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The Prospector Feb 17, 1899

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Vol. i. No. 32
$2.00 a year.
We understand that the bond on the
[Ample,   Whale   and    other   c'aiina on
'nvdosh creek is likely soon to he taken
kip and that during the Bummer a con-
|i lei able amount of work will he done
in further testing the claims,
owner of the Ample and Whale,
Holm Marshall, is^satisfied that he owns
h good property and aa he lias taken out
ft 1 own grants can   afford   to   wait until
■eople brgin to realize that the Gulden
10 irhe does not comprise the whole of
|C >voobIi creek. It is a great pity that
[iiie diesatislied shareholders of the
ft ache, in-tead of talking nonsense about
lie Lillooet flagstaff, do not turn their
lattention to seeing whether good ore
It'i-uld not be found in the immediate
Ivicinity of their mill. There are several
>od claims within easy reach of the
liniil, and we are sure the owners of them
■would, if a proper offer was made, he
|only too glad to have their properties
jveloped,    Oayoosh creek will yet be a
Igood camp.   The placer gold found in it
rJid not drop from the sky.
amalgam, and gold at 25   cents   a  cubic
yard can be profitably worked by  sluicing or with   his   interv.hangable   rocker
and sluice amalgamator.       It is   light,
i-ompact and simple.   After a day's trial
with the proper instruction'any one tan
operate it.    The rocker cm  operate   20
cubic yards of gravel per  two  men   and
sluices from 50 to 3,000 cubic yards   per
24 hours.     In one word it is   the   finest
tailing  apparatus' ever   put     on    the
market.    The machine will he placed on
ground on a royally or a  percentage   < f
the gold obtained   with    said  machine
after  the  ex i uiu ilioa   of  the  ground
and it is proved to contain 10 cents and
upwards to the cubic   yard   and   where
there is sufficient water to work a nun -
ber of said machine*.     Mr.   Dd   Keyser
has demonstrated  hid   wonderful   gold
saving a pparaius several limes, and wi'fl
again do ho in  the   near   future.     Any
person interested in mining will do well
to forward his address to M. De Keyser-
Verheist, Ashcroft, who will invite Baid
persons to examine the operation on ihe
Fraser river about the 15th of March, at
Yale and N rth Bend.—Com.
Dominion Finances.
Ottawa, Out.. Fe!> 11.-The finance
•tatemeut for teveial   uunthd   ending
[! anuary 31st last was isaus 1 today.   The
.rdinary revenue was $2 >.56V00J against
'21,446,000 for the same i eriod last year,
i ordinary increase of $4,219,000.   The
Expenditure was $21,352,00.) or $1,638,000
neater than the previous year,  leaving
|i betterment, in the finances for seven
months of $2,560,000. The capital account increased from $2,700,000
last     year    to     $5,600,000     in      the
due      to
rieavy expenditure on canals   and   the
prows' Nest Pass road.
Yukon Output.
The very latest news was received in
Ihe citj to-day as to the probable output of the Yukon gold fields this spring,
Lnd the figures are put at between $20,-
JoO.OOO, and«$30,000,000.
This estimate was made b" an excellent authority—Oapt. Mclean of this city,
fne captain has been in the Yukon
Country for abont a year, and in a letter
diich was received from him him to-
!ay he stated that the figures quoted
.ou id be a conservative estimate. Do-
Ininion creek, he says, will be the ban-
ler creek of the year. Some 10 or 11
kaiir,«vare turning out handsomely and
living big returns. The winter in Daw-
Ion has been very mild so far, some-
Ihing like those experienced in Montreal as Oapt. Mclean puts it.—Province.
Bend'Or Jlacninery.
Up to the ptis.tit tune, about 35,000
lb> of machinery has been conveyed to
Seaton lake, and the Minnehaha has
taken about 15,000 lbs. fiom there to the
Mission. The ice is still good on the
river, but in case of any accidents happening, everything is in readiness to
have it conveyed over the trails to the
mines. A large force of men are em-
plo}ed in this work'. Tne balance of the
machinery arrived today.
"   A Poor Man's Fortune.
M. De Keyser Verbeist is the inven-
)r of a wonderful process for placer
lining in all its branches. It consists
fa portable amalgamator   operating by
e cyanide, amalgamation and ehciri-
ity.   There is no more lo^s of  gold   or
Ashcroft  Notes.
Mrs. J. B. Leighton left last week for
a visit to friends in California.
J.O.Barnes, who has been on the
sick list for some time, is getting around
Allison Woods has retired from the
restauraut business a id is now at the
coast. He expects to visit his home in
the east before returning here.
E. J. Prell and Fred Lyne expect to
leave here this week on a visit to their
homes in Wisconsin.
J. VV. Burr left on Wednesday for the
coast taking down the prisoner to Westminster that burglarized the   Ashcrof
hotel.    He was sentenced to two years,
Dr. S. Clarke and VV. E. Janline intend shortly to open a drug and stationery store in the Harvey-Bailey block.
There is a rumor around town that
Thorn Chong Lung intends to air his
views on the Alien Exclusion Bill in the
"Journal," some of these davs.
