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The Prospector Feb 22, 1901

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Vol. |3, No. 33.
$2.00 a year.
a-_E_asr_s3_R/A.___   mee/Ohaitt
Miners Supplies.'
Brancli Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J1. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
Paul Santini^
Oarriu a fall  (lock ol all kinds of (j'oceries, Dry   Good;,   B ots   and   Shoes,
Hardware; -etc.
LlUuoot.   13. C.
PRHD. M.  NELSON. ProprUtoi.
Mfl«   R#om«   for    Commftrcial    Travellcn
lUrtry SttbU in Connection.  Run uioow
i(#*in bf)_t for jil#Hti to und from
A_d«riion  t._ki« and Bridj*
Kimr pwlutt.
BY   BIO    A.   FRASER.
Acting on the principal of eliikiup
while theiron is hot we would like to
direct attention of the citizens of Lillooet to the matter of the cemetery.
Major Burnet in a letter publiihed in
last weeks issue stales that the necessary ground has been granted by the
government and suiveyed; nil I ten that
remains is to fence it in. It is mom
certainly a disgrace aud a crying shame
for any civilised community to have
such a burial ground. Purely we are
not content to take a back seat to Chinese and Siwaehes in their respect we
would suggest that a meeting of tin1
citizens he called and the thing talked
the necessary steps could he taken towards fencing.
T_ii betel being new and thoroughly finished thriii?ho it i« the only first
•last hotel in I.iiiooet. Persons calling at I.iiiooet will receive every attention by
stopping at th* Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in'connection Willi the hotel. Mead-
quarters far ".he Lillooet-Lytton stage.
■   •••••     I'HABllUH   MODBKATI.     «   0   «   «   9   •
m. k. eagleson;
_3i _f_^__a_a"_e, £>izo~!?.
""'ITLOOET, - - • - - - _. c.
Th* Bar is supplied with ths best Winer, Liquors and Cigars. -
While we hear so much about the
prospects and brilliant future of Bridge
River district in which we all have the
greatest confidence, do we ever pause to
think what the future of Lillooet is to
be. At the presentetage of development
it seems that Lillooet is to be merely a
distributing centre for goods passing into
Bridge River, which menus that the
town will never be much larger than at
present. To make a town here of respectable size, we must have
miners working close at hand. There
will more than likely be a road into
Bridge River, from Vancouver up
through the Pemberton Meadows tapping a very rich agricultural section.
If that ever comes to pass we will be
stranded here will absolutely no excuse
lor our existence. Bat if good paying
minen could be opened up near at hand,
as close aa the Ample mine or clocer, on
different sides we would no longer be dependant on the success of Bridge Ri ver.
Of ,'ouiae there may not be and showing in the immediate vicinity of tlie town
at all but are we sure whether there are
ornotf Would it not be good plan for
the luismetts men to grubstake several
men and have them thoroughly prospect
Rich float lias been found in many spots
and there must be plenty of good ground
somewhere. II they find nothing, the
loss would be small; if they struck some
thing good, lhe benefits accruing to Lil
looet would be immense.
line some 1100 mile! in length. It is also
reported that the Great Northern has
secured an option ou Inlets ol land in
Ea;t Vancouver, valued at $500,000.
The tract comprises the False creek
water front, a branch ot English Bay,
and valuable terminal property.
Queen of Holland "tarried.
Queen Wilhelmina of Holland and
Duke Henry of Mecklenberg Scliwerin
were married at The Hague last week
amid grent public rejoicing. Tbe quaint
old city was ablaze with colour in honor
of the great event.
Qileen Wilhelmina has conferred upon
Prince Henry tlie tale of "I'rince ol the
The marriage was a series of brilliantly coloured pictures, but the severe
simplicity of the Du'ch form of marriage, which was followed to the letter in
the elvil conflict before the Minister ol
Justice, Dr. P. W. A. Cort Van der
Linden, and in the old fashioned
religious service in the Groote Kern,
gave it a democratic spiiit. Rev. Dr.
Van der Vlien, court chaplain, olliciated
at the church.
Stag* leaves Lyttoivcvery Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.    Special trips made.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooel district, wiiie us for li formation.
:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B I
To Eater British Columbia.
Kalispell, Mont., Feb. 13—The Great
Northern's plans iu Montana and British Columbia areshrouded in considerable mratery, but that the' company ie
preparing to enter the territory of the
enemy, the Canadian Pacific, there can
no longer be a doubt. There is considerable more on foot than tlie mere
building of the line north to tap tlie
Crow's Nest coal fields. It is reported
here that Fort Steele and Crawford Bay
are the objective points aside from the
coal fields.
Jim Hill has secured the charter of
ihe Victoria,  Vancouver   _ Eastern, a
Gansral Deal_r
Full  lint   of   Groceries,  Dry  Good*;  Boots-  and  Shoes
Ghothing and Hardware.     Miners' Supplies.
Kamloops, B.C.
Furniture «f «very description,  Garp-t-j;- iiDl3_.__-,   Window Shades; Gornice Pol_.votc.
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company.
r OT -nlflSKli   «T_ninic nnd Viinfthurer ere 17 Thuri'liy Al i p.u.
awn-mem for B.C. Northern P*-»,,»*iiio*?« Victoria trnl Vmicourvi* r/v^klf.   Refillnr -M_ftm«r*
lot *^ Biilicb nlumbla poiiui'.   I *   iculnrs ou _,p.iiic--Littn.
.     ReguH __.
c. a. 1UXTE t ,U. V. .
I     Subscribe-fo." [h$ Premolar.
TO   THE   DEAf.
A rich laiiy cured of her DesfnesH find Noises
in the He**, by Dr Nicholson's-Artificial Ear
Drums, KAVU (tf.UOO to Ins Institute, so that the
rleHf people iifiablB to procure the Kar Drums
mav have tlitm free. Address No. R">_:i The
NicuolHon Institute, 7*80, Eighth Avenue, New
York.    .8.A.
J. H. Anthony.
(8uceessc.nl to .    Starcnaon.
Builnemi ealabllnliud 1st;:;.
General flerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, • - II. C.
First-class iu every respect.
Choice   Wines,   Liquors
an.l Cigars, Sample
rrwm   tree.
Georire Johnston, 1) .minion statisti-
iiun at Ottawa, lias prepare'! a State-
tnent giving the statistics of crime in
Canada (or the period 1887-99. The
total number of convictions for the
thirteen sears was 484,268, or an average ol 87,250. Of this number 60,981
were for indictable offences, tlie charges
numbering 88,523, so that convictions
formed 68.9 per cent, of tlie charges.
Compared with their numbers, the agricultural class, the industrial claBS (except in offences against property with
violence) and the professional claes contribute a very small percentage of criminals. The commercial class commit
more than their proportionate numbers
in tlie way of offences against the
person, forgery and offences against the
currency, while labourers contribute
more than their share to eve, y class of
crime. About 60 per cent, of the convicted were born in Canada. Those unable lo read and write formed about
14.4 per cent, of thc convicted. Those
possessed witli an elementary education
about 75.6 per cent., while those having
a superior education formed only somewhat over 1 per cent, of the convicted.
Cities and towns furnished 76 per cent,
of the criminal class of Canada.
Aw'ul  Hcenea   ot  tlio   Union   Colliery    Mine*-Men   Burled   lix   a
Sluifi    CiiiiHt-  of  the   Explosion
Not   Known.
Reports received at Pekin from Singan-
fu all agree that the famine in the
provinces of Shansi and Shensi is one of
the worst in the history of China. All
infsrmation ou the subject ie necessarily
from Chinese sources and is fragmentary, but the stories aie all to the same
effect, picturing a condition of affairs
that is calculated to arouse the sympathy of the woild for the striken people.
It is estimated that I vo-thinls of the
people are without sufficient food or the
means of obtaining it. The weathei is
bitterly cold and this adds to the misery
of starvation. There is little fuel in
either province, and the people are tearing out the woodwork uf their houses to
build tires to keep themselves warm.
Oxen, horses, dogs and other animals
used by the farmer! to aid them in their
work in ordinary times have practically
all been sacrificed to satisfy hunger.
For three years the crops have been
failures in both provinces. There was
more or less famine in previous seasons,
mid the people were in poverty when
the winter began. Their condition has
since been growing steadily worse. Letters state that cannibalism is practised
now to a considerable extent.
Gamboling- In "Fylers."
A mining investment is do more
a gamble than in any other investment,
excepting when the inveater is a gambler, who attempts to get something for
nothing, There is a vast amount of
un nine I gold in the earth, but there is
even a iiieater amount ol "fools" gold.
Mining should not be blamed, as it
ii-unlly is, for the lack of foresight and
ordinary business sense, which are no
Vss fata| to mining than to any other
business. It is not fair to charge up
ugainst legiti mate mining the losses
that have undoubtedly been suffered by
investors, but which are due very largely
ts sheer Btupidity and in some cases
Ullnesa of the investor, who does not
take the trouble to exercisf any pergonal oversight over tho investment. As
fair would it be to charge up againBt the
farming industry all the losses of the
stock exchange.
A distinction must be made between
bona lida investments and "flyers," as
they are sometimes called. No one
should attempt the latter unless be can
afford to loose what he puts into it, and
incase ef that loss the less he says
about it Ihe better wisdom does the loser
dirpUy.— Lardeau Ragle.
Sixty-five men, about forty whites and the
rest Chinese, are entombed in No. 6 shaft of
the Union Colliery Company's mines at
Union, and experts hold out no hopes for
their rescue. The shaft is blocked with
wreckage, although the hoist and fans are
working and the passageway leading from No.
5 to No. 6 shaft is blocked by fire and the
deadly after-damp.
It was 16.40 Friday morning when the explosion which made these unfortunate miners
prisoners in passages over 800 feet below thc
surface, occurred. At that hour the little
town of Union was rudely shocked by a
terrific explosion. The location was shown
hy the discharge from the moulh of No. 6
shaft of a volume of debris, including r\ine
timbers, which had been rent from th\r
fastenings, and a cloud of coal dust, which',
when it settled,covered thesurrounding.country
in a mantle of black. Near the shaft the
ground was covered with a layer of splintered
timbers an inch in thickness. Crowds im.
mediately gathered round lhe shaft and when
they found that this exit for the miners, who
had been at work in the shaft, had been
blocked by the force of lhe explosion, they
rushed over to No. 5 shaft, which connects
with No. 6, a passageway leading from one to
the other.
, The miners at work here had no need to be
told what had occurred; they had felt the
force of thc explosion even more' than those
above ground. When the explosion occurred,
they were thrown to the floor, and in one
drift three mine boxes . were thrown over a
mule, which was killed.,.;
Not a minute was lo_ in devising means
of rescuing the entombed miners, and although it was soon learned that the task was
an impossible one, the men bent to the work,
and rescue parties went to work in an effort
to force their way through the passage leading
from No. 5 to No. 6, while others started to
clear thc wrecked shaft, in which the hoisting
apparatus was still working, and a third party
started to cut through from the workings of
No. 4 to the chamber in which the men were.
Up to last night all these effor's had been in
vain and hope was abandoned, none believing
that any of the men could be found alive. If
not killed by the force of the explosion, a
still more terrible fate awaited them, for the
timbers of the mine were n fire, aad besides
this, there was the deadly afterdamp with
which to contend. But while they had little
hope of effecting a rescue, the men kept at
work al the three points. Those working in
No. 5 shaft had the greatest danger to contend
with, as the passageway was filled wilh afterdamp and the timbers were burning. Twice
they were driven out aflcr they almost reached
the gales which separate the two workings.
Finally ihey were ordered out, as it was evident that another explosion would occur in
the passageway on the No. 5 shaft side of the
This did take place shortly after 9 last
night, by which time the^mea had fortunately
been withdrawn. But while there was no
loss of life in this second explosion, it had the
effect of placing a greater obstacle in the way
of the rescue party.
