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The Prospector Apr 27, 1905

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 ft     ,'j-.v/,#,"V,'■"   .
_       rVt' '•'■'.•■.>   w      '
■.:      '"ve A
MAV 2-190.
/cTORl/\, &...   '
Vol. 7, No. 18.
LILLOOET, B. C.   APRIL 27,  '05.
Dollar a Year.
I 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 II 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26   27  28  29 30
12        3         4 5 6 7
6      9      10        11 12 13 14
15    16      17        18 19 20 21
22    23      24        25 26 27 28
29    30      SL
Notice is hereby given that I have placed
my books and accounts into the hands of
Samuel Gibbs, N'otryy, Lillooet, for collection. All persons owing me money are hereby instructed t > pay sucli indebtedness to
liim forthwith ; aud all receipts given by him
on my account will be valid.
Lillooet. 17th day    J VlCK KKE
ot» April,   1905.   )
SITUATED in the Lillooet Mining District
on McGillivray Creek about 2 miles above
Anderson Lake. Take notice that I, J. H.
Purdy. free miner's certificate No. B52854
and I, Dr. Alfred Poole, free miner's certificate No. B 78438 intend 60 days from date
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
certificate of improvements for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims
and further take notice that action under
section 37 must be commenced before the
issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 14th day of April 1903.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner o! Lands and Works for permission to
purchase 240 acres more or less of pasiure
land situated in Lillooet District.
Commencing at a post marked M. E. Be-
loud Lot 661 N. E corner thence east 40
chains thence south east 20 chains thence
west 40 chain's thence north 20 chains to
point of commencement.
17 Mile House \    M. E. BEl.OUD.
April 7,   1906. J
fe        is for        &
General Store,
Agent for the li. X.
Miners   Supplies,
&c.   Lillooet,
Drop in
to    a£d     &
h to K
Praying and Digging go
well together. Iowa Dredge
ought to succeed now, with
a minister for president. Ity
success means something to
the churches of Lillooet now.
On immediate success may
depend the continued residence of the ouly resident
minister, who is liable to be
removed to a larger field hy
the missionary authorities.
Success may mean the construction of another dredge,
and the residence of families
coming to join the worners
and officers, in this beautiful
country. So dig away, and
pray away, and get the men
and machinery paid <fe make
a clean-up of the Fraser here
that will make old '59 look
like thirty cents.
Messieurs H. Gethman and
W. Schlecker are busy 6 days
in a week, eating hearty, Si
dreaming of gold on the riffle
like the yellow, horse-tooth
corn of Sioux City, Iowa.
The repairs were complete
last week, and a short trial
run was very satisfactory.
is the western metropolis of Canada
la the newspaper that you should read
if you want to keep abreast of the
Subscription price, Daily, $5.00;
Weekly, $1.00 a year. Send us 25c for
the Dally for a month and see for your-
8elf   what  we  are.
P. O. Box 812, Vancouver, B. C.
with the PROSPECTOR,
<J   MINING   NOTES.   __[_
ii %i I
Conditions are now very like
1858, tlie Famous. The snow in
tlie mountains is lower than any
year since the famous rush ; and
gold will be taken out this season
that hns been accumulating for
nearly fifty years. Yale is the
first to feel the revival, nud has
quickly trebled iu population ;
and the hill across the river is
lined with flumes, for conveying
water to three large bars.
Joe Martin is having his book
of mining enses printed ill Toronto, by the Cars well Co. If you
want to know what like it is, call
aud see.
It takes 5 years aud a million
dollars to make a mine. Some
rich men said to M. K. Rodgers,
"Go and find us a mine, any old
place." He decided there is oue
ut Hedley, a nickle plated one,
guaranteed to wear. There is to
be another one, iu Lillooet District, if tlie same niaiuigement
and methods count for anything.
That is the group on the Bonaparte, the Maggie Mine, uow being actively developed.
Gold is pouriny; into Lillooet,
and we think nothing of it. We
would rather listen co the birds,
singing iu the scented blossoms
of peach and cherry, or watch
the green, chasing the-snow up
the distant slopes. There is gold
coming from Bridge River, that,
is coarser than was ever seen in
Cariboo, by the old-timers now
living in Lillooet. Some of it wns
got by hard work in cold weather, drifting, and sluicing at zero,
with particles of ice thickening
the water. There are benches on
the South Foik Unit can and will
in- worked this slimmer,
J.   "W.   2=_BA._EaSO___T,
13_~J2iT'_U-G___-lS>  O-UIZD-B-
C2__X2iT~r025r,   _B. C.
