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The Prospector Jun 30, 1899

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'Vol. i No. 51
$2.00 a year.
[bi Arthur Noel ant' E. Jones lately of
iiafornia left Wednesday morning for
le Bend'Or mines on Cadwallader. Mr.
ia bnets, who is an experienced miner and
I'jiill man arrived on last Mondays stage
','ind goes up to take charge of the mine
|euid tl e mill for tlie Bend'Or company in
J('.lace of Mr. Noel, who has resigned.
lriMr Noel baa had charge of the mine al-
IV"posteincediscovery, although not now in
l^charge will spend hip time looking after
|_Xif.airB of the conipanj.
Mr. Jones will take charge at once and
[° _s the machinery ia now being  put  in
■:?laee it is expected that it will only be a
I'^short tree until the mill will be in working shape and if possible will try and
k1' tart work about the 15th July.
Fountain Hydraulic.
H. S. Southard who is putting  in   a
[•0lcydraulic plant about nine milee up the
river near the Fountain spent Sunday in
own.   lie reports the cable and pipe oil
f> ihe ground and commenced the first   ol
j the week putting them in   place.   The
flower" for the bridge across the river are
completed and the cable   will   be   put
h a ross and he expectB to have the bridge
i, in shape for th"   pipe   iu a  very   short
ne.   The span across the river will be
"ihout .'500 feet and the cable is guaranted
a,*or 48 tons.    The pipe line will be about
,    000 feet in   length,  the pipe   running
l{ join 12 to 7 inch.   The water at present
[niwili be taken from 9-Mile creek but it is
fhe intention next year to bring   water
\\, loin the 11-Mile creek.     Mr. Southard
Ii, b working on a moderate scale at present
'tid wiil inciea_e his plant by degrees.
J Jiomha
!|V. G. M
Queen. We understand Miss MarBden
is coming back after the holidays.
J. M. Yorston returned to Pavilion
i«Bt Tuesday and left for the Nicola next
day where he will remain for several
Wm. Cumming, jr., passed through to
Clinton with a load of bran, and visited
friends on his way. Willie is quite a
teamster now. I wonder what the attractions are on the mountain now. It
is a common occurrence to Bee a young
fellow wending his way slowly up the
Boating seems to be all the rage this
year. We understand there is a boat iu
the canyon, one at Kelly's lake and two
at Pavilion.
Crops are all looking good and promise good returns in the full if the present
tine weather continues. Boards.
Hunting Party.
E. A. Leatham who has been   in   the
Jridge river country for the past couple
lis on a hunting   expedition   with
Manson, returned to town Wednesday evening after a very successful trip,
ney   hunted   up   Bridge   Kiver, Oad-
allader and its brunches and   secured
\o grizzlies, two brown and one   black
ear all of a large size.   Besides securing
ne bears  they   got  several   fine   ram
jeads.   The party left next morning for
ishcroft where Mr. Leatham will go to
lie old country thoroughly satisfied with
us trip and that "Hilly" Manson   is   a
ood hunter and gui le.
Pavilion News.
A. McDonald, road superintendent  is
expected home shortly.
The streets were cleaned up today
preparing for the celebration tomorrow.
The challinge to play a game of lacrosse at Ashcroft on 1st July has been
accepted by the Kamloops team.
Perrier, the murderer, of Jennie
Anderson at New Westminster, if all
goes well will dine in Hades today.
The Sunday closing law for barrooms
is being very rigidly enforced in Ashcroft.
L. G. Burns, chief license inspector for
this district will visit the Bridge river
district next week on official business.
I', Misa MarBden teacher of the Pavilion
[c< hool, left the mountain   by stage for
«r home in Vancouver last week.    She
eld the school examination on Friday
finch was well attended, the pupils do-
l ng credit to the training they had revived in the past year.   Besides putting
'lem through their lessons, they had a
'' l-rge program, which was very much en-
/<yed.    Mr. Carson and Mr. Eholt each
,ave a short address and the school was
ioaeJ   wilh   all  singing God save the
When at Ashcroft stop at the Cargile
House, Fred II. Nelson, proprietor. The
Cargile is the only first-class house in
J. 11. Clements the druggist at Ashcroft is now the father of a bouncing
baby boy. Both mother and child are
doing well.
If you have not donated to the fund
for athletic sports to beheld tomorrow
you can do so by calling on the secretary
or treasurer.
Several of the boys around town have
been making trips out in the hills on
hunting expeditions. Very little damage
has been done..
It is reported that Dan Sullivan who
; was killed at Agassi/, a short time ago
I was the same man who lived in Lillooet
i for some time. At first the reports
| vere not accurate enough to convince,
I but news lately brought from the coast
i say it ia the same man.
Wm. McDonald called at The Prospector office during the week and stated
Ida story of staking of the claims on
Cayoosh creek. "Left town last Monday evening and arrived at the claims
about 3:15 o'clock in the morning and
staked four claims of the old B. C. group.
Called at the Cache ahout 5:30 and returned to Lillooet in the afternoon. Mr.