The A. L. B. Co. are in a very flourishing condition at the present time.  Their
S intini's hall was crowded to the doors
last night, the occasion  being   the lbsi
appearance of the Burnt Cork   Coninh
Snow, an   event   which   has   been   long
looked  forward  to, and  the heaity ap-
plause   the   audience   gave    the hoys
showed that their effort to please   were
fully appreciated.   Tne iir_t item on the
urogram me was a farce,  in one   ac, entitled "Crimp's Trip to the Oentinel," by
Joe Simpson and T. Spilnian, and sutne
of t eir local hits wire very good.    Next
followed "fli3   All  Around  Doctor,"  a
farce-comedy, in one act, in  which Joe
Simpson, Paul Morr i.on and Joe Russseli
acquitted  themselves with credit.   The
next act   was a  farcical sketch, entitled
"Joe Simpson's Double," and was Very
good.   The amusing meetings of the two
Dutchmen,  ably  impersonated   by  Joe
Russell   and  T.    Riley,    and    the two
"coons," Joe  Simpson  and T.  Spihnan
taking these parts to  perfection,  while
P.   Morrison  had   his  hands   full,  as a
policeman,   trying  to   preserve   order,
brought forth well merited applause from
the audience.      The  next  part of  the
pru'j'Hiniue was somewhat of a surpr.Be
to many a..d was, without > xception, the
best part of the  show.   • T;   was   cal'id
"Hoe Down and Rake   Up,"  and con-
sis ed of step dancing by the company,
that of Joe Simpson and Joe Russell was
exceptionally good.     But  the surprise
part of this act was when Miss Noel appeared on the stage, as very   few  knew
that she was included among  the performers.   She was dressed to represent a
"high toned colored lady," and acted the
character to perfection, giving the audience some very pretty and  graceful step
dancing,   ending   up   with  part of the
"cake walk."    An en sou re was loudly
demanded and graciously responded to
by all going through the  dance again.
"Trials, Troubles and Tribulations of a
tiook-ageiit," a comedy in one act was
next.     This proved   immensly    funny.
Joe Simpson as the much abused   book-
agent was exceedingly good   while  Joe
Russell, the coon bouncer acted his part
well and   kept the audience in   roars
of laughing by his antics. F. Riley as
ihe book-ageuts victim took his part well.
A one act farce, entitled "The- Wool
Seder," followed this, and Joe Russell
lurned the tables and made Joe Simpson
and P. Morrison do just as he said.
Cliis act might have been embarrasing
osome of the audience had not the
curtain dropped at the proper time. ' The
Haunted House," in which Joe Russell
aud T. Spilnian took the leading parts,
was fairly good, though rather short.
0. Miller (violin)   and P.  Mordson
12 o'clock, when refreshmen'8 were
s ivid During the intervals between
the dances, songs resita.ions and instrumental music were given, whh'li helped
mm h to make I he evening as enjoyable
as it was. Music was furui-hed lit the
dance by Messrs, P. Morrison, 0 Miller.
and J. Al iwstiii wni'e Harry Atwool
ably officiated as floie manager.
Th. merry party broke up at rather a
early I our in the niornin., vo'ing it one
of the most enjoyable evenings ever held
in Lillooet.
It is hoped the boys will fin 1 their
way clear to giv* another such entertainment at an earlv da e.
Canadian Poet I ead.
Ottawa, Ont., Feb. 10.—Archibald
Lunpman, the well-known Canadian
poet.died this morning from | neumonia,
aged 38. He had only been confined to
his mom since Wednesday. Lampman
was a clerk in the po&tof_ce department,
lie leaves a wife and two children.
Lam|innn had just concluded the revision
of proofs for a new volume of poems
bea ing the title of "Alcyone," which
will make its appearance snortly.
Local and General  News.
Senator R. H. Campbell is expected
;,o arrive at Ashcroft, from th* coast
this week,.on his way to the Horsefly
Too little I kcUn the brain is a frequent cause of headache, and may be
recognized by the ache being on the top
of the head, by constant dizziness and by
noises in the ears. The best cure is a
slight stimulant,such as strong tea or
coffee or hot soup—anything that will
increase the circulation. People who
suffer with these headaches should always sleep with their heads low.
Tom Brett and A. Richey came down
from the Brett claims on McGillivray
Oreek on Sunday evening. The work on
the claims is steadily proceeding and
there is every indication that the pay
mute will soon he struck on the lower
tunnel. We fully expect that this group
is going to justify the hopes of its discoverers and prove a paying mine. It is
hard to exaggerate the good that will he
caused to this district by the establishment of a paying mine on McGillivray
It is reported on what we believe
good authority that the Lillooet-Lytton
road will be completed early this spring,
and that the machinery   for   the  new
(organ) discoursed some good  music be-1 dredger will be brought in over it.   The
iween the acts. I making of the road will give  Borne  em-
claim, on Dead Man's OreeK, is panning I    ^ ^ f* Ttf' *? ^T^ I ^m^ and »hat with tl,e   building
out will, and they expect, by   the eJ ! ^ and deserved the praise that wa. jol the„ew dredge andUie completion of
of the month, to  have all   their sharee j gWen '^ °n aU 8uie8- jlhe on« now   nearl>' fi"i8he(1 at   Hor8e
d>       ed of Jerky The hall was then cleared and   about; lieef Bar, there will be a chance for some
  "    j 40 couple proceeded to enjoy themselves j of our id e men to get   work,   which   is
Subscribe for _'ii_ Puosi'iccroB. ! tripping the light fantastic, until about' sadly nejded.
