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The Prospector Apr 13, 1900

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'    ^MmU G^aJUus $*
Vol. 2, No. 40.
$2.00 a year.
Articles of incorporation were filed
last week by tbe Anderson Lake Mining
& Milling company, with a capital stock
fully paid up of $225,000,000 divided into
900,000 shares of 25 cents each. The incorporators were R. T. Ward, Oliver
Harvey, J. C. Shields, Denis Murphy
and F. S. Reynolds. Tbe company was
formed to tate over the well known
properties on McGillivray creek, near
Anderson lake and about thirty-five
miles from Lillooet. The former owners
tbe Brett Bros, and John Marshall have
done a large amount of development, including some 400 feet of tunnels and upraises and there is a large amount of ore
in sight that averages well in free gold.
A ten stamp mill, tramway ets., is nearly completed and will be in operation by
the company in about a month. The
board of directors being the incorporators, met in the office of Denis Murphy,
at Ashcroft, last week and elected as
follows: -President, F. S. Reynolds;
vice-president, R. T. Ward; secretary,
J. H. Bremner; treasurer, W. B. BaMey.
The company is a close corporation
and no stock will be offered for sale.
Among the holders of the same being
Borne of the best business men of Ashcroft and Lillooet.
After the transfer of the properties to
the company, and other business was
transacted Messrs. Murphy and Shields
retired from tbe board and W. E. Brett
and John Marshall jwere elected to fill
the vacancies. Funds were provided for
beginning operations.
The business arrangements in connection with beginning operations at
the mine were left with the president of
the company. The incorporators and
other owners believe they have a very
valuable property and every effort will
be made to make the McGillivray creek
mines a success and it will be in no
sense a stock speculation, or in other
words, if tbe company have what they
think they have, a valuable mine, they
will realize well in their investments,
and if they should find unfortunately
that the property is not as good as was
hoped for and expected there will be no
mourners to charge anyone with stock
The Liberal Convention.
The Liberal conveation which opened
last Thursday at Vancouver, adjourned
the following night at ten o'clock sine
die. The evening session was by far the
most confused that took place during
the meeting. The feature of the {day's
session was the close vote on the reception of the Cassiar delegates. They
were objected to by Premier Martin and
his section of the convention on account
of the delegates having not come from
Cassiar, but were appointed at a meeting of electors of Cassiar held at Victoria
a few days before. E. P. Davis and the
anti-Martin party held that the delegates should be received, as it was absolutely impossible, on account of tbe limited notice given of the convention, to
have delegates appointed in Cassiar itself. The sensational result was a tie,
139 votes for and against, and, amid
cheers that could be heard for blocks,
the chairman voted in favor of the reception of the delegates from the north*
ern district.
E. P. Davis threw a bomb into the
meeting the first thing at the ever ing
session. He moved that " the liberals
in provincial convention assembled hereby refuse to accept the government of
the Hon. Joseph Martin as a representative of the liberal administration, and
hereby declare that it is optional with
any liberal to support or oppose the
said government." Martin objected to
this as out of order, but the chairman
held it was proper, and Davis held the
floor, but for two hours the meeting refused to allow him to speak. Pandemonium reigned and the din was terrible. The meeting did nothing more,
and m no one could speak adjournment
was made indefinitely. The convention
opened with a riot early Friday morning
and continued until tbe adjournment.
Thirty of the outside delegates whose
credentials were not upheld by the credentials committee stormed the doors
and passed tbe policeman who attempted to guard the doors.
Late War News.
Lord Methuen commanded in the
spirited little action a few miles to the
South East, where he surrounded the
Boers on a Kopje. Not a man escaped.
Fifty four prisoners were taken as well
as 60 horses and a quantity of baggage.
General DeVillebois was killed. A Boer
hoisted a white flag and then fired killing a British officer. The murderer was
instantly shot.
Carnarvon 11.—Two thousand insurgents who were unaware that Sir Chas.
Parsons bad occupied Kenhardt and
were on their way to that place, have
been captured by the British troops.
London 11.—Lord Roberts wired under yesterdays date as follows: "The
enemy has been active during the last
few days. We inflicted serious loss on
the Boers yesterday at Wepener."
A London despatch says: It is believed here that Lord Roberts has sent
Gatacre borne, having no confidence in
Ottawa 11.—Lord Strathcona has
called for 50 more troops for service in
South Africa. They will be held in reserve to fill vajancies that may occur
through death or otherwise. The men
will be selected from the West.
Mr. A. McDonald independent candidate for east Lillooet, left for the coast
Saturday on business.
