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The Prospector Mar 22, 1901

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Array '-^JkjjL^J
Vol. 3, No. 37.
LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, flARCH 22, 1901.
$2.00 a year.
gkes3^t:e_:R/.a.Ij   jvn_3__^os:JL^rT
Miners Supplies.'
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C1
a full  stock of nil V.'uuU of Go cries, Dry
Hardware, etc.
(0*rriea a full  stock of all kinds of Go cries, Dry   Goods,   15_ots   and   Shoes,
Hardware, etc.
■£»IO__T"Hil__rR  :HOT.fl3L.
l.fllooot.  E3.  C
PR .!>. H.  NELSON, Proprietor.
fcunu>J   K. hits   for    (-cinrtitrclivl    Tr*v«11erB '
L&y#ry Sinble In OnntiOi'tlon.  Bum muulfl
Ulctt'nb'ttil lor an—ts tn tiu<I from
£«ttenn"i  !.L|.f nnl Itri4a'e
AilVOl     |m.1I.H.
Hotel Victoria,
Thii liotel bein-^ new nml thoroughly finished thrr.utjlio it is the only firat
class hotel in Llliooet. Pcrs ii" ealiinn nt L lionet will receive every nttention by
■topping at tba Hotel Victoria. Ooorl stabling in connection with tlie hotel. Headquarters fur the LilL.oel-Lyt.ltui etuge.
•   0   0   »   0
CHAHaits   Mot ii:t(A tic.    9  9  9  0  9  9
D. _p*e&«_j3__:», pbop.
■•■illooet,       - -      ...       a. 0.
The Bar ia supplied with tlio belt Winef, Liquors and Cigars.  .■ .mrrs j
Stage leaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.    Special trips made.
If yon contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write ub for information.
CAMERON St HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, 0 L
Gsneral Dealer
Full   line   of   Groceries,   Dry  Ootids,   Boots   and   Shoes
Ohothing and Hardware.    Miners' Supplies.
Kamloops, B.C.
Furniture of every description,   Carpets,  inoleum,  Win
dow Shades, Cornice Poles, etc.
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
Far Alaclra *la,mers '"r Skagway nnd Alaska paints leave Victoria every Wednesday
■ HI   «ICiar\CI.    evenmif Hint \ iinrnaver every Thtnsilftv nt 1 p.m.
8W.mci.iiir B.C. Noilliern 1 mills H'.ive Victoria .nil Vancouver weekly,    RprnUr steamers
fir all British Columbia points.   Particulars ou uu:>lication. C. i. BA XTKK, U. P. ,
subscribe for The Prospector.
A petition will shortly be circulated
and forwarded to the government asking for the street on the river
hank to be opened up. It is the intention to make a thirty-three foot street,
instead of sixty-six feet, so as to overcome some of the difficulties of people
having houses on the line of Btreet. The
opening up of this street is a good move
and is a thoroughfare that will give access to valuable property, besides cleaning out a few of the dens run by the
Chinese. A move is also being made to
straighten out the affairs of the street
running past Uren's blacksmith shop
nn which in Hurley's house and barn.
Witli the advancement now going on
why does the government not have the
townsite affairs put in shape, so the residents and property holders will know
the true state of affaire.
In another column we publish a communication from Kamloops, "An Appeal." While not agreeing altogether
with the views we publish same in fairness of the opinions on this question
now being so actively discussed by the
general public.
At last a move has been made in (he
matter concerning the cemetery and we
hope the work will continue. While the
question ie now warm it would be advis-
uhle for the committee to start in at
once in the subscriptions and repairs.
A, W. Smith, M. P. P., lias introduced
a bill in the legislature to amend the
Landlord and Tenant Act.
The debate on the School Bill was resumed
liy Mr. Denis Murphy. The bill could not he
considered without also considering the p.ct
amending the Assessment Act. The hill proposed extending the system inaugurated in
1803, in the case of the coast cities, to the
other cities anil towns of the province, anil
this could not be done without a readjustment
of the taxation. This would most affect the
coast cities, and the leader of the opposition
hail piotested that it would increase Vancouver's burden by $3,000 and probably increase
lhat of other cities.
With regard to the revenue tax, the principle could not be wrong anil oppressive, 01
Mr. Martin would have repealed it when he
had the opportunity, lie could not stigmatise
it as the nefarious thing which some newspapers popularly believed lo voice his opinions
declared it to be, without stultifying himself.
lie said it was wrung because it taxed the peo-
pie least able to pay taxes—the laboring
classes. In that he was wrong. The province must hav money for public works, rail
ways and general development: there must be
increased taxation.    But the government did
A rich lady curoil of her Deafnesi and Noises
in the Quad by Dr Nloholson'i Artlftrfpl Eur
Drum., gave 1:0,000 to his Institute, no that the
tle.tf people urmhly to procure the Kar Drums
may have them free, Address No. 14523 Tho
Nichulnon Institute, 780, Eighth Avenue, Now
York,    .S.A.
J. II. Anthony.
General Merchant. LYTTON.
Storage and
Forwarding Agent
Lillooet and Bridge River.
Have goods consigned to my care;
railway charges are settled, goods stored
and forwarded with despatch.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, . . B. C.
First-class in every respect.
Choice   Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars.  Sample
room   free.
ot start by imposing this revenue tax. Last
session they imposed a tax on coal and the
inineraljoulputjandduring the recess theyjabol-
ished lhe rebate on lumber, Mr. Robins, of
the New Vancouver Coal Company, begged
lhe goveinmnnt not to impose tlie tax on coal;
it would ruin the industry. Othei industries
protested against being taxed. Mine-owners
and lumbermen declared they could not stand
it. Tlie member for Rossland vehemently
opposed putting a tax on minerals; in fact,
every person whose pocket was affected cried
loudly against being taxed, lie was glad that
the government had had the courage to take
a determined stand. Every tax is opposed, no
matter what class it touches, and the increase
in the revenue lax must meet with opposition,
like those which w'ent before it. [Applause.]
No one would venture to say that the government hail not expended lhe money derived by
those taxations to the best advanthgc, or lhat
they had spent a dollar unnecessarily. It was
absurd for him and hisfcllow-membcrs to come
to the house and ask large appropriations for
their constituencies, and then, when taxation
was proposed, oppose it. The ordinary citizen would blame the supporters of the bill for
assisting the government to impose this new
tax of $2, but in time all would come lo acknowledge its justness. Mr. Martin owned
that tlie tax had some good qualities; it would
reach the Chinese and Japs, lie was informed
by the members from Cariboo that the miners there would be willing to have the old free
millers' tax re-imposed in order lo make the
Chinese and Japanese pay their share of the
taxes. The opposition argument that it
would full on the poor man was unfair. Property owners paid on their real estate and other
property, What would thc oppositon propose? Would they still further tax the industries of the country? The proposed tax was
a just one, and was calculated to reach just
[hat class which could not be reached in any
other way, those persons who, enjoying the
benefits of established institutions, protected
in their life and property, shirk paying their
just share of the expenditure. The schools
benefit the poor perhaps more than the rich,
for the latter can afford to pay for their children's education at private schools and colleges.
Why should nol the poor man contribute to
the general revenue? Was it not better that
men should pay a tax of $5 than be saddled
with an immense bonded indebtedness? [Applause.]
The people of British Columbia were
peculiarly situated. Today a man might
be a laborer; tomorrow, by a stroke of
fortune, a millionaire. No other country
presented Bucb possibilities. Fortunes
were to be made at every turn, and all
had an equal chance, but the development of the country by roads and railways would would increase those
chances, and be felt sure that no one
would object to contribute to such development.   (Applause.)
Wages in British Columbia were high-
et than in any other part of Canada.
The man who paid $1 tax 111 Ontario was
actually paying more than the one who
paid $5 tax here. In Ontario the government paid laborers $1 a day; here they
got $2.50 a day. Give tbeaveruge laborer here the alternative of working in Ontario for $1 a day nnd pay no taxes, or
e.irn $2.i50 here and pav $5 a year taxes,
and how many would accept? (Applause.) Tbe revenue tax was not tbo
terrible thing some people would like to
make it. It is not wrong In principle,
Il reaches the Chinese, it reaches everybody, and no one can claim that it is too
heavy.   (Applause.)
Bourassa  Crushed.
An Ottawa despatch says: In tbe
house by a vote of 144 against 3, for Mr.
Ilourassa's resolution on tbe Sumh African war was defeated. Those who voted
for were: Messrs. Bourassa, Angers and
Monet. The retolution was to tlie effect
that Canada bad the right to participate
in the settlement; that an honorable
peace ahould be effected, and that enlistment of Baden-Powell's Police should
be stopped. Mr. BouraBsa made a long
speech iu support of his motion.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in reply, pointed
ont how inconsistent it was for Mr.
Bourassa to be wanting to participate in
the settlement of the South African
problem, seeing that he rcliisi'il to take
any part in sending a contingent. Sir
Wilfrid made an eloquent speech, showing bow just the war was on the part of
the Briiish and bow the wh le fault of
the outbreak of hosiili'ies wns due to
Mr. Kruger and his insolent ultimatum,
In conclusion the premier said that
either the Dutch or English would have
to rule iu South Africa, and he preferred
English civilization to the 200-year old
methods of the Dutch. Whnt was desir-
ab'e in South ifrioa was confederation
similar to Canada, under tbe British
Mr. Borden said that it did not require
the eloqueht speech of the premier lo
persuade him to vote againBt the resolution.
Are Now fn 1 nil Swing: and Others areBelufj
Installed.-A Busy Season Ahead for the
Whole  District.
The Bend'Or mill has been running
for the paFt month very satisfactorily,
and have run through in the neighborhood of 300 tons of rock, The work on
the mine shows it up as good as ever.
The Bend'Or will run continuously until tbe end of the season.
Fred. II. Kinder is on his nay to tiie
Pioneer mineral claim with his 1-stamp
mill and expects to have the machinery
on the property this week. Mr. Kinder
willsuperintend the placing of the machinery and will have charge of tbe mill
when it etarta up.
The five-stamp mill for the Lorne
mines is on the property and is heing
put in place. The mine is looking exceptionally good and there will be an
abundance of ore ready for tbe mill.
Ward vs. Reynolds and Doxat.
In the case of R. T. Ward vs. Dr. F. S.
Reynolds and 0. It. Doxat an action for
the recovery of flS.OOO, the tialance of
the value of shares in the Anderson Lake
.Mining _ Milling company, which came
before Mr. Justice Walkem lust week at
Victoria, the plaintiff abandoned liis
case, after one witness had been examined and judgment was entered for the
defendants, with costs.
In K. T. Ward vs. Bank of B. N. A.
and Cran, a similar case, which has
been going on for two days, judgment reserved.      	
The Pan-American Inhibition.
Toe provincial government bave practically decided to have a mineral exhibit
at the Tironto fair owing to the large
number ot visitors who will be there
from the Pan-American exhibition at
Buffalo. Mr. Smith Curtis is urging
that there be an exhibition at the latter
fair also, as a recent visit by him to New
York convinced him that capital in the
near future will come from there for
British Columbia mines rather than
from England. It is also urged that a
newspaper man, because of biB tamiliar-
ity wiih the best methods ot advertising
and using tbe press, be advisable in the
appointment of a commissioner. If the
appointment is made it is believed that
Mr. C. II. Gibbons of the Province will
likely be the choice.
