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Lillooet Prospector Mar 9, 1917

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k= —-= ^  —   =	
VOL./, NO. 19
Non Political Re-organiz-
„ationof Forest Protection Service.
Sixty Five Men Wanted as Assistant
The Forest Protection Fund
through which the timber resources of British Columbia are
protected from destruction by fire
is maintained by equal contributions from timber owners and
Jumbermen on the one hand and
Provincial Government on .the
other, tjtfhile the lumbermen contribute half the revenue of the
Forest Protection Fund they have
not, until this winter, been given
a voice in the administration of
Recently however, committees
representing the various lumbering associations conferred with
Hon. T. D. Pattello, Minister of
Lands, regarding this question,
and as a result the Minister has
established an entirely new method of handling the important
matter of protecting the provin-
tial forests from fire.
This method is of particular interest not only as regards the
Forest problem with which it
deals, but also as establishing a
non political public service under
difficult conditions. While civil
service'systems have been applied
to clerical staffs at Ottawa, it'
will be the first time in Canada
that an outside service has been
taken out of politics and placed
on a basis of busmtGo-efficiency.
Subject to the Minister of Lands,
Forest Protection work East of
the Cascades will be in charge of
a Board of five members, two of
whom will be lumbermen, selected by the Mountain Association.
The three other members will be
the Deputy Minister of Lands
(chairman), the Chief Forester
and the Forester in charge of
Forest fire prevention.
The lumber representatives appointed are as foljpws:--
C. D. McNab,  Baker Lbr.  Co.,
Waldo, B.C.
Neale Murray, Arrow Lakes Lbr.
.   Co., Kamloops, B.C.
The whole matter of fire protection hangs on the efficiency.of
the men employed. In order to
secure the best men available it
has been decided to give all possible publicity tothe fact that some
65 Assistant Rangers will be
needed to replace the 163 Forest
Guarde employed last season.
Each assistant ranger will be offered six months employment at
$100.00 per month plus expenses,
with re-engagement for six
months each year, while services
are satisfactory, and also with the
prospect of advancement on merit to the regular forest service as
occasion offers.
Applicants for these positions
are required to obtain the necessary application forms and lb
send them in to the Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. or to the District Forester, Lillooet, B.C. for
this district.
Applicants must be British
Examiners have been selected
by the Board to hold examinations of applicants at the following places in the Lillooet Forest
District on the dates mentioned.
150rMile House, Saturday March
Clinton, Tuesday, April 3rd.
Returned soldiers with the necessary qualifications will be given preference.
Investigation  Committee
Victoria, March 7. —The Pacific Great Eastern investigation
committee will be appointed by
the House this week, Hon.-Mr.
Oliver yesterday giving notice of
motion covering the creation of'
the committee. Its members will j
be Messrs Farris of Vancouver;
Hall of Victoria, Haines of North
Vancouver, Anderson of Kamloops, Yorston of Cariboo, Ross
of Prince George, Shatford of
Similkameen, Pooley of Esquimalt.
The members of the Womans'
Patriotic League are again to the
front. This time they have arranged for a dance to take place
in the Santini Hall on Friday
March 16. The ladies are endeavoring to make the dance surpass any yet held here. The
price of admission, including refreshments, is 50c. Dancing to
commence at 8.30 sharp.
The Soldiers' Friend
Canadian Patriotic Fund
The list showing all receipts
and disbursements of the Local
branch of the Canadian Patriotic
Fund for the present Fiscal year
191C-1917 commencing October
1st last, can now be seen at the
General Post Office, or at the
Provincial Forest office.
Up to the end of January the
total monies forwarded to the
Hon. Treasurer, Victoria, for the
present year amounted to $530.40
making a total' eontribution* from
Lillooet since August 1914 of
$2324.15 to the Patriotic Fund
Weduing Bells
A very quiet wedding took
place at the home ■ of Mr. and
Mrs. James Dixon, of Vancouver, on Thursday February 22nd,
when Miss Katie Mary McLeod,
only daughter of Mrs. G. .Jacobs,
of Hat Creek was married to Mr.
J. M. Evans, of Upper Hat Ck.
After the ceremony which was
performed by the Rev. A. E.
Roberts,) a luncheon was served
and a few hours spent in music
and songs, after which the happy couple left for Bellingham and
way points for Seattle, where
they will make their future home
Mr. D. Hurley has returned
from the coast cities.
