centuries have passed its perfection is as grand at this time as when
first built. Even uuder the sunlight tht
next day, when it was not so much a
thing ethereal, no signs of decay were
apparent. It seems that this tribute of
tlie goodness of a great Indian monarch
to liis loviag wife will stand for ages,
telling how one Hindoo had heen faithful
to his love and had raised her up to a
pedestal above him in a country where
womankind is but a slave.*
Pnlntcd Ilep.odtictiona of the Goods
Sold   Within   the   Shops.
There is one custom in Kt. Petersburg, holding all over Russia, so droll
that all foreigners laugh at it. Tim sliop-
holdei-s have huge sigus over the uii.sera
hie peepholes they call windows, and
these signs ure painted with tlie repr
duction of the wares thnt are in the
shops. This was formerly a great con-
venioace to those who could not read,
and even at the present day was not loo
much ridiculed by myself.
Oue would get along famously in Hus.
sia could he read the jaw breaklua
tongue, but the letters in some fronts ami
street corners look like the signs of the
zodiac to the average foreigner aud do
not mean as much. If one could rend
and form an idea of syllables, the veriest
idiot would have a passable knowledge at
sufficient traveling Russia in a mouth
Hut the language bars you out and howls
you over, because perforce you du not
know the fifty-two letters thut resenibh'
tripods and crescents and senrfpins und
inverted r's and other things. _o llie
signs do very well.
For example, a dairy will have a demonstration on each side of the door
where a cow will stand, flanked b.v a
couple of tubs of butter and leaning
against a background of cheeses, while
glasses of foaming milk stand tempting!]
round. I was going to say thnt a pile of
eggs was another feature, but never unless the hen who is responsible for thein
is portrayed loudly clucking over their
freshness. In spite of this, I never ate
a fresh egg In St. Petersburg. A fnr
shop will have a most fascinating array
of fur lined garments and sealskin coats
painted on its doors that will almost tear
you out of your droshky. and the fruit
stores riot with every color in the rainbow ami exhibit likenesses of fruits that
liave never grown in Russia or anywhere
else. And peaches, by the way. aud nee
tarines of good, sweet growth are about
GO cents npiece here.
The signs lend groat color and gayety
to the streets, although you really never
care to buy anything. The goods are all
very mussy aud cheap, aud the famous
Russian silver not nearly so artistic nor
so handsome as our own. In leather and
in marble this northei _ people excel the
Lots  of sermons are aot as  broad
as they arc long.
Truth  is    mighty.   Sometimes     it's
mighty uncomfortable.
When the chiropodist and the hair
dresser aro introduced it is a case
where extremes meet ?
The new woman, if you look close
enough, will often be found to be an
old   woman.
Ladies' Special Hk cold filled
Hunting caso guaranteed to wear fat
2*i years, with either Waltham or Elgin movement. A splendid watch for
a school teacher or nurse.
Gent's Special open face, 14k
gold filled case guaranteed to wear
for 25 years, with either Waltham or
Elgin movement. A good reliable
time-piece for any mnn. Sent to any
addross. Money cheerfully refunded if
unsatisfactory aud roturned at onco.
Two Stores  ||*      MAIN   ST.
There is absolutely no risk
in purchasing your watches,
fine jewelry and silverware
from us. We guarantee safe
delivery; we prepay charges
and cheerfully refund money
in full if desired.
Our handsomely illustrated catalogue will assist
you very materially and
may be had upon application.
Established 1854.
Yonge and Adelaide Sts,,
Willie—Pa, why do they call our
language the mother tongue ?
Pa—It's because your father never
gets u chance to use it.
Mr*. Celeste Coon, Syracuse, N.Y.. writes:
"Por year.- I could not ear many kinds oi
food without produciin*; a burning, excruciating pain in my stomach. I took Parme-
le 'a Pills according: to directions under
'Dyspepsia or Indigestion.' One box entirely cured mo. I can naw eat anything I
choose, without distressing me in the lei'st."
These pills do not cause puin or griping, and
should be uBed wheu a cathartic is required.
Helleve In Yonwelr.
