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The Prospector Nov 2, 1901

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V0I.4, No.yf. {\
$2.00 a year.
a-_B__sr_E_ER.j_.____   __^__±3_E^o_E_r_A___srT
Miners Supplies/
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
Paul Santini,
Carries a (ull stock ol all kinds of Groceries, Dry  Hoods    B.ots  and   Shoes,
Hardware, etc.
*      M
*__-:       •_-»
Lillooet, B. C.-^
W, F. Allen, Proprietor.
This 11 del is capai Mul acconu dating 80 Guiste.   Bundle Rooms Ior
Commercial Travellers. Everything First-Cliss.
Hotel Victoria
This hotel being new and thoroughly finished Ihrc'izhi.tt. is the nnly first
class hotel in Ullooet. Persons culling nt Lillooet will receive every attention bj
stopping at the Hotel Victoria, Good stabling in connection with tne hotel. Headquarters tor the Ullooet-l.ylton stage.
9   0   9   e   9   9    CHARGE**   MODERATE.    9   0   0   0   0   0
Stage leaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.    Special trips made.
11 yon contemplate a trip into Ullooet district, write tts for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B L.
BY THK I'aosrCiTOU erill.IsllINi: COMPANY.
Vaneouver, B.C.
Established. 1890.
Assay work nf all descriptions undertaken.     Tests made tip to 2000 lbs.    A specialty
made of-hecking   smelter  pulps.    Samples   from   the   Interior  hy   Mail  or   Express
promptly atti niled to.    Correspondence    solicited.
IsTOW   BOYS.-^*
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
T have JiiBt receired direct ito<n Scotland tho bwt selection 0/TwcwU, Worsteds, BsrgQ.
Pint.1**-?! la tb« Interior.   SHtlsfaction miaranteed.
TUOHAB McOOBU, UM-vb.ui Tailor, knhcrotu B. 0
The "News* Advert.Fer-1' seems lo be interested in what it calls our short and quaini
editorinl of October  I2lh.
In the editori.il referred to we sought .0
correct a wrong conclusion arrived pt \>y
some who rend what we wrote on the subject of "Party Lines'' We objected to the
contention that in the article on "Party
Lines" we hnd i*jone out of our wny to strike
al the Dunsmuir Government and we .howec!
that an article on the general subject of pail)'
lines could not he taken ns an article direc'-
ed solely agfiipst the present, government,
it not being the firM non-party govern
incut in power. The present and previous
B. C. governments have not been made superior to other provincial government's by
the adoption of the non-partY system. In
fact the non-party government of British
Columbia has often been below par.
Now because we re-stated our opinion and
showed that certain conclusions arrived at
after reading the article on "Party Lines'',
were unreasonable] ihe "News-Advertise! '
says thnt "The Prospector" now that it knows
how Mr. Smith the local member, stands,
is anxious to keep on gu_d terms with the
Provincial govern ment.
Tiie "News-Advertiser" bus long posed
as a thought reader, but evidently after all
its practice in this direction it hns failed to
comprehend some of the fundamental laws
thai govern thought, or what is equally necessary, to draw natural conclusions from
plain expressions of thought. That our
"short and quaint" explanation of Oct. 12th
Was not ambiguous is evident from the lac.
that the rest of our exchanges aiul readers
who commented on it took the intended
meaning from our words. Hence we contend that the "News•Advertiser" is cursed
with dim mental vision and sees men as trees
walking. And our opinion is that this detect
in mental vision has been caused by continuous straining to perceive far distant objects.
We would prescribe a change and rest by
looking at tilings nearer home. In other
words a knowledge of self is necessary. It
will be a pity if the "News-Advertiser" by
spending lime on things beyond its reach neglects ordinary reflection and observation.
Neglect is already noticeable. Casual observation and ordinary reflection wou'd have
saved the above paper from making the statement that we are anxious to "keep" on good
terms with lhe present goverr.n ent.. The
absence from our paper of even the ordinary
Government advertisements of West Lillooet
District, shows to a man with half an eye,
that if we have no active opponents at Victoria wc certainly have 110 one to guard or
support our legitimate intere>ts. Seeingth.it
we have not received u single ail. from Victoria it is nonsense to say that we are anximis
to "keep" on good terms with llie present
government. We want no favors. We cau
live without them. We want liberty of speech
and action without beinc placed under the
ban. This position is lawful and reasonable.
When the "News-Adveitiser" hai trained
itself to notice surface truths, ami gives time
from its multitudinous, airy nothings, to lhe
fuller training of the reasoning and reflective
powers, then :it may take up the occult
sciences as a diversion from earnest, practical
A rich latly cured of her'L'e :fnoss ami Noise*
In tlin Head byDr Muhowun's Artificial Bai
Drums,Kave 110,000 to bta mstltxtov«o.lhat the
t\t!-f people unable to procure trtojwr iTutrji
iiiiiv liave them f?ce. Address No. H.ri_J The
XI. iiolson institute, 78lr, Kigli-.h Avenue, Sin'
Vork, 11,8 A.
Tlie following telegram, received by
.Mark Eagleson from 8. T. Hull, of the
loo mile house, speaks  for U-el'.
'Latest from Horsefly reliable paries and expert! very sanguine. In
dicatioiia Splendid and outlook good
spring. Nothing to justify extrava.ai t
newspaper re) o ts. buow one foo
deep and storming.
McGillivray Mine.
As a oonsequet ce of llie visit of Mr.
Lee to the Anderson Like Mine, the
procpectB of a strong company taking
hold of tlie property are of the very
b* st. Although, on .count of their
uncertainty, mining affairs might hi
init in the same category as elections
and lioree-rai'in?, this deal seems to he
as sure as nee.ls be. The terms will be
uiu.h the same aa outlined before in
these columns, viz. enlarging the plant
and spenjinga large sum iu development.
All who have examined this mine
are conn* lent of its ability lo become
11 dividend payer when worked by a
strong company.
It is reported that N. Gilfoil and
partner have struck a very rp h ledge
on the side of Cayoosli Greek Opposite
the Ample, three claims beihg stalled.
Itis claimed that the lead is the one
irom which so much rich float has
The Bnlish Oilnmbia year book,
which has lately been issued, contains
tlie following account of 'he Bridge
Uiver Section, written by W. M. Brewer, M. 10.
'The Ben d'Or group has produced
nearly $70,000 to date from amalgamation, Willi about 5,000 tons ol tailings
saved for treatment hy the cyanide process, an average sample of which assays $11.00 per ton. Considering this
section of the Lillooet mining di ision
(rom a geological standpoint, il has apparently escaped many ol ihe complications so general in other portions of
tin) province. From the mouth of Ilu
south Fork of Bridge Kivor, up tha'
stream and np Oidwallader Creek ll-
-elf, there is little it' any. evidence oi
convulsions of the earth's crust. 8-V
ere degradation of tlie rocks is evident
on every side, but this is attributable
o weathering, erosion, and—partially
at least—to g._cial action. The work
u( erosion is being extensively carried
mat the presentdjy. The al itude of
ihe otltcroppings ou the piopeities on
Cadwallader (bee. is from 3,1)00 feel
In 4,200 fi-et above sea level, while lhe
-nnimils oi'.be near-by mountains nre
,it a much l.i Jier altitude.
•-j**"- Brief Despatches. "^^
News has been received of lhe discov
ery of a serious plot against the life of
the Shah of Persia. His two bnthere
and his son in  law are implicated.
General Bolha  and hir' forces  have  been
scattered and  the  British columns are   full-
ow_ig them through rough bushy country.
Colonel Campbell's column has recovered
two guns which the Boers Ind captured al
SJiecpers Nek.
Andrew Carnegie bus given another
$125.100 to aid technical colli ge work
iu (ilasgow,
Tlie coal lands along the Nanaimo rivar
have been bonded by a wealthy American syndicate for $150,000. Development work began yesterday
Loon F.  CzolgOE-, the  murderer of
President McKinley, was electrocuted
at Auburn prison on Tuesday,  October
29.h ut7 A. M.
Ontario cheese lias triumphed at tbe
Pan-American, where it was in com-
petiticn with the wholo of North and
South America, and won the gold medal
offered by the Exposition.
President Roosevelt is to recommend to
Congress the general principle of reciprocity
wilh foreign nations.
The province of Shan-si, China with
a territory larger than tie state of
Pennsylvania, iB practical!) an immense
fTli,* Prospector publishes communications
from nil Parties who vvrite uu laalteis of
public interest for publication; hut ilisehiiius
any icsponsibiliy for opinions expressed,].
W.ss and otherwise.
During a lesson which was heinit
heard in a school not a thousand miles
Irom here, thewords 'temperance lecturers' occurred. A bright little girl
on being asked wdio a 'temperance lecturer' was,gave Ike following answer:
'A temperance lecturer is a man who
goes around tbe country taking milk
and water.
The telephone was invented iu 1877.
There are 1 025,073 Oddfellows and
8C6.SH0 Masons in the United States
aud Canada.
acterand good reputation ia each state [one
in this county required ] to represent and ad\ -
ertisnold established wealthy business house
of solid financial standi ng. Saiary I18.00 weekly tt'llli expenses additional, all payable in
in cash all payable iueash each Wednesday
dircet from Ibe head office*. Hjrae ana carriages furnished, w hen necessary. References.
Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Manager, 31fi,Caxton Building, Chicago,
We want your orders
for Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
Lillooet, B. C.
Sale of personal and real
Property for Taxes
Ti tih6 K litor of   the Prospector.
If any one had told nie a month ago
as I should be shaking bands with the
Dook and Duchess of Ureat Biitain
and Ireland and the United Kingdom
and Wales and Empress of Indy, I'd
a said ir was a lie, but such is the case
and I'm agoing to tell you how it all
I'took a light rig down to Lytton
last week with some fruit I growed,
consisting of some very good samples
of melons, peaches, grapes and apples
as good as any as could be produced
and for which Lillooet district is so
justly famous. I thought probably as
there would be lots of people travelling, and I could turn an honest penny
by disposing of 'em to the dining ears.
