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The Prospector Aug 1, 1903

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■■' < £>___i ;/■]'■/ ■
■<_ __a
«jyse__f.'»- ""•"■'■.
t_yfi*»''...«d„r;   *.
fi' ' '.*_■__»>' '.„
- >f.e_i**—    eJt- .
I nb
Vol. 6. No. 2.
$1.00 a year.
Political  Items
The Ullooet District   Liberal
"'(invention meets nt Clinton to-
Mr. L. VV. S!m 1 ford, will lie the
j'onservnlive standard hearer in
einon nnd the rest, nf th*-. Nililil-
-iinieen district.    Mr. Snodgrnss
Is lhe Liberal candidate,
The suggestion that Ralph
-.111ii 11 should he lhe Liberal can-
lidate for NanaiiiMt, and in the
[vent of the success of the Liber-
[il party to offer him the Libernl
leadership, is meeting wil.li some
lipposilion at the Coast.
liven Vet. Old  J our nullum Han 11k ToIiiIk
of Superiority.
The old journalism has ils points
of superiority o*er th_ new, says
The London Star, 'iho Times Ilia
other morning hid a g c*it ' scoop"
story of the disastrous defeat of the
Emporor of Mo occo by tl.e Proton-
dor, and printed it iu tl.e usual
place for news 1. o;u Fez, ou the
foreign page, with lie plain heading, "The Moorish Revolt. Sultan's
Army Routed." The new journalism would have iilleil a column with
headlines alone. The story conns
from The Times' own correspondent,
who got away from Ft*', jist. in
time, and ai rived in 'Tangier ou
Saturday morning, having li'iki-n
through without change of bus*!,
and the lust DO miles without halting. Tho correspondent in quo&tdrii
is Mr. Waller il. ilairis, the well-'
Known traveler and author, who has
throiigbo.it kept Tho Times exceptionally well informed of the progress of this Moroccan trouble, and
wbo bus bad more than one interview with tho Em] eror himself. Mr.
Harris was reputed, just a year ago,
to have been attacked and lObl.cj
by Aral s iu tbe interior of Morocco, Imt that story fortunately  piov-
! ed to be unfounded, lie has written
several books on Morocco and Wist-
orn Asia, and accompanied Sir Arthur Nicholson's Special Embassy to
Morocco in 1896, Me married a
daughter of the fourth Fail of Mex-
boroiigh, whose second daughter
married the Prin'o 1 owersfin Wer,-
thein, who disappeared so mysteriously three years ago, and was afterwards leported to have fallen
wbi'e   fighting     as     an    advent"ror
I against the Americans in the Philippine war.
___ ,A»    ,,,,e "•' ll* Toronto Globe'* Ilest Sltortlns
$    LOCAL   NEWS.       $ *••<—
{*) . , .   «   / * -      This   ruriu  of spurt,   while nol    to
i^^iim^irXprMAiiiiiis-   utlracili-  to  the sjoctator us   running,   is  neverthoess  a   very  Import-
A.   MncDonnld,   road   Sliperin-i ant    ©oil    on every    ath.tc    i)io-
lendent,   was  in town over Sun-' «riu"'.wlu',h,*r   at the big   natio.al
IOnglish linkers nnd confectioners commend Canadian Ko.ir.
in All Whom it May Cone rn.
We call tlie attention ofall sufferers from
the liquor drinking habit toour advertisement
on page 2 of this issue. Dr. Saunders guarantees tucure the worst cases, easily, safely,
and absolutely, lie oilers to forfeit $500 fur
anv case he cannot cure. Send for I ee booklet io Dr. W.H. Saunders,
Dept. li. 1180,
Kngle.vood Station.
Chicago,   III.
Lever's Y-7_ (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powder i.s better than other powders,
as it if both soap and disinfectant.     _4
or Indy in each i-onniy to ninmiK- business (or
au old established house of sol nl financial stand
lug. A straight, bona fide cash salary m |is,nu
paid by check each Wednesday wiib all expenses direct (rom headquarters, Money advanced fnr expenses.
Manager, 810 Caxtou Building, Chicago.
Take N'otice that sixty days after date f, the
undersigned, will apply to the Chief Commissioner of I.amis and Works for permission 10
purchase the follow fug described lands in East
l.lllonei: Commencing at a North-West post
iu llie I'llew Hills, situated on Upper Headman's < reek (hence SO chains East, thence 10
chains South, thence 80 chains Wesl, thence
.0 Willi IIS North to the pom t of commencement,
containing 820 acres more or less, for grazing
.Inuies It. Uren,
Dated at I.iiiooet, E.C,   July Kill, 1008.
llie Mill bury Nickel      lues.
Fifteen years ago tho world's sup.
I ly of nickel wus chielly drawn from
Ihe minis of .\ew . _ue ioiiiu, supplemented by the Gap Mine in Pennsylvania, and a few isolated workings
tn Sweden and Norway; to-day
about oni-lialf is derived from the
Sudbury dis.l'i.t in Northern Ontario, where mining operations began in
1886. Some years ago experts employed by tbe United Slates Navy
Department examined the Sudbury
deposits of nickel-bearing one (a pyr-
I'holite containing from 1 i-*"i to >H
per cent, of nickel, and from 12 to l
I er cent, of copper, which does not,
therefore, deserve the mime of "kup-
fer nickel" or "goblin-copper ') and
reported that there were 650,000,000
tons of ore in sight, and since then
other important discoveries, some* of
which are already being developed,
bave been made within an area of
about 2,000 square miles. In 1900
tbe Sudbury district produced 7,-
080,000       pounds       of     nickel       iu
"matte," which averages about _2f>
per cent, copper and 18 per cent,
nickel, and there can bo no doubt
that I.s product will eventually monopolize the world's markets,and thut.
Sudbury is destined to occupy much
tbe same position in regard to nickel-mining lhat Kimberley holds in regard to tho production of diamonds. Wherever strength, malleability, the capability ed' taking a fine
polish, and fi eedoui from rusting are
re piiled- as in Iho construction oi
cannon, small arms, urnior-plale,
boilers aud machinery- nickel steel is
in request, and the fact thai tbe
price of nickel bas risen considerably in tbe lust two or throe years
would appear to show that, tbe supply has not Inci'OaSl .1 pari passu
wilh the. demand.—London Morning
The Misses Carson, of Pavilion,
are rey-istered at llie victoria.
cbami iou'bii s or the small   cotiutiy
There is no doubt that jum| ing
would be more popular than it is
if provision were made so that every
spectator could get a. good \iew of
the contestants, but, as a rule, theie
Ms always a great number of officials
Miss  I.HIT, of .New   -Vest inilistel'   and hangers-on .standing around, this
wlio has heen visiting  friends in   spoi.ing any   chance of    so ing    the
i sport.    U*iill this is remedied 1 don t
town. left, for Pavilion today.        I think it will ever amount to much as
  a  d. awing  card at  any  meet.
