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The Prospector Sep 19, 1903

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;..r .*v;.:
Vol. 6. No. 9.
$1.00 a year.
New Dredge Launched
Tlie new dredge being built for
lie Iowa Lillooet Gold Co. was
juecess-vlly huinclied yesterday
li the presrce of a large number
If shareholders nnd townspeople.
llr. Hamilton, of tlie Hamilton
Ilainifactiiring Co, Peterboro' is
low instiilling the machinery
illicit is on hand.
I Hrltliili   -Vina Drinking.
The consumption of claret in Groat
Jlritain,   which  grew  pretty  steadily
.Iter  the French commercial   treaty
egotiatod by  Mr.  Oobdcn    in  1861,
.ould seem to have received n check.
i.'he importation of still wines   from,
■Yance has fallen off by 307„000 gallons.    The sales of Burgundy,   Sau-
J.erne and Chahlis have not materially varied,  and the deficit is entirely
[attributable to  the comparative   ne-
fclect of claret.    In spite of war     in
It.he first five months    of  1902    and
■high taxation, there was an increase
■in the consumption of champagne of
[nearly  20,000   gallons.     The  decline
if claret has  naturally been follow-
led by an increase in the drinking of
[port.    The importation of this wine
[has increased by 33,000 gallons, and
[if Dr. Johnson's dictum be true lhat
claret is    the    drink for boys     and
iport wine for men,  we ought, I sup-
fjiose,  says  a  London  correspondent,
to rejoice at the change.      All    good
I patriots will    be glad to learn that
1he importation of German wines hasi
fn'len  off,   and  they  will   be equally
delighted to hear that there has been
a growth in the consumption of Australian    wines    of over 256,000 gallons.
Governor of Western Australia.
Tl.e London Star says that Admm
al Sir Frederick Bedford, G.C.i_
whom the King, in pursuance of the
apparently settled policy of ha\ing
military and naval Governors for tho
constituent colonies of the Commonwealth, has appointed to be Governor of Western Australia, entered tho
naval service in July, 1852, and as
a youngster was pr,_sent at several
of the operations in the Black Sea
and the Baltic during the war with
Kussia in 1854-5. As a commander
he served in the Serapis, when it
cairied the King, when Prince of
Wal.s, on his memorable visit to
India. As Flag Captain on the
Shah, on the Facilic station, lie
took that vessel into action with tho
Peruvian ironclad Hi.a~.car off Ylo in
May, 1877. .In 1884, when in command of the Monarch, he received the
special thanks of the Admiralty for
his efforts to organize the flotilla on
the Nile for the relief of General Gordon. For the Benin expedition he received the K.C.B., and the Grand
Tross of the Bath followed among
the coronation honors.
_M  .
lillooet libeii al-con8e1. vativ e
A meeting of the Liheral-Conservatives ol
West Lillooet will be held in the Fraser
Hall, Lillooet, on Saturday; .September 19,
at 8 p.m., for general business.
WJ. Abercrombie, President.
John   Marshall,    Secretary.
Lillooet, B.C., Sept. 14th, 1903.
A Complete Success
The following de patch from the big
dredge at Nome will intensify the interest now shown in the Lillooet dredge,
which was launched yesterday:
"The new dredger of the De Soto Company which started to work 011 August
24, is a complete and unqualified sue
cesB. The firet lew lioure work of tlie
dredger showed / bat it was taking gold
itt lhe rate of $_KH) an hour. News has
1 cached Noma that the.pr duct of the
first 15 hours' work is $5000.
The Convention of the Liberal-Conservatives of Lillooet District was held
last Saturday in the To An Hall, Clinton;
sixty-four delegates were represented.
The object of the meeting was to select a
Conservative candidate lo content the
district at the approaching general election for the Provincial Legislature. Mr.
VV. Saul look the chair and I. Dunlop
acted as Secretary. Ml. Robinson, ol
Kamloops was in attendance and briefly addressed those present anent the
necessity of being thoroughly organized.
After the committee of credentials bail
reported Mr. A. MacDoiiald was nominated by acclamation as the standard
bearer of the Parly, and ou Mr. Mac-
Donald rising to address lhe delega e-,
he was accorded a rousing re. option. He
.hanked the Convention for the honor
conferred on him, and promised, if elected, to do the best he could for the
whole district, without fear or favor.
The greatest enthusiasm prevailed and
after addresses had been delivered by
President Saul and others, the Convention was brought to a close with three
cheers for King Edward and likewise
Mr. Archibald MacDonald.
The prevailing opinion is, that the
Liberal candidate, although earlier in
the field than Mr. MacDonald, will re-
lire.   Time will tell.
Monday, Sept. 14, 1903.
Streets Paved With Gold
A special to thc Seattle Post-Intelligencer from Daw son Bays:
"Dawson stands on a gold mine, and
its stieets have heen strewn with gold.
Excitement prevails in Dawson over a
report that pay dirt, running two to 15
cents to the pan, had been stiuck in the
heart of the city. The report proves
to be true. The gravel in all directions
contains gold.
"Thu strike was made by some men
hauling gravel from the old gravel pit.
Thousands ot dollars of the same dirt
have heen scattered along Ihe streets
of Dawson in lhe process of grading. It
all contains more or Its* gold-
"Thu Klondike's contribution of gold
wealth to the world does not seem to
Oik of the severest autumnal storms
on record swept over the Nortli West
territories last Sunday. At llartney
twelve horses died from exposure, and
at Gretna an old man perished in the
storm, Grain that was still standing is
almost totally ruined.
a      L0CAI
MisH Hurley, ijj
is vit_.it.inp; .rieni
.NEWS      k
_b_£^_&_^_» ^^_.
iPfsPtsAisASpiS PK
Situ Francisco,
in town.
Mrs. Hitiniltoiii of Vancouver,
is v isi king* Lillo.
Commissioner .bibcock arrived
in town last iiiy-lit,from (.lieCoast.
S.A. Macfarlane is having a reservoir build in connection witli
the town water syslein.
