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The Prospector Jun 27, 1903

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•. •
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: n-
E~y.'.''.* Wi1-?*1^-
V. '.'«--',"',• ._        '."'"it1"■'■•*v~^U•-.,...-:-si:
■-■iv/ «r   '   ■**..* '>"'"    ?• ''- 5."
'     -■."*      ■,'.I*P*r'w
'   • -__r.^;'*f__31PF
MB* '  :"j-
,--*s.O',,..^-ni~- ■-"-:_.:■
"*'*: _/■-.-   -*--~_.
^ _,
Vol. 5. No. 49.
$1.00 a year.
What ha* It ever done for you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutions that keep; that cannot help but keep.
& ^_k -W
A\ Pi\ PK
LIQUOR DRINKERS CURED Easily, Salely, Absolutely.
AT HOME.    Willi no lose of Time or Labor.
There is an enligh'en.d aid now whicli takes bold of a man instantlv.
tr. < il i ililllin g a drinker it jtives him almost iiuiitiliHle.lv tiie snap '.-.
ne wlifa and power—let- the sunlight »f bo|<e into hiriW.il al once ami
sets his mind into operation with ali its lie-t intelligence — a prompt; result of effects on the net ves, sl> mach and. w'tole ioJv wbicb aretinhk
antl marvelous. While at this pi.int the cure like only begun, llie en
conragement is eo great that probably no medical w>nk tqu-la ibis in
eatibfactiou to a patient.
Wiib this help against the drink )iab\t any mar. who want-* to lift from
Ids life tbe handicap of liquor using cau do to wfth immediate re- bit's.
Tnis guaranteed treatment is within iear.li of all. Convenient termi tan
be arranged satisfactory to any one wbo is at all na onable, tbou~h, as
all people understand, it docs c«t rom) are with the wo tide., quack
cures ad vert i«ed at so much per package, or "Free", etc. It i« a differet t
mailer from all this to perfect a tour e of thorough. - pecial, personal
treatment that will really do tbe work and cure forever. It in a .erious
undertaking ami requites a high form of scientific professional w irk. All
the different kind* of cases are li nulled tinder guaranteed results. Only
■kill tbat ie developed to tbe biglidst can do in. Only professional fees
can pay for tbe time it requires, though they are made moderate end convenient for anybody. The n etbods of practice used in tbis work has cost
years of time, vast study antl expensive experiments. The originator, Dr.
Wi'liam H. Saunders, bail attracted wiile notice for liis works on Neivous
diseases long before perfecting tbis treatment. And mil nothing hut care
and personal attention to cases today make* it possible fo' him io accomplish the absolu'c cures which be guarantees. _o the reader will see
ll.is treatment means thorough scientific, professional attend*n. Uut it
also means results tbat are absolutely- certain. The splendid first effects
on a man are alone worth the entire cost of treatment.
This treatment can be given WITH or WITHOUT tbe knowledge of
tbe patient and can be placed in any of bis foods or liquids Lhat he utes,
and beini; colorless ant) tasteless, it does its work so silently and quickly
tbat the drunkard is reclaimed even against his will anil wi bout his
knowledge and co-operation. The wife mated for rears to a husband addicted to Ibis curse will wonder if curing her husband by her own efforts
can be true. "Is il possible that there is ench a glorious opportunity?"
.he will ask. And thousands of wives wbo bave put it to Ibe test and rejoice in the reclamation of 'heir spouses wbo seemed lost to all sense of
self-respect, generosity and manliness will trumpet out to the world,
"Yes, ir is true". Onr treatment is purely vegetable, contains no narcotics, opiates, poisons or mineials. We u .e no hypodermic Injec'ion of gold,
nor any dangerous compound. It can be taken at hnne without nny loss
or detention from business. It stimulates the nervous aystem at once,
incteaees tbe appetite, and affords perfect rest at night. It acts directly
upon ibe stomach, builds up the whole system, eliminates all trace of liquor from thc body ami leaves the patient in the same condition as if liquor
had never been taken.
those who have been deceived by worthless remedies. If your friend or
husband is lhe worst case in tbe community, we are more anxious to cure
liim.   Read tbe following:
St. John's School, Okla., Au$l 18th, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Dear Sirs:— I havo just returned after a long absence, and feel it my
duty to write you concerning my two patients. One of lliem F.l...., gave
up tbe treatment after aliout two weeks. The other, Wm. C..., continual
to take the treatment faithfully, and be bas been able to refuss whisky a
hundred times ami does not crave it at ail. For nine years he has lieen
away (rom bis parents and never dining that lime has he been able to
keep away from home long enough to visit home. He is now visiting bis
1101110 in Cleveland, Ohio, and I expect hi.il back In a few tlavs. When he
left he promised he would not touch whisky while away. I trust he will
keep his gootl resolution. Kindly let me have a few pamphlets for die
tribulion. There are a few cases I would like to get for your treatment.
Wishing you success, I am
Very truly you's,
Sister Superior.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.
D.pt. B. 1180,
Englewood Station.
Chicago, III.
Mr. C. Pliiiir li.-is heen appoint -
ed collector of votes for Lillooel
District, untie.- t|ie new Itedtshri-J
billion Act.
The pi-evnilin<>° opinion ninonj.
Viincouvei- hi lien 1 Is is Hint, tlie
Lilienil nnd Labor pnrliessliould
unite upon one common local
ticket for (lie approaching elections.
Some l.ifllculiic. l'.iiu i.a.ut Ti        1 •>* .
That   littiiiglitetl Cnunii. - i.-ii*   r
i liii-li- bv the Wu).
