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The Prospector Nov 9, 1901

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Array (.. (,
■ (
c e *-
Vol.4,  No.l/.,v
$2.00 a year.
O-Esasr^^AL   1v_:___i___,ci.:--la.:£:tt
Miners Supplies/^-3^^-
WItLOOJiiT, "B.'C.
Branch Store at Bridge Kiver where ;i
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand,
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.(J
Paul S
Carrier, a  full  stock of all kinds oi' U'OueiUs, Dry   Goods,   B.jots   and   Shoe a
Uardware, etc,
w *_ ^ff^1
\Jr j__ it x%&/ **W
Lillooet, B. C*
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
Tlii» Hotel is capable of accomodating 80 Guests,   S mp'e Uuoms for
Uouitnereial  Travellers. Everything  First-OWss.
Hotel Victoria,
XiXXiJjQO'WV  33. C-
This hotel heinu uow and lho*on.glilv finish™! thrcugho.tt Is the only firs'
tdaas hotel in I.iiiooet. IVrttiins milling at Lillooot will receive every iittenliott by
(tupping at" '.lie Hotel Victoria, lined ".Milling in connection with the hotel, Head-
quarters for llie Lilluuet'LyUon Huge,
fi   0   9   9   9   9    CH.AWtlttW   MQt1_KAT_.     9   Q   i>   9   9   9
M. R. EAGLESON,        -       - -       Proprietor.
li\ tii:*. l'» i
i'Ker.ni lTW.tsnl.vi COMPANY.
L. 1AAA/^*A _
We w'ish it to l« diatinotly understood that in publishing uqrre.pondene.
WO are nol rc-t onsihle for views expressed. The I'rn.pector is a putely in-
depend nt sheet, nntl will publish let
lers from limn of all political parties.
We deem it an advantage to a town tt.
he able to have placed before it viev.F
of opposing shies; r.'ore.qr.cntly such
leteis will be printed and, for the pri-
tor.t ni. any ri,Ie, our readme h-ft to
form theirowu opinions regarding the
■natters discuss d.
A mon interesting review of the progress
ofiiic world in thc manufacture of iron and
steel during the nineteenth century is presented in the report of Mr. J. NI, Swank to
the United States Geo nt, cal   Survey.
Bc_$mer in 1855 invented the process
which will a'ways attach his name to the
manufacture of steel. Nine years after lies-
seiner invented the converter Siemens came
out wilh his open.hearth process. These
two inventions revolutionized iron and steel
malting. Co-ordinate with those lias heen
llie development of iho modern blast furnaces, with their immense blowing engines, hot
Mast stoves, rich ores, ami llie use id mineral fuel, all of which have li en powerful factors in bringing about thc results as we see
them to-day.
As laic ar. 1868 lhc United States had net
built more than five iron steamships in any
one year. Since that lime over loo steel
merchant vessels v. :re built dtiri .,_; one year.
The construction of iron nnd steel buildings
now -tieh familiar objects in every large city,
has been developed almost entirely in the
last 2-j years.
Tl.e tt*-1 shipments of iron ore were madt
Alt', u li 1 here ure thousands of
Canadian Inventors \et very few ,>f
them know bow to make their inventions commercially profitable, and ibis
'm un doubt lit. rea'on why the statist iff
of the Canadian patent olliiee Bbow tint
out of about -1000 patents granted yearly, only about 76'J are granted to Canadian0, wln'e t'ie re.naiiling 3.2oO ar,
granud to foreigners. Anyone interested should send lOeents for the Inventor's Help'' 10 Marion and Marion, New
.orn. Life Building, M intreal.
L may be of interest 1,> some of our
ioeal inventors to know that two acety-
line teas generators have been patented
in llie United Stales during the week
ending October IS1.I1 1001. They may
ht» described us follows—
. Th.* lirst one pitentcd'hy Thos. \V. Mar-
sden, Ilion, N.Y. A wnter tank, seaera!
separated generator tubes secure to the tank
an.l depending into the w.uer therein, ens
tnke off pipes from the tipper ends of the
tithes, pipes extending from lite exterior of
'.he. pipes extending Into ti.e generator tubes,
respectively, above the lower end*, thereof,
and provided with valves, for thc introduction ol an oil flux into antl tlie discharge thereof into any generator tube.
The second by Alfred C. Ein.tecn St. Louis
Mo. is a eonibitiatioii of a casing, a liquid
reservoir, a liquid feed tube lending from the
reservoir, au outlet nicmheJ carried hy the
feed lube, a cap affixed to llie outlet member
a tube mounted in the cap, and extending
into lhe member, anil a pair of wires locat-
in lhe tube.
Rrief Despatches.
Lord Kitchener reports that Colonel
Benson's column has been aitacktd in
ihe rear when about 20 miles nortli of
I'.-ih.i. Alter a d.leimined tight in
which CO British and a large ol Boer.
were silled and wounded, the laiter re-
lired east.
Uol. Eekewich, during a nigilt surprise captured TS Boers west of Pretoria.
Tiie Sultan bas 01 tiered tbe completion with till speed of tbe defences at
Salonika, ami the entrance to the Dardanelles, Submarine mines will be
pb.ceti and troops mobilized at points
where debarkations are likely. A vio
lent anti-French feeling prevails.
King Victor Imiiianiiel has accepted
tbe invitation of Great Britain toad
is arbitrator between Gnat Britaii
and Brazil in regard to llie Guineu Flintier question.
One of the electric drills at tbe I'aym
mine at Sandon ba- been trie*!.   It was
■•or'ked   : uvressfuily.    It Ms   llie  Hirst
electric drill used in British Columbia
A big lind of goh! is reported on Pom-
inion  Oreek.   The   puns run as  higl
as!}.!.    Tlie   lind   will be   worked  ont
large Scale dining the winter.
I'i'he Prospector publishes communicst
(rem nil Parties who write e.11 matters
public luternsttoruttbllcatlou, but dlscla
any lesponsihllly for opinions expressed].
To  tbe  E litor uf the   Prospector.
(continued from last week)
and they runs a red carpet all ndowti
llie platform and they tells us that tlio
Dook and Duchess will be oui in a minute and sure enough it was true. Presently In.If a dozen  fellows   all diostetl
up like circus 111 ti covered  with  stars
from the Lak    Superior tlislricl in 1850, hm   a|w, _,_,__. ;;|,   .ytjr   ______ ,.____,_ „•.._
Stago loaves Lvli'ui every Tuesday and Saturday morn.'
Ing fur Lillooot, returning next day.    Special trips made,
II yon contemplate a tr iii into Lillooot district, write us lor Information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     *:-    Lytton and Li.lcoet, B I
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, {890.
Assay work of all descriptions undertaken.    Tests mode up to socolhs.   A
made of cheeking   smeller   pulps.    S.niplts    from   liie   Interior   hy    Mail or
promptly alt mini lo.   C orrespondenee   solicit e il .
pi ( ialty
; wns not until lSJo that die shipments i:i
any one year exceeded 100.000 lor,,.. The
Lake Superior shipments in 1900 amounted
to over 19,000,000 tons.
.f with great big swordj in llieir lian Is
then they all turns round 10 the train
and begins a bowing very low, then
out   comas a   lot of   ladies   hootifully
The United States has 1. d the world in ,1,.^^ Knd a looking lovely, then out
lhc development of the iron and steel Indus. (ho j) ^ t '„mVu [,,,„ ,l(= I ^...,| hi,,,
trie*. This country exceeds any other in the L lliepi(,tl]_0 _.,|R( Uo, llnon^t ,,,,.
production ol iron and steel and li s done so. prospector's special offer. He hed got
for a number of years, Mr. Swank, who's I gM 0(_W|| __ ||U ,_..t_ _nJ [n ,,jfl
■<" "■' "" protectionist; «hde admitting tint i ..ghl h__d ||r., „0| ( „_,,, gl|| .. R| ___ h_
ills in part due lo the* Uiimiy or nature, at- |(i. M_ _ --,,,,,„,,_ n,. w re ., ,„„.
trilmtosil chiefly to Iriendl) larifl li lislal ,„„.,,,, V(:,v,.t ,„.,, ., ,,„.,,,,, ,vi,|, ,„,
,,;: „,    _ngil ceting „nd    Mining Jourhal. ; ^ .{ __u,d (i_„_ n|a(1_  _o„  „r„_y  __
~e-',       was   all   jewels   lo   his diinoud  WooiB.
Tiien   Iho   future   Qu»ea— God    bless
her—how tbey did   diesa   her I    She'd
A vi.-li ludy ri reO *•: her I eil less an 1  Sol; -
in me Head I'* U?   Nniiiil*.■!,'.- Arini.-liil bar   purp e garments and also a cool erown
Prui-a, k*vo luMHW 10 ln« lusttttiie.su Unit tlie
il_nf.ii_.pli) uni-lil- to procure tbo Bur I runts   and evorvbody said   as she   resenilded
li.nr   lone llie,n   lre_.    _M«_I So. IIS-I   I l.e . "
Klcliolaou tnstltuiu, "ae, liigluh .weniie. .*.u   Hebe or tlie   Queen of  Sliehn and she
York. I.SA. .  ,, , , .    1 i
■ was lol owetl ov six  more   gals a hold-
in. up tier itown at tlie back.
.nd then ihey conies onto   the plat-
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tai
1   ;,,,*-..  )„.-!   ,■,.■.:,-.*,!   .lire,-:   i'rnn S.'ntl.'l'l tha le.'st sel '011011 oiTve'Js, Wut'Sletls, Ssrft.s
_>Wt!"fi in ti*. ... • h".   WlWhCtton Kuarsittocil,
lUOMAD _*C>.'*)S_;,_l«icU«UtT<tUQr, Ash.iott, B. u
Wo want your orders
_ . -l       11 | form  a shnkii _ hamU and  a   talk.i.K
for Letterheads, Enve-, iiftll,lv
lopes, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
Lillooot, B C
1. Harwood was iu town this week
to everyone, when 1 hj.h und
taking a bas'tet of very line fruit t
asked lhe Duchess ii she'd iikc an apple.
S..e bust out fi larflng ami calls tlie
Dook and both of them tut*, s a apple a
piece and begins a munching of 'em. I
I,lien offered lliem some grapes and also
Louie peaches ai.d they asks me where
il wao 1   lived nod 1 tells   em   Lillooel
ami tho '.' >ok he'd often  heard of Lillooet as » plnce famous for   fruit tlin -
ate, its scenery, hunting nud mining an
how  he'd lilie  to pay   it  a  visit if   le
could.    I told him  he   colli I do it east
and I then calls ont for Ueorge Hurley
George .vas there a dressed in a biled
shirt and  looked as smart   as a cleai
siiaVH could make    him.    lie    ups  am
taking oil his bat   he Bays  'And  pleas.
your royal highnesses   if you'd  like ti
take a trip to Lillooet you've only  goi
to say the wordi   there's a hospital  l*
be built  up there and 1   know   as   the
wonld  like \ui   to lay  tbe toundatioi
s'one;   besides, be says il i«  a   beanti
fnl trip and yon will  see a ] lace fall >■
flowers  antl fruits, fountains a playin
in all   tbo  Streets, nml   if   Mae   know
you are coming he'll hoist the town flag
The Duchess she then says that Indei-
weougbtto   consider ourselves  blessei
in living   in   such a beautiful dist.ici
climate, fruit, Bcenery,   surely nothin
in,rec.n   he wanted It must be  a   pel
feet I len.   Then George he ups and h
says a blushing all over.   'It would   !•■
a Eluu but there uln'teni  igh l.v.s to
co rou id.    It's lovely   woman,  mum.
(ha for.ot hiss.lt here, he shouhl a sai'
diiehes") we're   deficient on, and   bee
ging your pardon,  Duclio»»,  be says i
yon would wish   us   lo be  ipnte  liapD.
wonld yon when you get. home sei d  uf
out a carload of maids ot bono, like th
latly yonder, a pointing ion lady it"  ihe
name of Mm.to.    At this  llie  Dnicbe.i
laughed very bard and said she'd make
a   memovandiitn  ol    it.    -List at" this
moment the Dook says   Well if we'ri
agoing lor a tide to Lillooet let. be oii
and in he runs into the Ir lin and   puts
onatoph.it  a leaving his  crown   inside, when   up pomes Wilfred Laurie'
nud be ta>s it ain't no une a going  *••
(.to be continued)
Wisa and otherwise.
Not  In  Order.
In a certain small Lancashire village, a
meeting was held to consider the advisability
nf erecting a bridge over a burn which hud
hitheritedi-en crossetl by means of stepping
The schoolmaster, who presided over the
meetii g, warmy advocated lhc erection of a
bridge in an eloquent speech, when a Ioeal
wm thy, wiio was something of a cltaractel,
got up and interrupted.
