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The Prospector Nov 30, 1901

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Array A
' fc
y.i.4, N«.a6  \
$2.00 a year.
Miners Supplies.
HLIOOST,   __.'_■_
Brancli Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
<_rs Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
Paul Santini,
Carries a full  .lock of all kind- of Uio'eiiee, Dry   Good*,   It ots   aud   Shoes,
Hardware, ete.
*      *
Lillooet, B. C.
W. F. Alien, Proprietor.
This  Hotel ia canal le ol accomodating 80 Guests.   Sample Rooms for
Commercial  Traveller*. Everything First-CWse.
Hotel Victoria,
riir,r,ooi:T b. c '
Tlais hotel being new and thoroughly finished HirciiKlio.it is the only firm
class liotel in I.iiiooet. Pereons calling Ht Lillooet will receive every attention In
.topping ar ;'»'i Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with Ilia liotel. Head*
quai-tors (or tLu Lillooet-Lytton stage.
BY T_« PR.ili'SCTOR  ITBI.Ilin **U  COV.ANT,
9     •     »     •
CHAuuse   noiiieitATit,    «_•___
Stnge leaves Lytton every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.    Speeial trips made.
If yon oontemplate a trip into Lillooet diatrict, write iu for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     •:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I.
Vancouver, B.C.
Established, 1890.
Assay weikofall descriptions undertaken, Teiitsm.de up lo soco lb.. A specially
made ef checking smeller pulps. Rr-niptei from the Interior by Mail or Kxprei.
premplly all nilf.l lo.    Correspondence    solicited.
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
T b.v.  )"•'  ,(*•'*»!\'*»il  direct from Scotland llie bast solaeiion tit r.ecli. Worsted., *org*.
fa_t*'"ga •■ thu mrcior.  latt.'het.on guaranteed.
Tlioxi \s Met'OS!!, Mu.eliant Tailor, Ashcroft, B. ft
Tlie Hospital.
Now thai Mr. Smith has secured lhe $i,-
ooo grant for the hospital building, it behoves the citizens of Lillooel !o be up aiul
he doing. Why this apathy in connection
with it? There has been an enormous a-
moiinl of kicking all summer about the delay in procuring lhe grant and making .
commencement in lhe erection; the Prospector had a full share of the kicking because
it considered, as it does yet, that the sooner the institution is built the better; now,
hnwevcr, there is no ground for complaint;
the people have got what ihey askt'd lor,
and the comp'etidn of lhe matter rests entirely in their hands,
A public meeting should ho called at once
and if there are three men in lown who are
willing to ael on lhe committee demanded
by the government, let them be appointed
at   once.    Delays   are  always dangerous.
The terms of lhe government may not be
as desirable as they might be; we do nol
consider thai ihey arc; but lei u- lake whal
we can gel now and hope lor more iu the
future. It will le an immense advantage
to have the building  if nolhing  else.
Th*" Prospector will awail with great in-
iere.1 ihe action of the citizens on this question; il looks very much a. if, at lhe time
uf writing, there wasn't going lo be any action, in which case some vigorous language
is apt to emanate from our editorial sanctum
. For the present we will content ourselves
with Satan's concluding words when addres-
ling his fallen angels: 'Awake, arise, or
be forever fallen.'
The origin of Thanksgiving Day on Ihis
Continent is thus described: When the New
England colonies were first planted, the settlers endured many privations and difficulties.
Being piously disposed, they fasted and pray,
ed. But meditation* kept llieir minds gloomy
aad discontented, and made them disposed
even lo return to Iheir fatherland with all
ils persecutions. At length, when it was
proposed again to hold a day of fasting and
prayer, a common sense old colonist rose and
remarked thai Ihey had brooded long enough
over their misfortunes, and it was lime they
considered their blessings. Their harvests
were increasing, the rivers were full at Hill,
the words were full of game, the air was
iweet, and abeve t'i Ihey possessed the fiee-
Join for which they had so long sought, and
therefore he would amend the resolution lor
a day of fasting and prayer, and propose a
day of thanksgiving Instead.
However the custom originated, Thanksgiving Day has come lo stay. The Canadian
Gorem-lent this year have deemed it best to
proclaim thc .ante day fur public thanksgiving in Canada that is observed by our An:
erican cousins. Their almanacks, stationers'
calenders, and diaries put lhc lust Thursda)
iii November in red letters as a holiday. The
written .talute has become established custom.
Thanksgiving Day is always associated with
thoughts of plentiful harvests, and rightly «o.
Yet it is clear lhat tlie promoters ol this day
took a wide outlook and reviewed with thanksgiving the many benefits of life in the New
World, And is not this the best way lo regard thc day. We can rejoice in- the fact ol
a bountiful harvest. The " North-West Farmer"' ol Nov, 20 shows that little damage
has come to our crops from rain, frost, hail,
grasshoppers and oth?r enemies. Already
! all records of grain shipments from thc Wesl
have been broken and still they shi|
In our own Province, immense deposits of
coal have been found to give comfort in our
homes and to drive our great machinery at
our iron, copper and gold mines. Reflection
on these will have formed good sauce for lhe
Thanksgiving Dinner.
We have reason for continued thankfulness
ill the fact of a giowiug reverence for order-
!y government and love for law.
And ought we noi to be thankful that wc
are citizens of the Wesl? It ha*: heen .aid
lhat " the New World has advantages over
the Old, it bting able with all the lessons of
the past to start afresh". So this Western
l'ro\ incc has the history of the older Provinces
to guide it. We can copy their excellencies
and avoid their mistakes. Ihlt our position-
geographic, topographic and political- will
lead us along new trails, and lo do things
for which there arc no precedents In the history of lhe older I'rov nces. This truth is a
sale guide for all in such crises, namely—
" What is morally right can never be politi
cally wrong."
H. S. Djxat (spaying a visit to the
Briiiga Kiver Mint's-.
Tlie Hale of iho Bend Or mining prolix h -en po..tpohul till thu 25th uf Feb.,
Some lime acfo tlie Prospector received! n
communication from Mr. Hill, engineer for
the Miiurs Exploration Co., containing a statement cf the assays t.iken in the lowest tunnel un the Lorne main vein. Mr. Hill requested that the communication he puhlish-
ed, This we did not do for several reasons.
Mr*Hiil had made previous reports on the
Lorne group, .ill of a highly cummendatoty
character; ihe prospectus issued by his company on taking hold of the property would
lead one to infer tint tiiere neter had heen
a properly Ilka the Lorne group; Mr. Hill's
Statements in the report uf the Minister of
Mines were of the most flattering kind, h
certainly would not he fair to the owners of
Lome t> publish statements from Mr, Hill
strong iy condemning the claim, without pub*
lishing other statements from him a_. strung
in ils praise.
Finding thnt the Prospector would not he
bull-dozed into making itself the vehicle for
his spleen, Mr. Hill sent out, broadcast,
type-written copies uf the letter to thu Prospector, the majority of these being sent after
the bond   had  expired.
We doubt if a parallel to this action can
be found in the history of mining; that any
company could be mean enough to deliberately try to ruin the reputation of a claim aftar
it; connection with it had entirely ceased, we
would not have believed. But Mr. Hilt is
greatly mistaken if ha thinks he in shaking
the confidence of miners une iota in Iiridge
Ui ver pruperties.
M>bi.b. Kingawell and Collin", wh*
lind been in pecting thia pioperty, relumed Iiifit .Saturdayi leaving next day
for tho  coaat.
McGillivray Mine.
T. A. an,l A. A.   Brett  took   a equ.id
Of nif li to tho min. Oil Tliiirsd.iy  to   recommence work.
Advertise in ThePros-
poet or.
In a form *r d.sorip ion of the Horse
fly, published in the Prospector s in e
lime KB", Mr. Williams made the re-
mark tlmt tlie rich deposits at liobeon's
and Ward's must havt* cume (rout BOine
locality higher up Ihe river. Recent
di-covi-ries have horn out the truth o:
tlii. statement, as the upper Ilorstfiy
has 1 ecu shown to lie the place whence
Ilic gold luing lak.u out sixty miles
lower down has come. The formation
of the lower Horeefly being of granite
and slate, which foi mution is not lhe
natural depositing place for gold hearing gravel, the inference that the gold
came from another section appears to
have heen justified.
The Drucker com puny have a very
lame I'umb r of leasej on lhe upper
Ilorsrrlv, dour which Mr. Williams has
seen one ounce a d.iy per box taken out
'to Shovel in.'
Tuo only creeks which have as y»t
been prospected are the Empire and
Eureka Creeks. The district, however,
comprises an area of over 5,000 square
miles, and is intersected hy numerous
creeks, which, on the arrival of spring,
will make excellent ground for working. These creeks are shallow and the
majority of thein will probably only
last one s*'.son.
As yet. according lo Mr. Williams,
nothing has been f.und to rave ahout,
but every indication points io lhe conclusion that there is a very rich body
of gravel somewhere; in short, it uiusl
be there.
Mr. Williams' advice to prospectors
is: Djn't goin till spring, or at any
rate till Into iu tl.e winter when the
snow will have become hard enou.h lo
pull sleighs over. As the country i.
very thickly timbered and underbrush*
nl, an entry into it is hard at any seas-
on ; at the present time, a heavy fall
of snow has made things very much
A' present Here are no provision.
aUll, it being necessary for every mat
to puck hisewn grub, which is next to
impossible under present  conditions.
Although there will undoubtedly be
a big rush in the spring, thorn is nolhing, as yet, to justify a trip in during
lhe winter, u ile-s some rich strikes
are made by the lew prospectors now
As an instance of the scan ity of pro-
visions, Mr. Williams staled lhat Mr.
U.Ward had, i>B t of his scanty stock,
to supply several prospector) who weie
on Heir road in
Tiie above report can be considered
the mist reliable account of the Horse
ily jet published, as Mr. Willi mis, be
sid.-s being au excellent prospector,
nil" a thorough knowledge of that sec-
* ion of  lhe piovince.