The Somali camels contrasted with
the .n ian camels are very gentle.
They.«vldom injure anyone. In moving about the camp it night one
has often to 1 ass among them us
they kneel in rows, Sometimes stepping over them or. stoo.Lig under
outstretched necks, but I have nevor
had experience of a vicious camel in
Somaliliind. Even when undergoing
filing operations they rarely bile,
although the head is lift free. This
accommodating disposition is attii'o-
utahle greatly to the manner in
which they arc treated by the natives, who, though rather cruel to
their ponies, never ill use a camel.
Many Somali.? are utterly ignorant
of '.jciutng, this work-be:ng done
largely by thc women, sayf
a writer in The Brooklyn
Eagle The camel is everywhere
in the land. He is the great means
of transport and is given in payment,
for wives and in settlement of the
incessant blood feuds which render
peaceful village and town life almost
unknown in *he interior.
As the troops make their way inland cuiious native villages formed
of little huts of bent- sticks covered
with camel mats, and protected all
round with a fence of cut thorn trees
laid side by fide, will at first ibe
common M_hts, and the fresh camel
milk obtainable at these is very refreshing on the long marches. Tho
men of Somnlitand use a curious
white clay found in various parts of
the country to dab on their heads,
which makes thein look like bla<«k
footmen with powdered wigs. The unmarried girls wear their hair fuzzy,
and the married women theirs in a
black net. . The enormous anthills in
the Hand is a notable feature on the
The difficulties of thc expedition
wf'l begin, when it enters the bush
country. The tail, light-skinned,
handsome, lithe Somali chief with
his spear and onyx-skin circular target is a curious contrast to tho
strong, dark Midgaan, with his bow
and wooden 'quiver of little poisoned
arrows, which are deadly enough to
kill an elephant in three hours. Tho
former is a great believer in charms
and horoscopes, and generally wears
an amulet in the form of a verse of
the Koran strapped to his arm or
neck. He loves a draught of the
melted fat of a sheep's tail, and as
long as he has plenty of "ghee," or
clarified butter, with his lice and
dates, he is happy. The latter is
simply a barbarian and prefers meat
more or less raw. The Somali ponies are wonderfully good and hardy
little animals, but are very badly
treated by their owners. They are
much superior to the Arab for use in
Somnliland, as they do well on the
grass there and require no grain,
which is unobtainable in the interior
until you get very far inland.
%    LOCAL   NEWS.
*^_^^>f^i£*_-i'V-&_^-l^_tft-_» *.*
The resignation of Dr. Sihree Clarke
as president of the \\Vsi Lillooel L beral
Association, and his alienation from tbe
Liberal pa»-ty, will be a surprise to some
of his friends, but not to those mort in-
limale with the doctor's view eon (referential trade ami kindred topics. He bids
leave of his Liberal friends in the following words:
June 20, 1903.
To The Members of the Lillooet Liberal Association:
I hereby tender uiy resignation as Member and President of The
Lillooet Lioeral.Association.
Itis known to some of my friends that,
for many years, 1 have been dissatisfied
.with the policy of the Liberal I'arty in
regard to several matters whicli are, in
my opinion, of vital importance, more
especially that part of it which deals
with protection to Canadian industries,
and. the safeguarding of Cm/.dian interests generally. We have arrived at a
critical period in our history. Momentous questions are pressing fir answer;
and as recent authoritative utterames
give me no hope that different counsels
will prevail in Liberal high places, I
deem it best to leave "tbe house of my
friends". It is a painful wrench, but
unavoidable. Whether the alienation
be temporary or permanent, what new
tie~ and affiliations may result, time aud
events must determine.
To argue my position in extenso would
be manifestly out of place intbiscon-
r.-ction, but so much by way of explanation is perhaps due to you and to myself.
Thanking yon for the honor you have
conferred on ine, and wishing you individually, all happiness and prosperity,
I am,
Yours Sincerely,
Sibree Clarke.
Mrs. Ciiniinino-, Senr. returned
Inst evening from a visit toiler
son in New Westminster.
A concert will lie given on tlie
inglit of July Ist in aid of t lie
Church of England Organ I-und.
Another party of hunters cume
iu by special stage from Ashcroft
Inst Wednesday.
Prepnrut ions nie being mnde
for a day of sport in lown on the
1st day of July. The young folks
especially nre being provided for.
Foot rnces, "jumping, skipping,
nud many other tests of strength
and acrobatic skill will be given.
It is expected that a base bull
match, between load tennis, will
be played.
A compromise will he mnde on
the rough clause in I lie Irish hind
All pnrlies nre getting ready to
support or oppose the propoenls
of Mr. Chnniliei'liiin.
Dr. Cnven, Principal of Knox
College, Toronto, is dangerously
It issujd tlmt the Americans
are fuHyeonseious-of Hieir Weakness in the Ain skill i ense.
The Federation of Imperial defence nsks Hint uo preference be
given the Colonies till Ihey sun-
scribe lo Imperial defence.
The Canadian government, expects to bring 8,000 In borers
iu to help in reaping this year's
harvest hi I he North West.
The Hon. Mr. Mulock has introduced a bill iuto the Dominion House thnt hns for its object
the increase of Cost-masters'
sain lies and the reduction of rates
on newspapers.
Au nppni-utus that will mnke
it possible for a person to stand
it- a snowstorm on a hot day  is
promised by the promoters of the
World's Fair, nt (St. Louis.
Pachelqua School Roll
The following pupils at the ft.
hove school received houorcards:
Jos. Dickey, for proficiency.
Isaac Swart/., for deportment.
