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The Prospector Jun 23, 1899

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 hJUbt~^C* &U*k    •  "'   ' 6*Jbu*-./t    | '
Vol. i No. 50
$2.00 & year.
Deputy Sheriff Webb who hat been
in Lillooet for the past week went up to
the Golden Cache mine yesterday morn-
inn and fold by public auction all the
machinery, tools etc, in connection with
the company as sale advertised. No excitement whatever prevailed in town and
only a few attended the sale at the
mines a distance of twelve miles. The
•ale took place sharp at 2 o'clock and
the biddiniiwaa started by John Marshall at $1,000 and Colonel Rives raised
itto$!,500, Marshall then went $1,750
and Hives $2,000. Marshall's last bid
was $2,250 and Rives made it $2,500 the
chattel , etc., were knocked down to him
at that pri.e Marshall not going any
The property was under mortgage to
■i the debenture holders ant' the result of
the sale of yesterday will go to the
debentures holders and not on the
execution of John T. Carroll as might be
Tnere is yet about $4,000 against the
company which will have to be realized
iiow ihe sale of the r*al property. This
will doubtless take place soon.
Mission, Junction and Westmins'.ar
Junction, and passengers travelling to
other points will have to go by tbe local
train. Tne running time of the fast
train is about 8 hours between Vancouver
and Ashcroft, which includes a stop of
30 minutes at North Bend for meals, so
it will be wen that considerable time is
gained over tbe present schedule and
passenger! will not have the occasion to
complain of the slowness of travelling as
J. Dickey sr., was in town from his
ranch down the Fraser for a few days
this week.
Dominion Day Sport*.
Dominion day will be celebrated in
Lillooet in the usual   manner   by  our
• citizens. A: rangemeiits are being made
for athletic eporis, horse racing, etc., and
piomises to be a good day of celebration.
■ Below is the programme of athletic
•ports «hic_ will be held on Main
I. Boys race under 8 years old.
Boys race under 10 years old.
Boys race under 15 years old.
75 yards 3-legged race open.
50 yards 3-legged race, boys under
15 years.
6.   iOO yards obstacle race, open.
100 yards race, open to all.
75 yards sack race, open to all.
150 yards foot race, open to all.
Running hop, step and jump, boys
under 15 years.
II. Vaulting with pole, open.
12. Running long jump.
13. Running hop, step and jump.
14. Running high jump.
The prize money   is   being  collected
and first and second prizes will be given
in all events.
J. F. Gibson, and J. W. Collis are doing assessment work on Oayoosh creek
on claims for C. 0. Bennett, Vancouver,
J. S. Bell's store on Main street is
nearly completed and will be one of the
moat up-to-date buildings in this section.
* Work has been suspended oh the Scum
Scum on the South Fork of Bridge river,
and the owners will devise means to work
tbe property on a more successful scale.
The "Imperial Limited," the fast 0.
P. R. daily train, east and west, and
stopping at Lytton will be a great convenience for people in this section going
to the coast or east.
Mr. J. Clarey came in on Mondays
stage from Kootenay and went up to
Bridge river Wednesday with Mr. J. N.
Jensen and will visit some mining prop*
erty near Jack's Landing.
Th* "Imperial Limited."
\ The O. P. R. have started their
"Imperial Limited" and makes the
fastest time from the Atlantic to the
Pacific of any railroad. No. 1 arrives at
Vancouver at 13:15 and No. 2 leaves at
•the same time, the two trains crossing
there. The local west bound a "rives at
9:20 p.m. and local east bound leaves
Vancouver at 7 a. m.
< Trains No*. 1 and 2 will only stop at
] Kamloops, Ashcroft,   Spences  Bridge,
George D. Bell and J. H. Shafer who
went from here to the Forks Qaesnelle
a few weeks ago returned to town th
first of the week. They were not satisfied with the labor problem in that
Colonel G. T. Rives w»<o was tbe sue-
cessf ul bidder at the Golden Cache Mines
yesterday for the stamp mill and other
machinery there, sold by the sheriff,
will shortly start a survey party in charge
of J. Preston Forde, P. L. 8., to do surveying in connection with the mines he
has under bond. Other work will be
done and things put in shape for working on a large scale.
Can Itev* all th* Tlmbor.
An Ottawa despatch says that the
Government has granted settlers in
British Columbia all timber on their
holdings. Heretofore only 25 acres was
allowed. Mr. Aulay Morrison is
credited with having been instrumental
in bringing this about.   It is hinted that
The B. C. group of mineral claims, or
the Cayoosh Creek Mines on Oayoosh
creek, opposite the Golden Cache Mines
Were restaked a couple of times by par*
ties last Tuesday morning, The bead
office of the Cayoosh Creek Mines ia at
Vancouver and they own seven claims,
four full and three fractions. Word .km
sent to C. T. Diamond last week to Record the assessment work lor th* past
year. On looking up the record* it was
found that the claims had run out, ul
though the company had done considerable work and had the claims surveyed.
