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The Prospector Aug 1, 1913

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VOL. 2, NO. 38
Hire Professionals to Win
Game with Lillooet.
Visitors Bring in Crysler, of Kamloops, to Pitch.
For half a century Lillooet has
had a reputation for sportsmanship in all lines of athletics; a
reputation which the town still
holds untarnished. It is no sacrifice of this enviable reputation to
strongly protest against the inclusion of a professional pitcher
by Lytton in third of the inter-
town series of baseball games
played here on Sunday last.
To "play the game" in the
sportsmanlike interpretation of
the term is evidently not one of
the desires of the would-be
"sports" of Lytton. When the
series of games was arranged,
early in the season, by Messrs.
Noel and Farrell, in Vancouver,
the written agreement was that
only local players were to be included. By playing Crysler in
the pitcher's box on Sunday,
Lytton flagrantly violated this
agreement, as Crysler has for the
past two seasons drawn a salary
from the Kamloops team for his
services. Previous to this he had
professional engagements with
other teams.
A foretaste of Sunday's episode
was received the previous week
when Lillooet journeyed to Lytton. Upon that occasion officials
of the latter team repudiated
their written offer to defray the
cost of meals and changing rooms
until pressure was brought to
bear. In contrast to this action
was that-of the losers in Sunday's
game, when not only good entertainment was provided by the
home club, but the automobile
expenses of the visitors was paid
by a private citizen of the town,
Mr. Arthur F. Noel.
As for the game, it was, as
might be expected under the circumstances, one-sided. By holding the score to 14-5 the Lillooet
boys did well, especially in view
of the fact that a score of 8-1 was
piled up against them in the first,
before they had an opportunity
of taking the measure of Lytton's
paid pitcher.
Payment of the $1000 side bet
will not be made, on Sunday's
game, although Mr. Noel expresses willingness, and eagerness, to let a fair and legitimate
game decide the wager. In view
of the fact, however, that Lytton
has been forced to resort to such
methods in order to win a game,
the supposition of the Lillooet
fans is that the visitors will be
unable to muster sufficient 'sand'
to play off the wager upon the
terms agreed upon.
Crysler and Overdahl comprised
the Lytton battery, while Shay
and Cameron occupied the box
for the home team.
Widening of Lillooet-Lytton Road
Now in Progress.
Two government gangs are at
work on the 23-mile stretch of
the Lillooet-Lytton road which
lies within the Yale district. Foremen Seward and McGillivray
have made excellent progress
though the illness of the former
is causing some delay now.
The traffic over the road has
outgrown the expedient of passing places at first devised, and
D. G. Sutherland, district road
superintendent, has decided to
double the width of the road for
the entire distance. The last
stretch to be done will be the
section nearest to Lytton.
The necessity for widening the
road is not due wholly to the
motor traffic, although it was
very inconvenient for the cars to
have to wait at the stations.
There is a lot of hauling done by
four and six horse teams and the
ordinary width of the road made
it almost impossible to pass them.
Water Commissioner Rowlands
Returns to Lillooet.
Big Montreal and New York Corporation Seeks Mining Properties.
Valuable Returns from Coronation Stamp Mill.
For   the
of   taking
1680 Tons of Ore Treated
Tons on the Dump.
The Canadian Mining and Exploration Co., Ltd., a close corporation controlled by Montreal
and New York millionaires, are
now exploring B. C. for likely-
looking mining properties, for
development on a large scale.
Mr. Ralph S. G. Stokes, one of
its chief mining engineers, is
now touring the interior to examine a number of propositions
on behalf of the company. He
may possibly visit Lillooet in the
course of his tour.
Speaking with a newspaperman
in Vancouver recently, Mr. Stokes
stated that his company was prepared to develop meritorious mining propositions as well as to
purchase shipping mines.
From reliable sources the Prospector has received information
that the clean-up of the Coronation stamp mill for the first fourteen days of operation, is valued
at $22,000. This result is considered highly satisfactory by those
interested in the property, and is
regarded as justification of the
confidence which has been placed
in the group and the expenditure
of money upon its development.
During the fourteen days 1680
tons of ore was treated, with 87
per cent, recovery of assay values.
The mill were running 24 hours a
day. The value of the returns
average $13.10 per ton. All of
the rock treated was taken direct
from the mine. Upon the dump
many hundreds of tons of ore are
ready for crushing. A second
i clean-up is to be made during the
-»iext few days.
Unsurveyed Licences Protected.
In the future the law that prohibits the cutting of timber on
unsurveyed licences will be strictly enforced. The penalty is $10
per tree for the amount of timber
cut. Up to the present time
there have been instances of logging being carried out on timber
lands that have not been surveyed. The government, in order
to protect its own timber and
also that of private parties who
have unsurveyed licences, will
see that the legislation, provided
for in the Forest Act, will be put
into operation. Offenders will
only be given one warning.
Constable Daunt, formerly of
Lillooet, is now in the Dominion
service, in the capacity of constable for the Indian Department.
He is stationed at Lytton, and
has charge of a large territory
extending from Lillooet to Nicola,
and away south to Agassiz.