Smith had nothing to do directly or indirectly in connection with the staking
of the claims, alMiough I staked one in
his name but not by his request. The
c aim staked by me for Smith was afterwards found to be on oc.upied ground
and therefore Smith has no claim in the
C. T. Diamond Bays " II. Attwood and
myself left town Tuesday morning
and went to the Cache, getting there
about 9 o'clock in the morning. While
there we found that a man was ahead of
us, McDonald. Went up to the claim
where the work was done and cabins
built, and on the trail about 15 yards from
cabins found 2 No. 1 posts, one taking in
the cabins staked in McDonalds name,
and the other staked by McDonald as
agent for Smith. On seeing these we
did not go any further aud returned
arriving in Lillooet about 3o'clock in the
afternoon. Did not see either McDonald
or Burnett but on return trip found a
note on side of the trail presumably from
Burnet saying that we were too late. Aa
far as I observed both No 1. posts were
on the B. C. and the direction ou each
post the same."
Harry Attwood who was on the
ground Tuesday morning with O. T.
Diamond gives the same story as
Frank Riley who went up with Major
Burnet to help him stake the claims
saya: They arrived on the claims about
noon Tuesday and followed the survey
line on the west staking four claims running south. McDonalds stakes were
about 20 yards from the B.C. cabins. Met
McDonald about four miles this side of
the Cache. Returned to town Wednesday noon. The article in The Prospector
waB ahout the fact of the case.
A. W. Smitli M.P.P., says he had
notning whatever to do with McDonald
going up and staking the claims although
McDonald staked him a claim. On McDonald's return he informed him that
he would not record the claim staked
for him.
Major Burnet being away at present
The Prospector is unable to get his story
in connection with the restakmg of these
There is no doubt but what Mr. McDonald and partners have the claims
and the second staking will not amount
to anything whatever.
eleven o'clock, the meeting was called to
order. T. A. Brett occupying the chair
and J. B. Cherry as secretary. On
account of the secretary of the school
board not having his accounts and
business in shape, the meeting was
adjourned until two o'clock in the afternoon. Two o'clock the meeting was
called to order again with an attendance
of 25 people. The secretary gave an
account of the expenditures and cash
received during the year which were
adopted. The next business was to'fill
the vacancy of the board owing to the
term of John Marshall exniring. A. W.
Smith nominated Mr. Marshall for reelection and waB seconded by E. S.
Peters, after a little discussion on various
matters, Mr. Peters moved that Mr.
Marshall be elected by acclamation
which wa3 in accord with the meeting.
The meeting waB then interspersed by
several interesting subjects and the first
opportunity the meeting was adjourned.
Dominion Day.
Below is published the programme of
aports to take place on Saturday afternoon. On Monday horse racing will be
held in the east end of town. Programs
will be distributed tomorrow afternoon.
1. Boys race under 8 years.
2. Hoys nice under 10 years.
8. Boys race under 15 years.
4. 7.'i yards 3-legged race, open
5. 50 yards 8-legged race, boys under 15 years,
(i.   Kill yard obstacle nice, open.
7.   1(H) yard nice, open.
H.   7"> yard sack nice, open.
9. 15U yard foot race, open.
10. Running hop, step and jump, boys under
16 years.
11. Vaulting witli pole, open,
12. Running long jump.
13. Running hop, step and jump.
14. Running high jump.
16, Rrospeetors race ion yards, competitors to
carry ">n pund puck.
l(i.   l'otatoe nice.
17. Egg race, girls.
.ludges:   W. U. Duguid and J, B. Cherry.
Starters:    W..I. Abercrombie mid Jas.  II. S"
Horse racing, tug-of-war, fire works, etc.
The Lorne gang will be down about the
end of this week.
The C.P.R. have notice in this issue of
the change of time. From Lytton the
Imperial Limited goes eas bound at
19.20 and westbound 6.52. The Kamloops local leaves Lytton easlbound 16.20
and westbound 11.55.
Public School Meeting.
The annual   meeting  of   the
board   A'as   held   last
Saturday.     At
James and A. A. Brett arrived in town
last night from their claim on McGillivray t'reek and brought with them some
of the nicest specimens of quart* show ing
free gold that has been shown in Lillooet. They will spend ^several d_vy« in
town before returning to the claims.
Parties are expected shortly to take hold
of the claims aud open tbeui up. McGillivray creek will show up some of the
best tock in this section. THE PECSPECTOR. LILLOOET, B. 0., FRIDAY, JUNE HO. 1899.
Published every Friday.
Payable in advance.
Tbe most necessary roads and trails
throughout this district are having no
work whatever performed on them by
the government. Tne road superintendent is not to blame as he reports on the
different work necessary and sends it to
Victoria and awaits instructions to proceed « iib the work. Tbe department at
Victoria abide its time in these matters.
Of course if any necessary work which
involves a few dollars and is absolutely
necessary, the load men can repair at
once, but for the cleaning out and putting in shape the trails for decent travel
instructions are necessary from Victoria.