Mr. Diamond returning from tne Mission Saturday evening and not being
able to go over the records and not knowing the claims had expired, sought Major Burnet, the surveyor, who knows
considerable about the claims in that
section, to find out the names of the
claims in the group. On Monday on
looking up the records it was found that
tbe claims Lad run out. Major Burnet
in conversation with A. W.Smith, M. P.
P., told him about, tbe matter and that
the claims had run out. Mr. Smith at
once seen Wm. McDonald who left town
that evening to restake the ciaims. Mr.
McDonald was on the ground in good
time and staked claims. Mr. Diamond
with H. Attwood left town six o'clock
Tuesday morning, but on arriving at the
claims  found  they   had   been  staked.
Major Burnet also with an assistant
was on the ground about the same time
and also staked the group, ar he claims
on the line of the survev.
Mr. McDonald it is claimed staked
four claims taking in part of the B. C.
claim and the adjoining one and running
down which leaves part of two of the
claims and two full ones left on the group.
The gronnd below the B. C. which was
staked, was taken up some time ago, and
if reports are correct the parties in
whose names the claims were restaked
will lose that portion.
Both parties believe they have the
right to the claims and the matter will no
doubt ba settled iu due course of time.
The Cayoosh Creek Mines is an incorporated company and had disposed of a
number of shares and while it is regretted that they have lost their claims
after doing sj much work, the fact rests
that the work should have b-en recorded
in time. The claim* ran out about one
month ago and nothing was done.
Moral—Tell no one when your claim
runs out or that you intend restaking,
you will loose it. Do not deal from the
bottom of the pack in black-jack, but it
is all right in mining?
The Americas citizens of Vancouver,
have invited Mayor Hume, ef Seattle,
to address them on the Fourth of July.
The Hague press correspondent
writes that the Peace Comerence will
not offer to mediate between Great
Britain and the Transvaal
A fight will probably take place shortly
between .Robert Fitzsimmons and Kid
McCoy for the championship of the
middleweight!. Jefferiee the heavy
weight champion has several chances to
defend the championship.
The Privy Council has reversed the
judgment of the Courts of British Columbia, and granted an injunction restraining Parke A Pritchard, owners of
a ranch on the Thompson river, from.
irrigating in a manner injurious to th*
track of the C. P. R.
Mr. Justice Drake handed down hit
deci-ion in the case of Darts vs. St. Kev-
erne Mining Company giving judgment
in favor of the plantiff. He held that a
person could not locate a mineral claim
io as to include two separate pieces of
ground in one claim.—Nelson Tribune.
The councilor of public instruction
has appointed Mr. Burns, B. A., of Nelson and E. Stuart Wood, of Kamloops,
to be sub-examiners, to preside at the
examination for teachers, certificates in
Nelson and Kamloops, respectively, and
to assign marks t* candidates in reading.
other conceajions being urged, for this
Lytton, North Bend, Agassis, Harrison, J constituency will be granted.
Mrs. John Miller from Dog Creek is
visiting in town.
The water in the Fraser river is fluctuating considerable the last few days
rising a few feet during the day and
falling again.   Quite a lot of drift wood
baa came down.
In the Supreme court at Vfctoria an
order was made fixing September lit aa
tbe date for the trial of Smith vs. Hume,
as a petition again t the election of Hoa.
Fred. Hume as member for Nelson.
This late date was fixed because th*
Supreme court holidays will last from
July 1st to August 31st, instead of from
August 1st to September Slat, as in
former year*.
Sealed tenders will be received by W.
S. Gore, Duputy Commissioner of Land*
and Works, up to July 7th, for th*
erection and completion of school buildings at Greenwood, Ashcroft, Slocan,
Revelstoke, and Fernie. Specification*
may be seen after June 23rd, at Victoria,
Vancouver, Aslicroft, Kevelstoke, Vernon, Greenwood, Nelson, Slocan, Fort
Steele, and Fernie.
Tbsre was a hot fire in Vancouver,
last week by which a number
of frame buileings, near the coiner of
j Abbott and Water streets, were dee-
| troyed, the loss to buildings and stock*
\ by fire, and water, reaching several
i thousands of dollars. The fire was fierce,
I while it lasted, and it was all th* chemi-
I cal engine and three streams fnm th*
| hydrant could do to get it under control. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, Bv<£., FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1 SOO.
Published! every Priday.
Pay..Me 111 mlvante.
LILI.OOKT, li. «'. FRIDAY. .H NIC 2S, 1890
Chanife.s III the riall.
HotfciMr. Mulock introduced a bill in
the house last Thursday to auund tbe
postoflice act. The clause provides that
newspaper.publishers can send circulars
and accounta in. sara.p.le copies of newspapers. Another clause provides that
the department can piake'.gpqd to the
extent of $25 the loss of money in
registered letters. An insurance fund
will be provided to recoup the department for this loss. A change will also
be made so that a mail superintendent
may be appointed' although he may
have not been 10 years a mail clerk as
is now provided for. He may 1' r
instance, be part of this time mail clerk
and part if necessary, in the inside
eervii p, as for instance assistant to the
t_B.il superintendent. Sample copies of
newspapers can be mailed the same as
ordinary papers to regular subscribers.