Three Turkish batallions have
been almost annihilated by Mac-
wloni&li insurgents near Salon ica.
A Vain Search
The blacksmiths and helpers iu
the employ of the C.I'.R. in Vancouver have struck foran increase
of pay.  ^_____
Dr. Sanson's meeting was fairly well attended last Saturday.
Since that time most of his supporters liave been .mule conspicuous by their silence.
Lieut. I'eary will iuakeanother
attempt to reach the Nortli pole.
Mr. Borden, the Conservative
leader at Ottawa, is once more
restored to health.
Shortage of fruit iu England is
causing a rush for the Canadian
fruit surplii*..
Creameries throughout the
province are doing a prosperous
Sir Thomas Upton is suffering
from appendicitis with complications.
The Alaskan Arbitration court
is in session.
The efforts to avert war iu the
Balkans are unavailing.
While speaking at the unveiling
of a monument iu his native town
Premier Combes, of France, was
hissed by the villagers, led by the
parish priests.
ncter and good reputation in each slate (one
In this county required) to represent and advertise old established wealthy business house
of solid -financial standing. Salary f-1,00 weekly with expenses additional, all payable in
cash direct each Wednesday from head olllces.
Horse ami carriage furnished when necessary.
References.   Enclose self-addressed envelope.
Colonial, 332, Dearborn St. Chicago.
Subscribe for The Prospkctou.
One of the points on which many of the
moi-t levelheaded and experienced of g dd
miners have u weakness, is the search
for the mother lod*, as it is called. It is
a search, which, if successful, would
mean unlimited wealth for ihe lucky
tinder. There is something in geology,
and more in dim historical traditions 10
'ead men into such a search, but ils results, so far, have been loss of money,
health and life. Y^t wl.en a miner gets
the "mother lode Fever," he is apt to
continue the search until death, and
generally death in a tragic form, puis a
permanent end to his wanderings ami
The theory of the mother lode seeina a
plausible one in many ways, aud even
scientific resear.-h has not been able to
decide d> finitely as to its truth or iaUity.
In California, tbe Klondike and uiot-t
other gold distiictH the first finds are in
rivers and streams whicli run down
from some adj iccit mountain range. I
is known, of course, that this gold conies
down from the mountains ai d tint it
was placed theie amid great convulsions ot natuJc in lormer geological
periods. The gold found in .tr.aniB i-
imply the loose .old that has been
swept down during ihe ages, while tlie
go'd found in quartz, is, according to
the.iry, the out::>opping from some great
central lode. Such a lode, if existent,
would bein tliectn ral pirtof theniuuu
eain ranges.
There are ceit in historical Iradi'ions
to bear oul this view. Tbe sto'iea of
great cities and civi'izitions in South
Africa in remote ages, might indicate
that their wealth and power was founded on tl e possession of gold mines in the
region uoith of Johannesburg, a r.£_on
which is said to exceed Johannesburg in
the richness of its mineral deposits, (nit
which is practically unexplored from a
a mineral point of view. Then, too, in
the Klondyke there have heen finds of
ancient c .ins, which would seem to th w
traces of a former civilization. These
traditions, combined with the fascination and possibility of the mother h de
theory, have cast a spell over many a
miner which in the end has led him to
his death.
The nominations tor Vancouver and Victoria have beeu made
and are as follows:
Conservatives. Liberals.
Hon. It. Tatlow—J. Martin, K.C.
J. Garden -T S. Baxter,
C. Wilson, K.C.-J.U. Turnbull
W. Bowser KC.-I)r. Brydon-Jack
A.M. Mc(iowa.n-C.R, Mouck.
ITon. A. McPhillips-H. I.. Divwry
Jos. Hunter, CE. -Aid. Cameron
H. Helckiuen, K....-J.I.. McNiven
Chas. Havward     -Itichard Hull.
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—ia strongly
recommended by the medical profession ac
% safeguard against infectious (lineage-.      ■_,
Some Difficulties Tlmt llenrt. Tin .-. l~rs   •>
That   Ucni|;lileil Counli.v—<_>ii.   r
1 l>i..(;s b.v tlie Mu}.
The Somali camels contrasted with
the .11 .inn camels arc very gonue.
They s.ldom injure anyoi.e. in moving about the camp at night on_
has often to 1 nss umong lliem i*s
they kni'Ol in rows, sometimes stepping over them or stooi.i.ig u.iucr
outstretched necks, but 1 huAe never
had expeiience of a. vicious camel in
Soinalilund. Even when undergoing
Iii inr operations they rarely ..i.C,
ail hough the head is 1. ft free, 'ihis
accommodating disposition is att.ib-
utable gro.it ly to the manner in
which tl ey arc treated by the natives, who, though rather crud to
their ponies. ne\cr i.l uso a cunicl.
Many Somalia arc utterly ignoiunt
of !_t__uing, tliis work I c ng done
largely by the women, say-'
a writer In The Brooklyn
Eagle lhe camel ii every win r_.
In the land. lie Is tic great mean.;
of transport anS h guen in payment,
for wives antl in settlement of ii.e
ince. sant blood feuds which render
peaceful village und town life almost
unknown in the interior.
As the trooi s make iheir way inland cuiiotis natiic v ill ago-i formed
of littlo huts of bent sticks covered
with camel mats, and protected all
round with a fence of cut thorn Irus
laid siCe by :iJe, will nt fust •!,.>
common lights, and tl.e frish camel
milk obt.i.iablc at these is very ic-
freshing on tho long marches. Tie
men of Somaliland use a curious
white clay found in various parts of
the country to dab on their heads,
which makes them look li'se bla<.k
footmen with powdeied wi; s. The unmarried gids wear their hair fuzzy,
and  the mar: led  women theirs in   a
Select It ailin_r fur Aiiin-iiii.inl.n.