By the time the work on the most important hails is done (if the government
i ver intends to give orders) and the few
dollars appropriated for this district is
spent, winter will be en and the work
will be useless, as with the wet weather
and storms the work will be undone.
Considerable talk was indulged in
when the appropriation for this district
was only $4,000 for roads, trails, etc.,
and at the time many said it would not
be enough for to continue work during
Ihe Beason. These people who expressed
themselves are not financiers, for by the
way the money is being used at present,
it will last this season and if judiciously
handled may last until tne general elections.
The only work of any importance is
the completion of the Lillooet-Lytton
wagon vodC, which ii going on at present. The money for this is a special
appropriation and it must almost break
the hearts of our iinanciers at Victoria to
know that a few dollars is being spent
that will benefit the riding of 'West Lillooet.
At the meeting of the next legislature
when the appropriations are being distributed it would be a good idea for the
member for this district to get in and secure a larger appropriation to supply
the needs of the district.
The contract for the mail service into
the Pemberton district will run out in a
few weeks, and so far no arrangements
have been made for a renewal of the service. Does the postal department intend
dropping this service? The people at
Pemberton should do something at once
and not wait until the mail Bervioe is
withdrawn. Of course The Prospector
is not aware that the service is going to be
discontinued, but the fact that no tenders being called and the contract
running out looks rather queer. This is
a matter of importance to the people
living in the Pemberton section and for
their own benefit should get it and do
something. We understand that there
are better kickers living in that section
than any other place within two hundred niilej.
In commenting on the report of what
is alleged to have been said at a cabinet
meeting when the executive met a delegation from Vancouver  to  Deadman .
island the Columbian very propei ly says :
British Columbia wants no nest of
traitors bu-iness, batched in any one
constituency or interest in the province.
It wants a strong, clean, harmonious,
popular government. It declared for
that at the last general election at the
polls, and will have it, if it lias to overturn and sii. into the rubbish heap,
along with the debris of Turnerism any
undesirable material that may turnup.
The party of true reform in the province
are strong enough to be independent oi
any designing individuals, in or out of
the present party* in power, and will insist on their government being purged
and strengthened as often as may be
necessary—and the sooner all parties
concerned take notice and govern themselves accordingly, the better."
If any more large banquets are going
to beheld where the "tyhees" of the
government attend ve would like to
know as we would try and edge in and
see the fun when the oooze commences
to get in it6 work. Last week a potlatch
was held at Rossland in honor of a
"tyiiee" and one of the hottest times in
that town took place. No one was
seriously hurt.
In another column we print by request
different reports on the article in last
weeks Prospector re "Cayoosh creek
Mines Restaked." Different stories from
both sides of the interested parties will
no doubt be interesting. If the parties
wish anything further regarding this
matter the columns of The Prospector
are open for them to air their opinions
and troubles.
W. F. Allen  Proprietor.
* * * * * * * '
First Class Hotel in every respect.     Accommodation
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably furnished.     Commercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Large sample room.
$6.  fc   «K  )K   «K
The Transvaal Crisis.
The London daily mail says extremely
brisk business haB been done at Lloyds'
in war risks at daily advancing rates.
The Kloniache Zeitung says the Transvaal Government are prepaiing to make
a most stubborn defence in the event of
war with Great Britain.
The total area of land under cultivation
in Canada this year is 2,449,078 acres as
compared with 2,210,978 acres last year
and 1,958,025 acres in 1897. The wheat
area this year of 141,552 acres. The increase is attributed to the growth cf the
farming population by the influx of
immigration and the opening up of new
diBtrict8 by railway extension. This is
the kind of expansion Canada wants,
and may it continue.
A Taconia murderer is trying to
strengthen his weak defence of insanity
by having his wife go on the stand and
testify to his quarrelsome disposition
and unreasonable and tyrannical conduct
towards his family, says the "P.I.,"
which adds that, if the jury doeB not
hang the defendant on this testimony,
it deserves to be lynched.
Senator Weldeck Roasseau has formed
a Cabinet in France with Gen. Mealtitet,
who strongly favorB Dreyfus, as Miniater
of War.	
Do you eubscribe for The Prospector?
HeacU|Utirters tor the B. C>  Express* Stages.
As soon as the Lillooet-Lytton road is completed we will run a through stage
from Lytton to Lillooet. At present we have rigs at both ends of the road winch
will take you as far as possible, and we supply saddle horses for the rest of the
trip.   By starting from Lytton over twenty miles is saved wh-m going to Lillooet.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us lor information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B L.
• Hotel Victoria,
This hotel being new and thoroughly finished througho.it is tbe only first
class hotel in Liliooet. Persona calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Headquarters for the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
© e e © © ©   charges modekate.   e e © © © ©
2D.   _P_B___S___S,    -P-e&O-P.
The Bar is supplied with the beBt Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Flour Milling Produce and
General Merchandise.
-P^-VILIO-l-T, _B. C.
Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates.