Paul Spintlum Granted Reprieve
of Three Months.
Paul Spintlum, who was sentenced by Hon. Justice Morrison
on June 28 to be hanged on Sept.
12, has been granted a reprieve
by Justice Morrison until Dec. 12
in order that the court of appeal
may hear the questions raised at
the trial, at a sitting to be held
in Vancouver on Nov. 7. On
Saturday morning Stuart Henderson, counsel for the condemned
man, made application for a reprieve.	
Spintlum and Paul Trials Cost Government Big Sum.
The most expensive cases tried
during  the   New   Westminster
session were those of Paul Spintlum  and  Moses Paul, the two
Indians charged  in   connection
with   the   murder of provincial
constable Kindness.    Up to the
time of bringing the prisoners
and witnesses from Clinton, the
government had spent about $50,-
i 000  on   the two men,  and this
j figure can be augmented by sev-
ieral additional thousands spent
i in New Westminster.
measurements- oT-the, streams in
the LillOTeJ, district during'summer, ./'jwater commissioner Row- <
land*arrived'in town,on Wednes-
day Winning.     He  will remain ,
for a IW^ays, making supve'y'r
of variousS^au^Mfe'^asLTexas
|creek.    B
Mr. Rowlands came to Lillooet
from Quesnelle, which point he
has now reached with his party.
He reports a successful season's
work to date, with the exception
of hindrances caused by bad
weather. Since leaving Lillooet
he was for three weeks at Dead-
man's creek on special work,
going in by way of Savona. On
this trip he had a narrow escape
from injury, a driver overturning
a horse and rig in which he was
riding down a steep embankment.
Around the 150-Mile and on to
Quesnelle, the party was much
bothered with flies, which were
exceptionally numerous and voracious.
Mr. Rowlands expects to be in
the Chilcoten country next month
for the purpose of making his
preliminary survey of that district and to return to Lillooet for
the winter work, in October.
Apparently no water records
through the district will be granted by the department until the
party has finished its work and
made its report. A number of
applications for records have
been made from Lillooet during
the past few months, all of which
are lying in abeyance.
A more equitable distribution
of available water, and the enforcement of the utilization of
streams recorded, will make
much more land available for cultivation throughout the district.
R. Mclntyre Will Have Charge of
Lillooet Postolce.
J. R. Mclntyre, brother of Wm.
Mclntyre of Lillooet, has taken
over the charge of the Lillooet
postoffice and will enter upon his
duties Aug. 1. He has been recently residing in Vancouver.
With him in Lillooet are Mrs.
Mclntyre and their young son.
At present they are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mclntyre.
Difficulty in securing certificates
of insanity from two medical
practitioners is resulting in the
continued detention of an insane
Finlander, John Macie, who has
been in custody since July 15.
Dr. Clarke has certified to his
unbalanced condition, but corroborating evidence has not yet
been forthcoming, although the
man gives every indication of insanity, at times being very violent. He was employed at J.
Welch's camp on Seaton lake.
George Scott and Roy Burkholder have been appointed forest
guards for the Lillooet district.
Scott will patrol the district to
Tatla lake, while Burkholder will
range as far as the Gang ranch.
Both men went out on their beats
on Wednesday, and will be away
for the rest of the season.
J. Munro and Fred Wycott left
on Wednesday with the P. G. E.
pack train of 18 horses for Quesnelle Forks, whore they will remain for some months supplying
survey camps. THE   PROSPECTOR
Published to promote the Welfare
of the Lillooet District.
Managing Editor.
for more than two months I
If so abandoned, the land
j becomes waste lands of the
Civic Boosting.
AUGUST 1,1913.
Construction of the railroad
is causing attention to be
focused on Lillooet and the
surrounding districts. From
outside points men have already oeen attracted in
search of land and business
openings. These are only the
advance guard of those to .
follow.   One of the principal I helps you.   The growth of a
lures for the investor is land, town depends absolutely up-
especially when such can be ?n ^!^o-operative efforts of
secured in a district so favor- 1fc ",t1'7onu nn
ed as Lillooet.
In the past too little attention has frequently been paid
by  holders of  pre-emption
In an endeavor to awaken
a stronger interest in civic
affairs, the Winnipeg Industrial Bureau has circulated
a number of cards containing
good epigrammatical advice
on the duties of citizenship,
some of the inscriptions running as follows:
Every town is a good town
but it takes good citizens to
make it better.
The success of any city depends upon the progressive-
ness of its citizens.
That which helps the city
"Do you keep dates?" asked
the kindly old gentleman, as he
sauntered up to a girl in the grocery. "Always," she replied,,
"but I can't ever remember any
with an old geezer like you."
•'   •
"A summer vacation is a great
thing," said the man who had;
just  hit   the   broadwalk.     "So;
restful, you know."
"They don't seem so restful to
me," replied the man who was
running a shop. "It seems to me
that vacations are merely schemes
to overwork a lot of people to
help others overwork themselves
trying to have a good time."
Chemical OIL Painting!
Academy of Berlin.
Anyone who has ordinary eyesight and the use of their hands
can positively do this work.
