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The Prospector Nov 7, 1903

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I a,
Vol. 6 No. 16
$1.00 a year.
Tlie Coit of it "Scurry" Train If Yon Ar
In » Hurry and Have Plenty of Money
—Some Kecord Trips of This Character
Made in the Old Land.
From. $250 to $750 and 30 minutes' notice at a big railway station
—often less—will provide you with a
train of four carriages all to yourself. It will whirl you to the other
end of Britain—to whatever station
you want to reach. If over you aro
in such a hurry that money matters
nothing—provided you have got it—
you can count on getting an ordinary train at the price of from 20 to
40 ordinary fares to your destination.
But if you want comfort and
"style," an extra half hour's notice
10 the railway people will procure
you a dining and sleeping car, with a
cook, attendants, food and wines,
from $100 to $150 extra. Then you
can "burn the ground" over 300
miles by rail, only stopping to water
the engine and laugh at all the time
tables ever compiled. A great many
wealthy people in a hurry have done
The BiK«~t "Scurry."
One of the biggest "scurries" in
special train records was a train
scratched together for thc King,
when Prince of Wales, on a very important occasion. He, of course,
nearly always has his own trains,
but "extras" are as much a part of
the railway system as the mails.
There is nothing exciting about
But while on a visit to a country
house just outside Leicester, the
King received a message that had
been delayed. The Crown Prince of
Greece had arrived in England and
his formal reception by the Queen at
Buckingham Palace was put forward
by a day. The news, owing to a
breakdown, did not reach the Prince
till 15 hours after it ought to have
reached him, and he barely had two
and a half hours before the ceremony
be^jan. These affairs between royalties are extremely punctilious and
there are no excuses.
It would have been almost an international slight if the Prince had
iiot appeared, but there was no
•train. A messenger rode posthaste
to Leicester, the Prince followed in a
fast carriage and when he arrived a
"special" of four "odd-und-end" carriages, had been slung to a fast engine—less than four are not safe—in
liss than 15 minutes.
He jumped in, the line was cleared
and off the train went. He was
without lunch and tho carriage wus
an ordinary first-class, but tho
Prince's valet bustled some sandwiches in at the last moment, and
the train, with a clear line, whisked
its royal freight to London in an
hour and 40 minutes. He was just
in time for the reception.
The "Marriage Special."
Probably the most romantic, ns
well as ono of the smartest of special train hurries was one that raced
from London to Dover a few years
ago, on the occasion of a runaway
match, and whicli still lives in railway annals as the "marriage special." The engager of the train, u,
Mr. Vickery, had big dillicultie» to
overcome, for his fiancee was a waixl
in chancery, that is, she and bev
estate wero under the guardianship of
the law, and the penalty for marrying a ward without the consent of
the court is imprisonment.
Alas, Alas, Alaska!
An old song-, revised and adapted.
Hy Sibree Clarke.
Children with a career before thorn
cannot be expected to remain under the
parent roof to the eole advantage of the
parent's family. The relation of the
Colonies to the Mother country is, after
all, a figurative one. T h e sentiment
necessarily grows weaker with each .n -
ceeding generation, unless it is strengthen.d by the development of mutual relations.—London (Enu.)Tiheh.
Let Ala. ka go to blaz»..
As tli* expressive Western   phrase in;
Verdict >enderetl, Couit has rig. n ;
What we thought was out's is hi.'u.
Yankees scoop the tilooiuin' pot,
We get it strong, and got it hot.
That's all right,—win if you can,
If you lo. e, lose like a mnn.
As the cnioke of battle scatters
There is talk of other matters,
Chief "f which, in my opininn,
Ts the fate of uur Dominion.
Do we need to hesitate?
]{ 'tis ours to choose our fate,
To he little or be great,
Build an independent State,
Tender youth must have protection,
Counsel, guidance and correction,
Manhood, strong in self assertion,
Will not tolerate coercion.
Are we boys or are   we men?
If we are men, when, oh when
Will we think and spent, and act
In accordance with the fact.
Ho! we hear of "insecurity,'•'
"Hasty action" "prematurity,"
Leading strings are  indie peiisable,
Patriotsim reprehensible,      ,
Stuff and non.ense! Let us stop
Sucking pap and lollipop,
For the gods give nobler fare
To the men who do and dare.
Out upon the the foolish prater
Who denounces as a traitor
Him whose proud anticipation
Paints a fee Canadian nation.
Fate a smile propitious wears.
Lo, the tide in our affairs,
Taken at the ebb .'will lead
On to fortune, as we read.
ailt'i' nnd Ktioil reputation in ench mute (one
in tbis county required) to represent nnd advertise tilt! cmnl.lislieU wealthy business house
of solid financial Standing, Snlnryf_l,IHI weekly with expenses additional, till payable in
cash direct eiicti WednosdHy from head olllees.
Horse and carriage furnished when necessary.
References. Enclose self-addressed envelope
.Colonial, 882',  Dearborns:   ('l)irngo.
The McMillan Fur & Wool Co. have
placed their circular of Oct. 12th on file
at our office f'ir reference. This lionet*
was established a quarter of a century
ago, and on account of their extensive
business, they are in a position to pay
high prices. Shippers rind their dealings with them very satisfactory.
The Kit III. oops Con veil! ion del-
entiles returned Inst Sn ..utility,
nnd will u'csent, their report nt n
.needing nnnoimced to lie held in
(ilie Eraser lia.il! (.hit. evening.
Farmers Institute
The meeting held in Sn.nlini's
Hnll last. Monthly night wns well
attended thirty-six heingpresent..
Mr. Thomas Earl, Vice-President
of the I..C. HorticulturalSociety,
presided, llr. Tohnie, of Victoria,
accompanied Mr. Earl. Mr. T.H.
Itrnntlon, of Lillooet, wns n'p-
poinled Secretnry for Lillooel,
nfter which the above gentlemen
addressed the audience.
Dr. Tolniie wiih Ihe first speaker. He spoke on the subject of
horses, their good points nud vices; their disenses, nnd the proper manner to exniniuen horse before piirclinsnig it.
in commencing, he stated that
a model horse would have a.
sharp, bright eye, ears should
uot lop, jnws should beclenn ami
witle, chest not too wide, but
should be deep. Muscles should
be welldeveloped on all quarters.
