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The Prospector May 2, 1903

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■ -€iM. ur//-. ■
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Ljt--."-v'"••_i.'gyj-'?"''■•'"''*v'-" >-.. *'f" *"--•'■!.•'
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.__   (••wWr^S'^^^j^S^",f*
iw&*-!jt^. .:._««■ ■•■" «w ■*• -syftws
■_•_ • .-*is_i
p£T •
*^**-fc''--f%$-^-^-^l^i* ___-?_*
_j_t ---S
JR.■ _e_z7_z£giv*&
»*■ JJ_riBt*!;-'i<~P ^SaT ___,
*>♦♦•-*^ i -:>-ir,i_L_BE
____»< * ^2_m_W(
foi. 5. No. 41.
$!.00 a year.
i i
fie Hon. J. D. 1'rentire, Minister of
~nce, haa issued an official rinu
(letter, together with a litnfquests to the mine owners of the Piovitue
lirder to ol*tain reliable informatioii
Iwluch to base a new system of mine
l.ttion. . ...
BtnUers of the original United States
(■el 0' r| oral ion Syndicate, Who pm
Iwenly-five million dollars in ca.h
lieived notice of the dissolution of the
lidieate and of iheir final share of the
lifitH, amounting to 150,000.000 or 200
ir cent.
:atastrophe in Alberta.
J On tlie morning of April 29 a
ferrible volcunie eruption ..took
lln.ee at I'Yaul., Alliertn.;   There
las no warning given of impending disaster.   Tlie   people of tlie
fettle, town went about their occupations as usual.; when suddenly*
lioin the unsuspected   mountain
.rater there cmne a, shower of
I'pck tlmt covered the mine buil-
Jjings ami many of I he libfeew in
town.   All oi the men working
m the outside of the mine were
■killed instantly and "inaiiy others
Tin the houses near the mine   The
(loss of life in estimated at 100.
Somali tatid
The British troops iu Somali-
laiid have uo easy task. Already
the liritish forces have suffered
serious reverses,- aud although
there is uo douht about the final
issue, yet most serious fighting
is now anticipated.
The r-i-fxi.ltlps of the expedition
will begin when it enters the bush
country. The tall, light-skinned,
tiamiaome, lithe Somali chief with
his spear and onyx-skin circular target is a curious contrast to the
strong, dark Midgaan. with his bow
and wooden .quiver of little poisoned
arrows, which are deadly enough to
kill an elephant in three hours. Tho
former is a great belieier in charms
and horoscopes, and generally wears
an amulet in the form of a verae' of
the Koran strapped to his arm or
neck. He love* a draught of the
melted fat ©f a sheep's tail, and aa
long as he has plouty of "ghee," or
clarified butt..', with his rice and
dates, he is happy. The latter is
simply a barbarian and prefers meat
more or less raw. Thc Somali "ponies are wonderfirty good and hardy
little animals, but are very badly
Vreated by their owners. They are
much superior to the A rot) for use in
Somaliland, ns they do well on the
grass there and require no grain,
which is unobtainable in the interior
until you get very far inland.
Drop rr«_«~~«_.t.     ..;
"When you have a great rMorm to
carry out, for God's sake drop precedent for the moment and come dowu 1
U bu_ine_e."—Lord l.vaebery.
Soma   Uem~.rkt.blu   Lave*  lu  Mew  South
Wale*. Australia— Exploration 1»
Now Systematic.
About seventeen miles from Goul-
burn, thc metropolis of the southern
portion of New South Wales, is the
somewhat pictui c~>qu_ township of,
i~ungonia, pleasantly situated on the
bank of a wide creel-, which, with
three others—the \'a«]ua, Spring*
Pond, and Terrara—Wiiliin a short
distance of each other, as~i t in making the district one of an exceptionally fertile character. Many parts of
the district arc auifcroue, and some
day will be found richly productive.
The Marulan country, in which Bun-
gonia is situated, has long been regarded as one of the future eentres
of the'gold mining industry in the
state'. In Tiome plates the limestone
furinations are uf' considerable ex-
tent,'and fri the masses of limestone
rock, at some points yielding marblei
equal' to any imported from Italy,
that ofctained .rom thc vicinity , of
Marulan township being unsurpassed
in beauty etnd equality aie several
groups -of cavt?,.of. whi(~h only a portion have been explored*.
Sy~tcms_li«. Kxplni-ation.
Practically, the work of exploration was not' systematically Com-'
meuced until within the last few
yeai.a, owing to the dangerous character, of-the undertaking, ^ii-itors be^
ing.Content with entering thi' mouth
of what-may be regarded as the principal cave system,' pic inft' into the
murky darkness boyond. Tlie entrance chamber, the roof of which is
about 80 feet above the ground, is
known as the belfry, from ils conical shape. From here a sliuit, some
160 feet, in depth, ie descended by
means of a windless and rope, the
water-worn and polished appearance
of the subs ..of the ~haft bearing evidence to the ehasm having been periodically at no distant date the
scene of an immense subterranean
waterfall. Proceeding along one of
two passages a eouple of large chambers are traversed, after which, passing a distance of SOO feet, two more
chambers, Oiled with beautiful stalactites, are entered. Beyond here the
cave opens out into what may .. be
termed an immense natural tunnel at
least 300 feet im length, and, in
places, 100 feet in h.i_ht, and 60
feet in width.
The side walls are vertical, and the
roof semi-circular, tho whole, »n account of the smooth and true surfaces everywhere presmtcd, bearing
the appe. ranee of having been ehia-
eled.out by man. At this point'the
led out by man. At this point the
Work of exploration has ceased for
the present. The second passage,
running from the bottom of the
shaft, although not very extensive,
contains some interesting stalug-
mitic basin-like growths. which
have formed in a series of terraces
on the lower portions of the walls
and floor, and, as would appear to
bo very frequently the case, each row
nf basins is filled with pure water,
which, dripping into the next series,
and so on till it reaches the lower
depths, presents a pretty sight.