Meliu LnUochellefor regularity.
Mr. T. I?. Krundon hns resigned
his position ns teacher of the
I'nchelqun Public School.
Up to the time of going to press
uo report of the Lillooet school
hns come to hand.
or ludy In oiieli coiinly to immune business for
an old established house of solid financial stand
Ing. A straight, bona fide chsIi siilnry ol |IH,00
pit l«l by check each Wednesday with all expen-
868(11 rue I from headquarters. Money lid VH lie
ed for expenses.
Malinger, ~I0 CaXtOll Building, Chiengo.
Lever's Y Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfects and cleans at the same time. _•
Subscribe for Tiik Chosimcctob. TIIK   PHOSPECTOl?, T.IT.T.QOET, B.O.
JUNE 27.  1903.
by tiii: rRoa.K.roit putrt.isniNu coM'anv
THE PROSI»ECI'OH is the only paper published in the Lillooet District, und is ull home
SuljH-i'lpt.ions: Ono Dollar it ve.nr in iiilvmiro.
A ilvc.it Isi lift rates inmle kunivn mi n|i|illfiili(ill,
__rr.-|M)luluil( . i.s iltvlluil nil nil mallei- of
mil_liu or Inciil Interest. All riiin_niinlriitlons
iniisl ho accoinptllli-il liy tin* nam- of the
wilier, lint not neeessin ily for pit III lent loll.
There comet, ho every limn in n
free country the opportunity to
hike nn nctive (uut in tlie
<_oveinni'.nh of tlin I country.
TliM.fi opportunity is yiven to
us now.
We would i-o-ns~.Mt.rti the righl
of every voter to give his vole
iiiiti-.-ininiflt.tl liy tht, fear tlmt,
should lie find himself nfter the
election in the minority ehi.su, he
will be the liutt of unkindly net-
ion from the winning-Hide. Whatever hns crenteil this fear is a
question for various opinion.
Iml: that the fear of being "spot-
led" exists in soineqiiailers. is
niiliter of fact, antl thesu'.ijech of
almost daily comment.
One of the most unsatisfactory
features iu the late Provincial
Legislature was the distaste, evidenced by many of the members,
for nn appeal to the people. It
seemed as if many of the member., were disinclined, if not afraid,
lo face those who had reposed
confidence in them, and appoint-j
ed thein to represent their inter-
esls til, Victoria. The hist thing
tlmt some representative, seem
to think is that they are iu duty
bound to represent till their constituents—not only those who
worked hard to put thein into
office, but also those who worked I.mil to keep them out. The
hit ter chiss are, doubtless,, just
as loyal ft) the interests of I he
Province as t he former.
"No government, however well
disposed, will ntaiiy lime be able
to keep the expenditure of the
country within moderate bounds,
unless if is supported by t he constant vigilance of piiblieopinion.
You will ask nie perhaps, why is
this? I will tellyou ina few words.
It is because individuals; ami
knots, ami groups, aud even
classes of men, have fi constant,
quick, unsleeping interest iu feeding themselves upon lhe produce
of t he public industry. The nah
ui-iil counterpoise to that perfectly natural tendency on the part
of individuals and classes is iu
l he vigilance of the public inind.
If is by the public .sentiment, operating vigorously on the one
hand, ami by the iiufiir.il tendency of public servants, and professional men, nnd parfiouh-r
classes on the other, to struggle
iu particular for their own interests, tlmt the equilibrium—a fair
and just balance—is maintained.
Hut if the public go to sleep, tbe
other power never goes to sleep.
Ou the contrary it watches for
its opp'jituuit.y."
None of us'.-an help what traits
ive start out in life wilh, but, we
ran  help whnt we end up with.
If a in;tli does not, keep step
.villi his companions, il may be
Ih'<-;iiis.' In; hears ol her music and
in keeping step wiih it.
If.ll.il, if not 'I'H.-tcd, becomes
^H nF\M^fflOMi£i^^^^SI QUICK--
llll/l   *» ' III I j I 1 ___!  "'" ""|  i i  j I ll I I I 1 I I I I I l I 11 In
^.'. - e'xportehs "pi |r> e» \
mortmerni,   rUno
Z00-2J2 first Ave..North.   MINNEAPOLIS. MINN.
Asthmalene brings instant   relief aiul  pefmanei
Cure    In   All   Cases. 1
SENT A..SpTiirf.|_..Y l<i:lil_.l. ON Rl.C.l'.Il> r OK ro,S'l\\|
Trade Marks
_____________________   Copyrights 4_c.
Anyone sending n.ketch nnd description may
nulckly ascertain nur otiinion free "hetticr an
invention la prolinbl. patentable. Communion-
t Ions strictly oontldenttnl. Handbook on Patents
sent free, oldest fleency for sceuriiifz patents.
Patents taken through Miinn & Co. receive
tpcclal notice, without, charge in the
Scientific American.
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original -tune.—AttHwers to tineri. e—
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the only Western Newspaper re 'eiv-
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vice of the New Yoik Siih, ami special cable of the New York Worltl—
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Su Us.. il>e I'm- The I'rospector
As a special anil temporary offer to
reaileisof this ;.ui]ier, we will mail Tiik
Public to persons who are not now sub-
"ci iliere. for ten weeks for ten rents.