Note: Tha following sele lions from
papers of the southern Slates appear
in connection wilh an arti.le In Tho
tllobe of tbe date above mentioned,
and entitled "Select Heading for
Slaves—Slaves. The undersigned
kcnips constantly on hand a well assorted lot of slaves for sale. We will
receive and sell slaves for our friends
on commission. We will pay cash for
20 or 2."i slaves. Wc invite our
f. ieiieis and the public generally to
give us a call when they have business in our line, O. F. Hatches &
Co'y, 105 Oravicr street.
Slaves for Sale. An exceedingly
line assortment of Virginia and
Maryland negroes are offered Ifor s.ile,
corner of Esplanade and Moreau
streets. Thoy were purchased with
cure, have .inst arrived, and will give
general satisfaction to buyers.. W.
L. Campbell, Slaters old Stand.—
From The (ilobe of .Jan. 27, 1853.
Novel Waji of llnvliiR Mink.
The latest way of selling stock is
by measuring with dollar bills. The
other day a cow was sold in this
manner and the price determined by
measuring around the animal's body
by SI bills*. It only required 11
bills to encircle the cow, and now
thive is one man in East Flamboi'O
who will never sell that way again.
Another game is to offer to buy n
horse for the nniount of money re-
qufred to measure it from tbe tip of
Ibe no^e (o the end of the tail, but
Instead of measuring up over the
head and along tbe back, the horses
tail is drawn forward between his
hind legs und .Jhis head backward
between his forelegs, and it is found
tlmt tbe distance between the nose
and Ihe tail can sometimes be covered bj   one bill. THE   PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, R.O.. SI.IT1.MI.ER 19,1903.
iri.i.isin.i) i.\ i*:k\'   Saturday
BY  TIIK   I'll lU'MJl'Olt  I'UIIU'IIINIi   l.'OJII'ANV.
THE PRUSPECIOH is tht- only paper pub-
llsheJ in the Lillooel I).strict, uml is all home
Subscript Ions: One Dlillnr 11 vimr In iidvmiee.
A* I vert isi ni; ni.es ni'nile knoivii nn iipplieiillnn,
Corri'Sjiondein-e i> invlleil nil till nuilleis ol
public or local interest. All cuiiiiiiiiiilentiiitis
must l,i* iii'eiiinpin)full by tlie iiiiinu oi die'
Writer, lull not iioeessiirlly foi iniblli'iilinn.
Dr. Sanson's Retirement
To outsiders Uie news of Dr.
S;iiis(ii''.s letiremeiil from llie po
lilic.'il contest; in Uie Lillooet Ri-
• lino nifty come as a great*'si11'-
piisc, Uut to (hose who lm ve been
in toucli witlitlistricttloinji's <]ur-
iii^tlic|b'i,stfew weeks tlieiloctor's
nut ion wiih reckoned miioiig the
probabilities nnd cnn be ein_il,y
Afc the beginning' of Hie present
eimipaig'ii it seemed somewhat
ditfieult to secure tl. snilitb'e C'on-
sei'vntive candidate foi* the district. Tlie only person who seemed likely to lill the plnce vacated
by Messrs Smith nnd Prentice,
wns A. MncDonald, but he had
repeatedly expressed a disincliii-
ntion to a p.iliticitl life. Therefore, Ih: iS.miisoii, tis Libernl candidate, wjis _ likely winner. Iiul
fchrough the importunit y of many
fiiends nnd the desire lo help Ihe
party of his choice, Mr. MacDon-
nld, nt the Inst moment, laid
nside liispeisonnl preferences ami
allowed his name to go ou to the
('(invention held at Clinton last
Saturday where he was nominated by acclamation its tht; standard bearer for the Conservative
party. M.-ieDomtld's nomination
uud the waning of Dr. Sanson's
slur were simultaneous. With
nny ot herConservaf ivecandid.tle
the doctor might have fared heller, but thnt we shall never
know. The attitude of the eleet-
ornte iu this instance recalls the
well-known words of Brutus: "If
then that friend demand, why
Brutus rose ngninsfc Caesar, this
is lay answer,—Not thnt I loved
Caesar less, but that 1 loved
Home more." The doctor's re-
I ireineiit does not make him anv
less I he friend of many in thedis-
I net.
Salmon   Fisheries
Dr. Evernian, chief of the division  of scientific  inquiry of the
United States lish commission is
surprising fish an tho lilies by his
remarks niient the habits of our
northern  salmon.   The Victoria
Colonist of September 11,  publishes an account of the result of
n series ofexperiinentscarried on
by Evernian   in   the  North   and
the facts established  go  to discredit the 'parent stream' theory
which claims that ma lure salmon
enter the stream   in  which   they
spawned antl never leave it afterward   to   (-pawn   elsewhere.     A
number of adult lish caught in n
certain stream were lagged  and
then turned loose. The cannery-
men were asked to keep a lookout and   report   the plnce and
time in whicli any of these tagged fish were caught. Later many
of these were caught out  in   the
s.tlt water, and  one entering a
stream 00 miles away.  Thus the
theory   averring   that   the   fish
never leave a. stream on entering
it in the spawning season is false
ami the salmon do not necessarily return to Hie stream in which
they were spawned.
What has It ever dune lur you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutions that keep; that cannot help but keep.
LIQUOR   drinkers  ci'RKt),   Easily, ISifely, Absolutely.
at home;.   Willi no loss of Time or Labor.
Tbere is an enbirhteiied aid now which takes hold of a man ineliinllv.
Instead ol' dulling a drinker it (lives him almost immediately liie ai.np '-'■
new life and p.iwer—lets the Hiinliiilit of hoi e into hi? foiiI at once and
sets his mind into operation with h1 its lie«t intelligence a prompt result of effects on ibe neives, sb inach and w'iole body which are quick
and niai veluiis. While at this puint the. cure has only bejjun, the encouragement ii so great that piobably no medical woik (quids ihis in
satisfaction to a patient.
With vl.is help Against the drink habit any man « ho wauls to lift from
Ids life the handicap of liquor using can do so wfth immediate re-ulis.
