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The Prospector Nov 16, 1901

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 t .i (6 /« " '
VoU, No.i/>. U\
n i <-•
$2.00 a year.
a-E3Sr_E___R,.A.TJ     J&±l&GIZJLl<frF
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store at Bridge River where i\
full stock of General ^Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
Paul Santini,
Carries a full stock of all kinds ot Groceries, Dry   Goods,  L',ot.s  and  Shoes.
Hardware, ric.
*      *
Lillooet, B. C*
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
Tbia Hotel is t'lipal'lu o[ accomodating 80 t.urBtB.   S.nip'e Rooms i'or
Commercial Travellers. Everything KirBt-_l.es.
Hotel Victoria,
IiIX_X,00.__T   _B. C-'
This hotel bolns; netv and thoroughly finished ihronnlio.it is tlie only Aral
tlass holiil in Ullooet. Persons calling at r.'llooot will receive every attention in
Hopping at the Hotel Victoria, Good Btlibling in connection with tlio hotel. Headquarters lor tl.e Lillooet-Lytton stage.
9    9    9    9    9    9      *'ll.M(l'.|:'S    MIIDKHATIt.      9     ..    U    9    9    9
M. R. EAGLESON,        -      - -      Proprietor.
Stage leaves Lytton overy Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, roturning next day,    Special trips made.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooel district, write us for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I.
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, 1890.
Assay work of all de.crrptions nn. ertarcn. Tests mode up to seen His. A specially
mad. of checking Smelter pulps. Samples from the Interior hy Mail nr Express
promptly iitt'iulcil lc.    Co r r es po n tl en c e' "So I ic i t ed .
j_TOW   BOYS^^'
Don't Forget the Ashoroft Tailor
When you want a new suit.
I havo jiimt received rllre-1 from Skmtland tho best soho'.ton olTweeds, Worsted', Serge.
I'ant? ?* •  I!..- '. t'rilnr.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
'MOM tst ::_«___--, '*'• rchtuit Tailor, Ashcrort, ll. c
Iii tlie Engineering and Mining Jout*
mil of New York, reference haa heen
in.tie lo tl|8 nnicli-lo-lie-depliireil nt">-
i^nnieiuof llie liend'Or Mining O.i.I.d.
From the r. port nljjve referretl to tl.e
reader who is unacquainted wilh the
circumstances, will or elude ihal tlie
mine is at fault. A review of the den
up' from tlii.. mine during the la""t few
years on.lit to dispel auiili a notion.
Also it is somewhat ml-1 end inn to couple llie Goi -hm C'icli," disaster with thi
Bend'Or financial trouhlii. In the li t
place tliey are in two separate section,
of I.iiiooet District and hi) miles apart.
Eyer,y pound weight of mat-rial con lg.
mil lo the Bend' Or n iaea cost, uliont
7 conls after it leives llie nearest Railway Stalio.i. Tlifl applies lo bread**
stuff* equally villi mill eupplhs. The
Irciklit chnr.'e* aro not exorbitant when
■he Plate of the trails nre cot sideied.
But from the same Bend' Or niiiieai.d
othtr Briil*.e Itiv r priperlies, to the
I'ncilic coast tlie distance is nol mme
t'ian 100 miles anil the route compare-
ti elv easy. In fact the greater part
has been nl'C.tdy surveyed by tlie Vancouver, Vet ire < r, Northern at.d
Vukin 1! i way Co. and it en t re .1 is
IJivire t III a 'liiection opposiie io all ex-
iati.g road- and runs a. we have sail',
almost dire'lly llin ugh the net dec!
mining Beclion.
We ref"r to iVse points to show that
'he distance front the roast to tlio Bridge
Kiver Mine, i re. lly not aa far as the
1 rodent rour.riV.'out routes lead a stra-
n.er to ur p se.
We are a-sured tbat gold in plying qu-
•iMtides has heen •will continue to be
f und nt Bridge River, Tlie territory
i- v» dttind large and everywhere are
hopeful indications nml this is why ill.
old and experienced miner*, there are
unwilling lo part with their claims foi
a trille.   They are willing to wait.
In the H i i ii O Illinl ia Mini g Record for November the lack of official
in formal Ion about uiitifs is pointed out
ai havin • an injurious effect upon tic
Sto k market, which just now is suffer,
in- from erratic flnotiiiit'ons. It is ngnin shown lhat ihe one iretention for
the shareholder lies in llie enforced pu-
bll allot) of reliable information about
tlie nilpul nml progress of the mines.
Willi! tIi3 investor require. i« a perio.!-
Iilal return of ore marketed and its gross
v lue.
We bave now and then had (! e
greatest diffluiilty in obtaining a true
account of ut ning operntionB, there
being evidently as great n desire on ll o
part of the prospective buyer, to belitt'e
thit section of country In which lie
in Interested, as there is shown hy the
owner of tho stock, lo enhance tlie value of the same.
Our paper is oiipporteil in a grent
metinirn by people who are stiil interested ill the Lillooet Distiict nntlttlo
are c'nfidriit, notw i Intending appear-
liners, of ihe ultimate success of operations here. A few have been expecting
more I'o'ailed repor's of operation* on
interested properties. We may sny
thu in some ca^es the agents have been
reticent m fend ng to Us the d ired iu-
for nation, Poihapsa hint tlie rep
ivsjiiUlivu will remedy this local defeat.
McGillivray Mine,
A meeting of the shareholders of the Anderson Lake Company «i|| |,e held in lit
company's office this evening in pnss resolutions concerning the proposed sale of [he
mine to Prank Barnard, Victoria. A large
number of shares will be represented.
ain mme
Mr. Southard this week concluded the
season's operations nt this mine, having had,
in spite of accidents, a most si.r-ces_.ful seas-
on. Mr. Southard i.s to he greatly cumin-
erideil for tha mimner in ivh.eh he has overcome obstacles in his working. Work will
be resumed early uexl season,
We copy, in pnrt,*a letter from R. Ward,
Horsefly, pnWished in ihe Ashcroft Juur-
F. ii. Reynolds, Ashcroft.
Dear Sir:—As I promised I write what
little news I have from the Upper Iloscfly.
On the 19th I sent out two men, J. R.
William., and II. I*. Hansen, who returned
yesterday after prospecting Empire and
Eureka Creeks also another creek live miles
up the Horsefly on which they found some
gold but not enough to cause any excitement. They then went up the main Horsefly river, about j_ miles f,ir:h:r up th.tn the
upper creek above mentioned but did not
locate any ground. There was about four
biches of snow on the 2& when on their return thoy met Robt. Nesbitt nnd your correspondent going UPi who would re;xh
Ducket's cabin that night.
They report to nie the prospects of an
extensive quartz country which promises
web f r the future.
J. R. Williams round old workings on the
Horsefly ij miles above the creeks mentioned,
Wc expect that next s neon's work will
fully prospec. the numerous creeeks Mowing intc the Horsefly and I have every reas-
01 to expect tbat they will discover the
s.turcc of the gold thai suppljte the Horse*
•fly and no doubt the creeks when found
will be very rich but from al! accounts they
have not found t   nn  yet.
Quart I fSdgei are plentiful and some arc
reported very large, in fact one is s.id to be
100 .eet in width and situated much the
same..sour Anderson Lake 1: g. is. I bave
some rock showing free gold.
Winter is on.    Snow falling and  fr e ing.
R.  T. Ward.
Wc wont your orders
for Letterhoads; Envelopes, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
Lillooet, B. C.
Nntirc isllcrphy given Mir.t an extra-onliliari
m_0tln_[0( tho AlldorSOtl l.iik** Milling ami Mining Oiiiii}Miliy, t.iinitoil, Will I), hi'lil al liii' hcn'l
■ ifiiei! of tli, . Olnpuny Hi Lillooa'. B. d ,011 Snt-
irdny, Novombor  iho 18th,   1-Hi]. at 7 P, M ,
.vhen a resolution will he propoimi re.movlng
In* huiul office *ii the Company Io the city of
'ictoria, B.i'., andaufhorltlng the Dlroolou,
ifjon path torniB ami condition* as ihey shall
liikili, toiell the whole of the nhderlaktng
lid a*se!_ of ihe ('onip.ny lo a company to lie
irtnod. or to any trustee thereof, and lo lake in
.ryineiit (hereof paid-up «l»»rea In such loni-
■uiyi'iillO' i   ill H.-la and thinjrs   necessary
ir the e_,rryingollt  of such sale.
<*r*^Rrief Despatches."^.
A violant tli.pute with tlie Russian
Mi.list, r, over tlie Maiicliiirian trea'y
wits tlie iniincilinte cfni_e if l.i Hun.'
Ulianx's J atli. It appears Unit llie
Empress linil instructell _i to coiiiniu-
nicato tlie Treaty lo llie Ministers of
the power., uml if tliur did not ol'ject,
to sitrn ti.e same. Li ex pi.'lined tliesi
inslrui'lione to lie RiiB.ian Minister,
who strongly ol jeeleil and a stormi
scene eiiBimi.
The lietuorrhape from which Ll Hm ;
Chang died is attributed to the over-ex
ertion ot his weakened eye.ein.
Col. Dent haa receiv.nl a calle from
Iho Imperial government itielruelini;
him to ship all horses purchased in O
nada from a Can.id'an p. it. In -en
sequence the shipment arranged to hi
sent from Portland) Me. wiJI he tent
to8t. J.-hn, N. I!.
The outcome of recent meetings ol
the British Cabinet has heen the decision to Bend oul more mounted men to
Souili Africa.
Mr Chainhei'lrtin says that the long
struggle in Soulh Africa is approaching
its termination, and that neither lhc
pa'liament nor lhe country has any
rig tor wish to mnke any settlement
which will render futile the sacrifices
which hnv* b.vn made.
At the Lord Mayor's banquet held in the
Guildhall, London, Lord Salisbury referred
lo the war in South Africa and said ''It is
pleasant to ec o'tint tin price of the world
has been so litlle disturbed by the events of
the past two years. I strongly deprecate the
spirit of pessimism so fiequ-nily heard in
utterances of some of our public men, as to
the war in which we arc engaged, Unlike
the wars of former years, uo longer does the
capture of thc enemy's capital and thc dissipation of his field force constitute a conclusive
'Wc are now confronted with a system of
guerilla warfaie which must he slowly nntl e f-
eclively stamped out. 1 cannot t. ke the
public into the confidence of the government
and it would bemo-t imprudent publicly to
slate all we are doing weekly and monthly at
the front, but what 1 emphatically declare is
that whatever delays arc encoun ered, these
are not due to thelaik of earnestness and
ability uf our generals in the field nor to a
neglect to comply with all of lhc demands
on tie part uf the home government."