If ever a clam needed roasting it is
Paty du. And then a few years' refrigerating process in a jail would be in order.
In no other way can the public stomach
endure Paty du Clam.—Portland Telegram. 	
Hon. Fred Hume gives notice thai
gold commissioners and mining recorders
are instructed to forward to the minister
of mines, on the lirst day of each month,
a complete list of all the free miners'
certificates issued from their respective
offices for the preceding month, showing
tbe name of the.holder the number of tbe
holder, the number of'the certificate, tbe
date of issue and the date of expiry.
Such returns to commence from May
...A Victoria paper (the "Times") .boasts
that there, is no religion mixed up with
British Columbia politics. That may
account for the amount of general dis-
r.eputableness shown to exist in coast
pojitiee .during, the dirty linen washing
after the late,.Provincial ctisis. The
British Columbiana might do worse than
get a little religion into their, public
affairs. It might be the thing needed
to improve them.—Montreal "Gazette."
The Westminster Columbia says! British
Columbia politics may hot be above
pointing the finger of scorn at—we have
had some:' politicians who have left a
pretty bad mark' in the political history
of the'Province, and we may have others
—but for general all-round cussednesB,
anil corruption among the electorate, as
well as a certain class of politicians, we
can't hold a candle to our eastern friends
as the unsavory records of their never-
ending election courts allows.. The
Montreal "Gazette" might well be exported vo tirstcast out the mote.out of
its own eye, etc.
their successors are named. It is resumed that' Lojuhet will summon the
President of the chambers tomorrow in
order to consult with them upon the
formation of a new cabinet. On leaving
the chamber M. thiphy observed to a
group of deputies in the loMiy: "We
hand over th}} business to, luckier, but
not io there courageous men. Tbe
interview between M. lt.upuy and his
colleagues and president Louhet was
brief, but cordial. The president expressed his thanks (• r the support he
had received from the retiring ministers
and added that he would always, remember their services gratefully.
M Dupuy was agreeably surprised at
Loubet's cordiality. There are already
many surmises as'to tie composition of
the new cabinet, but it is pointed out
that as .'the Dupuy ministry did not fall
on a question involving the political
complex on of the ministry, it is difficult
to see upon what basis the new cabinet
will be selected.
Britain Will Assist the Cable.
London, June 16.—The Times announces ibis morning that the British
government has consented to reconsider
its altitude toworda the Pacific cable project, as the result of urgent representation from Canada ami the other
The "Columbian'' notes that Mr. John
Musselwlrite, of Sa;>perton, lias been
good enough to furnish it with a full liBt
of the Royal Engineers still living in the
Province which is as follows: S. Archer,
T. Argyle, L. F. Bonson, R. Butler, H.
Bruce, J. Box, A.Cumminge, C. Digby,
W. Franklin, W. Haine", A. R. House,
VI. Hall, W. Hall, A. Hawking J. Murray, J, Mc.Murphy, ,I. Musselwhite, A.
Smith, G. Sainsbury, R. W'olfenden, and
G. Turner.
-riiulstry Resignation Accepted.
A Paris despatch says: President
Loubet has accepted the resignation
of the cabinet ministers, and had requested them to retain theirofficeB until
Shaughnessy Succeeds Van Home.
Montreal June 12.—At the monthly
meeting of the board of directors of tbe
Canadian Pacific Railway Company today Sir William Van Home was elected
chairman of the board, and Thomas C.
Shaughnessy was elected president. Ii
is understood that the object of this
change is to provide for an enlargement
of the executive organization of the
company, which is made necessary by
tbe growth of its business, and tbe wide
extent, of its operations. No change in
the policy of tbe company is in any way
.. What the Fight Netted the rien.
By the terms of the agreement for tbe
ligh* between Je'fferie? and Fitzsimmone
the ex-champion received $85,561 and
Jefferies $27,045., It ia declared Fitz
would not make the match until lid w'aB
granted tbe big end 6f the puree and the
gate money, o sing to his reputation and
position. Mr. Brady accepted 40 per
cent for bis man, believing that in tbe;
long run such an amount and a decision
were worth more than 60 per cent and a
defeat. Immediately after the fight
Jefferies suggested that a benefit for
Fitzsimmona was in the order and
offered bis services. Thia offer was
accepted and Saturday night next was
set as the da e ai._ the Cony island
i sporting club aa the pUoe.
W. F. Allen  Proprietor.
?k  $°s )K  W-.  )K  )M  %i
First Class Hotel tn every respect.     Accommodation
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably furnished.      Commercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Large sample room.
M  ¥  ^  ^  )K  !4>   >fc
Hejidi iniirtei'H  tor tlie H. C- Express Strides.