Near-sighted old gentleman— "Can
you till me whal inscription is on thai
board over theie?" Irish rustic—"Sure
Ui'm iii the same beat, sorrl It »a»
moighty little s hoolin' Oi had when
01 was a bhoy uiysill sorrl"    Til-Hits.
actor and Rood reputation In .nch pinto [on*. ;
in ihis count; required ] tn represent and nir-1
aril.a old Q.tabltshed wealthy li islness lirj.iaa
nl solid da i hoi a 1 standing. Siaiary $18,111 we.a-
iv with expenses additional, all ...rsblt in
in cash all payable iu eaih caeta Wa.lne.Bda*
dlreel from the head office.. Hor, e ar..i carrl-
jifres furnished, when necessary. Reference.
Enclose aelf-addrcs.ed aiamprd envelope. Manager, tun.e'a.iun Build ng, Chicago.
-f^ Brief Despatches. ~^>
The Manitoba Legislature has now
p ,wer to enact its own liquors laws.
Such iB the decision of the Privy Council in tho recent appeal case of lhe Attorney General of Manitoba versus the
Manitoba License Holders Association.
General Amines Cronje, brother of
the famous Boer leader who ib now at
Si. Helena, is among those who are now
joining the British against their former
companions inarmo.
A despatch from Lord Kitchener says
that Commandant Buys was captured
alter attacking a railway patrol on the
Yaalstad near VillUredorp.
The Government is going to bave t.
flght for the seat recently vacated by
the Hon. J, H. Turner.
A depumtion consisting of both Liberals and Conservatives has waiter! on
Mr. Bodwell and prevailed upon him to
run against the government.
Mr. Bodwell fevers the subsidy to
tbe Great Northern Railway, the restriction of Chinese and Japanese immigration, aud an improvement in the fiscal policy of the Province. He intends
to call a meeting shortly, and will then
outline his platform more fully.
It has been decreed that except in au
oilicial oapacity, none but British subjects are to he present at the Coronation ceremonies in Westminster Abbey.
Speculation in seats for Coronation has
thus received a check for it lias been
decided that the mere fact of a seat be-
ngiolddispos.es both the buyer alK*
ihesrl.er  from the right of occupying
The Canadian Pacific and Grand
Trunk on November 21st issued circulars notifying shippers on the i'acihe
Coast that after Dei-ember Slat the practice of allowing two or more shippeis
to make shipments in one car so as tu
secure car rales, will be discontinued.
Rule No. 2 of the Canadian joint freight
classification anil No. 8 in Western
classilication are to  be used.
The minors of a plot against the Canadian government were well founded.
The Victoria says that the government
are in possession ol the names of the
ringleaders and their mo emend have
heen watched by officers of the (secret
Service Department.
Papers of ike gang were seised at
Skagway at the request of cfflcials and
the safe containing the papers has been
sealed and is retained at Skagwav until
further orders from the government..
Details of the plot will only be disclosed
to the government, but generally speaking, the idea was to arise the banks,
secure the money and gold on deposit,
anil then take possession of Dawson and
the mines. Theie seems to have been
au i lea that at the end of 3 weeks the
conspirators could disband and escape
to the  United States wiih the booty.
It is lhe generally accepted opinion
hat Another contineent will be sent to
Soti'li Africa with Col. T. B. D. Evans
in command. The Militia is preparing
to out fit 000 men. Most ot lliem will
con.o Irom the West and tlnse who
havo already Been scrvico will get the
preferen.e. M..jir Menit who, eor..o
'inoeago, made the offer to recruit the
force,  is likel;   lo r..e.ve u subordinate
How Men May Bs Set Free From
the Enthralimant of Evil.
Ilev. Dr.   !:.lm-i,<-   Sboive   What   Aro   the
t>b.i_ule. to the ttetnrn ot the sinner,
ami Then How These Oh.tacle. .tr. to
It*.* Surmouiit.il-
DUO cil nocordlnffto Act of Parliament of Canada, in th ■ year iw:. by William B*ily, of To-
roulo, ut the Dep'i. of Agriculture, Omuva.
Washington, -Nov. 10.—Jn this discourse in-. Ta I urn go depicts tlio struggle of ii man who desires liberation
from the etiLlirallment of evil nnd
shows how he may be set free; text,
Proverbs xxiii. 85; "When shall 1
awake'.'     I  will  seek it yet again."
With an Insight into human nature
sueh as no other man ever had. .Solomon in these Words is sketching the
mental processes of a man who has
stopped aside from the path of rectitude and would like to return. Wishing for something better he says:
"When shall 1 awake? When shall 1
get over this horrible nightmare of
iniquity?" Uut seized upon by une-
radlcuted appetite and pushed down
hill by his passions ho cries out:
"I will seek it yet again. 1 will try
it yet once more."
About a mile front Princeton, N.
.1.. there is a skating pond. Ono winter day, when the ice was very thin,
a farmer living near by warned the
young meu of the danger of skating
at that time. They all took the
warning except one young man. He,
in the spirit of bravado, said, "Boys,
one round more." He struck out on
his skates, the ice broke, and his
lifeless body was brought up. And
in all matters of temptation and allurement it is not a prolongation
that is proposetl, but only just one
mure indulgence, just one more sin.
Then comes the fatality. Alas for the
one round more! "1 will seek it yet
Our libraries are adorned with elegant literature addressed to young
men. pointing out to them all the
dangers nnd perils of life. Complete
maps of the voyage of life — the
shoals, the rocks, the quicksands.
Hut suppose a young man is already
shipwrecked, suppose he is already
off the track, suppose he has already
gone astray — how can he be got
bnck? That is a question lhat remains unanswered, antl amid all the
books of the libraries I lind not one
word on that subject. To that class
of persons I this day address myself.
"Vou compare what you arc now
with what you were three or four
years ago, nntl you are greatly disheartened. You are ready with every passion nf your soul to listen to
a. discussion like this. Be of good
cheer! Your best days are yet to
come. 1 offer you the hand of welcome nnd rescue. 1 put the silver
trumpet of the gospel to my lips
and blow one long, loud blast, saying. "Whosoever will, let him come,
and let him come now." The church
of tlotl is ready to spread a banquet
upon your, return,, and all the hier-
archs of heaven fall into line of bannered procession over your rcdemp- *■
Moral Gravitation Overcome.
Years ago. and while yet Albert
Barnes was living. I preached in his
pulpit one night to the young men
of Philadelphia. In the opening of
my discourse, I said, "O Lord, give
mo one soul to-night!" At the close
of tho service Mr. Harnes introduced
a young man. saying, "This is I he
young man you prayed for." _»ut I
sec now it was a too limited prayer.
I offer no such prayer to-day. it
must take in a wider sweep. "Lord,
give us all those souls to-day for
happiness and heaven!"
So far as Ood may help me I propose tc show what are the obstacles
to your return and" then how you are
to surmount these obstacles. The
first difficulty in the way of your return is tho force of moral gravitation. Just as there is a natural law
which brings down to earth anything you throw into the air, so
there is a corresponding moral gravitation. 1 never shall forget a prayer I heard a young man make in the
Young Men's Christian Association
of New York. With trembling voice
nnd streaming eyes he said: "0 Ood,
thou knowest how easy it is for me
to do wrong nnd how hard it is for
me to do right! Ood help me!"
That mnn knows not his own heart
who has never felt thc power of moral gravitation.
Tn your boyhood you had gootl associates and bad associates. Which
most Impressed you? During the last
few years you have heard pure anecdotes antl impure anecdotes, Which
tho easiest stuck to your memory?
You hnve hnd good habits and bad
habits. To which ditl your soul
more easily yield? But Unit moral
gravitation may be resisted. .lust ns
you may pick up anything from the
earth and hold It In your hnnd toward henven, just so, by the power
of Ood's grace, a fallen soul may
be liftetl toward peace, toward pardon, toward salvation. The force of
moral gravitation is in every one of
us. but also power in Ood's grace
to overcome that force.
The next thing in the wny of your
return is the power of evil habit. I
know there are those who say it is
very easy for them to give up evil
li»b_l.it. . I cannot believe them Here
is.a man given to intoxication, who
knows it is disgracing his family, destroying his property and ruining
him hotly, mind and soul. If tbat
mnn. being un iulelligenf mnn and
loving his family, could easily giv,
up lhat habit , would he nol do so?
The fact   thai   he docs nol   give It tlfi
proves thai  ii l« hard to give it up.
•I  is a  Very easy thing In sail tlown
•MMI,  Ihe  tide carrying you      with
eal   force,   but   suppose  yon      turn
,,,      |,oat   up   slreani-is   il   so  ensy
.|,„„ in row if    As long ns WO yield
In  th" evil   iiielinnl ions  of ntir  heart
nlll|  m our  bad  hnbils we are sailing
down    stiv.uu. but  tin* moment    wt
try  lo turn  we put our boat In    the
rapids tust above Niagara ami try to
row up stream.
lo .:■ ul   Habit.
Suppose a man of five or ten or
twenty years of ovildoing resolves
to do right. Why. all thc forces of
darkness nre allied against him. He
gets down on his knees at midnight
and cries. "Ood help me !" He
bites his lip. He grinds his teeth.
He clinches his fist in n determination to keep to liis purpose. He
dare not look at the bottles in the
window of a wine store. It is one
long, bitter, exhaustive, hand to
hand light with inflamed, tantalizing
merciless habit. When ho thinks he
is entirely free the old inclination
pounces upon him like a pack of
hounds, all their muzzles tearing
away at the flanks of one poor reindeer.
I hnve niso to say if a man wants
to return from evil practices society
repulses him. The prodigal, wishing to return, tries to take some
professor of religion by the hand.
The professor of religion looks ut
him, looks at the faded apparel,
and the marks of dissipation, and
instead of giving him a firm grip of
the hand ofTers him the tip end of
the longer lingers of the left hand,
which is equal to striking a man in
the face. Oh, how few Christian
people understand how much gospel
there i.s in a gootl, honest handshaking ! .Sometimes when you have
felt the need of encouragement and
some Christian man has taken you
heartily by the hand have you not
felt thrilling through every fibre of
your body, m*iid and soul an encouragement that was just what you
needed ?
I.lit Up the Fallen.
