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The Prospector Mar 28, 1903

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~~~tr a.-.
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?*>-^__~-. -...*•'.««.
Vol. 5. No. 36.
$1-00 a year.
Talking About Canada.
"When I first came to the Senate,"
kid Senator Cullom to those lunch-
kg at the name table in the. Senate
[•staurant the other day,     "I     had
Veat  ideas about a greater    United
Kates.      My.    eyes were not turned
[suthward. where everybody se^rns to
looking nowadays, but nc-rtnward;
I was lust as sure as sure  that  before
liis time we should have gobbled up
}anada.   I did not think that we were
loing up there, and make a conquest
If the country,, but I could  not see
Iny chance of its getting away from
Is.    Whv,  when I was elc.ted     the
|ec'ond time, and went out to Illinois
make my bow to the Legislature,
liy litlle speech was filled with   the
Innexntion of Canada.      Since that
lime.  I   have     watched Canada slipping farther and farther away . from
lis, until now it takes a brave man
*Jven to suggest that some day   tho
Jtars and Stripes may float beyond
Intr northern boundary.     I  have often wondend if any of the members
■if that   I en Mature   remember     my
ppcech.    If they do, they must think
(iiat I am a mighty bad prophet.
"TVes," sr>id Senator Durrows, who
lad listened as befitted a man so
Jnuch Mr. Cullom'a junior, "you
eotild not pry Canada away from
Great Britain now with a jimmy."—
IChicago News.
Why Papa WnnM „et He.  iim.
Fdith—"Richard, this would be a
■food timo to apply to papa for his
■consent. Richard—Is he in a partlc-
lul irly good humor? Edith—Dy no
■ means. ITe is very angry over my
•dressmakers' Mils, and would be glad
I of almost any excuse to get rid ol
line.—Sydney Town and County Jour-
NOTICE in heiebv uiven that thirty
days alter date I shall, on behalf of the
Lillooet band of III lian-, make application to Ibe Coiiimiasioiier of tbe L'll.o. I
District to record one buiiilred inche. ol
water fiotn three .mall .prints sittiatei'
about four miles until of tbe lown of
Lillooet, the same to I e u.td for Dome.*
lie and Ajiiii nlniral purpo.es on tbe
Lillooet Indian Reserve.
E. Bell,
Indian Agent.
Clinton. B.C. March 28th 1903.
-DllJuS tor Fall or Spring plaiitn g.
Seeds, Plants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henrf,
3009, Westminster Rond, Vancouver, H.C
Wllli'K I.AIIOIt ONI v.
ItupniiK   neatly   <t„e~iilii<l.     IIhiim-sn    Hindu
mul repuliuil*
Subscribefoi'The Prospector
Canada'* Finances—Ker.etpti Reach Thetf
Highest Figure—Kxpaneiou  la 91
_*ear_—liepuellt .row Finely.
In the annual report on the public
accounts of Canada for 11102, the
Deputy Minister, _Jr. J. 31. Courtney, oilers the following remarks:
"I find that this is tne twenty-fifth'
annual teport 1 have had the honor
to present as Deputy Minister of Finance. At the time of the publication of my first icport, the f.i* il.t.cs
for keeping in touch wilh ihe different parts of the Dominion were veiy
different from what they are to-duy.
At that time it was a matter of as
much dillicult,. to go from the eastern part of the Dominion to the
western part as it is to-day to go
from Ottawa to South Africa. The
provinces have I,em moulded into one
confederation, 'lhe Dominion of Canada has arrived ut a sluge of development that even the most sanguine Canadian of tho.c di,. s hardly
dreamed of, and there is e.cry likelihood that the progress of. the coming years Will l.e even gie tor.
"it has b_-_i iny pleasant d..ty and
privilege to have taken part during
the past quarter of a c■■•■■ tury in
solving many public finai.ci 1 problems, and lookirg bac- o>er the
perjod 1 feel it can be si id t ut, as
a whole, tbe dcpaitmctt Ins not
heen unsuccessful in i.s unf'ol'LU i gs.
"As the   busiiuss   of the
increa.e.l the worn of tie dc
increased  in like proj o   i n
idea  of  this  evolution  i:.. ,v
red from the statement   ti*
entry upon the dtu es cf the o.
Deputy Minister the uinouiit
minion  notes  in  circi Litiou
kind-, h rc e and sinrl
the ciicuiation  to-da\
'•oi nt y
e infer-
on my
e of
of Do-
of all
ui s less than
oi t *e noes
of small denominations on:y (81 and
§2..i The total amount of Dominion
notes in circulation Ins increased
threefold. The deposits in tho savings banks, both Government aid
postotlke, have in:reused se infold.
Owing to the ievelo.nc.it cf tho
ban. ing facilities throughout the
country, in cmscqueii e of the opening of the bianclus of tho variot s
chartered banks, the nuinl er of deposit entries for revenue uc.i.ed has
very largeiy increased. The lotul absolute turnover tu cash of tie daily
transactions of the depart:! ent has
advai.cd from $85,086,!*'54 o:i Juno
30, 1879, to $'22!\ 091,827.04
on June 30,1902. All the work entered by this expansion has been
met without the slightest increase in
the cost of the department.
"With advancing age, that necessarily prevents me taking up new
financial problems, my oll'cial career
must soon close. The department
requires as its deputy head a younger and more active man, thoroughly
well versed in the vari.d features of
modern finance, who shall be able to
give to the head of the department
that advice and assistance which the
intricate and Important financial
questions of tho day demand.
Salaries of Officials.