London 13.—Sir Alfred Milner, governor of Cape Colony, speaking at
Capetown yesterday says: "The British
will no longer tolerate dissimilar and
antagonistic political systems in a
country which nature and history have
declared to be one."
In these resolute utterances he speake
for the Impei ial government.
It is estimated that Lord Roberts has
214,000 effective troops, with 1,200 more
afloat or under orders.
Aliwal North. 12.—News from Boer
sources at Wepener says that four Boer
guns have been disabled and four commandants have been killed or wounded.
On Tuesday night the British made an
attack, capturing a Boer gun and taking
some prisoners.
Mrs. T. C. Barron, of Kansas City
is anxious to get word of her husband
who, she thinks, is in Vancouver. He
was in Lytton a short time ago. He is
known sometimes as T. O. Barron and
then as Wallace Barron.
Acting on orders from Ottawa the
Lieutenant-governor haa dissolved the
house. Nominations are fixed for May
26th, the elections on June 9th and the
writs returnable June 30th. The bouse
meets July 5th.
Rev. A. E. Stephenson visited Pavilion
this week.
Carl Hartzel, who owns a ranch in the
Pemberton section was in town this
Rev. Ladner of Kamloops arrived in
town la t Monday and left next morning
for Pavilion.
Mrs. Oswick of Pavilion was in town
this week as agent for a book entitled,
"The War in Africa."
The ferry at Sucker ureek is now ready
for travel and Messrs. Collum & Delong
will attend to business at that point.
Dune. McDonald left for the Empire
Valley section the first of the week to
interview the electors in the interest of
A. W. Smith.
Ronald Currie and his sister, Mrs. A.
Mcintosh have take possession of the
Pemberton Portage ranch having purchased, it from J. L. 0. Knowles.
Arthur F Noel is expected home from
tl 3 coast to-day.
There will be a song service in the
Methodist Church on Sunday evening.
The Subject will be "Easter." The
offertory will be in aid of missions.
Mr. M. Connors and wife arrived from
the coast last Friday evening. Mr.
Connors left for Cadwallader Tuesday
where he will be employed in the Bend'Or mine. Mrs. Connors will remain in
town for the present.
P. Burnet, D A P. L. S , is at McGillivray Creek surveying a couple of
mineral claims for a Toronto Syndicate
represented in \ ancouver by Mr. A. St.
G. Hammersley.
The road has been "hanged near the
bridge so as to allow the working of the
auriferous gravel, by the chinamen who
lease the ground through which the road
passes. The road is not as good as it
might be, and the grade should be put
in better shape.
Premier Martin says he intends to
visit every district before the elections,
and we learn that he intends holding a
meeting in Lillooet and also to put a
candidate in the field as a supporter of
the Martin government. A few around
this section are a little sore on not being
appointed to a cabinet pasition, but perhaps the Hon. Joseph may complete his
cabinet while in tbe sage bush country.
Harrv Attwood left  for   Cadwallader
the first of the week.
T. R. Mowson is in town and expects
to leave for the Northwest shortly.
The names mentioned as candidates
for the east riding of Lillooet have dwindled down to Archie McDonald and J. D.
Frank Stevenson of Lytton, who has
been ill for some time with rheumatism
will shortly be around again aft.. several,
weeks at Harrison Hot Springs.
Wm. Young one ofthe owners of the
Lorne is in town and will return to the
mine agaim in a few daye. Everything
is working satisfactory and a cleanup
will be made shortly.
Word has been received that Lieut-
Governor Mclnnes was advised by Sir
Wilfred Law'er that his reasons for calling Jos. Martin were deemed entirely
inaii. ,uate and be must either call the
legislature together immediately and
select a government therefrom or at
once dissolve the house.
Denis Murphy, indeperdent candidate
for West Yale, against t. 3 Hon. George
Washington Beebe, a member of tbe
Martin cabinet, will shortly make a tour
of that district.   Denis is a sure winner.
Lillooet can boast of being a moral
town and can be compared with the
Zion towns started by new (angled religious fanatics. It is very seldom that one
hears of a " little game " going on as !s
done in neighboring towns. The polict
here keep a sharp lookout for any
wrong doers.
Dr. F. S. Reynolds, Oliver Harvey and
J. H Bremner and W. E. Brett all connected with the Anderuoii Lake Mining
Co. will a.rive today from Ashcroft,
and will leave tomorrow for the
mine, returning Monday afternoon. The
property owned by, this company was
recently purchased from the Brett Bros,
and John Marshall.
The steamer Minnehaha, Fred H.
Kinder master, is a great accommodation
to the public, and since the new machinery has been put in it makes the
trip to the mission in about an hour.
