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The Prospector Feb 28, 1903

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Vol. 5 No. 32.
$1.00 a year.
lining as an Investment.
I It is frequently stated  that tbe mine.
British Columbia have not proved n-
huneralive and cotiBe(|tienlly they have
ot b en or tire n >t likely to be sought
by   British  investor.;  but   similar
[atetneirs were made about the African
lines, and also, notable, about llie (treat
Inning districts in the United States lo
lie  -outli  of  ltrili.li   Ciiluinbi.i.   Hum
liany years these were  in  a   cliryt-nli.
livinn hardly any returns to the inye-i-
lrs in them.   But Ami-ricans nre.ome-
lliat more venturesome than   British
Lining men; they take bold   of mining
properties at an early stage, and Ihoupn
-any ol" them may nol piove profitable
lu development,   slill,   if one of a dozen
Itiiiis out lo  be gout1, it pays  a laiKe
niottt on tbe . ost of all the ventures, be-
patise it wvs bought in the early stage
kt a low price.    Americans may be said
In fact, to work ou the ill'urauce principle of average in liin.e waiter., and the
result is often seen by the fact that, af-
^er developing the good mine  to a cer
Jf!ai_ extent and  taking out  piobably a
■large amount of wealth,  it is sold at. a
Ivery high price to some _Sngl..li com-
Ipany,   that   will   buy only  developed
[mines, the cousiquence being  that, the
■ English company having put an exiess-
live capital into the undertaking, good
[dividends become very difficult to realize
Ottawa Government Clerk
Steals $40,000
Of.fcn.wn.—E. Mii.f-f.inen.il, cheque
clerk iu bhe militia depnrtment,
wht) is now iu jnil for Stealing
fuiitls, will not lie fried for a few
dnys. It is suid that, about f40,
000 are missing. Martineau mnde
out cheques for a fictitious char.
ac(.er cashed the same nt I lie Sov
-ereign. biiijk nntl .then got hold
of the cheques ou  their   return.
A General Amnesty.
Cape Town.—Speaking afc a farewell banquet afc which the Americans nnd -several other foreign
consuls were present, Mr. Chamberlain indicated lhati»eforeloii<>'
all the rebels would be nuinestied.
?h    inpAi    mcuic fii
**■   LOCAL   NEWS.
D. Hurley went out on last Sunday's
Lytton stage ou bis way to the Victoria
Miners' Convention.
Mr. Bell, Indian Agent came in on the
B.X. stage last night.
The Superintendent of the Indian Department for this Province is expected
in town today.
W.J. Abercrombie is attending the
Victoria Convention in place of John
Marshall who is uuavoidably prevented
f 10111 attending.
The weather in this section has been
very mild during the last few days.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powder is better than other powders,
as it i. both soap and disinfectant.     34
WANTED,- A TltU8.,V.O_,TI_Y G~_N'~'__MAN
or ludy in eiieli comity to iiiiiuiiue liuslne-K for
an old eNlnbligii.il house of 80I11I fiiiauciat slaucf-
iiiK. A Klrillglll, Ihiiiu title chhIi mi liny til f!S,( I
paid by cheek eatli Wednesday with all expense- AI rout- Irom head .uurlers. Money advane-
ed for expenses.
Manager, 840 Caxton Rbllilllig, Otilongo!
Mining Association
Lust Thursday the initial meeting'of the Provincial Mining Association was held in the Honed of
Trutle Building, Victorin. The
iisseiublnge of mining men from
all parts of the Province, stirred
with one desire, may well be described as unique.
Every seat iu the auditorium
wns filled when the meeting wns
culled to order ami devoted itself to business.
John Keen, of Knslo, wns elected temporary chairman ou the
first ballot, and II. Mortimer
Lnmb wns elected Secretary in
the same wny.
The whole mining industry will
pnss under review, nnd prnefienl
miners, eil her personally or thro'
their representatives, will be able
to express their views. The two
per cent mineral tax, Crown
Grants for placer claims, the silver lend question, will all be discussed with a view to the enactment of ameliorating legislation.
Head our special
offer on the
third page.
No Danger.
Prof. W. Hodgson Ellis, Official
Analyst to the Dominion Government. ha3 proved by analysis that
" Sunlight Soap Is a pure and well-
" made soap, and has a thorough
"cleansing power, without danger to
"the cloth ng or skin."
Clothing is worn more in the wash
than in use where common soaps
are used, and the hands are liable
to eczema. Try Sunlight Soap-
Octagon Bar—next wksh day, and
you will see Prof. Ellis is right.
No one should know better than
he. 222
West Tale.
Semlin Elected
The struggle in West Ynle is
over. Ilotli sitles left 110 stone unturned to rally supporters to
their standard. One plensing
feature about the campaign was
tli at gootl feeling wns generally
manifest mi the references of the
candidates towards each other.