Tnis guaranteed treatment is within reach of all. Convenient terim can
he arranged satisfactory to any one who is at all rea-onable, though, as
all people understand, it does i ot compute with the woithless quack
cuies adverli-ed at so much per pack tine, or "Free", ete. It i* a different
matter from all Ibis to letfect a coime of tl orough. Special, personal
Ireatinent lhat will really do Ihe wurk and rtire forever. It in a serious
undertaking and requiies a high form of scientific professional w irk. All
the different kinds of itases are li nulled under guaranteed results. Only
-kill that ia develop."! lo the hisjh.ist cau doit.. Only professional liei
can pay for the time it requiies, though tbey are mnde moderate snd convenient for anybody. The n elhodsof practice ined in this woik has cost
ve*irs of lime, vast study and expensive experiments. Tli'e originator, I)-.
Wlliiini H. fjauiulers, bad atlrac;e*i wide notiee for liis workson Neivous
diseases long before perfecting Ibis treatment. And nill hothing but care
and personal attention to cases today makes it possible fo' him to accomplish tbe abs.ilu e cures which he guarantees. So tbe reader will see
tbis treatment mean- lhorou_.li scientific, professional attcnii- u. Uut it
also means results that are absolutely certain. Tne splendid li ret effects
ou a man are alone worth the entire cost of treatment.
This treatment, can be given WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of
the pa'ient and can be placed in any of bis foods or liquids that be ntes,
and heinir color It ss and la-te|ess, ii does its work so hilently and quickly
that Ibe drunkard is leelaiuied even against his will and wi bout hi"
knowledge and ce-operation. Tl.e wife mated for year.i to a husband addicted lo Ihis curse will wonder if curing her husband by ! er own effort-
can be true. "Is it pot-sible that tbere is sueh a gloi ions opp irtuuity ?"
>lie will ask. And thoii'apds of wives who have put, it to the te*( aiul tc-
j 'ine in the reelaniation of heir spou.ee who seemed lost to aU sense ol
self-reaped, generosity and manliness will trumpet, out to the wot Id,
"Yes, ji ja true". Onr treatment is purelv vegetable, contains uo narcotics, opiates, poisons or mineiaK We u-e no hypodermic Injection of gold,
nor any dangerous compound. It can he taken at. h une without any loss
or detention from badness. I' stimulates the nervotiH Kv-Mem at once,
increases the appetite, and afford-, perfect rest at night. It acta dine ly
upon the stomach, Im Ids up • h - who'e system, eliminates all tr ice of liquor from the body an I leave, the patient in the same condition as if liquor
had never beeu taken.
RI. MEMBER WE WAN1* TO CUIll. THE WORST C._<\''.<, e-pecially
those who have In en deceived hy worthies- remedies. If y ur friei d or
husband is the worst ca«e iu the conitntinity, we are nn re anxious lo cure
him.    Head the following:
Si. John's School, Okla., Aug. I8tli, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Hear Sr-:— I have just, returned after a long absent e, and feel it on-
duty to write you concerning m\ two pafiettls, One of ibem K.U..'., gave
up the treat ment after about two weeks. The other, Wm. ('..., con II um d
to take the treatnie it faithfully, and be bas been i.hle lo rcfu-n w bi-ky a
hundred times and does not crave it at ail. For nine vears he has been
away from his parents and never dining that lime has he been able to
keep away from home long ennni.li to visit home. Ile is now visiting bis
110111'." io (Jlevelai d, Ohio, and I expect hit:: back in a few davs. When be
lefi he promised he would not loud: whi-ky while away. I trust he will
keep bis good resolution. Kindly let me bave a few pamphlets for distribution. There are a few ease. I would like to get for your lieatiiient.
W.shing you success, I am
Very truly you's.
Sister Superior.
8*-. J din's School,   Oray Horse, Okla., Sept. 27, 1902.
Dr. W. II. Saunders,
Dear Sir:— Youi loiter received and contents no'ed. My patient
returned after visiting home, and has not touched whiskev. I am so glad
that he look your treatment and I is mother is simply delighted to think
thit he does not drink. The change worked iu this mun his attracted the
attention ofeyeryone.    Iain
Very respectfully,
Sister Superior,
St. John's School, Orav Il.rse, Old..., Dec. 28. 1902
Dr. W.   H. Suindeis.
Dear Sir:—I wrole vou some time ago about publishing iny letters.
I he-itat.ed because thoy were written in haste, and I doubt jf they are
lit to pii'ilish. D is a debt of gratitude on mv part and if the letters will
benefit you in any way, make ti^e of i hem. If 18 the only means I have
to make 'iny return for your kindness. Tnis I ask -leave out my name,
and si in pi v sign, Sister Superior, and of course omit llie name of the patients.    Mr. (J is doicg well.    He does not crave whiskey at all.
With best wishes of Ihe season,
I am, very truly yours,
. Bister Superior.
Polvadeia, New Mexico, Dec. llili, 1901
Dr. W.H. Suinders & Co.,
Gentlemen : —I have taken your medicine
fir the liquor habit, which was recommended to nie by a friend in my
town. I only too1! one month's treitm-nt which completely cured me.
I have no desire to drink any more. I suffered for ye.os with this curse.
Please accept mv thanks for the treatment. R^st assured that 1 -hall recommend your treatment to everyone in need of same.
I am, very truly yours,
Calletano Garcia.
WE HAVE BEEN, and are, curini: thousands and we have hundreds
nf testimonials on file speaking of these wonderful mires WE WILL
for particulars and save the downfallen. All correspondence is held sac-
re lly confidential. No names of patients published without their written
consent.    Oon-ultatinn FREE.    A'lcorrespon lence without marks.
FREE BOOK.    Dr. Saunders latest treatise on the cimues, various
tvpes, and successful  treatment of llie liquor habit-
ITS CURE."—uialle 1  free for a 2c. stamp.
Dr. W.H. SHinders & Co.
Dept. B.   N57,
Englewood Station,
Chicago, III,
O      '.  . EXRfJRTE^S    pi   |Q(.     "
«... NORTH'Ef,N    pUrtO;'-
200-212 first Ave.Morth.   MINNEAPOLIS. Ml-N      .