Another lirnl Cave.
Another eave formation in the same
neighborhood has also been partially
explored. It is entered through an
opening in the face of the rock, about
200 feet above the base, the entrance, .from twenty to forty feet in
height, and averaging ten feet in
width, extending p. distance of nearly 1,000 feet. F'.'oiu the same landing a rough, craggy chasm and water extend easterly nearly 1,200 feet,
the roof being at a. height of from
thirty feet to one hundred feet, Here
are, to be seen myriads of stalactites,
of nil shapes, several being over ten
feet in length. For a distance of
.00 feet there are a series ot drops
of from four to Ave feet **'
a descent   of    sixty' feet necessitates j
the use of a rope.*t. Another Water-|
course    joins Jvere. |; Stalactites    are j
stilt     observable on all  Sides.      The
height of this portion varies     from
forty 'to one hundred feet, and     the j
width to forty feet?' Descending another drop of twenty feet,  and trav--
eling m a northerly direction     600
feet,    with   a     eonlinual' downward
al.ipe, the most spacious and beaiiti- I
ful chamber of the- series is seen. The
height is not less than 130 feet', with ■
a width of     sixty feet.    The arched '
roof   of  _h"e   cave is of' smooth blue
limestone,   with • veins o'f White marble running through    in' every direc- '
ti_n.    There are "numerous very   re-1
markable bunches of stalactites,  and
a large fossil, res milling a licivupine, !
is visible at a'distance of 150 feet.   I
it. r.il.t.11. Water Hindus.
A beautiful, stream of water-passes
through the cave;' forming on the
floor basins, of all shapes and sires,. j
l.etweeii. two and "three"thousand feet
farther on small-caves are reached. I
giving evidence of great bodies -of,
water having pr.P-~.il through. About,
three miles from tho liungonia caves j
and six-miles frou' Jfnr.!art, *_.ro tl.e
Terrara eaves. •" The month ;,of. the
cave or entrance i" ix well-shaped opening, jarge.-enough to ~ admit of two
poisons entering together. ... from'
he e the pa~.S~.ge dr- fends at a steep
'incline to the firs! cave, of compara-
t'-iely sin-ill ti-p, rrom-"which a further descent leads to a lofty iha.'i-
Irtjr, niftdo iiji i f imnie «j )rtsrgcd
roc s wedged tn ether above nntl below, ad ont dning a few s niimcns
.if a discolored cliape.iy-H'r.e sulii-
tite formation. From this .h'«mb<-
cn assent of i-tbt feet i-: made over
a growth of stalagmite, resembling a
canopy, when ~i pass, ge, hearing
north about this ty feet-in. hri {lit by
three feet in width, is -entered.. The
walls ofV this passage are biittress-
shared, cr.*s alii zed, and epxered
with a pretty coml like formation. '
Selact I; a.liiiL -*>r Anm-KatlauUtK.
Note: ,Th« following selections from
papers of the southern States appear
in connection with an Article. In The
Olobe of the da'e above mentioned,
and entitled "Select Heading for
Annexationists." '
Slaves—Slaves. The undersigned
keeps constantly on hand a well assorted lot of slaves for sale. We will j
receive and sell slave* for our friends
on commission. We will pay cash for .
20 or 25 slaves. We invite .our
fiiends and the public generally to
give us a call when they have business in our line, O. F. Hatches &
Co'y, l'J5 (Jravicr street.
Slaves for Sale. An exceedingly
line assortment of Virginia .and
Maryland negroes aro. offered Ifor salo,
corner of ' Ksplnnade and Moreau
streets. They were purchased with
care, hate just arrived, and will give
general satisfaction to. buyers. W.
L. Campbell, Slaters old Stand.—
From The Globe of Jan. 27, 1853.
Not-1 W«yi of ButIuk Stnrk.
The latest way of selling stock ie
by measuring with dollar hills. The
other day a cow was sold in this
manner and the prico determined by
measuring around the animal's body
by .51 bills. It only required 11
bills to encircle the cow, and now
thi re is one man in,East Flamboro
who will never sell that way again.
Another game is tp offer to buy a
horse for the amount of money required to measure it from the tip of
the nose to thc end of the tail, but
instead of measuring up over the
)iead and along the back, the horses
tail is drawn forward between his
hind legs and his head backward
between his forelegs, and it is found
that the distance between the nose
and the tail can sometimes be cover- j
ed by one bill^      _.__ I
A tea on lu Her   l.f« for Cuuariiana Who
ctay nt H.in#.
If Madame Albani tlye wns a great
singer, she is s.ill a gieat m skh.n,
devoted to the upli.ting and aggrandizement of her art. So true i~s
the inspiration of her artistic feeling
that she does not hesitate to bi ing
in her train voices which .are fie ti
and ..full, clear and true, without one
thought that they may furnish a
contrast, to her own—a contrast
which would be avoided by a won.an
of .less great fibre than the prima
donna, Whose modest demeanor has
endeared her to thousands of .those
struggling in tho musical profession.
Theie is much concerning the life:
Of Albani which has never beta published, and will never "be published,
which would prove of great interest
^0 'Canadians. possibly no artist
has ever obtained such a 'world-wide
reputation as Albani for qaalit ei
w"hich have made her the pride of the
race from which she sprung. The fact
that she took :the name 'of'Mbany,
frojn which city in the United States
^she received he.r first serious aid in
her subsequent'Cn.eer, points-to "€!_•
fact that gratitude is i,no _pf .her
many virtues. ~ _7iis ought -to.bq a
lesson to Canadians'to i-eep a look'-'
out for all possible means of-helping
their nfttive-born artists in the future', Fays The Toronto News. But
the one most charming aspect of Albani s character is the retention-' of
that modesty of demeanor which he-
conventual t.aitiing had so thoroughly instilled. One cannot be in her
presence for any time without recog-
ni ing that, grout am is the artht,
the strength of her honest womanly
attributes is greater. She has curiied
unsullied, through all the difficulties
of a long musical career and through
all the '_knotiunal pitfal's which surround the artist in grand opera, the
reputation of that ex e'lent type of
Frenli-Oanadian woman who is upright in every action of her private
and public lif<\ without a taint of
prudery or Puritanism, who has all
the tact and finesse necessary to
make her a welcome guest in social
gatherings in every part of the
world, and who yet carries under her
C'oak of spantaniety and gsiaty the
veritable chain ai-nicr" of the -"elf-respecting,   spiritually-minded   woman.