Tha prodigal, wishing to get into
good society, enters a prayer meeting. Some gootl man without much
sense greets him b.v saying : "Why
are you hero ? You are about tho
last person 1 expected to see in a
prayer meeting. Well, tlie dying
thief was saved, and there is hope
for you." You do not know anything about this, unless that you
have learned that when a man tries
to return from evil courses of conduct he runs against repulsions innumerable,
How those dainty, fastidious
Christians in all our churches are
going lo get into heaven 1 tlo not
know unless they have an especial
train of cars cushioned and upholstered, ench one a car to himself. They
cannot go wilh the great herd of
publicans and sinners. O ye who
curl your lip of scorn on the fallen.
I tell you plainly that if you had
been surrounded by Ihe same influences instead of silling to-day amid
the cultured and refined antl the
Christian you might have been ti
crouching wretch in stable or ditch
covered wilh tilth anal abomination !
It is not because we are naturally
nny belter, but because' the mercy
of Ootl has protected us. Those
that are brought up in Christian circles nnd watched by Christian parentage should not be so hard on the
1 think also that men are often
hindered from ret lulling by the fact
that churches are anxious about
their membership, loo anxious about
their denominations, and ihey rush
out when they see a man about to
give up sin and return to Ood and
ask him how he is going to be baptized.whether by sprinkling or immersion, and whal kind of a church
he is going to join. It is a. poor
time to talk about Presbyterian catechism and Episcopal liturgies nnd
Methodist, love [easts and Baptist
immersions when a mnn is about to
come out of the darkness of sin into the glorious light of the gospel.
H ilptalllea. "f Kellclwn.
Now. I hnve shown* you thoso obstacles because I want you to understand I know all lhe difficulties
in the way. But I am now going
to tell you how Hannibal may scale
the Alps nntl how thc shackles may
be unrivetotl and how the pnths of
virtue forsaken may be regained.
First of all. throw yourself on Ood.
Oo to him frankly antl earnestly and
tell him these habits you have and
nsk him if there is any help in nil
the resources of omnipotent love to
give it to you. Bo not, go on with
a long rigmarole, which some people
call prayer, made up of ohs anil
ahs and forever ami forever aniens.
Go to Ood and cry for help.
Then, also, 1 counsel you, if you
want to get back, quit all your bail
associates. One unholy intimacy will
nil your soul with moral distemper.
In all the ages t* the Church there
has not been an instance whore a
man kept one evil associate and wns
reformed — among the sixteen hundred million of tlie race not one instance.
What chance is there for that
young mnn I saw along the street,
four or live young men with him. in
front of a grogshop, urging liim to
go in, ho resisting — violently resisting — until nfter awhile they
forced him to no in? II, was a summer night, and Ihe door was lefl
open, anil I saw the process. They
heltl him fast, and they put lhe cup
to his lips, and they forced down
the strong drink. What chance is
theru for such a young man?
Victory liver till.
Somo of you, like myself. were
born    in     lhe ennui ry.     Antl      whal
glorious news might  these young n	
send home to their parents thai thi.-.
afternoon they bud stiwendered i hem-
selves to Ootl and started a new
life! I know how it, is in the country. The night comes on. Tho cattle Bland under the rack, through
which burst Iho trusses of hay. The
horses have just frisked up from thc
meadow brook at the nightfall and
stand knee deep in the bright straw
that Invites them tn lie down and
rest. The perch of the hovel is full
ol fowl, their feel, warm under their
feathers. Wheu Hie nights gel colli,
the flames clap their hands above the
great backlog antl shake the shadow
of Ihe group up and down the wall.
[rather nud mother sit there for half
nn hour, saying nothing. 1 wonder
whnt they nre thinking of. After
awhile the father breaks the silence
and says, "Willi, I wonder where
our boy Is in town to-night." And
tho mother unswers: "In nt) bad
place, I warrant you. We always
could     trust him  when he  was     nt
home, and since i,e has been away
there have been so many prayers offered for him we can trust him still."
T!    at   8  or  II  o'clock,  just   before
they retire, for they go early lo bed.
they kneel tlown antl commend you
lo lhat God who watches in country anil in town, on tlie land and on
the sen.
oh. despise not paternal anxiety!
The time will come when you will
have neither father nor mother, and
you will go around the place where
they used to watch you and lind
them gone from the house and gnne
from the Held and gone from thc
neighborhood. Cry as loud for forgiveness us you may over the mound
in the churchyard, they cannot answer. Dead] Dead! And then you
will take out the white lock of hair
that was cut from mother's brow
just before they buried her, and you
will take the cane with which your
father used to walk, and you will
think and think and wish that you
hutl done just us they wanted you
and would give the. world if you had
never thrust a pang through their
dear old hearts.
1 hi,  Hour ur  ilci i* .
Ood pity the young man who hus
brought disgrace on his father's
name! God pity the young man who
has broken his mother's heart I Better that he had never been born.
Better if in the lirst hour of his life,
instead of being laid against the
warm bosom of maternal tenderness,
he had been coffined and sepulchered.
There is no balm powerful enough to
heal the heart of one who has
brought parents to a sorrowful grave
nntl who wanders about through the
dismal cemetery rending the air antl
wringing the hands and crying,
".Mother! Motherl" Oh, that to-day
by all the memories of tlie past and
by' all the hopes of the future, you
would yield your heart to Ood'
This hour the door of mercy
swings wide open. Hesitate not a
moment. In many a hesitation is
the loss of all. At the corner of
a street 1 saw. a tragedy. A young
man evidently doubted as to which
direction he hud better take. His
hat was lifted high enough so you
could soo he had an intelligent forehead. He had a stout client end a
robust       development. Splendid
young man ! Cultured young man!
Why ditl he stop there while so many
wero going up and down ? The fact
is that every young man hus a txood
ungel nntl a bail nngel contending
for the mastery of his spirit, and
there was a gootl angel ami a bad
ungel struggling witli that young
man's soul at the corner nf the
street. "Come along with me."
said the gootl angel: "I will take
you home. 1 will spread my wings
over your  pillow. I  will   lovingly
escort you all through lifo under supernatural protection. I will bless
every cup you drink out of. every
couch you rest on. overy doorway
you enter. I will consecrate your
tears when you weep, your sweat
when you toil, ami at the last I
will hand over your grave into the
hand of the bright angel of a Christian resurrection. I huvo been sent
of thc Lord to be your guardian
spirit. Come wilh mo." saitl the
good angel in a voice of unearthly
symphony. It was music like that
which drops from a lute of heaven
when a seraph  breathes on il
"Oh, no," said tlii' bail angel;
"come with mc. I have something
better to offer. The wines 1 pour
are from chalices of bewitching carousal. The dance I lead is over
floors tessellated with unrestrained
indulgence, There is no Ood to
frown on the temples of sin where I
worship. The skies nre Italian.
The paths I tread are througli meadows daisied nntl primroscd. Come
with me."
Alien'* of Destiny.
The young man hesitated at a
timo when hesitation was ruin, and
the bail angel smote the good angel
until it departed, spreading wings
through the starlight, upward and
away until a door swung open in the
sky. antl forcvet the wines vanished.
That, was the turning point in the
young man's history, for. the good
ungel flown, be hesitated no lower,
but atarted on a pathway which hi
beautiful at tbe openine'. bul blasted
at tile last. Tlie bail angel loll thc
way through gate after gate, and at
each gate the roatl became rougher
and the sky more lurid, and. what
was peculiar, as tho gate slammed
shut it enme to with a jar that Indicated it would never open. Past
each portal there wns a Printline- of
locks nntl a shoving of bolls, and
the scenery on ench side of the roatl
changed from gardens to deserts,
nnd the J.unc nir became a cutting
December blast, antl the bright wings
of the bad angel turned to sackcloth
and the fountains that at the start
hnd tossed with wine poured forth
bubbling tears nf foaming blood.
And on the riglil side of the road
there wns a serpent, und the mnn
said to Ihe bail angel. "What is
that serpent ? " Anil the answer
was, "Thai is lhe serpent of Btlnir-
ing remorse." On the left side of
the rond I here was a lion, und the
man asked Ihe bail angel, "What Is
that lion?" Tlie answer was, "That
is the lion of all devouring despair."
A vulture flew through the sky and
the mnn asked the bad angel, "What
is that jMilture ?" The answer was
"That i.s the vulture wailing for
the  carcases   of  the  slain."
And then the man said to the bad
nngel : "What tines all this menu ? I
trusted in what you said at the
street corner ; 1 trusted it nil. Why
have you thus deceived me?" Then
the last deception fell off tlio charmer, nntl he saitl: "I was sent from
the ['it lo destroy your soul. I
watched my chance for nmnv a long
year. When y,.u hesitated that
night ot. the street coiner. 1 gained
my triumph. Now you are here. Ha
ha! you are here! Come. now. let
us fill the chalice nnd drink to darkness and woe nnd death! Hail.
Oh, young man. will the good angel sent forth by Christ, or the bad
angel sent forth by sin eel the victory over your soul? Their wings
ore interlocked this moment abovo
ynu. contending for your soul, as
above Ihe Apennines oniric nnd con-
1 dor tight mitlsky This hour decides eternal destinies,
lo   ihe   Duke   .ml   Uuche.s  of  Cornwall
ami York.
With myriad voices mingled aad upcaugbt,
In   two   tongues    married   In   a  single
One hope, one fealty, one purpose aad
one heart,
All bell! we shout with our free llag
The rising sun henrs welcome! ae she Bete
Welcome, and Welcome! from the dripping
Of Nova Scotia to the verge of the chart,
Where   the    grim    Yukon   thaws  her
stones to gold.
/he Ophir climbs lhe shoulder of the world.
Leaving  the  sultry  sens   with  aisles em-
Where bulla  smoulders   In   the    torrid
Austriilht nnd her welded  destinies;
She crashes through the crests on Cnrtler's
And  (louts  where  t'luiiuplahi _jioored  and
Where   hold   I.a   Salle   dreamed   of   the
western sens.
And  Wolfe victorious lion-crowned the
HI. ;
Now in the freedom Ihou nnd thine mnke
Thy joyous people shout nlotid to thee.
One hope, one fcnlty. one purpose and
one  heart:
In  ihee  we  hull   the  presage  of  the
Old England federate of her utmost Isles.
One from the lone lodge where the trapper plies
Ills Heaver skins, to where the nervous
London lies triumphing In her trampled mart.
—Duncan  Campbell Scott,   lu  The  Vancouver Province.
The Remarkably Shrewd Scotchman Who
Accompanies the Duke.