A model foreleg should be so 1 hat
a pluinbliue drawn from the top-
joint would fnll exactly at heel of
hoof. Heels should be well out,
nud frog well developed, ltibs
should be well buck. A horse
with short ribs will soon piny
out. Muscles should be large over loins. Hind quarters should
have 1 a r g o muscles, especially
those of race horses. A silky coat
of hair denotes good disposition.
The chief vices of a horse nre,
wiudsiicking, kicking at u i g h t
and bulking, in walking up to
a strange horse always put hand
on its shoulder, and rundown to
Iu stopping a runaway team,
grasp both lines in left hnuil, the
feet to bo braced on dashboard,
with the right hnnd jerk the right
rein, which immediately throws
the horse off its balance.
The principle diseases are ringbone, which is hereditary, blood
spavin, nnd bone spavin. When
purchasing n horse use the blade
of a knife to clean out the hoof,
as some dealers till the cracked
hoof with wax. Always look al
a. horse between the feel, and between the eyes.
Dr. Tol in ie concluded his lecture by saying that mnny fanners lose a great deal by not gel-
ting up their horses better when
sending them to the C o as t to
sell. Many n horse is sent down
which will kick nt sight of a saddle. Alwnys break a horse to
canter, to trot in a carriage, nnd
especially lo mind your com
ii      LOCAL NEWS       *
7!v§i~fUts as as A\ifc asasasPKas
A. Mncdoiinld, M.P.I', came in
to town hist evening.
A. Noel, who has been hunting,
returned to town this week with
two deer.
fieo. Doherty has returned from
James Dickey was in town this
M. Eagleson, of the Victoria
Hotel, i s on a business trip to
Judge Cornwall held court
town Inst Monday.
A Revision Court will meet iu
the Lillooet Court House next
_ .i...,
The Pioneer hotel, operated by
T. Reed up to last Saturday, is
now closed.
A. Macdonald and J. McOilli-
vray have purchased the 1* osier
estate tit Clinton.
John Collum, who has been receiving orders for Stone & Wellington nursery stock, reports a
most satisfactory run of business.
Arthur Phair returned home
Inst Saturday from an extended
visit to the Const.
A synopsis of tlie lecture delivered last Monday by Mr. Karl,
of Lytton, on fruit growing, will
appear iu our next issue*,
The public schools will hnve a
holiday next Monday, it being
the King's birthday.
There will le the usual 'Xnins
tree this yen v. Everybody ought
fo co-opera<e, uml make it a big
The Ven. ArchdeneonSinnII will
coi'ducf divine service in Saint
Mary's Church tomorrow eve. nt
The usual morning service will
he held in the Methodist Church
tomorrow, nml llie evening service will be willnliaw ii.
The nt leuduiice nl the public
school in lown continues Id in-i
Creuse. Last month the average!
at tendance was over 40. yel no
steps appear lo ne I al.cn lo have
the school enlarged or to secure
nn nssislnnl teacher.
Gorgeou* Kmublisluu. nts Arc   1> B|>1   <j -.-{
Homely,    H latere   House**   in
L. niton the ._iti.it.
The impending erection in Piccadilly of two immense hotels, one on
the site of St. James' Hull ami adjoining property, and the oth'r. on
the site of thu present Wals-.ingham
and Hath Hotels—•emihasi.es the fact
that the We t End is Le oming the
chief area for hotel life in London.
A few years ago the Strand and
Trafalgar Sqtia.e could claim pre-
omineir e as the entre of the most
celebrated hotels—the Savoy, the
Ceil, the Met. opolo, Morley s tho
Holden Cross, etc.—but quite recently a new and improved stylo of "hotel d« luxe'' has come into existence, and within a Lrief space of
time it woms probable that the West
End will be "ho.telized" on a s ale,
both of magnitude aid luxations te-
finenient, surpassing the airiest
dreams of tht,' hotel manager of fifteen years ago.
While ths vv.ii-.i-_r.ul Hit/. Hotel, to
reach from Ati'n^ton sti eet to the
Green Park, promis.es to be the most
splendid in London, Cln'idge's, just
off Grosvcnor Square, h s nlretdy
introduced the modein hotel life into the vety heait of Mayfi.ir. Ve y
eta'tling is the contrast—now nonexistent—-Let wet n the richness ol
Clai'idge's and the plainness, almost
amotniiug to ]o e ty, of the old
Bath Hotel, st' Ippod of t' e homely
old mahogany furniture whi h may
have been there since Thomas Adams,
the first Amc i 'an Ambassador, put
up at the hotel.
Tn. old Bath Hotel.
For nearly 150 years the old Bath
Hotel hi.s been looked upon by generations of Londoners as one of tho
mysteries which only the aristocratic
ini^ht penetrate. 'I here is something
forbidcing in the words, painted on
the Piccadilly side of the bouse.
'Lath Hotel—for Families and Gent-»
Ion etl," and mi lions of people must
have looked it| on the plain, dowdy
old corner built.ing, with its coat of
diity pni.it, and Imve fancied the interior to be, by contrast, a marvel of
Uut now, being doomed to destruction, the old 1 lace has been subject-
oil dally to i tspection liy brokers,
antl the auctioneer has sold its contents. And thc famous Lath Hotel
stands revealed as a wretched jumble
of passages and rooms, devoid of attraction, and fit only i'or thc house-
l.r.n'-cr. Its floors have reached the
"• i\ ilchhack" stage. There are uninspected little steps, some up end
sotie down, into many of the rooms
The old portable baths—in a Piccadilly Hotel!- -emphasize the change
which lui~ taken place between the
i ra of lite Lath and the era of ('lui-
idge's and the Carlton.
All over the \Vcst-etul the "hote" tie
luxe" I- springing up. In fitloane
Street, the Cadogan, dose by tho
Hans Crotcont, in Mount Street, tho
Cobourg. in Kensington Gore, the
De Vi'te and Koyal Palace Hotels,
all tell the sun.e tale. And the n id-
dlt-agod hotels in Alborinarlc Street,
and thareaboul are blossoming into
n in w and imr. luxuriant existence.
—London Mail.
Irish nml Snitch Imiilloril».
There nre in Ireland -'- landlords
out ing over 1.11,000 acres, whil > theca
ai." in Scotland 17. one of the
broadest-acred of the Scottish"* land*
Infold Is the 1' I'tie >li■ ister, who
owns lust PO.nnO ceres, with a rent
coll ,.f -nine .'ice.nun. The laird of
Inli'ds is, nf coin" ;•. Hie I'uke cf Sutherland, who po-si.-is m..|- a million nt,*I tt qunrier .if eels, which
bring him in soiii. *f;t50,000 per uu-
THR PPOSPBCTOR is the only paper pub.