We have every sign of jn late spring.
Con Hurley has  returned from up the
road, with his new suit on, after vititing
friends a few days.
Tbe Misses Walker have returned to
their home at the 59-Mile House. They
had been visiting friends on the Bonaparte.
Clinton is always at the head of the
list. Dr. Saneon has won 2 prizes with,
liis setter. Mollie C, at tha Vancouver
Bench Show.
Mr. Bullier is now acting as Deputy
Sheriff, and General Entertainer.
Mr. A.Wills is at home now. He ia
busy building a line fence between his
lot anJ J. Teit'6 pasture.
A. Fergu«on is very busy training his
Black Nell for the sports on the 24th.
Mr, J. Cuni-inghain, Road Superintendent, paid the town a flying visit, a
few days ano. He was kept, busy with
tbe "Glad Hand." from many friends.
Mr. Stewart Adamson has bean paying a few days' visit to Mr. Saul of the
" Pound Mound."
It is to be regretted that the people
of Oliaton must wait until 1st of July
for their Stipendiary Magistrate; as a
i;ood many cases might be tried here,
if possible,  which go to other places.
For a good fast ride, go to LeBourdaia
L very ; and be insured on the way.
For Sale or Rent, one good, gentle,
lady's saddle horse; apply to W. Bishop.
Bill says a school girl can ride him.
It is reported the road work will start
about the First of May.
Mr. Dan Briggs is papering and painting at the Clinton Hotel. He say9 he
don't know when tbe road work starts.
Mr. Galbraith is visiting his mother,
Mrs. Ball of Clinton. He will take a
carload of horse* to Wrangel with him,
when he returns home.
Mr. George Veith of Keithley Creek
paesed up through town a few days ago,
He spent the winter in the East, and reports a very hard winter all over, there.
He does not. expect a very good summer
in the vicinity of Keithley Oreek, thia
reason, on account of shortage of water
for plnr-f-r tn'ninc, ONLOOKER The Prospector:
E. Santini ia preparing an underground
flume, one foot square, ol 2 inch plank,
to convey the water frora the stream,
Hear R, Hoey's vacant house, directly
to the ranch. This will save loss of the
precious water iu summer time,
Mr. Truman 0. Glark of Pavilion is
at San Francisco at present, and will be
back about the last of May,
Mrs. Keary returned from San Jote
to spend the summer here.
John Marshall has started the gristmill. 100 lbs of wheat makes fiO Ibe of
roller flour, 70 lbs of stone ground white
flour, lOOof Graham. Gimme Graham!
Mr. Bert Williams was in from Tyas
with a string of pack horeea, and look a
load out, including a sewing machine foi
Grant White. Tbia was placed on two
sacks of grain on tbe patient paeK t-addlt-
but part of its adventurous trip would be
by canoe. Bert has wintered very well
indeed, and so have tbe horee.; but no
potatoes are left in that region.
Wednesday saw pack-trains leaving
Lillooet. in all directions. Three men
for the Omineca, and Mr. & Mr?. Arthur
Noel for Ben D'Or mines, 75 miles away.
Mrs. Noel expects an enjoyable summer
as she is an enthusiastic and ~urc.-F.iui
huntress, and does not intend to become
lonesome. She will probably have foi
next door neighbor, Mrs. H, M. Balib
on Alexander Creek, 85 miles away.
Jake Patterson and Dan Hamilton are
in from the South Fork of Badge River,
where a number of experienced placer
miners have spent au industrious and
profitable winter.
A sweet Salvation Army lassie passed
through town, but did not start a campaign. "Why not,—a little music in thc
evening is pleasant. Maybe no devil
here now.
Mr. McArthur had a visit from an old
acquaintance from Barker ville way, Mr.
Mr. A- McDonald, M. P. P. is here.
Thomas Hibson is going to the Peace
River country.
The Truth About That
The morning; wan lovely, tlie
lurk was up, and we were up to
lurks, as we launched our frail
craft on the bosom of Seaton
Lake for a trip into Lhe Great
There was the Instructor of
our youth hi the stern, alio the
flower and pride of the Allien.*
an Literary Society at the oars,
and for this occasion only, and
not to be taken ns a precedent,
one junior representative of the
Olli Polloi accompanied ue to do
the chores and behave himself.