A shed has been erected at the lake and
freight can be stored for tbe departure
of the Minnehaha. "Commodore Kinder," is always alert and is ready for any
special trips.
The Chinese Question.
An animated discussion took place in
the Commons last week on the Comox
and Cape Suott Railway bill. Mr. Mclnnes moved aa amendment prohibiting
the employment of Chinese in construction or operation.
Mr. Morrison opposed the amendment on the ground that the courts had
declared such a provision unconstitutional.
Sir Adolphe Caron insisted that the
government declare its policy on tbe
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said the government would shortly bring down a
bill on the subject of Chinese immigration. Tn the meantime he thought
that as Canada taxed these people on
entering tbe country, she could not well
refuse them the right to work. He
called upon the house to vote down tha
Mr. Mclnnes challenged a division.
This being taken the amendment was
rejected by 51 to 21.
New Cabinet Minister,
Tbe latest addition to Martins Lime
Kiln Club is Colin S. Ryder, minister of
finance, and the announcement of his
appointment to preside over the provincial treasury caused quite a ripple of
excitement. The new ministers pedigree has been published, and it is
doubtful whether he will get a prise at
tbe grand cake walk which will take
place shortly with the exit of tbe whole
Martin cabinet. Ryder or Walworth, as
he used to be called, has had a varied
experience and has done busfness from
"slinging hash," and peddling small
"icktabs" to finance minister. British
Columbia may well feel proud of the
whole gang who are in charge of the
business of the country. If there is one
man with any redeeming features about
him, his associates will counteract
A. Satan Would do It.
Following the example of the Rev.
Mr. Sheldon but going to tbe opposite
extreme, H. J. Feltus, editor of the
B'oomington Star, will this week turn
ever his office and his paper to the devil.
In an editorial he said:
"A good many newspaper readers
think they can run a paper better than
the editor. No doubt his satanic majesty thinks the same thing, so next
week we propose to give him a trial by
turning over the Star to him for one
issue, and let him run it accordingly to
his own notion. Suitable contributions
for such paper, briefly written will be received and considered if sent in early in
the week. No church notices nor reading or advertisements of a religious
nature will be received for next Sunday's
paper; we propose to let the devil have
full sway.	
W. Durban is having his lot fenced
and a general improvement made.
Notice has been given by gold commissioner E. C. Senkler, of the Yukon
district, that on the first of June all
government placers in the Yukon district
will be disposed of public auction at
G. A. Ward was in town last Friday
and left next day for Jack's Landing,
where he will make his headquarters,
and will conduct the ferry and stopping
place at that point. He has purchased
the right of the ferry from Mr. T. R.
Mowson who has been in charge for the
past year. "Gib." will always be ready
to accommodate travelers and tbey may
be sure of a warm welcome when they
strike his place. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1900.
Published every Friday.
Payable in advance.
IIC. A. FRASER, Editor and Proprietor.
FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1900.
Mr. Bostock's reply to the enquiries
made in regard to the non-letting of the
Lytton mail -contract ia a direct incult
to the people of  thia community.   Mr.
Bostock is nothing if not verdant and he
shows his simplicity in expecting us te
believe that the Dominion Government
would resort to euch petty eubterfuge, in
order to   ascertain the coat of   carrying
the mails, unless they were instigated by
some powerful motive.     It does not require any great degree of penetration to
diacover   the motive.     Even a  liberal
government does not stultify itBelf  and
appear ridiculous from pure wantonees.
There   is     only    one   possible    construction   to   be placed on   the refusal
of the   government   to let the contract
and that is, it did not suit the designs of
Mr. Bostock.    The public would have a
higher opinion of the member for Yale-
Cariboo if he had the manliness to make
a   straightforward   statement   to   that
effect,   instead   of   paying such a   poor
tribute to our intel igtnce, as to expect
us to believe that the Dominion government is so agitated over the expense of
running a mail between here and Lytton
as to go through the farce of  calling for
tenders only to repudiate them.   We are
all aware that the service would be  far
cheaper via Lj tton, at the same time we
are aware that  political considerations
prevented itB consummation.
Mr. Bostock's connection with this
affair places him in a very unenviable
light, better things were expected of
him. When a man of his unlimited means
uses his position to deprive a couple of
hard-working industrious boys of the
reward of theirenterprise.it is time the
searchlight of public opinion was turned
on him, and to ask ourselves, if it is to
our interest to again put him in a position which he has shown himself to narrow-minded and vindictive to fill.