Hshed in the Lillooet District, and is all home
Subscriptions: tine Dollar tt year in advance.
Advertising rates made known on application,
Correspondence is Invited on all mailers ot
public or local interest.   All ( iniiiiiiciilioiis
must lie acconipiinieil liy  Iliu  name   of   tlie
writer, lint not necessarily for publication.
Unification of English-
Speaking Peoples.
Don Passes, tt g'eii-'ileiiinn of
American birth, and Spanish origin, has written an interesting
Look on the above subject. He
advocates an nllituice in which till
(•hisses of (he United States and
I.rilish Empire shall have common citizenship. Tlie plan outlined bv this writer hus, to some,
the charm of novelty, and nuiv
be of interest to our readers.
The conditions of the alliance
are ns follows:
1. The Dominion of Canada
voluntarily to divide itself into
such different Slates, geographically arranged, ns its citizens
desire, in proportion lo population, and each State to he admitted as a full member of the American Onion in accordance with
the conditions of the constitution
of the United  States.
2.To establish common citizenship between all citizens of the
United States and the lb-it ish
3. To establish absolute freedom of commercial intercourse
and relations between I he countries involved, to the same extent
as thai whicli exists between the
different States constituting' the
Dnited Slates of America.
4. Great Britain and the United
Stales to coin gold, silver, nickel
and copper money, not necessarily displaying the same devices
or mottoes, but possessing the
same value, tt n tl interchangeable everywhere within the limits
covered by the treaty, and to establish a. uniform standuul of
weights and measures.
o. To provide For a proper and
satisfactory arbitration tribunal
to decide till quest ions whicli may
arise nude.' the treaty.
The ttbove divisions are those
of the Rev. R.J. Campbell, of the
City Temple, London, anil given
in the liritish Weekly of August
18, and now before us. The idea
embodied in the book referred to
is not tt new one, it, having been
repeatedly and persistently advocated in our hen ring by one nf
British Columbia's medical men,
Put Yourself in His Place.
An honest   anil  friendly desire
lo t rent, ot her people with just ice
cannot wholly Fail, though i I mny
blunder much.   In the long run it,
will succeed  by perseverance, in
spile of Stumbles and checks. To
put ourselves in the ol her man's
place is a wise course.   The successful politician, during a campaign, at least, will try to comprehend the desires of the voter.
and will maintain his position
by following this rule in his public life.    And in business,  and in
social life, there will be most success and least friction find mis-
iliiileislauiling.  when  before  we
suy our sny, we put ourselves in
the other man's plnce. I
C.C. '
What has it ever done tor you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now'of making
resolutions that keep; that cannot help but keep.
-- ^
pr, tf,
UQUOR   DRINKERS  CURED,   Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
at HOME.   Witli no loss of Time or Labor.
There is nn enlightened aid now which takes hold of a man instantly.
Instead ot dulling a drinker it gives liim almost immediately tiie snap ef
new life antl pjwer—lets the nniilif_lii nf hope into his eoiiI at ottee and
sets his mind into operation with all its be-<t intelligence —a prompt result of effects on the nerves, stomach ami whole Cody which are quick
and marvelous. While at this point the cure has Only begun, the encouragement i= so great that piobably no medical woik equals this iu
satisfaction to a patient.
Willi ihi. help against the drink habit any man who wants to lift from
bis life the handicap of liquor using can do so wftli immediate results.
Tnis guaranteed Ireatinent is within reacit of all. Convenient terms can
lie arranged satisfactory to any one who is at all reasonable, iliuugh, as
all people understand, it docs rut compare wilh the woiihlees quack
curen advertised at so much per package, or "Free", etc. It is a diflerent
matter from all this to perfect a course of thorough, special, personal
treatment that will really do the work antl cure forever. It is a serious
undertaking antl requites a high form ot tcieuliSc professional w >rk, All
the different kinds oi oases are ll itldled under guaranteed results. Only
-kill that ie developed to the high.iBt can do it. Only professional fee~
can pay for ihe time it requires, though they tire made moderate > nd co.t
venient for anybody. The meth msul piactice meil iu this woik has cost
years of tint", vast study and expensive ex er mem... The originator, I)t.
William II. Saunders, had attrac e! wide uoiiie loi Ii is- uurktn.it Neivous
diseases bng before pet feet ing this treatment. And hi it I nothing hut ere
antl personal attention to eases today makes it pus ible lo- him to accomplish tbe ahsolue cures which be guarantees. So the reader will see
ihis treatment mean- thorough scientific, piofesHonal atti iili-n. limit,
also means results ihal are absolutely certain, The splendid lirst effects
on a man are alone worth (he eniii e cost of ; real uietH.
This treatment can lie given U'LTil or WITHOUT the knowledge of
the patient and can be placed in any of his foods or liquids that lie ntes,
and beinir colorless and ta.-t. b-ss, ii does its Work so . llemiy and quiui.],
that Ibe drunkard is reclaimed even against his will ami wi hunt his
knowledge ami co-operation. Tl.e wife maied for year.-* Ion husband addicted to this curse will wonder 11 curing her husband hv ! or nw n efforts
can be true. "Is it possible that there i> Htich a ghuloiis opp .1111 ,n\ ?"
she will ask. Anil thou-a mis of wivt s who haw (t it it to tne ie.-i Hinl u-
joice in tbe reclamation of hm Hpoiit.es who seemed lo.-i to » I ^ensc nl
self-respect, generosity and manliness will trumpet, out to ihe wot Iti j
"Yes, i' is true". Our t real men i is purelv vegetal)!.', coin aim no nun idles, opiates, poisons oi ininei al-. We u-e. no hypodermic li jec'ion ol gold,
nor any dangerous compound.    It can he taken at h .me u ititoui am iu.-s
or detention fr  hit in.ss.    I> stiinulaies the  nervous system atome.
increases lhe appet!t<vand affords perfect, rest at, night, ll acts dine l\
upon ihe stomach, Inn his up the whole system, eliminates till ir ice of litj-
uor front the hotly HU 1 leaved the patient, in the same condition as il liquor
had never been taken.
those who have tn en deceived hy worthless remedies. If jour friei ti or
husband is the worst case in the community, we are inure anxious lo cure
him.    Read the following:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Dear S.rst— 1 have just, returned after a long absence, and feel it my
duty to wnie you concerning in. iwo patients. Un,- ol lliem F.R..., gave
up the treatment after aliout two weeks. Tneother, Wm. C..., contain.d
to take tbo ireatinent laitlifully, and he has been i hie in u fuss whi-ky a
hundred limes and doe . not crave it at all. For nine years be has hi en
away from his parents and m ver dm ing that time has he been able to
keep away from home long enough io vi.it home, lie is now visiting his
homo in Cleveland, Ohio, ami I expect hi!:; back In a few davs. When he
left he promised he would not touch whi-ky while away. 1 Iru.l lie will
keep his good resolution. Kindly let me have a few pamphlets for distribution. There are a few case. 1 would like lo get for your Ireatinent.