•*_ -fcs
* f
BBI^EaH^BBa_- ^"
Published everyHFriday.
Payable in advance.
We are glad to see i hat some much
needed changes are being introduced
this session. We refer particularly to
the bill respecting judgments. The
great expense in selling land under a
judgment has been a crying evil.
There is not one chance in a hundred
that Charles A. Semlin will relinquish
the premiership until the year 1902,
when the tenns of the present members
of the legislative assembly will end by
limitation. Mr. Semlin's government
has shown a willingness to enact just
such laws as a majority of the people of
the province want; no disposition to
enact laws solely for the few has been
shown. The Semlin government is in
the saddle to stay.—Tribune.
The "Province" tries hard to be funny
over the bill introduced by the Attorney
General relating to Queen's Counsel.
Somehow the ' Province'' man sees
nothing in the matter beyond the fact
of the Queen's Counsel wearing a silk
gown and an on.ii.my banister a Stuff
one. It is curious however that Sir
Oliver Mowat thought it worth his while
to take the opinion of the Privy Council
on the question. What a fool Sir Oliver
must be in the "Province" man's estimation ! What a pity that most Englishmen are such fools to think a lot of a
piece of bunting colored red, white and
blue that they call the "Union Jack."
In tact the world is made up of fools.
There are just a few wise men like that
"Province" man, and the fewer there
are the better.
One of .the most noticable characteristics of Victoria people is 'he thorough
way they believe in, and stick up for
their city. It is almost dangerous to
even hint in Victoria that Vancouver, or
any other place is likely to go ahead of
it. You never bear them complain of
bad times, they always strongly assert
that. Victoria is going ahead. There is
no doubt that this spirit in,the people
have greatly helped Victoria inlts struggle with Vancouver for commercial supremacy. It is a pity that some of the
people interested in Lillooet and the
district have not a little more of this
Bpirit. Simply because things did not
move as fast as was anticipated last year
some of them have lost heart and are
talking in a way that to say the least of
iUs very foolish. The prospects of
Bridge River Gamp are certainly as good
if not better than last year. What if
the (.'ache lias proved a failure? Did anyone, who knew much about it, expect at
this time last year, that a dividend
would be declared? That there will in
the future be a number of paying mineB
in this district is a certain thing     Whe
ther that time will come soon or be indefinitely delayed depends on ourselves.
If these crokers do not believe in their
claims let them sell out for what they
can get. The absurdity of their conduct appears from the fact that if yon
want to buy a cla;m from them they will
ask a large price, for a claim that no
work to speak of has been done on. We
do not mean to assert that there is any
considerable number of such people.
Even one however is too many and we
should all join in putting down talk of
this kind.
In connection with the opening of the
Imperial parliament the other day, the
following regarding the strength of the
different partieB will be of interest: The
composition of the House of Oom-
uons will be: Government, 405; Opposition, 264. The ministerial majority
is, therefore, 141. By no possible combination can the present Ministry be defeated, as the straight Conservative vote
is stronger by ten than the combined
Liberal, Libaral-Unionistand Nationalist
vote. In the House of Commons', a
serious reverse was suffered by the Ministry since prorogation, in theSouthport
election, where Sir. H. Naj ler Lay land
(Radical) succeeded Lord Curzou (Conservative), when the latter resigned his
seat tc become Governor-General of
India. Nine elections have been held
to fill vacancies since last session. Five
new peers are entitled to teats in the
House ofLords; Lord Kitchener, Sir
Phillip Ourrie, Sir Henry Hawkins, Sir
Joseph Baiiey, and Sir Robert Gordon.—
Admiral Dewey recently refused an
offer of $5,000 for a magazine article
from his pen. It is said that hit reply
by cable was: "Thanks, but I am too
"Son," asked a Grand River avenue
resident, "'What's the matter with the
professor across the way? I understand
that he's all broken up and liable to be
in bed for some time."
"You mean the professor what hypner-
tizes people?"
"That's the one.',
"Oh, he went out to the stockyard
Friday aud tried ter mesmerize a bull."
—Detroit Free Press.
A lecturer was invited to speak at a
local gathering, and being nobody in
particular he waB placed last on the list
of speakers. The chairman also introduced several speakers whose names
were not on the list, and the audience
was tired out when he said, introducing
thelecturer: "Mr. Bones will now give
us his address." "My address," said
Mr. Bones, rising, is 3,143 Park street,
and I wish you all good night."
An absent-minded profeisor returned
home late one night, and, after lighting
bis candle, fancied he heard a noise: He
therefore raised his voice and said: "Is
there anyone there?" A thief lay concealed under the bed. Hearing the
question and perhaps knowing the
questioner, he shouted in reply: "No! '
Upon hearing this the professor exclaimed in such surprise: "That's exceedingly Btrange I was postive some one
was under the bed."
W. F. Allen  Proprietor.
First Class Hotel in every respect.!    Accommodation -
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably furnished.      Commercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Large sample room.
Headquarters  tor trie B. C. Express Stacjes=.
