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The Prospector Apr 4, 1903

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 ff TS
/~*1  Iff r
Vol. 5. No. 37.
$(.CO a year.
f Mineral Exhibit at St. Louis.
N     .lL
The following letter which we have ri -
reived from Victrria wil  explain itself
Neeilli-Bs to say, it will he  in .•«*.-aiy fur
the local  organization io act promptly;
if at all, in this matter:
Dear Sir:
The Exhibition   Branch
of the Department of Agriculture, Oita-
wjt, is making a new set of Exhibj1,,
which   will  he shewn  at the   World's
Fair, St. Louis, U.8 A., next  year, ami I
atothpr Exhibitions   ahroail  in which
the DL'iiiniO'i Government take pun.    '
If you wonl'l caaeto exhibit samples I
oi ihe ores of your .erlinn of B C, yon
can forward them to our office al Ott.au a |
where   the evlnnits from  ail   pails of
Canada will he  first   lnongl)t tone)lur,'
pievious lo their being sent to St. Lout..
Aa the fund* on   hand    for this wi rk j
are liuiitee, the Depart merit cannot pay i
for the samples or for coll'ecti.ig th.in,
but will pay for transportation to Ottn-
wa. and for all other expenses connected wilh  t.'ieir display at  S'. Lours ami
subsequent Exhil ilioiis,  ptt.vtd.d    hat
the exeihits a>-e given   to our Depart-
tneni for its sole use in advertising Canada abroad.
Small specimens os samples, v. hich do
imt weigh more than lour pounds cat
be mailed free io Otawa, and 1 have
forwarded the Secretary of your branch
of the Piovincial Mining Association
some printed tags in tie event of your-
tell* or others in your section caring tn
forward some in this in inner. Others
can tie paused in boxee ami sent by
C.P.R. Freight. All packages should be
addressed to the Secretary, Exhibition
Brai.ch, Department of Agncultu-e, Ottawa. In case yuu forward any in boxes, kindly notify him. Letters lo lhe
above address can be mailed free.
If forwarding sample-, kndly furnish
witli them ibe folio a ing particulars re-
gai ding each specimen: Name of claim,
owners, locality, approximate a. eat values, and any other information, general
or Mati-lic.il, you can i ive	
Yours truly,
Angus K. Stuart,
C illector of Exhii.it. for St. L mis Exhibition.
Ar. h meeting of tne Executive, ot'the
Provincial Milling Association held recently it wag d.cided to urge the Lical
Organizations to carry out the Idea of
the Dominion (iov.-nuient as outlined
Copper has tieen to 14% cents. This
price will give the Audeison Lake copper poperties a show,
At the request of a corumitte of the
Provincial Mining Association Premiir
Prior has paoiuised to place the sum i f
$1,250 n lhe estimates as a contribution
towards publishing a full report of the
proceedings of the ueceut convention.
Tne condition of the metal market is
most encouraging at present, and sliaiee
in B.C mines are advancing in value on
the London stock exchange. It is pri -
dieted that further advances in the
price of B.C. stocks will soon be made.
Evident,  of Kxti't s.v.* One: nl io..s Carried
O l  \l   ny 1 i>iiis ..£  .
Rhodesia, or British Zaiiibe ia,
ran s mong the chief gcldle ring
couut ie~ of tl.e world, 'iho ancients
mineii and carried away cno.mous
quantities of the precious metal, bul
under tho scientific mining systems
of the present day their operations
Will be greet'y surp.ssed. in the recently published w_r„ on the "Ancient RUins of Rhodesia," the authors, Miss s. Hall and _ eal, eueea-
vor to discover who the an,cits
were and whither the gold went.
■ :   ■      ■• •
Perhaps Rhodesia was the ancient
land of Ophir, the land of the mysterious "'King .Solomons liiinef,"
but the theory is strongly combaled
by some in. estimators. The am lent
gold wor! ings are the basis of modem workings. For etery len square
rui'cs of RhodcFia there was one ancient mine, t'l'at is, there r.r. 75.000
oil holes, whi h means that a stupendous, wealth was dug out of th.
euith befoie the days of Cecil
Rhodes. Muth of this wealth mist
havo gone to the north and east' i
was probably wrought i'.to tie
crown of the Queen i f Sheba aud (bled the cutlers oi Solomon.
. ient    n>  I <■ *.
The ancient smelting fu.rna.ces are
sti'l easy to ie^ogni.:e. They are sunk
into tho lloor. Thc furnace blow] i. es
are made of the finest g' at ite-pow<~er
cement, and the no*' ba of the blowpipes are catered with s 1 s'ns of
gold. Ihs linings of the holes are
covered with s. eels of fold. W'en
the first lining became wors by tho
heat, a f est. I,ning Of cement of an
excellent quality, which hus outlasted time, wus smeared uround ou top
of the old lining. Ore can take an
old lining, s, lit o(T the layers with
a knife and find go;d si lashes in
tnnli'iitg w»=l.i! -.'> (I.
Apparently the ancients wasted
gold lavishly. Gold has I .<". n found
in large quantities in the form of
pellets ns large as hue! shit in the
vicinity of tie furnaces, and ul o
thrown away on the de*bn's heaps
outside of the old » tildings.
The tools of the ancient Workers
which hat e so far been discovered include a small soaps'tono hamiror and
burnishing -tones of water worn
rock, to wli h gild slill adheres.
There are etidentes thut the ancients
carried on an extensive industry in
the manufacture of gold or aments
and utinsi s Thirty-fito thousand
dollars' worth of gild ornaments
hate heen taken In tho but five years
from the ruins of Matabeleland
E'ltliron'ngr .In Ait lit>l~1i»|'.
It is expected that the now Archbishop of Canterbury will bo enthroned very soon now. This ceremony,
though not, of course, approaching a
coronation, is attended with a good
deal of pomp. In the enily half of
the centurv the ceremony was | er-
formed with comparative simplicity,
and often with some difficulty. Archbishop Hawley, who was promoted
to the See of Canterbury in the
height of the Reform agitation, wns
stoned out of the city, and it is only
in the latter half of the century that
the Archbishops have hud any popularity in their own cathedral . city.
With the growth of more ornate services it has become the practice to
carry out the enthroni'-atlon of the
Archbishop with considerable splen*
dor. and though Dr. Temple wns not
himself a man fond of show, his e'e-
vatio- to the cathedral throne was
conducted in the most imposing manner. The new Archbishop will be enthroned with probably a more splendid and impressive ceremonial than
his  predecessors.
The Rest Hunting Ground on Earth—Lacks
But Two Memlii'18 of the Great Game
Family, Buffalo and Wild ri(jeoii~-
Uow Wolves Increased-A Costly l~x*
perimeiit—Wolf as a Hero
At the recent convention of the
North American 1'ish and Game Protective Association at Ottawa, Colonel Turner, the United States Consul at the capital, declared that ti.e
Dominion is ti.e greatest country in
the world for game, This is a
statement which may surprise non-
spoiting citi-cns, uut which, nevertheless, is quite true.