Tub Public ia a !f2, Ifi-paue weekly Review for democratic Deniocrais ami democratic Republicaps: it- opinions are
expre.se.l wilhout fear or favor; it trives
an interesting ami connected weekly
of all historical news; it. always has ed-
itoiialB worth si tidy ing, a cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth reading, ami
miscellaneous mailer both valuable antl
inteiesling; and it is lilted hy intelligent
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The editor is Louis F. Post. Send ten
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Irial, All snhsr. iptiuns are paid strictly
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paper is promptly st. pped unless subscription is renewed. Mention this paper
Address:       THE PUBLIC,
Unity Building, OiicAGO, III.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tenders nro Invited for' llm whole of lhe
properly, Including CroWn CI run I eil eluliuH,
null site, Cyanide mill, (.-npiielly-IS loAO tons
dully), Irani,VIIy, HHmiy nlllee, laboratory unit
flllteqillpineill, of tho Toronto Lillooet Hold
Heels Com pally 1,1 ill I ted, hIIiiiiIi* in the I.iiiooet
district of liritish Columbia; Including the
Ample, Whale, Mniiarch nnd Wellalid Vale
mini's which me Crown grained, also Ihe
Nortli .Slur, (.olden stripe, (.olden Kaglc. Iluby
mul'umbo mineral claim, In Hie same district, together with a ten stamp mill, machine
drills nnd other equipments. Cash lenders for
Hie whole properly are requested but
off us for working options or for portions
of the property will bo considered. From the
former group 950 toimof ore hns been milled,
Willi rill assay value iipproximnllng IIO.OO lo
(11.00 Wagon road from Railroad lo mill. Tlie
whole of Ihe above will bear looking into and
Investigation and mean exceptionally Important and valuable group ofclalms Willi fnll
working equipment, l-ull particulars mav be
had on application lo ICdgnr llloomflebl
Liquidator, P. 0. Ilnx 71:1, Vancouver 11 <:.
T li e. r ii    i s    n n i li i n g   I ' \. !•   A .
ni a I ii n i' .      I l    b r inns     i n t- ; a
re lief,     even    in     i l> e     v> o r
KIM'.  ,       It.   rule,     when    nil    t'|f«'  I'r
The   Key.   C.   I'".   WILIS,   „i   Villa   Ki|
III.,  snys:   " Your   liinl   bollle ol  A..liittti
rcceiveil  in jjood I'oin'iliiii.    I eaiino'.   tell {i
liiuv tlinnkliil   1   led lur tin*  (looil dorivctl I'i
it.    I   was   a slave,  ch lined  witli  putrid
lliroat nml Asllnna Pur  Icn ycnis,    I   ilcspnl
of ever lieht}"  cured.    1 sttvi your itilverlisenlL
lor   the  inn;  ol   this ilreitiHul  mul   liuincitS
disease,    Asthnui,    mu!    I1 mi^lil  you  Iml   n',
spoken    youiM-lvcs,   but    lesulvcil     In   ^i\e     t
trial.     To   ill")' nslnnisliiuciil,  the liinl ucicd I'll
a cltmin.    Schil   nie a  lull-si/.e  Imille.''        ,]
l.ev.    Dr.    Miii'i'Ih    W-Clisler
Knliln ol  tin: Cong'.   Ilnni   Israel.
New   Vork,  Jan.    i.    1901. \\
IlltS. TAI'T   IIIIOS.'   MI.I>I.'INIC   CO.,
(lenllenicili    Vour   Asllnuiileue   i.s
excellent   remedy  I'or   Asthma mul  Hay   l'ev*f|
anil   ils composition nlle\ialcs all Irouhles wh.
conihine with Astlnua.     Its success is astonish;
anil won.Ic> Iul. 'I
After hiivhlg  il  carefully  analyzed,   we  can slnle III it     Aslhinnlene   coiltti _
no   opiiini, morphine,   chloroloiiu  orclhcr. Very tinly yours,
Avon Spkinus,  N'.   X.   I'*eh. 1, lyoi.
Dit. Tai't Hkos. Mkdicink Co. j
(Ienllenien: write  ihis lcsliuioui.il   Irmu   a   sense  ol duly.  Iin\ing  Icsl&l t;-J
wiiiiilcilui elleel of your Astlinnlcnc, lor tli: cure of Asth 111.1. My wile has he?
all'licleil with sp.ismoilic asllnna lor the past 12 years. Having cxhatisled iny o\^
skill its well as that of many others, I chanced to see join sign upon your wij
hows nu 1,50 street, New York, I a I once Ohlaiiletl a bollle nl asilnnalene. My wi
commenced taking il about lhc lirst ol IS'uvcinlici. 1 very soon noticed a ind oj
improvement. Alter using one linllle her asthma had disiippcaied and she is entire]
free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently rccoimueiid the mcdicii
to    all    who   are   afflicted    with   this    tlislressing    disease.    Yours    respectfully.
0. I).   I'llKl.l'S,   M. I.J
Da.  Taki' linos.  Mkdicink Co. I'eb. 5; 1901.
(ienllenien: I was troubled willl Astlnua or 2- years. I have tried immcrot]
remedies, but Ihey have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and started will
a Irial bottle* I found relief at Oneo. I have since purchased yijllf lull sized hollltl
and I am ever gialeful. I have a family of four children, and for six year", wil
unable lo work. 1 am now in ill- lnsl ni Health and am dning business ever]
day.    This  testimony you can make such use of  as you see lit,
I Ionic  address, 2^5,   Kiviiiglon sheet. S.     Kaplinel,
67 l.iisl 1291I1 si.,   New   York  Cily.
O Q O Q Q Q O '-:'
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal!
