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The Prospector Apr 12, 1901

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Array (_xXu^c    LA
Vol. 3, No
f'  lfc°
$2.00 a year.
Miners Supplies.~—^^-
I,IX,X,00_riT,  _3.50.
Branch Store at Bridge Hirer where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
«rs Outfits arc on hand.
j. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
■Game* a full  stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry   Goode,   Boots   and   Shoes,
Hardware, etc.
jpiOj^rrnJiETa :eot.el.
Lillooet. ». U.
PRIED. H.  NELSON, Proprietor.
fc'ampl''   U-'ohis   for   Ooinnt'nUl    Travel lera •
Livery Stable in Connootion.  Bus meota
■atpnmhoiit for gnestH to and from
Anderson Lake nnd ttfidgu
River potnte.
Hotel Victoria,
XjIXiXjOOSX, B- c-
Wiia liotel Vteins now and thoroughly Sniahed througlio.tt is the only ti rat
ef mu hotel in Lillooet. Persona nailing at Lillooet will recoive every attention by
ut' ppins at '.lie Hotel Victoria, Good stabling ia connection with the liotel. Ilead-
'iliiai tors for the Lillooet-Lytlen stage.
9 a v ^ 0 Q   cmtKosa moojihatu.   e 0 e e q a
'■li.LOOKT, _. C.
f!h. Bar id supplied with the beat Wines, Liquors and CignrF. —      ._n-> !
Stage leaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.    Special trips made.
K you contemplate n trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I
Gsneral Dealer
Full  Hns   of   Groceries,  Dry Goods,  Boots   and  Shoes
Ohothiug and Hardware.    Miners' Supplies.
________________ &Sk______________________''
Kamloops, B.C'.
furulture of every description,   Carpet?,  inoloum,  Win
dow Shades, Cornice Polos, r(e.
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
ovory Wednesdaj
St-oani**! k iiir li.'', Northern 11
 -,-. j umii lunVe Vic to tin ami \n n't ouvcr r-et'ltlv,   ltfci)lnr steamon
JWtu Drttiflh -Glum bin point*,   P«rtK uUra on application. 0. 1.. HAXrEK, 0. P.,
ubsnibs for Th@ Prospector.
BY   Rin    A.   PHASER.
Thr mineral act has received nine
tin Iter i mt with than nny other act on the
a a ut'e books .if British Columbia, und
sb the metiillinVrous mining industry of
the province ia in nnythinn but a pion-
perous condition, in spite ol niitistics io
the contrary, and ai ihia state of affairs
has been brought nhoul by the hesitation of I'aoltallatl to invest in a section
where the law * are .in an unsettled state
anil subject tn radical changes at any
time, th le*6 monkeying with the min.
eral ac lhe better. At Ihe prevent flea-
-i'.n 01 the legl-Utuie an amendment io
the act 1 as been Introduced, that will no
doubt become a law, in repaid to the
amount of tvork required to be done by
a locator before he is entitled to put his
c'itiui on record. This amendment at
least if one in the right direction and
will have a ten lecy lo encourage legitimate prospedors and shut uut lhat clasB
nf professional sinters who are a detriment to and retard the development of
any camp. The amendment ia a good
one but it ia to be hoped that this one
change in the mining law will sufli e out
law tnakeis for this session. Let us hope
that there will he io more cnantes for
some time, and give the mine owner a
chance to live and do business in ihis
British Columbia makes a mistake in
its treatment ot the lode prospector. It
charges him £5 annual license fee; a $S
poll tax; $2.30 every timo he does anything in connection with bis claim; 50
cents a cord royalty for timber he usee
on his claim, and if ever lie gets his prospect to the productive stage he has lo
pay S per cent royalty on all net returns.
A good deal has been said about the prospector—his courage, ability, etc.—much
ol which is so. Ae a plain business proposition, it is to ba noted that thc prospector should not be restricted, rather
encouraged, lie ie the mainstay of the
mining industry, the pioneer in all mining, the man who makes minig possible,
the best friend of the miner, the milling
machinery manufacturer and the pre-
cuiaor.of all the i dust hs attendant
upon mining. Ue does not ark any favors, but the region that restricts him
hurts itself. It is a moashack policy lo
discourage the prospector, as it tends to
keep c»pitni out of a mining country.
Several mining aections found this out
long ego.—Mining and Scientific Pies*.
The warning complained of by "Silex"
a Washington paper fur uincn to
" keep away " may he based on li.e best
of reasons. Whenever there is a discovery, big or little, in anew mining camp
many men run there, expecting -eme-
thing to do, and il is but kindnes- fur a
loc.il paper to warn them away. Probably skilled miners would have no uiili-
culty getting work there or anywhare
else, but " Silex " doubtless knoMS that
the surplus pupu'aiion in new mining
camps hae _*. large percentage of men
who cl.iin to be " miners," tint are ready only hangers-on. As 11 matter of
fact, a man who wants to 'cam something about mining would do belter to
uo to an old mining camp than a new
J. H. Anthony.
General Merchant, LYTTON.
Storage and
Forwarding Agent
Liilooet and Bridge River.
Have goods consigned to my care;
railway charges are settled, goods stored
and forwarded with despatch.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
B. C
First-olass in every respect.
Choic,  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars.  Sample
room   free.
A public meeting was called for Monday evening, in Saniini'b hall to dig- uflfl
the Bridtft Kiver wagon rond propOB*
i[ion. There WAS a lar*_e attendance
uiul h1) were iinamions thnt a wagon
road ihould be built at once. About 8
o'clock Dr. S. Clarke was called to the
chair, and Mr. VV. U, Brandon acted as
dt'i-retary. The foil*-winy resolution
Mured hy Ric. A. Fi*ner seconded hy
Dr. 8a.'.son, waa brought before the
i.eHmtf   and  was carried   UnatuioUBly.
"At a public meeting held In Ullooet,
B. 0. on the BUj day of April 1901, it U
hereby resolved that it is ynbolutely
neceBrjaO for tUtf district of WeBt Lil-
lo'-et that a wagon road Bhouid be ron-
btrucLed to the Bridge Rivet mines, and
f-bat our me'r.'ior, Mr. A. W. Smith, he
i uu ti tided to a.-cure an appropriation
nece_8_,ry lor the completion of a standard wagon road to Cadwallader Creek
ai once, and tiiui work biiouM com-
uieiue on tiaiue it= suou as possible."
Dr. Sauson in a few remarks showed
the necessity of auoh an undertaking ai>d
impressed upon tho meeting that our
ilcmarnl-. should receive consideration
and that with the co-operation uf all.
this could b • done.
Air. Smith then addressed the >neetlng
aid gavt his theory of the railroad que*-
tion and stated that he was not fav n*
ably inclined towards the V*, V. & E.
Railway and that while the coast and
Fraser river valley districts were benefitted and were so anxious for railways,
he only wanted roads ai.d trails for West
Lillooet. The coast pt-ople were very
much worked up OVnr the railway question and he said Mr. Uodwell would
make a good thing by putting it through,
no believed $.0,000.
In referring to the increase in tlie revenue tax he thought when the people
looked into the matter they would not
condemn it. We received benefits in
different ways and if tbe country was to
be opened up revenue must be obtained.
Lie said he had already asked the government for $7,000 to widen out ttie
Bridge river trail.
After a vote &f thanks waa tendered
to the chairman and secretary the meet*
i ig adjourned*
\ petition will he forwarded to Mr.
.Smith witli the resolution and he will
present it to the chief commissioner of
lands and works,
Becking Out Gracefully.
A despatch from St. Petersburg sayt*
it is learned from a trustworthy source
that Rusai-t's diplomatic agents abroad
were instructed on April 3, to communicate to the government to which tbey
were accredited an identical note in tbe
same terms as that presented hv Count
Uasseui, the Russian minister at Washington, to Secretary Hay.
Tbe test of the identical note, as it flp-
nears from news wh.ch has come to hand
is as follows:
"That in the present circumstances a
special agreement in the Mam-huiian affair instead of being an open testimonial
of friendly sentiments on the part of
Russia towards Chins, might entail various difficulties for the neighboring at ate.
Russia dues not in any vay insist upon the conclusion of sueh agreement and
even abandons -ill • naeible negotiations
in this mattei.
Inasmuch a- tlie imperial government
ever adlie.es faithfully to iis original
and oft-related prugramme.it wUlquieth
await the further course of events."
The Kiiv.i: Civil List.
London, April 4.-Tho report of the
committee appointed to consider * ha ges
in the civil list re omtneiid that the new
civil list be fixed about X^j0,000 as follows:
Privv purse, £110,000; *?aUrie* of
household and retired allowances, £125,
000; expenses of household, £193,000;
woks, £10.000; rowtl bounty, alms t\-yi
B'-eeial set vice", £13,000, and su dne-,
Tlie report c*< m i ends »n annoit ol
£2.) 000 to the Duke of Cornwall an*
Yoik; £10,000 to the Duchess o Coin-
wall at d York, and ti 000 to each ol the
King's daughters. The queen'sannuity,
in event of her 'urvlvlng he King, is Increased to 70,000, Htid an annuity ol
u0,0J0h provided for the Duchess of
Cornwall and York in the event of her
surviving the duke.
The piopOBats for the civil lias have a
net increase of   07,000.
A Fergus girl while making a close inspection of tho millinery display in a
store window let her tongue touch the
nosty glasf* aud was held a prisoner Until a gallant, stout, miild e-aged commercial traveler, who modfstly declined tu
reveal his identity, effected the release
of the inhpiisitive maiden by blowing
his breath on the window. His breath
must have been hot-tuff.—Fergus Paper.
EOITOK PROSPBCTpR, S'r: Following are
few remarks ahout the public meeting held un
Monday evening.
The largely attended meeting was unanimously in favor of the resolution, asking the
member to secure an appropriation for lhe
construction of a standard wagon road to Cadwallader creek.
The member then addressed the meeting
■"•nd gave his views of the railroad question.
Made a great point of the fact that lhe competition would benefit Vancouver and Victoria.
In the memhers opinion the only people benefitted would he tlie people living in the Fraser
river valley and the coast towns, lie entirely
overlooked the real benefit to the province of
this railway. Namely, the opening up of the
Similkameen and a large and important mineral belt, containing gold, copper and coal,
which at present is practically starved for the
want of means of communication. Not only a
most important mineral belt but also a large
agricultural district.
The greatest benefit of this competing railway would he the cheaper handling of all the
minerals of the Kootenay*s and the Boundary
district. The great want of the mining industries of British Columbia jus1 now is better
communication, cheaper carriage and competing lines would mean a smelling industry on
the coast adequate to theneeds of the province. Now the lead ores of the Slocan and
East Kootenay cannot be marketed because
"the American smelters don't require wet ores.
No local smeller can handlethe heavy wet ores
because there is not enough dry ore available,
and oreS must be brought from all parts of the
province and smelted at some central point.
The wet ore of the I.ootenays and the dry ores
of thc coast- the mattes of the copper smelter
--all must be brought to some point where
they can be smelted and refined and thai point
should be on the coast so as to secure water
carriage for the finished product. . Access to
the sea to the markets of the woild, England,
China, &c.
The member said that h cause this railway
did not benefit this section that the members
of lhe northern districts should combine to
prevent the construction of the road. Such
narrow minded bigoted views are the ruin of
the country. British Columbia has an enoi-
mnus mineral wealth which requires develop
ing in order that the province may benefit hy
it. What benefits one section of the province
benefits all the people. Increased activity,
more work, more revenue. How can any section be oj>ened up if each section is to prevent
the development of every other section.
With regard to tlie road question, the electors of Lillooet unanimously demanded the
construction of a wagon road to Bridge river.