-    "    . \  -*   write for Circulars     :•    •  'I
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It  makes light  the labors of  washing*.    Turns
wash day into play day.   Better than any Soap
and more economical.
Chicago,       New York,       Boston,       St Louis.      Montreal-
ULLOOET ANI) 1.1110.-1. lt_.VJ.lt STOltl.S.
G-.BIsrEI^^IL,     ny:_H]_E^O_lE3:_A__I-TT;]
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store ut Bridge Biver where ..]
full stoek of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, I.iiiooet, B.C|
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.fl
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
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made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
rnrr Send name ind address on n Postal
"Htt     fur our 164-page Illustrated Catalog.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1.00 per annum. THE  PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, l~.C,, SEPTEMBER 10. 1903.
The following platform  wns n-
En|»leil unanimously liy the Uev-
l.uke Convention on Sejiteinber j
_2J,li, 11)02:
1—•'That- this Convention  re--|
Iffirnis the policy of the Party in
juatters of Provincial roads and
rails; the ownership and control
J>f railways and tin.' development
!>. the agricultural resources of
.lie Province, as laid down in the
Matform   adopted   iu   October!
1899, which is as follows:
'To actively aid in the consirucsion ol
•trails throughout the Province and the
[building of Provincial Trunk  roads ol
[public r.e_e6siiy.
''To adopt the principle of G> verri-
\ ment ownership of railways in so far as
the circumstances of the Province will
admit, and to adopt the principle that
no bonus should be granted lo any railway company which does not give the
government of Ilia Provii ce control of
rates over lines bonueed, together with
the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by State aid in Ihe
development of the agricultuial resourc
es of the Province."
2—That in the meantime and until
the Uailway po'.icy above set fortli can
be accomplished, a genera' Railway Ac;
be passed, giving freedom to construct
railways nnder certain approved regulation?, analagons to the system that has
resulted in such ex'ensive railway construction in tlie United States, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
3—That to encourage the mining industry, the taxation of metallihr ins
mint s should be on the basis of a peiceu-
of the net profits.
4—That the Government ownership ol
telephone systems should be bmught
about as a first step in the acquisition
of public, utilities.
5—That a portion of every coal area to
be hereafter disposed of, should be reserved from sale or lease, so that state-
owned mines may easily be accessible,
if their operation become necessary or
6—That in the pulp land lea.es provision should be made for refoiestiuy
and that ateps should be taken for the
general preservation of forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction of
7—That the Legislature and government of the Province should peri-evere
in the effort to secure the exclusion of
Asiatic lab~r.
8—Tnat the matter of better subsidies
and appropriations for B.C. be vigorously pressed upon the Dominion Government.
9--That the silver lead industries be
fostered by the imposition of increased
Customs duties on lead and lead products importe I into Canada.
10—That arrangements be made for an
amicable adjustment of the relations between eraployeis and employed.
11—-That it is advisable to foster the
manufacture of the raw products of the
province within the Province as far as
practicable by means of taxation on the
said raw products subject to rebate ot
the same in whole or in part when manufactured in British Columbia.
Mb. Wm. Saul, Pi.ksidi_.nt.
Mr. j. e. n. Smith, Secretary.
(with power to add to their
number): Messrs Wm Saul,
J. E.N.Smith, and John McGillivray.
All supporters and friends are
cordially invited to co-operate.
Lever's Y-Z(WiseHead)Disinfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfects and cleans at the same time. _•
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
I. Its Fraser River Placers.       <*cr)
As far back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on ;it Morse l.cel
bar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked will) profit al
tbe present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a how company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
Anderson lake and buidge river mining properties will prove themselves su.lru.ie lit to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain unprospec'tod.
3, Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-^*^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^~^>
In tbe dry belt, and at an altitude that renders tbe seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen iu bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashoroft and lvtton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
lillooet liberal-conservative
A meeting of the Liberal-Conservatives ol
Wesl Lillooet will be held in the fraser
Hall, Lillooet, on Saturday, September 19,
at 8 p.m., for general business,
WJ. Abercrombie, President.
John   Marshall,    Secretary.
Lillooet, B.C., Sept. 14th, 1903.
NOTICE is hereby given that I shall, on
behalf ol the High Bar band of Indians, apply
lo the Commissioner uf lhe Lillooet District
for permission to record two hundred inches
of water from Watson Bui Creek, at a point
above the Indian Reserve for dome tic and
agricultural purposes.
Indian Agent,
Clinton, B.C., August 281I1, 1903.
West Lillooet Conservative
Association .
vV..T. Al'jerci'omlrie, President,
A.W. Nmilli.lloii.-Piesidenl,,
,los. Wu.t_l.l1.s011, Vice-President
John Marshall.   Secretary,
W. Durban,        Troasumr.
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las Kirkland. (Lab.)
I Tom Cavm.
Dr. King
Coniox l!
Cowichan 1
Delta   1
Dewdney    1
Esquimault 1
Fernie   i|
1 LL. Atkinson.
C. W. Munro.
..«*. Mcll. Young.
E.M. Skinner J. N. Evans.
    E.C. Smith  McPherson
Grand Eorks iJCeo. II, Eraser  Neil  McCallum.... J.Kiorduil.... (Soc.)
Greenwood 1    1 ■ '<• Brown  	
Islands  1  T.W. Patterson....	
Kamloops  1 F.J. Fulton  .',.'   Deane   	
Knslo 1)  JT. Retalllck 	
Lillooet  1 A. MacDonuld—   ■        	
Nanaimo I ...,'    •'■'::   	
Nelson I John  Houston S.S. Taylor   	
Newcastle I  •• •■••.• • •  ;
New Westminster.. 1   '• (,lflori1 ■ • • ■ (Ind'<
Ukanagan iil'rice Ellison    W.J. Stirling  .....
Revelstoke   1 JT. Taylor J.W. Bennet  . (Soc.)