No. 6 is the latest shaft opened by thc
Union Colliery Company, il having been
completed in October, 1899, after two years'
work. In the last report of the Minister of
Mines, this shait is relerred to as follows:
"This is a new shaft which was 'bottomed' in
October last at a depth of S14 feet. It is well-
constructed and timbered with a mid-wall,
and is now in full working order. The bottom is all timbered with IzxlS sawn bulks,
huilt solidly together, 16 feet wide and 11
feet high, Thc hoisting plant consists of a
I2xj6-inch engine, provided with suitable and
sufficient boiler service. The shaft is located
close to the railway, and all necessary sidings
have been provided. The seam struck is
seven feel thick. A level has been driven
from the bottom some eighty yaids, and headings have been started from both sides to
make connection with a heading which is being driven from No. 5 shaft." This connec-'
tion has since been made,
Union, Feb. 17.—Tnis it the saddest
Sunday in the history of Union, or
Cumberland ub the town is now callled.
The whole place is gloomy and the
weather is in keeping with the general
But lew people are seen on the streets
and each as are about stroll moodily
along and pause as tbey pass the ugly
smoke-begrimed frame at tbe top of
shaft No. 6 to watch the little knot of
men working there
Two days ago at 7 o'clock in the morning sixty-four men descended that abaft.
Sjine three hours s.fter^aids there came
an explosion and   from  tbat  time on,
one of the Bixty-four, nor is there tbe
slightest human liklibood ol any of them
ever being found alive to toll the story
of their awful experience.
Even further, it is in every degree
probable tbat the bodies of most of the
unfortunate men will be burned beyond
recognition if -not indeed utterly de-
For all this, however, there is the
possibility, remote though it may be. of
a few men having reached tome place of
temporary safely, and that they are
now waiting in utter hopelessness, somewhere in tbe bowels of the earth below
us here, tbe death that comes all too
ThiB is tlio feature which causes a
shudder to run through all that think
of it ana onlv ia the thought that all
human ingenuity has been exhausted in
attempting to reach the men below can
the slightest grain of comfort be found.j
Lillooet    Mines.
Report* rrom  I3rl__e   Hlver,   Cay*
_rcc-U and McOUltvray crock.
Everything points to an extremely busy
season in our mining sections. Outsiders who
purchased properties last year are losing, no
lime in proving .their value. As for trie-result
we have no fear. All that Lillooet wanted
was a fair trial and now that such is being
granted the success of the camp is asssuned.
The machinery for the Lome group, Cadwallader, is being hurried along as fast as
possibleand before many weeks will be in
place ready to pound ore on the advent of
spring. There are - about twenty men at
present employed on the claims. It is reported that the Lorne- company contemplate
liuilding a trail from Gun Creek to the mine,
making a cut-off of about four miles.
At the Bend'Or about a dozen men ara getting .out ore for the coming season. The mine
is showing up better ihon ever. Development work work on the Alhambra is to be
pushed forward at once. Several men under
Mr. A. Richey left his week to commence
work on this very promising claim Dr.
Brackett wno invested in Bridge River property last fall arrived from California this v&ek
and will push operations at once.
Col. Rives superintendent of the Toronto-
Lillooet Cold Reefs Co, reports that the Ample
mill is in readiness for the re-commedcement
of operations. As soon as the weather moderates the mill will start grinding. The Ample
bids fair to one of the best paying mines iu
British Columbia.
The Brett Bros are engaged taking out ore
and putlng things in shape for the starting oi
of lhe mill in spring. Some very rich ore has
been struck and the mine never looked better.
With proper management this property will
beoneof Lillooet'sbestas thcrock isofa good
average grade and practically unlimited.
Will Visit Australia.
Australia after all will not be iiissap-
pointed. Accompanied by the Duchess,
the Puke of Cornwall and York, will
leave England about the end of March
or beginning of April in time to reaclt
Australia early in May. Tbeir Royal
Highnesses will make the voyage in the
Opbir, which will be converted for the
occasion into a Hoyal yacht and escorted
by a couple of cruisers. The King ia
evidently determined lo walk in the
footsteps of bis illustrious mother and
to show the people of the Colonies that
his message to them on ascending the
Throne was written in all lincerity.
His Maiesty is aware how eminently desirable it is for tlie good of tbe State
that the heir to the Throne should become personally acquainted with the
Australian people. The Royal decision
not to abandon the voyage paves the
way for imperial federation. It il rumoured that the Duke and Duchess o>
Cornwall will also visit Canada, and tbe
United Stated.
Official information received at Ottawa
last week confirms the announcement
tbat tlie Duke and Duchess, of Cornwall
and York will etart within a month or
so for Australia, where His Royal Highness will open tho Parliament ot the
It is almost certain that llieir Royal
Highnesses will return by way of Canada, although the Queen's death wilt*
divest tbeir tour through the Dominion
of much of the pageantry which otherwise would have accompanied it.
R.I, Atkin has  just received a   large" ship-
ment of hardware and   harness;    Call and- in-
nothing has been seen or beard   of »a)" l.specttjsstock. rHt  MOCKING DAWN.
Through ibo sweet watches of the mellow night.
By kindly Nature decked for love's delight,
While   earth   lay   sleeping   drugget]   by   summer".
And lovely hours sank slowly to their death,
1 kept my lonely vigil, all in vain,
Till   Nature's sniile seemed  changed to chill dil-
Then, as lhe bride whose bridegroom tarries Ions
Shrinks from the biting jest and vulgar throng,
1 shuddered that the day should aee the shame
That stutiK my ashen cheeks to crimson flame,
Wlillo stealthy dawn crept up, and loud and free
Thc Jeering cocks shrilled their malicious glee.
With smiling insolence tlie dainty morn
Stated at my haggard f.ce in silent scorn;
I heard tfee whispered mockery ot the trees
Nudging each other in the morning breeze,
Willi gusty laughter shaking all their leaves,
And cynic spurruws tittering in tlie caves.
Then, like a red faced Jester, rose the sun
Heeling above the clouds, and one by one
Sent wide his shafts, as if in drunken mirth,
Pointing derision, till the waking earth
Crew one broad  smile that  mocked mo gtandinf
Making a speckle of t.iy despair.
—Miss A. Ue Albert) In Academy.
This history of a onse of double personality has not. so far as 1 know, been
rcciinh'd before. More than 20 years
have elapsed since the death of Xoi-nh
S., and it is not now possible to obtain
many of the details which one would like
In have. Rut even in its imperfect state
the hi tory seems to me to present peculiarities which make it remarkable. 1 will
give it in two parts. This first part contains Information supplied by Miss X.,
who nctcd as Norah's governess and at a
httc-r period as her companion. This lady
is slill alive, and her wish to have all
n.-itiies suppressed must be respected.
The information is supplemented by a
few entries iu tlio notebook of a doctor
who nt one time attended Norah.
Xorah'a parents died when she was
still a baby, and unfortunately their family history cannot be traced. ITec father
was an English artist; the mother was
French and milch younger than her husband. They lived abroad—at Home for
the greater part of the year. It was
there that they died, within a few days
nf one another, of malignant malarial
fever. Norah was brought lo England
find adopted by a childless couple—her
father's brother and his wife.
The adoptive father has practically
nothing to do with this story. He seems
to ha.p been a commonplace little mau,
energetic in his profession —lie was a 80-
licilnr—nnd completely under the dominion nf his wife at homo. Mrs. S. was a
woman of strong and narrow religious
convictions and of a kindly nature. Bolh
were devoted to the child. They lived in
n suburb of a north country manufacturing town, where Mr. S had his practice.
Up to the age of 8 Norah received a certain amount of desultory teaching from
Mi*. S. Then a regular governess was
Miss X. was at thnt time a teacher of
more enthusiasm than judgment. Norah
was very fond of her; she was n child of
precocious intelligence; she was eager tn
learn. Miss X. wns proud of her pupil
and pushed her on. Tho child worked
six hours a day as a rule, sometimes more,
and she really did work. At thnt time
Unreasoning education wns just coming
into fashion. One is not surprised to find
that shortly nfter Norah's ninth birthdny
the doctor hnd to bo called in.
He was nu old gentleman, and he kept
n kind of rough notpbook in which he
recorded things of medical and other interest. He speaks of Norah as a pretty
little gypsy. He found that she slept ili,
was very nervous nnd had a poor and capricious appetite. She was amende, but
lie bled her nil the same. For thc rest
his treatment seems to a layman to have
been sensible enough. He gave her a
Ionic, which probably did her no harm.
He regulated her diet. He absolutely
forbade all lessons for the next three
months. He sent her to the seaside and
gave instructions that she wns to piny
with" other children. He noticed, by the
Wify—of course before the days when
such things became « special study—that
Norah frowned and twisted her face if
she were asked a question that it wns
difficult or unpleasant for her to answer.
The child went to r.owestoft Willi her
adoptive mother and Miss X. Mr. 3.
was detained by bis business. The doctor had given Miss X. the rough side of
his tongue. In his nolebook he speaks
of her ns "the hired assassin." She was
duly penitent, fint lhe old gentleman
recogni'/.ed that she had mnde her mistake through Ignorance and thjit the
adoptive mother hnd shared the ignc-
ranee and encouraged the overpressure.
He saw, too, that the child was very
fond of her nnd thnt it would be bad for
lhe child to part them at this juncture.
Miss X. In her distress had resigned her
post, but the doctor would not permit her
in go. He told her lilunlly (but she had
done enough harm without thnt. She
wns now ns eager to .'iniuse Norah and
nurse her back to health as she had for-
luerly beeu lo turn her into an infant
prodigy.   The child got rapidly better,
On Ihe afternoon of Sept 'JS. 1SI14-
tbe dale is fixed by a Idler in Miss X'.'s
possession—Norah went oui lo play on
the bi'iveh wilh some young friends
whose nenunintiince she hud recently
made. At tentlme, as she did not re-
' ntl-n. Miss'X. went out lo link for her.
She found" ber olone under the cliff fast
asleep.   She'woke her.
•'Why, Norah. you've been asleep!"
site said.
The'chilil looked surprised "I'm not
Norah," she said. "Norah's gone away.
I'm Janet."
Miss X. at first thought this wns some
childish joke. "And who's Janet?" she
"Norah's twin sisicr. Didn't yon KnnW"
She's told me all about you and Mrs. S."
So far ps is known Norah's parents hnd
no oilier child " '"• worth noting, loo.
thnt lhc normal Norah never spoke of
"Mrs. S." She always called her "mother." ,.   ,
Miss X. began to gel s little nervous,
but she still tried to get Ihe child to confess that this wns some silly joke. It
was useless. The child persisted that
she wns Janet. She was annoyed nt having It questioned and asked Miss X. not
lo tease her. ,,      a
She was taken borne, and there Mrs. S.
Hung to lhc theory that it was some
niece of naughtiness or silliness on >.o-
,,1,'s part, though she owned tha it »,.
,„,i„. out of keeping with Norah s usual
I ,.|,.,vior The child was cross examined.
In.Ille-. frightened,  but all throujrh she
itiick to her statement that she wns not
Norah. hut Janet. Mrs. S. brought out
n new picture book, aud she said she
would give it to her if she would write
her proper mime in It.
"I will write Norah's nnme if you like,
tun I am nol Ni.rah. She bas goue
ii way."
Sbc picked up a pencil and wrote thc
name quickly and without hesitation.