<*-     ^     <^     a-J_3_T__ia___I_  STOBB.     -sk.     **.     *»,
Post Office and Telegraph Office in connection.   Freight teams plying once a
week between Lillooet and Ashcroft.
W. CUMMING, Agent, Lillooet B. C. I
The " Imperial Limited."
Tbe new faBt transcontinental service
of the C. P. It. was inaugurated last Sunday, at 1315, when the first train known
p» the "Impe'ri-1 Limited" pulled out
from Montreal to Vancouver.
The new time card went into force, ac-
enrdiiifc to notice, at 12'01 Sunday morn-
iiiir, and all through express trains en
route at the time were cancelled, and
proceeded as specials to the next divis-
.jional point, w her° they became •' Imperial Limited," and finished their long
journey as such, though it will be four
(liiys ere the train which left Montreal,
f unday will reach Vancouver.
At Vancouver a great concourse of
people assembled, and the occasion was
improved by Mavor Garden and leading
0. P. R. officials, who did some speechify ing, and, as the expresi started on its
3.000 mile run, amid cheers, a bottle of
champagne was smashed on the pilot,
and the"Imerial Limited" duly christened.
Among the passengers who, barring
accidents, will cross tlie continent in 100
i our., were a number of people who had
arrived the previou. evening on the C.
P. R. liner from Australia.
£20,000 to Mie balance of profit and loss
account. Ttiit* altogether amounts 10
$150,000 ior the years earning, or ten
per cent on the capital.
Action For Damage*.
The trial of the action of bird, Atkinson & Wood, of Sacramento, Oal., vs.
Veith & Borland, the Cariboo traders,
has been set down for hearing in the
the supre&e court at Victoria last week
.Wore the judge  without a jury.
Th« plaintiffs claim that they purchased from the defendants a packtrain
of 65 mules for $5,525, on the understanding that they' should be delivered at
Telegraph creek on June 15,1898. The
mules were not delivered until July 10th
and they thereby lost the profit on one
trfp from Glenora to Teslin lake. The
answer of the defendant is that the
mules were sold unconditionally, and at
uny rate the train was delayed so long at
the 150-Mile House, Cariboo, by the
plaintiffs that it was imgossible to deliver them at Telegraph creek earliei
than they were.
rtlner- Strike.
The 3,000 employees oi the Trust
Smelter., in Denver, Pueblo, and Lead-
ville, walked out last week, after hau;ig
extinguished the fire in the big furnaces,
and put everything in perfect order for
idleneBB. In forty-eight hour., it is
predicted, most of the miners in Lead-
\ille, Aspen, Crede Ouray, and other
mining camps of the State with the exception of Cripple Creek, will be closed,
throwing thousands of miners out of
employment. Almost every industry
will be affected. The strike is due to the
refusal of the American Smelting and
Refining Company to pay the same
wages for eight hours as been paid heretofore for ten or twelve hours
Pioneer Traders.
The Hudson's Bay Company haB declared a dividend for the past year of
13s., which is the Bame as for last year,
and iB equal to 5 per cent, on the capital
Btock on company. In addition to this,
however, the company intends to give a
bonus of 7s, per share, and also to carry
£10,000 to the Rest account, and add
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, - - B.C.
First-class in every respect.
Choice Wines,  Liquors
room  free.
and Cigars
Anthony & Kobson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.
Business established 1863.
post O-nriC-E so?o_Ga_ES.
General Herchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Groceries, Drygoods,
Confectionery, Tin
Goods, Flour, Fruit.
Butcher Shop in Connection.
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGlLLlVRA      Proprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.   Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquarterafor stage.     Stable in con
nection. .
_____ TJ_F1_F,0__^_D7      j-_ STOR/EY
8 C.
tinil  Meetvy Huniens.
Printers' Supplies,
Job Printers'
Paper Stock.
Gas and Gasoline
Engines at
Toronto Type Foundry\Co.
British Columbia Branch)
520 Cordova Street,
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   -   is i,. Wliolenule    unil     Retail   of    I-i(.lit
Denier in Watotaes, Diamonds, Jewelry Hint
Optica) goods.   Our repair department is unex
eelleil tor line work.    Leave your orders with (.addles, Vehicles, Saddlery Hardware, and
the postmaster who will have.lt attended lo as Harness Leather.
well as If you came nersonully. Quotations by mail forwarded on application.
 . ;    U2 HASTINGS ST., Vancouver, B.C.
i Mainland Cigar
Lillooet, b. c.    j British Lion
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention.   Write for
And he sure that each Cigar is branded, otherwise they are not genuine.
They are not only made of the Choicest Tobacco but are of lip ma manufacture, aud
should be patronized by all good citizens,
"■    .     . * , , ■ Manikactuher.
prices or apply at tne vara,    j m water street, vancou\ _a, _. c.
