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The Prospector Aug 15, 1903

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Vol.6. No. 4.
$1-00 a year.
Assassin Foiled
(,n attempt  was  made   upon  the   life of
sident Combes last Sunday,  while he was
•ing   from  a banquet  to   the   pielecture.
ti shots were fired by an  Italian  anarcliisl
necl I'icole, who was immediately  arrest-
Neither   shot hit the- Premier   or any-
else.    Many congratulatory messages are
|ng sent to President Combes who has had
|most successful career at   the head   of the
('public of France.
Political  Items
To All Whom it  May Cone rn.
We call the attention ofall sufferers from
the liquor drinkinghahit toour advertisemen
ui page 2 of this issue.    Dr. Saun lers guarantees lo cure lhe worst cases, easily, safely,
land absolutely,     lie offers lo forfeit *JjOo for
any case he cannot cure. Send I'or f ee book-
I let to Or.  W.H. Saunders,
Dept. B. u8o,
Englewood Station.
Chicago,   III.
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—is strongly
recommended hy the medical profession a_
a safeguard against infectious diseases.      __
or lady in em-li county to immune liusiness for
uu old established house of solitl fiiuincitil Bland
iiiK'. A x_riil_1it, Ihiiiii title cash salary nl flK.txt
imiil by check each Wedttewdiiy with all oxpon-
i es direct from headquarters. Money advune-
i d fur expenses.
Manager,840 Cnxton Building,Chicago.'
|     LOCAL   NEWS.       8
TUe vol ers lists me closed.
Tlie first, ineelino- of Lillooet.
Conservatives during tlie present
political contest wns lielil Inst;
Snturdny in I- rnser's Hall. Ow-
ii.«__,- to inadequute announcement,
there wns a soinewliiit sparse at-
tendn.iice. The utmost harmony
prevailed, nml  nfter  the enroll-
inent of members,  the following! progressing.rt*:P,,l'.V
gentlemen were elected to offices:
-A'.,!. Abercroinliie, president,
A.VY. Sinilli, vice-President,
A few soekeye nre now running
the Cayoosh creek.
Work  on  the gold dredger js
John iMnrshnll, Secretnry,
VV. Ilurban, Treasuier,:
A eoiuiuiiiiiealiou having been
received from the Conservative
Association nt Clinton, BUggest,-
ing ii posponemeiit of the Con-
venl ion' -"'iiioiinced to lie held nt
Clinton on August 15th, it wns
decided lo postpone the nppoint-
nlent of Convention dele gules to
a future dale. The meeting adjourned to meet at the call of the
A nominating convention wns
held by the Libernls of Vimir nnd
district on August i_3l.ii.
11.11. Ilrett returned to the An
dersoii I.nke mines Inst Tuesday
A number of ItJnglish journnlists
nre on a visit to the ('oast.
Mrs. Pense and Commissioner
l.ndcock left town for' the (.'oust
cities last Wediiesdny.
A. W. Smith litis been on the
sick list for l.he Inst few dnys. Or.
Clarke is at tending bint.
Messrs IJmvks Jil. nud T, I.ret I
enme down from the Anderson
Luke mines this week.
It is believed that 11, l.entley
.till contest Feinie in the interest
of Conservnl ism.
riinli>t.r»|iliU'  ApiiuratitK to T»ki' l'lceurc*.!
or InviHlble Object*.
As photography is employed to assist
the astronomer in detecting tho existence
of the stars in tho heavens which could
nor be seen by   the   naked   eye with the
Dr. Sanson, who hns been spending ,-i. few dnys iu this vicinity on
business, returned to Clinton Inst
Suiidnty morning.
The town school opened Inst
Monday.! Ascnrcily of lenehers
t lirougliuiit the I'rovinee is reported.
Messrs Gibson and (Say nor, are
iu town with a handsome cleanup from their Iiridge Uiver property.
Jos. Wntkinsou, of Lytton ltd.
wus iu town Inst Snfwrda.y to nt-
ilil of the telescope, so it is also used to | lend the meeting of the Conserv-
secure accurate enlarged reproductions of
minute objects which are revealed to man
i-r.iy by the aid of the microscope, snys
thu San Francisco Chronicle.
lives of this seel ion.
Mrs. \. Noel,   who bus
■i pel it
'i nkc Notice that sixty days after date I, the
undersigned, will apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the follow im; described lands in Knst
i.iiiooet:   Commencing at. a North-West post
American Microscopical Society, which
i-.-in be used for making negatives showing objects with a magnification of 15,000
The apparatus is very   compact,   being
only about two feet in   length,   but will
, receive an objective   of.  any   power and
ii the I'liew Hills, situiiteil on Upper Dead* i photog-apn the most minute objects. The
This development of   the  art of photo- . . ,. ., .      .   ,,     ■ >      -i
graphy is of great assistance, not only to j '. Ulllllbel' ol mouths lit the Uellll
lhe micriiscopist, but also to the patholo- j <Q|. mines with Ml". Noel, islU'W
gist and histologlst, A photoinlcrographlc \ . ...       ,. .      ,
apparatus,   as   It   is called, has been in- \ III to\\ II Visit lllg trielllls.
ventt'd by o. ii. Mason, seoretary  of the
man's i reek ihenec 80 chains East, thence 40
i-hiiins South, thence 80 chains Wesl, thence
to chains North to the point of commencement,
containing 820 acres more or less, for grazing
James It. Uren,
Dated at Lillooet, E.C.  .inly 8th, 1908.
or inclined at any desired angle, like a
telescope or microscope itself. Thus adjustments can 1» made providing for
any required distance between the objective and the sensitive. plate, so that the
desired amplification may be readily
The mechanical stage is operated by
the small chains which extend along the
sides of thc frame of the   apparatus, and
TTiprr- irp verv fpw r leans.' the pottttion of the objective polariscope,
mere are very tew Cleans- e^., and the focusing is affected by rods
ing Operations in which Sunlight extending toward the roar of the camera
c,„.,   -„„««*    w.,      i   a~   .-.A.,.,*..   ' box.    Hy its means the  operator,   seated
Soap cannot be used to advant- ftt fche (.*mm,a can man};ull.te' the ln.
age. It makes the home bright strument for focusing or Marching the
and clean. ib ' fleld lor nDJ partlcular obiC(it-
images are produced on a plate three, and
iine-quarter by four and one-quarter
inches. It is ununited on a single base
board, so that the apparatus may be
shifted at, the will of the operator.