No knowledge of drawing required.   Lessons given by
Lillooet, B. C.
its citizenship,
Men are valuable just in
proportion as they are will
records to the important mat- j C1ty;
ter of fulfilling the required
duties in order to comply
with the provisions of the
Land Act. Not only are pre-
emptors endangering the security of their holdings, but
the development of the district is being retarded. Possibly in no other old-settled
district in B. C, possessing
the agricultural advantages
of Lillooet, could be found lt „    .
so much vacant land adjacent I ^ progressiveness  ot  the
"So you broke your engagement with him?"
"What for?"
"He's  a conceited   thing.    Il
simply couldn't stand him."
"I   never    heard   him   brag, j
What makes you think him coning to work in harmony with i Ceited ?''
other men for the good of the |    "All the time we were engaged
he never once told me that he was
Citizens who organize for j unworthy of my love,
the common good of the city j #   9
are the greatest factors in'
social, financial and commercial betterment.
Good business men make
big cities, for they grasp the
great opportunities to be
gained through progress and
Paved and lighted streets
are standing testimonials to
to town. While in the past
Jack of transportation may
have contributed to this condition of affairs, such is not
now the case. Good markets
for all produce are now available among the construction
camps, which markets will
broaden when the Iron Horse
commences to haul freight to
the coast and to the north.
The following clauses of
the pre-emption law are
worthy of consideration of
all interested parties:
Pre-emptions cannot be
staked by an agent.
Land recorded or pre-empted cannot be transferred or
conveyed until after a Crown
grant has been issued.
Such land, until the Crown
grant is issued, is held by
occupation. Such occupation
must be a bona fide personal
residence of the settler or
The settler must enter into
occupation of the land within
Retailing Civic Bonds.
It was in New York state that
Mr, Miller came upon a community where the Indians had been
for years,  and meeting an old
! fellow on the highway, asked his
! business.
1    "Me preacher," grunted   the
i Indian.
" Well,  well,  commented Mr.
! Miller, "what do they pay you?"
"Ten   dollars,"   grunted   the
"Ten dollars a month?" asked
Mr. Miller.
The Canadian, with a little j    "No; ten dollars a year."
money to invest, has abso-j   "Ten dollars a year! Why, that's
lute faith in his own country, j a poor salary, isn't it?" gasped
because he knows it.    If it Mr. Miller,
were easy for him to go into i    "Me poor preacher, too," said
a municipal office, and buy a j the Indian,
bond over the counter from j •   •
an official, he would often do |    Pat   was   standing  near  the
it.     Banks   might suffer a streetcar track when he noticed
little in their savings depart-1 a motor comjng up the street,and i
ments; but the money would > t0 De safe he stepped back a little
be at work within our own | from the track.
boundaries. Such a step
would somewhat relieve the
pressure of Canadian securities on the London market,
and so tend to get a better
rate all round for the borrowing municipalities. It would
also encourage thrift among I
our own people much more I
The motor went past, and when I
it was passing, the driver had an j
occasion to turn off the track. |
When he did, the motor skidded j
on the track, causing the back j
end of it to swing round, striking
Pat and knocking him down.
Pat was seen to get up and
look after the car and say, ' 'Now,!
thirty days after recording, j Italian workmen on Cayoosh
and must continue to occupy | creek.   it might be well to
effectively than a complicat-; phwat do ye' think o' that?"
ed government annuity sys-: when ye stand in front of them
tem.—Montreal Star. |they run over ye; whin ye git
~~~~-       j   r~ ' ' ! out of the way to let thim pass
Grouse are being shot by they turn round t0 kick ye!»
it for three years, inclusive
of any leave of absence which
may be granted him.
Continuous absence for a
period more than two months
consecutively of the settler
bring to the notice of these;
gentlemen from the land of,
macaroni, the fact that one!
of their compatriocs was recently severely fined in Van- j
couver for a similar contra-
or family is deemed cessation jvention  of the  game act,
of occupation, but leave of | being assessed $50 for each
In vicinity of bathing house,
Seaton lake, on Friday, Sept. 15,
a gold signet ring; initials A.P.H. j
reverse. Reward will be paid on
return to A. P. Hughes, Union
Bank, Lillooet, B. C.
absence may be granted not
exceeding six months in any
one year, inclusive of two
months' absence.
Land may be considered
abandoned if it is unoccupied
and every grouse
his possession.
found in
Have you anything to sell?
Do you desire to purchase?
On Main street, bunch of keys,!
with Hunt cigar store, Spokane,
label attached.     Can  be had at
Ppospector office by paying cost
of advertising.
P' I). BOOTH, B. SC. B. 0. L, S.
Booth & Downton
1011-1014   Rogers Building
Phone Seymour 1544
Vancouver  and Lillooet  B. C.
Samuel Gibbs,
Lillooet Representative
Pioneer Watchmaker
and Jeweler
318 Cambie St.      Vancouver, B.C.
Orders by Mail Attended to.
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty
Headquarters for Mining Men
Free Bus Meets All
Boats and Trains
Commercial Hotel
L. H. Clement, Prop
Guest Comfort is My Motto
Corner Hastings and
Cambie Streets
Vancouver, B. C.