"Perhaps, 1 might be pardoned if,
at the close of my career, when my
remarks cannot have any reference to
myself personally, 1 suggest for the
consideration of the Ministry whether, seeing the opportunities of betterment ~ tut are now presented!
throughout Canada to men of intelligence, good judgment and industry
by reason of the development of the
resources of the Dominion, the conditions of the public service are such
at present as to uttruct the best
men. Men of this class are needed
to undertake the increasing quantity
of high class work that the Dominion demands. The employment of
the best class of men for the best
class of work, at generous rates of
remuneration, is the truest economy
in the olid. Resignations from tho
service are    now  of frequent    occur
rence, and something will soon have
to be done to meet this new condition."
Ui«ree~t   IN-cripr* on I.e.in-)..
The consolidated fund receipts for
the year weie 858 060,790, the largest the country cv. knew The expenditure on the same account was
$50,75...391. M The surplus of re-
ceii ts over expenditure was the cfore
§7,291,398. Aside from this, however, there was ah expenditute on
capital account of ;tf4,626,841 upon
the Intercolonia.', and §475,995 on
the Prince Edward Island railway, of
§7,217,528 upon the canals, of §2,-
190,125 upon public works, of S370,-
837 upon Dominion lands, of $299,-
627 upon militia, and of §2,093,939
upon railway s tbsidies. The sum
of §791,089 w. s paid in iron and
steel bounties and §247,741 in connection with tho iSoiSth African contingents and thc Halifax ganison.
. i.i'l-i-a        ' .....
At the close of the fiscal year the
balance at the c. eciit of the teuosilors
in the IJ(8.oi;i-_ and Government
Saving3 ben^s amounted to §58,-
437.9H8, an inci-.-i.--e of §2,38'. ,U2J
over the balan e held on June 30,
1901; part of this increase, §1,662,-
258 represents inte est added to the
various a counts, ai d the rcmaince .
§726,771 t e e: es.s of receipts over
Dominion note s to the amount of
§32,780,387 wure outstanding on
June 30, 1UGS, i's against t.27,81'8,-
509 on June c.0, if the pervious year,
or an incieai-e of * 4,881,878.
The demand for M and §2 Dominion notes still c< ntinues, ns v.i'i le
seen from the following table, showing their ciiculai on at the eiid of
September and October for etch year
from 1894:
1895. 1902.
September ...§7,078,592   $11,2.8,752
J October   7,312,917     11,511,447
] The railway subsidies paid during
| the year amounted to §2,093,939.
I Unexplored 4 auxin.
I You ncbd not go to Af. ica to find
I unc.plored territory. There is a lot
' of it on tlii:. continent. An attache
j of the Canadian geological survey re-
i cently d scovered a new liver, 300
j miles  long,  emptying  into     'Hudson
Day. He dis.overed several new
i lakes also. Enough unmapped ter-
I t'Lpry remains to make its explora-
I tion worth while for those ambitious
seekers after new things who do not
| want to hazard a trip to tlie north
I Pole.
The Same Old C»j.
Scarcity of Canadian Timber. We
have heard it slated by several who
are interested in the trade, that the
scarcity of Canadian timber, especially for building purposes, is already beginning to be felt by a considerable increase in price. This is
atciibed to the circumstance of so
many vessels being dev&ted from the
stu| lo traffic of the Sifint Lawrence
in order to convey emigrants to Australia und thc States, and us the
weather may shut up the chance of
further supplies, for some time, it
is feared that those who have entered into large building contracts when
timber was at a low pi ice, will now
suffer loss and emburrasstnent by its
increased value in the market.— Liverpool Albion.—Irom The Globe of
Jan. 8, 1853.
Over AOO Ntutl. nts.
President Mills of thc Agricultural
College, (iuelph, reports that during
the month of January t'-e-i* hin-•
been no less lhan 554 students on
the roll, divided as follows among
the different courses: Hegular students, 210; short couise ill poultry-
rtiising, 14; short course in stock
judging, 220; duiry school, 50; special weekly lecturv* on domestic science, 00 ladies.
Fighting "Mac" suicides.
Mil]!..'-General Sir Hector Mac
Donald, coniiiiniKliiit; l~'ie British
forces in ceylon, nntl one of tlit.
foremost, officers in the British
ariiiv commitli'tl suicide -n l'niis
en route for .leyIon, where lie wns
to lie court-martinlleil on liif nr-
riviil ou it cliiii'o-e of iiumoiiil
"Vliji'ioiis orders itre liciug expelled in  I'Yniice.
Montreal linn l-een tlnenteited
h,\ iiiiiundiiHon, ovviiifS to sapid
rise of tlie St. Lawrence.
The strike at leinie is still unset tletl and much excitement prevails   iu that lieiohlioihood.
The oient anthracite coal coin-
liiission lias finished its lahors
and the repot,, is regarded l>>*
the men nsii; most favoralile <>ne,
An   Interesting   1'aper  ltea«t   ltefur*   tha
Colonial Institute.
In his paper, "The Canadian West*
and Northwest," which was read le-
cently at the meeting of the ltoyal
Colonial li.stittite, London, Mr. W.