As soon as the Lillooet-Lytton road is comp'ettd we will run a through ftage
from Lytton to Lillooet. At present we have rigs athoth ends of the load which
will take you as far as possible, and we supnly saddle horses for the rest of the
trip.    By starting from Lytton over twenty miles is paved when going to Lillooet.
If you contemplate atrip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
-:-    Lytton and Liuooet, B t
Hotel Victoria,
This hotel being new and thoroughly finished througho.it is the only first '
class hotel in Lillooet.   Persons calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by
slopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Head-'
quarters for the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
y   ©   ®   q   q   q     CHAUC5ES   MODERATE.     ©   9   9   9    9    9
The Bar is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.-
R.&W. CUMMING,    ,,
Flour Milling Produce and
General Merchandise.
Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates.
<*,    <*,    <^,   gi-3_]_-T__]_e2,j__.Xj sto___:e.    *^   <^    «^      !
Post Office and Telegraph Office in connection.   Freight teams plying once a   I
week between Lillooet and Ashcroft. ° v
Oerman Trickery.
New York, Fnii. 9. —A Washington
^despatch t<> the 'lb raid" naye : Rear-Ad-
miral Dewey has notified the navy Department that tie has seized another
schooner, loaded with arms ami ammunition, intended for Aguinaldo and his follow »rs.
Information in the poffs^sfdon of the
authorities is to the effect that th" German '.Qiisul, at rlonu Kong, was concerned 'n the Fale of the arms to the
Fi'ipinos, and this fact may account ior
their action in keeping the matter t-ecret.
There ie reason to believe, however,
that the mitter has been brongh', 1111-
ollitiallv, at least, to the attention of the
Germ n authoriies, and a r. preventative of the 1 erlin Government declares
it. was wholly unaware'!' the conduct
of its representative. The authoritii-y
feel satisfied that the Geiman counsul
will not he permitted to continue his
unfriendly course. This is not the first
evidence the an horilies have obtained,
showing the unfriendly attitude of the
German consul towards the United
States. The State Department recently
received information that this officer had
been instrumental in the purchase, for
the agents of Aguinaldo, from Germans,
at Hong*Kong, of something like 80,000
stands of arms and ammunition, which
were safely delivered to the Filipinos.
It seems, therefore, that, through the
Gernien agencies, the Filipmoa are quite
well armed. It is ex peeled Great Bri a in
will take steps to prevent the shipment
of, aiuiMi and ammunition to the Philippines, from Hong-l_on_.
The N.-irthtt'est Mount, tl Police have
cut a »oid through the country at
Thirty-Mile, on the Yukon, which makes
travel to and bom Dawrpn far les^
dangerous than heretofore. Thirty-
Mile is on of the wor-t places on the
river and owing to the rapid current the
water se'dom freezes over entirely and
several outfits have been lost at this
point. The new road cuts across country and saves seven miles of had travelling.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, - - B. C.
First-class in every respect.
Choice  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars.  Sample
room   tree.
The Alien Bill.
Private advices from Washington are
to the effect that the British Columbia
Alien Bill has been UBed aa a good iever
by the Canadian Commissioners to produce a better treaty from the United
States. The bill is perfectly within the
rights of the Province; that is well
understood, and there is no fear of its
being disallowed.
Speaking at a meeting in Toronto, Mr.
N. Clarke Wallace, M.P , who has just
returned from Washington said: "The
Americans have reserved their mines lor
their own citizens; let the Ottawa Government give them a close of their own
medicine. They could not complain at
that. He had been delighted to hear
that the gold fields of Atlin Lake district
would be opened only to British subjects.
There was talk from Washington on
disallowing this bill. The Government
of Canada would not dare to disallow it.
(Cheers.) Such action would raise a
storm among patriotic Canadiaus"—
Corbet and  Sharkey Again.
Chicago, Feb. 18 —The forfeits of both
Corbett ahd Sharkey have been posted
to guarantee thir appearance in the ring,
at Tattersalls, on March 7th. Tom
O'Rourke says Sharkey will train for at
least a week, at Mount Clements, Mich.,
before the Chicago fight. Corbet wants
to come here to train, hut there is difficulty in getting the kind of quarters he
wants, at this time of the year. He will
do most of his preparations in New York
unless some suitable place ia found
Suhscr.lv l-r i'ni-; I'uubt'i.crou.
Anthony & Robson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.)
Uiisinesb established l«ii;i.
General Herchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Groceries, Drygoods,
Confectionery, Tin
Coods, Flour, Fruit.
Butcher Shop in Connection.
Liilo3et-Lyttoii Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGlLLlYKAY, Proprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.   Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquarters for stage.    Stable in con
1 supply of
a'w n ' on l-aud
D. t:URLE7& _o.
TROREY The Jeweler
V.'inoouver, li. C.
Offical watch   inspector for
O. P. R.
Twenty-six years with Messrs. Vivian cV:
Sons. Swansea., England.
Office and La bail »r\ :   014 Hastings St.
Assays and Analysis made of all kinds of Ores.
The Labatory is up-to-date, with all modern
appliances, including GATES' most approved Rock Grinding and Crushing   Machinery.
Ry. J&3_. _B_RaJ_1j L JJ.
Post Office St >re.
Book, Stationery, ► o.ios,
PaiiCY Goods, Tobacco, (4c
Printers' Supplies,
Job Printers'
Paper Stock.