..oral's i.i..t _iunting Urouuil.
Amei icons come over here by thou-
sancis at dinerent seasons ol toe year
for a few days sport with gun unu
rod. "Sew Brunstvieiv uou-ts the most
aristocratic iis,,i.ig clubs in the
tvo.ld, tne __6_iiuor_hip fee of one ,»f
tvlii.h uii.oiiiits in be. e. i,l too sand
rloli~.i'S. ;.ost oi the l~i~.es in all'tne
OaSttitti pro v in'its swarm witli buss,
Said to l.e the __ii.isi; iiSn in u.e
world,  w ill  ti.. .,. l.jjj oi tile su:-
mon tiout. vtu...i hi .oulWi in t.,_
Vii's en pe.:insii , *.i,~ partri..ge i.,
comi-.oii in ,e . iy e ■ efy county in
ti.e country, i.o r i, e of iho lei
in ei- and the Line; l.e .1 j,, equally
wide, while moos . thanks *o a loi .,,
cL.e .e.-i-ii. cl ■• n ' :,,i'i to.ro re-
I i r.i-       len.if'; 1 ,v   i„     0f
ciii i all.,n. With !__., l.i t.,_, anil the
Ter.itoiies the home ol the prairie
chic en, g-c.se. ducks, u. I sandhill
>    . il.cr    iip,
~aid i he ,; v\    wolf
l . .    "i I , . i:h
I   ■;        . 1.. in ..1*1,    ...e-
b"av. iu . and  other
■v ir  jieits alone,
;n I.,' il.i:u to  he
. a,ipy      hunting |
cr nu, iti, ~ri. /
i.,,ii*...aiii sheep,
in t.! ■) !toc! ies ;...
iria. b ;'..ion in Vr
.- i - of • , ; .
ai iniala ■ .* .-^.
Cuncda mu.\ asi
considered h.
gl'o  nils of this t.
nir. •    . .-: . ...   -.
T!ie gieat game t&mAy lucks two
mostil.c s no lordly buiialo and the
wild pi. eon. Forty years ago the
buiialo roamed the Viusturn i>raiiits
by mo i ns of thousantis, while tie
flights of olue rocs ii e..,ily darkened lhe sun. To-day there is not a
specimen of citi.e in tl.e country out-
sicie of a -.oo—except, as to buiialo,
thu hed at liuinl. They have been
wiped irom the face of the earth. No
word but "ciime" can be applied to
the extermination of the buiialo by
white "sportsmen." At the same
time, though nothing can compensate for their loss, the wholesale destruction of one great species has
served as the most powerful argument for the preservation of others.
This is the precedent cited when a
close season is desired for any bird
or Least. Some years ago it. was
found imperative to more rigorously
protect the beer in Canada. The
shooting of moose was prohibited altogether for a time, and the open
season for cariboo, elk, and red deer
was limited to a very few days. The
desired end was achieved and the
deer increased in a most gratifying
How Wolves Increased.
Wolves also multiplied in the same
proportion; according to the laws of
nature; and now they are more numerous thnn for many years, Wolves
in their pleasant home associations
with their prey occupy very much tho
same position as railway rates in relation to freight. A popular working motto for both seems to be "All
the Traffic Will Hour." The deer are
ea*°t for tho somewhat strenuous role
of traffic. It might appear at first
sight, (hut when the doer are no longer    so    jealously preserved and thc
mortality is higher among .__, the
wolves tvi.l de.rea.o accordingly.
This i.s not so, for it must be borne
in mind thut wolf is far more tenacious of life than a deer, and is one
of the most difficult of animate to
hunt. Besides, a timber wolf, when
reinforced by his immediate family
and a few neighbors, is something of
a hunter bin.self. He is not only a
mi ancc, but a menace to all game,
cattle, and even to man himself.
i*5H» a Head lor Wolves.
Ontario re.ill es this fact, and there
is a bounty of $10 for the head of
one of the e animals, six dollars of
whi h is i>i id by the county where
the animal i; I i led, und lour dol-
Liis by the province. Quebic. pays
no bounty, though thc wolves Here
are much more numerous. Premier
Parent, it is s.nl, wishes to place a
law on the statute books offering a
reward to encot rage their extermin-
niin, and the Came Protective Association appointed a committee to
writ on him and urge the matter.
The reason why the Premier of Quebec needs bis hands strengthened is a
most surpiising one. His eollengucsi
are opposed to a bounty because
there are so many wolves that it
would amount to a large .sum. That
is t:> s y. wolves are su ravenous
that they arc almost ind-spensable.
Tl is state of aftairs, satisfactory as
it may le to some of Mr. Parent's
colleagues. cannot continue much
longev, for the depredations of the
dreaded grey wolf are becoming intolerable.
A i'os'.ly Experiment.
Lumbermen have been attacked,
and thousands of dollars worth of
lice stock des royerl. A bounty will
not make farmers any more anxious
to save their property from the wolf,
but will have the effict of encouraging hunters to address (heir professional attentions to him. In the
meantime the farmers hate been expo imc" ling with new methods for
extermi laiing these brutes. A settler on the tipper Mattawa, having
heard that if a rat. is caught, a bell
tied to his neck, and he is then turned loose again, he will strike such
terror to the hearts of his colleagues
that they will desert the bouse, de>
ci.'ed to try tho plan with wolves.
He secured a wolf, "belled" him, and
turned him loose. Then his lambs
began to disappear with alarming
frequency, and Investigation showed
that they had fallen victims to a
wolf. The owner watched and waited and finally tiscovered that the
wolf he had given his liberty used
the bell as a decoy for sheep, and
that they, accustomed to tbe sound,
and associaling it with one of tlnir
kind, actually pursued the wolf into
the woods, with what painful results
may be readily imagined.
Tlie Wolf m. a Hero.
The boldness of the wolves in packs
may bo their undoing, for then they
can be traced more readily, though
this is rather a dangerous undertaking. They expose themselves openly,
and will even stand gun lire. Cunning comes with adver. ity'; the fewer
wolves the greater intelligence. For
this reason it will be almost impossible "to completely exterminate
them, and, indeed, we do not thirst
for the last, drop of blood of the
last timber wolf. Alone and famishing, with the hand of etery nan
against him. huiiled by clogs, his
path beset with (raps, and his h;ir
with  pitfalls,  the Wolf will  still    do
battle.     'I here i- n  Stieuk <f tho hero
in the gniinl,  gt e.\   robber,  af.er nil
Tne Kinj» ami Queen will visit Ireland
next August,
Iu the University bout race Cambridge
detente t Osfo'd easily by six lengths.
Shamrock 111. hns lpid her first trial
trip and made a splendid  showing.
The sirikent Fernie has been declared
oil and a contrarl tor i wo years has beeu
The Marconi Company is looking for
a suitable station on the Pacific Coast.
The Ontario House has adjourned un-
'il  April 21st.