'.'Hoot, toot, schoolmaster, you-rrc fair
haiverir., man! Wha wad gang and pul a
brig ower siccan a wee bit burnie as yon?
Losh, man, I could cross il wi' a standin*
"Order, order'' exclaimed thc chairman,
angrily, 'You are certainly out of order'.
1 ken Tin not o' order' rejoined the inter.
rupter, amid lhe laughter   of   the  audience,
'If I was in older I could jump as far again/
Mr. J, P. I-r.hcock, fisheries inspector,
returned to Victoria on Sunday. Mr. Hah-
cock was much impressed wilh Lillooet's
dvantages as a suitable place for the location of a hatchery and il is just within the
r .nge ot possibilities ihal one may lie estah
lishc- here,
The Lytton stage driven hy V. Rebag-
liati, wenl over a bank last week, but no
s.rioits damage was incurred.
A. E. Orchard left on Sunday for
Harry Brett was down from Bridcta
l.vor thio week, purchasing cattle for
liis ranch.
Major Burnet baa   moved into llie
vacant house on the Hoey property.
P. McCalhnn has gone on a trip to Victoria and Seattle.
tctetainl send reputation in eneh stata [one
n this county required ] tu rapresentand k*1v.
>rtisti olrt established wealthy easiness house
,1 solid financial standing. Salary .IS.tio week-
.y   wilh expenses   addltlOUttl,   lill   payable   in
tu oasli iii! payable iucasli each Wednesday
Itreet from llie bead offices. Hone an.i carri-
.ttes funiibho't,when necessary. Reforeut-s.
Hueloso self-addressed stamped envelepo. Mau-
i'.i■:. ;.ii..i ii.xuni  Building, Chicago.
Sale of personal and  real
Property for Taxes
Notice is hureby Riven, ihat tintler the Ai-en-
iiieut Aet nnd iiineinlmeiu. thereto, there n*
...0 and unpaid for Mineral TaJ tlie sum uf
,.;'7..j. by the Betel Or Mines. Limited, ili^
outer nl the Little .loe nnd While frow M'n
iral t-'lidms, being Uots i.s nml HO, Uroup 1,
IIP ,i District, situate at Cadwallsdot Ureck
., thu Lillooet District, and ill the Lillooot As-
ssroeul District.
in neeorihin■■>• .■ '"i lhc  piovisioni and  r«-
Iillruiaclllsi l llie A.-sesiiinil   Aet-no Ajuolld-
in- tm, 1 havo lisi .unci the goods and
ids (Including a leustampmlll aud tools)
the said Bend Or Mines, Limbed, In tbe »»l<1
..(strict im the payment ol lhe ««i<l Mineral
fax and shall expose the smite (or sale, hy pub.
.teauction, at lhe Uourl   House, I.iiiooet  on
fuesday the twenty  si.xtli du* ol   NoTombor*
i901, nl  h*o   o'clock  in   lhe slternoon, ot so
aueli thoi-i>f us may be necessary to .ttiisiy
he said amount of Mineral Tax aud costs.
Indefaultol  sufllelent distress upon said
crsoiitil property.-tho goods and chattoli ot
ii ■ said Company, tivlhe RinmrTit realised from
.hepuollcsale   thereof, iieiug   institlieicni o>
aeot snid Mineral Tax. and costs, 1 -luillat the
i.ne uiul place  above mentioned, expose tor
Le by public auction, tlie lamia oi tlie snid
dompany, consisting of, the Little Joe, White
.row. Bond'OrFractiou, Jim crow Fraction,
nntl DcligtllOd Mineral Claims, in Haiti Lillooet
li]striet,or so much ot the said tan.is of  thu
*,ii.l Company,si  late in Lillooet Assortment
District i;s may o. Bufticient to ttiy ihe   ssid
Mineral lux Mid   ( DSls.
tiiven under my hsr.d at   Lillooet
thii lEttl) day ol October, 1901.
Caspar Phair,
Assessor and Colic lo: ror the Lillooel Ass-
e.suicul District- A PEBSffASIYE WORP
tiiip.ii.il ltut Teniier, It Is round ut
the -rout Hour of tlie lliblo—Tho
_ueen of Words, for While Other
V. ords Drive Tills One ll.-. kuiu, Willi
All Gsotleness*
Entered according to Art of the Puri.a_a.n_ uf
Canada, lu lhe j ourOne Thousand Nino Hun-
dred aud Une, by VVilUim Bally, ot Toronto,
ut tbe Ileum-.incut ut Agriculture Ottawa.
Washington, Oct. _0.—iu this discourse Dr. Ta Image calls all people
to gladness and opens nil tlie doors
ol expectancy; texts, Genesis vi, 18,
"Collie," Revelation xxii., 17,
Imperial, tender ami all persua-
sivu is tho word "come." Six hundred uiul seventy-eight times it is
found in tho Scriptures, li stands
at the front gate of thu Bible, us in
my first text, inviting antediluvians
into Noah's ark, and it stands at
tho other gate of tiie Bible, us in
my second text, inviting the po.st-
diluvians of all later ages into the
ark of a Saviour's mercy. "Come"
is only a word of four letters, but
it is the queen of words, antl nearly
the entire nation of English vocabulary bows to its scepter, it is an
ocean into which empties ten thousand rivets of meaning'. Other words
drive, but this beckons. All moods
of feeling hath that word "come."
Sometimes it weeps ami sometimes
it laughs. Sometimes it prays,
sometimes it tempts, and sometimes
it destroys. It sounds from the
door of the church antl from the seraglios of sin. from the gates of
heaven and the gales of hell. It is
confluent ami accrescent of all power, it is the heiress of most of the
past and the almoner of most of the
future. "Come!" You may pronounce it so that all the heavens
will be heard in its cadences or pronounce it so that all the woes of
time and eternity sliall reverberate
in its one syllable. it is on the
lip of saint and profligate, It is the
mightiest of all solicitauts either for
good or bad.
To-day i weigh anchor and haul in
the planks and set sail on that
great word, although 1 am sure I
will not be able to reach the farther
shore. I will let down the fathoming line into this sea and try to
measure its depths, and. though i
tie together all the cables and cordage I have on board, i will not be
able to touch bottom. All the power of thc Christian religion is in
that word "come." The dictatorial
and commendatory in religion are of
no avail. The imperative mood is
not the appropriate mood when we
would have people .savingly impressed. _They may be coaxed, but they
Cannot be driven. Our hearts are
like our homes—at a friendly knock
the door will be opened, but an attempt lo foroe open our door would
land the assailant in prison.. Our
theological seminaries, which keep
young men three years in their curriculum before launching them into
the ministry, will tlo well if m so
short a lime they enn teach the candidates for the h 'v oflice how to
say witli right emphasis ami intonation and power that one word
"come." That man who has such
efficiency in Christian work and that
Woman who has such [lower to persuade people to tpiit the wrong antl
begin the right went through a series of losses, bereavements, persecutions and the trials of twenty or
thirty years before they could make
it a triumph of grace every time
they  uttered  the  word   "come."
You must remember that in many
cases our "come" has a mightier
"come" to conquer before it has any
effect nt all. .lust give me the accurate census, the statistics of how
mnny are down in fraud, in drunkenness, in gambling, in impurity or
in vice of any sort, and 1 will give
you the accurate census or statistics
of how many have been slain by
the word "come." "Come and
click wineglasses with me at this
ivory bar." "Come antl see what
we can win at this gambling table." "Come, enter with me this
doubtful speculation." "Come with
me and read those Infidel tracts on
Christianity." "Come wit. ine to
a place of bad amusement." "Come
with me in a gay bout through the
underground life of the city." If in
this city there aro twenty thousand
wdio ai'e down in mora] character,
then twenty thousand fell under the
power of the word "come." 1 was
reading of a wife whose' husband had
been overthrown by st rung drink,
antl she went to the saloon where he
was ruined, ami she saitl, "Give me
buck my husband." Ami the bartender, pointing to a maudlin ami
battered man drowsing in the corner
of a biir-ronm, said: "There he is.
Jim. wake up, line's your wife
come, for you." Antl the woman
said: "Ho you tall that my husband? What have you been doing
wit Ii him'.' Is that I he manly brow,
is    that     the   clear    eve,    is    lhat       the
noble heart, that I married? What
vile drug liave you givon him that
has turned him Into a (lend? Tak.
your tiger claws td'i of him. Uncoil
those serpent folds of evil habit
thnt are crushing him. (live mo
back my husband, the one with
whom I stood at. the altar ten years
ago. (lire him back to ine." Victim was he, as millions of others
have been, of the Word   "come."
Now, we want all the world over
to harness this word for good as
others have harnessed it for evil,
and it will thaw the live continents
and lhe seas between them — yea, it
will draw the whole earth back to
the Clotl from whom it has wandered. It is Hint, wooing and persuasive word flat, will lead men to
give up their sins. Was skepticism
ever brought Into the love of truth
by „„ ebiiPi'ion of hot words
against infldo'ity? Was ever the
blasphemer Stopped in his oaths by
denunciation ot blasphemy? Was
over   a.  dmoknrri      weaned  from Ins
cups by the temperance lecturer's
mimicry of staggering step and hiccough? No. It was. "Come with
ine lo church to-day and hear our
singing," "Come and let me introduce you to a Christian man whom
you wilt be sure to admire;" "Come
with nte into associations thai are
cheerful and good and inspiring;"
"Come with me into joy such as you
never   before  experienced."
With that word which has done so
much for others I approach you today. Are you all right with Ood?
"No," you say, "1 think nol. 1 am
BOinel iiue.s alarmed when l think
of him 1 fear 1 will not tie ready
to meet him in tile lasi day. My
heart i.s not right with God." Come,
then, ami have it made right.
Through the Christ who died to
save you, come! What is the use in
wailing? The longer you wait tho
farther oil you aro and the deeper
you are down. Strike out for heaven! Vou remember that a few
years ago a steamer called ihe Princess Alice, with a crowd of excursionists on board, sank in the
Thames, and there was an awful
sacrifice of life. A boatman from
the shore put out for the rescue, and
he hud a big boat, and he got it so
full it would not hold another person, and as he laid hold of the
oars to pull for lhe shore, leaving
hundreds helpless and drowning,
he cried out, "Oh, that 1 had a bigger boat!" 'Thank Cod 1 am not
thus limited antl that 1 can promise
room for all in this gospel boat.
Room ill the heart of a pardoning
God.     Room  in  heaven.
I also apply the word of my text
to those who would like practical
comfort. If any ever escape tho
struggle of life. I have not found
them. They are not certainly
among the prosperous classes. in
most cases it was a struggle all the
way up till they reached the prosperity, and since they have reached
these heights there have been perplexities, anxieties and crises which
were almost enough to shatter the
nerves and nun the brain, it would
be hard to tell which have the biggest light in this world, the prosperities or lhe adversities, the con-
spicuitics or the obscurities. Just as
soon as you have enough success to
attract the attention of others the
envies and jealousies are let loose
from their kennel. 'The greatest
crime lhat you can commit in the
estimation of others is to get on
bettor than they do. They think
your addition is iheir substration.
Five hundred persons start for a
certain goal of success. One reaches
it, aud the other four hundred and
ninety-nine are mad. It would take
volumes to hold the story of the
wrongs, outrages and defamations
that have come upon you as a result of your success. The warm sun
of prosperity brings into life a
swamp full of annoying insects. On
the other hand, the unfortunate
classes have their struggles for
maintenance. To achieve a livelihood by one who had nothing to
start with antl after awhile for a
family as well and carry this on until children are reared and educated
and fairly sturtetl in the world and
to do this amid all the rivalries of
business and the uncertainty of
crops and the fickleness of tariff
legislation, with an occasional labor
strike and here and there a financial
panic thrown in, is a mighty thing
to do, and there are hundreds ami
thousands of .such heroes and heroines who live unsung and tlie un-
What we all need, whether up or
tlown in life or half way between, is
the infinite solace of the Christian religion. Antl so we employ the word
"come." It will take all eternity to
find out the number of business men
who have been strengthened by the
promises of God and the people who
have been fed by the ravens when
other resources gave out, and the
men antl women who. going into this
battle armed only with needle or
s*iw or ax or yardstick or pen or
type or shovel or shoe-last, have
gained a victory that made the heavens resound. With all the resources
of Cod promised for every exigency
no one need be left in the lurch.
Dut the word "come" applied to
those who need solace will amount to
nothing unless it bo uttered by some
one wlio has experienced that solace.