While watching the motion of
a, Chinaman when carrying water,
one wonders why some dancing
enthuiasist has not instituted a
"Chinese Trot."
A report is current that a
bridge is to be built across the
Fraser river, in the vicinity of
Pavilion, to help the settlers in
their endeavor to get their produce to market via the Pacific
Great Eastern railway. We understand this is a goverament
England's anti-submarine fleet
consists of 4000 private yachts,
whalers and fishing vessels, manned by 60,00 men, and this force
has already destroyed 200 German submarines, Alfred Noyes,
the English poet, asserted in a
statement given the Associated
Press in New York? Every boat
is armed with guns throwing 12
or 14 pound explosive shells and
has 100 yards of steel netting, he
Secretary J. H. Hill of the
Provincial Returned Soldiers'
Commission i s contemplating
plans of economic exploitation
whereby it may become understood and recognized by the people of British Columbia that the
commission is the logical and
properly authorative body to deal
with all matters affecting the
welfare of the returned soldier.
"How often," said Mr. Hill to
a representave of the Press, "a
returned soldier will ask for advice as to who would be the best
person to see about his delayed
pension, pay or ^allowances, or
kindred matters which worry
him. We want the people of the
province to realize that this provincial returned soldiers' commission is aimed to cover all exigencies of this nature and to assist every returned B.C. man in
a wider scope than the mere obtaining of empjoyment. Whenever a returned Soldier asks such
advice he should be immediately
told by any member of the general public that there is a returned soldiers' commission in B.C.,
with headquarters at Victoria
and committees working in 78
localities throughoutthe pro'/ince.
These committees will be glad to
give advice or assistance in any
difficulties or problems which
confront returned men, and the
commission is anxious that its
powerful machinery through the
province be utilized by the returned soldier—and above all that
the general public know how to
properly refer a -man who is looking for such information.""'
National Service
One of the most vafhable of recent literary contributions to the
great cause is a booklet by Professor Stephen Leacock, Dr. Lea-
cock makes an urgent call for
national thrift and national saving. He attacks in vigorous
style the evils of extravagance at
this crisis in: Canada's history,
and by trenchant phrase and apt
illustration disposes of various
common errors in regard to individual spending of money during war time...
This pamphlet was originally
published by Dr. Leacock himself,
but the National Service Board
were so convinced of its value in
connection with their Thrift Campaign that they had it republished and have undertaken its distribution. Copies can be obtained
by writing to the Secretary of
the National Service Board at
Oitawa, or by applying to the
National Service Director in any
A torpedo that can detect and
single out an enemy craft release
itself, and at a speed of forty
miles an hour rush to attack it,
is in the hands of the United
States government today, ae»
cording to Montraville Wood,
Chicago scientist and inventor.
Wood says he has turned over to
the government such a defensive
weapon, together with another
invention which will immunize
ships of the home fleet to attack
by his torpedo or anything similar to it.
Jeff Swart arrived in town this
week from the coast to visit his
friends. Jeff has donned khaki
and is-attached to "the Forestry
Disasterous Fire at Hope
Hope, B.C. March 6—Eight and
possibly ten persons lost their
lives in a fire which destroyed
the Coquahalla Hotel here this
morning. Some twenty-five or
thirty other guests only escaped
in their night clothes. The known
dead are:
Tom Wilson, Vancouver, provincial fruit pest inspector. •
Tom Taylor, lumberman, Vancouver.
Tom Kehoe, lumberman, Vancouver.
Bert Ready, miner, Hope.
Bill McKeever, miner Hope.
Bob Campbell, miner, Hope.
George Atkins, Kettle Valley
Railway, Hope.
Un unidentified Serbian.
The fire, which apparently
broke out in bhe office on the
ground floor, started at 3.30.
Smoke in the rooms aroused the
guests, and those who escaped
made their way out of the building with •difficulty. The men
who perished were evidently suf-
socajted in their rooms or were
trapped by the flames before
they could make their way out.
Several women had narrow escapes, being rescued by ladders.
One lady was saved by Mr. W,
Keeble, one of the proprietors,
who climbed down the gallery
posts bearing the woman on his
The hotel with its electric light
plant was completely destroyed,
though the absence of wind made
it possible to save the annex. A
store owned by J. D. Nichols and
used by D. J. McRae was destroyed with»its contents, $800
worth of logging supplies and
groceries. A Chinese restaurant
and store east of the hotel, owned by J. Pennie of the West Yale
review, was also destroyed. A.