,,     i       . .  i   I    .   n   \i   , To  lie a good jumper    lepiir s   a
Mr. ..aytion, ol Ashcroit, Man- ]ot   of   h_j?d   u.ork*and   a' cen.ain
no'er of   the   11.C    Kxpress  Coin  j amount of cat-like spring.    Not   one
^ , , I : i. out  of  ten who  go  in  for     jumping
,,,'Ui.v was m bout, bins week. _mxko any.thjng liko a succc£s 0 't £
  , jt f0l. ^.j10 -.(,aS(H1  _|lat jt is    so hard
Ml'. Freeman, traveller for I e   S   and  violent an i.xcn isc.  Let any per-
,  ,    . .,*■,- son go  o.it S)tne e en ing    and     trv
nnd Leiser, ot  Victoria, came in
hv special stage t-roin Ashcroft of
Const,'i.hle ('aiter, who hns heen
on official hnsiness loCHnton, re-
tni-ned home last evenino-.   .
United States furniture niaiiti-
fncl nii'i-s nsk lot- reciprocity with
Unssiii has borrowed _~(> million
dollars Irom I'Yeueh capitalisls.
Tlie Reliance  lias  heen  chosen
its (lie American Cup defender.
I.it-hop Ilohaii, of K'-iiintoii. Pa.
coiniiiiinils all C».1 holies lo Keep
out of Sunday • xeiirsions.
tlie running broad jump several
times. They will lind next day they
; aie sire in every ji int and no doubt
would not try it agai i fur an*
j amount. An athlete who follows
| jumping must, keep cnitinually in
; training, fi r if lie does ni t he will
I find be cannot do ns good we.r.. when
it comos t.i a contest.
|    The    events    generally  on  a     program    are  the running   broad    jump.
The delegates appointed   from , standing, jump, running high,   stt-nd-
r.       i,i       i    ii i    i -i      "R   high   and   hop,   step   and     lump,
town lo attend the Lillooet Llh-| thc ,.,,, O1.0   r tHak> boil]g the hard-
The Provincial -_,pvei-ni,Hent refuses to suspend ihe Prohiliitory
Loo Export I.-1w.
The l-.ilfoiir ooveriiiiienl 'sliscal
policy will prohalil.y lie announced on Oct. -'llsl.
The Chinese-American treaty
is qui-*efavorable lo ICiiglimd nnd
cr.-il convention  left for Clinfcoi
List, evenino-.
Ilev. Mr. Pi^'h will conduct
divine ser vice in Si. Mary's! 'lunch
tomorrow eve at 7.30 o'clock.
Mr. .WW. Prown left for the
coast cities this inoi'iiino-, with
the inteiil ion of expediting lhe
shipnieiit of machinery to the
North Fork placers.
John Miller, with several ineni.-
Iiers of his family, came iu from
the Const lasl Monday. Mr. Mill-
.»r's health continues precarious.
Arthur Plutir and I- rank Col I,
who left town two weeks ao-o to
oo on n liiintiiio- trip returned
last evenino on lhe Lyllon stage
having* walked over th.» nioiiii-
tains to the dust mid then taken
the CP.lt. train for home.
A report has renched town that
Mr. Glenn, a well-known Lillooet
miner, has died iu Seattle. Mr*
(ile'in, who was quite a young
man, had been afflicted with cancer of the stomach.
Dr. Sibree Clarke will conduct
divine service in the Methodist
Church tomorrow morning. The
offering usually taken at the evening meeting will he taken at
Ihis service and the evening service will be withdrawn.
Subscribe for THE ProspecTob
t to go:  proficient at
Of ( on s- it is necessary to have
U. good pair of jumping shoe", with
oak tan soles fitted with steel s| i' es,
six in front end two behind, They
should be made of calfskin and lace
to  the  t vs.
in piactising fer the standing jump
it is a good id-a to use weights at
.'list, sny, about live pounds each.
toe tin* mark and swing tbe arms
several times, throwing tlie weights
behind you as you leave the mark.
You can gradually deeivase the
Weights till you can jump without
tbem altogo'ber. In making the
jump bring tha knees well up toward
the chin and do not drop thein till
you have to. In this manner you
cover mere ground. Ten feet is a
gooel jump. Also try and bring both
heels together. If ono is six inches
ahoad the judge is sure to mark the
back  one.
The rm iiing broad and hop-step re-
qubo that Hi-- athlete po'-OSs some
sprinting abil'ty, as it is necessary
to run a short way lo git a gooel
send-oiT. There is no re-ruler mork
foi- this event, the judge nu rely
marking from who e you stop off,
Tbe standing high and running high
have no regular method to go by, as
any way to get over tbe brr without
knocking it. olT counts, and I Inn«
sevn jumpers light on their hand,
and sidis On the whole, jumping Is
a hard game and requires a lot of
pluck and endurance.—Wm. Dovino,
St. Thomas, in Thc Globe,
The disgracefully lax marriage
laws of Dakota hnve been lhe
j siil.jecl ot' unfavorable comment
in the Loudon courts. lOuropeaii
women have been using I hem lo
secure divorces.
ill.   Huil of » Tr.'i>.
Among the curious things recently
discovered by the students of plant
life is the fact that a bud taken from
one tree and grafted on another carries tho age of tho original tree with
it. it has always been believed that
tho bud so transferred began a wholly new life, bit tbis row theoiy—it
may, after all, be more theory than
fact as yet—shows tho matter in an
entirely different light.
For example, if a bud be taken
from a. tree that is twenly-iiv<> years
old with a natural life of titty years
nnd grafted on nnother tree il. will
not live as long as its parent trie
is Olltltlod to live t'ie full fifty
years, but only for tbe po iod of
life then left to th« tree, twenty-live
The resell ... ihe election in the
Ihirnnrd Cnstle division in   England is as follows:
A. Henderson, Labor, 8,870.
VV.L. Vane, Unionist, 8,828.
Mr. Ueniiiuorit, Liberal. ~_.H(.'l.
Major \ une is personally popu-
| lar,   hut   I he  opposit ion    of   I he
I people to the government's educational policy    influenced   tin;
contest, the tli vision lieinu-itl ronir-
f r"i
ly Nonconformist.
