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The Prospector Jul 21, 1899

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Vol. 2 No. 2.
$2.00 a year.
^Work to Commence on the Ample Shortly.
Large Plant Will be Put In.
Col. Rives with a party of ten men left
[town Wednesday morning for the Cache
r mines where he will put  the  men   at
work building trails from the Ample and
Monarch claims to the wagon road aud
also to clear a mill site  about a mile or
1 so below the bridge.   In the course of a
few weeks a large gang of men will be
put on and also a number of practical
miners engaged.    Several delays   have
caused this work to be put  off  longer
than was expeoted by Col. Rives, but the
business is now shaping iUelf and everything will be running satisfactorily in a
few weeks.
In an addition to the present machinery on the creek the new company
will add considerable to the plant which
will be put in as soon ai possible.
Toronto parties with Mr. Haw ley of
Vancouver will arrive tomorrow via
Lytton and will visit the properties during the week, and expect to remain in
thiB vicinity for several days.
Below we print extracts from Toronto
As it is already known in some quai-
ters. Messrs. Fox & Ross, of Toronto, together with other Ontario and British
Columbia gentlemen,   forming   a   close
(-syndicate, have purchased at a sheriff's
sale the1 machinery tools, etc,  belonging
to the Golden Cache Mining Company.
Th|Toronto "Globe" says "when tbe
I old  Company  issued    debentures   for
£ $15,000 they were taken up by Toronto
people and when the mine closed down
and it was Been that the Company was
, not   solvent     the    debenture-holders
bought up  the    judgements  standing
'against tin company.   A few weeks ago
1 at a sheriff's sale they purchased  the
assets and now have the mine.    They
Ithave also secured five other claims near
the Golden Cache. The claims include
a vein nearly twenty feet wide, which
gives average Of $15 to $16 in gold to the
| ton, and, it is proposed to operate
these with the plant and mill of the
Golden Cache. These were the properties recommended by the superintendent
of the Golden Cache, Colonel River.
Professor Montgomery will go west to
make an examination of the properties
in a few dayp, and if they are as good as
fiey have been represented to be, work
will start on them immediately. It is
the intention of the promoters of this
new venture to take in the shareholders
who were victimized in the ok' Golden
Cache Company, and give them a chance
, to recover their losseB.
The Toronto "World" says: "When
asked what provision the Syndicate intended making for the old stockholders
of the Golden Cache. Mr. Fox, of Fox
| & Ross, stated that an expert examination of the mines would be made within
the next few days and if the said examination were satisfactory a plan would
be devised whereby the old shareholders
would be fairly treated.   Mr. Fox leaves
, in three or foar d_ys for Lillooet where
Ae will meet Professor  Montgomery of
J -wnity University and proceed thence
* to tbe Golden Cache to make a thorough
examination of the property in question.
When Mr. Fox returns be will no doubt
•be able to make some definite announcement regarding  hi.   plans  re  Golden
Maid of England Group.
The Maid of England group of claims
on the North Fork of Bridge River,
ahout thirty miles from, town is looking
exceptionally well. The ledge averages
from 5 to 6 feet in wid h and with several open crosscuts shows up mineral all
over the ledge. The ledge is pretty well
covered with gravel and last week a
small creek was turned which cleared it
considerable and showed up the copper
piopoaition better than ever. Assays
from the ore have given good results
and it is expected in a few weeks that
Vancouver pai ties will be up to look at the
property. Messrs. Case, Sil?rwood and
Johnson who are interested in the claims
have been working for the past several
months on the property.
They al o built a pack bridge across
Bridge river and a trail 4 miles to the
claims. It is expeeted that the gevern-
ment will reimburse them for the expense of construction of the bridge.
Messrs. Birch and Duncan have a
ranch u short distance away and will
have a good crop this year, and have
supplied the miners with vegetables all
spring. The North Fork has promise of
becoming quite a lively camp.
The British Columbia Muddle.
In the quarrel between preii-iei Semlin
and attorney-general Joseph Mai tin,
the premier is constitutionally, in the
right. He demands the resignation of
j Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin not only refuses to resign, but in turn calls upon the
premier, whom he charges with
incompetency, to re.ign. It is to be
presumed thaUhe other members of the
government side with Semlin, so Mr.
Martin's reply to the premier's demand
for his portfolio is equivalent to a demand that all the members of the government save Joseph shall quit office
and leave Joseph to form a new cabinet.
Which confirms the long-standing
belief that lack of self-assertion is not
among the personal weakness of gentle
Joe Martin. It was Mr. Semlin who was
entrusted by the .rown representative
with the task of forming a ministry. He
is the chief adviser of the crown in
British Columbia—the responsible head
of the government, and as such has the
right not only to select members of the
legislature to act as his colleagues, but
also to dispense with their services when
he considers that their usefulness is
gone. If Mr. Martin persists in his refusal to re.ign, the premier will have
the right to advise the Lieutenant-
governor to dismiss him from office, and
if the lieutenant-governor refuses to
accept that advise there will be nothing
left for the premier but to resign. His
resignation would, of course, mean the
dissolution of tbe government. The
probability is that in this case the trail
will not wag the dog, but the dog the
trail.—Hamilton Herald.