E. Rabbs' office was saved by
hard work.
Keeble & Palmer, proprietors
of the hotel, lost some $2,000
worth of stock and personal effects. They carried no insurance.
The large hotel-safe broke when
it fell into the Abasement, and its
contents were probably all burned.—Pro vince<
Which-Are You ?
When the Creator had made all
the good and beautiful things, in
order that they might be truly
appreciated He then made the
beasts, reptiles and poisonous insects.
When He had finished, He had
left over scraps that were too
bad to put in the rattlesnake, the
hyena, the scorpion, or the skunk,
so he placed all these together,
covered it with Suspicion, wrapped it up with Jealously marked
it with a Yellow Streak, and called it a KNOCKER.
Then as a compensation for this
fearful product, He took a sunbeam and put it in the heart of a
child, the love of a mother, the
brain of a man, wrapped these in
civic pride, covered it with brotherly love, gave it a mask of velvet and a grasp of steel, and
called it a BOOSTER, He made
him a lover of fields and flowers,
and manly sports; a believer in
equality and justice.
And ever-since these two were
ereated mortal man has had the
privilege of choosing his associates.— Ex*
H.  Graham,  Indian Agent, is
The Lillooet Prospector
Published in the Interest of Lillooet District.
A. E. LUDWIG, Manager.
MARCH 9.  1917.
"war, while on the walls there
would be recorded in bronze
the names and deeds of our
departed heroes. -^
At first sight it would
seem that the determination
of the new B.C. government
to deed the old court hous'e
site in Vancouver to the citizens of that city was an unfair disposition of potential
real estate resources. That
well known spot in Vancouver where formerly the decrees of justice were pro-
' mulgated is worth a -good
'many sections of land out in
the open country. Real estate in the heart of the principal city of the province is
worth a good many dollars
per front foot. If skyscrapers were built on if it would
produce a large income. Why
should advantage not be taken of such a source of income
.which plainly belongs in a
measure to the entire province?
This question is like that
asked by certain people at a
banquet a good many years
ago, about an alabasta box
i  of ointment.   They wanted
to know why the precious
spikenard was not sold for
three hundred pence and given to the poor?  ^The answer
was that it had been determined by the doner to devote
it to a high and holy purpose.
The same answer might be
returned to those who question the desirability of allocating the old Court house
site to remain for ever as a
beautiful garden in which a
memorial will be erected to
our  lamented   heroes   who
have fallen in Europe in de«l
fence of our lives and liberties.   Those vailiant  men
came from ail over the province,   i Where  could  their
memory be better kept green
than in its principal city,   ln
no place could it he so likely
to be seen by the inhabitants
of tke province.   Nearly
everybody at some time or
other  goes  to   Vancouver.
The present is an  age  of
transportation, of railways,
of  excursions.   Grant  that
the object is a good one, and
there can be no doubt that
the place chosen is the best
for the'purpose that could be
selected.   It is in every way
'suited to the project.   It is
surrounded by maples that
were planted there about
thirty years ago, and which
now  give  distinction and
beauty  to  the spot.   It is
suggested that in a central
position on this spot a dignified stone building of  one
story should be erected whose
pillared front would at once
attract the passer by.   Within would be a museum of interesting memorial's of the
After a nine months interval the parliament buildings
at' Victoria are again the
scene of legislative activity.
The new government is in
the saddle and indications are
that the session will be a
busy one.
The speech from the Throne
is an unusually long document. It shadows forth an
amount of work which will
keep the House engaged late
and early. It is plain that
there will be little time to be
fritted away on minor matters, especially will there be
but small opportunity for
personal recrimination of for
the attempt to gather up
spilt milk. There is altogether too much to do, to
allow of that * unprofitable
business being indulged in.
Let our legislators get down
to business and. show us that
they are worth their salt as
well as their monthly indemnity.
•With a depleted treasury
an increase of taxation be-
bomes an imperative necessity. There is no avoiding it.
The predecessor of the present government dug a deep
hole in our financial possibilities. That hole has got
to be filled up. In addition
to this there, loom into view
pressing claims for expenditure. Consequently we must
grin and%bear it. Money
must be found.
Whatever is determined
with reference to the affairs
of the Pacific Great Eastern,
it is satisfactory to know
that, according to the
Speech, a full enquiry will
be made. That enquiry
jshould prove very instructive.