Aa soon as the Lillooet-Lytton road is completed we will run a through stage
from Lytton to Lillooet, At present we have rigs at both ends of the road \vh ch
will take you as far au possible, and we supply saddle hoises for the rest of the
trip.    By starling from Lytton over twenty miles is saved when going to Lillooet.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet disliict, write us for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I
Hotel Victoria,
,  LILLOOET, 33. G *
This hotel being; new and thoroughly finished throiiglio.it is the.only firat _
claa8 hotel in Lillooet.   Persons calling at Lillooet wdll receive every attention by
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Headquarters for the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
O   9   ii   W   Q   O     CHARGES    MO'DEK'A'rE.'   W    W   w   b    W    U
ID.   _r,____S3_I-    PBOP.
The T5ar is supplied with the hest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
B. 0.
R.&W. CUMMING.     .
Milling Produce and •,
General Merchandise!;
Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates.
•<*-     <*,     <»•     <3-___sT3i!I?,__L  S_7033,__.     -*.     -^.     ^.
Post Office and Telegraph Office in connection.    Freight teams plying once a
week between Lillooet and Ashcroft.
An Ottawa despatch says: The bill
proposed by Mr. Mills in the senate to
amend the criminal code provides a large
number of changes, principally on matter? which have been brought to the attention of the government from time to
time by women's associations and labor
organizations. Some of the changes
were proposed in 1807 by Sir Oliver
■tlvfowat ana were rejected by the senate.
It is intended, for instance, to amend
the law in the case of the seduction of a
tiirl under 16 years of aire by striking out
" of previous chaste character." It will
not be necessary to prove this to obtain
a conviction. It is also proposed to aid
" shop girls and domestic servants " to
those of factories and workshop, making
it an indictable offence for any foreman
or employer seducing any one of these
in his employ. This waB rejected by the
tenate in 1897.
The subject of lotteries is also dealt
with, and where such are permissable
for the encouragement of work of art the
pictures must be delivered and the option that a money prize may be taken
instead is done away with.
Section 520, in regard t-> combinations
is changed so that it will not apply to
workmen who will not combine for their
own protection.
Burglary is also made an offence punishable by the lash.
In respect to selling obscene picture ihe
word "publicly" is omitted so that those
who make a sale whether privately or
publicly can be punished. There are a
number of other important changes.
The Height of Impudence.
The folio .vine incident which actually
occurred, quite recently, will take some
heating for barefaced cheek. A 'lady'
living in one of the best neighborhoods
of Southport ordered some very expensive mantles and jackets to be sent to
her on approval, but distinctly wished
them not to be delivered until Saturday
afternoon. Of course, expecting it would
lead to business, a choice selection was
despatched to her exact commands.
Monday morning arrived and about ten
o'clock the approbation parcel was
brought in, with a very polite note, saying Mrs.— was extremely sorry, but
nothing 6ent met with approval,
apologizing for the trouble, etc. The
goods were taken out of the paper,
brushed, and folded in tbe ordinary way,
but in doing so, in the pocket of a very
line seal Bkin jacket, what was to be
found but a neat little prayer book ! It
was duly sent to the owner.—'Tit-Bits.'
A down east editor has drawn up some
new game laws, which he wants adopted.
The following is a summary: "Book
agents may be killed from October 1 to
September 1; spring poets, from March
"1 to June 1; scandalmongers, from April
1 to February 1; umberella borrowers,
from August 1 to November 1, and Feb.
1 to May 1, while every man who accept! a newspaper two yearB, and, upon
Being presented with his bill, says: "I
never ordered it! maybe killed on the
spot, without reserve or relief."
the streets of Ymir, and a source of continual annoyance to ladies, the authorities have decided to put a atop to it, and
section 207 of the Criminal Code of Canada will be strictly enforced.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, - - B. C.
First-class in every respect.
Choice   Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars.  Sample
room   free.
Anthony & Robson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.
Business established 1863,
General Merchandise and
Miners Supplies.
-dgai.gr in
Groceries, Drygoods,
Confectionery, Tin
Goods, Flour, Fruit.
Buttlier Shop in Connection.
As swearing and the use of obscene
language has become too prevalent upon
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGILLlVRA       Proprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.   Choice
liquors and cigars.
Ileadquartersior stage.     Stable in connection.
Printers' Supplies,
Job Printers'
Paper Stock.
Gas and Gasoline
Engines at
Toronto Type FoundrytCo.
British Columbia Branch,
520 Cordova Street,
A..  UFPORD,      J". STO_E^J__l"_r.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -
I!  ('.
Wholesale    and     Retail   of    l.luiit
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds,Jewelry and and Heavy Harness.
Optical goods.   Our repair department is unex saddles. Vehicles, Saddlery Hardware, and
celled for fine work.    Leave your orders witli Harness Leather
the poslniasier who will have it attended  to as QuotlUlons by mail forwarded on application
well as ii' yon .■am,, nersonally. .llL, HASTINGS ST., Vancouver, B.C.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock till kinds of
ainSand Cigar
British Lion
08   Mainland
Dried    Lumber,     Finishing ,
r          i                i  ii       i i • And he sure that each Cigar is branded, other-
JjUmDer Ulld MOUldina'S. wise they are not genuine.
