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The Prospector Apr 25, 1903

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Vol. 5. No. 40.
$1.00 a year.
Last, fall a party oi prospectors
hound   a   deposit   of    red   und
■brown ochres on a plateau a few
[feet above tlie I* raser river, near
(Lytton in British Columbia. At
jibe foot of tbe bill in tbe barn of
lt.be river, placer mining has been
Icarried on for several years. For
la year or two past a dredger lias
been at work, realizing good profits, and natives and Chinamen
[bave beeu    rocking   out   good
Tlie peculiarity of tbe deposit
together with the favorable surroundings, prompted the party
to take samples of the find to
Vancouver lor analysis. Several
assays have been made from different parts of the. plateau, and
values iu free gold as high as f 2.
07 to the ton were obtained
while the whole deposit carried
oxide of iron to the extent of
from 30 t.o 40 per cent.
The men then began experimenting iu the making of mineral paint and found that the deposit was admirably adapted to
tbis purpose. Samples were sent
to Chicago and Eastern. Can ad a,
and from both ph.i~.es came endorsements as to its worth for
paint-makiiig purposes.
It is the opinion of competent
men that the values iu free gold
will increase as daptli is attaieed
in sinking tbrougd the ochres
with a great probability that
good values will be found when a
shaft reaches the level of the river bars.
The Lytton Mining and Manufacturing Company has been incorporated to de velop the properties, and in a short time a force
of men will lie out to work prospecting the deposit. It promises
to be another of the great mining
opportunities tlmt are so often
found iu the Morthwest.
Messrs Copland aud Evans returned to the Ample tbis week
accompanied by the nephew of
Mr. Abbot, manager of the Bend
'Or Mines.
or lady in each county to manage business for
nn old established Iioum of solid financial stand
ing. A straight, bona fide chsIi salary ot 118,00
paid by check each Wednesday with all expenses direct from headquarters. Money advanced for expenses.
Manager, 340 Caxton Building, Chicago.
Sinne Dim. tilt I. 8 Tlmt linnet T.m .cli'.H I
iliu.  !.«• nigiiteri Ci-uniry— „uo i'
itili:_- by the Wil?.
The Somali camels contrasted witL
the *n ian emu.Is ave.veiy gentle.
ihey seldom injuie Anyone, in moving about the camp at night one
h_B often to .ass among them as
they kneel in rows, sometimes stepping over them or stooging under
outstretched necks, but I have never
had experience of a vicious camel in
Sqmaliland. Even when undergoing
filing operations they rarely bite,
although the head is left free. This
accommodating disposition is attiib-
u table greatly to the manner in
which they are treated by the natives, who,.though rather cruel to
their ponies, never ill use a camel.
Many Somalia are utterly ignorant
of loading, this work being done
largely by the women, says
a; Writer in The Brooklyn
1-i-gle. The cariiel is everywhere
In the land. He is the great means
of transport and is given in payment
for wives and in settlement' of the
incessant blood feud, which render
peaceful village and town life almost
unknown in ihe interior.
As the troops make their way inland cuiious native villages formed
of little huts of bent sticks covered
with cumel mats, and protected all
round with a fence of cut thorn trees
laid side hy .'ide, will at lirst be
common sights, und the fresh camel
milk obtainable at these is very refreshing on the long marches. The
men of Soinaliland use a curious
white clay found in various parts of
the country to dab on their heads,
which makes them look like blank
footmen with powdered wigs. The unmarried girls wear their hair fuzzy,
and the married women theirs in a
black net. The enormous anthills in
the Hand is a notable feature on tho
The difficulties of thc expedition
will begin when it enters the bush
country. The tall, light-skinned,
handsome, lithe Somali chief with
his spear and onyx-skin circular target is a curious contrast to the
strong, dark Midgaan, with his bow
and wooden 'quiver of little poisoned
arrows, which are deadly enough to
kill an elephant in three hours. The
former is a great believer in charms
and horoscopes, and generally wears
an amulet in the form of a verse of
the Koran strapped to his arm or
neck. Ile loves a draught of the
melted fat of a sheep's tail, and as
long as he has plenty of "ghee," or
clarified butter, with his lice and
dates, he Is happy. The latter Is
simply a barbarian and prefers meat
more or less raw. The Somali ponies are. wonderfully good and hardy
little animals, but nre very badly
treated by their owners. They are
much superior to the Arab for ura in
Nomnlilnnd, as they do well on the
grass there and require no grain,
which is unobtainable in the interior
until you get very far inland.
Tha Hud of a Tr»..
Among the curious things recently
discovered by the students of plant
life is the fact that a bud taken from
one tree and grafted on another carries the age of the original tree with
it. It hui always been believed that
the bud so transferred began a wholly ncw life, but this new theory—it
may, after all, be more theory than
fact as yet—shows the matter in an
entirely different light.
For example, if a bud be taken
from a tree that is twenty-five years
old with a natural life of fifty years
and grafted on another tree it will
not live as long as its parent tree
is entitled to live the full fifty
years, but only for the period of
life then left to the tre_, twenty-five
Photographic Apparatus to Take Pic'ur#s
or Invisible Object*.
As photography is employed to assist
the astronomer in detecting the existence
ol the stars in the heavens which could
not be seen by tbe nuked eye with the
aid of the telescope, so it is also used to
secure accurate enlarged reproductions of
minute objects which are revealed to man
only by the aid of the microscope, says
(he San Francisco Chronicle.