To the staudard of a   miscrosoope   the •_________________________________________.■
camera box is   attached   in   such  a Way,:j buried Oil    the   old  llOUiestend il
that the box can be   placed   horizontally
l.nrbiira Snntiiii, who hns been
niliug for some I hue, is now being
treated nt the I.urraid Sanitnri-
IIIII, Viiiicouver.
II.T. Swnrtz, oueof I.illooet's
old-timers, who hus been ill for
some weeks, died nt his home nt
Fnclielqua Inst Tuesdny.  lie wftM
the presence of a litige nuniber of
friends nnd sviupnl hizers.
The Conservative meet ing'Inst
Siiturdiiy evening wns not well
attended. Theorly public notice
of the meeting, prior to Snt unlay
wns ;i.postersen't,from Kniuloops
nnd uniled to the town bulletin
board. No doubt when the locnl
committees get to work business
will be condii'.led less loosely.
The liritish House of Commons
hns pnssed the sttgir convention
No more hotel licenses will be
grunted iu Vnneouver, until that
city's population increnses.
The House of l.ordsli.is pnssed
t he third rending of the Irish hind
Milliliter Itowlev, of the defunct
Klgill lionu (,'onipniiy, hns ret:eiv-
ed n. heuvy piinishinent.
Th,v lnti-iculoiiiiil lb-iibvny for
the Inst fiscil yenr shows ;i handsome sili'jiliis*
The net  revfiue nv.-iiln.ble for I
dividends  in   I lie C.IMt. I'or  the I
last .year is f .),.>_'..,....(..
A serious flush between whites
mul negroes hns'iccurred nt lleu-
rielt.-t, in North Carolina.
The l.rii ish House of Commons
hits fixed 20 miles nu hour ns lhe
maximum speed for ,-iut.os to run
on English ronds.
Hon. Eil. I'dnk'e hns gone to
Switzerland. Absolute rest, for
some linie is necessary for his recovery lo health.
Pope Pius X. hnd n. severe fit
of fainting Inst Tuesday, en used
by weakness due to overexertion
during recent ceremonies.
New Zealand I.eaJs
Lawyers tlie lirst Abased and Jlmt Trn~t-
eil of Men*
The third of Ihe pill lie lecture
course of &le_Vi_.stot- University, Toronto, on "*1 lie LAhics of Law'* piov-
eil must entertaining and instructive,
many of those pics.nl coming away
wi.h a very different opinion of somo
phus.s of the profession of law ami
its i ractijo to that which they hail
before the lectme. Mr. D. K. Tlrom-
son, K,(..'., det-e i.ied lawjei-s as at
once the best abis.d and the most,
generally tn st.'<l lr.enibers of the
(.onimuiiity. lie analyzed the business i.t' the oi-dinary law (inn, of
which not. more than '2 per cent, is
criminal, and of the balance not more
than 10 per ce.it. ever comes to trial
in the courts, while iu four-fifths of
the cases which do reach tbe courts
there aie no appeals entered. The
nature of his bt simss and experience
made the lawyer conservative in regard to changes in ihe law, and,
c immc.iting upon what is sometimes
turtnod the (.lavish adherence to precedent in the taw. Mr. Thomson insisted notiiinj: could be* more revolutionary and dangerous than departure from this practice. In this connect i iii'h'e laid down three, cardinal
piin i I.s for guidance:—(1) That
law is better than justice; .(2).that it
is more tie e~sary the law should be
certain than that it should be light,
nnd (8) that equity administered according to the Judge's personal idea
of li-jht and wrong would result in a
cross between lottery and despotism.
Tilr. Thotiti s in illustrated the numerous points he made b.v amusing an-
dilutes and entertaining reminis-
i'inc s, whi -b made the subject of
"law" anything but dull.
The Budget presented to (In
NewZeulnuil pnilinment nnuouii
ees thill il is proposed lo put a j
duty on certain ni'ticles of foreign |
ninnii.net lire, nud to nwait (ire.it j
I. ri tain's siniilnr nctioii nlongl
the line of C'liaiuiieiiain's [lolicy
The Humbert Trial
The fninoiis Humbert liinl hns,
bee'i resumed in Paris. M. Par-
mentier. lhe lawyer, who represents the Oilwfor.I brothers, in
their suits, wns exnmined. nnd
said Hint Harry crawford hold
him Hint one of I,is relatives died
tit Nice, leaving the bulk of his
lu iii ne to Mi,dnni Humbert, but
thnt a second will wns discovered ch.'iiiging (he disposition of
the inheritance, lie lu.-iiiilnined
his belief that the Crawfords. by
the skilful use of whose nnnie lhe
Humberts hnve borrowed 'en
million dullurs, do actually exist.
On Dufferin 1 erracie.
On warm e\enings one s~cs crowds
of | eople in holiday attire wending'
tin it- way to DufToiin Terrace, Quebec City, and every electric car bas a
sign in fiont announcing in bold type,
"Concert sur la Tcrrasso ce soir."
which means that on the terrace the
famous military band fiom the barracks will 1 lay, and that one mist
go early to avoid the rush .and get a
good seat.
A Pail ian touch is given to tho
scene by the rows of tallies outsids
the chateau on thc terrace, where
part i.s of fiiends, gayly chattering
French, sipping from a domi-tassc,
listening to the music, and watching
the pi'omenado.s, reach the zenith of
their eti.ioymont, for all the world
like their lirst. cousins who enjoy tho
same pleasures in the enf -s of tho
l.tiai'tii- Latin or along thc grand
boulevards of the French capital.