(ileal dt ptess'tii'. prevails at JCanaimo
owing to colliery disputes in that neighborhood.
The (ianicc charges in Toronto take
precedence ovei ti.e speech from tlie
Tb rone.
Tbe Jlntiiinion Parliament adopted
.Mr. Oostican'- re.oiution favoring Home
Rule lot lielai'd.
The revenue fi^ur.s pf the United
Iviiigloni t't.r the ti.cal year show au in-
chhscoI nearly ?'3,000,000 over last
The affiliation *i the Coal miners of
Canada and the' Platen is contemplated.
The n vopninubiB in Macedonia are
bi ing worsted,
The Canadian Northern is to spend
one and a half million dollars on its railway terminus a' Winnipeg.
The ru. h o[ immigrants to the North
West is unubaieil, every regular ami all
.poeial ti ain. heitg crowded with new
settlers lor the wheat-belt line. Nine
hundred and flfl-y wbo came out on the
Parisian (run I.n.land, were mostly
young men and had secured situations
before leaving home.
t ie S
...   ii .ui,   M.
ui ih Ur- is   C mm     i.t a .I v.! t L -
■ rn Sundm  A   : ll    l9ti   a. d Will   tn
.• ■  two  meeting, iu   ine   .Methodist
•ch.     Full    allien  us wib be >.iven
put in xt issue.
The Times on ."ylarnh 30; h published
its first regular Marconi wireless message
being twv> despatches from its own New
York correspondent. Anglo Saxons are
asking when the Canadian service is to
Mr. W. F. ALLEN begs to notify his
friends and Customers thai the l'ioneer Hotel will continue under his management and
direction until further notice. Mr. Allen assures his friends nud the travelling public
generally ihal thc best of care and attention
will be bestowed on ali who patronize the
l'ioneer Hotel,
I.iiiooet, January, 1903.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powder i.s better than other ]x>wders,
as it if both soap and disinfectant.     34 THE  PKOSPECTOU, LTLLOOET, B.C.,  APRIL 1,   1903*
AT l.ll.I.OOKT,  B.C.
BY TIIK I'll HI'Refill:  IT 11 I.I -ill 1 N<;  COMPANY,
THE   PROSPECTOR is the only paper piib-
llslied in the I.iiiooet I).strict„and is all home
Silti-urlplinim: One Dollar a vent' III nilviiiii'i'.
Advertising nr.es ntmle known on application.
Correspondence I.s invited on nil iniillers ol
pnlilii- or loi'iil interest. All .oilllllilliii'litlon.
must In* ii('i'iiiii|iiinioil liy llie iiiinio nf thu
writ or, Iml nut necessarily for pitlilli'iilion.
Provincial Parliament.
It, now st'cnts likely llittd Col.
Pi'iorwill have .-; trial ;ts Preiuiur
of onr I lOllince.    When lie look
lldltl   of    UlH     l'l'HllliHI'Sl|t|l    SOIIII'
time .•»•_,•<>, \V(,i'X|ii'i'.ssi>i| our 'nimble opinion  thai, .-is ('ol.   I'rior
luiil liillti'ito li;ul ;i clc.'iii   iccoit
in -iriviiU', luisiiit'ss ,'iml political
lift*, In* should  Ik* "ivi'ii a   fail'
diiime It. "iiide the ship of stall*.
We   I liinl- so slill.    Whether the
Premier can persuade the majority of the people  throil»'hotlt the
Province that l.e i.s therioht man
in tin.' ri»-ht place will depend tin
the mil ure of the measures which
liejillows to lie carried titroii^l
the   House, during; this, his lirst,
year of leadership.
As far ;ts Uilooefc   District   is
Concerned, we hope to see a. clos
er  observance of the expresset
will of  the  people.    \Ye  liave oi
file a. list of motions thnt were
passed at* a. recent meeting of voters and also  t'ie promise of the
local   member that he will do his
best to carry out   the wishes of
that meeting.   Hut past promises of this mil lire have often I in u !
forgot ten, and the fairly  liberal j
government  grant spent    in
Hcheines which  benefitted only •
few. und of which the voters weie
left iu  ignorance.   Such   is nol
government  by   the  people and
for the peole, but by the few ami
for the few.
However, we have had a good
beginning this year. One ex pressed need of the people lias already
been met by the Prior Govern
ment, and we do uot feel disposed to blame the present Administration for tlie wrongs wrought
by former ones.
'I'Iie absurd and sensational accounts that have a ppea ret) lately
iu the Coast papers in reference
to the I rouble om late constable
Hume hud with a Siwash here,
reminds us of a report sent in by
a section foreman of an American
railway to his road Superiuteiid-
"McWhorter's bull struck at
the Long Siding ami killed. We
found him alongside the track,
und as he wasnotquitedead then
1 borrowed a gun and shot him
three times, killing him again.
Davis Sullivan then struck him
another l.l*»w on the head and
finished liim. The bull is now
REPEAT  ,^^^^^^
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are thc only reliable repeaters.
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elabotately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every  pocketbook,  and  every taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
pp p p Send name and address on n Postal
■ Hilt    for our 164-page Illustrated Catalog.
instant relief and permanenl
All   Cases*
T it ,• i ••   is    n o I li i n g   I ' l< ••  A ~ I
i     i »> m I-.     I i    l» r i ii ir i     i ti . t a ti|
r   I i ,• t ,      even    in     the     w  u  t
11   , in• .    \\ Iiimi   till   else I'.nl
ll,.* K,.V; ('. K V.1.I.1.S, in Villn l.i.lj:
'II., suy-: " Your ttinl I nltle nl A.lliiuiilel
i reived in good I'uii'Mtii ti. I ennno' tell y_
'imv lliiiiikhil I lee! lur llie good derived fn
it. I \vii<t ll slil'vc, chained witli pill nil sol
iliiuiil .nil Asllnun lur ten yenrs. I despair
■ I evoi being I'liinl. I saw your advert isciuel
lOi llie cure ni lliis dreadful nml tormcnliJ
lisense. Asllnun., nml Untight you Innl uvil
,|iiil<en yourselves,, Iml resolved lo give ii|
ii.,I. Tu my astonishment, tlie liinl noted lil
a clitiriii.    Si'tiil  me n  lull-si/,e  linllle."
Hev.    Or.    Morris    Weclisler
Knlilil ol lhe Cong.   Iliini   Israel.
New   Yuik,   Jnn.   j.     1901.
HUS. TAI'T    111108,'    MKIIIt'lNK   CO.,'
tienlleiiieii:    Vuur   Astlumilciie   is
excellent   leiniily  lur   Asllnun nml   Ilny   I'evA
nml   its ciiinpii.siliiiii lillevinles nil Iroiihles whia
illiine with Asllima.     Its success is nslDUishit|
nml  Miuiiletliil.
)/.-•!,   »e   enn stale   lh.it
in t. Wry Italy juins,
In the Weekly News Advertiser
of the 24rth ot March we read
thnt Colonel Prior has promised
the people of Vernon nil the Provincial appropriations they seek.