The fight wns waged oil the (iov-
eruinenf's policy, und West Ynle
has decided to oppose it. The
following returns tire given up to
date: >
Spencer. B rid ize 14
Nortli Bend
Couth lee
Lower Nicola
Granite Oreek
Otter Valley
Majority for Semlin 108
Politics in .Ontario
The Conservative*, have recaptured North (bey from the Liberals, the In test returns giving a
majority 175 for Thompson.
>!**» Brief Despatches.)£
Tiie staike in al an end in Nanaimo.
Tlie Northern Pacific intends to build
several branch line, in Manitoba,
North Victoria
The North Victoria election petition was ngnin up iu chamber--) .— ——	
this week before Mr. Justice \VaI- Mr. and Mrs. Chambeilain have left
kern.   His Lordship said that, he South Africa for England.
hnd been under a irisappl-ehen-
c_   1.... 1           1.1.   i.-.....i The   Nancouver Collige is endeavor-
siou on  Safiirtluv when  lie fixed .                          .,*_■_    ,-__.-.
..,'.,     ,      ,        . ing to .ecure a  title to a Oecil  Ktiodes
the tiny for fcnnl.nsl.e I11.nl under- Sl.llo|arBlijp.
stood the application asa matter	
of course, not knowing Hint there Victoria'. Chamber of Commerce is in
wns nny questioning of right in- favor of all. Wing salmon traps in British
volved, nntl, he therefore, desired Columbia,
to reopen the whole in after afresh
aud this wns accordingly done.
The Canadian Bank 1 f Commerce will
increase its Capital by *_,OQO,000.
C.P1 Purchases Fourteen
The Gram! Ti unk is talking of buying
the Allan Lii ei..
  Members of ihe  Houses of Commons
and Loids wiil visit Canada next _ug-
The negotiations for the pur- U8t
eh use by the .'. V. U. of fourteen  ,_
of the Beaver line steamers  from More survey parties have been sent
Elder, Dempster & (Jo., were sat- out along tie proposed Grand Trunk
isfnclorily concluded   this morn- PaCilic rou,e-
ing. The price is not yel; disclosed ~
but it is said to be about f 7,500,
000. The den I is regit rdetl here
as having an iniptirfant benring
011   the proposed Canndiiiii fust
It is stated that Ltrd Minto will retire from offi-e in th. Fall of this year,
mail service' ns it will probably He would be eligible for ano*her year,
eleniinatethe tender of the Elder- hut, eit-o. Lord Durterin's time all the
WeinpslerCtmipaiiy therefor, nml   governor-generals have   re ired at the
leave fheCaniidian Pacific Rail-
end ot the fifih year.
Day Of Rest.
• Copies of a petition to the I/eg-
islalive Assembly have been sent
to nil inland towns to enlist the
people in the Day Uf Rest movement. The same petition is being
read iu the (,'hurehesnt the (.'oast
iu order flint all unnecessary labor oil Sunday may be stopped.
Grand Trunk.
The Grand Trunk are now planning for an eastern terminus to
its Trans-Ciiiiidiaii line. It is
now stated that they have secured control of the new #5,000,
000 bridge at Quebec.
Death Of Mrs Allen.
Death came somewhat unexpectedly to Mrs. Allen, of the Pioneer
liotel, this morning. She had
been ill for sometime. An extended notice will appear next week.
way Company iu a better position ft) secure the contract.
Replying to a question in the
House of {.'ominous today, Gerald   l.itll'oiir,    president   of   the
Last Tue-day, the Rev. F.J. S een,
Vicar of Chiist Church, Montreal, died.
Die deceased   vias foimerly a Prof, in
Hoard of Trade, said the general <he Montieal Ducesan C-lleise.
lines  of the agreement between ""* ~~
the British gover ent nud  the PERSONATION FRAUDS.
International   Mercantile  Com-        ,.„-,. . -.     .     .n
,     . . .   . , Judge McCnminon of  Toronto, still
pany hnd been tletern.u.ed upon conti|,ue8 t0 try per8enatio„   Fraudt.
aud the House would be given tin F> B Oarlyle, advirtisinft agent, and
opportunity to discuss the arr- Rrynor Rnynor have each been found
angemeilts before it was filially guilty of personation last December and
Concluded. received tbe full penalty of one year's
  imprisonment ami fine of H00.
Shanghai.-—-- is reported in japan today that Russia proposes
to obtain a loan for Cliinn, to A great lieat wave has struck Austral-
en liable ehe latter to pay off the ;a) w-,ich is burning up the vegetation
indemnity to the Powers. in the pastoral districts, and threatens
  to  undo all  the good done   by recent
For shooting a white man but rain8-
not fatally, a negro was lynched     A8carcity of ho0 e aixomodation is
near SlirevepOI't La.. reported from Princeton.
ThU is the Page standard eleren bar wire f. nee. Coil, spritm win* (not orimpedl—ta'n up the alaak
tn rammer, doe~ not become too tight In winter—reRulaten lt„ own tension all the time. P*£*
upright* In one piece stand a strain ot 800 pounds. Common uprights -plioed at ench bar break at SUO
poands.   Pagegate*., ornamental fence0, pou'trr netting, are standard Ihe world over.