Horse Races at Clinton.
Arrangements are being made at Clinton for a big race meet at that place
sometime during the month of September. Full particulars will be published
later. At Clinton there is a very good
race course and if enough enthusiasm
can be aroused amongst the people of
that section a large crowd will gather to
take part aud watch the horse ra.es.
Bend'or Mines Looking Very Favorable.   Mill
Will Start ist August.
J. M. Mackinnon, Aid. R. B. Skinner
and James Brady of Vancouver, Arthur
Noel and R. H. Wood, and several men
employed at Bend'Or mill arrived in
town about nine o'clock Sunday evening.
Messrs. Noel and Mackinnon came from
the Bend'Or leaving there at 4 o .lock
Sunday morning and met Messrs. Skinner and Brady at the Forty Thieves, the
rest of the men being a. Sucker creek.
At Sucker creek they took one of Mr.
Noel's boats and came down to Jack'*
landing in about six hours and over the
mountain down Seaton lake to town
making the trip a distance of over 75
miles in one day.
Messrs. Mackinnon and Noel have been
visiting the Bend'Or and are very well
pleased with the prospects. Mr. Mackinnon expec'ed to remain until the mill
started crushing, but on account of delay
in machinery for the tramway line the
mill will not be started until the 1st
August and he returned to Vancouver
and will come back again in a few weeks.
The water was turned on and the mill
started up for a short while so as to let
them see that everything was satisfactory. The only delay is on account of
the tram way and as the material has
been ordered for some time will be along
any time. All who have been at the
Bend'O"" are very sanguine as to the results and as soon as the mill is started
several hundred tons of ore will be run
through before a eleanup is made. Mr.
Jones the mill man is very well pleased
and is preparing everything in first class
shape for to have the property working
A couple men representatives of the
Wm. Hamilton Manufacturing Company
are still at the mill and will remain until
everything is completed. The Hamilton
Mfg. Co. have put the mill in in first class
Messrs. Skinner and Brady have been
looking at the Forty Thieves group of
claims in which Mr. Skinner isinteristed.
Mr. Brady is representing the Hon. C.
H. Macintosh and if his reports are
satisfactory this pioperty will be opened
up on a large scale.
The Lorne arrastra will be started up
this week and the chances are good for
another cleanup amounting to more
than the last one.
Glenn & Richardson have been working away on the Alhambra, near the
Lorne and have shown up the property
in filst-class shape.
Bridge River Mail.
In reference to the post office at Cadwallader, if a postoffice is opened at that
point the postmaster at Lillooet will
lock the mail bag which cannot be
opened until it reaches its destination.
In this way prospectors and others along
the trail will have to go to Cadwallader
togei t eir mail. At present the mail
ca rier delivers the mail along the route
to parties as he meets them. This way
it gives great satisfaction as it is a
convenience to people receiving mail and
alsolightening the load of the carrier.
This is a matter of great importance and
should be taken in consideration by the
P'jatoffice authorities when the postotiice
is established. Another matter is that it
would be good a idea to have the mail going in twice a month as the way business
is going on now it is necessary to have
the mail oftener. A petition should be
circulated at once asking Mr. Bostock
to have the service increased.
The Albambra.
Fred Richardson arrived in town Thursday evening having came down from
Cadwallader by way of McGillivray
creek. Leaving the camp at the Alhambra, near the Lorn* Wednesday morning
and arrived at Gaynor'* camp on McGillivray creek the same evening and
came on to Lillooet the next day. The
claim is looking better than ever and
have stripped the main ledge over 100
feet, which shows up 4 feet between the
walls being wider at the top. The
ledge runs straight up the bluff and can
be traced for a few hundred feet after
getting on top. At foot of the bluff have
started a tunnel and at present are in a
little over ten feet and hereafter will
continue the work at this point. Very
fine gold is visible on the ledge and can
plainly be seen in the pay streak. Another ledge runs parallel with it up the
bluff, which has been stripped about 50
feet and prospects well and can trace the
ledge for a considerable distance, being
over 30 inches in width. The work of
stripping the ledge was done by water
being turned on and sluicing all the
debris off. Messrs Glenn & Richardson
the owners of this claim have undoubtedly a very fine property and with
ti'e development so far has proved the
property beyond expectation.
Helm.ken is Ready to Join.
There is nothing new in provincial
politics, and absolutely nothing in the
long story of coalition which is published
in the Globe of Victoria last Monday.