The Concert announced in our issue ol Nov,
-nil was brought to a successful conclusion
last Friday evening. A till house greeted
the performers, and thc rendering of thc
v.nicd  programme left litlle to be desired.
Miss McDonald of London, Ont. was acknowledged to be at her best, and the debut
of Mis Howell of .'ict. tin, on a Lillooet
Concert platform, was an unqualified success.
Many good things might be said of the local
talent, special mention being made of Miss
Clark who was untiring in her efforts as organist anil pianist.
Mr. Wawn surprised the audience by singing a song with a banjo accompaniment, in-
rioad of playing an Instrumental selection as
announced on the programme.
The net proceeds were $-?.75 which to-
getether wilh n special donation of $5 from
Mr Peters, will be given towards clearing off
thc $70 debt on the Church and Parsonage
Fence The remaining debt is Iherefoie only
We give herewith a copy of the concert
Wisa and otherwise.
What 15 an Anecdote?
'What is an anecdoti, Johnnyi
ed thu teacher.
'A short funny tale' answered the
little follow.
'Tl a 's right' said Ihe teacher.
'Nou , Johnny, yon may write a
tence on tlie board containing
Johnny hes'taled a moment
then wroti :—
'A rahb'.t has four legs and one anec-
By W. A. Vroomnn,Ph. D.
"If I wore a cobbler it would be my
The best of allco'ubicre to be,     (pride
If I  were n   linker,  no linker betide.
Should mead'anoli kettle like me."
The sure road to failure is to do nothing
well. There is nothing more useless than
ha'f-baked dough except  work  lally done.
Fint class work is always in demand and
it is cheap. Shoddy and sham may impose
sonic times upon Ihe unwary and ignorant,
but they never   gain  a  permanent market.
Charles Dickeni started life as the '/on'of
a bankrupt, and earned his bread hy panting
labels on pots of blacking. Concerning his
success he wriies: Some happy talent nnd
some fortunate circuuistane may form the
two S.'d-S of lhc ladder which mount to fame
but thc ronnds of thc ladder must he made
of thc stuff to stand wear and teal and there
s no substitute for thoroughgoing ardent and
sincere earnestness. Whatever I have tried
to do in my life I have tried wilh all my
heart to do well. Whatever I have devoted
myself to 1 have devoted to thoroughly.
In flea! aims cr small I have always been
thoroughly in earnest.
In professional and commercial life the
same nn t ily thoroughness is the only royal
r>ad to ennence.
' lie that is slack in his work  is brother to
tho dc troyer."
So I say to you to be not simply coorl—be
^*ood ror something. Be thorough in work.
Be accurate in word. He punctual. Mrst-.r
dclails.    The effort lo be perfect will bring
Vancouver  World.
acieranil good reputation In each -lata [one
iu this conn iv required 1 to represent and «dv-
ortlsii old established Wealthy business house
ut solid financial standing. Saiary .18.00 weekly Willi expenses additional, all payable ill
ii, cash ull payable In cash each Wednesday
direct from tho head officer llor.-e ana carriages lurnlshod, when necessary. ReJorences.
Knelt *.■ d. .'..::.>. led soimpeil envele.0. Man-
au-r, tae.-axton Building, L'hfea_o.
Sale of personal and real
Property for Taxes
TH.   KIN.
Notice I- hereby glvon, that under the Asses-
unout Act aud amendments thereto, there is
d„eand unpaid lor Mineral Tax the sum ol
{.*'.; B_, by llie Bend 111 Minus, Limited, iho
owuor ol the Little Joe and Whito t.'row Mineral Slslnis, being Lots M- and MC Broun 1,
Lillooel District, situate at Outwaln.iler Creek
in ike I.iiiooet District, and in the Lillooel Assessment District.
tn accordance with the provisions and r«-
quiromcntB ol the Assosmeut Act and Amendments tberoto, 1 have distrained the goods and
chattels (Including a ten stamp mill and tools)
ol lhe snhl Bond Or Mines, Limited, in thesaiu
llistriet lor the payment of the said Mineral
Tax and shall expose thc same for sale, by public auciiou, at ihe Court House, Lillooet en
Tuesday the twenty sixth day of November,
1001, at two o'clock in lhe alternoou, or to
ranch thoreof us may be necessary to Baiin'y
ihe said amount oi Mineral Tax and costs.
In default of sufficient distress upou said
personal property, the goods and chattels oi
the said I 0111 puny, or the amount realized from
the public sale thereof, being insufficient 10
mcetsaid MinoialTax, and costs, Ishallatthe
timo and place above mentioned, exjosefor
sale by public auction, lhe lands oi the said
Company, consisting Of, thc Little Joe, While
Crew, Bond'OrFraction, Jim Crow Fraction,
ami Delighted Mineral Claims, in said l.illoo.t
District, or so much ol the said Ian,Is of the
said Company, situate in Lillooet Assessment
District as may be sufficient to pay the said
Mineral tax and tests.
Given  under my hand  al   Lillooet
this 18th d.y of October, nail.
Caspar Phair,
Assessor and Collector for the Lillooet Ass-
es*c eni District- How We Are Affected by Forces
That We Seldom Recognize.
11* v. Dr. Taliiiitge .wliiiu. That the Empire of 1-ii.m ,iiici. Js _o 31ue_ \:i.|. 1
Thnn That of Knowledge That the
l'laiue.t Man May Ask a .uestioo That
Will Maku the  Wis.st Speechless.
Entered accord; n„ to Aet of Pilrliaue. lit of Canada, in the year itlul, by Willeiui Bally of Toronto, at Um Jjci.armiciiL ol AgriuuUure,
Washington, Oct. '27.—In tills discourse Ur. Talniage demonstrates
thut we are affected by forces that
we .seldom recognize and enlarges
upou human accountability. The
text is Job xxxviii, 81, "Canst thou
bind the sweet Influences of Pleiades?"
What i.s the meaning of thut question winch God put to Job? Have
We all our lives been reading it, and
aro most of us ignorant of its beauty
and power and practical suggestive-
ness? A meaningless passage of
Scripture many thought it to be,
but the telescopes were busy age after age, and astronomical observations kept on questioning the skies
until the meaning of my text comes
out lustrously. The Pleiades is a
constellation of seven stars appearing to the naked eye, but scientific
instruments reveal more than 400
properly belonging to tlie group. Alcyone is the name of the brightest
star of that group called the
Pleiades. A Russian astronomer observed that Alcyone is the centre of
gravitation of our solar system.
Hugh Maemillati says that the sua
and its planets wheel around that
centre at the rate of .__,000 miles
a day in an orbit which it will take
19,000,000 years to complete. The
Pleiades appear in the springtime and
are associated wilh flowers and gen-
iul warmth and good weather. The
navigation of the Mediterranean was
from Way to November, the rising
and the setting of the Pleiades. The
priests of Belus noticed that rising
and setting 2,000 years before
Now, the glorious meaning of my
text is plain as well as radiant. To
givo Job the beautiful grace of humility God asked him, "Canst thou
bind tho sweet influences of the
Pleiades?" Have you any power
over the laws of gravitation? Can
you modify or change an influence
wielded by a star more than 400,000
miles away? Can you control the
winds of the springtime? Can you
call out the flowers? How little you
know compared with omniscience?
How little you can do compared with
The probability is that Job had
been tempted lo arrogance by his
vast attainments. He was a metallurgist, a zoologist, a poet, and
shows by his writings he had knowledge of hunting, of music, of husbandry, of medicine, of mining, of
astronomy and perhaps was so far
ahead of the scholars and scientists
of his tima that he may have been
somewhat puffed up; hence this interrogation of my text. And there is
nothing that so soon takes down human pride as an interrogation point
rightly thrust. Christ used it
mightily. Paul mounted the parapet
of his great arguments with such a
battery. Men of the world understand it. Demosthenes began his
speech to the crown and Cicero liis
oration against Catiline and Lord
Chatham his most famous orations
with a question. The empire of ignorance is so much vaster than the
empire of knowledge that after the
most learned and elaborate disquisition upon any subject of sociology or
theology the plainest man may ask
a question that will make the wisest
speechless. After the profoundest ns-
sault upon Christianity tho humblest
disciple mny make an inquiry that
would silence a Voltaire.
Called upon, as we all ure at times,
to defend our holy religion, instead
of argument that can always be an-
' swered by argument let us try tho
power of interrogation. We ought
to be loaded with at least half a
dozen questions and always ready,
and when Christianity is assailed,
and we are told there is nothing in
it and there is no Cod and there
never was a miracle and that the
Scriptures are unreasonable and
cruel and that there never will be a
judgment day take out of your portable armory of interrogation something like this: "What makes the condition of woman in Christian lands
better than in heathen lands? Do
you think it would bo kind in God
to turn the human race into a world
without nny written revelation to
explain and encourage nnd elevate
and save? And if a revelation was
made, which do you prefer—the Zen-
da-Vista of thc Persian or the Confucian writings of the Chinese or the
Koran of Mohammed or our Bible?
If Christ i.s not u. divine being, what
did he mean when he snid, 'Before
Abrnm was, 1 am?' If tlie Bible is
a bad book, what, aro the evil results
of reading it? Did you see any degrading influence of the book iu your
father or mother or sister who used
to read it? Do you not think that
a judgment day is necessary in order
to explain and fix up things that
wero never explained or fixed up? if
our religion is illogical and an imposition upon human credulity, why
were Ilerschcl nnd Washington and
Gladstone and William McKinley its
advocates?7 How did it happen that
our religion furnished the themo for
the greatest poem ever written.
'Paradiso Lost.' and to the painters
their greatest themes in the 'Adoration of the Magi,' 'The Transfiguration,' 'The Last Supper,' 'Tlio Crucifixion,' The Entombment,' 'Tho
Last Judgment,' and that all the
schools of painting put forth thoir
utmost genius In presenting 'The Madonna?' "
Why was it that William Shake-
ipcure after amazing the world as ho
will  ainoze the centuries    with    tho
splendor and power ot "The Merchant of Venice," and "Coriolanus,"
and "Richard Hi.," and "King
Lear," and "Othello," and "Macbeth," Hiid "Hamlet," wrote With
his own hand his last will and testament, beginning it witli the words,
"In the name of God, amen! 1, William Shakespeare, of Stratford-on-
Avon, in tlie county of Warwick, ir
perfect health and memory (God be
praised!) do make and ordain this
my Inst will and testament through
the only merits of Jesus Christ, my
Saviour, to be made partaker of life
everlasting and my body to the earth
whereof it is made?" Had Shakespeare lost his reason when lie wrote
his faith in Christ and the great
atonement? Put your antagonist a
few questions like that, ami you will
find him excusing himself for an engagement he must meet immediately.