Sober, sc tile English people, jaunty, convivial Americans, French girls
seining all the colors of the rain-
now, au occasional leathery-skinned
Indian, nntl "Tommy Atkins," in 1iis
gay scarlet coat, saucy cap and
lightly twirling a stick (making eyes
at every pretty girl he meets), constitute thc throng of which one
speaks when saying flint "all Quebec is out on the terrace to hear the
music this  evening."
It's a cosmopolitan crowd, nnd a
merry one, too; all arc good-humored, and the music (to which, it must
be confessed, distance lends enchantment) evidently mcts with their approval, as an occasional exclamation
of "Magnifiquo!" "Cbarmrtnt!" or
"C'est belle musique, la, n'est co
pas?"  is heard  in passing,
New Attehioologioal N'tiraw.
■Russia has decided to found nn
ufcliueliigical museum in Sevastopol,
'llie building is to bo erected in tbo
style uf un old Christian bad lien anil
to be arranged for three apartments,
one devoted lo tho (.reek, one to the
Hoinan nnd n third to the Ily/ant ine
period. Tbe whole proje t has been
entrusted to the management of
Ciantl Duke Alexander Michailovit, L. THE   PIM-Sri'-iTo:-, LILLOOET, I..0.., AUGUST lo, 1003.
ri*i-i.isni.i> KVKkv   satuui.av
IIV   till-:   l-Ktl-l'K.trillt  I'UIII.ISIIINti   COSII'ASV
IHE PROSPECTOH Is the only paper published In the I.iiiooet District, and is all home
Siilisi'i-ipiinns: Oi_* Dol In i- a veil i' ill iidviince.
AilvurtlsillK ni.t's tiinile k no iv 11 tin ii|.|.li('l.liilll,
('urrespoiuluiicu i* iiivtluilon ill nuitiei- ol
11ulili.; or local inleiest. All i-niiiiiiiiiiii-iilions
must In* iiecoiii|iiinieil liy the iiiiniu oi the
-viller, lint not ne.essHi-ll.v for |iiililiciilloll.
tin ess A j. ain
The guesses mnde IlintlheCon-
sei-vntive nomination for I.iiiooet District rests between Mr. ,1.1).
Prentice nnd Mr. A. \V. Smith, is
wrong ns far ns the latter is concerned.   Guess again.
Pope Pius X.
Pope Pius X. is of humble soo
inl origin, and thus differs from
Hie Popes of the Inst, two hundred yenrs, who have,-as a rule,
sprung from the ruling clnss. It
is tt) the credit, of the C.i'holic
Church that her highest, positions
nre open to worthy aspirants, irrespective of aristocratic ancestry or otherwise. The Christian
Church must never forget that
its divine foi nder was ;; workiii"
mnn, and that Peter was a fisherman.
Blissful Ignorance
The English correspondent of
the Montreal Star, en bled that
pnper recently Hiatal, the Middlesex County Council examinations
Hie candidates were asked to
inline thendvnntnges of emigrating do Canada. One of the candidates replied: "When a mnn
hns lost his character, he should
go to Canada, where he will not
want, one." The bliss of such ig-
nornnce soon vanishes on the ar-
I'ivnl of such mi emigrant iu our
All interesting story comes from
Ornnge, N.J. nnd i! ought (ogive
encouragement, to our business
men who mourn for absconding
customers: In the above Utwn,
27 yenrs ago, n woman ran up
u store bill of $30 for groceries,
nnd then left the town without
settling the account. The proprietor of Hie store is long since
dead, but his heirs have now received a. cheque for the aim-nut,
nnd a, confession from the woman
Hi.it iu all these years she has
never enjoyed a night of sound
Whether the woniiMl was moved to (his nction by a desire
todo the right thing, or whether thepnying of the debt wns n
lust effort to cure insomnia, we
cannot tell.
Pradstreet's bulletin informs us
that the judgment,-of If. Thompson and others ngahmfc the Toronto-Lillooet Gold U..efs Com.
Jinny have been satisfied. This
.•innoiinceineiit, coupled with the
favorable reports of those who
have recently examined the Ample property, lends many to be
lieve tlmt this extensive properly will soon be worked on n
large scale. This, together with
the present satisfactory output
;it the Anderson Lake mines, nnd
the work ou the I.iiiooet Gold
dredge, should, being so nenr the
town, make things lively iu tlie
near future. Lillooel; needs no
boom. The' regular development
of her resources will result in per-
mnneiit and prolit-bearingindus-'
What has It ever done for you but harm?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutions that keep; that cannot help but keep.
$       yt
LIQUOR DltlNKLl'S CURED Easily, Sufely, Absolutely.
AT HOME.    With no lose of Time or Labor.
Titer*' is nn phtulilPiifil niil now' ulitch takes li'old of a man in. tanllv.
IiiKieml o( ilnlliiig h ilrinker il yives liim almost iianieiliaielv tiie _ua>- of
new life anil |>,>\.ci -lets llie Minliifl.it of lio) e into \>\. totil at oure anil
. eis liie in nul into operation with al* its lift intelligence — a prompt result of efferts on i l.e net ves, sti inai-li H.ul wl,ole lioily wliieli are quirk
ami mai vi'lmis. Wlnle ai this point tlie cure lias only l.eyilll, lhe en-
eniirauemeni i- _o jiieat ihal ptolubly no meilii-al woi k iquals iliis in
saiUfaction to a patient.
With (I in |i. lp agniliBt the ilrink lialiit any man w ho wants to lift from
Irs life the hiunlicap of liquor iisinti ran lio so wfth itnmeiliate reMilis.
Tnis mi iranleeil treatment is within reaeli of all. Convenient teriTH rim
he arranged sniipfai'tory lo any one who is at all nuonahle, lliou.h, as
all people nml.rstsnil.it ilous r-i t lompaie with the wooliless quack
itmes ailwrii-eil ai mu mui'.h per pHiikiiue, or "Free", etr. Ii i- a il liferent
mailer from all thi- in perfeei a .'puree of thorough, special, personal
treatment that will really do the work ami cure forever. It is :i i-erious
undertaking and requites a high form of f'cienllHc prufepsniiial w irk. All
the different kinds ot iihsub are liuulhil under guaranteed results. Only
-kill that is develop «d tn the hull.-st can do it.. Only professional fee'-i
can |iay for the time it requites, thollijh they are made moderate end co.i-
venient fnr anyhody. The n etliods of practice hh.i1 in Ihis work has cost
\-enrs of tiim , vast study and extensive experiments. The originator, IV.
