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The Prospector Feb 6, 1904

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_£_3|jBB_-BWKBE~j^*^.'^<^: '*'
ry. :..yt+-
____t_M^M_P@.^ '■   '
. ■-•■-^;-;^t.;,
~>    ^N.   '•"'"'
Pg|___Pv   .,.iijj£j|jij»      '  '„"<
**'                   *.-- ' ,:•     : *
---..^-ii^-v^ :•;.
W'SSMt?' ■.-ncrrr^*""
.. ■ __L_j__.--,                .  ■ ••:. _r.
«^.;'  _rf::-.___»__; "'ir*^    -.
A_    _RR__*a     r  .            _,•?.-
i ma\^^J-l^
r' ■-. !-*»•_
*" '-a-fiSS"^
mr-: -^^^-
U-      jfc^^-'^-*--
-tcswr __.-_. .... ■*w
■    '-»-- --v^T"
8       iS^'XSf   ■        •■"?■*
cS^J_"^   V
-fif^r -•_____    •
^ ' ■ £     ■ ifc^_-%               *
1                               '
.    .._■','■''...
4 ~"
_■    ■        ~                ■*
~_.    'a.                     AK*
_.«!;   f*_
. /*»
Vol. 6, No.29
$1.00 a year.
Talking Ahout Canada.
I "When I first came to the Senate,"
laid Senator Cullom to those lunching at the same table in the Stnate
restaurant the other day, "I had
{treat ideas about a greater United
■Hates. My eyes Wero not turned
f'outhward, where everybody seyns to
[e 1 o'ing nowaduys, but north ward;
was lust as sure as sure that before
his time we should ha\e gobbled up
i'anada. I did not think that we were
.'rolng up there, and make a conquest
J if thc country, hut I could not. see
, ny chance of its getting away from
j s. .-hv, when I was ele.ted the
record time, and went out to Illinois
|to make my bow to the Legislature,
my lit' lo spec h was fillod with the
annexation of Canada. Since that
fiire. I have watched Canada sli|i-
ylig farther and farther away ftom
us, until now it takes a brave inan
even to suggest that some day the
'.tars and Stripes may float beyond
northern boundary. I have of-
Iton wonder, d if any of the members
|of that J e?Mature remember my
■speech. If they do, they, must think
|that I am a mighty bad prophet"
•*;Yes," sld Senator Burrows, who
Ihnd listened as befitted a man so
linnc'i Mr. Cullom's junior, "you
l.otild not pry Canada away from
JCIieat Britain now with a jimmy."—
Making at  Handmade  G«o«U Will Gnltl
.vate It la i anadntne.
In Canada, above all other coun-
tii s, we have gr.at need to ct.cour
a.e individuality, for our system ot
pui-lic education, howexo.' cxceile.it,
|'tales but little count of the individual, and from a certain slii.iiUi.-oi.u
we are educating on a system which
tends to destroy anything like s.roi g
in( i. iduality. ln fact, if you take
th-_ spit it which prevails iu our
s .iullv.'r towns and villet^oa you will
lind a positive rcBcntn.cnt ajruitisl
the man or woman who dares to
strike out in any line of his own. Co
into our large stores and you will
tind one huge table covuicd with tho
same form of hat, reproduced a thousand limes. Pass into the mantle do
part ment, and on great ttecs Iiuiih
Coot, and jackets of the exact cut
and make and color; and all this is
influencing our people and th-ir view
of individuality and its right to assert itself in any line in lie. With
all our boasted freedom, as compar-
•J to the past, we .fall into line 11 o
mild-eyed sheep and follow the mass
In the old days we inight have been
led by individuals; to-day it is the
unthinking crowd that takes tl o
leud. l'ow many people think or
care what has been the oil.in or
inspiration of any fashion we follow
So blindly? Surely there is nothing
so deadening, so calculated to still
the best that is in the human soul,
as inci.Tereiice. Can thc Society for
Arts and Crafts stir up tbe public to
take an intelligent interest in tht
thought and viitue which are ox-
pressed in the handmade artide, they
will bring closer to the mass of purchasers in the Dominion the problems
wlv."*h face the men and women who
design and execute the work they
propose to encourage. Those great
factories hide so much from tis that
is beautiful and worthy ir. human
lives and the struggles ot the workers to beautify their own rives by
contact with beautiful thin*ss. CiU.
we but encourage work which will
not separate men and women from
thiir homes and.their children, can
we but raise the taste of t e richer
-clnsses in the Dominion so thnt they
will take into consideration all thu'
a. good handmade article represents
and 1 e wi ling to pay for that ideal
(|uulity of human individuality, •*
Well as for the time and labor ex-
i ended on its cdnstftcMoii, we. shnl.
have much to thank the Society ol
Arts and Crafts In Canada for. —
Xully Bernard, in The dole.
at T.l« I'll•HI'U.M'iCl I'UIII.I-iUINU   COMPANY
THE PKOSPeClOU is the only paper published In the Ullooet District, and Is all horn.
S'ili-.-i i|.'.i.ms: One Dollar il year in ii.tvnn.-.-.
Ailvurt.KiiiK ra.us made known on a|.|illrali<ni.
CoiTUHponikiin-c ts invileitoli all malierii of
(iiilili.- ur local interest.    All roiiitiiiiuications
I iiiiikI   lie Mii'iiiii|.auieil liy  llie  name   ol   tlie
, writer, Iml mil uui-csMaiily for |iilblieirtlon..
The Pbospectoh, as nutiiy of
our i*«ntlerH know, will lie isHiied
only n. few wet.kti Ioii^hi-, mul we
wish in this issue to tliuiik those
who Iiii ve assisted us in Hulking
their locul sheet it financial success. Since w*., took charge no
month httspaKswlwilhtJHl"iving
un a surplus. True it ih that the
lialauce iu our favor has. been
small sometimes, .yet onr "needs
hnve heen fully met. It is true,
too, that liy a little extraeX|»ense
for labor ami.material.the pa|ier
would have been improved, but,
to our mind, local trade conditions did not warrant this extra,
Our .decision, three years ago,
to insert no liquor ad vertisenien'
in our paper may have militate*]
somewhat against our g'eater
coiumerciul pros|ierity, but uot
against our pence of mind, and
our present contention is that
while places for rest, refreshment
aud business are needed the selling of liquor is uot necessary or
conducive for (hose purposes, and
if the bar were abolished, all parties would Ihi benefitted. We believe that the time hits come uneven the moderate drinkerk> nb
stain from liquor drinking for
t he suke of ot hers less fortunate
than himself.