Richmond 11 !	
Rossland 1     |	
Saanieh   11    	
Similkameen 1 L.W.  Shntford....   W J. Snodgrass.
Skeena 1 C.W.I). Clifford.... P. Herman  ...
Slocan  1 W Hunier     R.A. Bradshaw
. .!A. R. Stelbin-. (Soc)
,. J. Edwards ..(Lab.)
. . |A.G. Perry ..(Lab.)
. .:F. Williams.. .(Lab.)
. ...|J.C. Walters.. (Soc.)
..   . i Lee Charlton.. (Soc 1
Yale 1 T.G.McManamen., 8. Hendersoi
Ymir-' " 1 Harry Wright Alfred Parr
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Much Wa~tt> I.11111I uu U'h,1I1 WoodsCon'.d
1 i- I'liii.ti-.l.
The Departmental Commute- on
liritish forest 1 y hus is l.ed i.s report . li remarks on t'no fact 1 hat
there ; r«j s une iwuntj one 111 11 ojl
acn s ui wns e land, ii U r e propor-
tion ui which might pi out ably bo
alio:estI'd. it ie imitiic:ids ihat two
ureas for practical deniotislrat 0.1, o£
not under two and not over toi
thot s.u.il acres, s 1111 Id I c acquire.!
by tho Stale: thai kctuiuiK on for-
estty be appointed in con. e 1 on with
tho universities; and ilu.t the agricultural col.eyes make tho sub.e t
part of tieir course. Tho piojosal
to set upa.it expo, iuicntal are.is is
interesting, und we are rather of
opinion tbat such ail rxpoiiiniul
would not make Alice Holt—ono of
the areas suggested—much Icsj profitable than it i.s to-day. Sou 0, i 1-
deed we muy say all, thc otl ur recommendations sti ike ns as pious
and quite pioper, Unhappi'y wo
doubt gravely w'u ther this entirely
well-meaning report will ris.dt in
any considerable planting and replanting operations on thc part of
the owner of land. Thc fall in the
value of timber and underwood lira
bean great during the lust quarter of
a century. On , fer instance, to-duy
is hardly worth the 11 ipping, though
the price of tbe wood i.s If has been
lower in the past. Laich is one of
the few timber trees which the
landowner Cuds le can plant on poor
land with something li' 0 assured 1 ro-
flt. The clause in t'e ie;iort lef r-
ring to the estate duties may lcmiiKl
us of the undoubted fact that Sir'
William Hai court's Finance A t
must be held responsible f-ir t'e f.ill
of a groat deal of t mber in English
wood, which is not li' e'y to be replaced in the near future. Too often
it must be the only way to pay oft
tl.e duties.—Satin day Review.
dele Wilt       (t.\>tll.
Events reproduces the following dose iption cf Mr. Joseph Chamberlain
fiom a sketch by J. Swift Mc.xe 11.
an Irish Nationalist II. P.: "He is
of medium si e, somewhat slightly
b lit, with lets too short in proportion to his frame. Jt i^ s il by physiologists that the f 1 c ■ of every h 1-
i,.uu b i. 4 wl en clo. e!y s rutii i el
resembles somo animal, and, api lying tiis U.si to V.lr. Lhambcilaib, [
think his face 1 0 rs a by no means
farfetched li one s to t'e fae of a
fox. Tbis leseml.luiue is \e y st: i:_-
ing when one looks ut his proii.o.
lie has a high forehead, a Roman
nose, well-chiselled featmes, a mouth
expresie of grei't d.t'minati n,
and large, dark blue, luminoi s and
some what cruel eyes. Eis free,
whit h seems pallid in its color at a
distance, has, when one lool s at it
closely, an unhealthy yellow hie,
wbicb perhaps is made mi ra sttiking-
ly appa:ent by the coal-black color
of his thick and luxuriant hair. As
one looks at Sir. Chainbei lain casually, oie would guess his age to he
about lhc and fifty, but rs a matter
of fact in 1076 Mr. Chamberlain was
a man of the mature age of fort/
years, who had already cn;oyed a
ci\ic career of great distinction, and
had made a large fortune in trade."
riiotographte Apparatus lo Take PlC.nxea
or Invisible Olij cIr.
As photography is employed to assist,
the astronomer in detecting the existence
of the stars in the heavens which could
not hi; seen by the naked eye with tho
aid of the telescope, so it is also used to
secure accurate enlarged reproductions of
minute objects which are revealed to man
oaiy by thc aid of the microscope, says
the .San Francisco Chronicle.
This development of the art of photography is of great assistance, not only to
the mierosooplst, but also to the pathologist and histologist. A photomlcrographlo
apparatus, as it is called, has been invented by O. <i. Mason, secretary of the
American Microscopical Society, which
can be iiaod for making negatives showing object, with a magnification of 15,Otttl
The apparatus is very compact, being
only about two feet in length, but will
receive an objective of any power and
photograph the most minute objects. Tho
images are produced on a plate three and
one-quarter by four and one-quarter
inches. It i.s mounted ou a single base
board, so that the apparatus may be
shifted at the will of the operator.
To the standard of a miseroscope the
camera box is attached in such a way
that the box can be placed horizontally
or inclined at any desired angle, like a
telescope or microscope itself. Thus adjustments can be made providing for
any required distance between the objective and the sensitive plate, so that the
desired amplification may bo readily
The mechanical stage is operated by
the small chains which extend along tho
sides of the frame of the apparatus, and
the rotation of the objective polariscope,
etc., and tha focusing is affected by rods .
extending toward the rear of the camera
box. By its means the operator, seated
at the camera, can manipulate the instrument for focusing or searching the
field for any particular object. THE   PKOSPECTOK, LILLOOET, B.C., SEPTEMBER 10.1903.
The Cost of h "Scurry" Train If Vou Ar
in » Hurry ami Hure I'li'iity of ..Ion: v
—Some Itevoril Trips of Tills lliura-tei
Maile in  llie OUI I.uml.