"N.*..    \ i','lin*,,l,»_*iiul Muni.*...
Russia has decided In found on
archai-loeii'al museum in Sevastopol.
Tin- building is to be creel ed in the
style of an old Christian ha.i'icn and
to  be arranged  for  three apart tin-ins.
one devoted to tbe Crreok, one to tlio
"Roman nnd n thirei to tlie Byzantino
period, the whole project has been
entrusted to the management of
Grand liukc Alexander __Iichailo\ iteh.
Irish uml Scotch  __ai.-t1ar.il.
There  are in  Ireland  ___.' landlords
1 owning over fin,<>0(*. acres, while theiei
are  in   Scotland  -17.     One      of      llie.
broadest-acred of the Scottish   landlords   is   the   1'iinie   Minister,    who
owns hist 90,000 acres, with a   rent
roll  of some  $100,000.    the  laird  of
laird« is,  of course,  tiie   I ink,* of Su-
| therland,  who possesses over a. million and    a  quarter of acres,  which
bring him in some  5850,000 por annum.
Where ll. Got Hie lilm.
"There are sermons in stones," mused
the minister. "That rfives ine an idea."
he added to himself, and then he went
lo his stud,'.
The next Sunday he preached ob ths
sin of wearing diamonds. THE  PKOSrECTOI-, LTLLOOET, 1..C., AUC.CST I. 1903.
PUBLISHED  i:\ i:i.y   SATI kl-AY    i
AT i.ii.i.oi ii-;r, li.c.
BY   lill'. I'KKI'K   I'm:  I'i iii.i-iiin •   CuMI'ANV,
THE PROSPECTOW is ihe onl> paper published In the Lillooel District, antl is all home
Subscriptions: One Dollar n vein In iiilviinee.
.Vilvertisinu rales inmli* ktiinvn mi n|.|ilh-nli*ni.
(-iii-i'es|iiiiiitt'iii'i*  is i nviii-'l mi nil niiitlei'i*  ••)
public pr local Interest.    All c inicaliuns
must  Im accoiupauietl  liy   Ibe   in t   Ibe
iv liter, Iml mu necessarily for publication.
Printer's Errors
Tlie Feiirfi ■ things tli.it (lit. local paper is nnule In s,-iv 1111-«>11«__. 11
it prii'ter's error are sonii'linies
|ioinlt'(l (iul to vs. T'ie difficult y
nf cunsliiiil escnpefroiii such mis-
t.'ikes seem iliHliniiouill able, even
in ' lie experience (if olil-estnlilisli-
ed ne\vs|i;i|ier enterprise*. Here
arts ii l'ew example's ofsuclierrors:
The most popular weekly news-
pnper published in (Jiinml...coin-
meiices it recent issue bv iiiipotiu-
ci.no' to its renders tli;it. the date
of isHlie is "JULULY''22.
If the offer of ;t certain local
paper that comes to us were taken seriously, the I'ltOSPE. 'ton's
terms on the third pag'e sinks into iiisio'iiiHcance, for the above
ptiper is offered for 40 yenrs for
one dollar.
A popular man iu I_.ii<_>laii.1 had1
an   enthusiastic   receplion, and
one newspnpei' reports innoceiit-
f.y that "The v.ist concourse rent
1 he nir with their snouts.*'
Another newsptipei' in report-
iu^' the speech of it polil iciiin. intended to comment thus: "And
the masses believed him"' hut.il
iippenred in print .{is follows: "ami
thein nsses believed liim."
An enthusiastic editor wrote,
'•The battle is now opened," but
Ihe compositor spelled hat tie
with .-in "o." anil his readers said
they li.id suspected it rio ht along-.
A Noteworthy Step
The Daily news, of Loudon, one
of the greatest journals in the
world, has adopted the policy of
refusing till advertisements of alcoholic liquors, and has proscrib-
the publication of betting* nud
turf news. And it is interesting
to know that, the above paper is
becoming more prosperous than
ever. We Imve always maintained that while the hotel is necessary for the convenience of travellers and others, the open bar
and the treating system might
he abolished with benefit to .-ill
1 rout and Salmon
The Minister of .Marine and
lisheries intends to send some
I'.aslern trout eggs to he planted
iu such Western waters ns the
Sliawnigii.il Lake. The eggs will
be hatched in I he Fraser Kiver
All parties interested iu the salmon industry are anxious to see
I he number of trout, iu salmon
waters, reduced, as millioiisof salmon eggs are devoured at tl.e
natural spawning-grounds in this
vicinity. Every trout caught at
1 he Seton Lake outlet during the
spawning season lorsnlinon is tilled with salmon coys. Now its
t he mil ive Pacific species of trout
are more highly regarded than
the Eastern'trout and as there is
less risk in stocking Western Witters wil.li Western fish, why not
utilize the trout of B.C. salmon
streams where trout are n detriment to one of out most valuable
What has it ever done for you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutions that keep; that cannot help but keep.
LIQUOR   DRINKERS CURED Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
AT HOME.    With no loss of Time or Labor.
Tl'er^ is an enl'ttlilened aid novv which takes hold of a man inatanllv.
Instead of tin llin g a drinker it inws him almost immediately the tump cf
new life and p.iuet—lets lhe Hlliiliirhl of llO| e into his soul at oni'e ami
sets hi, mind into operation with ali iis be*t intelligence — a prompt re-
suit of effects oil the neives, sti much anil vv'-ole hod) whicli ure quick
ami maivelolis. While at this point the cure has only he^Ml, the en-
eonraiieiiient j. m> great lhat piobably no medical wuik .tjualB this in
sa^i.-faeliou to a patient.
With i,l i* In Ip iiyainet the drink habit any man vv ho wants to lift from
It's life tbe handicap of liquor nsinn can tlo so wfth immediate re-ults.
Tnis tin iranleed treatment is within reach of all. Convenient term< can
he arranged satisfactory to tun one w ho is at all naonahle, though, as
all people undi rsij,nti, it does ti t coinpaie with lhe wrelliles- quack
nines ailverii-ed at so iiiucli per package, or '"Free", etc. Iti- a different
mai-er from all ihi- to | erfeci u tour oof thorough, -pedal, personal
treatment that will really do the work ami cure forever, it is a serious
undertaking and requaes a high form nf scientific professional vv rk. Ail
tlie different k mis oi cases are li milled under guaranteed results. Onlv
•kill that is developed to the liinli.'nt run do it.. Onlv professional ft e-<
can pay for ihe time it requites, though they are maile moderate and convenient lor anybody. The n el bods of practice used in this work bas cost,
vears of li ni* , vast study and expensive experiments. Tbe origin a l or, II-.