The fact is that H. D. Helmcken, the
senior member for Victoria, is known
to be willing to join premier Semlin's
cabinet while bis colleagues of the
opposition endeavor to induce him to decline the invitation which is suppored to
await him. Rumor says that attorney-
general Martin's destination is Denver,
Colorado, and that his object is the
hunting up of facts to Cotton's dr-
Mr.' John Dunlop, general merchant
visited his Tyauchton store this week.
The Lorne Arrastra.
Preparations were made this week for
starting the arrastra on the Lorne and
probably started Thursday. A tunnel
is being started to tap the ledge lower
down to try and strike the rich ledge.
Cabins are being built for the accommodation of the workman and everything
is being put in first-class shape for working.
James Mitchell came in via Lytton
this week and has been staying at tbe
Hotel Victoria. He visited the bench
claims across the river near the dredger,
but on account of pumping apparatus
necessary has decided not to take the
A Lillooet Man Writes From Atlin.    nining
Business Not Active.
The following letter from 0. W. Brett
jormerly a resident of LMlooet will be of
interest to his many friends here:
" I have written very few letters since
coming here as did not know what to
think of the couutry. However, at present I think the country has a black eye,
as bad as your district ever had. It may
be that you people there think that this
part of the country is as good as ever,
but it is vastly different with the majority of the people here.
Ever since the ice broke up on tbe 10th
it is estimated that at least a hundred
people a day are going out and a very
limited number coming in. Fully half
the people are gone.
I have not been in town for some time
but my partners have just ret ured and
s.iy the town is almost forsaken. There
are three sawmills which have hitherto
done a rushing business are, now only
catting lumber as it is ordered, ami
most of it is to build boats to get to Bennet. The close season on claims has
done more than anythingeUe to kill the
place, but it may be that in tbe fall
times may get better for the few that are
left, and one thing, we all cart stand a
little prosperity then. At present work
nas almost ceased on Pine creek on account of the nigh water. I am putting in
a hole on a bench claim on Spence creek
but as yet have struck nothing very rich,
but intend to give it a good trial. Spence
is only in its infancy as there is not more
than one-fourth of tbe claims opened up.
Several claims on Pine creek are paying
all right although a good deal of the
creek has not been properly prospected.
Men are coming every day to these creeks
and no doubt many of the_. will go away
disgusted before long as bed rock is deep
in most places. Next year will see most
of these claims worked with hydraulic
I have seen Dan Cameron several
times and he was very much discouraged
and wished himself back in Lillooet.
Several more of the boys are around, but
have not come across any of them lately,
none of them seem to be stuck on the
country. Bob Sparrow is on Pine creek
as is also Jim Carron.
Well if you want to learn anything
about mining come up here, for next
summer nearly all will be down on the
creeks near Lillooet.        O. W. Brett.
Atlin, B. C, June 28th 1809.
Joseph Watkinson spent a couple days
in town this week visiting his old friends
and returned to his home at Foster's
bar today.
Miss Carson of the Pavilion Farm ia
visiting friends at Clinton.
Charles Burns foreman at the Bend'Or
and J. Oleson came down from Cadwallader Thursday evening.
Mrs. Robb will leave for the coast next
Tuesday for a few weeks trip and will
take with her Maggie, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. A. McDonald, who has been
very ill for some time. Maggie will be
taken to the hospital at Victoria where
it is expected with con.tant medical attendance that her condition will improve. The many friends of Maggie and
the family wish her a speedy recovery. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, JULY l'l, 1899.
Published every Friday.
BtlBSCRIfTION .12.00
Payable in advance.
RIC. A. FRASER, EDITOR Asn Proprietor.
A vull ki own man who is largely in
terested in mining in the Lillooet district and has done considerable for it,
the other evening while discusting the
Bridge river trail to a man who was
making uncomplimentay remarks about
its condition, said "Why there are
woree trails than theoneto Bridge river,
but I don't know where in hell you will
find one."
The above is the usual story given by
people who have visited this district.
The poor condition of the trail is not appreciated unless a perron has gone over
it. The Prospector has drawn attention
to it time an again and parties interested
have asked to have something done, but
the entreaties were of no avail. The
beet part of the .ea.on has passed, in a
few more months winter will be on
again and if any work isdone this fail very
little benefit will gained by those who
have traveled it during this season. In
the spring after considerable snow and
ice a trail needs considerable repairs.
What will be the condition of the Bridge
river trail next year? No work to speak
of having been done this year. Tne way
this district has been neglected is a disgrace. AVhat is needed is a decent appropriation of at least $1,000 to put the
tr.iil ii condition.
Nothing ha. been heard yet in reference to the mail service into Pemberton.