J M. Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Pro^ertiesS' Bondeo:
Vancouver        r B. (J*
. TH^Hi
and Contractors
Sole agents:
M. Beatty k sons Dredging Machinery.
Contractors for the design and construction of complete stamp mills, concentration,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments
Peterboro Ont., and Vancouver, B. C. *-:.; .__-■
Jefferies will fleet Sharkey.
James J. Jefferies, champion pugilist
of the world, and "Sailor" Tom Sharkey
were Saturday afternoon matched to
fight for the heavy veightchampionship.
'Tne battle is Qet for October 13th, and
will tnke place before the club or organization offering tie bent inducements.
Twenty-rive rounds will be tbe limit and
iQueeiiBbury rules will he observed, each
man to protect himself in clinches and
The details of a match were agreed
upon, Bill Brady acting f r Jeffries and
Tom O'Rourke handling Sharkey's interests. Brady insists on an 18-foot rim;
.and the only important point remaining
unsettled is the size of thering. Tnis
will piobably be settled on Monday when
the representatives of ttie pugilists will
again meet and put up$i! 500 to bind the
match. Al Smith will be stakeholder.
Tbe club securing the match must
di posit $5,000 with Smith as a guarantee.
After the pieliinintary details had been
arranged, Billy Brady, acting for the
Coney I-lainl Athletic Club, offend a
puree of $50,000. O'Rouke refused to at
once accept, saving he was assured the
Lennox Athletic Club would do better.
Tne offer, however, was allowed tostind
Brady, on Monday, posted $3,0' 0 with
George (Jonsidine to cover the bet of P.
J. Dwyer, backer of M. Morrisy. Brady
agrees that JefferieB will stop Morrissy
in four rounds ai d that the i ontest will
take plaee in Denver on July 30.
Says the Nanaimo Free Press : Mr?,
Clara Praeger, now of Los Angeles, Oal-
fomia, tbe widow of Dr. E. A. Praeger,
has stud the Mutual of Life Insurance
Company of New York for $. 1,250 She
claims that after his deatli an agent of
the company influenced her to believe
that her husband bad allowed his policy
to iap*e, and stated that avoid a lawsuit
the company would return to her $1,300
which was the amount Dr. Praeger had
paid in, with interest at 4 percent. She
accepted tbe statement as true and received the money, but later she avers
that she found out that eiie had been
misinformed anil deposited the money
received in a bank to the credit of the
company. She now sues for the entire
amount, with interest.
Leland House
Corner of Hastings and Granville Streets.        VANCOUVER   B. 0
-w--_/_. __;_v__:iXj,ro-[-T, _?_s-o_?.
Ex-cham. ion Corbett has been   doing
a good   deal of   talking about the   Fitz-
bimmons-JefferieB fight, and as he ia in a
position to know whereof he spi aks, and
does not spare hims.lf, sotneof hi statements may  interest the guileness   ones
who fondly  {imagine   tie   nrofes.-ional
pugilists,or other professional "sports,"
are working for fun, or honor or   any- I
thing else than to get as   much   of   the
public', money   as   possible.     Corbett
Bays:   "It would surprise many to know
that   in   the   case of   my   tight    with
Sharkey the purse  was divided   before
the light began.    Before the tight I got
$'6,000 and placed it in a safe in my bouse
in Harlem.    I don't know what Sharkey
got.   It's none of my   business.   1   had
my money,  and then  the only thing   I
had to look   after   was   my   reputation.
Two fighters are not going to   train   for
weeks then draw  a big crowd and  then
let the ma imager and the winner get all
the money.    The fight could not go  on
without the loser.   He is a drawing card
at least before he loses, so why Bhouk'n't
he get a division of   the purse  beforehand?"   That is a frank confession   of
what looks a great deal like fraud on the
enthusiastic  pug-glovers,   and what is
true of every   "attraction"  is  true   of
nearly every  professional sport   nowadays.   The game must be so managed aa
to keep up  interests and catch the pennies; the sport itself is of minor importance.	
Mike Morrissey, the Irish pugilist,
who issued a challenge to Jim Jeffries.
met Peter Maher last Wednesday and
was put out in the first round.
"You see grandma, we perforate an
aperture in the apex, and a corresponding apetture in the base; and by, applying the egg to the lips and forcibly in-
baling the breath, the egg is entiiely
aischarged of its contents." "Bless my
soul," cried the old lady, "what improvements they do make! Now, in my
voting days, we just made a whole in
both ends and sucked."
That dad of Jim Jefferies seems to be a
queer lot. On the day before the fight
he wired his muscular boy his hope and
belief in victory. In a deliverance since
then he says: "I'd wish him to set
licked if he was going to fight three
minutes from now." The old man is
some sort of unordainded preacher, and
selves the Lord according to his dim
Premier Greenway of Manitoba has
pleased the Methodists of the province
by proniiaiuga deputation of prohibition
advocates that the Manitoba government would {prohibit the sale of intoxicating liquors to the fullest extent of its
powers. The Methodist conference
meeting at Winnipeg was largely represented in the deputation.
CARGILE HOUSE, ashcroft.