Wishing you success, I am
Very truly voiks,
Sister Superior.
S>. John's School,   Gray Horse,. Okla., Sept. 27, 1902.
Dr. W, H. Saunders,
Dear Sir:— Yont letter re.eived and contents noed. Mypatient
returned after visiting home, ami has not touched whifl ey. I am so uiail
that he took your treatment anil i is mother is simply delighted to think
that he does not drink. The change worked in litis man has attracted the
attention of eyeryone,    Iain
Very respectfully,
Sister Superior,
St. John's School, (bay Horse, Okla., Dec. 28. 1902
Dr. W.  II. Saundets,
Dear Sit: —I wrote vou some time ago about publishing my letters.
[ he'-itateil been in-e they were wrltien in haste, and I doubt if tbey aie
lil to pit ol isi i. 11 is a debt of era ti ude on my pan anil if lhc let lets will
be ii etl t vou in any way, make u-e of t hem. It ib the only means I have
lo make any return for yom kindness. This I ask leave out my name,
ami simply sign, Sisier Superior, ami of course Omit the name of the pa-
tienis.   Mr. 0 is tloii g well     Hit does not crave whiskey at all.
With best wishes of the season,
I am, very truly yours,
Sisier Superior.
I'l.lvHilern, New Mexico, Dec. lllli, 1901
Dr.  W.H. S Hinders & Co.,
Gentlemen:—I have taken your medicine
for the liquor habit, which was recommended to me by a frietnl in my
town. I only took one month's tre ttm in which completely cured ine,
I have no desire to think at y more, I suffered lor ve.i'-s wilh ibis curse.
Please accept my thank- for tl.e ireatinent. Rest assured ihat I shall ie-
commend your treatment to everyone in need of same.
I am, very truly yours,
Callelano Gan ia.
WE HAVE BEEN, ami a>-e, curing thousands ami we have liundtods
of testimonials on HIm speaking of l hese wonderful cures WE WILL
for particulars ami stive the <1 twiifalleii, All cnrres| 1. nee is held sacredly confidential. No namm of put ie'lis nnblilwil without, their written
consent.   C vi.ultatinn FRl-l'..   Alleorrespcntleiu'e wifTiont marks.
FREE BOO1..    IV. S.uiders latest, tr.alise on the can-en, various
types, and successful treatment "f ilu. liquor habit—''A CURSE AND
ITS CURE, "—mailed  frtefora2c. stxmp.
Dr. W.H. Siundet«oc Co.
Dept. P..  1467,
Englewood Station,
Chicago, 111.
ttKtti'..'...-  '"£*&>
5-.-.^^l^~^)~pt)j*tE^» pj ,|D CT/ r/: r:/' ■.   ■■'■'■<,
_'•'..■'. -•?•'.'. "•[sJOWTHERN      ^-'iJ:_5<0^..;'"'"-~~-':.*.  'x,'-.'" ...'■/
"/'*/ ..-■. _*■,^fr^tQ&jL circytos^^.%%
'$&&~i.i"i."(."Ai, &~:
Let tho GOLD DUST twins do your work."
Snow white clothes  are the  result of using
It  makes light  the labors of   washing.    Turns
wash day into play day.   Better than any Soap
and more economical.
Chicago,       New York,       Boston,       St. Louis.      Montreal-
GBFERAL     _I_v_E_E]___^G_E_^__^:I^^,
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store at Iiridge Kiver where
full stoek of General Merchandise and Min]
ers Outfits ara o n hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, "H.(l
v- *
r* rt/ettr
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters. |^
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every   pocketbook,   and   every  taste.
made forall kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
rnrr Sen J name and address on n Postal
rntt     forour lb4-pa|>e Illustrated Catalog.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1 00 per annum. THE  PROSPECTOT., LILLOOET, B.C., NOVEteEB 7, 1003.
Tftlttl IN Rttrv-AlN*
Jf>\».i *»•<%..t. t \\t<,\ im Which vy««_f *g»«l«l
1*.   IMltMlW
The   Bepavtmejiital I eawwitt.--   up
|ii'}tj&l     VulvM!;-      l ;,,.    ;.-.tn,i   it§      )■_-
".041 ■.   J>* 4'i'in.ui.;:. mi the t'aut.    IM.
,iwn?   ..I'- gome i.v.eu.y en.   ~~~.Uio„
mm ©l wftBiB land, it l_t_*-§_ gpi,!....* j
..'«.» tiif whiPlt might  (..aiuaBly   ba
,iiMiw.it«il   .t f_i,otoft.'_n*l8  __.&_ two
ii'ti&g i.ii- pi'B-QtitHtl t;i■• t*'iii»u'a'..u:i. ul
knit,  mirtti. two  ai'.'-i im.  i.w■?!-   teal
li.'itti,f.ii!.*i vit'iti., siiauUl it.   a-tiuit'etj
wv tin., state! thit! Ht't'nt.1.  ei. iov.