' They are not only made of the Choicest To-
All   orders    wil      receive r'1'1!,1,"" are "f |i,i|m' manufacture, ana
a w    -      J.O-C1Y-   should be patronized by all good citizens.
prompt attention.    Write fori wm.tietjen,
prices or apply at the yard!    | m water street. VANcoUv_™c.ri,ttER'
J M. Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties! Bondeo:
Vancouver*       v B. 0
-  _?:__:__ — _;
and Contractors
Sole agents:
M. Beatty & sons Dredging Machinery.
Contractors for the design and construction of complete stamp mills, concentration,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments
Peterboro Ont., and Vancouver, B. C. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. 0., FRIDAY, JUNE
Beer Drinking as an Act.
We Canadians are so much custi med
to hear the practice of drinking beer and
other beverages, malt, vinous andBpirit-
ous, denounced as a sin, that it iR_ boitip
wliat refreshing to see the subject treated
from a new and novel standpoint. It
was so treated by professor lvoester,
principal of the university of lionn, in a
recent address to the students.
Beer-drinking by German students is
carried te great excess, Drinking bout*
are matters of every day occurrence, ami
sometimes thev end only when one sidi
or the other is under the table. Professor Koester objects to these excesses,
buthe bases his objection en theground
that they v.olate tne rules of good taste.
Hen is pari of his advice to the students:
"Drinking i* advantageous for tin
enlivement and refreshment of the
organism ; it widens the heart and the
brain. It is likewise profitable to tin
social organism when it, adds to its
cheerfulness and health * * In the
rules of drink there is charm and witchery just as in the ttiles of poetry and of
the arts. .Inst as in poetry rhythm ami
metre give to slow words energy and
motion so do the metrical rules of dunking give a flow and an animation, an
intellecual mobilization to the spiritual
life of the. drinking bout to which
students are directed. But metre is tie
art of measure, not a training in ui-
Here is food for reflection by our Canadian advocates of total abstinence and
prohibition. Instead of putting themselves in opposition to other people's
thirst lor beer how would it do to so
utilize that thirst as to make it the
means of inculcating the principles of
True, the Beautiful and the Good? We
know of several eople in Hamilton who
would he glad to assist personally in
promoting the cause of beei-diinkin
a line art.—Hamilton Herald.
impeachment and heard his words. Ilh
cry movid me to tears, hut lie quickly
tecovered, and his face resumed in-
natural airy, artless look. As you know
he could pain nobody."
The oration, as it appeared the following week in the local paper, was as follows :
"Our brother is in the cold ground,
no more sad angler on life's tide. lean
see his spanking spirit's eye among the
chase stars, contemplating the failure of
his axe to make clean our hearts, and
met.hink I see his noble liniments imprinted on every rock, tree and fence in
the country, with whose sistery he is so
closely connected. During the recent
controversies of our people I have heaid
him declare whilst his beer descending
-wept, Ids bosom, that iie wished all
differences of sex might be ended, and,
while he waB a mare, frequently made
himself horse on the subject. His
atempts to stop our rights resulted in his
removal from oflice by foul deceit. Oh !
study deceit! I was with him when he
received the news of his impeach men I
and heard his words. His crime moved
me to tears, but he quickly recovered,
and the face resumed its natural hairy,
heartless look. As you know, he could
pay nobody."
_eland House
Comer of Hastings and Granville Streets.
wim:. _a:____:i___:o_<r,
CARGILE HOUSE, ashcroft.
Is now under new management and has been thoroughly renovated. Gulin_S
department unsurpassed. The Bar is stocked with choice liquors and cigars and
will be in charge of experienced men.   Every convenience for commercial men.
J.   H.  ClCIT16ntS,_<::;3__^   ashcroft
L-illooet Mnil orders carefully nttendecl to.
riumbleri Take Warning.
A maiden lady of a certain town in
Cornwall, owned a parrot, which somehow acquired the disagreeable habit of
observing at frequent intervals, " I wish
the old lady would die." This annoyed
the bird's owner, who spoke to he curate
about it. "I think we can rectify the
matter," replied the good man. " I also
have a parrot and he is a righteous b:rd
having been brotfght up in the way lie
should go. I will lend you my parrot,
and I trust his influence will reform
that depraved bird of yours." The curate's parrot was placed in tiie same
room witii the wicked one, and as soon
as the two had become accustomed to
each oilier, the bad bird remarked, "I
wisli the old lady would die," wlieie-
upon the clergyman's bird rolled  up his
  iccents,   added,
We beseech the to hear us, good Lord."
The story got out in the parish, and, for
several Sundays, it was noceesary to
omit the iitany at the church ser\ices.
_v_____C_____TT  t_____o:r,.
Tweeds, Trouserings, Serges, Winter Goods, etc
Call and inspect our stock.  Good workmanship and moderate charges.   Reps;r
ng and cleaning a specialty.   Orders by mail or express punctually attended to.
Storage & Forwarding Agt
Consign your goods to our care.     We settle railway charges and forward to
destination without delay.   Correspondence solicited. W. 15. BAILEY & t
Th° following occurrence in the western end of town is an illustration of the | eyes, and, in solemn
amusing result of the lack of cleat
enunciation on the part of a speaker.