American and European Plan
Livery and
Feed Stable
Horses and Rigs for Hire
Light and Heavy Draying
Express Delivery.
Emmet   Darcy
Bus Meets all Regular Boats
at SeatonLake
If you need anything in
the Printing line give this
office a call. THE   PROSPECTOR
of Dean, for Bank Robbery,
Traversed Until Fall.
John McNamara, found guilty
by the jury of the theft of an
automobile, was sentenced by
Mr. Justice Morrison to nine years
in the penitentiary, the full limit
of the law for the time specified.
Thus ends the first chapter in
the sequel to the now famous robbery of the branch of the Bank
of Montreal in this city two years
ago, because it is generally believed, though it was not absolutely proven in the trial, that
McNamara was the man who
organized and engineered the
big robbery.
The trial of Charles Dean, who
is directly charged with the theft i        ,      ,.
from the bank, was traversed to!
the next assizes upon the application of his own counsel, Sir
Tupper,   and   consequently   the
jurors were discharged and the
assizes were at an end.
For twenty years or more McNamara has been a source of
trouble to the police authoritifs
First arrested
M'NAMARA SENTENCED!Ashcroft Involved in Further Diffi-
  culty Over Sewerage Scheme.
Given Full Penalty for Theft
of Automobile. | Ashcroft's sewerage scheme has
  j involved  the   town   in   further
trouble.   Some time ago plans for
supplying the town with a proper
sewerage system expired. It had
been the intention  of the ratepayers to look into the matter
with a view  to ascertaining the
approximate cost  of an  undertaking of this kind,  and a commission of three  was appointed
to investigate the matter.   When
an invoice of preliminary expenses in this connection had grown
to the amount of about $600 the
ratepayers called a halt and all
proceedings  were quashed into
oblivion.   Although the sewerage
monster was throttled and rendered lifeless, the preliminary account on the debit side of the
ledger loomed  up   larger than
ever and refused to be balanced
by mere talk.
It was at once realized that the
Ashcroft   had   ' 'put
their foot into it," as the slang
H | goes,   and   to   free   themselves
" i from the mire it was agreed that
the   commissioners   assess  the
town   in   such a way that this
skeleton in the closet could  be
removed.   It was their only way
out of the difficulty.     The commissioners proceeded as per in-
of this continent.   First arrested I struc1;ions and each lot was as_
in New York city, soon after his gegsed at ft rate per foot of front_
arrival  at 'Frisco in the  final age> and to date about$200 of the
decade  of the last century he $600   has   been   collectedi   The
was acquitted, or the 3«ry Jis- point at-issue now is whether the
agreed.    He was next arrested in \ lotg should not have been agsesg.
Louisville,  Kentucky, under the ed according to their respective
name  of   "John    McNamara,    valuation; and the act   in   this
alias  "John Morgan,;_and then connection is very vague.   Ama-
for the first time he had his pic- L-ority   of  the ratepayers   have
ture taken by the police authori-, gone Qn 9trikepending an adjust-
ties> | ment of this technicality.
A  few   years   later  he   was
P. & L.
Land District,
Prompt and Sure
J. S. PUDNEY.       L. LORING.
For a Licence to Store or Pen
Back Water.
NOTICE is hereby given that Henry
Murk of Lillooet, B. C., will apply for
a licence to store or pen back 80 acre-
feet of water per annum, of three small
springs flowing in a northerly direction
and emptying into the ground near
Cayoosh Indian Reserve No. 1. The
water will be stored in a reservoir of
30 acre-feet capacity, built or to be
built at or near the S. E. corner of P.R.
1954, and will be used for irrigation and
domestic purposes as authorized under
a notice of application for a licence to
take and use water, posted herewith,
on the land described as P. R. 1954 in
the Lillooet District, B. C.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 19th day of June, 1913. The application will be tiled in the office of the
Water Recorder at Clinton. B.C.
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
July 24, 1913.
TAKE NOTICE that Joseph Zotique
Lajoie, of Vancouver, occupation miner
and promoter, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
Western,   three  hundred feet   East of
Post No. 1   of  the   Vancouver Mineral
claim at the North end of Lajoie, B. C.
Thence   North-west  92   chains; thence
East lib'   chains;   thence   South-west 92
chains;   thence   West  22 chains to the
point of commencement, and containing
four hundred acres, more or less.
Joseph Zotiu.ue LAJOIE,
June 30, 1913.
Land Registry Act.
Re Lot 162, Group 1, Lillooet District
shall, at the expiration of one month
from the date of the first publication
hetieof, issue a Certificate of Indefeasible Title in the name of "Lillooet Farm
Lands Development Company, Ltd.,"
unless in the meantime valid objection
is made to me in writing. The holder
of the following documents of the said
Lots, viz: Crown Grant Dated March
2, 1891, to Archibald McDonald; Deed
Dated November 28, 1891, Archibald
McDonald to the Lillooet Hydraulic
Mining Company (Limited Liability) is
required to deliver the same to me
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Kamloops, B. C, this 30th day of May,
A. D. 1913.
June 20. District Registrar.