Denis is All  Right.
Mr. Denis Murphy's speech on the
school bill has evoked many high encomiums. Tbe member for West Yale bas a
pretty trick of oratory, as one might ex.
pect from liis name. When Dame Fortune was distributing her favors, she
evidently upset Der basket of eloquence
over the Einercld Isle, and sometimes
we think that she thought tbat was
enough for one place, and carried her
store of happiness elsewhere. But, be
this as it may, Mr. Murphy, in his
speech referred, to showed that be possesses more than the faculty of saying
things well. It disclosed him ns one
who thins; out a difficult subject and
handle it convincingly. He possesses
also the inestimable quality of youth
and if lie has not a career before him,
we shall be much mistaken. He is spec-
tally fortunate in being wise enough not
to apeak when he has nothing to say.—
Looks Like   lur.Yr.
Kohert Smith, 0. P. N., watchman at
New Westminster, waa iound dead on
Saturday morning under suspicious cir-
ciiiiistiiiiie. His pockets were emptied
of inonev be was known to have had.
Alaska is something like Ireland. It
contains no snakes except those that
wiggle iu front of whisky victims.
A New Province for Canada.
Tbe Calgary Albertan has the following despatch from Ottawa: " It is stated here authoritatively that as soon as
the census returns a:e all in from the
territories steps will bo taken to divide
the present Noith vest Territories. Tlie
proposal is to incorporate all east of the
third meridian with Manitoba and constitute a new province of the weBtern
portion under the name of Alberta. The
capital of the new province will be Calgary."	
Here is the latest conundrum—"Why
does Kruger wear thick boots." Tlie
answer we are told, is obvious—"To
keep du Wei from defeat."
To the Working Men OF B. C:
A bill is now before the Provincial Legislature asking for the increase of the present
$3.00 revenue tax to $5.00. This falls as a
direct tax upon lalior, and should not be tolerated for an instant by the workingmen of this
province. Wc have already suffered long,
and submitted paitently to the many indignities thrust upon us by bungling Legislators
in the past, and now patience has ceased to be
a virtue. We have been deprived of just
representations in the legislature; this same revenue tax has very often been taken from us by
stealth, by drawing our wages to the amount
without our consent or knowledge. And
worst of all, while our heads have been bent
in toil, the public domain has been stolen
from us in large quantities by charter mongers
and company promoters, thieves, in collusion
with the men to whom we foolishly trusted to
guard our interests. Let us rise in our might
and put a stop to this sort of thing at once and
for ever. We can do it this way: If this
bill is defeated in the house well and good.
Don't forget the members who opposed it;
they will be deserving of the support of the
people at the next election. If the bill is carried, as it is likely 10 do, then this appeal is a
call to action. A copy is being sent to every
constituency in thc province lhat it is possible
to speedily reach, and you are urged to call
public meetings in each riding, pass resolutions
condemning the act, and ask for its repeal.
Many of the members will have voted
against it, and Ihey would have their hands
strengthened by such resolutions. To those
who voted for it, we can only say, " It's time
you found out lhat you arc our servant, and
that if we say so, you must repeal this act or
lie dismissed, just the same as any servant
who refuses to do his master's request. We
claim it is better for a few to swallow their
pride than for the whole province to be bound
in the bonds of iniquity. There are a few
good men in every constituency whom this appeal will call to arms, like a bugle to the
battle field. Do not wait; but go ahead, and
call a public meeting in the most populous
centre: get a few live speakers from among
yourselves, and present the question fairly to
the people and have resolutions passed condemning the act, and call upon the members
for that district to urge and vote for the repeal
of the act. If it is possible, and in accordance with public sentiment, pass an addbiona!
resolution asking him or them to advocate a
tax of three or live per cent, per annum upon
thc present selling values of the land, including mineral, with periodic valuations. This is
a just method of raising public revenue, and
has made New Zealand the most prosperous
country in all the earth. Fellow workmen!
brothers! arise! Do not let this thing pass
unnoticed, or we will be still further oppressed
oppressed by our self-imposed taskmaster. It
is in our power to repeal this unjust measure.
Strike! While the iron is hot. Strike! for
our homes and little ones, and—liberty.
Alister Thompson.
Kamloops, B. 'aC, March 9, loot.
_*x-F»resl_ent Harrison Dead.
Indianapolis, March 13.—Gen. Benjamin
Harrison died at 4:45 this afternoon without
regaining conciousness. His death was quiet
and painless, there being a gradual sinking
tin till the end came, which was marked by a
single gasp for breath, as life departed from
the great statesman. The relatives, with few
exceptions, and several of his old and tried
friends, were at the former president's bedside
when be passed away.
Benjamin Harrison, tbe twenty-third president of the United States and grandson of the
ninth president, was born at North Bend,
Ohio, August 20, 1833, He graduated from
Miami university, Ohio, in 1852, and after
studying law, began practice at Indianapolis
in 1854. In 1862 he entered the United
States army in the civil war and assisted in
raising the 70th Indiana regiment of which he
was made colonel. In 1S64 ho was placed in
command of a brigade and made the campaign with Gen. Hooper's corps from Chattanooga to Atlanta. For ability and galantry
he was given 'he rank of brevet brigadier general of volunteers in 1S65.
It is announced that the landing of Strathcona Horse, fully equipped, in South Africa,
cost Lord Strathcona about $400,000. The
outfitting alone cost upwards of $150,000.
Census  Commissioner.
R. L. Drury, chief census commissioner for British Columbia, has returned
from Ottawa, where he has been in consultation with Hon. Mr. Fisher, with
respect to the details of the enumeration
work in tins province. The matter of
arranging a later date for the presentation of the completed returns for the
northern portions in consequence of the
inaccessabilb y of a number of these districts.
Mr. Samuel Gibbs has received the appointment as assistant commissioner for
West Lillooet and will commence on his
duties Bbortly.
Little Freddie—Please Mr. Druggist,
pa wants a bottle of china cement, right
All right.   What's wrong?
Freddie—Mamma bit papa with tho
sugar bowl, The Future of Our l.cgs.
Professor Vang of the University of
C.uef, Switzerland, entertains groat
fears concerning the future of our
lower Limbs. This sage is of tlie opinion thut within the next thousand
years human beings will have forgotten how to use their legs, and that
these limbs, If evolution will not do
awny with them, will serve as mere
ornaments to the rest of the body.
Professor Yung states that at the
present age human beings show a de-
elded aversion to personal or physical
locomotion, and this is more mauifest
every time a new automatic traveling
. Instrument Is invented and rendered
practical. Steam, electricity, cable
power and the different velocipede machines all bear an Influence over us
and create n dislike for walking, and
the future generations will likely have
the convenience of steerable airships
at their wludows aud electric automobiles at their doors, aud these conveyances will be so cheap that almost
every oue can own them, and this
means the doom of our legs.
The latter will be regarded as super-
lltious appendages, no use will be made
of them, and who knows but that they
may disappear altogether? But so
much more will our arms develop in
length and strength. These are the
cruel laws of evolution, nud It will be
due to their pmuks that future generations will again resemble the apes.
There will come another epoch of short
legs and long arms.
Compiled Wltb the Law.
"A certain well known Mobile lawyer, who was lame and bad something
of n reputation us n lighter," said a
southern geutlemau, "was ut one time
attorney 111 a suit Hint caused much 111
feeling. He won the suit for his clieut.
and lhe loser vowed vengeance. 'In
pursuance of thnt same,' lu the language of Truthful James, he oue day
went Into the lawyer's otHce and subjected lilm to- a tirade of abuse that
would have caused a salt water captain to die from pure envy, such was
ids talent in vituperation.
"The lawyer answered him nothing,
to the surprise of two or three men
who were present, but, getting out of
his chair, began to hobble backward.
Ills enemy, thiuking ho was retreating,
followed lilm up, with more abuse aud
threatening  gestures.
"The lawyer's foot finally struck
against the wall, when be suddenly
straightened up and saying, '(ieutle-
men, I call on you to witness that, on
account of tills wall, I have retreated
as far as possible' (the general law of
nomicidc), drew out a derringer and
shot his opponent
"At tlie trial lie was acquitted, bis
witnesses being the men present at the
time of the killing, who testified to the
lawyer's having retreated ns far as
A Cold Mulit In Cnnnda.
The sky nt night Is a deep dark blue,
nud the stars are like dropping balls of
lire, so close they seem to be almost
within reach. The northern lights look
Ils If a titanic paint brush had been
dipped In phosphorescent Uaiiie and
drawn In grent, bold strokes across
thc heavens.
As you pass the electric lamps you
see very fine particles of snow caught
up by the wind and glittering high In
the air like diamonds. Hut It is a cold
night, and you are not sorry to get Into
your room. First of all, you take a
blanket or so from the bed, for there
are people In Canada who sleep all the
year round with only a sheet over
them, to such a pitch of perfection
have they brought the beating of their
After you hnve tucked yourself In
the stillness of the night is broken occasionally by a report like a cannon.
Have you ever been Inside a bathing
machine when a mischievous boy
threw a stone at It? And, if so, do you
remember how you jumped? When the
walls of a wooden house crack in the
hitter cold, the effect Is similar, ouly
magnified. But you know what it
means here, so you only draw the
clothes closer round you, thankful that
yon ure snug and warm. And so good
Aleeity* Face the Moulin-.
In his prime the late Mr. John Cook,
the great tourist agent, wns a man of
Irou frame. But when years of railway traveling, which averaged annually some 40.000 miles, produced certain
alarming symptoms, he made a discovery that may be worth giving to
lhe public, lie found that the threatened trouble, something spinal, disappeared when lie no longer sat with
Ids hack to the engine, ne always
thereafter faced It, and that the principle Is sound will be borne out by
others whom lie advised to do the
saute. All who are called upon to do
much railway traveling will lie wise to
sit "facing the horses.
rteimon For llnte.
Mr. Verlrasli Talker (who did not
catch the name of his partner)—You
see that man behind me. Well, if
I here's one man in Ibis world that I
hate, he's the one.
Ills Partner (In surprise) — Why.
that's my husband!
Mr. Verlrasli Talker (quickly)—Yes,
of course—that's why I hate lilm, lucky
dog!—Loudon Fun.
No Enconrnsrenient.
Mrs. Short—Oh, dear, I do wish wc
were rich! Just think of tlie good we
could do If wc only had lots of money!
Mr. Short—True, my dear, bul we
can do a great deal of good hi a quiet
way now.
Mrs. Short—Yes. of course, but no
one will ever hear of It
The llutler She Wanted.
New Wife—1 wish to get some butter, please.
Deuler— Itoll butter, ma'am?
New Wife—No: we wish to eat It on
biscuits.—Chlciinn News.
11 !
A  Synopsis of  This  Imj ortant Law
Now In For.e.