That, spreads the responsibility of
giving ihis gospel cal! among a great
many. Those who have lost, properly antl been consoled by religion in
that trial are the ones to invite
those who have failed in business.
Those who have lost their health and
been consoled by religion are the
ones to invite those who are in
poor health. Those who have had
bereavements and been consoled in
those bereavements are the ones to
sympathize with those who have lost
father or mother or companion or
child or friend. What multitudes of
us are alive to-day ami in gootl
health antl buoyant in this journey
of life who would have broken tlown
or dead long ago but for the sus-
taining ami cheering help of our
holy religion! So we sny, "Come!"
The woll is not dry. Tiie buckets
are not empty. Phe supply is not
CXhaUl t'd       'I here   is   jie t   as     much
mere., and condolence and soothing
power in God as before the first
grave was dug. or the first tear
started, or the lirst, heart broken,
or the first accident, happened, or tho
first   fort   vanished.     Those  of us
who have felt, the consolatory power
of religion havo a right, to speak
out of onr own experiences und say,
What, dismal work of condolence the
world makes when it attempts to
condolel The plaster the*.' spread
does not. stick. The broken bt nes
under their bandnge do not, knit. A
farmer was lost in a snowstorm on
a, prairie of the far west. Wight
Coming on antl after lie was almost
fro in io. from not knowing" which
way to go, his sleigh struck the rut
ot another sleigh*, and he said, "I
will follow this rut, and it. .'.ill take
mi* out. to safety." lie hastened tin
until he hoard the bells of the preceding horses; but. coming up, he
found that that men was also lost
and, as is the tendency of those who
are thus confused in the forest or on
the moors, they were both moving in
a circle, and the runner of the one
hist sleigh was following the runner
of the other lost sleigh round and
round. At last i. occurred to them
to look at the north star, which
was peering through the night, and
by the direction of that star they
got home again. Those who follow
lhe advice of this world in time of
perplexity are iu a fearful round,
for it is one bewildered soul following another bewildered soul. ami
only those who have in such, time got
their eye on the morning star of uur
Christian faith can lind their way
oul pr be strong enough to lead
others with an all persuasive invitation.
"Hut." says some one, "you Christian people keep telling us to 'come,'
yet you do not tell us how to
come." That charge shall not be
true on this occasion. Come believing! Come repenting! Come praying! After all that God has been
doing for six thousand years, sometimes through patriarchs and some-
limes through prophets ami at last
through lhe culmination of all the
tragedies on Golgotha, can any one
think that Coil will not welcome
your coining? Will a father at vast
outlay construct a mansion for his
son antl lay out parks white with
statues antl green with foliage and
all a-sparkle with fountains antl then
not allow his son to live in thc
house or walk in the parks? lias
Cod built, this house of gospel mercy
and will he then refuse entrance to
his children? Will a government at
great expense build life saving stations all along the coast, anil bouts
that can hover unhurt like a petrel
over the wildest surge antl then,
when the lifeboat has reached the
wreck of a ship in the oiling, not allow the drowning to sei/.e the life
line or tnke the boat for the shore
m safety? Shall God provide nt the
cost of his only Son's assassination
escape for a sinking world antl then
turn tt deaf ear to the cry that
comes up from the breakers?
"But," you say. "there are so
many things i have to believe antl
so many things in thc shape of a
creed thut 1 have to adopt that 1
am kept back." Xo, no! You need
believe but two things—namely, that
Jesus Christ came into the world to
save sinners antl that you are one of
them. "Put," you say. "1 do
believe both of these things." Do
yotl really believe them with all your
heart? "Yes." Why, then, you
have passed from death into life.
Why, then, .vou are a son or a daughter of the Lord Almighty. Why,
then, you arc an heir or an heiress
of an inheritance that will declare
dividends from now until long after
the stars are dead. Halleluiah!
Prince of Coil, why do you not come
nnd take your coronet? Princess of
the Lord Almighty, why do you not
mount your throne? Pass up into
the light. Your boat is anchored,
why do you not go ashore? Just
plant your feet hard down, and you
will feel under them the Rock of
Ages. I challenge the' universe for
one instance in which a man in the
right spirit appealed for tlie salvation of the gospel and did not get it.
Man alive, you art* going to lot all
the years of your life go away with
you without your having this great
peace, this glorious hope, this bright
.expectancy? Are you going lo let
lhe pearl of great price lie in lhe
flttst at your feet because you are too
Indolent or too proud to stoop down
uiul pick it up? Will you wear the
chain of evil habit when near by you
is ihe hammer that could witli one
stroke snap the shackle? Will you
stay in the prison of sin when here
is a gospel key that could unlock
your incarceration?     Xo. no!
<\s the one word "come" has
sometimes brought many souls to
Christ, I will try the experiment of
piling up into a mountain ami then
send down in an avalanche of power
many of these gospel "comes."
"Come thou and all thy house into
ihe ark:" "Come unto nie all ye who
labor and are heavy laden, antl 1
will give you rest;" "Come for all
things are now ready;" "Come with
us. and we will do you good;"
" "Come and see;" "Tlie Spirit and
the bride sa.v Come,' ant! lei liim
lhat henreth say "come,' ami let him
that is a thirst come." The stroke
of one bell in a tower ma;." be sweet.
but a score of bells well tuned anil
rightly liftetl and skillfully swung
in out.1 great chime lill tht? heavens
with   music   almost   celestial. Ami
no one who has heard the mighty
chimes in the towers of Amsterdam
or Client or Copenhagen can forget
them. Now, it seems to me that iu
this Sabbath hour all heaven is
chiming, nntl the voices of departed
friends nnd kindred ring tlown the
sky. saying, "Come!" The angels
who never fell, bending from sapphire
thrones, tire chanting. "Come!" Yea.
all tlie towers of henven. tower of
martyrs, tower of prophets, tower of
apostles, tower of evangelists, tower
of the temple of the Lord God and
the Lamb ar*' chiming "Come!
Come!" Pardon for all. antl peace
for all, antl heaven for all who
When  Russia     was  in  one  of
groat  wars, the -suffering of the
tliers hat! been long anil bitter,
they were wait inn for I lie end of I he
strife. One day a messenger in great
excitement ran among the tents of
the army shouting. "Ponce! Poacol"
The sentinel on guard asked, "Who
says 'peace?' " Ami t la- sick soldier
turned on Ins hospital mattress antl
asked, "Who says "peace"'' " Ami all
lip antl down the encampment of the
Russians  went   tho  question,     "Who
Savs   'peace".''  "   Then      the   messenger
responded, "Tiie Czar says   peace.' "
That Was enough. Thai meant going home. That meant lhe war was
over. No more wounds antl no more
long marches. So to-day, as one of
the Lord's messengers. I move
through these great encampments of
souls antl cry: "Peace between earth
and heaven! Peace between Ood
and man! Peace between your repenting soul ami a pardoning Lord!"
If you ask me "Who says pence?"
I answer. "Christ, our King, declares
it:" "My pence I give unto you!"
"Ponce "f 'tod t hat pusseth all understanding!" Everlasting peace!
Description    of  the Elder-Dempster's
New Boat Lake Manitoba.
The Lake Manitoba is a twin-screw
steamer,  a  combination  of  the  passenger and cargo ship.   She is rigged
as a four-masteid schooner, and is lilted with one well-proportioned   funnel.   She is  built  to Lloyd's     three-
deck rule, special attention being also had to    the    trade in which  the
ship will  be engaged.   Her principal
■dimensions     lu'e :—Length,   463  feet,
beam  5fj   feet,   and   depth   (moulded)
34 feet 10 inches.   She has a cubical
capacity of 748,000 feet,  and a d.w.
capacity of 10,000 tons,  her register
tonnage being 8,850 tons gross.   The
[Ship's water ballust capacity is about
3,400 tons,  und    is    included in the
cellular     double     bottom deep tank.
She has a shelter deck extending fore
and aft, with extensive midship erections,    the    bridge   house   extending
some  101! feet.      The cargo  arrangements and deck machinery ore all of
modern type.     The hatches are large
and   conveniently    placed,   and    the
holds  are  of great  capacity  and free
from obstruction.   The ground tackle
antl   steering gear  are massive    and
of the most approved moke,    whilst
for  tlie navigation of the ship every
provision  is made  that  can  conduce
to safety.   Provision is made for 123
first-class,  302 second-class, and 350
third-class passengers,  though by luting  the afler part  of the vessel for
this class some 400 more can be accommodated.    The main    dining saloon  is  a   splendid    apartment,  extending the whole beam  of the ship,
and   is   situated   at  the  fore end    of
the  bridge.     Tho furnishing  of     this
room  is done in polished mahogany,
iu    which  wood  also    tlie    sides  gre
wainscotted    in a    pretty    diagonal
pattern.   The lighting is accomplished  by a central skylight and a large
number  of  circular  ports  round    the
two sides  and  across  the  front.   By
night  an  array   of eleclric  lamps  illumine  the saloon.     The  upholstery
is in maroon plushette, and curtains,
carpets   and  other   fittings    are    to
match.     Abaft iho saloon, which    is
approached by two side doors opening oil' a wide hall at the bottom of
the    main    stairway,    the lirst'class
staterooms   are  situated,   the  majority  of which are    two-berth cabins,
well warmed and ventilated and comfortably    furnished    and  fitted    wilh
enclosed lavatories.   A   pleasant  music room  is placed  over  the saloon,
aud  is entered  from    either side    of
tho  main  staircase    upper    landing.
The  room   is     luxuriously    furnished
and upholstered in a blue shade mo-
quetle, llie curtains and hangings being  of rich tapestry.      A rich velvet
pile carpet covers    the   floor.     "Tlie
wainscotting,      with     furniture     to
match,  is of light  polished  oak.  The
panelling is effective,  and the   light
of the room  is perfect,   being principally obtained from the main saloon
dome skylight,   which passes through
the apartment.   The first-class smoke
room  is  located  across  the foro end
of a house on the bridge deck,    this
house also  containing a number     of
outside  staterooms  along  each  side,
with a stairway down to tlie stateroom alleyways  on  the shelter deck
below.   The    sniokeroom   is a    very
commodious room, well lighted   ami
ventilated, nnd wainscotted and furnished  in  polished teak  and walnut.
The couches  and     settees     are most
comfortable,  being set low and deep
in  th? seat,  while a number  of easy
chairs   are   provided.      The   sanitary
arrangements are excellent, tin' lavatories   being   tiled,   while   the baths
are supplied with patent  wnter healing    apparatus.    The      second-class
quarters arc situate between  the upper and  shelter decks,  where  j rovis-
ion  is made for a huge  number    of
people.     The rooms    are  four-berth,
and comfortably furnished and filled.
Every convenience is provided to udd
to  the  comfort of  these    passengers.
Third-class passengers are placed forward, ttnd these are provided with a
large  sniokeroom   and   a   ladies'   sitting room.     A    number   of  seals     of
ih '. garden pattern art* fixed on deck
for   the  third-class   passengers.      The
ollicers  antl  engineers  are  accommodated at tho after end  of  the alleyways on  the shelter    deck on either
side  of  lhe  ship.    The  quarters     are
comfortable, and bathrooms nnd lavatories  are  also   provided.   The  machinery    consists    of    two    pairs of
triple-expansion engines and  various
other    auxiliary    machines    for    purposes   of  lighting,   refrigeration,    air
and water circulation, etc.      The diameters of the cylinders nre 22t,j in.,
38  in.,  and 04  in.  respectively,     lhe
piston stroke being 45 inches. Steam
is supplied by five single-ended boilers,   measuring  15  feet by  11   feet  8
inches, at, a pressure of ISO pounds.
The engines have an indicated 4,000
horse power.—Montreal Gazette.
His Kojul Highness tlio Duke of Cornwiill
and York's Full Official Title—The
Ladies of tlie l'arty—lluko's Equerry
Is tlio Sou of a Canadian—The Uuchess'
Who's who in tlie royal party, now
touring in Canada?
Of the Duke and Duchess Canadians
are well informed, but it would not
be out of place to give him his olli-
cial  title.     Here is  how  it goes:
"His Koyal Highness Prince
George, Frederic Ernest Albert, Duke
of Cornwall and York, Duke of
Rothesay, Prince of .Saxe-Coburg
and Gotha and Duke of Saxony,
Earl of Carrick antl Inverness, Baron of Renfrew ami Killurncy, Lord
of the isles and Great Steward of
Scotland, K. G., P. C, K. T., K.
1'., O. C. AI. 0., C. C. V. O., LL
D.,  D.  C. L."
And here follow a half a dozen
jumbled   alphabets.