Is now under new management and has been thoroughly renovated. Culinar
department unsurpassed. The Bar is stocked with choice liquors and cigars and
will be in charge of experienced men.   Every convenience for commercial men.
FRED H. NELSON, - - - Proprietor.
J. H. Clements,^^^ ashcroft
L-illooet M.'til orders ctirefully attended to.
, B.C.
Tweeds, Trouserings, Serges, Winter Goods, etc
Call and inspect our stock.  Good workmanship and moderate charges.   Repair
ng and cleaning a specialty.   Orders by mail or express punctually attended to.
Mrs. Gushleigh—Why don't you ever
come over to see us' It's an age since
you have called. Mrs. Smikers—Well,
to tell you the truth, I'm afraid of that
big dog of yours. Mis. Gushleigh (sotto
voice)—My goodness! And it was only
last week I ordered John to take that
dear dai ling dog out and lose him.
Storage & Forwarding Agts
Consign your goods to our care.     We settle railway charges and forward to
destination without delay.   Correspondence solicited. W. B. BAILEY & Co
N. de Kevser
Boy—Mr. Smitters wants to know if
you'll lend him an umbrella. He Bays
I you know him. "You may say
that Id.> know him. He will probably
understand why you didn't get the umbrella." .	
The Tacoma Ledger ia responsible for
the announcement that in that village
" a girl baby has been born to Mr. and
Mrs. BaBsett. The father and mother
are 99 and 98 years of a^e respectively."
Yeast— Did you ever take any of these
mud paths? Crimsonbeak—Well, I ran
for oflice once.
Uncle—Well, Tommy, my little man,
what are ypu going to do when you
grow up?" Tommy—I'm going to grow
a beard. Uncle— What for? Tommy
—So's I wont have so much face to wash.
Manufacturing Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Field and Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
All orders by mail and express promptly attended to. All work warranted or
money refunded. If your eyesight is defective call and have your eyes tested free
in the most scientific way. Spectacles and eyeglasses sent on approval to responsible parties. Tell distance you can read the smallest newspaper print and
age.   We will guarantee satisfaction.   Repairing department a specialty.
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All points in   Cariboo—Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and Friday.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnished.
Head Office:   ASHCROFT, B. C.
World has been received that the law
ia to take its course in the case of Perrier, the condemned murderer at Westminster. He will be hanged on the |
30ih. j
The Prospector
SU33SC-E2,I_B__   FOE    T~;  $2   _-.    Y.E__ THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET. P.. C, FRIDAY, JUNE  30, 1899.
IA big crystal globe tilled  with   quartz
[Inch fairly glitters with de'icate   veins
' gold is attracting much attention   in
■is. A. Skinner & Go's store. The quartz
covered with water the better to show
|e gold in it and  the  picture   that  it
tkes is an alluring one.
'That represents   about   an    hour's
lork with a hammer,"  said   Alderman
l.\B. Skinner,   "I  picked those   specimens out of about fifty pounds of  nick
_hieh I broke up myself."
T,l. Skinner has lately returned from
illooet district and  is convinced   that
fat country offery offers opportunities
(iiicb cannot be beaten anywhere.
'That quartz," he said, referring to
le specimens in the globe," comes from
le Brett uroup on McGillivaay creek in
Irid^e River district, on which I have a
kind.    I have no wish to over-boom ttie
roperty but I am convinced that it is at
jiy rate a chance for a good  thing.      It
ia only located a yearayoand sufficient
fork has not yet  been   done   on   it   to
irrant inv saying that it i3 a mine, but
[ie ledge is 15 f-et wide and the average
|say8 anywhere in the last 50 uncovered
In to $20.   I am going to  lake an ex-
prt up tliere next week to report on the
pperty fully."
[Talking   of    Lillooet generally    Mr.
tinner admitted that the Galden Cache
[roubles had given the country a black-
["That was a most unfortunate thing,"
i said, "and tlie bare name of Lillooet
luhtens some investors.   Asa case   in
|oint a man   in   town   represents  con-
lerable English capital wanted to come
on the Forty Thieves in which  I am
Interested,   His people, however, cabled
^iat they would never  touch   anything
Lillooet on account  of   the   Golden
tache.   The funny part of it is that the
Torty Thieves property is 40 miles west
krid 30 miles north of the Golden Cache
|iid is an entirely different formation.
"An exaggerated idea of the difficulties of transportation may   account for
Ihe apathy oi the  investing  public  in
[/illooe. matters but in my trip  through
he country I met  possibly   a   hundred
|ien who said tbey had never seen  bet-
jr suiface indications any where.   That
really all that can be said at   present,
flie country has only been scratched in
few places, in fact I doubt  if   $25,000
llogether  baa   been   spent   in   actual
■evelopment work—1 do no not mean on
liildings, machinery or   trails, but in
linking shafts and driving tunnels.   The
iridge River country in common  with
pther places was handicapped last year
^y the owners   of  claims wanting too
liucli money in  advance.     They prac-
B/ally wanted bonuses from other people
dovelop their own   properties,   but
favorable   arrangements   can   be
le now to get bonds.
