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The Prospector Apr 13, 1905

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 ■'"   /- \\
.wR 17 1905      &j
Vol. 7, No. 16.
LILLOOET, li. C.   APRIL 1%  '05.
Dollar a Year.
1 2       8      4      6
«      7      8 8      10    11 12
13    14     15        16      17     18 19
20    21     22       23      24    25 20
27    28     29        30      31
1 2
3 4 5 0 7 8 9
10    11     12        13      14      1.     6
17    18    19       20      2L      22 23
24    25    26        27      28
2__LO__-l__U   2_T_E_~W Q-OOIDS
Insect I'owder, liuhach,   Kclectric Oil, Kel'-
ogg's Asthma Kemedy, Indelible Ink, Fowler's Kxtract of Strawberry, Sieedman's
Soothing Powders, Clarke's Extract
of  Blackberry,    Clarke's   F.   Pills,
Pennyroyal Packets, Barber's Bar
Soap. Cuticur.\ Soap,  Packer's
Tar Soap,   Chase's   Catarrh
Cure,   Absorbent   Cotton,
Holloway's Corn Cure,
Lint,   Court   Plaster,
White and Yellow Vasel.
ine in ok anil lbs. (lagan's
Magnolia Halm. Laird's Blocm
of Vouth, GourancTs Oriental
Cream, Castoria, Agnew's ' atarrh
Powder, Fly Pads nnd   T:iiigl_f.«_t.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription, Golden
Medical Discovery,  Yankee Hanson's &
Acorn Corn Salve, Hire's Root Beer Liquid
rnakes 5 gallons for 25c. Combs Brushes etc.
Buy your medicines at the Drug Store.
hrfo CLARKE and CO.
Don't forget that we are headquarters for
Fishing Rods, Reels that are re»-ly good,
Lines and Flies, including Hardy's Pest.
Trout up-to 4 and 0 lbs are reported
It is reported, a dredge
is soon to be constructed at
Sawmill Kbit, about .2 miles
below  Lillooet.
The Fraser from Lillooet
Bridge to upper boundary of
this mining division, is open
for location for dredging.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyono sending a plcelrh and description m~y
nnlokly ancertnln our opinion free whether an
Invention la probnbly put. eiitiible. Communion.
tlons strictlycnnildontlul. Handbook on Patent*
■ont free. Old sat agency for aoourhifr patenta.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. rooelra
iptrial notice, without charso, iu the
Scientific Jfttiericatt.
A handiomcly tllnatrnted weekly. I.nreont elr-
c~i!_itioii of any flclontlflo journal. Terms, t. a
year; four months, %_. Sold by all newsdealer*
MUNN &Co.36,rfMd-> New York
«Ma«h O«o«. <B~ Jr St. W~ RVtumoo, IX c.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days afie.
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commi-s-
ioner 0! Lands and Works for permission to
purchase 240 acres more or less of pa-d upland situated in Lillooet District.
Commencing at a post marked M. E. Be-
loud Lot 661 N, E/corner ihence tast 40
chains thence south east 20 chains thenet
west 40 ch tins ihence north 20 .hains 'O
point of commencement.
17 Mile House \   M. E. BEI.OUD.
April 7,   1905. /
^   MINING   NOTES.   *
The Fraser Kiver took a
drop too much one day, last
week. A Cariboo cool spell
stopped the supply of snow
water, and the river went
down 2 feet at i.iiiooet, so
the Jowa Dredge was idle a
couple of days. Funny to see
a great digging machine on
a bar helpless. It seems to
the ignorant mind as if il
could dig a hole and crawl
into it. Many dredges have
been stranded, financially, S_
at the same time in the hole.
The book-keeping in Iowa
was too rapid for the dredge
and to keep up, it left the
spot where the trial run secured two or three thou' &
hastened to Horse Beef Bar,
to make a winning. When
low water came no place had
been thoroughly worked.
•POCK-E-T   __DXJ_._&X__U3
1, 2 & 3 DAYS TO A PAGE.