Then the two women knew that some-
tbing wns wrong, for the name was written in looking glass writing—writing thnt
must he held to a mirror to he rend. After lhat, at Miss X.'s suggestion, they
dropped the question of identity and talked to her nbout other things. She seemed
perfectly reasonable, but less quick to
understuml things than Norah usually
was. It was noticed lhat. unlike Norah
in her normal condition, she was left
handed. Miss X. thinks there were
some other slight differences from the
normal Norah—in the appearance if ihe
eyes, the tone of the voice and the choice
of words, fint ns to these she ciunot
speak very precisely nfter this lapse of
The child slept until long after her usual hour next morning.    When she woke,
she hnd no knowledge of anything that;
had happened since 't'e went to sleep on
the bench.    She was completely restored
to her normal condition.    Mrs. S. had
been in a state of great distress.    It win
not uncommon at thut period for people
to regard phthisis as romantic nnd nny
menial derangement hs disgraceful.  Cer- '
tnlnly Mrs. S. took lhe latter view.    She ;
was rejoiced to find the child restored to j
herself, and she hound  Miss X.  to say
nothing about   thi' Incident  to anybody,
"lest  people should   bring it up against
her afterward."   She considered that No- I
rah had been too much in tiie sun and .
Ihnt this had "made her silly" for a time, j
Considering that   the  disappearance of i
the symptoms meant  lhe disappearance ]
of the disease, she did not call in u doctor.
Norah apparently completely regained
her health. She did not become an infant prodigy. At lhe nge of 14, when
Miss X. left her and she was placed in
lhc hands of foreign governesses, she
seems lo have been a fairly normal girl,
a little emotional perhaps, but with no
tendencies to melancholy, fond of sport,
eager lo see lhe world.
Fight years afterword Miss X. took the
post of companion to Norah. During the
interval she had once more become an orphan, nnd she lind'inherited Mr. S.'s fortune, which wns nut Immense, but was
much greater than it had been supposed
he would leave behind him. It gave Norah an Income of about £1.700 a year.
She came to London, where she had
many fiTetuls. Some of these were anxious to have her live wilh them, but she
was f'Uid of her independence. She
wrote lo Miss X.. with whom she had
kept up a desultory correspondence, nnd
an arrangement was soon made between
lliem They lived together in a comfortable house in Hninpstend. Here nlso
Miss X. noticed nothing that could be
called abnormal nbout Nornh. She was
bright nml energetic, fond of pleasure
and particularly fond of getting new experiences.
Norah wns at this time engaged to be
married to ii distinguished orientalist and
traveler, a man about ten years older
than herself, lo whom she was devoted.
Il was nrrnnged that after the marriage
Miss X. wns lo net us her housekeeper.
Three days before the marriage was to
have taken place Norah committed sui
elds, poisoning herself with oxalic acid.
It is not a good suicide poison, because
Ihe antidote is to be found ready at hand
iu most houses. But Nornh wns not discovered; she took the poison in a diluted
form and died in her sleep.
No motive of any kind could be found
for lhe act at the time, and the usual
verdict was reiurned.
By her will she left to Miss X. nn an
unity and all her books and papers.
Among the latter wns a bundle nf penny
exercise hooks tied up wilh string and
marked "Nol to be read until a year nfter my dentil." Rightly or wrongly, Miss
X. made no mention of those at the inquest. It is from then) Ihnt the brief
second part of Norah's history is here
written. 1 have not been permitted to
rend the whole of these hunks ns yet.
Much of what I have read 1 am not permitted to repent here, and of verbatim
quotation I eari give very little.
These hooks are a revelation of the
tragedy of Norah's life. They aie con-
ci-rned principally with her second personality, Janet, and are not consecutive,
long lapses occurring between the dates
of the differeiil books.
There is no reference to the Lowestoft
incident iu them. The first hook is dated
when Norah was IS years old. The first
line begins: "I wns Janet iu my sleep
Inst night. It Is no good to pray any
more. One dny she will come when I am
awake, nnd everybody will kuow, and
they will shut 1110 up somewhere aud sny
that 1 am mad."
Thai note of horror is repeated all
through Ihe books. She makes miserable Utile pathetic lests of her sanity and
enn find nothing wrong but that oue
thing—thnt she feels Hint she mny at nny
time lose her personality, that Janet must
come hack. She feels il a disgrace that
she is not like other people: she longs for
help and sympathy, yet not for worlds
would she speak of her trouble lo a sin
gle soul.
She appears to have some means, never
iudieaieil. of coiiiiuuiiicaling with tills
mysterious twin sister. She speaks of
telling her things and of exacting a
promise from her that she will never
come buck except when Norah is alone nt
night. Then we hear no more of these
conversations, which are reported in n
moat mailer of fact way, and another
horror springs up. .Iimel means to ruin
her. She will never speak, but Norah
After that comes n period of nbout n
year, during which there nre no Holes nl
all. This period coincides wilh her resi
deuce in London and .licltldes the few
months of her engagement. Indeed II
may he doubted if Norah ever wrote Id
the bonk ngnin, for the next entry, which
is the Inst, is written in the looking glasl
hand.    I held it ton mirror and rend:
"1 have come back for n little while,
hut tomorrow I shnll come buck to stay
I sliall take him nwny from you. Slatcf
Norah. It is I that he will marry. 1
wonder what you thought. For a lout!
There the sentence breaks off abruptly
It hears the dale of the day on whicl
Norah committed suicide.
As a case nf double personality it Is ex
plienble doubtless on the theory of nhsn
llllc somnambulism.'hut II suggests otho»
questions less easy tn answer, A clove"
novelist might be able to make something
of it. filling in the Ineunre. Of course. h«t
would he using n motive that hns heel
used before; bul. tlvn. all the motive."
have heen used before.—Chicago Times
'.ine hostile person can uinko tho
[ ii-st. conversationalist falter, oven
though tho critic should uot ult or u
ti i'lato hail rea'ized Low elastic
his doctrines would become he would
havo died broken hearted.
There may be an vols in thc world
—men say bo—bul a good v. ovrmn is
better suited t.o our atmosphere.
To have given a woman something
save the benefit of a doubt lias at
lijl.es helped her amazingly.
Until we realize that pleasure an.l
happiness are not always closely related we shall sillier much disappointment.
There aro few things more unbearable than lind ng when too lalo that
wo have wrongly licensed a friend.
Women novelists appeal to women
beca'ise Ihey throw in kits of adjectives; also a few fierce phrases —-
and marr.V off lhe heroine.
'lhe sole way in escape adverse
criticism is in gel oneself walled up.
No mere mortal con please everybody .
It is nn awful thing to be marriud
to a knavo, Lint rather belter than in
a  tool.
Until women slop buying trashy
ornaments and worse books Ihey
should be merciful in men who buy—
Praise Allah when the rich ask you
to dine, but if \oi are worldly-wise
.von  will  praise nothing save him.
Surely Hod es| eeially loves that
woman to whom He bus given a
sense of humor.
The. persistently sciniillnt.'n r person
is lhe detestation of the truly wise.
■'Misery loves company," love iso-
lat ion,  and joy a crowd.
Tlie \V ten <it the W.ulrt.
It is estimated lhat ihe following
are Hie II meat wonders of tho
world. Those of Hie Old World were:
1. The Egyptian Pyramids, lhe
base of the largest covering 11 tyj
acres of ground.
2. The Mausoleum erected by
Mausolus,   Kiniv  nl'  ('aria.
:;. 'lhc louiple oi Diana at Eph.es-
-I. The walls and hanging gardens
o.t Babylon, said to have been 87 feet
thick, and (il) miles long.
."». 'lhe ( o'o-sus of Khodes; a brazen slatue oi Apollo. 105 feet in
6. Statue of Jupiter Olympus at
Alliens, made of ivory and gold.
7. The Pharos of Ptolemy rhila-
delphus, a lighiluniEO BOO feet high
on lhe Island o!  Pharos,  in Egypt.
The wonders o.' Hie > ow World are:
1.  The an  of print ing.
_. Gunpowder.
■',.   Optical in .1 riimenls. such as the
Telescope end  Microscope.
1   Steam Engine.
...   I abor-saving   Machinery.
6. Electric Telegraph.
7. Photogrni by.
A l.oog Term Note.
A remarkable e.r e was tried in the
Somerset co'ii'y court at Souiefvlllo
recently. A form r living in one of
Hie country lown hips of Somcrscl
loiir.v : old a horso in a Somerset
man. The lii lee gave .i note for S50
in | u.wiii nt. 'lhe niiiii who received
tbo note paid lllt'.o nl t nl ii ii to its
wording, but vvoi.t to lhe bank to
have it discounted, The bank olli-
cials refused to discount Hie note, as
it read: "1 promise lo pay ion years
nfter date." etc 'lhe man Willr"1 the
net:* wus greatly excited when be
discovered the time o! tin- note, which
h • had mt nol ired al all. anil
promptly brourjil s lit ngalnsl the
man who [raw it. 'lhe case came
up in court at romervllle. 'ihe defendant claimed that he was perfectly ablo en I wlll'iii t.o pay Hie note
when ii came die, bit! protested Hint
there was no law ll.nl compelled l.im
lo i!i - o I cfore 1 hat t inie. It was
in black and White on tho note, and
Hie .indue li. d nothing let to do
hui dismiss Hi- case.—Plainfleld <N.
.1.) Press.
The 11 iiiiiiin l-'.yc.
Dr. Hoik, w riling in the Cosmopolitan,   says   Hint   Hie   excessive   use   of
alcohol and tobacco altucfs Hie eyes
very seriously, and thai for some
people tobucco is a poison and produces a h-sioii in Hie nerve of Hie eve
leading to blindness. The most important thing of all, however, in order lo lake care of Hie sigiit. is to
get sufflclenl light In work nml
iced by. The most desirable location of a light lo read b.v is from
above, behind, and to Hie left of lhe
bodv. Of artificial lights lhe itican-
de-.eenl elect ric is the best, though
the use of incandescent nialilies has
muilll   improved   gas   light. Where
cool oil is Hie only llluinlnonl Hie
so-called sliulenl lamps ■ :il-;e a very
satisfactory  light.
IVslls oi Camion .lull-.
In   some  new   bank   buildings   Hint.
ure   being   erected   in   Lumloii,     snys
the Sussux  (Eng.)  Hllilv   News,  il   bos
le- leaded in trust  noilbei' police,
private custodians nor safes. All
walls connected wiih Hie mono;,
vaults aro t" hnve old fashioned cannon balls closely embedded i:i thorn.
the idea, of course, being thai thu
rounded surfaces of II.,} cannon ball;
will cause burglars' t'uohi lo slip,
and there wil! be no cbaneu of picking Hie walls lo pieces qulcklv, ou-
ough for burglurious depredations.
Gormuny's l.urgu Cemoul  iiiiile.
During Hie lasl lee: yearn Germany's cement industry bus assumed
large proportions. In L809 tlio t'.or-
man exports of cement amounted to
about 600,000 tons, as against :;i;o,-
0011 Ions in 11504. 'the value of Hie
cement exports last year was close
to 22,000,-OCO mints. The best customers if Gorman cement were Groat
Britain, Hie United siates. Australia, Norway, Portugal, China., Era-
zil, Chile nnd Elouth Africa.
The  I),ml ( Ity of  Voililn.
At Uv.i up; er to r e o1' Hi1 Kaii-os
Kiver, not fal' from lip' iiu.'i nt Ft"a-
lonhk-oln, Hie Knii h employer (.'uu-
doi 1ms dis ovti'od a very ancient ne-
cro oils. A lar o quantity of stone
ve:s-s end prch lorie Implements
v.; n also found. 'ihe ruins extend
ouv a btrgo area us far ns Vorln.n
Walnut Hall, 2:20%, Is the fastest
2-year-old trotter for 1000.
Ed Geerc considers Charley Eterr the
greatest trottiug burse of America.
Coney, world's wsgou recoid holder,
was sold for SI,500 last November.
Tbe fastest heat iu the Transylvania
Inst year was that of Peter tbe Urent
iu 2:08%
Pereno's record beat lu 2;10:54 Is tbe
fastest ever trotted In tbe Kentucky
I'resceus trotted a quarter lu 2S_
seconds—a 1:65 gait—at Clevelaud tbe
other day.
Kereno, 2:10%, Is the fastest 3-year-
old for 1000 and is out of an undeveloped ninre.
Among the uew 2:10 trotters with
former records Contralto, 2:10, bad the
lowest, 2:28%.