Gas and Gasoline
Engines at
Toronto Type Foundry Co.
Urilisli Colon.bia brancb
;V20 Cordova Street,
J. M. Mackinnon
Mininq Properties:
Properties Bonded.
Vancouver. B. C
■ THE	
and Contractors,
Contractors for the design and construction of complete stamp mills, concentrati : 1,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments
Pttcrt'crd; Cnt'.j ami Yar.eov \ c r, 11. C. TlT  V 0?.n_CTO!-». I 11 I OOET.  P. (\. F]
?  iOO
In a Good Position.
New«i cornea from Madrid thatS|»ain
has ac :epted the invitation to taUe part
in the peace cenfe'ence at St. Petersburg. If there should be any discussion
as to the most effectual way to reduce
armament- she is in a position to give
valuable advice.
Against Disallowance.
Ottawa, Feb. 13.-Rev. G. R, Maxwell, M.P., is here Vet. Hh ha-" a hug
intetv'ew in the Citizen, pointing out
that the feebng in British Columbia ie
unanimous in favor of the Allen Inclusion I> Ii, and that ihe people of the
[in v ime would n<>t stand disallowance.
It \\a- time that Canadians should treat
Americans hs lliev treat up.
Hiine, delvhii on van I• *t_* <>f <p'.anzand
erecting tldJ bromine-chlorine plain nl
a coat, very close to $100,000. The mill
is expected to treat 100 • ne of ore pt.r
d iv, and to save a yreater percent gi
ofthegol I I bah can he saved hyanyothei
Known process. It is expected that i be
mill will he completed by April 1st. It
the process is a sncee-s there will he a
ri volution in nulling such ores as re
I lived chemical treatment.—Nebon
Leland House
Cor er of His ings and Granville S:icct-\ VANCOUVER    l>. ( <*
"WZrvI.   HAMIITO_T,   _?_E_0_?.
Jamaica Race   Troubles.
Kingston, Jamaica, Feb. 9.—At tin
bye-election, on Tuesday, for the Legi-
lativ-' re] r'es«ntalive for St. El zaUth,
a full-bio- ded negro was elected over a
white candidate. This-is causing considerably tiouhle through the alive evoltuion of class prejudices. Already the principal white aud colored
magistrates and members of tin
Paro hial Board have resigned, as v
protest against the. vote, ami further
compilations are feared which ma\
spread over the island.
The police were called   upon   to   take
active measures   to   suppress   disorder,
and they Lave been fairly  successful  in
doing so.
British Aid Appreciated.
Washington, H. 0 , Feb. 9.—Senator
"Wolcoit. of Colo,ado, in addressing the
Senate, Saturday last, in favor of the
ratification of ihe pence treaty, had Ih s
to say regarding the aid extended to the
United State-" by Great Britain, during
the war with Spain': "We, owe a debt
to out brethernacrosss ihesea. We bad
their unqua hied moral support and the
influence of their trained diplomats
throughout the war. Had it not been
for England, wesbolud not haveanierged
iioui the late war with colors flying so
high. To-day, we hive among the nations of Europe, only one friend, Gr- at
lhitain, vhe other nations Btand with
rapacious hate, hoping that we may encounter some repulse."
Opinion on Disarmament.
New York, Feb 8.—A despatch to the
"Herald' from Loudon says: Mr. E linn A. Hitchcock, former U. S. Ambassador to St. Fetersb ir_, and recently appointed se retury of the interior, i<« now
in London, on his way to Washingon.
Die correspondent calle i upon him t«>
ascertain his opinion how the people of
Russia I iok upon th* Czir's proposal- of
disarmament. Mr. Hitchcock rep'ied : —
"In the first pla> e. yon must renunibei
'hat only a por ion of the population
reads the newspapetg. Among thi
elass, nniveisal satisfacion is expressed
at His Maj sty's initiative.
"I believe the conference will lay the
foundation for a future condition of »f
fairs that, will be of inestimable benefit
to the people of Eorop\ It will be preliminary to a better understanding between the powers. At present, the attention of the Russian Government is
largely given to the famine, which pre-
vails in some provinces. This is not
f mune as understood by ihe word. I
can best explain the condition of affairs
by saying that, if there wis plenty of
grain in Ohio and none in Missouri, and
ihe ">eans of communication very poor,
or almost impossible, \on woul.l have
to deal with a situation similar to that
which now confronts the Russian Government.
Is now under new management audit s been thoroughly lenovated.   Culinar
departn ent unsurpassed.     The Bar is stocked with choice li<|iiois and cigar- and
will he in charge of experienced men.    Every convenience for coiiiii ercial men.
FRED II. NELSON, - - - Pn>| ri. t« r.
J. H. Clements,^___ ashcroft.
Lillooet Mail orders carefully attended to.
Tvieds, Tict£ciir£s, £ei£ts, Winter Goods, etc.
Ca:l and in1 peel our stick.  Good workmanship and moderate charges.    Repair
ng mid clean i g a sp-i iahy.    Otders by mail or express pun< tually attended to.
Forgot His   Plan.
There were five of us hunting and fishing in the Queensland bu-di, when one
rainy day a stranger appeared. He said
he was a tramp barber, and as none of
us bad been shaved for a fortnight we
gi\e him a day's work.