These words also recognize fur-
reaching Influences. Job probaoly
had no adeuuute idea of the distance
of the worlds mentioned from our
world, but. he knew them to be far
olT, and we, who have had the advantage of modern sidereal Investigation, ought to be still more impressed than was Job witli the question
of the text, as it puts before us tin-
fact that worlds hundreds of miles
distant have a grip on our world.
There are sweet influences which hold
us from afar. There may have been
in our ancestral line perhaps 1100
years ago some consecrated man or
woman who has held over all tlie
generations since an influence for
good which we liave no power to realize, and we in turn by our virtue
or vice may influence those who shall
live 200 years from now. Moral
gravitation is as powerful as material gravitation, and if, as my text
teaches and science confirms; the
Pleiades, which are 422,000 miles
from our earth, influence the earth,
we ought to be impressed with how
wo may be influenced by others far
away back and how we may Influence
others far down the future.
Astronomers can easily locate the
Pleiades. They will take you into
their observatories on a clear night
and aim their revealing instrument
toward the part in the heavens
where those seven stars have their
habitude, and they will point to the
constellation Taurus, and you can
see for yourself. But it is impossible
to point to influences far back that
have affected our character and will
affect our destiny. We know the influences near by—paternal, maternal,
conjugal—but by the time wo have
gone back two generations, or, at
most, three, our investigations falter and fail. Through the modern
interesting habit of searching back
to find thc ancestral tree wo may
(ind a long list of names, but they
are only names. The consecration
or abandonment of some one 200
years ago was not recorded, it
would not be so-important if you
and I, by our good or bad behavior,
blessed or blasted only thoso immediately around us, but our goodness
or badness will reach as far us the
strongest ray of Alcyone—yea, across
the eternities. Under this consideration, what do you think of those
who give themselves up to frivolity
or idleness and throw away fifty
years of their existence as though
they were shells or pebbles or pods
instead of embryo eternities?
I suppose one of the greatest t-ur-
prises of tho next world will be to
seo what wide, farrcaching influence
for good or evil we have all exerted.
I am speaking of ourselves, who are
only ordinary people. Uut who can
fully appreciate the farreuching good
done by men of wealth in Great Britain for the working classes—Mr. Lister of Bradford, Edward Akroyd of
Halifax, Thomas Sikes of lludders-
field, Joseph Wentworth and Josiah
Mason  and Sir Titus  Salt? This
last great, soul, with his vast wealth,
provided 750 houses at cheap rent
for 3,000 working people and chapel
and cricket ground and croquet lawn
and concert hall and savings bunk,
where they might deposit some of
their earnings, and life insurance for
those who looked further ahead
and bathouses and parks und museums and lecture halls with philosophical apparatus, the generous example of those men of a previous
generation being copied in many
places in Canada and the United
States, making life, which would otherwise be a prolonged drudgery, nn
inspiration and a joy.
Notice also in my text the influence of other worlds upon this world.
We all regard the effect which our
continent has upon other continents
or one hemisphere upon the other
hemisphere. Great     harvest      or
drought on one side of our world
affects tlie oilier side of our world.
A panic in Wall street. New York,
has ils echo in Lombard street and
tho bourse. The nations of tho
earth cablegramnied together all feel
the same thrill of delight or slunk
of woe. But wc do not appreciate
the influence of other worlds upon
our world. The author of my text
rouses us to the consideration. It
takes all the worlds of known und
unknown astronomy to keep our
World in its orbit. Every World dependent on other worlds. Thr stol-
lar existence is fell, all through the
heavons, Every constellation is a
sisterhood, Our plunet feels the
benediction of Alcyone nnd all the
other stars of the Pleiades. Yea.
there aro two other worlds thnt. decide the fate of our world — its redemption or its demolition. Those
two worlds are the headquarters of
nngelology . and doinonolo.y. From
tlio one world came Christ, come
ministering spirits, come ull gracious influences. From the other
world rise all Satanic and diabolic
influences. From that world of
moral night rose the power that
wrecked our poor world six thousand
years ago, and all the good work
done since then has not been able
to get our world out of tho breakers. But the signs of distress have
been hoisted and the lifelines nro
out, and our world's release is certain. The good influences of the
consecrated people in our world will
be centupled by the help from tho
heavenly world, and tho divine power will overcome the demoniac. O
man, O woman, expand your idea
nnd know the magnitude of a contest  in  which  three  worlds  are  spe
cially Interested! From all the
seven worlds which my t.-::l calls
_the Pleiades there come no such powerful influences as from the two
worlds that I am now mentioning.
My only hope for this world is in
tho re-cufuixeiiient that is tn come
from another world. But that is
promised, and so I feel us sure of
the rectification of all evil as
though looking out of my window
to-day I saw the parks and the
gardens (lowering iuto another paradise and the apocalypic angel flying
through the midst of heaven with
the news that the kingdoms of this
world would have become the kingdoms of our Lord.
My text called Job and calls us to
consider "tlie sweet influences." We
put too much emphasis upon the
acidities of life, upon the irritations
of life, upon the disappointments of
life. Not sufficiently do we recognize the sweet influences of the wife.
We men are of a rougher mold, und
our voice is loud, uud our manners
need to be tamed, and gentleness is
not as much of a characteristic as
it ought to be. and we often say
things we ought to take buck. It
is to change this that the good wife
comes in. The interests of the twain
are identical. That whicli from ollt-
siilris would be considered criticism
und Lo be resented becomes kindly
suggestion. Sweet Influences that
make us better men tluin we otherwise would have been or could have
Tlie lust chapter of Proverbs recognizes the good wife's, influence
when it says, "Her husband is
known in the gutes when he sitteth
among the elders of the hind" —
that is, his apparel indicates that
he has some one to look after his
wardrobe,       und   his  manners     show
tlmt he is under refining influences
at home. But no one fully appreciates the sweet influences of the wife
until the dark day comes and the
slight symptoms become serious and
the serious phases of the disorder
pass into thc fatal and the temperature is 106 and medical ingenuity
is exhausted and you are told for
your consolation that "while there
is life there is hope." whicli means
that there is no hope at all, and
the precious life flutters and is
gone, and you must put out of sight
the one who from tiie day she took
lhe vow amid the orange, blossoms
under the marriage bell had been
to you more than all the world besides. Then you realize as never before what hud been the sweet influences.
Sweet influences of friendship! If
we have behaved ourselves tolerably
well, we have friends. In our days
of mirth they come with their congratulations, in times of sorrow
they come with expressions of solace. In times ol herpiexity they
come with their advice. They ore
with us nt weddings and at burials.
If there i.s anything good in us, they
(ind it out, and our frailties they
overlook and excuse. If something
appears against us, they sny. "Wait
till 1 hear the other _|dde." If disaster shall befall us. we know from
whom would come the lirst condolence. Family friends; church
friends; business friends;- lifelong
friends. In our heart of hearts we
cherish them.
Sweet influences of our holy religion, surrounded as we are by all
the amenities of Christian society—
men and women who have felt the
refining and elevating power of the
gospel! Sweet influences of the Sabbath, fifty-two of them chiming
their joy into every year! Sweet
influences of the Scriptures, with
their balm for nil wounds and their
light for every        darkness!
When the heirs of a vast
estate in England wished to establish their claim to property
worth SI00,000,00, they offered a
reward of SfiOO for the recovery of
an old Bible, the family record of
which contained the ovidence requisite. But any Bible, new or old,
can help us to a vaster inheritance
than the one spoken of, one that
never fades away.
The stories of that world and its
holy hilarities come in upon our
souls sometimes in song, sometimes
in sermon, sometimes in hours of
solitary reflection, and they arc, to
uso the words of my text, sweet influences. But there is one star that
affects us more with its sweet influences than the centre star, the Alcyone of the Pleiades, and that is
what one Bible author calls the Star
of Jacob and another Bible author
calls the Morning Star. Of all the
sweet influences thnt have ever
touched our earth those that radiate     from  Christ  are  the  sweetest.
Sweet influences of the Holy
Ghost, with all ils transforming and
comforting nnd emancipating power.
When that power is fully felt, there
will be no more sins to pardon, and
no more wrongs to correct, and no
more sorrows to comfort, and no
more bondage to break. But us the
old time ship captains watched the
rising of the Pleiades for safe navigation nnd set snil in Mediterranean
waters, but were sure to get back
Int.. port before the constell.it lull
Orion culm' inlet sight — the season
of cyclone and hurricane — so there
is a time to sail for heaven, and
that is while the sweet influences are
upon us and before the storms overtake the delay. Opon nil vour soul
to the light nntl warmth and comfort unit Inspiration of thut gospel
which has already peopled heaven
with millions of the ransomed and
is helping other millions to that
glorious destination. Do not postpone the things of God and eternity
till the storms of life swoop und the
agitations of a great future nre upon us. Do not dare wait till Orion
takes the plnce of the Pleiades.
Weigh anchor now and with chart
unrolled and pilot on board head
for the reunions and raptures that
await all the souls forgiven. "And
they need no candle, neither light of
the" sun, for the Lord God triveth
them light, and they shall reign forever and ever."
An  Article  of Interest   to   Every
At the Wioiupo. exhibition last .Inly ae ex
hibit lhat attracted a Kreat deal of attention
from tne public and meuicHl men in piirtieuhn
was the Odorless Crematory Closet,   ft has beeu
**lo«ely and critically exnmincd by many emitl.*
roon of this alitor prof_»llOU and Itisy havo heen
iiii.iiiniiMii iu assarting that thi. closet is houml
In revolutionize tho sanitary cotldltlops in tlii*
country particularly iu tho town, and villain!*
whero thore is uo sewerage. It is ospociiilly
ndftpted to public buildinifs. hotels, schools anil
private residences. The closot is perfectly sani
lary and absolutely odorless. No disinfectant
is necessary. It remiirosuo moroskill insettiiit'
it up in the house than an ordinary stove. Thf
closet hns provon liiKhly satisfactory as hun
dreds of testimonials will show and is iho mosl
valuable sanitary dovico yet olforod to Iho put,
lie. ff you ore intorosteo iu this question let m
.end you a doscriptivo circular and testimonials
Address tho Odorless Crematory Closet Co.. Boi
1387, Winnipeg. Agents wanted iu unrepresented districts.
Caldwell•« lililii.
John Burns of Bedford had at on«
lime a very narrow escape from the
Indians, the man with him being
killed und scalped. One of Burns'
neighbor's neighbors, by the name
of Caldwell, used frequently to teuse
him about thc occurrence, und question his courage in tlie affair, and
end by declaring wdiat lie would have
done under such circumstances. Ono
evening Caldwell was at his neighbor's, and Burns found his boasting
rather hard to bear.