The Duke is England's royal sailor, and he hns all the bronze of a
man who faces wind.and weather on
sea. He is fair, antl bronzes as a
fair man does—a ruddy hue. He is
browned to the eyebrows, antl ids
hands and wrists show the effects of
exposure. He is a light-boned follow of just above average height.
He has small feet antl hands, and
moves witli a wiry, springy stride of
excellent health. lie is not a powerful man, but he is agile and graceful. His Royal Highness would
probably tip the scales at 150
The Duchess resembles thc Duke in
build, complexion, and carriage.
Thej' arc nearly of a height, about
five feet eight inches, but the Duchess is the more composed of tlie two
in public. During the reading of a
recent address, liis Royal Highness
fidgetted continually Willi his hnnds.
First the gray-gloved extremities
were clasped across the body, nnd
then he shifted one behind his back
and clenched the oilier or touched
back a hair he imagined astray on
his forehead* When his hands had
settled down he became uneasy on
his feet uml shifted from one foot to
the other.
The Duchess, on tlie contrary,
watched Hie proceedings with evident interest. The Duke was attired in conventional attire, black
throughout, wilh the exception of
gray suede gloves, liis only jewelry
beyond a carven finger ring was a
diamond scarf pin. The Duchess
also appeared entirely in blnck. The
flash of brilliant diamonds in watch-
chain and corsage broach antl her
snappy eyes alone relieved the monotony of the sombre mourning" color.
The most important figure in the
household of tlie Duke is Lady Wary
Lygon, one of tho Duchess' oldest
friends, and her lady-in-waiting ever
since she was married. Lady Lygon
is a sister of Enrl Bcauchamp, one
of England's most prominent peers,
wdio was nt one time Mayor of Worcester. Madrcsflcld Court, Malvern
Link, the iteaitehamp country seal.
is the finest residence in Worcestershire. Lady Lygon is the most
graceful dancer in the whole entourage. She is 82-years of ago, the
eltiest of two sisters, one of whom i.s
married to Lord Amptlilll, the private secretary of Joseph Chamberlain, while the other is the spouse of
a Grenadier Guardsman, Capt. Lord
Oordon-Cilmour. But Lady Lygon.
despite her years, requires t'hnper-
onage. Lady Catherine Grey-Coke,
hoi' duenna, is the oldest lady in tho
party. She is a daughter of the
Earl of Walton antl the wife of a
son of the Earl of Leicester. She is
a grandd tighter of tho Earl of Derby, and w;is hidy-in-wait ing to the
Duchess of Tock. One of Lady
Coke's dat-ghtors, the wife of a
Seois Guard Lieutenant-Colonel, is
accounted the best amateur actress
in al! England, and this talent is
heroditory, for Lady Coke is an accomplished   actress  herself.
The position of lion. Mrs, Derek
Keppel is a peculiar one. Her husband objected to leaving her for
seven and a half months, and so she
wns included in tlie party. She is
affectionately called the supernumerary of the party. On England's
shores remained the hope of the Keppel hoilsehohl, a baby. Tho Hon.
Mrs. Keppel was Hon. Bridget Hnr-
bortl before she entered the bonds of
Europe lies hnd 321 moti-rchs since
the battle of Hastings.
I don't see why they should slick
such an ugly thing as you right in
front of me, complained the rose al
the flower show.
Age before beauty, my dear, replied   lhe  century  plant  gallantly.
matrimony, the youngest daughter
of the King's Lord of the Bedcham.
her. Lord Nuffield, who wns also
lord-in-ivaiting to her late Majesty.
Lord Suflield was chief of staff for
tlio Prince of Wales during Ids visit
to India. The "supernumerary" is
a sister to Lady Hastings, Lady
Musgrave,  and Lady  Carrington.
The Hon. Derek Keppel, the Duke
of Cornwall's equerry, is a brother
of the Earl of Albermnrle and one of
the benus of London. His mother
was a daughter of Sir Allen Napier
McNab. The Duke's equerry is a
remarkably handsome man, and his
uniforms fit him so well thnt he almost, [nits the Duke of Cornwall in
the shade. By the way, the naval
uniform the fluke wears fits His
Koyal Highness like a glove does the
hand. It     really seems  as  if     it
Would be impossible to release His
Highness from the embrace of that
uniform without slitting the main
Hon. Derek Keppel, ns he appeared at the ceremonies at Quebec tho
other day, was tlie most gorgeous
figure in the parade, not even excepting Govcrnor-OcncrnI Jette in
famous ride green ami gold. The
Dyke's equerry was a sunburst of
gold nnd crimson, tlie most, striking
figure in thc parade. Lord Wenlock
is another man wdio is striking because of his good looks. He is a
brother of Sir Arthur Lawley, and
wns Governor of Madras for five
Tho brother of the Duchess of
Cornwall, Captain Prince Alexander
of Teck, is also of the party, lie is
27 vears of age. and served through
the Matabele war, and only returned
from South Africa Inst December.
Lieut. Sir Charles C'ust. another of
thc equerries, has been witli the
Duke of York nine years, ami he is
a sailor to the backbone, and lias
served, man am! boy, on tlie Britannia, Newcastle, Achilles, Onros-
port, Rodney, Crescent, and royal
yacht Osborne.
The royal chaplain. Rev. .1. A.
Dalton. is canon of St. George's
Chapel. Windsor. He was an officer
in Queen Victoria's household, and
was one of the three divines who
held the final services over the remains of the Queen at Frogmore,
and he was tutor to Prince Albert
and Prince George of Wales, and ho
is over 00 years of age.
Sir Arthur Biggo, the Duke's private secretary, acted in the same capacity for Queen Victoria. He was
through  the Zulu  wnr.
The commander of tho first-class
battleship Niobo is Captain Denison,
formerly of the royal yacht Osborne, a brother of Lieut.-Col. Geo.
T.   Denison of Toronto.
Anion. Them a i.ur.o Canadian Pearl Sat
in Citniidlan (Sold*.
Three hundred and sixty-six pure,
flawless diamonds, a hurgc Canadian
pearl of rare beauty, set in a corsage brooch of Canadian gold beaten
and enamelled into a perfect counterpart of a spray of Canadian maple
leaves, was the gift of thc ladies of
Montreal to tlie Duchess of York.
The ornament is a marvel of tlie
jeweler's art. The spray of six
maple leaves measures almost four
antl a half inches in length. No two
leaves nre alike in size or shape. All
have been designed and enamelled
directly from nature, nnd nre ns perfect, initiations of Canada's national
emblem tin tho most highly skilled
workmansiiip could produce. Around
tho edge ut each leaf between fifty
ami sixty diamonds are embedded in
tin* gold, while in each case the junction of leaf antl branch is formed of
a diamond larger and more beautiful
thnn tlie others. Every stone has
been specially selected antl cut. The
pearl, whicli is set nt the start of
the spray, weighs nbout 20 grains,
nntl is perhaps thr most, perfect Canadian pearl that has ever found its
way into a. brooch. It wns found
iu the Lake St. John district of
Quebec, whero some fine jewels from
time to time "reward thc tireless
sea relies. The brooch reposed in n.
handsome chest of solid silver nearly eight inches square. Upon its lid
was carved a wreath of maple leaves
encircling the arms of Montreal. A
suitable inscription is engraved upon
another part of the chest. With the
exception of the diamonds, which
havo not yet been found in Canada,
in any abundance, everything connected with the gift is purely Canadian.       	
A scientist says a sigh is due to « v.
hut that u li.cp.r cuti-c ii u bid; ul" ,..,_■■
The man with the hoe isn't in It
with the woman who wishes to display hosiery,
"My thoughts are couched," the
poet cried, "in words that burn."
To his dismay the callous editor replied, "Forsooth, I burned them yesterday."
To the young man who has just
got on the voters' list it may bo remarked that a constituent is a fellow who expects someone to get him
a job.
"I saw a Capital thing in your last
pamphlet," snid Daniel -O'Conn.ll to
a conceited author, "Did you ?"
cried the delighted litterateur. "What
was It?" "A pou.it. of butter," rejoined Daniel,  coolly.
Tourrh Party (in hardware store}—
1 wanter buy a dog muzzle, s. >   '
Clerk (afiably)r— All right, sir,
What size do you wear ?
Just at the thresholri of Womanhood, that trying period
when the whole system is undergoing a complete change, many
;i girl falls a victim to Chlorosis or Green Sickness. Her disposition changes and she becomes morose, despondent and
melancholy. The appetite is changeable, digestion imperfect
and weariness and fatigue are experienced on the slightest exertion. Blondes become pallid, waxy and puffy ; brunettes
become muddy and grayish in color, with bluish black rings
under the eyes.
Examination shows a remarkable decrease in the quality
of the blood. Iron and such other restoratives as are admirably combined in Dr. Chase's Nerve Food are demanded by
the system. The regular and persistent use of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food cannot fail to benefit any girl or young woman
suffering from Chlorosis, feminine irregularities or weaknesses
resulting from poor blood or exhausted nerves. It reconstructs wasted tissue, gives color to the cheeks and new vitality to fivery organ of the body.
Fifty cents a box, 0 boxes for $2.50 ; at all dealers, or post paid
Irom Edmanson, Dates & Co., Toronto. Agents wanted for llr. Chase's
Last and Complete Receipt Book and Household Physician, THE PROSPECTOR
Chonp lace on nny thin;:.
Cheap jewelry nny time.
Tan shoes in midwinter.
Diamonds in the daytime.
Elaborate toilets for church.
Untidy frocks for breakfast*
Dotted veils with weak eyes.
Pointed shoes when bicycling.
Conspicuous bicycle costumes.
A broad belt 6n a stout figure.
A plain barque on a slim figure.
"White petticoats on muddy dnys.
Gaudy colors in cheap materials.
Linen collars with dressy frocks.
Cheap trimmings on a good dress.
Theater bonnets with street suits.
Picture huts with outing costumes.
Bright red with n florid complexion.
Hfllr dressed l__gb with n snub nose
Worn shoes with nn elaborate toilet
A long, draggled skirt on n rainy day
Hair in a Psyche knot with a Konipn
A iinen collar lhat is not immaculately
I.nce frills or chiffon ruches for work
or school.
Gloves with holes in them or boots with
buttons missing.
Soiled white gloves on a shopping ex-
pedition or any time.
Horizontal stripes or tucks on a stout
Dear Sirs,—This is to certify that
I have been troubled with a lame
back for fifteen vears.
I have used three bottles of your
MINARD'S LINIMENT and am completely cured.
it gives me great pleasure to recommend it and you are at liberty
to use this in any way to further
the use of your valuable medicine.
Two Rivers. ROBERT ROSS.
Red snow is frequently seen in the
Arctic and Alpine regions, Chemical
experiments have led to the conclusion tlmt the red color is due to the
presence of a vegetable substance.
Chboitcc Dkha_.oemf.nt9 op the Stomach,
Liver and Blood are spcedi y removed by
tho active principle of the ingredients entering into the composition of Parmelee's Vegetable Pil.s. These pills act specifically on
the deranued organs, stimulating to action
the dormant energies of the system, thereby removing disease i>nd renewing life and
vitality to the afflicted. In this lies tho grout
secret of the popularity of Parmelee's Vegetable pills.
Unless  a man  has will  power to
burn he has  no  business   trying to
make love  to a girl who  jars the
scales at 250.
When a .nan marries he thinks he
is getting a mate, but often the supposed mate turns out to be a captain.
Canadian Northern Depot, Water Street
•:=' Stations Iff J
8 00
13.4lt MorrK Rmerpon, St.  Paul, eto
HoUji;', AUn.ni, RHinunt H_.r_n.-y
iO.ifc        nm.   hr-uulon,  Monday, w wl*
neatlay ttnrl Knduy ....	
-Sit-adar, Thursday,' satuwlay
PortJifc't-la Prairie mid   hiTerai*-
dialfl  station..,   Duilv   tueppt,
 Sim day
Eva ver,   I tdiR   and   intf»rmefli«r-t_
StniioH-.. Tufydny * Thu'-mlsy
Maedi.naltt,    i. pstlxmrne.   (-iiiuL
(tons, Dauphin Mid  In ter me.
d'fiti* |Kitnt«, Mo.idjtv, W«dlWi.
day, Kri-tay,
Tnwd-iyi T-Taradiy. S*t*nrday
Winnfoegosia, Mon , Wodn'Mday
_Tir.i.(l;ty aim 1 hUl-rrtdnir
Grand VU-\v, .vionilay, Ki-idiy^
Tneeday and Baturday
Swan River, Er wood and in. ■"•eras*
dint., potnta, VVednoHday
Hpragu-. Warroadi Beaudette aba
i  un r.utiiui.'   stations.   Monday, Wednesday, Fridny
Tnewlay, Thursday, Saborday
-0.4 R
*J 0.4,'.
ii, r.