W'i liam 11. Saniiih-i-j, had attracted wide notice for his works on Neivous
diseases I.nig lud'ore peifecting ihis Ireatinent. An.l s'ill nothing hnt fare
antl personal attention to cases today make- it pos-ihle for him lo accomplish the abj.iln e cures which he guarantees. So Hie reader will see
it,is treatment mean- thorough scientific, professional attenii-n. Km it.
also means results liim are absolutely certain. Tne splendid lirst effects
on a man are alone worth the entire cost of treatment.
This treatment can he given WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of
the pa'i>'iit. and can In- placed in any of his foods or liquids lhat he ntes,
and being ~~i!i>(les-» and ta-te|ess, it does ns work so silently antl quickie
lhat itieti nnkaril is leclainied even against hi" will ami vv i bunt hi*
knowledge ami cn-nperaluui. The wife mated for years to a husband addicted tn tips curse «ill wonder if curing her bllsbai d hv her ow n effort*
can he true. "Is il ponsible that I here is such a gloiiotis opportunity ?"
- he will ask. Ami 1111111-111111* of u hv. who have put. il tn the. test and 1 <_•
j nee in the reclainalioii of h ir snou><e8 wbn seemed lost to nd sense ot
► elf iespet-1. geiierusitv antl maiilineBs will trumpet "nt to the world,
V Yes, 11 is true". Our ti eat men 1 i* purelv ve.erahle, contains no n a ri'Ol-
ics, opiates, poinons or niineial*. We u*e no hy pnile'rmic Injec'ion of gold,
nor any dangerous couipoitntl. 11, can be taken at b une without any loss
or detention from l>u-ine.«. I1 stimulates the neivous sv-teni at once,
incieases the apiieliti-, and afford* perfect res! at night. It ads direcllv
Upon llie stomach, Im Ids mi ' lij 'who'e system, eliminates all trice of liquor from the hinlyaii-1 leaves the patient in the s.unecondiiion as if liquor
had never been taken.
those who Imve In en deceived liy worthies- remedies. If yonr friend or
11 ns hand i* lhe worst ca-e in tlie com mun ity, we are mule a 11X10118 lo cure
him.    Read lie follow ing:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Sail' tiers & Co.,
Dear S r-:— 1 have just, returned after a long absence, and feel it my
duly to write you concerning mv two patients, One of litem F.R..., gave
up the treatment after ahout two weeks. Tne ot her, Win .('..., con tin m d
to take the treatment faith fnll v, and he has heen a hie to refits j whisky a
bundled limes ami does not crave it at all. for nine vears he has been
awav from his parents and m-ver dining that time has he been able to
keep awav from hon e lung enonidi to visit, bnine. Ile is now visi'ing hi"
bom'-' iu I'levelai d, I)hi", ami I expect hi!!', hack In a few davs. When he
lefi he promi"eil In- would not touch whi-ky while away. I trust be vvill
keep his g I resolution. Kindly let me have a few pamphlets fur distribution. There are a few case* I would like to get for your Ireatinent.
W.sbingyou success, lam
Very truly yours.
Sister Superior.
S*. John's School,   (irey Horse, Okla., Sept. 27, 1902.
Dr.   W. H. Saunders.
Dear .sir:— Yonr ie'ler re.eivetl and contents no'ptl. My patient
returned after visiting home, antl has not touched whiskey. I am so glatl
that he took your treatment antl 1 is mother is simply delighted to think
lhat he does until 1 ink. The change,worked in this man has attracted the
attention of everyone.    I am
Very respectfully,
Sister Superior.
St. John's School, Cray Horse, Okl.i., Dec. 28. 1902.
Dr. W.   |f. Sannrfpis,
DearSii: | wrote vou some time ago about publishing my letter*.
I lie'itated became they were written in baste, and I tlonht If tbey aie
lit to pin dish. 11 is ,-i debt nf gratitude on my part and if the letters will
beneHl vnii in any way. make ti*"e of thein, I; is the only means I have
lo make tiny return fiir vour kiidn--s. Tliis I ask leave out mv name,
and simple sign, Sister Superior, and of course omit tbe name of the patients. Mr. C isdoiig .-.-ell. He does not crave vvhiBkey at all.
With best wishes of tbe season,
I am, very truly yours,
Sister Superior.
I'Mlvadeia, New Mexico, Dec. 11 tli, 1901
Dr.  W.H. S Hinders tt 0 ».,
Gentlemen!—I have taken your medicine
fir the liquor habit, which  vvas recommended to me hy  a   friend  in my
town.   I only took one 111 tilth's treitni <ni whicli 1 tpletely cured me,
I have no desire to drink any more. I suffered for ve.i-'S wilh this curse.
I'lease accept mv thanks for the ireatinent R»st. assured t hat J shall recommend your treatment 10 everyone in need of same.
I am,  verv truly yours,
Calletano Garcia.
WE HAVE HIT'S, nnd nre, enrine thousands and we have hundreds
ol testimonial" on tile speaking nf these wonderful cures WE WIND
for particulars anil save the d >w t) fill lell. All correspondence is held sacredly confidential. No names of patients published without their written
consent.   Consultation rilEE.   All correspondence without marks.
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isit to tl>« M-.t-iii* nl  l.mit
--Tin* [.bstnicl ns iipiui
Coil-lit.   Ai-iiill
.ll.ivi '. I'm ill
I'll   to  III.
Iv  \ !■ ii or    to    t h • honn s    of    i be
j'at     men    and      women     VVI "   hn\ e
J.n.   done  and  suffered   iu   their  se
|ii  spheres goiK'i'ul y   tin's  thai   the
,« veiling   inhabitants   i now   noth-
Mr of the eailier oc. upuuls,  and a.
int'oi'ialily innocent  of lhe fait that
ground     about,  them  is histotir,
|it  tin   heroin''  of the  Acadian     t'X-
lsion has not I >.-.-n    c i signed     to
al  oblivion.      Iilveryone    in    and
[put  the  neighborhood can  point, lo
i well f ntn whicli she lifted water,
the  willow     trees    beneath  which
Ifc milled the favoiilo he»if«r, to tho
jjp.ee" whore Das'l's forg-o stood;     to
Ji' site of the church, of the    home
I,' Father Folician, and of everything
I'ovei into the poem.    Tho chief    of
Ih' eshing-machir.o staff showed  ire
_■■ footprints near the well.    1 tried
Ply hoots in them, writes S. 'I*. Mood
Tho Globe.  Evangeline must have
on a very large woman.