"I suppose you know just what
you'd do if you met an Indian that
wanted your scalp?"  Burns inquired.
"Well, I guess I do," was Caldwell's confident reply, and he soon
took his departure,
No sooner had he left the house
than Burns rigged himself up as
much like nn Indian as possible, and
sallied forth after Caldwell. He soon
came near him, and without ;naking
any other noise broke somo dry
twigs. Caldwell heard the ' sound
and gave one glance backward.
It was a clear, moonlight evening,
nnd Caldwell had no difficulty in seeing tho Indian. He sprang quickly
into the bushes, whero ho stood still.
Burns, too, stepped into the bushes.
After a while Caldwell ventured out.
nnd looking fearfully around moved
forward. Burns followed, breaking
more twigs. Caldwell again conceal-
ed-himself in the bushes, and his pursuer did the same. Several times
this performance was repeated.
At length Caldwell could endure it
no longer, and leaping from the
bushes he ran forward at his topmost speed. Burns uttered a wild
whoop and pursued him. When Caldwell came to the brook, which was
spanned by a single plank, ho was in
such haste that he could not stop for
the bridge but bounded through the
He ran into the first house he enme
to and gasped, "Tho woods are full
of Indians — more'n a. thousand of
'cm! And they'll be here in a minute! Where's the gun? Where's a
gun?" He was in a terrible fright.
While the owner of the house was
trying to find out what really had
occurred, Burns appeared at the
door, laughing heartily. "I say,
Caldwell," he said, "I thought you
said you wouldn't run for an Indian."
Something   About   tlie    I ... Knliild    little
Mlili'h  Heat Ilu* Vall-.-S.
Critics have lately been telling us
that the Lee-Kniield rifle is scarcely
good enough for the Canadian militiamen, yet witli that same weapon
a team of Canadian riflemen defeated a picked eight of Yankee shots in
New Jersey lust week, says the Gait
Mr. James P. Lee, who is now residing in Gait, docs not claim that
'.lie British national arm—his invention — is the best one in existence.
Since the British Government accepted his model he has improved
the magazine arrangeinujit, but when
conferred with, the War Oflice refused to adopt the improvement. Tlie
latest Lee gun is the arm of the
American navy; not, however, of the
army, which uses the American
Krag. People who do not understand the ways of Yankee politicians
will doubtless be puzzled over the
rejection of the Lee gun by the War
Department at Washington. Tho
manufacturers of the Krag rifle have
displayed a vast amount of finesse
in securing recognition for their gun,
but It must rather stagger them to
lind that in a duel between the national arms of the two nations Cun-
adian shots were able to prove conclusively the superiority of thc Lec-
Enfield. At the (longest range, especially, was the British weapon in
the hands of our riflemen most effective.
Had justice been done Mr. Lee thc
United States army would to-day be
using his gun—the weapon now in
the hands of the United States
navy. As things stand, experiments
show that the weapon bearing f*
Lee's name, and which the inve, e
claims us just a littlo inferior to the
latest product of his mechanical
skill, has outpointed the American
Krag in a test that must be regarded as a fair one, though the conditions favored the Americans, shoitt-
ing as they were on home ranges.
We don't think Canada is yet ready
to discard the Lee-Enfield— or look
with contempt on the Lee-Metford—
for the Krag-Jorgessen or the Mauser. The gun now in our hands
seems to be just ns good as any of
ing lived three years in the Yukon.
A   1.1,oil   Ti'-t
It has been said truly that when
a mnh gets what he wants it is a
good test of his character.—Itov. Dr.
A.  J.  Cauiield.
The Cigarette Curee.
The crusade against the cigarette
says a contemporary, gathers forco
Superintendent Ferricr of tlie Mimico
Industrial School reports that out of
twenty-live boys recently admitted to
that school eighteen were confirmed
cigarette smokers. This is an alarming fact and should arouse the police
force of the towns and cities to such
action as will compel respect for the
law governing the sale of cigarettes
to children. The Toronto News, in
view of Supt.  Pernor's report, says:
"The use of cigarettes by children
is increasing witli alarming rapidity
and i.s far-reaching in its effects, in
that it undermines the health at a
period when the foundation of physical and mental vigor is laid.
"Dealers in the deadly weapon aro
not sufficiently Interested in the future of the race to so guard their
sales that no children will bo their
customers. There also seems to bo
a carelessness on the part of the authorities in enforcing' tho statute,
which inflicts a lino of from ?10 to
JfiO on nny person who sells, gives
or furnishes cigarettes to a minor under eighteen years of ago. A prosecution for such an offence is seldom
heard of."
A   I una,i inn   Labor  red-ration.
Following i.s the reference made to
national organization in the Presidential address of Mr. Ralph Smith,
M.P., the other day at thc Trades
and Labor Congress at Branlford:
"I think it is of vast importance
that this congress should accept
some method of increasing its own
usefulness. There ought t.o be a Canadian federation, for, whilst i believe that unionism ought to be international in its methods, to meet
the necessity of combating common
foes, this usefulness is .only assured
by the strength of national unions.
A federation of American unions, represented by a national union, and
a federation of Canadian unions, represented by a national union, each
working witli the other in special
cases, would be a great advantage
over having local unions in Canada
connected with the national unions
of America. I think greater success
would be accomplished in tho settlement of disputes in each country if
thc leaders of ench were the representative's of their- own national
grievances. I do not reflect on any
American officials who have handled
our labor troubles in Canada, but I
am certain of this, that there ure such
distinctive differences in the condition of each that a presentment of
Canadian matters by Canadian leaders, and vice versa by American leaders, would lead to a greater success,
and would not in any wny prevent a
federation of the  national  bodies."
she, p in u Glael.r.
The Dawson News prints a remarkable story about the prospecting
tour, just completed, of 11. W. Brack-
on. who has returned to Dawson after six months in Northern Alaska.
Bracken says that about 1,000
miles from Dawson he and his servants ascended a glacier 8,000 feet
high. 'There they found a herd of
mountain sheep frozen in the ice. Tho
theory is that some extreme midwinter blizzard caught thorn while
Stampeding over the dome, the sheep
huddled together and perished, the
snow gradually forming an icy coating.
Whatever parts of tho bodies were
above the ice had been devoured by
Arctic bears and wolves.
Bracken is said to be a.scientific
miner,  of 25 years' experience,    hav-
llow  Kindness  Itr.eds Kindness.
Like breeds like. Canada's recent
expressions of good will and sympathy towards the American people
are, it i.s satisfactory to learn, being
reciprocated in kind. The Buffalo
Engineer replies in this wise to our
royal visitors: "In this great hour
of sorrow the citizens of the United
States will unite with their neighbors, the Canadians, to greet in
America the Duke and Duchess with
enthusiasm, and will only hope that
their experience in Canada be as
pleasant to them as it is to the people whom they come to see." Tho
good feelings thus exchanged may
have no marketable value, but they
are bound to prove beneficial to
both  countries.
Yukon  I'lac-'s'   Long l.ifo.
Tho Manitoba Free Press publishes
an interesting interview with Sir
Mackenzie Bowell, who Stopped otf
at Winnipeg on his way back from
tho Yukon. The ox-1'remier, who is
remarkably energetic for his yenrs,
seems to have formed n favorable
view as to tlie long life of the Yukon pincers. The chief (.round for
rogardlng the placers as virtually
permanent was lie many new situations in which gold was being discovered. In one mine n tunnel pen-
Otratod the hill (iOtl foot, and at a
depth of 325 feet ll' avel guvo
rich ret urns. The <• .. I ra asportation end the Iv.■■■■ ..iigos were regarded by ;.: i,_ ti.u chief drawbacks. 	
.■Del—And how did  yon feel, Fred,
.vhen the steam launch capsized you?
Fred—I felt quite upset naturally.—
London Fun.
Uow   tbe   Mysterious   Sentence.   Are
I'repureil lu Advance.
Spiritualistic slate writing, if cleverly
done, always makes a marked Impression on a magician's audience because
it utterly battles their efforts to detect
tlie trick. They see a small cabinet
suspended abuvo the stage by means
of cords or ribbons. It has an open
front and is empty. The magician
turns It around so that every part of
it may be seen and taps it inside aud
out with his wand to show that it is
On a stand near by he has a small
easel, a common school slate, a bottlo
of India Ink with a quill pen in it and
n few sheets of ordinary white writing
paper. All these he pnsses around
ainoug the audience for examination.
Then ho fixes a sheet of the paper to
the slate by means of wafers, places
the slate on the easel and the easel iu
the cabinet, together with the bottle of
ink, the latter having the pen still in It.
Having allowed the audienco to see
the articles thus arranged in the cabl-
uet, he throws a large silk handkerchief over it Mysterious sounds are
Immediately heard, nud the cabinet
shakes as If some living thing hnd entered it. When the sounds und the
shaking cease, he removes tbo handkerchief, showing nn Inscription written lu bold black letters ou tho paper
aud the pen not lu the Ink bottle, but
lying on the bottom of the cabinet. lie
then removes tbe paper from the Blate
and passes it around for examination,
when tlie writing is Immediately recognized as having been done with India
The txplanation of the trick Is simple. The writing was done in advance
by the performer, the fluid used being
n solution of sulphuric acid of tho purest quality. To make the solution 50
drops of the eonci titrated acid nre added to one ounce of filtered water. Writing doue with this solution Is invisible
until exposed to bent. When so exposed, ft comes out perfectly black,
looking exactly 1 ke dried India Ink.
The heat Is applied by means of an
electric current running over wire with
which *_e slate Is wound. The cords
by which the cabinet is suspended conceal copper wires, which conduct the
current to the slate. Black silk threads
suitably attached enable the performer
to make the sounds In the cabinet, to
cause the cabinet to shnke and to jerk
the pen out of the Ink bottle.
Several sheets of paper are prepared
lu advance, each with a different inscription, the performer telling one Inscription from nuother by secretly
marked plu pricks.
A flood Cat Story.
I once had a cat which always sat
up at tho dinner table with me, and
had his napkin round his neck, and
his plate and some fish. Jle used
bis paw of course; but ho was very
particular, and behaved with extraordinary decorum. When he had finished his fish 1 sometimes gave him
somo of mine. Ono day lie was not
to be found when the dinner bell
rung, so we began without him.
Just ns the plates wero being put
around for tlie entree, puss camo
rushing upstairs and sprang into his
chair with two mice in his mouth.
Before ho could be stopped he dropped a mouse on his own plate and
then ono on to mino. He divided
his dinner with me as I had divided mine with  him.
The F.cotl.t.
"ITe thinks he's popular, eh?"