VYi'liiim H Sauinlei-a, had atlrace! wide notice for liis works on Neivous
dipeaseB I iiifj hofore peifecting this treatn'ient. Anil t-<ili nothing hut care
and personal attention to cases today make-i it possible fo- him to accomplish tlie alisolu e cures which he guarantees. !»o the reader will see
mis treatment mean4 thorough scientific, professional attenti-n. Mat it
a No means results that are ahsolu'eiy Certain, Tint splendid liret effects
on a man are alone worth the entire cost of treatment.   '
This treatment can he uiven WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of
the pa'i••nt, and can he placed in any of his food* in- liqn-iN lhat he ntes,
and heiiiir Cnloiles-i and taitel^ss, r does ils work so silently and quickly
that thed llilkard ib lechiiined even against his will and wi hunt hi*
knowledge aud cn-operation. The wife mated for yearn Ina husliatiil ad-
dicted in ih ib curse ..id wonder if curing her liiishai d i>v her own effort«
can be true. "In il pn. sible that there in such a gloi ions opp irtuuilv?"
■lie will ask. And thotl-ai'ds of wives who bave put it tn the te«t and te-
j uce in the recbiinalion of li-*ir . iioices who eeemed losi tu a'l «ense of
. elf-iespecl, generosity and manliness will trumpet out to the world,
"Ye-, i' is i rue". Our I real ment N pnrelv vegetatilv, eon lain* uo narcotics, opiates, poisons or mineiaN. We u-e no hypodermic hjec'ion of gold,
nnr any dangerous compound. It can betaken at home without any lo-s
nr detention from hu-iness. IrBtiinulat.es i|,i« tieiyons Hv.tem at once,
incieases ihe appettie, and affords perfect, r.-st. at nutlit. It acts directly
Upon ihe stotnai-h. builds up *.hj who'e sysietn, eliminates all trice of liquor from the body and leaves the pati_nt in the same condition as if liquor
had never been taken.
Ihnse who have linen deceived ny worthies- remedies. If your friend or
husband i-. ihe wnrst ca-e in the coiiiinunity, we are mure anxious lo cure
him.    Head the following:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902.
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Dear Sr-:— 1 have just returned afler a long absence, nml feel it my
duly to write ynu concernillir mv two patients. Otn- of them F.R..., gave
up the treatment after about two weeks. The other, Win. C... conliuu. d
lo lake tl.e lrealine.it faith full v, and he has been able to refill whNky a
hundie I limes and does nut crave it at. all. Eor nine vears he ha* been
awav from his parents and never daring lhat lime has he been able tn
keep away from hon e long enonvh lo vi.it home, Ile is now visiiini_ his
home in Cleveland, Ohio, and I expect hi;:: back In a few davs. When he
lefi he | from Ned In- would not loiict wlii.ky while away, I trust he will
keep i.is good resolution. Kindly let me imve a few pamphlets for distribution, There are a few case- I wonld like tu get for your Ireatinent.
W.shing yon success, lam
Very truly you-p.
Sister Superior.
S1-. John's School,   Grey Horse, Okla., bent 27, 1902.
Dr. W. H. Saunders,
Dear Sir:— Your letter revived and contents no'ed. Mvp alient.
returned after visiting home, and has not touched whiskey. I am so clad
lhat he took your ireatinent and Ids mother is simply delighted to think
lhat he doe« notdiink. The change worked in this man has attracted tlie
attention of everyone.    lam
Very respectfully,
Sister Superior,
St. John's School, Gray llirse, Okla., Dec. 28. 1902.
Dr. W.   H. Saunde.s.
Hear Sit: — I wrote vou some time ago shout publishing my letters.
I he-itated became they were written in baste, and I doubt, if Ihey are
tit to punlish.    It. is a debt, of gratitude on my part  and it tin letters will
benefit ynu in any way, make !_•_ of iheni. I," is the only means I have
to make tiny return for your kindtleM. Tliis I ask leave out mv name,
and simi'lv Pigll, Sister Superior, and of course omit the name of the patients.    Mr. 0 i» doit g well,    lie does not crave whiskey at all.
With best wishes of lhe ..ason,
1 am, very trulv yours,
Sister Superior.
IMvadein, New Mexico, Dec. 11th, 1901
Dr.  W.H. SHinders & Co.,
(ienllenien :—I have taken your medicine
fir the liquor habit, which wan reenmmenaed to me by a friend in my
town. I only took one month's treitin-nt which completely cared me.
I have no desire tn drink any more. I suffered for yei-s with this curse.
Please accept mv thanks for the treatment, It", (.assured that 1 shall recommend your treatment lo everyone in need of same.
I am, verv truly yours,
WE HAVE MI.EX, and a-e, curint: thousands and we have hundred.)
nf testimonial" on file spenklui/of ihe~e wonderful cures WE Wil,T_
fnr particulars and nave the d iwnfiillen. All correspondence is held sacredly confidential. No name-iof putie'iiB published without their written
consent.    Consultation FREE.    All correspondence without marks.
FREE HOOK'.    Dr. Saunders latest tr.ati. e on the i-nn»*. . various
tvpes, and siiccts-ful  treatment nf the  liquor habit—''A CURSE   AND
ITS CURE."—maile I   free for a 2c. stamp.
Ur. W.H. Sounder. & Co.
Dept. M. 1180,
Englewood Station.
Chicago, 111'
_r*-_wmKma_mm___mwmm_m___________________.       "4^
IB' MIHMHiniEil m-jtt?
exporters' '.'"pi*\,n C
NOl.TH'EFltxj'    r'LlfAO1'
Let tho GOLD DUST twins do your work."
