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The Prospector Dec 14, 1900

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Array THE
Vol. 3, No. 33.
$2.00 a year.
GXtHsTttEZjJLXj    l&lLlttGX-XJLl-Tn:
Miners Supplies."—ss^
Brauch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant. Lillooet, B.Ck
Paul Santini,
Carries a (all stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry  Goods,  Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, ete.
FioisrsEaB :i=co,r._Bi,.
LUlOCtft, H. c.
FRED. H. NELSON, Proprietor.
iampl*   R*otn_   for   CflmmArcinl    Tr*T#.._T8.
LUftrr Kloblo in ('(niiu'i-licui.   Hits HteoU
•t*»itnibu„t (or jfii<r>i>tii to iiul frmn
Aa(1.tioii  Luke mid Bridge
^t,_y Illvuf joints.
Hotel Victoria.
Tin's hotel being new and thoroughly finished tlironeho.it is the only first
class hotel in Lillooet. Persons calling at Lillooet will receive every atti-nlion by
Stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Mead-
quarters for Ihe Lillooet-Lytton stage.
It   •   4>   0   a   *     CHAHOES   MODKHATE.     0   9   0   0   0   0
3D.  FEASBB,   _=_S,0_=>.
*ILLOOET,         •                                    •• _. C
The Bar is supplied with the be it Wines, Liquors and Cigars. _____
Stage leaves Lytf.cn every Tuesday and Saturday morning for Lillooet, returning next day.    Special trips made.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:■    Lytton and Lillooet, B L
\ 7
General Dealer
Full  lino   of   Groceries,   Dry Goods,   Hoots   and   Shoe
■' n.,,...• ,,-:!.v.    Miners' .Supplies.
by bic. A.  FIURKK.
The leading Conservative organ of B.
0. repudiates in the extracts quoted he-
low the course of the Conservative lenders, during the recent elections, ol stirring up racial strife. No more
criticism killing of the anti-
Frenoh        campaign       could be
made so we publish the editorial in fu'l.
"Thtrtv-tive members ot the Quebec
legislature have been elected by acclamation. We suppose this can hardly
be paralleled in the history of the Canadian piovinces. ThetoUl membership
of the Quebec legislature is seventy-four,
so that within three of a majority of Ihe
members have been returned without a
contest. There is only one explanation
possible for the astounding collapse of
Quebec Conservatism, and that is to be
found in the madness with which a certain section of the conservative party in
federal politics assailed tlie French. The
.tfoutreal Star set the pace, and it was
too generally followed, the result being
the almost complete obliteration of the
party in a province where it was once
supreme. It was in vain that moderate
papers like the Colonist protested. The
protests wire interpreted *sa desire to
assist the Liberal party. It may be
doubted if the anti-French campaign
.gained the Conservatives more than two
or three seats in Ontario—the leaders ol
that province say it did not gain them
any, but that the Ontario majority was
due to tin 'condemnation by the English-
speaking voters ot that province of the
whole Laurier ministry—antl it certainly
lost many seats iti Quebec. It is a I act
that prominent Conservatives hoped lo
he able to divide quebec with the Liberals.    Up to the very last, tho Conserve-
ive lenders in this province looked for a
great rodiiclion in Lamier'a Quebec
lollowing. In the meantime everything
was being done around the Conservative
headquarters in the east to drive the
French together on the Liberal tide.
We saw one rct-ult of ibis fully in the
federal election. We see another in the
rematkahle In! of elections hy acclamation in the Quebec local contest. The
Colonist car. speak very freely upon this
poinI, because it rclmed to join it] the
luti-Freucli cry. Day after Jnr election
uatciial came from the east, most of ii
leprying the French. We refused to use
it. We did not. believe it would he a
patriotic thing to do anything calculated
to stir up stiife between tiie two elements of the Canadian population. Wi
think tiie result establishes the wisdom
uf our course. Victoria elected theCon-
ervative candidates, and neither they
lor the Colonist which supported them,
have to apologise for having any part in
the campaign policv which has made
the Conservative party in Quebec little
more than a memory. A united Canada is Impossible with the people ol
Jticcec arrayed almost en masse against
one of tho political parlies, antl if ever a
weighty patriotic duly rested upon the
Conservatives of Canada, it is to endeavor to restore Ihe standing of their party
in Quebec, in som-i degree at leant."—
Iter Majeity's Health.
New York, Dec. S.—Much anxiety
prevails in Ilritish court circles respecting the Qutens   health, says   a   World
dow Shaues, Gonuce i oiva, uu_.
Anthony & Hobson,
{flucuessors to .    BtCvonson.
Hum,iii.* iv-1 ub! jsln-1 ksttlf
General Herchandlse and
Miners Supplies.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
dew Mil h liom Windsor. She h.i bruki n
down noticeably since she wad informed
lhat the Empress Frederick was suffering from cancer of the throat, and could I
not live many months, She has lost her
appetite and passes sleepless nights, A
belief undoubtedly prevails among those
around her that Ihe Queen is at leasi
failing. One of them said: "Although
ordered to get everglhing in readiness to
move to Osborne on the twentieth, the
arrangements may oo countermanded
at the last moment. Everything is un-
ertain owing to her majesty's state of
lettltll. This talk about her goiiiu to
Cimiez is the wildest speculation. It is
unsafe to prophesy her movements or
condition a week ahead." The papers
in London a-Bert that the Queen is in
her usual health, but tbe above are the
Work Is SUM Uiln, ,r and If Weather Continues .Wild lor a V tk or two They Will
Have a" I . .cllen. Cleanup.
Tlie  Ftillitwlnlt la the  full  text
the Judgement of the Chief J_e.-
The sole question pre?mted for determination is whether it was within til-
power of the Legislature to'provide (8.81
■ hat no Japanese is entitled to have bin
name placed on the Register of Vottra
ir to vote at any election.
Hy 8cc. 3 the expression "Japanese"
to   mean   any  native of  tl 0
Report   from Cadwailadt-r  state that
the weather is exceptionally mild, there j is defined
In ng neither snow or frost to speak of.   I Japanese Empire  or   its   dependenci
At the Bend'Or  mine the n, ur.  ' not born of British parents, and to  in-
ning, Mining a-.id other worn is going o., i cl de any peieon  uf tbe Japanese race
as biisk as though it waB summer. naturalised or not.
'.'he Bend'Or people in prospecl;ng for |    Mr. Harris for the appellant relied on
The Seal set on our nationhood, are these
Strong men returning victors from the war;
Up to the battle's very front they bore
Our country's honor, till wilh every breeze
Fame sang their valour round the seven .e-'.