Tt you would succeed up to the
limit of your possibilities, hold constantly to the belief that you are
success organized, and that you will
be successful, no matter what opposes. Never allow u shadow of a
doubt to cuter your mind that the
Creator intended you to win in life's
battle. Regard every suggestion
that your life may be a failure, that
you are not made like those who
succeed, and that success is not for
you. as a traitor, and expel it from
your mind as you would a thief from
your house.
A man's greatest enemies are liis
doubts. Resolutely refuse to surround yourself with an army of
doubts, fears and anxieties. Vigorously dispel those foes of your -success and happiness, or they will undermine your future. Be firmly- convinced thai you wero made In the
image of perfection, designed for success and happiness, and that you
have the power to strangle the «vila
which would  r.hwarl  vou.
Rome men have no use for music
except when they axe permitted to
play first violin.
Tooth Powder 25*
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
Sotodont L4ct-.i«_ _5c.   Lnf-O lviqui-1 and Powdjr 75*°
At all stores or by mail.    Sample of the Liquid for the postage,].,
HALL, 00. ROCUEI,, New York.
Bargains Pianos- Organs
Our Mr. Hatcher goes east this week to select a large stock of
Pianos and Organs for holiday trade. In the meantime we are
offering some great bargains to make room for n-'w stock. Write
early for Catalogue and price   list.
We have a large number of  good   second-hand    Pianos and  Or-    x
gans for sale cheap.      Eldredgu "D" Sewing Machines. j
Forrester * Hatcher   *
Y.  M.  C.  A.  Block, _____       Portage  Ave.,  Winnipeg.    9
Os Ctc/ls   tf   ^il/ :fl(l^^j4^M OsTbd, /VMS
THE    a
Has won an enviable reputation in the Stove world. In its
construction every important
improvement has been added
which haa made it tho mo-l
desirable steel range for domestic use.
Every detail has been carefully studied to make it efficient, and wc are proud to offer
it to you as a model of steel
range construction at a reasonable price.
We mako this mngnificcnt
steel range as illustrated with
four or sis No. 9 cooking
holes. It haa a large copper
reservoir, ia fitted with improved duplex grate to burn
any kind of coal; the oven is
largo and is lined with asbestos board.
It will bake biscuits in THREE MINUTES using a very small quantity of c
Price as illustrated,    (with •_ No. 9cookingholo_ $55.OO )F. O. II.
(to burn coal or wood)(    "    0 No, 9      " "       $60.00 ) at Wjit.
V?o givo a gim.antee with every range sold,
stovo dealer, write us for further particulars.
If nut kept iu stock by your local
T-E-CE    GTJ_R3STE~r    FOXJX<TI_)_R.-_r    CO.,   Limited,Winnipeg
God made both tears and laughter,
and both for kind purposes ; for, as
laughter enables mirth and surprise
to breathe freely, so tears enable sorrow to vent itself patiently. Tears
hinder sorrow from becoming despair and madness ; and laughter i.s
one of the very privileges of reason,
being confined to the human species.
—Leigh Hunt.
There never was, and never will be, ft
universal panacea, in one terat dy, for all ills
to which flesh is heir—the very nature of
many curative* being 6*U()h that were the
germs of other and differently seated diseases rooted in the system of the patient—
what would relieve odb ill la turn wonld aggravate the other. We have, however, tn
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many and
grievous ills. By Its gradual and judicious
use the fru.ile.et systems are led into convalescence and strength by tiie influence which
Quinine exerts . n nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of interest in life is a disease,
mid, by trunquilizing the nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing Bleep—imparls vigor
to the action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veina,
strengthening the heat thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the frame,
and giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand, increased substance—result, improved appetite. Northrop & Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the public their
superior Qulntae Wine at the usual rate, and,
gauged by the opinion of scientists, thu
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
the market.   AU druggists sell it.
With some people even the smallest,
troubles come in large sighs.
In a poker game even a vegetarian
his been known to play for stakes.
Pabuel-ee's Fills possess the power of
acting specifically upon the diseased organs,
stimulating to action the dormant energiea
of tho system, thereby removing disease. In
fuct, so greut is the power of this medicine
to cleanse and purify, that diseases of almost
every name and nature are driven from the
body. Mr. D. Carswell, Car_well, P. 0., Ont.,
writes: " I have tried Parmelee's Pills and
find them an excellent medicine and one
that wld sell well."