James T. Farmer.
caught in Cleveland, Ohio, when
he gave the names of "John McNamara, "alias 'Australian Mac,'
and since then he has been
sought for by the whole police
forces of the continent, until he
Young Man Drowned in Thompson
River at Ashcroft.
While bathing in the Thompson
river about two miles east of Ashcroft last week, a young man
who was employed in the Bank
A., named Hugh R. G.
Jones, of Wrexham, Wales, was
was rounded up by the Pinkerton ' 0fv  vr
agency in  connection with the
robbery of the Bank of Montreal, I drowned |n a very unaccountable,
two years ago. J manner.     The  slough   of the
The traversing of the case of
Dean, the man charged with the
direct robbery of the bank at New
Westminster, came as a great
surprise to the crown authorities
and the detectives, especially in
view of the former protests of
Sir Charles Tupper, the counsel
Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods
Men's Furnishings
Shoes, Crockery, Furniture, Linoleums,    Wp    n^TKllP
Saddlery,   Miners'  Supplies and  Farm    _, _ .        .
Implements,    NA-DRU-CO.   DRUGS.    fcVGrytlllllf "
Thompson where the misfortune
took place is a favorite bathing
place for townspeople and hundreds enjoy themselves there dur-
, ing the hot weather.
Mr. Jones had gone out in the
I evening with Mr. H. P. Christie,
(government agent, and had just
for Dean, against the repeated piunged into the water. Others
delays; but it was evident that, on shore heard him call for some. j
the conviction of McNamara had thing) but when they looked
changed the attitude of the other aroun(j he had disappeared,
prisoner more directly connected, A11 efforts to reCover the body
with the bank robbery than Mc-, that night were in vain> but on
Nanamara. The crownwas ready Thursday morning he was found,
with all its witnesses, but as soon , .     ■     ,   ,,, t *   <-   e     *.
as the order went forth that the \^ms m about four feet of water. |
trial had been  traversed to the
next assizes, they all left for theiiv    Th« Greenwood  Ledge   says:
homes. 'Joe Tretheway will do some min-
Papers for the extradition of ing near Hazleton. He is the
Martm Powell, alias "Doc Mot- man who staked a mine on the
gan,    had been sent to the state i . P .   ,.      ,        , .,
department, at Washington, and fnow at C°b.alt ai d made a mi1"
it is now expected that Powell;non out oi lt:- He also owns a
will be in the dock at New West-■ 25,000 acre farm in the Chilcoten
minster with Dean when the case | district, and is in no immediate
is tried in the fall. 'danger of running out of meal
Michael J.  Flanagan, the Chi-
We are agents for the best goods, as Eastman Kodaks and
Films, Edison Phonographs, Sherwin Williams' Paints, Singer
Sewing Machines, Wood Pipe, Robin Hood Flour.
We aim to make our prices the lowest the best goods can
be sold for, but are prepared to meet all fair competition.
cago hotelkeeper, who was the
man who passed the stolen bills
to a number of other liquor sellers, will be tried in Chicago within a few weeks.
If you need anything in
the Printing line give this
office a call.
Established 1830 Head Office Montreal.    £
Savings Department
Accounts opened for sums of $1 and upward.
Current Accounts
Issue cheques and have paid cheques
returned to you for receipts.
Made in all parts of the world.
Travelers Cheques
Issued payable anywhere,
General Banking Business  Conducted.
Delivered    When    Promised
and Correct When Delivered
The Prospector,
Lillooet, B. C.
Lillooet to Lytton
Experienced Driver.
Reasonable Charges.
J.M. Mackinnon, BROKER, Vancouver, B. C
Suite 5 Williams Bldg.
413 Granville St.
Lillooet Ranches and Fruit Lands a Specialty.    Correspondence Solicited.
Timber Lands,   Ranch Lands.
Coast Lands and Real Estate.
General Merchant and Forwarding Agent.
Miners and Ranchers Supplies a Specialty
Ship Goods to Lillooet in my Care.       Prompt Attention Guaranteed
Listings of Lillooet Farm Lands and Town Property. If you
have property for sale we can find you a buyer. We write
fire life and accident insurance. " Ask us for our rates.
They can't be beat. Let us attend to your conveyencing.
Notary Public always on hand.
Boultbee, Jacks and Cruickshank,
Exclusive agents for the Lillooet Townsite Addition.
Fifty-five well-furnished rooms. Hot and cold baths
Excellent table.  First class bar.  Large sample room
Two autos on request from Lytton or Ashcroft
Headquarters for Lytton-Lillooet stage line. Stage
meets Seton Lake boat. Rigs furnished on demand.
RATES: $1.50 per day and up. By month $35 and up. Meals, 21 for $9.00
_____ __ ___
W.   J.   Abercrombie,   Proprietor
A First-Class Table.
EGULAR Trips up Seton  Lake every
Convenient for all passengers to Mission,
Bridge River, Short Portage, Anderson Lake,
MGGillvray Creek and the Pemberton country
Leaves, 8.00 a. m.    Arrives at Mission, 10 a. m.      Arrives
Short Portage, 11 o'clock
Returning Leaves Short Portage, 12 p. m.     Leaves Mission
12:45 p. m.    Arrives, 3:00 p. m.