The P»«re Wire Fence Co., Limttad, WalkervUle, Out    St. John, N.B.  Montreal, P.Q* 12
E. O. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops. TIIK  PHOSPKCTO::, LILLOOKT, I.e., FEB. 28, 1903.
AT I.II.l.i It >KT,  I'..'.
itv tiik i'kdsi'i! nm iti'.;.: -m su comvany
THK   I'KOM'liClOU i.s lit-  only piip-i pub-|
islu-il in tin- I.ill.ne! District, mul i.s all home
Siili-ri i|.tiniis: One Dnlhtr n vein in mlviiiice.
AclvorlisliiK ralen i le kiitnvn tin iip|illculloii_,
t'orrcKpnmlcuce I.s Invilcilun nil nintitMS ol
pltlilii' in   liii-nl Interest,    A 11 . ..iniiiiinii'iil inns
must  lie iii'ci.iiipiiiiii'.l by  Mi.-  iiitinu   ut   tho
Wl'il I'I .  I'll I   III H   11.'I 'C.SIH iiv I.. I   | II III It'll Hun.
WSM Ili&^/ooL' ca
Sevenil o. our excluin^eH have
l)__li eulliiio' ill.tiOlll.ioil to ihe list*
of ii fl.-iss of |>iilciil inciliciiies
\v 11it-11 contain it lii.o« perct-ntnjie
Ofillfdlldl, tMid il issii<ifi't*stH(l l.llill
ilu; teiiipei'iinite people turn their
nffoils do abate tit i.s ,-ilnise. Tlie
tulvice is amusing-, coining', .-is it,
does, nd ,-i time when tlie eft'orts
of Lin' Teiupentnee people are n
bent to relegate alcohol to the
medicine shelf, (.obelised only for
medical and  scientific purposes.
'there seems do lit; the feeling
among lhe exchanges referred do
blind the Temperance purdy are
missing dhe mark by not. waging'
War upon the palend medicines.
and tlmt iliey sin mid be scored
foi- their misdirected _eal.
On tlie other hnnd, dhe Temperance people think Unit they tne'
on the right track in opposing
the open bar, dhe system of t reading, ami the indiscriminate use
of intoxicating liquor, lirst. and
foremost. When I.unlock l.lood
Bitters, Ayer'sSarsnpiiiilla, Warner's Safe Tonic Hitlers, Maine's
Celery Compound and other met
icines mentioned are proven do
stea.1 aw ity tt man's brains so that
he is unmindful of his health antl
reputation; when they rouse his
worst, passions; when they make
ensh scarce for legitimate trade;
leave men lacking the ability to
work, and the right to be trusted; in short, wlien they work more
havoc than the combined scour-*.-
es of wnr, pestilence, and famine,
as Mr. Gladstone said of liquor,
then, and nod till then, will dhe
Temperance I'arty give their first
attention do the alcohol in tlie
patient medicines mentioned a-
]$ut in order to enlist those who
"know from knowledge tlmt litis
been gleaned by persona! observ
al ion" of 1,'ie havoc wrought by
the alcohol in patent medicines,
and who regard the saloon business ;is harmless, in comparison,
we would suggest:
1st.—That they collect .lata-to
support their contention, and
having god it pile it. side by side
with iho I';tcts known and admitted concerning the saloon business, and then from the dop of
such ii. heap as they gather, begin
their declamations.
2nd. Organizengniust the great
evils of palend medicines, having
a department able to show that
ihe saloons have not done and
cannot do, any harm, but patent
medicines are the cause of the
curse of drunkenness.
To such amusing positions would
.the arguments of some ot onr
exchanges logically  lead.
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.
Winchester rifles are made In all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every  pocketbook,   and  every  taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns
rprr Send name ind address on a Postal
~ net    (orour 164-page Illustrated Catalog.
Asthmalene brings instant relief and permanent i
Cure    In   All   Cases.
A.« a sp-uiiil ami temporary   offer to
readers of this ?aper, we will mail Thi*:
I'uut.ic to persona who are not now _ub*
ici ilit'i-i, fur ten week? for ten rente.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
Tut. l'.ni ic is a $2,16-paire weeklv Re-!    .... ,       . .     .
. • I will he made to the legislative Assembly-of
view for tit utomuic Democrats anil ile-
tnocr.itie, Republicans; its opinions are
ex|i'p. se 1 without fear or favor; it civet*
.in interesting ami connected weekly
of all I i-.tmicttl new. ; it. always haH ed-
itotials worth Htiniyiiijr,a cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth reailint., anil
nti-cellaneoHH matter hold Valuable and
interesting; and it is liked hy inti lli«ent
women a- well a" by intelligent men
The editor ia [.ittisF, Post. Send ten
cents in silyi-r or stamps for ten week's
trial. All sub~r, ipttnnsa t- paid strictly
in advance, and upon expiration the
|i.liter m promptly si pped unless subscription in renewed. Mention this paper
Uni'.y  I'm Idinj.', On (.t.Hto   11 t„
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tt)lltl-ih mi' tin Hi'.I tin, Ilu- whole ..I' Ilic
property, luuliiillng (1 low il tl ni n It'll Chilian,
null Hliu, t'.ynniilu null, (.'ilpni'il) Iii tit,.0 ions
ilnlly), trnnivvny, unsay olllcu, Itiliortttory nml
liilli'.|iii|iiiii'iii, of tin- Toronto   Lillooot   llulil
ll.'.'f-* t '.Mil 1.: 111 >' I,I III I It'll, Sit liltle III tint l.i I loo.'I
.lis in-I ui   lliMisli  I'liliiinliiii;   Im-lntling   tin*
Ani|ili!,   Wlmlu,   Mm.i.ri'li   mill   \V«II I    Viii.'