All weut merrily as a wedding
bell. 'Tis true it Came on to
blow a hurricane, and the waves
ran mountains high, and some
of us were sea-sick, but no matter,— we were at sen, where such
tilings be.
To continue ;—at evening we
made our enmp at Six-mile poinl
the tent was pitched, the fire wns
lighted, the wnter was 'b'iled',
nnd then for supper. But oh,
horror I the entire grub outfit
had been left behind on the dock
nt Seaton Lake,
"Whose fault was this?" we
demanded In fierce and hungry
tones.  The culprit acKnow.edges
his guilt—it is Tommy B.   What
follows would be too burrowing
to put into   prose, so my pen
runs it into verse ;—
Sava hungry Frank to ravenous Davy
I am extremely hungaree,
Says famished Roy to starving Tncle
With ono another we wouldn't a.ree,
Here's teacher dear, he's fat and tender,
ing his sttpper of beans and bacon
ill his road camp, after a hard
day's work- on the trail.
With a face all beam i i'i fr with
nsks us to join  him.   Didn't we
just.    Beans and bacon I Slap-
over Ten   Thnwcuncl  Dollars Paid  fnr a
Jevr«.le<t Cm-nti..
The writer was recently aecor.lod the
privilege of a peep into tho museum attached to the lector*' of one of the large?*
milk and honey ( so to speak )he j firm, of brass instrument makers in London. Here are to be seen types, tact'imiles
fi.n.t model, of e.v.ry kind of musical instrument that the wind of man has ever
devls3.l| Invented or produced.
In one corner is a duplicate of what is
jacks ! and   Golden Syrup to foi-   believed to be the most   costly   p?e..er..._-
i tion cornet ever produced,    It   w._s made
low, ad lib. to the  order of the late czar   of  RShsia
j and is of  stei ing   silver,   rijhlr graven
III the enjoyment of this boiUl-    with various device.,   among   which the
arms of the Imperial houso of   Romanoff
leous  repast  the   shortcomings   figure conspicuously,   The  tv'd.ol.  of the
. ornamentation is of beaten   gold   filigree
of our preceptor  were forgotten    work, and the "bell"  of the instrument
■ is  thickly   iiicrustocl   wirh   rubies   and
and forgiven, and a frightful Ira-   emeralds,   Its  net  value is a trifle over
r ° 8,00J guineas.
A melancholy interest attaches to a
battered und blood stained hu;l_ which
was picked up on the field of Isandlwana.
In addition to the dark patches, which
were once splashes of wet blooU, sundry
fragments of woolly hair wors adhering
to tho bell of the instrument when first
found, a pretty conclusive indi-ation that
the gallant owner had used it in a last-
desperate effort to boat off his relentleft
foes. It may be that some ebony skinned
i'edy ji verted.
Dear Editor,
I Suppose   yOU   liaveiieard Zulu Btill wanders about with  an inde^
I 1            •' tation in his   s_u.ll   whom   it  would bt~
about the Japanese and the difflouit to convince that "musio hat*
1 charms.
(In ..n. linns     in  rnnfli.-t  near New to this interesting relic is a fao
oanaaians    in con.net nuu glniile of a get of drum8 Whiohwere
iolmn    \i    p       Wl.hf   An  von made for the new   Rhodesia horse.    The
&aimO   15.   K,.      Wiiat  UO  yOll peouUarJty u^atho  fact that the cases
o      ] -, are of aluminium, a precaution  rendered
necessary by tho   number  of  white ants
if that Infest that country.    Tha   other in-
itruments are of brass, silver plated, and
the whole band cost some £0.">J.
The above is, of course, a cjm
lv modest turnout.   For   tho real gorge-
Easter was a busy time in Lillooet
«> •_._.     o_.- __ _     i    _   _.i    I We're lean snd tough,   let's eat hel
Father Chirouse, Superintendent of the • " '
. T   ... ..        . ,». /-,.. J Oh Tommy B, we want to kill & eat yon
great Institution at Mission City, and '    '
Undo the button of your chemiel
our regular visitor, Father Rohr, with
the assistance of Father Andrew, held
four days' services, whi.h were well attended. These zealous gentlemen, on
reaching Lillooet, had beeu some weeks
away from tbe out.ide world, looking
after their charges between heie and
the sea. On June 17 will occur the remarkable Flower Procc_.ion here. It
will be attended  bv  the Indians from
When Tom received this information,
He wept and used his bandkerchee,
Just let me say my catechism
Which my dear mother taunht to me;
Haste, make hnste, says hungry Dave,
And Frank pulled out a snuker-snee.