FAs soon as people get   that   Golden
Iciie bogey out of their heads the whole
Lillooet conntry will  be  opened   up,"
concluded Mr. Skinner, "and I am more
fan satisfied to ee in now."—-Province.
belles of the community. To all his protestations of everlasting devotion and
affection the young woman turned a deaf
ear. Her heart would not soften. Tiie
young man, in the loneliness of his
heart and the anguish of despair, decided upon the adoption of heroic measures
to put an end to the unbearable train
on the strings which fastened his
affections upon so cold and indifferent
an object. He .vould break away. How?
Ah! The river! The blessed Lillooet!
Rocked in the bosom of three fathoms of
muddy water he wouldjdrown his sorrow
and his carcass. His mind somewhat,
weakened, was fully made up, and a
favorable spot for the performance of the
traizedy was selected. The bank at the
spot selected was high and the water
deep. Dejected lover made a round of
his friends and bade them good bye.
This morning was chosen for theenact-
mentof the closing of his life's story. The
farewell scene between the young man
and the lady whose marble heart had
prompted the shivery shakes was
dramatic. The lady was told that never
again would she look upon the face of
him whose love she spurned. The
youth left her with his determination to
try a long dive unaltered. But fact was
kind. Sjnie of the boys at Lillooet who
suspected the intention of the lovesick
chappie siezed him and placed him under
restraint. This took place last evening.
The placid Lillooet never knew what it
missed. If the waters could speak as
they flow they wouldn't say a word.
The above article is taken from the
New Westminster Sun and the tragedy
referred to did not occur at the town ot
L Uooet but on the Lower Fraser, where
the crops of the ranchers consists of
mosquito's and high waters. The young
men in this locality do not have a
chance to show their affections to young
ladies aa the feminine sex is considerably in the minority.
Lillooet, B. C
Notary F*_lto1ic, Accountant rind
\ I i n i i _ _r   13 ro U e i*
Reports on Mining Properties.
Wholesale and rotnil dealer in
Hay, Grain, Chop
Feed, &c.   .-.    .\
Agent for K. G. Prior _ Co., agricultural implements.
R.F.Anderson &Co
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils   and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Ml ers Steel, Picks, Shovels, etc., Wire Cable
anil Russel Wire Fencing.
Soo Pacific Line
The Fastest Train between
the Atlantic and Pacific.
Kastbound leaves Lyttyn at 1(1-20
Westbound   "         ;■_
Kamloops Local
Leaves Lytton eastbounrt at tn-20
"        "     westbound " ll-ss
Mr. E. J. Coyle and Mr. Allan Cameron, two of the moBt popular officials of
the Canadian l\icilio Railway Company,
have just received well deserved promotions. Mr. Coyle has heen appointed
assistant general pa.eenger agent, in
charge of British Columbia and the Coast
States, and Mr. Cameron assistant
general freight agent, with the same
jurisdiction. Formerly Mr. Coyle was
dictrict passenger agent. Both gentlemen have many friends in British Columbia who will be anxious to meet and
congratulate them on their promotion.
The Chinese government hearing that
the Dominion proposed to increase the
poll tax from $50 to $500, made a vigorous
protest to the Imperial authorities. The
measure, however, is a private one in
Mr. Maxwell's name.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
Our Specialties:
Aecelerntecl service Into the l.oote-
tieiy Mining; .District.
Through   Tickets   to   nil    Eastern
Points tit lowest  rrites.
For full information as to time, rates, etc
also copies (If Canadian Pacific Ry„ publica!
tions apply to station agent at Lytton, or to
District Passenger Agent, Vancouver, B. C.
MINERS' SUPPL1LS a specially.
Tin Shop in connection.
Brick Block, next to Bank of B. N. A., Ashcroft, B. C.
A large and well assorted stock of New
Goods.    Prices reasonable.
Special attention to orders by mail.   Let us know what is wanted or what is
the trouble, and medicines, etc.,"will be promptly forwarded.
DSTDr. Clarke's office at the store.
A Tragedy Averted.I
'A sensational story of a injured dignity
iii the part ef a young man whose love
|r a fair maiden was not reciprocated
.mes from near Lillooet. The youth in
Jnestion fell hoplessly, deeparately and
irrevocably   in love  with one  of the
Subscribe for The Prospector.
__£/. ________  _B_bOJ-ll,_L,,_L,_
Post Office Store.
Book, Stationery, Soaps,
Fancy Goods, Tobacco, etc
Drink Beer!
This is the time of the year when a cooling drink   i
most refreshing, and the most cooling drink at any time i-
brewed at the
Westminster  Brewery,
N. Nelson, Prop.
F. H. Case, Agent, Ashcroft. 6
The public echool clo.eil Tuesday
morning for the midsummer holidays.
_. AY. Collis left Wednesday morning
for Ashcroft where he will spend several
d;iys.        |	
Mrs. T. A. Brett was very ill for a few
days this week but at present is improving some. 	