"Does he? Why. whenever liii name
appears In the paper lie fancies the pub*
lie reads it this wny: 'Join ' ibeers] Henry [applause] Mug.iu [loud and continued cheering].'"—Philadelphia Press.
Health and Vitality
For the Old People.
Wasted muscles, shattered nerves and failing strength may
result from old age as well as from disease. As old age creeps
on vitality is lowered, the heart beats more slowly, the blood
becomes thin and watery and the power of resistance is less-
ened. It is the old people above all others who require the
new life and energy which comes with the use of Dr. Cha_e's
Nerve Food.
Scores and hundreds of old people depend on Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food to restore their exhausted nerve force and replace
their wasted tissues. It calms and quiets the nerves, gradually
and certainly enriches thc blood and builds up the system, and
makes old people feel again the thrill of new life and vigor in
their shrivelled arteries. From childhood to old age this famous
Food Cure is the greatest blessing which medical science has
bestowed on mankind.
00 «U., C Iipxi's fur $3.50.   At all <Jeulern, or Kilmanson, Bute-. & Co., Toronto.
LILLOOET,  11.  C.
Tho mysteries locked up in the soil
are only slowly being made plain.
Year by year, decade by decade, century by century, the work goes on.
In i II civilize.! lands are scientists
applying themcelves to the problems.
Chemists, botanists, biologists and
geologists all lind in this quarter
room enough for their labors. And
the farmer has need of nil this kind
of help he can get. To nearly every
cultivator of the soil to-day, as in
the past, the thing he cultivates is
an unknown factor. lie knows it Is
sandy or clayey, wet or dry, rich or
poor, but those things are but the
bee;ii ning of wisdom.
i"T*;B1 i
Thwitcr .ur r.. i„w stinli.iit.
In Poland (here is a theatre which
was formerly a section of a salt
mine. The queer playhouse lies somo
f,00  (eel   below   tlio earth,      and      is
Iiul I  throughout by electricity. It
holds nearly 11,000 people, and is one
of tl.e mo:.t comfortable theatres in
the country, Tlio Devon:.hire Park
Theatre at Eastbourne, England, is
iu what npiH'nrs to be a comfortable
country mansion surrounded by gorgeous gardens with winding walks.
The Mississippi River has boasted of
a flouting theatre in the form of a
river steamer enrrying a dramatic
company, ami moving from place to
Pear Sirs,—1 have great faith in
MINARD'S LIOTMENT, as last, year
I cur.d a horse of King-bone, with
five I ot ties.
It blistered lhe horse but. in a
month thero was no ring-bone, and
no lameness.
Four Fulls, N. II.
Excesses in youth are drafts upon
old age, payable about UO years afler date.
THE PUBLIC should bear In mind
that Dr. Thomas' Ecleotrlo Oil has nothing in common with tha impure, deteriorating class of so-called medicinal oils.
It la rminuntly pure and really efHcaolous
—relieving pain and lameness, stiffness
of the joints and muscles, and soros or
hurts, besides being an excellent speoiio
for rheumatism, coughs and bronchial
complain bi.
Tho Nowry, Ont., cheese factory
captured lhe gold medal at (he Ottawa fair.
A cow which ate tt lot of bank bills
was slaughtered by a farmer near Ottawa, and the fragments of the bills
were taken from its stomach and
sent to the Bank of Ottawa. The
clerks found the fragments to be of
bills worth $185.
Through dining- aud sleeping   curs
With close connection for Chicago
and   all  points   in
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime Provinces
Eastern and Western States
and   Pacific  Coast.
Excursion Tickets via Great Laics
For Further Information apply to
any Canadian Northern Agent
fflUTfi* THIS 11.1
Winnipeg City Ticket, Telegraph and Froi.hl
oliice, 131 Main St.     GEO, H. SHAW,
Tel. 8'Jl. Tiullie Manager'
Suult Sto. Mario, Owon Sound, Tor*
out. nnd East via Lakes, Monthly, Thursday nnd Saturday	
Tue.i,, Fri., und Sim	
Montreal, Toronto, New l'ork uud
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nil const points, daily	
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Morilen, Doloraluo and intermediate
points daily exeept Sunday	
Napiuka. Alameda and iuteiiiictliato
1 mints, daily oxcepc Simony via
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Olonhoro, Siuirls nnd intermediate
points, daily o-copt Sunday	
Pipestone. Boston, Areola nnd filter
mediate points, Mon., Wed., and
Fri, via Brandon  	
Tuos.,Thur.,und Sat. vln llrandon
Frobyshlro, Hiisoh, Blenfai£ Esto
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Tues. Thar.. Snt., vln Brandon..
Grotlla, St Paul Chic.;. ' -'nilv ....
West .Solkirk, Mon., We.l. and Fri...
Tihk.. Tlinr* and Sat	
Stouowull, Toulon. Tues., Thnr., Sat.
Emerson, Mon., Wod., and Fri	
J. W, _,_0.\.UI1>,'
(ion Snpfc
10.00 lO.li
8.00 1S.00
7.80 18,80
ta.so j tt.30
.so _.so
C, li. Mcl'l
Was iu the Clutch of Bright's Disease—Suffered All the Symptoms
of This Fearful Malady—But He
Took Dodd's Kidney Pills in Time
Ottawa, Oct. 28.—(Spue;ill)—A fortunate young man is Frank Char-
trand of this city, for by the merest
chance he wus saved from that modern curse so dreaded by doctors,
Bright's Disease, the incurable malady of the Kidneys.
The story of Mr.Ciiartrand's escape
from this dreadful disease is best
told in his own words :
" I had been greatly troubled by
my kidneys for two years, since having a dose of tho grip. 1 suffered
witli backache and I always felt
drowsy and very heavy in the limbs,
with frequent severe headaches, und
ofteuer still severe pains in the top
of my head which prevented me from
doing my work as I would like to do
it. Often my fingers and legs would
cramp and occasionally 1 felt pains
in tho loins, and a very heavy dizzy
feeling with shortness of breath, and
pain in tlie left side. Sometimes I
would eat very good meals and other
times 1 would take a biscuit and u
cup of tea, and that would finish my
meal. I had tender spots over the
back of the sipine and felt very tired
in tho region of tho kidneys, with a
dragging, heavy feeling across the
loins, in short there was no doubt 1
was suffering from Bright's 'Disease.
"I kept taking the medicines the
doctors gave me all this time, but
thej did me no good. A few weeks
ago I chanced to tell a friend tbat 1
had given up hope.
" ' Why don't you try Dodd's Kidney  I'iils V lie told nie.
"i went directly to the drug store
and got throe boxes, which I have
used and which have so much improved my health that without hesitation I say I am sure it is but a
matter of a short time till 1 become
completely and  permanently cured."
In setting out nn orchard keep together
all of the same variety,
A dead limb is a source of disease, and
it shows lack of vitality in the tree.
Never crowd the fruit trees. Give
plenty uf room for nir and sunshine.
If the cherry tree is set in ordinarily
rich ground, it wil! not need fertilizing.
The willow, elm, poplar or locust should
never he planted tuo close to wells or
Rubbish of any sort should not he left
la the orchard, It harbors vermin and
A tree with an open bead is not as likely to be attacked with mildew as one that
is crowded.
Pruning when the tree is growing or in
leaf checks growth. A feeble tree should
never I e pruned after growth begins.
In taking up a tree for transplanting
the greatest care must he exercised to secure as ouch of the root system as possible.
Anything in the nature of lye will destroy the apple tree borer or the young
borer before it penetrates the hark very
far, but once well in tbe hark a wire must
be used.
Deep holes in planting a tree nre a disadvantage, especially in a clay subsoil. It
is not wise to hnve a tree stand in a well
from which the water will nut settle
away. The sail for trees needs to be well
Ail wounds on trees are the hotter for
being painted, tarred or covered with
Bome substance lo keep out water. Then
Ihe bark covers over the woand little by
liltle, and no rotting of the inner wood
takes place.
Not lOxplU'it Knorigh.
Sir Loinstakc—Waiter, bring me
some oysters. They must not be too
salty, and. above all things, they
small, nor too large, nor too fat alio
must bo cold, but not too cold, and
I want them quick 1
Hammond Aigs (waiter) — Yas,
sah; but yo' ain't done specify yet
whether you wants 'em wif or wit-
out pearls,  sah.
The Bank of Montreal recently declared a dividend of 5 per cent, on
ils capital of SI 2,OOD,000 for the
durrcnt half year.
Pass, iri
We have no hesitation In laying that Dr.
I. D. Kellogg.-).- utery Cordial is without
loubt tho bo.-t medicine ever introduced for
iyeenlery, dinirhoea. obol ru and all summer complaints i en sickness, i to, It promptly gives roliof and never fails to off-i. a positive euro. Mothers should never be wilhout
i bottlo wheu their children are toothing.
The entrance to Itidcau canal from
thu Ottawa river is partly blocked
wilh sawdust. Many complaints have
reached   the government.
William Howard, of Ottawa, who
owns lot 14 in tho first range of
Trmplelon township, claims to have
discovered a pot of gold on his farm.
Ho refuses to tell what the value of
the gilded find is.
Oue of the greatest blessings to parents
Is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
It etVei'i u illy expels worm * anil gives
health lu a marvellous manner to the
iittle ono.
The Bell Telephone company has issued an order forbidding any of its
employees to play la football match
matches, on account of tho loss of
time occasioned by injuries to players.
MINAfi-'S LINIMENT for Sale Fverywfiere.
A marriage license is a receipt, in
full for tho promises a man makes
(Turing courtship.
A   Region   st ru ni.'.,'   nnd   lnl*-r. itlnte,
Weird nnd Solitary.
The Great Dismal swamp is a region
strange und interesting, weird and solitary. It occupies a billowy plain some 40
miles in length by 25 miles in breadth
along the Atlantic seaboard, extending
from Suffolk, Va., in a southerly direction, well into the bounds of North Carolina.
Its deep shades, great stretches of
brake and its solitude make it a region
of interest. To the naturalist and sportsman it has much to offer. In its silent
fastnesses the black bear finds a home
admirably adapted to his protection and
in every way favorable to his increase.
Here amid the dense growth of underbrush and timber he may live in comparative safety, and there is perhaps no
locality in the whole eastern United
States ol like extent which can offer a
larger bear population than this great
morass. The white tailed deer is also an
abundant denizen of the swamp, frequenting th« elevated parts.