There is a great mineral wealth waiting for
development. The development of this mineral wesdth means prosperity to the whole
community. More men employed, big pay
rolls, money in circulation. How does the
member meet the unanimous demand of the
people for this wagon road? He coolly stands
before them and tells them that he has asked
for $7,000 to widen the trail to a six foot sleigh
road. Such an amount to the demands of the
people is siinply an insult. The people a.k
for bread, the member offers them a stone.
Last year ahout $7,000 was expended upon
widening part of the trail to a sleigh nud.
What is thc result ? Is the haulage of machinery cheapened ? Not by one cent. So far
as any practical results is gained this $7,000
might just as well have been thrown into the
Fraser river. The machinery for the Lorne-
Woodchuck mill lias 'had to be packed in on
mules. The cost of packing this machinery
has been seven cents per pound from the Mission to the mine. Eight and one-quarter cents
pei pound from the railway to the mine. How-
can any mineral wealth he developed when
machinery and supplies cost eight and one-
quarter cents per pound extra height. ?
What will be the result of this expenditure
1 of $7,000 in widening the trail? Will it cheapen the height to thc mines? Not at all. Thc
sleighing in this district is practically not
worth considering. The snowfall Is li£ht and
glorious winter weather causes ihe snow to
melt wherever the Bun strik 's it at any low al
titude. Perhaps this ro.nl mny Lie availahl
for slughing right through from Saaton laki
to the mines for one week in the year, $7,000
Ihi tme Weeks sleighing comes rather dear,
and for the remaining fifty-one weeks everything must be packed, and packing will not
be cheapened one cent by the widening of this
trail any more than it ha* been cheapened by
the widening nf the trail over Mission mountain.
Now, whnt the country needs is a wagon
road, and a wagon 10-id it must have. If the
government cannot build a wagon road all tlie
way through this year let at least some of it be
built. Every mile of wagon road will lessen
the cost of freight and by and bye, perhaps
when wc are all old men the member wili
have beeu able to get the wagon road built alt
tlio way,
The member having expressed himself in
favor of blocking the railroads and so keeping
back the development of the province and
having entirely ignored the wishes of the people as to the construction of a wagon road thea
kindly explained to tlie meeting why he was
in favor ol inrrcasing die taxes. A grand program. Block the development of the province.
Refuse to even ask for the construction of the
wagon road so much needed, and then as a
consolation increase the taxation \
A BQKgeatlon Ii&b bent made to the
minister of mines, Hon. R. McKrlda Iff
change. Section 21) of ilieiunrndiuenle to
the Placer Act, and it is understood he
hivors tne change. The sufucated change
Section 2:1. Upon the failure of tlw
holder of a deep placer mining claim or
consolidation of BUCh claims or of the
holder '»f a coucaaelon for a deep placer
mining claim or claims to perform the
annual work and 1 ay the deep placer
mining tax and other payments reqniini
to I e 111 :d • under the nrovifions of Section? 8, 20, 21 and 22 of this act within
the time specified for performing said
annual work or for making such pay-
raents. The mining recorder or go;.l
commissioner in who.-e district such
claim, consolidation of claims or concessions are located shall immediately report lo the minister of mines the official
nurjil ers or names of declaims or ocn-
cession upon which '• e tax or other pay-
m-niB have become delinquent, the
name and addre * of 1 he holder or ho'd-
er-) of such delinquent claim or claims or
concession together with the amount of
tax or other payments dtlinquent and
the date on which said payments become delinquent.
Upon receipt of such report tbe minister ol mines shall notify in writing the
holde' or holders of men delinquent
claim or consolidation of euch claims
that if the amount ileln quent he not
paid within six months aaid claim or
claims upon which aaiil payments arc delinquent shall be declared abandoned
and open for relocation ; and upon tlio
failure of such delinquent holder or holders to pay the amount due within the
time specified the said claim or claims
shall be declared abandoned and open.
f.»r rel< c tion.
T 1 n. r, ■ lei of mil • el a!' notify in
writini! .> d< i q .. n h idei or holder*
if a concession f r a deep placer mining
chum ot claims that il the amount so delinquent be not paid within twelve
month* from the date of laid notice tl.e
conce sion shall be declared forfeited;
and upon the failure of such delinquent
to pay the amount due within tbe timii
specified tbe , lacer mining concessi' 11
together with any improvements the: eon
or appurtant thereto shall revert to the
'•rown and shall he sold at auction to tho
highest bidder; or upon failure to make
such sale of such concession and improvements the placer mining lands included therein may be thrown open fo.-
relocation and the improvements there-
on dealt with as may be decided best by
the lieutenant-governor.
Japan li Ready to Fight.
London, Apiil j. — "Russia's reply toi
Japan's protest against the Manchurian convention," snys ihe Yokohama correspondent
of the Daily Mail, "is regarded as uusatis-
factory, anil further vigorous represenusious
will follow."
" Prime Konoyo Atsu, President of lie
House of Peers, in the course of an inflammatory speech, discussed the probable results of a war between Japan and Russia, and
said that Japan could count on the friendly
neutrality of Great Britan and Germany. V.z
declared that the United States would not interfere, and that France would only cause uneasiness hy the employment af her Annaniase
forces and by a naval demonstration of For'
mossa. This, he predicted, would be the
limit of French action, and therefore Japan's
vastly superior army would be enabled, witu.
•ut great difficulty, to drive Rus«ia out ot"
Tbe Census.
The census enumerator will want to kntw
your age, color, nationality religion and how
much you make. If you don't answer he cau
summon you before a coim with the power lo
line you as high as $$o. The enumerator has
34 questions to ask so a busy half hour may
be expected when he calls on you. All officials are bound hy oath to strict secrecy,
hence bachelors and spinsters will have no
compunction in giving their ages, origin, or
nationality and if they choose they may tell
the confiding enumerator their prospects in
matrimony. Mr. Samuel Gibbs is assistant
census commissioners for West I.iiiooet district, and the enumerators are Duncan McDonald, E. S. Peters, W, M. Manson, C. I).
Wray, Wm. M. Williams, J. II. S. Rtwbot-
tom. The enumerators were unab'e lo com-
mence operations according to schedule on
April ut, owin^ to delay al headquarter?.
New Titles tor Royalty,
London, April .1.—It is understood lhat a sug.
gestion that the Duke of Cornwall and Voik
should be created Prince of Australia*] has
been considered by King Fdward and lhe
Cabinet, but rejected on th« ground lhat Canada and the oilier colonies hid -.n equal light
to lie honored in thi3 fashion.
An alternative suggestion to create the
eldest two sons of lhc Duke of Cornwall and
York lhe Prince of Canada and the Prince of
Australia, rcspeectivcly, is now und.-j covi*
sidciaiian, ^••-ft
■ »«»■» ■!»■■■»# ■#■♦•<    ••♦»••♦■•*
Mi mmi E3 Ma.
COPYRIGHT, lf-o-i, nr 0.
When It was anally settled lhat 1
was to go un iuto the mountains of
Wyoming on a huutlng trip with old
Bill Potts, a dozen men called to bid
me a last goodby. They looked their
pity and sorrow, and their hands lingered lovingly in mine. I was rather
skeptical. I didn't see why 1 should be
pulled dowu by a mountain Hon, clawed Into mince meat by a grizzly bear
or burled under a landslide, but tney
smiled feebly and shook their headi
In a solemn way. Only oue telegram
received out of eight or ten threw nny
light ou the matter, and the light came
loo late.    It read:
•'If you are going hunting with old
Kill Potts, you'd better make your Will
and leave things easy for tbe widowed
und fatherless."
Thc other telegrams simply read
that the senders would see that my
grave was kept green, If It could ever
be found, and that It was to be hoped
I wouldn't suffer over a week iu dying.
I liked old Bill, lie was hale aud
beany aud good nntured, and he could
pack a mule, cook u good meal and
shoot fairly straight. He was a smoker and a ehewer. played a good gauie
of euchre, and I bad every confidence
that the pnlr of us would get along
like brothers. We got away iu good
style, and it was two full days before
nnythlng happened to shake my confidence In him. Then, as I sat cleaning
my rltle, he picked up the ax to cut
some wood. He hadu't made six
strokes before the ax flew off the hau-
dlo and almost shaved my hair as it
"Excuse me, colonel," said old BUI
as he held up the handle. "That ax
has bin loose for the last six months
nnd oner have bin fixed. I'll tend to
It the first rainy day we have."
"But, man. that was a close call for
me." I said ns I felt my anger rising.
"Yes, colonel, but as long as uo' damage was done It's all right. I kinder
thought it was goin to cut yer head
off. but It rlz a leetle and missed ye."
I figured that it was pure accident
nnd overlooked It. Next morning old
Bill found the trail of a Hon near our
enmp, aud after breakfast we took It
up nnd started out. I had a Winchester, and he had a double barreled shotgun loaded with buckshot. He took the
lead, aud we had trailed for hnlf a
mile wheu I stumbled over a stone
and pitched forward. Potts was about
20 feet ahead of me, gun on his
shoulder and passing perfectly open
ground. As I went dowu both barrels
of his gun were discharged, and my
hair curled as tbe handful of shot
shrieked over me and cut away half
the branches of a young plue.
"What is It? What wero you shooting at?" I shouted as I scrambled up,
half expecting the lion had got In our
rear and was stalking us.
"To see, colonel," replied old Potts,
with a sheepish look ou his face, "I alius carry my gun on tbe full cock, bo's
to save time, and I guess I must have
bin rJngei-ln them hammers."
"Yon dolt! You Idiot! You Jackass!"
I yelled at him as I looked for a club.
"If I hadn't stumbled over that stone,
you'd have blown a hole through me aa
big ns a barrel."
"Yes. but ye stumbled, and, bein bb
no harm was done. I hope ye won't get
mad about it. \Vh£. slch things are
liable to happen every day."
I told Potts that If I ever cnught him
carrying his gun In tbat shape again
I'd pump lead into his legs and leave
him to the wolves, and for the rest of
the day the relations between us were
strained. Under the influence of a
good supper nnd a pipe we got closer
together, however, nnd by and by he
went into the tent for the cards. Ho
was fussing around for severni minutes, and I bad Just opened my mouth
to nsk him the cause of his delay when
a bullet lifted tho hat off my head and
sent It ten feet behind me. I made
two Jumps for a bowlder and yelled
to Potts, thiuklng I bad been fired on
by a renegade Indinu, but when the
man enme out with my self cocking revolver in his hand I know what had
"You blunderhead! You fool of at
Jackass!" I shouted as I made up to
lilm. but ho backed off and protesting-
ly explained:
"Don't git nnrvous, colonel. I had
never seen one of these self cockers
and was Jest tryin It. I might have
p'lnted It tho other way, but I didn't
"No, you didn't, aud the ball went
through my hat. Potts, you aro a
fool. You don't know enough to chew
"What a fuss to raise over a leetle
accident, and nobody hurt at that!"
sighed Potts, and we spoke no more
together that evening. 1 made up my
mind before going to sleep that the
(inn of Soft &. Potts would dissolve
after breakfast by mutual consent or
otherwise, but be prepared such a
good meal and seemed so downcast
and repentnnt that I found myself
melting. We had with us a thuftping
big bear trap, and while he shouldered
It nnd set off to place It In hopes to
catch a lion I took up my gun and
went In another direction.
I came back to camp at noon with s
timall deer on my back nnd found Potts
nnd dinner waiting. Two hours later,
when we had taken care of tho meat
and the hide, be asked me to go with
blm and see a hot spring he had discovered farther up the mountain.- 1
saw that the hammers of his gun were
down; but. not knowing what surprise
tie might bace up bis sleeve, I took the
lead. Now anil then he gave me a
word of direction, nnd he had Just announced tlie spring ns close at band
when I tripped aud fell. I beard the
.-lank of a chain, uud it flashed across
me thnt I was pitching forward on to
bia bear trap. I fell, but 1 also swerved aside, and it was my rifle which
struck the pau and sprang the trap.