No man believes that he is fully appreciated.
Even hush money is apt to talk.
The golden rule never gets the gilt
rubbed  off  it  from over use.
fade, but young lives endangered by severe
coughB and colds may be preserved by Dr.
Thomas* Eclectric Oil. Croup, whooping-
cough, bri nehitis—iu short, all affections of
the throat and lungs are relieved by this
sterling preparation, which also remedies
rheumatic painB, sor* s, bruises, piles, kidney
difficulty, and ia most economic.
Mean Yankee Trick.
Burton—Speaking of business tact, 1
don't know of any one who cnn go ahead
Of Tinloigh. who runs a summer boarding house down our way.
Carter—What, old Tinleigh of Hayseed
Burton—Tes. He dumps all his old
vegetable cans in the vacant lot next to
Stowell's place. In doing this he kills
two birds with one stone. There being
no cans on his own place, his boar-derB
think the table is supplied fresh from the
farm, nnd, on the other hand, everybody
naturally connects the old tin cans with
Sto well's boarding house; result. Tin-
leigh doing a rushing business and
Stowell isn't making enough to pay his
illowaj & Chaimpioi) j
Writo lo us for p*icos of SCK1T-
Got our List of Lands.
Stocks and   Bond.i Bought and   Sold.
Wo csn furakh tho exact amount of
Scrip  for any  payment  on  Dcx___.on
Landn.   Do not pay cash.
I  )
^_G_-_sT7?S     WANTED
WANTED, Agent for the sale Of Bwdl Russian
apples, currants, gooseberries, ornaraental trct*s
ami seed Potatoes. Every salesman has exclu
sivo territory. Sample put-t free. Good pay-
We aro ono of the oldest e=t:iMifliecl firms iu.
Canada. AnpplynoW. PELHAWI NURSLRY CO-
Toronto, Ont.
N. MCntalofrae free.   Farmers can make pood
money during their slnck season.      P. N Co.
for ns at homo. W furnish vnrij nnd machine. Easy work. Good pay. llnnrt Knitters
i*lso wanted. Bend si.-imp f r particulars to
STANDAKD I10SK Co., Dcpt. H. Toronto, Ont
Don". Be Idle-
1! su pj'lj* y"u with work: I
to oo actio at bi.mc. (10.00 ;■■•■: I
I week Hilly «-..._=_ knIUlnp MX, We supjily ruachin* flint I
■ material, ana pay for wrfe-sni'iit V   Vvmflta*0ar.  The I
I r.opln'i K i.l-nn,: .*-*. t,-.- .i:i-. UmUnl, Toronto, Canada.
_g—■——y—^—>>■! iii ■■■■■ —■■w im
The contortionist is not tlio only
follow who is given to patting himself  on  the   back.
The man who would try to stab a
ghost would stick  at nothing.
A wise man never interferes wilh a
woman who is minding her own business.
Nearly every bad young man you
meet has a good sister to watch over
A Cincinnati physician toollshly
took some of his own modicino. The
verdict    of the    coroner's jury was :
Death duo to unprofessional conduct."
And let tis supply yon -wilh
u clean cnt,m<>aoni lot thnt
will britflitaiiup your pages
nnd pleaso your roade.a
and advertisers. Write us
ior estimates <m anything
in printer's material.   : : :
175 McDertnot Ave., Wiuuipop.
W.  N.   U.  No.  "" THE PROSfECTGii, ULLOOET, B. C, SAT UK DA: Y,  DECEMl.E.i   7, 1301.
»     LOCAL   NEWS.     |
Mrs, Harry Brett, of Bridge Kiver has
been enjoying town life during the past week
and took her old-time place in the choir on
Sunday evening.
Dr. Sanson caaic in Monday.
Mrs.   Oswick lias returned irom a trip to
Mr.  ]. Watkinson, of l.ylton Road spent
a, frw days in   town this wee!;.
Mr. W. Cumming, Jr. formerly of Lillnoet,
hai secured a good position in New
Mr. W. Wehh, of J-yttun, paid I.illoucl
a visit this week.