This is very gratifying as it assures us that we shall also get
the modest appropriations we
need. The Colonel cannot go
back on such a consistent sup*
porter as our member has alway
been to Diiiisiiiuir aud that ilk.
NO I'll "'.IS in hereby given ilitit mi applie'-
iliun will lie niiiile liy the Canada Central
ilnilwny Company to the I'liiiinnlelH ul ('null.i nt the ne-.l Ms*i.m thereof lur nn Aet
;i\ing llie snid Company power 'u construct
nul operate llie following lines Into or in
Coiiiicclioii with the innin line of the sni.l
I- From some p int tit or neat'
Siiilhitry in lhe Province of Onlat in In n point
il or nenr Senlia Junction; thence southerly
lua point nt or ivfir lialsnni ur Sturgeon
Lakes in llie tuwn.sliips of Uu.\li-y, Vi.nlitm
ur Feneliiii, continuing southerly to the City
nl Toronto.
2-- From snnie pi.int on the
in.lin line in lhe District of Keewntin or in
Ilistriet of S.i-hatcliewun, to I'urt Churchill
on llmlson's Ilny.
3-- A continuation of its main
line fro in Ti-ts Juan Cache liy wny of ihe
The Thompson nnil Ft astir Uiver valleys to
Vancouvei, or New Westminster,
4-- Front soine pi lint on the
Tlioinpsnii Uiver or soineof lis Iril.titn.rie_ to
Wiulilingluii lliirli 1 or llute Inlet.
5— From a point nenr the old
site of Fort Assiniliui.i in some point nil the
I'eace Kiver llml we-ieily In the I'oi'tlatnl
Cnnnl on lhe I'aeilic.
6, From some point on the main
line of said Uailway at or near lhe Montreal
Uiver in the Province of Ontario easterly to
sonis point on the (lalinenll Uiver in the
I'rovinee ol Quebec.
Ami to exercise with rcgnnl to
such lines all Ihe powers and privileges given lo the said Conipany hy its Act of Incorporation.
DATED at Toronto ihis ioih day of
January, 1903.
Johnson & Faleoiibriilge.
Solicitors fur the applicants.
Ah n special ami temporary < 1'ler t<>
reader, of ihi* ;.ntper, we will mail Tiik
I'ltlll.tc to pei'snn- wlin tire iml iu<\\ -nli.
.ei tiie i'. fnr ten nt'i'ki fur lell i-enl..
Tiik I'tiii tc is a !f2. 16 inn-e weekly Ite-
view lo. di inOotrttie. Deinoera . in il tie.
nioeratie Hepnliliean. ; ii_ opinions Hie
esp»e. st* 1 without fear or favorpt >;ive~
in interesting ami emiiiei ted weekly
ofall l.islotieal news; ii always has ed-
'totials wort.ii Utiiiy ing, a en toon worth
seeing, nook noiiee. worth reinling, ami
ii Wtellaneons mailer loth valnal'le ami
inteieeiing; nml it is liketl hy int'lligent
wuineii as well 11s liy ioielligi lit ne:
Tne editor is Louis F. Font. Send ten
cents in silver or stiuiiiis for ten w-ek's
trial. All HtiuM. iptimis a'e paid strict 11
iu advance, and upon expiration the
paper is promptly si-pped unless Slih-
si'iiplion is renewed. Ment ion this paper
Address: TIIK FUULIC.,
Unity Building, On CAGO, lit,.
Asthtnalene   coniain|
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       l)U.   MilKUl <   \Vi''.('IISI.I':U.
Avon Si'kiniis, N.  V.  h'eh. 1, 1901.
Dit, Tai'I linns.  MkiiI-Inu Co.
tienlleiiieii: write   thi-, leslinioni.il   linni   a   sense  ui duty,   having tested tli
wuiiileilitl I'lV.'iM of y nir \-.tli 11 ilen.i, j'.ir tlii Cine of \-.1 Itnt.i. My wile' has heel
nll'iicled wiih sp.i.sinodic tislleini lur ihe past 12 years, lining exhausted iny own
skill as well its ihat ui many olliors, I eliatieed In see yoin sign upon your win!
hows on ijOsluel, New Vork. I 111 once ohlnineil ti linllle of iisllininletie. My wifa
eoiiiineneed Inking il nhniil the liisl ol Niiveilihei. 1 veiy sunn noticed a unheal
improvement. Alter using one Imille lur nslhinii had ilisa ppea led and she is entirely
fiee Iiiiiii all symptoms. I feel Uml I enn consistently recommend lhe medicine
lu    all    who   nie   nlllieted   with   this    distressing   disease.    Vottrs    respectfully,
O. 1).   I'I I ISM'S,  M. D.J
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Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Temlers nn* Invlluil lor lite whole ul tin*
|ii'ii|n'riy, liieliulliiK Crown tlriiiueil elnliis,
null situ, I'yuiilile tnltl, (.'ii|iiiell,V *li. loM) tuns
ilnily). Ii'niiiiviiy, iissny ultlee, tiilioriitiiry mill
t' 11111 -1111 i1,1111' 111, <> 1 iliu Toronto I.iiiooet Unlit
I! ei'. Is l'inn |»l 11 y I,I in 11 ml, si I mile in lite I.I lionet
ilistriet ol lliilisli I'liliiiiiliin; liieliulliiK the
Ample, Wluiie, Moiiitrtth mul Wullmul Viile
minus wliieli are Crown iri'iinluil, also Hie
Kdi'lli Klnr, (inliluii siti|ie, (iolilen Kiltie. Ituliy
mul jiiinlin iiiitiernl elnlnl, III Iliu hiiiiio illsi
iiul, loguthei'Willi a tun mi 11 in|> mill, liinclillic
iliills mul oilier ei|iif|iineiits. tlasli lututui's for
tlio whole |iro|iiirty me rcijuestuil lint
off ns for Working ti|i|loiis or for iKiiliotis
uf iliu property will lie uonslilotuil I'roin the
furiner gt'dup 050 lonsof ore litis been inllteil,
Willi nil nssny value amuoxliiliitlllg flO.DO In
ftl.llll Wngnn rontl from Itiilltoiul to mill. The
whole of the above will beiir looking Into nml
InvcHtlgilllon mul nre mi exceptionally Important nml valuable group of claims with full
working equipment. l<*• 111 pnriltuilai'S mav be
hint on application lo Kilgnr Itlontnfield
Ijiiiiiilnliir. I'. (1. Ilnx 7|:l. Viiiieoiiver It r.
Du.  TAi'"f  linos.   Mkoicink Co. I'el>, 5. 1901.
tienlleiiieii: 1 wns Iroithled wilh Asllnna or 22 years. I h.ive liied numerous
remedies, hut lliuy have all laileil. 1 tan across your advertisement and sinned wiih
a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your full si/.ed bottle,
and I am ever gtalelul. 1 have a l.tniily of four children, nnd for six years was
unable In work. 1 am now iu the best of health and am doing business every
day.    This  testimony yon can mnke sueh use ol   in, you see til.