Very Large Lots at Small Prices.
If you wish tovpurchase land in
Write us for our List of Prices.
Sole Agents,
Vancouver, B. C. THE   PROSPECTOR
J. Hunt Tells of Adventure
In and Out of Lillooet.
John Hunt unfolded himself
from a sofa at the Imperial yesterday, and when his head had
almost touched the seven-foot
notch on the wall, admitted his
identity and said he was from
Lillooet, British Columbia, says a
writer in the New York Times.
If you don't know where Lillooet
is it will be found on the map
some seventy-five miles north of
Vancouver when the Grand Trunk
gets through building a branch
line in that direction. Uncertainty as to Lillooet's whereabouts need puzzle no one more
than six months, according to
Mr. Hunt,
Originating in Ireland, Mr.
Hunt first reached these shores
by way of Australia, and after
trying various mining camps in
the Southwest decided he would
plant himself in an unknown wild
and let the country grow up to
him. He has been four years in
Lillooet, sitting on a bed of hematite ore and other minerals, cultivating amicable relations with
the Indians and lending them tobacco, but existence has not always been characterized for Mr.
Hunt by such monotony. For
instance, he was once a passenger
that was wrecked on Christmas
Island in the Pacific. Again, he
had a narrow escape from being
eaten by rats in New Zealand.
The chronicling of these two incidents may serve to demonstrate
that Mr. Hunt's life hitherto has
not been without a ciash of adventure.
"I was in the good ship Aeon,"
said Mr. Hunt yesterday, pausing in a recital of the tremendous
attractions of wild life in Lillooet. "She was a cargo and passenger steamer. It was during
the summer of 1908 that we cleared away from 'Frisco, bound for
New Zealand. We had been out
about eight days. How the
trouble happened nobody knew.
"The explanation given was
that the tides in the Pacific were
so high at that time that they
covered the lower portion of a
great many islands in the latitudes where we were. Anyhow,
at daybreak on the last day we
s iddenly piled up on the shore of
Christmas Island. There was
nothing to do but go ashore. The
captain had tried full speed ahead
and full speed astern. He had
run out his anchor and tried to
slew her bow or her stern to one
side by means of the steam winches, but that craft wouldn't
"Fortunately the weather was
perfectly calm. There was no
need to make rafts; they just put
us into the lifeboats, hitched us
on to the steam launch, and towed
us to the beach. It was easy to
get supplies from the steamer,
and the only trouble we had was
from our Chinese crew, who became very much discontented at
being confined to a barren island,
which boasted neither a fan tan
table nor a hop joint, and on them
we had to keep a sharp lookout.
"There was only one woman in
our party, She had started for
Samoa to join her husband. Unfortunately, we had no doctor on
board, but her baby was born on
Christmas Island and christened
'Christmas.' We made tents out
awnings, and there were no hardships to be endured. It was most
fortunate that the weather was
good, for that enabled the captain
of the ship to make a trip in the
launch to Fanning Island, where
he got a steamer and was back
putting us on board her in six
"Now the most remarkable
thing about that shipwreck is the
way the Aeon disappeared. When
we reached, Auckland, New Zealand, a local firm bought the
wreck on a speculation and fitted
out a schooner and sent her up to
collect the junk. We had left the
Aeon apparently in fine condition
except for a hole in her bottom.
She was half filled with water,
but it would have taken a tremendous blow to have got her
away from her berth. However,
when the Auckland schooner
reached Christmas Island not a
trace of the ship could be found.
The only theory advanced to account for her disappearance was
that a bunch of San Francisco
beach combers had visited the
spot, stripped the steamer, and
blown up the wreck."
Water Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that Owen
R. Evans, of Moha, Lillooet District,
H. C. vvill apply for a licence to take
and Ui..a one cubic foot of water out of
Pour-mile creek, which flows in a westerly direction through Crown land and
1J. R. 1680, and empties into North Fork
of bridge river, near P. R. 1(>80. The
water will be diverted at about one
mile from mouth, and will be used for
irrigation purposes on the land described as P.  R. 1(580.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 17th day of July, 1918. The
application will be tiled in (he office of
tne Water Recorder at Clinton.
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller
of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B. C
By Samuel Gibbs, Agent.
July 25.	
For Sale or Wanted advertise-
mjnts one dollar per month. Legal
Notices $7.50 for required series
of insertions.
Water Notice
NOTICE is hereby given that Henry
j Murk, of Lillooet, B. C, horticulturist,
■ will apply for a licence to   use SO acre-
I feet per annum  of  water out of three
small springs which flows in a northerly
I direction through P. R. 1964 and sink
into the ground near Cayoosh Indian
Reserve No. 1. The water will be diverted at its source, P. R. 1954, and
will Le used for irrigation and domestic
purposes on the land described as P. R.
1954, Lillooet District, B. C
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 19th day of July, 19';!. The
application will be tiled in the office of
tne Water  Recorder  at Clinton, B. C.
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller
of Water Rights, Parliament Buddings,
Victoria, B. C.
■ July 24. Applicant.
Have you anything to sell?
Do you desire to purchase?