Mrs. W. G. Manson ha* been in poor
hanltli lately.
Messrs Stirling and Living..one, the ft r-
mer nf London, l£njjan<l, came in on Mon-
day  from   their hunfing   trip.   The   party
got some tine  liends
Queen   Alexander  reached   her o" I
birthday on December Iti.   -b.lqug.i
Den Hurley is   expected   in  tonight,
having under.onft a serious operations! S_B waaPrinceiB  of Wales her wiehei
that tlie day be uot formally obf>erve •
were te.pected, but now lha> she is
queen   the country iusiots on ieiob-Ut-
Mre. Cowan and son from Quebec
lister and nephew of Mrs. Lochore are
visiting at Bosebank Farm.
Arch.   McDonald   ros.d superintentl-
ent hai returned from Ibe East Riding,
Divine Service will be held by Archdeacon Small ou Sunday the 8th inst.
at 7  p.   m.
Mr. S. Oinbs has taken an agency for the
Confederation Life Insurance Co.
Mrs. Wright and children returned    last
night from  their visit to Pavilion  mountain.
ing her nalnlday.
Her Majesty, it is well known, would
much prefer that the anniversary le
observed quietly, but ctiBlom and tradition, declare in favor of a general holiday.
No sovereign is more popular eir.oni
the royal house* of Europe than King
Albert's gracioilfl consort.
Asthmalene brings instant relief and permanent
Cure   In   £11   Cases._
w_ir_ vuur n*aie ano aodkess pLainlv.
There   is   nothing  l.i It e As t li-
i en.-.     I 1    b r i ti ti f     i n i- I a li t.
re 1 i e f, even in the worst
i<8t«r,     It   I'liti-H   wl en   all   else folia.
The Rev, C. F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
III., say*.: "Your nial bottle of Aithinalene
received In gtodcon'itirn, I cannot tell ymi
how I hank fid I feel for the good derived from
it. I was a .slave, chained with putrid s"ic
throat ami Asthma for icn yenrs. I despaired
of evtrlfcing cured. I saw your advertisement
for the cure of Ihis dreadful ami tormenting
liseuse. Asthma, and thought you had ovei-
►poken yourselves, hut resolved to give ii a
trial,   To my astonishment, thc trial acted like
a charm.    Scud ine a lull-size bottle."
Hev.   Dr.   Marrtn   WjcJisUm-
Knfibi of the Cong,   finai  Israel.
New   York, Jan.   3.    1901.
Gentlemen; Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and liny Fever,
and ils composition alleviates nil troubles uhii h
combine with Asthma. Its success is astonishing
ami wonderful,
AXES   $   AXES   ^   AXES.
We carry a large stock of the famous
Kobert Mann's Double Bit Axes in Falling,
Swamping and California Reversible:, also
Single Bit Axes handled and unhandled,
Axe Handles, Pick Handles, Sledge Handles, Cant Hooks, Peavies, etc., etc., and can
furnish low prices and  quick delivery on
j;,",'j,\   these goods.
HUcLennan, l_oFcely & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
EVESY""**^-' **f_-pBia08
Mr. VV. M.jlJmudun, who has been indisposed for some time,   is now better.
Miss Bracken was in town from Shermer's
rauoh last Tuesday.
Mr.   Harthorne   from   Bridge Kiver has
been making »_brief stay in   town.
Clarke _ Co., Lillooet, have a com •
plete stock of Drugs, Medicines and sundries. Letter orders promptly attended
to. Just tell them what you want 01
what the tiouble is, enclosing money and
they will do the rest.
We want your orders
for Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
Lillooet, B. C.
If you want seeds, bulbs, tree.s
and plants write to Mr. Henry
whese ad. appears in this issue
Read it.
Administrator's Notice.
Re the estate ol the late William Young,
Any person indebted to tho estate, or having
anything belouging to the deceased, it- hereby
notiUed to pay over or deliver enme io tin.*
undersigned before thuVWth oi Pedruary 1_U_!.
A 11.1 nil persons claiming any rtccount will
deliver the saint-, duly verified and sworn to.
after which date I ahull proceed to iidiniiii-t.)
said estate, having due regard to -til tiie in-
teretts aud accounts rondcied.