The terrible jaws, ench armed witli 13
great teeth, closed together within a
foot of my face aud with a sound that
made tnj think of a surgeon sawing
off legs. 1 had escaped, but my gun
was caught in a giant's vise. I got up
and tried to call old Potts names, but
I, was so shaken nud mad that not a
word would come. He stood looking
at me with a puzzled and anxious expression on his face, as If wondering
what there wus to break loose nbout,
and at last I grabbed up a club and
jumped In on him. 1 believe that 1
chased lilm fully n mile before 1 gave
up, but be kept out of my way. Wheu
I finally sat down to rest, he came
sneaking back to say:
"Colonel, they all said ye was a i|iieer
sort of a critter, but this last circus
beats my time. Mebbe ye'll tell me
whnt It's all iiboutV"
"And maybe I'll pump Iti bullets Into you as soon as 1 get hold of my rifle!" 1 gasped. "Potts, you ought to be
killed out of hand. It won't be murder
to wipe you off the face of the earth."
"Bekase of that b'ar trap?" be asked.
"Y'es. of course. You knew where It
was und never snhl a word to me. If 1
hadn't struck the chain with my foot,
I'd have walked right Into It."
"Yes. I'd Borter forgot 'bout that
trap," he mused ns he scratched bis
ear, "but It's ail right, ain't It? Ye
didn't walk Into It. aud 1 can't see why
ye should kick up sieh a row. Lordy,
but ye seem to be a mighty pertlckler
It was a bit of a Job to get my rifle
free of the Jaws, aud I then dumped
the old trap Into a ravine and warned
Potts that If he showed his face In
camp I'd fusillade him. He waited
for two or three hours and then came
In with nn Injured expression on his
face nnd started up the fire for supper.
By that time I bad got over my desire
to shed his blood, but I couldn't overlook his carelessness. We ato and
smoked aud sat nrouud in silence, and
next day would bave seen the partnership dissolved for sure but for an Incident of the ulght. Soon after midnight a grizzly came skulking nrouud
nud almost stampeded our mules, nnd
Potts showed bis gnmeness by bluffing
the old fellow bnck iuto the thicket
without wnltlug for me. This broke
the Ice and made us frleuds again, and
It was agreed to give old Ephrnim a
hard ruu for It next day. When morning enme, I lind nbout tnkeu old Potts
under my wing n.galn and wns secretly
glad that I hadn't reached him with
my club. As soou as breakfast was
dispatched we started out. The bear
bad left trucks as big as a house anil
lu going away bad headed along the
mountain. We could reasonably hope
to hole him up somewhere within a
mile, provided he bad satisfied his
hunger nud got home In the due season. When we finally came to a likely
spot, I went to the right and Potts to
the left to Investigate an opening In
tbe rocks. I made a slow advance,
realizing thnt the bear might be In
ambush behind nny of the big bowlders, nnd I was crouching alongside of
one, with neck stretched out, when
there was a whiz nud a spat, and I
wns blinded for a moment by particles
of stone flung Into my eyes. Potts was
carrying a rifle that day. antl as IU
bark followed the spat of tlie bullet 1
kuew what had happened. While 1
lind my hands to my eyes I heard him
about nt the top of his voice:
"Hey, colonel, I've got hlra-got him
fur sure!"
Half a minute later he stood beside
mc, prepared to finish off the "game."
I think be was renlly surprised and perhaps considerably disappointed when
he found a living man Instead of a
dead grizzly, and be hadn't a word to
say. He sat down near me on a rock,
nud It wns five minutes before I bad
my eyes cleared enough to make him
out. Then 1 brought up my Winchester nnd snid:
"Potts. I'm going to shoot 10 holes
Into your jackass carcass! Whcro do
you want tlie lirst one?"
"So It wns ye iustend of ft b'ar?" he
queried In reply.
"It wns, and you knew It was. You
meant to murder nud rob me, you old
villniu! Talk fast, now, for you haven't
got CO seconds to live!"
"Look here, colonel." he protested,
but only mildly, "It wns a mistake anybody might have mnde, and, bein yt
wasn't hurt, I don't see why ye should
kick up Dan'l,    I'nct Is, colonel"—
"(lo ou! Co on! You have '20 sec-
o'ids more!" I said as lis halted.
"Waal, the fact of It Is I'm goin to
quit. I never wns out with one of ye
newspaper men before, and dang my
hide If ever I wnnt to be ng'ln. The
boys said ye wns a ernnk and a kicker
and that I'd soon cut my Job. but y»
talked smooth and give orders fur
plenty of grub, nnd I wus willln tn
take chances.   Ilowsumever"-
"Howsumever what, you nenrslght
ed. squint eyed, dnnderbended pot
"Howsumever, colonel, tbe boys waa
right, and, bein I can't do nut bin to
plense ye. though I hnve tried my best,
I guess I'll resign, nud ye kin run the
circus yerself."
Next day we started the outfit for
home. Potts might huvo reconsidered
his resignation, bul I wouldn't give
blm a chance. I couldn't stay up there
alone, but It was death to stay with
him. We made tbe Journey of 50 miles
without a word. When wc reached
home, I paid hliu off and snid:
"Potts, you—you—you are an unhung
"Whnt fur, colonel?" he Innocently
"Because you can't help it."
"Waal, mebbe 1 am. but if ye could
only bave held on to tbat crankiness of
yers we'd have got at least four b'ars
and live or six lions, to say nuthln of
wolves and wildcats. Day to ye, colonel. Awful sorry ye c»n't b«dp yer
Trench   t-.n....:,„;,.    IiiulNt   That   Hot
lues    Be   Translated    Into    Franc*.
StorcUceucm   at    Oldtovci,    Ouliue.l
to Keep Ucblnd thc Times.
Oldtown contains a larger transient
population and a greater diversity of language than auy other city iu Maine. Iu
the autumn, wheu the choppers are going
to tlse woods, and again in midsummer,
when tlie drives come out, the little city
i.i tilled with a huhel nt tongues that is
uot equaled anywhere iu New England
except in Pull Kiver, Muss. These people uot only talk in strange luugunge,
but they compute the prices of the goods
they buy in denominations thut ure uu-
fuinillnr. One evening a French Canadian walked into a crowded grocery store
alter n round of salt pork.
"You will to ine sell J" pounds le suit
pork," suid he in his best ISnglisb.
"Yes," replied the trader. "Anything
"No. Eet iss pink thut iih'ui bin want
How much?"
"Eight cents a pound—$1.00 for the
"One dollar sekty! Old, oui! How
much beetn he? Ah'ni no coniprehcu.
"Eight francs," replied tlie grocer.
"Eight frunes—oui*. vralnieut! Ah'in
pay hem now." suid the b'reuchuinn. He
took a dollar in paper and a fiO cent piece
mid a 10 cent piece in silver front his
pocketbook uud gave them to the lender,
Baying us he went out:
"Send heeni nop."
Later in the evening uu old farmer
who was on his wny home from Bangor
to Argyle put his bend iu nt the open
door, saying:
"Let nie have a pound of your 3 shilling tea."
"I'm sorry to Bay that I'm all out of 50
cent tea," replied.-the trader, "but I can
sell you some that is a lot better for tlli
"All right," suid the farmer. "Mnke it
three and ninepence. I guess I cau
stnnd it."
As the evening grew late and trndc fell
off the grocer lighted ids pipe nnd sat
down upon a stool buck of his desk.
"It's queer nbout these two men," said
he. "To he,ar 'em talk you'd think one
wus a native Pronchinnn und the othei
wus u blooming Englishman, but they
ain't. One wus born in Quebec und hns
lived in Oldtown for more thnn 20
years. The other is of Plymouth rock
stock und wns boru in the house where
lie now lives more than 00 years ago.
They are both citizens and vote nt every
election. They are fairly well educated,
too, but neither of thein cnn talk United
States wheu he conies to counting money.
Both of them know ull about our currency, so you can't cheat thein for half a
cent, but when they have to put the
unines of value into wouls they go away
buck for more thnn n century nnd talk
Ihe liniro of (heir forefathers. I humor
their whims nud get n good part of their
trude, because if 1 talked shillings und
pence lo the farmer or fraucs nnd sou!
to tho lumberman they'd quit me right
away. Both of thein seem to think they
hold a monopoly on the outlandish lingo
and resent nny interference.
"What makes the business seem strange
to me is that congress lixed upon dollars
nnd cents as the standards of value more
thnn 100 yenrs ago, and not over 500 now
Frenchmen have come over to Canada
since Quebec wns captured by Wolfe's
troops in 1750, nud yet both men cling lo
their old methods of talk us if it wns the
lntest thing out. I nil her think their
children nnd grandchildren will have the
sunie hnbit. What's bred in the bone is
sure to come out in the flesh.
"The most troublesome case I ever
had, nnd I've lots of them on my hands
now, wus nn old fellow named I In II. He
wns Y'nnkee born and Yankee bred, bin
he not only talked English money, hut
netrmlly thought English money and cast
his interest iu pounds, shillings nnd
pence. Ho wns generally easy enough to
get along with until he enme to the shil-
lings. Then unless you explained nnd
specified in every item he went ns mad
ns a hat lei- and refused to trade with
you until you told lilm what he wnntod tn
know. lie wus terribly down on what lie
culled (he 'York shilling.'
"You know when the slates fixed the
exchange value of nn English BUllling
New York counted 8 shillings to n dollar,
while ull of the New England states
made 0 shillings equal to a dollar, Ulght
uwny after this the trouble begun nnd
continued red hot for muny yenrs. All
over New Englund a shilling was worth
1(1 2-8 cents, while its value in New York
wus only Ili'/j cents, or a ninepence in
New England money. Years ago when
this old man Hull wus skipper of n lumber schooner he had taken a cargo to
New Y'ork and sold it for so many shil
lings, causing a loss of 25 per cent on the
cargo, which ate up the profits and left
the captain badly in debt. He never not
over it. Whenever nuybody said York
abiding to him, he flew in u rage nnd fair
ly frothed at ihe mouth, ile hnd n
shock during one of these tils and died
the next day.
"I'nlil the time of the civil wnr." snid
(he grocer, "more thnn hnlf of the people
hereabout talked und (bought lu money
of the English doiiominnii.ms. A dollar
was generally called by its right name,
but $1.25 wns always seven mul -ix, Slid
11 .BO wns y shillings.
"In many cases, such ns three und nine-
pence uud seven nnd ninepence. n cent
was split in two. requiring the use of a
half cent coin. In order lo check the hnlf
cent habit Ihe mini stopped coining hnlf
cents. But this practice went on the
suuie ns ever, lhe purchaser puid over the
money retaining the half cent in every
transaction. I'or example, if yon owed
me a ninepence, which wns equivulent to
l"Vj cents, yon gnve me 12 cents, which
squared the hill, but ir you didn't have
the exnel change uiul passed nie oul u
Quarter of u dollar, I handed 12 cents
buck to you nnd kepi V.\ emits for myself,
It wns nlwuys it wise plnn for n mnn to
carry a lot of small change in Ids pocket
when he went out  among thc men who
talked shillings nud pence."
"When nre the people going to get over
these foreign ways?" nsked a bystander.
"Never, whollyl I think." wns the deliberate answer. "It takes longer Io eradicate n hnhil thnn it does to acquire it.
The  English speaking  nice have  talked
iu  pounds  ns(d  shillings  for more (linn
500 years.   Some of us Americans will
continue lo talk it until thc year B000 or
longer."—Boston Globe.