For as they hrave death in the cannon:,' re ir,
For us their comrades died and nevci.nore
Will.sec tne loved homes 'nealhthe maple t ee
Throw wide thy gates, O Canada, throw wio.
The  portals of thy gratitude; these n en
Have roused the god in us. Now cast aside
All littleness of aim. With courage it gh
And loftier purpose, to thy tasks -g?
And carve thine own illustr' a., dcvtiuy.
Frederick Ceoru: Scott.
October, 1900.
I  heir   ledge   further up   tbe creek were i tbe Union Colliery Company ofB.ititi;
1 Buccest ul in uncovering the finest b   y J Columbia vs. Bryden, 1899, A. C. 580.
of ore that they have yet struck. It's
now)stripped forsdist nee of 300 feel
a-l carries its si. of about four And a
I a f feet all the way, and is ol a liigh
grade all the way through.
-Mr. A. F. Noel who is in charue of the
* hole work savs be is perfectly pleased
tvilb tlie present outlook if the mines
and i! the weather continues line for a
i^eokor two longer he will he able to
■u■■'■". an excellent cleanup.
Cayoosh  Creek.
The  new  machinery for the  Ample
Mr. Wilson lor the respondent cor>
i<n led that the enactment is within
Sob See. 1 of Sec. 92of tbe British North
America Act, giving to tbe Legislature
exclusive jurisdiction as regards Ihe
amendments from time to time, n.t-
withstanding anything in Ihe Act of the
Oonstitution of ihe Province, except In
respect of the office of Lieutenant-Governor He argued that the matter was
peculiarly one of purely local concern
aud clearly could not from any poict ol
view he regarded «s falling to any extent with the Dominion authority.
but whatever   may be thought of the
'No, Thank You.
I/indon, Dec. 4.—In response to a
confidential inquiry as to whether Mr.
Kruger would be welcomed here," says
tbo Vienna corrispondence of the Daily
Mail, "a polite reply was returned to
the effect that Emperor Francis Joseph
had made other disposition for the nexl
few weeks."
"It is ptohablv pays a special d-spatth
from Cologne, "that. Kruger will meet
Emperor Nicholas ai Nice or Ken one,
where the rzai's physicians have ad-
vised him to go for his convalescence.
commenced very shortly. This mine is
now in splendid slupe, tbe new machinery of the very best and tl e most durable hind. T.e Ample will sojn oe an-
otiiei of Lillooet's dividend paying
London, Dec. 5,—The visiting n i..-
bers of the Royal Canadian regiment,
piloted by lhe duke of Argyll,Mr. Joseph
Chamberlain, Lord Lonsdale, lhe duke
of Aberdeen, Lord Laiisdowne and
others, visited the houre of puliament
this morning, Mr. Chamberlain in an
address acknowledged the indebtedness
in tireat Britain to the Colonial troops.
Tiie Canadian contingent was most
cordially welcomed in the bouse of lords,
by Lorn Lsnsdowno and the Duke of
Aberdeen in brief speeches. Colonel
Ol ter in thanking the speakers denied
lhe allegations of bad treatment of tbe
Canadians. He raid tbe only complaint
he and bis men had to make was that
they were being killed wilh kindness.
Editor Prospector Sir:
As thf '.ne is drawing near when our repre-
sen'ative Mr. Alfred Smith will he leaving
to at .end to hit parliamentary duties at Victoria, T should like to suggest tha; a public
meeting ... ailed at which Mi. Smith's attendance   hall be invited to discuss anil deter-
'ne the re .... ivnd requirements of this important district. I am satisfied that Mr.
Smith will have much pleasure in ascertaining
ou - wants and I am confident lhat it they n.c
practicable he will i\o his est to see that they J
are c implied with.
I might enumerate what are in my opinion
our most pressing needs.
Sensible llnlluni.
Antwerp, Dec. 8.—A special despatch
from Tne Hague says Holland bas no
intention to intervene in favor oi arbitration in tbe Transvaal troubles.
'^i-rtt.itlitec    in    nvnn^   rPfinPOt
London, Dec. 3— Theopeirng   of  tbe
initial session of the fifteenth parliament
of Queen Victoria occurred at 2 o'clock
ibis afternoon.   It was a  formal  aff.di
and of little  public   interest.   A   small
crowd ns.-emhled to see the 'beef-e iters,'
alio carried out   tbe   usual   search   for
possible conspirators in the   vaults   beneath the house of parliament with   the
customary  ceremonial'  ami   with   the
customary result.     There was   likewi-e
the usual competition of zealous mem-
I members of  parliament   to ie   first   ou
I the scent, and Mr. J C. Macdona,  Conservative member  for   the   Rotbetbith
| onto       ■! S nt w::rk easily secured the
: ihoico of seats, arriving  in tbo house al
: uiidniuht,
Although Ihe only bu-iinees before the
; house was the election of « speaker, the
■if dance of   members    ma   good,   in
0.' 1 .'   u c- tlf the   Into    int-rti-
T!     leaden   were cordially  wel-
. i-   upp irters
'   el   Bldlnlpb.   the
eui.u       .        bi    link rial    Burner    I   !■• U] ■ ■■■ r   bout
Q    ens  com
n'el as, e.t
Kt(.    -no. oi ui uj.s a. j length  of
time, as there was nn opposition to   the
■■•   tin  „f Mr Wm. Ourt Gully for a
•      .leches
I   i    .i
mbi ooB been installed and work will be  existing Naturalisation Act in so far  as
it rel.tet to British Columbia, tbe residence within the Province of large number; of persons. British subjects in names
hut doomed to perpetual exclusion from
any part in the prssage of legislation affecting their property or civil rigids
would surely not he to the advantafe of
Canada and might even become a tcurce
of national danger.
Apart from (onsidtrations binding t p
on me, I wou.d nave catisideiect thatthe
aulh rity of the Dominion l'arlianant
becomes exhausted with the Nn'ural-
ization ami that the person n.iuirsilized
imsses under the control of the I'rovin-
.i.tl Legislature to the same extent as
if born a Britisli subject and that the
only leslruiut upon the Legislature in
matieiB of Ibis kind is tbe ability of any
Act to be disallowed.