James ii. Voting,
Bossland, B.C. November 20th 1001.
Afier having ii  carefully analyzed,  we can state thrit   Asthmalene   contain.
no opium, morphine, chloroform or ether.        Wry truly yours,
Hold. 8<|.p..1>«i1 ami Copper Mine* wanted al the EXCHANGE.
FI'KK MILLING Gul.l) propeilies wanted nt once (ur Knatein In-
Parties Iiiivini' mining prop, rty fnr *ale are requested to send .ample
of tin ir nre lo llie LXCHANUr' for exhibition.
We de-ire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral claims
in British Uol nm Ida.
Prospectors ami mining men are requested to mnke the EXCHANGE
their headquarter, wheu iu Nelson.
'All sample* shun tl he sent hv ex-prens PREPAJJ).
Correspondent's eolieited.    Atldress a'l i'oininiiiiic;ttior,.* to
Telephone No. 104.    I'. O. r.ox 700. NELSON, _.
NOTIf'Eia hereby given that it is my intention, at the next meeting of the Ro-ird of License
Commissioner., to apply that the liquor Heed*
M hitherto grnnted to tlte Fxcelsior Hotel in
my name-hall in future be in thc names of
John Miller, my partner in the said business,
nnd myself.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt at the next
ceurt ef license uotnmiMionera for this district
It is my intention to apply for « transfer of the
Pioneer Hotel liquor license in my own name.
W. F. Allen,
I aeter and good reputation in each state, oue
I in this county required, to represent and ud-
Ivertiseold established wealthy business hous-
les of 6oIld fluanclnl standing, Sulary $18 00
■ weekly with expenses additional, all payable
Bit. cash each Wednesday direct fiom head off-
llces. Horse and carriages furnished when
li-iH-esnary. Enclose self-addressed Btatnped
I.nvelope. Maaagitr, _*16 Caxlon Building,
phii ago.
Sale of Personal
and Real Property
for Taxes.
Xe*ti_- in hereby given* thai under the Asses*
meqL Act und anitfiuli.i->iii_ thereto, there t>
due and unpHid for Mineral Tax the sum of
$897.02, by the Demi Or Mines, Limited, the
owner ol the Little Joe and White Crow Mineral Claims, being Lotl 6_9 and Mo. Group ],
Lillooet District, situate at C«dwa!Inder cr.ok
iu the Ullooet District, and in the Li 11 oue*i
Assesment DiRtrlef.
In accordance with the pro.l.iens and requirements of the Assesment Act and Amendments thereto. I have distrained the goods
and chattels (Including a ten Stamp quartz
mill and tools] of the snid Bend Or Mines Limited, iu the said district for the puymont ol
the said Mineral tax nnd shall expose the
fame ior tale, by public auction, at the Court
House, Lillooet, on Tuesday the twenty-sixth
day of November, 1902, at the hour #f two Ju
the afternoon) or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy the.suid Mineral Tax and
In default of sufficient distress upon snid
personal property, the goods and chattels of
the said Company or the amount rani feed from
the public sale thereof, being in. ulThient in
meet Said Mineral tax und costs, ._hull atth*
time and place above mentioned, expose ior
H*le by public auction, the lauds of th« said
company, consisting of the Little Joe, Jim
Crow Fraction, White Crow, Bend Or Fraction
and Delighted Mineral claims, iu said Lillooet
District, or SO much of the lands of lhe said
company, situate in Lillooet Assessment Distinct as may be sufficient to pay the suid
Mineral   Tax and COsti,
Given   under my hand at Lillooet
this 18th day of October, 1901,
Caspar Phair,
Assessor aod Collector far tiie Lillooet Assessment District.
The above sale Is postponed   to  tthe  twenty-
fifth day of February, 1902, at the Bame  hour
Caspar Phair,
Assessor and Collector for »h« Lillooet Assessment District.
Avon Spuincs, N.  V.  Feb. t, 1901.
Dr. Taft Bros. Mr-hcim. Co.