=i\ty ho ititjJtiiin >t in _<_..i,e tion with j
the miiveimUeSj aud Uu.l   the  _tgfi--
Balt-Vftl   eeli&ps make the   sub._ V]
liual uf ■feV.i_._i* eetui..'-.    The   1'ivU't^at
py 6*.. &!.&_*_ !S*K~i_ei'U.tei.t&l   .imt~.   is
iteregtUig.  &.._   we  are Ptiihw  ef
bS'.iuloii    tnat mult   an   t'si'v't'iytinti
.wi.ui.i net ffiftke Ali.n ffol .=*<_«_!   id
the areas guggeBtetl1 laueh   l@si k->
I.l tttl.il.> "thall it 18 l.-tltt.v-. ~~_ir:4_, in=
l.lw.1 wi1 laay Bay uU, lhe yther _'_=
reemiaennaUHiiB sfctike us as pious
'antl t|iiit.~ piei...*-, Unhappily w§
ieuhfe gravely whether fehis entirely
welkneaning i-epert will itiuit in
tui.y eensitlepaUle pla&ting and re.
piantiBg Bpertitiona on the parfe *»i
tltt» owner of lan.1, The fall in "the
value ef Uinher nn*:1 ft"ntler\voetl has
, _e_n great during tlie last quarter of
a eenturyi Oat', fur instante, to-day
is hardly worih the .t Ippingt feheugn
the price uf ihe wood i'.t*~lf has heen
lewer in the paati Laieh is ehe ef
the few timhef trees whi.h the
lawlewner tiiul.- lie ran piaul on peer
land with Bontething liie assurc'tl i ro=
hi. The elalise in no i *_}*._-*_ iehr--
riag to the estate tlutiea may reiuiittl
us of the undauhtetl faet that ii.
William Saieeurt'e Finanee _v_
muBt he heitl responsible f~-r -'ie fill
ef a great deal of feiiuher in hingiish
weeds which is not lUely te be re=
■placed in tht> near future, 'i'i'1 often
it must in1 tlit1 ouly way te pay efl
the uuties,= Satuulay Review.
itf-tt't- li   Ji   will Mf.N_l.li
Bventa repre^ucea the !aUewlngdea
neiption ef Wl.-. deseph t>hamhtflaiu
(rein a 8k_tih by d. Swift _~tci\e,U
an Irish Natieaalistt M> L\t *'lte i~
ef medium si_e, somewhat slightly
built, with lege too shott ia iii,_i.u.,=
tititn to his frame, it l_ sad by phjn
Bielegiats thai the *._■_! ef every hi=
man being   when -likely s.ruuiiel
VeSemltH's BOfflC iiliitiuili illitl, ii||l.\-
ing this test tn '.ir. t'limitl.tMl. in,' I
thini* Ids faee bears a by ue means
far-fetched ii eneil te i'e fate ef (i
fo\. Tliis tesfemhlamj! |s \e y sttiv-
iiijj; when oue looks tit Ins pottle,
lie has a high fereheadi a Ileman
nose, welHhlselled featuies, a mouth
espre~8ive ef grer.t tht'.mitiau n..
and large, dark blue, lamlnei'B and
somewhat cruel e.\ts. ni^ face,
which seeuis pallid iu iis ceier at a
distancei has, when one leeka at. it
elesely, an unhealthy yellow hie.
which perhaps is made more striking*
ly apparent by tin1 eeal=blaek color
of his thictt and luxuriant hair, As
mie looks at M.. (Miambeihiin easuaU
iy, oi e weuld guess ld~ a~ie te he
abeui Hvg antl nri.y, hnt ,s g matiei
of faci in Inrrt Mv, "ghambeilaia W6S
a hunt of the mature age ni fait,
years, who hail already en .,y..i a
eivie eareev of cvi*'*4at distlnetioR, an*!
had made a large fortune in trade,"
fruit. IMffleitltiei i.tsu. Il8~«l i'i   frtum «*.
itifii Ueutglilml tiiiiiiti-y »-'iif »'
lliitip Uv ti,,* Wujfi
The Homali camels eentfaated with
the m Ian camels are very gentle,
They s.l.lom injure anyone* In nniv-
Ing about the camp at nighi one
has efien to lass among theia as
they Kneel in rowg, BometimeB Bl.8p=
ping over them or gtooiiug under
eutstretehed iteclje, but 1 have ne\t.-r
had experlenee ef u vicious camel In
HuinaiiUiuti, Siveii when undergoing
tli in j operations they rarely hue,
.i> hiiui_.li the head is lt~fi free, Thia
accenuuodaiini dlsp'BfeUlon is atttib»
uttiiiie greatly to the . manner in
whi.h they are treated >"1 the na=
tires, who, though ratltni oi ut I to
th ei i ponies, hi>\ih' iu ise a camel.
Aitinv Semali*. are uttct ly ignorant
ef !*_■..du.ji, thia wgrl. be ng done
largely By the women, spy.,
a writer in The Brooklyn
i.agle The eahti I ; ■ • ■ where
In the laud.. \\f h tin | '•" " "ns
of tiMnspot'l awl ist gl\ n : pi s merit
for wives and in i*fiti iw i t-l-e
ineoeant bipod fi mi ■ which r*nd@.
peaeefttl village antl it wu !if< "Uiiosl
unknown in *"■■ interior,
As ihe troops mako 'heir .'^y in*
land euilaua native vilingas forinerd
«f little huts of ben! sticks coverefl
with ean.el matt., and , otoctod all
round with a fence of i ut tiun u trtts
laid shle by ti>i>'. v-iU at first i.t»
eiiininon tiihiM, and the ftesli eantt'l
inilk obtainable ai titn^ i~ very ie=
freahlhg on the bun. marches, The
iii«u of SeataUlantl uHf it oivtous
white olay feutwl iu wi0''.* pm^soi
tlie eotmtry t<» ilt.v.b or t{t«i" ! -.* t'e,
which makes tbem 11„*. n'.v h'a'ih
footmen with peWdertM wlc.s fl itu.=
nitirried girls wear thei. halv >"W,
and tha martied vvowu tfieire in a
blftck net,   Th* ~i-«i,-*~-.*^ _*>.•*.{(■_». _*
mm i-i*^ kH ~» Mfd%i_l _**»»:•>**- *§ l_W
OIil-Fa*.lii.»ii'itl Girl ^f:i<le X«w.