The contractor makes one more trip
when his contract will then cease. A
few people have resided in Pemberton
for some time and eveiy year more eet-
tlers are going in. This jear about half
a dozt-n people have gone in and taken
up ranches and with better tiail. and
means of transportation the Pemberton
section will have a great many more
mil zing t,l>e valuable land. The settlers
are entitled to a mail and it is hoptd
that the present service will be continued by the postal department. No
contract has been called for»nd it looks
as if the peopl * of that section will have
to come to Lillooet for their mail or take
chances on any person going in to lake
it to 11;tin.
The wagon road to the lake ia very
good with the exception of a piece near
the bend on ihe top of the hill going
down to Cayoosh creek. The timbers
have broken away and leaves quite a
hole in the road, which on a dark night
persons going along may accidentally go
over, or if a heavy loaded team passing
might cause the road bed to slide away,
and team, wagon and driver go down the
steep slide quite a distance. The road
has been this way for some time, but has
not been considered dangerous. One
never knows when an ac.ident will happen and it would be as well to have thiB
piece of road lepaired.
The Victoria ''Globe" remarks: "If
anything were wanting to prove up to
the hilt that Mr. Martin is absolutely
unfit for any public oflice, it was
furnished yesterday, when that gentleman had the indecency to hand to a
newspaper for publication a copy of a
letter he was forwarding to Premier
Semlin.- The latter had not received
the letter when be saw the sune re-
pi_d_< ,d in the* newspaper referred to."
Chinese Parsimony.
Since July opened much has been
heart) from Ottawa regardingtheChinete
and 'Japanese question as it affects
British Columbia.     A   e'espatch   to  a
ministerial paper,  dated Ottawa,   July
2nd says:
Despite the action of the Federal Government in   disallowing    the  British
Columbia   legislation    preventing    the
hiring of Chinese and Japam se on contracts for railways and   tramways working under Provincial charters, Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his colleagues have not
been unobservant of the conditions surrounding   the  labor    question   in   the
Pacific Province.   It will be remembered
that the   disallowed   British   Columbia
legislation bid fair to give rise to international  complications    had    not  the
Federal authorities availed themselves
of the veto power.   The Government of
Japan a friendly and progressive nation,
protested to Lord Salisbury in the strong
terms and pointed out that Japan  had
neither exclusionary nor discriminatory
laws   against   British   subje.ts  or  the
people of any other civilised nation.. The
Ottawa Government sees no reason for
endeavoring to keep   the   latter  people
out of thetountry, but the First Minister
and his colleagues are equal certain tlut
the Dominion can get along   very   well
without   Chinese   labor    and  Chinese
parsimony, that drains the country of
the money earned by   the Mongolians.
Acting   upon   this    belief,     the    Administration has decided to ask   parliament to sanction a very considerable increase in the $50 poll tax paid by   each
Chinaman entering the Dominion.   The
amount of increase is not finally settled,
but it would not be surprising if it were
found, when the First Minister   make-
the announcement,   thai   tbe   tax   has
been quadrupled.
Mountain Climbing Race.
A striking and novel competition took
place at Banavie, near Fort William, on
Saturday of last weik, when a record
was established for the quickest ascent
and decent of Ben Nevis, the highest
mountain in Scotland. Thecompeti ion
was promoted by John Menzies of the
Banavie hotel, who offered a gold medal
lor the winner. Ten competitors
entered,|includingMcDonald, the captain
of the Stewartonian football team ; Mann
of the Clydesdale Harriers; W. M. McDonald, a furmer lecord-holder, »nd
others. After being photographed, the
competitors started off from the front of
the hotel at 1_.2 at a sharp run. They
had nearly thitse miles of flat to cover
before leachii g the base of the hill, and
when they reached this point Kennedy
and Williams struck up a precipitious
path running up the side of the hill.
Kennedy here drew ahead steadily from
McDonald gaining a lead which he never
lost. The former, who is a local gamekeeper, was the first to reach the summit, at 12.46, and, after signing hi. name,
lie started on hi. return journey bounding down the hill at a pace which none
but those born and bred among the
mountains dare attempt. A single slip
would have meant instant death, but he
bounded down with the surefootedness
of a mountain doe, and arrived at the
hotel at 1.43, his exact time being 2
hours 4l minutes 12 seconds. The
height of Ben Nevis is 4406 feet, and the
distance from the Banavie hotel to the
summit is estimated at seven miles. So
that it will be seen that Kennedy's was
a wonderful performance. William McDonald arrived second taking 3 hours 30
minutes, 50 seconds to complete the
journey. McDonald last year went from
Fort William postoftice to the summit
and back in 2 hours 27 minutes, and
Swan, of Fort William, and since done
ihe same journey in 2 hours 20 minutes.
The difficulties of the feat wQre greatly
increased by the fact that the summit of
the Ben is covered by over eight feet of
show, and the decent was done in a
thickjnist, accompanied by a driving
sleet, in which several of the competitors
lost their way, The timekeeper was M -.
L.ipsley of Edinburgh.