Sir Donald Mackenzie Wallace, K.
C. I. E., who has accompanied His
Koyal Highness the Duke of Cornwall and York on his Imperial journey, had a somewhat similar experience in 181)0-1, when during a trip
through India lie was attached to
the personal stall of thc present
Czar, then the heir-apparent to the
throne of Russia. Tlie intimacy
then established may have had more
to do with the introduction of Sir
Donald's "Russia" into the schools
of that country than did the whirligig of time referred to in the story
below, for the intimate knowledge of
India gained as private secretary to
the Viceroy, during the terms of
both Lord Dufferin and Lord Lans-
downe, must have made Sir Donald
an excellent guide to the Russian
Prince. Knighted in the Jubilee
year of 1887, Sir Donald was, on
returning from India, for nine years
Director of the Foreign Department
of The Times, a post from which he
resigned last year. Before going to
India he had represented Tlie Times
in the various continental capitals
from 1863 to 1884, during which
time he wrote his two important
books, "Russia" and "Egypt and
tho Egyptian Question." His chief
recreation is said to be a change of
Writing of tho tact shown by the
Duke of Cornwall in his present
journey, Tho Candid Friend snys:
"Perhaps he owes much of his success to the fact that ho bus always
had at his elbow as counsellor and
friend ihat remarkably shrewd
Scotchman. whose career has been
one of the mosl, remarkable of modern times. I allude to Sir Donald
Mackenzie Wallace, who bids fair to
become a sort of twentieth century
Stockmar. Sir Donald Wallace first
came into prominence in tho late
seventies, when his book on Russia
took tho town bv storm. It waa,
of course, prohibited in the country
it described, but the whirligig of
time brings its revenges, nnd to-day
it is translated into Russian, and
actually used us a text book in the
higher grade schools. Sir Donnltl
began his career long before this
book was published, and wns favorably known us a philologist and
folklorist years before it ever occurred  to him to go  to  Russia."
The Duke of llnxburghe.
The three aides accompanying His
Royal Highness all gained distinction in the earlier singes of tho
South African wai*. Prince Alexander of Teck was A. D. C. to Bri-
gatlier-Oenerul Mahon, the reliever
of Mafeking. Lord-Orichton was on
the staff of Major-General Brockle-
burst. The Duke of Itoxburghe served ns a member of the composite
regiment of Household Cavalry,
which went nut at the outbreak of
the war. nntl returned nn the same
ship us the last nf the Canadian infantry. It is saitl that bo narrowly
escaped winning the Victoria Cross.
Writing of him in Tho Chicago Tribune, thu Murtptise de Fontcnoy
gives her democratic readers some
Interesting information, which mny
not, however, be quite so up-to-tlute
ns most things from Chicago. Siio
"In Scotland there is but one marriageable     Duke,     the Duke of Rox-
burghe. He is in every way eligible,
having youth, a distinguished military record in South Africa, a career
free from scandal, a rent roll of
about §300,000 per annum, and one
of the grandest castles in Scotland.
He is a first cousin to the Duke ot
Dog ami Sheep Lawsuit.
Wherever sheep are kept throughout the Province questions arise out
of depredations committed by dogs.
The Penetung Herald reports an interesting lawsuit connected with
this. A farmer whose sheep had
been worried followed the tracks of
the culprit till thoy came to a dwelling. Going into the house, and
meeting with a denial, he asked that
the dog be killed; that if the stomach showed signs of a recent meal of
mutton the owner should pay for
the sheep; if not, the owner of the
sheep should pay for the doc. This
ingenious proposal wus rejected, but
subsequently the dog was found eating the tlead sheep and wns shot.
Hence a lawsuit, in which judgment
was reserved.
Ills   1'nijTr.
The little son of (in Episcopal clergyman of Los Angeles was visiting with
his mother a Canadian city, where the
two attended services nt a certain
church. It is the custom In tlmt church
for the clergyman nnd congregation to
bow In silent prayer for a minute or
two Just before the sermon begins. It
was a new proceeding to the child, for
he was not accustomed to seeing this
done In his father's church, but the
little chap bravely and reverently did
his part.
After the service was over ihe clergyman, one of tho old evangelical school,
who had noticed the reverence nud apparent devotion of the child, spoke to
him and commended his reverence with
bu affectionate pat on lhe head. "It
wns very pleasing," he remarked to a
group of bystanders, "to see this little
fellow so deeply engaged in earnest
prayer just before I began my sermon.
What prayer ditl you oiler to the throne
of grace, my little boy?"
All unconscious of the effect It produced, the little fellow candidly and
Instantly replied: "I said: 'Now I lay
nie down to sleep. I pray the Lord my
soul to keep.' "
Birds* Effpra   Superstition**.
The old, wrinkled, dusky nunties of
the south tell children: "Do not eat the
bluebirds' eggs. They make you love
to wander," They believe that the pale
bluo eggs of that beautiful creature,
"that violet of the air," that bird with
"sky tinge on his bnck, earth tinge on
his breast." will make the greedy nest
robber restless as long ns he lives. No
plnce, however euliciug. can hold the
being who has once tasted a bluebird's
Ho who eats a mocking bird's egg
will be compelled lo "tell all ho knows."
The oue who robs a kllldee's nest and
eats its eggs will surely break au arm.
He who eats a dove's egg will be followed by bad luck, while the egg of any
bird of yellow plumage will be sure to
cause a fever, and he who eats au owl's
egg will be always shrieking, The eater of a crow's egg will always, as old
aunties sny, "be gwlne on foolish like a
crow does go on. 'Ha, ha, hai' But a
part ridge's egg," they declare, "du ties
make you thrive an' grow fns'. Dey
is de oulles' sort er birds' eggs dat you
kin eat wldout Qudlu' 'em danger-
Child HiipllMii In Marly Dnys.
The following from the early court
records of York county, Me., wo give
verbatim ct literatim: "At a general
court held nt Suco Sept. 17, 1040, il is
ordered by the court thnt the Worshipful Thomas Georges and Edward Godfrey, councillors for this province, shall
'/ider all the Inhabitants from Piscataquis to Kenebnehe, which shall have
any children uulinptized ns soon as
any minister Is settled in any of Iheir
plantations, they bi'i their said children to baptism, ar any shall refuse
to submit to the stud order that lhe
parly so refusing shall be summoned
to answer their contempt at the next
general court to be holdeu lu this province."
A   Strange   Little   Tribe   Thnt   I,ire*
Always   on   Boats.
A strange aud almost unknown part
of the population (If it can bo called
that) of the British Isles Is the queer
semiwild folk known as sea gypsies.
Real gypsies they are, differing from
their fellow gypsies In the fact that
they always live on the sea nnd that,
never having mingled with landsmen,
their type is much purer and more
nearly resembles the original.
There are al rut 500 sea gypsies In
Britain. They cruise along the coast,
seldom touching the land, but always
close to It, In old and weatLerbeaten
craft that may have carried their
When the tide is out, the old crnfl
will often drop anchor by a sand bank
Island far out nt sea, and hor crew will
grub for cockles with their hands, filling n score of _r..tkets, but saying nothing to each other, for they ure almost
out of the habit of speech. They find
fifty shellfish where the ordinary fisherman finds oue, but they rarely do the
same thing two days running, aud in
the next hour they may be snaring rabbits on a headland miles away.
The sea gypsies are wild eyed and
thickset. Their hair Is always either
jet black or golden. They nre still of
almost pure Norse or Danish descent,
never having used the laud and mixed
with the shore folk to any extent
Their bauds seem to be nil thumbs Instead of fingers, so powerful and stubby
arc the digits, because they bave done
nothing but haul ropes and dig In the
wet sand.
Tried and Convicted Too.
Politics in the west, even more than
in the east, says the author of "Life
nnd Sport In California," is a profession. I remember two men who were
candidates for the ofHce of district attorney. One had served before: the
other wns a young man conducting hi.
lirst campaign.
The veteran wns speaking In a small
town, nntl nfter setting forth his own
claims he spoke as follows of his opponent:
"I understand that Mr. X. Is in every
sense a worthy and honorable man,
but I nsk you to remember tbat he has
never beeu tried—he has never been
"That's so!" exclaimed a voice.
"You've been tried, old man, haven't
you—nnd convicted, too, you know?"
After due Inquiry It appeared that
the veteran had been, Indeed, Indicted
for horse stealing and convicted. He
wus not electwl.
Pretty Fnir Shots.
In an English paper there appeared
recently the veracious story of two
brothers who lived in the Rocky mountains. They had two rifles, one bullet
and a keg of powder. With this outfit
they managed to kill on nn average
twenty-seven head of buffalo a day.
The way they managed was Ihis: Brother No. 1 would stand on one side of a
buffalo and shoot through It, the bullet
going Into the barrel of ihe rifle of
Brother No. 2, who stood on the other
side. Then Brother No. 2 would fire
through tho next buffalo Into tha rifle
of Brother No. 1, and so ou until the
day's sport was over.
Some one who snw this story has
written to say that he Is acquainted
with a mnn, a cousin, he thinks, of the
two mentioned, who also lived In the
Rocky mountains at one time. He had
one rifle, one bullet and a keg of powder, yet he mnnagod to kill thirty head
of buffalo a day—buffaloes wero plenty
then—and thc way. he did It was this:
He wns not only a champion shot, but
a champion runner, nud when he fired
through a buffalo he would run nrouud
and catch the bullet again to reload
with, aud so on until he exhausted his
No Reciprocity.
"Brownly thinks he hus tho smartest
child In thc world."
"Yes," answered the morose mnn.
"That Illustrates the Ingratitude of life.
There isn't one chance lu a thousand
that tlmt child when he grows up will
go around declaring that ho has the
smartest father lu the world."
A   Woman   Ilu Ik ii el u K".
When a woman stoops over to pick
| up soinelhlng on lhe lloor, why does
she always balance herself on one tost,
extending the other outward and backward as a counterpoise? This question, not new, never has been satisfactorily answered.
llovr to Catch ihe Tolar Bear.