But this view does not   prevail   with
ll.eJudkai Committee in the case men- -
tioueti, tne effects of which as I   understood it is  that the Provincial   Legisla-
The completion oi the trail to Cadwallader   ,ure In s no power to pass any legislation
Creek. j whatever   which does  not in terms at
A grant for a hospital in town. I .east apply alike to born   and   natural-
Thegrading   and   graveling   of  tl.e   road [ lB, J euLjectaJof Her Majesty Iiowev.r na
through the town and the opening up o^ roads | ft,eu,tl)  njay   varyjngly  af{ect   _;£!„__(
in the suburban lots [where some of  oui citi- ; (.ia:,(jeB or persons
The appeal is allowed with coals.
zer.s are spending considerable money wit!
Commendable enterprise and should be encouraged.]
A fair proportion of money to be apportioned for the benefit of lhe settlers in Pemberton Meadows and the other farming districts,
and last but not least further legislation against the influx of Chinese and Japanese cheap
As our Mineral Act is hy no means perfect
I Ihink that several amendments might be
made for the benefit of the bona-lide
miner and prospector.
Hoping that my suggestion may meet wilh
the approval of the community.
Yours fsithfully
Samuel gibbs.
November 30lb, 1900.
A. J. McCOLL, C.J.
Haicart for Leader
Ottawa* Dec. 5.—(Special.)—Tbe report is current here and commands general belief that Hon. John Haggart will
be made leader of the disorganized Conservative party. The selection is Hob-
son's choice, and likely to cause serious
deileclinns in the thinned ranks of the
party, Iiaggart failing to command
either respect or allegiance.
-     ■        .
im * rospector.
I.-.iik in sny elij i m I ■-■ < . JU >:i I
stamped sitvelopc. Mi»iiui!.'-iu.-ei«, Itnol
I floor, «•■! l»t»r*e.trn It,, chle.us
.   Liu ■• .1      ■ ■
reply to tne  aiHiren.te* li'OUi tb
in IjjiD bou:ee,
■ .les in
Not The liliililns- kl.td.
Toronto, Dec. 5.—Senator   Fulton!, >f
Bro.kville, will press his $10,000 slander j
■iction against Hon. X. CUrke   Wallace,
M. P., for saying   that   be paid   If30,000
(or a seat In the senate.      Senator   Fill- |
ford   fil.-'d   a  statement  of  claim   this j
morning.   He wants   tbe case  tried   al
Brockville,  and   says   that the   alleged
slander has greately injured  his charac-;
ler, credit and reputation, and bas held
him up to public   scandal, ridicule ami j
contempt.     He reiera to Mr. Wallace as
a "profeusional politician."
A I a'r Chance.
Toronto, Out. Dee. 3.—The Mail  and j
Knit-ire London despatch says that Rev.
Joseph 1'arker, Pastor oi tiie City   Trio-
pie of that   city, will   have   the   entire
direction antl control, of the London Sun
fr ni December 17 to December 22.   The j
eminent divine, will, during that time,;
e-ttleavor to show British journalists and j
tne li' it is ti public how, in bis opinion, a ;
newspaper should be conducted in order
to effect tbe arcaiom good,
Dewet Haro Preafed.
London, Dec. 8.—The war oflice hat-
received the following despatch from
Gen. Kitt entr at Bloemfon'ein, dated i
Decern i-t 8: 'Have just received news
Ir.-ni.Knox, al Kouxville, that Dewet'a
io   o liuviiK faded   lo  force  Cemossle
i ■      Which   was   held,   has   treksed
s     abandoning    rive    hundred
horses and m an} .arts.    His a lempt on
Cape Colony, therefore) has tailed.    He
il being pressed ou all eidee."
n.xwell Elected In Burrard
(hiiUher In Vole-CarIbon.
Mr- Maxwells majirity in Burrard
will approach 700. The vote in Yale-
Cariboo with very few places to hear
from is Gailiher 2358, Foley 2690, McKane 2156.
One of the surprises was the large vote
which Foley the L-thor candidate polled.
Mr. Foley's chief support came from the
Kootenay country where the socialists
eleniont seems to be strong. For instance in Rossland Foley received as
many votes as the other two together.
The election in Vancouver is said lo
lie the hottest ever held there. One
man said it was tropical, which would
certainly be a change for the city of
eternal rain.
Mr. John II. Nowson In tbe Mining
and Engineering Review gives a long
description of the McGillivray Creek
mines where Mr. Neweon waB employed
a few months this euiutner. He says;
'The mine is a good one, large and easy
to work and worth anything like good
managements should be a success' spak-
ing of Lillooet. "it is a town of considerable importance and the centre of
supplies for a large section of country.'
Mr. NewBon gives a very glowing re
port of Lillooet affairs in general and
predicts a brilliant future of the town
both as a mining centro aud pleasure
resort. It is a great pity that more ad-
vcrlising of our section of the countn
could not be done iu lhe papert
cf our own prcvtncGi Tlie Fnture of Onr l.<_».
Professor Yung of the University of
Guef, Switzerland, entertains great
fears concerning the future of our
lower limbs. This sage is of the opinion that within the next thousand
years human beings will have forgotten how to use their legs, and that
these limbs, If evolution will not do
away with them, will serve as mere
ornaments to the rest of the body.
fi-ofessor Yung states that at the
present age humau beings show a decided aversion to personal or physical
locomotion, and this is more manifest
every time a new automatic traveling
Instrument is invented and rendered
practical. Steam, electricity, cable
power aud the different velocipede machines all bear an Influence over us
and create a dislike for walking, and
the future generations will likely have
the convenience of steerahle airships
at their windows and electric automobiles at tbeir doors, nud these conveyances will be so cheap that almost
every oue can own them, nnd this
means the doom of our legs.
The latter will be regarded ns super-
lltiotis appendages, uo use will be made
of them, nud who knows but that they
may disappear altogether? But so
much more will our arms develop In
length and strength. These are the
cruel laws of evolution, nud It will be
due to their pranks that future generations will ngnin resemble the apes.
There will come another epoch of short
legs nnd long arms.
Compiled With the Law.
"A certain well known Mobile lawyer, who was lame and had something
of a reputatlou ns a tighter," said a
southern gentleman, "wus ut one time
attorney lu a suit that caused much 111
feeling. He wou the suit for his client,
and the loser vowed vengeance. 'In
pursuance of Hint same,' iu the language of Truthful Junius, be oue day
went into the lawyer's oliice nnd subjected titin to n tirade of abuse that
would have caused a salt water cap-
lain lo die from pure envy, such was
his talent In vituperation.
"The lawyer answered him nothing,
to the surprise of two or three men
who were present, but, getting out of
his chair, began to hobble backward.
His enemy, thinking he was retreating,
followed lil in up, with more abuse nnd
threatening  gestures.