■Jok—» •■ Lover*.
The opinion has * been expressed
that one reason wny there are so
many old bachelors in- Ontario is because of the uerision that a man
meets with when it is known that he
is nbout to marry and the ordeal o_
going away in a shower of rice, perhaps with a "shivaieo" as a welcome
home. In the cities it is uot so bad,
for people can get married and few
know il. In country pine s practical
jokers are always getting in their |
fine work on young fellows who go
courting. Tho following is from 'lhe
Uxbiidgc Journal, and illustrates
the point:
"The boys in this country   dearly i
lOve a joke, espe lully  if it   happens
to be on some ycung fellow from   a
distance who invades their neighborhood on a courting expedition.    This i
was the cuse  recently  in     the    Pino i
Grove neighborhood, where a   young!
man from town had the wheels of his
buggy changed and his (ints crossed, |
But a young man    from the country
(Glen Major  district)  fared  worse in
town on fair night, his horse and rig
having* been appropriated in toto.   It
Was returned  to  the hotel shed    before    morning,    but  the   young man
and his girl were under the necessity
of hunting up sleeping quarters with
friends    in    town    at a  late     hour.
These practical jokes sometimes    result unpleasantly for all parties concerned, and  it would be well   if   the
funny   people   would find somo    less
annoying    way of    exhibiting    their
hutnor." .
China ivi'iis..-*  lo kiiirender to
Russian demands iu  Manchuria.
Germany will retaliate against
Canada'* tariff discrimination iu
Tlie militia have heen called out
to protect non-union dock wer*
in Montreal. (J real disorder prevails.
The British Government has.
signed an agreement with tlie
Morgan Shipping combine.
. A t'oive-uf Tiiikjsh troops made
an innefectiial attempt to Cross
the Russian frontier yesterday.
Extensive preparations have
been made in Paris for the reception of King Edward who was
expected to arrive yesterday.
Andrew Carnegie has promised
|!()00,00,0 to the Tuskeoe Institute, which is presided over hy
Hooker Wiislpngl on I'or the practical education of negroes.
The Cruiser Retribution ha*
been ordered from Halifax to the
West. Indies with war stores, on
ifccoii.it of threatened rising at
.iclibisliop Buchresi, of Montreal, has issued a circular to the
Catholics of t.ui.t city, condemning the unions and declaring the
labia* leaders to be most dangerous foes of society.
For the purpose of encoli'aging intercolonial trade, a postal
arrangement has lieenentered into between Canada and Jamaica
to exchange all mail at Canadian
internal rates of postage.
or ludy in chcIi roiituy lo iniiunKe business for
nn ol<! .MM-Unlit- limine of unlnl lliiiincial stand
iiiK. A Ktmlglu, biiiui title cimli salary ot $18,00
pali*. by etieck each Wednesday wiih all expenses direct from headquarters, Money advanced f*>r expenses.
Manager, 340 Caxtou lliilldlng, Chicago.
lload our special
offer on tlie
third page. Till.  r!;OS.M-l.T(.:\ I.lLI.(.i ET, IV0., MAV 2.  1903.
THE PROSPECIOH Is tlie only paper pub-
li.li..! in the Lillotict District, and is nil home
Subscriptions: One Dollar a vearin advance,
Advertising rates made known on application.
Correspondence Is Invited on all mailers uf
public or Ideal interest. All communications
must lie accompanied by tlio name ot llie
writer, bill m>i necessarily for publication.
V/H B.JRv'1-l --'.vi i-,.1 [iii raflfiR
System in Operation
The completion of lhe water
system marks a most important
event in.the history of Lillooet.
It is but a. short time since the
supply of water for the town was
conveyed in a ditch along the
mountain slope during the summer months,and was not always
cleur. and nearly always warm.
In the winter months the supply
was carried from the creek to the
houses in barrels or buckets.'Today all one has to do is to turn
a tap indoors and receive an unlimited supply of pure, cold water
whenever desired.
Mr. S.A. Macfarlane has kept
bis promise to have the work
completed for use by the first day
of May. and at 7 o'clock last
Thusrilay morning turned lhe
valve that let the precious liquii
into the street main and thence
into the pipes that lead to the
residences and business houses of
the town.
The system worked perfectly
from the first, the wuter coming
with great force and regularity,
owing to the high altitude of the
source of lhe supply.
By a system of gate valves and
safety cocks Ihe pressure iu the
main may be increased or lessened at will, and by the placing of
hydrants at suitable points lire
protection is afforded.
Mr. Macfarlane has spared no
expense to make the system up-
to-date and lb tit-class in every
respect. The pipe has heen placed below the possible leach of
frost and the people are assured
of a bountiful supply of water in
their homes throughout the year.
The comfort of the wuter system, to the people of Lillooet, is
so apparent that it would be superfluous to enlarge upon the'ad-
vaatages of thisiniportant work.
Careful planning, energy and
resolution have characterized
every step in connection with the
undertaking, and the benefits
which the town will derive from
its completion cannot be overestimated.
abO-2JZ First AveM^W iW^01.^.4^
■■: ■A';'':y:h: "■■■ '  WRITE;*- f8rfVC.^tJLARS'^ ":r:"W:{ /i
K:_I   <s-__'«_l  Ftf-iM  _. .IVW _V_ \__*>__
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles ; and tre plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every  pocketbook,  and  every taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in ell kinda of guna.