We hnve very few outstanding
accounts. To (hose from whom
we do not expect a settlement
we have sent au account receipted ir full, thus releasing them
from nil obligations. Ali others
ure respectfully reminded of the
brevity of time. All purl ies having claims against us must send
iu the snme to us within .10 days.
The gold tl ledger is now com
pleted uud it is a matter, for congratulation that upwards of
hnlf a. million pounds of inalerinl
have been freighted over rough
roads, upwards of (.0 miles, without an UCOideilt to mini or benst.
The meeting of the citizens of
Vancouver, held lust .Tuesday was
unanimously in favor oi' the pro-
j posed railway to the Yukon  via.
I'ei nbei Ion ami Lillooet.
■r --.-> •*!'•• w 4*
i»       LOCAL NEWS       *
ASAtP*sPr.7rPr, Pp. as Tr.ASASASAr,
The Ample miiMf. is again report
ed to be sold.   ||	
The (jovernlueiit auditor has
paid his official visit to town this
week. i
T. Brandon litis been spending
a few days tliM'week at l'nchel-
qim. ■ j:	
Mr. Mulhollniid, of the Uredge,
returned last. Tuesday fro in his
business trip to the Coast.
Tlie representative ofJbeOvn-
uinghnm Hardware Co., New
Westniinsler, was in town last
Monday.      .
II. Brett, who litis beeu travelling for I he Stone & Wellington
Nursery Stock Co. hus returned
lo (own.
.1. Marshall, Senr. who returned home from Vancouver last
Saturday, is oa t.he sick list.
A meteor shot over the town
rt few nights ugo, aud the noi-e
nud vibration iu coiiuetion wilh
ils fall caused considerable alarm
among the people.
An enjoyable time was spent at
the "At Home" given by Mrs.
Uren last Tuesday evening. The
second of the series will be held at
the home of Mr. nud Mrs. Shepherd on Feb. 23rd. Particulars
iu next issue.
An overheated stovepipe ignited the ceiling of the Prospector
office last night. Fortunately,
the fire was noticed in lime nntl
wus soon put out. The convenience with which water can lie obtained since the new system was
put in operation, is valued at
such a. time. The promptness
of the action of the citizens wheu
lhe alarm was given wus noteworthy. Two minutes nfter the
gong sounded uhoiitadozea men
were ready to give u«sistau_e.
Happily help was not needed. A
few hundred feet of hose is what
the town needs for fire emergencies.
Cut.lie) was hanged last Tues-
l.uporte is Mayor in Montreal.
The British Parliament; is open.
Tin. natives in German South
Africa, are rising
A V»;__ l£Al._R.
Vrrlffln TaIk~S**n~«. to rileriin* -Ingenleui
Ways-Ilea mi. « V -•'•■ l>ouklinl.oix.
Peter Verigin, on .f the leaders of
tho Doukhobors, .ho hts l»-en in
Kussia, and of . .loin \pattt ti i.igs
arc expected in the mv of inducing
the people to settle down and give
up their foolish idea of another i il-
giimaife in the spring o comert the
woi Id, *is now in tne DouKhohoi
villages ni.rin of V'or. tori, and, according to teports from there, is
meeting with considerable Siuvcss in
his effort. Me started at the . illugc
of Iroterpersky, whe.e hts home was
before \ei\iii£ for llus.-ia, and where
his mother still live.--. His Inst
meeting was held in his own hous-e.
and in-the course of his addt'iss he
discussed the whole pituation. He l«j-
gan , by taking up lhe ipu'Stion of
the s .itabiiity of Canada as u plaie
for the Doukhobors. lie de land
thut the Doukhobors were here by
Gods will, and that there was no
need t> look any win re el e. V.l-ii
the climate was cold it. --vas he;,llhy.
ntil the s iii i roduwd all inann.' of
grains and vegetables, so that, theie
was no reason why they shot 1 I not
be happy and piospeio s. I tu-itig n
good soil and climate, tie other essential to success was the prss*>ssion
of animals. Kvery family shou'd
have a team of horses and two or
thr.e cows.
.ii.ni.iln t o-,W«.i-ker» Wlt'.i Men.
One of those wlro had been on the
pilgi image here broke i.i wilh thc
remark that, in Canada all t.te Worn
wi s done by horses, ai d nun got the
be.e.'it of ensla\ing them. >Vorigins
reply was that the relation wus not
that of master nnd slave but of fel-
low-workeis; tha*. wiile the here
worked for the nan, b..th labored t,.
produce oats for the hose as will
as wheat for the man. Hay was cut
ancl stacked and stables built lor
the horse s bin.fit, so th..t the benefits were mutual, Animals were in
thia sense to be cpntiJercd nwmbers
of the community*. Out Hii. l.adc
was not yet "out of the woods," for
tho same pilgrim ini.ed the point
that if they kept cows for tie milk
rtiul buUei there woul I be the annual eXCJSS of males, and it would
not be right to sell these to the
butcher. \c. i.:i;i hail evidently
thought this matter out further thun
tl.e pjlgrim, anu no wus iea»ly, le
said that on the si ip he enme ticrovB
in from England there were 700 immigrants, poo:' people, "ho expected
to settle on land. If 'he l-otikho-
bors found they had t.o many 1 id-
locks they could glie the si lylus to
these poor immigrants to plow with.
Urg-il Atlapt ; t.un.
Then he went on to counsel them
to adopt theiii-el.es lo llieir surroundings, and settle down, lie urged them to take up laid wilhout delay. They had been in Canada foi r
years, and hi d been acting as if they
were not goi ig to stay. The 0o\-
e nment might ha^e given iiway the
lunds to others, but it hid heen patient. It was not right for Uiem to
he looking for trouble, and i-xpeet ing
evil. They were no longer in poor
Russia, ground into tie dust of Lad
government. Crnada wus n tree
country, and he saw no dangers
ahe.rd, but even if evils did (nine
they could meet them like men ri
thoy had before. They should rl o
comply NV'Oi the law in roriit'-l to the
registration of \itul statistics, which
law wns meant for their
Tiii-tt» Tiil.'ea on T mi.
Veri.in dealt wilh the late pilgrimage. Some f It called to d> t.o \*. r-.
but to go out and pietoh the in i-
vertion of the world. Of coins - li
tl cy siw thut as their ..mv l'i.>.
must go, but they should i-om-i kr it
well. We e they so perfeit that there
wns no reforming to l.e done i.i I'liri'
Latent AHsyrian  Kind*.
The wril-known Assyriclogit, Dr.