Gentlemen: I write thi. testimonial from n sense nl' duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of your A-itlm-ilene, for (lu cure of Asthma. My wife has been
afflicled with spasmodic asthma for the past 12 years. Having exh t us ted my ow n
■'kill as well as ihat uf mnny others, I chanced lo see your sign up'ui your win-
bows on 130 street, New Vork. I at once pbtained a I utile, of asthmalene. My wife
commenced tatting ii about tbe first of November, I very soon noticed n radical
improvement. Afler using one bottle her asthma luu! disappeared am] .he is entire!)
free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the mediciut
to    all    who   are  afflicted   with   tbis   distressing   disease,    Yours    respect fully,
O; il rni-.-rs, m. d.
Dr. Taft Bros,  Mkdicini. Co. t*cl*. 5. igor.
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous
remedies, but they have r.l! failed, I rati across your advertisement and start-'d w't
a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your full sized bottle*
and I am ev_-r grateful. I h-ive a family of lour chiltlr^'i, and f>r six years was
unable to work. I am now in th^ bust of health and am djing business every
day.    This  testimony you c.\n make sueh use of  ns you see fit.
Home address, 235,  Kivington street. S.    Raphael,
67 East 129th st.,   New  Vork City.
Trial bottle sent absolutely frse on receipt of postal.
Do   not delay.    Write at  once,   addressing DR. TAFT BROS' MEDICINE CO.,
79 East  St., N.  V. City.
Tlie new stage lino loaves Lytton every Monday a«d
Friday for Lillooot, returning next Jay. Special trips
made,   Writo us for information.
Peter Rebagliati & Co., Lytton B. C.
Sold by all Druggies.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Do you want a bargain? Wc offer tlie
STAR; Photos of the DUKE
land DUCHESS of YORK; and the
Prospector; all for 50 cents.
The subscriptions to both papers will bu good for tlie
remainder of this year. Those wbo have already
renewed can, upon payment of the above,
have their subscription extended.
I The photos will each be about J4x20 inches in sizo andlof-themitworiber, ttnie. ..rtrnn i ni Bn .
I ' entitled the Mineral Aul Amenrimoul Act, 1!
11 be suitable for framing.  No better opportunity can be    ivo-intuuooei thi, sutdnyoiseiitomi
ran for obtaining photos of our future King and Quern. '
Toildors nre Invitocl for lhe whulo nf Hie
proporty, Including drown Gmuted ultiiins,
!-iill situ, Cyiini'te mill, (t'Apitcfiy lo tn 60 ions
»1nfly>, tramwHy, nsnuy nffli-o, ltihoratory nnr)
fuUeqitlptnetiti of Iho Toronto Lillooot Gold
Hi'.is Company Limited, *.fturtle in tha Lillooet
district of British Culuuiuin; inelu-^'ng the
Ample, Whale, Motinroh nml IVellaod Vnle
mines which nr_ Crown grunted, al-io thu
JCortli Star, (Joldpn strip'.', flolden Kagle. Ruby
nnd jinnlio mineral claim. In ihe .tune dl*(
rict. lopelher with a t-'ii stamp mill, tmichinu
drills hikI otlior equipments. Cash tenders for
the whole proparty me requested but
offjrs for wniking optlous or for portions
of tlie property will be considered From llie
former group 050 lonsof ore Iih.s ben milled,
with tin ftssuy value approximating ?U).ob to
111.00 Wrtgon roiul from Rati road to mill. The
whole of tin*, uh-vi* -..ill bear looking into aud
Invesllgation and nre au oxcepMounlly Intpor*
tnn! aud valuable group of elafnn* with full
working equipment, Full particulars mav be
im.I (to application to Edgar Mlooiufleld
Llquldalor, P. O. Box 7.3, Vancouver Ji C,
The Prospector is the
best advertising medium in this section
Have your ad. in  at
Lillooet, B. C.
Mnuufaoturur of nil kind of
None hnt ihe best material "i^ed. Miiutf or
prospectois sendiUg in orders will roculvs
prompt intention und salislaotlon guavnntea
To Delinoiient
I.ILl.OOET,    B. C.
Repairs  neatly  executed.   Harness  made
and repaired.
Daily service to anil fr■ ■ iri
and .-.11 points  K.ict  and  West.