"The lawyer's foot finally Struck
ugolust the wall, when he suddenly
straightened up nud saying, '(ieiitle-
men. 1 call on you to witness that, on
account of this wall, i have retreated
as far ns possible' (the general law of
homicide), drew out a derringer and
shot his opponent.
"At the trial he was acquitted, his
witnesses being the men present nt the
time of the killing, who testified to the
lawyer's bavins retreated as far as
A Cold tlitltt In t.'nnndn.
The sky nt night is a deep dark blue,
and the stars are like dropping balls of
tire, so close they seem to be almost
within reach. The northern lights look
as If a titanic paint brush bad been
dipped iu phosphorescent flame and
drawn In great, bold strokes across
the heavens.
As you pass the electric lamps you
Bee very tine particles of snow caught
up by the wind and glittering high In
tbe air like diamonds. But It is a cold
night, and you are not sorry to get Into
your room. First of all, you take a
blanket or so from the bed, for there
lire people In Canada who sleep all tho
year round with only a Bheet over
lhem, to such a pitch of perfection
have they brought the heating of their
After you have tucked yourself In
the stillness of the night Is broken occasionally by a report like a cannon.
Have you ever been Inside a bathing
machine when a mischievous boy
threw a stone at It? And, If so, do you
remember how you Jumped? When the
walls of a wooden house crack In the
hitler cold, the effect Is similar, only
magnified. But you know what It
means here, so you ouly draw the
clothes closer round you, thankful that
you are snug nnd warm. Aud so good
Alwti) ti Face the Engine.
In Ills prime the late Mr. John Cook,
the great tourist agent, was a man of
Iron frame. But when years of railway traveling, which averaged nnnual-
ly some 40.000 miles, produced certain
alarming symptoms, be made a discovery that may be worth giving to
I be public. He found that the threat-
i nod trouble, something spinal, disappeared when he no longer Bat with
Ids htiek to the engine. lie always
thereafter faced It, and that the principle is sound will he borne out by
others whom lie advised to do the
sume. Al! who nre called upon to do
much railway traveling will be wise to
sit "facing tiie horses."
Ileum,ii For Unto.
Mr. Verlrnab Talker (who did not
catch the name of his partner)—You
nee thnt mnn behind me. Well, If
there's one mini In this world that 1
hate, lie's the one.
Ills Partner (lu surprise) — Why,
that's my br.sbnnd!
Mr. Verlrnsh Talker (quickly)—Yes,
of course—that's why I hate him, lucky
dog!—London Fun.
No   KiieiiiirtiHi-ineiit.
Mrs. Short—Oh, dear, I do wish we
were rich! Just think of the good we
could do If we only had lots of money!
Mr. Short—True, my dear, but we
can do n great deal of gootl In a quiet
way now.
Mrs. Short—Yes, of course, but no
one will ever hear of It.
The flutter She Wanted.
New Wife—1 wish to get some butter, please.
Dealer-Itoll butter, ma'am?
New Wife—No; we wish to eat It on
biscuits.—Chleaeo News.
A  Synopsis of  This  lm; ortant Law
Now in Force.
We publish below a complete synopsis of the Manitoba Elevator bill,
giving all the.salient points cud
provisions of the same:
Sections 1 to 18 are of an interpretation character, citing the title
of lhe act and limiting its operations to the inspection district of
Manitoba, providing for the appoint lnc-nt and defining the duties of
the warehouse commissioner, whose
heall oliice is located at Winnipeg.
and weighlnaster, and lixing fees for
weighing' grain. The fees are, for
each carload, 25 cents, and each cargo.   |kt   1,000   bushels,   «0   cents.
Sections 11 to -H deal with terminal elevators and warehouses, the
managers of which must procure a
license from the commissioner. Provision is made that such terminal elevators shall receive for storage any
grain, dry and ill a suitable condition for warehousing, that is tendered in the usual manner in which
elevators are accustomed to receive
grain In the ordinary and usual
course of business, not making any
discrimination between persons desiring to avail themselves of warehouse facilities-such grain to be in
all cases inspected and graded by a
duly authorized inspector, and to be
stored with grain of a similar
grade. In no case shall grain of a
different grades be mixed together
while   In  store.
Sect ions 20 to 42 are of more general interest to the public, as relating to country elevators, flat warehouses and loading platforms. All
elevators and warehouses are declared to be public, antl must secure an
annual license, as also being subject
to the government and control of
the rules and regulations promulgated by the governor-in-counoil.
Section 84 states that, "the person
operating such country elevator or
warehouse shall keep a true and correct account in writing, in proper
books, of all grain received, stored
and shipped at such elevator or
warehouse, stating the weight.,
grade and dockage for dirt or other
cause of each lot of grain received in
store for sale, storage or ohip-
lnent, except as hereinafter provided, and shall, upon the request of
any person delivering grain for storage or shipment, receive such grain,
w ihout discrimination as to persons, during reasonable and proper
business hours, and shall insure it
against loss by fire while in his elevator or warehouse, and shall, tqion
request, deliver to such person a
warehouse receipt or receipts therefor, dated the day the grain was received and specifying upon its faco
the gross and net weight of such
grain, the dockage for dirt or other
cause, and the grade of such grain
■when graded conformably to the
grade fixed by law and in force .at
terminal points; and every such receipt shall state upon Its face that
the grain mentioned in such receipt
has been received into store and that
upon the return ol" sueh receipt, and
upon payment or tender of payment
of all lawful charges for receiving,
storing, insuring', delivering or other
wise handling such grain, which charges may have accrued tip to the time
of the return of sueh receipt, such
grain is dellvorablo to the person on
whose account it has been taken into store, or bis order, either from
the elevator or warehouse where it
was received for storage, or, if
either party so desires, in quantities
not less than carload lots on track
at any terminal elevator in tbe inspection district of Manitoba on tbe
same line of railway or any line
connecting therewith, so soon as tbe
transportation company delivers the
same at such terminal and the certificate of grade ami weight are returned; except that in tbe case of a
country elevator or warehouse on Ihe
Northern Pacific and Manitoba railway line or any line of railway operated thorow'th, ;f either party desires such grain to he shipped to a
terminal point, it shall be delivered
on track at the proper terminal elevator at or adjacent to Duluth.
Such grain when so delivered at terminals shall be subject to freight,
weighing and inspection charges and
all other charges (if tiny) lawful at
such terminal point; antl the party
delivering shall be liable for the do-
livery of such grain as will on
weighing at such terminal point conform lo the grade according to Canadian government inspection antl as
near as possible to the weight mentioned in such rccoipt. Nothing
herein shall prevent the owner of
such grain from. at. any time before
it la so shipped lo terminals, requiring il lo he shipped to any
other terminal than us above provided."