We publish below a complete synopsis of tlie Manitoba Elevator bill,
giving all the salient points und
provisions  of  the same:
Sections 1 to 13 are of an interpretation character, citing the tale
of ihe act and limiting its operations to the inspection district of
Man it oba, providing for the appointment ami defining the duties uf
tlie warehouse commissioner, whose
heuh office is located at Winnipeg,
and weighmaster, and fixing fees for
weighing grain. The fees are, for
each carload, 25 cents, and each cargo,   per   1,000   bushels,   30  cents.
Sections 11 lo 28 deal with terminal elevators and warehouses, the
managers of Which must procure a
license from the commissioner. Provision is made that, such terminal elevators shall receive for storage any
grain, dry and in a suit able condition for warehousing, that is tendered in the usual maimer in which
elevators are accustomed to receive
grain in the ordinary and usual
course of business, not making any
discriminat Ion between persons desiring to avail themselves of warehouse facilities-such grain to be in
all cases inspected and graded by a
duly authorized inspector, and to be
sLored wiih grain of a similar
grade. In no case shall grain of a
different grades be mixed together
while  in store.
Sections 2V> to 42 are of more general interest to the public, as relating to country elevators, flat warehouses and loading platforms. All
elevators and warehouses are declared to be public, and must secure an
annual license, as also being subject
to the government and control of
the rules and regulations promulgated by the governor-in-counwl.
Section 34 states lhat "the person
operating such country elevator or
warehouse shall keep a true and correct account in writ ing, in proper
books, of all grain received, stored
and shipped at such elevator or
warehouse, stating the weight,
grade and dockage for dirt or other
cause of each lot of grain received in
store for sale, storage or chip-
ment, except as hereinafter provided, and shall, upon the request of
any person delivering grain for storage or shipment, receive such grain,
w thout discrimination us to persons, during reasonable and proper
business hours, and shall insure it
against loss by lire while in his elevator or warehouse, and shall, upon
request, deliver to such person a
warehouse receipt or receipts therefor, dateil the day the grain was received and specifying upon its face
the gross and net weight of such
grain, the dockage for dirt or oiher
cause, and the grade of such gra in
when graded conformably to the
grade fixed by law and in force at
terminal points; and every such receipt shall stat*' upon its face that
the grain mentioned in such receipt
has been received into store and that
upon the return of such receipt, and
upon payment or tender of payment
of all lawful charges for receiving,
storing, insuring, delivering or other
wise handling such grain, which charges may have accrued up to the time
of the return of such receipt, such
grain Is deliverable to the person on
whose account it has been taken into store, or his order, either from
the elevator or warehouse where it
was recohed for storage, or, if
either party so desires, in quantities
not less than carload lots on track
at. any terminal elevator in the inspect ion district of Manitoba on the
same line of railway or any lino
connecting therewith, so soon as the
transportation company delivers the
sanif at such terminal and the certificate of grade and weight aro returned; except that in the case of a
country elevator or warehouse on the
Northern Pacific and Manitoba railway line or any line of railway operated therew'lh, ;f either party do-
sires such grain to be shipped to a
terminal point, it shall be delivered
on track at the proper terminal elevator at or adjacent to Duluth.
Such grain when so delivered at terminals shall be subject to freight,
■weighing and inspection charges and
all other charges (if any) lawful at
such terminal point; and the party
delivering shall be liable for the delivery of such grain as will on
weighing at such terminal point conform to the grade according to Canadian government inspection and as
near as possible to the weight mentioned in such receipt. Nothing
heroin shall prevent the owner of
such grain from, at any time before
it is so shipped to terminals, rtv
quiring it to be shipped to any
other terminal than as above provided."
Provision is made in section 36
that "in case then* is a disagre-
ment between Ihe purchaser or the
person in the imniediute charge of
and receiving the grain at such
country elevator or warehouse, and
the person delivering the grain to
such elevator or warehouse for storage or shipment, at the time of such
delivery, as to the proper dockage
for dirt or otherwise, on any lot of
grain delivered, an average sample
of at least three quarts of the grain
in dispute may be taken by both of
the said parties, or by either one of
them if the other declines, and forwarded in a suitable sack, properly
tied and sealed, express charges prepaid, to the chief inspector of grain,
which shall be accompanied by the
request, in writing, of either or both
•f the parties aforesaid that th«
said chief inspector will examine th*
sample and report on the dockage
the said grain is, in his opinion, entitled to and would receive if shipped to the terminal points and subjected   to   official   inspection.
"l>. It shall be the duty of the
chief inspector, as soon as practicable, to examine and inspect such
sample or samples of grain and to
adjudge the proper dockage to which
it is, in his judgment, entitled, and
which grain of like quality and
character would receive if shipped to
the terminal points in carload lots
aud subjected to official  Inspection.
"8. As soon as the chief inspector
lias so examined, inspected and adjudged the dockage lie shall make
out in writing a statement of his
judgment ami finding and shall
transmit a copy thereof by mail to
each of the parties to tlie disagreement, preserving the original together with the sample on file in his
"4. The judgment and finding of.
the chief inspector on all or any of
the said matters shall be conclusive."
"37. Whenever complaint is made,
ta writing, under oath to the commissioner by any person aggrieved,
that the person operating any country elevator or country warehouse
under this tut fails to give just and
fair weights or grades or is guilty
of making unreasonable dockage for
dirt or other cause, or fails in any
manner to operate such elevator or
warehouse fairly, justly and properly, or is guilty of any discrimination forbidden by this act, then it
shall be tlie duty of the commissioner to Inquire into and investigate such complaint and the charge
therein contained; and to this end
and for this purpose, the commissioner shall have full authority to
examine and inspect all books, records, and papers pertaining to the
business of such elevator or warehouse and all the scales, machinery
and fixtures and appliances used
therein, and to take the evidence of
witnesses under oath and for that
purpose to administer the oath.
"2. In case, the commissioner finds
the complaint and charge therein
contained, or any part thereof, true,
he shall give his decision in writing and shall at once serve a copy
of such decision, with a notice to
desist and abstain from the error
and malpractice found, if any, upon
the person offending and against
whom the complaint was made; and
in order to afford prompt redress to
the person injured, the commissioner
shall make a special report of the
fact found and ascertained upon tho
investigation of the complaint and
the charge therein contained, (which
report shall also include a copy of
his decision), to the minister of inland revenue, who may institute
and carry on in the name of th-s
complainant or on behalf of th»
crown, as to him may seem fit, such
actions, civil or otherwise, as may
be necessary and appropriate to redress the wrongs complained of and
to   prevent  their  recurrence.
The erection of fiat warehouse!
and loading platforms is provided
for in sections 41 and 42 as follows:
"On a written application to tht
commissioner by ten farmers residing within forty miles of their nearest shipping point, he may give permission to any person to erect under
the provisions of this net, a flat
warehouse covered with metal of
not less than 3,000 bushels enpneity
with power to enlarge tlie same
should necessity require it, at such
shipping point, Such fiat warehouse shall be erected on the rail*
way company's premises after* getting location of a siding, and the
railway company shall be compelled to give such location with siding
on its premises, in some place of
convenient access, to be approved of
by the commissioner, ar a rental
not greater than that charged by
standard elevators. If in the judgment of the commissioner more than
one such warehouse is required at a
station one or more additional
warehouses may be authorized by
him, and in such case all the provisions of this section shnll apply t©
the construction of such warehouses;
except that in the case of each such
additional warehouse the applicants desirious of erecting it shall
bo liable to pay a rental equivalent
to six per cent interest upon the
value of the lands taken, such value
to be determined upon and fixed by
tho commissioners, and shall also be
liable to pay the cost of constructing the necessary siding, the company providing the necessary rails
and fastenings and charging the aj>-
plicants either the actual cost thereof or an annual rental of six per
cent upon such actual cost, at tho
option   of   the   applicants.
"2. The owner and operator of
such warehouse shall give bonds and
lie licensed in the same manner as
elevator   owners.
"3. Such warehouse shall contain
not less than three bins of 1,000
bushels capacity each, and each bin
shall be numbered by a separate
"_. The owner of any such warehouse shall on the application of
any farmer undertaking to ship a
carload of grain, allot such farmer a
bin in such warehouse as soon as
one is available. The allotment of
bins to applicants shall be made in
the order of applications therefor,
and without discrimination of any
kind. No fanner sliall be allowed to
hold more than one bin at any one
time to the exclusion of other applicants. Applications for bins shall
be made in a form to be approved
of by the commissioner, ami blank
forms for such applications shall b*
furnished to applicants by the warehouse   operator.
"5. The owner or operator of any
such warehouse shall at once on
every allotment of a bin apply in
writing on a form approved of by
the commissioner, but furnished by
such warehouse operator, to tho
proper railway official to furnish a
car to the person to whom such bin
Is allotted, stating in such application the time when the car will be
required, such time to be not later
than live days from the allotment of
the bin.
"6. The shipper shall be allowed
for filling such bin and loading on
car six clear days exclusive of Sundays, and as much longer time as is
necessary to get and load a car
from such bin (twenty-four hours being allowed for such loading). If &
carload of grain is not delivered into
such bin and loaded on a car within
the time above provided, the Warehouse, operator may at liis option
either load on car the grain then in
such bin and ship it for the owner
to terminal elevator subject to
freight inspection olid weighing
charges at terminal antl all charges
of such flat warehouse use. including  an  additional  charge  of  one half
a cent per bushel for such loading,
or he may sell such grain on account of the owner thereof and sliall
then be liable to account to tho
owner for the proceeds, after deducting all proper charges.
"7. The charges fir the use of a
bin and the services of the warehouse* operator in weighing the
grain as it is loaded into and out of
the warehouse by the person to
whom the bin is alloted, shall be
subject to such regulations or reduction as the governor in council may
from time  to time deem  proper.
"8. No owner or operator of any
such warehouse shall be allowed to
store in or ship through grain purchased  by or for  himself.
"42. On a written application to
the commissioner by ten farmers resident within twenty miles of their
nearest shipping point, and on approval of the commissioner, the railway company shall erect a loading
platform suitable for the purpose of
loading from vehicles direct to cars;
Provided however, that the railway
company shall not be obliged to erect any such platform outside of tho
limits of the station yard. Such
platforms shall be at least ten feet
wide, aud of such length as is in
each case determined hy the commissioner, in addition to the approaches at each end, and shall have on
the side farthest from the track a
guard-rail not less t han three feet.
high. Such platforms may be used
tree of charge for the loading of
Under section 43 commission merchants handling grain must secure an
annual license and give a bond to
faithfully account and report to all
persons entrusting him with grain
for sale.
By section 44 twenty-four hours
are allowed for loading a car direct
from vehicles or at a flat warehouse
to be reckoned from the time when
the car is placed at the shipper's
disposal on siding.
Such of the rules and regulations
as refer to dealings between producers, buyers, shippers and elevator or
warehousemen, together with such
portions of this act as the commissioner, or the governor in council,
deems proper, shall be printed in
reasonably large type by tlie commissioner and posted in a conspicuous place in every licensed elevator
ir warehouse by the owner thereof.