Albeit Hickman said he did not believe that the American invasion involved tne slightest danger to liritish interests. He had the pleas re
of going north in the .Saskatchewan
country with a spe-ial train contain- '
ing it>6 American caii-uii.ts to buy
Canadian land. The t ain was placarded "Special Train of the Sas-
kat he wan Valley Land Company,"
which company bought no loss tiian
one million actes of land- He had
studied the invading army carefully
and it impressed hitn th..t the ma- ,
jority of them appreciated British j of Orange Flee Stale, who haw
institutions,  and became    good    Ca-   , n,  -, (j||le    .,..,.,,    ..c
nadian  citi. ens    with gieat rapidity, j'"' '
He looked upon this investment of j (Ihtieiis, S.vi'zei land, Cause ail-
many millions of American money in | -, ]y|,. sievn is suffering
Canadian lands as but t'le forging of   '       ■ ■
Kite Im ke out, in McClary's
hist nifiht and a repetition <»f
(lie SHii ons conflagration of »■
lew inonlhs ngo was narrowly
a veil etl.   Loss $500.
The Ilaone.—Latest messages
l-eceivetl here regarding the condition of former President Steyn
one more chain in the already existing informal alliance—the Anglo-
American co federation. Figures led
hiin to the inference that in 15 years
the United States would not be exporting one bushel of wluat. All
would be required for home consumption, and her wheat lands would
all be under culti* r.tion. The   United
from insomnia, antl  is subject  to
fainting fits.
London.—Very Rev. Frederick
William l^trrar, Dean of Canterbury since 1895 died yesterday
Kingdom might then look to getting ' in his 72nd   year.    Dean   I'lirrnr
her wheat supply from the Canadian | ||ai, !,„,„. |(eL.„ j„   ,|eli_ate   health
plains—and much of her    supply    of i        ,,.,,,, i
meat and dairy prodi ce also.    Some | and dl.sn.lded  by  creeping  parnl*
I of them   who    were   in    that   room , Vj.js<  ||e |u(,|e.|y had  to   lie fill*.
would eat bread made from   flour of   " '        .   • . .
wheat grown In the valley    of    the   ried every where and   was unable
Pea'e  Kiver as sure as day  was  day.
Last year the Hudson Bay Company
I sent a $10,000 roller flour mill i to
' Fort Vermillion on the Peace Rher,
j and for all he know some    of    them
might have eaten bread from   there
Frnb.'t-m »f Immunity.
Prof. J. J. MclCenzie of the University of Toronto lectured at the Canadian Institute on Saturday night on
"Recent theories in regard to the
causes of immunity to infectious disease." He sketched tho history of
our knowledge of immunity and said
Fhrlich's observations have shown
that, the conditions which determine
tho death of a microbe introduced into the blood depend upon the presence of two substances, the first of
which is spci'ilic and acts only upon
tho specific microbe, the other of
whi h is common to the blood of
ttli) ;t animals. Th<} practical endeavor of bacteriologists has been not
only to increase the amount of specific substances which hns proved
f.iiily easy but also to increase the
amount of the non-specific substance
Which so far has proved difficult.
These observations have shown also
thnt the question of immunity is of
much broader bearing than thc mere
question of prevention or cure of infectious disease, because it is evident
from the results so far obtained that
it has a bearing upon the whole
question of the nutrition of the animal body.
to officiate although a constant
attendant at the (.'aiil.erliuiy
cathedral service to tl.e last. He
was present at some school
sports ou Saterilay afternoon
but passed a restless night. His
condition became serious this
morning, and he expired peace-
pilly at 8 o'clock.
LOCAL  NEWS.       J
Dr, Watle arrived in  town last
uiojit to attend to Dr. Mathers.
Arthur Swartz who was to lie
tried next week for supplying liquor tt> Indians, is still iu critical
The I'iiehelqua people have
purchased a lieau.iful Union .laclc
which will float oyer their school
ou national holidays.
Iteml our new serial story. THE   PKOSPF/.fO'i, r.._I_.,0<>__T, I..(... MARCH 28, 1003.
11V  TIIK 1'lto .I'Kllliil!  . II 111.ISM I NU  COMI'ANV.      I
THE PR-SPEC I OU is the only paper published in the l.lllonet District, and is all home
Siihsi-iii'tiiiiis: Ono Dollar 11 yen. in iiilvnin-r. ;
Ail veil isi nn nr.us innile known on applictillnn, ,
Coi'i'esponrlunee is invited ou all matters ol
puljlii! or local interest.   All -oiiiiniinictilions
must  Im ni'coinpnuietl  hv   llie   mini-   of   Un- I
wilier, bin not ne.e~~nrily for iiiibliciilioii.
The Outlook.
As wc conic nenr tlie time when
(lie wenl Iter will [permit; of iiiinin-.>'
opernlioiis, ami toiirisb travel,
we nut uifilly form some opiuioi
alioiid llie prospect) from our local stiiiitlpoint.
Some people predict tl. boom in
Lillooet this .year, but we will lie
eontent'to point out the reason
why we may expect, not a boom,
but it prosperous aecson.
Alreitdy, owing to the low water in the I'Vnser, the Spring placer mining has uiven results far
ahead of previous yenrs, and
still (hey come from the placer
ground with the precious dust.
v\'e imiy lie sure that wnen it is
proved coii<.fusivel.y tlmt below
ordinary low witter mark the
gravels^if the Fraser, in l.'iis vicinity, are very rich, there will be
some means devised .or workinii*
them. In the meantime by means
of pan and rocker, thousands of
dollars will be secured.
We staled last week that the
dredger coin puny, having ordered liie m.-iclinery, are now solicit
tin-.' quotations from local forwarding agents, and as soon as
possible the work on the dredge
property will be commenced.
i'arlies interested in I.ridge
River properties are in town ear-
lie- this year than formerly. Mr.