Snow white clothes are the result of using
It  makes light   the labors of  washing.    Turns
wash day into play day.   Better than any Soap
and more economical.
Chicago,       New York,       Boston,       St. Louis.      Montreal-
_e<w.#. "ii* 5 «   ,t>. 't      .
Q-_K!_Isr_E]_E^_A-X.     __MI_E]_R.O~E~r_A-:jNrTl
Miners Supplies.
lilliLOOElT. "B/O.
Branch Store at Bridge liiyer wliere ul
full stoek of General Merchandise and Min-I
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General'Merchant, Lillooet, B.C!
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are thc only reliable repeaters.f.
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles ; and are plain,
partially or elaborate'./ ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every   pocketbook,   and   every   taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
rnrr Send name ind address on n Postal '
r tt C. C.     furour 164-page Illustrated Catalog.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1.00 per annum. THE  PKOSL'ECTO.., ~_II"_f~001_T, B.C., Al'CCST 15. 1
JI.* Ileal lliuiliin. Uruiinil nn Kuril) ••l.unlm
I Itllt   Two  Sl«lllb«l'N ill'  lli<-  U'I'llMl   ••«»««
■ J'uiiiil.v. ituiiiilo mul \\ ini l*l_f«M.a»»—
How Wolves liii'i-i'ititi-tl A t'okl.l) I'.x*
pertinent— Wolf an it Hero
BAt   'tho     rofcnl  convention of (lie
irih .vhicrican t'iali nud Uuinu I'ro-
|L-livy   ASSO. l.ilimi   ill.   Ollawn,   (Jol-
'i'ni'itei', thci Unituil Winics t.'on-
i;l at the capital, doelared that the
..minion iu tne greatest country in
fe world for gan.e, This is a
aU'incnt which niuy surprise 11011-
loiiing citizen's, but which, ne\ci-i
iclcss, is quite true.
World'a li«»t Hunting Ground.
'Americans come over here liy thou-
inds at dilTci-ent seasons of tne year
tr a few   days' sport with gun and
■inl. New Brunswick boasts the most
Tristocratic   fishing   clubs      in    tho
joild, the membership fee of one »>!'
|hkh    amounts to several thousand
illars.    Most of the lakes in nil the
tlistcrn provinces swarm with bass,
wid to be the ganust fish in tho
I'orld, with the excep.i-on of the sal-
Sjion  trout.     Quail  is  found  in      thc
j'estern peninsula, and  partridge   is
ommon    in   nearly  every county    in j
Jie country.    The  raiifeO of the   red I
leer and    the black bear is   equally !
Vide, while moose, thanks to a long, \
Jose season, elk and cariboo are re- j
fcrtod plentiful at the outposts    of .
giv iii ation.    With Manitoba and the I
IVi-iitoiies  the home of  the   prairie
jhicken,   geese,    ducks,  and   sandhill
jr.ine,  with grizzly   and   silver   lip,
[lountain    sheep, and the grey   wolf
n the ttockies and the foothills, with
iea salmon  in  liritish  Columbia,   bolides otter,  mink,   beaver,  and  other
inimals valued  for their   pelts alone,
panada   may   ass .redly claim to bo
Considered       lhe       happy     hunting
[rounds of this wc Id.
Ituft.ilo 'itui rigroiiH.
The great game family lacks two
Jjuiombeis—the '.-(ily buiialo and the
jkvild |,i_o.>n. Forty ye„rs ago the
Tmtfalo roamed the Western prairies
Jiy tho tens of thousands, while tho
plights of blue rocks literally darken-
ud  the sun.    To-ilav  there is  not    a
1 (specimen of either in the country out-
jsiile of a zoo- ,-xcept, as to buffalo,
Jlhe herd at Banff. They have been
[wiiied from the lace of the earth. No
word biii "ciinio" can be applied to
the extermination of the buiialo by
(white "sportsn "ii." At the same
time, though lothing can compen-
| mite for their loss, the wholesale destruction of one great species has
served as thc most powerful argument for ti.e preservation of others.
This is the precedent cited wnen a
close season is de.sired for any bird
or Legist. Some years ago it was
found imper the to more tigorously
pi'ute.t the hei'i- in Canada. The
shooting of moose was prohioited altogether for a time, and the open
season for cariboo, elk, and red deer
was limited to a very few days. The
di'iirod end was achieved and the
door increased in a most gratifying
ill    V   IViilvi'd  Illf-.l ~Uf*«l(l.
Wolves also multiplied in the same
proportion, according to the laws of
nature; and now they are more numerous than for many years, Wolves
in their, pleasant, home associations
with their prey occupy very much tho
same position as railway rates in relation to freight. A popular working motto for both seems to be "All
tho .'rattle Will rear." The deer ure
cast for tho somewhat strenuous role
if traffic. It might appear at first
bight that when the deer are no longer     so     jealously   inis.'ived  und  the
mortality is higher among (hem, the
wolves wi.l de-reuse accordingly.
This is not so, for it musl be borne
in mind (hat wolf is far mure tenacious of life than a deer, and is one
of the mosl ilillicult of animals to
hunt. Ui.ii!...., a limler wolf, when
reinforced by his Immediate family
and a few neighbors, is something of
u hunter himself, lie is not only a
in i mice, but a menace to all game,
cattle, and even to man himself.
HMO » ll<-u<l lor Wolven,
Ontario ronll.es this fact, und there
is a bounty of W10 for the head of
one of these animals, six dollars of
whi.h is paid b.v the county where
lhe animal is I i led, and lour dol-
lais hy lhe pro\ince. Quebec pays
no bounty, though tho wolves there
nre much more numerous, Premier
Parent, it is s.,i.l, wishes to place a
law on Ihe Statute books offering a
ic.vard to encoi rage then- oxt.nnln-
aii.in, and the Came Protective Association appointed a committee to
wail, on him and urge the matter.