Gen. bupfc.
Tmf. Mgr
Bault Ste, Marie, Owon Sound, Toronto and Kast via Lakes, Monday, Thursday nnd Saturday	
Tucs,, I'ri., end Ban	
Montreal, Toronto, New York and
Ens., via all rail, daily.	
fiat l'orta.oaud iuiormcdinte points
Molson, Lao du Bonnet and intormo-
diato points, Tluirs. onlv	
roriaj:o la Fr___o,Branaon,_al_ary,
NuLuu and all Kooteuny uiicl
all coast points, daily	
Portai;. la Prairie* Brandon and intermediate points daily except
Gladstone., N'eopawa, Mh. nodosa ami
intermediate points, duilyoxcep.
Shoal Lake., Vorlcloa and intermediate point;, Men., Wrd., uud I'ri.
Taes., Ihurs.. and Sal	
Sapid City, Haralota. Winiota,Tuesday, Tliur. ami Hat 	
Mon.- V,'«l..a:idFri	
Montrn. Delorameand intermediate
points doily except Sunday	
Napinka, Alameda and intermediate
points, daily except Sunday via
Tues., T__r,,__d8at	
Qlenboro, Souris and intcrmedinto
points, dally except Sunday	
1 ipestono. Itoscon, Areola nnd inter
mediate points, Mon., Wed., and
i'ri. via Brandon	
__es.,___r.,and Sat. via Brandon
Mobysbiro, Hivsoh, Bien„iit_Este
vuu,Ti:es.,Tliur...,Sat., via Brand
ou ,	
Taes. Thar. Sat... via Brandon..
Grolna.si Paul Chicago,daily ....
Wed Selkirk .Mon., Wed. mid Fri...
Tues.,Thurs, aiid_.it. 	
StoiiauMll. Tculon, Taes., Thar., Sat.
Jh.nior.-oii. .i!..n.. \On|„ an.l Fri	
j. w Lbonahd;
LV | AH.
16.00 10.13
8.00 18.00
7.30 18.30
16.30 11.30
7.30 _2.30
7.SO ^..30
0.03 13.13
I I.3C
(_-u  Snpt
t'. li. Mr PH
Pass. A„t
The Rich, Et-d Blood Made by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills Gives New
Strength to Every Nerve, Fibre
and Organ of the Body.
From The Budget, Shelburno, N.S.
Among the young ladies of Shel-
burne, there is none today who more
fully bears the impress of perfect
health than Miss Lilian Durfee. Unfortunately this was not always the
case, as a few years ago Miss Durfee became ill, and her friends feared
that she was going into decline. A
doctor was called in and prescribed
dut his medicines did not have the
desired effect. Her strength gradually left her, her appetite failed, she
had frequent headaches, was very
pale, and finally grew so weak that
a walk of a few rods would completely fatigue her. The young
lady's family sorrowfully observed
that she was steadily failing, and
feared that consumption would claim
her as a victim. One day a friend
urged that she should give Dr. Williams' Fink Pills a trial, but the
idea at first was not favorably entertained ; it seemed hopeless to expect that any medicine would help
her after the doctor's treatment had
failed. However,'this good friend
still urged, and finally prevailed.
By the time the third box was used,
there was an unmistakable improvement in Miss Durfee's condition.
Cheered by this, the pills were continued, anh in the course of a few
weeks the former invalid, whose
strength was taxed by the slightest
exertion, was almost restored to
health. The use of the pills was
still continued and a few weeks more
found Miss Durfee again ei.joying
perleet  health.
To a reporter who interviewed lur.
she said:—"I believe ili.it I'r. Williams' Pink Pills saved my life, ami
I earnestly recommend theui to all
who fear that consumption has laid
its grasp upon them."
That the facts related utnv; are
not in any way exaggerated, i.s
borne out by the following slatomon'
from Robt. ('<■ Irwin, Esq., thc well
known stipendiary magistrate for tho
municipality, who says:—"] distinctly remember the pale face of .Miss
Lillian Durfee and the regrets of
friends as they expressed their conviction that she would soon be com-
pclled to say farewell to earth. Miss
Durfee, however, carries the unmistakable credentials of good health,
and frequently expresses her indebtedness to Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills."
Pale and anaemic girls, or young
people, with consumptive tendencies,
will lind renewed health and bodily
vigor through the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. These pills are
an unfailing cure for nil diseases due
to a watery condition of the blood,
or shattered nerves. Sold bv all
dealers in medicine or sent postpaid
on receipt, of ."tic a box. or $2.50
tor six boxes, by addressing tlie Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockville,
There was a young man in Flinl
Who   thought   he   was   some   on     the
But   tlie pa of bis girl
Cave the young man a whirl,
And  now lie is done up in lint.
To tell the plain truth, when a
woman goes away on a trip her
husband isn't as lonesome as the cat.
There never wn_, nnd never will be, a
universal panacea, in one rem* dy, for nil ills
to which fl. sh is heir—the very nature of
many curative, being such that were tht
(Terms of other and differently seated dis-
euees rooted in the system of the patient—
what would relieve one ill in lurn would ag-
gravate the olh-r. VVe have, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
uuadulteratid state, a remedy for mnny ana
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems are led into convalescence nud strength by the influer.ee which
Qaimne exerts on nature's own restoratives,
it re ieves the drooping spirits of those with
vhora a chronic state of morbid despond-
.r.c; and lack of intere-t in lifo is a disease,
mc1 by tranquilizing the nerves, disposo? to
■our.:J and refre-hing sleep—imparts vigor
te tl_ action of the blood, which, being
simulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening the hen thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making netivity a
QAeefiary result, strengthening the frurae,
und giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased substance—result, improved appetite. Northrop _ Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the puhlic their
superior Quinine Wine ut the usual rate, and,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
the market.   AH druggists sell it.
Young man, mako a note of this :
A Kansas newspaper has discovered
a young woman who develops her
form by helping her mother wieli
housework, and keeps her hands and
arms soft by kneading bread.
The wigmaker  is a locksmith  that,
love never laughs at.
Many a man who is color blind  i.s
capable  of feeling  blue.
Black ants can be driven away
with sprigs of arbor vitae, and mosquitoes with walnut leaves.
Supping! on— Your sister looks
sweet enough to eat. Little Rodney
—She does eat.
The amount of personal property
left by Ihe late President McKinley
will be about SI40.000, and of real
estate about S70.000, aggregating
about S210.000.
Oxford University's Income is
about £418,000 a year ; that of
Cambri'dR.', £.110,000 a year.
A Peonliar Preient.
Kdward Noj'cs Wcstcott, known only
as tho author of "David Hnrum," possessed a rich baritone voire nnd at one
time sang in a choir nt Syracuse. He
wns fond of tolling of an occasion on
which he was invited to sing at a concert in one of the smaller towns of western Ncw York. The musical affair passed off satisfactorily with the help of the
neighboring talent, assisted by Mr. YVest-
cott's rare voice.
As Mr. Westcot. was about to retirs
his host came timidly to his room, carrying two Ions paper boxes. "I leave the
house so early in the mornin-.; to j*o to
my factory." the man explained, "thnt
I'm nfraid I may not see you, but I want
to give you something for your singing
tonight. Now, hero's two pairs of the
very best whnlehoned corsets that our
factory turns out, and I want you to
take them homo with you."
Wcsteott used to add that he was so
•surprised nnd amused that he could find
no words of protest, nud so accepted and
took them home.
Chlnenc Nerve,
The most common form of putting a
man to death in China is taking off the
hend hy ihe sword, and tho extraordinary
nerve of the Chinese is shown in this
wny more than any other. I have seen
two men behended. one placed bcf*>"e the
other. It took three strokes of tlie
sword to kill the first, nnd while the
operation was going on the second knelt
down with his neck outstretched wailing
his turn. Thinking thnt the process wns
slow, ho turned to tho executioner nnd
nsked if he were fining to be much longer
with the first. Then, when thc executioner came to him, he stretched his neck
and wnited for tho Mow, which cmii*
pletely severed his head from his body.
A I)eiul Wlinle.
A whaling station can bo smelted a
.ong distance. It is a wonder how people
can endure such awful odors, but it is
true that one can get used to anything,
The excursion steamers to tho North
Cape always visit a whaling station for
the edification <>f the tourists. It is one
ot' the sights on the regular programme,
but; few people go ashore. The other-,
nre satisfied to remain nfnr off and spend
the time "cussing" tho captain and begging him to j;et away as soon ns possible,
A dead whale will smell longer and louder thnn nny known animal.—Norway
Letter to Chicago Herald.
No Rei_rretj*.
"TTnve you sent your regrets, Pnro-
thy'.'" asked mamma nf her littlo dn_i_,*h-
ter. who bad decided not to go to a parry
to which she had been asked.
"I haven't nny to send, mamma," answered Dorothy. "I don't* wont, tn ffn."
—Jn'_>y .ttn.nli-j N*»wh.
ciisioued by the want of action in the biiliary
duct.-.. loss uf viu Jity in tlio stomach to se-
cre e th i n'tslrie juices, widiuut which digestion cannot go on j al o bo:ng lhe principal
etnisc nf heud che. Parmelee's Vegetabla
P.lis taken before L**oin_r to bed, for a while,
never fail to givo relief and effect a cure.
Mr. F. VV. Ashdown, Ashdown, Ont., writes.
"Parmelee's I'iils are taking the lend ngainst
t, n o:her mnltis which I have in stock.
A  wise man  in  business may be  a
fool in love.
Minard's Liniment Cores Bnrns, Etc,
The loafer is a drone in  the industrial hive.
The great demnnd for a pleasant, eafe nnd
reliable untidote for all affections of the
throat and lungs id fully mot with iu liictde'a
Anti-Consumptive Syrup. It is a purely Vegetable Compound, and nets promptly and
magically in subduing nil coughs, colds,
bronchitis, inflammation of the lung. etc.
It is so palatable tlmt a child will not refuse
it, and i.. put at n price that will not exclude
the pi'or from its benefits.
A man never objects to having hi*
hair cut at cut rates, but he draws
thc line at a cut-rate shave.
No Failures or h
Wii. Diamond Dyes are Use.
A   Word  Abidit  Diamond   Dye
Mul anil   Bug Patterns.
Do you make up mats, rugs or car-
pets in yonr homo ? Jf so. you *vill
readily adinil. thai, your success is
largely duo t to the lovely and brilliant colors given to your materials
by th*1 use of Diamond l\ves. Users
of Diamond Dyes know that, they
never suffer failure or disappointment
iu their work : they quickly ami <-a>-
ily get the exact colors they require,
and never waste lime or money. If
you are interested in the popular
work of rug making, and cannot procure lhe "Diamond Dye Mat and Rug
Pat terns" from your local dealer,
send your address nt once to Tie'
Wells & Richardson Co., Limited,
Montreal, and you will receive free of
cost sheets of designs  to select from.
A cow which is believed to hold all
records for increasing a herd has just
added lo her fame l>y giving birlh to
t rlplerts,
Three limes she has produced
twins, and on that account her owner. A. PodestO, says he would nol
part wilh her, as nil but one of Hi,'
calves were perfectly formed and
lived. His ranch Is located near
Stockton, Cal. 'ihis Inst act of the
cow has attracted much attention,
and many people call at tho place to
see the trio of calves.
Thick Skinned.
The hide of Ihe hippopotamus In some
parts is fully two inches thick.
l.i_ii(iun Hawaiian ReKlrlenc.s.
A unique feature of Honolulu dwellings is the provision made for lighting
the exterior as well as the Interior.
Elect ric lamps nre set In the masonry
of the walls, thereby throwing a reflection both inside nnd on the lawns,
where the residents spend most of their
!VO Wild Snunr Can..
It Is said by botanists that sugar cant,
is not found growing wild In any part
of tbe world.
Interviewed by the Representative of
tho Echo—Story of Her Trouble
as Related by Herself—Her Opinion of Dodd's Kidney I'iils.
ria-tsville, Ont., Oct. 21.—vSpec-
ialj—Tho case of Mrs. J. liarnctt of
this lown was found of sufficient importance to Im; published at length in
the 1'laltsville IDcho. To the representative of that live local paper she
made the following statement concerning her experience with Dodd's
Kidney I'iils.
"I have been ailing for years, but
in thr spring of last (year I grew
very much worse. Thc symploms of
my disease were nervousness, rheuin-
tism in the left arm, pains in th*'
small of thc back, up Ihe spinal column and back of tho head, through
the eyes, left side of the body and
occasionally the right side.