I t ce s h •  . x .11 si"'*.
I. Grand  Pre has  ne\er really rrcov-
1'ed   from    tho  effects    of  the  oxpul-
Tion.    it consists of a small station,
[•'Inch tbe operator lcc'<s up   between
I rains.    The Flying Dluenose ignores j
It. but it is honored by    c ills   from I
,l'iv« expresses  each   way,  daily     except Sunday,    it has,  or is,    a hotel
[rom  which a   man  drives down     to
jiieet the trains, and  there are sevcr-
liil bouses which may bo included   in
Jt.  as    it  is not.    incorporated,     and
It.ho  bounds  are  cor.seip'ontly  clas i_.
TkVolfvllle,  three miles along the   line,
Jhus appropriated Evangeline   and all
It he traditions of Grand  Pro, and the
(inquiring    visitor is advised,    if    he
■.vuuts to go to Grand Pre,  to go to
kVo'fville.      There    is  a  town    t''ere
Ivith   hotels,   an   academy,   a    manual
■training s-'hool  and a young    ladies'
fcerninary.    There are liverymen there
Jwlio eh ive you to Grand Pre, to Blo-
Bnidon Head, the mouth of the    Gas-
Jperean. Minus Basin,   the dykes   and
Ball   the points  of  interest,     ',1'his  ad-
Iviee  was  so  persistent  and  universal
[that 1 got off at. Grand Pro.
l-.vaie._cl ne'        ■ i..
The station agent smiled and pointed  to  a    red    pump  in  an     ad ac'nt
■ held   when   asked   about.   iOvange ine's
swell.     The pump  loots sadly modern
I and  util't finii.     iiul.  fer the    fcone-
lit  of  those wlvo  prefer truth   ill  sueh
matters,   it   is   known   that  the     well
I was dug, for convenience, by reopening a  caved in  well  that had  serv«d
the Acadian  village of    Grand     Ire.
'the    willows,     too,   are  tl ere,     tight,
massive trunks, gnarled,  twisted and
almost      falling     apatt    wi h     age,
I hough   the  tops   are  still     vlfOlOUS.
They mark (be margin where the long
aim  from   the   llasin   of  Minus     one.'
spread over t'ie brown po! s etl    mud
Hals at   high    tide.        But llie basin
does  nol   reach   within   two  mill's     of
them now. for  the dykes bi.ilt.  by   (he
Acadians and  maintained  by  tl e present  owners have reclaimed and still
pro crve a broad expanse    of    about
2,50(1 rt.cren, through wl i h the winding g ooves of  tie tidal si reams    are
aimlessly     threaded,       their     sloping-
sides, once of sea-washed mud,    now
covered with a  modern crop of   oats
and  hay.    Tho sti'e at the fenco surrounding the denuded  viUagc site    is
vvoi u  with the feet   of pilgrims,     and
•tlie  pump    has   been  saved  fiom     demo iii on    only   liy    an    iuconv enient
bariicade.    Tlie willow at the end of
the  row,   the  very  tree     under  which
lOvangeline sat.   is scarcely- more than
half  lhe sizo  of  tbe  others,   its stunted   dete locution    being  (be     to     the
constant   breaking  off  of  twigs     and
small     brain lies  by visiting tourists.
Such is human reverence for an imaginary fragment of our common    humanity, into whose la-east   (he genius
of a poet has breathed the breath of
Kxrilaiti-.ll nntl .Instilled.
I.ongf Ilow has made it incumbent
on us lo explain aud justify the expulsion of the Acadians. If it had
heen only Acadians iu Unj abstract
who hud been expelled the affair
would have been forgotten long ago.
Nobody has any sympathy with the
Acadians in the abstract, bcpflliso nobody has ever met t'-om or associated with them in thut form. Expelling
the Acadians would s.arcoly awaken
a passing comment, but expelling two
Acadians is a serious matter and
must I e justified. Longfe'low has
shown us two Acadians, teal, living
I eo| 1 ' like oursi lvts, people who were
not abstractions, people with li".,
hope, affection, love and constancy.
II* vv  It  Ih li	
It is only as we regard our fellow-
moitabl as abstractions that we can
kill, scatter, injuie or speak evil of
them. So long ns we regard I hem
as human beings like ourselves, only
not qui to so good, with affections
and sympathies, with f'clings, with
friends and relatives, witli hopes and
i.s.iirutions, with joys and sorrows,
IVe cannot do any of these things.
The soldier kills the enemy because
ilu- enemy is an abstraction. Uut. he
will shnro the contents of his watir-
botile with tne somo enemy wounded
ou (he Held, because that enemy bas
ceased lo Ik* an abstraction and has
bccoii e a man.     :"■:.-  . ,~n     :.>  —;.-:,i
.\a.\,   don't .oi-ffcl   ilu-   nil   folks,   hoys,—
; he. 'v '■ nul  iiir._n. on  v mi;
I ln.ii._i.i .vein's li.ivc  nnsscil  >iii'c ynu  were
home,  tlie . !'l   .a arts sii 1  ure  I rue:
Ami     uol     nn     evening   puss s   hy   111 -y
luitnf   tin*  desire
To see .nun- lures    li e again Ufld  llCUl' .vour
 is.cps    !l__. I'.
You're  young    und   buoyant  nnd   for  you
Hope lni-ki.iis vvllli l.cr linn.Is.
Anil  li.e spreads oul   n   wttvcless  sen  tlm.
hips but   iriipic  strniiils;
The world is nil he.ore jour fuce,  tmt lei
\ ont nieuioi It s uii'ii
lo   vvlii'i-r   fond   hearts   still   cherish    yon
mul loving in.m.in. yearn.
Vo m.-ilicr whal  your iliuics ure nor whnt
youi' plnce in  l.t'e,
there's novel' been  n  time  they'd  nut us-
simt.'  j our   lii.-ul   of   «"ril'e:
\nd si riinkcn shoulders,  trembling lunula,
nml  lonus ricked   by  ilise. s■•,
Would lirnvnly dure   lie grave lo bring to
you   lhe   peni'i   . I'   pence.
So don't. for?ct Ihe oil folks, hoys- th.y've
i ot forgotten you;
Though yenrs hnve passed .luce you  were
home,   lhc nil  Iwai'ts st II are true:
And   wr.tc   Ihei ivv   and   then   to   hr.ng
the light Into their eyes.
And make the world glow tne nguln and
hliu r gleam the skits
—Will   T.   Hale.
I'ontli's CartooiilKl   Is  Very   Friendly Jo
lhe London "l-m-t-.e."
In an appreciative sketch of Mr.