Tho reason why tho Pieuiler of Quebec needs his hands strengthened is n
nu st surpiiMug one. His colleagues
nre opposed to a bounty because
I herd are so many    Wolves thnl      ii
would  amount   to  a  large s   Thai
is     lo  siy.   wolves  are so  I'uvoiioiiri
"•■•   "  •       -,   •   •■■ i.i
i nm
111 < 11 .-> 111 -11 -. 11, a. .
Tl is stale hi  itlYuii'K,  satisfaiti ry    ;is
ii   may   I e   in  some  of   Mr.   Parent's i
I'oJIl'llgl'es,     I'iiniiol    i-iuii iniic       much j
longer,   iur     llie  d.'pivd.it inns nf    the |
drouth (I   gl'C.V   WOlf  are  lie.'inning    in-
A < ns'ly Ixpi'i' Inienl.
Lumbermen have been attacked,
and thin sands of dollars worth of
live stock dis royod. A bounty will
not make fanners any more anxious
lo save Iheir property from llie wolf,
but will have the effect -of encouraging hunters to address their professional attentions to him. In the
meantime the farmers have been ox-
|,e, imei I ing with new methods for
extern'.iiiiing these brutes. A settler on the Upper Mattawa, having
beard that if a rat is caught, a bell
lied to his nock, and he is thou turned loose again, he will strike such
terror to the hearts of his colleagues
that they will desert the house, do-
cii'oil to try tho plan with wolves,
lie se~ureil a wolf, "belled" him, antl
turned him loose. Then his lambs
begun to disappear with alarming
frequency, and investigation showed
that they had fallen victims to a
wolf. The owner wat lad and waited and finally i iscovered lhat the
wolf he had given his liberty used
the bell as a decoy for shee1-!), and
that they, accustomed to the sound,
and associating it with one of their
Kind, actually pursued the wolf into
the woods, with what painful results
may be readily imagined.
» In-  Wull ..   ti,ni,
The boldness of the wolves in packs
may be their undoing, for then they
can be traced more readily, though
this is rather a dangerous undertaking. They expose themselves openly,
and will even stand gun fire. Cunning comes with adven-ity; the fewer
wolves th ' greater intelligence. For
this reason it will be almost impossible to completely exterminate
thein, and, indeed, we do not thirst
for the last drop of blood of the
lest tint! er wolf. Alone and famishing, with the hand of e\cry man
agi i'ist I im, hunted by dogs, his
prill 1 eset with traps, and his lair
with pitfalls, the wolf will still do
battle. 'I here is a streak of the hero
in the gaunt, grey robber, after all.
.-delight*   on
:l.i:is   in   Some
M.I'.'h Y__r ih*
Two members of j. urliament have
quaint stories to tell of adventures in
Venezuela in times  past.
An honorable baronet, while on a
visit to the l.epublic, had interviews
wilh certain members of the Government, lie dined with them in the evening, and retired at a late hour. He
was awakened from his sleep by u
noise in his room, and saw, as be
1 bought, one of his hosts disappear
through the bedroom window leading
to  the verandah.
Concluding lhat this was a polite
custom in the country, the visitor returned to sleep, but in the morning-
lie found his trousers upon the lloor.
their pockets turned inside out. His
old-fashioned, highly decorated chain
purse was gone, but its contents were
on the ground, liis gold-edged cigar
case and some gold charms attached
to his fob had als_> vunished.
Tbe Englishman went straight to
the seat of Government, and com-
1 I lined to one of the Ministers, who
expressed his dismay, and was thereupon informed thut the person seen
in the room bore a resemblance to
"Very strange," replied thc Minister, 'fir there is no one alive Who
resembles me."
"In that case," rejoined his visitor, drily, "you should have no difficulty in securing the restoration of
my property,"
Later in the day tho Englishman
discovered an anonymous packago
upon his room table. Opening the
cover he found all the missing articles save the gold-edged cigar Case
and one of Ihe charms a littlo goddess in diamonds uml emeralds.
I.iiIiIiv'h Kxnerlenci*.
Mr. Henry Labouchoro wenl
through a revolution iu Venezuela
son e years ugo.
"A battle took place on tlie Plaza
one afternoon." said Air. Labouchoro
in telling his story, 'aiul I watched
it. from a grass hammock on the terrace in front of my hotel, The Gov-
crnmout fore s were pin io flight,
and I was joined by my revolutionary fiiends keen from the light.
Later   one  of the  fallen    Ministers
visited us and s..id he could fchow us
where   250,000   sliver   dollars   wero
hidden. lie     was   as  good   as   his
| Word,   und   patriotism   being  sunk by
| ray l'rienes in obedience to  lhe com-
j foiling  moral  of  the  place.    To kind
I  lo   oiirsi'lvi s,"   it    was   proposed       to
I (In ile t he swag.
1 "Is lid: 'No, <J.on't do thai: it
might offend the people. Play for
it! Which was agreed to. Tho Government mail wns allowed to
in. and we played and lie- Ol
moil! mau won it. nil in the
dollar. So after all uo harm
done "- London   Mail,
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.       ^^)
As   fur back as the  year 1*558, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef I
ar,   near the town  of Lillooet.    The adjoining* ground i being worked with profit at
the present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
andkuson lakis and i!itii)<__i<_ HiVEit mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory  that remain unprospected.
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds--^-^
increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers lind the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
i    4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^~^>
In  lhe dry  belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
i tlie climate is most  suitable for health-seekers.    Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time,November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen iu bloom
i in the gardens of the town
Nearest Uailway towns are ashoroft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
"Prospector" Club Offers.
Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
The M.tniiii'ii.i Free l'ress witli its weekly Supplement (jives 28 pages of reading matter every week. In addition to this, 21 admirable
pilniinj repro.l.iciions will he given. For $1.50 we will have the Free Press, the 22 paintings and The Prospector senl to you for
una year,
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
.iiilifid picturss  "PURITY" ami "ALONK" whicli are to be presented with the Family Herald are 22 x 2S inches in
The two b        ^^^^^^^^^
size,  and are suitable  for framing.
a     a<      a      a
The Weekly Witness  price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
Northern Messenger 30)
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
\ urn-
Special* We were successful in our las.t club offer, and will now make a
special  rate.    We will send you  all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.25. THE  PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, 1U\, AUGUST 15, 1003.