Boots & Shoes.
______ Shoe Repairing
Agents for House of Hobberlin f
Ice Cream
Summer Delicacies.
Cool and Pleasant Accommodation
Fruit in all variety.
High-class range of
Chocolates, Candy,
Cigars and Tobacco.
Mrs. Nellie Dupras, - - Proprietor.
Summer Goods
(Form F.)
Certificate  of   Improvements
Notice of Application.
"Union Jack  Fraction," "Corasand,"
"Great  Fox,"   "Emmadale"
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Lillooet Mining Division
of Lillooet District. Where located,
Cadwallader Creek. Lawful owners
Andrew Ferguson and Adolphus
Williams. Number of holders'Free
Miner's Certificates No. 71740B,
and No. 78015B.
TAKE NOTICE that Andrew Ferguson and Adolphus Williams, both of the
City of Vancouver, in the Province of
British Columbia, Free Miner's Certificate Nos. 71740B and 78015B, intend at
the end of sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply totheiMining Recorder
for Certificates of Improvements for
the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
of the above claims.
that action, under Section 85, must be
commenced before the issue of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 6th day of June, A. D.
1913 '
Dry Goods,
Camp Supplies,
Fancy Goods,
Lillooet, B. C.
For Sale.
Seated Mountain Democrat Spring
Wagon, with good strong brake, guaranteed to carry fifteen hundred pounds,
price One Hundred and Fifty Dollars.
Also, one new 10 oz. duck tent, f8x24,
with five-foot walls, price Fifty Dollars.
Half-Way House, Lytton Road.
between  Jim   Fot and  Jim  Yat Sow,
trading in the town of Lillooet, has this
day been dissolved by mutual consent,
and all debts and liabilities are assumed
by Jim Fot,   and will  be  received and
paid by him.
Dated at Lillooet, B.C., May 23, 1913.
Witness: Samuel Gibbs,
A dark-bay horse, no brand,
ringboned, strayed on to my
ranch, on Fraser river, on or
about July 10. Unless claimed
within two weeks I will sell the
same to cover expenses.
Joseph Copeland.
July 17, 1913.
For prompt and efficient
freight service see Charles
McCaffery, Lillooet, B. C.
Wing On Wo informs the public
Proprietor. | that his new laundry is now open
for business. He has secured the
services of some expert laundry-
men, and is now able to turn out
good work.     Repairs to laundrv
done free.    Charges reasonable.
Wholesale and Retail Produce !
Country Produce Bought and Sold.    Bring your Eggs and Chickens to me.
W. L. CHERRY, Adjoining Peters' Restaurant, Lillooet, B. C.
Construction of the Lillooet-
Lytton Line Started.
Toll System  to be Superseded by
Monthly Rentals.
Big Game Hunter on Visit to Lillooet
for Fishing.
Construction of the telephone
line from Lillooet to Lytton has
now commenced, Mr. S. A. Macfarlane having arrived from Vancouver for the purpose of locating
the route of the line and superintending construction. The speedy
closing of the transaction in connection with the installation of
the service following the Prospector's recent appeal for its installation, was largely due to Mr.
Macfarlane's efforts.
Upon his arrival in Vancouver
Mr. Macfarlane took up the matter with Mr. J. T. Phelan, superintendent of the Dominion Telegraph lines for B. C. and the
Yukon. They jointly wired the
Department of Public Works at
Ottawa, receiving a reply that
the appropriation for the work
had been made and requesting
Mr. Macfarlane to undertake the
supervision of construction.
"In locating  the line,"  said
Mr. Macfarlane to the Prospector,
"my intention is to link up all the
ranchers  between   Lillooet andj
Lytton,  as far as this may be
found practicable.  From Lillooet
the line will follow the ranches
along the west bank of the Fraser,
taking in Jones' and Dickie's. At
a point somewhere below the big
slide the river will be crossed ]
and wire strung the other side of [
the stream to Lytton.
"As many stations as may be
demanded, provided their installation will be generally advantageous, will be put in. At these the
toll system for subscribers, as in
use on the Bridge river line, will
be superseded by a monthly rental
of $2.50. Non-subscribers will be
required to pay the usual tolls,
for the receipt of which monies
subscribers will be responsible. I
have not yet decided as to where
the Lytton terminal will be located, but it will probably be at the
postoffice. All materials for this
end of the work are now lying at
Lytton; construction will be carried on with all possible expedition, and the line should be in
operation in thirty days."
Mr. Macfarlane also intimates
that improvements to the Bridge
river line are in contemplation,
and that the toll system in vogue
over that service will be replaced
by monthly rentals.
Regarding a line through the
Major Bradshaw, a well-known
English big game hunter, is visiting Lillooet for a few days, the
trout of the surrounding streams
being the lure which brings him
here. Two years ago Major Bradshaw was in the district for the
hunting and had splendid success,
taking away a maximum bag of
two sheep, three goats and three
stags. Last season he hunted
with good success in Wyoming, a
Lillooet old-timer, Roy Snider,
acting as guide.
After a week spent in Lillooet,
Major Bradshaw will go on to
Cassiar in search of moose, caribou, and grizzly bear, followirg
which he contemplates a trip to
the Soudan.