At   Smith   Bros'
Vernon and Kamloops
Garden    Seeds,
5, 10, 15 and 20 cents per package,
according to size and quality.
Before the Choicest 60!!
'J he Indians & Mngolians
are liKe mosquitoes on the
island where the Bliss No. 1
started,  gleaning  a   golden
A number of mining leases were
cancelled some time ago, nnd are
now open for location.
No. 07, left bank of the Fraser
50 yards nortli of Indian reserve
below  Lillooet.
No. 103, left bank about op*
posite Lillooet.
On tlie South Fork of Bridge
The following were cancelled at
t lie same time but have been relocated ;—
No. 28, Sawmill Flat.
101 Left bank opposite to
Cayoosh creek.
102, Left bank, opposite to
Recently, two have been cancelled, and Imve not been taken
107A and 108 A on left bank
of Fraser opposite Lillooet.
W. VV. I~ro.v.'i_ No 107 is cancelled and 108 will be at an earlv
date, if not paid up.
Hatchery Items.
Member Henderson of Ashcroft
who fought a good fight against
wigs, asked the government if
'twas true that an American is
running the Salmon Hatchery ab
Lillooet. The Premier arose and
stated the Province was benefiting by the experience of a very
competent expert, a Mr. Ledger-
wood. He might have gone on
tp say that California was the
home of the hatchery idea,; that
is why Americans are to be found
having a longer training.
J. Rowbottom, Mr. Evans, J.
Arthur, and 1). Fraser will be
busy aliout ten days, anchoring
the pipe which conveys cold pure
water from Seton lake into the
E. J. Taylor will probably go
to Birkenhead to assist in the
construction of the Owl Creek
Aliout 60 fruit trees will be put*
iu at the Lillooet hatchery.
By George Hurley.
Baillie Hotel - LYTTON
Under Entirely New   Management.
Excellent Accommodation for TRAVELLERS.
A choice and varied Assortment of liquors  and cigars,
Good Stabling        —
Charges Moderate.
N_ j
The   Prospector.
Advertising Rates low as possible,
Basis of 80 cents per square Inch,
for one month.
_by o. "W. _A.*Rii~rsTiaoi?rG.
LILLOOET, B. C, APRIL 13, 1905.
I regret to announce the resignation
of the Clinton correspondent Miaa Nellie
M. rshall. A letter from some Clinton
Joker., about two weeks ahead of April
Fool Day, caused a lot of annoyance to
correspondent and compositor.
The Districts immediately north and
South of us elected Liberal member.,
who make fun of ub for pursuing the
even tenor of our way, supporting the
government, getting our thaieof road
money, and raising cattle. Why not
make a few jokes advertising also our
wonderful climate fruit nnd game.
You all have an idea where Revelstoke
is, and may have teen a newspaper f um
there. The Herald has 8 paged full, and
for ono little corner for a few weeks over
one hundred dollars was paid lhat paper
to tell you Lillooet people that application ia made to cut timber off 15.000 ac.
in Lillooet Distiict. As you piububly
do not wish to take all the papers iu B.U
I am in a position to inform you that
it is on Tuin-Tum Luke and Kiubasket
Also note that on Adams River in this
district, as advertised in Official Gazette
twenty timber licences have been i.tued
to J P. McGoldrick. Ou Upper Adams
River, 12 licences are issued to Bowman
Lumber Co.
Hote! Victoria,
Headquarters of
BIG- (~*~A.:M:_]__~ _EIU3*_TT_E1___?,S
Wire for Outfits, guides
Etc.   Cost  Reasonable.
Every Attention to Travellers and Commercials.
Large Sample Rooms.
Headquarters of Ashcroft and Lytton
Stages. Special rates for families spending seasons.
Rooms,  Table, Liquors nnd
Stabling-,   All   Excellent
Leaves Railway at Lytton at 7 a. in.
Monday., Toe.dnyp, Fitidayi?, fi.i'U-dny>
One hour at noon at Half-way Hou?.