Do   not delay.    Wiile  at   nine,   Addressing   DR.   TAI'T   II.I.O.S'  M I'.DICI N I''. CO.'j
79 Hast   1301I1  Si.,    N.   \*. Cily. '
8old by all Di'iiggiBts. j
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full stoek of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on band.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, WO
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r>nll'o"r     nun.,
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i   T l__Y  TV   i.'TlikY   ' 0**so'-'<    On  that   occasion ho    th ow
A 1.1. M   l.\   Al   1 _.'.\.    o„ tho aCfi" txtion <>' lAti|?u'il;ioss and
  , tf. iippled wilh tho situation s.j   i.ro-
i luii'lv  as lo reveal  tho great,   power
1TISH PREMIER BALFOUR AT WORK '' ho    an at   a crisis Col.lin.nd.     What-
Karly Nickname, "Clara," a Clear
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[When He Is tailed b.v Duty tu Aet.
hablo advices    intimate that     Mr.
Jlfonr,  the    Biitish   l'leiine ,    hus
pd of .a teinpoiary respite from the
liausting demands of his Imioftant
Ities.      His indisposition   happily,
not such us to justify any ul.a.m,
' it is one that will readily   yield
the sovereign cure of rest.
It wus one of the remarkable pocu-
Iritics    of    Mr.   Ualfour's  piodet'CB-
Ir,   Lord  Salisbury,   that  most     of
\o illnesses by which ha was a I Hi t-
atirl they we:c numerous, we e so
lined  as to be of servi e to the na-
• on.    If there was a crisis in   whi.h
reat Britain wished to dday action
nd gain time, the Premier was sure
fall ill, and his physi ians to in-
t on immediate re&t.    At the pro-
3r time Lord   Salisbury would    rc-
jver,  when  Gieat Britain  would bo
leai'd from.       Hen o   the "diploma-
fc" illnesses of Lord Salisbury have
Ion a   place  in    history.     Yet,     in
tct,  the late Premier    suffered    for.
|iany years, and finally letiied from
~o same   cai:se    thut menaces    Mr.
I'alfour's    health,  namely, poor    as-
imilation of food,    it is the penalty
overwork  and wo' ry,  and a wai'n-
|iig to lighten the mental burden.
Mi1.  .ialiOur a* *        .ru."
Tn all human probability, Mr. Bal-
>ur,  who  is    only  in his    fifty-fifth
ar, has yet a long ofiicial    career
cad of him.   if he is not st:i. ing-
lobist, he is a man cf gieat ner-
)iis energy  aid a.ti.e hal.i.s.    His
srsonality    is   decidedly   interesting
|tnd attractive.
Picture a tall,    slender,    willowy,
llistinguishcd    man,    wi h a philtwo-
Iher's head and    a scholars    stoop,
lind you haie    Mr,.  Balfotr.      Tho .
Kieyeyes, pee ing at you in a mildly
lont.etnplativ o way thtough the    in-
Variable spectacles, and the deincin-
jred modesty and yielding    gentility
iave   induced   mistalen    critic s    to
ic name Mr.  Balfour  "Clara,''    but
ever was theie a greater misnomer.
IA lamb tn repos,, but a lion in   action, would  moie fittiny**.'     des ribe
.the thief adviser    of the Crown,   the
leal ruler of Great Btita n.
Like man;* other Brit 11 h statesmen,
iMr. Balfour's ta.tcs nre refined. He
Tis ti great lo\c of music, can sin*
la sentimental song, and plays vi.h
mu- h skill on the piano. He is an j
[atdent golfer.
.. . .i     .u-liamentary Leader.
In the Horse of Commors Mr. Eal-
fo'.if has shown a remar. able capa-
Itity for leadership and dhe ticn,
(hough if one we: e to make the mis-
tr.l-p of judging from appeal antes,
little would l.e ox. o; ted from him.
Theie he sits on the Ministerial
bench, in tbe midst of his colleagues,
the very picture of indolence and
listletsncs's. His favorite posture
has been described as on:.1 of ''spineless prostration," and thc do -trip- j
ticn, if overdrawn, is not in a. t. I
With head sin; on chest, aims dangling lifelessly at his side, and feet
bini'od against the edge of thc table,
he suggests to tie casual obscr.er a
man  in a state of collapse.
But mark the transformation when !
.12 springs forward to meet    an opponent!       Now he is all energy,    of
that intense nervous kind that beats
down all resistance.    H'hi'e    he   ges- :
ti'iilates pa<s'onatcly, and his   voicu i
vibrates with feeling, he does not for j
a moment lose that perfect mental
control that enables him to dive- I,
hi.s retorts and his logic with unerring accuracy. Therein lies the ihief
power of the man. Whatever he at-
term ts he dors with all his might.
When the bo't has been driven homo
he again collapses, and recuperates
for the next gt'eut elToit.
Unl.uili-.-i.ilau tin lilts.
Most people judge a man from   the
surface.   If he is dull, methodical, or- j
derly, and careful of insignificant de-
talis, he is reputed to be    thorough
and businessli e.    Yet in the major- |
ity of cases method, however    valu-I
able it may be, ii resorttd to    as a
prop to the mind.    In th_ matter of
method and arrangement Mr. Balfour J
is the most unbusinesslike leader the
House of Commons has ever seen- He
is riot bound b.v the necessities that
would    surround   an    otdinary man.!
His bt'illlan-y needs no scrap-book to
feed upon.       The secret of Mr.   Balfour's hold upon the House has been
summed up in these words:   "He is a
gentleman   to the   finger tips—cultivated,    refined.,  well bred,    unobtrusive,  superior,    fascinating."      After
all  i'o'ii Bull  dearly 11 es a   gentleman,    anil    Mr. Balfour conies    very
near to his  ideal.
Ireland Made Italfour.