I listened attentively the other night
to a gentleman who gave tne a great
deal of valuable Information concerning these Interesting regions. He knew
1 wns a tenderfoot and a newspaper
reporter aud felt at liberty, therefore, to
talk freely, so I got a lot of yarns about
polar bears and walruses and other
creatures, large and small, which are
uot related In natural histories. I believe It was oue of the advisers of
"Alice In Wonderland" who suggested
that the best way to catch a rabbit Is
to get behind a stump and make a
noise like a carrot, nntl I learned with
great satisfaction that the easiest way
to catch a polar bear is to hide behind
nn Iceberg and make a noise like the
aurora borealis, Polar henrs are very
iamc ami. like newspaper reporters and
some other people, ure gifted with Inquiring minds. When a stranger comes
out on the Ice, they greet lilm cordially
mul show a justifiable curiosity as to
Ids business and Intentions, which
causes thein to fall uu easy prey to tho
uarlor   rug   trust
And it Cures Them of Coughs, Colds, Croup, Bronchitis,
Sore Throat and Whooping Cough.
Recnuso It contains turpentine srme people imagine that Br. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine is
disagreeable lo tho tusle. On Ihe contrary, it is sweet and palatable, nnd children love to take it. They
soon barn Unit, besides being pleasant to lake, It brings Immediate relief to soreness. Irritation and inflammation of lhe ihroul nnd lungBL Al this season of the year all mothers desire to havo In the house somo reliable medicine to give when the children catch colds, or awoke in the night with the hollow, croupy cough
which strikes a chill to every mother's heart, You can rely absolutely on Br. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine,     it hon stood thc test.
There are other preparations of linseed nnd iurpenlInn put up In imit ation of Dr. Chase's. Bo sure the
portrait uml signature of Ur. A. W. ChnBC aro on the bottle you buy. _r> cents a bottle; family size, three
limes as much, OH cents.   All dealers or  EUmanson,  _utes & Co., Toronto. THE PROSPECTOR
Nnnib.r of Word*   Used  by   V.irl.ins
I'l-raom In  Tweiit.-four  IIuuis.
"1 have been trying to tigure out how
many words the average man alters in
every twenty-four hours," said a gentleman who had a penchant for peculiar
things, "but I have been unable to reach
any satisfactory conclusion on account of
the different rates of speed at which different persons talk. Of course I have no
reference to the different kinds of words
which mny be found in tbe daily vocabulary uf the average man, hut I'm talking
about the total number of words uttered,
counting repetitious uud ull, during every
twenty-four hours.
"There is the quiet, melancholy gentleman who will nut speak on an average of
500 words a day, and there are uiany
who for one reason or unuther would not
utter anything like this number, On the
other band, there is the conversational
gatling gun, not always a woninu, either,
who will roll off words at a fearful rale
of speed aud whose aggregate for one
day would run up to dizzy heights* Thee
there is the normal talker, who will strike
a good decent average—the man who will
neither bore you with his indifferent silence nor tire you with bis meaningless
"But suppose that we figure that the
average person will utter an average of
sixty words every minute. This would
amour.t to 2,400 words for every hour, or
about 57,G00 words for every twenty-four
hours. Of course no person will talk this
much, as the windiest of men and women
would probably break down before they
had talked as much us fifty-seven columns in the average daily newspaper.
The only question is as to how much time
each person puts in talking during eacfc
day. Some men and women are situated
bo that they cannot talk during the day,
except nt mealtime, on account of the
.hnriicter of the work they hnve to do.
There nre others, such ns traveling meu
for instance, who depend upon talking for
a living, I have figured that thc high
man, probably the traveling man, will
talk live hours out of every twenty-four,
which would give him n total of 12,009
words every day. I have figured that
niost any sort nf man will talk as muck
as ten minutes out of every twenty-four
hours, and this would give him a total of
60(1 words for the day.
"These are the two extremes. I am
antisfed ihnt the normal man—the man
who strikes a decent average between
Indifferent silence and disgusting verbosity—wil talk probably one hour, nil told,
each day. which would allow him 2.400
words. And Ihis. by the way. Is considerable talk, for it will fill two columns la
a newspaper, and n whole lot of wisdom
can he crowded iuto two-columns."
MARD'S Umm Cures Duint
There are more 'dumb waiters than
dumb  barbers.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
as mercury will suroly destroy tho sonseof flinoll
aud completely derail**, tho whole system when
entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should nover bo usod except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the dumago
they ,cill do is tenfold to tho pood you can pos-
ihly dorivo from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney A Co.,Tolodo, O ,
contains no mercury, and is takon Internally,
acting directly upou tho blood and mucous surfaces of tho system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Oure be sure you get the ae-uino. It Is taken
intornally, aud mndo in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
Choney & Co.  Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists,' prico 75c. per bottlo.
Hall's Family I'iils aro tho best.
Tho average man "would feel bored
a good deal oftoner than ho does
wore he not accustomed to associating  with   himself.
Dear Sirs.—I was for seven years a
sufferer from Bronchial trouble, and
would bo so hoarse at times .hat 1
COdid scarcely speak above a whisper.
I got no relief from anything till 1
tried your MINARD'S HONEY BALSAM. Two bottles (rave relief and
six bottles made a complete euro. I
would heartily recommend it to anyone sintering from throat or lung
A genius is a man who can moke
other men believe ho knows more
than they do.
people suffer untold misery day after day
with Headacho, There is rest neit her day oi
night until the nerves are nil unstrung. The
cause is generally a disordered stomach, and
a euro can be effected by using Parmelee's
Vegetable -Mils, containing Mandrake and
Pandolion, Mr. Fiulcy, Walk. Lysunder,
P. Q., writes: "I find Parmelee's Pills a
nrat-cl-ss article for Bilious Headache."
Muny a man is able to climb to
success because his wife holds liie
Minard's Liniment Cnres Burns, Etc,
Anyway, lhe pocket in a woman's
dress is about as easy to find ns tho
inside pocket in n man's vest is to
get at.
The Oreek government hus secured
a monopoly of the picture postal
card business, and has issued cards
with 64 different views of famous
cities and other atones.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Everywiert.
The famous leaning tower of Ihsa
has a rival in the Temple tower of
Bristol, in England. It is a scpiare
towes of early gothlc architecture.
All its parts still preservo their normal relative positions without, cracks
or fissures. Tho tower, which is
about 115 feet high, is five feet out
of the perpendicular at the summit.
Following  the Report of  G.   H.   Kent's Cure   of  Bright's
Disease by Dodd's  Kidney Pills, an Ottawa Paper
Calls Attention to Another Remarkable Cure.
From the Ottawa Citizen.
W. N. U. No. 8S0.
A representative of the Citizen riv
ccntly learned of a remarkable cure
of a well-known re_idcnt of Ottawa
who has suffered for years with a
terrible affliction.. The well-known re-
suloni is Mr. S. A. Cassidy, and the
affliction was stone in the kidneys.
The Citizen representative called on
Mr. Cassidy to verify the reports of
his recovery and found them to bo
true. He i.s tho proprietor of the
Bijou holel. Metcalfe street.
lie is known by almost everybody
and is liked as generally as ho is
known. His hostelry is between the
main entrance lo Parliament Buildings nnd the principal thoroughfare
of tho city, and it is not to be wondered at that he has more than a
nodding acquaintance with the gentlemen who hold the destiny of this
country  in  their hands.
When old residents of Ottawa are
in a reminiscent mood and talk of
the good old sporting days, they always associate, the name of Sam Cassidy who took an active part in
spoil '20 years ago. He was a fast
runner, and jumper of local renown,
nnd took an active part in all lines
of sport. Today he is forty yee.rs
old, and tips the scale at 250
The intimate friends of this robust
man have known that for the past
ten years he has been a sufferer from
a disease Uiat bullied medical skill,
and that he has lingered between life
and death on many occasions since
he wm first attacked, At the initial
stage of the disease he was taken
with violent, cramps in the left side
of his stomach, and the best skilled
physicians could afford him very litlle relief.   The attacks were of about
two weeks' duration, anei when ho
left his bed he was reduced in flesh
nnd was almost a physical wreck.
Somo years ago an eminent physician diagnosed his disease us "Stone
in the Kidney," but even after the
diagnosis tho physicians were unable
to effect a permanent, cure. Today
ho is a well man. Ho has found a
remedy that has banished tho disease
—a remedy that has cured where
medical aid was ineffectual.. Tho
remedy is Dodd'a Kidney puis, and
Mr. t'assuiy feels so elated over bin
release from the excruciating suffering that he has given the following
statement over his own signature tq
a well-known Ottawa newspaper
Ottawa, Aug. 8, 190] .
Bear Sir—1 want you to publish
for tho benefit of others who are suffering as I have suffered 'for years
about how J was cured of Stone in
the Kidneys. My friends all know
thai. I have been a martyr to this
disease for years. They know that
besides consulting the best physicians in the city and trying overy
kind of romedy I could think of, I
was unable to get better. Some time
ago a friend of mine told mc that
lii'dd's Kidney Pills would cure me.
As a last resort I tried thein and
they have cured inc. This is tho lirst
year-in a great many that T have nol
ben confined to iny bed with the disease. I could not imagine more severe siillering than one endures who
is afflicted with Stone in the Kidney
and I feel the greatest gratitude lo
Dodd'_ Kidney Pills, for they havo
cured mo. Anyone who has suffered
need suffer no more.
Ottawa,  Canada.
The dogs of Alaska are called mal-
amutes. They are a cross between a
dog and a wolf, and work in harness soon after their birth. They do
not bark, but have a. peculiar howl.
They have long hair, and can sleep
in tiie open with the thermomtter (30
degrees below zero. Their usual food
is lish and sc>al blubber. They ato
fed once a day, usually at night.
Their Hold  Upon Life, is  Slight, nnd
Mothers Have a Great Responsibility.
Every baby—every little one—require:; constant care and watchfulness, nnd when a trace ot illness is
noticeable, the remedy should be
promptly applied. The little ones
are frail. Their hold upon life is
slight. The slightest symptom of
trouble should be met by the proper
corrective medicine. Baby's Own
Tablets have a record surpassing all
other medicines for the cure of children s ailments. They are purely
vegetable and guaranteed to contain
no opiate or poisonous drugs sueh
as lorni (he base of most so-called
".'.(othing" medicines. For sour
stomach, colic, simple fevers, constipation, nil bowell troubles, the irritation accompanying the cutting of
teeth. sleeplessness and similar
symptoms, these Tablets aro without un equal. They act directly
upon tho organs which cause- the
troubles, and gently but effectively
remove the cause and bring back the
condition of perfect, hearty health.