As a politician Mr. Bostoct has been
a gigantic failure; his failure is all the
more pronounced on account of the manner iu which his appearance in the political arena was   heralded.     Even   the
forces of nature were   supposed to participate   in   his   advent, an earthquake
was to be felt, unusual phenomena were
to be apparent in the heavens, he   was
supposed to be possessed of all the virtues, the absence of a beard alone prevented his parasitical admirers from detecting a striking  retemblance  to  our
Saviour.   His honor was his most sacred
possession, it was bo sensitive that the
slightest suspicion of wrong doing would
cause him the moBt acute agony.    What
is the result?   Leaving out  the  great
harm which can   be directly traced to
the misuse of his money, his whole parliamentary career consisted of a couple
of measures for the purpose of coercing
the Canadian Pacific Railway company
in the matter of passes and townsites.
The  sympathetic  silence  with   which
these   meaaures  were   received by  the
house, the sad, sad tones of Sir Wilfrid
as, with his tremalo stop pulled out to
its full extent, he consigned them to oblivion, would have caused a more observing man than Mr.  Bostock to immediately consult a psychologist.   Mr. Bos-
tock'a own personality would never have
made him  a factor in the province, but
the lever which his money  supplied, to
clever, but more unscrupulous men, is
directly responsible for the chaos and uncertainty which now exists.    It will  be
our  duty   to prove to our  readers  in
future issues that The Prospector is correct in its deductions.
Prospectors in the outlying districts
will no doubt, appreciate the proposal
of the Government—not yet, however,
made public—to appoint Deputy Mining
Recorders with power to receive and
transmit records and affidavits, in localities far removed from the main
offices. In some districts such as Cassiar
and Omineca a prospector, after locating
a claim would not infrequently be obliged
to travel a hundred miles or even more
in order to record his discovery, and in
localities where the working season is of
short duration, this long journey was
naturally considered a hardship. The
proposed appointments will, however,
go far towards remedying the grievance.
—Mining Record.
a. tt:f:fo:r,:d,
•     VANCOUVER,   -   -  -   -  B.C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for fine work. Leave your orderB with
he postmaster who will have it attended o as
well as if you came nersonally.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
To the Electors of the
West Riding of Lillooet Electoral District.
Gentlemen: As. the present condition of affairs in the province can not Inst long it will be
necessary to appeal to the country by a general
election and I again come before you, for the
fifth time, to ask you for your suffrages, and if
you do me the honor to elect me to represent you
in the Legislative Assembly, I shallconsider it
my duty to use my utmost endeavors to forward
your interests in every possible way, and those
of the whole province.
The most urgent requirements of the district
at the present time are the construction of
roads to the Bridge River, McGillivray Creek
and Blaekwater mining sections, and roads that
will give better and more convenient outlets to
the farmers of Pemberton Meadows, Watson
Bar creek, Empire Valley and Chilcotin
agricultural sections, and if elected I will do all
I possibly can to have these roads constructed
as soon as possible.
I believe that the district is on the eve of
great prosperity, and I am in favor of the judicious expenditure of money in the construction
of roads and trails so as to give easy access to
all parts of the district, thus bringing its rich
mining and agricultural resources within easy
reach of the miners and agriculturalists. Such
a policy I am certain would result in a large
increase in the population and expansion of
the revenue as would justify any government
in the expenditure.
I do not think it would be in the best interest of the province for the government to
assume the expense of constructing and operating railroads.
In order to encourage the more rapid development of the placer mining industry of the
province, I think that holders of leases of hydraulic mining ground should be able to obtain
a crown grant of their holdings on terms similar to those granted to holders of mineral
I think that some arrangement should be
made with the Dominion government so that
rich mining ground, now held as Indian re.
serves, can be mined by white men.
I think that in order to protect white labor,
the Dominion government should increase the
tax on Chinese coming into the country, and
that Japanese should pay the same tax as is
paid by the Chinese.
I believe that eight hours should be a day's
work in all underground metalliferous mines,
and that neither Chinese nor Japanese should
be allowed to work in such mines.
I think the act known as the Alien Act, and
the Liquor License Act, 1899, should be repealed.
The amendment made to the Placer Mining
Act, under the supervision of Hon. Jos. Martin
during the session of 1899, which has virtually
allowed the Chinese all over the province to
mine on all crown lands during the paBt year
without paying,for a free miner's certificate,
should be amended.
In order that those who meet with accidents
in the mines or are sick from Other causes should
be able to obtain medical aid with the least
possible delay. I think that the gevernment
should give such a subsidy as will induce a
physician to reside permanently in the district.
I do not think the policy of the present government is such as will promote the best interests of the province, and is not in accordance
with the well understood wishes of a majority
of the people.
I shall endeavor to see you before the election takes place and explain my views on the
various topics more fully to you personally,
and at public meetings.