An   Aerohntlc Spider.
A curious Instance of the ability of
nn Insect to successfully measure distance was evidenced once while I was
traveling through northern Argentina.
I first made the acquaintance of uiy
friend ou the back veranda of a litlle
village tavern. I was lying in a hammock. About two feet from nie was a
!' by 3 inch band mil of wood, supported b.v wooden balusters. As 1 Iny there
I noticed a By allffht on the top of the
wood. While I watched blm, the fly
apparently turned into a spider. I
could not believe my eyes, but on
closer inspection I saw that n spider
jumped from somewhere ami alighted
on top of my fly.
I thought this worth watching and
found thut this wns his method of
procedure: A lly would alight on top
of the railing, the spider would take In
the distance at a glance and would dis-
nppcar down the side of tbe rail, wall;
along toward the By, but out of sight,
until be reached the place on the side
of the mil nt right angles to the position occupied by Ihe lly when be Inst
saw It. Thou he would walk nearly
to the top of lhe rail uud fasten bis
web, then walk down, paying out his
well as be went till he wns ns Car
from the plnee where he bad fastened
bis web ns wns the fly. then one vigorous leap, the web .swinging lilm
round In lhe nre of a circle, nud be
would alight on top of the fly.
I have never seen one miss this
seemingly difficult leap, except when
the (ly left his position before the
spider bad finished his preliminaries,
—E. A. Suveikrop III Scientific American.
Blnck Sen Pccnllnrltlea.
The Black sen has peculiarities'
which distinguish it from the Mediterranean, Atlantic or Pacific. The greatest ascertained depth is 1,200 fittbouts.
A surface current flows continually
from the Blnck sea into the Mediterranean through the Bosporus and
Dardanelles nnd nn undercurrent of
snlt water from the Mediterranean
Into the Blnck sea. This undercurrent
of water Is warm nnd siuks to the
bottom and in consequence of its great
density prevents vertical circulation.
The result is thnt these deeper woters
ire rendered stagnant. They nre saturated with sulphureted hydrogen, nnd
consequently life is Impossible. In nn
expedition iu which Sir John Murray
took part the wnter brought up by
menus of a water bottle from n depth
or .'100 fat bonis smeiietl exactly like rotten eggs. No life therefore is possible
in the Black sea beyond a depth of
100 fathoms, which Is n striking con-
trust to whnt happens in the open
ocean, where there Is un abundance of
animal life at that depth. This brings
about another extraordinary condition
with reference lo the deposits—thnt In
nil the deeper deposits there i.s nn
abundant chemical precipitate of carbonate of lime, a condition not obtaining nu Car as Is known iu nny other
Rotten Fish nn Food.
One of the uatlonal delicacies of
null hern Russia Is "trescn." nn appalling dish, consisting of codfish
caught the previous summer, nnd eaten
in un advanced stage of decomposition. Its odor alone is beyond words,
its tnste the writer fortunately does
not know. It Is dillienlt to slay long
iti Ihe room with it, nnd yet It is preferred to fresh ment or lish, bolh of
which are cheap .mil easily (■trainable iu most villages nnd obviate tbe
trouble of drying nud rotting, which
dried I rosea Implies.
"The poor." snys Cbnncelottr, "are
very Innumerable and live most miserably, for I have seen them ent the
pickle of hearing nnd other very stinking fish. Nor the lish cnunot lie so
rotten but they will eat It nnd extull
It to be more wholesome thnn other
lish or fresh monies. In mine opinion
there is no such people under the suune
for their hardness of liveing."
Octopus Is lurgcly cateu iu thc Isle of
The  Myntery  of rtndlum.
The substance called radium emits
radiations resembling the X rays without the application of work or energy
from external sources and without appreciable loss of weight. Tills seems
to be Inconsistent with tbe low of the
conservation of energy, but the mystery is explained by tlie onlerkitious
of M. Becquerel, which show 'hat a
loss of weight so lulliilteslmiil thnt In
a thuusnud million yenrs it would
amount to no more thnn a milligram
would suffice to account for the observed effects. According to this explanation the emanations from radium
consist of mnterlul particles. But bow
Infinitely niluute must those particles
Experience Vermm Theory.
"Marcus Aurelius says," the professor began, "that nothing happens to
anybody which lie Is tint fitted by nature to hear."
"Oh, that's rot!" replied the mnn who
hnd eloped at the nge of 21 with a girl
whom be bad known three weeks.
-Must tell Marc for nie Hint he bus au-
other guess coming."
The Honorable ClinRMone Davll Aspires to Hi|;Ii Oflice aiul la Pr«:;>|)(-
ly UaiuMeil, While Colonel ['use:
J on ok Ciets the First Vnrt ot >? ■*
[CopjTislit, 1300, by C. B. Lewi*.,
Thc nnnouncem-'iit that thc lion. Cling
stone Davis of Georgia, Colonel Upset
■lones of South Cuvolina and Judge O. K
IIowIut of Maryland were to speak ni
Paradise hall drew out a tremendous bul
rnther suspicmua crowd of Possum it es.
Thnt seltish men, intent on gaining their
own ends, hnd joined the party and were
seeking to run it everybody knew. That
at least six men wanted to lie nominated
president on the colored man's ticket was
common knowledge, and it was further
whispered about that a plot had heen
concocted to assassinate Brother Gardner
nml sell the party outright to the Republicans or Democrats for $l_r< iu cash and a
load of watermelons. Only the members
of tbe Limekiln club COtlld he counted on
to remain loyal and stick to first princi-
A  Cftnilhl  Opinion,
An old Rervuttt was asked hy nn nrt-
tRt whnt she. thought uf tier master's
portrait, which lie wns painting.
She looked at It critically. "Ye mlfgit
have mnde blm n trifle better looking,
may be, but If v> ' nd yo'd bn* spoilt
pies, and they showed up with razors in
their pockets anil determination in their
faces. That Brother Gardner had been
worried and cast dowu by the pints nm]
plans and deflections was known to
scores, and yet his face wore a smile, and
his demeanor was placid as he appeared
on the platform nnd Introduced the Hon.
Clingstone Davis, who was the lirst
speaker. The honorable was n chunky,
sawed off man with a liberal supply of
fret and check, and his voice had n rattle
to it tike nails iu a tin pan as he bowed
and began:
"My fr'en's, I had begun to despair—1
bad 'bout abandoned al! hope of de cull'd
mau ober glttin his political rights—when
I heard 'hunt ile nrganizashun of dis
Possum party. 1 hastened to jine it, as
yo' all know, and I has been puttin my
shoulder to de wheel de best I knowod
how, [Paint applause.] It am useless
fur me to go buck to de diskivery of
America or to talk to yo' 'bout de pil-
grims landin. What yo' wants to know
is what de Possumltcs am gwine to do.
("Yes, yes!"] We sot out to stand by
ourselves. We wanted a party and a
candidate of our own. We wanted to
show de white man dnt we hail de power
t«- do fur ourselves and dat we proposed
to hev n voice in de guv'ment of d'.s na
I Intl. \A few yells.] We has bin or-
gnnl-zfn and waitin and watchin up to
dale, but now de lime has come to show
onr hnnd. We has got de white man
skeered, and if we jump in wid boaf
feel we kin knock him out. [Cautious
"A party am nnflin widout n leader,"
continued the speaker after pausing for
breath. "Dc time has arrove to'nominate
our candidate fur de presidency. I Sinister silence. J I hev bin asked to take de
iioiuiunshun, hut hev declined ou de
l_-ounil dat Brndder Gardner was dc man
fur de place. [Enthusiastic cheers for
Pirother Gardner. 1 Up to an hour ago I
lu-v used my Influence to mnke him take
It. but wheu I learned be had n sore heel,
dnt de later bugs had attacked his garden patch, dat his oie woman hnd a bile
on hor neck and his dog had run away I
saw dat he was out of de race anil dat
pome one else must sacrifice hisself.
| Whoops, yells and confusion lasting I've
minutes,] Who am de man? Who will
take de emblem of de Possum party in
his hand and jump into de breach? Par
nm only one man in dis kentry, nud I air
dnt man.    Yes, my fr'en's"—
Tbe speaker got no further. Two hun
dred men rose un and howled and shrieked and threw cucumbers and tomatoes
nnd potntoes at him, aud as be retired
under the bombardment he wns seized
by I_lder Toots and Waydown Behee and
booted out of tbe side door. There was
danger for a time that the hall  would
be wrecked, hut at length Brother Gardner came forward and held up his hnnd
nnd restored order nnd then In trod need
Colonel Upset -lones. The man was as
tall nnd thin as a scveu foot lath, but his
smile was like that of a red core watermelon, and the crowd decided to let him
go on.
"Cull'd patriots of America," he began
OS ti£ bowed seven times in seven different directions, "it am needless to say dat
I am astonished and overwhelmed by do
mighty assurance of de speaker who has
just been kicked off dis platform. [Applause.] Did nny one eber hear of sieh
cheek and egotism? Did de hydra head
of political villainy ever show itself wid
sieh consistent ponderosity? [Groans.]
1 almost doubted my own ears ami eyes.
Docs dis Possum party want a candidate
fur president? ["Yes, yes! Brother
Gardner!"] No, my fr'en's, it does uot.
Should we put up n candidate he would
not come widiu a million miles of bein
'looted. He wouldn't be a straw in a hurricane. We'd simply go to $fi or $0 expense fur nuflin. I Shouts of surprise and
nnger.l I hev arrove yero from Souf
Carollny to aid dis party io do de right
thin;:, nnd I'll tell yo' what de right thing
nm. We must go nher to de white man.
[Furious shouts and yells.] I air -Authorized by a perfectly 'sponsible Individual
to say dat if we will drap all dis possum
bizness nnd pull fur one of de mishunal -
parties he will pny us $2f> cash down and
put up money fur de biggest cake walk
eber heard of in America. It air my ud-
vice to yo' "—
But the ndviee was not given. Tho
whole hall was in an uproar, and n score
of men climbed upon the Btnge nnd played ball with the rarcass of Upset Jones
for a long five minutes. The band played, nnd Brother Gardner came forward
•nd called for order, but when order tinal-
It "atr-a wrack and ruin were to be seen
on every hand, and Upset lay on a pile ol
Baud iu the alley. That the Possum party had beeu thrown dowu again was realised by all and that the sacred Magna
Charta, the grave of Washington aud the
principles of Jefferson hnd been knocked
4nto a cocked hat wus patent to the dullest mind. No man on earth except Brother Gardner could have brought silence
and saved Paradise hall from being razed
to its foundation.
"My countrymen," he said when his
voice could make itself heard, "I started
out to organize dis Possum party under
de belief dat de black man was au unselfish patriot who was willin to make
sacrifices fur dc gineral good of his race.
From what I hub seen ami heard up to
date it 'pears to me dat he ain't no different from de white man 'cept iu color,
and I reckon we'd better break dis meetin
in two and go horn* aud think it ober."
There were yells, screams and cheers
as he retired, and as the crowd surged
out it tipped over the stove, smashed the
lamps and broke the hacks off a hundred
chairs. M. Quad,
Hot Out of a Book,
"By the way," said the man who had
stopped nt the farmhouse to water his
horse, "15 years ago a poor boy came
this way, and yon took him in."
"Yes?" queried the farmer, somewhat
"You were kind to him," went on tho
stranger. "You fed him, gave him words
of encouragement aud an old suit of
clothes, put 5 shillings in his pocket and
sent him on his way rejoicing. lie told
you at the time that he never would
forget your kindness.   Am I right?"
"1 believe you are," replied the farmer.