Reach Lillooet 5 p. ni. Returning on
rue. days, Wednesdays, Saturdays and
Sundays.   47 miles along tbe Fraeer.
Beautiful   Scenery.
Special Trips   made.
Write to
P.     REBAGLIATI   &   CO.
The B. C. Gazette also shows that the
following lands have been surveyed,and
plans may ba seen at the office of the
Assistant Commissioner at Clinton.
Lot 556 J. Boulanger Pre-emption 1262
727 W. Boyd app. purchase Aug 03
780 T. J. Derby do       May 04
781 do       pre.emption 923 Ap 99
782 A S Watson app purchase Jy 04
783 A R Marueson do do
786 Alex Innes pre-emp 633 Jan 91
789 A S Watson pr-em 1096 J une 04
794 8 Tingley, pr-em 948 May 1900
791 G Bambricit App lease July 04
810 G. D Scott   South Africa scrip
Paul Santini,
We Buy and Sell Typewriters.
Just now it's a Smith-Premier,
Second-hand, but in Splendid
Working; Order. Call and See It.
$33.00 The Odd $3.00 is our
Commission. CLARKE & CO*
Lillooet, 13. C.
O- -A.. _P~~E3_~A_I__Ev/,
>K General   Merchant. H
Outfits   and Ouidei   furnished
§/F      to   Hunting Parties.       _J*5"*_?
Groceries, Hardware,   Duugs, Photo
Supplies, Dry Coods, Etc.
XiIIiXiOOElT    -    -     ~B.    O.
Clinton and way  points,
with  the PROSPECTOR,
Quite a boom in grazing' hinds
is iirprogrest. on the enst isitle of
tlie river. Speculators have been
looking for large areas in view
of railway construction; and the
ranchers to protect their summer
range have taken luljncenbland,
There is said to he some very
fine laud on the west side of the
Fraser not yet taken up. Rumor
says the whole mountain, hack
of (he Fountain will he taken up.
Spring work in \vell advanced,
and will probably he done this
week, lb has heen very dry, and
old-timers predict a dry summer.
Cattle are now heing turned out
ill large bunds, having wintered
well, and left considerable feed
on hand.
Gorgeous Esinbllshun-nts Are   D _i.l~.cliv,
liomel",   Uistor.c   Homes   in
London the Oreut.
The impending erection in Piccadilly of two imn-eiise hotels, one on
thu site of St. James' Hall and «ul'
joining propiSi ty, and the oth r. on
*.he fcito of tho present Wa.lfciiigl.am
and Bath Hotels—'Girii hasi os the fact,
that tlio We t End is Le oming the
chief area for h^tel life in London-
A few yours ago the fetiand and
Trafalgar Squa. e could claim preeminence a^ the > eiu..e of the most
celebrated hotels—the Savoy, the
Gei'il, the Mct.opole, Morley s the
Golden Cross, etc.—but quite re ent-
ly a ncw and improved style of "hotel de luxe" has conic into existence, and within a brief spa' e> of
time it teems probable that tie West
End will be "hoUli/ed" on a s ale,
both of ma.gnitu.lo aid luxtiii-O-S ie-
finement, surpassing tho airiest
dreams of lhe hotel manager of fifteen yews ago.
Whilo ih» wondorful Ritz Hotel, to
reach from Ailn^ton st cct io the
Green Park, promises to be the most
■plendid in London, Cla.' id_;e *>, just
off Orosvenor Square. h'S alrecdy
introduced the modein hotel life into the ve y liea:t of Mayf.ir. Ve y
eta' tlinc is the • cntrast—now r.on-
exisl ent—between the richness of
Cla idge's and the plainness, almost
amoiming to i o e ty, of the old
Bath Hotel, st ipied of t'e home'y
old mahogany furniture whi h may
have been there s:n"c Thomas Adams,
the first Ame i. an Auib£__sador, put
up at the hotel.