Among the most important
passages in the Speech, are
those which refer to agricuU
ture and to the aid that is to
be afforded to veterans in
the way of settlement and
employment. Regret is expressed that the agricultural
production within the province is still in a very unsatisfactory condition, and there
will no doubt be an earnest
attempt on the part of the
Agricultural Department, under the superintendence of
Hon. John Oliver, who is a
practical man, to improve
the state of affairs.
Scarcely less important is
the subject of mining. There
is a chance for progress in
this direction such as never
before occurred in the history
of British Columbia. The
prices of metals are high,
and we have got the metals.
The fact that our metalliferous riches are. still in the
earth where they have been
for many thousands of years, I
seems to point to a demand
for vigorous action by those
who understand the situation. With Hon. W. Sloan
at the head of this department of administration, there
should be something doing
in short order.
Army Service Corps Want Recruits
An Opportunity for Which Many Eligibles
Have Long Been Waiting
In reviewing the recruiting returns of
the different provinces of the Dominion,
one is profoundly impressed by the splendid response made by the manhood of
British Columbia in the time of the Empire's need.
This record is indeed one to be proud
of, but there are still a very large number
Of eligible men in the Provinee who for
various reasons have been prevented from
doing their duty, and it is to these that
the Officer Commanding No. 19 Company
Canadian .Army Service Corps
with Headquarthrs at 1117 Seaton Street,
Vancouver, B.C. issues this appeal.
instructions   have   just been  received
from Headquarters to enlist men of the
following trades and occupations for overseas service with the above corps.
Horse Transport Drivers
Supply Clerks
Mechanical Transport Drivers
Bakers Butchers Farriers
Wheelers      Blacksmiths     Saddlers
Electricians Fitters & Turners
The advantage of a man being able to
work at the occupation he works at in
civil life will be apparent.
The men as recruited will be given a
little preliminary training here and sent
forward in drafts.
Any further information in this connection will be gladly furnished on application to the abov^ address (1117 SeaFon
Street, Vancouver).
Notice of Cancellation of
reserve covering certain lands in Lillooet
District for the depasturage of stock, by
reason of a notice published in the British
Columbia Gazette on the 7th day of
August, 1884, is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.
November, 3rd, 1916 2-2m.
Lands, Mines, Insurance and Collections
Mining business in all branches
a specialty.   Farms for
sale or lease.
Lillooet.  - British Columbia
Take notice that Joseph Copeland
whose address is Lillooet, will apply
for a licence to take and use Twenty
miners inches of water out of an unnamed spring, which flows' Northeast
and drains into Lot 3056 Lillooet Dis-„
t.ict about three quarters of a mile
from source. The water will be diverted from the stream at a point about
fifty yards S.E. of N.W. post of P.R.
2169 Lillooet District, and will.be used
for irrigation- purpose upon the land
described as Lot 3056 Lillooet District.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 17th day of February, 1917.
A Copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the ' 'Water Ac.t. 1914." will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at
Clinton, B.C.
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder, or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., within thirty days
after the first appearance of this notice
in a local newspaper.
Herbert Boothman, agent.
The date of the first publication of
this notice is Feb. 23, 1917.
CAPITAL Privately Procured  for any
legitimate business; stock companies
incorporated; bonds ar>d stock placed
on commission. Securities Bonding
Co., 811 Rogers Bldg., Vancouver,B.C.
\ _   /
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable- half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free of exchange at
any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent per annum from the date of
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and accrued interest]
as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issue
in Canada other than an issue of Treasury Bills or, other like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
y     A commission of. one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to  recognized  bond and
stock brokers on allotments  made  in respect of applications for this stock which bear their
stamp. .     ' ^
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
0CT0BER"}th, 191$.
Whitby Hospital Taken
Adds 450 Beds to Accommodation for Sick Soldiers
Ottawa—The Military Hospitals' Commissionhas at the
present time  available  accommodation for 2955 convalescent soldiers, in a chain
of twenty-nine institutions,
reaching from Sydney, N.S.,
to Sydney, oh Vancouver Island.   Among the latest additions to the list are the On-'
tario government's great
.institution at Whitby, which
which can already accommodate 450 (the first batch of
soldiers arrived at the residence last week),  and  the
Grange Hotel, Winnipeg, affiliated  with  Deer   Lodge.
Accommodation is in sight
for a further .2,200 convalescents, to which can be ad-,
decf 730, if the four convalescent institutions already
referred to are transferred to
the "active" hospital class.