Phil May, the famous cartoonist and
humorist artist, M.A.P. tells the following:- -Mr. May's friendliness with
"the force" is of old standing, and
the.o is hardly a policeman in bis
eiistiict who eloes not think of him
whenever any very funny expeiience
is encountered. Only the other day
a constable accosted the artist in
the stieet to tell him a "good story
for Punch." A moment or two later
a second bobby came on the scene for
the Same purpose, and, turning round
a corner in Wt. Johns Wood, Mr.
May found himself supported on
either side by au eager raconteur in
blue, lie then can.o faee to face with
a lady of his acquaintance, and, as
he tells it hill self: "She looked at.
me with such sympathy and an expression that so plainly said, 'Don't
make a f.iss, belter go quietly with
thein.' that even tho bobbies had to
smile at tho sit nation!"
The •• liotlyvillc" Drawings.
The series of "Dottyvillo" drawings in Punch is well known to Mr.
May's artist, fiiends, one of whom
brought him a letter from an lumato
of Nan well Asylum, whicli said: "1
greatly resent those sketches. You
apparently tlo not understand your
sinijet.-l,  for you have drawn  the head
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.    --^^__)
As far back as the year 1358, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
ar, near tbe town   of Lillooet.   The adjoining ground i being.worked with profit at
the present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on llie Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company lias heen formed with'a capital of $850,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of ]_ii,t_ooi~t.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
ANDi-itsoN i.AKK and iiuiiKiic uiVRit mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a, prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of  territory  that remain  unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-<^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman s
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, hear, deer, and all.kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
he a. luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.     >
In  the dry  holt, and  at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equal
sunjoct, for vou have drawn tho head I . ..   , ,     ,.      ,       ... i,   ...      <,,,.,;  t,., .■*.!...1 1 Fvnil   in-ivlie "Town   ail<
of an idiot and labelled it a. lunatic,   the ellUUltc _B  most   suit able loi* health-seekers,     bellil-tiopicil tlllll   m.l\        glut, n,
Nearest Kailway towns are ashcroft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific iiao.way.
You   ought    to   know   the  difference, I . . ,       ,     ,,.,,,. i.,, _,,,.,,   iM  liliiiini
but  you dout-an.i i. am not, su.-j ., |  f|,e orient  t i me, Noveiii 1 >ei*, 1'oschushes and geranium plants ma\ be seen in moom
prised,     for,  although  1  have  never
St en .you,    I      am  very familiar  with     j,,   |||(l „.., ,.,|,.ns 0f the  tdWIl
pi. teres of you,  and  in  all  drawings! *~
and photographs 1 have noted thut
yours is the head of an idiot." Air.
May records against himself the fact,
that, having proceeded thus far with
the letter, a listening friend who did
not mean to be uncomplimentary
broke in: "Oh, the man who wrote
that letter was no lunatic," a remark that naturally upset tho gravity of the parly ami covered the
speaker with  confusion.
"Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
An Isliinil i nl .1 io VIif,*.
There is a. small island named Papa
Little, tli.it lies iu .St. Magnus Bay,
on the west side of .Shetland. It gets
tiis name in contradistinction to Papa Stour, or tho Big Papa,   another
island in the same  bay.  Eo.hnamca   Ni.  M inilolw I'n  ,.,..,.,...., v ,■* ,,.,
are, of     Noise    origin,    aud    signify | „.,„,•,„ , ....^.lactioas  will be given,    for $1.50 we will have the Free -Pt«~, the 22 paintings and   Hie 1 inspector sent
Priest  Islands,  from   the    fact     that
they weie coloni eil  by the Irish  Ca-| "" ' J'1*-"
-holies who   first Introduced Christianity     Ihore    was a solitary    croft
on   this island   at  one  time.   luir.    all
ihat now  remains is a ruined   homestead,  for  the    place is  used    purely
for gruing    purposes.      A   striking
featuio   of   the   isles   i.s   the   fact   that
no  mice can live there, and on vari- j
o'is  occasions,   to   test  the  truth     of
this,    mice liave    bein   caught    and j
lipped   on the    isle,  but    so uncon-      The two b_tiuii'ul picture
ce Press   with  its weekly Supplement gives 28 pages of reading matter every week. In addition to this, 2z   ,...,.  -
,ni,uin, .•opru.lactii.as  will be given.    l'*or $t.5o we will have the Free  Press, the 22 paintings and   The Prospector sent
ons year, 1
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
■PUIUT*." and "AL0>.1'~" which  are to bo pi
to be presented with thc Family Herald arc
x 28 inches  uv
genial did  its soil  prove to  their
,, , , li0*"   size, and are suitable for framing.
iStcnce  that     in   a  short   time     they
were dead,    There are Instances    of |
crofters    on      the      mainland,    when
troubled with mice, going the length I
of  fetching earth from  this  isle    and
sprinkling   it,  on    the  ground    before
building their stacks.     This is    said
to have hud tho desired elect in   all
Sir Iteilvo.K Not Vindictive.
Sir Hedvers Puller has hnd some
hard knocks from the pross, but apparently he dois not harbor any animosity against journalists us a class.
At the re.ent. Devonian dinner, a
young journalist Wanted to get into
a small gallery overlooking the
scene, instead of sitting with his
colleagues down below, tho mote particularly as he was sniveling from
dyspepsia, und the'good things provided wee forbidden him. But tho
door leading to the gallery was
locked, and none of the officials
would produce the key or even listen
to his appeals. Presently Sir lied-
vei'S ap) eared on the scene, and the
journalist, taking hiH coiirngo iu both
hands, as the French say, went up to
blm and said: "Pardon iue, Sir Red-
vers, but l am a poor, unfortunate
journalist   In a fix'.    Will vou    help
* * $ *
The Weekly Witness  price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern .Messenger 30
The Prospector 1-00
Total value 3.30
2 00
\t_W Special* We were successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special  rate.    We  will send you  all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.25. Till.  PI.OSPECTO!., I. IL LOOET, B.C., AUGUST 1. 1903.
The foilowino']>hif ftii'in  w.is ,-i
rlopled iiiKiniiiiiMi.slv I.\ llie \U'\
elsdoUe Con veil tit in on Septeinlieij
12t-.li, 1.902:
1— "That) this ConvenUoii re •
,-iffii-itis the ptilii-v of I lie I'.-oly iu !
liuillei's of I'roviiieinl roatls iiiitl
trails; the ownership uml control
of r.'iiluiiys iiiul t he development
of the «i<i'ricul( iir.'il resources of
the I'rovinee, iis laid down in the
Pl.'ilform adopted in October
1.899, which is as follows:
''To actively aid in the construe ion of
trail*, throughout  the Province and the
l.iiiltling of Provincial Trunk  roads of,
public necessity.