About four hour, sfter he had left us
a band of six men rode up and the leader inquired if we had seen a tall, roughly
dressed man pass that way. We told
him of the barber, and  he looked   from
Storage & Forwarding Agts
Consign your goods to our care.      We settle railway charges and  forwatd to
destination without delay.    Correspondence solicited. AY. V. BAILEY it Co
N, de Kevser ,shcmft-
Manufacturing Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician.
iWatches, Clocks, Jewelry ^Spectacles, Eyeglasses. Field ami Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
All ord»r8 by mail and express promptly atten led to. All work warranted or
money refunded. If your eyesight is defective call and have your e\es teste I free
in the most, scientific way, Spectacles and eyeg'asscs sent on upprov.i ■ responsible parlies. Tell distance you ran tead the smallest newsoaie pn , and
age.    We will guarantee sali-laci ion.    U pairing department a special y.
New Process for Treating Oold Ores.
Considerable attention is at   present
being attracted to a new process brjnio-
chloune mill which is being built for the
Gohondandnc, near Baket City, Oregon.
If the process proves a success   it   will
make a great difference in   the    inning
operations of the nor hwest.     A force of
btouemasonsand mechanics is constructing this mill for the owners of the   Gol-
eonds, J. G. and J. T. English of   Dans-
ville, Illinois.      The mill is on the slope
of a mounta n of ore, and covers 170x30u
feet, already having required 600,000 feet
of lumber and heavy timber in  its   construction.     The story goes that the  Illinois capitalist secured for  $5,000 the
secret of the new brouio-chlorine process
Iron, a poor inventor of Colorado,   who
had not the means to test bis   plan   by
meeting a large plant.     The easterners
are so sure that they will reap a   golden
harvest that they   arc  developing  the
an to man and exclaimed
"Goiil gracious, but you are all freshly
"Yes, we gave the barber a job."
"And he shaved everone of you?"
"He did, and did it well."
"Boys, do you  hear that?"   shouted
the man as he turned to his companions.
"What of it?" asked one of our party.
"Why, he went insane yesterday and
cut    a man's   throaf   in    the    barbei
chair over at Unadilla, and   we're afte
him to put him in an asylum."
They rode away at a gallop, and nexi
morning returned to our camp wi'h tin
man who had been captured after a hard
tight and was tied on his horse. H<
seemed to remember us when he wa-
given a drink of water, and as he handed
the cup back he quietly observed:
"I say, gentlemen, please excuse me.
[ meant to finish off the last man who
got shaved, but I got thinking of something else, and it slipped my mind."
Clinton and wav points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All points in   Cariboo—Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and Friday.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnished.
Head Office:    ASHCROFT, B. C.
The Prosp-
stt_3SC___i:b:__    _?o:e_ j^,
.a. tt:ea.:e_. THE IT.OSPECTOB, Lll.LOOKT, 11
blt'ITUY, PEB1UTAHY,   17  IK90.
Not a Libel.
Victoria, Feb.  10.— The  jury   in   the
Nichol libel suit could not agree   on   a
verdict and were discharged at 4 o'clock
yesterday afternoon.      The jury stood 9
to 3 foraeqn'ttal. In view of the fact that
the case was tried bv a special   jury   of
Victoria citizens and nine favored abqnit-
• tal, it is reasonable to assume   that  the
alleged I'd ii 1 was, in the opinion of Tinner and Pooley's fellow-citizens, no libel
£3rB, but fair eonum nt upon   improp r
actions of Ministers of the Crown.      In
his address to the jury, before  they  ri -
tired to consider the verdict, Chief   Justice MeColl said, in   eomme..timr   upon
Turner and Pcoley becoming directois of
several Yukou minim.: companies,  "You
may ;ake it asamattei of fact that their
official positions were used as strongly as
could !>' for   the   purpose" of   inducing
persons with small capital to   invest   in
Another instance of  the use of steel >» I Certificate Ot   111) proWUKMlt:
place of timbercoiu«,h from the timbered
c imtry of British Columbia, as the War
"Do you have any faith in this idea
that maladies can be transmitted by
kitsing?" asked one of Detroit's young
so 'iety men of at.other.
"Well, sir, I was mighty skeptical till
the other night. I kissed my best girl
for the. first time in my life and I've had
palpitation of the In art ever since."
Sir Walter Scott, while traveling in
Ireland, was one day accosted by a beggar. 1 le felt in his pocket for a six-pence
but, finding that he had nothing smallei
than a shilling about him, gave it to the
woman with the words: ';You must
give tne the change the next time we
meet." "I will, sorr," replied the beg-
gai ; "and may ycr honor live till }e get
A Scottish farmer, who was very absent minded, had recently arranged to
go into Berth with a load of hay. He
led his horse out of the stable, but, runs
the story, instead of hacking it into the
shafts of the cart, he absent-mindedly
led the animal a'ong the road, and never
bo much as looked behind him until he
walked fnto the yard where the hay was
to he delivered. "Where Bhall I hack
into?" he asked the stableman standing
by. "i»ak into what?" asked the man.
"The hay, you stupid!" "What hay?
Ye've nae hay, ye daftie." Turning
around to his consternation, the fanner
discovered that he had left the wagon
at home and brought the horse alone.
in his hurry to repsir the error he
started off home a a qnick walk, and
was half wry hack to his own farm before he realized the fact that he had forgotten to bring the horse with him.