Every mother who hue used these
Tablets for her little ones praises
them, which is lhe best evidence of
tilth' great worth. Mrs. David Duf-
field, Ponsonby, Ont., snys : "Baby's
Own Tablets are a wonderful medicine. I think they saved my baby's
Iii.'. and I gratefully recommend
them to other mothers. Ask your
druggist for Baby's Ow» Tablets. If
lu; does not keep them send 25 cents
di'T.ct to us and we will forward a
box prepaid. We have a valuable little booklet on tho care of children
and how to treat their minor ailments which we will sentl freo of
charge to any mother who asks for
it. The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, 0_t.
Itrmon For DLllkc.
Wife—Mr. Black has no more taste Ib
the matter of dress than n giraffe.
Husband—Why do yon sny thnt?
Wife—Because his wife hnd on the
most beautiful gown lust ulght, nnd
when I admired It he suit] be thought
It wus dreadful.
Husband-But, my dear, he had to
pay $500 for It.
Notwithstanding tho great increa_«
in population, only 080 persons were
condemned and punished for perjury
in Germany in 189!), as against 1011
in 1882.
If a man thinks only of himself ho
hasn't much use for  bruins.
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
Sozodont        •       .
Sozodont Tooth Powder
Urge Liquid and Powder 75c
HALL 8: RUCKF.L. Now York.
There has been discovered in China
a curious picture, evidently of grent
antiquity, which is supposed to represent Noah's ark resting on the top
of Mount Ararat. As is well known,
the religious literature of almost
overy nation and race contains an
account of a deluge, but a Chinese
manuscript recently unearthed follows very closely to the story recorded iu  the Bible.
The Story of a Young Girl Who Suffered from Headaches, Dizziness
and Fainting .Spoils—Her Health
Became so Bad That Sho Was
Forced  lo Give Up School.
Miss Catherine McLell ,n is a
young lady well known in Oharlobte-
town, P.H.I., an«J greatly esteemed
among her acquaintances. Like so
many other young ladies throughout
the land, Miss McLellnn fell a victim to anaemia, or poorness of
blood, and although several medicines were tried, she found nothing
to help her until she began using Dr.
Williams' Pink I'iils for Pale People.
Miss McLellon tells the story of her
illness ns follows : "I am now 18
years of age, and for a considerable
li e suffered much from anaemia.
My blood had almost turned to water, and I was very weak and pale :
in fact could not undergo the least
exertion. My appetite failed mo ; 1
suffered from headaches; if I stooped
I would become dizzy, and frequent/'
ly I suffered from fainting spells. 1
tried several kinds of medicine and
doctors prescribed for ine, but instead of getting better I was gradually growing weaker, and eventually
had to discontinue going to school.
About this lime I read the testimonial of a girl whose condition was
similar to mine, who had been cured
b.v Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I then
decided to try these pills, and have
every reason to he gratified that 1
did so, as they have completely restored my health. Every one of the
symptoms that had made my life so
miserable have disappeared, and I
am now enjoying ns good health as
nny girl of my age could wish, and
I shall always have a good wonl to
say for   Dr.   Williams'  Pink  Pills.
Miss McLellan further stated Ihal
while she was not desirous of publicity in matters of this kind. _ha
nevertheless felt that her experience,
if known might be the means of
bringing health lo somo other sufferer, and it is this very praiseworthy motive that has induced her
to give the above statement for publication.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make rich,
red blood, ami Rive tone lo Ibe
nerves. It is because of this that
they bring bright eyes, rosy cheeks
anil light footsteps to trills who
have been weary, pale and listless
and hnd begun to feel that life wns
a burden. Pale and annemic girls
everywhere should Rive these pills
a fair trial, as they are certain to
restore health and strength. Sec
thnt the full name "Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People" is on
the wrapper around every box. Sold
by all dealers, or sent postpaid at
50c a box, or six boxes for $3.50,
by addressing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Ont.
Ladio-,' Special 14k cold filled
Hunting case suaranteed to wear fnr
2.", years, with oithor Waltham or El-
Kin movement. A splendid watch for
a school teacher or nurse.
Gent's Special open face, 14k
gold filled case KUaranteed to woar
for 26 years, with either Waltham or
Elgin movement. A good reliable
time-piece lor any man. Sent to any
address. Money cheerfully refunded if
unsatisfactory aud returned at onco.
Two Stores  Dgl
r ^
" Ryrie Bros." is a
strictly one price
jewelry house. from
this rule there is
absolutely no deviation whatever from
january to december,
not even to the extent of a ioc. piece.
This, in conjunction
with our system of
marking all goods in
plain figures, makes it
just as easy and safe
for a child to shop at
"Diamond Hall" as
the most experienced
TRY otin MAIL ordku __•
Cor. Tonoe AND
Aou.*ii)i. .Street.!,
Are Willow Trees Lightning Proof?
"Iii all my forty years' experience
With trees and plants," said n well
known gardener, "1 have yet to hear
of :i willow tree being struck b.v lightning. Spruce trees, whitewood and
pine trees sometimes nlmost seem to
attract the electricity, and oak and
other large trees nnd oven muny small
trees are often maimed nnd killed. Dut
willow trees seem lor some reason to he
Immune to death or Injury in this
shape, nnd I have never seen or even
lie.'inl of a tree of this family, which
lightning litis ever struck."
It is a noteworthy fact that the
Japanese man cmickly discards his
inconvenient and unseemly robe, but
the Japanese woman seldom -exchanges her picturesque kimono for
the dress of other women about her.
In Paraguay all    the    houses have
brick stoves,  built in  them,  so there
is    little or    no   necessity   for iron
"•*>. **JB	
.-.   ..«■.   '"3...        'V    '.'
Occnpios n larpo-spaco in your thoufilits. Bo sum
you Kut a WILLIAMS mid it will last you a lifetime.
V.'*; can help you to purcha.se by our easy payment
methods. Wo pu a ran toe pleu_uro to thoso who lis'
ten to the dulcet tones ot a
so rich, pure and lasting.
Y, M. C. A- Blk.,        Portago Ave., Winnipeg.
Organs und Eldredgo ,lB" Sewing machines.
(Ary, £# Asud/ 4-rs CtW*HsnxAs4/-
Norwar Fnirle*.
"Like the Japanese," writes William
E. Curtis in the Chicago Herald, "the
Norwegians nre very superstitious,
and 11s in Japan the forests, the mountains and the gorges are peopled with
fairies. Nlssen is the good fairy of the
farmers. lie looks after the cattle particularly, and If he Is well treated
they are health; and the eows give lots
of milk. To propitiate him It is necessary to put a dish of porridge on llie
threshold of the cow stable 011 Christ-
in.'ts morning. Whenever the family
moves this Invisible being goes Along
Willi them und sits on the top of the
Only two lish can turn their heads
Independently of their bodies.   These
are the garpiko and  the seashore.
iUoway k Champion
Write io us for prices of SCRIP.
Get our List of Lands.
Stocks and   Boncto Bought and   Sold.
We can furni-'h tho exact amount of
Scrip for any payment on Dominion
Lands,   Do not pay cash.
Thc eye  of an  educated  person averages. 2,o00  miles    o.  rending   in  a
Very many pert-one die annually from
cholera and kindred summer cum plaints,
who might have been saved if proper remedies had be. n used. If attacked do not delay in getting a bottle of Dr. J. D, Kellogg'a
Dysentery Cordial, the medicine that n* ver
fails to effect a cure. Those who have used
it Bay it act* promptly, and thoroughly i_ub-
dues the pain and disease.
Youth i.s really tlie only thing
worth having—and it is about all
tho average youth haa.
SLEEPLESSNESS is due to nervou* ei-
cltemont. The delicately constituted, tht
financier, the bu. iness man, and those whose
occupation necessitates great mental strain
or worry, all suffer le.-.s or more from it.
Sleep is the groat restoier of a worried brain,
and to get sleep cleanse the stomach fn m
all impurities with a few dose- of Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, gelatine co-it*, d, containing
no mercury, and are guaranteed to Rive satisfaction or the money will Ive refunded.
WANTED, Azcnts for the sab of Hardy Russian
apples, currants, gooseberries, ornamental trees
and seed Potatoes. Every <*ale=man has eichi
sive territory. Samplo outfit free. Good pay.
Wo are one of tbo oldest established firms m
Canada. Appply now. PELHAM NURSERY CO.
Toronto, Ont.
NT. n.CatnloRTic free.   Farmers can mate pood
money durm_* their slack season.        P, N Co.
for us at home.   W  furnish yarn and machine.   E-isy work.   Good pay.    Hand Knitters
also wanted.    Send stump fvr particulars to
STANDARD HOSE Co., Dopt. II, Toronto, Ont
Don't Be Idle
-Wo will supply you with work
t<> lie -ono nt homo. $10.00 par
week e.xilr earned knitting I0X. Wu ■uPiiir machln. an J
miil.rUI, and pay for worKssupnt .n. Write to-day. Tha
Pwple'l Knitting Syndicate- LimU-i.1, Toro-ito, Canada.
aple Leaf
ubbers and
Overshoes ::
Don't wait for  opportunity to call
on you.   (Io and meet it half way.
The traveler in China, who pays
from 1. to .1 cents a day .o a number of coolies to trito him several
hundred miles across tho desert,
pa,\s an extravagant prico for the
transit as compared with the man
boards a limited train in Ncw York
city for San Francisco, which is op-
crated by an engineer, fireman, conductor and brakeman, whose salaries
range from $75 to $100 per month.
Thomas S. Bullen, Sunderland, writes: "For
I fourteen years I wat. afflicted with Pilea; and
frequently 1 was unable to walk or Bit, but
four years ago I was cured by using Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. I have also been
subject to Quinsy for over forty years, but
Eclectric On cured it, and it waa a permanent cure in both cases, as neither the Pilea
oor Quinsy have troubled me since."
Unless the     engagement   is  broken
oft the wedding is likely to come ofi,
MINARD'S LENIENT ReUeves Neuralgia.
Koine people spend a lot of time
in regretting things that never happen.