Well, it was iny intention to return
tho same night, but ibe b*.ys were so
pleasant, and tells me as bow tbe Dook
and the Duchess is a passing tbe next
day and I oner stay and I slaved,
ibe little station-master had decorated the station with evergreens aud
Hags end the town itseli yju wouldn't
a knowed. It generally looks as if
bad been left by the wayside but   wot
Notice is hereby given, that under the Asses*
smeut Act and amendments thereto, there is
d_e aud unpaid for Mineral Tax the sum of
$897.92, by tho Bend Or Mines, Limited, the
owner of the Liltle .In** and White Crow Mineral Claims, being Lois 589 and 540, Group 1,
Lillooet District, situate at Cadwallader Cieck
iu the Lill,met District, and iu Ihe Lillooet Assessment District,
In accordance with the provisions and requirements of the Assesment Act and Amendments therein, I have distrained the goods and
chattels (including a ion stamp mill aud tools)
of the said head Or Mines, Limited, in tlie said
District fur tho payment of the aaid .Mineral
Tax and shall expose the same lor sale, by pub-
lie minion, nt lhe Court House, Lillooet on
Tuesday the twenty sixth day of Novtuubur,
1901, At two o'clock in ihe afternoon, or so
much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy
the said amount of Mineral Tax and costs.
In default of sufficient distress upon said
personal property, tbo goods and chattels of
the said Company, or tlie amount realized from
the public sale thereof, being Insufficient to
meet said Mineral, ax, nud costs. I shall at tho
lime and place above mentioned, expose for
sale by public auction, the lands oi tho said
Company, consisting of, llie Little Joe, White
Crow. Hand -Or fraction, Jim Crow Fraction,
and Delighted Mineral Claims, In said Lillooet.
District, or so niuch of the snid lands of tho
said Company, situate in Lillooet Assessment
District as imiy be sufficient to pay thc said
Mineral tax and  costs.
Given under my hand at Lillooet
this 18th day of October, 1001.
Cnspar Phair,
Assessor and Collector for the  Lillooet Assessment Dislrict-
with bits of cloth and red blankets it
was alright. And there we was all
washed and brushed up a standing on
tbe station to see the train pass. We
could hear her coming and coming
when all of a sudden tbe station master says: 'Blest if she ain't Blowing
down,' and sure enough she was for
she comes rigid to a full stop. The
train looked beautiful it was covered
all over witli flags and green stuff
and the conductor gets off as cool as
possible and shouts out 'half an hour
ior refreshments.' Then out of the
train jumps four chaps in red coats and
Bilk stockings with dimend bnckles
uo bo continued) ".YHAT OF THE NICUT?
na Ancient Division of the Night
Into Four Watches.
l.e*.  llr. Tuluiii.e Describes Scones to Ilu
nun...,,! lu  All Lar^fl cities Daring
thu Hours or thu N i_lil -Gnuibl ilig ami
lli'uiikunnoss—A Terrible TruifeUy iu
Five  AcU.
Knlered accordine; to Act of tho Parliam-nt of
Canada, in the *, cut-One Thousand Nine Hundred and One, by William iUily, ot Toronto,
ut the Iiepat-Liueiu nt Agriculture, Ottawa.
Washington, (let. 13.—In tbis discourse lie. Tuliiuige describes some
of the scenes Lo be witnessed lute ut
night in the groat cities uml warns
Lhe unwary uf many perils; text,
Isaiah xxi, 11, "Watchman, what of
the night?"
When night came duwn on Babylon,
Ninevah und Jerusalem, they needed
careful watching, otherwise the Incendiary's torch might have been thrust
into the very heart of the metropolitan splendor, or enemies, marching
from the bills, might have forced
tbe gates. All night long, on top of
tbe wall and in front of tbe gates,
might be beard the measured step of
the watchman on bis solitary beat;
silence hung in air, save life some
passerby raised the Question,
"Watchman,  what of the  night?"
It is to me n deeply suggestive and
solemn thing to see a man standing
guard by night. It thrilled through
mo as at the gate of an arsenal in
Charleston the question onco smote
me, "Who comes there?" followed by
tbe sharp command, "'Advance and
give the countersign." Every moral
teacher stands on picket or patrols
tbe wall as watchman. His work is
to sound tbe alarm, and whether it
be in the first watch, in the second
watch, in the third watch or in the
fourth watch to be vigilant until
the daybreak llings its "morning
glories" of blooming cloud across
the trellis of the sky.
The ancients divided their night
into four parts—the first watch from
0 to 9, the second from 9' to 12, the
third from 12 to 3 and tbe fourth
from 3 to G. I speak now of tbe city
in the third watch, or from 12 to 8
I never weary of looking upon the
life of the city in tho lirst watch.
That is the hour when the stores are
closing. The laboring men, having
quitted the scaffolding and the shop.
are on their way home. It rejoices
me to give them my seat in the city
car. They bave stood and hammered
away all day. Their feet are weary.
They aro exhausted with the tug of
work. They are mostly cheerful. With
appetites sharpened on the swift
turner's wheel and thc carpe iter's
whetstone' they seek the evening
meal. The clerks, too, have broken
away from tbo counter and with
brain weary of the long lino of figures and Uie whims of those wdio go
a-shopping seek the face of mother
or wife and child. The streets are
thronged with young men setting out
from the great centres of bargain
making. Let idlers clear the street
and give right of way to the be-
sweated artisans and merchants!
They have earned their bread and are
now on tbeir way home to get it.
The lights in full jot bang over 10,-
000 evening repasts — the parents
at either end of the table, the children between. Thank Ood, "who sct-
teth the solitary in families!"
A few hours later and all the
places of amusement, good and bad,
are in full tide. Lovers of nrt, catalogue in hand, stroll through the galleries and discuss tho pictures. The
ballroom is resplendent with the rich
apparel of those who on either side
of the white, glistening boards await
the signal from the orchestra. Concert halls are lifted into enchantment
with tlie warble of one songstress or
swept out on a sea of tumultuous
feeling by tbe blast of brazen instruments. A beautiful and overwhelming
thing is tbe city in the first and second watches of the night.
But tlie clock strikes 12, nnd the
third watch bas begun. Tbe thunder
of the city has rolled out of tbe air,
The slighest sound cuts the night
with such distinctness as to attract
your attention. The tinkling of the
bell of the street car in thc distance
and    the buying of the dog. The
stamp of a horse in the next street.
The slamming of a saloon door. The
hiccough of the drunkard. Tho shrieks
of the steam whistle five miles away.
Oh. how suggestive, my friends, the
third watch of tho night!
There are honest men passing up
and down the street. Here is a city
missionary, who has been currying tt
scuttle of coal to that poor family
in that dark place. Hero is an undertaker going up the steps of tt
building from which there comes a
bitter cry, which indicates that tbe
destroying angel bas smitten tlie
firstborn. Here is a minister of religion who lias been giving the sacrament to a dying Christian. Here
is a physician, passing along in great
baste. Nearly all the lights have
gone out in thc dwellings, for it is
the third watch of tbe night. That
light in the window is the light of
the watcher, for the medicines must
be administered, nnd the fever must
be watched, and the restless tossing
off of the coverlid must be resisted,
and the ice must be kept on tlio hot
temples, and the perpetual prayer
must go up from hearts soon to be
Oh, the third watch of tho night!
Whnt a stupendous thought — n
whole city at rest! Weary arm ire-
paring for to-morrow's toil. Hot
brain being cooled off. 'tigid
musclos relaxed Excited nerves
soothed. The white hair of
tho octogenarian in thin drifts
across the pillow, fresh fall of
flakes on snow already fallen. Childhood, with its dimpled hands
thrown out on the pillow und with
every breath taking in a new store
of fun and frolic. Third watch of
tho night! God's slumberless eye
will  Ionic.    Let one great  wave    Ol
refreshing slumber roll over the
heart of the great town, Submerging
care and anxiety and worriment r.nd
pain.     Let the city sleep.
But, my friends, be not deceived.
There will be to-night thousands
who will not sleep at all. Uo up
that dark alley, and be cautious
where you tread lest you fall over
the prostrate form of a drunkard lying on his own doorstep. Look
about you, lest you feel the garrot-
er's hug. Look through the broken
window pain- and see what you can
see. You say, "Nothing." Then
listen. What" is it? "God help
us?" No footlights, but tragedy
ghastlier and mightier than Histoid
or Edwin Booth ever enacted. No
light, no lire, no bread, no hope.
Shivering in tbe cold, tbey have had
no food for twenty-four hours. Ynu
say, "Why don't they beg?" They
do, but they get nothing. You say,
"Why don't tbey deliver themselves
over to the almshouse?" Ah, you
would not ask that if you ever heard
the bitter cry of a man or a child
when told he must go to Iho almshouse. "Oil," you say, "they nre
vicious jioor, and therefore they do
not deserve our sympathy!" Are
they vicious? So much more need
they your pity. The Christian
poor,  God helps  them.
I'ass on through the alley. Open
the door. ''Oh." you say. "it is
lucked!" No, it is not locked. It
has never been locked. No burglar
would be tempted to go in there to
steal anything. Ouly a broken chair
stands against tbe door. Shove it
back. Go in. Strike a match. Now,
look. Beastliness and rags. See
those glaring eyeballs. Be careful
now what you say. Do not utter
any insult, do not utter any suspicion, if you value your life. What is
that red mark on the wall? It is
the mark of a murderer's hand!
Look at those two eyes rising up
out of the darkness and out from
the straw in the corner, coming toward you, ami ns they come near
you your light goes out. Strike another match. Ah, this is a babe,
not like those beautiful children presented in baptism. This little one
never smiled. It never will smile.
A flower flung on an awfully barren
beach. O Heavenly Shepherd, fold
that little one in thy arms! Wrap
around you your shawl cr your
coat tighter, for the cold wind
sweeps through.
Strike another match. Ah. it is
possible that tbe scarred and bruised face of that young woman ever
was looked into by maternal tenderness? titter no scorn. Utter no
harsh word. No ray of hope has
dawned on that brow for many a
year. No ray of hope ever will
dawn on that brow. But the light
lias gone out. Ho not strike another light. It would be a mockery to
kindle another-light in such a place
as that. I'ass out and pass down
the street. Our cities are full of
such homes antl tho worst timo tlie
third watch of the night.
In the third watch of the night
gambling does its worst work. What
though tlie hours be slipping away
and though the wife be waiting in
the cheerless home? Stir up the
fire; bring on more drinks; put up
more      stakes! That    commercial
house that only a little while ago
put on a sign of co-partnership will
this winter be wrecked on a gambler's table. There will be many a
money till that will spring a leak.