Feoj'lo say the old-fanhioned girl is
coming to.ii fashion, it may tc eo.- •
it all detent's. But we flo;ibt. if the
latest form oi ftiiuiuity will ti,k«; tu«
siTfij c o( u r«vi*al. An adaptation,
perhaps, of a modification, or a ro~
vi..<si edition. But a nicra roplica— |
No! Women hi^e tlHiir phases, like!
tho moon and other cteatior.E of ttio
gender, but. unlUe the lunar planet,
they ni^ ei" repeat themselves. The
early Victoiian gill was a ;-:im-
]ioiinfr, giggling-, blushing, iaiiitin;.-,
ringleted, champagne-bottle shouldered, whitc-stockinged, cloth-hooted, impeccable nonenity- The raid-
Victorian Miss was a thing of
hustles, chignons, s;'rif:hili:icss, archery meetings, and dawning emancipation. The later Victoiian New ITo-
man was composed of platform
phrases, cropped hair, thick hoots,
formless arguments, aJTe-tcd animad-
version of the ty ant man, and c!e-
8 >air of the mati inionit 1 e.itato. AVe
to day are fi 11 <f "smart," ambitions, overflowing with smart slang,
weighted down with smart liis lcr
smart clothes, compel od to live in
smart stcts, to t'"e gieat attenuation of our 1 s; Stuart incomes. Never, in fact, has there Ccjii such an
Old Mae of the Sea as this fetish of
smartness that we have been hugging
ti our souls—or what repr.sents
them—fur the. last dozen years. Not
to ho smart is to he so ially dead,
and to be socially defunct it were
1 e ter never to have been born. So
says the modern Saga. With what.
result, one noed not add. A glar ce at
names gracing the Bankruptcy Court
lists, t r, say, a few side-lights by a
tax-collector, and the plaints of unpaid tradespeople wot 11 a IT. r.:l some
contemporary hh%>ry fall of t'niliing
situations and go far to explain to
future generations the curious fe"er-
heat with which t to desire to he
smart has all'irti'd this Edwardian
ei a. Meanwhile, as oie swinp of
the pendulum Inevitably i'du'c another, we are promised a retrocicssion
to Arcadian simplicity, which will
dislodge made-dishes, banish
"Bridge" after a.m., introduce t:te
cult of mera muslin frocks' and leaven our erotic, literat'to with the
heavenly manna of .'ane At sten and
Alfred Austin. "Whet is to I e done
witb Ladies' Clubs nnd private t- le-
lihoiies has not .yet. come up fr.r discus ion; but, doubtless, t'hyllis and
Corydon will appropiiatoly re-appear attunr.l to the surroundings nf
their blue-ribboned era, p." the painted fans and mouchos noircs ef Tier-
rot, and Pierrette recedr on (his overdone horizon.
Hhii"«».I ■■ "i'    '. V   '   r.ivf.cl.
It is not given to many tncti to he
haneer! and buried, i tl yol be uhle
to tell the t: le. Iiul such was the ex-
porionr. of 'in.^ John Barte'ida"e who
was exec od at Yo ' i 16"4 for
felony. Ait-t his body hud hi ng for
nearly an hour, it was I r ed. A
gent I em i passing' by the guv e,
which h.- fi uol been filled n, thought
he Kim the part1- mo e. ' rl with t^e
help of his s r tii t, he di interred
t'e eoti\ '< t who was s' 11 live. It
wtis  t'e        *: e<-    in  these    days    to
tl criminals
loan     v iis
SU i
■ i.s
can f
led, 8
o efl
'.. hC
..- ,,
'■  in
l»> .
"V   lil"
i ;   ,
hi p   ;
'   i. .
• s  1
o)V  '•
.  i ,
-,         r
171 ,•    "
e .
Bt il . 0
llfiSS   I
Lillooet District
i ply  recov-
r    at    the
tl    Ii  er' a
'on     i"   el
tVe      to
"    rt  it,   be
f.   I
t. i 'in
i    I   >' o    a
■us jl 1 if v "
The opinion has been expressed
that, one re.isun why there ure so
many old bauiiOiOi'S in Ontario is he-
cause of tiie i.erisiun tliat a man
meets with when it is known that lie
is about to many and tho ordeal o.
going away in a shower of rice, perhaps with a "shiiuieu ' as a welcome
home. In the citio.. it i.s not so bad,
for people can get married and few
know it. In contitty plac s ptactlcal
jokers am alwaj 3 getting in their
fine work on young fallows who go
courting, 'lhe following i.s i'rom Tha
Uxbiidge Joutnel, euJ Illustrates
the point:
"The boy3 in 1. vis country dearly
love a joke, espc tally if it, happens
to be on soma yt.ung fellow from a
distance who jnyadea their neighborhood on a courtij .,• expedition. This
was the cese rQ?ently in t";o Pino
Grove neighborhood, whrre a yoting
man frou loira had thowheols of his
httggy o'uirgol aiid his i'nes oras-eU.
But a young man fr..tm the cotu try
(Glen Major district) fared worse in
town Oil fair night, his horc;e and rij
having t\een appropriated In tnto. Jt
waa :• .!ii"ii-.'.l to vba hbtct shed before .not'.iii?, but tho young nan
and M* girt wsm tinker the necessity
af hunting ::i. sleeping quarters wi..i
friends iu town nt e :~*c 'our.
Three rrvc'i'.'r.I joVfh soraotirros re-
salt tmpieiar.nntl.v "o- all paitiwieon-
cor.iC'". em' 't wei Id fc"i -It if the
tunny rft'pi" would f.nd eomo '■."-
annoying way of oxhibitiug UvSrt
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.       a^^
As far back as tho year I808, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
bar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, witli gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising; Mineral Lairds
ANiiKiisoN i.akk. and hui no in river mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp.  Yet there are  miles of  territory that remain un prospected
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds--^5^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts nf tlie globe testify thai the sportsman's
Paradise is lure. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
lie a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^—>
In llie dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
tlie climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit may he grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest  Uailway towns are ashoroft and LYTTON, on the CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY,
tfe______BB5&__£52~. <eU__mS_&_Sm%_^__i_m.
— f,   "
"Chicago Weekly Inter-Ocean" SI.00
"The Prospector"  1.00
I'M IS OKKI.lt IS Ol'EM FOR ONLV  \    HOR    _"IM__.
"Family Herald & Weekly Star  $1,00
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"Manitoba Free Press"  $1.00
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Messenger"   $2,80
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papers valued at $6.30, postpaid, for only $3.75
_Wm%i_______________t  ___K9*^ "
Subscribe for "The Prospector" $!.00 a year. THE  PKOSPECTOl., LILLOOET, B.C., NOVEMBER 7, 1903.
An  Interesting  Paper  Bead   Hefore   the
Colonial  Institute.
In his impcr, "The Canadian West
nml ."Northwest," which wns read 10-
cently at the meeting' of tlio Lloyal
Colonial listitute, London, Mr, \V.