_-_>_-_-    Send name ind address on ■ Poital
. Met.    toroiir 164-p~_. Illustrated CiUlog.
Asthmalene brings instant relief and permanet
Curs   In   All   Cases.
mnr \ \\m\Arvm.Y mm on Ri.eE.ii*rpK iiosfTA_
T li e r t.    i h    no t li . ii |f   1 i k .. A .
n it I e Ii.t'.•      1 t    I'  r i h v' *■     i ii - >
rt-1 i e f ,     eve n   i ii     ibe     «• «>
ini.ri,     It   I'liii'M   when   nil   <•!-- f,tj
The  Rev.   C.  V.   .VKl.l.S,   ol   Villa   Kit]
111.,   snys:    " Vour   liinl   lotlle  ol  Am1iiihi;
received in good cuinn'ticn.    I cannot   tell
Ilow 11 in ilk. fill   1   feel for llie  good derived fl
it.    I   was   a slnve,   chained   wiih   put iul  si
throat ami Asllnun for  leu yens,    i  des'piTi
of ever lii-ini; cured.    I saw your ,-idvertiseiiJ
lor   llie  cure of litis dreadful  and   tornienl
disease,    Asllnna,   and   '.thought you  had   n|
spoken   yourselves,   Iml   resolved    lo  give
I rial.    To   my astonishment, the 'rial acted
a cliiiim.    Send me a full-sixe  lioltle."
I*_v.    1 >r.    VLorrlaf   \V-CI»sler
1st.. 1.1 ii  of tlie Coil};.   Kind   Israel.
New   Vork, Jan.   3.    1901.
DK8. TAI'T   B.t<)_.'   MI.IH.'INK   Ct).,
(jeiilleineli:    Vour   Asilimaleiie   is
excellent   remedy for   Asthma and Hay  l-'eJ
and   its citmpo'siHon alleviates all Irollliles «li|
combine with Asthiha.     Its success is astonish!
.nul   wonderful.
1.11}zed,   we   can stale  that    Asilnnalene   contail
eiher. Very tiuly yours,
i.l.V.  DK.  MOU'UIS   VV!•*__.ISLKK.
The Mad Mullah in Suiiiitliliiiitl
{►{lined I i title hy the sin lighter of
iidetncliiiieii. oflhe Iliitisli force
went there. Jle Inn. now been defeated with heavy losses. The
Khiiighte. involved in these little
wnrs seems necessary. Somali-
hind under British institutions
will compare favorably .with the
Mullah's rule.
Publishers' Announcement.
Owing* to the strike of freight
handlers at Vancouver the paper
ordered by us four weeks ago
has not yet come to hand, consequently we now depend on local
supply. A communication from
Vancouver asm res us that the
delay has been unavoidable, and
we may expect the paper ill time
tor next issue.
NOTICE is hereby given that au application will be made by the Canada Central
kailway Conipany lo tlio l'arliamenl of Canada at the nexl session thereof for an Act
giving the said Company power to  construct
iml operate the following lines from or in
connection  with  the main line of the said
1- From Rome point at or near
Sudbury in the I'rovinee of Ontario to a poinl
at or near Scotia Junction; ificnce southerly
lo a point at or near balsam or Sturgeon
Lakes i.i the townships of Itoxley, Verulani
or Fenelon, continuing southerly to lhe City
of Toronto.
2- From some point on the
main line iu the District of Keewalin or in
District of Sackatchewan. to I'ort Churchill
on Hudson's Bay.
3*- A continuation of its main
line from Tels Juan Cache by way of the
The Thompson anil Fraser River valleys 10
Vancouver, or New Westminster.
4-- From some point on the
Thompson Uiver or some of its tributaries to
VVaddiiigton Harbor or Hllte Inlet.
5- From a point near the old
site of Fort Assiniboia to some poinl on the
I'eace River and westerly to the Portland
Canal on the Pacific.
6, From some point on the main
line of said Railway at or near the Montreal
River in the Province of Ontario easterly to
some point on the (Jatineau River in the
Province of Quebec.
And to exercise with regard to
such lines all the powers and privileges given to the said Company by its Act of Incorporation.
DATED at Toronto this 10th day of
January, 1903.
Johnson & Falconbridge.
Solicitors for ihe applicants.
Snbscribefor The Prospector.
A. rt .-(ni/ini   iml  ii'it'porHiy   1 fi'ei I"
reader-of ibi-i ;>ap.r, wh will mail Tjik
I'.BMC 10 person- who are iml now .nli-
.ciibpr., for ten wpck« for ten centf.
Tub Pubi ic ia a $2, 16-psi~e weekl. Ke>
view for democratic D« rnoeratfi «' d democratic R-pnlilicHii*: it* opinion* '<
exp'etseJ without teui or f. v* r; it (jive
an interesting and council.d weekly
if all Liat'orical nts*'. ; it'always has ed-
Itoiials worth Bluiiy.ing,a cartoon worth
seeing, book nol ices' -*»ortii leading, a.id
miscellaneous matter both xalunlile _n.:
interesting; and il is liked by intelligent
women as well as by intelligent men
The editor is Loni. F. Post. Send tev
cents in silver or stamps for ten wek's
trial. All sim-r. iptiunsii.t- paid strictly
in advance, and upo 1 expiration I In-
paper is promptly et-i-peil unless subscription ie renewed. Mention this pa pel
Address: THE PUBLIC,
IJ nil v  Building, OlIiCAGO, li.l,.