This development, of the art of photography is of great assistance, not only to
the microseoplst, but also to the pathologist and histologist. A photomicrographlc
apparatus, as tt is called, hns been invented by O. G. Mason, secretary of the
American Microscopical Society, which
can be used for making negatives showing objects with a magnification of 15,000
The apparatus is very compact, being
only about two feet in length, but will
receive an objeotlve of any power and
photograph the most minute objects. The
Images are produced on a plate three and
-one-quarter by four and 'one-quarter
inches. It is mounted on a single base
board, so that the apparatus may be
shifted at the will of the operator.
To the standard of a miscroaoope the
camera box is iftr.ached in such a way
that the box cat. ^e placed horizontally
or inclined at any desired angle, like n
telescope or microscope itself. Thus adjustments can be made providing for
any required distance between the objective and the sensitive plate, so that the
desired amplification may be readily
The mechanical stage is operated by
the small chains which extend along the
sides of the frame of the apparatus, and
the rotation of the objective polarlsoope,
etc., and the focusing is affected by rods
extending toward the rear of the camera
box. By its nieans the operator, seated
at the camera, can manipulate the instrument for focusing or searching the
field for any particular object.
How* Prof.  Jo.iii   Macuun (jatli.ratl Subjects for   lnvu~liuat.<.n -hruugliuut
\Ve-t»r.i Onihi io ~.~>~t Y•-.,..
Last summer.a man with a, knapsack on his baciv walked over a huge
part of Western Ontario, arousing a
great deal of cuiiosity and ius. inng
some fear by his peculiar i.uduci.
He pas_eu through the counties lYunt-
ing on Lakes Erie, St. Clair, Huron,
and the tieo.gian Bay. \vhen see i he
was generally carrying a bundle of
weeds in his hands, and to these he
appeared to attach some value. Farmers tlri-ing along the r.oad would
see him pause, peer into a pasture
field, eagerly scale the fence, pull u
thistle, put it in his knapsack, and
return to the highway. Those dttvy
ing past would whip up their horses.
and keep looking bac*. at h'm '-mil
they pis;ed over the next hill, ler-
haps, on getting their lust glimpse
of him, he n.i.ht be entering a
swamp'-of gather."—mullein leaves.
No doubt stories are told all alone;
his line of travel of this strange
man, occupying himself in pursuits
seemingly quite idle and nonsensical.
I'M.. ,...*... >. a. .ill).
Governor of Western Auxtralla.
The London Star says that Admire
al Sir Fredeiick Bedford, O.C.-
whom the King, in pursuance of the
apparently settled policy of having
military and naval Governors for tho
constituent colonies of the Commonwealth, has appointed to be Governor of Western Australia, entered tha
naval service in July, 1852, and as
a youngster was present at several
of the operations in the Black Sea
and the Bailie during the war with
Russia in 185--5. As a commander
he served in the Serapis, when it
cairied the King, when Prince of
Wales, on his memorable visit to
India. As Flag Captain on the
Shah, on the Facilic station, he
took that vessel into action with the
Pcruviin ironclad Huascar off Ylo in
May, 1877. In 1884, when in command of the Monarch, he received the
special thanks of the Admiralty for
his efforts to organize the flotilla on
the Nile for the relief of Gemral Gordon. For the Benin expedition he received the K.C.B., and the Grand
Cross of the Bath followed among
the coronation honors.
Crown a London landlord.
Among the great ground landlords
in London the Crown is one of tbe
greatest, owning properties In various parts of the capital yielding tn
ground rents Ji-60,000 per annum.
Fifteen years ago lhe estates produced £250,000 only, but many leases
have fallen in within that time, and
the increased rents have been exacted for renewal fines or for ncw leases. The Carlton Hotel is a striking
instance of the increased value of
ground in London. Formorly the
site on which tho hotel stands was
held for the Crown for a ground rent
of £763 per annum, now £4,200
yearly has to be paid.
'This man was Prof. John Macmu
Hj_ was -arryuig on inv....t g_.lions
into the ilnra ol'-Western Oiuurio in
connection with the i-giiiar .vor.,.;',, 1.1
the Geological £~ur\ey of «_an_.d_*,
and the annual summary iet~uiv i.f
the department has been publisher.
Prof, -lacoun was on ihe way f,oin
May _th until ;..ept_na,_r '. .h, aud
the economic ~.si_.i of n.s w_r«. was
to look into tile frui .-producing capabilities of the countiy t .rough
which he passed. Net..ing belter indicates the climatic conuiiii-hs of a
region thun its wild pl~nt T.l'c, aud
Prof. Macoun, alter __ti.cr.rig l/OO
specimens between Niugura and Owen
Sound, sayfs he found nothing to indicate a led- of warmth, and everything proved the assertion that the
whole district was suitable for the
cultivation of fruit, ranging from
small _r~hs to ci.e.ries, plums,' ap-
plos, pears, peaches, and graces. He
not only found fhefee fruits giowing.
but found natuie endorsing by her
own unguided efforts the claim of
this whole region to be regarded as
a fruit country.
'»im. Weeds Teach.
The country bordering on Lake St.
Cluir, Lake Huron, and part of the
Georgian Bay will, he thini.s, play a
large pa it in thc production of apples for export. On this point he
'The soil in most places is of the
right kind, being largely mixed with
lime, and the clinu.te being cooler
than that on LuKe Erie, the fruit
will be later in ripening,    and hence
will    keep  better Between
Gocleri.h and Southampton the forest everywheie proved the estimate I
had formed of it on the lower purt
of Lake llur.on held good. The same
terms may be applied to the lower
part of the Bruce peninsula, and the
country between Southampton and
Owen Sound. Indeed, the whole.district, extending almost to Ooliing-
wood, may be included in the future
apple-growing area of Western Ou*
Violets of tha Ottawa.