"I grew weak, for I had no appetite and night after night I could
not sleep. I was a physical wreck.
I was treated by doctors, but their
medicines nlYordrd mc no relief. I
chanced to read in Dodd's Almanac
of the virtue in Dodd's Kidney I'iils
and the wonderful cures effected by
"The symptoms as therein explained corresponded with my own, and I
started taking Dodd's Kidney I'iils
according to directions. Before I
had finished one box there was a decided improvement in my condition.
.My appetite returned, the pain was
lessened and I was able to sleep. 1
have taken in all twelve boxes and
liave completely recovered. No sign
of my old trouble remains, aud I ascribe it only to Dodd's Kidney I'iils.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are a wonderful
This clipping is reproduced ns it is
typical of the way so many women
f.el about Dodd's Kidney I'iils
Dodd's Kidney Pills have been often
truly  called   "Woman's   best frimd."
HAD  LA GRIPPE.—Mr. A. Niokerson,
farmer. Dutton. writes: "Last winter I had
la grippe and it left mo with a severe pain
in the small of my back and hip that used to
catcb me whenever I tried to climb a fence.
Thi.. lasted for about two month-, when I
bought a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
ai;d used it both internally and externally,
morning and evening, for three days, at the
expiration of which time I was completely
She-I'm so glad it's lo beplatonic.
At  one time I was afraid you would
IL-—So was I !
The 80,000 American wells produce
between them lliO.COO barrels of oil
a day.
MINARD'S LINIMENT Relieves Nenralila.
When   ignorance  wins     intelligence
drops away below par.
Lucas ( ookty, I   '
Fhank J. Ohknb. m&k-soath that h_ is the
seiii.-r partner of tbe linn of F. J. Chsnkt &
Co, do I.. bunhiQM in th" Olty of Toledo;
County ttl.d st.r. iiforesiiid, ajvl lhat said linn
will p'av lhe mm ef UNE HUNDK1.D DDL-
AHS lor euch and every cime of catarrh th -'
cannot lie eurea by the ul*eof Hai.i.'s (.'ATAltnu
sworn tn before me and suosoribed iu niv
presence, this oth day of December, A. D., Ib-l*
,  . A. W.OI.KAsON,
j shal \ iVutary Public.
Halls Catarrh Oure la tnle n internally and
sets directly on the I.I-kxI ami an.eons surface*
of the system.   -Sea.   or test Onnui.ilt,, tree.
F.J ChENF.Y 4 OU.. Toledo 0
Sold by DrugfftatB, 7,'c.
Hall's Family Fills are the best.
Clerical Sere Throat l-xplntnetl.
Deacon Scrimp Humph! Think you
tillVt* got to have a vacation. ehV
Struggling I'a:.! ur—Ves. lhe doctor
says 1 must go off until this cough is
Deacou Scrimp—Well, I'd like to
know why preachers are always getting bad coughs.
Snuggling raster-Well, you see, we
have to visit around a gootl deal, nud
we are always nsked to hold a little
service before leaving, and 1 think our
'laoats become a Heeled from breathing
the dust that tiits from the family
III bios,
People never seem to pay much at-
tion when your enemy does wrong,
but how they howl when you do
wrong .'
House  whiskers are now  used   for
making the   "grey   knat,"   a  dy   used
in  1 rout ing.
w MUSI0 .
Ts (ho vnirpof love, that Quality
makes its notes iJae tones of passion nno
echos of the besrl i- delightfully realized
In Ui.; vv I I. j. ! _ .v ,-■ v i \ :* i B.whicl
embody tlio highest ri raits ■<!' ■'* (-■■■n-
eration's progrr*. ai i Lmp/oved methods
oi const met [on, _ Ti •■   will Pis  i
comes neari.   * ct ion      it i   a
household  word.     V 'n*t-*_us,
phonographs, '■_■■. ; : : ■
_.M. C. A. Hlk, Portage Ave.. Winnipeg.
Ageu_.  Eidreage  "B" Bowing .Muehioo.>.
tjfhis CsLsrCr VTL4L jftUf 44
0-i-iL    W
f We will give the above reward to nny person who will correctly irran je ....
iaboy8 letters to spell the namesof three Canadian cities. Useeach letter but
Vine*. Try it. We will positively give the moneyaway, and you may be tlio
f fortunate person. Should there be more than I set of correct answer., the
A money will be divided equally. For instance should 5 persons send in correct
^answers, each will receive $40; should 10 persons send in correct answers,
feach will receive $20 ; twenty persons, $10 each. We do this to introduce
iour firm and goods we handle asquicklv as possible. BEND NO MONl'Y
_WITH YOUK ANSWER. This is a FREE contest. A post card will do.
f     ~       Thr*. who have Dot rtceWed anything/rot. other C'jntcs-j*, try thiaone.
'*_-*_* ■**!*. ***.
Overshoes _ _
Th? distinction among animals of
requiring least sleep belongs to the
elephant. In spite of his capacity
for hnrd work, the elephant seldom,
if ever, sleeps more than four, or occasionally  live,   hours.
.illoway & Champ*.
Write to us for prices of SCRIP.
Get our List of Lunds.
Stocks and   Bonds Bought and  Sold,
Wc can Xuvn__.h iho exact amount of
Scrip for any payment on Dominion
Lards.   Du not pay cash.
Mnn a
I   suppose   lit,,
married  life is
■.villi ihi' Idea
fnt nml can invi
.ossi'civ'.ic's it.'
numerable.  Try
a hopeless nit
some time it
ol" a perfect  W
your mipd the
liiii^' as  life an
Men art1 queer
nd UU  in!;*.*. .
t every man's dream of
more or less mixed up
f foi l—food that he can
te liis friends to eat. The
the chaling dish are in-
your beet not to fall into
Do dainty cooking. Then
ay bi> ihat the fragrance
elsh rabbit will bnnK to
i'.'■■: bud ling of love ns
1 as deep as the grave.
creatures, aren't they?
Her lnunl Remark.
"What did Maine sny when her father
gave her that new gold watch?" nskt-d
one gladsome girl.
"Oh, the sanii- thing thnt she always
snys. She remarked that shs was having a perfectly lovely time."
A l"«ed Cp One.
-Nnhlis—lie went i:*.; ■ tiie «■;_it^r's office
like a roaring !i"ii and came out lit.- •*.
[jostage stamp.
Bubbs—How was that?
Nut. i.s— Licked.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Eyerywta
Bud  Operation.
Boynton—Harding tells me he is euf-
fei i:...; from an oj ei utlou.
S:!\vyer-1   ha.Iu't   heard   of  it.    S;r
gieal, ul* course?
Boynton—No, this was a t.ani_ri_.!
operation. Gibbons borrowed ?lu of hia
yesterday.—Boston Transcript.
gtrrc.   Corner  C_Tflitte_l.
"Well," said tlie blind man, j:rr.s=;>•:::.*
liis cane and starting en, "I'll see you
"Let tne bear from you occasionally,1
paid the deaf nnd dumb man cordially.
C'hieago Tribune.
If some people were to weigh every
word bhey utter it would be decidedly   t OUgt)   on   tiie  s.'.ilrs
Before marrlag's a man considers
liis beat girl a little dear: after marriage he usually considers her a little extravagant.
Vice is a habit gone  to wed.
Tooth Powder 25'
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
Sozodont I.laui_ 25c.   _,_i_e Liauidom. Powder 75c_
At all stores ot by mail.    Sample of the Liquid for the postage, 30.
When on a diamond buying trip to
the cutters at Amsterdam, we never
forget to supply ourselves well with
four ''special" si.es, viz.:
For our $25 Diamond Rinff.
For our S5.1 Diamond Ring.
For our $75 Diamond Ring:.
For our $100 Diamond Ring.
Every one of these diamonds must
be of such a quality that the most
critical cannot find a fault, for a
"Special" Diamond King from
Ryrie's must be of "first quality"
Send for our Ring Catalogue.
Established 1654.
Yonge and Adelaide Sts.,
Printers1  Supplies
Billheads, Envelopes,Stationery
'riir man who. waits for something
to turn up is apt to discover thai it
is h is  t oes.
Aik. lp( na supply yon with
n clean cuttffioaero lot thnt
wiilbnk'ht.fiiiup your pages
nnd plense  your   readers
nnd ndvortiser^.    Write us
for estimates on anything
in printer's material.   : : :
17") McDeriuot Ave., Wiunipe*,*.
W. _-?. U. Xo. 847 *¥«_3 p%Q*fW?tCf}l, f4M^OfrTf 1$. €., i*ATUf.J)/V¥_ S^VKM.if. ..«,  .W.
(_G£AL   *IEW§,
;^4'f tt^-^^^'V-iK-^
T, G. Chvl:,
ihis week.
uf lb,. '7 Ml.'. .ft.5?.   W.i'-S '.':'
VV. G. Fprbes, Ki~n,i;, ^,yf >•■ Hsrt8°n
pan;, ia ihi.* week fapp a >:'.'.ccs>fu,l Jiuuti".';
\Y. V.. Iirei; went iiplo McOillivir.y cf-.sk
^n Tuesday.
Ale;:. Mcl.eod has   'akc/i Ul)   a   lunch   "li
Teui'eer.Uin   j'oftiigc.
Q, T. Vyiifrlcr,   of Ch.'.uui'sipan,  Jetty.,
v,\;us i;i town thi* week.
Mrs. Mcintosh, c.f l.njherton   I'ojlase,  i.t
^pending a few (Jay? i .   t»'.\ii.
Geqrge lleriey Ijad a .pecia'l in thia wccl*.
T. $. Findley, comni_rcii*.l nir.n,
£t crime in on T u__l:iy.
'A'. i(. Qfe/m, Anist.'-rtlcni, Holland, arrived in Ljll.qqet ihi*; jypek to hunt.
S.or^sr.icn conie from t!i_ofh,r side of the
zlcbc to hunt in  I.illuuvt.
A trustee  >„..-.__   ujjl lie field   in    the
gcliuol tliis inuniji;;; .it II o'clock.
Hie H91). Juilge Cornwall held court
pn Morjilay but no casus of f_jip_rf.ai|ce
were tried.
Clarke & Co., Lilhiqet, have a com ■
pk'le siott'rf of Drills, .Mjidiciiiee und sun-
jlriuH. Latter orders promptly auentlgd
to. Just tell iheii) vyluit yon want or
what the tumble if, enclosing money ami
Ihey will do the rout.
The concert held !«}st flight was n
huge success, bciiig thoroughly enjoyRi}
•by t'f.e large audience present. We are
unable to publish a full report in this
'i   rSKNTAB-ULl'TKLY PJigg U). mm? 1 OF POHT-U, ffiWii *in&« J'^  A**9* WMXHttl MW W>»»»«w»*
er. j                                   WHITE YOUR NMWfi *_*.!) A**Ws\S pi-/.'*.)-., 1%I^'>^1I1 - **-'     HjUldJ..*.,   i'i.k   ) . US..'.'*'S, r.K«;l H" H ».)<l-
T.i.ne   ia   no l 1, j n si   ' i It e A * * h ■ f*/'   !'/^ i"'rf.- ( ''i'1*  II .ook*, lh>UVltiti, tile,,   '.'.''., f.J.d <**Hi
iln    fwmts*™v»^~*!^*^*iiy#to0X1>KJ*'****2      ... ..        i t    li r i n - s     i 11 n t a n t I 5 _         -   *     1                •                   *            -   ,       ,   , .•
.-_„--__.,_,_« .-._.                          '      "    .    .      '            "'    '  .,   ...'_.. . "-       ...   ..     I r:;:ri •,.",   low   iM-utpa   mul    iiiiii'.-   ((.liviivv   011
FOB tsw
'.■■mil \ w
Morning service will be held in the
pliqrcl) of England hy the Venerable
Archdeacon Ljinal!, P" Suiutav next lOtli
ju. t. atl! A. M.
*"*■"%** I    ASTHMA CHRP FREE
rSi^r""-1  A-^ffiftigflS **1-*P *"s*^ *#*fcf §»d iwrmMMt
in which llieir   r.e,tiue.-i*   jApd   p/NtMf/Dfff | (p. J'.*?      J*"!      AH      "£>??*?..»
:ir,e tfffrte/l by tltj*irr/_).r«w_i-a. i_i* hjirf
'1. ,i*xr.0.s.i' ~b.e ,ci>nl_sij)^Wi!.,*■ l-fl'l i)ini
li.>n,i)e/l nw'.iiut .ii!.op!p4 l)y him t« ftp
iii'piiidi Iii. piu|»:
Y.111 will rct.i'ii.-ct tlmt a few moiij!