Provision is made in seetion H6
that "in case I here is a disagre-
ment. between the purchaser or the
person in the immediate charge of
and receiving lhe grain al, such
country elevator or warehouse, and
tbe person delivering ihe. grain to
such elevator or warehouse for storage or shipment, at the time of such
delivery, as lo the proper dockage
for dlrl. or otherwise, on any lot of
grain delivered, an average sample
of al. least three quarts of the grain
in dispute may be taken by both of
the said parlies, or by either one of
I hem if the other declines, and forwarded in a suitable sack, properly
tietl and sealed, express charges prepaid, to the chief inspector of grain,
which shall be accompanied hy the
request, in writing, of either or bolh
•f the parties aforesaid that the
said chief inspector will examine the
sample and report on the dockage
the said grain is, In his opinion, entitled to antl would receive If ship-
pod to the terminal points and subjected  to  official   inspection.
"2. It shall be the duty of tbe
chief inspector, as soon as practicable, to examine and inspect such
sample or samples of grain and to
adjudge the proper dockage to which
it Is, in his judgment, entitled, and
which grain of like quality and
character would receive If shipped to
the terminal points in carload lots
and subjected to official inspection.
"3. As soon as the chief inspector
lias so examined, inspected and adjudged the dockage be shall make
out in writing a statement, of his
judgment and finding and shall
transmit a copy thereof by mail to
each of the parties to the disagreement, preserving the original together with the sample on lile in his
"4. The judgment and rinding of
the chief inspector on all or any of
the said matters shall be conclusive."
"37. Whenever complaint is made,
tn writing, under oath to the commissioner by any person aggrieved,
that the person operating any country elevator or country warehouse
under this act fails to give just, and
fair weights or grades or is guilty
of making unreasonable dockage for
dirt or other cause, or fails in any
manner to operate such elevator or
warehouse fairly, justly and properly, or is guilty of any discrimination forbidden by this act, then it
shall be the duty of the commissioner to inquire into and investigate such complaint ami the charge
therein contained; anil to this end
and for this purpose, the commissioner shall have full authority to
examine and inspect all books, records, and papers pertaining to tbe
business of such elevator or warehouse and all the scales, machinery
and fixtures and appliances used
therein, antl to take the evidence of
witnesses under oath antl for that
purpose to administer the oath.
"2. In case the commissioner linds
the complaint and charge therein
contained, or any part thereof, true,
he shall give his decision in writing and shall at once serve a copy
of such decision, with a notice to
desist and abstain from the error
antl malpractice found, if any, upon
the person offending antl against
whom tbe complaint was made; and
in order to afford prompt redress t#
tbe person injured, the commissioner
shall make a special report of tbe
fact found and ascertained upon tbe
investigation of the complaint and
tbe charge therein contained, (which
report shall also Include a copy of
his decision), to the minister of inland revenue, who may institute
and carry on in the name of the
complainant or on behalf of the
crown, as to him may seem fit, such
actions, civil or otherwise, as may
be necessary antl appropriate to redress the wrongs complained of and
to   prevent   their  recurrence.
'The erection of flat warehouses
and loading platforms is provided
for In sections 41 ami 42 as follows:
"On a written application to lbs
commissioner by ten fanners residing within forty miles of their nearest shipping point, he may give permission to any person to erect under
the provisions of this act, a flat
warehouse covered with metal of
not less than 8,000 bushels capacity
with power to enlarge the same
should necessity require it, at such
shipping point. Such flat ware-
bouse sliall be erected on the rail,
way company's premises after getting location of a siding, and the
railway company shall be compelled to give such location with siding
on its premises, in some place of
convenient access, to be approved of
by the commissioner, ar a rental
not greater than that charged by
standard elevators. If in the judg.
ment of the commissioner more, than
one such warehouse is required at a
station one or more additional
warehouses may be authorized by
him, and in such ease all the provisions of this seetion shall apply t»
the construction of such warehouses;
except that in the case of each such
additional warehouse the applicants tlesirious of erecting it shall
be liable to pay a rental equivalent
to six per cent interest, upon the
value of the lands taken, such value
to be determined upon antl fixed by
the commissioners, and shall also be
liable to pay the cost of constructing the necessary siding, tlie company providing the necessary rails
and fastenings and charging the applicants either tbe actual cost thereof or an annual rental of six per
cent upon such actual cost, at tho
option   of   the   applicants,
"2. The owner and operator of
such warehouse shall give bonds and
be licensed in the same manner as
elevator  owners.
".'1. Such warehouse sliall contain
not less than three bins of 1,000
bushels capacity each, and each bin
shall be numbered by a separate
"4. The owner of any such warehouse shall on the application of
any farmer undertaking to ship a
carload of grain, allot such farmer a
bin in such warehouse as soon as
one is available. The allotment, of
bins to applicants shall be made In
tho order of applications therefor,
and without discrimination of any
kind. No farmer shall he allowed to
hold more I ban one bin at any one
time to the exclusion ot other applicants. Applications for bins shall
be made in a form to be approved
of by tho commissioner, antl blank
forms for such applications shall be
furnished to applicants by the ware,
house  operator.
"5. Tbe owner or operator of any
such warehouse shall at once on
every allotment of a bin apply ia
writing on a form approved of by
the commissioner, hut furnished tty
such warehouse operator, to tho
proper railway official to furnish a
car to thu person to whom such bin
Is allotted, stating in such application tbe time when the car will bo
required, such time to be not later
than live days from the allotment of
the  bin.
"(I. The shipper shall be allowed
for lilling such bin and loading on
car six clear days exclusive of Sundays, and as much longer time as Is
necessary to get and loatl a car
from such bin (twenty-four bonis being allowed for such loading). If a
carload of grain is not delivered Into
sueh bin antl loaded on a ear within
the time above provitled, the warehouse operator may at his option
either loatl on car the grain then in
such bin antl ship It for the owner
lo terminal elevator subject to
freight Inspection ami weighing
charges nt terminal anil all charges
of such lint wa rehouse use. Including an additional  charge of one-half
_ cent per bushel for such loading,
or he may sell such grain on account of the owner thereof and shall
then be liable to account to the
owner for the proceeds, after deducting all proper charges.