"lie said that if he prospered he would
aee that you never had occasion to regret your kindness to a poor, struggling
"Land's sake!" exclaimed the farmer's
wife excitedly. "It sounds almost liko
a fairy tale, don't it?"
"Well," continued the stranger, "he
told me to tell you that he is stili poor,"
And ns he drove nwny the farmer went
out and kicked the pump viciously, while
his wife threw a rolliug pin at the chickens.
lender tlie KI;;li( Conditions,
"Still, one can learn to love," be urged.
"True," she admitted.
"Even you might."
"True again, but"—
"But whnt?"
"There Is no study for which it is so
absolutely essential lhat one shall have
the right tutor."
Then he kn*?"' that his suit was hopeless.-
An l-lti tm I Division.
"Johnnie, how would you divide 13
apples equally among 14 hoysV"
"Maka 'em into apple sauce, »irl"—■
Life.    .    	
"Up to Unte" Vet,
McJiggor—Young Simpkins graduated
from tho veterinary college last month
nnd his father presented him with a case
of instruments.
Thingumbob—Surgical instruments, eh?
McJigger—-Oh, no. Machinists' tools,
for repairing automobiles.—Philadelphia
A Severe Case of Chronic Asthma Which Would
Yield io no Other Treatment Cured by Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine.
Snml   (110.
"Dirt you aw Jones? He wns looking
for you "
"Yes; I sun- lilm, lint I mnnnged
tilings so lu? didn't see me."—Chicago
Interference with digestion Is n by
no iiii'iins uncommon el-feet of excessive exercise, nml. so fill' us training Is
Concerned, It Is oue of tlio most ties', rue live.
Tlio symptoms ot asthma are, keenly distressing and are not easily confused wilh those ot any other ailment. The victim is suddenly aroused by an intense anguish in the chest,
the breathing is accompanied by a
loud wheezing, the face becomes
flushed, and bathed in perspiration:
he gasps for air, believing that each
moment may be bis last. After
these paroxysms, which may last for
llourB, the patient usually falls asleep to arise next day weak, languid
and  debilitated.
Dr. Chase's treMiiieut for asthma
consists in the combined use of two
of his remedies, Mr. Chase's Syfup of
Linseed and Turpentine and Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food. Asthma is a
nervous disease and the attacks are
brought on by some irritation of the
nerves along the air passages. These
nerves are southed and quieted and
immedia'.e relief afforded lo the patient b.v Ihe use of t)r. Chase's Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine. fn fact
asthma is frequently thoroughly cured by the use of this remedy alone.
as is evidenced by the Icslimonia!
quoted  below.
In most cases, however, It is found
advisable to combine the two remedies. Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed
und Turpentine and Dr. Chase's Nervo
Food. The former as a local treatment acting directly on the bronchial
tubes and air passages, and the latter as a nerve restorative to build
up and strengthen the whole nervous
system. It is confidently believed
there is nq treatment extant, that is
so iierfectjy successful in t)ie cgre qf
asthma ns the combined use of thesp
two great remedies.
Mrs. tieorge Duddcu, Futnumvillu,
Ont., says:—"I feel it iny duty to re-
conuni nd Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed nnd Turpentines as Thud the asthma very bad: could gel. nothing to
do me any good. A friend of ininu
persuaded me to try this remedy, ns
he hnd iried it, and it proved successful. I tried it end it cured nie.
1 am thankful today to say I am a
well woman througli the use of this
remedy. I keep it in the house all
tho time and would not be without
Dr. Chase's family remedies are for
sale nt all dealers, or from Edman-
son, Dates & Co., Toronto. THE PROSPECTOR.
In 24 hours nearly 700 trnins pnss in
and out of New street stutiuti, Dirming-
bain, Knglnud.
'The efforts of street railroads to encourage pleasure riding lias arisen out of
a realization of tlie Important part dial
factor plays in the receipts. For iu-
stnnce. it is stated that in Chicago "tlio
difference between a pleasant and a rainy
Sunday often amounts to $20,000."
The Bolivian government has appropriated nbout $50,000 for the preliminary
survey of three railway lines, from Oruro
to Ln Paz and Lake Tilieaen, from (Jruro
to Coelinhnmba nnd from Chalhipntn to
Colqueehuca. Another road is to run
from I'otosi to the Argentine boundary.
Lasl year two Italian railway lines
passing through swampy regions supplied
nil their stution houses with mosquito
nets. In consequence there hns been
such a diminution in the number of enses
of malaria that other lines in Italy and
In Khily are about to adopt the same
Dear Sirs,-—I was for seven years
a sutler er from bronchial trouble, ajid
would be so hoarse al times that 1
could scarcely speak ab«ve a whisper. 1 got no relief from anything
till I tried your MINAUD'S HONEY
BALSAM Two bottles gave relief,
and six bottles made a complete cure.
I weuiii heartily recoinmendit. to any
one suffering from throat or lung
How CodilMll  Citfeti   l.nlistcrs.
It is probably news to the majority
of people- to know Hint the red. or rock,
codfish is ii hitler enemy' of the lob-
Bier that has .lust crawled out of his
shell und Is soft and nimble to protect
himself. During shedding time these
lobsters crawl up under projecting
rocks, where the seaweed mul kelp
nre thick and where they find protected places iu which to go through the
process of slipping out of their old
shells and biking on a new cont of
mail, so to speak. For some days after
shedding the lohstcs are weak nnd
unnlde to cope with those lish that
wage war upon them. This fact the
codfish seem Intuitively to know, nnd
they will swarm around these retreats
In gieat numbers nnd wait for the
shediieis to crawl out.
An old lobster llshermnn said that
many times lie hnd stopped his dory
over a large number of these red codfish nnd wateiied their operations. He
had even dropped his line dowu nnd
dangled tempting bait within a few
feet of them. Unless It happened to
fall directly In front of their noses,
however, they would seldom take It,
na tbey were after lobster meat. When
the thin shelled lobsters would crawl
out from beneath the protecting seaweed, the codtlsh would dart at tbern
and strike them fierce blows with their
tolls, disabling them completely. They
would then fall to and devour the helpless crustaceans. This performance,
the lobster flsllermnr .id he bad witnessed many times.
Ladies of Canada :
Inter-mutual trade is the true basis
of the fetleration of the Empire. So
far as possible, one colony should
consume the produce of another.
Canudiuns and India and Ceylon tea
planters taught side by side in Africa. About 10 per cent of the latter
volunteered  for  the war.
Tho teas of Ceylon and India are
the best and purest the world produces. Already the Black Teas of
those colonies have captured the Canadian market. The Green is now
fast displacing Japan's colored article. Quality and sentiment unite to
recommend it. Canadian ladies who
drink Japan teas should help the
British planter by drinking Ceylon
green tea. Blue llibbon, Monsoon
and Salada packets are ready for
you. Colonist.
"Do you think that it is a man's
duty to acknowledge always he is in
the wrong, when he has a difference
of opinion with his wife 1"
"Well," answered Mr. Meokton. reflectively, "belter late than never.
But it really seems to me he ought
to have hnd sufficient perception to
know Unit he was in the wrong before there was any discussion in the
matter whatever."
A man's accusations of himself are
always believed; his praises never.
of Dodd's Kidney Pills are
legion. The box is imitated,
thc outside coating and shape of tha
pills are imitated and the name—Dodd's
Kidney Pills is imitated. Imitations arej
dangerous. The original is safe. Dodd's}
Kidney Pills have a reputation. Imita-
tj.a have none or they wouldn't Imitate,
So they trade on the reputation of Dodd'a
Kidney Pills. Do not bo deceived. Ther«
la only one DODD'S. Dodd's Is tha
original. Dodd'a is the name to be careful about—
A Cruel  Game Played  In   Hie Camps
of Canadian Lumbermen.
So full of peril Is the lumberman's
lifo that even his sports nud games
must be spiced with danger or they
will pall upou his taste. On thc long
winter nights a cruel game culled
"Jack, where be ye?" Is frequently
The middle of the largest room In the
camp i.s cleared. Two men are.^ecure-
ly blindfolded and, having previously
drawn lots for the first whack, they
kneel on the floor. In his right hand
each man holds a stout leather strap,
In his left another leather strap, or a
rope is held by the end, either close to
the floor or, In sonic camps, actually
on It. The latter Strap, being kept
taut by the. combatants, guarantees a
uniform distance between them. Tbey
nro quite near enough to hurt each
other severely, which not infrequently
Now. the man who has been lucky
enough to draw the first cnll shouts,
"Jack, where be ye?" to which his opponent must Immediately answer,
"Here I be." Then the first mnn
strikes at the place where he Imagines
his adversary to be wilh the heavy
leather strap. If he hits his man, he
Is entitled to another blow—may call
out again, "Jack, where be ye?" nnd
the other must answer, "Here 1 be."
This Is continued till the first man
misses, when he must take his turn
nt being struck.
The others form a ring around the
two combatants, bets are made, nnd
ench faction encourages and applauds
its chosen man. There nre regular
rounds, nnd the game Is usually kept
up until one or the other has had
enough or perhaps till oue Is carried
off the scene wounded. Hard heads
can stand hard knocks, and volunteers
for the sport are numerous. At the
beginning there Is generally no malice.
A hard blow Is struck—It Is expected—
It Is the game. But It occasionally
happens thnt the game develops Intrr
a fierce duel.-Pearson's.
How m Woman  Upheld   Her  flcpntn-
tlon For Economy.
She was the wife of an official of a
8t. Fnul street corporation. Her one
pet hobby was economy. Though her
husband made nu excellent salary, she
was rigid in her rules pertaining to thc
buying of the necessaries for the
household. She would bnunl bargain
counters and market stalls for hours In
order to get the benefit of n reduction
of a few cents ou the article desired.
The corporation ollicial. with much
laughter, used to tense his belter half
about what he called ber "stinginess."
So oue day. feeling hurt at bis ridicule,
she resolved to take blm to market
with her and demonstrate beyond a
doubt that she was a most economical
buyer, lie consented, stipulating that
he was uot to be nsked to carry the
Arriving at the market, she made
several purchases, and then at oue
stall inquired the price of eggs.
"What," Bhe exclaimed, "10 cents a
dozen?   No. ludeed. that Is loo high."
She dragged her reluctant busband
after her from one stand to another,
still inquiring the price of eggs and always receiving the same answer until
near the upper end of the market.
Here she found n dealer who offered
to sell her eggs lu any quantity for 15
cents. To her husband she said joyously :
"There. I told you so. Why, those
others wore robbers."
Turning to lhe salesman, she ordered
half a dozen eggs, gravely handed blm
the 8 cents asked In payment nnd
went home, prattling away about the
worth of economy In marketing and
the alleged willingness of dealers to
gouge the unsuspecting customer
And to this day she does nol know
thnt her husband nud his friends
laughed over It ut the club.-
Man'a Superiority,
One sees many curious phases of human nature lu the safe deposit vaults
of a banking Institution—from the women who never by nny chance know
where their keys arc and go through
bag nnd pocketbook with reckless basic
to the man who Is not quite certain
that he has locked his box and returns
lo the vault three or four times, puts
his key In the lock, shakes It hard nml
(lunlly goes awny convinced thai "ull
Is well." But In recent experience with
u new customer to whom I wns renting
n box the climax wns reached. When
I handed hliu the keys nml snid:
"Now. here nre two keys. Separate
them so Unit If you lose one you will
have the other to admit you."
He quickly replied:
"Very well. 1 will put one on my
key ring and lock the other up In my
And yet they tell us thnt men are
more logical than women.—New Llp-
Firat SynnROKoe In Kerr York.