The total accommodation,
available or in sight, for convalescents, "active''' hospital
cases and sanitorium cases,
is shown to-be 10,683, without counting the clearing depot at Quebec, where there
is room for 600.
of every de*
Scription cait
be obtained
from Our Job
Delivered When From-
ised and Correct When
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Give Us a Trial
Order and Support Local Industry
JAN. 9.  1917
National  Service
Under the authority of the
"War Measures Act, 1914," it is
required that every male between
the ages of 16 and 65 years, residing in Canada, shall fill in and
return a National Service Card,
within ten "days of the receipt
A.ny person who have made default in the discharge of this duty
is hereby notified that the time
for the return of the completed
card has been extended until the
31st day of March, 1917, and that
a National Service Card and addressed envelope may be obtained
upon application to the nearest
^     R. B. BENNETT,
Director Genera
The 11th Reg. The Irish
Fusiliers of Canada are very
busy recruiting for their overseas draft; 250 men are required for this Company and
in all probability when up to
strength, they will be attached to the 'Fighting Seventh.'
This Battalion is still busy
making history for British
Columbia, and it is an honour to uphold the history and
tradition of this splendid
We want men, and yet
more men t6 jump into the
breaches. Any information
required on this subject can
be secured by writing or calling at the Irish Fusiliers recruiting offices, Lieut. J. M.
Burge, 134, Hastings St. W.
or in the rear of the Hotel
Irving, corner of Columbia
and Hastings St. Vancouver,
Wake Up; the bugle sounds.
The Fall In.
Lillooet District Hospital Society
The Annual General Meeting
of the above Society will be holden in the Government Office,
Lillooet, on Friday the 9th day of
March next at 4 p.m.
iA. McGregor,
On the termination of above
meeting an Extraordinary Meeting of said Society wilj take place.
Business to confirm and ratify
Lease of Hospital,
a. McGregor,
Take notice that Frank William Engeman, whose address is Clinton, B.C.,
will apply for a licence to take and i-:se
5 cubic feet per second of water out of
Seven Mile creek, also known as Stable
creek, which flows north west and
drains into Big Bar Creek about 5
chs. North of the Southwest corner of
Lot No.' 1236 Lillooet District. The
water will be diverted from the stream
at a point about 5 chs. East and 5 chs.
South of the Southwest corner of Lot
No. 1236 Lillooet District and will be
used for Miscellaneous purpose upon the
land described as 5 chs East and C chs.
South of the' Southwest corner of Lot
1236 Lillooet District.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 9th day of January, 1917.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water
A.ct, 1914," will be filed in the offices of
the   Water Recorder at Clinton B.C.
Objections may be filed with the said
water Recorders or with the Comptroller
of water rights. Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the the first appearance of this notice in
alocal newspaper.
H, P. HORAN, Agent.
The date of  the  first publication of
this notice is February 2, 1917.
Have you paid your Subscription'
Agent Wanted!
Nationally Advertised   .
The Greatest Wall Paper inyen-
tion of the age.
No knife, scissor* or straight
edge required.
Paper .hanging made easy,
quicker, cleaner and better.
An energetic agent is wanted in
this locality to show samples and
solicit orders from householders.
Handsomely bound sample books
showing hundrefis of beautiful, ex- ■
elusive    patterns    are    furnished
agents free.
Over 2,100 agents are making
large profits.
Applicants please state occupation, age, and surrounding village!
can canvass, when full particulars
will be furnished.
■ Sin mmmmmmm ■ .ns
BUY    *
War Savings Certificates
$ 25.OO for $21.50
50.00 u 43.00
100.00  "    86.00
JAN. 9, 1917
Finanoe   Department
Engineers Wanted
The 6th Field Co. Canadian Engineers whose headquarters are at
North Vancouver, are offering a
splendid opportunity to the handy
man.     '
Any man of ordinary intelligence, able to use his hands, drive
a horse or motor motor wagon,
or a man used to tools of any
•kind, can find a good opening with
the Engineers. The extraordinary number and variety of jobs
the engineers are called upon to
handle in the daily routine of
warfare, bring openings which
all' classes of helper* can contribute to fill.
Job Work of All Kinds
Neatly   and   Promptly
Done at Prospector Office.