It was shown last fall that the
country about Owen Sound and Mea-
ford could produce a large apple
crop, for when supplies failed elsewhere the orchards of that district
came to the rescue. Persons severely practical in their work and sympathies may smile to learn that Prof.
Macoun's assistant "spent some time
during May in a further study of the
violets of the region about Ottawa,
several new species being added to
those already known," but botanists
must carry on such inquiries so that
j the whole line of knowledge will advance.
Sir Oliver Mownt is dead.
Irish emigrants tlo not favor
Canada as u new home.
The Newl'iuudlniid sealing seas-
on has been the best on   record.
Jones, the fugitive from New
Westminster jn.il has been reeap-
tnretl in F'.erwtt.
Mr. Joseph Martin hns successfully undergone au operation.
Dr. Loreuz of Vienna haslieei-
itnle to cu~"_ congenital hip disease.
An attempt at another l.oxer
uprising hus heen suppresed in
China and seven of the leaders
have been beheaded.
The Canada Drug Coiupuny of
Montreal suffered severe losses
by tire on April 17.
A missing leaf in the cash book
of Messrs (Jauiey and CroS-in, Is
the cause of much conjecture iu
(juiney Coin mission at Toronto.
Trail has pa«se d a. strong resolution in condemnation of the
Dominion Government's disregard of the silver-lead industry.
Another disastrous fire occurred iu New Denver hist Tuesday.
Cleaver Block and adjoining buildings were burnt to the ground.
Loss. |30.000.
The Sultan of Morocco will
personally lend iui expedition
against the Pretender. All Europeans must leave Fez.
Scarcely had the Strike at Fernie beeu settled when the price of
coke waa raised fifty cents a kin,
uud uow the smelting industry is
crippled in consequence. Much
disfutisfactiou is expressed with
the conduct of the coke and coal
Head our special
offer on the
third page. THE  PK08iPECTQ..i LILLOOET, B.C.,  kVRIL 25,  1903,
THE PRO SPEC I Ol. is the only paper published in the Lillooet District, anil i.s all home
SubHui'lplioiis: One Dollar a vear ill hiIvrih*-.
AilveitlsliiK ia.es in'ad- known on aji pllt-n I ion,
Con.~|iOii~unee i.s invited on all mallei- <>)
public or local interest. All eiiininiinleiilliin.
must lie ti-uoinpanted liy the name of ilu
writer, hut not necessarily fin- piibllriilliin.
The following  letter from  Mr.
C. Thomas llanint'i-, who was ii
this section from 1900 lo 1902,
and  who took   up 4;iud  ui  tliis
district,  will   lie tif interest   to
many «>} our 'renders.    Mr. Ilan-
nier iu now in ..'Iiiim, fro in wheat e
this lei ter was writ ten:
"1 lettVaiict.u. er for China Jest
i    '
July.   Despite.Mid fact that (since
iny arrival 1 have been living on
the fat of! the land, with lit tie to
do nud a. regular salary, in.y
mind wanders back to the .'iige
l.ri.sh ci'IIYit'i-y along t'lie' I- vn.ei-
nnd the lakes anil nioniitaius to
the West of Lillooet, and 1 long-
to lie hack again.
"In this service—the Imperii!
Maratime Cuscoms—we work under the (.'liiuese flag, tlie custom.]
heiiig administered liy Sir Uobt.
Hart, who employs both Europ-
e.-iiis and natives. There are
many opportunities for advance- i
ment and the service offers good
positions nud salaries io men of
ed'-cation who prove theireffici-
enc;;, antl are willing to stay in
the t.l'Miate for -years.
"At the prtseiil lime 1 am 2nd
officer at a. revenue station situ-
nleil oil ail island between Macao
and Hong Kong, in the tniilon
R. er. Leave i." granteil two
days every month to visit llong
Kong, and this breaks the monotony. The vegetation here is
nu ne or less tropical but disappoints one on arrival, the heat
in summer is very trying. With
the temperature a.t 86 degrees,
one suiters more than .strangers
.. would-iinygiue, It is the .damp,
steamy heat of a hothouse, with
.Y stin-nlinds drawn down.
More curious, perhaps, and ceii-
tmniy more disappointing to me
was the penetrating chill of white'-, i-itih rain, a. gnle from the
noi oh, antla temperature of 44.
it seemed iin[>ossit»le to get
warm even though the bed was
covered with more blankets than
are required in \..V,. wil.li azeu>
temperature. Fever then is prevalent among the iiii-trves who
suffer from malaria, more than
Europeans. What with variable
climate, lever, and a. poisonous
li.os-piito, the life of a I.uropenu
is not altogether a happy one.
"As you will have seen from
the papers, China is in n disturbed condition. Thel-e is a, spirit
of rebellion in imrstOf the provinces against thepre'.eiit Manchii
dynasty. This is increased by
fainine extendihgtiver wide areas
and the fanaticism of the Boxers.
The conspiracy to overthrow
the governin-tit official.*, and to
murder the whites in (.anton at
the ('hinese New Year celebrations
was duly discovered by the police
in fiinfe. t*_t) .fii«ize! blil, smuggled
military sto.res/ fcjirel| outbreaks,
r"*_Je^ ">
Mia ^H_f__tti«HH_~r  -c
Z50-2I2 First AvepJith:   MII^EiM>'OLllMllS-N..
WRIT€.  f0l$f C-.RCUl.KR5 *
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and- styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every  pocketbook,  and  every  taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
_._>_■_■    Send name ind address on a Postal
rntt    for our 164-page Illustrated Catalog.
Asthmalene brings instant relief and  permanent!