I have the honor to be gentlemen, your obedient servant
ur Specialties:
CLINTON, B. C. Branch at Lillooet.
Manufacturers of all kind of
None but the best material used. Miners or
prospectors sending in orders will receive
prompt attention and satisfaction guaranteed.
R.F.Anderson &C»
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Miners Steel, Picks, Shovels, etc., Wire Cable
and Russel Wire Fencing.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Mainland Cigar
British Lion
And be sure that each Cigar Is branded, otherwise they are not genuine. .
They are not only made of the Choicest Tobacco but are of home   manufacture,   and
Bhould be patronized by all good citizens.
123 Water Street, VANCOUVER, B. C
W. F. Allen  Proprietor
'    k  k  k  k  k  k  k
First Class Hotel in every respect.     Accommodation
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably furnished]     Commercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Large sample room.
k  k  k  k  k k  k
Headquarters tor the B. Cr Express Stages
Hotel Victoria.
LILLOOET, 23. a*
This hotel being new and thoroughly finished throughout is the only first
class hotel in Lillooet. Persons calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Headquarters for the Lillooet-Lytton Btage.
©    ®   ©   ©   ©   ©     CHARGES   MODERATE.     ©©©©99
alex. Mcdonald,
F^R-A-SIEia. &  BELL,   PiBOPS.
LILLOOET, - ... B.C.
The Bar is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Stage leaves Lytton every Monday and Friday morning
for Lillooet, returning next day.    Special trips made.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     •:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B C.
Flour Milling Produce and
General Merchandise.
Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates.
-^     ^     «L'   Gr£HST2H2H,J-.Xj  STOUE.     <?*    5fc* • ••%
Post Office and Telegraph Office in connection.   Freight teams plying once a
week between Lillooet and Ashcroft.
W. CUMMING, Agent, Lillooet B. 0.
Storage & Forwarding Agts
Consign your goods to our care.    We settle railway charges and forward to
destination without delay.   Correspondence solicited. W. B. BAILEY A CO THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1900.
-   4
London 6— 4:50 a.m. The Boers are
displaying increased activity in Natal,
but there is no sign of General Buller
moving yet.
Mafeking was still besieged on April
Capetown it is reported that the Hussars who were sent to the relief -of the
Royal IriBh Rifles are also missing—although this is probably a Boer canard
designed to encourage the Eurghers.
Basbof 6—The prisot ers captured by
the British yesterday and brought in today include many Frenchmen.
Lorenzo Marquez 6—A runner reports
from Swaziland that two chiefs have
been killed and many natives and in one
district they have been comletely killed
off. The Boers are making presents lo the
Queen and seeking permission to pass
through Swaziland armed.j
Warrenton 7—The British shelled
Fourteen Stie ms yesterday. The Boers
responded this morning with big guns.
The British began dropping lyddite into
their position, finally silenceing their
London— The retirement of tbe Irish
Rifles from Rouxolle leaves Gen'l. Brabant without communication with the
British forces. He has 3,000 colonial?
with him.
The last despatch received from Lord
Roberts was dated the 6th and the last
unofficial message from the front was
dated the 7th.
Masern 7.—The Boers who. were
massed at Ladybrand last week 10,000
strong have broken up into divisions
and are now raiding in Southern part
of Free State.
London 10.—Preparations are being
made to prerent any kind of surprise
against Bioemfontein. Lord Kitchener
is responsible for the protection of the
railway while Lord Roberts is waiting
for remounts and winter clothing for the
troops whose uniforms are worn out.
General Brabant and Gen. Gatacre
remain in their present position.
Lord ?Roberts will confine his operations to clearing the Free State of
raiders and to relieving Mafeking, for
which purpose the 8th division, now arriving at Capetown, lias been ordered to
Kimberley. The Boers tried to lure the
Mafeking garrison out into a mined
ambush, but the British engineers discovered the mine, cut the wire communication and unearthed the 250
pounds of dynamite and war gelatine.
The prisoners who were captured near
Boshof by Lord Methuen have arrived
at Kimberley. There are but three
Dutchmen the others being French,
Germans and Russians.
Aliwal North 10.—An engagement
took place at Wepner yesterday. Tlie
fighting was quite heavy and was renewed this morning. Three Boer commands attacked the town and fighting
lasted all day. The Boers received a
severe check. Reinforcements are being hurtied to both combatants.
Pietermaritzburg 10.—Heavy cannonading commenced this morning in the
vicinity of Elandslate.
London 10.—Mysterious movement of
troops is proceeding at Bioemfontein.
No news is allowed to leak through. It
ia believed that Lord Roberts is making
an effort to cut off the retreat of the riding Boers when the pursuing British
columns will start in.