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
'J.mt-i- Hie Invited lor llie whole nf llie
properly, including Crown (i.milctl claims,
null site, OyKiilil- mill, f\;apn_liy .;. lo A0 ions
daily), IraniWHy, iinshj- itfllee, liilioiiitory Hint
liilleqllipineul, of lhe Toronto I.iiiooet liolil
Keels Coin puny Llmiieil. sltiniie In lhc I'lllooel
ilistriet of Kriilsli I'ollltllljlHj ilielmliiiK the
Ample, IVhide, Moinir.h 11 ml Welland Vale
mines which are Crown giimled, nlsn the
North SUr, tiohleii stripe, Uolileu Kiigle. Ituby
Hiid jumbo mineral claim, in tlie snme (list-
rict, togellier with 11 mil stump mill, machine
ill-ills nml other equipments. Cash lenders for
the whole •property are requested but
off irs for working options or for portions
of the property will bu considered, From the
former group OAO Ions of ore hus been milleil,
With ail assay value approximating fiu.oo to
111.00 Wagon road from Kuilrond to mill. The
whole of Die above will bear looking into aud
Investigation hiio- are an exceptionally important and valuable group of claims with full
working equipment. Full parliculsrs mav be
had 011 application to Kdgar llloomfield
l.iqnliliiior. v. o. linx vis, Vancouver K 1:.
Avon SI'KiNiis,  N.   V.   Feb. 1, 1901,
Dr. Tai'i   1.1..1...   Mkiucink i'o.
Cicifdi-iiH-n: write  this lesUuionial   I'loin   a   sense oi duly,  having lesied ti
wonderful effect of your A .thii.dene, for ihs cure of Asthma. My wife has beJ
afl'ieled vnih sJMsniodi.c asllnna for the past 12 years. Having exhausted iny ovl
skill as well as iii it of many others, I chanced to see your sign upon your wil
hows on 1.50 street. New Vork. I u.tonc. obtained a bollle of asilnnalene.' My wif
yoninieiic.ed lul.iug li .11 <,m the liist of November. 1 veiy soon noticed a indicl
liiipiovemeiu. ,\|(er Using one holl|e her asthma had disappeared and she is entire!
lice from nil symptoms. I feel lhat I can consistently recommend the ntedicil]
lo    all    who   are   nll'iicled   wilh   this   distressing   disease.    V'ours    respectfully,
O. I).  I'lllCLI'S,  Mi I}
Dk.  Tai'T Ukos.  Miciiicini. Co. I'eb. 5. 1901.
(ieml-nteh:    I   was    Irinililed    with   Asthma   or  22  years.    I have tried minieroul
remedies,  but   they  have  all  failed.    I   ran across yonr adverliseuient and  started will
a   trial   bottle.    I found  relief at once.    I have  since  purchased your full sized bottle1
iuid   I am   ever  grateful.    1 have   a family  of  four  children,  and for  six   years wa
unable   10   work.    I  am   now  in   the  best of health   and   am  doing   business everJ
day.    This  tesliiuony you can make such use of  as you see lit.
Home address, -15,   Uivington street. S.    Raphael,
67 Fnsi 129th st.,  Ncw  Vork City.
fl fidfi fi  fi fi
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postalj
Do   not delay.    Wiile at once,   addressing  Dit.  TAKT  HMOS' MliDlCINI. CO.,
79 Kast  130th  Sl.;,   N.   V. City.
Sold by till Bruggists.
Subscribe for The "Prospector"
$1-00 per annum.
I.ILl.OOEt AM) lUtlDUI. lUVKU ST0ltl_S.
c3-_Ei_TEie.~A.x_,   ~i^~E]_Rc_H:A._i_>ra?
Miners Supplies/
lilliliOOS-r, T3.IC
Branch Store at Bridge Eiver where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C OS I Ki TO! . UU 0'- ET, P 0.   MAY 2. 1903.
ATiflyloss Scandal If
Author of "The Little Minister," "Auld Licht Idylls," *A
Window in Thrums,'' Etc, Etc
|y, lads, just listen, nnd ye'll he»_r how
' came about as the gate opened wide,
Javer to eloso again.''
'Ye had the ~tuff In ye, though,"
lookabotityou would say, "and therefore,
J.ju of opinion that ye've been a humor
|~t frae the   cradle."
"Littlo you   ken  about   It,"   Haggart
I.ould   answer.    "No  doubt   I   had the
Juaterlal   cf   humor  in   me, but it was
raw.   I'm thinking cold water and  kail
^»nd carrots and a   penny   bone are  the
aaterials broth is made of."
"They are, they are."
"Ay, but It'g no broth till It boils.'*
"So it's no. Ye're rlcht, Tammas."
"Weel, then, It's the same with humor.
■Considering me as a humorist,   ye micht
■say thnt when my  travels   began  I hod
■put mysel' on the fire to boll."
Not having a Haggart head on my
I.boulders I dare not attempt to <ollow
■the explorer step by step during his
l-vanderings of the next live mouths. In
I that time he journeyed through at least
I ont! country, unconsciously absorbta*
I every thing that his conjurer's wand
I could turn to humor when the knack
I earn- to him. This admission he has
1himself: .lgned In conversation.
"Ay," he said, "I was like a blind
J beggar in these days, and the dog that
lied me ly u string was my Impulses."
1 Most of us let this pass, with the reflection that Haggart could not have rail
I It in his pre-humorous days, but Snecky
Hobart put in hi* word.
' Ye were -.nnlly like the blind beggar," he said, "lor yo didna carry a
tanker for folk to put bawbees in."'
Sneoky explainer! afterwards that he
only spoke to give Haggart an oppprtnn
ity. It was, indeed, the way of ull of us,
when we si.w an opening, to coa_ Tammas into it. So sportsmen of another
kind can point out the hare to their
dogs, and confldently await results.
"Yo're wraug, Snecky," replied Haggart.
As over, before shooting his bolt, he
then paused. His mouth wns op™, an..
.o hail the appearance of a man hearken
ing intensely for some oommuitioation
from below. There were those who went
the length of hinting that on these oeott.
siom; something Inside jumped to his
mouth and told him what to say.