Hugo Winc'.vlcr, bas unearthed and
published an account of the legislation promulgated by King Amraphel
of Babylon, which, so far as ia
known at pre:-ent, was the first book
of laws given to the world. King
Amraphel li*ed 2,'250 yeais B.C., ar.,1
-is mentioned in the Bible as a contemporary or Abraham, so that his
B'atitfs were drawn up fully five
lei.tuii s before the laws of Moses.
They number 282, and contain thc
f jllowing:—If a . woman who sells
beverages gi\es bad value for the
money | a J to I or, skc s all be
thrown rito water. If a wife be a
spendthi if , er if sho otherwise ne-
pl et her duti s, her husLnntt may
put her away withoi t compensation-;,
bit if n man put away lis wife for
no ober reus ;u than that she has
no c Hlren. he shall i< turn her whole
dowiy. If a be rot hai bo rescinded,
the mnn shall pnv the woman eom-
pers ti n. A v. i'.ow "i h ruvti-ep
c' ih.re.i may nol vapvfy ■•":'- ii without permi:: ion. fr<i|u. a   JiK>go;
fv—> ...'
I '   &■ sia.     cfi      .
i   l.   s .;■     t
to     .   o . of i * e     t, i.
miiii-ii .<nu    etl. i .^d    ......
quantities ol the pieciou: '
unde the s ie itilie mi i i-
of the present  day   tho r    i>]
Wi'l    I e   g:CI t V   S    !•      S   • I  .      1     f.
• c tly pii:,li*iied  \\.r,» on tie
ti^ia Kuins    of  l.h_iesia,     tie
thors,  Miss s. Hull and  I e I,  on
vor to   di. cover    who th.
weie und wl.i.her the gold ve t
o   s
! Perha; s H'"ode in was t'H! anciint
land of Ophir,  the land  if  tie  m s-
I   teiiois    "    i: g    . *i..l„i.,i ii .*,     .  i
but the tleuy  is stri ii; I.-   c .        _l
b.v  some  in' oui ators.   '_'. e    au i. ut
■ goW wrr lites nro the bn: i.s if mod-
ft,n woi^iiijB. T'tir e e y lo:i s i'ui rt
'litis of IiltodM ia   t'e i   v.. s ore : •'-
| ei nt mine, fc'tn-t is, there :r- 15.000
ol I holes, whi h mean.-' t''i t a st ■-
poiwlous wei-lt- wns d'.ir o t <f 1*11.
oath Info c tie dais r.f Ce il
Khoi'es. aiu h c f this v.iu'th in st
h-rve gone to the noit'i n ri e s i
wns | iolml.lv wto'cM iti t _
(ion i f   he ';' en < i t- h _a and i, I
i ed thu'coffers of Solomon,
eli-i t
Tie an i i t smelt lug furnaces are
fill I easj to e o. • i e. 'ii *y an s nk
into t'ie lloor. Tie f.rnaie bluw'i 1 e'
1 aiu mat'e 'It1* fun t v a Ju-pow. o:'
j temei.t, aud tin no in f le i I-.i.-
pipes are coie'i-d with P 1 s s of
gold, 'ih !i..i..gs i f tie h, e. „,..
COVorcd   wil     s   er' s   ■ f   ' "''' e i
the first lining Le aiuo wor. by tho
heat, a f i so 1 nu.g i i i i .
e-icellent q u'it,\, wh 4:h hi s o i t-
0d time wis 'iiieaie- i r .ind un top
of ihe id.I lining Oi <• <ru tu e a.n
old lining, ti It ifi t i-. 1 \ v wih
a kni-V antl /jjid go d s, liishts i i
abuiidau e.
lit* i» . \V« *• f
Apimiet'y the aM'i n s wm ted
gold 11 Is tly. Cold his itn found
in h r n uuntil i. a in 11 . 'i i in of
pelk-ts is large us bin! s i l i*n l] i
\ i iuily of t h 1 rnr.e f. . nd i 1 *i
thi own nwiiy ou t c d !i is l.eni s
outiiile (^ the iild >   I'iuRi*.
The louls of t e m i • I w r ers
whiih llftM* HO li l.ei n ili-coM'i'.il 1.1-
<"ln('o a small roups till ;• I :: e i. I
hUfUlshillg sl'iie-- i ( WtU.'i \i'il .1
,roek, In wl i li g I I si i I *.'i li i ,* .
TKt'i'o nre b i Ion .» that tie till i.- ■ s
eairied on an o'xt'.fnslll* i idi s r ii
t'e  iiiiii.i-Va'rdre  uf   gidrt    II' u   r- s
It'll!    I  I   HM  S 'Ihi 1} -I     I!      ill    t>    II I
' dollars*    wi r h   i f   i' ll   oi ii e  n s
haVO bleu tn1 Oil  i.i t; 1'   I 'li  0 • e    ■*
from      the    ruins      . f Maiul.. ly . |j;|
alone. I\HE   i UUSl KUTOl., l_li-i
KEBl.UAl.Y i'»   1<K)4..
A Tillyloss Scandal
Author of "The Little Minister,"  "Auld Licht Idylls,"
Window in Thrums," Etc., Etc.
"No, I didua. It was in Edinburgh,
vnd my lust nicht iu the place, and ul-.i
my last button, so I thinks to mysel' I'll
have one tremendous memorable nicht,
lind then I'll go hame. Lads, I was a
sort of wearying for Chirsty."
"Ay, but there's four shillings and
saxpence to account for yet."
"There is so. Saxpence of it goes for a
glass of whisky in the smoking-room.
]jiids, that smoking-room was a sight
utterly baffling imagination. There was
no chairs in it except great muekle sat.
ones, a hantle Salter than a chaff hed,
and in ilka chair some nobleman or
other with his feet up in the air. Ay, I a
sort of slipped the first time I tried a
chair, but I wasna to be beat, for thinks
I, 'Lords ye may be, but I have paid one
and sax for my bed as weel as you, and
this nicht I'll be a lord too!' Keeping
the one and sax before me made me bold,
and soon I was sprawling iu a chair
with my legs sticking ower the arm with
the best of them. Ay, it wasna so much
eujoyable as awe-inspiring."
" That just brings ye up to twa shillings."
"Weel, there was another one and sax
for breakfast."
"Oh, a haver, of course, but we got as
muekle as we liked, and 1 ns ye it's
amazing how much ye can e..t ■*■ .en ye
ken yo have CO pay for it nt f r..t.e.
Then there was ninepence for a 1     neon."
"What's thai?"
"I didna ken mysel' when L heard
them speakin? about it, but io turned
out to be a grand name for a rabbit.-
"Man, is there r..bbits in Edinburgh?"