Soo Pacific Line
Days Across the
Continent by the
 I        LIMITED."
The fastest and best equipped
train   crossing   the
Trains leaving the Pacific
coast Tuesday, Thursdays and
Saturdays connect at Fort
William with the palatial
lake steamers " Manitoba,"
''Alberta " and " Athabasca"
across the great lakes.
For full information as to time, rates, etc.
also copies Of Canadian  Pacific Ky., publications apply to any agent 0, P. K., or to
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver, B. C.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
R.F.Anderson &Co
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Mi  ers Steel, Picks, Shovels, etc., Wive Cable
and Ku.sel Wire Fencing.
Inland Cigar Manufacturing Co.
Our  Specialties:
_E_:__._M:iiOO_?£3, _B o.
r.._h:_ bbett.
Post Office Store.
Book, Statiouerv, Soaps,
Fancy Goods, Tobacco, etc
]..LI.00i_T, B. C.
W. F, Allen  Proprietor.
Jf\     /*\     7K     7K     7*\     PK     7?\
First Class Hotel in every respect.     Accommodation
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably furnished,      ommercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Large sample room.,
^    ^&    *}&£    ^fe»     ^    ^    ^
7F,    ?K    $*    7K    ?K    7l\   ./*\
Hecidq-i-irters  tor the B. C- Express Stages.
Hotel Victoria.
X-IXiljOO-E-T, -B. C.j
This hotel being new and thoroughly finished throughout'is the only first
class hotel in Lihooet. Persons calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by-
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Headquarters for the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
9    ©    W    ©    O    9     CHARGES    MODERATE.     O    it)    Q    O    0    6
_D.  IFIEa.A.SIE-R,1'  _P_E&0_?.
LILLOOET, - 2       . - -       ■ B
The Bar is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
As soon as the Lillooet-Lytton road is completed we will run a through Btage
from Lytton to Lillooet. At present we have rigs at both ends of the road which
will take you as far as possible, and we supply saddle horses for the rest of the
trip.   By starting from Lytton over twenty miles is saved when going to Lillooet.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
Lytton and Lillooet, B t.
Flour Milling Produce and
General Merchandise.
_P_A."VII_IO-(-T, -B. c
Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates.
<^.     <*,     <^,     Ot___<r___^J___  STOf-B.     «-v     <3_-     *»*
Post Office and Telegraph Office in connection.   Freight teams plying once a
week between Lillooet and Ashcroft.
W. CUMMING. Agent, Lillooet B. C.
Storage & Forwarding Agts
Consign your goods to our care.     We settle railway charges and forward to
destination without delay.   Correspondence solicited. W. B. BAILEY- & Co THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET. B. C, FRIDAY, JULY ''1, 1899.
Dealing; With Uncivilized Tribes.
\The Journal, a   well-known   Cliieag*
lews paper', eaid :   The political sapacit;
pt common geme of the English Gov-
[nment, whether directed by LiberaU
by Tories is never so clearly seen as in
|ts dealings with   uncivilized tribes and
sees whom it has conquered.     It wafr
lut the other day,   so to speak,  that ii
Jas using dum-duin  bullets against the
ifridie, the Shinwarri., and other hill
ribesof Indian, and now   it is   taking
[hem into its   service,  tinder   Bri ish
ffficers, by a battalion or two at a lime,
.beady, we are told, some of the black
warriors who fought against Kitchener
Jit Omdurman  are contentedly   drilling
[>n the banks of the Nile under oih.ers
irho assisted in  the slaughter of their
.ountr.y_.e_ by the thousand, and  who
Iwrecked the tomb of the Mahdi.   And it
is further reported that at Wei-Hai-Wei,
chinamen are flocking to the Union Jack
[faster than they can   be taken   care  of
ind utilized.   With respect to   foreign
fconquests   the  suc.ess  of England   is
pimply marvelous   as   compared    with
Dther nations.
Slow But Sure.
It is rumored that, at a result  of  the
inhuman cruelty  practised on Dreyfus
Lnviiile on Devil's Island, M. Lebon, the
[Minister who was   responsible   for the
Drders to M. Deniel, while in charge of
the penal settlement where Dreyfus was
I'onfined, will be proceeded against, the
^iover.iment not  confining its action to
the dismissal of M. Deniel.
M. Bertillion, and handwriting expert
it ho testified before the Court of Caseation that Dreyfus was the author of
• he bordereau, still remains at the head
if the Anthropoometric Department of
rhe Prefecture of police,  but has   been
[leprived of his official duties.
Baron Baulny, one of the aristocratic
promoters of the demonstration again.t
jhe president at Auteuil, has been pard-
ped.   It is understood that M. Loubet
kteo wished to pardon Baron Cliristiani,
Ivho made the assault upon him, but the
pabinet decided that this was quite out
,>f the question.