When malting application for claims,
or lands in this district, mal<e sure yenr
advertisement is legal. A real valuable
claim, one worth jumping, is sometimes lust
on a quibble or question of form. Have
the advertisement in the paper printed in
the district your land is in ; not in lhe
Family Herald or any other paper printed
outside the district.
GIVEN that a sitting of tlio
County Court of CARIHOO
will be hold at Clinton on
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.
By order.       P. SOUES,
Regit, trar
of County Court of Cariboo
at Clinton.
- f_\    t   ;.<i'i.rt»   i. !.,>.vo.l   Concerning
di  r~T Ur..v'f~ »:> South Al'rifti."'
Excellent reports have been receh'-
cd irom thc different committees in
South Africa! of the work accam-
plishud in locating and caring for tho
Canadian soldiers' giavcs. "he difll-
cu.t.e.i which have be*jj encountered
and overcome have been many. Owing to the great distances and tho
uueettled state of the country, even
for a long period alter peace was da-
da. ed, transportation to certain
distrxts was, until quite recently,
refused tp travelers. Jn addition, tha
unusual climatic conditions, tho vagaries of the South Af. ican vegetation, "which at tome seasons has thu
vitality of Jonah's gourd, and at
others ihe apparent dryness of Aaron's rod," have all contributed to
make the work of tbe Guild of Loyal
Women of South Africa nn almost
impossible task. How faithfully the
guild has worked is shown in a report from tho secretary of the Central Committee, Cape Town, who
states that no single grave that
could by any reasonable possibility
be reached by members of the guild
has remained unvisited.
At Woodstock, Modder River, Wyn-
berg, Bioemfontein and other places
all the outlying graves, as wel- as
♦hose in the cemeteries, aie in excellent order, and decorated wuh flowers at Christmas and Easter by tha
branches in those places. At Wagers*
fontein and Paardeberg only a verv
few months ha.e elapsed since it wai
possible for ladies to visit tho
graves. Now the work is being pushed forward ax rapidly as possible,
and the Toronto secretary has received wry encouraging letters of
the progress made from the secretaries of tho branches in charge of
those graves. At Paardeberg several
permanent stoues have been erected
by relatives, through the agency ol
the Loyal Guild of Women.
Money has been sent from time to
time by the Imperial Order of
Daughters of the Empire for nil Canadian graves, and with special instructions that the Canadian graves
at Paardeberg and Hart's Kiver be
put in order without delay at the
expense of the Canadian fund. Up
to date the amount sent to South
Africa by tho l.O.li.E. totals i850,
the rest of the fund subscribed having been invested, the income therefrom to bo expended annually for
the care of the graves.
I n.-im. i
Th* Next Gown.
From one extreme to another is
characteristic of womankind. After a
series of pads all round—pads that
always seem to me to invite a thorough good and well-deserved spanking—next spring we are to be treated, according to the fashion-mongers,
to "skin-tight gowns, that will hav#
no hips." 'Ihis decree is seemingly
promulgated at this season in order
that every woman may have ample
time to remo-.e her hips. Of course,
this means only those cleverly designed, but not always deceptive
panniers, which at times creakinglv
betray their presence and make every
latitudinal protuberance to be regarded with suspicion. They will now
go to join thc bustle in the attic.
But no one can imagine that thu fair
sisterhood mean to wear "skin-tight
gowns" over a natural framework
that has not often been moulded on
the best lines of art. Tho dressmaker will now be put to tho pains
of designing a figure as- well as a
costume, and as a natural consequence, a diess may be two inches
ihick in one place, where it is only
hat of a sheet of paper in ant i her.
Clothes are no longer a matter of design and color combination. The
"occupant" of the coming drosu will
have to look as if she has been poured into it. It will bn with much
compassion that the masculine world
will look on this new development in
the farhions of their sisters. It
means that woman, poor woman, is
to be more uncomfortable and costly
than ever.—Captious One, "in Toronto
Sunday World.
The Pro. pi ctor will print free the following advertisements  .