In preaching the funeral sermon over
the lemains of a prominent citizen, who
lunl bad quite a chequered career and at
vaiious times of his life had been pioneei
preacher, mayor, druggist and deputy
sheriff, and had several limes been
instrumental in quelling disturbances
which had arisen from religious
differences existing between the two
local churches, the pastor used the
following words:
"Our brother is in the cold ground,
no more a sad dangler on life's tide. 1
can see liis panting spirit sigh among
the chaste stars, contemplating the fail-
N. de Kevser
Manufacturing Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Eield and Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
An Order-in-0ouncil has been   passed
enacting that tbe regulations respecting j ponsible parlies
All orders by mail and express promptly attended to.   All work warranted »r
money refunded.   If your eyesight is defective call and have your eyes tested fi•.
in the most scientific way.     Spectacles and eyeglasses sent on approval to r<
Tell  distance you can read the smallest newspaper print ami
the manufacture of tobacco, cigars and
cigarettes from foreign and domestic leaf
tobacco, and in combination, shall he
amended by reducing the percentage of
both foreign and domestic leaf to be
used in manufactured tobacco, cigars or
cigarettes from 25 to 10 per cent.
age.   We will guarantee satisfaction.    Repairing department a specialty.
TheTilsonburg Observer ia responsible I
 for the following:   A little girl, daught r
uie of his acts to make clean our hearts, I of a prominent man in tne ranks of   the I
and metbinka I see his noble lineameutB j Liberal party, had been taught to  pray i All  points ill   Cariboo—Monday
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday
imprinted on every rock, tree and fence
in this country, with whose history he is
so closely connected. 1 luring the recent
controversies of o ir people, I have heard
him declare, while his biard deceei ding
swept his boBom, that he wished all
differences of sects might be ended, anil
while he was a mayor frequently made
himself hoarse on the subject. His
attempts to stop our riot, resulted in
his removal from oflice by foul decit.
Oh! studied deceit! I was with him
when he received   the    news    of    his
for everybody, and startled her mother
one evening by her devout prayer a^
follows: "Now, O God take care of
Yourself; fur for if sve lose You we will
only have Mr. Laurier left, to take care
of us, and he is not doing as well as papa
expeted he would do."
"I would die for my country I" he exclaimed dramatically. "Well," she replied quietly, "I've no doubt your
country would appreciate it." Then he
got mad.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and Friday.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnisl-ed.
Head Office:   AS11.CUt)FT; B. C.
The Prospector
STJ33SCK,I_3__   -FOR    JT,   $2   -A    "__T________   .. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET. B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1899.
Imperial Limited.
Under (lie new schedule of the Cana-
lian Tacifii Railway taking effect Ji.'ne
S'.li, the ''Imperial Limited" will leave
j'ancouvei I3:l."> o'clock. It will stop
It Westminster Junction, Mission
■unction, Harrison, Agassiz, North
lend, Lytton, S pence's Bridge, Ashcroft
linl Kaiiiloups only.
For the accommodation of  the  local
IravcHo-'j'Oints at which the "Imperial
Limniled" docs   not  stop,   local  train
service inauguiated between Vancouver
Ind Kamloi ps leaving Vancouver at 7
in., tiriivingat Kamlooips at  21:45;
living Kmnkiops ai 7a. mi., arriving at
'ancouver at 21:22.    .
Tl e ''Impeiial Limited" going   west
vill reach Kamloops al out 3 a. m.,   and
fast at 11 |. in.
Heavy Storms in the East.
St.  Paul, Mnn.,   June   13—A   verv
jjeavy storm, possibly a tornado, is  ic-
uftid  to   have swept   over   Hastings,
fiftmi'i,, and lluilson and New Richmond,
INVir., hifct night.     One report esiimatts
f,lie mill) 1 er of dead at New   Richmond
it 2C0.   Wires.aredovyn'and it is difficult
_o vei il'y ai.y of the reporty.
Owing to   the   washouts along   their
flies the various Chicago   trains   were
field here last night, it heing impossible
for them to get through.    The Omaha is
[washed hut near Hudson, the Milwaukee
>.Si Paul In d lost   Beveral   bridges   and
considerably track near Wabash, Mini .,
bind in   Wisconsin,   the   Burlington   is
Rilockid by a wash-out near Tiempleau,
[Wis., and ihe Wisconsin Central liueex-
Itends   only   beyond   Stillwater,   Minn.
■There   are    large    number   of   blocked
[places on hrancli line .   The mail trains
Jrom the east were unable to get through
swing to the   Sunday   storm   and   last
Jcights In avy rain and wind   simply   increased the difficulties.
Here is some wholesale advice from the
LMedical Record: "Drink less, breathe
fn.ore; eat less, chew more; ride less,
[walk more; clothe less, bathe more;
fworry less, work more; waste less, give
■inoie; write less, read more; pi cadi less,
■practice more."
The authorities at Halifax have order-
Jed the soldiers to cut off his   bangs   and
teep their  watch chaing  out of   tight.
Jfhe author oi such a ukase lays himself
jpen to thesuBpicion of being bald and
lliave lost his own watch  playing  doini-
Kioes or something.