In the third watcli of the night pass
down the streets oi these cities, and
you hear the click of the dice and
the sharp; keen stroke of the balls
on tho billiard table. At these
places merchant princes dismount,
and legislators, tired of making
laws, take a respite in breaking
them. All classes of people tire robbed by this crime — tho importer of
foreign silks and tbe dealer in Chatham street pocket Handkerchiefs, The
clerks of the store take a hand after the shutters are put up, uud the
ollicers of tho court while away tlieir
time while the jury is out.
In Baden-Baden, when that city
was the greatest of all gambling
places on earth, it was no unusual
thing the next morning, In the woods
around about the city, to lind the
suspended hollies of suicides. Whatever be the splendor of surroundings, there is no excuse for this
crime. The thunders of eternal destruction roll in the deep rumble of
that gambling tenpin alley, and as
men come out to join tlie long procession of sin all the drums of death
beat tho dead march of a thousand
In tho third watch of the night
also drunkenness does its worst. The
drinking will be respectable at 8
o'clock in the evening, a little flushed at 9, talkative ami garrulous ut
10, at, 11 blasphemous, at 12 the
hat falls off, nt 1 the man falls to
tho floor, asking for more drink.
Strewn through the drinking saloons
of the city, fathers, husbands, sons.
as good as you are by nature, perhaps belter. In the high circles of
society it is hushed up. A merchant prince, if he gets noisy nnd
uncontrollable, is taken by his fellow revelers, who try to get him to
bed or take him home, where lie falls
flat in the entry. Do not wake up
tho children. They have had disgrace enough. Do not let them
know it. Hush it up. But sonic-
times it cannot be hushed up when
the rum touches tho brain and the
man" becomes thoroughly frenzied.
Such n ono came home, having been
absent for some time, and tin ring
his absence his wife died, and she
Iny in tlie next room, prepared for
the obsequies, nnd he went in and
dragged her by the locks and shook
her out of her shroud and pitched
her out of the window. Oh, when
rum touches the brain you cannot
bush it up!
Aly friends, you see all around
about you the neod that something
radical be done. You do not sec the
worst.- In the midnight meetings in
London a great multitude have been
saved. We want a few hundred
Christian men nntl women to come
down from thc highest circles of society to toil amid these wandering
antl destitute ones anil kindle up a
light in the dark alley, even the
gladnoss of heaven. Bo not go
wrapped  in your fine furs and from
your well filled tables with the idea
that pious talk is going to slop the
gnawing of an empty stomach or to
warm stockingless feet. Tuke bread,
take raiment, take medicine, as well
;is take prayer. There is a great
tleal of common sense in what the
poor woman said to the city missionary when he was telling her how
she ought to love God and serve
him. "Oh," she said, "if vou were
as poor and cold as I am and as
hungry you could think of nothing
it great deal of what is called
Christian work goes for nothing, for
the simple reason it is not practical. As afler the battle of Antics
tain a man got out of au ambulance
with a bag of tracts, and he went
distributing the tracts, and George
Stuart, one of the best Christian
men in this country, suid to him:
"What are you distributing tracts
for now? There are 3,000 men
bleeding to death, Hind up their
wounds, and then distribute the
tracts." We want more common
sense in Christian work, taking tlio
bread of this life in one hand and
the bread of tbo next life in the other hand. No such inapt work as
that done by the Christian man
who, during tho civil war, went into
a hospital with tracts, and, coming
to t'.e bed of a man whose legs had
bee.i amputated, gave him a tract
on the sin of dancing!
I could give you tho history in a
minute of one of the best friends 1
ever had. Outside of my own family
1 never had a better friend, lie welcomed mc to my home at tho west.
He was of splendid personal appearance, but" he had an ardor of soul
and a warmth of affection that made
mc love him like a brother. 1 saw
men coming out of the saloons and
gambling hells, and they surrounded
my friend, and tbey took him at the
weak point — his social nature —
and I saw him going down, and I
had a fair talk with liim, I'or I never
yet saw a man you could not talk
with on the subject of his habits if
you talked with him in the i iglit
way. I said lo liim, "Why don't
you give up your bad habits antl
become a Christian?" 1 remember
now just how he looked, leaning
over his counter, as he replied: "I
wish I could. Oh, sir, I should like
to be a Christian, but I bave gone
so fur astray I can't get back!" So
tlie time went on. After awhile the
tiny of sickness came. I was summoned to his sick bed. I hastened.
It took me but a very few moments
to get there. I was surprised as I
went in. I saw him in liis ordinary
dress, fully dressed, lying on top of
tlie bed. I gave him my hand, and
ho seized it convulsively and said:
"Oh, how glad I am to see you! Sit
down there!" I sat down, and ho
saitl: "Mr. Talmuge. just where
yotl sit now my mother sat last
night. She has been dead twenty
years. Now, I don't want you to
think I iini out of my mind or that
T am superstitious, but, sir. she sat
there Inst night, nntl she said,
'Itoswell, I wish you Would do better, I wish you would do better.' I
stiid: '.Mother, 1 wish 1 coultl tlo
better. I try to tlo better, but I
can't. Mother, you used to help
me; why can't you help me now?'
And, sir, I got out of ~Ded, for it
was a reality, and 1 went to her nnd
threw my arms around her neck, and
I said: 'Mother, I will do better,
but you must help. 1 can't do this
alone.' " 1 knelt and prayed, That
night his soul went to the Lord who
made it.
Hut there is n man who will not
reform. Ho snys, "I won't reform." Well, then, how many acts
are there in a tragedy? I believe
there are five acts in a tragedy.
Act first of tlie tragedy: A young
man starling off from homo; parents
and sisters weeping to have him go;
wagon rising over the bill; farewell
kiss flung back. King the bell and
let the curtain fall.
Act the second: The marriage altar; full organ, bright lights; long
white veil trailing through the
aisle; prayer ami congratulation and
exclnmation of, "How well she
Act the third: A woman waiting
for staggering steps; old ■■■urments
stuck into the broken window pane;
marks of hardship on the face; the
biting of the nails of bloodless fingers; neglect nntl cruelty and despair. King the bell and let tbe
curtain fall.
Act the fourth: Three graves in
a dark place — grave of the child
that died for lack of medicine, grave
of the wife that died of a broken
heart, grave of the man that died of
dissipation. Oh, what a blasted
heath with three graves! Plenty of
weeds but no flowers. King thc bell
and let tlie curtain drop.
Act the fifth: A destroyed soul's
eternity; no light, no music; blackness of darkness forever. But I cannot look nny longer. Woe! woe! I
close my eyes to this last aid of the
tragedy. Quick, tptick! King the
bell and let tbe curtain drop. "Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth,
nntl let thy heart rejoice in the dnys
of thy youth, but know thou that
for all those things Gotl will bring
you into Judgment." "There is a
wny that seemeth right to a man,
but the end thereof is death."
The liarefnot Iiul.
The latest sensation in Dublin i.s
the adoption by a number of society
people of the "barefoot" fad for
their Children. Considerable attention is aroused now and then in the
streets nbout the fashionable stpiares
by the appenranre of smartly clatl
children, walking barelegged and
barefooted, all but a slight snnilal.
The idea is that the children are
made hardier nntl less likely to take
cold by this exposure. — Dublin
Freeman's  .Journal.
llritisli Landowner* \> h„ t liurge 1,1. a Day
fur lllll,-ri-.v UAth. rtllg— Local   C'ntld -
lions .1 I'M Ctilisl,l*-i-.ilil*   I in pro* ed.
In one respect at least harvest
time brings back very forcibly to
the minds of the elderly in agricultural districts the fact that since
their day rustic industries have undergone immense changes.
The local conditions of rural life
as regards the agricultural and cottage laborers have doubtless been
appreciably improved during the
last fifty years. Wages have increased, and much physical exertion has
been modified by the use of mechanical antl labor-saving contrivances.
it is the women, however, of the
cottage homes who are the greatest
gainers by the changes in rural conditions. Fifty years ago they took
their share of the field work with
the 'lien, and summer and winter
alike the wife or daughter was as
much a field hand as tlie husband or
Hut now it is only upon special
occasions that the cottage housewife
is to be met with working in the
fields, or on tlie land at all, unless
it is in her own cottage garden.
There is one characteristic of "Itus-
tic Industry" which hns been handed down from long antecedent times,
and which has always seemed to
hove been the woman's work, antl
yet, during tlie last few years it,
too, has ceased to find its wonted
votaries. Gleaning in the cornfields, as Huth gleaned after the
reapers in the fields of Boaz, has
vanished forever. Tlie reaper und
self-hinder leave littlo for the gleaner to pick up, and as the days of
high-priced bread seem also to have
passed, the laborers who lived largely upon thc brown bread ground
from the corn of their own gleaning now eat the white bread the
baker's cart leaves at tbeir door.
Thus there is no incentive to pursue this old world industry. It has
gone the way of silkworm culture —
a species of rural Industry whicli
James I. and succeeding monarchs
made strenuous efforts to encourage.
In connection wilh the silkworm,
mulberry trees wero planted in prodigious quantities sixty years or so
ago for silkraising purposes, but
now the tree has all but disappeared
from England, and women have lost
an occupation. Fruit gathering
still keeps its place as one of the village industries in which women excel.
Bilberries,     blackberries, mush
rooms, and nuts in the country generally are free to those wbo like to
gather them, and the bilberry harvest, as it is termed, is a really important one. The berries are bluish-
bluck in color, somewhat smaller
than black currants, antl are highly
appreciated by townsfolk for tarts,
puddings,  jams, etc.
Every berry is produced singly, so
tho trouble of picking is considerable, about half a dozen quarts of
them heing considered a good day's
work for a woman to gather. They
sell wholosale when taken to market nt Ct! to 8d per quart — mostly
the latter price. The wide stretch of
woods on the borders of Northwest
Staffordshire art! favorable to the
growth of bilberries, and they are
thrown open to the gatherers ns the
season commences in tlie first week
in July.
As a proof of the importance of
this apparently trivial Industry it is
worth mentioning that the agent to
the owners of some of these woods
determined this year as a check upon the gatherers to allow none to
enter but those wdio bad taken a
ticket at a cost of Id. per day for
each gatherer.
The first day these woods were
open was wet. but by tlie second dav
the whole of the 1,000 tickets which
had been provided had been sold,
and a further relay hat! to be ordered in hot haste. About „,000 in all
were disposed of. though hundreds of
acres of other bilberry woods were
close hy.