*,  >« The Prospector.
i mt-hi i>|i—r-
Wm. CU
General Store and B.C. Express Agent
jE3l ~A~ S _E3_
Paul  Santini's crumpled-
horn cow was mired, & died
discouraged in six inches of
river mud.
H. L. Pliair has a bad eye.
R. D. Cumming bas sold
Ins Pavilion farm, but not
the mill, to Mr. O'Halloran.
Mr. Pugb preached in St.
Mary's church twice Sunday
and saddled up Monday for
Foster's Bar, to cross over
the Fraser, and preach in a
little Indian chapel, and in
a Lillooet Dialect.
Ihere is a marked scarcity
of rabbits and grouse sometimes, which compels eagles,
cougars, coyotes, etc, to feed
on fawns, mountain kid and
Bighorn lamb. That is another phase of our big game
Mr. Miller of Pembenon,
and a friend, were in town
on the way home from the
coast. When at Squmish, a
short time ago, it was said
the r-r was a sure thing.
Sure but Slow, we say.
Vancouver  World says-
Loco, writing of a dream in
Lillooet Prospector,   is a J.
Bunyah No. 2.
Oh, a concert on A p. 18,
Santini Hall, will be one to
be remembered. Flag drill
and the dairymaids in costume and in chorus, to say
nothing of the ordinary programme. An enlargement
of platform will be needed,
but lots of room,— so come
and see. Big folks 50 cts,
little people two bits. Doors
open at 7.110, Program.at 8.
Notice is hereby given that at the expiry
of 6o days from dale, I shall apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission fc purchase 640 acres of land in
I.iiiooet District, lying due east of Lot 18,
Group One, I.iiiooet District; commencing
at a post marked "A B.H. O'Halloran's
S. W. Corner " thence east 80 chains : thence
north So ch.i»s: thence west 80 chains:
thence south 80 chains lo the point of commencement.
Dated this 13th day^ B.H. O'HALLOKAN.
of March,  1905. \
Notice is hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 60 days from date apply for permission from the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works to purchase 640 acres of land in
the District of Lillooet commencing about
live miles from North East corner of lot 225
ihence north 8a chains thence west 80 chains
thence South 80 chains thence East 80 chains
lo initial point.
Empire Valley,   )      JOHN BISHOP.
March 20, igo5  j
Notice is hereby given that I shall at 'he
expiry of 2 months apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase 160 acre of land in Lillooel
District, commencing al a post about one
mile east of the 20-mile post, Lillooet and
Clinton wagon road, thence east 40 chains,
north 40 chains, wfest 40 chains, south 40
chains to initial post.
:8 Mile House, )      THOS. J. COLE,
March 17, 1905.)
Notice is hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 60 days from daie, apply for permission from the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, to puichase 640 acres of
land in lhe District of Lillooet, commencing
at a point about one mile from North East
corner of Lot 225, thence North 80 chains,
ihence west 80 chains, thence s uth 80 chains,
ihence Kast 80 chains to init al point.
Empire Valley,    )
March ao, 1905   j* SAMUEL BISHOP.
Here is a list of papers which you may
see at our office ; Victoria Times, iledley
(lazetie, Scientific American, Winnipeg
l'*ree Press, Montreal Weekly Witness, and
the Family Herald of cour.ie The Vancouver
World and News Advertiser, Kamloops Wa-
wa, Ashcroft Journal, Seattle 1'. I. Herald
of Revelstoke, Ft Steele Prospector.
Fir Seeds wanted,
For export, seeds of Douglas Fir and cetl~r
I will pay for clean seed Sl,5o for fir and $2
fur cedar per pound.
The seed can be secured hy gathering the
cones from the trees, and spreading them on
a tight floor, or on sheets; or on paper in a
dry room. In a few days the cones will open
and tl.e seeds drop out by stirring them occasionally.