Tt was its  Chief Secretary for Tro-
Innd from  1887   to  1891   that     A.r.
'•■    »he     reputation    on
eve. may bo said of Mr. ' Ba'fo-i-'s
administration of Ireland, it cannot
be asset td that for a moment he
showed weakness. His etnt'get'e and
iinflitub'ng defence of the Irish officials against, all at ael s i_ th:;
House established his piowess as a
PatliaminUn ian.
As Proniier it was prcditod that
he would be lot in the shadow of
Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. Balfour, how-
eve ', has not suffered, but Ins rather bet n hell ed by the great strength
of his leading colleague, liis advance
did not aiousc jealousy, or antagonism, but instead enthusiastic support on thc part of the man whom
many exix.-tod to succeed to the Premiership, Already the Cove: nnc.it
undo- its new pilot has been safely
navigated through one of the most
dangerous storms aroused by the
Education Bill that England hos
witnessed in re ent times. Its Tre-
mir"\    Mr.    Balfour,  has    .cored    a
■ucce.s whi h it is to be hoped he
will long lhe to en.'oy.
Mr. Balfour is not in politis for
money. He has a pri*ate income of
about §100,000 a year. He is a
close student of litei attire and the
arts. For one picture, "lhe Leteiul
of the Brier Hose,*' which Mr. Ba)
four purchased from Hit no—Jones, he
paid $75,000. Scasic no's | .cents
him from traveling abroad. The secret of Mr. Balfour's ba haloihood
has ne er been ie.ealed. t is said
that at one time he offered his heart
and hand to a captivating lady, who
did not accept the hono , and henco-
.forward, though an a'dmi er of the
sex, he has been invulnerable to Cupid's arrows.
Much Waste Laud uu Which Wood* Could
* ,e...
!     The    Departmental  Committee   on
British Forestry   has is.,ued ils    re-
| port.    It remarks on the fact    that
there    are some twenty-one    mill.on
acres of was.e land,  a h:rfae propor-
j tion of which  might   proiitably     bo
afforested,    .t recommends   that two
areas for practical demonstrate, of
not   under  two    ..nd  not    over   ten
1 thousand  acres,   s;iot.ltl   te    acquired
by the State;   that lectin ers on forestry be appointed in come t;on with
the universities;  and that   the   agricultural    colleges  make thc    sub-o t
part of their course.     The   proposal
to set apart experimental   areas   is
interesting,   and    we   are rather   of
opinion     that  such    an    experiment
I would  not make Alice Holt—one   of
; the areas suggested—much   lesj profitable than it is to-duy.     Some, indeed  we may  say  all,    the other recommendations    sti ike    us   as   pious
and    quits   ptoper.      Unhappily    we
doubt gravely whether   this   entirely
well-meaning    report    will    result iii
any considerable    planting    and   replanting operations on  the part    of
thc owner of land.    The fall    in tho
value of timber and underwood   has
been great during the last quarter of
a century.    Oak, fer instance, to-day
is hardly worth the it ipping, though
the   price of the wood its.-If has been
lower in the past.    Larch is one of
the    few    timber trees    which    tho
landowner finds he can plant on poor
land with something lil c assured profit.      The clause in tic icport referring to the estate duties may remind
us   of the   undoubted fact    that   Sir
William      Hai court's    Finance    Aet
must bo held responsible for t'ie fall
of a great deal of timber in   English
wootls which is not lil ely   to be replaced In the near future.    Too often
it must be the only way to   pay off
the duties.-—Satut day Reviow.
Sketch b.v J.  -wilt McNeill.
Events reproduces the following de-
~C iption of Mr. Joseph Chamberlain
from a  sketch  by  .1.  Swift McNeill,
an Irish Nationalist M. P.:     "He is
of medium    size,  .somewhat   slightly
built, with legs too short in proportion to his frame.    It i3 s.iid by physiologists that the ft c.   of every human   being    when   closely   strutiti el
resembles  some  animal,   and,   applying this test to Mr.  Chumbeilain,  ]
think his face bonis a by  no means
far-fetched li! one: s to Ue face   of   a
fox.   This resemblance is ie.y sinking when    one  looks    at his profile.
He has a   high forehead,    a   Woman
nose, well-chiselled featines, a mouth
expressive   of   greet   ditoiminatian,
and large,  dark  blue,  luminois   and
somewhat     cruel   eyes.       His   face,
which seems pallid iu ils    color at a
distance, has, when one looks at   it
closely,    an    unhealthy yellow    hie.
which perhaps is made mere strikingly apparent by  the coal-black   color
of his thick and luxuriant hair.    As
.one looks at Mr. Chainbei lain casually, ore would guess his   age    to   be
about livc antl fifty, but ts a matter
of fact in 1676 Mr, Chainbei lain wns
a man of   the mature ago ol*    forty
years,    who  had  already  enjoyed   a
civic career of great distinction, and
had made a large fortune in trade." |
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.
As far back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
ar, near the town of Lillooet. The adjoining* ground is being worked with profit at
the present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,030, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.-^
andi.i.son laic.* and Buinai-UiVEi- mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds^^^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, hear, deer, and all kinds of largo and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^^>
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit may be grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
the gardens of the town
Nearest Uailway towns are ashcroft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
Prospector1' Club Offers.
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
The Manitoba Free Press with its weekly Supplement gives 28 pages of reading nutter every week. In atldilion lo this, 22 admirable
painting reproductions will be given.    For $1.50 we will have the Free Press, the 22 paintings and   The Prospector sent to you     or
one year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two l_-:iiitif~l pictures  "PURITY" and "ALONE" which are to be presented with the Family Herald are 22 x 28 inches
size, and are suitable for framing.
iti        i\ aK
The Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 30.