In 1085 the Jewish residents of New
York petitioned for leave lo build a
synagogue and sent the petition to thc
governor nnd he to the mayor nud common council, who refused to grant it
on the ground lhat worship wus extended only lo sects professing I'nllh in
Jesus of Nazareth: but Governor Dougan iu the next year of his term granted tlie permit, and lu Kiill lhe Jews
hnd a place of public worship, which
stood ou the south side of whal Is now
Beaver street, between Brondwuy and
Broad street. The attendance wns 20
families, or nbout 100 souls.
A Terrible Threat,
"How did you finally break your
husband of smoking In the drawing
"I threatened to make n smoking
tucket Tor him myself If be didn't give
it up."—Stray Stories.
There ts more Catarrh in tins section of ttie
country Ulan all other diseases put together,
and until the last lew yinrs was Eupposed to lie
lnournble. For a greai many vears doctr.ru pronounced It a lical disease, and prescribe l local
remedies, and by constantly falling to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore jequires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh 1 ure, manufactured by V. J. Cheney _ Co., Ti.ledo, Ohio,
is the only constitutional cure on the market.
It Is taken Internally in doses from M drops to
a teaspoonful It acts directly on the blood and
mucous sin faces or the Bystem. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case it fails to cura.
Bend for circulars and testimonials.
Address,      P. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Halls Family PIUb are the best.
"Ah, but you have a loving husband, Mrs. Simms. I remember before your marriage he said he would
move heaven and eartii for you."
"I remember: but now thnt we are
married he won't even condescend ho
move the dresser so that I i:i..y
sweep beneath it."
Parents buy Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator beuause they know it is a safe
mtdicine for their children and an etleetuul
expeller of worms.
It is further evidence of liis good
sense and taste that "Little Bobs"
i.s not going to write a book about
his doings in the South Afv'can war.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Diphtheria,
"Would l'ushington sacrifice principle for success '?"
"Would he ? lie would consider
success dirt, cheap at thc price."
Youth—"Oh, I don't want to take
that charatcr. I'd make a fool of
myself, sure."
Maiden—"Well, you said you wanted an easy part."
Minard's Liniment Cnres Distemper.
When wo are finally saved, wo want
the job done by an old man who bas
spent a long and creditable life in th.j
ministry, and not by a "boy preacher."—Atchison Globe.
1USW/VHA,     FACTORY. Montreal
"What does the poet say 'a sorrow's crown of sorrow' is?" mused
the thoughtful mi\fi-
"I don't know what the poet says"
replied the one w^o had had experience, "but I think it's the aching
crown a fellow has on the morning
after he tries to drown his sorrow."
M'hcre can I pet some of Holloway'a Corn
Cure? I was entirely cured uf my corns by
this remedy aud I wish some more of it for
my friends. So writes Mu. J. W. iSitowN,
A Philadelphia woman litis sued per
sons who called her au old maid for $5,
OIK* damages. J.ltUv t>uou#h, No nu
married woman is i-ver old. and no worn
an would ever be single if «he could gel
the right sort of hiHiund.— Kansas CUj
The submarine boat must be reckoned
with ns a permanent factor in future na
v.-M warfare. And il is not too early tu
consider the modilications to be made in
lintileships in order tht)I they may meet
on even tpvius this new harbor defense
terror.—Philadelphia Uecord.
Minard's Liniment Cores Garget in Cows.
Means to lhe Cud,
Ooltlrox--!!n you want to marry my
daughter. What means nave you to
Mr. I -I'l'licn-Hunt—Olj, we'd be married in tlie usual way- liy means of a
minister. That's easy enough.—Philadelphia Press.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Colli, Etc,
Very fine razors nre made nt the present day. hut uf no liner steel than thai
contained In lhe Damascus swords and
knives ivhloli the ancients used several
thousand years ago.
foil enn expect a shmver at Panama
nliimt a o'clock every afternoon during
• lie raiuv sci,_"
The great demand for a pleasant, safe and
reliable antidote for nil affections of the
throat und lungs is fully mit wiih In Blokle'e
Anti-Coiifumptive Syrup, It is a pur, ly Vegetable Compound, unci nets promptly nnd
magically in subduing nil coughs, colds,
bronchitis, infhininuition of iho lung . etc.
It is fo palatable Hint a child will not r.fuse
it, and i- put al a price thai will not exclude
the p.,or from its benefits.
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bonds bought, sold and
carried   on   margin.    Listed
mining stocks carried
mi inn 9
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg »
Money lent at lowest rates. <_
Mocks and bonds bought und sold. 9
v Railway and other farm iunds in f_
4> Manitoba and N. W. T. for sale. 9
<f>     Maps and folders sent un apullcn- 9
4] tion.
4>     Onlteoal from I o!hbridge.
4f     Prices quoted to ull railway points.
THE     CONDITION    01'    Y0TJNQ
This Recor.l i, uf Especial Vulue to
1'itients—It Isn II. ss;,j;<- from u Muther
to Mother* of Growing Uiils.
Among the young girls throughout
Canada who owe good health—por-
haps life itself—to Ur. Williams' Pink
Pills, is Miss Ilattie Althousc, of
Canipden, Ont. When a representative culled at the Althousc homestead
to make enquiries as to the particulars of the cure, he was cordially received by Mrs. Althouse, who readily
consented to give a statement for
publication. "Up to the age of
fourteen years," said Mrs. Althouse,
"my daughter Ilattiu hud always enjoyed the best of health. Then she
began to compluin of weakness, and
grew pain and languid. We tried several medicines, but instead of helping
her she was steadily growing worse,
and we became alarmed and culled in
a doctor, lie told us that, her blood
■vus in a very watery condition, and
thut she was on the verge of nervous
prostration. She wus under his care
for several months, but still kept
growing worse. She had become
very .polo, had no appetite, frequent
headaches, and after even slight exertion her heart would palpitate violently. As time passed, Bhe seemed
to grow worse and worse, until at
last, she could scarcely move about,
and would lie upon a sofa most of
the day. At this juncture she had
occasional fainting fits, and uny
fright, as from a sudden noise, would
bring on slight attacks of hysteria,
Doth my husband and myself feared
that she would not live more than a
few months. It was while Ilattie
wns in this condition that 1 read an
account of a girl cured of a similar
ailment through the use of Pr. Williams' Pink I'iils. Then I decided
thai. Ilattie should give them a trial,
and procured three boxes; when she
had used them there was an undoubted Improvement in her condition, and we felt hopeful that she
would regain her health. She continued using the pills and from that
on daily made progress toward complete recovery. Her appetite returned; color began to come bock to
her face, headaches disappeared, and
in the course of a few niont lis she
was,as well as ever she had been in
her life. It is now more than two
years]since she discontinued the use
of the pills, and in all that time has
enjoyed the best of health, wiih absolutely no return of the trouble. I
can scarcely sny how grateful we
feel for what Dr. Williams' Pink Tills
have done for my daughter, and f
would strongly inge mothers whose
daughters mny be ailing to give
them Dr. Williams' Pinr. Pills at
once, and not experiment with other
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills create new
blood, and thus reach the root of the
disease. In the case of girls merging
into womanhood they are almost indispensable, and their use is a guarantee of future health and strength.
Other so-called tonic pills nre mere
imitations of this medicine and
should be avoided. If your dealer
does not keep them they will be sent
postpaid at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for (2.60, by addressing the
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvillo,
Mrs. Floodyer—'Oh, Mr. Datts, how
I enjoyed your lovely volume of
Batts—You're very kind, indeed !
Do you like the Alcaic meter ?
Mi's. Floodyer—Alcaic meter ! Oh,
ject. Modesty is the crown of genius. But, really, I cannot say.
T see, you want to change the sub'
Doesit save much gas?
TELL THE DEAF.—Mr. J. P. Kellock.
Druggist, Perth, writes: "A customer of
mine having been cured of deafness by the
use of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, wrote to
Ireland telling his friends there of the cure.
In consequence I received un order to tend
half a dozen by express to Wexford, Ireland this week."
The tonne* Refuge,
Iherc Is one corner of Central America that Is at present a perfect paradise
for men who have committed any
crime. It Is a place where the outcasts
of the world's society rule the land of
(heir adoption and where the officials
of the government protect nil thieves
that come to them awl make It danger
nils for any detect I Vfi"p molest them.
This Is the repuliliae t Honduras, one
of the least ndvanurface*. the states of
South or Central _gnp_A Honduras
Indeed is a curious mixture of jungle
and gigantic forest, of cocoa and of
rubber trees, of bugs, rnuipires, snakes
and crocodiles—of nil planner of things
Ihnt creep and crawl nnd sting nml
bite; o region where life !n the dnylime
is a niockn-y and a't night one feels ns
though sleeping In red pepper.
Here, in every luimht and city, nre
to be found men from different lands,
mostly outlaws from their own country. Chicago. Iloslon. New York and
I'hlladelphln ull furnish their quota.
England, France, Italy and even far
nuay Russia have their share. They
make no attempt nt concealment, bear
lhe names they were bom to bear and
fo along nbout their business ns if tbe
laws of their own country hnd not declared thom outcasts.—London Kirn ess.
Ronml to Homed?* It.
Disgusted American ion a dusty rondt
—Well, here wc me riding behind n pair
of horses and taking their dust, just lie-
cause mir grand fathers did.
Fiiend—What's lhe matter now?
"The horses inigbl In lie hit, hed nt the
rear end of Ihe carriage. Quick! As 1 _nve
ten niiuufes to inure I'd invent su:u,
"What did Aunt Lib say when the
census mnn nsked her how old she
was ?"
"Shi' told him she was old enough
to know better than to tell how old
she  was."
Youth and Iovd and a sur.ny sY.y,
These ere the things of the soul's centre;
All clee ia but an onipty cry,
Ashes cold in the pla'e of fire.
Sing who may of other fine things,
Never a heart that makes reply
l.i!.,. that which thrills to lhe voice that slngl
(Jf youth and lev-' and a Bunny sky!
Youth and love and a sunny 6hy.
What is the rest but an idle dtvaniT
Peine and riches and power high
Placed beside them pitiful seem;
Who that live3 till tho hair is r.ray,
Though all else com? us lit? years pans by,
but knows there's naught lite one sweet day
Of youth and love and a sunny skyf
—Hipley 11. Saunders in St. Louis Republic,
Ladies of Canada :
Wliil? statesmen and politicians argue the Zollvereln und differential
trade within the Empire (which they
will do while jaw displaces common
sense), settle this matter for your-
Your brother colonists of Ceylon
und India are growers of pure teas,
Bluck and Green. Canadian and
United States importers supply vou
wiih 11,000,000 pounds annually of
Jtijian teas, yet ihey know Japans
are artificially colored und adulterated. Let the knowledge of these facts
and the sentiment of patriotic sisterhood move you to help the British
British grown Bluck Teas hold the
Canadian market. Drinkers of Japan lea should try the Greens now
coming on the market, and your
dainty palates will approve them.
Yis, we hear your grocer's excuses:
but insist. Ladies can always get
what, liny want. Remember how
you ran your husband to—well, do
Ihey still think it Paradise ? They
certainly will if you give them Ceylon und India green tea. Blue Kibbon. Monsoon and Salada packets aro
now  obtainable. Colonist.
The MonlHvrnlii's Judgment.
It was somewhere in this wide, wide
world, Just where has slipped my
mind, and they were about to buy
beef ou hoof I'or Ihe .-.hlps. So tlie officer whose duly 11 is to make the purchase took ashore witli him the
bo's'n, as representing the crew, to
look over the animals and either object
or not. They approached the first animal.
"How will that do?" asked the officer.
The bo's'n cautiously approached
tbe beast, bent down and gingerly ran
his thumb nnd forefinger down first
one shank and then the other until (he
whole four shanks bad been examined.
Straightening up he said:
"He'll do all right, sir."