Cresceus was named after one of Hie
most famous itonuin charioteers at tho
time of Ciesar.
Boralma, 2:08, Is Hie first trotter to
wlu both thu Futurity und thu Transylvania at Lexington.
Eagle Flanagan slill lias the credit of
the Instest heal ill the Transylvania,
having trotted the lirst bent In 2:07:;4
I u 1808,
Siamlioul, 2:07',;!. has now four with
records of 2:11 !l'( or better—Stambouler,
2:10i,i; Bllert, 2:11; Stum B. 2:11%, aud
Elsie 8,2:11%.
Conner's lirst beat In 2:05% 13 the
fastest I'or the Tennessee slake ever
paced, the best previous record bein;;
tbat of Hal fi iu 2:01! In 1899.
Cl. fi. Barber of Lansing. Mich., has a
yearling lilly by Hal Dillard, 2:0-1%,
tbat bas stepped quarters In 40 seconds with four weeks' handling.
Oue lot of 8.000 Argentina horses cost
the firitisb government $-10 each und
$70 delivered lu Africa. This lot proved the best nnd most serviceable horses
in the war.—Hoi'senuni.
Cora Urciuliai't was 1G years of nge
when she married James Brown Potter.
It Is practically settled that Mtr.e.
Eames will not return to this'country
this winter.
The total amount received b.v the
New York Herald for the Actors' liotffe
Is $r.0,28.r>.00.
"A Bunch of Blue millions" Is the title of the new play nearly completed
by Charles II. Hoyt.
Sir Henry Irving passes -IiIb time In
reading nnd writing. Ellen Terry's
recreations are reading, delving and
Louis Matin and Clara Lipman will
appear in fierlin' I'or sis weeks at the
close of the present season. Tbey will
play In German.
Six pounds, thlrteep shillings and
fourpence, or $32.50, was the amount
given by the court of Queen Elizabeth
for the Orst production of "Hamlet."
Miss Julln Marlowe bus secured the
dramatic rights of "The Sword of Hie
King." a romantic story by Roun 1.1
MacDonald, now in much favor iu
Tbe men of tbe vaudeville stage having formed a protective association
culled the "White Rats," Hie women
have organized under the name of Iho
"Little Mice."
The Church federation of Pittsburs
bus notified all theater managers that
It will exert Its best efforts lo prevent
the presentation In that city of any notorious or demoralizing piny.
Shakespeare's ".Iiillus Crosnr" has
been translated into Herman nine
times, into French seven. Into Italian
and Swedish twice nnd Into Croatian,
Danish. Dutch, Frisian. Polish. Itou-
iiiaulnn. Russian, Magyar. Portuguese
and Yiddish.
itipen pears in I* ■ house.
Improvement goes forward by selection.
Currants ami gooseberries ueed annual trimming.
Use wooden Iree protectors to keep
rabbits from young trees.
A liberal top dressing of wood nshis
on nn orchard that Is beginning to fall
will often give satisfactory results.
In testing a new variety uf strawberries early fall Is a good time to plant
out. The plains will bear some fruit
nexl seasou.
When plants of nny kind are first
taken Indoors in the fall, ihey Should
have all lhe air possible and be kept
midst if the position be a dry one.
Piles of brush or weeds or old boards
and lugs afford harboring places ror In-
seel pi'sts. and ihey can be best destroyed by burning such nuiterial early
In the fall.
Dwarf pears and grapes are two
fruits that are especially adapted to
email plnccs where not much room can
be spared am] where II Is desired io
combine lhe useful aud the ornamental.
It has been estimated that from
D0.0Q0 lo 100,01)0 deer feed In the forests of Scot la ad and Hint 4.000 sings
are killed nnniiully.
During iho Galveston storm two w»
men' were curried oul Into the gulf,
where Hie.v spent Saturday night. Not
1111 the next morning did the Hili' bring
Iber.i back lo where the rescuing parties could reach lliem.
An act for the prevention of cruelty
to wild nulmnls lias just become effective lu England. The new law extends
the provisions of the act. which bus
hen tufoio applied only to domestic nn-
liiinls. to nil birds, fishes and reptiles
not Included In that measure und
liuikes offenders liable lo three mouths'
tiiiui'lsun.nicut or o Que of f-fi.
A Padding [nutend of a rt!n& lued to
Join tlio iinjiiiy Couple. WIio T.at
Willi Tlicir trifi-Rcn Prom (lit* Same
DisE), Cooked' l,y Hit* Medicine Man,
This qun'nt s:oi*y of u wedding nnmng
th-.' Nftvajn I :;::ians \* rt'hmsl hv u wbito
man now w.uUiM;; ns n i.iissamary with
tills tribe. Tin- Nnvnjo reservation takes
in a large ship ol' eouutij* in New Mexico
and Arizona, and the Indians number
nearly 20,000. The n.Issit-nary writes as
*'A short time ago we wore invited to
be in attendance at a uiaftiugi* eereirtouy
of one of ihe Navajo braves m one of
the Cal rest daughters oi" the reservation.
This ceremony was to he performed hi
the true Indian custom about four miles
from l'ort Delia nee at ahou T o'clock in
tho evening. We nnived at the designated In.i at the uppoinled time, and a
tree was p.dated o.;: tii \u Where We eoitld
tie our horses. A considerable number
of Indians were already there. The government ogeut nt i'oit Defiance and the
black .mith Were also invited, and they
entered the hut a short lime after we had
"The squaws were all hia-i'y cngng' (1 in
baking bread, frying meat and boiling
coffee, for all Navajo ceremonies must he
preceded hy a sumptuous least. A good
meal must he eaten liefore the medicino,
mau can administer Ids 'holy medicine.'
We have olien wished that we mi^ht
have a phnuogrnph here in cider lhat we
might keep o record of (he de-ai and resonant voices of tbe Navajtes. When they
have once started to sing wiih ull their
might and main so that the heads of per-
fpirnticn trickle down their cheeks, ihey
offer a sight that would put any stranger
ou the run. Their howling far surpasses
than of a pack of wolves.
"Fifty braves hnd gathered on th!s oc-
oa.-ioit uiul two chief,- v.ho pat on a great
many airs. The cause of the feeing of
superiority with these chiefs is tl.ai tlie
government has appointed litem a.'j,*,dg_s
to settle all disputes and trivial dUtcr:.
ences that muy arise annum the members
of the tribe, On account of this they
have the opinion lhat l!:ey posso.-s a
gieat deal of wisdom nml must In* ee-
Bpeeted oecordiugly. One can readily imagine that these chiefs are tho worst rascals among the Ind"ni::;. except posslhly
the medicine men.
"Some of the braves hecame impatient
when they were compelled to wait a shoit
time for the supper ami went outside to
roast a sheep at wheir own expense oyer
a caiupfire. \\\H we were*" all soon seated
about thc table in the hut and enjoying
cur supper immensely. After we had
partaken of tin- meal a large earthen dish
was brought forth, and the medicine
man, who then acted iu the capacity of
piiest, began the making of a pudding.
We ascertained from the Indians nt our
side that this was to lie thc wedding cake.
While seated in thc hut the approach of
many horses could be heard. These, we
learned, were from the bridegroom as
pay to his father-in law for his prospective hi ide.
"After the pudding wus well done, it
was placed in a basket .made foi thai
special purpose, ami the used:', ine in.in.
currying a jag of water and tbe basket,
headed the processiou of the br.de iiul
her friends to a nee,' hi:t, where tlie
bridegroom stood i;i waiting tor his future wife. We followed the p.-o css'on
ami entered the hui, whete we were ptv
*n reserved seats at the side of the medicine man. He commanded the br'de and
groom to lie Pealed Ue.M each other.
Then, tnklug the jug, he poured water on
the hands of Che bride and com ma tided
her to wash h'-th hauds of her f.itu e
husband. Tberimiwu. . the, bridegroom
was commanded to do likewise to tin
hands of his bride, This ct romony hit
pressed us a great deal, for it shows the
true mutual Huhmisslou hull) husband
and wife must be yvtlliugln undergo.
"Alter the hands of both bad beeu
washed the wedding ea!,e. or. rather
pudding, was placed betore tlie bridal
pair, aud after it had heen covered wiib
holy powdor lhe exact places wheie I lie}
must eat from it with (heir lingers wm
pointed ...it to lliem, Following ihe com
maud, the .Voiin*: urnu-pill his.right ham!
into the pnd-liii-' and begail eating, ill'
bride followed his example and began l<
eat of the pudtUhg where lhe Impression
of her fntme husband's lingers were slii
to he seen.
"After the bibbil pair had mul.- th
circuit of the entire dish, eating *is ibej
went, (he medicine man dechwrd tin1 cor
oniony complete wiib ihe simple- word
Miaddih,' anil the couple stood before tin
assembly ns man and. wife. It did lip
pear to us as really odd to see a coup!,
united with the Simple-, cert mony of eat
ing. We wondered why this ceremony
was not accompanied by a son-: and ■t'-sl.
ed if that woa the end of it. whereupon
we   received   the   simple   atliruiative   ol
"Ikend nnd coffee were then brought to
the party, and all began to eat for the
second time, to the honor of the bridal
pair. We also partook of the bread,
which n ally tasted good, but passed the
wedding 'pudding,' which was now given
to tbe party. The puddiug looked tempting and must have tastcfl good, judging
from the manner in which the Indian
guests reached for it.
"This marriage ceremony is not infrequent among thc Indians, for they believe
In plural marriages, aud some have a
number of wives. Very few white people
have witnessed the ceremony, however,
and possibly few would care to see it the
second time. Divorces are also just as
frequent among the Indians. This is un
evil against w'u^b we have to contend."
London Bcbnol  Children.
The London school board is responsible
for the education of a population more
than double that of Denmark or Greece,
larger tha.. that of Scotland and only exceeded slightly b.v that of Havaria and
Holland. Tho child population of London in need of elementary education is
larger than the total population of nny
European city except IMiris, Berlin, St.
Petersburg, Moscow and Vienna. It U
more than double the population of Bristol, Dresden or Prague, The sum annually expended on "elementary education
iu the metropolis is alone equal to the total national expenses of Denmark. Norway and Sweden, uot to mention tbat of
many minor states of Europe.
-   Bnnrley—What's Belt esteem?
Yow—It's something we all hate to see
In some one else, but which is n virtue tf
we possess it ourselves.1-—Syracuse ii.r-
Yontliful Advice.
"Are you rending 'Homo Hlnta,' ma?"
"Turb to page 41, then, 'cauee that
tells how to tithe ink spots out of tbe
carpet!"—New York World.
Russia serins to have put in her thumb
and plucked oul the Manchuria plum.—
Washington I'ost
(Jetting out of China--seems a far more
difficult t'u*1- •ha- !_v''ing into ii proved
to be.
Wo shall he much mistaken if Field
Marshal Count von Wflldersee does not
find plenty of military work to do before
he eats his next Christmas pudding.—
Washington Times.
If Russia and France want peace in
and wiih China, why dy they Indicate as
the next phase of negotiations a step
which makes tor war? Is it not because
they want;' war—and partition?- New
York Press.
It Is time for the powers .to call a halt
upon the continued slaughter nnd looting
of the Chinese hy the foreign soldiers.
The situation nruun'd Peking and Tientsin seems lo he d'-nnei ating into mere
exhibitions of si;v-i.;iiy by some of tho
allies. '	
In .jstu' A^nr Fat it re.
Now tlie train was thundering on wilh
Its load of hnnniH freight toward the
abyss with great rapidity.
"Alas," cried Otuilys, "I have no red
skirt to wave!"
For it was she who stood beside the
It suddenly occurred to her that the engineer was a woman.
Taking off her brand new hat. she waved that.
Of course the train was halted. To inspect the hat? The Idea!—Indianapolis
Why is it that in nearly every home
in the land you OikC- some of Dr.