The   druggist who    sells   soothing
syrup is guilty of taking hush money
Use the safe, pleasant nnd effectual worm-
killer. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator:
nothing equals it. Procure a bottle and
take it home.
A hoy never tells his troubles to a
man who wears W'hisk-ers.
The never-failing medicine, Holloway'e
Corn Cure, removes all kinds of corns, warts,
etc; even the mostdiflicult to remove cannot
withstand this wonderful remedy.
Nearly nine-tenths of tho wine in
lhe world is produced- in the countries bordering on the Mediterranean.
and Men and Women with Back Pains, Rheumatism, Nerve Weakness, Imiigestion, Ganstifiathsn,
Liver, Kidney or Bladder Trouble.
My lilectnc Belt has restored health ami strength to thousands of
nervous, debilitated, and pain-worn men and women.     Vou also can
be cured if you will grasp the opportunity  I offer.     Read what the
cured say.      Electricity,  as furnished by my Belt,  cures by giving
back to the weakened nerves, muscles and organs  the vitality  they
have lost, reducing inflammation, developing the full vigor of health
and removing tie effects of  overwork,  exposure to   weather,  and long   conti
Te those who have trusted and been betrayed by seductive promises ; to those
have swallowed pailfuls of pills and liquid medicines without result except adama
stomach and increased pain and weakness,  and to those who have  worn so-c,i
electric belts, which either burned and blistered the body or gave no electricity, I
offer a positive cure by means ot my Electric Belt.     It gives a stronger current than  any other,  aod is
guaranteed not to burn nor blister.
I am not giving Belts away. I am offering to cure lirst and be paid after you are cured. I have an
Electric Belt which DOES CURE, and any honest person who will secure me can have my Belt and pay
me when cured.     Can anything be lairer than that?
SPHCIAL NOTICE If yon have an old belt which has blistered you or gave no electricity, I will allow
you in exchange half the price of mine.
OALL TO-DAY—Consultation an.l test FREE.
FREE BOOK —If you can't cit'l, write for my beuitifully illustrated 80-page book and letters from the
cured, Bent sealed, free.    Address, enclosing this ad..
„   omeoHour,na.,,,..os.„,,m       DR. Tir*. B.   WcLAUGHLlN, \GO Yonge St., Tcrcfito
vv*^*v*>v*vv^vvvv\f^'vvv,»\ .w»'.*vvw>a^v.a/\*w*a*vvvvv^ THE PROSPECTOi:, LILLOOET, D. O, SATURDAY, NOVEM !E . 3), 1301.
*&*#*#4>4*4* 4*:*;,4- f
0      LOCAL    NEWS.     J
Mr. John Marshl'l, and Miss Kmma J.
Marshall left on Sunday for Ihe cout; Miss
Emms will undergo treatment in Victoria,
while Mr. Marshall is bent on business and
Mr. Robert Carson  anil  son,  of Pavilion
Mountain, spent a couple  of days  in   lown
Ihis week,   also visiting   at  Lochore'.,   a: I
'Koselianl* Fann.'
Mr. Cireen. of Amsterdam, who has been
hunting here, e;ime in on .Sunday, having
scoured  several j;ood heads.
Mrs. Wright awl children have gone Ui:
Pavilion Mountain, where they will spend a I
weea or so.
Mrs, L-Rochelle, of the Lytton Koad,
spent a day in town.
Mr. Glbbi has sent to the Department an
application for a s-chool at Shermer's ranch.
As there is a goodly number of children in
that section, thc application will probably be
Thanksgiving day passed very quietly in
town. Service was held In the Methodise
Church ia the forenoon.
Clarke A Co., Lillooet, hnve a complete stock of Druii., Medicines and sundries. Letter orders promptly attended
to. Just tell them what you want or
what the ti on I ile is, enclosing money ami
th«y will do the rest.
Public Library.
This is another institution which In
within the grasp o( the people of Lillo-
el if they will make only a moderate effort to obtain it. It is entirely umi.c-
L.ssary to state the advantaged of r
library. All who are desirous of oilcan usni.it the project materially tn
signing the petition in Mr. S. Uibbs'
Lillooet Sporting Club
A society with the above name wsf
organized on Tuesday evening, wiib tl e
following officers:—President, S. (jib...
Vice-president, 0. Abercrombie, Managing Committee, H. C. Parker, Jack
Walker and E J. Taylor, Treasurer,
Arthur Phair, Floor-Managur, T. Brett,
Secretary \V. M. Brm.don.
The bociety will meet three times a
week in Santini's Hall, where the evening will be spent in athletic eiereiatt
nud various   fo,me  ef amusement.
To ths K l*tor of the Prospector.
icontinu.- from last vu.k)
ahile tl e Duo'; was out' lie and we had
to content oure.lv-4   with   hi if - bottle   of rye as Mr. L lurier hud stowidj
away on the quiet iur huscif
Weil, there we was all j'ist as pl.u -
a t as po.ii le I anii.g tl.e Bh.iIU ts
of the liquids tvhon ull of a Midden tl.e
I) >ok who had gone into liii bedroom
io change his cock hat for his crow nul
rthii'h he always wears .is a smokii g
cap as I sir po-c every kin,; does when
h_'o al Home rushes III with a glixetit
I ,ce and hollers out 'Olo-Oall ihedoois
somebody has prigged my crownd ,
Ifeit'n a pretty kellie of tith nays 1 li
iuy.u 1 f and I hoped as the ground w\
open and sua low us ali up if it wns
one ol our .[.iny n, had done il. So
there wan a deuce of a fu s nnd Sear-
the constable was called aboard and
everybody's pockets turned inside ou .
Our tide did very well, be.ter'n 1 >.-
prcted only a few epurious si.ver dollars counterfeit bill", and a knife and
fork or so, but we couldn't lelp a In.--
ling whin the constable turned oui
John's pockets, enough quaitz to start
a geological museum, a big magnifying
glass, and n am ,11 bottle of gold-paint;
however now it came to their bide and
we ncaily all went into fits of laughtei
when out of thepockets of one of ihe
Lords was found thne loaded dice and
out of another two packs of marked
cards ami a few puker chips. Al thU
moment ihe dulchees cotue in and sah:
to the J_ou_ as slie hud hid the crown
herself lo spile him eon be wouldn't
lend her a tenner then the d.ok took ii
buck and apjio^ised handsome like and
ail us all to have another diiuk borrowing a bottlo from the black porin
which we did and we all tji.ouk hands
again aud the dook he hoped theie'o
ne no hard feelings aud li.e conduc'oi
shouted oui all aboard ui.d we koI oil
and the baud played, tne big drums it-
beating and the train roiled out tu oui
loyal shouts and il was the proudest
day I ever s e. The last unui io get oil
lhe depaiting train was our Cayooth
creek friend he'd got the uook by the
builou-hole telling hi n how he'd got a
good thing ut Huffy lake and lhe dook
was a pruiiji.i»ij_ to write lo him when
he dropped off Otheiwioe lhe conductor
said he'd be kicked olf.
I'm tvrltin, this ut Lj tton but as 1
says afore 1 lives in Lillooel us you'i,
Yotirs duly,
Asthmalene brings instant relief and permanent
Cure   In   £il   Cases.
SENT ABSOLLJa*El7_ nil. I. ON liE< !1_Tp i' OF POSTAL.
_  :_:-;.   * - ■■._'
£•/   f A?&,
EVE ^J-^'^f »i K 8 8
T li e r o ie no 1 b i n g like A ? t li -
in ii ' p n (*•, I *•* b r i it if s i d _) t a ii 1
r* lief, even in the ir o r m
i. tt " (• h . Il i un p wl BI1 kI 1 f>l8P f.uR
iii.r Rev. C. F. WELLS, of Villa k_..ge,
il!., says: "Your tiial toll!. <f Anhma.tne
rece'veel in g'otl c< n-'itirp. I c.-nnot icll ymi
how thankful I fte for thc good derived from
it. I was a slave, chained with putrid sore
throat nnd Asthma fur ten yenrs, I despaired
of tvti lii-irg ii.nd. I saw your advertisement
fer ti:e cure of this dreadful and tormentirg
disease, Asthma, and t|.ought you Lad ovn-1
*p <!.( n )■{ urselves, but resolved to give ii a
tiinl. To my astonish ment, ilic trial acted like
a charm.    Send  me a full-fize buttle." ;
Rov,   Dr.   Morrill   \v_ci.ilor
Rabbi of thc Cong.   Unai  Israel.
New   York,  Jan.  j.   1901.
DK8, TAFT   BROS.'   MEDiriNK   CH.,
dent'.men; Vour Asthmalene is an
excellent remedy for Asthma and May ['ever
and its -on.* f-hition nlle..au-s all in i.hl.j. v.hi< h
fi nd ine wilh A.ithnia. Its success is astonishing
and Mondeilid.
AXES   >.W   AXE5   *f'   AXES.
7 We carry a large atock of th. __n.ou»
Robert Mann's Double Bit Axes in. Palling,
Swamping and California Reversible; als«
Single Bit Axes bandied and unbandUd,
Axe Handles, Pick Handles, Sledge Handles, Cant Hooks, Peavies, etc., etc., and can
furnish low prices an.d quick delivery on
these goods.
After having  ii  carefully analyzed,  ive  can state  thu    Asthmalene   contains
no   opium, morphine,   chlorofoim  or ether. Wry tiuly yours,
Avon  SPRINGS,   .\.   V,   K_i.. j, 1901.
Dr. Taft Bros. Mudicink Co,
(Jentlemen: 1 write this testimonial from a sense ni duty, having tested the
wonderful effect of y wr Aitlnule.e, f->r tha cur-* of Asthma. My wife has been
affile led with spasmodic asth'im for the past 12 years. Having exhausted my own
i*Ull as well as th.11 of many others, I chanced to see your sign upon ynur win-
hows on 130 street, New York. I at once obtained a Lottie of asthmalene. My wife
commenced taking i. about ilu* first of? November. I very .soon policed a tad.cal
improvement. Alter using one bottle her asthma had disappenied an] the i*-* entirely
free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recommend the medicine
to    all    who   are  afflicted   wiih   this    distressing   disease.    Yours    respectfullyt
(). D.  lil I.LI'S,  M. D.
Dr.  Taft Bros.  Mkdicikb Co. 1-eb. 5. 1901.