So Thomas B, behind a tree,
Fell down upon bis bended knee,
think about it,   honest
it  not short-sighted.
million men,—everybody in   ttKS.if course, 0 o,.,r,.™t*.~
/,   ,      •      l i .  , i    •   i      <    ■    ly modest turnout.
UntariO, Orouglll tlieir OraillS   ouane8a ln brass bands it Is  neoossary to
. , .  .,, ,    i,<        inspect some of the costly   and   magnlfl*
anU   lJlUSele   IO   l.lllOOet  J. IS-    cent sets of instruments  turned  out  for
. , ...      . ., eastern potentates.   The  bands   of even
tl'lCt,   WOUkl We   tike It        ies    the smartest of our  crack  cavahy  cbrce
,.,,., T , ,    oro absolutely not in it, so far as elegance
and it they Were J tips,   Wp.UlU    of appearance Is concerned, with the pri*
vatn bauds of some of our India tributary
it  matter,— WOUld     It   maKe    prince.,   although  probably   tho    latter
' iii would have to give   the   former   several
Olli'  land   le.S3   Valuable,—Ol"    points if it came   to   a   musical  contest
between them,
more    valuable.       Would   We       The private band of the rao of   Cutoh,
fer instance,   cost   originally   £900, and
old timei'S   hold   positions   as    mo3t   of  the   instruments   are renewed
every four or five years.   The   tiger skin
assessors, teachei'S, preachers,    used by  the roa's big  drummer,   which
was sent over here to  be   prepared   and
lawyers,   landlords.      I   think    mounted,   wa.   taken   from   an  animal
7 killed ty his highness and measured over
Ves.     We   must not be   like   » feet in length.   It  ts, lined throughout
with heavy corded crimson  silk, and the
Dutch   J)Oei*S,   Wanting all in    brute's eyes are  simulated  by  a fair of
° big yellow diamonds.
Sight,    and   110   new   comers,       Another very fine band was made three
°     ' '    years ago to the order of tho late shah of
and  we must remember all   ^V^Hf^^Jt'
men are brothers, black ami   ^^"^^^^^£^-£5
wI-Up   rp I nr brown       Hn.ce-   with gold. The total cost of this band dt»
w nne, i evi 01 oi own.    i. act    .^^ ^ ft trifle nnder g000 RUineas   A
nvv    cp.«t orv    olftaa  orv    find    rei7   different  kind   of  band  was tbnt
ciy,  sect ci}, ciass ciy. turn   ttade lMt rear by the Pamc fim for the
navrv orv   n i-p nil thoughtless    Mimkish Indians, a tribe cf   sayagos llv-
pai ty cr} , ate an uiouguuess   lng Dear A]ert ^ g. BpKig{j ColumWn<
The band la nearly all drum, and the
mouthpieces of the few brass instruments
ar* tipped with India rubber, to obviate
the inconvenlenoe of applying metal to-
the lips in a temperature of some 80 to
(0 degrees below zero.
A curious order was  reoeivod  a  short
time ago from the emperor of   Marocco.
It was for 80 clarinet, for one band.   As
the instruments in question wero  all   in
..     - I one key it is probabla that   they were to
be plaved in uni.on.   The effect upon an
I'll   leave   LOCO to the ten-    average man of 80 band  clarinets blown
simultaneously would probably be to
ei?ate in him a wild desire to take to
the woods and become un ato:igi'_e.
Even to irr.agino getoh an ei_r p^srolnoc
oombiuation sets one's tympanum quiv-
*-'3g.— London Ann. ran.
and dangerous.
One man is just as good
as another, perhaps better.
Old Cariboo)
Road, Ap 17)
der mercy of any reader who
cares to answer him.        Ed.