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
H___T Special We were successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special  rate.    We will send you  all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, WORLD widk, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.oo. THE  PKOSPEOTOIt, LILLOOKT, B.C.,  .JUNE 27.   1903.
.*   s.».     « - *■ ♦_/V« '*•■ »' \ •,'\«/\*»/   •*?     __/ \V  A-
«y>> <__f» •*.!?* •__» *.!?» •.1*0 ~_ttd «_fti) *' r-> •_!$- •$_» «-..•* WW
.♦'.•■« ..'«*./»'■..-« \   «      *s/♦\. ♦ \. * ..'•■>■.■♦•.•'♦
&    LOCAL   NEWS.       $
The public scIiooIh were dortetl
Ye.sleiil.-i_y for llie siiiiiiiier vnc-
Tlie pospoiietl liieelin^' of Hie
Liliernl As.stieii.lion will lie held
this even iny.
The   meeting* .of   lhe   School
Boil I'll   will he  held today.
J.I.. Uren returned from 11 viHit
to iSiivoiiiis Inst, iMonthiy.
W.E. l.reUilefli town hist, Tues-
diiy for the Anderson Luke mine.
W. \V. Jones is in (own for further supplies for Item] 'Or Mines.
Rond Superintendent; McDonald
enme in from East; Lillooet this
week, and returned Inst; Thursday.
It. Stlinrt'i, who hns heen the
■town barber for the last year,
left town hist, Tuesday morning.
A little Sunlight Soap will Clean
cut glass and other articles until
they shine anil sparkle. Sunhght
Soap will wash other things than
clothes. ili
A meeting of tin- Wesl Lillooet. Lilier-
al A.-Outiitioti will lie. held in S.tntirii*'.
llit'lon Saturday evening, llie 27lli of
June, nt 8 n'ulo.'k foi (lie election of off-
ittets mul oil er Inisii ess.
General j-j ani ware,
Picks and Shovels,
Axes, Hoes Si I .tikes,
J.nr Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Pnin.H, eve.
Paul Santi:
The Rev. Mr. Pugli will conduct
divine service in St. Mniy'st'liurch
next Sunday morning ami even-
Tlie 1* rnser river hns f.-dlen cou-
sider.-ibly during the pnst; week,
nnd now nil danger of Hood is
p.-1 st.
I.. Plinir, who hns heen attending the Vogel Commercial (.'nllege
in Vuiicoiiver, enme home for his
vacation Inst Tuesdny.
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—is strongly
recommended liy the medical profession a;
a safeguard against infectious diseases.      _3
J. Sweeney nud partner nre in
town nud "ive the welcome news
I hnt they hnve uncovered n line
ledge of free gold quart-on their
clniiu which they are developing
ns rapidly ns possible. A second
ledge wns found by Ihesnine men
just before they started for town.
Rev. J.II. Wright will conduct
divine service nt the Half-"Any
House, Lytton Rond nextSundny
afternoon. In the pastor's ab*
sence the Stinday evening service
in town will be conducted by Dr.
Sihree Clnrke. Tl.e morning service will be withdrawn.
A meeting of the Liberal Association of West Lillooet wns held
in Santini's llnll on Saturday evening, but owing to the sninll nt-
lendanee of meniliers id was adjourned until Saturday the 271 h
inst. The Honorary Secretary
rend at the meeting a letter from
Di-. Sibree Clnrke resigning his
post ns President of the Association nnd hisleinpor.iry, and per-
Imps perinniieut, nlienation from
the Liberal party. This decision
nf the late President wns received wilh extreme I'ein-efc.
Subscribe for The Prospector.
or lady in each cottnly to immune liusiness for
nu old established house of solid financial stand
lllg. A straight, botltl lide ensh siilnry ol |I8,IHI
[mill by elieek uacll Wednesday with nil expenses direct from lieiidqnnrlers. Money advanced for expenses.
Malinger,840 Caxtou Building,Chicago.
"Lever's YZ'Wise Head) Disinfectant Soap
Powder is a boon to any home. It disinfects and cleans at the same time. _a
The following pintforni wns n-
dopled unanimously by the Rev-
elstoke Convent ion on September
12th, 1902:
1—"Thnt this Convention re-
nftirms lhe policy of the Party iu
mat (ers of Provincial roads and
trails; the o.vhershipnnd control
of railways nud 1 Ik; development
of the ngriciilturnl resources of
the Province, ns laid down in the
Plnlfnr.ni adopted in October
1899, which is as follows:
''To actively aid in the construe ion of
trails throughout tlie 1'ioviuce anil tin
building of Provincial Trunk ro.uls ol
public iieceb-ity.
"To adopt ihe principle of Government ownei.hip of railways in so far ur
ilu- circumstance- of the Province will
admit, and to adopt the (iriiiciplu lhat
no bonii'- should lie granted io any railway conipiny whicli tines not jtive tin
(.overninent of ih> I'n vince control if
rates over lines liijiiut-e.il, together win
ihe option of purchase.
"To actively asrisl by Slate aid in the
development of tl e ngricnltuial resourc
es oT the Pro vince."
2—That in the mean lime and until
lhe Uailway po icy above pet forth can
be accoiupli-hed, a genera' Railwav Ac
lie pi.seal, giving freedom to rnnstfuct
railways tinder certain appp v.d n j;iihi-
tioup, analagotis to the system that has
resulted in such ex onsive railway t'on-
slriti'tion in the IT*.reil States, with so
much advantage to I rude, arid commerce.