Among the general provisions are.
54. Persons interested in the
weighing of any grain at country elevators or warehouses shall havo
free access to the scales while such
grain is being weighed, and shall,
when cleaning is done, have ample
opportunity if they so desire of personally ascertaining the net weight
of tlie cleaned grain if facilities exist
for doing so.
2. The wilful falsification or misstatement of the weight of grain as
weighed, and the use of concealed or
other weights in such a way as to
fOSify or change the apparent weight
of grain being weighed, shall bo offences punishable with fine upon the
guilty party, or loss of license, or
3. Any person in charge of scales
at a terminal or country elevator or
warehouse who finds that such scales
are defective shall report the fact to
the Inspector of weights and measures ami to the owner of such elevator or warehouse.
4. No new elevator or warehouse
shall b.1 operated until the scales are
inspected am1 approved by the proper   weights   and   measures   officials,
55. Where in any grain eleva
warehouse grain is cleaned before being weighed, the provisions of this
act requiring statement of gross
weights shall not apply to such
56. Any person offering for sale, or
storage grain, the different qualities
of which have been wilfully manipulated with intent to deceive the person to whom if is so offered for sale
or the person or persons receiving it
for warehousing, as to the true
quality of such grain, shall be guilty
of an  offence.
57. Any person guilty of an offence specified in this act or guilty
of violating any provision of this
act for which a specific penalty is
not herein provided, shall, on summary conviction, be liable to a line
of not less than ten dollars nnd not
more than  one  thousand  dollars.
Ah Unexpected Verrtlet on a, Picture
Tainted by Col.
While the late David Col, the great
Antwerp painter, was at work in Ids studio one day many years ago there enter
ed a farmer who requested him to palut
his father's portrait. The artist, not being overburdened with wealth at that
time, gladly agreed to do the work and
Hiiid that he would he pleased to sec the
old gentleman at any time. Thereupon
the farmer Baid mournfully:
"Oh, you can't see him, sir, for he's
"Then how on eavth do you expect me
to paint his portrait?" asked the artist,
with a nigh.
"Oh, you're fooling me, sir!" fiiild the
farmer. "Just tell ino whose picture that
)s on the easel there."
"Thot Is a portrait of St. Anthony,"
was the answer.
"Is that really St, Anthony?"
"Did he sit to you?"
"Of course not."
"Well, then, isn't that a clear proof
that you are able to make the portrait of
a dead man?"
Col, who wanted money badly, allowed
himself to be persuaded by this novel
argument, nnd, therefore, he obtained
from the farmer as many particulars
about tbe dead man as he cuuld, and
then, after making a sketch of the boh,
because he said that he closely resembled
his father, be began work on the portrait.
When it was finished, he sent for the
farmer and showed it to him. To his
Burprise, the man fell ou his knees und
bugnn to cry bitterly, his eyes meanwhile
fixed on the portrait. Col flattered him
self that he had made a lifelike portrait
and that it was the wonderful rescin
bluuce which caused the son to grieve
■o sorely.
"Why do you cry so much?" he asked
trying to comfort lilm.
"Oh, my dear sir," was the unexpected
reply. "I never thought that any one
Could change so much In such a shorl
time! Dear me, how terribly ugly my
poor father has becomeI"
An Old Whaleman'! Exciting Star*?
of n Race Fop Life Thnt Mnde Ills
Utttr Torn Gray end C'uused Him tu
Quit tbe Business,
"It was in 1875," said the old sea captain, "and I was au able seaman on the
whaler ltivenoak looking for blubber in
the south Atlantic, with a seat in the
second mate's whuleboat. We had had
the boats ready to lower and the mastheads manned for over three weeks before we sighted grease, and when the
cry, 'There she blows!' rang out from
the fore skysnil yard tht' old mnn went
wild with delight. 'Sperm whale sure!'
he bawled. 'Down from aloft, every
one! Stand by to lower 1' We got the
bouts off iu good shape, and our boat took
the lead, which we held till we camp up
with the whale. The boat header let go
his harpoon, sending it out of sight into
the side of the monster, which started off
at a rate of speed that made the boat
hum through the water. She kept this
up for 20 minutes, and we soon lost sight
of the Rlvenoak and the other boats.
And then, as though tiring of pulling UK
along, she suddenly showed Unices and
began to make for the bottom like a
load of pig lead. The rope, one end of
which was attached to tlie harpoon in
the whale's back, ran out of the boat ho
fust that it looked like a thread of blue
' 'Cut that rope if It fouls,' cried the
mate, tossing me a hatchet, 'and lose no
time  about  it!    If you  don't,  Cod  help
! The beast is going to sound 100
fathoms, sure!'
1 had just leaned forward to pick up
the implement when there was a -sudden jerk, a crashing, whirring sound, and
I knew that the rope had fouled. The
next ml mi to 1 felt myself drawn down
through the ocean like a shot from a gun
1 entlght a brief glimpse of the longboat
Hashing through the water, a number ol
btniggling forms, and then 1 began tu
come up. It seemed ages before 1 reach
ed lhe surface and those blue skies never
seemed so welcome before. Only one of
Uiy comrades succeeded in getting uut of
the bout, and he was flouting about on a
long plank which had been stored In the
bottom of the boat for just such a purpose. I swam up and caught hold of the
other end of it. Luckily the wnter wa
calm and the plank kept our heads well
out of water. Not a sign of oil ship oi
small hunts did we see, however, and the
thought came over me that we might just
ns well have been pulled to the bottom by
the whale as to die by indies. The hours
wore on. however, and we began to grow
weak and it got to he a question of how
liuch longer we could hold out.
"Just ns we were about to despair n'
■ver being rescued, my companion. Hi!
Royce, gave n shout of joy aud poluteil
out over the ocean toward n big stent!
frigate which was pointing in our direc
tion. We were quite sure she saw us n-
we must have been plainly marked agniiisi
the angry colors of the sunset. Tlie ves
Mel looked like a man-of-war, for he:
spars were clean cut and rakish nnd wc
caught the glint of polished brass work
The smoke was pouring out of her fun
Uol and iu a few minutes she was within
i\ quarter of a mile of us. 1 remarked to
Royce, tlint we were very lucky, nnd re
ci iving no reply 1 turned to look ut him.
"1 have never seen such a look in n
man's face before nor since. It was n-
white as a sheet, his eyes seemed t'e
bulge out of his head anil his teeth nil
tied together with castanets. lie eaughl
my look aud in reply pointed off in tin
direction opposite to that from which tin
frigate was approaching. 'Sharks.' h
whispered. "They have been attracted b)
the whale's blood. It's all up uow, fn
"I saw but one shark. Tie was quite ;:
distance off and was making for us in ;i
leisurely way. The men on the warship
saw it too and realized our danger. A
single dull boom was heard, and a sold
shot struck ahout HO feet to one side of
the man eater, which paid no attention
to the compliment hut continued to make
for us with a slightly increased speed.
Behind him, about 30 feet in the rear,
was another shark. Roth were quite
near now.   So was the warship.
"Wo could hear the crew manning the
davits and fails; we could hear the
splash as the small boat took to the water. Again the gun boomed from the
warship, hut this lime the shot went
clear over the sharks and struck the water a quarter of a mile beyond. Nearer
aud nearer eame the first shark, uud we
now saw that the small boat could, not
reach us in time.
"The beast made straight for Royce.
who screamed with terror. Over on his
buck turned the shark, with his cavern
Otis mouth open and his long, cruel teeth
reeking with froth. The boat was sill
20 yards off. Itoyce in sheer terror lit
go  iiis hold ou  tlie  plank  and  tried   to
swim for it. The next instant the shark
was upon him. I closed my eyes, heard
a shriek from Royce. and when I looked
the wiiter was stained with blood, but
Royce wns gone. It was my turn now.
The second shark was nlmost upou me,
ami I caught a glimpse uf his little swinish eyes as he turned over on his back.
The yards of the warship were thronged,
and nothing could he heard but the splash
of the approaching boat. 1 was paralyzed. I could not have left the plank to
save my sou!. Nearer came the shark,
and again I shut my eyes. I could even
hear the snuffling of the beast, aud then
came the clear, coo! command: 'Steady,
men! Aim! Fire!' A volley of musketry awoke the stillness, and then I lost
consciousness. When I came to, 1 was
on  the deck  of the  United  States ship
 .    The jackies in  the rowboat  had
shot the shark when it was within three
feet of me.
"Since (hen, gentlemen. I have never
been in a whaler, and I bear nn everlasting grudge against sharks, not only because of my close call, but because It
made my hair turn as white as you uow
see it, which wns nut becoming to a boy
The Future of Euffltatl,
The English language in 50 years will
be as corrupt as Latin in the eighth century, ami will become a sort of Volupuk
strictly I!tiilted to commercial letters and
tn journalism.-—George Moore, the I.ng-
lisb Critic
Puytn, in Feru, is the driest spot on
tlie face of the enrth. The average Interval between two showers of rain Is
seven years.
The secret of progress lies in knowing
how to make use not of what we hav<
*K»*>oti, but of what is forced upon us.
Intro due Ins  «»   Incident  That  Snor*
gen ted one of ins Great Pictures,
It was a friend of Uuskin's mother,
Mrs. John Simon, who told tho story.
She was traveling by night in the early
days of the Great Western railway from
Plymouth to London:
"When I had taken off my cloak and
smoothed my plumes and generally settled myself, I looked up to see the most
wonderful eyes I ever saw steadily, luminously, clairvoyant ly, kindly, paternally
looking at me. The hat was over the
forehead, the mouth aud chin buried in
the brown velvet coat collar of the brown
greatcoat. Well, we went or., and the
storm went on more nnd more, until we
■ cached Bristol, to wait ten minutes.
My old gentleman rubbed the side window witli liis coat cuff in vain, attacked
the center window, again in vain, so blurred and blotted was it with the torrents
of rain. A moment's hesitation and
" 'Young lady, would yon mind my putting down this window?'
" 'Oh, no, not nt all.'
11 'Vou may be drenched, you know."
" 'Never mind, bIi\'
"Immediately down goes the window,
out go the old gentleman's head and
shoulders, and there they stay for 1 suppose nearly nine minutes; then he drew
them in, and I snid:
" 'Oh. please let me look.'
" 'Now, you will he drenched.' Rut he
half opened the window for mo to see.
Such a sight, such ii chaos of elemental
and artificial lights and noises. I never
s;iw or heard or expect to see or hear,
lie drew up (he window as we moved on
nud then leaned buck with closed eyes
for I dare sny ten minutes, then opened
thorn ami said:
"1 said, 'I've heen "drenched," but it's
worth it.'
"Me maided and smiled nud again took
to liis steady bul quite inoffensive perusing of my face."
The whole letter Is too long for quota
tion, but this is tin- senile):
"Tlie next year, I think, going to the
academy. I turned at once, :;s I always
did, to see what Turners there were.
"Imagine my reelings—'Italn, Si earn
and Speed. tirent Western Iluilwuv,
■lane the -. lS-lI..'