W. W.l.rown, at the North 1-oik,
has now everything well iu hand
at his placer property.
There has just been completed
in our neighborhood lhe largest
single building devoted to fish
culture ou the Coast, and it "will
be excelled by none in its appointments, will have a capaciiy for
retiring twenty-five million hy,
and $100 per week will be spent
in maintenance."
Add to these the fact that the
local guides have the whole season filled up with engagements
with liuutino' parlies and are to
employ assistants, and we have
reason to anticipate the arrival
of large mini hers of outsiders who
are bent on pleasure or prod..
^«2i^l^^ M | N NU _?
■^^^^^-^Ffll^iKP^W-      Clips'
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ure    in    Mil   Cases*
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i .■*    h u i li i ii ir   1' ke Ant ||
I        ' ■    n tr -     i ii i* i a n
,      r v e ii    i n     the     w  o  r s I
i - ••    .      li.   i it'i *    « hen   nil   el. i* f.n|.l
I'll,   Rev.   C   I'*.   WI'I.I.S,    oi    V.llln   Riilgel
111.,   mi\s:   "Your   liinl   Imille of As-lliiuiiliiiJ
riee ived   in good I'oui'ilii li
cniiilo'.   tell  yu
how lliiinldiil 1 Iff' I'm' llif jiiiiiil ilui'M'cil fi on]
it I wits ii slave, rlliillieil Willi putrid sore
ilii'iinl nnd Asllnun lur leu yens. I tlesiinirccl
evei lieinji iiiinl. I sn\> yumndverlisenienl
lot llie run: nl this ilicndllll nml loiinenliiul
disease, Asllnun, sun! ll ouglil you lind over!
spoken yourselves, hut resolved lo give ii :1
hiil. 'In my Astonishment, 1110 irinL iiclcil I'M
a oh.inn.    Send   ine n  lull-sine   Imille.''
Hev,    1 >r.    Miii-i-Im    YVeclisler
Knlihi nl tin- ( ..ml;    lliiui   Isinel.
New   Vork,   Jan.    }.    1901.
IHIS. TAI-I'    III!.'...'    MKIII.'INIC   CO.,
(■eiillL'iiicii: \'iiiii Asflimnlcne is nil
e.eellenl remedy lor Asllnun nnd Ilny l'*ever|
nnd ils eoiuposilion idlevinle.s ull troubles \vliicl|
-oiiiliine with Asllnun.    lis siiecess is nslouislliiii
nnd   uoudeiliil.
NO I'K'I-*. is hereby Kivcn tlint nil application Mill lie im. i-.- In lln-(' 11.1,l.i Cuti.ual
1*1:1 iwuj 1 ompaiiy lo llie I'liili.inienl ol C'uu-
tiki ni   llie  ne 1 session  ilieivul tor 1111  Act
,\in«' llie s.iid < .1111)1 Hiy power Ui enlistI'lH'l
.ml operate the Mluwiuij lines from 01 ill
connection wiih the in. in line of lhe said
1 -    1 , nm  M me p iul at m neat'
•sudbtny i'i tli'  IVovim e nl 1 )u  1 n poinl
1 ir ne.ir Semi.1 imieii in; Ihenee soiillierh
1,1 a poinl .it 11 near balsam or Sliutjeon
Likes i.i   lhe township., of l!o ley,   Verulaiil
'*"'  ;   n "■!'.-,   b  I'.ueiuiiy   nii.iij/.ed,   we  can stale  ih.it    Asthnialene   contains]
nn   opium, morphine,   clilomfoiin  or ether. Very liuly yours,
U'ON  Sl'ttlNiLs,   N'.   V.   I _b. I, 1901.
ui'e  this u-.iiiiioni.il   1 1   11   sense oi* duly,  having tested llie I
I'uill.li; tO pet'HOli* who lire Iiul IliiW h'lli*'«-md '     It'... 1   ,1'   y. i.ii   \:'i,i.l-i*.   fir   lli-J  e.uu1   of    \ -1 Ii 1111.      Mi-   wife   hns   beeill
gel ibet., for ten weeks for ten renl.. nli.iuled   with   spismolie  nsilnna   for    lhe   p.isl   12 years.    Having  eNliausteil  iny own 1
T11E l'uill.li; i~ it !f2, Jti-pit«e weekly Re-   Hkdl ns well ;i- ;li it of   many  others,    I   chineed   l.i  see   your   si-mi   upon   yonr  win-
view foi' o  mount lit! Democrat 8 ni.il ile-   lio.Ks on   150 street,  New Vork.     I nl nuee  ohliiined a   bollle  of astliiiinleiie.    My  wife]
inoiirulii! KeplllilieH.ii. ; (IS oi'illioilH ate   coniliieiieed    liiUiiiji   ii  nl.mil   ihe   liisl   of November,     I very    -    noticed  n   uulicn
exp'esse I w ili.oul li'iir or luVor; ii _ive- 1 uiipiovein in.    A:iei   u-nii; one hoilln hei   nslliiiin  find ilisiippemcil  and she   is entirely
I'l-ie t'oiimiiioii  of ,1   Fiirmei'H
Inslitiili! for Lillo'iet,  llistiici is
itiiuoiiiict'il in Llie Official Gazet.tt
tins week.    The lirst. nieel,iim- iislsi1" ofl'm-i A
to be lit,ltl in   l.ower Nicola, nml
it is t.o llie atl van bug. of every
funner Lo supporl sucii  ;i, lielj
lill liii. eltlll.lOll.
r I'.-nelon,  coiitliitun^ Solltllel'ly lo 'he t_.ily
.11   'lollHltn.