"7. The charges fo- the use of a
bin antl the services of the ware-
bouse operator in weighing the
grain as it is loaded into und out of
the warehouse by the person to
whom tbe bin is alloted, shall be
subject to sueh regulations or reduction as the governor in council may
from time   to  time  deem proper.
"8. No owner or operator of any
such warehouse shall be allowed to
store in or ship through grain purchased by or for himself.
"42. (in a written application to
the commissioner by ten farmers resilient within twenty miles of their
nearest shipping point, and on appro- al of the commissioner, the railway company shall erect a loading
platform suitable for the purpose of
loading from vehicles direct to ears:
Provided however, that the railway
company shall not be obliged to erect any such platform outside of tho
limits of the station yard. Such
platforms shall be at least ten feet
witle, ami of such length as is in
each case determined by the commissioner, in addition to the approaches at each end, and shall have on
the sitle farthest from the track a
guard-rail nol less than three feet
high. Such platforms, may be used
free of charge for the loading of
Under seetion 43 commission merchants handling grain must secure an
annual license antl give a bond to
faithfully account, and report to all
persons entrusting him with grain
for sale.
By section 44 twenty-four hours
are allowed for loading a car direct
from vehicles or at a flat warehouse
lo be reckoned from the time when
the car is placed at the shipper's
tlisposal on siding.
Such of the rules antl regulations
as refer to dealings between producers, buyers, shippers antl elevator or
warehousemen, together with such
portions of this act as the commissioner, or the governor in council,
deems proper, shall be printed in
reasonably large typo by the commissioner aial posted in a conspicuous place in every licensed elevator
ic warehouse by the owner thereof.
Among the general provisions are.
54. Persons Interested in the
weighing of any grain at country elevators or warehouses sliall have
free access to tlie scales while sueh
grain is being weighed, antl shall,
when cleaning is done, have ample
opportunity if they so desire of personally ascertaining the net. weight,
of the cleaned grain if facilities exist
for doing so.
2. The wilful falsification or misstatement of the weight of grain as
weighed, ami lhe use of concealed or
other weights iu such a way as to
fasify or change the apparent weight
of grain being weighed, shall be offences punishable with line upon tho
guilty party, or loss of license, or
3. Any person in charge of scales
at a leiminal or country elevator or
warehouse who finds that such scales
are defective shall report the fact lo
the ins|iector of weights nml measures and to the owner of such elevator  or   warehouse.
4. No new elevator or warehouse
shall be operatetl until the scales are
inspected ano approved by the proper   weights   and   measures   officials.
56. Where in any grain elova
warehouse grain is cleaned before being weighed, the provisions of this
act requiring statement of gross
weights sliall not apply to such
66. Any person offering for sale or
storage grain, the different qualities
of which have been wilfully manipulated with intent to deceive the person to whom it is so offered for sale
or tbe person or persons receiving it
for warehousing', as to tbe Into
quality of such grain, shall he guilty
of  au   offence.
.r>7. Any person guilty of an offence specified in this act or guilty
of violating any provision of Ibis
act for which a specific penally is
not, herein provided, shall, on summary conviction, he liable to a lino
of not less than I en dollars and not
more than one  thousand dollars.
An Unexpected  Verdict on a Picture
Tainted hy Col.
While the late David Col, the great
Antwerp painter, was at work In his studio ono day many years ago there enter
ed a fanner who requested him to paint
his father's portrait. The artist, not being overburdened with wealth at that
time, gladly agreed to do tho work and
Bald that he would be pleased to see the
old gentleman at any time. Thereupon
the farmer said mournfully!
"Oh, you can't bco 1dm, sir, for he's
"Then how on envth do you expect me
to paint his portrait?" asked the artist.
with a sigh.
"Oh, you're fooling me, sir!" said the
farmer. "Just tell me whose picture thai
Is on the easel there."
"That is a permit of St. Anthony,"
was the niiswer.
"Is that really St. Anthony?"
"Did he sit to you?"
"Of course not."
"Well, then, Isn't that a clear proof
that you are able to make the portrait of
a dead man?"
Col, who wanted money badly, allowed
himself to be persuaded by this novel
argument, nnd, therefore, he obtained
from tho farmer aa many particulars
about the dead man ns ho could, and
then, after making a sketch of the son.
becnuse he Baid that he clusely resembled
his father, ho began work ou the portrait
When It was finished, he sent for the
farmer aud showed it to him, To his
surprise, the niiin fell ou Ids knees and
bugan to cry bitterly, his eyes meanwhile
fixed on the portrait. Col Battered him
self that he had made a lifelike portrait
and that It was the wonderful rosein
bianco which caused the son to grieve
■o sorely.
"Why do you cry so much?" lie asked
trying to comfort him.
"Oh, my dear sir," waB the Unexpected
reply, "I never thought that any oik
could change bo much In such a short
time! Dear me, how terribly ugly inv
poor father has become!"
An Old Whaleman's- Exciting? Stor>
uf u Race For Life That Made 111.
Hair Turn Gray and C'auied llliu to
Unit tlie BnaiueHN.
"It was in 1S75," said the old sea captain, "aud I was nn able seaman un the
whaler Uiveuoak looking for blubber in
the south Atlantic, with a seat in tho
second mate's whultdtoat. We had bad
thi> boats ready to lower and tbe mastheads manned for over three weeks before we sighted grease, and when the
cry, 'There she blows!' rang out from
the fore sky-sail yard the old man went
wild with delight 'Sp<Tm whale sure!'
hi' bawled, 'Down from nloft, every
one! Stand by to lower!' We got the
boats off in good shape, aud our boat took
tin- lead, which we held till we came up
wiib tbe whale. The boat header let go
bis harpoon, sending it out of sight into
tin- side of the monster, which stinted off
at a rate of speed that made the boat
hum through the water. She kept this
Up for 20 minutes, and we soon lost sight
of the Kivcuouk and the other boats,
Aud then, as though tiring of pulling un
along, she suddenly showed Unites and
began to make for the bottom like a
load of pig lead. The rope, one end of
which was attached to the harpoon in
the whale's back, ran out of the boat so
fast that it looked like a thread of blue
" 'Cut that rope if it fouls,' cried the
mute, tossing me a hatchet, 'and lose no
time about it! If you don't. God help
us! Tlie beast is going to sound 100
fathoms, sure!'
"I bad just leaned forward to pick up
tbe implement when there was a sud
den jerk, a crashing, winning Bound, anil
I knew that the rope bad fouled. The
next minute I felt myself drawn down
through the ocean like a shot from a gun.