"Xest there was threepence ol a present to the waiter-loon, and I finished up
with a shilling's worth of   sandwiches."
"Na, that's just five and saxpence."
Haggart, however, would m;i always
tell how the remaining sixpence went.
At first he admitted having squandered
it on the theater, but after he was landed
by Chirsty i i ihe km,. I.lohl kirk he
withdrew this reminiscence, and put
another sixpence-worth in the smoking
room in its place.
As a convincing proof of the size ot
Edinburgh, Haggart could tell us how
he lost his first lodgings in it. They
were next house to a shop which had a
great show of vegetables on a board at
the door, ani Haggart trusted to this
shop as a landmark. When he returned
to the street, however, there were greengrocery shops everywhere, and after asking ut a number of doors if it was here
he livd, he gave up the se.irch. This ex-
pcr"".nce hi.s been paralleled in later days
by a Tilliedrum minister, who went for
a holiday to London, and forgot thi
name of the hotel he was staying at; s >
he telegraphed to Tilliedrum to hi.s wife,
asking her to tell him what address he
had given here when he wrote, and she
telegraphed back to him to come homo
at once.
Like   all   the   great  towns    Haggan
visited, Edinburgh proved to be running
with low characters, with whom, as well
as with the flower of   the  place—for  he
was received everywhere—he  had   many
strange ..dventures.    His   affair with the
biiilie would make a long   story itself, if
told in full as   he   told   it; also what he
did to thc piper; how he climbed  up the
Castle rocks for a   wager; why   he   once
marched indignantly out of a   church  in
the middle of the singing;   the   circumstances in which he cut off his sixth button; ikis heroic defense of a lady who had
been attacked by  a   footpad; his  adventures with the   soldier   who   was in love
and had a silver snuffbox; his odd meeting with James Stewart, lawful king of
Great   Britain   and   Ireland.    With  this
personage, between whom and   a   throne
there only stood the constables,   Haggart
of Thrums   hobnobbed   on   equal terms.
The way they met was this. Haggart was
de.ilious of the sensation of driving in a
carriage, but grudged   much   outlay   on
an experience that would   soon   be over.
He   accordingly   opened   the   door   of a
street vehicle and   stepped   In, when the
driver was not looking.  They had a pleasant drive along famous Princes street and
would  probably have  gone   farther had
not Haggart become aware that someone
was hanging on behind.    In his indignation ho   allied the   driver's   attention  to
this, which led to his own eviction.   The
hanger-on proved to bo no other than the
hapless monarch,   with   whom   Haggart
subsequently broke a button.  For a king,
James Stewart, who disguised   his  royal
person ln   corduroys,    was,   as   Haggart
allowed, very ill in order.    The   spite  of
thc   authorities   had   crushed   that once
proud spirit, and darkened  his   intellect,
nnd   he   took his   friend to a   gambling
house, where he nodded to the proprietor.
"Whether they were in  company, with
designs on my   buttons,"   Hugg.irt   has
said,    I'm not In ft position to  suy,   but
I bear no ill-will to thein.    They treated
me most honorable.    Ay, the king, as we
may Will lilm if we speak in a low voice,
advises nie strong to gamble   a bttttOU at
ine go, for, says he. 'You're sure to win.'
Lads,   it's   no   for   me   to  say  a word
irainst liim.   but    '    tl lit   I   ■»'" ' '
wink to the proprietor lad, r.nd so I says i
in a loud voice, says I, "I'll gamble half*
a-erown first, and if 1 win, then I'll put
down a button.' The proprietor sort of
nods to the king at that, and I plunks
down my half-crown. Weel, lads I wor
five shillings in a clink."
"Ay, but they were just waiting for
your guinea."
"It  may have been   so,   Andrew,   but
we have no proof of that; for,   ye see, as
soon as I got the   five   shillings and tin.!
buttoned it up in my pouch,   I says, 'I'll
be stepping hame now,' I says, and away
I goes.   Te   carina   fay   but   what thiy
treated me honorable."
"They had looked thrown?"
"Ou, they did; hut, a man's face is his
own to twist it as he pleases."
"And ye never saw the king again?"
"Ay, I met him after that   in a   close.
I gave   the aristocratic crittur saxpenci '
"I'll tell ye what,   Tammas   Haggart:
if he  was   proclaimed   king,   he would
very likely send for ye   to the palace and
make ye a knight."
"Man, Snecky, I put him through his
catechism on that very subject, but he
had v hope. Ye canna think how complete despondent he was."
"Ye're sure he was a genuine Pretender?"
"Nafaags! But when ye're traveling
it doesna do to let on what ye think, and
I own it's a kind of satisfaction to me
now to picture mysel' diddling a king ont
of five shillings."
"It's a satisfaction to everybody in
Thrums, Tammas, and more particular
to Tillyloss."
"Ay, Tilly has the credit of it in a
manner of speaking. And it was just
?!.iieh and go that I didna do a thing
with the siller as would have commemorate tbat adventure among future ages.'*
"Ay, man?"
"I had the notion to get bawbees for
the money, namely, one hundred an.l
thirty-twa bawbees, for of course I didna
count thc saxpence. Well, what w~,s I tc
do with them?"
"Put the whole lot in the kirk-plate
the first Sabbath day after ye eame back
to Thrums?"
"Na, na. My idea was to present a
bawbee to a hundred and thirty-twa folk
in Thrums, so as they could keep it
round their necks or in a drawTer as a
memento of one of their humble fellow-
"No humble, surely?"
"Maybe no, but when ye do a thing
in a big public way it's the proper custom to speak of yersel' as a puir crittur,
anil leave the other speakers to tell thc
truth about ye."
"It's a pity ye didna carry out that
"Na, it's no,   for   I   had  a better a ue
after, the. which I did carry out."
"Ay, I bocht a broach to Chirsty with
the siller."
"Ho, ho, ftiat's whaur she got the
"It is so, and though I dinna want to
boast, nobody having less need to do so,
I can tell ye it was the biegest broach
In Edinburgh at the price."
Edinburgh was only a corner in Haggart's field of corn, and from it I have
not pulled half-a-dozen stalks. He was
in various other great centers of adventure, and even in wandering between
them he had experiences such as would
have been a loiui for any ordinary mans
back. Once he turned showman, when
the actors were paid in the pennies Hung
at them by admirers in the audience.
Haggart made for himself a long blood-
red nose which proved such an irresistible target for moneyed sportsmen that
the other players complained to the management. He sailed up canals swarming
with monsters of the deep. He proved
such an agreeable companion at farms
that sometimes he had to escape In the
night. He rescued a child from drowning
and cowed a tiger by   the   power  of th#
human eye, exactly as these things undone in a book which belonged to C hlrsty
He had eleven guineas with him when
he set out, and without a notebook he
could tell how every penny of thc money
was spent. Prices, indeed, he remembered
better than anything.