Tlu> following phll'm-in was n-
iloptetl iiiiiiiiiinoiisl v l»v I In' Ki'\ -
I'lstoke Conventionon Sepluinbei-
121 li,  1 !><>__■:
1—"Tluit litis Convention  i-e-
nftii-nis tin.' policy of I In. r.'iri.v in
nintiers o_  Pi-ovincinl nunls junl |
t rails; tlie ownership und conti-ol
of mil w ,-ivs ,-nnl I lie (levelopinenl
of  tlie   «l<i'|-it:llll lll'ill   li'Siilllri'S   of
the Province, ns laid down in I he ,
Philforin   iiilopleil    in   Oct.ol.er
1899, which is iis follows:
''To actively id in the const rue ion of
trails throughout the I'rovinee and tli«-
building of Pioviucial Trunk roads ol
public necessity.
"To adopt lhe principle of Government ownership of railways in so far as
the circumstances of the I'rovinee will
admit, snid to adopt the principle lhat
no bonus should be granted lo any railway company which docs not (live the
government of ilia Province control of
rates over lines honu.ed, together witli
the option of purchase.
"To actively ascist by Slate aid in the
development of the iigricilltuial reeoure
es of the Province."
2—That in the meantime and until '
the Railway po'.icy above set forth can
be accomplished, a genera' Railwav Act
he passed, giving freedom to construct
railways under certain approved regulations, analagous to the system that ha.
resulted in such expensive railway construction in the United States, with so
much advantage t*i trade and commerce.
3—That to encourage the mining industry, the taxation of metalliferous
mines should be on the basis of a p.-ioen-
of the net profits.
4—That the Government ownership of
telephone svslcms should be lumijlii
about as a first step iu ihe acquisition
of public, utilities.
5--That a portion of every coal area to
be hereafter disposed of, should be reserved from sale or lease, so that Btate-
owned mines*may easily lie accessible,
if tbeir operation become necessary or
6—Tbat in the pulp land lenses provision should be made for refore-tinu
and that steps Bhouid be taken for ihe
general preservation of forests hy guard-
ins; against the wasteful destruction of
7—That the Legislature and government of tbe Province should pt-r-evere
in the effort lo secure the exclusion of
Asiatic. labT.
8—Tnat the mailer of betler subsidies
and appropriations for B.C. be vigorous- !
ly pressed upon the Dominion Govern-
9—That the silver "lead   industries  be!
fostered by the imposition of increased
Customs duties on lead   and  lead pro- ;
ducts importe I into Canada.
10—That arrangements be made for an
amicable adjustment of the relations between employees and employed.
11—That it is advisable to foster the
manufacture of the raw products of tiie
province within the Province as far as
practicable by means of taxation on tlie
snid raw products subject to rebate ol
the same ill whole or in part when manufactured in liritish Columbia.
Results from common soaps:
eczema, coarse hands, ragged
clothes,  shrunken   flannels.
Paul Santini,
ni-:\> wk,si'..iin's'.'i.i', n. <'. (.ICNI.UAL   M LI.< II A XT.  Ll LLOOI.T,  It. C,
curries ;i   lull slock of all  kinds ol' (..rocerics..   I *rv (ioo.l
Boots and Shoes, liurdwnrt!  Sic-
Ask fur the Octagon Bur ~_7
50   YEARS"
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anvone se.irtlni, a eUoleti mid description mny
mtlctily ascertiihi our opinion free whether an
invention 18 prohnbly ptitentable. Communications ntrictl.-.onlldenttiil. Handbook on Patents
soul free, oldest agency for. oc-urinj, patents.
Patents taken through Jluim & Co. receive
tpccial notice, without charge iutlio
General 11 am ware,
Picks and Shovels,
Axes, Hoes Si hakes,
Lar Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Paints, Sic.
jDlllbS ior Fall or Sprint; pluntin*i
Seeds, Plants,
• i**
I'se Lever's Dry
S"i'p (a powder, to
wash woolens ami
llainie.s,—you'll like
NOTICE is hereby j^iven thai all creditors
of William Frederick AMen, ol Lillooet, I.,C,
1 Intel-keeper, deceased, are required, nn nr
befnre the 22nd (lay of August, 1903, to send
tn the undersigned, post-paid, particulars of
their claims duly  verified.
And notice is hereby given that the undersigned will, afler the said date, proceed to
distribute lhe estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims
of creditors of whose debts or claims ihey
shall then have received notiee, and lhat
they will not he responsible for the assets, or
any part thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons of whose debts or claims they
shall not have received notice.
Dated July 21st 1903.
Solicitors for the Executors,
30, Langley Street,
Victoria,   li.C.
A bnndsomely lllnstrnted weekly. Largest circulation of anv sclcntltle Journal. Terms, »J a
year; four moiit lis, .1.  Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN&Co.3™™*"*- New York
Branch Office. <i_5 If St. Washington, D. C.
News from all him world—Well-written
original stniiei-—Answers 10 qnerii-P—
Articles on Health, tbe Home, New
Books, and on Work about the b'ann
and (..aiilen.
The WF.EIT Inter-Ocean
I. 11 member of the Aa.ocirtteil I're'-B
the only West.tii Newspaper reviving the entire telet n phiii new . service of tbe Sew Ymk S in, and special cable ol the New York World-
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout tbe country.
Subscribe tor The WEEKLY
INTER-OCEAN (One Dollar)
BOl'II FOR $1.23.
As a special and temporary offer lo
readers of this ;~~per, we will mail Tiik
Puiil.IC lo persons who are not now subset ibeis, for ten weeks for leu cents.
The Puki-IC is a $2, Hi-inine weekly Review for democratic Democrats and democratic Republicans : its opinions ate
expie.se.I without fear or favor; it gives
an interesting and connected weekly
nf all I i-loiical news; it always has ed-
itoiials worth studying, n cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth reading, and
miscellaneous matter both valuable um!
interesting ; and it is liked by intelligent
women as well as by intelligent men
The editor is Liuisl**. Post. Send ten
cents in silver or Btainps for ten week's
trial. All su'nsr, ipinuis ine paid strict I*
iu advance, and upon expiration the
paper is promptly scpped unless subscription is renewed. Mention tbis paper
Address:      THE PUBLIC,
Unity Building, Oil CAOO, lit..