2- l'roin some jiiint on llie
iilnin line in llie Distiicl 'I Keewntin or in
I) . lie: nl Mie'aleliewn 1, to :'- it Churchill
oil Hudson's liny.
3-- A I'lii.tiniinlioii of its train
line from Ir.s lunii ''. i lie by way ..I lhe
I he I lii'.mpsnn and I rn er ll' .i, valleys lo
Viuicotiver, or New Westminster,
,;.- I |0 .1 . "li • point 1111 t h _
I hoinp .011 Ivt'i 1 or.- in m" : - '1 iliiilaries tn
\\ addinSUni I Inrh 1 li   toe lull 1.
=,--    I unu a 1 ..mm  11 ■ ir   ho old
.oi mia In    1.ne poinl   oil    lie    lull| sliu, I'ymiiil
Pence   liver and  westerly to  the I'oriland | iliilly)
Canal Oil the  I'ncil
111 intere-iiiig mul t'.ouiiei leil wt-iki.i
nfiill 1 ist n'n-.tl neas ; ii iiIauvs ha*- ed-
■ tO'ials wort' Hiini iiti;, it en loon worlli
..•ein_, :i "iK notie.S .until lead'-ii.. and
•1 jsuellail.onx in niter liolh vultiahle itll-l
inte esiin- ; nml it is likeil liy illli 11 i ;_:*.: 111
women us well as liy iiilelli^i nt u e.i
I' !• eil'ilor is J,iiiisl'*. 1'osi. .Semi lell
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in ailvanee, ami n,.oii vxpirmion   Hie  ''',)''- Tl,is ,c* «•»)■ >"" Cl111 '»i'k'* -1"'1"
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Uei'v llu'liliiiu, (!n r.uto. li 1,.
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IIIMIV,   lissn V   iillli-e.   hllliir.-llin V   nn.I
lulli.i|iil|iini>ii|,ill Hie Toronto   l.lllonei  (inld
, .     , Hit v Ciiiiiiiiiiiv l.iiiiiii-il, silllnli-in I he l.illnii'-i
r.nn some  point  on the in.nn     . ,,..',, , ,    o ,
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Home address, 235,   Uiviii^ioii street,
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
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An   Killtor's   A ill liilion.
We'd rather bo a barefooted boy
with a healthy appetite and a precarious way of satisfying It, and
hunt S niirrels and lish for chubs in
the little creek, and have to chop
the firewood and milk the cows and
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straw to sleep the sleep of security,
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than lie the Czar of Russia, feted
and eorsiiiped by sycophants behind
massed regiment', of infantry, at every moment feat-ill that he may become the victim of a bullet or bomb,
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tou Times.
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Province o Quebec.
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A Tillyloss Scandal
Author of
'The Little Minister,"   "Auld Licht Idylls," "A
Window ir  Thrums," Etc., Etc.
~-2_  W/c~ _i,-,\ . r® c<j -*•>. .<,- cX-^.-x ySS coxo/>* AvS■■'*- <i~iX /*~*"-^*'xS/>\ /S~9'tM'-/>. ,<_. *Xv/i<
lAcoording to t'.t «
(e   thing over,   t
_y to set fo.th jl
(Ulyloss, the   ti  a.
iminiiis Haggtu.
I-Ppencd sn fur ba
l>   culled   liy   ret',
otato   crop; and
I'hich .till  stand-,
v\oru \vi_uou~ -inirinng,   the road climes
straight from the highway to   the uppermost row, where it runs against  a   two-
would defy the face of ', story 1'u,1se' iifJre we leave '*' as "mn-v H
sprodlitlous  affair of I curio1'8' stranger has  done,   to get, out of
ot   ot which wns *h;i
who  hnve   thought
leoaine a humorist. Jt
•k as the Lon^ Y^ai',
on of dise i-u In tl.e
doubtless the house,
derides   romance to
|iose who cavil ... an outside stair. Fur-
lennore, the ni_ti;- who only knew Hag-
|art in his later y~t rs  whether personal-
or   through   written   matter   or from
I'hrums folk who I .ive traveled   vvill not
eadily admit   that   he   may   once have
been an every-day   mui      There   is also
Igainst   me   the   *sex1~.g   practice of the
farmer  of   Lookab utyou,   who     never
asses Tilly loss, if I here   is   a   fri.ad r'
|nine within earsho ,   without   s:i;,ing:-
"Gravestane or nit grave-taut?, Tamn
laggart would hav   hern   a   liumorii
Lookahoutyou t'r ns implies that he
.new Haggart for a uitrh of parts when
khe rest of us were ,*iiid, and it is tantalizing beyond ordin ry ro see his word
nccepted in this ma ter hy people who
vould not pay h'm .«• a d 1 of potatoes
hvithout first s.,, , •, it to i...~kc sure of
[the length.
I have it from   Tiimmas  Haggart that
|until the extraordinary incident occurred
vh'eh I propose celling as he dropped it
llnto   ny mouth,    ho   was -uch   a man as
Imys.lf.    True,   he was occasionally per-
Isuadcd   by   persons   of   Lookaboutyou's
■ stamp to   gloss   ov.t  this admission, as
Jinc-edible on the face of il, but that was
I in his last years,   when   he.  hnd   become
[something of a shov., and was in a puzzle
aF'lt himself.    Of the several re. s u,s he
gave me   i?'   proof  of  a  npn-liuiqorons
period in   his   life  the   following  seem
I worthy of especial attention:—
First, that for <■ ,ne years after hi.
marriage he had never thought ot him oi
| as more nicely put together than oth-1
men. He could not say for certain
whether he had ever thoi, -ht of liii-ie '
at all, his loom taking up s i much o
his time.