Exceptionally Good Season
Predicted by Warden.
Match Race Arranged for Labor Day
-Pic-Nic at Fountain Ranch.
A match race has been arrange
between F. McDonald's "Fountain Dan" and Lavelle's "Dan,*'
for a substantial purse, to he run
at the Fountain ranch on Labor
The race will be over a half-
mile course and repeat, and a
keen contest is expected.
An effort is being made to
arrange a bigpic-nicat the ranch
upon the last holiday of the sea
son, with plenty of racing, sports
and games. Fred McDonald guarantees to have the watermellons
ripe for the occasion.
Opens New Business.
Of real value to ranchers and
consumers, of the Lillooet district
will be the business of produce
brokers now being opened in
town by Mr. W. J. Cherry. For
long, serious disadvantage has
resulted from the difficulty of
getting fresh farm produce from
the field to the table, a difficulty
which has resulted in the importation of large quantities of inferior foodstuffs at inflated
Several Parties of Influential Sportsmen Engage Guides.
Prospects are favorable for an
exceptionally good hunting season
this year, says deputy game warden J. Russell, who has just returned from a 300-mile trip to
White river lake. It was Mr.
Mr. Russell's intention to continue the journey through to
Chilcoten, but he was recalled to
town by A. Bryan Williams to
arrange for guides and transportation for several influential hunting parties which are coming in
While in the hills the deputy
warden saw abundant evidence
of provision for big bags when
the season opens. Stags are especially plentiful and well antler-
ed. Many of these were seen on
the open slides towards the peaks
of the mountains, where they
had sought relief from flies.
Owing to the fact that a mild
winter permitted the deer to go
out early and in good shape, some
exceptionally fine heads should
be secured this fall. Sheep and
goats are also plentiful and in
good shape.
From reports which have been
made, the best hunting districts
will be the headwaters of White
river and Big creek, Tyauchton
cr^ek, Gunn creek, North Fork,
Lone Cabin and Churn creek.
As before stated, several parties of influential sportsmen have
already expressed their intention
of hunting in this district, and
most of the guides already have
reservations for their services.
Pemberton Meadows to Newport, he is of the opinion that
this could also be secured if proper representations were made
to the authorities by means of a
petition clearly setting forth its
advantages and numerously signed by settlers. Telephonic communication through the Meadows
would not only be of immense
value to the immediate locality,
but would complete the last link
in a widespread network of communication covering practically
the entire district.
Fourteen head of fine cattle
were driven from Bryson's ranch
to Bridge river this week, for the
purpose of replenishing the larder
at the Coronation mine. The
herd was taken up the lake on
P. Welch's scow Thursday morning.
Brophy Bros, will open a first-
class restaurant on Monday, adjoining their gents' furnishing
store. Good cooks have been secured, contracts made for the
supply of high-class provisions,
and every effort made to put up
a good table.
Chas. Wark returned Wednesday, from a business trip up the
lake, and went out to the coast
on Thursday. Visiting him here
is his brother, W. Wark, of Prince
A. G. Rebagliati, on a business
trip, was in Lillooet for a few
days this week.
J. L. Swann, North Vancouver,
was registered at the Victoria
this week.
Among the visitors of the week
from Victoria was Geo. J. Brady.
W.S. Blakeman, of Pemberton,
was a guest at the Excelsior
Hotel on Saturday.
Among the visitors to town
from Pemberton this week was
W. H. Merlin, who was in for a
few days from the Portage.
Geo. Benson spent the weekend here, from Lytton.
A. R. MacLeod, of Vancouver,
was among the visitors to Lillooet
this week.
Another guest from the Terminal city was A. Davidson.
W. J. Page came in for a couple
of days from the Short Portage.
A. C. Paulson, of Hope, was
registered at the Victoria.
F. A. Brewer was a visitor
from Vancouver this week, arriving Wednesday night and proceeding on to Bridge river.
Constable Daunt visited the
coast this week on official business.
J. H. Anthony was in town
from Lytton on Monday.
I. A. McAllister, one of the
staff at work at the Coronation
mine, was in  town Wednesday.
Arthur F. Noel left for the
coast on Monday, on a business
Police chief Forsyth arrived in
town from Clinton, Wednesday,
on a visit of inspection.
J. T. Farmer returned to town
Wednesday, from a short visit to
the coast.
Mark Eagleson has gone on
from Vancouver to Soap lake,
Wash., in search of health and
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Lachore
were Lillooet visitors this week.
Water Notice.
i For a Licence to Take and Use Water.
NOTICE is hereby given that I, Robt.
Thomas Graham, of Green Lake, will
apply for a licence to take and use one
(1) cubic foot of water out of 83-Mile
Creek, which Hows in a southerly direction through Lot 728 and empties into
Green Lake atLot728. The water will
be diverted about 1 1-2 miles up stream
from mouth, and will be used for irrigation purposes on the land described as
Lot 728.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 25th day of July, 1913. The appli
cation will be filed in the office of  the
Water Recorder at Clinton, B. C.
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller
of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
Aug. 1.


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