Fast steamer porvice from Vancouver to
Pup., nir. r* booked to and from Oil
Country polntF.
Full inforniHtion nnd illustrated
piiinplil.il> will l*e furnish.d on np-
plicalion to an v   C. P. 1!   agent,  or lo
A lull stock of all   iiids of
Is now for sale by
Store and Repair Shop in Uren lllock,
Call and examine stock.     No I rouble n
show goods
_  J. COYJ.E,
A. (I. P.A.,
Vancouver, 11. C
G eneral liar J ware,
Paiiits, Oils and Varnishes,
Sto\*es, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Minors Stool, Picks, Shovels, etc.. Wire fiiilih
mul Itussol Woe Fonelns.
Cariboo and Liilooct
Stage Lines.
Mead Office-Ashcroft, B.C.
Lillooet. B. C.
Minors Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness <._ Saddlery
Furniture, etc..
AM orders promptly altendedto.
Bus meets all steamers.   Teftmlnfcby Hay
or coil tract.     Ri^s ami hordes for
hire at moderate rates.
ToALSXASDER McntiNAI.Ii, or In nny ner-
Krin or porddtlH to Whom Me tuny huve lrnn*-
rtirrorl Mu IntorostM In tin* ^otitontiliil nml
PhiisIi »h ininorul claims oltuatu "ii MtUllllvray
1'ieel;, fit llie Lillooot ^lining Uivi_oi of.Lil-
looet ilistriet.
Von are hereby notified Unit I have expend*
i*il the sn m nf $11 fer In lion r nml lini-invetnen;*
upon lltotthovc iiH'ii'inm'd minernl elulnik, In
order to hold mild .Minernl cIhIiiis under the
provisions of thoMlnorHl Aot, itrjd if within
ninety diiys from this notiveyou fail or refii.i
to rontrlbule yonr portion of mteh oxpoiulttui*
togolher with «.llcoat of Hilrertlsln., yoiir I
terestn In ."nM elrtlms will become the propo
Jilli ')S ior Full or Sprbu plantinv.
Seeds, Plants,
Cntnlogite fire.
I_j. J. Henry,
'r.og,  \Ve*ltninsttr   Roatl,  \;inronver, X..C
Willi-   1..DOK UNI v.
Clinton nnd way points, Monday,
VVtdhecd.iy and Friduy.
All poiiii!* iii Cttfilino—(FTorpeflv,
Qh'-ii. I Forke, Uliilcoien Alkali L.iko)
un .M'iniliiyH.
1-50 Alila   II'Mi*c ami way points—on
Friday, (extra seiviee )
Lillooet,     —.Muinlay  and F, ida;,
S eeial eonveyui.eea (Urnlelled.    Send
for folders.
Lillnoet. B. C,
Mineral Act, 1896.
[Form  I'.]
Certificate of Improvements.
M. Joseph   and St. John itinera, ('.ilmi
.itiiftie tu tlte Lillooel  Miultif  DItimuji
of MUooerDistrict.   When. tnt'm#_:   Ob
Anderson Lake and both *out<>t Mi-^iU*
ivray Orwok
Take notice tbat I, Pen_r Burn*., a»i.ug «■
tiguut for a. St.   Uuortffl tlianmtr'iiM'f.   Fi*«
.Uiuor'H lOiUHuatu No. B. KURl.   Kro*  Miner'*
curtlflctiloKit. WM), Intend, nl.xty dnyi frcm
the date hereof, to -Apply t<> lite MininK llaeordt
it tin* h corti-n-c.trto iff iuiitrov-._nri.rii. lor  the
purpnuo of obt*iii)int( «. Uro\m tinni of ihe
ttbOVO (-lttil)IK.
Aud further take notice ti.«i n*. 11#»m. «»«i«r
.oetlon 87, mnatbe iloinhienLed  hefoc* the   t.-
sintnccol BUoh Ceiiifi'Htt.   if  fmjir,toTeiiifnt«.
timed this uighit.1:ixli uay of October.  IVtM*
F. M. V. So. J»,aW.
Half-Way House,
llendquartors for all Stiifei.
''ilWl.'V- M'jGtLLlVK VV, IVopri.tot


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