mini's wlillill tin. triuvii gimileil nl.n 1 In*
Still ll SI n r. (l.ilitcii HI I'i [io, tiiililon Knglu. tin l.y
mul juiulio iiiiuerttl   c.ltilni)   in itic v.tiiii'   itist
I'll't. '..;;■'   11 I'I' Willi It    t*'ll s! ;l nl).   mill,   ItlttollllIC
the Province of Uritisli Columbia at its next
Session for an Act to incorporate a Company
witli power tn hnilil, equi[Vnininlainaod op-
ernte aline or lines ol Railway of standard
f;.iue,c from a poinl at or neat Ifazleton hy
lhe mo.vl 'insihle anjl practicable route to a
point on the Northern l.'.inincary. of British
Columliia, nt or near Teslin l*.ake or Atlin
Lake, or both;  also from lla/.leton  hy th
There   is    nothing   like  A n t li
in a I e n e .     It    h r i n tr i     i n s t a n t_
re 1 i e f ,     even   in     the     w o r s td
eases.      It.   ellii-H   when    all   else fails.l
The   l.ev.   C.   I'*.   WI'l.l.S,    ot   Villa   Ki.lge,
III.,  says:    "Your   liinl   bottle of  Asilimahii _
received  in good eiun'ilii n.    1  cannot   lell yiiffl
how lliiinltftil   I   feel I'm the  gootl derived fronij
it.    1  was   n  slave,  claimed   with  putrid  sore]
throat and Asthma loi' ten yens.    1  despaired!
of ever being cured.    1 saw your tidvct'liscmenifl
for   the  cine  of Ihis dreadful   nnd   tuiniciilingj
disease,   Asthma,   and   ll.ought ynu had  over-
spoken   yourselves,   hut   resolved    lo  give  it ai
trial.    To   iny astonishment, the trial acted like
a dial 111.     Send   ine a  lllll-siy.e   bollle."
Hev.    I.)..    Moi-.Im   \V_cliSlei-
Kahlu nl the t'oug.   Ilnai   Israel.
New   Vork,  Jan.   ;}.    lyoi.
1)118. TAKT   IIUOS.'   MKIU.-ink   I'd.,
Gentlemen: Vonr Asilnnalene is ani
excellent remedy for Asllnun and liny fever I
nml its composition alleviates all I roubles: which'
combine with Asllnna. Its success is nslonishiiig.
uml wonderful.
After having  il  carefully  analyzed,  we  can state  Ihnt    Asthmalene   contains
no   opium, morphine,   chlorofoi in  or el her. Very tin ly yours,
I.I.V.   1)1..   MORRIS   ■.YKt'llSI.KK.
Avon  SlMUNiss,  IS'.   V.   I'eli. I, 1901.
Du. TaI'T linos.  Mm in: ink Co.
(ieiilleinen: wti'.e this testiiiioniul from a sense ol duly, having tested the
wonderful effect of your Asth 11 dene, for III- cure of Asthma. My wile has been
afflicted witli spasmodic asthma for the pasl 12 years. Having exhausted my own'
skill as well as that of many others, I chanced to see your si;;n upon your win-
bows on 130 slreel, New York. I at once obtained n buttle uf asilnnalene. My wife
commenced laLing it nlioiil lhe firs! of November. I veiy sunn noliccd a intlica
improvement. Alter using one Imille her nstlnnn lind disnppeaicd ami she is entirely
fiee from all symptoms. I feel that 1 can consistently recommend llie medicine
lo   nil    who   me  afflicted   with   this   distressing   disease.    Yntns   respectfully,
O. I).   I'llKl.l'S,  M. D.
I)R.   Tait   lltios,   Mkdicink Co. I'eb. 5. 1901.