Mafeking advices state that the Boers
had a fight with Kaffirs who were passing through thdir lines, killing 31.
Buluwogo 3.—Col Plumer engaged the
Boers on March 31st, between Romitha-
bama and Mafeking. Plumer withdrew to prevent being outflanked ss the
Boers were in force at three points. The
British Maxims did good work and it is
believed the Boers lost tho heaviest.
Lillooet. B. C
Notary Public, Accountant and
Mining   Broker
Reports on Mining Properties.
Anthony & Robson,
(Successors'to A. Stevenson.
Business established 1803.
General flerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
R.F.Anderson &Co
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Miners Steel, Picks, Shovels, etc., Wire Cable
and Russel Wire Fencing.
W. H. Reed  left for  Horse Fly  on
Notire is hereby given that an application
will be made to the Legislative assembly of the
province of British Columbia at its next session
for an act to incorporate a company with power
to construct, equip, maintain and operate telephone and telegraph lines within and throughout all the cities, towns, municipalities and
districts of the mainland of the province of
British Columbia and to construct, erect, and
maintain such and so many poles and other
works and devices as the company deem
necessary for making, completing, supporting,
using, working, operating and maintaining the
system of communication by telephone and
telegraph, and to open or break up any part or
parts of the said highways or streets as often as
the said company, its agents, officers or workmen think proper and for the purpose of the
undertaking to purchase, acquire, lease, expropriate, hold and sell and dispose of lands, bu ild-
mgs, or tenements within the limits aforesaid,
and to purchase or lease, for any term of years,
any telephone or telegraph line established or
lo be established in British Columbia connected, or to be connected with the line which the
.company may construct, and to amalgamate
With or lease its line or lines, or any portion or
portions thereof, to any company possessing as
proprietor, any line of telephone or telegraph
communication connecting or to be connected
with the said company's line or lines, and to
borrow money for the purposes of the company,
and to pledge or mortgage any of the company's
assets for that purpose, and to receive bonuses,
or privileges from any person or body corporate, and with all other usual, necessary or incidental rights, powers or privileges as may be
necessary or incidental to the attainment of
the above objects, or any of them.
Bated this first day of March 1900.
35 Solicitors for the Applicants.
i       amo OtherStories
■  Bl     LE UN   Mt.D ■      - ^
y ww
, i;
I   ■
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, - - B.C.
First-class in every "respect.
Choice  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars. Sample
room   free.
Horse Shoeing.
General Blacksmith
Work done at reasonable prices.
"The Bow-legged Ghost and Other Stories/1
With an Intro-
ductlon by
greatest poet,
James whit*
comb Riley. An
Illustrated vol-
ume of original
h um orous
sketches, Terse,
facetious paragraphs and colloquies. A book
that will not
disappoint tbe
reader, as it
enters a new
and heretofore
field or humor.
A book to be
read aloud and
enjoyed among
your friends. Contains "The Bow-legged Ghost,"
?'When Bsra Sang First Bass, "The Man Who
Couldn't Laugh/r "Possible Titles of Future
Books," "Selling Locks of Hair," "No Woman, No
Fad." "Society Actresses," etc., etc. This first
edition bound in cloth, printed on extra fine
paper, and absolutely the best humorous book published. Worth $2.50, mailed postpaid for $1.00.
Order at once. Send for our new special illustrated catalogue mailed free. Gives you the lowest prices on all good books.   Address all orders to
VsbUiheri ul lUnafectunn. Akron, OblO.
(Th* Werner Company it thoroughly reliable.]—Editor.      I
Post Office Store.
Book, Stationery, Soaps,
Fancy Goods, Tobacco, etc
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGlLLIVRAY    Proprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.   Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquartersfor stage.    Stable in connection.
Soo Pacific Line
For information regarding
tickets to and from all points
Canada, United
States and Europe
and tickets to
China, Japan, Honolulu, and Australia,
apply for information to
H. E. Leslie,
Agent Ashcroft.
or to E. J. Coyle,
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent,
Vancouver, B. C
and Contractors
Sole agents:
M. Beatty k sons Dredging Machinery
Contractors for the design and construction of complete stamp mills, concentration,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments
Peterboro Ont., and Yancouver, B. C.
J. M. Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondea
Vancouver B. O
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All points in Cariboo—Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and FridaY.
Forks of Quesnelle and way points—Monday.
Until further notice a special coach, carrying passengers, mails and express, will leave Ashcroft for 150-Mile House, aud way points, on Fridays. If business offers tnis coach will also run
through to Quesnelle.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnished.
Head Office:   ASHCROFT, B. 0.