In addition to the deer and hears, there
Is a klg game feature of a rather unusual
nature. The swamp abounds in wild
cows. These animals, of a brown color
and somewhat smaller than the ordinary
cow, hnving for many years been under
the peculiar conditions of the swamp, until they ore nlmost completely specialized,
are extremely wild, They aro feralized
from the herds of the farms adjacent to
the swamp, ,id are the descendants of
cattle whic' many years back wondered
into the fa. tnesses and were lost to their
owners, finally becoming wild. Being no
longer recognized as property the sportsman may call game all that ho may have
the prowess to shoot.
Lake Drtimtnoud, jome ten miles from
Suffolk, Va,, is the only great body of
water in (he swamp. It is a beautiful
sheet of water, of an oval contour nnd
fringed with a heavy growth of timber,
mostly cypress, white cedar and black
gum. Its water Is of a dark color owing
to the decaying vegetation of the surrounding country, but is suitable to
drink, uud possesses the quality of renin ining pure longer than most other
water. For this reason it is often carried to sea by Bailors on long voyages.
Tho characteristic mammalian fauna is
of a semilropical nature as regards the
smaller forms, while there are many
tropica! plants. Of birds there are not
many kinds, prolhonotary, bonded and
Swainson's warblers and the Maryland
yellowthront being the principal smaller
forms. The trees, some of which are
primeval, are large und beautiful, while
there is a luxuriant growth of ferns an*
aquatic   plants.   Cane   grows   in   profu-
Every Mother Should Be in a Posi-
1 ion to Promptly Kelievo the Minor Ailments of Her Little  Ones.
The baby who is always plump always 1ms a good appetite, always
has a clear eye and a rosy cheek,
and is always active and playful, is
the choicest treasure this life affords.
Tlie medicine whicli keep-' babies in
such a condition or which restores
them to it when they are ill Is certainly a priceless boon to humanity.
There are muny medicines whicli produce sleep, but their action upon the
child is similar to that Which whisky
or opium has upon a full grown man.
They deaden and stupefy aud are the
most injurious things which can bu
given  to children.
The only safe course is to use nature's remedies. Nature hus provided a vegetable cure for every ill. uml
hor remedies for children's disorders
are scientifically compounded in
Baby's Own Tablets. For diarrhoea,
constipation. colic, simple fever,
croup, irritation when teething, indigestion ami all the disoiders of
children so familiar to mothers, this
remedy is conceded by the medical
profession to be without an equal,
[ts effect is gentle, soothing, promptly curative ami never-failing. It will
save pain, anxiety, -doctor bills and
perhaps a life. All mothers who
have used Baby's Own Tablets for
their little ones speak of them in
terms of warmest praise. Airs. Ben.
Seward, Forfar, Out., says: "1 have
used Baby's Own Tablets and can
highly rccoimni'iid them to all mothers. My baby was cutting his teeth,
and was very cross when I lirst gave
them to him. They acted like magic;
he cut his teeth almost wilhout my
knowing it, and gave him such ease
that they proved a blessing both to
the child and myself. lie has not
been sick since 1 gave them to him,
and I would not. be without them in
the house." Baby's Own Tablets can
be procured nt, any druggist's, or
wil! be sent post paid on receipt of
2.. rents by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The man who praises what he intends to purchase and "numerates
tends lo purchase nnd enumerates
the fault.s of what he menu.', to sell
is honest enough lo feel lonesome in
this dizzy old world.
Millard's Liniment Cnres Burns, Etc,
A wise man enjoys the little he hie
while the fool is looking for more.
Diplomacy  Is  the  polite    name  for
International lying.
The provident. nnd painstaking
farmer has a placo for his Implements, and he seen to it that, tbey
are housed and properly cared for.
when no longer required in the cultivation of crops. His improvident
neighbor sometimes leaves his Implements where they are used last, or
about the premises., wilhout shelter.
Even the harvester or mowing machine is left. In the field long after il
has been used, subject to all kinds of
weather and inevitable Injury. 'llie
cost of repairs is necessarily increased under such neglect., and the period
when a new machine will be necessary is much shortened. The core of
tools Is an important factor in farm
economy., and a word in season may
be serviceable to such as are too remiss in this direction.—Implement
Tl*i (fi
.IVC1  W
Headaches, Backaches, Di__!_ess,
Poor Appetite and Insomnia, the
Outcome—How to 'Avert These
From tho Review, Windsor, Ont.
Only those engaged in the teaching1
profession realize how mu.'h care,
worry and perplexity is met with
daily. It is therefore little wonder
that thoru are so many health
breakdowns, especially among young
ladies who follow this calling. Miss
Christine Pare, of Ojibway, Out., is
on; wbo has sniftered much in this respect. To a reporter' of the Windsor
Hoview, iMiss Pare said : For several years, while leaching school, 1
tt led several doctors and medicines,
but got no relief. I became so badly
run down that 1 thought possibly a
change oi employment would give me
relief. t gave up my school ami
tried other duties, but the result was
disappointing as the trouble .seemed
to have token a firm, hold upon inc.
The headaches grew more and more
severe, my appetite failed me, and I
was frequently compelled to take a
rest in order to overcome dizziness.
A friend advised me to try Dr. Williams' Pink i'iils. I decided to try
a box, and before they were all used
1 found much relief. I continued taking the pills for some time longer,
every day gaining new health and
strength, and now I feel as well as
ever I did iu my life, and tun never
bother,d with tho old troubles. You
may say, therefore, that there is nothing f can recommend so highly as
Ur.  Williams' Pink Pills."
Young girls who are pule ami
weak, who suiter from backaches,
headaches, loss of appetite, palpitation of the heart, and other symptoms that overcome so many in
early womanhood, will find a certain
and speedy cure in Dr. Williams'
Pink I'iils. These pills make rich,
red blood, strengthen the nerves, and
give new lifo and vigor to the.whole
body. The genuine bear the full
name, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People on the wrapper around
every box. Sold by all dealers or by
mail post paid at 50 cents a .box or
six boxes for S2.5,0 by addressing
the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.»
Ilrockville,   Ont.
Wealth is a bottomless sea in
which honor and' consciousness may
be drowned.
W. Snow A Co., Syracuse, N. 1'., write:
Please send us t'-u gross of pills. We are
selling more of Parmelee's Pills then any
other pill we keep. They have a great refutation for the cure of Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaint." Mr. Charles A. Smith, Lind-
say, writes: "I'ltrmelee's Pills are un excellent medicine. My sitter hus been troubled
wilh Bevere headache, but these pills have
cured her."
Some alsike clover 5 feet in height
was grown by .1. II. Wright, of Red
Deer.   Alt a.
MINAR-'S LINIMENT Relleyes Neuralgia.
Mr. H. K. SUnm, of Kimball, Man..
bad iti. excelled yield of grain. His
whoai averaged 42 bushels to the
acre, white hi>s oats went 55.
state of Onio, OiTY op Toledo, _
liU^AH t oijnty, J
Fhank J. (ijfKNBY m likes oath that hn !h i)u
Bcniur partner "I the tirm of F. J. ( hbnky A
Uo., do rg tmsii.e.-? in th* City of Toledo
County aud Mutt' afores'iitl, and that Raid firn:
will pay the sum of  ONE HUNDKKD UOL
AU.S for each and erery cnn. of catarrh th il
run not beeurua by thu useof Uau.'MIatakrh
Sworn to befnre me unci snbsci'lR-d in my
i rewnee, this 6th day of December, A. D., 1886
'    *. A. W. UI E^ON,
| HKAL \ .Votary J\iblic.
UaW'fi Catarrh Cure ia Ink n Internally fttifl
OUlS rliieotly on lhe ol .0:1 luid ini'co'.d sur.ac.-
of the Byalttm.   Sem 'or U-ititnonUls, nee.
H* J  CHEN1.Y &U-J., Toledo O
Sold by Drtigg'St.-i, T.'C.
IIilII'b Fiunily Fillaare the best.
Brandon creamery turned out 214,-
000 pounds of butter from January
io September. The largest output
one month was 57,000 pounds, in
Tlie  average  mnn's  guardian angel
hasn't I imo lo take a vacation.
You might as well talk lo an echo
as to a person who always agrees
with you.
Hollowi.}*'., Corn Cure destroys nil kinds
of corutj und warts, root and branch, Who
then would endure them with such a cheap
and effectual remedy within reach.
"Vot'.'! his name," said one Etog*-
Ush-apoaJclng Mennonil e t o anol her
at Gretna, pointing to the German
Dut her an minister standing on the
railway platform. '\Aksim," was tlie
laconic reply, The questioner walked Up to the minister and repeated
his query in a more direct form.
"Vot's your name, Sir?" The minister, who happened to be looking in
the direction of the first, informant,
uttered the one word, "Aksim
"Yel, . did axe him, und lie doll me
to axe you, und now yotl dells me
to axe liim. Vot l do?"—Northwest
Tooth      OfZc
Powder    "^J
Good for Bad Teeth
Mot Bad for Good Teeth
Sozodont Liquid asc LarRi* Liquid and Powder 75c All
stores or by "mil tor thu price.   Sample lor postage 3c
HALL & RUCKEL,    New York.
Thero Is no better or more useful gift than a piano
am! to be sure it is a good ono buy tho WILLIAMS
and miiko no mistak .. It is porfoct intone and action and it will stand the hard usage of tho begin
ner. Pricos run according to case. Workmanshit
tli. .-nine iu all. Wo also sell organs, phonographs,
etc., and Eldrodgy "B" Sewing Machines.
Y. M C. A- Bik.,
Portage Avo ,        Wiiuiipf ,
Ha8 *v.un an enviuble reputation in thu S:ovc world. Inita
construct-un every important
improvement has been udded
vrhtuh lias made it the mo*=t
desirable st'uol rango for domestic u.'-e.
Eveiy detail has been carefully studied to m.rUeiL efliei-
eut, und wo aro proud to offer
it to you es a model 'A steel
range conbtruei ion at a reaa >n -
abio price.
Wo mako fhio magnificent
steel rango as illustrated wiih
four or six No. 9 cooking
holca. Ii- has a largo copier
re-.erv.ir, is fitted with ini-
prcved duplex grato to burn
any kind of eon I: tho oven ih
Inrge and is lined with usb* s-
tos board.
It will t.ak-o bi-ruit* m THREE MINUTES usinff a Tory small quantity of coal.
Prifcasillustrah-,1,     < with 4 Ne. 9cookingh<>I_. S55.00 _P. O. IJ.
(U> burn coal or wood) (    "   C No. u     " "      SSO.OO . at Wp;r.
Wo glv   '. guarantc-   with overy rantco sold.      If not kept iu stock by your local
st ve dealer, writv. us for further particulars.
|   T_E_C_B    GURNEY    FOTTKTIDK^r     CO.,   Limited, Winnipeg
& Qkjwkr tf &7ty, tflUr 'fiends •
if a. man lias no virtues of his own
he is apt. to boast of those possessed
hv  his ancestors.