Gentlemen:    I   was    lioubletl    wilh   Asllnna    or   22   years.    I have tried numerous
,     ., , , ,.    , i_ ,.,„,„ „!_ fi,. I remedies,   hut   Ihey have all  failed.    I   ran across your advertisement ami  started with
niiist feasible  ami practicable mute via cue ' ' ■>
,, ■ 1     ,,,,,;„ ,  -,*,i   a   liial    Iml tie.     I  found  relief at   once.    I  have  since   ourclinsetl   yum full sized i.ottle,
Skeena,  Baliiin
J'"i 111. y I'ivt is in  pi .tie River   Pit
ir P 111
ll I
•v.-r  ginlefiil.     I   liave   a  family  of   four   children,  and  for   si\   years  wi
River or both thence liasterly to ilu liast- I 'tnnble to work. I nm now in lhe liesl of heallli and am doing business every
em boundary of .the s tiii Province, with'authority also loom tract, equip, 111 ihi'.ain and
iipiuti- branches Irom anv poin on ihe pro-
1 posetl line or lines not exceeding in any one
case one hundred miles in length and with
power to construct! acquire, own and maintain wlmrves it locks in connection therewith; mul in construct, own, .1 quilt', equip
ami maintain steam ami other vessels.and
boats and operate th : same on any navigable
waters, . .... ustru- . .■ al nntl main-
lain lelcgra hand telephone lines along the
routes of saitl Ratlw v nnd its bianchesor
in coiineclion therewith antl to transmit messages foi commercial purposes and collect tolls
therefor, ami to acquire and receive from any
Government, Corporations or persons, grants
of I . lij'h'si.i wny money, lituui •- privileges or other assistance in   aid  of the cnn
ii.\.    This   testimony   vou can  make such use ul   as you see lit,
Home  address, 235,   Uivington street. S.    Raphael,
07 Most 1291I1 st.,   New  Vork City.
fi flftfififi 6
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
Do   nut delay.    Wiile at  mice,   addressing DU.  TAI'T  UKOS' MKDlClNIi CO.,
79 l'aisi   130th St.,   N,   V. City.
Sold by nil Druggists.
A Provincial elect ion along party lines Neeins to lie fclie general
desire tlirongliout tlie Province.
If Lndgate secni-es tlieDeatl-
,,,,,,,'h island site, the whole of
Vancouver's water tvontn^e will
be out of the city's control.
.ii,lis Mini ttiiiei eiinii'iiien -.   < a-u leiul. ..-..-. sln|rlio|1 <)f ,|K. Company's undertaking n
    »",,le    1"',|"",y   ."'"     r'Jl.T'Tot-t.o!!, lo connect with and enter into traffic or other
off'is   for  working  »| ns  or    im   |ioitions . ,        .,
of lliu |iro|ioi:ty will hueonsiilureil      Kriim.llit arrangerncnts with   railway,   steamboat or
tnniier gi'oup tlatl tonsol oie tnis   heen   inllleil, other companies and fur all rights (lowers ami
wiiii mi assay  viitue n:|i|ini..lniiiUng $l0.in) to privileges necessary 11 ual or incidental lo all
ill till    Wit.'oii rinitl fruui lliiilioinl I" mill.  Tlio .          ..
*"•""   »"'-""'                                            , or any of the aforesaid purposes.
wlioleof tlio nil on  vvill he nr linil-tiiK into   nml '                                    '     '
Investigation nntl aro 1111 exee|iiltiiiiClly liupor-l   Dated this 3rd day of December, A.D. 1902.
Unit nml valuable  group  of cIhIiiik   wiili   fnll
..1,            1         ...  1.. Cornwall ot Kogers,
workingei|iii|inieiit.   I'lill inirlieuliiis iun\   lie n     '
hint  on   ii|i|.llenliou    to   Ktlgnr    nl nllolil Solicitors foi the Applicants.
l,ii|iiiiiaiin', I', (i. Un- 7.111, Vancouver 11 <!.
Subscribe for The "Prospector"
$1.00 per annum.
Gh_E31srE!K/A.IJ     ^d!itlK,GSr_A_.3SrT
Miners Supplies.^-«p^
IjXT."GOOB3_C, T3.ro. *
Brand* Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Mereliandise and Miners Outiits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C ^]E   PKOSPEOTOK, LILLOOET, B.C., FEB. 28, 1903.
|1ow To Secure The Best
By W. H. Ooard, Department of
Agriculture, Ottawa.
Continued From I. .st Week.
The bulk  of the Timothy seerl
(-tailed in British ('oliiinbwi litis
yen obtained from Ontiirioseed
oiises. Tlie HiunpleH sent in were
in the whole, rather inferior to
lose obtained from any of the
f.thei- Provinces.
One -sample which was practically free fit hi i weed seeds had been
Jo'iown by it fnriiier in the vicinity
r>f Vernon, while two samples
Lvliich 11. i < I been imported con tain-
|.(1 tin alarming nnmber of Home
of the most tin ngei-on,s weed need,
(among- which were  white cockle
and perennial .sow thistle.
Legislation along  the lines of
penalty-infliction for adulteration will become necessary unless
great improvements are observable in the current year's seeds
offered by dealers. As the Department possesses the  names and
md dresses   of   the dealers from
[whom all St tin pies have been ob-
I tail led for testing,  these people
limy  be well advised if they refrain from placing themselves in
, a. position in the future to be pub
licly criticised; because there is
nothing to hinder  any   farmer
from having lusgootls tested and
where they nre found to be adulterated to publish the full details
of his research.
Too many local dealers dabbling in the seed trade are incompetent to safeguard their own
customers' interests. Under present conditions it is advisable to
purchase seeds direct from seetl
firms tlmt nre known as reliable.