The money value of nature's bounty in this one wild fruit alone must,
have approached 1:700, ami ihis was
but a portion of what she had furnished in the one locality, the gathering being almost entirely done by
women—London  Mail,
Love „f Christ.
An    Illteresl in„     Itip.ni    oil    tlie,    I'll oui rn
According to Com«innder Knowl-
lng, of II. M. S. Icarus, who visited
Pitcoim Island last February, mi almost Utopian state of existence prevails among its inhabitants, the descendants of the mutineers of the
In his report to the Colonial Oflice,
published as a Parliamentary paper,
Commander Knowling states that of
the total population of 12(3 a large
proportion are young children.
There is a Parliament of seven
elected members, including Mr.' Jas.
11. McCoy, the president and magistrate.
No one smokes or drinks intoxicants, and each adult man works
from five a. m. to two p. m. for the
public good, directs, by tbe local
Parliament. Two p. m. is the dinner hour, and the remainder of the
day the people employ themselves
about their own businesses. The women of tho family do nil the housework.
Ail rumors thnt the iitlandors nre
deteriorating in morals or physique
ure contradicted, nnd it is stated
that disease is almost unknown, notwithstanding the fact that tlie taking of medicine is discountenanced
by the leading members.
The only troubles abend mentioned in tbe report ure the difficulty to
Select a successor to Mr. McCoy, tlio
surplus of women, antl a tendency
among tbe islanders to use a species
of Pidgin English, some of tbem nl-
roady appearing slow of comprehension wdien addressed in English.
Typewriting lu Arabic.
Selim S. Hatltlad has invented a
typewriter that seems to have overcome most, if not all, the difficulties
of printing Arabic characters. In tie-
vising the machine he hnd to consider tlie enormous number of characters, the spacing of the letters, the
necessity for printing when required
above, on or below the line, and finally tlie junction of the letters, for,
there is no uniform principle, every
character having its own joining peculiarities, lie reduced the number
of signs from 688 to 53 without sacrificing the essentials of modern
writing. Ho met the difficulty of the
varying breadth of letters by splitting some into two separate units.
Out of four years tlevoted to the
work he spent eighteen months in
the United States, and Ids invention
cost him £1,000. A thorough trial
of the machine has been ordered by
the Sirdar, ant! if the test proves
successful, tlie typewriter is likely to
be adopted in the Soudan Administration offices, and by the business
men of Cairo antl Alexandria.—London Morning Post!
Hope and fenr are Gospel motives
—but only for children in the faith.
The true motive of the Gospel is personal affection working in constanl
fellowship of life and aim. Ho who
lives with Christ finds it easier to
live for Christ. This is tho motive
power which makes hard duty possible. Tbis is thc perfect love whicli
casts out fear.
Flying With  lluHpatcli. ■
A special train of one car. bearing
Important letters from Australia,
addressed to Joseph Chamberlain
and other high officers of lhe British
Government, arrived over the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway at
9.10 a. m., Sept. G at Chicago. In
ortler to catcli tbe Southampton
steamer which left New York the
next day an effort was made to
break all records to catch the Lake-
shore "flyer," which left Chicago ut
8.30 a. m. The mail was transferred to another special train and pulled by an engine with a record of 100
miles an hour and in charge of ofli
cials of the Lake Shore & Mlchlgai
Iloulhern Railway, left nt. 10 u'c't c'
in hot pursuit of the flyer, ll Wai
Cirunny nnd tlie'l'i'inceHK
In the village of Dersinghnm
(writes a Sandringham visitor in M.
A. T.) there is an old, old lady, living in the cottage at the corner, who
is very proud of many things in her
litlle home. They were given her
from time to time by Queen Alexandra. On sunny mornings "Granny"
comes out in her white sunhoniict
and potters about among her flowers. Then is the best time to talk
to   her.
"The Queen?" she says, with a puzzled look. "I don't know who you
mean, sir." Suddenly she remembers,
and a smile lights up the old eyes
and plays with tho wrinkled features.
"Is it the Princess you mean?" she
You tell her yes, nnd she says suddenly: "Ah, my dear, you don't know
the Princess, do you?" nnd then,
speaking softly mill smiling to herself, she tells you the following chnr-
atteristic tale.
"One morning, two winters ngo—
let me see, it was a Tuesday 'euiisr
I was doin' my bit of iroiiin -
came a knock tit the door. I didn't
take notice. I thought it were Jim,
my son-in-law, and he just knocks
nnd Walks in. So I went, on wilh my
ironiu'. Presently there enmo another
knock. So I calls 'Walk in!' but, bo-
cnuse tbo iron was nice antl hot, 1
didn't stop. And there, my dear, it
was the Princess antl her daughter,
ant! 1't! kept them outside knocking,
antl it wns a bitter morning. I was
so flurried that I didn't know what
to do. I stood with the heater in my
hunt!, ami all I could do was to
make my curtsy. But Her Highness
didn't    seem  to  mint!  a bit. She
says, 'Good mornlll', Granny. We
just walked in to see how you were
this cold mornin'. I got over my
flurry by this time nnd dusted two
chairs for them to sit on, nnd put
my iron on the fire. Dut tlie Princess
wouldn't have nie stir. She turned to
her daughter uml saitl, 'You take
Granny's iron while she sils tlown
und talks to me.' So tlie young
Princess took the Iron nntl ironed,
while I sal down nntl talked with
her mother."
Granny rose and went to a drawer. She took out a handkerchief witli
a gny colored border, antl brought It
across. "She ironed (hat, my dear,
just ns you see it. I put it away,
nntl never used it since. Well, the
Princess, her mother, nntl me talked.
She told me as how she liked the
Country heller than London, where
she couldn't walk about or go out
very much. Then she asked me about
Jim, nnd Sarah, and the baby. 1
told her the child was troubled with
her teeth, ant! she saitl she remembered quite well when her own babies
were bad with their teeth, and the
trouble she  had  with  them, She
stayed ami talked for nearly an
hour. I was afraid to ask her to have
anything, but she remembered my
ginger wine, ami asked if she and her
daughter might liave it glass because
it wus Warming iu  winter time."
A broad smile is never so nll-om-
bracing as when un antique beau is
Laughter    is    the    axle of    moral
Laughter is the axis of moral
health — hysterical noice is not
Women who object to swearing
make strangely oblique affirmations
at times.
Woman was created foredoomed to
Suffer, Man was told to work. Woman is often obliged to do both.
Politeness is intended to show good
breeding, but it is often used to
punctuate satire.
Never pay a vuin old man the respect due his nge. Chaff liim, and
he'll feel young.
chnp-l Instead of B_.tt.r_.
Lord Sel borne, first Lord of the
British Admiralty, recently paid Ids
first official visit to Whale Island,
the homo of British naval gunners.
Whale Island prides itself on ils
importance ns a naval centre, and
ils inhabitants, with a view to adding to its glories, have been desiring tlio establishment there of a
new gun battery. As Lord Sel-
boine made the rounds plentiful
hints were dropped. Then the time
came for him to go. "The plnce."
he saitl. "is perfect save for ono
thing Hint I must certainly remedy."
The gunnery ollicers nudged ench
other. "No wonder you tell me tlie
plnce lacks completeness," ho continued. "J see you have no Chanel." 	
At  the  Funeral.
Rigg—Poor old Mudge! lie doesn't
look like (he siune man.
TipK— No, nnd just listen to that oniony. It doesn't sound ns if it ware for
llie same man either.—Baltimore Amer-
icun. .	
Ilow to Learn to Like Picture!..
The following suggestions. If yon
please, are not from an artist nor even
from a connoisseur, tlie writer being
nothing more than an ordinary picture
lover. In general llie principle to be
followed Is to get as much In an atmosphere of pictures as possible. Always
go to the museums when you are traveling, and If you live near enough
make occasional picture visits to Boston, Chicago or New York. Do not
make the mistake of slaying too long
In a gallery. You only tire yourself.
Half an hour Is quite long enough. But
do not endeavor to look nt every picture In the gallery In that time. Look
long at a few gootl ones nml let those
you look at bo those you like or at least
those whicli you prefer above the others. Also nsk yourself why you prefer
■' 'in. Always get a catalogue. Stances tlie pictures nre not marked, and
ns a student wan' always to know
hi 'iniuter of your picture.—Frederic
Ni uilth In Woman's Home Companion.
Wlinle IYo-»es.
At one time nol very long ago there
wns on the Lancashire coast, near
Lythnn. England, a cottage and boat-
house that were imitle almost entirely
from the remains of a score or so of
Whales thnt had been driven ashore
some years before, The framework of
tlie edifice consisted wholly of whalebone, and the dried skins of the huge
creatures were neatly nntl strongly fastened as a covering for walls ami roof.
There Is another building of exactly
the snme kind at Peterhead. In r>ot-
litinl, and In this case (lie skulls of the
whales and some of tlie heavier bones
nre used with great effect ns outside
Looked  Like Flconon...
Uncle Hiram (just back from the big
city)—I don't think that nephew of
our'n Is got as much money ns lie
makes out lie has.
Aunt Emily—Why, 1 thought yotl said
he hnd such n nice home In (he elty.
Uucle Hiram—But I didn't tell ye
nolhin about lilm bavin both them little
girls 0' Ids'n plnyin on (lie same planner at once. I tell yo he's a-gettln bard
Crnde   Petrolenm.
Prom crude petrolenm are made kero-
sone, gasoline, naphtha, paraffin and
vaseline. A still heavier oil. left ns a
residue, is used for axle grease, nnd the
carbon is turned Into sticks for electric
lights. Tlie sulphuric acid which is
used for purifying the products of petroleum Is recovered nntl turued Into
fertilizer for farms where there Is too
much phosphate rock, which Is thus
Why Beauty Fades
and Sufferings Come.
Real beauty is rare. It belongs to perfect health. Just
as soon as thc blood gets thin and watery and the nerves become exhausted beauty fades, wrinkles show themselves, the
beautiful curves give way to lameness and angles. Nervousness quickly destroys beauty of face and form. The female
organism becomes deranged and there are sufferings almost
unbearable at the monthly periods. Too often women come
to believe these mysterious pains and aches a part of their ex-
istense. They fail to realize that by keeping the blood and
nerves in perfect health they can preserve youth and beauty
and avoid an endless amount of suffering.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, tlie great blood builder and
nerve restorative, is woman's greatest blessing from youth to
old age. It helps her over the trying periods of her life and
prepares the system in every way to perform naturally the duties of womanhood. It enriches the blood supply, keeps the
nerves calm and steady and assists in the development of glowing, healthful beauty. A few weekr,' treatment with this great
Food cure will do wonders for every woman who is pale, thin,
weak and nervous.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
50c a box.    All dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto. ■*■"?