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tenders nro Invited tin- Iliu Hindu til the
lu-iipm ly, Including Clown Ul'illlloil elilil'is,
mill site, Cyiiiiide mill, (.-apmilly I* lo DO Ions
ilnlly), ll'iiniW'iiy, iissny olliee, liilmiiitoi'y uml
fiilleipii|iiii(*ni, of tlio Toronto I.iiiooet llnlil
Iteefs tlonipiuiy I,I in I led, si Unite In the I.iiiooet
ilistriet of llriiisli i nl ii in i*i,i; including iliu
Ample, Whale, Mm,inch und .Vulliiiul Vale
mines whicli ure drown grunted, also Iliu
North Slur, (lolileu stripe, (Johleii Kiiglc. liuhy
nml Jitiulio niiiieriil eliilin, in Iliu siiinu ilisl
rlut, logulher with ii t■ -11 stuiii|i mill, iiiuulilnu
drills uml oilier equipments. Cash lenders for
the whole properly ure recpicsled Imt
off ns for working options or for portions
of lhe properly will he considered I'rom lhc
former group Hull lousoldie hns been milled,
with nn nssny value approximating $10,110 to
$11.00 Wagon rond from linilrom! to mill, 'the
whole of the iibovu will heiir looking into Slid
investigiitiiiii nml nre nn <<\e>;pi iomi I ly Important uiul valuable group of claims wilh full
working eipiipmeiit. Full pnrtieiiliirs imiv bu
lind on iipplleullon tn JCilgiir lllnoin field
Liquidator, P. O. Iinx "lit, Vancouver II, ti.
Have you ordere.! your new
suit? Give McCohIi ;i Ir.'nl. He
will give you satisfaction.
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Rond, Vancouver, II.C.
\t/St/\t/\t, St/St/St- \t/St/St/\t/St/s.t.
A\/AS7i,.eA\/A\A\A ,A\A\/A\A\AS/A
_£       DRUG STORE
St/ T
/AS Drugs and flediclnes.
As Spectacles and Toilet Requisites, 7$S
^t<_ '__?_»
/*\ Hlshing Tackle etc. etc. •'»)
(fy Mail   Orders    Promptly   Filled. Ay
rk .1. ph
^   CLARKE & Co
•*> \
>.''N V \t' \t./ \t/St/ v♦/■> ♦/ \t/NSt/s,1/St/s A-'
r is Pr. i% jf. pr pr is\ as as as Pr ¥
There is nol n day I nt n.isses
in which the value of a good
Tooth liru-.li isnnt denii nslruted.
We keep the kind ynu wnllt—
the kind with genuine bustles
thai don't ci liie out. The prices are 25c, jy , and 50c. according li, size and finish.
We giiarnnlee e\ery lirusll to
he perfect, and will replaceevery
one not proving satisfactory afler
a month's use
in regard lo whether the I'as'e,
Powder, or Liquid •form of dentifrice should be used. We suit
all tastes hy keeping ill slock a
Complete line nl all llie popular
dentifrices in Paste, I'owder aud
We pri pny these hy mail.
H. C. PARKER, = Lillooet, B.C. ^__^__.
Having purchased the stock
R.J. Atkins, we are now addinf
to it and prepared to fill all order.)
Repair Shop in connection Avitli Store,  where vour evei
want will besupplied. A complete LM limbing Outfit on 1hu||
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Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton & Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mpinlays.
150Mile Mouse : Mondays Si Fridays Isenii-weekly service
Lillooet:  Monday and Friday. |1
ii  Special conveyances furnished.    Send   for  folders   f
The new stage line leaves Lytton every Monday ai.
Friday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special trij
made.    Write us for information.
Peter Liebagliati Si. Co., Lvtton   I.. C.
010-1016 GKOHGI'. STREET
*V_A_I_srCOUVBE, _B. C.
I < I'
A new nnd ihoronglily equipped
privHie liospi nl specinlly mliipled
for Surgical iuh] lilectrical Treatment, witli superior accomodation lor Lying-in ('uses. Only
trained nurses employed
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR1)
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS .MeCdSll. Men-linnl Till lor, Ashe.rofl, II. C
Yancouver, 15.C.
Established, 1890.
Assay work of all descriptions iiiiilvrtaken.     Tests mnde up   lo 2000 Ihs.    A specialty]
made of checking   smelter   pulps.    .Samples    from   llie   Interior  liy   Mail   or   lixpr';
promptly attended to,    Correspondence    solicited.
The McMillan Fur & Wool Co. have
placed their circular of July 5th on tile
nt our office for reference. This house
was established a quarter of a century
ago, and on account of their extensive
btisine. s, they are in a position to pay
j high prices. Shippers find their deal-
[ inp v. ith thein very satisfactory.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the. largest and best stock in B.C.,|
including: liar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents I'or VALENTINE'S  High (hade CARRIAGE VARNISH,
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
\,/   »/   ,/-,./ \t/S)>/\t/SA/\t/St/^l/'ij_i\l/
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P9#>J-i-m-;- -i-,-M--t-j-J; Jin -
Pag'e   Metal Gates
- Slnglo or doublo—light,, strong, il tirable, ccon
• oinlcal.   Will mil safe or got rickety.    Kilted
with self-acting latches,  which open either
.. w i\.    A child etui open  nr eloso ill n htrong
• wind- no surfaco lo resist.   Host ^rm gate
.-.:-.yr.;.;...'. .;.;.;,'.;.;,;.'.'... .,rj.           - miule.   L'se 1'nge CotlOOSand 1'oultry Nottlng.
UmWiaSeaM^mimimmtm^^im 0nt.    ____.treal, P.Q., aad St. John, N.B.    10
E. Q. PRIOR & CO., Qeneral Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
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