Is now under new management and has been thoroughly ien< rated. Culirnr
department unsurpassed. The Bar is stocked with choice liquois and cigars and
will be in charge of experienced men.   Every convenience for commercial men.
FRED H. NELSON, - - - Proprietor.
New British Columbia Loan.
In London on Wednesday last the
sank of British Columbia invited tenders for an issue of £345,000 in 3 per
lent. British ColumbiaGovernmentln-
l<!ribed Stock at a minimum price of 96.
(his is part of the loan of £560.000
Authorized at the   last  sesiion   of   the
..egislature. ] The minimum price set,
|6, is 1 per cent, higher than was obtained for the last issue. Th ; result will
|)e anxiously looked for. Hon.F. Carter-
L/Otton, finance minister, said he had
Maced the minimum price at 96, although the stae of the London money
Inarket waB not as favorable   as   when
he last issue sold at 95. A number of
Ihe Australian colonies had placed stock
in the maiket at 3 and 4 per cent, lower
fchan previous ones.—Victoria "Col-
Was It a Wise Investment?
Alexander Tarbet of Butte, Montana, a
linint. man who  has interests at Ross-
Pand, recently took out a life insurance
policy for $100,000.     Mr.   Tarbet  paid
M 18,870 in cash, in lieu of all premieums.
[in return he will receive from the com-
Ipany during his lifetime an annual pay-
fment of $4000, and   at   his  death   his
fe.tatewill receive  from   the  company
1(100,000 in cash.   As Mr. Tarbet is yet a
Icomparatively young man. with, according to the mortuary tables adopted by
the    life    insurance    companies,    an
^expectancy of life of thirty years, he regards the investment as a wise one.
Bird vs Veith _ Borland.
At Victoria Mr. Justice Drake has delivered judgement in favor of the plaintiffs in Bird vs. Veith & Borland.    He
holds  that   plan tiffs  are  entitled    to
_MI_H3_RCH:^_._lSrT   T__VI__LiO_E^.
-A_s_3iciao_r_:, __. c.     ......
Tweeds, Trouserings, Serges, Winter Goods, etc
Call and inppect our stock.  Good workmanship and moderate charges.    Bepair
ng and cleaning a specialty.   Orders by mail or express pun* tually attended to.
MINERS' SUPPL1LS a specialty.
Tin Shop in connection.
An adjourned meetiiij' of the Board of License
Commis-ioners will be held on Friday, the 21st
day of .Inly 1MW, in the court house, Lllloo«t, at
1 o'clock iu the afternoon to consider the application of John Collum, hotel license, at Sucker
Creek. L. 0. BURNS,
Chief License Inspector,
West Lillooet.
damages to the extent of the profits they
would have earned had the pack train of
mules been delivered in time, and the
amount is fixed by the judgement at
$4,800, which sum, with the cost of tha
action, the defendants will have to pay.
Max O'Rell relates that while he wfl-=
teaching an english scl ool a lady wrote
to the head-master: "Dear Sir: It is our
intention to place our boy under your
care, but before doing so we would like
to know what the social standard of your
school is." To what the head-master
replied; "Dear Madam: So long as
your boy behaves well and his fees paid
regularly, ho inquiry will be in_de about
his antecedents."
A wildly turbulent peasant was once a
witness in a trial before chief baron
O'Giady. The counsel, after pestering
him for some time, put a question to
him which reflected on the witnesses
character. "If ye ax me that again I'll
give ye a kick in the gob!" was tbe
answer. The councel appealed to the
court 6tating that anj answer was neces-
sa-y to his client's case, ending up with
the query: "What would your lordship
advise me to do?" "If you are resolved
to repeat the question," replied the
court, "I'd advise vou to move a little
from the witness."
A certain superintendent wPBSent, not
long ago, to the Standard Oil Company _
works at Whiting to oversee matters.
One morning he discovered an Irishman
laying pipein the customary excavation.
The superintendent has a wonderful command of sulphurous language. S >me-
tbing about the mans work displeased
him, and he suddenly opened up on the
poor fellow with all his heaviest artillery.
But, though he condemned him to perdition in a dozen different ways, the man
in the ditch never so much as looked up.
The superintendent suddenly pulled up
in his wild trade. "See here, my man,"
he roared, "don't you know I am giving
you hell?" The pipe-layer paused.
Slightly turned his head and squinted up
at the superintendent. "An' ain't I
takin' it like a mon?" he asked, quietly.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, - - B. C,
First-class in every respect
Choice  Wines,  Liquors
and Cigars. Sample"
room   free.
Anthony & Robson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.
-/Business established 18<>:l.
General flerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Groceries, Drygoods,
Confectionery, Tin
Goods, Flour, Fruit.
Butcher Shop in Connection.
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGILLIVRA      Proprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.   Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquartersfor stage.
nee, tion.