Home addiess, 235,   Uivinglon street. S.    Unpluiel,
67 Fast 1291b st.,   New  York City.
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
Do   nol ilefay.    Wiile at  once,   addressing; DU.  TAFT   1JUOS'  MISDICINIS CO.,
79 l.ititt   i-Olli  St.,    N.   V. City.
Sold by all Druggists.
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$1.00 per annum.
0_E3__SrE_E^_A.____j     ls^~E]_E^CHr-A._IsrT
Miners Supplies.'
IiILI-OO-EI-r, -b/c.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stoek of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C I '
TILl.   Pi ()^lM.C.TOn,"L.LTiOOET, l-.O.,    AIM. .1,4,   1003.
ATiflyloss Scandal
Author ol "The Little Minister," "Auld Licht IdylV "A
Window in Tfcrums,'' Etc., Etc
"Lads, I'm no sure but what I noticed ' nn &'    *T-n ^   fnd 1,*,,!,,:"i S ls
I   a faraway look in Tniinii..s*s face,   as if ?° U'' m, 8he " no ne?d ,,f'  exI ;"in i!''w
■'' there was something on his mind." her mra s so tang and thm   by tv..~i he
"If ye did, .lean,es, ye kept it to your- wasj.hen she exhibited him   at   BalrlX-
till *   '' DIG.
"Ay, but I meant to mention   it when "Wlmt do ?* n'ean. yelimmers?" cried
I got name." Haggart,   stepping  into   sight.   "1 was
f       "How did ye no, then?" never )it' Bal''i!lbie."
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.
'How ones  u   body  no  do man* a    , They dipped oast him  giggling, with
thins? I dlram ny I noticed the look    ttf.£_ti?8 sho*?T
"Chirsty cau tell ye what  we   mean,"
I'   but jiv-t that  I'm   no   sure   but what'        ,
»    notic .-.: »f' , and
Ko wl* ali did our  bept  to recall Eag-      -Ard so can •Tl';;'"es Pitbladdo."
gnrt*8   last   words   and   looks   on   that H**?-***'«   probably   sent   his under lip     ,
awaiting evening,   even  the  Auld Lioht ov,e         "PP61* °«e, for that was bis way   tlfetlge near llie lown ot LILLOOKT.
minister, who oared littlo fur popularity, ?_■,*_!  u_*u,"1'td-    Ke  w-s   *••'• *■"*   th!,t
pinimino* «~ ,. i».i~~-,hi~  .~.i™« .„ _...."... <-nirsty h;;d veiy nearly married Pitblad-
As fur back as the year Li58, successful placer mining was carried on al Horse Beef
bar, near the town of l-illooet. The atljoining ground is being worked with profit at
liif present time.
A conipany is now working a gold dredger on the Kraser, with gratifying success, and
a new com pan)' has  heen formed with a capital of $3o_,000,  to  operate an improved
[4 claiming as a noticeable thing to hate ™_*f h';tl very nearly married Pitblad-
I, walked behind Tammas nnd observed ,' lnK„.tlJese ™P*n mean something
I that his handkerchief was hanging out * Without knowing-that he wag coif «f hi.*; north pocket, But thorn-hall these "*".so'    . mal'oned straight for his house.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
much i.s usu.d.
"Ay," he-wonld soy in his  impressive _?'^l*I_?n
TOW. -nisiijf   a   thing mav  happen be- H8 stopped, wanting  the  courage  to po
' on and the discourtesy to turn Kick.   So
..  ..„   ,,...„ ,„, „,,,. kk and liitrixir. KiVK'it mining properties will prove themselves sitRieieiit to
he was  to become such an . .. . ., ,    > .
the female facie and figure, iuriii a prosperous eamp.   let   there are  ni lies ot  territory  that  remain  uu prospected.
-ranting  the  courage  to go
t\\«.n theuuehtand the ten-o'clock hells,
he merely stood politely in their way.
but X told neither T'nowhead nor Sneokv
nor none of them   <.s onything  was to Chirsty stave her enrk an angry shake
happen that nloht " BS 8!le ?avv Mm' bn* be   h;.d   to  be aok-
"Ye did not, Ttunmasi na. na, for if BnSSS81L11      „ „    _
ye bad I would have heard ye,   me beina rhis js himsel,     she  said, with the
there." contempt a  woman   naturally   feels tor
"Ay, hut ye couldna say my reason for ''*     .?„        ,   .,,
no tollingy•a?" '    :~ cornered,   fan-mas   opened   bis
'«Jva,,>' ' mouth   wi *e.   to  have   his   ph togr.iph
"Wert, then, my reason  was  _t_st this t"..en  "'•\i\ *'-"v' >"* ■*«* *™o ladi s. the
that 1 didua ken royselV' ™lef si'"' ?• ;'•"-• &,,«-
  1 am glad tn make youraequ;u:r„;nee,
•:- ues."
CUAi'-lKU II. r.unruas   thinks v-h.    Rjid   more,   lait
wasumvel   no,   tt kh hark JUkto     [/ .   .      :'     '*-— «    »hp
v'     '.,      '   ?;^f '*   r ■■  eis>%    »e k'ye, mem,»l« aid,   - at my
could net er, therefore, when miostion-d,   ,. ■.. _ •■
tsaytoreort-i  i that -ettvecn  the   .<■-■ n      '   .  ,   ,  ,, g.-   .. ...   ••. .-   .
house ami llllylo^   he   htul   met a a   ! .    ■"   '   ■   .        * *'      :l
Metpt the  AuM   |j lu   minister, to see      •      , \      .   ___       , .
ivhom was   - u .. !|y   to   fe J   htm.    Ar ;   ,.a '
the r*,*; ..:   H .:    I  itvetvr, h.   -...- R  . ■.'. ' . ; i    . .
:'.■■:'—"^>■«■»■■ --^-.   .  / ,       ■'.:■:.. :r_r
" '    ■  ■' . ...*.'
' ■   ••'          al   thi newt he had   ,                       t rid of him,
■       ■  ■ < • - ■      • -. il  wnti mm   ■     v    , .
"is hentl .     _ft hi     ..;.-1    :■-< .K-r
*> • —"■■ . ..   ■■ ••       .,,;,:   ;   :^'
■r*   me the j      ..    ■ ■. •   it   ~   «.   ..  .. ,      . . ^ ..
■ •       * _,       , .   . ■ '■ -st. ...-■..     ,.
Rare. ...   h, '   ""    ;'. ■
,v   • ''"'•*-   '.■:...       I    OU fa '.     -
' (__-
• ■ ■•    -■■■-    •..•■•■ ont   ■ :   .:■     -t l_
Mgaiu «nd ■-    ... Jaiues," i! 'elder _....y
j re ...t-..,- ;>   way o~ geoi-nig.-it.