''To adopt the principle of Government ownership of railways in eo far as I
the circumstances of the Province will
admit, nnd to adopt the principle ihat
no honii*" should he granted lo any rail- j
way compmy which does not give the
government of ilia Province control of
rates over lines hon used, together with
the option of purchase.
"To actively assist liy State aid in the
development of the Hgriciiltuial resourc
es of the Province."
2—That in the meantime and until
lhe Kailway po icy above set forth cat*
be accomplished, a genera' Railway Ac
be passed, giving; freedom to construct
railways under certain approved regulations, analagolis to the evateni that hat-
resulted in such ex onsive railway con-
strtn'tion in the United States, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
3—That to encourage ".he mining industry, the taxation of metalliferous
mini s should he on the basis of a p. iceii-
of the net profits.
4—That the Government ownership ol
telephone systems should he h-ougbi
about as a lirst step in ihe acquisition
of public utilities.
5—That a portion of every coal area to
be hereafter disposed of, should he reserved from sale or lease, so that stab-
owned mines may easily be accessible,
if their operation become necessary or
6—That in the pulp land lease* provision should be made for refoie-ting
antl tlmt steps should be taken fn. the
general preservation of forests In- guarding against the wasteful ilesn uction oi
7—That the Legislature and government of the Province should per-eveie
in the effort lo secure the exclusion of
Asiatic lab >r.
8—Tnat the matter of better suhsidie-
ant) appropriations for B.C. be vigorously pressed upon the Dominion ii ivein-
9 -That the silver iead industries be
fostered by the imposition of increased
Customs duties on lead and lead pro-
duels importe I into Canada.
10—That arrangements be made for an
amicable adjustment of tlie relations' between employeis and employed.
ll-That it is advisable to foster the
manufacture of the raw products of the
province within the Province as far as
practicable hy means of taxation on lhe
said raw products subject to rebate ol
the same in whole or in part when manufactured in liritish Columbia.
Pure soap!"   You've heard R.F.AnderSOI1d.Co
the words.    In   Sunlight!
fact. I
Soap   you have  the
m-'.v wi'.sni insi'ki;, n. q.
_Ul£ far the Octagon Uur. 131
(.~-.iK.ml I Iti ru ware,
Picks Mini Shovels,
A Mis, I Iocs Si Kakes,
Mnr Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils. Tjiin!s, Sic.
50  YEARS'
I. II11)S ior Fall or Spring planting
Seeds, Phil its,
Use Lever's Dry Soup (a powder) to
wash -woolens and flannels,—you'll like
it. 3;
NOTICE if, hereby given lhat all creditors
ul William Frederick Allen, ol Lillooet, H,C,
Hotel-keeper, deceased, are required, on or
before the 22nd day of August, 190.5, to send
to the undersigned, post-paid, particulars of
their claims duly verified.
And notiee is hereby given that the undersigned will, after the vaid date, proceed to
distribute the estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims
nl creditors of whose debts or claims they
sliall 1 hen have received notice, and that
ihey will not he responsible for the assets, or
nny part thereof, so distributed to nny person
or persons of whose debts ur claims they
.shall not have received notice.
Dated  (uiy 2lsl 1903.
Solicitors for Ihe Executors,
30, Langley Street,
Victoria,   L..C. I
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending 11 slmlrh and description may
nutekly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
invention Is .iratinbljr patentable* Communications strictly cnntldentlal. Handbook on Patents
sent free, oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Xlunn & Co. receive
ipcritU notice, without, charuc, iu tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated wocklv. Largest circulation of any sclent.ltic Jo .rnal. Terms. t'd u
yeiir; four months, &1. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN&Co.3C*3roadwa' New York
Branch Office, 025 V St. Washington, D. C.
i:i:i: SUPPLIES,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3~o_), Westminster  Koad, Vancouver, 11.C.
'*.?   \t '- ♦ '' .t'' e> "■.♦'-• ♦ ' -,* 'SIS\t/'\t'Si*/Sii/
•fc fr m fr. mpK ii #**. fkpk.is'pkPk
News from all the world—Well-written
original stories—Answers 10 qnerier—
Artieles on Health, the Home, New
Rooks, wnd on Work about the Fann
ami Gaiden.
1   * -      Drugs and riedicines, - «\
1 \*_- \t/
I *S Spectacles and Toilet Requisites, - ♦>
i _.£. W
* I ish,n_ I acklc- etc. etc. AS
Mai!   Orders    Promptly   Filled.    °y,
.1. Jf.
fc   CLARKE & Co.
Tlie WREKYInter-Ocean   ;^^^^^^^^^.^^»
Paul Santini,
0 ION I0H Al.  .UI.I.cil.WT.  UU.OOKT,  II. (!.
ciin-it's it   In 11 si 1 u-k (if .ill  kin.Is til' ('n...i'1'ii'K,   |)rv<io|
l.ools timl Shoos, I In rt I Wiiri't Ac
>I<^—^> H. C. PARKER, = Lillooet, B.C.
Having purchased the stock
R.J. Atkins, we are now addii
to it and prepared to fill all ordei
Repair Shop in connection  with Store,  where your i-v]
want will be supplied.   A complete LMiimbingOutf.1 mi hn|
MAKE  VOUR. OWN HISPAIRS.   KNAJIKt.l.BD   KNOBR, For'Coffee mid  I ,*>, I]
ami Other ('miking Utensils.   I'l-leufi eents em-li, while llicy lust.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton Si Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Kridal
All points in Carihoo:       -    -     .Mondays.
150Mile House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly servid
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
H Special conveyances furnished,    Send   for  folders
There is nol a iltiy tl nt pusses
in which the vnlue <il it good
Tooth linisli isnnt demonstrated.
We keep the kind you wanl-
the   kind  wilh  genuine  bristles
that don't come out.    The prices are 25c, 3V, and 50c. according to size and finish.
We guarantee every linisli to
he perfect, and will replaceevery
one not proving satisfactory after
a month's use.
in regard to whether the I'as'e,
I'owder, or Liquid form of dentifrice . li aid be used. Wc suit
all tastes hy keeping in slock a
Complete line of all the populai
dentifrices in Paste, I'owder and
We pit pay these hy mail.