Second, t it Christy Was able to aggravate him by saying that if which was
which she w .Iti hav* married Ja'H\,
Third, that   he  was   held   of little ac
count by the neighbors, who spoue of in
living  ' above   Lunan's     shoppy,"   but
never ltcalized the shop as   "below Hag-
gart's house."
Fourth, that while on his wanderings
he expei ienced certain novel and singular sensations in his inside, which were
probably liis humor trying to force a passage.
Fifth, that in the great scene which
ended his wanderings, his humor burs,
its banks like a dam, and had flowed in
burns ever since.
During nearly forty years we contrived
now and again to   harness   Tain mas   to
his story, but often lie would stop at the
difficulty of realizing the   man   ha must
have   been   iu   his   prc-humorous   days,
and remark, in his   sarcastic   way,   that
the one Haggart could   not   fathom   tho 'I
other.  Ihus our   questioning:, sometimes '
ended in silence, when   we all   looked in :
trouble at the lira and then   went home.
As for starting him on   the  story   when '
he was not in   the  vein,   liko   breasting
the brae against a high wind.
Wnen tl e events happened I was  only ;
ft lad.   1   cannot   send my mind back tc j
the time  when   1   could   pass   Haggart
without   lhe     side-glance     nearly     all !
Thrums  offered   to   his  reputation, and I
he is best pictured hunkering at Tillyloss, '
one of a row of his admirers. After eight
o'clock it was the pleasant custom of tho
weavers to sit in the open against a house
or dyke, tl eir knees near their chins and I
their ears   ready for Haggart.    Then   his
face would be contracted in pain as some
strange, idea bothered him and he searched '■
for its   humorous   aspect.    Perhaps  ten
minutes afterwards   liis   face   would expand, he would slap   his   knees, and we
knew that the struggle was over.   It was
one of his ways, disliked at the time, yet
admired on reflection, not to take us into
the   secret of his   laughter; bu'   he usually ended hy looking whimsically lu the
direction of  the   hu.ying-gi.mnd,   when
we were perfectly aware of the   source of
the joke,   and those   of   us nudged  each
other who were   not   scared.    Until   the
spell was broken we   might   sit  thus for
the space of a quarter  of an   hour, none
speaking, yet in the completest sympathy,
because   we   were   all   thinking   of  the
same thing, and that a gravestone.
Tillyloss is tiiree broken rows of houses
In the east end of Thrums, with gardens
between them, nearly every ono of which
used to contain a pig-sty. There are other
ways of getting into the gardens than
by windows, for those who are sharp at
knowing a gate when it looks like something else. Three or four other houses
stand in odd corners, blocking the narrow
road, which dodges through Tillyloss
like a hunted animal. (Starting from the
west end of the sub.rb, as Tillyloss
will bo called us soon, «s  wa can __,y tho
iv.-: ;i_wca i.Uiiac, \\no in ir,-
lii'.i *_j_e scowled at   the   sign
came io look at   tie   second
house an.l ignored the shop.
Lill* loss the best way it can, for that
two storied house in where Tammas Hag-
g.trt lived, up the outside stair,   the west
Tammas flitted to the Tenements a
i nai   iftp.p h i became a humorist,   and   it
la an extraordinary tribute to his memory that the road f m the pump to his
old resid' ice In 'i 1 lyloss is still called
Haggart's xioady. idany persons have inhabited his room since he left it, but
though the younger ones hold out for
an individuality of their own, the gray-
beards still allow that it is Haggart's
To this day Tillyloss residents
ir a landmark to their dwellings
iitx houses frae Haggart's," or
iody   can   point   out   Haggart's
,'ou. Ay, weel, gang to that, and
th-'n con.e back thiee doors."
Tbe entrance to Lunan's shop was
brneaih Haggart's stair, which provided
a handy curing place in wet weather.
Lunan's personality had the enormous
Hi'.vanta.'-i of •■ start of Tarn * hns
i.    J" ::. :    u |.. '< i .':a..;,'
more crab-
o-seers that
story of tiie
As boys we
envied, more than learning, the companion whose father kept a shop, aud I
remember Lunan's son going with his
list for the bankers sou who—though he
never leally believed It—said that hi3
father could have a shop if he liked.
Yes the grand romance of Haggart choked
the fame of Lunan even with the lads
who played dump at Tillvloss, and the
shop came to be localized as "beneath
Haggling stair." Even Lunan's stoutness, which war* a landmark in itself,
could not save him. 'Ji'ie passage between
liis counter and the wall was so narrow
and the rest of his shop so full of goods
that before customers could enter Lunan
had to come out, but in this quandary
his dignity never left him. He always*
declined to join the company who might
be listening on the stair to Tammas's
advenfcui -s, but some say he was not
above hearkening through a hole iu one
of the steps.
The exact date cf Haggart's departure
cannot be determined, though it was
certairj. in the back end of the year
1834. He had then been married to
Christy a little short of three years. His
age would be something beyond thirty,
but he never knew his birthday, ami 1
have heard him say that one of the few-
things he could not understand w„- how
the relatives of a person deceased could
know the precise ago to send to tho
What is, howVver, known for cert.dn
is that Tammas's adventures began within a week of the burial of old Mr. Yuill,
tlie parish minister. There had been a
to-do about who should preach the funeral sermon, two ministers having words
over it, and all Thrums knowing that
Mr. Yuill had left seven pounds to the
preacher. At this time Haggart did not
belong to the Auld Lichts, nor was he
even regular in his attendance at the
parish church, hut the dispute about
the funeral sermon interested him greatly, and when he heard that the session
was meeting to decide the affair, he
agreed with Chirsty that he might, do
worse than hang around the door on the
chance of getting early information.