Cure   In   Ail   Cases.
Si.NT      :*-«>!.rTKI.Y VI. \_\_ < >N KEOIvlT I' OK POSTAI'v
i ■ .    ■   . *
1' ii >. r !•    in.  n,o! i li i n >r   J j l< h  A u I hi
I'i     lii'i
I n - l ii ii
unchecked, would'' mean   to re
sident Europeans, death,   honor
or fortune, according to luck."
NOTICE is hereby given that nn ftp.pjic
ition will lie made liy llie Canada Central
Kailway Company lo tlie I'arliaiiK'til 61 Ciin-
nala at the next session (hereof lur an Ael
giving the said Company power to construct
and operate lhe following li~.«H) fiom or in
connection (villi the main line of the sai.l
1- From some point at or near
Sudbury in the Province of Ontario to n poinl
at or near Scotia Junction; thence southerly
io a point at or near lialsam or Slnrgeon
Lakes i.i the townships of I'.oxley, Vernlam
"r Fenelon, contiiniing southerly lo the Cily
if Toronto
2- From some point on the
main line iji the District of Keewalin or in
District of Sackatchewan, to Port Churchill
on Hudson's Hay.
3-- A continuation of its main
line from Tets Jinan Cache byway of the
The Thompson and I'raser Uiver valleys to
Vancouver, or New Westminster,
4.- From some point on the
Thompson Kiver or some of its trilmlaries to
YVaddington Harbor or Hutu Inlet.
5-- From a poinl near lhe old
site of Fort Assiiiilioia lo some point on the
Peace Kiver and westerly to the Portland
Canal on lhe Pacific.
6, From some point on the main
line of snid Railway at or near the Montreal
Kiver in the Province of Ontario easterly to
some point on the (i~.lit.e~r~ Kiver in the
Province of Quel)--.
And to exercise with regard to
such lines all tin; powers and privileges given lo the said Company by its Act of Incorporation.
DATED at Toronto this lolli day of
January, 1903.
Johnson 8c Falconliridge.
Solicitors for the applicants.
Sub-scribefor The I'iiospectoh.
'I'-iN  CtNIS   P-M   TEN   WEEKS.
As a    |„ii.il   hml temporaly   1 I'lor'.•
I-.»-. I»-1 > ol 'hi- -...} • t r, « « will .Hii'l T11K
I'l'lll.K'  10 fil'r»'i|'t;   w ii" H'C <l"l now
.- I !'•!•!■',   (Ol' 11 II   -|(-!'!.,•    I'V   tj*ll • I'll 11 .
Till'. PuHiIt: ■ a S.__. 16-i>a.e w»*»-kl> Ut'-
vt«w for ilfinoeratit! IVuiocniiH hi tl ~l.«
liiourutic Keiiiililii'iuib; i\e opinions die
exp>i.~__.l without i_a,r or favor; i' give
in internal int. mill whim-. _ed \v*i~i»
if all i i-lMi ieii nt;>\s ; ii. ajv iiyft Iti.— *»<)-
itonal. wurlli hiiiiiyitii_, a o.uloon wotlli
seeing, nook novices «ortli iini'lini', anil
iriscellitiiciiiH 11 ntler Hoth vulilal le an 1
inleie. (ing ; ainl 11 is fn.eil liy int' lliymii
women as well a* liy intelligent men
The editor is Louin F. l'osl. Semi ten
cent- in .ilvt-r or hIiiiii|is for ten wank',
trial. All stiiisr.iptioiisMie paid etrieilv
in advance, and upon expiration the
paper is priiinpily ~i-|iped unlnss .u'1-
si'iipi.ion is ri'iievteit. Mennon iliic pup-r
Address:      THE rtJKLIC,
Unity lluhiing. On -..no, hi..
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tetiiler.-i nre    tiivil-itt   lor   Iliu   wlioli.* of tlie
|iiii|i«i ly, Inrliiiling   (JIOWII (ininli'il   rlnlns,
mill site, t'yuiiiilu mill, ( -iipiii-ilj I'i lo.ill ions
dully), liiiinwiiv, iissny iilllnu, l.iliuiiiloiy unit
lulluuiili'iiiiulll,ol (lie 'I'oi-iiulo   l.illiioel  (inlil
ituelh i'iini|iiiiiy l.lniileil, silo, u* in Iliu Ulluii.i
illsliiii ol' lliiilsli I'ol 11 ui In 11;   iueliulliiK   Hi''
A in |.If,  Wlnile.   Miii.iiii'li  11 lill   Welliiinl   Vn le-
nilncis   ivli'n-li   nru Crown  gi-iinieil.  also  Hie
-       . 1
North Slur, llnlilt'ii si ii p.*, (itiMen Kii|rle. Ituliy
nml jiiiiiiin iiiineinl ciniiii,   111 tliu sniiiu  .list
1 let, liiireilier Willi 11  l*'n stMinp mill, uuielilll.