I might as well attempt to walk up the
wall of a house as to cut r y way
through Haggart's corn-Held. Bolero arriving at the Held I thought to get
through it by tuking the hr-ttous one by
one, but here I am at the end of a chap
ter, and scarcely any of tho ct'.rii is |v>.
hind me. I now sec that no hlo'trrtphor
will ever be able to treat Hagg.o. on tho
grand scale he demands; for
will force tho*'- who kn■■w \x'» in hi.
prime to draw b.iek gcarrd from the
attempt, while younger itt'mlrers have-
not the shadow of bis personality to warn
them of their responsibility. For my own
part, 1 publicly hi.f'.t out of the Held an.l
dit down on the doctor's dyke awaking
Haggart's return to Thrums.
Mime urn    ts   Ilu* Aim of   the   ONI   Town'n
Histo  iml Society- A  Valuable
Canadian (ollirlion.
There are few places in Canada as
full of the traditions of the past as
Niagara, and the Niagara Historical
Society is doing an impo.tant work
in collecting and preserving those of
a material character. It has chosen
the 17th of September us its anniversary, because on thut dav in the
yew 17*>i_ the lirst Parliament of
Upper Canada met at Niagara-on-the-
Lake. The settlement was at lirst
called West Niagara, then butlers-
burg, from thc leader of the Hangers,
whose name hns been preserved in
Butlers Barracks. Col. Simcoc, who
was made the first Governor, chansr-
ed the name again to Newark, nnd
that became the first capital of Upper Canada. In the short space of
seven yours the society has made one
of the best collections of historical
documents and articles in Ontario;
it has placed eight stone posts to
mark historic spots, and has printed
ten pamphlets, all bearing on the
early and vital history of Canada.
The credit for the work that has
been done to preserve from oblivion
these relics of the past is chiefly due
to the President, Miss Janet Carnochan.
There i.s much doubt as to where
the first sitting of Pailiament was
held, but the weight of testimony is
in favor of the old wooden building
still standing and known as Navy
Hall. Tho Parliament first met on
Sept. 17, 1792, and The Upper Canada Gazette published there says
that on June 4, 1793, Governor Sim-
coe held a levee at Navy Hall And so
the probability is that Navy Hall
was the meeting place. It is certain
lhat many of the official documents
of the early part of the yer r were
dated from the hall. Tho building
is slill standing, though in a sadlv
d; lapidated condition. Tho worst
wrench was given bv a farm >r who
us'.ed the hall as a stable. Throuirh
the efforts of the society the atten- i
tion of the Government was called
to this, and the farmer was ordered
to vacate, but in doing so he tore
down a portion of one wall in order
to carry out his cattle stalls. If this
is really the fist seat ol constitutional Government in Upper Canada, more than the antiquarian will
approve <>f Is rescue from destruction.
The slone markers which have been
placed aie: (1) Tht- site of the first
burial of Sir Isaac Brock, Fort
George. 1 Ml I?-1824; (2) site of military council and Indian council
l.ousc: (3) silo ol Gleaner printing
office, I.S 17, and of Masonic Hall.
1792: (4) site of Government. House,
burned in 1812: (5) spot of burial
of bodies of three soldiers who fell in
battle, May 27, 1<St3; (6) residence
af Count, do Puis aye, built in 1798;
.7) site of Niwy Hall and first Parliament House; (8) Court House of
Counties of Lincoln, Wclland and
Haldira-and, 1847.
Among Iho pamphlets which the
society has issued are: (1) Taking of
Fort George by Col. Cruikshank,
edition o_~t.u_~.tr-d' (2) slave rescue.
Fort Niagara. cento_ii..al poem; (3)
blockade of Fort Griorge, Col. Cruik-
shank; (1) Memorial t<i U.E. Loyalists, battle of Ciueenston Heights; (5)
historic hous.-.s; (6) Niagara library.
1800-1820, early schools, by Janet
Carnochan; (7) historic buildings;
(8) family history, by Wm. Kirby
The collection  of the society, numbering over 1,600 articles, is now in
a small  room  ou the second floor of
the old    Court,  House.      It     includes
books nnd papers printed in   Niwaaia
or    relating  thereto,   starting     with
The Upper Canada Gazette of    Julv
3, 1791, a large number of portraits,
pictures,   maps   and   drawings    Which
have  proved  of  groat  assistance     in
settling disputed points of historical
interest,   military   clothing,   weapons,
household  utensils,  Indian  und other
relics.    Cno    result   of  tho     energetic
president's    researches    hus bein    to
: show    that  St.   Mark's   Church     was
I built   in   .1801,   and  not   in   1792,   as
; stated on the brass tablet set in the
1 wall.
Notwithstanding the inconvenience
of location, the collection has hem
inspo-tcd every year by thousands,
and forms a valuable addition to tho
historic memories of the place. 'Iho
space, however, is altogether too
limited to permit of proper exhibition and arrangement, and there is
always the danger of fire.
Recently the following were appointed a committee lo devise steps
for obtaining a suitable building for
the collection from private sources,
the municipal authorities and the
Government: Miss Carnochan. President; C. C. James, David Bovlo,
John Ross Robertson. Mrs. IT.
Thompson, Vv. Witluow, V.
Aikons,   R
E, l)
'lllson, IV. Kirby,
H. Clifford, Alfred Ball, A. Servos
A. W. Wright.
.ho to he love't, so to he wrcel;
Oh! iii-.ro t ll It ll mortnl iviuniin sir .111:1!
W'luit If -she nil or lull li.'ilnl!
Lord make me worthy, keep .hvm uima.
. '■ .Jejt-<*-' *$_.
Z00-2I2 First Ave.North:   MINNEAPOLIS. MINN.
■'-■ jV      '*?%WRITE  J0g   CIRCULARS '
Q-E1TBRAL     ____^^_E]~R/0~E~^-A.l^r,
Miners Supplies.
IiIIjI_00"EiT, "B.C.
Branch Store at Bridge Uiver where .1
ill stock of General Merchandise und Min]
ns Outfits are on hand.
,T. Dtinlop, General Merchant, Lillooet,B.Cd
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fall to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.fi
Winchester rifles are made In all desirable
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made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
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One Dollar Plan
I'I,AN. Till*,
"H(Y.V   ..l.f. .SICK   PKOPLKCAN -ItIf.