"I had found nut who tlie 'seeing' eye.*
belonged lu. As 1 stood looking ai lh.>
picture I heard a mawkish voice behind
mo sny:
"'There, now, just look at lhat. A:n't
It just like Turner? Who ever saw smh
a ridiculous conglomeration?'
"1 turned very quietly round and said:
" *! did. 1 was in the train tl:;it night,
and it is perfectly ami Wonderfully tr.ie,1
am) walked quietly awny." - Prom Lust
Chapter uf Uuskin's "Tni'lei-iM."
A Curiosity.
Wife—Look, Arthur, Melitta has not
forgotten us on her wedding journey.
She has sent this postal card nnd
writes, simply, "We are in heaven 1"
Husband—What! Have they postal
cards there? Let me see It.—Holtoro
Wornout, Languid
Many a Woman Suffers From Weakness and Irregularity Who Could be Made Sirong and Healthy,
by using Dr. Chase's  Nerve Food (Pills).
It requires un enormous amount of
vitality to withstand tho weakening
nnd trying effects of the withering
summer weather, to overcome thu
languid, worn-out feelings, and to
fight oil the fevers and dreadful fatal
diseases which ure especially prevalent in tlie summer time, and ever
ready to attack those in a low state
of  health.
There is nothing so trying on the
system as tho hot summer weather,
and none who suffer more from the
heat than the woman with tlie cares
of a family on her hands, requiring
work in the hot kitchen and over the
stove. Many a wornout, despondent
woman who could scarcely drag herself about tlie house has been restored to health and strength by the use
of Dr. Chase's Nerve food, pills, the
great blood builder and nerve restorative.
Mrs. D. W. Oronsborry, 1(18 Richmond St., West., Toronto, Ont.,
states:—"My daughter got completely run down in health. Her nerves
wero so exhausted and she was so
weak and debilitated that she hnrt
to   give   up   work   entirely   and   was
almost a victim of nervous prostration.
"Hearing of Dr, Chase's Nerve food
pills, she began to use it und was
benefited from the very first. It
proved an excellent remedy in restoring her to health and strength.
After having used four boxes she is
now at work again, healthy and
happy, and attributes her recovery
tt) Lhe use of Dr. Chaso's N»»rv*> Fond
As a summer medicine to revitalize
tho brain, the spinal cord, the nerves
and through them the entire human
body, Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is unrivalled and unapproached. It increases the number of red corpuscles
In the blood, creates new nervo force
and entirely overcomes the wretched
languid and worn out feelings of
summer. Disease can find no foothold
when tho blood is kept pure und rich
and the nerves strong by using this
great restorative.
Dr, Chase's Nerve Food, pills, 50
cents a box, at all dealers or by
mail post paid on receipt of price,
from 1-ilinanson, Hates & Co., Toronto. THE  PROSPECTOR.
Anil t„c  Compositor   Knew  When   H
Was  Til—c  lo   Vanish,
"Sny, I want you to stop my paper
from today on." said the prominent
citizen as he entered the editorial oliice
and put his fist down ban! on the 03
cent table at which the editor waa
busy molding public opinicu.
"Wh-why." gasped the editor,
"what's the matter? Didn't you see
that column editorial I printed this
morning saying you would be tbe next
logical candidate for congress from
"No, I didn't rend It, and 1 don't
care to now. All thnt you can say
after this will never undo tho wrong
you have done my family. Look at
Then he spread out a copy of the
Pendleton Palladium, nml. tapping
fiercely vfth tlie bundle of IiIh cine
upon n lobg article Hint had tbe best
posii/m on the first page, continued:
"Thnt Is the essay my daughter rend
nt thc commencement exercises night
before lust—or. nt least, Hint's what
it purports to bo!"
"Yes. sir. It's verbatrtfi—printed right
from ber own copy, and a very"—
"Ob. It Is, Is il! Then, domino, air,
explain this—where is It?—berel 'Let
me when I have launched myself upon
the sen of life ho not ns a shirt without
a riillli'!' There, sir! There It Is In
plain black and white! Who changed
that from 'ship wit hunt a rudder?' 1'
havo bought this en no on purpose to"—
There wns n sound as of fulling glass
from ihe composing room. But when
the editor and the prominent citizen
looked lu the place wan empty.
KlltUrp*N Winter Klornsve.
As tlie i-i'suii of 2fi years of expert'
moots ut liiitliiimsicil. Unglnnd, It Is
shown that ill tiie winter months more
than half of the ninoiinl of ruin that
falls pi'tii'trnics into lhe soil nnd be
comes available I'or the supply of
springs, while in the summer only nm-
quarter of the rainfall Is absorbed by
the soil riio maximum quantity of
water in ilit' soil Is nt n depth of nbout
40 Inches.
A   IVHslllilMf |f<   Yl'l-Mioil.
I.lvra nl irrral mill nil remind iu
Thai Hi i ' lan'l im.i ili.ul.t
Footprints teat we leave li lilml ul
Will  lu'  v.'i-y soon Washed  mil.
It may ho only u trifling cold, but neglect
it and it will fasten its fangs in your lungs,
and you will soon booarried tonn untimely
grave. In this c untry wc havo midden
changes nnd must expect to have coughs and
colds. We cannot avoid them, hut we can
effect a euro by using nickel's Aiiti-Oon-
sumptiu' Syrup tlio medicine that bus nevor
been known lo fail in curing coughs, colds,
bronchitis nnd nil affections of tlie throat,
lungs and chest.
lie Apoloflrlaed.
International courtesies are to be observed even in disreputable professions,
Josiah Flynt, who has shared the company of tramps in order to procure
data us to their methods of living, relates an instance of true politeness
from one of that unsavory brotherhood, lie snys iu "Tramping With
"In Glasgow a fellow vagabond did
me a good turn. We were walking
along the street, when three town
tramps came along anil 'guyed' my hat.
My companion noticed It, and I told
him I had suffered in thnt way before.
Then he turned sharply about ou the
scoffers and thundered out:
" 'Who're you lookln at? Ef you're
tryin to guy this Yank, you'd better
stop!   Ef yon don't, there'll be a tight!'
" 'Let's run,' said 1, 'If you really
moan flint.'
"'Not much! I'm English, you know,
and 1 cnn knock out any Scotchman
that comes round. I'm In the mood for
It right, now."
'The town vngabonds took blm at his
word and left. Then I said to blm,
'You English fellows seem to have
things pretty much your own way
" 'Yes,' said he; 'we English fellers
know how to bluff. We've been blulliii
the world now for a good many years.'
" "You forget the United States!' I
could not help Interjecting.
" 'Hog pardon, Yank,' said he. 'Beg
| Allow & Clnp 1
BROKERS. ... |
j*    362 MAIN ST., WINNIPEG    j
A ' _}
2J  Stocks and  bond, bought, Bold and   Jjj
,\\ carried   on   margin.    Listed /ft
/j\ mining stocks curried /(>
11 In lilmul.T.
"Your wife seems lo huvo token a vin
lout dislike to Meecliem."
"Yes, When lie was nt tin* house tin
other day bo leaned his head buck ngnta")
ouo of the oiuaiiieiili'd lidies she keeps
on the rocking chair* (or I hut purpose'
are the only
medicine that
will cure Diabetes. Like
Bright's Disease this disease was incurable until
Dod,J's Kidney Pill -
cured it. Doctors
themselves confess
that without Dodd's
Kidney Pills they are
powerless against Diabetes. Dodd's Kidney
Pills are the first medicine
tbat ever cured Diabetes.
Imitations—box, name and
pill, aro advertised to do so,
but tbe medicine that decs
is Dodd's   Kidney   Pills.
Dodd's Kidney Pills arc
fifty   cents
el rug-gists.
box   at
A Friendship Thnt Wns of Grent Die
i'i tlie Former.
Dr. F. H. Orine told me several good
stories about our old time statesmen.
Among oilier anecdotes nnd incidents the
doctor gave me some piquant rciuinis-
ceuci'H of Toombs and Stephens.
Toombs always tried to impress people
with the belief that bis genius made him
equal to nny emergency, Even when
lie studied hard ur availed himself of the
labor of others be eucouraged the iden
I lint his nupst splendid efforts were Ibi
result of the Inspiration nt' tba moment,
entirely offhand, without tiny special prep
ai'ulhui for the occasion,
Once, when a very important debati
was going 011 in the t'ederul congress
T. tiuilis made a magnificent speech wliicli
attracted everybody's attention.
It was nut ouly an eloquent speech, but
it was remarkable fur its masterly array
of fuels nud figures and its convincing arguments.
"Yuii must have devoted considerable
time to its preparation." said one uf the
statesmen's admirers.
"Well, I gave nbout two hours to it,"
Tnonilis replied, with u careless. Indifferent air.
Somebody repented this to Stephens in
the presence of several congressmen.
"Two hours!" he exclaimed, somewhat
irritably. ''Prepared that speech in two
hours, did lie? 1 spent two weeks on it
Thai's all I cure to say."
Stephens had patiently nnil laboriously
c.illeeteil   the st ill isl ies,  nnd  Toombs  hnd
merely ailiied the flourishes.
Tbe two great Georgians uttended n nn
tioual Democratic convention shortly before the wnr, it ml Stephens was confined
to bis bed just when be could leilst afford
tn be laid   up.
After an important caucus Toombs vis-
bcil bis friend and snt down by bis bedside,
"Aleck," lie said, "it was proposed to
nominate you fur vice president, but I
told tIn-ill thnt you did not want the office
and would decline tlie nomination, so
they look the other man."
"Toombs," replied the Invalid, "when
ymi [old them that you know you were
lying'" — Atlanta Constitution
Marine rerson—Yes, we're goin to
drug the river.
Simon Milkweed—So! Where are
thnv dragging It to?	
The Story of One of Mnnkneiy's Fa-
moan  PlliiilliiHS.
Many an Incident in the career of
Michael Schroeder—created Baron Mun-
kaczy in the Hungarian nobility—was
a pitiless Illustration of the truth of
Dryden's line that great wits are sure to
1.1 i'lness near allied ami thin partitions
murk tlie bounds of separation.
His marvelous and fantastical career
both as man and ns artist was marked
by a hundred episodes that might have
been construed us evidence of an unbalanced mind, but it was nut until his reason became hopelessly clouded that the
World realized in how tremulous a balance bad hung the intellect which hail
given it three pictures which won for
tbeir painter fame, riches, decorations,
titles and n devoted regard such as is
bestowed upon very few men in any walk
of life.
His weird methods of conceiving und
working out his pictures never had a
more startling illustration than i.i the
case of bis must famous canvas, "Christ
Before Pilate." This picture, which Is 20
feet long nnd 12 feet high, contains more
than 40 figures. All the figures save one
were sketched In with u rapidity almost
maniacal between dtiwn anil twilight of
one day. 'The one space remaining empty
wns that reserved fur the figure nf .lesus,
nnd it remained so ninny dnys while
Mnnkaczy worked on the other figures,
he approached the oasis of white canvas left untouched by his blazing colors
the artistic and devotional fervor grew
upon him, and he shut himself nway
from the sight of man tlint lie might iu
perfect solitude and silence realize his
conception of the linn of Sorrows.