Then clean the feed by using a sieve, or by
pouring fiom one dish into another, in a light
breeze, to separate light seed and dirt,
Advise as soon as possible,   the quantity
ou have, and   I  will send directions  ahou:
shipping.  See my advertisement in this pa per
M. J. HttfsMtY,
Or_E_2_T_El_S_J_.Xj SSTOrRIE,
Mr. Alex. Lochore furnished u
long report for the Yenr Book,
from which the following extract
is taken :
The country mljnceiit to T.ytton is pretty rough aud hilly,
and there are no large areas of
agricultural hind ; although
there are a good ninny small
farms. The soil is principally a
sandy loani5 with, iu some place.,
alight mixture of clay, and is
very well adapted for the growing of Fruit) beans and potatoes.
Clover and alfalfa also grow
most luxuriantly, and iu some
locutions timothy does very well
us do also wheat, oats, barley
and corn.
Fruit is receiving a good deal
of attention, and there are some
good orchards in the vickiity.
The principal one is that of
Mr. Thomas G. Earl, about two
miles above the town, on the opposite sitle of the river. Mr. Earl
lias about tift^ucres planted to
fruit, containing over 3000 trees
and 1800 grape vines. Although
a good many of the trees are not
in bearing y&t, Mr. Earl estimates his crop for the current
year at 3500 40-1 h. boxes of apples and pears, besides a quantity of cherries, plums and peaches
The Indians own a good deal
of land in tlie vicinity, and grow
a large quantity of beans for
shipment. There are some ten
or twelve carloads shipped every
year, mostly the brown bean.
There are also considerable
.shipments of potatoes, principally to the coast markets.
About three miles up the Fraser the Rev. Geo. Ditcham has a
Hue young orchard and a large
planting of small fruits. There
is also a tine peach orchard,
where both early and late varieties are successfully grown. Mr.
Ditcham has two and one-half
acres in melons ami citrons, and,
besides 'supplying the local demand, ships both east and west.
To be continued
CLINTON, li. C,   Ap. 6th
To the Editor,
Dear Sir, In the Prospector of March
30th, I read a letter by a Mr. Wray, of
Bri.i.e River, regarding licen.ed guides
for big game hunters. I Mould like to
-ay through your columns, that I quite
agree with Mr. Wray, as far aa he goes,
but think be might go a little farther.
It ie my opinion that each and every
_tuide Bhouid pay a full licence, should
be a sworn game warden, aud that he
should afier each t'ip immediately fill
in a report of the exact amount of game
Killed on Ihe trip, and by whom killed]
and forward eame to the head waiden
at Victoria. These rules could be stipulated on every licence iseued to intending hunters, to free the guide from any
blame which otherwise he might get
f oru his employer.
Certain kinds of our big game need
more protection than others, and I think
mountain sheep are of lhat class. They
are very litlle hunted for food, a. during
season they are very little good. But
they are the principal big game that
sportsmen come to B. C. to hunt, being
found in comparatively few places in
North America, or in fact in the woi Id.
Thi refore they thould have every pro-
i eet ion possible wilhout injuring the
sport of the chase. I say, make it an
offence punishable by law, for anyone to
kill a mountain sheep unless authorized
by licence, whether a resident of the
Province or not. Any well meaning
-ports-man and hunter that can afford
,o hunt big horn in this country, would
not object to paying a licence for the
piivilegeof doing so: knowing that he
would have more sport, with a better
chance of getting a good head. I have
.een offered for a mere tiifle, beads that
measured from 14 to 17 inches in circumference, by people who only killed them
because they had a chance, and after
wards found they were of value, and
offered them to any willing purchaser
for not more than perhaps $5. A good
sportsman, who has not had an opportunity to kill a good ram, would willingly pay $500 for an opportunity to kill
sin h a specimen. I am sure that any
one living in the Lillooet District for a
length of time, will bear me out in thia
statement. Should the present rate of
slaughter continue for five years, it will
be impossible to get more than a 14-inch
head in the Lillooet D s:rict< of in tbe
Province. When that time comes, the
hunters will cease to come* which will
be a sad loss to us all, and particularly
to Lillooet District.