The officer, fhil"»ergnsto(l, cried:
"But, dash It all. yotl can't tell the
good points of a bullock hy the
"Perhaps not. sir. but they're the
only parts we ever gets, sir." was the
reply.—Pall Mall Uazette.
THE BEST PILLS.—M-. Wm. Ynnder-
Toort, Sydney Crossing. Ont., writo-; "We
have bejn using Parmelee's Pills, and find
them by fur the best pills wc ever used."
Fob Delicate and Deoilitated Comsthu-
tions these pills uct like n clinrni. Taken in
small doses, the effect is both a tonic uud a
stimulant, mildly exoiting the secretions of
the body, giving toue and vigur.
Mrs. Jones—I don't see what you
should have against my lirst husband.      The poor fellow is dead.
Mr. Jones—Yes, that i.s the only
thing I've got against him."
"Wlun we're married, dear, you
won't be always threatening to go
home to your mother will you ?"
"No; I'll threaten to have mother
come and  live wilh us."
"Oh. Mrs. Miggs, what a dreadful
black eye i I do hope .vou haven't
bem light ing ?"
"Eight in', miss? Me? Sure, 'mv
could 1 be light in' with nie husband
dead  these  two vears ?"
that do not convey a hint of
how little  you  pay  for  them
are illustrated in abundance in   t
our igot catalogue, which wo   j
will send upon application.
Yotl will wonder how such
pretty  tokens ef friendship i
could be  purchased lor th*
prices wc ask.
Each article will be initialed
without extra charge and enclosed in a dainty box to make
thc giving so much prettier.
Established   1854.
R_yrie Bros
Yongo cviid A del-a'etc Si
• »
IitstrwHirnt-"*, PrutuB, UiilforinH, Eto.
Lowest prlcoa ovor quoltid. Fine calalogu*
60. illustration*? mailed tr_o. Write ns for any
thing in Muttlc or Alusi'-al IiiHtrumeuts.
TOaloy Royce & Co., *"%__*£• ___
cures coughs and colds at
once. We don't mean that it
relieves you for a little while
—it cures. It has been doing
this for half a century. It has
saved hundreds of thousands
of lives. It will -save yours if
you give it a chance.
" I cuRlietl antl raised continuously. Could
not utt-iid t<> business. One bottle of Shiiob
stopped the couyli and restored me to peifttl
J. J. TAGUART, Toronto.
BhUoh'fl Ooninmpttou Core In Hold by nl)
dru^'^lulM in Canada nnd Unit-wl Stn**-»i   h(
'..-><'. r>0", «l.oo a buttle. In 'ir.-i-.i Britain
at U. *M , gfl. 8d., and 4*. dd A prfut«ul
Kiiftrtuii«m* kop« with «vp»*y bottle. If you
nro not gaUifled ;;<» to your druggist and
get your money back.
Write for illustrated book  on Consumption.    Sent
Without cost to you.   S. C. Wells & Co., Toronto.
Served film Rlfflit*
A modern maiden Rat nt (mine
Am! (vrmrirrei! to lirrwlf
"Wiiv _>;!nc young "fellow didn't eontt
And (nkp tier "o(T tde flirlf."
And u'hrn iht-rp romp 9 c':ap who waa
resolved to learn Ms fate
Bhe Aouldn't look ai him. because
Hi* necktie watui't etraiglit.
Fkveii and Ague and Bilious Dekanqb-
uxnts arc poe lively curud by the use of
Furmeko's i ilid. They not only cleanse the
itoraiich und bowels from all bilious matter,
but they open the excretory vet-pels, causing
them to pour eopicun etfusions from the
blood into the bowels, after which the corrupted mass is thrown out by the natural
passage of the body. They are used as a
general family medicine with the beat
re.ru ts.
Askit—Ts Loafer a lazy man ?
Tellit—Lazy ! Why, he has killed
so much time he is ashamed to look
a clock in the fac i.
will find our stock of Watches.
Jewellery, Silverware antl Diamonds in greater profusion than
ever. There is certainly not a
finer class of _o.>ds to be seen in
WRITE US about your Jewellery wants and we guarantee to
give you the very best value obtainable.
OR SEND us your name and address und me will forward you
free our handsome new illustrated catalogue of useful and appropriate articles for Christmas gift-
B. & H. B. KENT,
The Leading Jewellers,
{SV!Of\IEY_-_—a.   ♦
iTo Loan on improved farms at current rates.   Write to
Catholic Prayer g£5a*TOSS
ul*r«, Keligious Pictures. Stfttn*ry, and Church
Ornament* Educational Works. Mail orders re-
oelve prompt attention, ft & J. SalllBf A CO. JOHM
Married women ihouH _U
know of Golden Set!, "The
AVifc'B Friend." a certain
cure for Leuccrrhea and
all irregularities. Hm
brten used by thousand!
of women. A truinod
mime will nnitwer all en-
<luirioa. {1.00 ner hoi,
SlltUck'iit lor ,iiif JiOQLhl
treatment. Addrau Uoldoa
<•■■:'. Medio*! Co.. Twinl*,
Oct. k-irl Winnipeg. Man.
for '«'«!.-, til Dr-fclita
Dluiiuriicturt'd  li> TIKIS, l.lli, Winnipeg,
The Only Printers' Supply
House in the Northwest"
178 Owen Street, Winnipeg.
(Trsde Mark Rogistered November 24,1800.)
Dr. S»noho agrees to lake Instruments liaok
whan prico if pnrtles using thorn ure not benefitted alter using for five weeks.
F. Free, Wlnnln, g, snys: 1 have nsed "Oxyd-
onor- for two weeks for Bronehltll anil Oa-
tarrh of the Head, and 1 feel  iko a new man.
Mrs. V. I,. Cook, Winnipeg, says: 5 had suffered untold Agonies from Bright s Disease, aud
It relieved mc of Pain, and li si wctis I wu
Mr. W. O. Ellworthv, Winnipeg, snys: I have
suffo ed for H} years wltu arlloulor ilicumaiismi
was in hospital for 6 weeks, nnd used almost
every remedy, including mesmerism galvanism, electriobelt, eto 1 have used Oxydimor
10 days anil reoeived more benefit than from
i.nything else.
Mrs. Gngner. Winnipeg, says: I hnve used 11
lienoflcially with my family whenever siok,
and it hascured ine of severe indigestion and la
Sub-dealers wanted in every district. Address
»m T. Glbbins, Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.
Send for Hooklets of grateful reports.
W. N. U.   300 THE PROSPECTOfl, LILLOOET, B.C., FRIDAY,  APK1L 12, 1001.
Harry Brett  was in  town Wednesday
ou a business trip.
D. Hurley spent a  few days at Lytton
tlie first of tho week on business.
Alex McLean of Watson creek liar ita-
jn town for a few days this week.
Mrs. J. 1'. Forde left by Wednesday's
•tage for Lytton on lier way io Vancouver.  	
J. 0. Walker was at Lytton for a few
days this week having taken a special
James Gri-ider wli" lives in  the Empire section waa in town this week.
Tiie legislature will meet, again on the
16th, having been adjourned fioni the
lird. for the lv.ister holidays.
Mr. Hans Helgeeen of Metchosin, the
well known ex-M. I'. 1'. for Cariboo, has
bocn app'inted Dominion fisheries in-
spector for the Skeena district.
John Skinner who had his leg broken
at the ankle last Thursday, is now resting easy and getting along first rate.
Service will beheld injlhe Olinrch of
England, by Ven. Archdeacon Small, ou
(Sunday morning Mill inst. at 11 o'clock.
II. J. Keary after an absence of a few
months In San Jose, Cal., returned to
Lillooot Saturday evening and willjspend
tlie summer in ii.ii! seetion,
TIip weather during the past week lias
been somewhat milder than heretofore,
gud tho past lew days have been windy,
but in general thc aeaiher is very goo.l.
A movement is on foot to bring the returned linti-h Co nail ia members ol
Strathcona's Ifoise, now in lhe province, to the capital, for prorogation of
the legislature,
Harry (iihhs, Bi,n of Samuel Gibbs, J.
r., arrived in town on Saturday and will
remain in I/illooat, Mrs, Gibho will arrive in a few days and Ihey will reside
at Cavoosh cieik.
A. W. Smith, M. P. P., returned to
Lillooet last Saturday evening via Lytton, to spend the easier holidays with
hi* constituents. He returned Wednesday morning to Victoria.
Leslie Hill, A. N. I'elly and i Slraoey
left Wednesday morning for the Lorne
mines. Messrs. I'elly and Stracey will return the first of the week while Mr Hill
will remain several days.
W. E. and T. A. Brett returned to the
Anderson Lake mine this week with supplies for the camp and mateiial for tlie
rnill, The mill is crushing and the men
nre getting out lots of ore.
F. C. Tireman of Vancouver, arrived
in Lillooet Tuesday evening and is now
at tkeTVronto-Ltllooet Gold Reefs property where will be in charge during Col.
Kives' trip to San Francisco.
X new schedule of rates for money
orders has been issued by the postal department. The principal alteration is
the rates for money orders to the State?
Which is reduced from $1 to 80c. per
While digging a ditch a couple weeks
ago nsar the Methodist parsonage an
old skeleton was unearthed. This week
Indians claimed the remains, stating
that it was a squaw who waa buried
there ytars ago.
Wm. Cameron has withdrawn from
the firm of Cameron o; Hurley, proprietors of tlie Lvtton-Lillooet stage line.
George Hurley will continue the business and Wm. Cameron expects to go
north in a short time.
Aula y Morrison M. P., for New Westminster, is carrying on an educational
campaign in tlie east for the purpose of
enlightning the people there of tlie
dangers of the Chinese immigration.
Thia work will be appreciated by British
A civic commission of seven representative citizens was elected at the public
meeting in the court house last Monday
evening. This commission will have the
general superintendence of matters in
Asbcrolt which affect the welfare of tiie
town, ench as street improvements and
other questions of this kiud.—Asbcrolt
MrB. W. W. Brown left Wednesday
rooming by special stage fur Lytton on
her way to Victoria to the St. Josepb'B
hospital. She has heen confined to her
bed for a greater part ot the winier will,
inflammatory rheumatism. Her many
friends hope the change will prove beneficial aud tha!, she will soon return wilh
her hsalih and strength completely restored.    Mr. Brown accompanied her.
A sawmill for the Bridge River Hydraulic Mining & Milling company, was
shipped from San Francisco on March
19th. Tne company intend not ouly tu
saw lumber for their own wants but will
ho in a position to furnish lumber for all
in the Bridge river district who may he
in need it. 	
A few citizens of Phoenix B. C. are in
trouble wilh the authorities over a
Chinaman, They raised a mob and
hustled a Chinaman out of town who
had been engaged as cook. The law in
B. C. does not tolerate mob violence as
the above named citizens have already
found out.	
Prof. A. G. Rifenhurg, manager of the
Bridge River Hydraulic Mining „ Milling company, and his siBter Dr. Agnes
B. Willcox, Mies Ethel C. Brackett and
Miss Louise Lies!, all uf San Francisco,
Will arrive in Lillunet ahout May 1st.
They will rem,,in in the Bridge liver
district during the coming summer ai
the company's properly on the Suutii
A new bachelor ta\ has been introduced in the Illinois senate. It provide
that when Any bachelor who has reached forty vears of age applies for a marriage license, be shall pay $100 in addi
tion to Ihe ordinary fee. The money
raised hy this tax will be used for the
maintenance of a spinsters home which
is to be under thc jurisdiction of the
Tbe budget speech will not be delivered until after ihe recess, and it is expec
ted that then the finance minister, Mr.
Tinner, will announce his retirement
from public life, to take tlie position of
agent-general of the province, at London.