~ Xanunas im iwd n face ol jppecJ to his
j other  visitor, wno  h«d  lava regtuttdlng
him curh ni t.
Intuin.-~_lv«_  thrste  >t..tements  *»'-       "*^*fwu knew, .'amfs." die sedd,   "1
r-'S'*' Hale, tl.*v«' <f «•■..•, ■, ,„y  j,.- jjaj. !"W^OM not h»v_recustniie*! yon  ag._d~.
gart master of the  s-i»*.-*ti__.   n»  Erst
was his own  ans-'v-r to t^  i r.estlon,
"W3!l t-tesn fc» BiH lies   .<^„.-r-,-",   •;>,_.
cried  ChirsJy, .hocked  to hear hus    ud
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-
uciVasing nuniherH ot tourisls from all j
Y* i i t; 'o>.  .! < i i . 11 ar.
j* ratli. t
a h
E the glohe testify I       the sportsman's
;h! all ! it-.'- of lartre ; ;.il t*mall _r:«i11«.
Anglers find the Ut.
ln>u* wi
•ast <■>.[»*• i
<•<{.  and  Fre-.ii
mon     '■/
4. ItsSaJubrious Climate.-
In  the il   .   h   ;. and .-:i ;        :ii.;?
. I
I    I ■ * I i 111:.   e
at  tht
■  -,
i h
in lis
pei ate and  e*pi   >u-,
I  m iv he .." ■ ■ n  :'<'{
u in ;?' ■ '.i'i
\    VI '..'■-  !-.\< ill'   RAII iVAV
< . * . . i».
" x-e ,    ie rai'.
IjRSi-v, lie gave both ..-.» -*> i.
•flage, «nd iocroboiri-tod his j;.v...
nrj<~ with,
''i>_-   ..,"'
amrs,"" .-<.•  ?■:": i.
'l IVU K'T-
"Vwy li-_-*,*" answered Tst-.__t.-i.
ye never saw me."1
"De ashamed   of    yourself,  ,7.ri:..-o
Prospector" uub 0 iters.
laniloba Free Press and Prospector for $150
i |ia_cs of leadiog matter every «ee~:   In uMillinii  " this, 2zadmiral<le
v.m! W8w niei:'*{T ., sti pi *., 5 ^tune
til hers oon*ar__iet a lady.
to th. thirdi which w«ss a short w.o- ^rf ,    »., ...
-ay.nst tht«« tlv  Udtcs  h_d cudled on I    ?*"? y^unsT bd*v' h«^v>f. only sjnilcd.
Chirsty at last :'      0^" *,i*lu,PrS. ' **» -«ra.  playfully, "to
think you  havo   hstgottien  twt*. ___d   I
day at Balrlb-
31). ').? ;.i; ;:*.".:i Kree IVes- nitSi us vi
.,«iiusing repi ■' icticnt- wil; *-.- given.
0»e year.
,- ..iv HJnnnleiu&il
Vot $1.50 w
S M ..11 ,11IV .:■ lil-. .'-■:■_
"trisri-- .itui    f ,v.   rv* ...     -•.      „..n.i; t
Tsut!m;,s"a  wttf,   Chin, iy,   h«d beton a.
■Mrntm »t Bi.r-.v th, ;vi,^ _t  f;«^«^yf,«rtw
Tr i-_h had j.^ .;:.;.,,■..,._. M-^5, _| .hruills   »:* ^^ ^ "^n h»nd
was aware, to n~.Sl ou !i«t somo «tov
In his after years Tammas, tempted to
-   _.-....-.,   ,...  ..., ,,,,-.   -^,_at- ^5i^v, - _ —
HY« 11 lie none the l -tter HMWtsh aha        s *,xh'nli* wotuo have answered in eame
gallant words such as  tba young lady
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
«_«8i C1__Ui>'4,' H»s^ir^ l__^'t_r~~~t_^-tiDr-«i_t_i^ It*1^™*® s"''!"  *»   -»  y..uasr lady _«%»* .#%«-«*.     ^%f     f       r_      c At   •■«
w^£-.'i^s;*r»:"iw-.,k- s.^"-~t,_i,'_;„r_"«!~'j;i.,~: paintings, aRd The PRospectOR, Club Rats: $1.50.
woman In TUlyk-# miswaWe." otdsn,.~y ntan. V **»    » ■
Ewtyi-ayft»ay*_w chhste   awniJrd      "I <«'"«*«.»:« iaBJ-"^,^ • 	
Dm comlosol tin htdlest, after which ii "ftS*!,?' _wh*>n eJlllir::;17' ta__d_r_l
was tlm* beJ*jhlTir- who   -i~o.lt-* of tin mto-to t_ It,"   _be -aid, auda-
CTOnt-vvd ttell rather than  hmOL   _m. ?ail__f" '"i''*n'11 ,w' ,!,r,h*,''f k'*~8* ■!lr""« Wun-
»«.Litentt*,> lhe ladles had come after all. l^,^™____to raK''*   '"&-& ^ *s *** <**■*_• «f
<«~ the qnecMaQ    {or   Itatmuu  w.w J"J;  "* f*ys' "***J B"-nvr ,a**--'vl1 li;w ilJ*Ji>
n*.. Um. «... ffig~~e them ar etep ahout TlHy *rol~fSs2_  _ ».    -_. -*
« WM ihey hnd driven -*«.-. in   fa am. . "Wi**a-   «*«« -thantn-W
Hie Iwj bstaiilit
lie, _   I ait:   . ita
p:,r_uir.iN. "PURITY" and "ALOXET' which ass .»-»_ p~e-.i.t-i_..S i»-k. t5;-; E'm.'.1* lj--.u..j ji_ 2i » _S ii-dba   in
lf.,ii l.aa»cm ■
«i>t.i ihey had driven awtjr. In 5.* «.iai-
utttt., nul i~~mht« iwi fcellere thai them ewr
wa* „ ttmo when UaggMit would mttte.   _3__. __\_J_ ?
lav.* r~~t~~h>n twkiiniiO - __-__, «..*.- -_->..—,_    WW-~a HM l~M~lt~~~
When i''tejr.«y returned,  Hive minntea
■Se,* in tho huus-i, James," wist? C_hl_-
sCr. "nnd S 81 go a* _ir ss sti. can-bun
with Un jpenwy, t*. I bate ttda tram     Jin*t''ffl J31*8**? "*i«~~-~-d, ffivw minntea
tthntnlfs   Ue, wheiw sraatest totdo in tbe   •™""»™*' l»T   -»«■ *t~-~i~l   was -t-um-img
(mtun was to he.   Women. »»_  WT.. w«   wlr*''iW' *» h''«ui Wt hto»-
thotnld   Pwt  up  with   Thesa,   hi_\vew*   __J Z^.^Stb mvem"    te TOI1*3 *■_*** to
Fntrv~«s~~ii>aWe,  cnnUl   twit  think  at the ***"' "*ls n*0* Jauaes,   but   Xuninaa.
ympet iMuk to say to tin Man. vi Bnl-   *1>l1" s i®0*®** l ^^ J* w:;« 1 wy I -W«
(*ror**~r ihiriig; to sisy to Ucq fefeiBs at Bnl-
'slj_sh, lw»,»» he has mid, *_*_,«_*.?    _**__?-_        „ •■ --
inst litis ntind iwiek  t»» this period, •"•i5.,a   V™ J^m mm i1btf h™®*?-  -~~~mm-Og the j
hard to nn to bdtev. tfeit tin ui_hnii~t~~t*- i   *""*"  -**WBn,,;*,> ffl'c(l11 hns 0__t_ru_i_*s •__■__ not
«~r _      	
urns Haig;as~rt"i- intms!i?.