Albeit Hickinan said he did not believe that tin' American invasion involved the slightest danger to liritish interests, lie had tiie pleasure
of goiiifj; north in the Saskatchewan
country wilh a special train containing J 00 American co|iiaii*ts to buy
Canadian land. The tain was placarded "Special Train ol' the Sns-
Jcat hewan Valley Land Company,"
which company bought no le s tiiflll
ono million acios of land, lie had
studied the Invading army carefully
and it. impressed him thit tin. majority of them appreciated liritish
institutions, and became gootl Canadian citi.ens with groat rapidity,
ile looked upon this in\o'-stliioi.t ol'
many millions of American money in
Canadian lands as but t'ie forging o1
one moie chain in the nlieady existing informal alliance—tlio Anglo-
American confederation. Figures led
him to the inference that in 15 years
the United Status would not be exporting one bushel of wluat. All
would lie required for home consumption, and her wheat lands would
nil lie under cultivation, 'lhe United
Kingdom might then look to getting
her wheat supply from tlie Cunadiun
1 hi.is—and much of her supply of
meat and dairy product) also. Somo
of them who were in lhat room
would eat bread made f 'oin Hour of
wheat grown in the valley of the
Peace River ns sure as day was day.
Last year the Hudson liny Company
sent, a 5.10,000 roller (lour mill i t.o
Fort Vermillion on the PcnCe l.i^er.
nnd for all he knew some of them
might ha\e eaten bread from tle-ie
'file Trov.'.iti'f. of a .» uti.c.
In a moment ol" absent-mindedness
we conrente.l to officiate as cue of
the judges at the carnival last wee!;,
snys the editor of The A> lire". Out.,
Sun. At. that, time we thought we
knew all about fancy and comic costumes, and that it wouldn't take ns
two minutes to comince our confreres who should have th.1 priztS.
Before the work had been in progress
two minutes, wo were pe.fe-Uy willing for the other fallows to do tbo
judging, while we acted as secretary.
They would not hnve it that way.
and it. took the three of i s nearly
two hours to award ten pri os. And
it seems that there wero at least a
do. en in every ilass who should have
had the pii.es rather thnn the ones
we picked out. The critic could not
get at the other judges very *>ve'l so
we had to take nil the abuse, which
continued until the hockey lnntc'i last
night switched their nttent'on. About
'200 who were not in costume, Imt
were waiting for a skate, hnve refused to recognize us sin e, whi e our
little girl whom we left in the band
room I'or the "few minutes" while
we did the judging, got mad and
went home, nearly fro. en. 'Ever act
ns judge at a carnival? Try it some
time, nnd then come to this office for
Derivation of Word "News."
"News" is nothing more thnn a
plural formed from the adjective
■new," treated ns a substantive, The
singular wns once spelled NEWE and
the plural wns once spelled Nl'.YVF.S.
Each word wai; then regarded as a
dissyllable, and was so j ronouncod
Like the word "tidings" the word
"news" is now plural in form, bit
singular in sense. Though the latter
contains tlie initial letters of the
four points of the compass, the explanation usually r.hen is only u
fam if il way of deriving .the word.
The four cardinal points of the compass ure Nortli, East, South. 'Wesl,
nol   North. East, West, South.
"Ncw" is from the same root, us
"now," and, ns Profrs3or SI i nt observes, it meats ' that which i.s
now," "news," therefore, is something recent, or oomething belonging
to tho present lime.
rii-i jimii Moreim's Special "Special."
A vory special "spetinl" was the
one whi h Mr. Pierpont Morgan ordered at Manchester tho Inst time he
was over here, In the States he is
nee s'omcil to take specials almost
everywhere, and a big railway magnate can do what he likes with American railway lines.
Mr. Morgan was said to bo in England for a rest. However, he suddenly ordered a "special" for London at Manchester, and required the
best possible. In 40 minutes a train
with dining and parlor cniriugo was
ready. with a little hill for 8325.
This paid, Mr. Morgan stepped in,
and was whirled off at 60 miles an
hour. He thought, however, thnt he
could pull up Wherever he liked, ns in
the States, by 0 message lo the
driver, Iml. found this was not possible. All the wny up he mnde
notes, comparing the British spo.inl
with the Yankee, nnd he renched
London in just, under lour hours,
having covered nearly 200 miles. At
the end of the journey ho fttve the
engine driver 150, nud admitted af-
frininiping, Jumping, AcMug
If we were in your plnce we
would nul go on siillfiing day
nfter dny with sucli terrible
henilncl-.es when there is such ti
good remedy in be lind, Snme
headache remedies might never
to be Inkeil, bul we pill up a
simple powder whicli relieves
ilie headache :;'. once without
having nny bad effects upon ilie
system. We call tljis preparation Mu I levy's Hendnclie Wafers.
They me put up, une dozen 111
a box al 25 cenls. Not hnd to
take ami they certainly bring a
welcome relief no matter what
the cause of the hendnclie may
be. Seal anywhere hy iiinil mi
receipt of price.
Made nnd sold only by
A7-____.l<rCOT_TA7"EEi, ~B. O.
A new and thoroughly equipped
privatehosjij nl specially adapted
for Surgical and Klectricnl Treatment, with superior accomodn-
limi lur Lying-in (;i>e.-*. Only
trained muses employed.
Whether for immediate or future consider-
eration our prices for
Copper Plate Engraving are worthy of
For instance, we engrave a plate like this
for $1.00.
^fcj.7%//t<tm' OmieiiiflMuriij
From the plate we print
100 choicest quality cards
lor $1.00.
The "plate" w-iil last a lifetime.
Write for a copy of our
new handsomely i u-tra-
ted catalog-in*, ready Nov.
15th. On request we will
send it to any address
free of cost.
118, 120, 122 and 124
Yonge St., Toronto
Asa special and temporary offer to
readers of tbia paper, we will mail Tiik
1'uhi.ic to persons who are not now sub*
.ciibeis. for ten weeks for leu cents.
Tin. Public is a %i, 16-paye weekly Review for democratic Democrats anil democratic Republican.; ii~ opinions are
expressed without fear or favor; it gives
an interesting and connected weekly
of all historical news; it, always bas ed-
itoiials worth study ing, a cartoon worth
seeing, book notices worth reading, and
miscellaneous matter both valuable ami
interesting; and il is liked hy intelligent
women as well as by intelligent men
Tbe editor is L-tui- F. Post. Send ten
■outs in silver or stamps for ten week's
rial. All Miliar, iptinns are paid Btrictl.
in a.Lance, and upon expiration the
imperii promptly st-pped unless su1'-
VI ip.inii is renew ed. Mention this pap- r
Unity Building, On CAGO, 111.