There was a small crowd at the door on
the same errand, all of whom noticed,
though they little thought it, wonld give
them a tonic to their dying day, that
Haggart had on his topcoat. It had been
an old one of Mr. Y'uiU's, presented to
Tammas, who Could not lill it, but refused to have it altered, out of respect to I
the minister's memory. It has also been I
fondly recalled of Tammas that he was i
only shaven on the one side, as if Chirsty
sent him to the meeting in a hurry,
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.
As  far back as the year IrtoH,
bar,   near tlie town  of Lillooet.
tlie present time,
A   conipany is now wor'
a new com pan)
dredge near tlie
successful placer mining
The adjoining.
was carried on at Horse Beef
being worked with profit at
old dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
own of LILLOOET.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
ANDERSON lakh and
brii.gis river mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
Yet there are miles of territory that remain unpvospected.
pun a prosperous camp.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here.    Mountain  sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
tbound.    Anglers find the lusty trout where least, expected, and fresh salmon cease to
he a
4. Its Salubrious Climate.
In  the dry  belt, am.
climate is most
at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
uitable for health-seekers.    Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at  the present time,November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in tbe gardens of the town
and LYTTON,   on the  CANADIAN PACIFIC railway.
Nearest Kailway towns are ashcroft and lytton,
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and that he had not the look of   a   man
who was that very night to   enter   upon
experiences which  would   confound   tho
"It was an impressive spectacle,"
Sneeky Hobart said subsequently, "to
see Tammas discussing the burial sermon, just as keen as me and T'nowhead
and then to think that within twenty-
four hours the very ministers themselves
would be discussing him."
"He said to me it had been a dowie
dey,"    T'nowhead always remembered.
"He shoved me when he was crushing
in nearer the door," was Hender Robbie's boast.
"But he took a snuff out of my mull."
"Maybe he did, but I was the last he
spoke to. He said, 'Weel, Dan'l, I'll he
stepping   hack to Tilly.' "
"Ay, but 1 passed him at the Tenements, and he says, 'Davit,' he says, and
I says, ' Tammas.' "
'I.Very like; hut I was carrying a ging
of water frae Susie Linn's pump, and
Taiiiiims said would 1 give him a drink,
the which. 1 (.ill*
Tlie two beiUltifnl pictures   "PURITY*
size, anil are suitable for framing.
ami "ALONE" which are 10 be presented with the Family Herald are 22 x 28 inches
*        >K        *        >!<
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Total value 3.30
Special. We were successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special rate.    We will send you  all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.oo. THE  PI.OSPECTOPv, LILLOOET, B.C., MARCH 28, 1903.
3     LOCAL   NEWS.       M
I.. .1. Taylor is now acting as
town constable.
J.I..Uien left for (lie Coast, last
Sunday inoriiinu-.
Read llie offer inatle liy tlie
Mallery Drug; Company iu this
W\v. Henderson, of Carihoo, is
visiting' friends in town.
A. McDonald returned last; Monday from a. visit to the Erst Hid
W. G. Duguid who has been
spending a few dnys in Vancouver returned to town this week.
T. Brett has gone for a visit to
Chilliwack, where his brother resides. Air. Brett will tie absent
lor some weeks.
W.F. Allen was taken out lo
Lytton last Sunday. He will uo
to the Coast to be treated for
his ailments.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectan
•Soap Powder is better than other powders,
as it if both soap and disinfectant.     ■>>.
Mr. Brenton, of Vancouver,
who has spent the last, two
weeks in town, returned home
last Wed nest lay.
Dr. Mathers is still ia a. precarious state of health. A special
nurse arrived on List Saturday's
stage to attend Imii.
The road at the big slide was
completely blocked last Monday
ami the Monday istnge from
Lytton was delayed one day iu
D. Hurley reiurned last Wednesday from the Coast, wh e he
was visiting his brother iu the
Vancouver hospital.
Clarke and Ct). at the Pioneer
Drugstore nre prepared to fill
all orders for drugs nnd medicines, Pishing tackle to suit nil
Mrs. Marshall, of Lillooet Mill,
ami her daughter, went out last
Wednesday morning, and will
spend a week or two at the
Constable Hume has left town,
some sny for good. If this be
true, it will be a. matter for gen-
era.l regret, as Mr. Hume was a
gootl officer.
We have had the pleasure of a,
visit from Mr. Jones, who used
to be much iu demand asa packer in the Bridge Uiver country,
and who has been spending the
winter at the Coast. We remember him kindly as he once helped
a member of the firm to find lhe
right horse on the Bridge River
or lady In chcIi county to maniige business lor
an old established house of solid financial sfaj <i
ink. A straight, iiiinii Hill? nnsli siihir. ol $l8,un
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ess direct from headquarters, Money ndvutio-
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Mannger, 3*10 Caxton Ilnlldlng, Chicago.
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60  YEARS''
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United Kingdom of Grent Britain mid
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Kii 1 tli,ete , etc., etc.
To our faithful lhe Members elected to serve
in the Legislative Assembly of Onr Province of Piiiish Columbia, and summoned
ami en lied 10 a meeting of the Legislaiuie
or Parliament of Our said rovinee, at Our
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day of March, one thousand nine hundred
and three, to liave been commenced and
held, and every of you,—Ureeting.