ill-ills uiul ollii'i- (M|iii|iinuiits.   ('null lemleis (or
thu   whole    |no|ieity    me      rei|iies(uil     lint
off ns  for  tviii-kiiii;  oplioiis  or    foi'  lioitlnim
ni the |ii'ii|iciiy will lie iiiiisiileieil      l-'ioin lhc
former griliui ppO lonsof ore Inis   loon   mllleil,
with nu iissny   mint!  ii|i|,iiixiiiin|liiK |lil.(Ml  to
$11.(10   WnKini roiiil I'roni Itiillriinil In mill. Tlie
whole of lhe iiiiove will heui looking into  mul
iiivesiiKiilloii nml mu mi exi'e|illouiilly I In por-
Unit m|i| viilunble  group  n(elaiiiis   with   full
workiiiK ei|iii|>inuiit.    1'nll (ini'tleiilni's unu'   lie
liinl  on  ii|>|i|ii..iiliini    to   ICilgnr    lllooiiillelil
l.iiinliliiloi-. I'. (1. Ilov 7|:l, *________ _ _■
Ce.li e I ,      t'.v e II    I 11      the      wo   r  BjJ
uses. ll coirs wlieil nil else f.illV|
I'he Uev. C. I'i WTM.I.S, 01 Villa l.idgt(
.11., says: " Vour - liinl I ittj.lt. ol A-lliiiu.ltnil
received in good eon.'iiii-n. I ennno' lell yo
inw, lliankl'ul .1 feel I'or the good clei ivnl lion.i
ill I was 11 slave, chained with pulViil sor**!
!n 11.1t 111 ..'I Astl'inia lor ' U-n ye.ns. I ilfe-pimej
of ever lieing ciiii-il. I saw yiiiu aiUeitiseiiien*'1
Or lhe cine ol (liis ilreallul 10*1 toi'meiithir
lisoasei. Asthma, ,ani! .llonohi you tail ovorjl
slioUcil yourselves, lull lesolved lo give il 1
wial. To tnv astonisliinent, the trial iicled lil
si. chann.    Send  ni* a lull-si/.e   lioltie."
Itev.    llr.    MiiriiH   WeClijIef
K:i1.111  of lhe ('ong.   Ittnii   l.rael.
New   Vork,   Jan.    J.    1901,
DliH. 'CAKC    IlliCS.'    MI'.IH. INK   ('<'•„ l|
(Ieiilleinen:    Vour   Aslhuoilene   is   ait;
1 excellent   leineily  for   Astlnnn mul  llriy   Fever
and   ils eoinposiiion alletinles all tvouliles ivhicl'r
.'oiiiliine wilh Asllnna.    Its success is nsiotiisliin|.
,111(1  woinlei Iul.
■ v/.eil,   we   can stale  tint     Astlini.ileiie    eoiilains
alter. \ try liul\- ) cnn-,,
KI-:\.   1)U.   \|i)KI,l *   WKCIISI.K!;. ,
Avon  Si'idNns,  tii   V.   Ft'lil 1, 1901. _
l)K.     I*A|. 1    OK11-.     lll.liu.'INK   (  tl. J
lii'iili.-inen: -.vii'.e   ihi.   lestioionial   fiom    a.   sense   nl  duly,   ht'viijg   teslud the'
w* .n.l.-i Iul  elftcVof    v ..1.   Aslliui tlfiiv.   for   ilu   curt'   of   A .Ihni.i.      My   wile   has, heeiv,
allliiied   ivi.lli  s|..isiniiditi  nslliiiin    for    ihe   mist   13 yeai...     llaviiig  exhiiusled   my own 1
kill as well as ihat ol   many  others,    I  chanced   to  sefi   your   sign    upon   your  win-
Iioks on  ijo street.  New Noil*.      I ai once  oliiiiliVjil a   botlle of asihinaleiie.    My  wile
commenced   inking   ii  nWi'irt   the   l'osl   of Novemhei.     1 very    soon    noticed   11   ljufi.nl
iinpioveinenl.    Aliei   iisiii*; one ln.ttle  her  nslliiiin  had tlisappeaied  uiul she   is entirely :|
f-jee    1 1    all    symplonis.     I    feel    thai   1   can   coiisislenlly   le.ot.iiiiineuil   Ihe    medicine ,
'"    "'I    tvlm   lire   nll'lictud   with   this   [llstiessing   disease.    \'ouis    ies|iecllully.
O. 1).   l'lllU.I'S,   M. D.
l)l(.   Ta.t   IlKtys.   MnuiciNif. (^o. - I'el., fe 1001.
(ienllHioiii:    1   wns     iioulilcd    with   Asthma    or   22   ye.u.-..     I li.no liied nuineiou.   '"]
remedies,   Iml   they  have  all   failed.     I   ran across yoiu  adveiliseiiieui ami   started with
a   I rial   liotll.'.    1 found  relief at  once.    I  have  since   purchased your lull sued hbllle,
aiul   I nm   ever  grateful.    I  have   a family  of   four  children,   and   for   six   year.,   wis    1
iinahlt:   to   work.     I  am   now   in   the  hesl  of. health   anil   nm   doing   business every
day.    This   testimony yon cnn make such use of  as you see lit.
Home  addies.s,  .55,   Uiviu^ion street. S.    Kaphael,
67 Fast 129th si.,  New  Vork City.
© © © o © o o
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt: of postal.
Do   not delay.    Write al  once,   addressing  Dit.   TAFT   UUOS"  M FDIC1N li CO.,    t||
79 Fust   t_olh  Si.,    N.   V. Cily.
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full stoek of General Mereliandise and Miners Outfits are on hand-
 . :_
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C THE  PHOSPECTOK, LTLLOOET, B.C., APRIL 25,  1903.
Author of "The Little Minister/' "Auld Licht Idylls," "A
"Window in Thrums," Etc., Etc.
lilliam   and.   I   waded   through   the
jm to a hollow in the hill, known us
|toad's hole.   It   was   here that Hag-
.eturning   holilly -to   Thrums toilr.
after '.hii'sty hail the kst word, feel
'nth D. Fit-is,
|Ho was eiH.ing away at  the whius,"
huias  remembered,   "and     1   didna
lik that the whole   time   me and him
Ike he ever raiRctl his   head; he was a
I'ible busy man, D. Fittis."
laggart, big, with  his   buttons,   had,
(Unless,   as   he   approached the whin-
Ver, tho bosom of u, victorious  soldier
Irehlng homo  to  music.   Nevertheless
lias been noticed that th- warrioi■ who
lives on battles, may, even in toe hour .