'jeo a.kin. liott my snl).:.dy ae r,H_id.i
plivficiun ior tlijtt di-c :ct   <e   ifn* wed
Yll .relihp ;l,v*i,ire h.'V  nni vej"o ll.y
it  wi.'.s   fifHfil;    "-"   ' J)lv   ili-'t-mi.   t
1 el- _  tin-  nii'inl'ir for  *West "fji)!poet,
wl)o,  ".vlu"i liie i>"i 'i o) >y,i^ ;,.re.-,".'e
to him, hv'turie&lly iinti'.iiinced ''It rai
uey.-r I e"   '.'it can n* ver  l»'''.   t.l *_rel-i
signifiiig   !,'s   ir.tt nti.011   of   tpirig ut
iletinpce lite »')*l)e. "1 hi. unniiliinrn't
iil'f'in* fie petition   «;l« ■ v.l'll eir' "li: te   .
Iiul  «i)lll   1 ,.;■).'."I  lo mo-l   l- in-'   ll i ,'j. ... ■    ,_ •),     y '..
ijnotinirn' (Jim p.-iitioti );y tie iipwetn-
utt'iit bijtiliu uji'ifDH by wlti'i) il i a
brought about.
Tl.e t)'!i,i'r tiny nnr iiieniber culled Mr.
'•'ti kley into his ,,|t* 'fl aud under pie--
sure of o nultry inili'l'ledii'sv nl a le
i|..i)iH> triid i" .Xtnrt (rom liim )i
hninili itiii*r ii!'ki)owleili/r;,;cnt llittl I"
lid not know what he was i-i.nii'g i.iti
•thewetl I'int son I' cntr,P«poi.di fire n
which he hail written lo tlie |_ovein-
mi'i t eI,tting lhat .t   E'Pal nutpy wlo ,\f,,*r having it carefully nnalyjeil, jye pap shite thit   .V.ipu.i'.eiic.   cqi^laina
Sotted 'he petition were nol aware »'hal ! ,,,,  omum, murplnne,  phloroibipi or cilier.        V,ejy indy yours,
'hev were do ng, and to ignore it.    Ti e I KKV.   DR.  -\|t,M.RIS   WT-iCllSi.KK.
reply of the ;..;ver;pnent   waf also \iri-1
dtie.il itrantin. llr.   Siu'ub's reqiu St.     j Avon  Sirinos,   N.   y.   j-sii. I, iodi.
I'.ut for onue.Qiir crafty represeiiiul- i     Dr.. Taft RrtOS.   Mi".t|P"iM". Cf).
ive pvero'liii'.n'cil   the   power  of a   few! Gentlemen;    I   write  ihi* testimonial  fr.qrp   a   sen-e oi duly,  havir;; tested the
'l»llar_, ami Mr. I> n-kiey refijSed m ac- ! wonderful cifeclot y > ir A;tli n dene, fof li)) cur) of Astl) ii;.-i. Nly v.ih- hns been
to bis reijuest, and n. polled wlut J.ia<l | officio-! wiih •Spasmodic astlrui for the pas'. (2 years. Having esdnusl-.l my own
taken place. skill as well as that of  many  others,    1   chanced   to  sec   your   siim   ti|i"u   your  win-
To say tlit) lea»t thi. puts opr mein-1 hous on 130 street, Ney. York. I ai once oblainwl a loiile of asljipialene. Mj wiie
ber in 4 v.ry p >or lij-'l.t; jt, is not very con.nienced taking ii nbt-ut the first pf November. I very soon policed a ifulipal
elevating to think pf H mem In r of par- improvement. After using one botfle h«>f usilnua had ilisapnearcrl aril she is entile!)
linment «neal;ii.ga man into his ottii« free from all symptnnii). I reel dyed 1 cin consistenily recnmniani] the mtilieine
ami mirreptitititi.'-ly trvinj: to extort nn! to all who aip al'i'.icual will) liiis di«tr^ing djseas.e. Yours respectfully,
.idntifsion from   liim  in  order  tli.it It ■' *,"!)"   ''(JEl-l'S,  M, P.
might airbill write thp government sta-     pR.  taiy Hkos.  Mkpicine Cq. I'pb. 5. i.qi.
lint; tliat lie li.ttl heel)   v.'»i'Otl   upon b) CunileiiiL-n:    I   was    troubled    with   Asthma  fof   *•■•'•   years.    I have tried nilmerom
another lur;_e delegation who had bfcen ! rcmedus,   hut   ihey have  all   failed,    I   ran across yipir ..ilyeriisemeiit mill  started w(
ill" victims of deception. a   trial   l")ott!e.    I found relief at  one.    I have since   purchased  your (id| s:z. d hotile,
It is Prtviiu a poor compliment to the   ani]   I r,n;   eyir  i;riiof.il.    I h-ps   a fau)i!y  ot"   fi.ir  clpldr-'i,   ail fir   si*   year,   wn-
ii)lelli|_eni eol the re-ideiitH of this coin   1 unable   to  work.    I" nni   now  in   i'ri  h i*t  of li.-iltl)   and   .1111  t|oii)_j   Inistiu.-..*   evprj
uinnltv to fitatt! that tliey could not uu* I day.    Tiii* testimony you cm, make s,ticli use of  as y»it( scu fit.
duretantl a sipiple   petition.   For  my I        Uopie sddrovs, 235,   Kjyington street. S.    Unpliae),
parti ui alisoluteiy Hertain   that Mi. 67 Efts) 129th st.,  New  York City,
suiith was not voluntarily wuit.il upon | e <S 8 O » © Q
by anvonew'.tl, relcetieetotim petit- Lfrja| ^^q sent absolutely fr08 OH rftn ^Ipt Of DOStS*
ion.    It  is   pos.-ibie  lhat  und- r    some I J
AXES   *  AXEL*   M   AXE_3.
I - * - ,. -
/   W§ GMvy a .->.*.«" bi.0.1. .<>f liii- fernm*
H UiAicfi MttHtt'-s Jf'HjIiiu J.jj. AWsiu PeUingi
J   ri\\-.tiii|)i!i^ jijj.J < 'idii'o.Ti'ti  f-J,.'v«i':'iI'U';  ftl»9
mnele I'M  As.s Itj,*iMll'-''J ..n4 it.iiliuii'il^l,
it   iiripm   j j) „ ,t # 11»
relief, ..y.i! 1 11 t b «• » 10 r « 1
case.-. It irues ,wl«i) ail else Infs,
The IJcv. C. F, VvT.l.l.^, of Villa KH«..
111., say;-: •" -Y.CJir trial b.ol^. of Aff.ipialfn^
!■--.■■..,■) in j;r,i),i .-.p-'i'.iin. J poflno'. l»-il y*'H
how il*-i.i,!i,l f ^cp fof ihe j;ia'ti tl.eriye,! fn in
it. I v.as a slave, cbaim-J \tbh iiuirid sor^i
llui.al a.i,i Asth.uJ I'..)" len y,ears: 1 dssp.'iic.d
of e.y-f)eii.g Weil. I --aw «t»tr a(lyer)ise(«enl
for the jiir-.- of this dicadffd aad Jpfmenfipg
!i-.;:e... A'|l'i)ia, and t!i.o;';;)u you l:ad i^'i ■
*p d.en youl.ci.yts, Isit r.c-uKid to |'jve i: a
trial. To pty a*'.,.iii-.!iiiiei t, tli.c nud act. fj l)| -
a cii'om.    *S,nd nie a Ipll-siia:  hotils.*'
Hs-v,   {vr.   \i.,i>-ii!   vyechflop
K.iel.i ol die Cong,   I'.i.ai  Israel.
•New    Vflrk,   Jan.   j.    lyol.
1:Its.. TAFT   "''.OS.'   MKIir.TNK   CO.j
Cient'cmcn:    Your   Astluiialcne   is   an :
e*.11.;lipi  ri;,i'.-*ly fof   Astl.nia apd Hay  hour,
and  its 1.uut ".-itaai allpxialm nil lrii(l|ilp_ aliiili:
enmhipp wilh A^tluiia.    fls s41.cp.e5j js asb.l)i.j)i)lg
and wenileiti'.l. I
\ fi:;;rii."l. low pt'ie^.s _.}-.) fjuiek delivery on
- a theso fg*).«if?.
....)    MAIL Ol.lJlifiSf.fJDg.VJ.OPUf-PgefAl. ATOCSTfOJ.,
iGi,G!**na*ri, NtaFf.-sty & Go., ltd-
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
m. . iv.-w.-c. ui.dCK, -.|';!,>.m:.. |i, c,
fiiild, ::.'l,"'r.|,e*id and (topper '•iine- wauled q.f Ilic |V.'r.i'il.'Mi]',,
l''i(l'',K Mil,!.IMi l_jO|4) properties v)ani.,| ul oiiue f„r JJi.turnJn.
I'iriiee havini! inii'fni; property for -alo arp rsriHUItiBd to 6-tntl .mnplii
of lb  ir "ie to the I.XCH.i'.iJKfer exjiil'ltiim,
Weilvire io hear in.*u pro.[uiuior_ wlioliayu pronii-i.i. niiiii'ralcluiiii.
iu lti-iiiai, 0"l tl in bin,
I'rospectors and niinii k nn n are rcii'l'Sted to utilkii the   I'.Xl"''        I,
t)ir{r lieU'h|Uilll|'l „ when iu   Nl ir*l,ll,
All SUU, [lie- shoo 1 i    •" sell I  IIV express lMtHI'MP,
Q.treHjiHi.duiicj. eol.cited.   A'"l'«»s ail eo iiinUtullnna to
ANDiuow   iv   i;'i;d"*.:.i::'i'''i:i*
epllOil.". No.   111..      !>.  ().   I'.ox Villi.
N'/.I.SOS, 11. (
Tlie iic'.v singe liitc leaves Lytton every Mondfiy ami
Fi'it'p.y   fov  l.i'iltnn'1, i't'li'.iiiino" iit'.xt   *l;\y,      Speciivl  trip.'.
ninth1.   Write us 1 ■ > 1 infovniftti'jn,
Peter L.ebugliati & Co.   Lytton B, 0.
•>*K*- >/-r// 4'.*.; "•>•:■''■:■-'
t West Lillooet ','
To have   a gooi]   reputation  in  business
goes a long way towards succcj^s. When
tpe Family Herald aud Wfielcly Star. <-t
Montreal, with theic reputation for doing
things right, announce to the public that
they arc issuing portraits of the Kins and
.p"citni8 [iretex', snub a* the leonti'-e of!     P°   nol delay.    Write at
a job or  Ibe lor.u ot a tew  did'ar*, be   79  En.t Si., N.   V. City.,
may Imve gained ftnailmi.eion from one                             C   1.1   1...  ,.11 Vri'roif
ortwo tion.  thpy   d:d   not  oi.d-rstn,.,!                                   k".!LU-*l\    <l t i IJlUflfgl.
the potitimi.   Thia wnnld   wroimt  ior'    __,,._  : -  1_ja-   ^.._	
liis ref'iaal to g.ve tnnnes and   thu v.tn
nee,   addressing  \.\i.  TAl'T   Dl.fJS' .MKUKIINK CP.
Llboraj ^st?ac.3tlon,
Mi'in^prBhtp in t ln» hIkivu       «•
r,•-»1.1-.itlj  (i   \t>  rip' fi   ... nil        * f_
L'htTftls III  (.ifprn'l  iWl'l rtll-      f**'"
l 4$     j» '-''it <li;tri.'is~: 'flitf t...fi->iitfl     *>.^-
i   •/      ol th'1 a-t-nfi-rmn ;iri- in (<»»•       **-■>'
■/■* «•■*"_*
j   -as     ri.ri«u iiintf ilo1 i'ii|:n (.i(.';tTi-      .
I >.U isttitiop, :inil \o PtlviiTirfp lhe       .^'
j   «- -jiriin**:11 t'- ol'  L ■■! .■....-.•.'.           W
• ":' W. A   <..-nih<'v   M. p.. Moil, Pr, J£
1 i-;.-* ti, P-lnrkp. M P . P^niilt_nt.    "'v'
; ^ Sniiiwcl Uibh., 8.-m'tury. <.^
iv **
";■'. •/ // 'i'/ M VV':K '.'"r V ^
in wliieli lip went about a mailer which
did r.ot call (or the Bli^'itest amount of
obtainable, and will wait for it. The public will not be disappointed, either. The
Family Herald's portraits of the Kins and
Qjteen are ench 18 x _a inches, and are
truly a beautiful pair. They have also a
third picture of the "Duchess of Devonshire," in ten y'.ch'.colors -ii x 28 inches,
which is regarded as a perfect gem. Al!