"Yes, Snecky," he   said at last, "ye're
wrang.    My   mouth waa tho tanker, and
the  folk I met had all to pay toll,  as ye
m_y say, for they  dropped   things   into !
my mouth   that  my  humor turns to as !
i-UCkle   ancount  us   though  tiiey  were '
bawbc«j. I'm no sure—"
"Thorp's no many things ye're no sure
of, Tnminas."
"And this is no one of thein. it's just
a form of expression, and it* yo Iniemfp.
me a.ain, Sneoky Hobart, I'll s<-yu sarcastic thing about you that iusr-ant. What. I
I was to say was that I'm no sure but j
wh.it a humorist swallows everybody
Whole that he falls in with." '
The impossibility of telling <>verytbin« ''
that befell Haggart in "his wanderings is I
best proved in his own words:— '
"My adventuros," he .aid, "was so
surprising thick that when I cast them
over in my mind I'm like a man in a
corn-field, and every stalk of corn an
adventure. Lads, it's uselesss to expect
me to give you the history of ilka stalk.
I wrax out my left hand, and I grip
-.ainothiiig, namely, an adventure; or I
wras out my right hand and grip something, namely, another adventure. Well,
ky keeping straight on In ony direction
we wade through adventures till we get
out of the field, tliat Is to sny, till we
land back at Thrums. Ye say my adventures sounds different on different nlchts.
Vi-ciaely, for it all depends ou which
directum 1 splash off In."
Without going the length of saying
that Haggart splashed more than, was
necessary, I may perhaps express regret
that he never saw his wuy to clearing up
certain disputed passages in his wanderings. I would, I know, be ill-thought of
among the friends who survive him if I
stated for a fact that ha never reached
London. There was a general wish that
he should have taken London in his
travels, and If Haggart had a weakness
It was his reluctance to disappoint an
audience. I must'own that lie trod down
his coin-fleld pretty thoroughly before
his hand touched the corn-stalk called
London, and that his London reminiscences never seemed to mc to have quite
the ulr of reality that filled his recollections of Edinburgh. Admitted that he
confirmed glibly as an eye-witness tho
report that London houses have no gardens (except at the back), it remains
undoubted that Craigiebuckle coafusod
him with the question:—
"What do they charge in Lomion for
half-a-pound of boiling beef and a penny
Ragiwvt answered, hut after a pause,
as if he had forgotten the pClce, which
scarcely Rtreiha   natlir.il.    However,   I do
not say that he was never in ijonuon,
nnd certainly his curious adventures in it
are still retailed, especially one witli au
ignorant policeman who could not tell
him which was the road to Thrums,
and another with the doorkeeper of the
House of Parliament, who, on being
asked by Haggart "How much was to
pay?" foolishly answered "What you
But though I heartily approve the
feeling in Thrums against those carping
critics who would slice bits off the statue
whicli we may be said to have reared to
Haggart's memory, some of the stories
now fondly cherished are undoubtedly
mythical. For instance, whatever Look-
aboutyou may say, I do not believe that
Haggart once flung a clod of earth at the
! Pope. It is perfecriy true that some such
story got abroad, but if countenanced by
Haggart it was only beeuuse Chivsty had
her own reasons ior wanting him to
stand well with the Auld Licht minister.
Often Haggart was srf.l iu hi.t own presence to have had adventures iu such
places as were suddenly discovered by
us in the newspapers, places that had
acquired a public interest," say, because
of a murder; and then he neither agreed
that he had been there nor allowed that
1 he had not.   Thus it la reasonable to be-
i lieve that his less discriminating admirers
splashed out of Haggart's corn-field into
some other body's without noticing that
• they had crossed the dyke. His silence at
those times it a little aggravating to hie
chronicler now, but I would be the first
to defend is against detractor*. Unquestionably the length of time during which
Haggart would put his under lip over
the upper one, and so shut the door on
words, was one of the grandest proofs
of his humor. However plentiful the
water in the dam may be, there are occasions when it is handy to let down the
(tin* ■-
1 the more readily grant  that certain
of tho  Haggart stories  may  have  lieon
plucked from the wrong   field-,   because
there still remain a  sufficient number of
authenticated ones to fill the   mind with
rapture. A statistician could tell how far
they would reach round  the  world, sup-
posing they were represented ny  a brick
' apiece, or how long   they   would take to
pass through a doorway on each   other's
heels. We never attempted to count them.
Being only   average   men   wo could uot
conveniently carry beyond a c-rtuin number of   the   stories   about   with us, and
thus many would doubtless now  be  lost
were It not that some of  us  loaded ourselves with one lot and others   with   another.    Each had his favorites, and Haggart supplied   us   with   the   articlo   we
wanted, just  as if he  and   wo   were on
opposite sides of a counter.    Thus   when
we discuss him now wa   may  have  new
things to tell of him j nay,even the descendants of his friend- are worth listening to
j on Haggart, for   the   stories   huvo   been
I paRsed on from father to sou.
I     Some enjoyed most   his  reminiscences
. of how he felt each   time  he  hud to cut
' off another   button.
I "Lads," he said. "I wa.ua unlike a
doctor. Ye mind Doctor Skece saying aa
how thc young doctors at the college
gre.v luint like at first when they saw
blood gushing, but by and by they became so michty hardy that they could
off with a leg as cool as though they
were just hacking ttickaf"
"Ay, he said that."
"Weel, that wus my sensations. When
1 cut oft* the first button it was like
sticking the knife into mysel*, and I
did it in the dark because I hadna the
heart to look on. Ay, tbe next button
.was a stiff job, too, but after that 1 grew
♦vhat yo may call hard-hearted, and its
scarce going beyond the truth to say that
time eamo wheu I had a positive pleasure j
iu sending thu siller flying. I dinna ken, !
thinking tho thing out calmly now, but
what I was like a wild beast drunk
with blood."
"What was the most ye ever spent in a
"I could tell  ye   that,   but  I would
rather ye wanted to ken   what   was  the
most I ever spent in a nicht."
"How inuok-e."
"Try a guess."
"Twa shillings?"