This oflice will he ononed in may, and it
iB expected tiiat Mr. E. E. Gosnell, secretary lo the premier, will go over tn
open it. It will cost the province fit).-
000 a year.
Pavilion  $
x. v.. Tain. coll.. rninuH.
Lillooet. Et. C
IS,-'.      S
Flower.   I
■A \V. OUMMING, Mf__w,      r'J"
PAVILION,   B. C. <•
Vancouver, B. O.
Headquarter* for mining   men.      European
Lillooet, B. C,
Manufacturer of all kind of
None but tiie best material used. Minors or
prospeotors sanding In ordera will receive
prompt attention and satin fact-ton guaranteed
and Soo Line.
Pioneer Drug Store
XiIIiXiOO-DT, 13. C
Salety Razor;,
Sachet Ferlumes.
Can. Hair Dye,
Tanglefoot Fly Taper,
Fly Poison Pads,
Tar Camphor Moth Balls,
Jeyea' Fluid 50c. Bottlee,
Strychnine Xtalu,
Hair Curlers,
More TrusBes,
More Perfumery.
More Drugs and Chemicals.
We hereby give notice to Reyerond John
MuinoHmi'd,our partner In the Seum S un.
Hacer elaiuii Bituate on the Sautli Fork of
Bridge River; commencing at u poim aboii i 600
feet from tlie Canyon, and exitindinp <l uvn
_.._aiuone half mile, biMu-j in th-- Lillooel
Mining Division of Lillooet matricii: which sniri
claim Fa hold under lease dated and 1 rcmibor,
(V. D„ 1806, Wherein P. Souos (inld Co nmig-
stoner, is one of the parties, and foi ftrthor
description and particulars said ieu>;_ my be
referred tot-
That wo require him on or before the 2nd day
of May to contribute his propotttonof the ■_*■_-
pendf'ture, as required (l) by the "Placer Mining Act aud [2] by lhe said mentioned lensp,
which has been exuended on *&\& Placer Glut u,
togelh r with all CQjts (1) of this adveriisem -ui
and 12] of any other advertisements requ* rod
by said Aet. And unless the same sjiall ij ■ no
nu't we give further notice to yay the Rf.ver-
end Jolm Mulholland, and to tU_ pub!::' gfi.ier-
ally, that the interest of t!iu v-xvi Revcrand
John Mulholland In said partnership inn; tsrty
Khali be sold by Public Auction, at tne County
Court flousoat Lillooet, on Thutiday, the 2nd
Jay of May, at 12 noon.
Dated at   .shcro/t this 18th dey  of February,
C. 3J. 01.KN.
3/ iprtfey
Shortest  and  most   direct
route to all points
Daily service to
St. Paul and Chicago
and all Eastern United States
and Canadian points,
Passengers booked to
China and Japan.
Trains piiRS Lyttote as follows:
EfisnBound, 20.57 1        West Bound 5.28
I'nr rnie^ pamphlets &c. apply to nearest C.
I', I'. Agent.
A. Q. 1' .A., Agent,
Vancouver. B. C. I.ytlou, B.C.
Mr. W. M. Brewer, representative ol
tlie Engineering and Mining Journal,
Now York, and a well known mining
engineer came up from the coast Saturday and left Monday morning for Bridge
river, where he will look over etverul
properties. Mr. Brewer spent eeveral
months in thisdialrict about three years
ago and is well posted generally on thc
country. He has done a great deal for
British Columbia mines by his contributions to the Journal.
Dr. Sanson has now his suburban lots
fenced and set out in fruit trees, berrv
bushes, etc., and a portion of it under
crop. The tower is completed and the
machinery for the wind-mill is installed,
nnii is very satisfactory, Thc supply ol
water is more than equal to the capacitj
nf the pump and it U confidently expect-
u,l lhat at leant five aces will l.o eaaiij
irriHB'wt. Should this proven auccesB ii
.ruii'd rtimulste oilier peo>t)rty owners
io tin likewise nnd reclaim otic ol the
cbociMt residential localities in tlie Yic-
Jjjjjy _J___l_____
Home Grown
Fruit an<J Ornamental Trees, Roses,
Shrubs, Vines, Bulbs, tyetfge Plants,
Exlrn choice slock of Peach, Apricot, Plum,
Cherry and Prune Trees. New importation ol
first-class Rhododendrens, Roses, Clematis,
Bay Trees, I lollies, elc.
8o,oo<» to chose from. No agents nor commission to pay: Orders dug in one day you
[Hit it the next. No fumigating not inspection
phargeSs Greenhouse plants, agricultural im*
elepients, fertilizers, hec supplies, etc. I_ar^;-
csl and most complete stock In ihe province.
Send for catalogue or call and make your selections before placing your orders.    Address
Ml. J. KEURY, Vancouver.
A full stock of all   inds of
is now for sale by
Store and Repair Shop in Uren Block.
Call and examine  slock.      No trouble  to
show goods.
NOTHE is hereby given that! snail, on Monday, tlio 6lh day of May, 1001, hold n Court
of Revision in- iho purpose ot henrinR and determining any or nil objections itgnilisl iii- re
tention oTHny.niimes nn the reaiHtov of vo'orp
tor the West Hiding of LUlooet El«u_orRl Dle-
•iii-t Such lourt will open nt ten o'olock in
the forenoon ai tho Court House, Ltllooot. till
Vie., t. G7.sub-B, E.S. II j
Collector of Votes,
Lillooet, R  O.,5th Marck.,1901, S7
Lillooet, B. C.
Havo in stock all kinds of
Dried    Lumber,    Finishing
umber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention, Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
)yal Hold
Notice is hereby given Hint n sitting of the
County Court <>f Cariboo, will be held at 111-
iooei on thu tUii day of May, 1J01, nt ten o'eloeli
in ihe forenoon.    Hv order
Registrar County Court of Cariboo.
Sucker Creek, B.C
Coi; ts of Afsi;:c, SM/rlhs, Oyop'unfl Terminer and General fiiji peWNLry «ill b ■ I10W.
en In the Court Hoaso/.- (ewrTWt'lock In the
forenoon, hi   tne  ehta ,n   ld\n$.   \e ilnlt's lul
lowing, namely:     fi in ul   c<v
City i»l Nuimi.rtiMi.(•/.,.   i,ex*tl liny of April,
citvof Neft Westminster, on the 23rd Mhj'oi
A pill, 1901.
City of Ni'Unn, on Uu 7i!i day of Mny 10.:'..
City nt Uevelsloko.on the 7>li day of Mny, p.m.
■ lly of Verne n the lfitndayof May, 19 I,
(Hy of Kamloops, on the TMd dnv ol Mny,
City of Ynnconvur, on tho 'J!>t day of May,
city of Victoria, on the 2ath day of Mny, imp
Town of Cliol.oi, oh Hi'' 281 h .Iny oi Mny, 1'Xlt
lly Command,
,1. n. IiKBSTlCE,
Proylhela] Hpcretary,
Provincial Secretary's Oflice,20th March, Wi i
Central point i'or Bridge
Kiver Miners ami Pros™
peetors. Good accommodation.     .     -     -   -
Stable in connection.
Half-Way House,
Headquarters for all Stages.
Kotlco ia hereby given tbatthe bead ofili. oi
tlie Anderson Lnke Milling A Milling Company
hai* iifL-n transferred from Ashoroft to Lillooet
Liliooiit, li. S„ January 22nd,
Lillooet. E. G
_ Hard ware
Miner? Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furniture, etc,,
Al! onlfcln promptly atlomleilto.
Di*. Curry, resident
dentist of Kamloops,
will be in Lillooet for
nbout twelve days be*
ginning 23rd March.
Gas iukI cocaine
for painless extraction.
Crown and Bridge
work. Artificial teeth
without plates. Every
thing in dentistry.
First-class work guaranteed. Coinc as soon
A household necessity and a household b^'iiitifn.'r—a dry powder, put up in five
pound packagi s, and in twenty-five beaatlful shades.
When house cleaning be sure and use MURALO and have something for your
Easily applied and won*  rub off.    A color card for thc asking.'
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Strest, Vancouver, B.C.
NO. 4 K.-W. U, BLOCK, NELSON, 1',. (.'.
(inlrl, S'K-er-Leail :in,l Copper Mini- HBIIteil nl II e EXCHANGE.
FREE .MILLING UOLD   [iroptrtiou  wnnleJ at once lor Ivtutern Id-
1'nrlies liiivin>r mining prnporty for sale are requested to send  sample
of their ore to tlie LXCHANGE fur exhibition.
We rieciro lo lieur from prospeetorfl who Inwe promising mineral claims
in British Columliia.
Prospectors «n■ I minii p men are req'iesteil to make the EXCIIANQB
their heailqnarters when in Nelson.
'All sample* Bh"t1 il ' e sent hv express PREP \1H.
OorreBpoinJenee soleiti '.  ilresf ontninnie li ms to
Telephone No. 101.    P. 0. Ilnx 70t). NELSON, B. C.
n^fc- nip
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondeo
Vancouver B. Q<
_TOW   BOYS^__i-
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
I have Jimi rscelvod direct from 3c»tlnn'l the bost selection of Ttreads, Worsteds. Ser_sj
Pantings la the Interior.   Satisfaction Riiaranteetl.
THOMAS MoCOSII, Morolianl Tnilor, Ashcroft, B. O,
The now stage line leaves Lytton every Monday and
Friday for Lillooot, returning next day. Special trip*
made,    Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati it Co., Lytton B. C.
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Minors Steel, Picks, Shovels, etc., wire t'ubu-
and llUBsel Woo Fencing.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
One Specialties)
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Travel
Clinton  ninl  way  points,  Monday,
WmIio il«y and Friday.
All points lu Cariboo, Monday's.
Lillooet direct, Monday and F i iny,
Forks of Qnesnelle, at.d way points,
A sperial coach, oarrylng passengers
and exptesi", «ill leave Ashcruft tor h e
ISO-Mil'" Hume on Friday's, reluming
tjiecitil CoiiTeyanocn Fitrnisli'id.
Timo Tails Nu. W.-T«klog F.iTe.t iter. NMk
1 !>.>.,.
Vltiiorln to Vancouver—Dallj" nt l p. m, Ten%..
couver to Victoria -liullvtit I.16p.i_,, erMMh
liiul ul the C.l'.K. No 1 train.
r.i'nv,; victoria fur Ntttv Westminster, Ladasv.
btil'i Island, I'lumper'a Psu—Tuesday *■«
Fi-lnay at 7 a.m. Leave Kow IVoBtailnst.r (•?
Victoria unii Way 1'urtH — Wedneadar aid
Saturday at 7 n.iii
Btoamships of this  fdrupany  will ]»avs t—
Fori   Slmpnon and  Intermediate poind, via
Viotorla, Is', tiinl Ijth pik'Ii iv.-jnth at 11 p.m.
Steamships of this comnnny will leave tv.ry
Wednesday for Wrangel and aicagway .ts p.m.
Pteanu'r loavet     'ttorla   lor   Aihernl   sad
Sound  ports,  on   tiio lftih  and 20tti of ....
mnnih, cxtondlng Uttur   trtpa to  Qnattliti
and L'aie Scott.
The company reserves tlie r'pht ol ehaaftiv.
Ihlitims tublu ut nny lime *viikiotiiaotilic.ti*m
(i. A  CAKt.KTON,
tlt'llPrfl frrltht A(«t,
i . i. BAXTER,
tiencial 1'nasanger Af.nt.
m Insurance.
. *\
I General
_ ■
II vou wunt
to \e.i\tru your lifo,
To insure your property,
To insure against aeoident.
Call on
Ric. A. Fraser
Liileoet, U. O.


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