A correspondendent wants to know
iwhat Queen Victoria's name is. Her
"maidens name was Azo:i, but were she
lid lay aside her present designation her
Iname wiuld be Mrs. Wettin, and not
LMis. Guelpb, as is commonly believed.
fSh§ .would hold the name W1 ttin by
ivirtue of her hiarriage to Prince Albert,
Iwhose real name was Albert Wettin.
A Georgia editor who tried to ride a
r"bicyc e wrote as follows:
"These bladder-wheeled bicycles  are
'disabolical devices of the demon of darkness.   They are contrivances to trap the
Ijfeet of the unwary and ekiu the nose of
" he innocent,   They are full of guilt anc
(ec.it.   ' When  you  think  you   have
Doken one lo ride and have subdued i.s
satanic nature, behold it bucketli yon
off in the road and tareth a g'cat hole in
your pants. Look not upon the bicycle
when it bloweth up its wheels, for it
bucketh like a bronco and hurtelh you
like thunder! Who hath skinned legs?
Who hath a bloody nose? Who hath
ripped breeches? They that daily along
wilh a diabolical bicycle."
Superintendent P. S. Huzzy, of tbe
Provincial Police, has sent chief of Po-
lice Ri ed, of Seattle, a circular offering
a reward of $100 for there-capture of
Garret Leigina, who killed Fred Bower
at Atlin city on May 4th and rescaped
from the officers on May 11th. Leigina
is a Get man, but steaks good English.
He is described as fair and wearing a
ainal 1 beard, his forehead is high and
marked by t»o very piominent protuberances, and his upper front teeth are
widely separated. When he escaped his
legs were shackled together.
Chief Engineer Cambie, of the Can-
Bdian Pacific Railway, is reported to
have expressed the opinion, founded on
his observations, that tbe prospects of a
flood on Ihe Fraser are being reduced
daily, but that there is a prospect of very
high water on tbe Columbia, Mr. J. R.
Anderson, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, who has just returned to Victoria after at tend ing meetings of farmers'
Institutes on the Mainland,, reports the
rivr at Mission to he at the 15-foot level
and falling slightly. This is a long way
below high water mark of 1894, and
people are begining to believe, in spite
of tbe prophecies to the contrary, that
tbere will oe no floods t'ds year.
Perrier not Insane.
The report of the decision of the medical board of examiners who have been
investigating as to the sanity of Perrier,
at Westminster the murdeier, has been
sent to Ottawa. The examiners find t hat
Perrier is perfectly sane. The department of Justice is now considering
whether the law shall take its course.
An answer is expected at any time by
the local authorities.
Dr. Hartland Law's suggestion that
women should be allowed to propose to
men as wall as men to women it is not so
bold as it soiimde. Women have done
t'luir share of the proposing ever since
tbe world btOan. Wasn't it Eve who
rose in the Garden of Eden and made
the motion to eat the apple?
Notice is hereby givun Unit thirty days from
11nto it is my Intention to sell m small bay horse,
slur on forehead, two white feet, mixed brand
on right hip, (was left at my ranch to winter)
unless hoi's; is removed and charges paid forthwith. J. COP-LAND.
Lillooet, n. C. May _">t w 1809,
R._e=C. BBBTT.
Post Office Store.
Book, Stationery, Soaps,
Fancy Goods, Tobacco, etc
Lillooet, B. C
Notarj- public, Accountant  nnd
Mintnu:   Brdker
Reports on Mining Properties.
Wholesale and retail dealer in
Hay, Grain, Chop
Peed, &c.   .*.    .•.
Agent for K. Q. Prior* Co., agricultural implements,
R.F.Anderson &Go
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils   and  Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Mi crs Steel, Picks, Shovels, etc., Wire Cable
and Rnssel Wire Fencing.
m _
Our Specialties:
Soo Pacific Line
The Fastest Train between
the Atlantic and Pacific.
Kastbonnd leaves Spenoes Bridge at 20-15
Westbound    " " "      »   ,v;,ii
Kamloops Local
Leaves Spences Bridge eastbound 17 47
" "       westbound 10-15
Accelerated service Into tlie Kootenay Mining District.
Through   Ticltets   to   nil    Eastern
Points fit lowest  rates.
For full information as to time, rates, eir.
also copies (If Canadian Pacific By., publications apply to W, Maxwell, agent, Spences
Bridge, or to
E. .1. COYLE,
District Passenger Agent, Vancouver, B. C.
MINERS' SUPPL1LS a specialty.
Tin Shop in connection.
Brick Block, next to Bank of B. N. A., Ashcroft, B. C.
A large and well assorted stock of New
Goods.    Prices reasonable.      :-:       :-:
Special attention to orders by mail.   Let us know what is wanted or what ia
the trouble, and medicines, etc., will be promptly forwarded.
Dr. Clarke's office at the store.
Drink Beer!
This is the time of the year when a cooling drink  i
most refreshing, and the must cooling drink at any time is
brewed at the
Westminster  Brewery,
N. Nelson, Prop. F. H. Case, Agent, Ashcroft. 6
(Jeorge Hurley returned from a trip to
Lvtton on Wednesday.