Uflan.*--to<]   y.t?    The   prayer   your   lips   have
I •   Jdeil
In b *-;iy of Lfe&rt these many v.ars?
Does f i h begin t:i f^ii, i._ hope departing,
And si.ink you nl! in vain those .ailin*,' tears?
Say no! tlie Father hath not heard your prayer.
You sha 1 have your desire b-nriic time, sunn'where.
UiianF\*iTcd yet?  Though when you first present.d
Ihii i ite petition «(the Father's throne,
H seei    1 you could not wait the tiniL- of ukfng,
So argent was your heart to make it known.
Though years have passed idnce then* do you net
Tlie Lord will'answer you fiyme lime, .oniewh-.e.
Unanswered yet?   Nay, tin nut my ungrantedj
Perhaps your pail ia nut yet wholly done;
The  ivorl**  began when first your prayer was ut*
I .red,
And Ci 1 will flnhsh what lie has lieffun.
If you ..ill keep the ine.ii._e burning' there.
Ilia glory you b1i_.I1 see some time, somewhere.
Unanswered yet?   Faith cannot ■ >_ unan«wived;
Her f ft are firmly planted on tlie ro.k.
Amid ilu wildest storms bin- stands Undaunted
Nor i.ualla before the loudest thunder ahock.
Plie kn us Omnipotence has heard her prayer
An.l ci a,  "It _li_.il he dona same litns,  some*
"here!" —Christine Rossettt.
I *w;ih cured of terrible lumbago by
I wnfl cured of a bad casts of earache by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
I  was   cured  of  sensitive lungs  by
Delicate    situations    aro    usually
more delicate than others.
The umpire in  the game of 'life  'Is
continually  yelling   "'I'lay   ball !"
Learn This .Lesson Well and tho litxv-
agis of Disease Will No .Longer
lie So Prevalent.—The Story of
Une Who has llecn Benofltcd and
Who OlTi'rs Her ]_„peri__.CQ Lo Aid
From L'SorelolB, (iorel,  Que*
Among the multitude of ailments
that aillict humanity there are lew
that cause more acute misery than
indigestion or dyspepsia, as it is
variously culled, llolh young' and old
are susceptible to ils attacks, and
its victims throughout the country
are numbered by tens of thousands.
Among the disagreeable symptoms
which accompany dyspepsia aud make
it easily recognizable, are weight,
uneasiness and a heavy feeling in the'
Hloiuuch after eating, a ft cling of
weariness, sid: headache anil diw.i-
ness, pains in the stomach, offensive
breath, irritability, etc. Ordinary
medicines will not cure dyspepsia.
They may; relieve its symptoms temporarily, but the trouble always ro-
turns uii'd each Lime in an iuLeusilicd
form. Ur. Williams' 1'ink Pills is the
only medicine, that will thoroughly
und effectively cure dyspepsia. These
pills act noL merely upon lhe symptoms, biiL on lhe disease itself
througli Hie blood, hence through
tho stomach, which is strengthened
and restored to its normal [-notions,
Mrs. Alp. Lussier, a lady well
known in Sorel, Que., is one of the
many who have been released from
the clutches of dyspepsia through
the use of Dr. ,/illiains' Pink Pills,
and in the hope Lhat her experience
will be of benefit to some other sui-
ferer she gives the following tlbry
for publication : "Por over two
years I was a sufferer from dyspepsia or bad digestion. Tho disease
became chronic and I was au almost
continual sufferer Irom headaches,
heartburn and heart palpitation. All
sense of taste left me and at times
my stomach was so weak that I was
unable to keep any food on it, and
this caused me more distress than
one could imagine. Although I tried
several remedies none of them gave
mo any relief, aad 1. began to regard
my life as a burden, rather than a
joy as it should bo. One day while
reading 1 camu ucross a ease similar
to my own, cured through the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, so In the
hope that I would receive similar
benefit I decided to give the pills a
trial. I hud not taken lhe pills long
before I could see lhat my hopes for
recovery were being realized. By the
time 1 hud taken half a dozen boxes
all symptoms ef the trouble had disappeared and I was able to enjoy
life as 1 did before being seized witli
the malady. I liave no hesitation in
saying that T think that Ur. Williams' Pink Pills arc the best known
euro for dyspepsia, and I would
Strongly advise all sufferers to give
them a trial."
The old adage " experience is the
best teacher" might well bo applied
in cases of dys.ep.sin, nnd if sufferers
would only be guided by tho experience of those who have suffered but
are now well and happy through the
uso of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
there would be less distress throughout thc land. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills cnn bo had at all dealers iu
medicine or by mail, post paid, at
50 cents a box or six boxes for S2.o0
by addressing thc Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.,  Brockville,  Out.
There is plenty of space to let   in
the  immense room  for   improvement.
A Convincing Piece of Evidence as to
the Wonderful Power of This
Remedy—Bright's Disease, Heart
Disease and Rheumatism Each
Alllicted Mrs. Brovosls—Dodd's
Kidney Pills Positively Cured
St. Magloire, Que., Oct. l_.-(.Spcc-
ial)—Tho following letter was written by a well known and highly respected lady of this place, being a
copy of the original sent to thc
Dodd's Medicine Company of Toronto.
" When I wrote you for some
Dodd's Kidney Pills 1 was so discouraged that I had no hope of being able to find any remedy to save
my lifo. I suffered with Bright's Disease, Heart Disease and Rheumatism
and 1 was much bloated also wilh
Dropsy. I was so feeble Lhat I was
unable to do anything. I suffered for
sixteen years with rheumatism.,There
were two years and a half Lhat I
suffered with Bright's Diseaso. I
have tried all the remedies in the
world and always grew worse and
"There was one time when for
three mouths 1 abandoned all my
remedies and resolved to let myself
die withoul taking any medicine. 1
received by chance one of your almanacs and a paper. I read them
aud 1 decided lo write you and fry
again witli your remedy.
"Ureal was my surprise at the
gooil lhat Dodd's Kidney I'iils gave
me witli the first box you sent, I
took them and my health was greatly improved. Since then I have taken
twenty boxes. I am cured of my
Bright's Disease, my Heart Disease
and my Rheumatism. I have still
two boxes to take, and by the time
1 havo finished them I shall be in
perfect health. I will permit you to
publish this letter with pleasure and
I hope later to give you facts of my
recovery more completely than at
present. I am still weak, bul wilh
timo I shall be as strong as ever. I
rcoommend Dodd's Kidney Pills lo
all who suffer with any of the dis-
easis that I did."
First -liver Wedding.
According to a historian, this is the
way the first silver wedding came
about. It was in the time of Ungues
Caput. Two of his most faithful servants, a mnn ami a woman; had grown
gray Iu his employ. How could lie reward them?
(lulling the woman, he said: "Your
service Is great, gr-ater thnn the man's,
whose service Is great enough, for the
woman always Duds work harder than
a man. and therefore I will give you a
reward. At your nge 1 know of none
better than a dowry and a husband.
The dowry Is lien*. Tills farm from
tills time forth belongs to you. If tbis
man who has worked wilh you for live
nnd twenty years is willing to marry
you, then the husband Is ready."
"Your majesty," said the old peasant,
"how Is it possible Mint we should marry, having already silver hairs?"
"Then il shall be n silver wedding."
Ami lhe king gave lhe couple silver
enough lo keep lliem III plenty.
Such was Ihe origin of Ihe silver
wedding, n custom which, spreading all
through France, subsequently became
known io lhe world.
I'ointM on  n  Lobster.
A lobster is fotind In the wnter, but
nut always—In fact, some of the most
successful 'lobsters that ever lohstered
were horn nnd raised on dry land.
One can usually tell a lobster by its
actions. For Instance. If a young man
enters a crowded drawing room and
walks nil over the feet of the assembled guests without their consent or
approval the young man at once becomes a lobster.
The fathers of lobsters usually have
money. In fact. It la difficult to be n
real stand up r.utl full down lobster
unless the lobster's father has money.
It is an odd fact thai many girls
seem lo admire lobsters. It would
seem lhat a girl ought to know better,
but she doesn't until she marries n
lobster.   Then she tumbles.
Lobsters have no brains. If you
don't believe II. split a lobster's head
open witli nn ax If you don't care anything about tlie nx.
': his world would be n much more
desirable abiding place If there were
no lobsters In ll.
If a man has a sense of humor he
knows when  not  to  get funny.
The average mnn doesn't seem to
think it counts when ho breaJks a
promise mnde to himself.
people suffer untold misery d»y after day
with Headache. There is rest ueitherday oi
night until the nerves nre all unetrunt?. Th»
cause is generally a disordered stomach, and
a cure can bo effected by using Parmelee'a
Vegetable Pills, containing Mandrake and
Dandelion, Mr. Finley, Wark. Lysander,
P. Q., writes: "1 Hud I'armeleo's Pills a
first-class article for Bilious Headache."
All thc world loves to laugh nt
the love tetters that are read in
Since the fii'Rt of the year 91) negroes have been lynched by mobs in
the United States. Of (ho number,
thirteen occurred in northern states
and  (he balance in  the south.
How Pepper l. Prepared.
The pepper plant is propagaled by
cuttings, comes into bearing three or
four years afler it is set und yields
two crops annually for nbout Iii years
When a few of the berries change
from green lo red. all of them are gath
ered. Iieciiusijjf they were allowed to
ripen any longer they would be lens
pungent. To 111 lliem for market they
ur? dried, separated by rubbing wilh
lhe hands and cleaned b.v winnowing.
The black pepper of commerce consists
of lhe berries thus prepared.
The Rliclll  Hnmlllil_ of Ilnoko.
A hook should not be bent back till
the binding is orneked and loosened mil
laid face downward on a chair or table
nor left out over night In Ihe rain, uol
should lis leaves be turned down te
mark Ihe place. 'Cultivate a good mem
ory as lo lhe page where you leave oil
and be Independent of external aids.
Ladies' Home Journal.
In a   Virion* Clr.l*.