"his greatest glory, be forever laid prone ;
la chimney cau.   For   Tammas   Hag- j
ft, confident that a few minutes would :
i him   in   'i'illylosK,   was  preparing a ;
prise that rooted him to the toad's-1
lid like a whin. I havo a poo* memory I
II   cannot  remember   Haggart's  own
prds on this matter.
'1  stood   looking   at  D.   Fittis for a
hile,'' he told   ine, "but I said nothing
ltd out, though the,chances   are I was j
flying the stocky4:a„iy  mind.   Then I j
^s to him in an ordinary voice, not ex-
Icting a dumfounding answer,   I   says. '
ly, D.   Fittis,   and  is   there  onything
psh in Thrums.'
'Ho hacks away at the whins, but says
i 'The bural's this day.'
' 'Man,' I says, 'so there's  a funeral!
|ha:s dead?'
' 'Ye ken fine,'   snys   he Implying ns
ie thing was notorious.
'"'-.'_,," I says,' 'I  dinna  ken.   "Wha is
,'"Weel,! says he,'it's   Tammas Hag-
ftrt.' "
I Tammas always warned us here against,
Itempting to realize his feelings.at tnese
fconstrous words.    "I   dinna say I  can
Jeture  my   position   now   mysel'," he
Bid,   "but one thing sure is that for the
pqmenfc these buttons   slipped  clean out
' my head.    It  was an   eerie-like thing
li see   D.   Fittis   cutting   away   at the
thins after making such   an   announce-
liont.    A   common  death  couldna have
Iffected him less."
'Say wha's dead again, D.   Fittis,' I
Iries, minding that the body was daft.
'Tammas Ha-gcM-t,'   says   he,   with
|he utmost confidence.
'-.ian, D. Fittis,' I   says,   with  union-rolled, indignation,  'yc're a big lair.'
'Whaever ye are,', says, he,   'I would
lick ye for saying  that   if  I could spare
fhe time.' k
'Whaever I am!' I cries.   'Very weel
|re ken I'ih Tammas'Haggart.'
'Wha's the liar now?' says he.
"I was a sort of staggered at this, and
says   sharp-like,   'What   did   Tammas
Haggart tlio of?'
'I thocht that.would puzzle him, if ib
■was jus. his daftness that made him say
II was gone, but he had his cause of death
|.eady. 'He fell down the quarry,' says he.
"Weel, lads, his confidence about the
Ithing sickened me, and I says, 'Leave
[these whi-is alone, D. Fittis, and tell mo
|all about it.'
" 'I canna stop my work,' he says,
'but Tammas Haggart fell down the
j quarry four nichts since. Ou, it was in
I the midle of the nicht, and all Thrums
Vwere sleeping when it was wakened by
.no awful scream. It wakened the whole
[town. Ay, a heap of folk set up sudden
/in their beds,'
'And  was   that   Tammas   Haggart
falling down the quarry?' I says, eaniest-
| liice, for I was a kind of awestruck.
'It was so,' says he, tearing awayln
the whins.
" 'They didna And the body, though,'
I says, looking down on mysel' with
• Ay,' says he, 'the masons found It
tho next morning and there was a richt
rush of folk to see it.'
" 'Ye had been there?' I says.
" 'I was,'says he, 'and so war tbe
wifle as lives beneath me. She took her
bairn too, for she said, "It'll be some-
thing for the little ane to boast about
having seen when he grows bigger."
Ay, man, it had been a michty fall, and
the face wasna recognizable.'
'' 'How did they ken, then,' says I,
'that it was Tammas Haggart?'
" 'Ou,' says he at once, 'they kent
him by his top-coat.'
"Lads, of course I saw in a kllnk that
the man as stole my top-coat had fallen
down the quarry and been mista'en for
me. Weel, I nipped mysel' at that. It's
an unco thing to say, but I admit I was
glad to have this proof, as ye may call
it, that it really me as was standing in
the toad's hole,
" 'When did ye say the bural was?' I
asked him.
" 'It's at half throe this day,' he says,
'and I'll warrant it's half three now, so
if ye want to be sure ye're no Tammas
Haggart ye can see Min buried.'
"I took a long look nt D. Fittis, and
it's gospel I tell ye when I say I never
liked him from that minute.
Then I hurried up the hill to the cemetery dyke, and sat down on' it. Luis, I
sat there, just at the very corner, whaur
they've since put a cross to mark the
spot, and I watched my. ain bu al. Yes,
there 1 sat for near an hour, me, Tarn
mas ■Hi.p_.i~-t, an ordinary man at th Ij
time, getting siph an experience as'hj,.
been denied to the most highly edict-tad
iu the land. I'm no boasting, bu. facts
is facts.
"I'm no saying it wasna a fearsome
sight, ior I had a terrible sinking at the
heart, and a mortal terror took grip of
me, so tbat I coul.ina have got off that
dyks except by f.lling. Ay, and who i
the gr*.ve was filled up ..nd the ii.ou.i-
ers had drilifrbd away, I sat on with
some uncommon thochts in my mind. It
would bo wearing on to four o'clock
w.ien I got up . hi.irrinp:, and walked
back to whaur D. Fittis was workinsc.
There was a ques.icn I wanted, to put to
him. I
•. " ,'D. Fittis,' I irys,  'was there ony of
the Balribbie   foil,   as  visited   Tamma.