Chase's family remedies ? Why is it
that l>r. Chuse is honored nnd esteemed as a true physician of undoubted skill ? Why is it that Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills are kept
in the family medicine chest as indispensable for everyday ills which
arise from constipation and sluggish
action of the hver and kidneys ?
It is because Pr. Chase's remedies
arc all honorable medicines. Medicines
that havo, been, tried in the severest
cases nnd proven -to be of most unusual value. Tbey are immensely successful because everybody has learned
to have confidence in them and confidence in their discoverer. Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills have for nearly
a quarter of a century taken lhe lead
as tbe greatest seller which medicine
dealers handle, and Ibis enormous
sale is entirely due to tbe downright
merit which they possess. Tbey euro
•when others fail.
It Is when there is a bitter taste in
the mouth, heaviness about tbe stomach, headaches, backaches, pains in
the shouUh-TH and limbs and depressed, languid feelings, that people turn
to Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Torpid liver, inactive kidneys and irregular   bowels  arc  the  cause of    at
■1'iiin   of  ti   l.n-HM.
"AVereu't you vexed with the Dibhsos
for carrying off your lawn mower when
they moved V"
"No. When we sent for it, they returned us 0 bitter one. borrowing from somebody   «lse."—Indiana(tolis Journal.
That Appeals to the Beat Judgment of the Beat People and Gets Right
Down at the Cause of Disease is DR. CHAFE'S
least B oven-ten ths of hunmn ills. Dr.
Chafe©'s Kidney-Liver Fills invigornto
these organs as no other preparation
was ever known to do; and what Is
besk.of.^vll, they not merely afford relief, but strike deeper and make thorough and lasting cures.
Mr. WulUr Boot a, Oons-.-eort, Prince Edward county, Ont.. stdes:—"1 was troubled
for some year-* with kidney and liver db*eu_o
i.nd pains in my back, and my st; much wns
s > bad 1 could not out hearty food and had
difficulty In keeping nny food in my stomach. I was bo nervous that I could scarcely
take a drink of water w thout spilling much
of it, my band trembled eo. an 1 1 hnd lost'
fte.rdi, until my weight fell from 166 to 138
'"Hearing of a similar cage thnt wns cured
by Dr, Chase's Itemed! 8, I commenced by
taking Dr. Ohase's Kidney-Liver Pills, six
boxes of which entirely cure.I my kidney nnd
liver troubles. 1 then began Dr. Ohase's
Vt'ivo Food for my nervousness. It strengthened my stomach and whole system, and I
gainedin flesh. I eui.not sp.nk in terms of
too grent praise for Dr. (. ha-e'e Kidney-Liver
Pills and Nerve Fui 0, for besid s curing mo,
they did my father, who is nn old man, a
great deal of good. I have every eonfidenco
in recommending these remedies."
Mr. J. J. Ward, J. P., c.rtifies that ho
know- Mr. Walter Itaoth, and that this -statement of h:s cure is perfectly correct.
The chamMH are that ycur neighbors hnve
used Dr. ('hade's Kidney Liver Dills. Ask
them. One Dill a do e. -Be a box, at all
dealeiS, or Ldmnnf-on, Bites &, Oo., Toronto. THE  PROSPECTOR.
A StraiiKe  Experience.
An Atlanta wouinn wbo is dopply Interested In psychological roseftieb relates tlie following story about all experience ber husband had in tbe realms
of tbe occult:
"We were having a now home built.
and my busband'went to It every clay
to see what progress was beiug made.
One day as be stood in tbe front room
up stairs his attention was attracted
lo the street Looking out of the wiu-
dow, be saw a funeral procession passing from tbe door and out througli the
gate. The casket was small, white nud
covered with flowers. He recognized
friends and neighbors In tbe crowd,
nnd through some indefinable Impression be understood that the corpse was
that of bis sou, though be hud uo son
nt that time. Surprised aud startled at
the though!, he saw the procession vanish, nml ho wns entirely at a loss how
to account for the experience. The
hour was uoon, and there was nothing
in his mood or environment apparently
tbat Induced the subconscious.
"Wilbin a few mouths a little son
was born to us, nud at the ago of 3
years It was cart-led out of the gate iu
a flower covered, white casket and followed by the same friends my busband
bad seen that noontime long before.
What explanation can be given of this
eircilii.stanee and experiences like II
that are constantly being related In societies ef psychical culture?"
Jas. McKee,
Lachlin McNiel.
John A. McDonald,
O. B. Billiug,
John Mader,
Lewis S. Butler,
These well known
Bert that Ihey wero
Liuuwood, Ont.
Malxm, O.B.
Am prior, Out.
MaUpne Bay.N.S
Burin, Ndfl.
geutlemen nil as-
cured   by  MIN-
Spleen Tluit Gratify.
Wholesome spices are used on a large
scale in ihid country. Ti.ue wns when
many i|f ihcui were worth their weight
iu gold, lint today t'.o'.v are all cultivated so that they cost .inly a fraction of
what .bey did iu ancient days. It is snid
that l'bny paid nt tlio rate of $5 per
pound for pepper. Now blnck and white
pepper is so cheap that we use it in everything, There are some queer uses to
which spices' arc put in some countries.
In ninny hut lands a pepper ten is made
and consumed iu great quantities, and
the spi.e i.-i liberally mixed with all foods
to stimulate the appetite. In the cold
northern woods the logmen use it as n
stimulant, mixing it with wnter and
drinking it hot. It is said to be an antidote for colds that takes the place of
more harmful stimulants.
Cloves when properly used are whole
some. The oil of cloves is used for
medicinal purposes, nnd its pungent, aromatic linvor cinkes it nn exceedingly
pleasant remedy for the loothiiche. Like
pepper, the "il of cloves Is lined to ward
off a cold lu some climates. A few
drops n( il in warm milk ure mildly elli-
cn'.i'ous. The scent of tlie oil of cloves is
disliked very much by the smnll vermin
which live in old wooden furniture, nud
n few cli-ops'on the woodwork will generally drive them out. In early dnys
hams were always cooked stuck full of
cloves, and this practice is still kept up
in parts of the south. The spices give
to the meat a delicate flavor.
Ladies ot Canada :
■The bond of union between lhe
mother country and her colon'es is
■ trong. Jn time of necessity the colonies have always been loyal. Patriotic Canadian ladies, "while tbey
cannot bear arms in time of war, enn
assist their brother colonists in a
substantial way. Ceylon and India
produce the finest GREEN t.c».s.
Drinkers of Japan leas should try
them. Monsoon, Salada and Blue
Ribbon packets are known to all.—
FciMona Not, Grata.
"No," said Broncho Bob, "Crimson
Gulch hasn't any theater. Vou see, \vu
are a peaceable set, and we dou't want
nny trouble 1£ we can avoid It. A magician came along, and wc had to treat
him so rough Hint It spoiled our taste
for the diama."
"Did he make himself disagreeable?"
"Very. He did n lot of those sleight
of hand tricks wilh cards aud theu
tried to slin 'ulo e friendly poker
is lhe deadliest and most
painful malady to which
mankind is subject. Dodd's
Kidney Pills will cure any
case of -right's Disease.
They have never failed in
ono single case. They aro
tho only remedy that ever
has cured it, and they are
the only remedy that can
There are imitations of
Dodd's Kidney Pills—pill,
box and name—but imitations aro dangerous. The
original und only genuine
cure for -right's Disease is
Dodd's Kidney Pills are
fifty cents a box at all
There 1« more Catarrh In this seetion of the
country than all other disease* pat together,
ftncl until the Uut few years was supposed to be
incur.-;ble. For a pi eat many vearB doctors pronounced It a local disease, and prescribe I local
remedies, and by constantly falling to cure
with local tieatuien', pronounced it incurable.
Bclence has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore inquires enlist ilu-
tioual treatment. Hall's Catarrlc l ure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney™ Co., Toledo, Ohio,
Is the only conptltutional cure on lhe market.
It is taken internally in doses frorn in d roim to
a teaspoonful It acts directly on the blood and
mucous sui faces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any cose It fails to oure.
Send for circular ami testimonials.
Address,      F. J. CHENEY _ Co., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Drug-Klsts, 7&c.
Halls Family Villa are the best.
Advantages! of Loiib Sentences.
The last summer, when 1 wns ou m;
wny back to Vienna from the tin-petite
cure In the mountains, 1 fell over a
cliff In the twilight and broke some
anus aud legs and one thing or another
and by good luck was fouud by some
peasants who had lost an ass, and they
carried me to the nearest habitation,
which was one of those large, low,
thatch roofed farmhouses, wltb apart
moots In the garret for the family nud
a cunning little porch under the deep
gable decorated with boxes of bright
colored (lowers and eats; on the ground
lloor n large and light sitting .room,
separated from lhe m'lk cattle apart
ment by a partition, nud In the front
yard rose, stately and line, the wealth
aiul pr'de of the bouse, the manure
That sentence is Germanic and shows
that I urn acquiring that sort of mas
'cry of the nrt and spirit of the Inn
gunge which enables a man to travel
nil day In one sentence without cluing
big cars.—Marl; Twain In "The Man
That Corrupted llndleyhurg."
Thoix never waa, nnd never will be, s
universal panacea, in one lcm.dy, for all ills
lo which fl. sh ia heir—thc very nature of
many curatives bciDg such that were the
germs of other and differently eeuted diseases rooted in the syB! em of the patieut—
what would relieve one ill in turn viouid aggravate tl.e other. Vie have, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many and
grievous ills, By ita gradual and judicious
uso tlio frailest aysUrns aro led into convalescence and strength by the influence which
Quinine oxerts en nature's own restoratives.
It reliovea the droo; ing spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of n tero.-t in iife is a disease,
and, by trunquibzing the nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing Bleep—imparts vigor
to the action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening the headhy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the frame,
and giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased substance—result, improved appetite. Northrop _ Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the public their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate, and,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, this
wine approaches nearcat perfection of any la
the market.   All druggists tell It.
•at of Sorts.
The Fedora—You look nil run down.
Tlie Plug— -OS!  I  never feel web if I
'ose my imp.—Chicago News.
We have no hesitation In Fnying lhat Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial ia without
doubt tho best medicine ever Introduced for
dyaentery, diarrhoea, chol ra and all summer complaints, sea aickne to, It promptly givoB rel of nnd never I- io etl'oct a po--
iiivo cure. Mothers shuuld never be without
n bottlo when tbeir children arc teething.
Another Unmannerly  Interruption.
"The gre.it trouble with us." said the
president or the Pickpocket club, "is
that we are Inclined to take things loo
"Is thot so?" yelled the policeman,
who bad managed to slip In unobserved. "01 fought the main throuble will
yez wns thnt yez took things too nizy.
Come on now! None nv that, or 01*11
smash In your tlnpnnnuiu!"—Chicago
TRY IT.—It would lie n gross injustice to
confound that standard healing agent. Dm
Thomas' EoLECrrmo On., with (he ordinary
unguents, lotions and salves. Tbey aro
oftentimes Inflammatory and astringent.
Thc Oil is, on lhe contrary, eminently cooling and soothing when applied externally to
relieve pain, und powerfully remedial when
A Story of Wlilsller.
Tho Boston Transcript says: "A diverting nnecdotc Is told of the boyhood
of Mr. Whistler, the greatest modern
Impressionist. He was apprenticed to
some engineers who were etching elaborate maps on copper. One day bia
employer aBked lilm If he also could
etch maps on copper. 'Oh, yes. I enn
etch,' promptly answered young Whistler.
"As a matter of fact he had never
used an etching needle In his life.
However, they gave him tlie copper,
uud he set to work, making a very line
and beautiful map. But round the
edges of the plate, which when bitten
In with acid are always stopped out, he
etched some characteristic little sketch-
es of the different members of the
firm, Including a very humorous one of
the chief himself.
"Shortly after ho hnppened to go
away for a week or two for his holiday. Meantime the plate had been
bitten In nnd printed with all of the
drendfui little caricatures that he had
forgotten to stop out appearing In startling prominence, the sketch of the
chief being especially remarkable because of Us great resemblance to that
gentleman, who was so enraged nt the
indignity of tbe tiling that Immediately
on Whistler's return he dismissed
Oot   of Stylo.