Pemberton, Douglas.  Fountain,  Bridge j And scarcely said commandment three,
Eiver, and two Braes  Bands,  including   V}>a_\ up he jump., &. " Saved " says he
iho Mission Boys Band, who render fine
music, by constant practice. Several
Ecclesiastics will accompany tlie Bishop
here then and may coneider the question
of founding such an Institution here as
tho English Church has near Lytton, or
«__# Methodists at OliHlivrnek,
Oh, ;oy and rapture unforeseen	
for there ou tlie other side of
the great big* boulder wus Jones,
our only Jones, our Llewellyn,
our Minstrel Boy, the descendant of all the Welsli long'*,   tint-
Sunlight Soap will not injure
your blankets cr harden them. It
will  make  them  soft,  white and
*7?.p~. ']£.% 'W0
Paul Santini,
EVERYTHING for MINERS The  Prospector.
* "Notice is hereby given that I shall at Ihe
expiry -of 2 months after date apply to pie
Chief Commissismer of Lands and Works to
purchase 320 acres more or less of land in
Lillooet District commencing at a post about
1 mile east of 19 mile post Lillooet & Clinton
■waggon road thence sduth 40 chains thence
east 80 chains then north 40 chains then west
80 chains to initial post.
18 Mile House,    )    DANIEL  HURLEY
April 10,1905.   )
Notice is hereby given that at the expiry
of 60 days from dale, I shall apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 640 acres of land in
I.iiiooet District, lying due east of Lot 18
iCroup One, lillooot District; commencing,
at a post marked "A B.H. O'Halloran's
S. W. Comer" thence east 80 chains : thence
north 80 ch-ins : thence west 80 chains:
thence south 80 chains to the point of commencement .
Dated this 13th day)  B.H. O'HALLORAN.
of March,  1905.)
Notice Is hereby given that I shall at thc
expiry of 60 days from date apply for permission from the Chief Commissioner of Lands
an 1 Works to purchase 640 acres of land in
the District of Lillooet commencing ahout
five miles from North l.ast coiner of lot 225
thence north Sa chains thence west 80 chains
thence South 80 chains thence East 80 chains
to initial point.
Empire Valley,    )      JOHN BISHOP.
March 20, .<)ty5   )
Notice is hereby given that I shall  at ihe
expiry of 2 months apply to the Chief Com-
missioiicr of Lands and Works I'or permission
to  purchase   160 acre, of land  in   Lillocet
District,   commencing at  a post  about one
mile east  of the lo-mile post,   Lillooel and
Clinton wagon load, ihence east 40 chains,
north 40 chains,  west 40 chains,   south 40
chains to initial post
18 Mile House, )      THOS. J. COLE,
March '
e House,  )
17, 1905.J
Notice is hereby given thai I shall at the
expiry of Co days from da'e, apply for per.
mission from the Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami Works, to purchase 640 acres of
land in the District of Lillooet, commencing
at a point about one mile Irom North East
corner of Lot 225, thence North 80 chains,
thence wesl 8o chains, thence s >uth 80 chains,
thence Kast 80 chains tu initial point.
Empire Valley,    |
March 2J, 1905   J SAMUEL BISHOP.
Fir Seeds wanted,
For export, Seeds of Douglas Fir and cedar
I will pay for clean seed $l,6o for fir and $2
for cedar per pound.
The seed can be secured by gathering the
cones from the trees, and spreading them On
a tight floor, or on sheets; or on paper in a
dry room. In a few days the cones will open
and ihe seeds drop out by stirring them occasionally.
Then clean the seed by using a sieve, or by
pouring from one dish into another, in a light
breeze, to separate light seed and dirt,
Advise as soon as possible, the quantity
\ou have, and I will send directions aboui
shipping.  See my advertisement in this paper
M. J. Henry,
A young man of Alkali
Lake, a son of J. E. Moore,
got down-hearted and put
an end to his life. He was
well liked, and was to be
married soon to Miss Mary
Another young fellow, had
heen ailing for some time,
and said he would not continue in misery. This was
Frank Wycott, a bright boy
employed on Gang l.anche.
He managed to get hold of
some strychnine, and ended
his existence. His people are
living at Cliurn creeK.
Here is a list of papers which you may
see at our office ; Victoria Times. Medley
Onictle, Scientific American, Winnipeg
Free Piesj, Montreal Weekly Witness, and
the Family Herald of course The Vancouver
World nnd News Advertiser, Kamloops Wa-
wa, Asbcrolt Journal, Seattle I*. I. Herald
of Kevelstoke, Ft Steele Prospector.