Harare's wife in her affliction?'
-   " 'Ay,' says tho c7i.t1.ur, try ing to break
a supple whin with his  foot,   'the   .vifie
a. lives b-ene.-.th me was in   the house at
I Tillyloss when iu v.alks a grand  leddy,"
I     " 'So, so,'   I   says,   'and. was Chirsty
ta'en up like about her man bein   dead?'
" 'Ay,' says I). Fittis, 'she was   greeting, but  as   soon   as  the grand woman
coaies in, Chirsty takes the wifie as lives
b.ne.ith me into a corner  and whispers
to her.'
"''D. Fittis,' I says, sternly, 'tell me
what Chirsty Tood whispered, for muckle
depends ou it.'
" 'Weel,'he says, 'she whispered, "If
the leddy calls the corpse .Teames' dinna
conterdict her." '
"I denounced Chirsty in my heart at
thnt, not bring sufficient of a humorist
to make allowance for women, and I
says, just to see if the thing was commonly kent, I says,
" 'And wha would Jeames he?'
" 'I dinna ken,'says D. Fittis, 'but
maybe you're Jeames yarsel', when ye
canna be Tammas Haggart.'
"Lads, ye see now that it was D. Fittis
as put it into my head to do what 1 subsequently did. 'Jeames.' 1 said, 'I'll be
frae this hour, and without another word
I walked off in the opposite direction frae
"I dinna pretend as it was Chirsty's
behavior alone that sent me wandering
through the land. I had a dread of that
funeral for one thing, and for another I
had twelve gold guineas about me. .Moreover, the anibition to travel took hold of
Ine, aud I thocht; Cliirety'.s worst trials
was over at ony rare, and that she was
used to my being dead now."
."But the well-wisher, Tammas?" we
would say at this stage,
"Ay, I'm comitK ro tha
a miehty . IrLv ..!.,:? ,   t
by the road at thc i ,;• '•• ~.i
wed' wnod to near as fai
I walked
'1 ani- ■   •:
r rn-
Glossal, and theiv I sat down at the roadside, l.was lit ginning _o be mair anxious
about Chirsty no,*/, and to think 1 v..is
i lell fond of her ior ill her ex_.8p-~ati~~g
Ways. I w..s torn with co-tflieiiny; emotions, of which the one . ;;irt, ' Bad. ye. go
to Tillylo-s,' but the other says, 'Ye'll
never have a chance like this again.'
Well, I could not persuade mysel', though
I did my best, to gang back to my loom
and hand ower thc siller to Chirsty, and
so, as ye all ken, I compromised. I hur-
lied lack to the hill—"
"But ye've forgotten the cheese?"
"Na, listen: I hurried back to the hill,
wondering how I could send a guinea
to Chirsty, and I minded that I had
about h,.If a pound of cheese in my
pouch, the which' I had got at a farm in
Glen Quharity. Weel, I shoved a guinea
Into tho cheese, and back I goes to the
hill to D. Fittis.
" 'D. Fittis,' I says, 'I ken you're an
honest man, and I want ye to liike this
bit of cheese to Chirsty Todd.'
" 'Ay,' he says, 'I'll take it, hut no
till it's ower dark for me to see the
"What a busy crittur D. Fittis was,
and to no end! I left the cheese with
him, and was off again, when he cries
me back.
" 'Wha will I say sent the cheese?' he
asks, I considered a minute, and then I
says, 'Tell her,' I says, 'that it is frae a
"These were my last words to D.
Fittis, for I was feared other folk micht
fee ine, and away I ran. Yes, lads, I
covered twenty miles that day, never
stopping till I got to Dundee."
It was Haggart's way, when he told
his Story, to pause now and again for
comments, and this was a point where
we all wagged our heads, the question
being whether his assumption of tho
character of a woll wisher was not a
clear proof ot humor. "That there was
humor in it," Har^irt would say, when
summing up, "I cv.n now see, but compared to what was to follow, it was neither here nor there. My humor at that
time was like a laddie trying to op.n a
stiff gate, and even when it did squeeze
nast, the gate closed again with a snap.
Attracting Attention
on account of
?_ Its Fraser Ri ver Placers.     -^=sgg->
As far back as the year 1S58,suocessfjiiilplacer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
bar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on the HlB|er, with gratifying success, and
a new compan}r lias been formed witli a capital of $3»),000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising; Mineral Lands.
I      ' "i
andbhson laick and BRiDGlM-ivi-i- mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Y|t there are miles of territory that remain unprospected.
3. Its Fishincjand Hunting (|rounds--^^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the gfbbe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound.    Anglers find the -Kist-v trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
bealiixiirv '-1 M»3J~UI I
~>ea~iiMii.V |
4. Its Salubrious Climatfe~<^"^>
!    In the dry belt, and at an altitude that reiiders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers.    Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the tow'n
Nearest Railway towns are ashouoi-t and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
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f     LOCAL   r.EWS.
Mrs. A.W. iSinilli leluinwl from
Victoria lust TiieiS'Iiiy.
U.I I.   Brett, of  Bridge   River
wus ill town this week.
Road Superintendent I .HI is on
a visit of inspection to -"ember-
ton Meadows.
W.G. Duguid linn purclmsed
the town lot formerly occupied
by P. Collin.
Divine Service will he conducted iu St Miiry'sChureh iiextSun-
dny morning und evenin»* by the
t.ev. Mr. Pugli.
Mrs. Burnet left town lust Wednesday to meet her husband ill
Vancouver, where they will reside
iu future.