When the picture was finished and had
brought him worldwide funic, be always
insisted that while lie was sitting nlnno
and lust in a profound reverie n white
vision flouted before liis eyes and passed
into the iinpninted space on the canvas.
The painter, shaking with excitement,
sprang forward and with trembling hands
painted in tlie figure which hnd come to
him like the phantasmagoria uf a dream.
However lhe inspiration for that dead
white figure, sot iimid resplendent ci'iin-
suns and purples, came to him, wc all
know what its effect upon the world was
It is estimated that 2.000,000 people saw
it In the course of Its triumphant tour
among nations. Courts, emliassles, clergy, pagans, .lews. Mnbnmtnednns, Christians, the very humble and the very
great, crowded to see it. Some were
moved to tears; others sank unou their
knees and prayed.
The Tnllp CraBt*.
About the middle of the seventeenth
century the tulip boeauio known In
Germany, nud a scientist named 'Ua
ner gives tbe first description of this
flower. First only the yellow variety
was known, and then other colors were
produced b.v crossing. The Dutch, particularly tbe citizens of Haarlem, produced the most wonderful varieties of
this flower and obtained enormous
prices for tbum.
Ill 1(134 the trade lu tulips assumed a
peculiar turn. It degenerated into a
sort of a game of chance, so thnt in
KI7.3 the authorities Mt called upon to
Interfere and to Issue edicts against
extravagance In tulips, as thoy formerly bad against trains and laces. This
Interference would seem to bo justified
if one reads thnt in 1G00 n single flower
of this sort, called the Vlccori. wns
paid for with two cargoes of whnt,
four cargoes of rye, four fat oxen,
eight fat hogs, 12 fat sheep, two c,nsks
of wine, four barrels of beer, two tons
of butter, 1.000 pounds of cheese, a
complete bed, a suit of clothing aud a
silver tankard.
Another bulb, the Romper Augustus,
was paid for with 4,(100 gold guilders
and a coach with a double Until of
horses. In Haarlem the tulip craze
reached Its height In the decade from
1030 to 1040. when a price of 12.000
gold guilders (about $!).0OO American
money) Is recorded for a single bulb.
A SHORT ROAD to health was opened
bo those suffering from chronic coughs,
asthma, bronohitis, catarrh, lumbago,
tumors, rheumatism, exoorlnted nipples
or inflamed breast, and kidney o6m-
plalnts, by tho Introduction uf tho Inexpensive and effective remedy, Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil.
His I.If<- For ii  llniiil.
In a little tcv/n or village in (ilouccs-
lersblre there Is a church which
coululus the mortal renin.ns of oue of
tho old Crusaders. In molderlng effigy he Is depleted on the tomb, while
by bis side in cold eloquence Is Imaged
the form of his wife. It will be noticed
by even tbe casual observer tbat the
female Image Is bereft of one of tbe
hands, and the story runs that the
Crusader, while lighting lu the east,
was made a prisoner of war antl
brought before Snlodin, who, before
executing jiidgmer.i upon him, asked
hliu If there was any reason why be
should not be put *o death. To this
the knight replied that be was but
young, and would leave a newly wedded
wife, who would bitterly mourn bis
"Tbe love of woman Is as a fleeting
breath." retorted the sultan. "Your
Wife will forget tbat you have ever
lived; she will love again nnd marry
another." To this the sad knight
could only reply that on ber fidelity
he could rest bis soul. "Well, then,"
replied Saladln, "1 will promise ou iny
oath as a soldier that If this man's
wife will cut olT one of ber bands and
send it to ine 1 will set him free to
go to her." By tedious and slow Jour.
neylngs the message came, and she, In
all pltcousness for blm who was her
lover nud her lord, caused her band to
be cut off antl scut It to tbe sultan,
who kept his word and set the Cru
sudor free..    	
As Pahmsi.es's V_n-iT.vn:.K 1'n.r.s contain Mandrake and Dan clion, lluy cure
Liver und K dney Complaints with unerring
certainty. 'Ihey also contain Roots und
Herbs which have specific virtues truly wonderful in their action on the stomnch and
bowels. Mr. E. A. Oairnoross, Shakespeare,
writes: "1 consider Parmolco's Pills an excellent remedy for Biliousnesj and derango-
ment of the Liver, having u.od them myself
for sonic time.
Till.I   I en   I „r   III.  '"I'll.,."
Tlie following incident Illustrates
the fact thut in some places prohibition does prohibit. The little town of
.Mt. Pleasant, Brant County, Ontario,
has n small Woman's Christian Toni-
perauce Union whose members nre energetic, Christian women, and thoy
wit.'- the help nf other good people
havo for three years prevented their
one hotel keeper from getting a
license to sell liquor.
'lhe county W.O.T.U. convention
wns held Ibu-c recently, nnd the VS.
C.T.I1. dcleL'ates from Brantford,
about si .tern ladles, hired a conveyance and driver from thc livery.
Knowing that there was no liquor
sold at the hold. Ihey thought it
would lu n safe place for the \'oung
man to get his dinner. Howovc-r, the
proprlctcr, Itnvlng nn regard for tl.e
law, lhaughl it would be oxcelletil
fun tn cel lhe driver nf the W.C.T.U.
women drunk. Ho before it. was time
for ill. in in return they learned thai
tbeir driver was in the bottom nf the
waggon dead drunk, 'fun nf the
Indian roturnod by train, and arrango
 ms   were    mnde  fm-   tho  return   of
tie others.
Within about ten dnys tlie proprietor nf thai lintel was u ircsl ed for scl I-
Ing or giving II ;um- without a llcenso,
was convicted and sentenced In pay
a line and ends nf el| lit \'-fiiur dollars. The prosecution was by thu official authorities, ond nol b.v the \V.
C.T.U. Tlie man has since sold mil
and left the lown.—Emma A. Wheel
er, In  Union Sij.-n  1
There never was, and nevor will lie, a
universal panacea, in one rem dy, for nil ills
to wh.ch fl. sh is heir—the very nature of
mnny cuintivcs being sucli that were tbe
germs of other and differently seated disomies rooted in thc system of tho patient—
what would relievo ono ill in turn would ng-
gravatc the oth r. We hnve, however, In
Quinine Wine, wheu obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many und
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
use tbe fruilest systems are led into convalescence aud strength by the influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
It rolioves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic suite of morbid despondency aud luck of n.fere-1 in lifo is u disease,
and, by trnnquihzing tbo nerves, disposes to
sound and_ refreshing slooii—imparts vigor
to tho actiou of tbo blood, which, being
stimuluted, courses throughout the votns,
strengthening iho hen thy uiiimal functions
of tho system, thereby making activity u
necessary result, strengthening the framo,
and giving life to tbo digestive organs, which
naturally demand Increased substnnee—result^ improved appetite, Northrop„ Lyman,
of Toronto have given in tlie public llieir
superior Quinine Wine at tbo usual rale, aid,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, thia
wine appronclics nearest perfection of any in
the market.   All druggists txll it.
Not only In Canada, But In Every Civilized
Country Throughout lhe World—M.rlt
Alone hns Glvt n This Sle.llc-ine Its
Great Prominence Over Competitors
The reputation achieved by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills not only in
Canada, but throughout the world,
rests upon a very solid basis, which
may be summed up in two words—
sterling merit. The Enterprise has
had occasion to investigate a number of cures effected by this medicine, and knows that in some instances at least these cures wero
wrought after other medicines had
failed even to give relief. Recently another cure enme under our notice that cannot fail to Increase tbe
popularity of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills iu tltc locality in which it occurred, and as we can vouch for tho
facts, it may well bring hope te
sufferers elsewhere.
Mr. Walter If. Johnson is one of
the best known residents of lite
northern section of Queen's county.
He resides in tho town of Caledonia,
where be keeps an hotel, and also
runs a stage that carries passengers
and mail between tbat town and
Liverpool, a distance ot some thirty
miles. Mr. Johnson was in Bridge-
water recently, on which occasion lie
gave a reporter of this paper thu
following facts: About three years
ago he was taken very ill. He bad
tho best of medical attendance, but
made very little progress towards recovery, and the doctor told him
there was very little hope that he
would be able to return to his former work. Tbe trouble appeared to
have located itself in liis kidneys,
and for eight weeks or more ho was
confined to bed. Ho suffered greatly
from constant pains in the back, his
appetite became impaired and bis
constitution generally appeared to bo
shattered. At this juncture he derided to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and got a half dozen boxus. In the
course of a couplo of weeks he noticed an improvement in his condition and he continued the use of the
pills until ho had taken some ten or
twelve boxes, when he not only felt
that his cure was complete, but also
felt that in all respects bis health
was better than it bad been for
.vein's. Since that time he has been
continually driving his coach between Caledonia and Liverpool, and
has not bad the slightest return of
tlio trouble, nol withstanding that
he has to face at times very inclement weather, that might well bring
on a return of the trouble bad not
his system been so strongly fort ilied
against it through the use of Dr.
Williams'  Pink Pills.
If the blond i.s pure and wholesome disease cannot exist. Tlie reason why Dr. Williams' rink Pills
cure so many forms of disease is
that they act directly upon the blood
and nerves, thus re-aching the root, of
the trouble. Other medicines act
only upon the symptoms of the
trouble, and tbat is the reason
the trouble always returns when you
cease these medicines. Dr. Williams
Pink Pills make permanent cure-s in
kidney troubles, rheumatism, erysipelas, anaemia and kindred diseases.
Dut be sure you get the genuine
which bear the full name Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Teoplo on
thc. wrapper  around  every   box.
Love Is not only a sentiment; it is an
Generous souls are defective in bus!
ncss faculty.
Tlie savage has feelings only. The
civilized has feelings nnd Ideas.
Nations, like individuals, derive their
vigor from noble sentiments only.
A woman's errors come almost nlways
from her belief in good or her confidence
in truth.
The iiinii of Buporior mind mnkes sport
of those who compliment lilm and some
times compliments those of whom he it.
really making Rpoit i    bis heart
Btniutciid Junction, P. Q-, l-'th Aug. 181*.
MESSRS. V. O. h-ll-HAKD.i „ CO.
liciitlenif n,—1 fell lroin a bridge
leading from a platform to a loaded oar
while assisting my men in unloading a
load of grain. The bridge went down
as well as the load on my back, and I
struck on the ends of tho sleepers, causing a serious injury to my leg. Only
for its being very fleshy, would have
broken it. Iu an hour could not walk
a step. Commenced using MINARD'S
LINIMENT, and the third day wont to
Montreal on business uud got about
well by tho use of a cuno. In ten days
was nearly well. I can sincerely re-
commend it as the best Liniment that
I know of in use.
Youth truly, C. H. GORDON.
The Snnimer Poet.
1 cannot .:■■ in spiiitli of air;
I iiuvl' in]' duties to pursue.
So coniequcntly hurl my swear
Upon those folks that can ind do.
I execrate llieir loollih u-uya.
Their picnics, moonlight rides and fetea
Ami much prefer, myself, these days
To turn out verse at liberal rates.