"I wonder whni  kes a man's hair
fall oui so fasi when it once starts?"
"Worry! Nothing tends to make a
mnn bald so much as worry, und nolll
Ing worries a man so much as the Itlell
lhat   he  Is  becoming   bald."
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc,
Ciirm.cy given to false rumors i.s
obtained hy drawing upon the imag-
There may be more ways than one
to kill a cat, but the majority of
them are failures.
When a man fails to back the poorest horse in the _ace he's very apt
to get there just the same.
State of Ohio, City op Tolepo, j .
I.t.f-18 < OI.'NTV, -
Fhank J.chknkv ni'-krs oath that lm :s tlie
Keiii'T partner61 the Hrm nf P. .1. Chunky &
Co , dn i g liusii e-a iti I ■"■ Cltv of Tu t-tlo
*( ounty and State aforesaid, nrnl lhat said linn
Mill |my lhe niiM of ONE HUNPUHl) DOL
LAIC-) tur each wid every c-iiHe of catarrh tin'
cannot be cured byth_ userf Hau/.'-m'atahiih
Sworn to before me and snbscril-ed in m;*
prepuce, ilii*- titli day of December, A. D., Ifef*
,  , A.W.GI,EA>OK,
-j wkai, J- Notary l*ublic.
Hall's Ctttiirrh Cure in t;.k> n iutiMiuUly and
r.e.ts directly on \hu btod and mi eons Barfacea
of the fyutem.   Sen I 'or t**'imonirtiflt 'ree.
F.J  CHENEY -cCU., Toledo 0
Sold by Druggists* 7!u.
Hull's Family Pills are the best.
Many a girl with missionary tendencies marries a man who is a perfect  heathen.
The Cry of nn Infant, is Nature's Sn
nal of Distress.
Babies never cry unless there is
some very good reason for it. The
cry of a baby is nature's warning
signal that there, is something wrong.
Every mother ought to get to work
mmetlhilely to find out what that
something wrong may be. If the
fretful ness and irritation are not
caused by exterior sources, it is conclusive evidence that the crying* baby
ill. The only safe and judicious
thing to do is to administer Baby s
Own Tablets without the slightest
For indigestion, sleeplessness, the
irritation accompanying the cut ting
of teeth, diarrhoea, const ipation.
colic ami simple fevers, these marvellous little tablets have given relief in thousands of cases and saved
many precious baby lives. Do not
give a child so-called " soothing "
medicines; such only stupify and produce unnatural sleep. Baby's Own
Tabh ts are guaranteed to contain no
opiate or other harmful drugs; they
promote sound, healthy sleep bo-
cause they go directly to the root of
baby troubles. Dissolved in water
these tablets can be given to the
youngest infant. Mrs. Waller Brown,
Milby, Quo., says: " I have never
used any medicine for baby that did
as much good as Baby's Own Ttih-
lets.    I would not. be without them."
Baby's Own Tablets are for sale at
all drug stores, or will be sent direct on receipt of price (25 cent-, a
box) by addressing the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.,   Brockville,  Ont.
When you see a man sympathizing
wit'h tho under dog in the fight the
chances are he has a bet on him.
CO. are the proprietors of DR. THOMAS'
ECLECTRIC OIL, which Is now being
sold In Immense quantities throughout
the Dominion. It Is welcomed by the
sufTerincj Invalid everywhere with emotions of delight, because it banishes pain
and gives Instant relief. This valuable
ipeolflO for almost "every 111 that, flesh is
heir to," la valued hv the sufferer afl
more precious than goin. It Is tho elixir
of life to many n wasted frame. To the
farmer it is Indispensable and Bhouid be
lu evory house.
It is easier to    pay a compliment
than a bill.
There is a thought in »enrly overy
line of poetry; the versemaker has to
think of one word lhat will rhyme
with another.
A Lady Who Cures Iter Hns .ana ot
His Drinking Habits Writes
of Her Struggle to
Save Her Home.
l'J bad for a lout tme jccii Jdaluns ot trying
{lie Tasteless Samaria Prescription creotmoLt
on my hosband for his drinking babus. but I
was afraid ho wonld discover that I wai giving
Mm mediciiie- and tho thought unnorvticl m&, i
hositated for nearly a week, but one day ..* a
he come borne very jmch Intoxicated and bis
week's salary nearly all ipont, I throw off all
faaranddetenninedto -aula aa jffortto save
our homo from the ruin isaw comirg:, at all ha;.
ards. Isent for your Tasteless Bum aria Prescription and put ftinli 3 coffee as di reeled noit
raorniDg-and watchodanj prayed for tho resnh.
At noon If,':r-. him more and also at supper. 13 q
apvor suspected a thing and I then baldly kej t.
right on giving ir regularly, as I had dlscovorcd
romothinffthat set even nervo in my bo-iy tinging with joy nnd happiness and I coald soo a
ttri;,'ht futuro spread out before me —a peareft 1
happy home, a share in the good things ot hi-,
tin attentive, loving husband, comforts, nnd c-
Ory thing eke dear ton woman's heart i for my
hiuband had told mo that wh! L-oywasvilo tn _
tmdhe was taking a dislike to it, . was only
too true, for before 1 had given hl.ti the fall
course lie had stopnod drinking all* pother, hi t
I kept*, giving liim tho medicine till it frag got i
and then sent for another lot, to havo on nantl
tf ho Bhouid relapse, as ho had done from prou •
foes before Ho never ha? and I am writing you
tii is lotter to tell you how thcnkftdlam. I hca-
estiy boliovo it will euro tho worst cases."
FREE SAMPLE, ^te!,^,^
nionials and price sent in plain sealed envelope.
^orrospondenco sacredly confidential. Enclose
Itnmp for reply, Address Tlin *•-.injuria Koine*
c!y Co., i>0 Jordan Street, Toronto, Canada.
Two -daughters of the Emerald Isle
were having a talk about thier husbands one day, when one said: "Luk
here, Mrs. Murphy, I always know
when Pat's been drunk by lukin' at
his eyes." "Shure that's nothin',"
replied Mrs. Murphy, "I always
know when Moike's drunk by lukin'
at me own eyes.
When Ben Odell was a boy he was
so fond of hard work that he would
get up at 4 a. m. and drive nn iee
wagon. lie is now governor of New
Vork and works harder than when
he drove the ice wagon. This should
be a warning to all boys who become  infatuated  with  hard  work.
The musical crank  is always ready
_lo a t m ».
Canadian Northern Depot, Water Street
■2 S
13. _fi
Morrifl. Kincrnon, St. Paul, eto.,
Roland, Ml tun I, Belmont Hart.n«y
mid   Hcaiidon,   Monrt.iv, * ed-
 ue**(ay_anrl H r flay ............
Tuiwluv, I rmiMuy, Saturday
Portage 'a f-iHi-.it- umi intern**-
dime ciHtiona,   Daily  except
Beaver,   i elm  nnd intermediate
Stations., 'ru**"<day a, Trm-ariay
bourne,   Miid,
nd   niterm
stone, iMnphtri
dlatojtotnto. Monday, Vtednea
day, m.ay. _
Toosday, ■ThnratY-y, Saturday
WinnjpegogiB^ Mon , Wod nf May
Tiu-sdiiy and '1 .mr&di_y""TTrr"
Or Mir. View, Monday, Kri-Tty —
 TmttMliiy and rfnturdwy     ____■
Swam Rivor, Ervrood nnd intermt
diate points, W -"drn'-aday	
rt.iluiday *
HprpKU'*. Warroad■ -Jearicletteiuw
i .t-uini-i'diate   stations,   Mon-
Uiiy, Wednesday, Friday ....._
" Tnwdny, Ulainday, Saturday
_ 2 P
Few men have cnoug-h seU-oonll-
dence to enable them to ipiore th-tr
own   mistakes.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Everywhere.
Some charity begins at home, but
the best brand is directed toward
the homeless.
The healthy (rlowdis,ipi>earlng from the
cheek and moaning nnd restlessness at
Bight are sure symptoms of worms in
children. Uo not fall to got a bottle of
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator; it is
an effectual medicine.
When two women nre hitter enemies, there is always some man at
the bottom of it.
A Kansas farmer near McFherson
hns Introduced a steam plow on his
place which plows _5 acres per day
of ten hours. This represents (he
work of 21 horses and eight men.
Oeu. sunt
Truf. Mer
„n.  Murin, O.vcn Sott'ld, Toronto
iindE.i-   ViaLnk-J, .Uun.,-hura
nnd eai   	
Tues , Fri. null Sun *
Montrtn1, Toronto,  New Vork nnd
cnst.via ill rail, itil ly...	
Knt    I'nrieg.i   and   Intermediate
p ilnts, Mo_.,Wed.*Fti. ...
Tue.i.. Thurs. _i tiat 	
Rat    I'ortnu.     nud     iiltcrinedlito
. >i.lt_ 'I'm..,-Iv r-. nod Sat	
M__.  Wed. ui-.dFl'l	
_i>>. i.u, lino DaOonnet «™l inter
Hied ntc PolTdS. Thurs only	
.<■-■!-...ir laPi'ohie, Briiii-lou, Calvary
t.'elson and n'! Kooton' y and Const
points. diiilT	
t'orlurc Iv I'i liie, llraudon, nnd in-
loimodlato prints,dntlyexBun....
'urtafco la t-i-n rio. Brandon, stoo'e*
jaw .ind lacermeuiat.points dally
exSundM •
31;(1 totio, Noenawa, JMinueJosaand
intermediate nol its, i._tl. on Sun.
;li nl Lake, Yor-ton aad. intcrmcdl-
.• o points, Hon., Wed. and Fri ....
'i'uos. Thnn , omi Sa1 urday	
Rtyiid   (Jllv,     Haiulcta,    Minota.
T "03.. Thurs. nnd bat	
Mon., Wid. n"d Fit	
Morton, Dcloraino audiuiormeuiaie
nelnls daily ex liim
ITipink-, Al.iineil.v nud intermediate
Hotats.Mon., Wed,,Thurs. _ Sat
Mo*., Tucs., Thurs and Fri	
lil.'iiuoro, Hf*uvis,  nnd inio.'mcdlat*
r.oi'.ll8.U_Tl7e_ Hun	
,\':i iiul:.i,-l.'lit.>, Alameda and inter
modl_t_polnts,   Mon, Wed, Fri
Tucs., Tn ma. and Sat	
l'lncstono, lie Hon, Areola and lntc-
TO'd ata points,  Mon. V. ed., Fri.