Gentlemen;    I  was    troubled   with  Asthma for 22  years.    I have tried numerous
remedies,   but   they have  all   failed.    I   ran across your advertisement and  Mailed w'tH
a   Irial   bottle.    1 found  relief at ones.    I  have  since   purchased  your full sized bottle,
and   1 am   ev-*r  gnteful,    I have   a family of   fur  childrji,  and  for six   years   was
business ever)
un-ible   to   work.     I   am   now   in   the   best   of health   and    am   1
day.    This   testimony you can make such use o.   as you see lit.
Home addr^s, 235,   kivihgton street, S.    Raphael,
67 East 129th st.,  New Vork City,
Trial bottle sent absolutely frse on receipt of postal.
Do   nol delay.    Write  at  once,   addressing  DR.  TAFT  BROS' MEDICINE CO.,
79  East   St., N.   V. City.
Scld by all Druggists.
XOTI^KIiherebygivQuthatlt is my tnlent-
loi, at th« nest meeting of th. Bcmrd uf License
Cotamlsiiirneri. to apply ihat the liquor Itcon-
»« hitherto granted to the Fxcelsior Hotel In
my name shall in future be In the namai of
John Miller, my partner In lbs laid buslnesi,
aud myself.
NOTICE II  hereby given   that at  the   next
curt tf lie,une euinuiih.iouori for this ctlstric!
it limy tutention to apply for a transf.r of the
Pioneer Hotel liquor license in  my o»vn uainr.
VT. F. Allen,
Lil lootl.
aoler and good reputation in each state, one
Ib this county required, to represent and advertise old eitabliahed wealthy business hotis-
ei of Holid financial standing. Salary ji,- m
weekly with expense, additional, all payable
lft oaeb each Wedneeday direct fiom head offices. Horse and carriages furnished when
necesiary, Knoloie lelf-nddreieed itaiupt'd
m Tel ope. Maaager, 316 Caxton Building,
The Bonni of License Commissioners will
meet at tlie Court House, Lillooot. B. C. on the
lh h dfty of December 1901. to consider the app-
lii'Ltiin of John Miller and DuucauFraser for a
hotel liquor license for the place known as tlie
Kxcelslor Hotol.
\V. F. Allen, of tho Pioneer Hotel, for the
transfer, to his own name, of tlie hotel liquor
Iicense.-iforetin.eheld by F. H, Nelson.
Mark K ^Eagleson, of the Victoria Hotel, for
the renewal of his hotel liquor license.
Ench of the above is situnled al Ullooet, B.C.
K-iglesnn and Johnson, Dominion Hotel, Cadwallader Creek, B. C. for the renewal of their
hotel liquor license.
R. A. Hume, '
Chief License Inspector
West Lillooet License District.
Lillooet,   November 20lh   190I.
Mining Property for saie.
In British Columbia.
Do you want a bargain? Wc offer the
STAR; Photos of tha DUKE
and DUCHESS of YORK; and the
Prospector; all for 50 „,„„.
The subscriptions to botb papers will be good for tho
remainder of thia year. Those who have already
renewed can, upon payment of the above,
liave their subscription extended.
The photos will each be about J4x20 inches in size and
will be suitable for framing.  No better opportunity can be
given for obtaining photos of our future King and Queen,
Tenders are Invited for lhe whole of the
property, including Crown Granted claim*,
null Bite, Cyan 1 do mill, (.apacify 46 to 60 Ion*
daily), tramway, asiay office, laboratory ttr.it
fullequtpment, of (he Toronto Lillooet Gold
Roc fa Company Limited, iltuaie in the Lillooet
dlnrlet of Biitish Columbia; Including the
\ntp1e, Whale, Monarch and Wei land Vale
milieu whirl) him Crown granted, also the
North Star, Golden stripe, Uolden tilagle. Ruby
nnd jumbo mineral claim, in the saina 'list
rhi. together with a Un stamp mill, machine
drill* nnd other equipment*. Cash lender* for
the ti hole preperty are requested bal
off us for working options or fo. portions
of the property will he considered From the
former group 960 tons of oro has been milled,
with mi assay value up: roxlmnting ?i".oo io
111.00 Wagon rond from Uatlroad lo mill. Tlie
whole of the ah ive will hear looking Into nnd
lnventigntiou and are an exceptionally important nud valuable group of claim* with full
working equipment. Full particulars mav he
had on application to Edgar Uloomfield
Liquidator, 1'. o. Box 748, Vancouver li c.
LILLOOET,   11. C.
Repairs   neatly   executed,    Ilaniens   madi
md repaired.
_/lcLcnnan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
122 Cordova Stre .t, Vancouver, B C.
Iloid, SMvor-Lftttil nml Copper Mine^ wsnle.l nl llie EXCHAKQS.
FREE MILLING GOLD prop.iti.u wmileJ al once (or E.ileni I_-
I'l-riiea having mining property tor »»le are requeeted to leud iam|iU
of tli, ir nre io llin 1.XCII..NOK f*,r exhiliitloii,
Wc ile, ire ui licur irom prospectore wlio liave prouiiii.ig mineral elailttl
in British C'/liiuil'ia.
Prospe-lor. ami mining mpn are reqneoted to make lhe EXCHANGE
.their heililqliartern when in Nt-lson.
All saniplei- lilmu il He Kent hv exprfBB I'UKI'AID.
Oorrespun.ence eoU-Iteil.   A'Ulrt„9 nil eoniiniinicntinna to
TVh'phnin. No. 104.   P. 0. Rnx 700. NELSON, B. 0.
The now stage line leaves Lytton every Monday «m_
Friday for Lillooet, returning next Jay. Special trips
made,    Write us for information.
Peter Rebagliati ct Co., Lytton   H. C.
The Prospector is the
best advertising medium in this section
Have your ad. in at
A full stock of all   hula of
To Delinquent
To AI.KXANIi-K WcDONALD, or toany por-
.nn or person, to Whom be may have trani-
fcrrerl his IlllerOltl in Ihe Conlcnnial nnd
. «nnli -R iniuera) liHtin. lltuatc nn McUlllivmy
Creek, in the I.iiiooet .Mining Dlviflo i ol Lillooet district.
Yon are horeLy notified lhat I hnve expended tbe sum of tn for labour i.nd Lafiroveinetits
upon theahove meniioned  mineral  rlaiins, In
order lo held Haiti   hilneral eiaiina   under  the
provision, of the Mineral Act,  and   il withit:
ninety days from this noli.** ynu fail or  refill!
to contribute your poi lion of tucli expendltur'
lon.ther with ell cost of adi ertisiiiK. yonr In
ten-its tn said claims will become the prO| er'
of tho suhscribei,  under lection -I >>f  an  r.
entitled the Mineral A*:t Amendment Ai t. 1
Da'ed at Lillooot this Diet day of Septeml
L'.tily Bervico to and rr'*m
vancoi:\ ER,
unJ  M  pointu   Kuet  antl   West.
Ka«t Btcanier service Irom Vancouver lo
Pae.enffore hooked to an*l from 01*1
Ootintry point.,
Full inforttiKtlon nml lllnetraleil
pani|ilili'la will be fiunialinl on application to an y   0. P. B. :ij!i*iit,  or to
if   1. toVl.K.
A. 0. !' .A.,
Vancouver. R. C
is now for suleliy
Store and Repair Shop in Uren lllock.
Call and examine stuck.     No trouble u
show goods
General Hardware,
I'uints, Oils and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and T'aware,
Miners S'.eel. I'll _s. Shovels, eto., Wire Cable
Hnd itiusel Wm- Fencing.
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Lines.
Mead Office - Ashcroft, B.C.
Lillooet, B. C.
Mi'Jiufaetnrerof all kind <•_
None but (he beit mitcrial i<Md. Min«r« «r
protpoctun loiullng in ordari will r••*!?•
pm:npl rtUentlon m.<t  BaViifaoMoH guai&)i»**4
BlllbS for Fall or Spring plant.:*   .
Seeds, Plants,
Cittelogtie free.
M. J. Henry,
;or,9, \\'e*tinitist-r  Rontt, Vitncouvcr, B.C
Oiininn nntl wny point., Monday,
WttlnuetlKV and Frtrlay.
All polnte in Ciiriboo— (l!or»»-ll..
Q'iusni-1 Forks, Cliilcoien AlUali LiktO
on Mondays.
l'>0 Mile   House and way points—on
Fri Iny. ( extra bhi vice )
Lillooot,     —Monday and Fiiday,
8, oiiiil oonveyai.cch lurnlnlied.   Send
for lulders.
_,tttooet, HI. Ci
Lillooet. I. C.
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness it Saddlery
Furniture', etc..
All ordure promptly ittendedte.
Hus meets all steamers,    T«au_l«g ky d*y
ur  contract.      Kijji  ai.il  .ib>ri*c br
hire M moderate ratas.
Mineral Act, 1896.
[Form V.]
Certificate ol Improvements.
St. Joieph   tndSt.Johu Uinoral CUlmi
sitiiat* in lhe Ullooet   Mitiltif   Dtvltlun
of I.illooBi Dlatrivt.   Wli.rs loo»Hd;   da
Andcrvnn Lake and both aid at of Mtl.ill-
Ivrajr ci*alt
Tuke notice  that I. Fo!or Burnet,   atiinf •■
agent for A. St.    George  ll^anniartlaj,   Fraa
Mine.'a-crlil.'.-nt8 Nu. IV -tflaJt,   Free  Uintr'a
cerUACRte No, lflv!0Q, intend, aiity daye lr«_n
n«j drtte heranf, to apply t« tha Mluinc Raaai *t-
er fur r uartlAoma ni Inii-roreatanta,   ipr   tha
purpose of obtaining  ->  crown (<uij*i  •>' tha
__'.>ve rlnin.s.
And further tako notice that aittioR, iiBt.fr
■aetion 87, mint bo fouin.anted  htfort i tie   i**-
fUti.Cft Of lucli  t'enifi Me   of   Itaproramea ».
I)*tcd iliia cig_iie«nili uay al  Oftabtr,  lf»1*1.
r. u. t\ Na. u.gfw.
HalfrWay House,^^
I.II.I O'jKT-.lvtton koad.
I lea dquart en foi all Stages.
y   f


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