It it. wa,- hard to TtamMU-si, hoiw mamiirii
l_u*_ter to the Ula. -_' as,
im_MiMit wtflmalliy deteldtOB toshoiw trail,
TtaUU-M -i»nttint*<<«l to !_mi_i _****%
«ip*iii-f* the wall, when fcw w«s mww, mm '
Kcwtr truit E,'»-wWiii~. in imy tanon daBa,"
Chi.*.ay pcissieidl hiimi   wttihaut  n woriH,
»-«-*" ■•■-»~~~ .._~.  un. ,i'u*. _■ -i».-jj.*^i;i'ij. icuimi-minnim**!*
tilt; KitlQr CnaliQ. ijaejiiutm; ;_i «i.»e j',!. munJl nai^ait,
%•' )K ¥6. :**.
The Weekly Witness price $1.00jAl|
The World Wide   l:00|fO.
Northern Messenger	
Tlie Prospector	
Total value	
Iffttar-s Y-Z (Wise Head) _**_d_fec_Mrt
wn un   mmu„ in-iMrav* ne wtast OM auk- I) ^P1s'tew'*wfe'hl<^,*^tl^«U'-i«l-^^
*j~iw<tiio~~ii!i to twwi  wmnrnen   whi-  p_~s*-<~l n    *• *' * fcoBlt samp tm& __sii_ffei_t__iit.     _»
mtJmj kktor with lni___t« _n their um.     I
""I amutt yv t-hStiXty"* B-m-K-evS.**" tew vi
theum swM, ""(tar t_w ___* _„<-_- wjruaiwi fWHt
•ttter isllIL*1'-
_t__r3' Special*. We were successful in our last club offer, and will :aow make a.
special  rate.    We will send you all the above papers viz: Manitoba
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■•*• ' *** <■ *"*■ ♦, '\t/* A
rf* ->;;.» gig* oJjJo *,•:*» •»; > ■*>:■.♦ •»,.;-> *..-»
Tlie roatl <_,auos fur Kast aiul
Went l.illooe.'stai'teil work this
A. Richey of Mission Mountain
was in town this week.
.1. Uren letiiineil from Vancouver last. 'I'nesila.y.
M. (ia.ynor antl I). Coiiglan rein rued lo l-iitloe Uiver this week.
Tl. Ciiniinino', of PavilioiTMills,
was in town this week.
Mis. Ciiniinino Shiii-. is visiting
at Pavilion Mill this week.
W.G. Manson   returned from
the Coast last Saturday.
Paul Santini,
..I.NI.I.AI. MI.HC1IANT, U 1,1,001ST, li. 0.
carries a  full slock of nil kinds of C-i-ocefies, Dry 0oods,
Boots and Sltoes, i nn!ware Sic-
A little Sunlight Soap will clean
cut glass and other articles until
they shine and sparkle. Sunlight
Soap will wash other things than
clothes. *B.
April 1st wns enjoyed hy Hit
young" folk, some of whom  lind j I
good   jokes at their seniors' ex
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powder is better than other powders,
as it i. both soap and disinfectant.     34
W. Miller has ser.11.ed the contract for liniltlino- the Hume at
the Lillooet Kish Hatchery.
A successful operation was per-
formed on Dr. Mathers liy Dr.
Wade, of Knniloops. The doctor's Mini) was ani|iiitaleil lielow
the knee and I here is every hope
of his speedy re-tovery.
Road Superintendent McDonald
left town tliis week for his work
in the East Ultimo-.
We have now a new policeman,
a Mr. ('niter, who arrived in
own on the new Lytton stn<_e
Inst Monday evening. If lie is
more energetic than "Boh" at his
best, he's a hustler, nml the path
of reform will not he strewn with
Yon can stay r i g li t where
you are and buy all of your drugs,
medicines, toilet articles, photo supplies and oilier drug store goods of its.
We prepay lhe postage on all light
weight articles, and prepay lite transput itition charges on all orders amount;
ing to $3,00 or over.
25c. allowance on first order.
Return this advertisement with your
first order and we will allow  j   11 25c.
for   it.    One  allowance only   to .each
A I)Ifl-<*.<Mi_e.
At a banquet in Ottawa a sroaltor
wns greeted with considerable applause. "This reception," he siH
■'reminds _r_ of the little boy wlc-e
mothe'- stc.iped to the door 'and call,
ed 'Wil ie! Willie!' After several
calls the boy poked his head around
the barn and said, 'Do you want tup
ma, or are you only j__' hollerin'*' "
(.-Umei'iil I laruwaiv,
Ticks ami Shovels,
Axes, Hoes Si Hakes,
V,a.v Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, l-ainls, Sic.
J. Marshall, is repairing his
mill dam. The news of the tlenl
in connection with the Forty-
Thieves mines of which he is part
owner, tloes not seem to upset
the even tenor of his way.
or lady in em-li t-oiinly to manure Inisiness for
aiiolilestiililislioil house of solid tiiitiiii'iiilsiniiil
ing. A straight, liiiini tide cash salary ol $ls,~u
paid by ciienk ear h Wednesday wiih nil expenses direct from headquarters. Money advanced for expenses.
Manager, 310 Caxton Building, Chicago.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending n sketch and description may
inlcklr ascertuiii our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. Handbook on Patent*
sent free. Oldest agency for securliiKpatents.
Patents taken throoch Mimn & Co. receive
tr'cinl notice, without cbarao, lu tho
Scientific fticrican.
A handsomely illustrated weekly.   Tareest cir-
MUKN&Co.30,Graad^ New York
BtrlVch Offl-_"--5 V St. Washington. P. C.	
Siiliscrilie for Thk I'lfosiMcrroii
Head our special
offer on the
third page.
Origin «f Hobann's < lioloe.
Mr. ITarpor tells us all thore is to
be told about 'ihomas Hobson, the
famoi s earlier between London and
Cambtitlge, who died in 1631. It
was from him that the proverb of
"Hob-on's choice," arose, meaning,
of cours?, a choice whi h is nu
choice. "The saying arose from the
livery stable bu.iticss carried on by
Hobson at Cambridge, in addition to
his carrying trade. Tie is, indeed,
said to lime been the first who
made a business of letting out saddle horses. His practice, Invariably
followed, was to refuse to allow any
hoi.e ii his stable to be ta4~en out
of i s proper turn. "That or none
was his' unfailing formula, when the
Cambridge students, eager to pick
and choose, would have selected their
own fancy in hotseflcsh. Every customer wus served alike, wilhout favor."—London Telegraph.