Take notice that David B. Melville
whose address is Pavilion, B.C., will
apply for a licence to take and use 100
acre feet and to store f0 acre feet of
water out of Gillan Cree):, which flows in
a Southerly direction and drains into
Pavilion Creek on Lot 59. The storage
dam will be located at Lot 878". The
capacity of the reservoir to be created
is about 100 acre feet, and it will flood
about 50 acres of land. The water will
be diverted from the stream at a point
about 300 yards from Southwest corner
of Lot 911, through Lots 878 and 63 and
will be used for irrigation purpose upon
the land described as Lot 3635, Lillooet
This notice was posted en the ground
on the 16th day of Dec, 1916.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "water
act, 1914" will be filed in the office of
Water Recorder at Clinton, British
Columbia. Objections to the application may be filed with the said Water
Recorder or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.
DAVID B. MELVILLE, applicant
Samuel Gibbs, agent
The date of the first publication of
this notice is Jan. 5th, 1917.
Headquarters for Mining Men
Chas. Mason, Mgr.
Quests Comfort
Is    My   Motto
Corner Hastings and   -
Cambie Streets
Vancouver, B. C.
Tremendous Advance in Price of Flour
Since buying our last oar flour has advanced $1,80 per
barrel. We have a good stock, so advise our customers to
buy now, Today's prices, which are good for one week, are
as follows:
Royal Household, 49 lbs., $2.85. Five Roses, 49 lbs., $2.85
Pacific G«m, 49 lbs.,    -   $2.75. Our Best, 49 lbs., $2.65
These prices are under today's costs.
Complete stock of Fresh Groceries on hand at low rates.
We  Aim to  Pleast   the Tourists  and  Travellers
Cheerful Dining Room—Best Meals in Town
Bar is stocked with the Finest Grades of Wines and Liquors
Large Pleasure Launch on Seton Lake for the accommodation of guests
Automobile Meets all Trains
Alex. C Phair, - Proprietor
Subscribe for the Prospector
Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishings
Groceries, Confectionery,
Footwear, Hardware, etc.
Send Us Your Job Work-- Support Home Industry
^^-X^^\X-W-W^SS5 E3
New York
Protect your
Family by
Insuring your
Life in the
Life Insurance
in the wojld
W. E. Morrison
Local Representative
Prospector Office
Take notice that Hugh Ross, whose
address is Pemberton Portage, B.C.,
will apply for a licence to take and use
three thousand miners inches of water
out of Owl Creek, which flows south
east and drains into Birkenhead River
about two and on* half miles from Lillooet river. The'water will be diverted
from the stream at a, point about two
miles north west from Owl creek bridge
on County Road and will be used for
mining purpose upon the claims described as Owl, Stirling, Virginia. Ruby,
Eagle, Copper Wonder.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 24th day of October, 1916.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water
Act, 1914," will be filed in the office of
the Water Recorder at Clinton, B.C.
Objections to the application may be
filed with the said Water Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.,
withiri thirty days after the firstappear-
ance of this notice in a local newspaper.
HUGH ROSS, Applicant:
The date of the first publication of this
notice is the 24th of November 1916:
Take notice that John Alfred Carls»n,
of Lac La Hache, occupation farmer,
intends to apply for permission to lease
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of lot 3545, thence
north 40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west to
point of commencement.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 4th of August, 1916.
Take notice that Delina Clara Noel,
of Lillooet,   B.C.,   occupation married'
woman, intends to apply for permission
to lease the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted one
half mile north-east of north-east corner of lot 587, Lorne Mines Group, Bridge
River, marked south-west corner post,
thence north twenty chains, thence east
twenty chains,, thence south twency
ehains, thence west twenty chains to
point of commencement, containing 40
acres more or less.
Delina Clara Noel,
38- July 10th. 1916. Applicant.
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance
with the Statutes that all assessed taxes,
income and school taxes, assessed and
levied under the "Taxation Act" and
all taxes assessed and levied under the
"Public Schools Act" are now due and
payable for the year 1917.
All taxes collectable for the Lillooet
Assessment District are due and payable
at my office in the Court-house, Lillooet
This notice in terms of law, is equivalent to a personal demand by me upon
all persons liable for taxes.
Dated at Lillooet, B.C., this 8th day
of January, 1917.
Assessor and Collector for the Lillooet
Assessment District.
^When in Vancouver
StopS at
The Burrard Hotel
(One Block East of New C.P.R. Depot)
American and European Plan
Under New Management
J. McGillivary,      -      Proprietor


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