The pur pos<e uf I liii ii'lv~rti. enient i*. to explain to 11»•> rea.li-rs
of i liie papi'i'iKtiv tliiN ^-iii lie done, iiuvv we can ti eat jmlieuta
I'or only $1.00 iter month. .
In tlie fust place we t'cat from five hundred to seven liund
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wholesale, and t-oiripomiil Bud put up all our ii.edicines, li'eii.ie,
come idea may be lorined of the enormous busiiiHSB carried on.
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$l.6o a Month.      « j
Our iijietlioil of treatment is'strictly up to date.    Evtfry case is
given a thorough diagnosis, and the same i;I8__ atmly and atten-
f\ tion t iroi^iho'it lhe course of treatment as if it were visited daily.
We ask our paeejits to.write ;us their condition fully and olien,
and in tlii-s way we are kept in close touch with each new symptom as it develop'. 0 ir $1.00 a mon' h plan has no special
offer feature of a single month, but is goijd for any month in the
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OVERLOOK THIS PLAN? Tne rich and ti.e poor alike have
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11 ay Fever
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the Bladder
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Heart luihire
Liver trouble
Asllnna   -'• -    '   >*'
Blood Poison
... ■-■.
i     ~    ._
Sluniach &
linwel Dis
Ovaiio Tu
S.:i olnla
'; * j \ •
\ ,*-.'   :
- -.yil-p.-y
h'j)-. & Kat
C.niMinip- •
■.--   .**.■
"     ■; '■.:■
In .u,
Privnfe UiB-
All of these d sea.estreated until' ctT-id on; (he '*-t.ne tl -liar
plan." Il" yon aie sick and suffering, *md i etd' i jtpeit treatment,, do not delav, but wiite to ns at once. D.-lay is daugeiaus.
Do not'I. t your d'isease get to i far advaitced. 0,\rt-.yourself ii.
ilsearlv stages and vou will save yonrself yea-is of .uffeiing,
The I iiger \on let it, "run the longer it takes a-id the harder it
ia. toipi..,.,. 0~-not, experiment a i111 patent n ediciue--. Don't,
be robbe.rby 'fra\id~-.vlio promise airvfhitig hiiil hc-omplish nothing Thev are here today am' away tomorrow. Wh are established (27 ve.irs) and responsible, financially nnd professionally. Incompetent physicians may not onlv swindle you, but
they mav rniirihtofir system. In imny of onr metropolitan papers voii often^ee advertis.'inen's o.ffe~ii»g fr.e curis, in. prescriptions, service free till cured, and Icing article of the tines
effected liy some pa ent medicine . .These ind numerous other
•_-hemes are tor the sole.purpose of gulling the public, Htiilentii.li
some per ons or iirm who have not, ev. n a physician among
them. Ot'iers advertise testimoiiials of persons they have cured
after evervthiugelse has failed.    Wi. USE No NAMES of t'l.tisoNs
n.y I'UYstctANS who make diseases ' pecu'i.iai. to men a kpeiiai.tt,'
l'HEIU NAME'.'. USED FOlt THIS i'UKI'0«E.   ..      j
We a.ivertise, but under no consideration do we offer false inducements to gain patronage. We welcome irive. titration., but
ik_p~._e-di_ilioiit.st methods and will uot cater to those who .do
not desire to patronize us b. cause  we do not offer some rtilcii-
ptnnv st heme.
The doctors of this inslilution have been healing Ihe afllicted
for over a quarter uf a century. Tney are graduates from the1
best medical colleges of tw.' continri.i's. Their experience has
b len wide and searching. Their skill ishevoud dispute. Their
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VDept. A-. 1457,
Englewood Sia.
Chicago, 111.
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.
Aii I'ni* back as the year 18.58, successful placer mining was carried oh at Hor-i' 1 *,«•<■ p
mr'} Dt'ar the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is bpuig.'worked.\vit]i' \jvolU ;ir'
tlie prose ut time, .  . <    *      '..       «.,, ..'-'  ..  ......        ... ..,',
A eompany is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying•siuress, and
a new .company has been formed with y capital of $350,000, to bperaite ai fi iiipri; ved
dvttdge near the town of lillooet. .'  .
2. Its Promising; Mineral Lands.
,"andi.u.son lake and luuixiE river mining properties will prove themselves.suHicicnt. To
ioirm-a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of  territory  that remain  u.itprospec.ted
3, Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-^^^
lncretising liunibers oi' tourisls from all parts of the globe testify that the, sportsn'ri u-'s
lTiradise is lure. .Mountain shoe]), bear, deer, and all kinds of large a'nd small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease 1<«
be a lti.vurv.
4. lis Salubrious Climate.<^~^>
lu the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and. equable.
therlimnli' i.* most suitable for heal th-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit may be grown, arm
at the present lime, November, rosebushes and geranium plants 'may beseell in Ijflo.r.h
in the gun lens of the town
Nearest  Kailway "towns are  asidm'oFt and lytton, on the can.aiu an i'Aoi Pit: i;aii.w.vy.
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i.oi-cl ColeriillfU on tli« Ballon.
Lord Coleridge, Lord Chief Jtisti
of England front 18180 until U_*~*-i.
has been described us England's
givatest criniinul rjudge, A writer in
the Pall Mall Magazine says that in
appearance he has the veiy embodiment oi judicial dignity. lie was
ever courteous and considerate, and
never tried to win cheap applause at
the expense of an inexperienced barrister or overwrought witness.
lie had a curious habit, on tlio
bench, of leaning back in his chair
nnd closing his eyes, and this sometimes led the unwary to conclude
that he was asleep.
On one occasion, during the trial
of a prisoner for setting lire to a
dwelling-house, the counsel for tho
defence was much upset through his
ignorance of thc chief's habit.
Throughout the day he had been trying to get before the jury the fact
that a man other than the prisoner
had openly threatened to burn down
the particular house.
Each attempt to introduce testimony which the rules of evidence
would not admit, was checked by a
prompt objection, sustained by the
court. But when the speech for the
defence was begun Lord Coleridce
went off into his usual dee, and thc
counsel saw his opportunity.
"Gentlemen of the jury," said he,
"let me come to another and more
• serious point. Vie have heard from
the witnesses that a certain Bill
,Smith had, prior to the lire, been
dismissed by the prosecutor from his
service. Now, gentlemen, I can tell
you something—"
"Dut not about Mr. William Smith,
I'm afraid," came from the bench,
in gentle tones which conveyed no
sense of irritation or annoyance.
Death  lioll of tho PUffUC.