Tiie Pro.pector will print free the fo'
lowing ndvertireuieiit'n :
What a Joy To Be
Free of Headache
And to feel new strength and
vigor thrilling through the
system—Dr. Chase's  Nerve
Food, the great restorative.
In the great majority of cases headache arise,
f.om an exhausted condition ot the ncrvoui
system and is associated with indigestion, irritability and sleeplessness. Lasting cuie is effected
hy revitalising tho nervous system by the u_e ol
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Mas. J. McLeod, Chestnut Street, Charlotte,
town, P.E.I., states:—
"Tor some time I have
been troubled with attacks
of nervous, sick headache
which were accompanied
by indigestion. 1 began
Using Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food some time ago and
bave been greatly benefited by it. My digestion has been improved,
the headaches have disappeared and I have gain.
ed in flesh and weight. I
MRS. McLEOD consider Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food a splendid health builder.
Or. Chase's Nerve Food, 60 cents a bos.
The portrait and signature of ,Dr, A. W. Cluse,
'he famous receipt book author, ere on every
Pain cannot exist where Dr. Chase's Backache
Plaster is applied.
Clinton and way points,
Hotel Victoria,
Headquarters of
BIO- QrJi_._b_l__il X-H1T2_TrT___]_Gl3
Wire for Outfits, guides
Etc.   Cost  Reasonable.
Every Attention to Travellers and Commercials.
Large Sample Rooms.
Headquarters of Ashcroft and Lytton
Stages. Special rates for families SPENDING   SEASONS.
Rooms,  Table, Liquors nntl
StabJing,   All  Excellent
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending ft pUctrli and description mny
lulolcly ascertiilu our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probnbly patentable.  Communion-
linns strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
■ent free. Oldest opency for sccurlni. patents.
Patents taken through Munn __ Co. receive
ipccial notice, without charge, iu tho
Scientific JHnericati
A handsomely Illustrated treel.lv. I.nrsest circulation of any scientific Journal. Terms, to a
year 1 four months, *L Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN &Cq.261D™*^' New York
Branch Oflice, 156 F St. Washington. D.C.
We Hoy and Sell Typewriters.
Just now it's a Smith-Premier,
Secoiul-liand, but in Splendid
Working Order. Cull and See It.
$34.00 CLARKE & CO.
Ullooet, tf. C
From Cariboo, Lillooet, Nortli
Thompson, Revelstoke, Vernon,
Golden. Trout Lake, Suii.mer-
land, Kelowna, Iledley, Ashcroft,
Salmon Arm and Nicola Clerical
Districts, representatives are to
be at Kamloops Wednesday and
Thursday next, for the Annual
District Meeting* of the Method ist
Church. Rev. R. tf. Laidley, of
Lillooet, will proceed to Kamloops, via Lytton, after holding
sprvice nt Lnehore'i. Similar
Leaves Railway at Lvtton at 7 a. in.
Monday., Tuesday?, Fridayp, Saturday!
One hour at noon at Half-way House
Reach LiLlooet 5 p. ra. Returning on
rue-days, Wednesdays,   Saturday, and
Sundays.   47 miles along the Fraser.
-Beautiful  Scenery.
Special Trips   made.
Write to
P.    REBAGLIATI   &   CO.
Advertising Rates low as possible,
Basis of 30 cents per squarb Inch,
pkk Month. Land or Mining Notices
80 days $4        60 days $6.
*S5T O. *W. ~A.Ta_M!ST~RO~_Sra-
The Fountain Indians were up
all night in their ineethnj. liouse,
at a mass meeting recently, to
see what could be done to settle
the water question with Paul
Santini, who recorded 250 inches,
and the Indians subsequently recorded 300 inches.
At/ a. meeting of the creditors
of the Alien Estate, by a vote
of 22 to 8, the Assignee was
authorized to sell to M. Eagleson
of Lillooet all the Allen property
ill the town of Lillooet for $1500
_m:o"_r_e_ 2_t_e_~w goods
In .eet Powder, Buh~ch,   Eclectric Oil,  Kell-
ogg's Asthma Remedy, Indelible Ink, Fowler's Extract of Strawberry, Sieedman's
Soothing  Powders,  Clarke's  Extract
of  Blackberry,    Clarke's  F.   Pills,
Pennyroyal Packets, Barber's Bar
Soap. Cuiicura Soap,  Packer's
Tar Soap,   Chase's   Catarrh
Corn,   Absorbent   Cotton.