Eagle mine at Rossland has a gallows
frame 120 feet high constructed entirely
of steel. This extra bight is a feature
which is worthy of note. The use of
steel or sheet iron cais">n8 for shaft sinking through wet surface, or where quicksand is encountered, was the first u-eof
a Bnhs'itlite for limber, wh eh allowed
leakage of water, hence the more ec n-
o mica I use of steel or-iron. The ppe»d
or ease with which iron structures can
be put in place in the mil e, and with
less space occupied, together with its
more durable qualities, renders it a convenient, stronger and more lasting material for lamp or wet situations undei-
Concrete is an excellent substitute for
timber; as almost all mines produce
refuse rock, in the form suitable for the
manufacture of concrete, if mixed in any
proportion f om 6 of rock and 1 of
cement, to 3 of rock and 1 of cunent,
where greater strength is required, may
he found in some districts a suitable
substitute when used in roofing hvels
and forming a substantial posr, where
the ore is of to-) high grade to tie left for
that purpose, or where limber is of
nearly equal cost. Bock or sand, in the
form of mine refuse or jig tailings, if
used for this purpose ought to he free
from pyrite or sulphides, which ate
liable to decompose if made into concrete. For preventing the flow of water
or conveying it to the pumping plant,
and lor preventing the flow of water to
a lower level of ihe mine, concrete is a
superior article to timber and clay for
such purpose. Concrete has heen used
in tunnel work for railway lines find for
biid_o foundations, and maybe found
an economical material to take the
place of timber in some western districts.—Ex.
k B
Substitutes for Timber.
With the increased price of timber in
almost all western mining sections, and
tiTlmore rapidly increasing depth of
mine shafts, the question of a cheap and
durable substitute for mine timber confronts the manager of a deep mine as
the vv >rk advances. A new departure
in underground construction is about to
be made by the Portland Mining Co.,
of Cripple Creek,.Colorado, in the use
of steel for po.*ts and square sets in the
the three compartment shaft of that
company, but using 4 inch plank in 6
feet lengths for lagging. It is claimed
the cost will not exceed that  of limber.
Littlk Joe, White ('now, Delighted, Jim Cbow
Fraction and Bend'Oh Fraction mineral
claims situate in the Lillooet mining division of Lillooet district. Where loeated:
Cadwallader ('reck.
Take notice that The Bend'Or Mines. Ltd.,
free miner's certificate Ko.H91£2 a,intend,sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for h certificates of tmprovents, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grants of the
above claims.
Ami further take notice thai actnn, under
section :>7, must be commenced l"fore the Issuance of such certificate of Impii Tt aonts.
i .Dated this first day of Decern U r, L_9S.
The Bend 'ur Mines, Ltd.
_l per C. T. Diamond, agent.
Mineral Act, 1896.
0'oi;:\i r.)
Certificate of Improvements,
Surprise, Alpha Bell Fraction, Omega Frac
tion mineral claims, situate in the Lillooet
mining division of Lillooet district. Where
located:   Cayoosh creek.
Take notice that The Alpha Bell Gold Quartz
Mining Company, Limited Liability, free
miner's cel tilicate' No. 96648, intend, sixty days
froin the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
recorder lor a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of ihe
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of sueh certificate of improvements.
Dated this twenty-seventh dav of October,
1898. " 17
The Alpha Bell Gold Quartz Mining Company, Limited.   11. DePeneier, Secretary.
Lillooet, B. C)
Notary futolic, Accountant tind
IVXixiixiK   Brolier.
Reports on Mining Properties."
Don't judge a man by tbe clothes   be
wears.   They might lie borrowed.
"He died through his own exertion,
with some slight assistance from his
neighbors," was the verdict of an early
day coroner's jury in Eds worth county
after it had heard testimony to the effect that the vigilance committee had
made a horse thief climb a ladder against
a telegraph pole and jump off with a
rope around his neck.—Kansas City
Customer (banding over the money)—
This mixture will cure the grip, wi'l   it?
Druggist— It will knock it every time,
ma'am. We sell more of this stuff to
grip patients than all other kindd nil1
Customer—You're a new prescription
clerk, aren't you9 What has become of
the young man who generally stands behind this counter?
Druggist—lie's down with the grip
VANCOUVER, ..-"-' B. 0.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for fine work. Leave, your orders with
the postmaster who will have it attended to as
well as if you came nersonally.
ainland Cigar
British Lion
And be sure that each Cigar is branded, otherwise they are not genuine.
They are not only made of the Choicest To-
bacco but are of home manufacture, and
should he patronized by all good citizens.
123 Water Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.
$2.00 A   YEAR.
■ .'■"■
Route to <>!!  Enstex'n Point*.
Fewest Changes,
Quickest Time
Through First class Sleeping Cms and Touris
Sleeping ('his to St. Paul, Montreal and Toronto
without change.
The Dining Car Service along the line of the
C. P. R. is unequalled anywhere.
Connections at Vancouver
With Steamer lines for
For full information as to rates, time, etc
apply to the nearest ticket rgent, or to
E. J. ' (>vr K
District Passenger Agent, Vanco   ver, B. C.
Tin  shop  in   connection.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Established 1862.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Stoves and Tinware. Miners steel, Picks
Shovels, etc.