What do we mean by money
back? Simply this—If you
should order anything- by mail
from our Catalogue and it does
not meet with your heartiest
approval, simply return it at
our expense and your money
will be promptly returned without any deduction.
Vou rest under no obligation
to us whatever, and have thus
the choicest stock of Diamonds,
Watches, Jewelry and Silverware in Canada at your very
door simply by dropping us a
post card.
7 Wellington St. West, Toronto.        - vp
Will mako clothes  (o order for
every man  in Canada at lower
prices than any other firm, and      :-
dellver at your nearest Express       si,
Drop a car. for their •
Cor. Yongo and
Adele-Jcle Streets,
If  there   is  a  mirror   in  sight  it
simply impossible for a  woman
avoid  personal   reflect ions.
OCT OF BORIS—Symptoms, Headache,
los n.aip tite, urred tongue, rind general
indisposition, i h-.e symptoms, if neglect*
ed, develop into [.cute diseme. his a trite
Baying that "an ou eu ef prevention is
wo:tha.»ound of cure,"and a Uttleatten-
lion at this point may save months of sickness and largo doctors bills, For thin com-
i) aint tnke from two to threp oi Parmelee's
vegetable Pills on j.H»ia_: lo hed, mid ono or
two for three nights lu succession, und a
cure «ill be effected*.
A Hamilton family, not overburdened witli wealth, was blessed with
six daughters. They were nil ingen-
ious— the kind of glrla to make a
(in'ss in Ilu.1 midst of fun and elm IT
and dance in it at night. Tlie cleverest daughter recently made a
beautiful shade for tlie piano lamp
from a pink evening dress, and trimmed it willi roses from her last summed it with roses from her Inst summer's hat. The same evening a
tuned music they chatted.
"How do you like our now lamp
shade'.1" she asked demurely.
The yonnn* man studied for a moment .
''The last, lime T saw it." he replied, "I was dancing with it."
11 sometimes happens that a .youn-u*
man loses his heart and his head
illoway & Champion
Writo to us for prices of SCEIP.
Get our List of Lands,
Stocks and   Bond.) Bought and  Sold.
We can furni-'h tho exact amount of
Scrip for any payment on Dominion
Land 3.   Do not pay cajh.
IT*) tlie All-Wool nnd only Qenuifto"
Winuire;;, July 5thv 1899.
W. G. Fonsoca. E^q.,
Pear Sir.—tarn t-ladro beablo to state that
tho All-Wool Mica Roofm-,' which yon bare
suppled this company has boon entirely satis-
factory aiul i c>ii~ider it superior to any roof of
this class on themarket. _ ________
(Signed)        J- WOOPMAM,Enginoor,:W_JX-:
w. Ef. Fons.c.,    176 litmus Ave.    mmm>
for na at homo. Wo furnish ynnvaud ranch iue. E'l^y work, flood pny, Hand Knittera
also wanted. Send stamp for particulars to
STANDARD nOSK Co , Dept. H. Toronto, Oft,
Don t Be Idlc-*>wm..im.it y^u•■*.._.™.
t    > ■■ .1 ■!.- i'i ]■■ i:.".   tl.Mp.-r
Iw,-,.|_.*-.l7 innird _.n..ti..!r_,.x.    W« nui>jilr mar-kin. ami
I in.itBfl_l, nml ]>*y fur worlt r* m-nt in.    Wi.te .«■•<•.■..   Th«
11'«..,,.,. - Knitting Syndicate. Uinl-wl, Toronto, ■ .,..*-v..
mm «■      -p iii-ii***************»-»^'**---*»>.-_w-_»
Rubbers and
Overshoes ::
Al liii' Chnrcti Piciiio.
Chorus cf I.oillea Mu com.], onrnt. who
Is fi8cendln_ tlio ladder to lutuff decorations)—Oh, llr. Swoetlow, do tn.o onro!
Don't po up! So dangerous! I*o *corae
down!   Oh!
Kcctor  (sarcastically)—Itctillyi" Su-cci-
low, don't you think you'd  better Itft a . _J
married man do thai?
Advice Scorned.
"Ton should he thrifty ond lay soire-
thinp aside for a rainy day," said the
man who gives advice ad libitum.
"Mister." snid Ihe Kiiiiseft farmer,
"you talk like a blame theorist. What
we people need to do is to lay something
aside against   a   drought."—WashiugtoD
A man should not he Warned Tor the
mistakes he makes. He should he ered
Ited an lie profits by them.- Atchison
W. N. U. No. 348.
LOCAL    NEWS.      t
K J Alkin left for   Aslicroft on  Wednesday morning.
Mr. E, S. Peters has nicne I into town
from Cayoosh Creek.
At the school meeting held last Saturday, \V Durban was elected to fib
the office of trustee, vice John Mar hall
who resigned to become trustee on Cayoosh Creek.
Knur inches of enow fell  in Clinton
his week.
Mr. F. S. Boden, of London, England,
who hunted here earlier this season,
bus gone out again with  VV, Manson.
Mr. E. Bell,   Indian  agent,   Clinton,
is in town.
Clarke A  Co., Lillooet, have a coin.
plete stoek of Drugs, Medicines anil sundries. Letter orders promptly attended
to. Ju.st tell them what you want oi
what the t ion I ile is, enclosing money and
thev will do the rest.
Major Burnet returned  on Tuesdaj
Jr.m surveying at Iho 17 mile  house.
I The Prospector publishes communications
from ail Parties who urile on matleis of
public interest ior Dublicafion, but disclaims
any lesponsiblliy for opinions expressed].
W. E. Brett left on Monday for Ashcroft, via Lvtton.
Dr. Sanson and Mi s MeDinald returned lo Clinton on Monday. Miss
McDonald's singing is always a treat to
the people of Lillooel; her rendering
of 'King David's lament' in the Methodist Church on Sunday evening being
of the highest class.
J. H. S. Knvhottoni went up to  Mc
G.llivray Creek on Tuesday.
Ervin J, Taylor returned  from Vancouver last   Saturday.
Uorm at Lillooel, on November Ihe   14th.
to the wife ol \V.  II Miller, a son.
King's birthday  was  celebrated very
quietly in town.
Mr. C. Phair, government agent, visited Clinton this week.
D. W. Rowh.nds, Deputy Sheriff, of
ABbcroft, was in town on judicial bus-
D. Ke.uy, of Big Ii*.., came down  on
'By Pavilion
Roller Flower5
If you want seeds, bulbs, trees
and plants write to Mr. Henry
whese ad. appears in this issue
Read it.
i'o the Elttoroftbe Poon pec tor.
(continued from hist weel)
Lillooet ,.b Alfred Smith ain't flier ,
he having gone to Victory to net the
Dook. At this the Dook loot.ul ver)
disappointed and says to me Blow al
fiis ted tape which I dunno what in
meant hut I wrot it down as be tain
Well the Dutchess seeing hon disappointed I was B.tye to me, she sa\s. 1
you please nii'ter I'd line some peHCIi..
wonld you be good enough to let n e
have a qtnirt? She'd hardly got ihi
inrds out of her mouth when a litt'i
stout man with grey chin whiskers from
I.iiiooet pokes his way right through
to the front and shouts out Who Bald
Qna!l_, and wilh that he pulls out 0'
nip pockets tome line huge chunks of
quartz all covered with gold.
The Dutchess inquired where tbi
litlle man come from and he BaysOaj-
oosh Cieek. When'he Baid Cayoosh
Creek, one of the Loids in waiting
with a great mustache says he kuow'd
the place lul'd lisbed there in '97, then
John takes a look at him nnd says '0
corse I know vou he says you wenl
away without paying your board at
the Pioneer.' At tbis lhe whole party
bust out a lurfiug again and Ihe swell
he turns as red as a roast cook ami
L'ets aboard the train. Tuey then begins examining tiie specimens and
the Dut.'heos wanted to know when
thoy come from and John explains as
how tome is Cayoosh Creek, some i-
McGillivray Creek and some ia Bridge
Kiver (that with the blue stain lit
Bays). The Dutchess and all her mhi.ie
of honor said i\b how they'd like some
uf tlie McGillivray rock for breast pint
but John said that too many specimens
had been packed away and given awny
frjui that.niine already and it woini
bis liuBiuete there to itive away speci-
uiene but to sell stock, and when John
said as shares was only 20 cents a
share which In English means li, 8 .
lhe Dutchess immediately wants t'
buy some and she calls out to Ihe Duel
to lend tier a tenner, but the Dook In
s.iys No she huint paid wot she Ivrrow-
ed al Banff, hut the Dti'chess the goct
aboard the train and presently she it
back nidi a ten pound Bank of England note and for some time John wat
kept busy a selling stock just like a
mining exchange it was, to ever, one
including Mr. Laurier who'd got quie
a big fat pocket book wot  he waB g'.-n'
to pay tbe census men with.    All  this
(lo be continued,
Asthmafene brings instant relief and permanent
Cure   !n   All   Cases-
There is nothing l'ke Asthma I e 11 n .    It   brings    Instant
re 1 i e f , even in the w o r s I I
eases. It Hues wl en pi! else. fail-. [
The Rev. C. F. WELLS, of Villa Ui lge.
III., s'aysi "Your trial bottle of Aillnnnltnc
received in good ci n-'ilion. I e: nno'. tell you
how thankful I fee 1 for the good derived from
it.    I   was   a slave,   chained   with   putrid   sole
AXES    *£   AXES
throat and Asthma for ten yenrs.
I   de
We carry a largo stock of the famous
Robert Mann's Double Bit Axes in Falling,
Swamping and California Reversible; also
Single Bit Axes handled and unhandled,
Axe Handles, Tick Handles, Sledge Haud-
les, Cant Hooks, Peavies, etc., etc., and can
furnish low prices and quick delivery on
these goods.
McLennan, liScFeely & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
of ever being ci.rtd,    I sow your advertisement
for   the  mrc  of ihi*-. dreadful  and   tormenting
disease,   Asthma,   ami   tlioiig.it you had  over-
. p »ken   yourselves,  but   rebolved   to  give il a !
dial.    To  my astonishment., the trial acted like |
a charm.    Send  mo a full-size  bottle."
I.ev.   Dr.   Morris   Weciisler
Rabbi of the Cong.  Una! Israel.
New   York, Jan.   3,   1901.
CJentltmeni Your Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and May Fevrr,
and its composition alleviates all troubles width
coml ine wilh Asthma. Its success is astonishing
and wondeiful.
After having  it  carefully  analyzed,   we  can state thnt
no   opium, morphine}   chloroform  or ether. Very truly yours.
Asthmalene   contains
Avon SPRINGS, N.  V.   Feb. 1, lyoi.