Holloway's Corn  Cure,
Lint,   Court   Plaster,
White and Yellow Vaseline in 07.S and lbs, Hagan's
Magnolia Balm, Laird's Bloom
of  Vouth, Gourand's  Oriental
Cream, Castoria, Agnew's Catarrh
Powder, Fly Pads and   Tanglefoot,
Pierce's Favorite Prescriplion, Golden
Medical Discovery,  Yankee Hanson's &
Acorn Corn Salve, Hire's Root Beer Liquid,
makes 5 gallons for 25c.  Combs Brushes etc.
Buy your medicines at the Drug Store,
hrfo CLARKE and CO.
Don't forget that we are headquarters for
Fishing Rods, Reels that are recly good,
Lines and  Flies,  including   Hardy's  Best.
Wm. Brett arrived from Vancouver.
Mm Wm Cumming Sr. got back safe
from a pleasant visit lo her sons in Ash-
Oroft and Westminster.
We have a Dentist in town for a few
Mi. s Adelaide Hamilton is visiting her
COiuin, Mi-a Maiison.
BORN,— At Westminster, April 17tb,
a daughter to M^s. W. Cumminu Jr.
Mr. Laidley preached two E iMer sermons on Sunday, deeply earnest and
interesting. Next Sundav he will be at
Loehore's and there will be two services
in St. Mary's Church, being the Easter
•orvi'-p delayed \
The   Prospector.
We have been fitting
. Spectacle* and Trut-ees a great many
qJ years, and eiury a larger stock of
*■ thMe gooils thafi any oilier drug store
P in B. C. outside of coa«». cities. We
have a first i lass Englilih IV-tlng Out-
tit. Ordinary nipt ord is cUrable,—is
being cured every day! A well-Ill ting
trtifs is comparaiiv.m comfortable,
but many Hiffer daily Nurture from
ill-lilting trusses; If iWret-tfcd, a
talk with nd, either personally or by
letter, will eo.t you nothing, and if
jou buy, »e promise yoii- satisfaction
ortuoufey back;
The Yale Review has a stirring tale
and true, by the Ashcroft editor; Francis
Astlet Webb, of a real trip' at tea, fifty
yeais ago.
The good Ship PeractvanUire,
One warm, bright slimmer day,.
Her sails all set, with gentle breeze,
Was slow ly making way;
With crew all told just twenty one,
And passengers a few—
Six men, three women, cbildien five,
To whom the trip was new.
The scene soon changes, and in
the 2_Jnd verse we find
A scene of bloodshed now ensued,
Tbe srtiall arms of tl 6 crew
"Were almo't uaeles., and the men,
Though dauntless were so few.
The good Bbip beat off thc pirates,
bttt 16'st 8 braVe fellows.
Mr. Webb is well known here, as his
daughter, Mrs. Dm ban, resides in the
town of Lillooet.
"three is a wonderful number. At the
Creation', there were land, water, and
ekv; Sun moOn and s'.ars. Jonah waw 3
days and nights in the whale's belly and
Jesus was S days in the tomb. There
were 3 patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob. Abraham entertained 3 angels.
Job had 3 friends, Samuel was called 3
times, Samson deceived Delilah thrice.
Saul attacked David 3 times. Jonathan
shot 3 arrows on David's behalf. Daniel
was thrown into a den of 3 lions because
he prayed 3 times a day. 3 Jews were
rescued from a burning. Faith, Hope
and Chanty are three. 3 wise men had
gold, frani_inc6nse and myrrh for Jesus.
tie was thrice tempted by Satan, thrice
denied by Peter, suffered three hours on
the cross ; tbe superscription was in 3
languages, and 3 men were crucified.
Christ arose the the third day, and was
Been by his disciples three times.
EST    1877
1, 2 & 3 DAYS TO A PAGE.
At   Smith   Bros'
Vernon and Kamloops
Garden    Seeds,
5, 10, 15 aud 20 cents per package,
according to size and quality.
Before the Choicest 60!!
Mr. Manson expected one
party on Ju'esda.y, The two
sons will prepare to taku out
one about May 11. F. Gott
is getting ready, and Tyee
Jimmy will be busy. Arthur
11. Martle.v has with him one
of the best big-game guides,
and expects a busy summer.