"Here's a novel that's rather popular
:ow, ma'am. We're selling a good
.iany copies of It."
"Is It about something Hint hnppened 100 years or more ago7"
"Ob. no; It's a modern society novel."
"No blood, uo fire, uo Indian massacres iu It?"
"Nothing of the kind, ma'am."
"Perfectly proper':"
"Entirely so, ma'am."
"Then I don't want it. Out' best people ore nd reading anything of that
Idnd now."—Chicago Tribune.
Miuarfi's Liniment Cures DiBhtteria.
Accident of tllrth.
Employer—How Is It you claim to be
an Irishman when you were born In
Pat— Faith, uud if a kilteu was afthcr
bein born lu au oven, would it be a
loaf of bread?—Exchange.
Tie For (Ue Editor.
Foreman—De telegraph page Is all
Editor—Never mind; run It as It Is,
ond I'll label It (be only original Chinese dispatch, trauslnllou t,i follow
tomorrow.—Syracuse Herald.
HOTEL EALMCRAL,)-^$°S*1np.Fr£ £Tu*A£
LocntiitK tbe Obstacle.
Magazine Editor-What do you mean
by offering me Ibis stuff and calling It
poetry? There isn't a gleam of sense
in it from beginning to end
Poet (eying lhe editor closely) -U'ml
Irritability, high; pin-tlt'iil discernment,
low.   Say. you need a ivsl!
Miami's Liniment Cures Distemper.
"Talkin of weddm's, ain't yernovor
seed lieimy one yer could marry?"
"I ain't. The woman as seeks me
'and must bo no -ordinary b individual I"—.Tody.
lUSCAlNA,     FACTORY. Montreal
Oh. the Dos [Cose!
.ludy hears that smart ladies now
decorate their pet dogs with bunches of
Bowers uttached lo the collars It is
suggested that for the collie tlie cauliflower would be a sweetly pretty and
appropriate blossom. —.ludy
Consolnl inn.
"Well, doctor, how does the patient
"If he lives through the night, madam, we needn't give up hope, but if
not you must be prepared for tho
worst I"—Der Floli
Minard's Liniment Cures Garee! li Cows.
She Cured   lilm of Love  Flllndiiesa.
Turn—Do you bfliove in dreamsV
Dick—I ii-st'd to, but 1 dou't nny more.
Tmn—Not us superstitious as you
■■•.*-. eh.
I tick—Oh, it wnsn't u question of su-
I'lMiition. I was in lovo witli one ouee.
ml she jiihd me.—Philadelphia Press,
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds. Etc.
Bat n  ::ond On*.
"What are you buying all those trapa
''Poctor's orders. Ho tells me I need a
little recreation und insists that I should
no duck hunting with him."
"Huh! Seems tn me that's a sort of
quaek remedy."
Force of Ilnlilt.
"I saw you take snnie money out of
ono pocket and put it in another," said
oue of tho delegates nt n convention.
"Yes," nnswered the cold blooded politician. "It's force o! habit. I just voted for myself."
As Paumklek's Vexh'-.tah'-e Pm_l contain Mandrake und Dandelion, they cure
L:ver nnd R dncy < romplalnts with v. nerrintf
certainty. 'Ihey ftlso contu'n Roots and
Herb.i which hive specific virtues trvly wonderful in their notion on iho f*toin».cli und
bowels. Mr. K. A. Onirneni-s, Shukespenro,
writes: "I consider Partneloo's Pills ttn ox-
collcnt remedy for BHtouanes. and derangement of tin: Liver, having uo.l them myself
for some time.
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bonds bought, sold and
carried   on  margin.    Listed
mining Btocks enrried
BROKERS, ETC.,        %
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg _
Money lc-nt nt lowest ratos.
Stocks and bonds boucht and sold. j_
Railway and other fnrin lands in 9
Manitoba and N. W. T. for sale.
Maps and  folders sent on application.
Q.clt ccml from I.e.hbridge.
Trices quoted to ull railway points.
A Young Ludy at CobourK, Out., Whole
Case Wns Pronounced HoprleBB, Tell.
How Sue Begalned Health and Strength
—A _esson to Mothers.
Anaemia is lhe term used by doctors
to indicate poverty of the blood. The
alarming, especially among young
girls, und a large percentage of the
altogether too numerous cases of consumption which annually ravage the
country have their origin in this
trouble. The lirst indication of anaemia is a pale, sallow or waxy complexion. This is followed b.v loss of
appetite, frequent headaches, inilispo-
linii to exertion, swelling of limbs,
violent heart palpitation und frequently fainting liis. These symptoms
may not all be present, but the more
there ure the greater the urgency for
prompt nnd effective treatment,which
should bo persisted in until nil traces
of thc trouble have vanished. Among
the thousands who have been brought
near to the brink of the irrave from
this trouble, and ultimately restored
to health through thc use of Dr.
Williams' Pink fills, i.s Miss Delia
Boyd, an estimable young lady whose
home is at Cobourg. Miss Boyd gives
her experience ns follows : —
"It is nearly ten years since my illness first commenced, and although I
was doctoring more or less I received
little or no benefit, as the doctors
did not seem to understand my trouble. Two years ago my health became so bad tbat another _octor was
celled in, and he stated that my case
was a most severe type of anaemia,
and that while he could help me lhe
trouble had progressed to such a
stage lhat be could hold ont little
hopes of a cure. At this time I was
as pale as chalk, my eyelids were
swollen and would hang down over
my eyes like sacks of water. My feet
and limbs would swell, and were always cold. I was subject to violent
headaches, ncvere palpitation of the
heart, and il I stooped .ever T wou'.d
be-so "dizzy that I could scarcely regain an upright position. My appetite failed mo. almost entirely, audi
grew so weak that I was a mere
wreck. While in this condition I
read in a newspaper of the cure of
a young girl whose case was much
like mine, through the use of Pr. Williams' Pink Tills, and I determined
to try them. Those who knew me
rid not think any medicine could do
me any good or that 1 would ever
gel better, but I determined at all
events to give (he pills a fair trial.
I havo used them for nearly a yetti
wilh the result that I feel like a new
person. The swelling in my eyelids
and limbs has' disappeared; my appetite is good and my face is regaining
the color which left it years ago. 1
cm sew antl do work about [iv house
line'. Ibis great change in my condf
lion i.-i due solely to the use of Dr.
Williams' rink Pills. It is not loo
little lo say that they have saved my
life and I strongly urge girls who
nre similarly afflicted to give them a
thorough  trial.
The "cash" is the most common circulating coin of China. It Is a copper
and nine piece nbout the size of tho
American auilrter of a dollar, with a
square bole In the center for convenience In stringing man; of them to-
Orb_ii< Dsranosuests or run Stomach,
Liteb and Blood nre: speed! y removed by
tho active principle of tho ingredients entering into the composition.of 1-nrmelee's Vegetable Pil's. These pil'a act sp, citlcnlly on
the deranged organs, stimulating Jo action
the dormant energies of lhe system, thereby removing disease end n newing life and
vitality to the afflicted. In ihis lies the gre.it
secret oi the popularity ef Parmelee's Vcge-
tub'o pills.
A Fnnny Stlriirlao.
This story Is told by a man who (lis
Ikes nothing, so much as to be nsked
iticslions: "My little girl is very fond
of sensbella," be said, "and. having
been called to Atlantic City on busl
ness one day. 1 took advantage of the
opportunity to run down to lhe bench
io see if I could pick up a few. 1 was
strolling along the sand, gathering n
few shells nnd pebbles, which 1 placed
in my handkerchief, when along came
one.of those old idiots who nsk questions with their mouths which their
eyes could answer.
"lie smiled upon me ami said: "Fine
day. Isn't It? Are you gathering shells?'
"'No,' I snapped hack, saying lhe
lirst thing thnt popped Into my mind;
'I'm looking for a set of false teeth I
lust while in bathing;.'
"lie expressed his sympathy, and
ihen his face lit up ns his eye caught
sight of a piuk and white object on lhe
Mind. "Well, I declare! Here tbey nre
now!' he. exclaimed, nnd, sure enough,
he picked up a set of false teeth lying
right at his feel. I was loo surprised
to do anything bul grab them Mini put
them In my poekel. The funny pari of
It Is that I never hnd a tooth pulled lu
my life. I womlo" win "j«t false set
belongs te."
Wild  Wnven.
"TThnt are abnilglliesj pa?"
"Aborigines', Rohby. •arc penpls who act
nil Ihe time lhe  «">   >   a  il»  when  we
have couipii'.iy."-("'■■" llece'd.
Ciuiets nf pearls arimiitl which iwine
ribbons cif pule- blue ni piuk ennniel make
very ehnrinhiK pnuill brunches A hand
some iking in ;i inun'.'' curved ring is the
head ef a li.ni IioIiImiu o di»",,uiid iu ii.i
mouth,- :"'• '
which flouts over Britain and all her
colonics is emblematic of the adage,
"In union there is strength. ' The pn-
Irtottc ladles of Canada can exemplify that adage, and indulge a patriotic, sentiment, by assisting their
I'nglish. Scotch nnd Irish cousins who
produce the pure machine-made
GREEN leas of Ceylon and India.
Tea drinkers will find thc Blue K.b-
bon. Monsoon nnd Salada green Iras
a pleas'.ant change from Japans.-Colonist.
It Is stated that Miss Caddlck, author
of "A White Woman In Central Africa,"
contemplates taking up the late Miss
Mary  Kingsley's work in  west Africa.
Mine. Sarah Grand believes that every
woman should know bow to cook and
say.s that, as _nglish women have, revolutionized nursing, she hopes they will
now revolutionize cooking.
A French writer describes Mme. Botha,
wife of the Boer general, as "a slender,
elegant, fnir haired woman of 80, dressed
in a well cut violet costume relieved by a
little bunch of carnations."
Mine. I'aiti's boudoir at Craig-y-Nos
is gayly decorated with lhe ribbons taken
from bouquets which have been thrown
to her. Among llicni ere seme which
are highly prized, having been received
many years ago,
iirika I'aiikis, a German architect, 25
years old, has been commissioned to
build a hospital al Mediusch, Germany.
Bhe is tin- daughter ef en engineer and
has already planned and creeled several
large and expensive buildings.
Tlie first iiaine of Mine. Olive's signature is always a puzzle lo tbe uiiintiatccl.
The "_*' looks like an upright whip with
the lash looped, and I!u; two "ins" are
merely six straight marks nt equal intervals. The "a ' is distinguishable, but it
is Ihe only letter ill lhe name that is.
Miss Margaret .1. »vuub, dean <>f the
women's department of Curlclen (Minn.)
college, has just completed i.er twenty-
li«t!i year as profcsHor of _nglisli literature. A-lady, whose name is withheld,
has offered $120,0011 toward n memorial
fund to Miss Evans ami $30,000 to the
college on condition tbul $100,000 be
raised promptly.
The Earl of Minto, viceroy of Canada,
'ind I,ac'.y Minto are now in the Klondike
On their wny west Lady .Minto distill
guished herself 'by riding on the cow
catcher when the Irnhi was paising
tlirougli iho [tncklt'S in order te iaki
snap shots of the scenery. As a ri suit
she bus a splendid collection of photographs of tiie Canadian mountain fast
Queen Isabella, 70 years oid and sadly
broken in heiillli and s|ii:it. de-sires lo
end ber clays in Spain, fiom which she
has lii-en lianUliid for 2.'J years, and
there i- goi.il piospicl thai iter wish will
be gratified.
• Il is now a numer of physical impossibility for thc omen io open parliament,
and her majesty lias uot been seen in the
Louse of lords jiaee l-'ebriiary, 1S80.
Tlie c-ei 1'iiioiiy involves niueli walking,
nud a staircase has to be climbed.