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.
Gentlemen: I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the
wonderful eftectof y >.ir A-Uh.in.ei-t!, for thi cure of Asthma. My wife has been
afflicted with spasmodic asthna for the "prist 12 years. Having exhausted 111 y own
(•kill as well as that of many others, I chanced to see yonr sign upr»n your win-
bows on 130 street. New Vork. I at once obtained a hottle of asthmalene. My wife
commenced inking it about the first of November. I very soon noticed a radical
improvement. Alter u.sitig one bottle her asthma had disappeared and .he is entire!)
fiee from all symptoms. I feci that I can consistently recommend the medicine
to    all    who   are   afflicted   with   this    distressing   disease.    Yours    respectfully,
0. D.  riliiLl'S, M. D.
Dr.  Taft Bros.  Medicine Co. J*eh. 5. lrjoi.
Gentlemen; I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried mmierou.
remedies, but they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement and started w't'i
a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I have since purchased your full sized bottle,
antl I am ev -r grateful. I have a family of four childr_-i, and for six years was
unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am doing business ever)
day.    This  testimony you can  make such use of  as you see tit.
Home address, 235,   Riving ton street. S.    Raphael,
67 East 129th st. 1  New  York City.
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
Dn   not delay.    Write  at  once,
79  East  St., N.   V. City.
Sold by all Diuggi_*ts.
A rich lady cured of lie; Deafnc is ano* NoUoa
iu the Head by Ur N'ioholsun's Artificial Kar
Drums, gave $H),in>n to his Iustit|ite„so that the
deaf people uiu(>!e to procure theT.ur Drums
mny have theui free. Address No, 1-152. The
Nicholson Institute, 7nu, i_ightli Avenue, New
York, 1..8.A.
acter and good reputation in each state, one
in this county required, to represent and advertise old established wealthy business huus-
es of Bolld financial standing. Salary $1800
weekly with expenses additional, nil payable
in cash each Wo'hies ft ay direct flout bond offices. Horse and carriages furnished wbeu
necessary.    Enclose   Belt-addressed   stamped .
envelope.   Mwager,  816   Caxton   Building, w,Il OOinininJ  Itl-lf. to» 11.
Obti uko.
Christmas Tree.
Unless otli-r arrangements are marl"
the annual Christmas tree wil] he held
on Saturday evening, Decemher 21-t.
Tht! uomniitlee in cliargp, inclndinp
the school-hoar 1, deemed it advisable
to hold it earlier thnn usual in ordi r
to leave the holidays free.
Although the facilities are not as
great for purchasing pre:ents in t. wn
as in former years, 'he hulk of the l_, e
will he purchased in town as it has
heen the policy for the pa*tt«ovean
to upend all thc money collected among
local shr,p.|ieepui8.
The committee has al?o decided thnt
hlldren under t»o years shall not te-
ceive gifts.   This i haute, ii is believed,
fining Froperty for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tenders are Invited for the whole of the
property, Including crown Granted elalns,
mil! site, Cyanide mill, ( npaelly 40 tn 50 ions
dally), tramway, assay office, laboratory and
fulleqiilpuu'Jit.ol tho Toronto r.Ulooot Gold
Hei fe Company !,:. dm I, situate i'i ti.'' Ullooet
district ot British Colunibis; Including the
Ample, VVliuiti, Monarch nod Wolland Vide
ndn;'s whicli arc Crown granted, also tho
N'orth Star, Oolden stripe, Goi Ion Eagle. Ruby
und jumbo mineral claim, tn the same dist
rlct. together with a ten stamp mill, machine
drills and other equipments. Cash tenders for
tlio whole properly tire requested bul
of," is for working options or for portions
of the property will be considered From the
former group 050 tons of nre has been mill*!*!,
with un assay value approximating $10.00 to
fll 00 IVngon n nd from Railroad io mill. The
wliolo of the above will hear lousing into and
Investigation and are an exceptionally Impnr-
tant and valuable group of claims with full
working eqtilpinont, Full partlculamnav be
had on epplle'iiiou to Edgar Bloom Hold
Liquidator, I1. 0, Box 743, Vancouver li IJ,
(irdd, 8'I.or.I,, nd and Copper Mine^ wanted at lhe EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING Uul.l) properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.
Parties having mining property for »ale are requested to Bend sample
of Hi* ir ore to the l.XI'l I AN UK for ejehihition.
We de-ire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral claims
iu British Coltimhia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make llie EXCHANGE
Iheir lieinlqliarlers when in Nelson.
All samples slum d he Bent by express PREPAID,
Correspondence solicited.   Address all cominiiniostions to
Telephone No. 104.    P. 0. P.ox 700. NEL. ON, *B. 0,
Tlie new stage lino leaves Lytton every Monday and
Friday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special trip.,
made.    Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati & Co., Lytton B. C.'
West Lillooet
Liberal Association.
Membership in the ahnve
nsMic all.ill  is opi ti  tn all
l.i Ot*rale in Lillooel and ,nl-
ji ent districts. Theoliji'ete
of the aesociaifon are to secure a moie tliornu|sli organization, und t" inhume tiie
principles of L heralinn,
VV. A. (i dliher   VI. P., Hon. Pr.
S. Clarke. Jill , Pieai'dent.
Samuel Gibbs, Secretary.
LILLOOET,   11. C.
Repairn   neatly   executed.    HiirueBfl   matit-
il)-'J repaired.
ervicc to and from
and  all  points   East  nnd   West.
Du vtm wan: a bargain? We offer tlie
STAR; Photos of the DOME
and DUCHESS of YORK; and the
Prospector; all for 50 cents.
The subscriptions to bot}' ; apers will bo good for the
remainder of this year. Those who bave already
renewed can. upon payment of the above,
liave Ilu ir subscription extended,
The photos  will each be about 14x20 indies in size and
will be suitable for framing.   No better opportunity can be
given for obtaining photo- of onr future King and Queen.
To Delinquent
To ALEXANDER Mi DON U.H. or tn nny ncr-
snn or parsons tn Whom he msyhave trans*
irnvii his interosts ill t\le Vent' !ini:'.l met
I uush.'n mineral claims situate nn MuGllltvr&y
Creek, in the I.iiiooet Mining Dlvlslo i of Ml-
looet district,
Von aro liorchy notified (bat I huvo fxpeint-
cil the sum of.u for labour nntl improvuineiits
ui'O'i Iheabove mentioned miner,1.! claims, h'
order to hold sattl Mineral claims   under the
provisions of Lhe Mineral ah, ,u:d  if within
nineiy iliiys from this notice you fail or leftin
to ron tribute your portion of such expend Uur,
together with alleogl of advertising, your i:
torests in saitl claims will tie:',,oie the proport
oi thc subscriber, under -1*'' tion  t of an n
entitled the Mineral Aet AmeudmentAi't.l!
Da'eil nt bill" ol iUla _tsi day ol Septenib
Fast steamer service from Vancouver tn
.1 M'AN,
Pnsi-en.er* bookod to an'i from 01*1
Country |iointe.
Full iiifurinatinn ami illustrated
pamphlets will lie furnisher] on application to an y  O.P.R. agent, or to
J:   J. DOYLE,
A. 0. P .A.,
Yin.i onver. 11. C
\ lull stock of all   imlsof
i.s now for sale by
Store nn:l Repair Shop in Uren Lllock.
Call and examine slock.      No trouble to
show goods
General Hardware,
Paints, Oil?  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware,
Miners Steel, I'll k.. Shovels, etc.. Wire Cabli
uiul Ltusscl \\ ur FonciiiK.
Lillooet, B. C.
Manufacturer of nil kind of
None but the lie?t material lied, Miners or
prospectors sending iu orders will receive
prompt Attention and sati.sfaction guaranteed
illlibs ior Fall ui Spriuu planttnt.
Seeds, Plants,
BBE si'l'I'LIF.s,
Catalogue free.
ft"!. J. Henry,
)0_9, Westminster Road, Vancouver, B.C
I'iih    'N vs-Avlverlisei1   ■ " >•-    tii"i
;      l{  jruo ■; ,    I    .    A      i     t  J   ui n il,
ie ,ii -.ot to ■    ib,' iii a '.veeki      n        n
,' ■ ,   ■ , ,-.*r.
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Lines.
iH3ad Office-Ashcroft, B.C.
Ollntnn ninl wny points, Momla.,
Wntiiebil.u anil ImiiIuv.
All points in Cariboo—(Horsefly,
Quiistii'l FtirttB, OIiI.cuiod Alkali Lilc.j
uo Momliiys.
I'll) Mile   lfuiie  n nil wa j points—Ol
Prlilay, ( extra service )
Lilluoet,      — Muiiuy   m.d !•', i*ia*.
S. ceial eonveyui ees furnislied.   Send
for folders.
Liliooet. B. C.
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furniture, etc.,
All orders promptly attcmiedto.
Bus meets all steamers.    Teaming by day
ur contract.     Hii;s uml horses for
hire at moderate rates.
S. Of BBS,
Uttlnoet, n. c
NOTARY   PliHLIC, C   NV: {Al   .L\i
Wl) MININU >iKOh   k',
COi!.!.', Tit .'*':. MADE.
Mineral Act, 189G.
[Form I''.]
Certificate ol Improvements.
Bt, Josoph   unci St, John Klnornl CUiniH
Blltiatc inUio Mllooet   Mining   Ulvillon
ol LilloooiDistrict.   \\:.l'ic luotitcdl   On
Autloraoii I.n!.c .nul both Mile** of M-.-i.iU-
ivi'H.v Lrc-e).
Tuke notice tlmt I( Pe*ar Bui net,  nciing ii
agent for ... tft.   Guorge H.^iimerslny,   Kree
Mlher'n ceriiflcRio No. B. tt-ttU.  Free Miner's
i-Tiin.niL'N.i. 18-iliO, intuiitl, sixty days frma
Uo lute hereof, to upplytn tin. Mining Recorder Di  a ccrtitk'tfte of imi'i.iveni-uls,   ior   tiie
purpose of obtfdtnhiK  >i L'rown Grunt nf ibe
ul»ove i inlins,
And further tnke not.ee Ihnt notion, undtr
jution 37| must be _ou.raeUeed   before the   is-
• iittni-i'of surli 11! i na. -ut: of Iinptovomei) a.
Dated -h.8eightee.hih usy oi Out ober, 1901,
F. M.  ('.   Xo,   18.AJ0.
HaJi'-Way .Io;ise,<^_
i ii,i<"ii:t- i.vrro.v i.o.vd.
Headqaarlcrs foi all Stag a
CHARLES McGILLlVR.W,  Proprietor


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