It- a nifiiilier of th. As.ocialetl Pre.8
the only Western Newspaper re'eiv-    \
ing th« entire tele^ri pliiti iifunfer-    i
vie.e of the New Yolk Sun. and .pee-
ial e.tltle of the New York   World—
Daily   reports of over  2,000 special
correspondents throughout the conn-   j
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INTER-OCEAN (One Dollar)
BOTH FOR $1.25.
Asa special  and leinporary   offer lo |
reader, of this ;>aper, we will mail Tin: !
I'llil.ir lo persons wh" are imt now suli-
sctiliets. for ten weeks for tell cents.
Tut'. Prm it: is a if2, lO-paue weekly Review for democratic Democrats ami de-
mocralic Keptihlicant; Ue opinions are
exp'ei-se.l wil hon t fear or favor ; il gives
an interesting   and   connected   weekly
of all 1 i-ioiical news; il always has etl- 1
1 loi in Is wtirih si tidy ing, a cartoon worth
seeing, 000k notices worth reading, and
ii.iscellaneons matter hoth valualde ami ■
iiileresiing; and il is liked hy intelligent
women   as well as hy   intelligent  men
Tne editor is Lill'lsF.  Post.   Send ten
cents in silver or stamps for ten week's '
trial.    All suosr, iptimis are paid strict I \
in  advance, ami upon expiration   tin-
pa per is promptly st:ppeit   unless subscription is renewed. Mention this paper
Address:       TIIE PUBLIC.
Unity Building, <_'u c.go, lu,.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Teii'lcis  im*    Invili-il   fnr   llie   .vllnlu nl Iliu |
pi'i)|it!ii.v, iiieiiiiiiiitt  Crou'n tii'Hiiied  i-liili.is,
null site, Cyan hie mill, (.-iiinielly •ia Io50 tmis
iltilly), Irii in w-iiy, 11 smi y iiiiii'i*. In 1111 rn lory nml
.iillci|iii|iuif 111, ni tlie Toronto   l.lllooel  tioltl
ItiM'l's 1'mu 1 mny 1,11111 let), «|luillu ill Hie 1,11 looet !
illsiriel of  liii lish  ('oliiinl)iii;   Inel mliiiK   the    ________________________________________________
Ample,   W lill lo,   .Miii.iiieh   anil    Wulhlllil    Villo I ... ._.._.
mines which nru I'linni Ri'tiiiluil, also the The McMillan For & Wool Co. have
North Hl.tr, tlolilen stripe, (iol.lmi Kagle. Ituby plact,(| t|lt,ir t.jruu|ar 0f July 5th on liie
mul j ho niinei'iil   elnini.    Ill the Mil III li   ilisl „,   .
 , .,,   ,,     at our oliice for reference,    llus house
I'lttt, logullietWith ll   lea stump mill, llliielllnu
ilrills 1 oiheiei|iii|iiiieni.s.   dish toiiiler. for    **vnH eslahlislieil  a quarter of a century
the whole |iio|n*ny me retpiesleil hnl . agn, and on account of their extensive
off ns  for  working options  or    for poi  '"'"*'   bllf>ll_ei>«, tliev are iu   a  position lo pay
of the pi'o|ierl v u ill lie eonsiilereil       1'roiii    ,ic I , .   , . *... . _.    ,   .,    •       ,     ,
, „.„ . ,      , ...  .    high  prices.   Si oners lintl  their  oeal-
forinei group tint) Itinsol ore has   lieen   inilleil,        *      ' _..•!,■_.a
witli nn iissny  value M|.|iioximiitltigf 10.00 m   lugs with them very satisfactory.
f 11,1X1   Wiignii rontl from Italirontl In mill. The 1    	
whole of the nliove will hour looking Into ami k..WWWv./wWwwuAi^w
inveslignlion nml nru an exceptionally impor- | fp%*pp,pfcpi%?i\pF.pF.Pls\Pl*pi*,pA't.pl\'
taut antl valuable group ofelaims with full .
working uiiulpineut. l-'nll pai-tleiilnrs mav he |
hint on npplii-iilioii lo ICilgiii- lllooin llelil :
l.lqniilnloi', f. O, Hui; 71::, Vancouver 11, I!.
IJie  new singe line leaves l.ylton every Monthly ;i|
I'^rithiy   for  Lillooet, returning next  Jtty.      S[)eein.l  tr
made,    Write ns for information.
Peter Itobadiati Si. (',>.. Lytton   l'>. CJ
McCOSH is your nearest T4IL0I
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSH, Men-liniit Tnilor. Aslieroft, I!. <:
VAN-COU'VEE, ____.. C
•      +
A new ami thoroughly equipped
private ho>pi al specially ailapteil
lur Surgical ami lilectrical Treat-
niellt, with superior acconinila-
li-ni lor Lying-in Cases. Only
trained nurses employed.
MINING tiNGINI.l_.l_S ANJ) assaykks,
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, 1890.
Assay work of all descriptions ttnilerlaKen.     Tests mnde up  lo Juno II is.    A speeialtl!
made of checking   Mueller   pulps.    Samples    front   lhe   Interim'   hy    Mail   or   Ifxpr
proniplly attended   to,    (' ii i r e s po ll d e n c e    solicit e d .
ITitv.e you ordered your new
suit.? (Jlive .McCosli it li*;il. lit;
will give yoiis.'il.i.sf.'tetioii.
Head our special
offer on the
third page.
Blacksmith Supplies
We cany the largest and best stock iu B.C.|
including: Bar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
PENDtr.     •• .* IIORSt NAILS,
Sole Agents I'or VAI.ISNTINl.'S  High Grade CAkK_A.il. VAkNISII.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Ketail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
Page Acme  Poultry-  Netting'
NOTE      <>^OiQQWWQQQQQQQ< A liinl cannot lly through as small a hole aa it ran
CLOSE    9SiQ&yXi>>$SS>yxS>_ cr'',wl through, sn Page Poultry Nottlng is mado with
AT •''-■■„-:-''-'^':'^"-_"-->-:;>'>~tr.-':-. gates—they're best.
BOTTOM :;:<:^:;:;:;:g;:;:':-:-:? xhe Page Wire Fenco Co., Limited, Walkerville, Ont
^ffi'V'-'^'-A! crawl through, so Page Poultry Nottlng is mado with
^-*>X-vK^-""'-"^<**-vW wall meshes at bottom and largo at Ion. No. 12 gauge
-'->-;*■-..'■>■>-»:■■>.-x-:-:**:-. wire top ami bottom—no sag.   Uet Pago foncos and
^_^l:iS_i~:.^::_:_^:<c'z ;i~:S?
Montreal, F.Q., and St. John, N.B.
E. Q. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1.00 per annum.


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