3—That to encourage '.he mining in-
dujtry, the taxation of metalliferous
mini s should he on the basis of a p.icen-
nf the net profits.
.—That the Government ownership of
telephone systems should he b'otigbi
aliout aa a Iii *st Btep in ihe acquisition
of public, utilities.
5—That a portion of every co.il area to
he hereaf'er disponed of, should he reserved from sale or least', .o lhat state-
owned mines may easily be accessible,
if their operation become necessary or
6—Thai in Ihe pulp land lenses provision should be made for refoie lint:
and that slops should be taken for the
general preservation of forests hy guarding against the wasteful destitution of
7—That the Legislature and government of the Piovincu should p.r.evere
iu the effort lo secure the exclusion of
Asiatic lab r.
8—Tnat the matter of better subsidies
and appropriations for B.C. be vigorotif-
ly pressed upon the Dominion (l-vein-
iri ent.
9 -That lhe silver lend industries be
fostered by the imposition.of increased
Customs duties on lead and lead products importc I into Canada.
10—Tnat ariangeinents he made for an
amicable adjustment of the relations betweeu employeis and employed.
11 That it is advisable to foster the
in a nu fact it re of the raw pr. ducts of the
province within the Province as far as
practicable liy means of taxation on lhe
said raw products subject to rebate ot
tbe same in whole or in part when manufactured iu British Columbia.
151111. S ior Fall or Spring planting
Seeds, Plants,
• 1*<
HI'***. SUITLlliS,
1'iuiit baskets,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Roatl, Vancouver, ll*C.
Drugs and rtedicines,
Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,
Fishing; Tackle etc. etc.
Mail   Orders    Promptly   Filled.
The most natural means of
helping nature to hold bones nnd'
muscles and ligaments in place,
while the muscles it knit and gmw
strong, afler a jievere wrench or
strain, Saves many a crooked
elbow and wri.*.l and ankle. • We
mail you full directions for s'elf-
inenstircment, at home. We then
have the goods made to lit you,
Coine to either of our stores,'
or write us and lell us whal you
need. •
is th^ be*.t thing we know of. ' It
heals quickly, and is not sticky or
greasy,    lly mail 25c.
t ''
OKNICl.A-l.i  .MKUM'ir.WT. UI,U'(H.|\  I.. ('.
carries u   full stuck of till  kinds of Groceries.   I >ry < .no*]
J-Oot.S tllitl Shoes, 11 nrdw.-ire Sty-
>t<>—-^ H- c- PARKER, = Lillooet, B.C.   cc______.
Having purchased the stock |
R.J. Atkins, we are now addin;
to it and prepared to fill all order.
Repair Shop in connection  with Store,  where your evej
want, will be supplied*.   A complete iMunihingOutlit on han ]
M AI.1C YOUR OWN RttPAlRS.   Knamki.i.kii   Knoiis, Fof Coffee nnd Ten I'm
nnd Other Cooking Dlensils.   I'rieefi ecnls eiieli, wliilo they lust, I
■V~~-.__TCOTTV*Ei*Ea, IB. C*
A new aud thoroughly equipped
private ho-*|ii al specially adapted
for Surgical nnd lOlectrical 'I'real-
uieut, with superior accomoda-
liou lor Lying-in Cases. Only
trained nurses employed
The McMillan Fur & Wool Co. have
placed their circu'ar of May 5th on file
at our oflice for reference. This houee
was eetabli-heil a quarter- of 11 century
ago, and on account of their extensive
husine.-s, they are in it position to pay
high prices. Shippers find llieir dealings with them very satisfactory.
Have vou ordered your new
Mini? 'Jive McCosli a. l.r'nl. He
will give you satisfiiction.
Read our special
offer on the
third page.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton ct W;.y Points: Mondays,; Wednesdays nnd I'ridnylJ
All-points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
150 Milo Mouse : Mondays Si Kridnys |seini-woeklv sorvice|
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
H  Special conveyances .ni-nislied.    Send   for   folders   ♦*!
The new sl;i-_;e line leaves iiVlfcoti every Monthiv tiul
Friday for Lillooet, returning next .lay. Spec iul trijl
made.    Write us for information. |
INder liehai'liati-A Co., Lytton   I., C.
McCOSH is your nearest THL0R
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOSH, Men-hunt Titilor, Asherofl, H. 0 .?•       .-j
Vancouver, R.C..
Kstablishetl, 1890.
Assay work of all tlescripliiins undertaken.     Tests nintle up  lo 2000 11 is.    A specialty '1
inaile of checking   smeller   pulps.    Samples    from   llie   liilerior  liy    Mail   or   Kxpr'ss
promptly nttelidetl to.    Correspondence    solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and best stock in 1_;C,
Including: Bar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents I'or VALENTINK'S  Hiijli Crude CAKI.lAtIK VARNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
____ Page   Mets-tl  Gates
— Sinwlo or double—light, strong, durable, econ-
- 01nie.nl.    Will not stur or get, rickety.    Fitted
" with self-acting latches,  which open either
w iy.    A child can open  or close in a strong
BiHt';.;v •*•*",-i'Vi't-Arvyvirmn- 1—I- wind—no surface to resist.   Host farm gate
' Wa- il:i:i:.#i:3:*^K:."^:;:>';TWrr —_! "md0-   -'sePnge Fences and Poultry Netting.
..-_,..i~-Ji.--,v.....—*....„.-u.„...v.u.x-.-~-*-i.~. 0nt    Montreal,P.Q., and St. John, N.B.   10
E. Q. PRIOR & CO., (ieneral Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1.00 perannum.


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