Over a million and a half people
in India have died of plague since the
disease first made its appearance in
Bombay in 18-5. In 18..6 there
were 1,700 deaths. The Mortality
increased to 56,000 in IS!)", to .118,-
OUt) in 181)3, and to 135,000 in IS'. *>.
The following year there was a big
drop the number of deaths going
down to 93,000, but the hope tnat
the. end was in sight was quickly
dashed to the ground, the year I'.Ol
see ng no less than 274,000 deaths,
while the total rose in 1002 to the
terrific figure of 5,7,000. Since iVen
matters have grown even worse, \he
f.rst three months of the current >ear
adding roughly another 800.000 to
the list of those who have perished
from the disease.
■GUAR PH ,   iCS.
It. A. Sui par., I-.    .   .     ,*..*.* i'vu."iy    I   if,
(Ml Matto.H _ti-/;.-r<,logical un.. Astfoii   -
inlcal—• t i-oilu.v Nyst.m 'rriuih.es.
At the Canadian Institute rooms in
Toronto on a recent S-al'urday l.i.^bt,
an addre-s was read by It. A. .Stu-
par-fc, l'\K.S.C, on astronomical matters. Mr. Stupart said the wotld
was awaking to the importance of so-
le.r physi.s, meteorology, scismo-
giaphy ».,d terrestrial magnetism.
Much good wor.i had been done by
the Toronto Observatory, and he
was glad to say that Canadians generally were beginning to appreciate
The lecturer traced briefly the lise
and growth of meteorological and
niagnty^ science, and staled that the
Bii.iS* Assoc...♦ion in 1834 ordered
a magnetic survey to be made of the
pi i.i -ipal lands of the two hemis-
jlieics. In 1837 a report was publish.d, and in 1838 an expedition,
partly subsidized b.v Queen Victoria,
was organized under Sir John Ross
and sailed for the Antarctic mi a
voyage of discovery and magnetic Investigation.
Canada and Van Piemen's Land
were selected as being nearest the
magne.i'. poles, and St. Helena, because it wns in the sphere of 1 » si
magnetic disturbance, and in these
three places observatories were or-
dore l to be ctccled.
Toronto was chosen ns the most
suitable point, in Canada, and King's
College granted a site. In September, 1810. the lirst magnets weir
suspended iu a wooden structure, and
f.om then until IH.'_> constant ami
careful observations of diurnal
changei in magnetic declination and
dip were made, but in 1802 the magnets were ruined, as wero those of
other observatories in l'otsdam,
Greenwich, Kow and Washington by
t.he advent of the troll-y car. the electro-magnetic force utilized !><* g so
strong as to set up local at tract ions
which destroyed thc influence of earth
Pr.if Stupart then dealt with
light, noting that, light, exerts pressure, as is proved by the radionu Lcr.
Ue gave a lengthy and lucid description of the Aurora Boreal is, and cx-
ll'iniu it according to the theory of
primordial matter, with which I r
Osborne Reynolds of Owen's College,
Manchester lately startled the scientific woi Id.
Next. Air. Stupart touched on the
su] e. heated steam theory of seismic
and volcanic disturbance, referring,
of course, to Pelee.
The red spot on Jupiter, the Nova
l'e s-:i and the desirability of increased membership of the sotiety
' ich had a place tn the professor's
r ae.il lemaii to manage Im-ines.* in this j
County and and adj iuiug teuiory for]
hout-eof s..lid financial standing. $20!
sra-^lii cash salary aid expenses paid I
ucli rtlondav direct fr.iin l.eadipiatteis. |
Kxpei se nn nev ai.vaneed; |-o_.tioii per- J
iiianeut. Address Manager, »>05, Motion I
li'iil.lini:. Chicane. .
Tit*. Rev. Irl Hick* Almanac lor 1901
\. no* ready. It will ne mailed t.i any
address for 30 entr. It issurpii-itu Low
-"lieI. an el g iil,cohtlv Look can he sent
..repaid ho el.e.aplv. No family or p.-i.oii
is prepared to study th.- heavens, or the
-lorn.s and weather in 1904, without tins
woiideilul Hicks Alniannc and Professor
llieke splendid paper, Word and Woiks.
II -tli are sent for onlv One D dlar a yeat.
Word and Works is tun >ug the best Am-
eiican inagnz.nes. I.i.*e tlie Hicks Almanack, ii is too well known lo need
(..tiller comiueiidation.    Few men have
labored   e   faithfully for  tlie public
good  or  found   a   warmei place in  tin
eart.s of the people.    Send orders to
0.) , -!?0l  L. it'll-I S reel, St. I.0UIS, Mo.
FOUND on the I,. ton-Lillnoet R.ad,
:i piece of gold. Owner can have tlie
same by proving ownership and paying
A J. S*nrt,
14 Mile Creek.
January 5, 1901.
NKWSPAPEK I'I.AN I", including large
Cordon l'ress, i8£\i j, »i iiii clia« ; in good
i o-idilion. aiul in use, a'so Wnslitiif*fton haul
press, type, elc. No renaomilile offer refused,
Address—Prospector I'ublisliing Co.,
■ Lillonet, B C.
NOTICK is hereby given that 6o dajs
nfter dale I inte id to apply to (he Chief
Commissioner ul Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following hind situated at the I'\i4~.tiiii, l.ill.iiet Distort, nior_
pariiularly described  us follows:,
Comuieiicing at p>t on die Southern
boundary ol Nicalo llonini's ranch, marked
I'aul Santini's No l p ist north wesl corner,
llience South 15 chains, llienc.r Ivist 25
c!i ons, th.-iic i N nth 15 chains, thence Wesl
25 chains lo p lint ofco.umence.iieiit containing 4" acres more or less.
Li looet, January 5,   1904-
~ilor anil gnml reputation In each slam (oue
in (hi** in nny required) tu rcprceui ami ml-
vertixe nM-esiablislied wealihy business house
nfsn i.l iiii.nici.il standing, Salary{21,00 weekly with expenses  additional, all payable iu
i'iiSU direct etn-li Wednesday   fiom head nlliees
Horse an.1 carriage f0rn.shed s\hen iwceusKry.
References. Kn. lose sell-added less envelope.
<'otoiilal,  882, lieaibuin St. Chicago.
Select K-ailliiil for Aiin.-xulioiil ts.
Note: Tha fallowing selections from
paPGis of the southern States appear
in connection wiih an arti.le In The
Ulobe of the date above mentioned,
and entitled "Select Reading for
Slaves—Slaves. The undersigned
keeps constantly on hand a well assorted lot of slaves for sale. We will
receive and sell slaves for our friends
on commission. We will pay cash for
20 or '2o slaves. We invite our
Mends and the public generally to
give us a call when they bave busi-
ne;s in our line, O. K. Hatches &
Co'y, 195 (Jravier Btreet.