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Deputy Attorney-General, j v>' meelingof the
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British Columbia stands culled for Thursday,
tlie twelfth dayof March, one thousand nine
him lied and three, at whicli time, at Out
City of Victoria, you were held and constrained to appear :
NOW .KNOW YE, that foi divers causes and
considerations, and taking into consideration
the ease and convenience 01 Our loving sub-
je Is, We liave though! tit, by and with the ad-
virc of Our Executive Council of the Province
of British Columbia, to relieve you, and each
of you, of your attendance at Ihe time aforesaid ;h'ieby convoking, and by these presents
enjoining you, and each of you", that on Tliins-
tt.iy, the second day of April, one ihoiisaml
.line hundred and three, you meet Us in Onr
Legislature or Parliament of the said Province,
ni Our-.'Jtv of Vi. toria, FOB THE PlSPATi 11
OF BUSINESS, to treat, do, act and conclude
upon tho-e things which in Our Legislature
ul the Province of British Columbia, b> the
Common Council of Our said Province may, by
•he favour of God. be ordained.
In  Testimony Wherhof,  We   have  caused
these Our Letters lo be made Patent and
the Great Seal of Our said Province 111 be
hereunto affixed :
Witness,    the   Honourable   8m    Henki
G_8_AVKJ0_¥  DE  I.OTBIN1ERI', K   C. M.G ,
Lieutenant-Governor of Our said Province of British ( oluinbia, at Our Govern
ment House, iu Our city of Victoria, in
Our snid I'rovl ice, this nineteenth day
of February, in the vear of Our Lordotic
thousand nine hundred aud three, and
in the third year of Our Reign.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Spcretary.
yu    *   *
Lillooet, B.0-
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
First-Class Hotel in every respect.      Accomodate
for Eighty Guests.   Large Annex comfortably furnished.     Sample Rooms  for Commercials.
 Ail   guests   receive   every   attention.
H. C. PARKER, - Lillooet, B.C.
Having purchased the stock ol
R.J. Atkins, we are now addinq
to it and prepared to fill all orders!
Repair Shop in connection with Store, where your ever J
wont will be supplied. A complete IMumbingOutfitonbancil
MAKIS YOUR OWN I.KPAIHS. K~ AMKl.l.BD Knobs, Tor Coffee and Tea I'ols.J
and llili-i* ('milling I'tcnsHs.   I'ri.c.. emits each, while ihev last.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton it Wny I'oinls: Mondny.s, Weil i ies< l.i y,> and Fridays
All points in ('ariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
!50Mile Jlonse : Mondays Si Fridays |semi-weekly service."
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
^  Special conveyances I'lirnislied.    Send   for   folders   ^
Pacific Ry.
Trains depart us follows:
Klslllllllllil  it, 14 W    tli.mini    2..|0
Kiistliiiinul 20.S7 Woslboiinil  5.31
Head our special
offer 011 tlie
third page.
To St Paul-Daily
Toronto-Monday & Friday
Montreal & Boston-Wed.
Elegant Equipment
Lowest Rates
li Steamships from )$
Vancouver to
Lowest Knles uiul llest Sei'vie. To anil
I'Yoii All I'liints. I'm- lull lnfuriiitrtii.il
mul Particulars cull mi 01 ;i 1 lil 1 e's nny C.l'.U,
Ticket Agent or
a. 0. I' .A.,
Vancouvei', ll. 0.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfects and cleans at the same time. 3«
llie new singe line leaves Lytlon every Monday and]
Friday for l.illoorl, ivlnniiii»' nexl, day. Special trips]
made.    Write ns for informal-ion.
Peter Kcli.i_.li.il i ..• Co;. Lvlton   I.. 0„
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR.
Don't Forget the Address.
'!'HUM AS Mocn-il. Mi*.-, hunt '
B. 0
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, 1800.
Assay work of all descriptions und.rtuKuti, Tt* sis made up lo 2000 11 is. A specialty
inailc of checking smeller pulps. Srinpks fioiii llie Intcnor liy Mail or Expr.ss
promptly all  in'etl  lo,     (.' 11 ires pn 11 il . nre    solicit c il .
Blacksmith Supplies
Wc carry the largest and best stock in B.C.,
Including: Bar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents Por VAI.I.NTINK'S  High Cimile CAKUIACK VARNISH.
M~Alli0ltDI.lt!. ItlflOlillVI-OlJIt I'ltOMIT ATII-NTION.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Whlesale and Retail VI :r chants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
iu summer the continuous cou   Page Woven Wire Fence
takesupthe slack. j^\\ fences slacken  In warm weather and
~*^a~-"'--j^    —j-b.'~ ^sss^^m^i^g^Si    tightun In cold — except tlie 1'iiBO Fence.
In the winter season p. y~ It back Page spring coil tukes up the slack in ram-
Wt -——-~—^-~- (—-    -      - incr nml Ictsiiuiit in winter. No loose wagging
'■ in summer, no straining or breaking in winter. Common crimped wire Is not spring tempered uml if it. slacken- it, stays slackened; if it
tightens it loosens again worso than ever. Pag" wire is tempered torcgulato i.s own
tension summer and whiter.   _U,()lW miles of Pago wire fence in use now.
The Page Wire Fence Co., Limited, WalkerriUe, Ont. Montreal, P.Q., and St. John, H.B. 9
E. Q. PRIOR.& CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.


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