Kidney Disease
and Rheumatism
These terribly painful ailments
are    thoroughly cured    by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
SIr.ce rheumatism arises from derangements
Of the'kidneys it can never be cured until the_«
Organs are restoicd to health. By acting directly
on the kidneys Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
cure both kidney disease and rheumatiiin.
Mrs. Mollar, Newmark^, Ont., states :—
" I have used Dr. Cbise's Kidhey-Liver Fill*
for kidney troubln, ani would not be without
them for a great deal They have certainly
done me a world of good, and 1 would not
think of using any other medicine for an ailment
of this kind."
" My husband is troubled with sciatic rheumatism una is using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills. They are doing him more good than anj
medicine he ever used, and we both heartily recommend tbem as an excellent medicine.''
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, the comfort
of old age, one pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at ali
dealers. Portrait and signature of Dr, A. W.
Chase on every box.
Pain cannot exist where Dr. Chaae'a Back,
ache Plaster is applied.
INC.   18 98
By George Hurley.
Baillie Hotel • LYTTON
Under Entirely New   Ma.ii~_«..ineiit.
Excellent Accommodation fob Travellers.
A choice und vuried Assortment of liquors   und cig.in.,
Good Stuhling        —        —       Cliiivges .Moderate.
McDonald and McGillivray, Ltd.
General   Merchandise,
Clinton  B.C.
:m. t_ HEisrPfY*
WHOLESALE   and   retail
T~ea:oTrs~A.~~sr~~DS   o*f>   zpzeijixt^  -r__~i_m_E_3
J>_.2_T_D       0_&__TJ_._M:__ll2_TrriJ_.X,     *T*K*E*E! 3
HIE__]_>!-R/Y'S   3~nTXJI^S~E3~E^I_H3S
3010 WESTM'B __R.OA.lD
■\r_A_isrc otrvBR;
McMillan   .
200*212,    FIRST     AVE.    NORTH     '
WRITE ll<_   AMh _"TT 9UR circulars iim KEEP post ed.
tow, price;s
Notice is hereby given that  6o days  from
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for  permission to
purchnse 320 acres of Pastoral land  situated
in  Lillooet  District,  on  Thomas J.  Cole's
I mountain,   commencing   at a post marked
I Moses  Foster's  west  post,   thence  north 40
; chains, thence east 80 chains,  thence south
1 40 chains, thence west 80 chains to point of
D~tod this 5th day _        MOSES FOSTER
of April, 1906      /
Notice is hereby given that 60 days from
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works for permission to
purchnse 320 acres of pn«toral land situated
in Lillooet District, crmmenciiig |at a post
;it tlio northwest corner of Loi 536, marked
Elizabeth Foster's Southwest pOst, thence
north 8>> chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated the 6th day*! ELIZABETH FOSTER
of April, 1905.   /
Naice is hereby given thai I shall at the
expiry of 60 days apply for permission from
the Chief Commisssoner of Lands and Works
to purchase 640 acres of land in Lillooet District, commencing at thc North East corner
of Lot 225, thence North 80 chains, thence
West 80 chains, thence South 80 chains,
thence Fast So ch;iins io initial point.
Empire Valley,    *  ANTHONY RI&HOP,
Ma.'ih 20, 190^, )
Notice is hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 60 days from date apply for permission from lhe Chief >Commissioner of Lands
aud Works to purchase 640 acres of land in
the District of Lillooet commencing about
three miles from North Fast corner of lot 225
thence Norih 80 chains thence West Sochaiiv-
thence South 80 chains ihence East 80 chains
to initial point.
Empire Valley, "»    MARGARET 13ISHOR.
Match 20, 1905 j'
Notice is hereby given that I shall at the
1 expiry of 60 days from date apply for permission from lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands
ami Works to purchase 640 acres of land in
ihe District of Lillooet commencing about
four miles from North East corner of lot 225
thence North So chains thence West 80 chains
thence South So chains thence East 80 chains
to initial point.
Empire Valley,..) WILLIAM BISHOP.
March 20, 1905. )
Notice, is hereby given that 1 shall at the
expiry of Oo days from date, apply for permission from the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works to purchase 640 acres of
l.and-in llie pistricfof-Lillooet commencing
about two miles from the North East corner
of Lot 225 thence North 80 chains thence
t West 80 chains thence south So chains thence
East 80 chains to inilial point.
Empire Valley,    )
March ?d, 19J5   )       JOHN ARTHURS'


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