Slaves for Sale. An exceedingly
line assortment of Virginia and
Maryland negroes arc offered If or sale, I
corner of Esplanade and Moreau
streets. They were purchased with
care, bave .hist arrived, and will give
general satisfaction to buyers. . W.
L. Campbell, Sinters old Stand.—
From The tilobc of .Jan. '2~, 18">3.
Novel Ways of IIiivIiik Stock.
The latest way of selling stock is
by measuring with dollar bills. The
other day a cow was sold in this
manner and the price determined by
measuring around thc animal's body
b.v $1 bills. it only roquired 11
bills to encircle the cow, and now
tht re is one mun in East Flamboro
who will never sell that way again.
Another game is to offer to buy a
hoise lor the amount of money required to measure it from the tip of
the nose to the end of the tail, but
instead of measuring up over the
bead and along the back, the horses
tail i.s drawn forward between his
bind legs and his head backward
between his forelegs, und it is found
that the distuncc between the noce
and the tail can sometimes be covered by one bill.
Our Drug Store is the "House ol
Perfume." II there's a new perfume
ur a new odor oh lhe market we're the
first to have it. We have all the old
-tnudi-v odors—Lubin's, Atkinsi it's,
I'inaud's, Del'etrcK', Callel's and Colgate's. An excellent line, 50 cen's au
The sweetest, among rose perfumes
at 75c.  a lioitle.
'        'P /
' _s. £e. ( j /1 a AZ- <__
< <$/ y$T / ■  ty
makes an acceptable gift for either
hnly or gentleman. 1'iices from $2 50
to $10 each. Lvery pen sold 011 30
days trial, and, 11 found unsatisfactory
will be exchanged, or money refunded.
DRUG Co. Ltd.,
Paul Santini,
Our Catalogue is a veritable bank book, wherein
every article illustrated
means to our customers
a direct cost saving.
Thi new edition, ready Nov.15,
will b_ <il incalculable value lo
everv perso.i into whose hanJ*
it comes.
It will illustrate articles
of high quality only at the
extreme   lo.ve.st   prices.
Write for a copy. It will
be forwarded free oi ..ost.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sen<llii~ n okcteh and description nmy
nnlokly iiarerlnin our opinion free whether an
Invention I. prolinblvpatentable. Communlca-
lioimntrictlyniiiUUeiit.ini. Iliindbnokon Patents
sent free, oldest agency for securing imtents.
I'liicnis taken tlirnugli Munn e. Co. receive
•pedal notice, without chargo, in tho
Sciemffic American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lnrgest clr-
culntloii of any . .icnlltle Journal. 'I'ernis, t'd a
year; four moi't lis, 1,1. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.3S'3'"d-> New York
Branch Oflice. (125 V St. Washington, D. C.
There are very few cleansing operations in which Sunlight
Soap cannot be used to advantage. It makes the home bright
and dean. ia
QJBN.K_~U.__ MI.I...HANT, __II.I_.X)ET, B. C.
carries ti   full stock of all kinds of Groccrios,  Dry Goot]
Hoots and Shoes, Hardware Sic-
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton A Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday!
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.^
150 Mile House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly service
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
K  Special conveyances furnished.    Send  for  folders
The new stage line leaves Lytton every Monday an
Friday for Lillooet, returning* next day. Special tri'
made.    Write us for information.
Peter Webagliati $ Co., Lytton   B. C.'j
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and best stock in B..
including: liar Iron, Cast Steel, .Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
PENDER    ■• .. ■ * -.        HORSE NAILS,
Sole Agents .'at VAI.liNTINK'S  High (mule ('AURIA..K VAKNISII.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
McCOSH is your nearest TAILCRj
:, Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSH, Me re I mil I Tailor, Aslici-ofl, B. 0
Vancouver, B.C. v
l.stablislied, 189a      ■ ;*/ * •
Assay work of all desciiptions uiuleltHlieii. Tfs.lij niiule a\i lo 2000 11 is. A. s|Vecinll
inmle of checking smeller pulps. SjiinpU-s from lire' Inlermr hy Mail or Kxpr.
promptly ntti-mleil io.    Correspon1le11.ee    solicited.
SeeUS, for s.j.riug   pl.nu
Bulbs, Plants,
The McMillan Fur &. Wool Co. hnve
pit)ceil their i-iri'ii'ar of D c I2'h on (lit*
ut our office for reference. Tills houce
wnB e_.tahlidl.etl a quarter .if a c i.uny
ago, and on account of Iheir extensive
t)i..ine*8, Ihec are in a po.iiion to pay
hitch prices. Shippers tiixl their deal
iugs villi them very satisfactory. |
A» a special   and temporary   offer to
readers of thi' paper, ue will mail Tiik
I'nii.k' lo persons who are nut now s«ih
lilici». for ten week" for lell cents.
TlIK l'flii i<: is a $2, 16-pave weekly Review for di mocratic Democrats ,and de
mocriilic Uepuhlicant-; ii* opinions are
expie.ee.l without fear or favor; ii j;ive.
nu interesting   and connected   weekly
• if all I iitmical news; it always has ed-
itoiials worth studyiug, a cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth leading, and!
n.'iscellaneou* it.ittter hoih valuable and
iuleie-i'.iug; and it is liked hy intilligenti ...       -   _^—__
vv en  as well as hy  Intelligent me    q   p    A I      ■»*»_%._* __^_T*
Ti.e editor is   I. mi- V.  Post.    Send 1. 1   |\. f .Mllu S iSOjl U( U <
rents .ll.^ilv  I'01   s'niniis for till week's.
rial.    All Hiiosr* iptinns a'e paid stricil* |-
in   advance,  and 11 po.  expiration   tin
paper is prolllptlv 8t"ppfd   mile's snii-i '
'ei Ipli"li i' renewed. M.-nlion this p.p I
Address:       'IIII'. PUBLIC,      •   !
Unity l.itiliHng. Ou t'-Soo, lit.,   j
AliklCU 1.TU RA I :-l M IM ,KM KNTS,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3x59,  Westminster   Ko.kI, A'nMcoiivei, \i.C
T'sc l.cvcr's 1";.' ,V'."p (a j-owdcr. to
wash wook'118 and flaime'.s,—you'll lik; |
it. 321
General .Hium\vsin~,
l'icl<H {1.11(1 '81 IOVt'1-H,
A Xt'S, J lot'H tSl   I i U kt'H,
l.tu* Iron. Drill Slwl,
Oils, I'ninls, Sic.


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