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
I have just received direct from Scotland the best selection of Tweeds, Worsteds, Serges,
Pantings in the Interior.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
THOMAS MCCOSH, Merchant Tailor, Ashcroft, B. C.
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
•■    _ A |acIra Steamers for Skagway and Alaska points leave Victoria every Wednesday
rOl   HldoKd.   evening and Vancouver every Thursday at 1 p.m.
Steamers for B. C. Northern Points leave Victoria and Vancouver weekly.   Regular steamers
for all British Columbia points.   Particulars on application. C. 8. BAXTER, G. P. A.
Corner of Hastings and Granville Streets.
WM. 23ZJL'l>&XXtT02Sr   PBOP- /-
Mr. A. McDonald is at the coast this
A. A. Brett went to McGillivray creek
on Tuesday.
The Lytton Btage arrived  Wednesday
evening with a full load of passengers.
The Lillooet Baseball Club will hold
a social dance in Santini's hall on Monday evening.   Tickets $1.
Bertie Phair returned from Victoria
the first of the week to spend the Easter
holidays with his parents.
Mrs. Wm. Cumming left on Tuesday
10th inst, for Vancouver to visit her son,
who is attending Vogels Commercial
Mr. John Marshall returned from Abd-
croft last Friday evening where he had
been in connection with the Anderson
Lake Mining Company.
R. B. Skinner left the first of the week
to visit the Empire Valley section to
coneult the electors on political matters.
He was accompanied by T. P. Reed.
Philip Bessou, book keeper for R. T.
Ward, came aown from McGillivrav
creek on Saturday and returned Tuesday
taking a quantity of supplies with him.
Wm. Halymore who has been in the
Bridge River for the past few weeks iB
in town. He is more than ever pleased
with the future af Biidge River section.
Mr. John Hawley of Vancouver has
been in town the past week. He is on
business in connection with the Toronto
& Lillooet Gold Reefs Company operating on Cayoosh creek.
Wm. 0. Fraser who has been on The
Prospector staff for the past three
months, left for Quesnelle on Monday
where he will be connected with the
telegraph service to ihe north.
James Brett returned from Ashcroft
and Vancouver Wednesday after an
absence of about ten days. He was a
delegate from West Lillooet to the
liberal of convention held in Vancouver
last Thursday.
The police are busy this week trying
to trace some old lumber that was taken
from the Episcopalian Church lately.
The entriaic value is not much, but
stealing consecrated material, is probably a serious offence.
Forty-Six Day* in Lent.
"How many days are-there in Lent?"
was the query that came from a member
of the club.   "We've got a wager on it.
"Forty dayd," was the office boy's
ready answer.
"But Ash Wednesday was Feb. 28th
this jear, and Easter falls on April 15th.
That makes forty-six days. I bet that
Lent was longer than forty days. I win
don't I?"
"Wait a minute and I'll tell you,"
spoke up the office hoy.
After putting the question to everybody in reach without getting a satisfactory answer, the general opinion
was that there was something wrong
with the calendar. The office boy dug
up an ecclesiastical encyclopedia and
found that Lent was forty fast days long,"
Sunday aot being counted. This is why
the seaBon of Lent extends over forty-
six days. The office boy is now making
bete on his own occount.
"How did you and your friends manage
to get through a campaign, each taking
an active part, without becoming enemies?"
"Oh, there waB no occasion for any
violent jealousies or personal feeling.
We didn't belong to the same  party."
An Irish servant-girl, who bad a very
hard mistress, one day became angry
and threatened to commit suicide. "It
you do," said her mistress' "you will
surly go to hell." "Well," said the girl,
"if it isn't a better place than this I
won't stay there."
Maude—I think I Ought to tell you,
Clara, that I met your fiance in the hall
last night and he kissed me. Of course
the hall was not very well lighted.
Clara (interrupting(—Yes he told me
all about it. He said the hall was as
dark as pitch or he would have never
made such a fool of himself.
There was a time when swearing
was almost considered a gentlemanly
accomplishment. An archbishop of
Canterbury of the day, however, objected
to the habit, and calling on Lord Melbourne to discuss some business, thus
apostrophized him.- "Now my lord, it
will save time if, before we begin, we assume that .everybody and everything is
The duke of Wellington used to tell a
story of a Frenchman who, to enforce
his contention that we are mere creatures
of habit, exclaimed: "For example, we
wash our hands, but never our feet."
The "Iron Duke" probably had not
heard of the English duchess of tl.e
century before, who, when Eome one remarked how dirty her hands were, said:
"Lord that's nothing; you should see
my feet!"    .
At a recent performance of "Fauet"
in an eastern city, the part of Mephi-
Btopheles was taken by a very stout man.