Paul Santini,
carries a   full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Go]
Loots and Shoes, Hardware Sia-
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton A Way Points: .Mondays, Wednesdays nnd Fridj
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
150 Mile House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly servij
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
H  Special conveyances furnished.    Send   for  folders
WANTED—AGF.NTS by the Dominion
Gov., ol 'Obioag.i, to solicit Mi'snip ions
t >r tli. above work. A volume of absorb-
in j! I uteres   to oid and ) 1 111. -_• nil lie. \*> ill
ell nl siybt. (lorn! ci mii.H'ions (aid.
Apply   for full   par'iriilur- io:—
S nte Manacer,
IV; -lilaiiii l'.O., Oksn114.au li'tke, B.C..
A ,
Drugs and flediclnes,
Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,
Fishing Tackle etc. etc.
Mnil   Orders    l'ronipily   hilled.
/ A ,
*   CLARKE & Co.
a       LILLOOET, B.C
4s. 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 .m? 44 4Z? *_-
A      »-.    .   j .   ..    /A    , A   , .    ,,-/.'.       .
.. • *
9 **|>
A 0< nrt ii Ri vision and Appeal,
under lhe pri vim iis of the "Assessment
Act", will be I.eld for tlie Lillooet As-
s.'SMiient Disttict, at Clinton, in tbe
Coon Home, on ilie29ih October, 100.J,
■Ai 11 o'clock in the lorenoon, and al
L lionet, in the Court House, on tlieO h
November, 1903, at 11 o'clock in the
F. SOUK-.,
Jndge of the   Court ol Revision  and
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone", mllic. :i sUotrti nnd dpscriiilliin inn,
nut~~l. nsnerliiln our opinion free whether an
Invention is prnliiilily pnletitnblo. Communion.
i Inns strictly ciiiiildcntiiil. Iliindliookim I'nlenH
gunt free, oldest agency for fteourlns patenU.
l'nii'iiis taken through Mniin & CO. receive
tpeciai im. ire, wit limit cluinro, in tlio
A handsomely llli.-tn.teil weekly. Iianrent -ir-
ciiliiLiiin of nny scientific Journal. Terms, i'.i a
ycnrj four months, H*  Soldhynll newwlcnlers.
MUNN&Go03e,Broad^'New York
Branch (ifliee, tn.. '.' St, Washington, D. C.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Temleis nro Invtloil for Die whole of I ho
|ir.)|ieily, liiclinliug drown 0 in n I oil clnlcis,
mill Bile, tt.'illlhlu mill, (-ii|uicily l.'i lo fit) Ions
ilnilyj, tiitmiviiv, assay oliice, Itiltoratitry nnd
fill I <■<111 i |>iti..111, oi the Toronto l.illoqoi ({old
Ituots t'oiii|iiiny I,I mi led, si I nnle In llie I.iiiooet
ilisirict of llrillsli (tul n in bin; iiielu.lhiK flio
Ample, U'linlo, Moi.nrcli uiul Wellnnit Vale
mines wliieli nre Crown gl'iinlud, also Hie
Noil li Slii]-, <i oli It-n stripe, * iolilcn Kaglo, Itn by
nml jiimlio iiiinciiii cliiim, Iii Iliu aaine. dlsl
lirl. together wiih a ten stump mill, machine
ill-ills mul oilier uipilplllUlllS. Ciisli lenileis for
ihe whole propni'iy are rcqneNleil bill
off ns (or tynrlihig options or tor portions
nf llie properly will lie considered from Hit
former group fl,.U lonsof oiu Iiiin heen iiiillud,
with an assay value appioxIniallng^lll.tiO to
lll.no Wagon mail from Itnllroad to mill. The
whole of ihe above H ill liear looking Into and
Investigation and nre an exceptionally important and valuable group ofcliiims Willi fill
working equipment. Full paiTioulars mav bu
had on npplidttioti lo ISdgnr llloomlleld
l.iquidnlor, l'.O, Mux 7t:i, Vancouver il i:.
Head our special
offer on tlie
third page.
There    are    verv  few    cleans-'44'M^4^4444"44444/44i4^44i4
^\'*»n/*»\/*-/» .. *s/*» •*• •' *N ''N- «s/9\/«s/* s
i ing operations   in   which  Sunlight -
jSoap cannot   be   used to  advant-      H*>v<'   .-.   ohleml yonr new
It  makes  the  home   bright milt?   Uivh i»Ic(Joh1i ii, l.i'.'ii-l.    lit;
The new stage line leaves Lytton every Monday _]
Ifriday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special ti]
made,    Write nw for information.
Peter llebagliati Si, Co., Lytton   B. (1
McCOSH is your nearest T4IL0
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSH, MerclmutTailor, Asbcrofl, ll. t:
Vancouver, B.C.
EstaLlished, J890.
Assay work of nil descriptions .undertake.). Tests made n|i lo 2000 11 is. A speoi.j
made of checking smelter pulps. Samples from llie Interior liy Mail or lispS
promptly attended to.    Correspondence    solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry tin. largest and best stock in B.C]
including: liar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents For YAI.KNTI NFS  High Crude CAI-KIAGF. VARNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Ketail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
R.F.Anderson&Co I5ull)s;°m'-• • "'«»»"■■«pi»«n.i
Seeds, Plants, n
General \iavuwave,
Picks and Shovels,
Axes, Hoes ct Wakes,
Bar lion. Drill Steel,
Oils, Paints, «&c.
ltl-'.l*. SIM'I'I.IF.S,
Ciltilloglie fice.
Wl. J. Henry,
3109, Westminster Rnml, Vancouver, ILv
win ric I.AIIOIt ONI V.
and clean.
will give,'ouBittit.fucl.iu11.
A Meeting of the Liberal-Conservatives of West ..illoootl
will be held in Piaser's Hull, < n I rdvifr.v. N( \tn In T.al]
7/-.0 p.m., to receive the report of the delegates from tlioj
Kamloops Convention, and I'm* the transaction o~ general;
\V. J.   AUEROiloMrBl-B, Pi'.'sidcnt,
John MAiisii.M.i., Searetavy,


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