Iiree pictures are to be given free to all
yearly subscribers.
*eu retry.
11 a parly or partip? had signed a pe*
tltion without clearly i]ni*:er«.»|idin_! il*
contents there is in?, barm iu  Dunking ii
Queen to their subscribers, the public will \ pn^Hi'lv known. |
be satisfied that  their picture is the best       lf "l** iinntake li«d been as univortal
as Mr. Smith \>ouhi lead thp vovcrn- , ")
ment tp believe, it wood nnilniil^teil'y )
have been conimtiijted nn in piiiiliu. I /
challetiga Mr. _.nitb to prove that thi- \
mis heen the case.
The only t'onitneiils I linye hinid on ;
the petition were th» reitrids
ol the. most refl| Bumble, mnpliera :. i ilu* I
dislriel that t'ney did not have tbe Opp-
luncan's Station I
*= Hotel—
F. II. Nelson, pro*.
Boats for use ot (Kue_tt4,
Arch.    Mcrjonah-j,   road    superintendent,
was in to^-n V.\h \y{.ek.
Hic. A. F'rnser is now acting ?■; travelling
cepresentative of the Vancouver World,
\Y. A. /Ulan, representing Allan Bros.,
•vhelesnle shoedealers, Vancouver, visited
Lillooet this week,
A fence ia being erected around the new
ail premises.
RCteraod good reputation in uaeh state, oue
iti Llila county reqviired, Lo represent and nd-
. ertiao oM oatabliBhed wealthy businosa hont.-
. ■- ol Solid financial standliitj, f.;ilary 31SO0
iveekly with expenses additional, nil payable
tu lash -einch Wednesday direct fiont head off*
. „i. Qarse and carrlaijes rurnitihed when
!\ucessa*cy. L'm lose 8eU*addr*j)9S|d stanipeil
. ,,■ ptqpe,    Maaager,   310   Oaxtpn   Buildlug,
,,.„„.  MiniPE Prcdparty for sais.
lu British Columbia!,
ortunity to ni_;ii it as it *vua not uircul-
ntvti in Iheir nei.-iiliorhnoii. Tenders arc   Invited lor ihe whole nl lhc
If Mr.  Smith  is alarm*.!   about bin  ""'j ■" '"'"'"!l ;":  r-mV» «™""-■'*'  '!"""»-
,           ,                         ,, >,lU sue. I'v-ui'le ir.iil. [ -;'. unci'■,   :.'-■" ■ ■ i -
constituents   why lit...   be    not   mill.. ,|ij-). trKinwuy. n.n>iy ..fllce, hihoratnr!   an.
public mentinp and .e-'tihtl" tlieee mat- , full .cpiipmem, "i ilia Ttirniu >   l.lll ii
ter- ill   tin) broad   opiMl   lipbt   of   day, Keefs Cruntiany l.briltBd.Hituuieiit ihe LilioivM
and nptuo eneaking _nmntl to injnn
peoplt) who nre moredeaireiible e:;;/.i
ill in liitio'elf. 1 nm not Bpeiikinn for
inyeelf alone, but 1 am prepared to go
on tlie puh|ic pUtiorm and prove con-
c'u'iiveiv th" r>ir. Smith baa proatitul-
ed his poai'iou at member of ptttliament
togratilv hip spleen on fpi time* of tin.   "'il:" pmportj nil	
,.     . .,    ' .        ,  ■      i     • lormei ;t up9..H loiittoture hat   I • n
distrv't.on Oorpi.rft.10119 dotny husm* te
\i o.l-. \\ indo, Mom r.di and Wtlhnid Vide
nilncp   ivhieh   p.re coovri  Rntntetl,  . .•     the
S'Orth 'Itie:, I,el.ten Strip., tilllilCII  l.je.'e.  ll.iey
nie! Juiui ci min .nil , t.iiM. t:i t'.n' smni dlsl
riei. tng'-.licr with ti i"u stamp mill, . ,--liir.*-
ilrill md ollipr liquipment.. i'k*!i ictulerv lor
the whole properly are requester! but
off irs  i'*i!"   wnrlcl/ij opt
I,[I.LOOK.,    1'.. 0.
Repairs   lu'.'t'y   exocn'.ed.    Haruos.   madi
and repaired.
?, . _ll _ I  Wvi ell  J t
\ lull stock of ail   inds of
i1. no\y for sale hy
II, C. P^liKEK,
1.1!.i Ol IKT, ii. C.
-eeie ant! I.ep i   ■■'., ■■  in   !ren Block.
Call and examine  stock.     No trouble h
ill. w goods
in it find in nnmeron. *■ i-et, on private
parlies who tee him in  his   true  light.
Ip order to do  this he lit'.*  not  hen
Daily service to and from
VAN I'till'. !'.K,
TDllilN ro,
ST.   !'.\l"l.
and all p'oinm   Kaet and   West.
.    -ne-. v    Vj.i ...   il p; r.)-h :■:' i.e; ', I.IK)   tn |
$11.00 Wafcon road irom Hadroad to nifll. I'lu
whole of the ub ve will bear lODklng Intn and
Investigation and are an ex. optionally r:ijHir
mi an.l vahui liii itruuii ',, ■::■ iii ■ v, ltli fc 11
by any meium overburdened with mini-   „.orktng,.„,, ,.   P„,, pHV,i_,llH1    ..
pies and it ia lime if wa. are ever to have  imn nu    ;,,  ■■■ ..„    n .,    nil    ,i  id
a prosperonM coiniuniiity that macliin-1 blqutdiiior, l*. 0. Box'/M Viuhm   \ r n
utioiiu oi liiiti until te be Btopped.
SPV  WliS'l'MITCSTKIt, !!. 0.
Geneval Hardware,
; Paints, OU?  and Vavninhof',
Stoves, EiKimol-d Irun
in ware
Miners Steol, Ptr
' and Itnssel un." Pi
jas. b. mm
LlH,()015T, V), C,
.\J. ;r.if.i',-tlU|'i* i.(_:ill kin.l of
M M.i;.-; .Ui'iM.!i:«, picks. rmiM.H Rto,
Stim- iir.t ihis last m..__.i*lii_l . lmI. Miners np
■ it ; uruir**4 .'jnding iu onlera .vil. rbcalva
pruiiijii aituniiou and uailefacttop guHVrtllioftO
■^*™4^»1\'*?n»»^»'."*.l«*»,***»^,*,^i",li" H'"» « " PMM
Lillooet. B. C.
,'i:.\i.Kk in,
'1 imvare
MinovB SuppHosi
Fnvro ruiplements
ii;\i",u--.s iV: Sii'ltiitry
Funiltnvo, eto,.
All orders promptly itttendcdto.
■t.    .   . ,.  .    .  .       ■..'..   I       4   .   i       .       »   .   .'. • tS
tt. S. DOXAT,   PROP,
Hus niVt'ts /.ll suv.meru.    Tcuwli-R 1')' <*ftj
at  cpntvrict.     Uip> ;u-\* hurseis fot
hire al Ki',iti'.r;itc v;r.L's.
UAV AND vikA.N   t'OH SALE.,
a on.B,
Ilu yon want ;i bargain? We oiicr tlie
STAR; Photos
and DUCHESS of Y
L . V - !( S S f 'f"
tho DUKE
K: and *k»
Prospector; all tor 50 cen1;3.
■   e smbporip*tio.ns to h.y- papers will be good i'oy tht.
reipainder of this j'eav. Those who have already
renewed can, upon payment oi the above,
have their subscription extended,
I :.i photos will each be about 14x'20 inches in size „n<
will be suitable for framing.  No better opportunity can b<
;, ive.   fov <->l)taiuing" pholo- of oyi' future '4-'.o<: nnd Queer!
To Delinquent
'li .1 '.\ •,N!'!;i: >t. DON .M>, orlonny per
; sf.ii ti,- i • .'*<i:.'- if Whom he _-_._"_•**.' hftve trtins*
',;■,", ■ '. tiiu in.erosta in tha ' Biitcnninl rtiiI
Pun_)h:« in ine ml etHiiue siltiftU'on Mi *..;i.v;..v
Creek, in the MUoojet Mining DlYitfo i p.( Lil*
looi t ili.trict.
Yon ura horoliy iioU^cU thatlhpva expend
ac) itie buib nl . i: :' ■*■ I ihnur and lin rovumen ;-
ujionthi-Rbove in mMotiptl miiuir tl claims, Ji.
order to hohlHpM Minurdi uiahns under the
pvcn'ifjiiony of t'.io. Mlnrril A?t, and   if wUbin
ti ;■.,.•_, i.■■;.'-■ lv.n.i Jii:- iim»•'.•_• vou fttll Of   roftt.(
in t-onirib\it. your porUo,n r»J such cspi    litui
inprether with nil rrwi of advfrliiln's, r,"'i* iti
tevi »ts in said rtftim. will bet'omo th - proper*
nf the Biibwrlbct. un ler n- tion  i n( «n .
entitle i tl*." Min* ral  .-:l A.n auli ■■ nl A '\.V
Da'ed i : ! lil i*J6l this 21sl ..*:■ ui Ecptemt
IS( t.
Fast at.iuner po'vice Irom Vftnconver to
.1 WAN,
AI'S... ,T,XA,
iuwAUAN hwsdb.    Cwlhoo •«. UWooet
Stage Lines. I Mineral Act, 1896,
t, V*,''\_/*\_ '''■?: \* x,"     *!  ' ,v    1  \t/_A__
Pirn I'liprri* hookeil lo mi'l  (rom 01
' ^r'ilnlio,, „,,i in,,.-,,.,, jiHlTlSH COLUMBIA EXPRESS
painplili'l-   will  li.   Iiunlplifil tin   hi -
pllciUion to an y  c.i'.i!  ajj.nl, or lo
■.:... rovi r. ! Head Office - Ashcroft, B.C
iver. B. c
_. .._.
lill'iOS mr Fall ur Spring planliiv
Seeds, Plants,
lll'.l, SI  i"l I.I!".-,
CalnUigu. tree.
U. J, Henry,,
\CtTti, \Vi>ti!'i;    ii  Rond,  Viii.couver, B.(
vyitiYJ. LABOR i -:*! ".
Cin I "ti  nml   way  points,  Motulav,
\Vi'tlni''-il.iy and Friilay,
All   point,   it*   C.uiliio— i lli.vrn.-ll'.,
| Qi.u.im-1 Fiirkn, Olii.coicn Alkali  Lik.J
; "a M in.vH.
I'.   Milu   ll'ui.e anfl way points—oi
I i i.iav.   \ ex.',,:t ae! v.fi: )
u;l;i'i.'_:,      — Miniilay   ni.tl F, itln; ,
S  _i in! ru!iv,'\ aliCi
f 'I" [llllU't. .
lUi'iiitlifl.    B.inl i
Mi. T.  llr, ni in, pi ur -. nici, ■   ...    tl
S . .. ■ ivcr un  _iivi*iay.
Sg~. i tr. 2>c
_.     ...!_iJ!>i'i
MLlc.oet, '•'.. '■'
A,\!) MiNINQ DROK..K*,
C. ■i-.i.iv "lit IN.* MADli
Certllirjtc ot ImprGvcments,
Sit, Joseph  and St. ,lol\n Mi^era] ''Vinn.
. tuiato ;,*i tin '..'.-ti' m\   MlnitiK   DIv.m.uh
tn LtllooL'i])l_<it'i,:t,   VVhure lovmt'di   Or\
Mid.en.n'.i l.aku .iii\ bipth hide, ot MtV>\ll-
iv.ny ' id k
TtxV.e notifo that I, Peter Bur uol   act In? •-
■u_ t- _i. for a. >:;.   Goorge  I hint liters lay,   Free
,tii ■    i   ■ r.lrt :at= No. n, -uv; .i,   Fro'j Mlnm'-*
.•.':!•!'. air' No. IS20U, Intend, sixty days lvo\i\
.. du e tieieof, to n,;iply to thu Mining fctoeord*
er for *■. i n■tit.■■. t.- o: Improvuinenis,  hy,   um
• itirpottu of oUiniuiuts   *.   Crown Utaut  of .lia
Liuve i laimi.
And further take nollee that antti-jji, uudtr-
coti-.n li", rou^tbe >oiumcnucd   befoje the   !"•■
•iitint'e nf Kiith HetitQ ate oi  tiiiproveineii.8,
Dated thineisj-iieonih n.ay "' tK'tohev, 1001.
i'1/n'.it nriiNET,
F. M. i'.  No. 18,!.)0,
Half-Way House,<^
!!,. •! in " .i all Stages.
'' ' ' : 11.   1YB,.*1.V, 1 'ruptieior.


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