When he come to descend into the infernal regions he was unable to do bo
owing to the trap door being too small
to admit of his body passing through.
He was stuck tight and struggled
violently to get down below. Noticing
his predicament and not knowing the
reason of his inability to go further a
little gallery god cried out: "Hurrak,
boys, hell is full."
Gambling in London.
There were in 1724 in London alone 35
gambling houses. Nearly all the
most respectable West End cluhe were
originally gambling houses as the Cocoa
Tree, which is still flourishing as a club
at No. 64 St James' street. One night
late in the last century there was a cast
in hazard, the difference of which was
$900,100. That present pink of perfection, "White's," was perhaps the
most appalling gambling hell in Europe.
"The young men of the age," say Wol-
pole, "lose there $50,000, $75,000 $90,000
in an evening." The play at the club
was only for rouleaux of $250 each, and
generally there was $50,000 in gold on
the table. The gamesters began by pul
ling off their embroidered clothes, and
put on frieze garments or turned their
coats inside out for luck. They put on
pieces of leather to save their lace ruffles.
To guard their eyes from the light and
to prevent tumbling their hair they wore
high-crowned straw |hats with btoad
brims and sometimes masks to conceal
their emotions. Almack's afterwards
was known as the Goose Tree Club— a
rather significant name—and Pitt was
one of its most constant frequenters,
and there met his adherents. Gibbon
was also a member, and when the club
was still Almack's, which |indeed was
the name of its founder and original
To the Electors of the
West Biding of Lillooet Electoral District.
Gentlemen: At the request of a number of
influential voters I have decided to seek the
honor of representing your important district
in the Provincial Legislative Assembly.
I am as many of you are doubtless aware,
interested to a large extent in mineral property
in the district. I am therefore desirous that
its resources should be developed, and consequently will be sure, if elected, to endeavor to
obtain as large appropriations as possible for
the making of roads and trails. I am convinced
that in the immediate future there will be a
large influx of capital into the Province, and
I shall use every effort to encourage the investment of money here. I have shown my faith
in the district by investing my own money, and
indirectly I have been largely the means of the
development of some of the best properties. As
the future advancement of Lillooet and the
farming communit y in the surrounding country
is solely dependent on the mining industry: it
is to your interest to be represented by some
one who is directly interested in" mining.
Though not a permanent resident of the district, I am continually visiting the various mining camps and am therefore, well able to judge
of the country's requirements. The fact that
my residence is more or less in Vancouver and
Victoria should rather be in your favor than
otherwise as I am continually in touch with
prominent business men from all parts of the
Province and capitalists who visit the coast
I am fn favor of a very liberal expenditure of
money for opening up the whole country so
that the world at large can see what great
natural resources we have and I will, if elected,
advocate the borrowing of money for this purpose to tlie fullest extent. I am of the opinion
that roads lo open up Bridge River, the Empire
Valley, Pemberton Meadows and Anderson
Lake districts and the improvements of roads
and trails generally, are an absolute necessity
With regard to the eight hour law: I consider
that for an honest eight hours work underground, any man is entitled to a full days
wage, but under certain circumstances and
conditions I see no reason why men should not
be free to work extra time provided they were
compensated accordingly.
With regard to Alien Act: I may say that I
have always opposed it even before it was passed
in the house, and from my personal observation
in Atlin last fall my opinion is that It was a
grevious mistake.
I am opposed to the employment of Oriental
labor in mines.
I consider it was a mistake to withdraw the
subsidy given to physicians to induce them to
reside in outlying districts in the province.
The improvement of the laws pertaining to
quartz and placer mining shall always receive
my most careful consideration and attention.
It is my intention, if elected to visit every part
of the riding at least once a year in order to ascertain the needs of my constituents so that I
shall be in a position to urge their claims on
the government.
It is my intention, if possible, to call on each
elector in order to explain my views more
Trusting that you [will show your confidence
in me by placing me at the head of the poll.
I have ihe honor to he, your obedient servant
Established 1886.
Incorporated 1895
Anthony & Robson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.
Business established 18(i;s.
General flerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Lillooet, B. C
Mclennan, mcfeeley & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Eetail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill Supplies
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors' and Lumber Supplies.
Agents for The Giant Powder Co., San Francisco.
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Good,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc.
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty.
Our guaranteed security plan is a popular and profitable policy to the assured.
It will pay you to see our rates and different plans before taking out a policy.
WM. HOLDEN, Inspector, Vancouver. THOS. McADAM, Provincial Manager.
John Hawley
vA.3sraoTj-v"E:R,  -   -   -  b.o.
First class mining properties handled.


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