The Utile king of Kpuiii prefers bull-
fighting lo any imported sports. Some
one recently asked liim if he played golf.
"1 do not." he replied, "ami 1 thank
beaven lhat I prefer the umu.nuucuts of
Spain to those of Scotland or any oilier
Clever writer though she be, the queen
of Rotimnnia would ma be of much service in n newspaper utlice, She cannot
work with ihe pen unless she is surrounded with flowers. So passionately
fond of flowers is she lhat she is not
happy in n room where llorul decorations
do not figure.
Amateur photography is a fad with the
shah of Persia, and lie lias become cpiite
skillful in the use of the camera. He has
a positive mania for being taken in every
conceivable attitude and dress and has
even been photographed in bed. Photographs of his majesty have been exhibited
in uncomfortable Prussian military attire
and in the enrb of an Hi'"1'*-'-
At Your
Our hanasomely illustrated 100page Catalogue
will be sent you on application.
This will place thc
largest and choicest
jewelry stock in Canada
at your disposal.
We are doing business
on the closest possible
margin of profit, guarantee safe delivery of goods
and cheerfully refund
money if you are not
thoroughly satisfied.
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonge and Adelaide Sts.%
BitaWihcd 18S4.
mm*    J
(Trude Murk Kogbtored November 2», IRiXi >
I >r. Siincii-- :ii,-ife<! ■ tnke im.vtmi-.-ntB bftok
at half pricw H jiarties wAoy, tln-in nre not l>en-
-flitud aftoi unhig tor five worka.
F. Free. Wtnntppff, s-iys-i: I have used "OxyA-
unor" for two weeks ior Br nohltli mi>1 Catarrh of the Head, and 1 feel   iko a new man.
Mrs. F. L. Cooic, Winnipeg, fay?: I had nut-
fiTrd untold ag<mh'S troin Bright _ Dipt-ase.and
ii rcll'-vi'il me of Pain, and 1 i b x wcf>U» I was
Mr. W. G KU-iVorlhv, Winul-prs. aaya: I have
stiffe ed for';-i yeaib v.'itlt arlicviiar lheumatiamt
wi- in hospital for 5 weeks, and u^ed almost
every remedy, including mesmerism (falvan-
tsm, electric nelt, etc 1 have lined Oxyd'»noi
10 days ami ie«e;ved move benefit than from
.nythintf else.
Mrs. Gngner. Winnipeg, anys: I have used it
benefleially wich my family whenever Hick.
antl It hfiflctiveu ine oi i""evert: Indigeaiioii and la
SnVilealers wanted In every diatrict. Addresi
Wm T. Oibliiu., (irain Kxehanne, Winnip.g.
Semi for lioukietB uf grateful report**
Brass Band
TtiBtruinrntn, Drums, Uniforms, Etc.
Lowest -prices ever quoted. Klne catalogue
60.' Illustration? mailed free. Writ* u* for any*
thlnff in M.uh1c or Musi'nl Instrument*.
Wnaley Eoyce & Co.. ToT1,n°_?l^;11J_,.
For 50 Years
mothers have been giving their
children for croup, coughs and
Mothers—havejj-ow-Siiii.on in
the house at all times? Do
you know just where you can
find it if you need it quickly—
if your little one is gasping
and choking with croup? If
you haven't it get a bottle.
It will save your child's life.
"Shlloh always   cured  my   linby   of   crocip,
cociylis and colds.    I would not Le vi thoul il.1
"MRS. ROBINSOSJ, Fori" I i' "
Shlloji'i Coojnmptlon Care II sold by nil
dreiijLd>tn In Canada uiul t'nlleel Slut'" lit
■tr.e. :,ii, . ■:.i.mi a bottle. In llrnu Brlt.iln
HI    In.   »d., 3a, till., lend  4s. Oil.    A Ill-lull it
guarantee iidon nrith every bottle. If you
ni-.- not gausfieil go to yonr draggist and
get your money back.
Write for illustrated book On Consumption,    Sent
without cost to you.  S. 0. Weill i Co.. '1 oronto.
Kuftsiau Postal Automobiles.
The administration  of tho general
post, oilie-e of St. Petersburg hns introduced an automobile trallie: for
the transportation of the mall from
tho railway stations of the capital
to the post oflice'. It is now intended to introduce automobiles alEO for
the delivery of post  parrels.
By Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt
I»__Y   WHEN    CUBED.
I make this proposition to you fairly, and
carry it out fairly—you don't hnve to pny n
cent till you are cured. I could not do this
if my belt wns not superior to all other elec-
tricul body appliances. It never cusis a cent
for repairs; 1 wan-ant thai, -md it gives a
current which ,\ ou etin feel, and re_ulat« and
which will net burn.
You might think I am taking long chances
on my remedy. I don't. There is more in
electricity, rightly applied than you think.
It pei forms wonders in n broken down mnn.
It not only pets the wheels of health und
vigor in motion, but mnkes ll mnn feel so
gl rlously young und light henrted that ho
enn't help lelling of it.
Pny me when cured—that is my propoei.
tion. Itisnn eiify one for you to accept.
Will you nceept it ? Then don't wait till
your trouble grts chronic.
FD__ Dnnl/ I' yu o:innnt call, send for
Pitch tJUUK my bountiful bo< k full of
truth for the slcitun-ulllng.    It is sent seated
Dr. M. B. McLaughlin
To Loan on improved furma at current rides.   Write to
f.». +.». | ■«. \... +,». fr,... f- m ^.». ^ .,4 ,i
Catholic Prayer %£_J£%_*£
dliirs, lvt'lipif.nn Pictures.Statuary, nml Church
Ornaments, Kdmialioniil Works. ' nil unlcrare-
oeivc prompt attention. D, & J. _-_[\\\l\ & CO.,Montieai
Married women BhouM tX\
know of GoMon Seal, **Th«
Wife's Friend,"' a certain
euro for I_!iu-crrhea nml
all Irri'inilaritit's. Ha>
been imt-d by thotteaiidj
oi" women. A trained
miree will answer all enquiries. $1.00 per box*
nulUcientforoiiu aioothl
tri-utiuent. AddrMi Unities
:->'.t. -lMllr-1 Co., Toroni*,
Ont. and WInnIppff. Uan.
k.■•>■ -il» -yftl! Dragglata.
Uimnfactureil by TUOS. U''.K, Winnipeg.
The Only Printers' Supply
House ia the Northwest
ITS Owen Street, Winnipeg.
I ltcconnnend
*   to nil motlu-rs who wunt tht ir bnbiod
to have pink, clean, clear, und +
hcnllhyskin. ♦
Mado of the fln< Pt mp.fpr1;.K +
No soap, wherever made, is better. ^
♦ Manufacturers of the Celebeated        ♦
♦ »
W. N. U.   301 THE PHOSFECTGu, LfLLOtfET, C. C, FRIDAY, EZZM'^-Vi 22, lDD'Ji
K. O. Dtliuig. arrived Monday front Hik^e
rwer for*j>r)iiiri«;n3.
Chas   Xiislai'hwed from Bridgs Kiver Man
day and u ill uke x pftck t*-aiu iu wilh turn.
Mr. John Marshall president oi the Anderson
Lake Mining & .MUliny Co is under lhe
Etgrtppe tea 1'rtn quite prevalent, around
town. Dr. Sanson lind a bad attack but isnow
aide U) bo around.
Mr. C 1'. Harris number of John Dunlop's
general store at Tyauchton, will leave for the
coast short'/ on business.
" The weather the past few days has. been de-
lajhtfal nnd every indication of spring. Tht
cUnialc of thia section is unexcelled.
Rowland Machin of Victoria, agent for the
Crown brand fuse, is in town this wee!: on
badness lut his company lo establish theit
pods in this district.
Tlie Itible Reading Circle held it»
stuinul iiii'eii-K on Wednesday evening
ut the home of Mr*. Uren. The Circle
vt il' meet next week at the home ol Mrs.
Several miners arrived from the eoas
liy special stage from Lyttton Sunday
evening and goto the Toronto-Lillooet
(rold Reefs Company to work in tht
A. Itiihey, E. Cairns and W. Gamble
left tlie lii st of tlie week for the Allium-
bra claims where they will go lo work
under charge o( W. Barker, foreman ol
ilia Lome mine.
•'Madam," said the clergyman with
tremulous .voice, do not weep. Your
Nusband is resting now." "Nay, nay 1"
►lie wailed, remembering Lowlier departed tpoute spent the sabbath in cycling aud not in sober worship. ".Nuv,
Nay, I fear be is scorching yet."
"01really.no. I don't care to hold
him," protested the seacaptaiu. "ll'u.
—er—rather afraid of babiei, you kno«,
and I don't tlii-k they like me." "0
nonsense," insisted the fond mother. "1
want you to Bee how heavy he is." "1
inuit beg you to excuse me. You see—
ur—tbo the last baby I held—er—jot—
ei— seasick."
Any Christian Scientist who professes
through his science to cure diseases
that cill for surgery or actual medical
tk 11 should be prosecuted and locked
up promptly. The Christian Scientist
who treats typhoid fever by Christian
Science, of course, runs the risk ol committing murder. He should be classed
with the African hoodoo doctor or any
other "medicine man"' who professes to
cure a broken rib with the liver oi a
hat.-—Chicago American,
Wo tierebr slve nnllrc In R'verend John
MuluolUnd.'oiir   partner   in   the Scum Seilin
lueer rial in. fituate oil the South fork ol
Briilse Kiver; commencing at aimiM nbouifWO
tea: iroin. Ihe Cmivon, and extending. da*n
jircam one halt mile, beinis In tba Lillooel
Mining Division of Lillooel lii»triei: whithsivid
claim is held under lease dated 2nd December,
A. P.. lSOft. wherein K. Bones, Uold ComMM
sioner, in one of lhe parties, and lor further
rleseriptiou and particular* said ie«»e may be
referred to:— ....
That we require him on or before tho2nd day
of Mav to contribute his proportion of the expenditure, as required (1) by the "Placer Mining Art and ['.!] by Ihe said mentioned lease,
which haa beeu exuended on snid l'lacerClaim,
togelh r with all costs (1) of this advertisement
and 12] oi any other advertisements required
by said Aet. And unless the same shall be so
met we give further notice to you tlie Reverend John Hulholtand. aud to the public gener-
allv. that the interest ot the said Keverend
JohnMnlholland In said partnership properly
sliall be sold by uulle Auction, at the i:olimy
Court House at Ullooet, on Thursday, thu 2nd
day of May, at 12 noon.
Dated at Aslieroft.tllis.18t_day of February,
F. O. Richardson.
C. M. Uujn.
Fisliing Tackle.
Spring Cleaning
_^Timc is Close at Hand.
We have Carbolic Acid, Chloriile of
Lime. Sulphates of Iron find Copper, etc.,
for your House and Yard, ami a great
variety of Blood Purifying Medicines for
We are always pleased to show-goods
and give information about them.
Rods, Reels, Lines, Flies, etc.
R. & W.CUMMINQ, M  _k.
The Vaneouver Westminster Northern mi<1
Yukon Railway COmpttnV will apply to tlie
Parliament of Canada at itsnext session for an
act declaring the works "which the company is
by its act of incorporation authorized to construct to be works for the general advantage
ot Canada, extending the period within which
the company may complete the same and authorizing an extension from its northern tor-
minus In a nortliertydlreetion to Daw-Son city
In the Yukon tcrrrtory; theiteo onward along
tiie Yukon river io the boundary of Alaska, and
giving power to the company'to constructor
acquire and to operate sueh branch lines and
extensions as the Governor in Council may
from time to time authorize, and to own and
operate telegraph ami telephone'line., bridges,
warehouses, steam and other vessels, ferries,
timber-lands, wharves, roads, water rights,
water powers, and to deal In the generate
electricity and electric power and to make
such agreements for conveying or leaning the
company's railway and its rights and powers as
is usuallv given to railway companies in their
aet ot incorporation and for other purposes.