From §250 to *S7.*iti nnd 30 minutes' notice at n big railway station
—often lesh'—will pro\ide you with ti
train oi lour carriages all t;i yourself. It will whirl you lo the other
end of Britain—to whatever station
you want to reach. If ever you are
iu such a hurry that money matters
nothing—provided you have got it—
you can count on getting an ordinary train at the price of from '20 to
40 ordinary faie.3 to your destination.
JSut if you want comfort and
"style," an extra half hour's notico
1o the railway people will procure
jou a dining and sleeping car, with a
cook, attendants, food and wines,
from $100 to ?150 extra. Then you
can "burn the ground" over 5.00
miles by rail, only stopping to water
the engine and laugh at all the tin e
tables ever compiled. A great many
wealthy people in a hurry have done
The lilggest "Scurry."
One of the biggest "scurries" in
special train records was a train
scratched together for the King,
when Prince of Wales, on a very important occasion. He, of course,
neaily always has his own traiais,
but "extras" are as much a part of
the railway sjslem as the mails.
There is nothing exciting about
But while on a visit to a country
house just out.ide .Leiccs.er, tho
King received a message that had
been delayed. The Crown i'lince of
Greece had arrived in Knglan.l and
his formal reception by the Queen at
Buckingham Palace was put forward
by a nay. The news, owing to a
breakdown, did not reach the Prince
till 15 hours altar it ought to have
reached him, and he barely had two
und a half houis before the ceremony
liogan. 'iluso affairs between royal-
tics are exuemcly punctilious and
there are no excuses.
it would have been almost an international slight if the Prince had
liot appeared, but there was no
train. A messenger rode posthaste
to -Leicester, the Prince followed in a
fast carriage and when he arrived a
"special" of four "odd-und-end" carriages had been slung to a fast engine—less than four are not safe—in
less than 15 minutes.
He jumped in, the line was cleared
and oft" the train went. He was
without lunch and the carriage was
an ordinary first-class, but tho
Prince's valet bustled some sandwiches in at the last moment, nnd
the train, with a clear line, whisked
ils royal freight to London in an
hour and 10 minutes. He was just
in time for the reception.
The "..larriace Special."
Prol.ably the most romantic, as
well as one of the smartest of special train hurries was one that raced
from London to Dover a few years
ago, on the occasion of a runaway
match, and which still lives in railway annals as the "marriage special." The engager of the train, a
Mr. Victory, had big dillicult ie. to
overcome for his fiancee was a ward
in chancery, that is, she and h.r
estate were under the guardianship of
the law, and the penalty for marrying a ward without, the consent of
the court is imprisonment.
As this consent was not to be obtained, the young couple disregarded
it and were man ied at. a registry oflice. The bride's relatives, however,
had had the bridegroom watched by
a pi i.ate detective, and shortly uf-
ter the ceremony the newly married
couple' found   they  were discovered.
The bridegroom had a small steam
yacht in the Granville dock nt lover-, and to this they were to have repaired by train. But as the warrant for thc groom's arrest, was now
likely to be issued at any moment,
they dared not wait for the train
and a special was ordered, fn 30
minutes it was le.uly and the couj 1 ■■
were speeding south.
The detective, to gain time to put
the machinery of the law in motion,
tiied to have the train stopped at
Canterbury, but as he had no legal
authority he failed, and tho couple
reacted Dover. The main reason fo
ta! ing the special is that a Tessel in
the Oram ilie dock has to wait till
two hours before high water before
she can get out, and the ordinary
train would have missed ti.e tilfe.
They arrived twenty minutes too
early, ha\ing done the journey in two
hours to the minute, and waited
anxiout ly for the dock gates to open, When they did, the yacht steamed out, and the couple; left British
waters just an hour ahead of the
wai rant. At daybreak the yacht put
into Flushing and the happy pair I
lived abroad till thc bride's majority.
More than half tlie battle in
.leaning greasy ushej is in t'.ie
soap you use. If it's Sunlight Soap
it's the best. ob
50  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sliet ph and description may
nulokly usee, t.nin our opinion free whether an
invention ts iinilmbly patentable. Oommunira-
l ions strictly rnnlldentliil. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest fluency for securing patents.
Clients taken tliroueli Jliinu & Co. receive
tpeciat notice, without -barge, in the
Scientidic American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lamest circulation of any srienllflo journal. Terms, $~ a
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MUNN & Co.se,Droadwa» New York
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News from all t.ue world—Well-written
original st.irie*-—Answers toipierii-.—
Arlj'lee em Health, the Home, New
Hook., and on Work about the farm
and Gulden.
Tlie WI'Mf Inter-Ocean
I- a member id the A^.qciated 1're-n
' i only Western Newspaper re eiv-
ing the entire tele>.ri phie news service of the Nen Yutk Sun, nud -"fecial cable of the New York World—
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
corresp indents throughout the country.
Sf.'.fcrihe In.-The WEEKLY
INTI-K-OOEAN (One Dollar)
BOTH FOR $1.25.
As a . pecial uiul temporary offer Io
readers of this ;>aper, v\e will aiail Tiik
Puiil.ic lo persons who are not. now Bull-
'iiibei«, for leu weeks for ten rents.
Tiik Public is a !f2, 16-puire weekly Review for democratic Democrats and tie
inocratic Republicans; its opinions are
exprei-se I without fear or favor; it give,
in in tern.ting and connected weekly
if all i i.toi ical new s ; il. always has ed-
toiials worth studying, a cartoon worth
.eeing, nook notices uorth reading, and
i.iscellani'ous matter both valuable aie!
interesting ; and it i. liked by int* lligenl
women as well as by intelligent men
Tne editor is IiHiisF. Post. Send ten
•ents ill silver or slumps Ior tin week's
rial. All sulisr, iplums aie paid strict I.
iu advance, and upon expiration the
im per is promptly Btrpped unless Biib-
viip'inn is renewed. Mention this paper
Address:      THE PUBLIC,
Unity Jlu'liliii.', Cu c.uio, Iu*.