Many of the most noxious weed
seeds cannot be separated from
grass ami clover seetls by inech-
anicnl processes; therefore it is
highly important that seed growers should thoroughly clean their
fields of weeds before the crop is
As long as Canadian farmers
nre content to use cheap low
grades of seetl without possessing knowledge of their real value
so long will the best quality of
our liomeseetls be sent elsewhere.
I.lllhS ior Fall or Spring planting.
Seeds, Plants,
Cnlnlogiie free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, West minster   Koad,  Vancouver, B.C
Extensive Irrigation
There was recently begun in
Texas what is planned to be tht?
most extensive system of irrigation iu the United States, for it
involves the utilization of no less
than 295,000 acres of hind. A
canal will be constructed 100
miles iu length, extending 30
miles from the town of l'ecos in a
southwesterly direction, crossing
the Texas and Pacific railroad
6 miles west of l'ecos and ou to
Toyah Lake, 7 miles couth of l'ecos, where one of the largest reservoirs is tt) be constructed. From
Toyah Lake the canal will \\m
on nntl join the VVilliums ('anal
30 miles farther down, finally entering into the l'ecos River 60
miles below l'ecos.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt application
vvill be made to tlie Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its nexl
session for au Act to incorporate a Company
with power to lay out, construct, equip, op-
crate by steam, electricity,  or other  motive
power, and main ain a single or double track
standard or narrow gnuge railway (a) from a
point from a point on   tlie const at or near
llurke Channel or lien thick Arm, then by
way    of     the   Holla   Coola    Kiver,    Palmer's 'I'rail ami lilaek Water Kiver lo the Pine
Kiver I'ass  or  Yellowhend  Pass,    or both,
thence to the Eastern   boundary of lhe  said
Province, (b)  ami from a   point ut   or near
where the line of the railway   mentioned above intersects the one hundred ami twen y
(iftl. meridian to a point near llurrard Inlet.
Ami with  further power to build, con. tract,
etpiip,   maintain nntl   operate  as   aforesaid
blanch lines of the said Kailway not exceeding 150 miles   in length; anil wilh  power to
build and operate tramways   in   connection
I herewith-,   Ami   wi.th power to construct, c-
tpiip, maintain and operate nil necessary roads,
bridges, way's, f-frics, steamboats,  wharves,
docks, elevators, warehouses, hotels, depots
ami coal bunkers.   And wilh power to build,
own, equip, oper. ■   nntl  maintain  telegraph
and telephone lines in   connection   with  the
said railway or its branches; ami toe .instruct,
etpiip,  maintain antl operate branch lines in
connection with saitl telegi'aph and telephone
lin.'s.    Ami with power to carry on a general
transportation Irti.-incss.    And to build   and
operate all Kind s   of plant for   the puipose of
supplying light, heat, electricity, or nny kind
of motive power.    And tn acquire lands, bonuses, privileges, or oilier aids ftom any (lov-
eminent,   Municipalities, persons,   or  oilier
bodies corporate.    And wiih power lo carry
on a general Express business; ami lo promote
companies; ami to mnke traffic, or oilier arrangements with Kailwny, steamboat or other
companies.    Ami  with   power lo construct,
acquire, operate ami dispose of smelters, reduction, refining, concentrating or oilier works
for the bundling and   treatment of ores, and
to acquire, operate and dispose ofcoal land*;
and with power to expropriate Ian.Is  for the
purposes of the Company; nntl to take such
powers ns nre  given   to   Com panics  under
Part 4 of the  "Wnter  Clauses Consolidation
Act, 1897,"
Ami with power to levy nnd collect tolls
from all persons using, nml on all freight
passing over any such railways, tramways,
wharves or vessels owned in "|i rated by the
Coinp iny. And with power lo build wagon
roads to be used in the const met ion of the
saitl railway, nnd in advance of the same, antl
to levy and collect tolls from all persons using,
and on all height passing over any such roads
Libit for the. Company, whether before or
after the construction of the Kailway. And
with power to sell out its .itlderinkiii", antl to
purchase the undertaking of any other company, and with all other usual, necessary or
incidental rights, powi ts or privileges as may
be necessary or conducive to the above objects
or nny of them.
DATED at Victoria, B.C., this second
day of December, A.D., 1902.
Solicitors for the applicants
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
1. Its Fraser River Placers.       ^g:
As far back as the year I808, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
bar,  near tlie town  of Lillooet.    Tbe adjoining  ground is being worked witli profit at
tbe present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on tbe Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company bas been formed witli a capital of $850,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
To see the bright side of every
tli.Mig is worth £1000 u year.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
Anderson lake and bridge river mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet tbere are miles of territory tbat remain unprospected.
3.Jts^shing ajndJHun^ng Grounds--^-^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of tbe globe testify tbat tbe sportsman's
Paradise is bcre. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury,
4. ksSalubnou^
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that rentiers the seasons temperate and equable,
tbe climate is most suitable for health-seekers.    Semi-tropical fruit may be grown, and
at tbe present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in tbe gardens of the town.