Dated at New Westminster,
Province of British Columbia
. December 12th 1900.
O. O. M. DorKBtii.
A lull stock of all   ind j of
is now for sale by
Store and Repair Shop in Uren Block.
Call and examine stock.      No trouble to
show goods.
No Local Application.
"No," eakl tlie New York policeman,
virtuously, "there ia no gambling going
on in this city!"
"Well! Well exclaimed the atrarrger,
who was tiger hunting, "I suppose I'll
have to go to New Jersey. Where's tbe
nearest ferry ?"-
"Well, old man," aaid the copper,
softening somewhat,"seeingyou're bent
on it, I suppose I might aa well keep the
money in the city. How big a game art
you looking lor?"—Puck.
Navies ol The World
According to Lieut Howard, of the
intelligence office of the United States
navy department, the relative tonnage
of tbe great navies of the world is as
Britain 1,924,920
liiance  765,519
Bussia 503,528
United State* 413,525
Germany 410,805
Haly 318,125
Japan 264,435
lighter. Counted Out.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 16.-Nothing
remains of the plans projected for the
Jeffries-Ruhlin fight except the refunding of money for the tickets next Tuesday. It ie understood the wrecking
company, which haa paid (5,200 for the
Haengerfest hall, will soon remove the
structure. Next Friday evening a bene'
lit will be given for the relief of the
tiaengarfest Athletic slab. It will be
Held at tba music ball.
Lillooet, B. C.
Manufacturer of nil kind of
None but the host material used. Miner- or
prospectors sending in orders will receive
prompt attention, and isatisf action gmrantoed
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that application
will be made' to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province" of British Columbia at its next
session for au Act to Incorporate a* company
with power to construct and operate a railway
from the city of Victoria thence north-westerly
to a point at or near Seymour Narrows, Van
cfluver Island, thence by bridge or otherwise
to the Mainland of British CulumbEa tlieuce
north easterly alternatively hy way of Tote
Jeune Cache or Yellow Head Pans or vicinity
of Fort George or Pine Kiver or Peace River
Passes toa point at or near the eastern eourinc-*
of the'Provincc and from any point on «uch
line to the northern boundaries of the Province
or to any coastal point thereof or to any mining regions or settlements in Cariboo, Lillooet,
Westminster, or Cassiar District'1 and branch
lines of any length' therefrom and with power
to construct, acquire "and operate telegraith
and telephone linesfauthoriz d to charge toliv
ihereon for tbe transtnission ol messages for
ihe public) ships, vessels, wharves, work.
waterpow.n. tu supply eUvtric power light and
beat aud to expropriate waters aud lands foi
all sueh purposes and for such other rights
powers and privileges ns are usual, incidental,
necessary or conducive to the attainment Ol
the above objects.
on behalf of applicants.
Dated December 3rd. 1900.
Ullooet. B. C.
Miners Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furniture, etc.,
All orders' promptly attended to.
A Cariboo Railroad.
Ottawa, Feb. 10.—(Special.)— \ppli-
catiori will be made tliis section for an
act to incorporate a company to build a
railway from a point on the Canadian
Pacific railway between Ashcroft and
Kamloops lake, by a feasible route to
the plateau of the Bonaparte rivei,
thence to a point near the headwaters
of Bewverriyerand following the Bea-
ver rivtr to the confluence of the Ques-
rtelle witU-the Fraser, with powera to
Iniilil a brawch to WUIiaan on Antler
creek, Cariboo district.
Bead The Prospector.
$?.C0 n year.
The Prospector is the
best advertising medium in this section.
Have your ad. in at
A large stock of Stationery will be here in
a few days, so bring
in your orders for
Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, etc.
The Prospector,
Lillooet, B. C.
East and West RmiMt;* or Lillooet Iiistuict.
NOTICE is hereby Riven. In aPcorrUni'e'wItli
the stunili's. thnt Provincial i.ewMilloTnx.
mid nil tuxes levied under the AKsesHiiient ,nv
now due for the your 1901, and piiyablu ul my
office, Lillooel.
Assessed tuxes nro collectible ut the followtne,
rates, viz '.—
If paid on or before June R0th,1901 : —
Three-fifths of one per neat, on  real property.
Two and one-hull per cent, on lhc assessed
value of wild land.
One-half of one per cent, on personal property;
Upon sftchexcoBS of Income--
Class a —On one thousand dollars, mid nol
exrecdinu ten tbousuml dollars, one pel
cent, up to live thousand dollars, and two
per cent, on thc remainder,
II paid on or uftcr 1st July, 11X11:
Four- fifths of one percent, oil leal property.
Three  per  cent, ou lhe assessed value of
wild land.
Three-quarters of one per cent, on personal
On bo much of the Income of any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars:—
Clahs A.—On oue thousand dollars, und not
exceeding- ten thousand dollars, one und
one-hulf per cent., up to live lliousund
dollars, and two and one-half per cent on
the remainder.
RevSQUO Tux, n per capita.
CASPAR I'll A in.
As«e;snr and-Collector.
Lillooet. 6th January; 19ffl.
a. H.Tin—. coll.. i.i-m.is;
Lillooet. 13. C
Vancouver, It. 0.
BURTON* & 1U.ACK8TON1*. Props.
Headquarters  lor  raining    mm:.      European
and Soo Line.
Tourist Cars
To ST. PAUL daily.
TORGN CO Mondays and Saturdays.
Traine'ptise Lytton as follows:
East Hound, 2.05
West Bound'3.0
For r..tir, pamphlets, &c.
A. (j. A. P.,
Vancouver. Il.'C.
Lytton, B.C.
MIS HONOUR the I.lciitcnant-tiovcrnor In
1 S Council hus been pleased lo make thc following appointments:
25lh January. 10(11.
Caspar Phair, of Lillooel, Ktqtllfe, H M , lo bo
a Coroner In and for lhc County of urlhoi;
such appointment io lake effect on and from
the 15th Instant.
19th of January, 1S01.
Frederick W. Valleau, Esquire, H. M., to perform the duties of the undermentioned otllccs
at Clinton, during the absence, upon leave, ol
F. Soues, Esquire; such appointment to lake
effect on and from the 15th Instant, namely:
Government Agent,
AsalRtanlCommtsilonor of Lands' and Works,
Gold Commissioner,
Clerk of the Ptace,
Collector of Votes,
Deputy District Registrar of Births. Death!
and Marringep,
Deputy District Registrar of tho Supreme
Registrar of the County Court of Cariboo,
Registrar under the Marrlagd Act, and
Collector of Revenue Tax.
Lillooot, B. C.
Have iii stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Our -Special-lea:
Royal Hotel
KalillilielifJ IR.-irS. Iricor,.or'art<l   ISUj
PWVSO.V, V. T. VANtA'C-Yl'-'tt, li. V.
Importers and Jobbers of HARDWARE,
Iron, Steel, Glass, Paints. Oila Mauls, Stoves, Tinware, Gui_, all
We nialti- isvFpmalty or auppliea fur
Mills, Mines, Blacksmiths, Railroads, Contractors, Lumbermen, ete.
Amenta for;—     Giant Povriler Co.
Fairbanks Sculce
Hentieii.'a Kii«li^li Fuse
Registered Trademark "SUNSET "
Mnjeatic Steel Runnel
Canton Mining Steel
Spoouer'a Oopperine
Sucker Creek, B.C.
Our guaranteed seciiritv plan is a popular and profitable policy to tbe aBiured.
Il will p-y you to see onr rates and different plans before taking out n policy.
WM. IIOLDEN, Inspector, Vaucouver. THOS. McADAM, Provincial Manag.r.
Oold, S IcerLwul and Copper MineB wanted at the KN.CIIANGK.
FREE MILLING GOLD  properlies wanted at once lor Euslern In-
I'«rtle8 havini! mi'.ini! property for «nle are requested to send sample
of llf ir ore lo the LXOIIANGH tor exhibition,
Weilefire In hear Irom prospector* who have promising mineral clainia
in Ib-iiiHii C'lliimliia.
l'rosjieetors and ininii g men lire requested to make tho EXCHANGE
their lieuih|iiarlerB when in Nelnon.
All samples BllOU tl he Kent hv express PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address nil communicatlnn* to
Telephone No. 101.   P. O. ftox 700. NELSON, B. C.
Transfer   f License.
Notice is hereby given lhat II Is my InlenMoh
toapply tothc-llccnsc conunlssioners at tliclr
next siuliiK, for a transfer ol the license of the
Victoria Hotel, Lillooel, In'o si. iisinl,
LJt»«»tf*(ti- Februaiy T001.
Central point for Bridge
Kiver Miners and Prospectors. Uood aocom-
raodation. -   -
St.tblc iii connection.
"Notice In h_tObylg.-V_tl thnt the lioad office of
the Ainifinnn l.Hkf Mining A'-MiiHng Company
hnd bet-n tranifcrrid fn>m Anile roll to Mllooefc
Lillooet, B. C, January '-2nd.
Excelsior House
Dining Room.
-   -   -   Proprietor.
First Class Meals Served
Open day and- night. Short
Orders a Spaaialty.
J. M, Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondea
3_TOW   _30"_TS^^-'
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
T havo just re-olwjd direct from Se»tland the boat selection of Twoedi; Wemtedi, HrgH
PaiiLtnga tn the Lu tort or,   Btttlafautlon guaranteed,
THOMAS McCOSTI. MereliHiit Tailor, Ashcroft, B. C.
Corner of Ilaslingfl and Granville StiectB.        VANCOUVER   B   U
R.F.Anderson&Coicanadian pacific
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Miners Bteol, Picks, Khovels, etc., Wire Cable
und Hussul IVue Keneinu.
A... TJ_gi__PO__^_D3
Dealer in \VnlollP», DlntnOnd*, Jew-
• Iry ami Oplieai (lOOirs, Onr repuli ile-
partinent is nm xiellnl (ur line work,
LeHve your ordein with tlie postmaster
wlio will have it utlemli il lo as well ae if
yon eanie personally.
Cariboo and Lillooet
Stage Travel
Clinton  anil  way  points,  Monday,
Weilne day anil Friday.
All  poitiis in Oariboo, Mondny'H.
Lillooel direct, Monday ai d F i iay,
l'Vjrks oi Q.ie.'inl e,  aid way points,
A epe. inl eoBCti, enrryinir phMeneM-!
mil ex|ms , uill leave A_lii.r>fi ior toe
1150-MllU Hone on Friday's, WtUHllllg
Special Conveyance? Furnisled.'
Time Table No. M.-Tskln-f Effecl  Kqt. Mth,
YietoriR-to. Vancouver—Daily at 1 p, m. Tan-
rOliver lo Victoria -Datlv at 1.16p.m., or on arrival of tho CI".It. No l train.
Leave Vie tor In for New Westml niter, (.adntr,
I.ulu Inland, I'lumpcr's l't»_~Tuesday aad
Friday at 7 a.m. Leave New Wi-ntminiter Ur
Victoria   and;   Way ports — Wednmay   and
•sjituidav at 7 p.in
Steamships of thin  company   will leave tmr
Fort   BImpson  and   intermpdiate   pointa,   t!«
Victoria, 1st and lntli nat'h month at 11 p.m,
Steamships of this comnany will loare- erery
Wednesday for Wrangel and Skagway at * p.».
Steamer  leaves      ctorlu,   for   Alberni    anA
Sound   porta,   on   the li)ili   and Ifflih ot   each
month,  extending latter   trips  to   QQatilna
and Oape Scott.
The cmup any reserves the right of changing'
this time tub), at any time wit html notification
(i. A 0-ARLETOK.
tieneral Freight Agtnt.
(', B. BAXTER,
Cicneral I'ABiengtr Agent.
I Insurance. |
I *■
1 Agent.
If you want
To insure yotir lite,
To insure your property,
To insure .i.uttiat acettrent.
Call on
Rio. A.
Lillooet, I!. C,


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