Arthur Noel left last Friday afternoon
via Lytton for Vaucouver.
A good barber would he able to make
wages in Lillooet and at present there is
a good opening for one.
A week from tomorrow will be Dominion day and will probably be celebrated in royal style in Lillooet.
C. T. Diamond and Harry Attwood
made a trip up Cayoosh creek the first
of the week on mining business.
Jas. H. S. Rowbottom who has been
at McGillivray creek for a couple ol
weeks returned to Lillooet Tuesday
J. Dunlop made a short visit to the
Gilfoil claims on Seaton lake last Saturday. Mr. Dunlop is interested in this
John A. Murray formerly in the hotel
business in Lillooet has opened up a
house near Greenwood in partnership
with A. McDonald of Greenwood.
H. S. Southard who is putting in a hydraulic plant on the Fraser river near
the Fountain ranch, was in town for a
few days   this   week on business.
A large load of tin roofing was shipped
np to the Bend'Or mine this week from
the Wm. Hamilton Manufacturing
Company to he used for rooiing the mill
Lancelot C. Knowles visited the North
Fork of Bridge Kiver last week with
Two-Thumbed Jarvis taking a birdseye
view of the land in that section for
ranching purposes.
A public school meeting will be held
tomorrow for the election of a school
trustee in place of John Marshall whose
term has expired. Mr. Marshall will no
doubt be re-elected as he is a fit and
proper person to hold the position.
Wednesday evening an impromptu
dance was held in Santini's hall and
quite a number attended. Dancing was
kept up until after 3 o'clock all having
enjoyed themselves immensely. Geo.
R. Tinker furnished the music from his
■violin.         ____	
George R. Tinker a well known old
resident of Lillooet but of late residing
at bis ranch up the Fraser river about
twenty miles, was in town for a few days
visiting his old friends and making new
ones. George is always a welcome visitor
among his acquaintences.
During the week several people from
town have been making mysterious
"cultus coolieB" to Cayoosh creek. A
few years age a large number of mineral
claims were staked which have run out
and now thai Oayoosh creek looks as if
it was coming forward again quite a
number of claims have been restaked,
J. Preston Forde, P. L. S. will arrrive
on this afternoons stage.
Mrs. Keithlev of the 15-mile ranch
spent a few days :n town this week.
Mr. J. Hawley returned to Vancouver
last Saturday morning by Btage to Ash-
crost. __
Rod Ohisholm after spending a few
days in town left for his home up the
Fraser river.
J. D. Gillis made a couple trips to
town this week with the regular stage
and a special for the B X.
Ashcroft will celebrate the 1st July,
The Kamloops lacrosse club will cross
sticks with th uu on that day.
J. L. C. Knowles left for his ranch
Wednesday morning after a couple weeks
visit to town on business and pleasure.
James McKivor returned to town yes
terday evening after being in charge of
the Golden Cache machinery for the
sheriff for several days.
During the first of the week fears were
entertained for Wm. McOollum who had
not shown up at his cabin for a few days
Wednesday he was on deck as usual.
The boys who propose taking part in
the athletic sports on Dominion day are
doing some good work training at
early morn and night, time watches are
The Agricultural Societies of Kamloops holds their annual exhibition on
September 20, 21. 22. Ashcroft on
September 27,28, 29, and New Westminster on October 3. 4, 5. 6.
Work is being pushed ahead on the
Lillooet-Lytton wagon road and they
are getting closer to the slide. The gang
are making a first-class road and when
completed will come up to any around
the country.
Established lK8o.
Incorporated 1895.
Mclennan, mcfeeley & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill Supplies.
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors' and Lumb*ePr5rn ;4*_B
Agenfe for The Giant Powder Co., San Francisco.
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Drv GoodJ
Boots and Shoes "Hardware, etc.
a-_E3__T_H]__^A.Ij     2w_I_Ei_=^0_E_rA."J_TT_|
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a]
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
Alderman R. B. Skinner of Vancouver
was expected up from Vancouver this
week with parties to look at the property
Mr. Skinner has secured on McGillivray
creek. He will probably arrive the first
of the week.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
M. Gayner returned yesterday from
Bridge river where he has been for
several weeks. He had been doing the
assessment work on the Black Jack
in which he is interested. He has some
very nice looking rock which he got off
the Black Bird.
J. A mess is working away on the dredger and has the new door for the dipper
in position, and which he thinks will
work satisfactory. The principal work
being done now is to keep the drift wood
away from the dredge. J. G. Crowdy
arrived in town from Montreal last Friday and brought some cash for the dredger men. The men were paid part the
money due them,
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty.;
-b__3st_c o_r-
r.i.nT.^i,_i^1?KCFH?rir.B_*AISICH,i8Jthc most convenient Bank for Lillooet andU
places in the Cariboo district. Money received on deposit. Drafts issued and collections mds
in any part of Canada, Great Britain and the United States. T?
Cold Du»t and Amalgam Purchased


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