—Town Topics.
A whanir—a whirring through the air—
Two hundred yurils to walk.
Another whang—an hour's search
Maile warm with low breathed talk.
A triplication of the whang—
The walk ami talk the same;
The green—a pretense at croquet—
And that's lhe ifolllni; game,        —Life.
Beware of  Ointments for  Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and0umiilotely derange the whole system when entering tt throiich the mucous surfaces, such articles should never be used ex-
pepton prescriptions fiolu reputable physicians,
na tho diiumiro they will do is ten told in the
good you can possibly derive from them. Hull's
llitiorh Cure, manufactured by h\ J. Cheney _
Ou , Toloelo, O., contains no mercury, and is
taken internally,nctii g directly upon the blood
and mucous surfac.-s of the system. In bu\ ing
Hall's Catarrh Cure ho sum you get the genuine. It Is tiiken tnteriiallv.aiul inmloiii Toledo,
Ohio, by F. .1. Cheney * Co.   Testimonials free.
Hold by Drills-is™, price 76e per bottle.
Hall a Fondly Pills are lhe best.
«#   4*9-4/   €4LjL> fat/ jLc-rt sfaUH/ UHlsO
.Iliu In I   Street , Opp. (Ity   Hull,
Winnipeg, Man.
Write for catalogue.
W. A. SIPlTtELL, B. A., Principal.
W. N. U.   291
Livnii anii Iii oon nre speedi y removed by
the active principle i f the ingri diem* entering Into the composition of Purmelee's Vegetable Fills.   These pills act sp ciftcally on
thc dernnjed organs, stimulating to a tion
the dormant energies of the system, thereby removing d:so- so i nd rt newing life and
vitality to tlie afflicted. In this lies the irreat
secret of the popularity of 1 Jurmcloo's Vcge.-
tubic pills.
Eyrie Bellew is to appear in a London melodrama.
Stevenson's novel. "Treasure Island,"
bas beeu dramatized.
Josephine Hub will star next season
In "Tbe Military Maid."
Digby Bell ia meeting with grent
success as a monologue entertainer in
the vaudeville houses,
Lions real and alive wore shown in
the arena act of "Quo Vadis" as performed at Portland, Or.
Seymour Hicks anC wife, Kllaline
Terrlss, will begin a tour iu the United
States next September iu ".My Imtigb-
"Miss Hobbs" has beeu ns succesbiul
In London as It wns iu New York. It
has passed its one hundred and fiftieth
performance ut the Dulco of York-
Each Siamese mandarin hns bis own
theater. Tlie actresses are his slaves
No men appear on the stage. Rich
mandarins huvo us tunny as 100 actresses and more.
Elizabeth Marbury bus obtained
"—'Enchantment," and will sell the
American rights on her return from
I'aris. The play deals with a young
girl wbo falls lu love wltb ber sister's
The authorities of tlie city of Konlgs-
burg recently offered u prize of 12.000
francs for tbe best opera of n popular
nature. An Iden of the crowded condition of the musical profession In
Germany tuny be derived from tlie fact
tbat more than -100 operas were submitted.
Hotel Balmoral, Ml^.Wftrfa
Aliont Ren fly lo Settle Down.
"Thnt nlil mnn goin by," snid tho Inml
lord oi tbo tavern ut Vaplmnh to Ihp
■ituiinst'r man, Indicating witli a jerk uf
liis thumb a lu'iit nnd timo worn Ivz
mi' i!,:it was doddering down the vil
Inge street, "is Puck' Zimri Tarpy, IIi-V
livid hero all liis life—'most 80 years."
"Il'm!" commented tin- city man, witli
.■lilil facetinusni'ss. "lie must like ii
ine pretty well by this time!"
"Oh, yes; lie says lu- guesses l.e'!!
[•alee tins village his permanent re..i-
Tlie Intellcctnnl Girl,
"It is a LTeat drawback tn have tonse."
'"What do you nicnnV"
"When n girl has sense, all the men
she likes best are afraid of her."—CUica
iro Iteeurd.
1 USCAnA,     FACTORY. Montreal
"Eliza, 3*011*11 never again got me oul
ill ■{ nVioek to cut the grass."
"I-avid, I wanted you to do it before il
got   I:, t."
■Will. KlUtl. it g<'t hot in just three
mimiloH. i hadn't cat five strokes before
the people on both sides of us threw two
birdcages ond four alarm clocks at inc.'
Minard's Liniment Cnres Colds, Etc.
Drea*tei1 Hcmilt.
'Tho British notion seems to ho taklnji
tlie Peking horror lu rather stoicnl fnsli
"Yea.    They  nre  afraid  of RtlrHng  U|
Alfred   Austin."-Cleveland   Plain   Meal
Ont of the I'uIiHc Rye.
"What Is a hack number, pa?*'
"Well, a photograph of the family of t\
man who didn't net tho political nomtna
liuli hi1 expected might ' o no considered
Minarfl's Liniment Cnres Distemper.
IIU Limit,
Enthusiastic Young Person—Oh. pro-
fPRKOt', arc you Inlori'stiil in lives';
I'rofi'ssor Dryasdust (icuca logical
trees Interest inc. luadaiti.—Sotni'i'ville
(Mass.i Journal.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Diphtheria.
A Gentleman of Color.
"You look wretched," remarked tho
guinea   fowl.
"I am wretched," replied the fnt pullet.    "I didn't dare sleep last night."
"Wns it on account of anything thc owl
told you when yon went to him to have
your fortune told yesterday evening?"
"Yes. lie told mc a dark mnn would
Boon   cross   mv   onth   and   speedily   win
Minard's Liniment Cores Garget in Cows.
Do you want In_7
Do you want Type?
Do you want Plates?
Do you want Stationery?
Do you want a Eeady Print?
Do you want to trade Presses?
Do you\rant to trade Paper-Cutters 7
Do  you  want ANYTHING  in  the
way of Printing Material?
Correspond with the
for the Printer
175 Owen St., Winnipeg, Man.
British Columbia Branch, Vancouver
lsMit  .  mi   Meal   Policy,
Hgrs. Manitoba ami N. VV. T„
Winnipeg. Man.
Or to PETER DICKSON, General Agent,
Winnipeg, Man,
Brass Band
I r.Ht rnmi-iitit, DmiiiK, Uniforms, Eto.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fine catalogue
60u illustrations mailed free. Write us for ftnf
lhinff lu Muslo or Musical Instruments.
Whaley Eoyc« ft Co., ■to^__g£; ___
Btannfaotured  by THOS. LKK, Winnips*
Catholic Prayer ZA^Z'g:
ult! i s, Heligious Tii-lures. Statuary, and Church
Ornaments, Educational Works, ftal! orders receive prompt attention. D, & J, SaHief k CO. ,M0IllT8al
Shoe  Dressing
nAVB n
Tor »)• b. .11 flratelM*
Mluli flKAI.KKS
L. H. Paokard A Co.
and po would many n young
lady, rather limn tako n bnth
without the "Allicrt"
It loaves iho skin wi-nf'ei Tnliy Bof1
and frObb, nnd its luliu irut,'rance i.^ extremely pleasing.
litMiiic of Iniftiillons.
i,iii'i-xr'Xxii_-ii'i^'i>i'-f_KKu;*i-ii Til£ TROSPECTGB, LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, MARCH 22, IDOL
Mrs. Fred II. Nelson lia9 been ill for
the pust week week.
Connty court will b« held in Lillooet
ou Monlay, May Dili, in the forenoon.
Mr. D. Hurley returned from Victoria
Tuesday evening after an absence of a
co tple ot weeks.
Trout fishing season is now open and
we hope in a few weeks to hear of some
big catches.	
Lewis Murks of Victoria, representing
a powder company, has been in town for
tiie past few iIiivb.
A. If. McPlierson, "Happy Jack," a
well known j.ickey has spent the past
week in I.iiiooet.
C. T. Harris returned from Vancouver
Saturday evening aud left Monday morn-
ittg for Tyauchton.
J. B. BrViiOU one of the owners of The
Grange ranch near Pavilion was a visitor to Lillooet last Saturday.
A. Johnson, a Queanel hotel man, was
iu Lillooet for a few dnys this week on a
visit and sizing up the town.
Wm. Eiliott who has been working in
the mines all winter is in town for a few
days to enjoy metropolitan life.
R. Burnet arrived from Vancouver Saturday evening and will be employed during the season with Major Burnet, the
Dr. Curry the dentist, will arrive on
today's stage front Ashcroft. All those
wishing dentistry should call and see
him us soon as possible.
A very pleasant danco was held in Santini's hall on Monday evening in honor
of Mrs. R. H. Brett who iB moving to
Bridge river in a lew days.
Vfm, Cumming, jr,, is now in charge
of the post oliice business for Lillooet.
the office aud fixtures will be moved into
the new quarters next week.
Mark R. Eagleson of the Hotel Vic-
toriawill leave tomorrow for Clinton and
Ashcroft for a few days visit on busines .
Mrs. Eagleson will return with him.
J. N. Jensen who has spent the winter
In Los Angeles with his family returned
to Lillooet Saturday evening, having enjoyed himself very much during his eo-
journ in California.
P. C. Scott arrived on Saturdays stage
from T.ytton, having spent the winter in
Vancouver. He left Monday for the
Bend'Or mines where he will resume his
position as amalgamator.
Messrs. Stacomo and Nelson are from
South Vancouver and Pemberton Meadows at Victoria, interviewing tht government and urging the important i of
the construction of roads there.
tie Uot Off the Cer.
We heard a story the other day that
will bear repeating. The gentleman
who told it had just returned from a
visit to Kansas City, Mo., and the tale
is as follows: " I had heen up town to
the theatre and took the Twelfth street
car to the hotel at which I w&e staying.
The car was full of passengers, one of
thein a big fat nego woman wilh a child
in her arms which was crying and she
win trying to console il, hut it wouldn't
console. " Stop dat cryin' chile! doan
you see yo' mammy getting out yo' supper? With this remark she offered the
breust to the child, but it wouldn't take
it. Coaxint'ly she said; "Hush yo'
sqnalin,' yo' little black rascal, an' take
yo'supper, if yo' don't I's a-gwine ter
give it ta de coudui-tnh." Tlie roar that
went up in the car was deafening. The
conductor got off at the next Btop.
An Eaiy Winner.
A minister was one uay walking along
a road, and to his astonishment he saw
a crowd of boys Bitting in front of a ring
with a Email dog in the center. When
lie came up to them he put the following
question: " What are you doing to the
dog?" One little boy said, "Whoever
tells the biggest lie winB it." "Oh,"
said the minister, " I'm surprised at vou
little boys, for when I was like you 1
never told lies." There was silence for a
while, until one of the boys shouted
" Hand him up the dog."
Pioneer Drug Store
IiIXiX.OO'HlT, _3- O,
New Goods:
Outicura Remedies, Sarsaparillas,
Menthol Liniment, Plasters, Trusses,
Spectacles, Favorite Prescription, Med.