Mining Proparty for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tumld'h are hivileil lor llie whole of llm
properly, buibiillug Crown Gran led eluli.'iH,
null sile, Cyihiiile mill, (.iipiittlly 45 lofiO Ions
lull)), trtun.vny, assay oliice, laboratory and
fiillfipii|>mc-iil, ol the Toronto I.iiiooet Cf old
Keel's Company l.imiie.l, Nlluiile ill lhe Lillooel
•Mslriet of llrlllsll foliii.ilua; Including Ilu*
.lliple, Wlmle, Mm,inch and Wellllllcl Vale
mines wliieli are Crown gfi'iillledi nl~<> the
Sort ll .Star, tlolileti shipe, tlohluii Hiigle. liilby
ind Jumbo.mineral elaim, in Hie saine disl
ilet, logoUier wiih a tun stump mill, machine
IrtlIs and other oipilpiiiculs. Cash lenders foi
Ihe whole properly are requested bill
off us for working options or for portions
if llie properly will lie considered I'rom Hit
former group 950 ionsof ore Inis been milled,
witli an assay value appioxliilallllg $10.00 0
(.11.00 Wagon rond from Kailroad lomill. Thc
whole of the above will hear looking into and
ltiveMlig.ilInn and are all exceptionally iin por
ant and Valuable group of chinos wilh full
vorklngequipment, Full parllculiirsiiiav In
i.i.i on n ppl leal loll lo ltd gar llloomlieM
.Iquldalor, I'. 0. Host 7IH, Vancouver It. c
Have you ordered your new
mi it? (Jive McCosli a Ir'iil. lie
will give yousaUttftictioii.
GenorVtl llai'tiwuire,
Picks jiihI Shovels,
Axes, Hoes Si li.il.es,
J in. t- Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, hunis, Ac.
JjlllbS ior Fall or Spring plantliii
Seeds, PI ants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Koad, Vancouver, li.C.
will ru  1.AMOK ONI v.
DRUG STORE       g.
Drugs and Medicines,
Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,
l-'l.h;n_ Tackle etc. etc.
Mail   Orders    Promptly   Filled.
As people live at the present
time il is very ossein iul that the
teeth he brushed every day. Our
••-He. GTiiiranieert" tooili brush
is tlie best value for lhe money
that we have ever seen. Il you
can lind a belter brush for25u. we
will give yon free a bilge botile
of our   tooili 1 < wder.
Our Tooth Piwier is made of
the purest materia s i'tcleansing
the teeth and kee .ing lliem fiee
from decay Large bottle Price
25c. Of com e we sell all of t'ie
advertised Tooili Preparations.
101.0-1016 GEORGK STREET
-\r___.i_TCcnLTV2Stt, ib. c *
A new and thoroughly ecpiipped
private liospi al specially adapted
for Surgical and Klectrical Treatment, with superior accoroodji.
tion lor Lying-in ('uses. Only
trained nurses employed.
The McMillan Pur &. Woo! Co. have
placed tbeir circu'ar of July 5th 011 file
it our office for reference. Tbis boufe
WAJ9 e.tabli.l.eil a quarter of 11 century
igo, and on account of their exteneive
'm~iiie«8, they are in a position to pay
dgh prices. Shippers rind their dealings with thein very satisfactory.
Road our special
offer on the
third page.
To All Whom It May Concern—
Tiie attention of all vi'tlms of the
liquor habit is directed to Dr. S mnder's
•Ivertisenient on  the 2nd   page.   The
Doctor offers to forfeit $500 for any case
B onnnnt cikp.
Paul Santini,
GJ.NI_I.AI_ iM I.l..0.1 A NT, IJ I.l,. \()K\\ I',. 0.
carries, it   full stock of nil kinds of Ciryceriofy ])iy"(_Jo(J
Hoots and Shoes, I lard ware Sic
H. C. PARKER, - Lillooet, B.C. <_-______
Having purchased the stock
R.J. Atkins, we are now addirl
to it and prepared to fill all order
Repair Shiop in connectioii with Store, _vy,lfere your evM
want will be supplied.  A complete iMumbing Outfiton hail
MAKI*: YOUU OWN 1IICPAIRS.   Knamki.i.rd   Knobs, For Coffee unci Ten Pill
nni Oth. I- Cooking I'lensils.   |>rlco6 rents each, while ihoy liisl.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton & Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Frida.jl
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
150 Mile House : Mondays tt Fridays [semi-weekly servic^l
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
H  Special conveyances furnis'lied.    Send   for  folders    _\
'J'lie new stage line leaves*Lytton every Monday air.
Friday for Lillooet, returning next ..day. Special tril
made.    Write us for information. .
Leter Uehagliati A Co, Lytton   II. C.
McCOSH is your nearest T4IL0I
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McOOHH, Meivliiuil '1'iiihir, Anluirofl, H. C
Vancouver, R.(J_
Established, 1890.
Assay work of nil descriptions tiiulei taken.    Tests mnde tip lo.ooolbs.    A specialtyj
made of checking   smeller   pulps.    Samples    from   the   Interior  by    Mail   or   Kxpr .■ss'l
promptly attended lo.    Correspondence    solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and best stock in B.C.,]
including: llarfroii, Cast Steel- Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents For VALENTINE'S lli^li Ciriule CARIUAC1E VARNISH.
MAIL Olt I MS RS ltl.ClSIVI_ Olllt I'ltOMl'T ATl'l-NTION.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
This l» the Patre standard elCTon bar wire Ipnce. Ooll.aDrlnB wire 'not crimped)—tave» npthenlaok
In rammer, does not beeome too tight, In winter— regulate* ltd own tension nil the time. Page
upright* In one pincH aland a strain of WU imiindx. Common tiprin'its spliced at ench bar break at 300
pounds.   Pigegate*.ornamental fences, nnn'tr. netting, aro standard the world over.
The Face Wire Fence Co., Limited, Walker ville, Out.    St. JoHn, N.B.  Montreal, P.Q. 1-
E. Q. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
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