"TWtt shillings!" cried Haggart, with
a contempt that would have been severe
had the coins been pennies; "Say, sax
shillings is noarer the mark."
"In one nicht?"
.    "Ay, In one single nicht."
"Ye must hnve lost some of it?"
"Not a bawbee. Ah, T'nowhead, man,
ye little   ken   how   the   money   goes in
grand   towns.    Them as   livos liko lords
must spend like lords."
"That's reasonable enough, but I
would like to hoar the price of ilka
thlng yo got that nicht?"
"And 1 could tell ye.   What do yo sny
to a shilling and saxpence lor a beit?"
"I say it was un intake."
"Of course it was, but I didna grudge
"Ye didna?"
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers,    -^g^g>
.  As  far back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
] bar, near the town of Lillooet.   The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
the present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000y to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2e Its Promising Mineral Lands,
andki-Son lakh and i.Rii-Gi- KivEii mining properties will prove themselves sufficient-to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-^—-
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here. Mountain s~iee_>, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.*""—*
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Kailway towns are ashckoft and lvtton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
"Prospector" Club Offers,
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
The Manitoba Free Press wilh its weekly Supplement gives .8 pages of reading matter every week   In addition to this, 22admirable
painting reproductions will be given.    For $1.50 we will have the Free Press, lhe 22 paintings and The Prospector sent to you
one year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two beautiful pictures "PURirV" and "ALONE" which are lo be prcsenteil with the Family Herald are 22 x 2S inches  im
size, and are suitable for framing,
..' "•.-; .h  I ■ ,.'
yu     *     *
Tlie Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 30
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
Special* We weVe successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special rate.   We will send you all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, would wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.00. THE  PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B.C., MAY 2,  1903.
,      LOCAL  NEWS.       *
Wm. Brett left for Vat icon ver
lust Tuesday morning.
Two hunting parties arrived in
town this week.
Mr. J-tichards accompanied llie
Abhott fnmil.y to Iiridge Kiver.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Abbott left town
last Monthly for the Bend 'Or
Mr. Babcoek, Fisheries Oonini-
isMioner, arrived in town lust Tu-
Messrs Copland nnd Evans returned to the Ample Mine last
E.^Boll, Indian Agent, came in
from Clinton hist Wednesday
and will visit the Indian reserves
iu the Pemiierton country.
W.   Manson nnd ' have
now three hunting expeditious in
the mountains, and others will
arrive shortly.
A. Swartz and a number of
others were brought up before
Magistrate Phair on the charge
of giving liquor to Indians.
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—is strongly
reooinmended by the medical profession a;
%. a___gu_.d against infectious disease..     „
Mr. A. Lochore,of Lytton Road
has been appointed Director in
the newl.y-organized Farmers Institute for the Lillooet District.
I\ McKenzie, who for .years
past bus been connected with the
dredge work in this section, arrived in town last Tuesday.
The family of Constable Carter
came into town last Monday from
Victoria, and have taken up their
abode in the new building provided by the government, recently.
Mr. and Mrs. CT. Harris enme
down from Tyauchton last Saturday, and, owing to the |h.oi-
health of Mr.. Harris, they will
not return to the Bridge River
country at present.
_ fire commenced in one of the
outbuilding, connected with the
Pioneer Hotel last Sunday evening. A prompt response to the
fire alarm was the only thing
that prevented a big fire.
Now. that the water system is
iu good ru lining order, and the
hydrants ready to be put in, the
general cry is for a-few thousand
feet of hose for fire protection.
The individual householder it*
not disposed to go lo further expense however, us .already the
cost for installation of private
pipes, will, in the aggregate, _.
mount to the cost of the main
pipe, and conseqently as much as
can reasonably be expended.
Some suggest incorporation of
the town at an early dale, which
step would be iu accord with
other progressive B.C. towns.
or ludy in each county lo manage Imsinc.s for
an old established house of solid financial alaurl
inir. A Straight, bona lide cash salary ol $1~,«0
paid by check each Wednesday with all expoii-
~es direct from headquarters. Money advanced for expenses.
Manager, 340 Caxlon IluildIng, Chicago.
Paul Santini,
carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware __c
More than half lhe battle In
cleaning greasy dishes is in the
soap you use. If it's Sunlight Soap
it's the best. <~b
Every household should he
supplied with a hot-water Img
and a fountain syringe.
Nothing aliout the house
comes in so handy in a case
of convalesence or sickness.
They are always ready for use
ant! prove the' most valuable
help to the doctor and patient.
Our special 3quart Hot Water Bottle, guaranteed for one
year from dale ol side, mailed
in any address li»r i(f2,oo. Other
nia~.es from Si.ro up,
G eii eral Hard w are,
Picks and Shovels,
Axes, Hoes __ Hakes,
Bar Jron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Paints, Sic.
1311 lt)S ior Fall or Sprint; planting
Seeds, Plants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster Road, Vancouver, B.C.
% +
Drue* and Medicine*,
_5      Spectacle* and Toilet Requisite*,   >*f\
60  YEARS'
""- Trade Marks
Copvri -H TS ~_C.
Anyone ~eni1ln_ _ ■ketch and description may.
quickly aa-aruuu our opinion fre* w netb. r an
iUT.ntlon ti probably patentable. Communlca-
tloiimtTlctlyriiiitldontl.il. Handbook mi Patent*
sent fro*. OMeat anency for •ecurinc r~.tr Ufa.
I-tent* token through Munn „ Co. receive
tpff iul notice, without ohnruo, in tba
Scientiiie Htwrkni.
A hnnn-omcly lllti-trnt. •! weeklr. I.nr*eat circulation of any aeioialHo journal. Tcrtni, 13 a
year; four mouths, fL Bold by all newsdealers.
Bimi. eh Offlro, fi-tf V Ht. Wftahl.iK ton, I). C.