Tues., Xhurs. nud Sat	
Frcibyen'ro, Illrsh,  Ulciifnlt, Estc
va i, Sat	
QtMaa-Ht, Paul, Chicago dally
HtniiHwiiU, '..uelo_..Tues, Thurs,Snt ._
\,'i itflel'.-lrlt Mon, Wed, Frllt830
West Selkirk Tues. Thuvs, Hat'.
Emerson  Mon, wed and In I ,.i0
(I.S i
IS on
1S.S J
a. t
tlen. tfui.t-
0, k. Mcpherson,
(Jen. Pass. Agent.
a mm oiii ii a
Pre-eminont.y appropriate, Fiipromcly acceptable
nnitduii^J.iinliy ],i.-iin ; i tita _on eatien-ea i^ one
of our superb .VILLI..-'.-..' PIANOS that coaqiif-r
tho f>ye and tbr-e-ir at oae and tbo same time. The
WIX-LIA'-IS' 1'IANO has attained p*'rf.ctioniaii--:
vocal quality, durability of tone, and purity of all
tho notes in the scale. They are the climax of Cau-
edianart. The above applies wiih even greater
furco when respeeting your wife who has -shared
. -urjoysai'd sorrows for yenrs and who now ia
: ad of your prosperity. Organs aud Eldred_:e"B"
so wire machines.
Y. M. C. A. Blk.,        Portiwo Ave.,        Winnipeg.
Aiv dsfi^ce/ tr styeylPTt' O6o// W^^"______n^
$200 ir
Wo wilh
will give the above reward to nny person who will correctly arrang
j abovo letters to spell the nameaui three Canadian cities. Use each letter buti
^onco. Try it. We will positively give the money awny, and you may be the \
f fortunate person. Should there bo more than 1 net of correct answers, thef
A money will be divided equally. For instance should 5 persons send in correct A
^annwers, each will receive $40 ; should 10 persons send in correct answers, _
Peach will receive $20 ; twenty persons, $10 each. Wo do this to introducef
>our firm and goods we handle us quickly as possible. SEND NO MONEYi
_WIT1_ YOUR ANSWKR. This is a FRKK. contest. A post card will do. _
0 " Those who bave not received anything from other contests, try thia one. ' §
0-*V^^*«V*«>-EMPIR- SUPPLY CO., OF.ILL1A, CANADA^-t^vt
A girl may not think n certain
young man is good enough for her,
but she always considers him too
good for any other girl.
Mr. T. J. Humes, Columbus, Ohio, wr tesl
"Iiinve been ni'dicted for home tim * wilh
Kidney and Liver Complaints, an.l lind I'ur-
melee's Pills the best medicine lor these di.
senses. Th s? pills do not cause pain or
griping, nnd should be u-e i when a cnthartio
is required. They are Gelatine Coated, and
rohed in tho flour of Licorice to preserve
their purity, and givo them a pleasant, agreeable taste,
This is a sad world for thc poor
girl whose only new clothes are souie
of her mother-s old ones.
II,><!?:,'. thc  Staple   Minded.
An election petiiiou wns being tried,
uml a witness was called to prove
"One of the g. ntl.m.n says to me.
•Hodge, you must vote for the Tories.' "
snid lhe witness.
"And what did you answer to that?"
asked the counsel.
" 'Well.' snys I. 'ITow much?'"
"Ami what did the agent say?"
'Tie didn't say nothing. Tlie other
genii.mnii comes to me and says, 'You
must vote for the Liberals, Hodge.' "
"And what did you uns-wer?"
"I said, "Uow much?' So he nrst mi
tvfinl t'other gentleman offered me, and
1 told 111 ill 5 shillings."
"And what did the Liberal agent do?'
"lie gave me 10 shillings."
Counsel sits down triumphant, and
up starts the other side.
"Did you vote for the Liberals?"
"Did you vote for the Tories?"
"No.   I nlu't got a vote!"
iio»i*,rh,_ the l'„Huh.
Says « housekeeper: "Sly piano,
which had been covered with a cambric
cover, was loaded with dust thai had
sifted througli the sleazy cloth. Tin
dust was too thick to be wiped off. ll
should have been blown nud lightly
whisked off lirst. but this my maid did
uot do, and In consequence the grime
was wiped In for all 1 know with n
damp cloth. At all events the highly
polished surface was clouded over nl
most to a gray, and 1 was in despair
until a friend suggested a remedy. Slu
advised me to wring us dry ns I could
a piece of chamois from out n bash
of water und rub the piano until tin
iliuinois was bone dry. This 1 havi
■lone und completely  restored the pol
Si ver ■ cods nre easily cure t by the use
,f Hickh's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, a mod.
lolne'ul'extraordinary penetrating and heal,
.ng properties. It is acknowledged by thoso
wh" have used t ns being the best medicine
•old lor coughs, oolds, inflammation of die
longs, aud nil uffeetlona of the throat and
ch st. It Rgrcableness to the tast-j makes H
a favoritu wilh ladies and children.
The river Hows quietly along inward lhe sea, yet it always gets
there. 11 might be well to remeimber
this when you are trying to rush
When some men get into the public
eye they are appreciated about ns
much as cinders in tlie eye ol an individual.
This year's harvest in the si.u'h of
Ireland is stated lo be lhe best experienced for a. quarter of a century.
To. prevent oversleeping and thus
risking the loss of their employment,
tho mail carriers of Morocco resort
to a unique and perilous scheme.
They tie a string to one foot, and
as Ihey know how long a yard or
two will burn they rag-late Uie
length of the string by the time they
have to sleep. They light the string,
which burns slowly, and when the
(ire comes to their foot they are
painfully reminded that it is time to
illoway & Champion
Write to us for prices of SCRIP.
Got our List of Lands.
Stocks and   Bonds Bought and   Sold.
Wo can furnish the exact amount of
Scrip for any payment on Dominion
Lands.   Do not pay cash.
We are now serving1 thousands of patrons throughout
"Greater Canada" by mail.
V-       V       V
They have proved for themselves that we can give them a
choicer selection of Diamonds,
Silverware, Watches and Jewelry, and at closer prices than
is possible outside of a large
V       V       V
Allow us to prove it to you.
Remember, you run no risk, as
we cheerfully refund money in
full upon return of goods if so
R O N T O.
Dealers      P^PJh R   WINN1PBC
Printers'  Supplies
Billheads, Envelopes,Stationery
When the undertaker met the dyer
in a. narrow passage he was right in
holding buck and Baying, "'After
MINARD'S LINIMENT Relic?® Neuralgia.
When a man has gone to ased it is
time to plant liim.
When all other corn preparations fail, try
Hollow-ay's Corn Cure. No pain whatever,
■md no Inconvenience in usinu it.
There     nre    even     .nil    styles     in
Good tor Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
Seiodent Tooth Powder   25c _9 "^ £**•
Large Liquid and powder 75c ***«-' **•*■ *
HALL & B.UCKEL. Now Vork.
W.  N.   IT.  No. ,'!4*,. THE PROSPECTGIi, I.IU.OUET, B. C, SATURDAY, NOVEMJE . 2,   J901.
J      LOCAL   NEWS.      *
Tliirly dialects are leported in   till'
Fbillipine Island.*.
Mr. .A. Richey is spending a few day*
iu *uv* n.
A special meeting of the electors ol
the Lilocet School District has been
tailed for lhe morning of Saturday.
November lhe 9th. in.t.. at 11 A M.,
lo elect a trustee in place of Jno. .Mar-
Mr. Jno-P. Babcoek, Fisheries com-
miesioner, Is in.town. Mr. Babcoek is
inspecting the wines here wiih 11 view
to establishing salmon hat ■lieiies in
Seaton mid Anderson Lakes.
Mr. T. F. Breiiton, of Vancouver, iB
attending to tb; welfare of the various
pianos in town.
Dr. S.1080u left for Clinton on Wednesday.
Asthmalene brings irstant  relief and  permanent
Cure   In   AI!   Cases-
W.  Gamble   and   Harry  TllompfOltj gENT ABSOLUTELY F¥_-E ON REUEIP . OF P0ST3__.
t ecuttiug «o:il lor  the winier  u e if
The mou.taiis r ear by have b en
reverberating for lhe p-ift week or so,
with the .hot. of many Lillooet sporU.-
mea in quest; of deer.
ihe Ion ti.
Mncb-ve ded improvements are hi
ie._ made on ihe i (nul at the east ei.i
of lown.
Mr. Leigliton, supeilntendent of lie
B. 0. Express C»., spent a night in
Clarke A Co., al the Pioneer Drug Store,
have the best slock uf Fishing Tackle cvei
brought into I.iiiooet. Lovers of Ihe gentli
art will lind llie best of everything, andean
obtain hill information as to local conditions   and   requirements.
Hallowe'en passed very quietly, the
Small boy not being as much in evidence as ufual.
C.ip't Sir Fdtv.trd   Uro-.'nn,   Baronet
who has been hunting in  this sect o
1 ft tbis   week lo    ictiirii  to bis  reg
men',    tbe   Kiile   Briiade,   Entland
Sir K.ward    Wbo l.as It tut v  leiurnn
[rom   South   A(r Oil,   was   entliusiaM ic
iver llie braveiy and dash of the Canadians troops.
There is nothing like As tli -
.u a i _ n e , It brings i n t I a 11 t
n 1 i e f , even in tiie w n r s I
•uses. It uiies wl en all else fails
riu Rev. C. F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge,
.11., says: " Your trial bolile ol Ai-thnialcne
received in good rc„''itirn. 1 c. nnol tell you
ho*,- llinnkful I fee. for the good derived from
it. I was a slave, chained with putrid sore
Mitral mid Asthma for ten years. I despaired
of cm r being cured. I saw jvocr advertisement
ior the cure of this dreadful and tormenting
disease, Asthma, anil thought you had ovei-
sp <ken yourselves, but resolved to give ii a
trial. To my astonishment, the trial acted like
a chaim.    Send  me a lull-size  boltlc."
Fireside Cobblers' Outfits "N
will    fill the  bill if yon want
.-i complete   und    up-to-date     _et.
It contains  Lasts, Cement,  "Awls,
Nails,   Knife, etc., etc..