1 caught a brief glimpse of the longboat
flushing through tlie water, a number of
struggling forms, and then 1 began to
conic uj). It seemed ages before I reach
ed the surface and those bine skies novel
seemed so welcome before. Only one of
my comrades succeeded in getting out of
the boat, and he was floating nbout on ;t
long plank which had been stored in the
bottom of the boat for just sueh a pur
pose. I swam up and caught hold of the
other cud of it. Luckily the wnter wa-
calm nnd the plank kept our heads well
out of water. Not n sign of oil ship oi
small boats did we see, however, anil the
thought came over me lhat we might jus!
as well have been pulled to the bottom b\
the whale as to die by inches. Tlie hours
wore on, however, and we began to grov.
weak and it got to be n question of hov
much longer we could hold out.
"Just as we were about to despair <>
ever being rescued, my companion. Hi!
Uoyce, gave a shout of joy and poluteil
out over the ocean toward a big stean
frigate wfcteh was pointing in our direr
tion. We were quite sure she saw us \\>
we must have been plainly marked ngsiins!
the angry colors of tbe sunset. The vom
sel looked like n man-of-wnv, for hei
spurs were clean cut and rakish and we
caught the glint of polished brass work
The smoke was pouring out of her fun
nel and in a few minutes she w:is within
a quarter of a mile «* us. 1 remarked tn
Itoyce that we were very lucky, and I'P
diving no reply 1 turned to look at him.
"I have never seen sueh n look in a
man's face before nor since. It was a>
white as n sheet, his eyes seemed In
bulge out of his head nnd his teetli rut
tied together with castanets, tie caught
my look and hi reply pointed off iu tin
direction opposite to that from which the
frigate was approaching. 'Sharks,' i;<
whispered. 'Tiny have been attracted In
tbe whale's blood. It's all up now. I'm
"I saw but one shark. Flo was quite a
distance off and was making for us in n
leisurely way. Tbe men on the warship
saw it too and realized our danger. A
single dull boom was heard, and a sold
shot struck about HO feet to one side of
the man eater, which paid no attention
to the compliment, but continued to make
for us with n slightly increased speed.
Behind him, about 110 feet in the rear,
was another shark. Both were quite
near now.   So was tlie warship.
"Wo could hear the crew manning the
davits and falls; we could hear the
splash as the small boat took to the water. Again the gun boomed from the
warship, but this time the shot went
clear over the sharks and struck the water a quarter of a mile beyond. Nearer
nnd nearer came the first shark, uud we
now saw that the small boat could not
reach us In time.
"The beast made straight for Royce.
who screamed witli terror. Over on his
back turned tbe shark, witli his cavern*
ous mouth open and his long, cruel teeth
recking with froth. The boat was still
20 yards off. Roy CO iu sheer terror let
go  his hold oo the  plunk  and   tried   tn
swim for it. The next instant the shark
was upon him. I closed my eyes, heard
a shriek from Royce, nnd when I looked
the water was stained with blood, but
Royce was gone. It was my turn now.
The second shark was almost upon me,
nnd 1 caught a glimpse of his little swin-
i-ti eyes as he turued over on his back.
Tlie yards of the warship were thronged,
and nothing could be heard but the splash
of the approaching boat. I was paralyzed. I could not have left the plank to
save my soul. Nearer came the shark,
aud again 1 shut my eyes. I could even
hear the snuffling of the beast, nnd then
came the clear, cool command: *Steady,
men! Aim! Fire!' A volley of musketry awoke the stillness, nml then I lost
consciousness. When I came to, I was
on   the  deck  of the   United  States  ship
 .    The jackies  in  the  rowbont  had
shot the shark when it was within three
feet of me.
"Since then, gentlemen, I hnve never
been iu a whaler, and I bear an everlasting grudge against sharks, not only because of my close call, but because it
made my hair turn as white as you now
see it, which was not becoming to a boy
of 25."
Tho Future of I-iikIIh1i.
The Kngllsh language iu 50 years will
he ns corrupt as Latin In the eighth century, and will become n sort of Volapuk
Strictly limited to commercial letters and
to journalism.—George Moore, the English Critic.
Payta, in Peru, is tho driest spot on
the face of the earth. The average interval between two showers of rain la
seven yenrs.
The secret of progress lies In knowing
how to make use not of what we hiivs
n^ocon, hut of what is forced upon us.
Introducing;  an   Incident   That   Ruff.
U*ented One of Hit* Groat tMotnrca,
It was a friend of Raskin's mother,
Mrs. John Simon, who told the story.
She wns traveling by night in the early
days of the Great Western railway from
Plymouth to Loudon:
"When I had taken off my cloak and
smoothed my plumes and generally settled myself, I looked up to see the most
wonderful eyes I ever saw steadily, luminously, clairvoyant ly, kindly, paternally
looking at me. The hat was over the
forehead, the niout.li and chin buried iu
the brown velvet coat collar of the brown
greatcoat. Well, we went or., nnd the
storm went on more nnd more, until we
reached Bristol, to wait ten minutes.
My old gentleman rubbed the side window with his coat cuff in vain, attacked
the center window, again in vain, so hi tried and blotted was it with tlie torrents
of rain. A moment's hesitation ami
'' 'Young lady, would you mind my putting down this window?'
" 'Oh, no, not nt al!.'
11 'You may he drenched, you know.*
" 'Never mind, sir.'
"Immediately down goes the window,
out go the old gentleman's head and
shoulders, and there they stay for I suppose nearly nine minutes; then he drew
them in, and  1 said:
" 'Oh. please let me look.'
" 'Now. you will he drenched.' Put he
half opened the window for me to see.
Such a sight, sueh n chaos of elemental
and artificial lights and noises, 1 never
saw or heard ur expect to see or hear.
He drew up 111*1 window as we moved on
and then leaned hack with closed eyes
for I dare say ten minutes, then opened
them and said:
"I said, 'I've been "drenched," but it's
worth it.'
"lie maided and smiled and ngnin took
to his steady hut quite inoffensive perusing of my face."
The whole letter is too long for quotation, hut this is the sequel:
"The nexl year. I think, going to the
academy, I turned at once, as I always
did, to see what Turners there were,
"Imagine my feelings—'Rain. Si earn
nnd Speed. (J real Western Railway,
dune the -, lS-RL*
"I bad found out who the 'seeing' eyes
belonged to. As 1 stood looking at th,'
picture I heard a mawkish voice behind
me say:
"'There, now. just look at that. Ain't
It just like Turner? Who ever saw sueh
n ridiculous conglomeration?'