W. Wharton, of  Vancouver,   was  in
town this week.
Miss Maggie Msmlonald is, we regret
to Bay, still eeriouslv ill.
Ric. A. Eraser left, on Monday's stage,
on a business visit to the coast.
The bye-election in west Kootenay
took placeoii Tuesday last. It is understood lion. F. Hume was re-elected by a
good majority.
Mrs. Robb returned, very much improved in health, last Monday, from a
visit to the coast. She was accompanied
by her little daughter.
It is reported tliat the ice at Qnesnelle
Forks has gone out. In about a week it
will reach here and will probably carry
all the ice in the river out with it.
f Tom Dunn's pack train jiatsed through
here Wednesday on its way to Mission
where it will be engaged in hauling the
Bend'Ore machinery to the mines.
' J. II. S. Rowebottom It-it. for Mission
last Monday whera he has a situation in
connection with the unloading of the
machinery   for    the   Bend'Ore   mines.
If the grown up folks had a good time
at the dance last night. The "kidletts"
must have had a better one for they
seemed to be thoroughly enjoying
Miss Noel expects to leave shortly for
1 er home in Merville, Wis. Hi r departure will be keenly felt in Lillooet, as
she was looked upon as the leader in all
social   functions.
Next Sunday evening Rev. R. Hughes
will discourse upon "War." A solo and
quartettu have been arranged for the
service, The collection will be sent to
the Missionerv society.
A. Thivarge and the Ward Bros, left
on Tuesday for Bridge River wnere they
in'end resuming operations at the Bend
'Ore mill. They are all tirst-class workmen and thoroughly understand their
business. The party were given a hearty
send-off by the "boys" abound town.
A pleasant surprise party was held at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Tinkhum,
last Friday night, where quite a number
of people assembled and proceeded to
enjoy themselves. Dancing was kept up
until VI o'clock, when refreshments wire
served, after which games and songs
were indulged in. The merry crowd
broke up about 2 o'clock, all having
thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
The Chinese New Year's festivities
passed off very quietly. The Celestials
in their zeal to drive the devil away
came near burning down the Chinese
Masonic hall. A large box _f lire crackers on the verandah took rire and set
fire to the front of the building but it
was quickly extinguished. In consequence the supply of tire crackers was
somewhat short, a deficiency that a
good many people did not   much regret.
T. C. Clarke of the 18 Mile House was
in town yesteiday.
A. Martley brought in another load of
machinery for the Bend'Or mine on
Besides a load of machinery th« Minnehaha took a small party of excursionists up the lake Monday.
R, F. Banner arrived from Vancouver
the fore part of the week and went up to
Bridge River to look at some claims
Chas. Noel returned from the coast on
last Friday's etage, aud left for Mission
on Monday to look after the machinery
for the Bend'Ore mines.
John Marshall was kept busy yesterday receiving the congratulations of his
many friends, the occasion being the arrival of a little daughter in his family.
Weather permitting, the water will be
let into the pipe, for town use, on Monday next. The people will have time to
net their flumes and ditches in order between now and then.
R. H. Tesch received, by last mail n
very unique and handsome post canl
from Germany. On one side of the card
are some pretty pictures of places near
his old home in Hamburg.
Silence reigns supreme in the '•White
Onion" this week, one of the parties h.iving silently folded his lent and
decamped. There yet remain a iew
"others" who should follow 6uit.
The weather here for the past few
days has been very mild, although high
winds and rain showers prevail. The
thermometer on Wednesday registered
60° , and fruit trees are showing signs
of budding.
J. VV. Oollis arrived on Wednesday
evening, via Lytton, from Vancouver,
where he haB been staying for the last
few weeks. He reports business to be
good at the coast, though mining matters are rather dull there.
On Tuesday, the 23th, the Methodist
Sunday school children intend giving a
social in the church. An important
item on the programme is a recitation
contest between six girls. The piece
chosen is "Excelsior." The prize
will be given to the competor, who, in
the judgment of the congregation, has
rendered it in the most clear and satisfactory manner. Voting papeis will be
given out and the result taken by ballot.
The removal of Mr. Jones from the
office of postmaster has tjiven rise to
comment. A Government must be allowed the right to change its officials,
and it must be remembered that numerous complaints have been maid against
Mr. Jones by the people of Kamloops.
Ha was offered a gojd position at
Grand Forks by his employers, the
Dominion Government, and if he did not
see tit to accept it. he has no one to
thank but himself and can not accept
further consideration.—Sentinel.
Established 1886.
Incorporated 1895.
Mclennan, mcfeelt & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill Supplies.
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors' and Lumber Supplies.
Agents for Tlie Giant Powder Co., Sun Francisco. *ll
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Good,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc.
C3-_±]_>r_iii_A.ij   _\r_:__i_ao___A_5rT.
Miners Supplies.
HSrilLXiOOET, 13. o.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a 1
full stock of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C.
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty!
 Bj_isr_z of-
THE ASHCROFT HKANCH is the most convenient Bank for
places m the Cariboo district.   Money received on deposit.    Drafts issued and <•
in any part of Canada, Great Britain and the United States.
Lillooet and all
olleetionu made
Clolcl Dust find Ameilginm F>urc_ia.sed.


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