* * Mf
We also carry a large stock of Half So'es,
Heels, Brass und   Iron  Shoe Rivets   etc.
-orrespondence Incited,    -Vluil order**
receive   prompt attention.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Tinkham have removed to the Grange, where Frank has
got the position of m.tnager.
Clarke A Co., Lillooet, have a com •
plete stock of Drugs, Medicines and sundries. Letter orders promptly attended
lo. Just tell them what you want or
what the double is, enclosing money ami
tbey will do the rest.
The British Coluubia Express Co.
withdrew their semi-weekly service
to Cariboo on October 31st and commenced their winter weakly service. In
addition to the regular stage leaving
Ashcroft on Mondays a spec:al coach
leaves Ashcroft on Fridays for tlie 150
Mile House, and way points, carrying
passengers and express. See advertisement.
Mr. Lee, Jno. Marshall and T. Rr> tt
came down liom McOl livrny Cie k
on Monday. Mr. Lee left next morning for Victoria.
W E. Brett reiurned from Ashcioft
last Saturday.
Mr. J. N
Jensen left on Sunday fir
where he  will  spend    the
Msjir  Burnet and   W. Livingstone
returned this week from surveying on
D.adiuun's   Creek.
The people of I.iiiooet are anxiously a-
waiting news regarding the liospila', for
which the government granted an approp-
rfation last session. It is certainly high
time steps weie taken towards its erection.
Provincial matters are in a fearfully con-
fused state, and our representative may at
any time find himself in the cold shades of
opposition and be unable to again procure
the grant.
Credit where credit is due is the motto
©f the Prospector; we are only too glad to
give Mr. Smith great credit for certain actions but we consider that he will be furthering the best interests of his constituents if
the hospital is erected without any unnecessary delay.
Mr. R. Hume, having returned from
his holidays, is resuming his duties us
A concert will be held next
Friday eve, Nbv.bth. in the
Methodist Church. An excellent programme of readings,
recitations, vocal and instrumental music is being prepared. Proceeds to be given
to the Church .fence fund.
I lev,    Dr,    Morris   Wsctialer
Rabbi of tlie Cong.  Una.  Israel.
New  Vorkj Jan,  3.   1901,
HUS. TAFT   BltCS."   MKD.l-.INE   CO.,
Gent'emeni Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy fnr Asthma and Hay Fever,
aml its lompisition nlleviales all troubles tthuh
combine with Asthma,    Its success is astonishing
.md wonderful.
After having  il   carefully  analyzed,   we   can state  'hit    Asthmalene   contain.-;
no   opium, morphine,   chlurofuim  or ether. Very truly yours,
Avon Springs, N. Y. Feb. 1, 1901.
Dr. Taft Bros. MbdicINB Co.
Gentlemen) I write thU testimonial from a sense ot duty, having tested the
wonderful effectof ynr A<th uile:i., for th_ cur, of Asthma, My wife has been
afflicted with spasmodic asthma for the past 12 years. Having exhausted my own
skill as well as thnt of many others, I chanced to see your sign upon your win-
bows on 130 street, New York, I at once obtained a buttle of asthmalene. My wife
commenced taking it about the first of November, I very soon noticed a radical
improvement. After using one bottle her asthma had disappeared and she is entirely
free from all symptoms. I feci lhat I can consistently recommend the medicine
to     all    who   are  afflicted   with   this    distressing   disease.    Yours    respectfully*
O. D.  PHELPS,  M. D.
Dr.  Taft  Bros.   MrdiCINK Co. 1'eb. 5. 1901.
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried.numerous
remedies, but they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and started w't'i
a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your full sized bottle,
and I am ev.r grateful, I have a family of four children, ami for six years was
unable to work. I am now in the foe.t of health and am doing business every
day.' This  testimony you cap  make such use of  as you see fit.
Home address, 235,   Riving Ion street. S,    Raphael,
67 East 129th st.,  New York City.
O ® 9 A 9 9 9
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
Do   not delay.    Write at once,   addressing DR. TAFT  BROS' MEDICINE CO.,
79   East   St., N.   Y. City.
Mr.  Alex,
this week.
Lochore  visited  Lillooet
aeter and p-ood reputation in each state) one
in this county required, to represent and advertise old established wealthy business houses pi Solid financial standing. Salary $1300
weekly with expenses additional, all payable
in cash each Wednesday direct front head offices. Horse and carriages -uniished when
necessary. Enclose self-add res ".ed stumped
envelope. Manager, 316 Caxton Building,
Chit ago.
Mineral Act, 1896.
[Form F.]
Certificate of Improvements.
St. Joseph   and St. John Mineral Claims
Situate in the Lillooet   Mining   Division
of Lillooei District.   Where located:   On
Anderson Lake aud both hides of Med ill
ivray Creel-
Take notice that I, Peter Burnet,  acting (ts
agent for A. St.    George  flaniiuurslcy,   Free
Miner's eertifieate No. B.   ,0281,   Free  Miner'.
eertiticate No. 182(H), intend, -sixty dnys from
thc date hereof, to apply.lo thc Mining Itecord-
er for a certificate of improvements, ior  the
purpose of obtaining  a  Crown Grant of ihe
above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced  before the   issuance of such  Certificate   of   Improvements.
Dated this eighteenth nay of October. 1901.
F. M. C. No. 18,2)0.
Lytton Stage
The new stage line leaves Lytton every Monday and
Friday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special trips
made.    Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati & Co., Lytton B. C.
£(!hl by all _Dii7g*gif.ts.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
AH work warrantee.
Do you want a bargain? We oifer the
STAR; Photos of the DUKE
and DUCHESS oi YORK; and the
Prospector; all for 50 cents.
The subscriptions to both papers will be good for the
remainder of this year. Those who liave already
renewed can, upon payment of the above,
have their subscription extended.
The photos will each be about J4x20 inches in size and
will be suitable for framing.  No better opportunity can be
given for obtaining photos of our future King and Queen.
Tenders tire invited ior the whole of the
property, Including Crown Granted claims,
mill site, Cyanide mill, ( apaeity 45 to fit) ions
dully), tramway, assay office, laboratory and
Full equipment, of the Toronto Lillooet Gold
Reefs Company Limited, situate in the Lillooet
district of British Colombia; including the
Ample, Whale. Monarch and Well and Vale
mines which are Crown granted* also the
BCorlhStar, Golden stripe, Golden Eagle. Ruby
nnd jumbo mineral claimi In lhe same rllsl
riet. together with a t<;ii stamp mill, machine
drills and other equipments, Cash lenders for
I lie whole property ate requested bu)
offtrs for working option, or for portions
of the property will bo considered From the
former group 060 tons of ore hns been milled,
witli an assay value apj fox] mat Ing $W.ihi to
lll.oo Wagon road from Railroad lo mill. The
whole of the ab ive will bear looking into and
Investigation and are an exceptionally important and valuable group of claims with foil
wot king equipment. Full particular* mav be
had on application to Edgar J.loo in field
l.lq.iidHtor. P, O, Ron 71*., Vaneouver H C.
Kepairs   neatly   executed,
and repaired.
Harness   madi
■* _ _?_
3 West Lillooet
Liberal Association, w
Membership in I lie aliove
ABPOCittlion  in  open  to ull
Liberals in Lillooet nml aiL
JH'-ent districts. The olijeula
of the ftsfjocia'ioii are to se-
ee.re a more thorough organ*
izatloti, and t<>. dvnme the
principle*, of I. Iieralimi.
^S VV. A. (nilliher. ,M, P., lion. Pi
*>K        S. Clarke, MU , 1' evident.
i__ Samuel Gibbs, Secretary. •}&,
Daily Bervice to and from
and all points  East and  West.
To Delinquent
To ALEXANDER McDONATJ?, or to an? nor-
Bon or persons to Whom lio may have transferred UiH Interests in tho Centennial anil
i:Hiish *a mineral claims situate "ii M. _tillvra.
Creek, In the I.iiiooet .Mining Divlsio 1 of I.iiiooet district.
You are hereby notified thnt I have expend*
.-,1 tlie sum off !l for lnbonr nml Improven t>
upon then hove mentioned mineral el.i hus, in
order UV hold said Mineral claims under tiie
provision!* oi the Mineral Act. and ft within
ninety days Irom this not-tee ynu fall or refurc
to contribute yonr portion of such expenditure
together with all cost of advertising, your iv.
terests in Sftld claims will become thc proper!
of the subscriber, under s^'-tlon 4 of nu n
entitled the Mineral Aet Amendment Act, 1'
Da cd at Lillooot this 21st day ol Sepleml
QE( hill'. SANSON'.
Fast steamer Rerviee from Vancouver to
Pas«enpers hooked lo nnd from Old
Count",  points.
Full information nnd illustrated
pamphlets will be furnished on application to an y  C.P.R agent, or to
A, ii. P.A.,
Vancouver, B. C
A full slock of all   inds of
is now for sale by
Store antl Repair Shop in Uren block.
Call and examine stock.      No trouble to
show gootls
Lillooet, B. C.
Manufacturer of h11 kind of
None but the best malerin] 'Med. Miner** or
trospectura sending in orders will receive
prompt attention nml st-ai-iactlon guu run teed
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils*  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware,
Miners Steel, Picks, Shovels, etc.. Wire Cable
nml Itlissel Hire I'eni'lnu.
Royal Hotel
Sucker Creek, B.C.
Central point for Bridge
Kiver Miners and Prospectors. Good acconi-
modalion. -    -
Stable in connection.
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Lines.
Head Office - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton anil way points, Momla;,
Wi tlnetiliiy anil' Krnlay.
All points in Cariboo—(Horsefly,
Q.ieHiU'l Forks, Cni.coifn Allitili Like)
on M'MiilayB.
I'll) M'Ib   House tititl way points—oi
Friday.   ( extra sciv ee )
Lillooei,      —Monilay   and Fi itla;.,
S, etinl conveyai lies furnl.hed.    Be no
f r foldi-ra.
Lillooet. B. C.
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furniture, etc..
All orders promptly atteudedto.
Lillooet. B. Ct
Hus meets all _tearners.   TenmIng by clay
or contract.     Kigs and horses for
hire at moderate rates.
J. MacMillan, Proprietor.
LYTTON, - - B. 0
Tin's well  known  hotel  is
First-class in  every respect.
Sample room   free.
Ha If-Way House, ^^
Headquarters foi all Stages.


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