Stable in con
Mainland Cigar
British Lion
or   Mainland
And be sure thBt each Cigar is branded, otherwise they are not genuine.
They are not only made of the Choicest Tobacco but are of home manufacture, and
should be patronized by ull good citizens.
123 Water Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.
and Contractors
Sole agents:
M. Beatty k sons Dredging Machinery.
Contractors for the design and construction of complete stamp mills, concentration,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments
Peterboro Ont., and Vancouver, B. C.
J M. Mackinnor
Mininq Properties!
Properties Bondeo;
Vancouver. ' B.O'
■ .... ___
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All points in  Cariboo—Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and FridaY.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnished.
Head Office:   ASHCROFT, B. C.
Manufacturing Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Field and Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
All orders by mail and express promptly attended to. All work warranted or
money refunded. If your eyesight is defective call and have your eyes tented free
in the most scientific, way. Spectacles and eyeglasses sent on approval to responsible parties. Tell distance you can read the smallest newspaper print and
age.   We will guarantee satisfaction.   Repairing department a specialty.
Leland House
Corner of Hastings and Granville Streets.        VANCOUVER   B   C
wiM.. __c_v__ciXi_?oi>r. _?_ao_?. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1899.
Geo Hurley made several trips to the
slide this week with passengers.
A McDonald road superintendent, left
Wednesday for a trip to the East Lillooet
on road business.
E. S. Peters, J.P., left Saturday
morning for Bridge river where he will
remain for some time.
H. J. Keary was up from the  slide
Saturday and spent Sunday in town.
J. Letalien's house is going up in goo I
shape and when finished the family
will occupy it.
T. A. Brett returned from McGillivray
creek last Saturday evening where he
had been on a prospecting tour.
In a few weeks quite a number of men
will be employed on Oayoosh creek
which will be a great thing for Lillooet.
James McKivor was up North Fork
Bridge River last week and brought
back some very nice copper specimens as
a result of his trip.
An athletic association is being organized by the young men of the town.
It is a good move and should be helped
Along by all whether able to take part in
athletic sports or not.
A man living a short distance from
town on his way home last Sunday
accosted the postmaster and complained
to him that he had been in town nearly
all day and had been unable to get his
W. H. Slipper who is interested in
mining in this district came up from
Vancouver Tuesday afternoon via
Lytton. He will spend a few weeks in
this section. This week he has been
visiting Coyoosh creeK.
The town was pretty well cleaned of
idle men Wednesday morning. About
thirty were sent out in different places
to work. Some by the road superintendent and others went to work on
Cayoosh creek for Col. Rives.
G. Ward, foreman of *he Lorne group
Went up to tte mine last Saturday morning and will commen.a work at once
with the arrastra. Five men will be
employed and work will go on night and
day. The Lorne will make a good cleanup and repay the owners for their labors.
The men working at the Bend'Or mill
came down last Sa unlay evening and a
few of them have gone to the coast.
They all speak well of the prospects
in the Bridge river and say t hat the Bend'Or has as fine a plant as there is around
this country. The Hamilton Mfg, Co., put
it in and with its skilled workman and
machinery do things satisfactory to its
F. Webb, d.puty sheriff arrived on
Fridays stage and left next day for
Clark's ranch on Pavilion to settle up
some business with him in reference to a
recent lawsuit with F. W. Foster. Ed.
Cairns went out with the deputy sheriff
and will have charge until things are
straightened out. Mr. Clarke has gone
to Ashcroft where in all probabilities
everything will be arranged satis-
James Brady, mining engineer, who
has been looking over the district for the
past couple of weeks left on Tuesdays
stage for the coast. Mr. Brady while
not very communicative is favorably
impres-ed with the mineral prospects
of Lillooet but is not at all pleased with
the trails leading to the different mines
throughout the district. Mr. Brady is
representing Hon. C. H. Macintosh and
his report will be read with interest.
The weather the past few days has been
a little cooler than heretofore although
plenty warm enough.
Archie Tharvage who has been work-
1 ing at Bridge River for several weeks
came down last Friday evening.
Four Chinaman went up Bridge River
this week to burn charcoal and whipsaw
lumber on Cadwallader.
Messrs. R. B. Skinner, J. M. Mackinnon and R. H. Wood left by stage Tuesday morning via Lytton for Vancouver.
James and W. Brett and James Row-
bottom returned from a weeks trip up
Cayoosh creek where they had been
staking claims.
Col. G. T. Rives, W. H. Slipper and a
couple men who have been employed on
Cayoosh creek returned with Hurley's
stage Tuesday afteri oon.
Mrs. Appleyard who has been visiting
relations here for the past few days left
on Tuesday morning stage for Ashcroft
and will continue on her journey to
In another column will be found an
advertisement from the PePiam Nursery
Co., Toronto, Ont. This is a good opportunity for some one wishing to enter into business with a good firm.