Nearest Kailway towns are ashoroft and lvtton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
60  YEARS9
Trad_ Marks
______________________   Copyrights Ae.
Anyone sending a -ketch and description may
qnleklr ascertuin our opinion free whether an
invention Is probably patentable. Communications strictly -oiitl-eiitial. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest aoency for securliiK patents.
I'ni puts taken through Munu ft Co. receive
•p. da! notice, without charge, in tbe
Scientific American*
Largest _clr-
A handsomely Illustrated weekly.
dilation of any scientific journal,    rur nm, *. a
year; four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN J_Co,361B'Md^ f
Branch Oflice. 625 V St. Washington,
New York
ngton, D. C.
"Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba FreePress and Prospector for $ 1.50
The Manitoba Free Press with its weekly Supplement gives 2S pages of reading mailer every week. In addition to this, 22 admirable
painting reproductions will he given. For $1.50 we will have the Free Press, the 22 paintings and The Prospector sent to you for
one year,
The Family Herald and Weekly Sta, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two beautiful pictures "PURITY" and "ALONK" which are to be presented with the Family Herald are 21 x 28 inches   in
size, and are suitable for framing.
*>-»>__-*__» >_»
PK 7ft. "^ ?l\
The Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 80
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
Special. We were successful in our last club offer, antl will now make a
special rate.    We  will send you  all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.oo. THE   PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B.C., FEB. 28, 1903.
M    LOCAL   NEWS.       |
Mr. Findlny, representative of
the Hudson Hay ('onipiiny cnnie
iu by special stnge from Ashcroft
hist Thursday.
vV.Elliott left for l.ridge River
this week.
Paul Santini,
carries a   full stoek of all kinds of Groceries,  Dry Goods,
Boots nnd Shoes, Hardware Sic
Mr. Sadler, representing Lecloe
& Co. was in town this week.
A. Thevurge has «»c>Me on a trip
to Bridue river this week.
Mr. 1'reeinau, of l~eny and Leiser came iu from Ashcroft by special from Ashcroft last Thursday.
"Various expressions of disappointment and satisfaction may
be heard in town over the defeat
of Dr. Sanson in West Yule;
It. Stuart left town hist Wed
nesda v for Ashcroft.
No Danger.
Prof. W. Hodgson Ellis, Official
Analyst to the Dominion Government, has proved by analysis that
"Sunlight Soap is a pure and well-
" made soap, and has a thorough
"cleansing power, without danger to
" the cloth ng or skin."
Clothing is worn more in the wash
than in use where common soaps
are used, and the hands are liable
to eczema. Try Sunlight Soap-
Octagon Bar—next wash day, and
you will see Prof. Ellis Is right.
No one should know better than
he. 222
In acknowledgement of the receipt of the statement of the
wants of the District as put for
ward afc the meeting at Lillooet
on the Oth inst., Mr.Smith writes
from Victoria as follows: "Will
you kindly inform thoseyou may
see, that I will do all I possibly
can to comply with their wishes."
N. Couglan is able to get out
again after a long illness.
We regret to say tlmt both Mrs.
Allen and Mr. W.F. Allen continue
to be confined  to their rooms.
The Indians who are mining on
tlie Fraser in this section are reported to have struck rich gravel at several points. One correspondent in touch with them says
they are making from three to
ten dollars per day.
Mr. VV. F. AI.I.KN hee.s to notify liis
friends anil customers that tin- l'ioneer Ilot-
r-1 will continue uinler his ni-ii.igeiiienl nntl
direction until further notice. Mr. Allen assures liis friends and the travelling puhlie
generally that the lust of care and attention
will he bestowed on all who patronize the
l'ioneer Hotel.
W.  F. AI.I.KN,
Lillooet, January, 1903.
General 1 Lira ware,
Picks and Shovels,
Axes, Noes it IJ tikes,
Bar Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Paints, Sic.
Hardly a mouth passes without
the great need of hospital provision for this District becoming
painfully evident.
Major Burnet left town for the
Coast hist Sunday morning.
The Anderson J.akk Mining and Milling
Company, Limited.
The Annual General Meeting of the
Anderson Lake Mining and Milling Co
L'd. waB held at the Company's offices
at Lillooet oh Saturday evening the 14th
The Secretary presented his report of
the year's work, with statements ami
balance sheet of Liabilities. The report
and accounts were pan.etl and adopted,
and the officers for the year were reelected :
Dr. George Sanson, President.
F. C. Reynolds Vice-1're. ident.
John Marshall, Tteasurer.
Samuel Gibbs, Secretary.
or lady in uiit'li ftiiiiiiy to inati-KU lmnlno~~ for
nn i ilil _„labll~li-d house ul sul ii I fiiiiitn-j.il Mil ml
iitif. A nlriil_lil, tiniiH I|i1u ciisli snliiry ol flK,itil
jntiii by check each V-ertnostliiy with nil e  |ion
H_s ilintitt limn li-iiili|iuirlers.    Minify ndviuie-
etl for e~peii.es.