111 nanus  ai
Mr. VV. V. ALLEN begs to notify his
friends and customers that tl.e l'ioneer Ilu -
et will coutiuue under his management and
direction until further notice. Mr. Allen assures Ilia friends and the travelling publi.
yeneVally that the best of care and attention
will be he-tr.w.d on all' who patronize tlit
Pioneer Hotel.
LilUioi-i, "January, 1903.
l~~.«*t Assyria* ».•„*.
The   well-known   Assy rlnloglat, T>r.
Uii'jn Vilii»:.l_r, hus un-nrtiied and
publimh-d an account of tha legislation promulgated by King Aniraphel
of Babylon, which, so fur aa is
known ut present, waa the first baok
of Inwa Riven t» the wurltl. King
-wiirnph. 1 lived 2,'J*.6 years B.C., and
is ment ion. (I in thc Bible us a contemporary or Abraham, no that his
statute!, were dr~w« up fully flvo
centuries before the laws of Moses.
Th.y number 282, and contain the
following:—If a woman who sella
beveragoa gives bad value for tho
money paid to hor, nhc shall be
thrown into wuter. If a wife be a
spendthrift, or if she otherwiso neglect her duties, her husband nfay
put her uway without compensation
but if a man put away his wife for
no other reason thnn that she has
no children, he ahull return her whole
dowry. If a betrothal be rescinded,
the man shull pay tho womnn compensation. A widow wilh grown-up
children mny not marry aguin without permission from a judge.
i.,— ....   ,   .            .
Drop Pracedant.
"When you havo a great reform to
carry out, for Cod's sake drop precedent for the moment and come down
to business. "—Lord Kosebery.
7_% H.h.n. tackle etc. ttc.                  •"•*&
(f> Mail   Orders    Promptly   Filled
%i ' +
$   CLARI.E & Co.
m      LILLOOET, B.C.  f>
Lillooet, 13. C.
W.F.Allen, Proprietor.
First-Class Hotel in every respect.      Accomoda.
for Eighty Guests.   Large Annex comfortably fi
nished.    Sample Rooms for Commercials.
 All   guests   receive   every  attention.
>§€-—-^O H. C. PARKER,   - Lillooet, B.C.
Having purchased the stock1
R.J. Atkins, we are now addii
to it and prepared to fill all ordei,
Repair Shop in connection with Store, where your e\|
want will lie supplied.  A complete -MnmbingOutfitonhaj
nnd Oilier Conking .Uiciiallx.    I'Hi-eft .enls chcIi, while llicy hint.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton & Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Kridf]
-    All points in Cariboo:      7   -    Mondays.
160Mile House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly servi-i]
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
*K Specialconveyances furnished.    Send   for folders!
The- new stage line leaves I~\*11.> 11 every Monday :|
Friday lor Lillooet, returning next day. Special t.|
made.    Write us for information.
Peter l.el.ai>lia.ii ._ Co., Lytton   IJ. CJ
News from ull the world—Well-written
original Blorie?—Answers 10 queries—
Articles on Ileiilth, the Hoint", New
Hook-, .ml on Work about tbe Fann
and Garden.
Is a them tier of the Associated Prets
the only Western Newspaper re.-eiy.
ing the entire telegraphic news service of the New York Sun, ami special cable of the New York World—
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout the country.
Sr.hs.rile tor The WEEKLY
INTER-OOEAN (One Dollar)
itoni POR $1.25.
NOTICE is herehv uiven that thirty
days after dale I ~hall, on helialf of the
Lillooet liaml of Indians, make applica
lion to the CoimnU:.ioiier of the Lillooet
District to record one hundred incites of
water from three .mall springs situate 1
ahout four miles 1101 th of the town of
Lillooet, the same to l>e u. ed for Douie~-
ic and AgriinLnral purposes on the
Lillooet Indian Reserve.
E. Pell,
Indian Agent.
Clinton, B.C. March 28th 1903.
NOTICK Ib hereby rIvcii, piirsimiit to tlio
prOVUlotlH of Hci'tlon fill of the "I.nml
Ael" thnt In fnturii no .(iocIhI llnoiise to
OUt timber on grown lands will be puuiM-d or
renewoil .latil nfler the appllciinls Iihvo M*>i<.1
lliellinits mirveyeil by it duly >.iiHllflu<l Provincial I.iiml Burveyer to the snliiifaeilon of the
I.uhiIs and Work's llcpartment.
VV. <:. WEI.L8,
Chief Commi.sRloner of Lands A, Works,
1,bmiIs and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C , 2Gth March, 1903.
McCOSH is your nearest TAiLOl
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McROHII, Merchant 'I'hiIoi', A.lii-mfl, ll; O
Vancouver, JJ.C.
. ,, . . Establislie.l, J81K).
Assay work of all descriptions undertaken. Tests made it|i to aooo Ihs. A aneci~J
made of checking smeller pulps. Samples from the Interior liy Mail or Kxpr.l
promptly att^nilcil to.    Co r 1 es po nd en c e   solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We ejirry the largest and best stock in 1..G]
including: liarlron, Cast Steel Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents [for, VAI.KNTIN'K'S  ll't;li Grade CARKIAQB VARNISH.*
McLennan, McFeely & Co. ltd.
Wholesale and K~UII Merchant*
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
8 THTBW "W PB« '&•_ 'I«-~-ino»
■»-«o ,om~>«^i'«~«.'P'»»Ta~n '•_♦ «»-i»_i •!?__ •att »t__
"jssq oj jC-tn—BOi-8
ptro g.-ngj a3-cr qoj) „v_ on—rn(V)|oq ]nro Aon a»l*»
oHm*_ _i -Oft -Ao) i« b8jv| pu . nm) 104 .11 siiu.aui (PBius
mi* ap-ui Biaupio.M Xjimo.| e_u_ oa "q~kiojtn l«ooo
u«a qi im ojoq _ u«ui- a. q2noji() _y 50UU.0 pJjq V
E. 0. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.


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