Thanking you for your valuable space,
1 remain,
J. V.. PEARSON. The Prospect.
The Vancouver Board of Trade
discussed this northern railway,
at a recent meeting. It was staged that a grade of a foot and a.
half in a hundred can he secured.
In au alternative proposition to
the government, the conipany In
asking less land, and perhaps a.
guarantee of the bonds sold. It
is said Mayor Keary told some
railroad promoter there would
he a surprise at the Westminster
Fair, iu the way of fruit, and
other products from the District
of Lillooet, tis he had been up at
Clinton arranging for it. Une
member wanted to know why
construction could not he commenced between Squamish and
Lillooet, simultaneously with an
extension from North Vancouver
It came out that iu early days
it wus proposed to run aline to
the gold diggings of this region
hy way of Bute Inlet ; hut our
Chilcotins massacred the survey
gang. A resolution was passed
asking the government to secure
the early construction of the line
hy way of Pemberton Meadows,
Lillooet and Carihoo.
Hear, Hear !
HYMN 573.
Stolen on Sunday from the
English Church.
All the bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All the wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made thein all.
Each little flower that openfe,
Each liltle liinl that sings—
lie made their glowing colors,
He made their tiny wings.
The rich man in his castle,
The poor man at his gate,
God  made I hem, high and lowly
And ordered Iheir estate.
The purple headed mountains,
The river running by,
Tne sunset and the morning'
That brightens up the sky,
The cold wind in the winter,
The pleasant sun infer sun,
j The ripe fruits in the garden,
i lie made them every one.
I And gave us eyes to see them
And lips that we inight tell
How great is God Almighty,
Who doeth all things well.
Nctice is hereby given, th.it I shall at the
xpiry oi' 60 days from ante apply for permission from lhe Chief Commissioner of ..1,finds
and Works to purchase 640 acres of land in
the District of Lillooet commonciny about
three miles from North Mast ccrner jf lot 225
thence Nonh 80 clfciins thence West 80 chains
thence South 80 chains ihence East 80 chains
to initial point.
Umpire Valley, )    MARGARET BISII01'.
Ma ch 20, 1905 )
Notice is hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 60 days from date apply lor permission from the Chief Commissioner cf Lands
uiul Wnrks to purchase 640 acres of land in
ihe District of Lillooet commencing ahout
four ni 'es from Nortli East corner of let 225
ihence North 8) chains thenci West 80 chains
thence South 80 chains thence Ei.SI 80 chains
to initial p lint.
Empire Valley, )  WILLIAM ISISII0P.
March 20, 1905. j
Notice is hereby given that f sliall at the
expiry of 60 days from date, apply for per
mission from the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works to purchase 640 acres of
Land in the District of Lillooet commencing
about two miles from the North East corner
of Loi 225 Ihence North 80 chains thence
West 80 chains ihence south 80 chains ihence
La^t So chains to initial point.
Empire Valley,    )
M..rch 2.', 19J5   j
Notice is hereby given,that 60 days from
date I intend to app'y to tin Chief Commissioner of Lands anil Works for permission to
purchase 320 acres of Pastoral land situated
in Lillooet District, on Thomas J. Cole's
mountain, commencing at a post marked
Moses Foster's west post, thence north 40
ehains. thence east 80 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence west 80 chains to point of
Dated this 5tb day \       MOSES FOSTER
of April, 1905     /
Notice is hereby given that 60 days from
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to'
purchase 320 ac es of pastoral land situated
in Lil'ooet District, crmmencing at a post
at the northwest corner of Lot 536. marked
Elizabeth Foster's Southwest post, thence
north 80 chains thence east 41 chains, thence
south 80 chains thence west 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated thc 5th day*! ELIZABETH FOSTER
of April, 1905.   (
Nctice i^ hereby given that I shall at the
expiry of 60 clays apply for permission from
the Chief Curhmisssoner of Lands and Works
to purchase 640 acres of land in Lillooet Di--
trict, commencing at the North Last corner
of Lot 225, ihence North 80 chains, thence
West 8o chains, thence South So chains,
thence Last 80 chains to initial poiht.