New Kailway Cur.
A new type of railway carriage was
inspected at Newcastle, England, the
other clay. The dusty, cushioned,
padded seats have been replaced by
light cane armchairs, comfortably
cushioned, four each side,, easily removables and permitting of speedy
and thorough cleaning of the compartments. The carriages will be
put into tl roe trains between Newcastle and Carlisle.
A t'€>-~pful View.
We could expel the Acat'iars again,
the abstract Acadians, but we would
take abundant care that an exception
was made in the case of Evangeline
and Gabriel. For of that crowd ol
sensitive, pulsating life hurtled tu
the ships these two stand out as the
only human I e ngs Thc expulsion
of the Acadians hus been justified by
"Mr. Parkumn, and many a tender
and troubled conscience will Ides 1 Mm
for the soothing peace he has
brought. The expulsion was all
right. It was just the thing. Dut
that refers only to Acadians in the
abstract. .So long as our language
is spoken Evanpclino and Gabriel
..ill be like tho ghost of Banquo at
the feust.
I. lilhs 1.H Kali ni
Sc< <lx, Plants,
j.rin^ plum ii.p
'.*.   KTJI T.Ul.Al. IMl'l.l'.Ml.NTS,
|l|'*.i: ST: I'I.IKS,
I till  I'.ASK UTS,
I'I I. i ll.i'/.KK.S.
Catalogue flee,
M. J. Henry,
;   .1, Westminster  Konil-, Vancouver, H.C
Wil ITI.   I.AllOl! ONI.V.
Drugs and riediclres,
Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,
I l«li;ii_ tackle etc. etc.
Mail   Orders    Promptly   Filled.
>&   CLARKE & Co.
J*       LILLOOET, B.C.
m ^k & WL   \___y
JE.-       ''o- jv^        \-Lk>-*s   X_____*'
Lil!<M>ct, R..0.-
W. F. Ailen   P rcprietor.
Ftrst-CSass Hotel In every respect.      A.cco.modatia
»:or Eighty Guests.   Largo Aone« eon.vor"_abS.» .ur-
D-shed.     Sample Rooms  for Cor.i.s7.ercia.s.
A.3   guests   recclvo   every  attention.
^<>-*^> H. C. PARKEI?, - LMIooet; B.C. -<_-_____.
Having purchased the stock of
R.J. Atkins, we are now adding)
to it and prepared to fill all orders;
Uepair Shop in (joniiection with Store, where your everjj
want will be supplied.  A complete iMiinibingOutlitoiilniiidl
MAKK YOUR OWN l?Kr»AlI*S. Knamki.i.ri) K sobs, For Coffee Hlid Ten Toltjl
nml Other t:<i«ikltig Utensils.   I't-ii-efi cents cncli, while lliev last.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton & Wny Points: Mondays, VVednesiltiys and Friday*!
All point*, in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays. 1
loOMilt, House : Mondays Si Fridays |aeini-weekly sei-viee.1
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
yii Special conveyances I'nrnislied.    St>nd   for  folders   j$l|
EDiroiMAi.i.Y ii:.m:!.i:>s.
CONSISTENTLY IlKi'U !'.!.!(* \N.
News I * in n ii :: if Hot <* — Wf'l -ivitlHii
ot initial .tone.—Anni-.i- io<(iietiiE—
Aitii'lfH on lli-iilili, tlie Hunii*, Ni'w
I'.nok., mul on Woik about ttif I'.i'in
ami Gaul. n.
The WFKKY Inrcr-Oeoan
li a member of tlie Aseoclaleil I'reMi
ili« only Wcslci n Ne»». n~i|~. r re t"iv-
inj» 11 ih entire iel(»i,ri.|itiii' m-wn service of the New Yotk Sun, nml . pec-
ial cable of tlie New York World—
Daily report-of over 2,000 ~|iecial
correspondent- throughout tbe conn-
Sulmeribe lor The WEEKLY
INTER-OOEAN (One Dollar)
r.oril FOR #1.23.
NOTICE in liPrebv uiven thnt thirty
days « ter date 1 .hall, on liehnlf oi the
Lillooel banil ■ Fntllaiif', mnke appiim
lion to the Commissioner o( llie Lil! ioei
Disiriyt to record one li und red incite, of
water fiom three email sprinjrs situate'l
abutit. four miles noilhof lhe town of
Lillooet, liih same lo • e ti:*ed for Doilies-"
lie ami Agricultural pprpoe'es on the
Lillooet Indian lletervei
lv Bell,
Indian Agent.
Clinton, B.C. March 28th 1903.
Use Lever's Dry Soap (a powder*) to
wash woolens and flannels,—you'll like
it 32
Respecting Timber   Licenses.
N OTIC IS Is hereby given, pursuant lo the
provisions of Section 61) of Ihe "band
Ael" tlmt in future no npeciiil license to
cut timber on Crown lands will be granted or
renewed-mill after the appll.iinls have lind
the limits surveyed by a duly qualified Provincial f.und Surveyor 10 the satisfaction of the
bunds and Works Department.
Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works,
Lands and Works Department,
Vie tot ;'a, B.C , 26th March. 1903.
Tim now sittji't. lino lonvo~* Lyll<>ii ovory Monthly ami
l*Yitl:iy for Lillooot, rt'luniiii^ noxt .l:ty. S|)t't-i;il t.ipf
ivuule,    Writo us for i.nl'oi-nuition.
IN'lor lv('l»:t'„',li;ifi (U'o., Lytton   I.. 0.
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR.
Don't Forget the Address.
TIIHM is MrCa-il, Muii-iiiini 'full
Asi II, H. <:
im;ijj:w iiakvi:y\ bryant & (man
Vaiicouvor, B.C.
..still ilislietl. 18iK).
Assay work of all ilescri|ilions t1ni~.ria~.11.     Ti sis made tip lo 2000 lbs.    A specialty!
made of cheeking   smeller   pulps.    Samples    from   llie   Interior  by   Mail  or   Kxpr.ss
promptly nlt.inled lo.   Correspondence    solicited,
Blacksmith Supplies
Wc carry the largest and best stoek in B.C.,
including; liarlron, last Steel Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents Por VAI.KNTIN I'.S  ll't-h (hade CAKKTAOE VAKNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
Page   Metal Gates
Single or double—light, strong, durable, econ-
- omieal.   Will not sag or get rickety.    Fitted
with self-acting latches, which open either
wiy.    A child can open or close in a strong
wiiid—no surface to rcsi~t.   Best farm gate
_ made.   Use Page Fences and Poultry Netting.
Sys The Page Wire Fence Co., Limited, Walkervll--,
ajaw Ont   Montreal, F.Q.. and St. John, K.B.   ' -
.      E. O. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.


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