Discovery (Pierce'H and Kennedv't), Lu-
bin'B, Violet Powder, Lypsvl, Tbialon,
Eno'sSalt,Ohlorodyne, Shaving brushes,
Genuine Cologne, Insect Powder and
Guns, Packer's Tar Soap, Minard's Liniment, Borated Talcum, Cascarcts, Lnxa.
bromo Quinine, Balsam Aniseed, Warn*
pole'B C. L. Oil. Pyny Pectoral, Chamberlain's Cough Cure, Pieo'u Consptn
Cure, Sliilob'B Cure, LinEoed and Turpentine, EmulBons C. L. 0., Witch
Hazel, Pond's Extract, 3H, and a thousand other things, A good assortment of
finest Perfumes. Official and Officinal
Liniments in hall-gallon containers.
Dan Hamilton was in town for a few
days this week having been employed
with G. A. Ward atFerry, where "Gib"
has completed a large addition to his accommodations at his Btopping place.
.Mr. and Mrs. C. O'Halloran and Mise
O'Halloran were in town for a few days
this week from their ranch at the 20-
Mile post. Mr. O'Halloran has not been
well lately although able to be around.
W. W.Brown manager of the Bridge
River Developing Co.'s property on the
Nortti Fork, returned from Vancouver
Tuesday evening where he had been on
business in connection with tbe company.	
A court of revision for the purpose of
hearing and determining of any or all
objections against the retention of any
names on the register of voters for the
West Riding of West Lillooet will be
held iu the courthouse Lillooet on Monday, May 6th.
A. McDonald and T. C. Harris, owners
of the building lately occupied by R H.
Bret', ha\e disposed &f same to Mark R.
Eagleson who takes possession the first
ol April. The building will be fixed up
into rooms and will be used as an annex
to the Hotel Victoria,
Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses,
Shrubs, Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants,
Extra choice stock of Peach, Apricot, Plum,
Cherry and Prune Trees.    New importation oi
first-class Hhododendrens,   Hoses,   Clematis,
Bay Trees, Hollies, etc.
80,000 to chose from. No agente nor commission to pay: Orders dug in one day you
get it thc next. No fumigating nor inspection
pharges, Greenhouse plants, agricultural im-
elements, fertilizers, bee supplies, etc. Largest and most complete stock in the province.
Send for catalogue or call and make your selections before placing your orders.    Address
M.J. HENRY,Vancouver.
Dr. Curry, resident
dentist of Kamloops,
will be in Lillooet for
about twelve days beginning 23rd March.
Gas and cocaine
for painless extraction.
Crown and Bridge
work. Artificial teeth
without plates. Every
thing in dentistry.
First-class work guar-
anteod. Come as soon
as possible.
Pavilion $
It. _ \V. CUMMINO, Mflise,
Lillooet, B. C.
Manufacturer of all kind of
None but tlio best material used. Minors or
prospectors sending in orders will receive
prompt attention and satisfaction guaranteed
We hereby give notice to Reverend John
Mulholland, our partner In the Scum Bourn
Mincer elaim, situate on the South Pork of
Bridge Kiver; commencing at a point about unu
fe.t from the Canyon, and extending down
stream one half mile, being in the Uljooet
Mining Division of Lillooet DlHtrlcl: which said
claim is held under lease dated 2nd December,
A. D., 1896, wherein F. Soues, Gold Commls
sinner, is one of the parlies, nnd for further
description and particulars said lease may be
referred lo;—
That wo -equire him ou or before the 2nd day
of May to contribute his propottion of the expenditure, as required (i) by the •'Placer Mining Aet and f2] by the said mentioned lease,
which has been o'xucnded on said Placer Claim,
togelh r with all costs (1) of this advertisement
ami l*-] of any other advertisements roquired
hv said Aet.    And unless the same  sha 1   be  so
met we give further notiee to you the Reverend John Mulholhunl, ami to the public generally, thattho interest of the. said Reverend
John Mulholland in said partnership property
sliall be sold by I'ublic Auction, al the County
Court Mouse at Lillooet, un Thursday, the Lind
day of Mav, nt 12 noon.
Dated at Ashcroft this 18th day of February,
C. M. Ul.KN.
a. b.trin. fon,.,Di:i:LiN.
Lillooet, n. C
Vancouver, B. 0.
Headquarters  for  mining   men.      European
and Soo Line.
'Tourist Cars
To ST. PAUL daily.
TORON TO Mondays and Saturdays.
Trains ptiES T.ytton ae follows:
East Bound, 2.05 ^Yt■st Hound J.28
Fur r.\te*, ""-pamphlets, epce.
A. 0. ,\. P., Ai;<M!t,
Vancouver, B. C. Lytton, B.C.
/»V»v»Vt\/K/l'v'M\'»\/1 .%',,%-. % %^%^%\^7K7K%^7i</f^7KPf\)
A household necessity nnd a household beaulifier—a dry powder, put up Ir, five
nd packages, and in twenty-five beaatiful shade's.
When house cleaning be sure and use MURALO and have something for your
Easily applied and won't rub off.    A color card for the ashing,
:: -- -- -. -, .. :;
McLennan, l_cFeely & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Gold, p:|>-er-T,pnd and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send sample
of llieir ore lo the LXCHANQE for exhibition.
We ilffire to bear from prospectors who have promising mineral claims
in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE
their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples shoti'd be sent by express PKEl'ATD.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
Telephone No. 101.   P, 0. Box 700.
\J a
NOTICE ie hereby given tiljit T shull, nn Monthly, tliu 6th day ol May, 1901, lioUl a Court
of Revision far ihe nurpo.su ol hearing nnd de-
tar mining nny or nil Objection, against i lie re
tention oi any names nn tho register of rotors
for the West Kid ing of Lillooet Electoral District Such <ourt will open at ten o'clock In
tlie forenoon at tlie Court House, Lillooet. [lil
Vie,, c. C7,rsub-s, f,s. 11 1
Collector ol Votes.
Lillooet, B   C, 5th Merck, 1901, 37
Notice Is hereby given that a sitting of tbe
County Court of Cariboo, will be held at Lillooet on the litli day nf May, 1901, ut ten o'clock
in the forenoon,    isv order
Registrar County Court of Cariboo.
A meeting was held in Santini's Hall
on S.ilurday evening at the instigation
of Major Burnet to take steps lo improve
the cemetery. The condition of affairs
existing there being a disgrace to the
community. E. S. I'etera acted as chairman and S. Gibbs aa honorary secretary.
Major Burnet explained that the object
of the meeting was to raise sufficient
funds to fence in the cemetery and to
form a committee to take the matter iu
hand. He BUs-'gestfil n committee of
three WitU power to add to their number.
He also offered his services gratis to
make plans and plot out the cemetery.
J g Bell, William Allen and J. G. Walker'were elected as a committee with
newer to collect subscriptione. an.l to
folio anv steps thev thought necessary
ijr the iuiproTemejts required,
A lull stock of all   indi of
is now for sale by
Store r.nd Repair Shop in Uren Block.
Call nnd examine stock.      No trouble to
show goods.
The Vancouver Westminster Northern and
Yukon Railway company will apply to tlie
Parliament of Canada at Its next session for an
act declaring the works which the company is
by its aet of incorporation authorized to con*
struct to be works for tbe general advantage
ol Canada, extending the period within which
the company may complete the same and authorising an extension from its northern terminus in a northerly direction to Dawson city
In the Yukon territory, thence onward along
tho Yukon river to the boundary of Alaska, atid
giving power to the company'to constructor
acquire and to operate such branch lines aud
extensions as the Governor in council mav
from time to time authorize, and to own and
Operate telegraph and telephone lines, bridges,
warehouses, siraiij and other vessels, ferries,
timber-lands.      "larvos,   roads, water rights,
water power., nfld to deal in the generate
electricity and electric power ami to make
such agreements for conveying or leasing the
Company's railway and ils rights and powers as
is usually given to railway companies In  llieir
act of incorporation and for other purposes.
Dated at New Westminster,
Province of Hri'ifdi Columbia
December 12th |W0.
G.O. M. DocKitti.:,,
Half-Way House,^
Headquarters for all Stapes.
Lillooet. B. C.
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furniture, etc.,
Al! orders promptly attendedto.
Lillooet, 13. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention, Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Royal Hotel,
Sucker Creek, B.C
Central point for Bridge
River Miners and Prospectors. Good accommodation. -    -
Stable in connection.
Notice ira hereby given that tlie head oflice of
the Anderson Lake Mining <& Milling Company
liars been transferred from Ashoroft to Lillooet.
T. A. BilKTT,
Lillooet, n. C,i January 22nd,
The Prospector is the
best advertising medium in this seetion.
Have your ad. in at
A large stock of Stationery will be here in
a few clays, so bring
in your orders for
Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
Lillooet, B. 0.
Mininq Properties
Properties Bonded
l>TOW   BOlTS^s^-
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
I have |:i»t recoived direct from Scotland tho bost selection of Tiveeds, Worsted!, Borrai
Pantlnga ia tiie liueeior.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
THOMAS McCOSIt, Men hant Tailor, Ashoroft, I!. C.
The new stage line leaves Lj'tton every Monday and
Friday for Lillooel, returning next day. Special trips
made,    Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati & Co., Lytton B. C.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils  and  Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Minors Stect, Picks. Sliovela, etc., Wire Cable
nnd tlussel Wire FenoUrg.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
■   OF B.C., LTD,
Ottr   Hp«ci{-tltiuH:
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Travel
Clinton  anil  wny  points,  Monday,
Wtilnoeilay anil Friday.
■   All  points in Cariboo, Monday's.
Lillooet direct, Monday anil Fiiday,
Kinks ol Quesnelle, and way points,
A  special  coach, carryi-ia passengers
and I'XiMi'H", will  leave Aslicruft lor tl.e
130-Mile  tloine on Friday's, returning
Special Conveyances Furniilied.
TlmeTuLlo No. 51.-Taking Iffeet  K»y.  H_k.
Victoria to Vnnroiir.r—Daily nt 1 p. m. Van-
couver to Victoria -Dailv at 1.16p.m., or ea «•
rival of lhe C.P.R. No 1 train.
Loave Victoria for Now Westminster, I.miner,
l.ulu   Island,   I'I per'a    Past—Tuesday   ami
Friday at 7 a.m. Leave New Weitminster for
Victoria and Way Ports—Wednesday aud
..iitiuduy at 7 ii.m
Steamships of ihis  company  will leave for
Fori   Simpson   and  intermediate  points,  via
Victoria, 1st and 15th aaoh mouth at 11 p.m.
BteairiBhlpsof this oomnany will lenva .rery
Wednesday for Wrangel and Hkagway -U $ p.m.
Mi mcr loave* ctoiia for Albornl and
sout>«. ■ ct".:, on the loth and 20th of eacli
month, extending luttur trips to Quatsinti
and C,i|.c Scott.
Tho company rosorves the right of changing
this lhid. table al any time without uot iticiiii«u
General Freight Ar-aat.
General Paatsonger Agent.
♦ \
II you want
To insure your life,
To insure your property,
To insure ngainit accident.
Call on
Ric. A. FraseT
Lillooet, B. O.


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