, Empire Valley,    )  ANTHONY BISHOP.
JOHN ARTHURS  March 20,^,1905, )
A lot of iron came in hy way
of Lytton and Rehagliati, most
of it for the Enterprise .Mine, for
the big flume in the hed of the
creek. A headin1;; of rock has
heen left at the upper end, which
will he blown out when the flume
is read}'. A telegram from Spokane authorized the foreman to
proceed with the construction,
as the material is on the spot.
One of the prominent men of
the company will be on hand to
note the conditions which have
to he considered in carrying on
this great undertaking.
The Chinese cook has heen having an awful time with wolves,
or some other wild animals, sit
the grub-box, nightly ; so he set
a trap. The whole camp was
called out at midnight by yells
I got him, I got linn, I got him !
II was Skookum Ten as little doji*.
Sue.'.iai'leB and Tm.i-es a great many
years, anil cairy a larger stock of
tl.e^e jiooila tban nny other drug store
in B. 0- ouiei'le of coa. t <iti. e. We
have a first < las;1 English Te.titiir Out*
til. Ordinary rupinre is curabl •,—is
being cured every day, A well-tilling
triiHs is comparatively comfortable,
but many enffer dailv torture from
ill-fitting trusses. If interested, a
talk with na, either pernoiially or by
letter, will cost you nothing, and if
jou buy, wo promise you satisfaeiion
•>r itic~ey bR'-k.
Badly Crippled
with Lame Bad?
Was almost used up with
kidney disease, but euro
came with the use of
Di*. Chase's Kidney*
Liver Pills.
MR. Pjirre D'Astous, Farmer, St. Flavie,
Rimouski Co., Que., writes:—"For several
years I was troubled with a weak, lame, aching
back, and had become so crippled that I could
scarcely lift anything at all. I also had pains in
the arms and legs and began to consider mysell j
about used up at sixty-seven years of age."
"One day I rtceived a
book describing kidney
disease and its symptoms
and found out the nature
of my ailment. I began
using Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills and noticed a
marked improvement
when the first box was
finished. I continued to
use them from time to
Itinie and to-day I am real
well, entirely cured of
backache and kidney*
disease." Dr. Chase s
Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a
lxsx. To protect you against imitations the
portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, tbo
famous receipt book author, are on every box.
Frightful Case of
Protruding Piles
Doctor wanted to burn them
with red-hot Iron—Cured by
Dr.    Chase's   Ointment.
Mb. Alex. McLean, Talbot Vale, N.S.,
writes:—"As section hand on the railroad, 1
was exposed to all sorts of weather, my health
failed and I became a victim of protruding piles.
Though a doctor treated ma
for piles, they only grew worse
and I was forced to give up
work and go home. My
sufferings could scarcely be
described, I could not walk
or lie down, and wh.le the
rest of the family slept I
would be groaning with excruciating pains."
I " The second doctor told
'me the piles would have to
be burned with a red-hot
iron, but I could not think
of undergoing such an operation, so he gave me a box of
MR. McLEAN salve, for which he charged
me two dollars, but did me no good. Mycl-
periencewith Dr. Chase's Ointment is that the
first application did me more good than d.'d th.
two doctors, and finally made me as well a.'i.".
free from piles as any man. Since being cured I
worked during the winter in the lumber wouds,
und had no return of my old trouble. Dr.
Chase's Ointment iv.*1, trolb one hundred dnlb.nk
ft box to roe."
cDonaid and McGillivray, Ltd.
General   Merchandise,
Clinton  B.C.
J..2T2D       0_&__T_A.T&J__\2<r'~r'J-J-j     T-R_E__Ei3
■ jn'c.  »'8 98
"■■'■/•... 'V<^-::r^m^ 'M^f/^-
i -\. • £.. ' -''-iV'**■>■'. *" "*    */   ."*     ' S\Vj*!l' _'* . "V.   •    -i
'    X


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