C. T. Diamond left Wednesday afternoon for Vancouver to visit his relatives
and spend Dominion day in that town.
He expects to return on Wednesday.
Mr. 0. Phair, government agent, returned to town Wednesday afternoon
after an absence of a couple of weeks
traveling through the district colUcting
P. Burnett, P. L. S., and J. Preston
_?orde, C. E., are employed up Cayoosh
creek surve)ing and arranging for the
tramway line to be put in by Colonel
Wednesday evening a fire destroyed
a nice clump of bunhes across the river
near the bridge. Parties lighting fires
should be more careful than to let them
burn and spread.
Rev. J. E. Gardener, Methodist minister, spent last Sunday at Clinton holding service and visiting his family. The
Eev. W. Hardie, Presbyterian minister,
held services in Lillooet.
Wednesday morning before Samuel
(iibbs and E. S. Peters, justices of the
p*ace, Si Hing Lung was fined $5 and
CJStB, for an assault on We Chong which
occuned the day before.
Rod. J. Atkins, will leave tomorrow
morning on his bicycle and expects to
n:ake Aubcroft in five or six hours. Rod
yes to play on the Ashcroft lacrosse
ti'am and participate in other sports in
tlist town.
The Inland Agricultural Association will
hold its exhibition at Ashcroft on September 27, 28 and 29. The association
lias an anergetic board of managers this
a ear anil with the promises now and last
full made by them one of the best shows
in the interior will probably be held.
Mr. H, Carry who arrived in town last
week and has been visiting mining prop-
eities in this section returned to town
Tuesday. Mr. Carry has considerable
interests throughout Cariboo whici. are
being worked at present. He is now
inking a " cultus coolie" through this
section with a view of taking up properties. He leaves tomorrow for Hat creek
and from there will go to Cariboo.
Francis Webb, J.P. and deputy sheriff
fur the county of Cariboo returned
to Ashcroft on Tuesday morning .tage
after spending a couple of weeks in
Lillooet on official business in connection
with the seizure of the Golden Cache company's chattels. He is mucn impressed
with Lillooet and predicts a great future
for it. He will probably return in a
hhort time to finish the busine.a of the
Cache company.
The Bridge River mail leaves Tuesday
Dr. F. Welsh, dentist, will be in Ashcroft this week.
Geo. D. Bell is now serving liquid refreshments at the Pioneer Hotel.
Arthur Noel returned Sunday noon
from Vam ouver having come in by way
of Lytton.
Tbe last official Gazette contains the
resignation of D. A. Stoddart of Clinton
as a justice of the peace.
The weather for the past few days has
been quite warm during the day but in
the evening is quite cool.
W. E. Brett has made a round trip to
the Brett Group of claims on McGillivray creek this week.
W. F. Gibson, well known in Lillooet
returned from the Atlin district to Vancouver last week and will probaoly visit
here in n few days.
Camping parties will soon make arrangements for the annual outing among
the ants and other accommodating insects which go to make up the pleasures of camp life.
Mrs. Allen who has not been able to
walk any distance for sometime but only
around her own home was able to visit
one of her neighbors with the assistance
of friends this week.
H. J. Keary spent Sunday in town
from the roau camp at 14-Mile creek on
the Lillooet-Lytton wagon road. He
reports work as going on fine aud the
men will shortly be at the slide.
The Catholic priest has given orders
to the Indians in this section, that they
must not attend any celebration in
Lillooet during the first of July. Of
course the order will be obeyed? We
don't think.
Miss Essie Soues, daughter of Mr1
Fred Soues, government agent atClinton
leaves next week for Great Britain,
where she will complete her education.
She will travel by the Imperial Limited
to Montreal thence by Bteamer.
Relatives will meet her at Meville, and
will accompany her to London. The
the best wishes of the young lady's many
friends throughout the Province will
follow her.
Notice is hereby given that all prc-emptors or
purchasers of Crown laniis from whom the purchase money remaining unpaid on such landB
is overdue, are required to make full payment
of such balance, together with interest thereon,
if any is due, within twelve months from the
date of this notice, failing which their records
or agreements concerning such lands are liable
to cancellation, as provided by- section 38 of ihe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department, Victoria, B, C.
-8i_d June, 1899.
Established 1886
ti i;
ii, _
In corporal* d 189o.
f & Co., Ltd. I
Wholesale and Retail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill Supplies.
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors''aud Lumber Supplies 1
Agents for The (ManI Powder Co., San Francisco.
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Drv Good, *1
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc.
gk-EI-^ieii^^l   _]^ii3__^c_E_r___._]_Ta?B _\
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store at Bridge Kiver where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.O
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty.
-_B_A__sr__: oir-
THE.ASHCROFT'BRANCH is the most convenient Bank for Mllooct and all
place, in the Cariboo district. Money received on deposit. Drafts issued and collections made
in any part of Canada, Grciit Britain and the United States.
Uold L>uat and Aiiim1uh-iu» I 'Lircl.ut.e-,


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