0. T. Diamond left yesterday for the
old B. 0. group of claims to remove t><e
tools, implement, and powder from the
claims. Col. Rives is the purchaser and
the goods will be removed to his camp at
Tbe political situation in this province is about the same as last week.
Nothing having transpired or will until
the arrival of the lieutenant-governor
from Atlin. There are reports of coalition
but it is only talk.
It has been decided that a male teacher
will he hired for the Lillooet school and
we learn that one of the applications received has been accepted. The new
teacher is a young man with first-class
Mr. C. O'Halloran and Mrs. O'Hal-
loran made a trip to New Westminster
last week on business and pleasure. Mr
O'Halloran is one of the successful
Pavilion farmers and is well known
throughout the country.
The bridge for the hydraulic pipe line
at the Fountain is almost completed and
Mr. Southard is waiting for bolts, etc. to
complete i\ The pipe line ia being laid
and everything has worked very satisfactory. The bridge is supported by two
uteel cables and three feet wide with a
■pan of about 300 feet. On the sides are
guys jo that the wind will not effect i*.
We expect shortly to give a detailed
account of the work done by Mr.
Road Men at Work.
This week Road Superintendent McDonald sent out several gangs of men in
different sections to clean up and repair
the roads and trails in bad places. T.
Haris is up Cayoosh creek repairing the
road, T. Pettet is on tbe Lytton road and
J. F. Gibson left yesterday for Bri lge
River where he will comment e at Jack's
landing and work along at different
points as far as Sucker creek. Each of
these men have from three to five men
with them and have orders to go ahead
and put the trails in condition as soon as
It is about time that something was
being done and the government has at
last taken a tumble and given orders for
this work.
Established 1886.
Incorporated 1895.
The Athlete Association.
The baseball outfit arrived last Saturday afternoon and the young men of
town have had a couple practices this
week. Word has been sent to Ashcroft
that the Lillooet team will play them at
Martley's in the course of a couple of
Tuesday evening a meeting was held
by those interested and it was decided to
organise an athletic association. A committee was appointed to solicit the town
and ste what encouragement they could
get from the citizens and also the number of members. The committee will
report at a meeting tomorrow evening
and it will then be decided what can be
done in tbe way of organization.
During this week quite a number of
men turned out and helped clear the
vacant lots in the east end of town for
athletic purposes.
A Good Business
A first-class salesman wanted to represent us in Lillooet, B. C. and vicinity for
the sale of hardy fruit trees, ornamental
trees anil shrubs.
Over 600 acres under cultivation. We
grow varieties of sto< k especially adapted to British Gdnmhia, all stock accompanied by Government certificate of inspection, and guaranteed free from blemish of any kind. Write for terras to the
N.B.—We have other territories not
covered, applications solicited.
LUIooet, U. Ci
Notary Public, Accountant and
Mlnlnu   Broker!
Reports on Mining Properties.
_a_. tt_f_fo_r,:d,
VANCOUVER, - - - - B. C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for fine work. Leave your orders with
the postmaster who will have it attended to as
well as if you came nersonally.
Wl-olenale    and     Retail   of   Ivigl-t
and Heavy Hariiess.
Saddles, Vehicles, Saddlery Hardware, and
Harness Leather.
Quotations by mail forwarded on application.
412 HASTINGS ST., Vancouver, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that all pre-emptors or
purchasers of Crown lands from whom the purchase money remaining unpaid on such lands
is overdue, are required to make full payment
of such balance, together with interest thereon,
if any is due, within twelve months from the
date of this notice, failing which their records
or agreements concerning such lands are liable
to cancellation, as provided bv section S8 of the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works.
Lands and Works Department, Victoria, B. C.
2-nd June, 189?.
Wholesale and Ketail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill Supplied]
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors' and Lumber Supplie
Agents for The Giant Powder Co.. San Francisco. ,|
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Good,j
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc.
a-___3_t_T__ii-R^_.Xj   _]_v_:_E3_E^O-H:^-IsrT, j
Miners Supplies/
XilLIiOO-E!T, ~i. O-
Branch Store at Bridge Kiver where a]
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.Gj
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty.
-_BA.IiT_S:  02T-
THE ASHCROFT BRANCH is the most convenient Bank for Lillooet and al]
places in the Cariboo district. Money received on deposit. Drafts issued aud collections mad*;
in any part of Canada, Great Britain and the United States.
Gold E>M_t and Amalgam Purchased
theTshcroft drikTcompany]
Brick Block, next to Bank of B. N. A., Ashcroft, B. C,
A large and well assorted stock of New
Goods.    Prices reasonable.
•_ •
Special attention to orders by mail.   Let us know what is wanted or what i»J
the trouble, and medicines, etc., will be promptly forwarded.
03TDr. Clarke's office at the store.


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