Malinger,~iu Caxton Building, Chleitgo,
Head our special
offer on the
third page.
NOTICE is hereby given 'hut nn application will he in fide hy the Canada Central
Railway Company to the Parliament nf Cm
atla at the next session I hereof for an Ael
giving ihe snid Company power to construct
and operate the following lines from or in
connection wilh the main hue of the Sni.i
1- From si nie point nt or near
Sudbury in the Province nf Ontario io a point
at or ncar Scotia Junction; I hence southerly
|iia point at or near Malsam or Sturgeon
Lakes i.i lhe townships of Uoxley, Vertllnm
or Fenelon, continuing southerly to llie City
of Toronto.
2- From some point on the
main line in the District of Keewatii] or in
District of Sackalcliewirti, to Port Churchill
on Hudson's Pay.
3- A continual ion of its main
line from Tels Juan Cache by way of the
The Thompson anil Frasev Kiver valleys to
Vancouver, or New Westminster,
4" From some point on the
Thompson Kiver or some of its tributaries to
Waddington Harbor or Lute Inlet.
5-- From a point near the old
site of Fort Assiniboia lo some point on the
Peace Kiver ami westerly to the Portland
Canal on the Pacific.
6, From some point on the main
line of said Railway at or near the Montreal
Kiver in the Province of Ontario easterly to
some point on the Gaiincau Rivor in thc
Province of Quebec.
Antl to exercise with regard to
such lines all the powers and privileges Riven lo the said Company liy its Act of Incorporation.
DATED at Toronto this loth day of
January, 1903.
Johnson & Falconbri.lge.
Solicitors for the applicant.
Pacific Ry.
Trains depart as follows:
Eastbound 23.14 West 11011 ml   2.40
Enstbotind 20.57 Westbound  5.31
To St Paul-Daily
Toronto-Monday & Friday
Montreal & Boston-Wed.
7$, ^\ T&,
Lillooet, B. C
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
First-Class Hotel in every respect.      Accomodation]
for Eighty Guests.   Large Annex comfortably furnished.     Sample Rooms for Commercials.
All   guests   receive   every  attention.
H. C. PARKER, - Lilllooet, B.C.
Having purchased the stock of|
R.J. Atkins, we are now adding!
to it and prepared to fill all orders..
Repair Shop in connection with Store, where your every!
want will be supplied. A complete 1*1 limbing Outfit on hand]
MAKK VOUH OWN HKPAIHS.    Knamku.kii   Kniiiis, Kor Coffee lind Tea 1'ots,
nndoili.r Clinking I'lttnsils.   I'rlee5fonts eneli, while thev last.
Elegant Equipment
Lowest Rates
Kii Steamships from )K
Vancouver to
Lowest Kates antl llest Service To and
From All Points. For full Information
ami Particulars Call on dr address any C. IMC
Picket Agent or
H J. (OYI.K,
A. ti. I'.A.,
Vancouver, ll. C,
Ll I. LOOET,   ll. 0.
Repair-   neatly   ex-Killed,    Humes-   linnlt-
nii'1 repiiiieil.
News from all the world—Well-written
original elurie.—Anawerg io qneri»*R—
A nil-lea on Health, tlie Home, New
Hook., _nd on Work aliout the Farm
and Garden.
The WFEKY InterScan
Id a ineiiiher of the Associated Press
the only We. tern New .paper re eiv-
ing tlie entire telegri pltiu news ~er-
viee of the New Yoik Sun, and . pee-
ial eahle of tlie New York World—
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout tlie country.
Si-.hs.ril'e tor The WEEKLY
INTER-OCEAN (One Dollar)
BOTH FOR $1.25.
Subscribe for
The Prospector
,2 Pioneer Drug Store,
B Lillooet, - - -1I.C.
— 00 —
On to iny Ranch, a red mare wilh
uliile emm on forehead. No hrand.
Owner can have the same by proving
property and pn.in_ expenses.
Hit!' aril' Means.
I'.ii'lie.iiua,  R.C  February 7th 1902.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton & Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
150 Mile House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly service._\
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
^K  Special conveyances furnished.    Send   for  folders   )^
The new singe line leaves Lytton every Monday and
Friday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special trips
made.   Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati Si Co., Lytton  li. 0.
Into my field, a white aiul red heifer,
with bob tail. No brand. Owner can
nave the can e by proving property and
pitying expenses.
Eugene   Santini.
Lillooet. Felt. 7th 1903.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powder dusted in the batb, softens
tbe water and disinfects, 38
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR.
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS M-COSII, MerchantTailor, A-lie.ofl, 15. C
Vancouver, __.C.
Established, 1890.
Assay work nf all descriptions undertaken. Tests made tip lo 2000 lhs. A specialty
made of checking smeller pulps. Samples from llie Interior hy Mail ot Expi ;ss
promptly att» nded lo.   Correspondence   solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and best stock in B.C.,
• iiidiuliiig: Bar-Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Stile Agents Por VAI.KNTINK'S  High' Grade CAKUIACE VARNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.


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