W.vV. JoneH came dowu from
Bridge River this week.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectan
Soap Powder dusted in the bath, soften,
the water and disinfects. 3I
There will be Divine Service a I
the McGillivray Hnlf-Way House
next Sunday. In the absence of
the pastor the services in the
Methodist Church will be withdrawn. The Sunday School will
meet as usual.
Clmrles Shepherd hnd a narrow
escnpe from losing his life on the
North Fork trail last Tuesday.
The earl b gave wny, beneath the
horse's feet and it fell with ils rider over the einbiinknient. Mr.
Shepherd lucidly c.Might tin; snge
brush iu his fall. Tlie horse hiic
killed, and even the Middle iluin-
nged beyond repair.
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liar In'jn, Drill Steel,
Gils, hunts, Sic.
The news of Dr. Mather.*.' death
a tew hours after his arrival in
Vancouver .roiii Lillooet 011 the
16th did nut occasion surprise
in town, as his condition was re-
g-mled ns extremely eritic-il.
Tlie Doctor lind barely entered
upon liis professional work, when
several unfortunate experiences
led to rapid decline of health and
premature death.
Trade Mark*
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ipeeial notice, without charge, In the
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The work on the town water
system hns been prosecuted with
great rapidity during the past
week. The main has been laid
and covered and many of the service pipes connected. The water
will be turned on in a. few days.
An extended description of the
work will appear iii our next
The liritish Coluiunia Express
Company have been fortunate
in their choice of men to drive
the Aslicroft-I.illooet stages, and
the selection of Mr. Ruiliford was
no exception to the rule. To the
general regret it has been learned
that Mr. Rumford has left the
service, and many are referring
to the loss. It is hoped that the
Company will be equally fortunate in appointing a successor.
or lady iu each county to manage business (or
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1 :_»"«•*-»- New York
Branch Office. 6_~ V 8t~ Washington. D. C.
Mr. W. K. AI.I.KN liejj.s to notify his
friends and customers that the l'ioneer Hotel will continue under his management and
direction until further notice. Mr. Allen assures Ids friends and the travelling public
generally that the best of care nnd attention
■will be bestrwed on all who patronize the
Pioneer liotel.
Lillooft, January, 1003. '
The Late Archbishop ef Canterbury.
A peculiarity of ihe lute Archbishop of Can ten. uiy, which 1 have n *t
seen rofenvd to in any of his obituaries, was the e.-truorilinary harshness ami rasping character of his
voice, a peculiarity of which he wus
well awaie and concerning which he
was wont to tell all sorts of amusing .tones, among others one to the
effect that on a Sunday evening1, "having' slipped into a back pew of a
popular church in the east end of
London, and joined in the singing of
a Moody and Sankey hymn from a
hymn book wl i.h had been extended
to him fiicndly fashion by a laboring man, the latter, at the end of
the first verse, drew away the hymn
hook from him, gave him a dig in
the ii s with his elbow and remarked in a loud whisper:
"Mere, dry up, mister, you're
spoilin' the show."
Nor have 1 se~n it mentioned that
the lute archbishop was descended
in a direct line from Lady Godiva,
so famous in connection with her
decolcto ride through the streets of
Coventry. The old archbishop was
proud of this ancestry, us well as of
the fact that he was entitled to bear
the same coat of arms us her husband, Leofric, Karl of Mcrcia.—Mar-
I quise de Fontenoy.
1)111.1)$ mr Fall or Spring plaining
Seeds, Plants,
bee sui'mi-;_,
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THOMAS MC0O8H. M.r. hunt 'IVIIor, Asliinoft, B. 0
NOTICE is herebv uiven that, thirty
days after date I nh~.ll, on behalf of lhe
Lillooet band of Indiana, make RppliCM
tion to the Commis-ioner of the Lillooel
District to record one hundred inches of
water from three .mull sprinus situated
about four miles notlhof the town of
Lillooet, the same 10 be u. ed for Domes-
<ic and AuricuKnral purposes 011 the
Lillooet Indian Reserve.
E. Bell,
Indian Agent.
Clinton, B.C. March 28th 1903.
Respecting  Timber   Licenses.
(.TICK Ia horaby given, pursuant to the
NOT-CK Ia horaby given, pursuant to the
provisions of Section flii of the "Land
Aet" that in futureTio*ueelal lieense to
"in 1 Iml),*- "ii Kroivn lumis will he granted or
renewed .1 11 after the applicant, have had
theliiuils sui-wjeA hy a "lllly qualified Provincial f.and Surveyor 10 lhe iRllsfactlon of lhe!
Lands anil Works Department.
W. c. W_.jT.~~, !
Chief Commla'ilonor of Lands & Works,
Lauds and Works Dcpiiilment,    ]
Viciorin, B.O ,36111 March, 1-03.
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, 1890.
Assay work of all descriptions undertaken. Tests made up lo 2000 lbs. A specla.•
made of checking smelter pulps. Samples from llie Interior by Mail or Exprf]
promptly Otttllded lo.    C li r res po n d e 11 c e    solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and best stock in B.C
including: liar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
PENDER    •*"        .* HORSE NAILS,
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchant*.
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
e Metal Ornamental Fence.
Handsome, durable aud le w-prieed. Specially sui able for front
and division fences in tow n Int n. come t erlos, orchards, etc. I totalis
for 2S CENTS PfclR HU «MNG FOOT. Just-bout
the cheapest fence you can put up. Write for full particulars.
Uso 1'aKe Kiirm Fence and I'oultry Netting.
The Page Wire Fenso Co., Limited, WalltervUle, Ontario.
Montre-1, P.Q., and Bt, John, N B. 7
U. Q. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.


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