"1 turued very quietly round and said:
" 'I did. I was in the train thai night,
and it is perfectly and wonderfully true,1
and walked quietly away.*'—I'Vom Last
Chapter of Kuskin's "Pnelerila."
A Curloitty.
Wife—Look, Arthur, Mollttn has not
forgotten us on her wedding journey;
She has sent this postal card nnd
writes, simply, "We are In heaven!"
Husband—What! Hnve they postal
cards there. Let me see It.—Belt ere
Many a Woman Suffers From Weakness and Irregularity Who Could be Made Sirong and Healthy
by using Dr. Chase's  Nerve Food (Pills).
Tt requires tin enormous amount of
vitality to withstand the weakening
and trying elTecis of the withering
.summer weather, to overeome the
languid, worn-out feelings, anil to
light oil the fevers and dreadful fatal
diseases which are especially prevalent in the. summer time, and over
ready to attaek those in a low state
of  health.
There is nothing so trying on the
system as the hot summer weather,
and none who suffer more from the
heat than the woman with the cares
of a family on her hands, requiring
work in the hot kitchen and over the
stove. Many a wornout, despondent
woman who could scarcely drag herself about the house has heen restored to health and strength by tho use
of Dr. Chase's Nervo food, pills, the
great blood builder and nerve restorative.
Mrs. D. ,W, Cronsbcrry, 108 Richmond St., West., Toronto, (Int.,
Btatos:—"My daughter got, completely run down in health. Her nerves
were so exhausted and she was so
weak and debilitated that she had
to   give   up  work   entirely   and   was
almost, a victim of nervous prostration
"Hearing of Dr. Chase's Nerve food
pil'.s, she begun to use il and was
benefited from tho very lirst, It
proved an excellent remedy in restoring her lo health and strength.
After having used four boxes she is
now at work again, healthy and
happy, ami attributes her recovery
to the use of Dr. Chase's N»ru» Food
As a summer medicine to revitalize
the brain, Iho'spiiial cord, the nerves
and through Utom the entire human
body, Ur. Chase's Nerve Food is unrivalled and unapproaclied. It Increases the number of red corpuscles
in the blood, creates new nervo forco
and entirely overcomes the wretched
languid and worn out feelings of
summer. Disease can (ind no foothold
when Ihe blood is kept pure and rich
nnd the nerves strong by using this
great restorative.
Ur. Chase's Nervo Food, pills, 50
cents a box, at all dealers or by
mail post paid on receipt of price,
from Kdmanson, Hates & Co., Toronto. THE  PROSPECTOR.
And the Compositor Kite-.-.- Wnea It
Wm Time to  Vanish.
"Say, I want you to atop my paper
from today on." raid the prominent
eitizou ns he entered the editorial oflice
and put his list down linn! ou the 08
cent table nt which the editou, was
busy molding public opinion.
"Wh-why," gasped tbe editor,
"what's the matter? Didn't you see
that column editorial I printed this
morning saying yon would be the next
logical candidate for congress from
this district?"
"No, I didn't read it, aud I don't
care to now. All tbat you can say
after this will never undo the wrong
you havo done my family. Look at
Then he spread out a copy of the
Pendleton Palladium, and, tapping
fiercely vf'lli the handle of his cane
upon a long article Hint had Hie best
posit/jii on the first page, continued:
"That Is the essay my daughter read
at the coinmoiicciiuT.t exercises night
before last—or. at least, that's what
It purports to be!"
"Yes. sir. It's verbatim—printed right
from her own copy, and a very"—
"Oh. It Is, Is iti Then, deninie. sir,
explain this—where Is It?—here! 'Let
me when I have launched myself upon
the sea of-life be n<;t ns a shirt without
a ritllle!' There, sir! There it is In
plain black and white! Who changed
that from 'ship without a rudder?' I
have bought this cane on purpose to"—
There was a sound as of falling glass
from the composing room. But when
the editor and the prominent citizen
looked  iu tlie place was empty.
Nature's Winter StornR-e.
As tin- result of l".i years of expert
menls al Uothniusted, Mngland. It is
shown Mint in tlie winter months more
than  half of the a mil of rain that
falls pellet rates Into the soil and Incomes available for lhe supply of
springs, while In the summer only one-
quarter of Hie rainfall is absorbed by
the soil Tiie maximum quantity of
water In lhe soil Is at a depth of about
40 Indus.
A Pessimistic Version,
I.Ivo, 1,1 Bmil nwh nil minimi iis
'I III:I   III  iv Im'i  IIll.l   lliilllil
I |lrilll< liml  wi-  lean- I. Iiiml II,
« ill In- vry soon mmlii'il "uL
It niny be only a trifling cold, but neglect
it und it will fasten its fangs ia your lungs,
and you will soon be carnal loan untimely
grave. In this c ualiy wo havo sudden
changes nnd must expect to have coughs and
cold.-. We cnunot avoid them, but we can
effect a cure by using Bickel's Aati-Oon-
Buinptive Syrup, tho medicine that lias never
been known to (ail in caring coughs, colds,
bronchitis nml all affections of tiie throat,
lungs and dies'.
lie Apologised.
International courtesies are to be observed even in disreputable professions.
Josinh I'Tyut, who has shared the company of tramps in order to procure
data as to their methods of living, relates an Instance of true politeness
from one of that unsavory brother.
hood, lie says iu "Tramping With
"In lllasgow a fellow vagabond did
me a good turn. We were walking
along the street, when three town
tramps came along and 'guyed' my hat.
My companion noticed It, and 1 told
him I had Buffered in Hint way before.
Then lie turned sharply nbout ou tlie
scoffers and thundered out:
" 'Who're you lookin at? Ef you're
tryiu to guy tills Ynnk, you'd better
Stop!   Kf you don't, there'll be a tight!'
" 'Let's run,' said I, 'If you really
mean that.'
"'Not much! I'm English, you know,
nnd 1 cau knock out any Scotchman
thnt comes round. I'm in the mood for
It right now."
"Tlie town vagabonds took him nt his
word and left. Then I said to him,
'_ou English fellows seem to have
things pretty much your own way
" 'Yes,' said he; 'we English fellers
know how to bluff. We've been blulllii
the world now for a good many years.'
"'You forget the United States!' I
could not help Interjecting.
"'Beg pardon, Yank,' said he. 'Beg
Ills niiiiuier.
"Your wife seems to have taken a vlo
lent dislike to Mereliem."
9 "Yes. When he was at the house tin
other day he lenneil his head hack ngnlusi
one of lhe oruanieutei] tidies she keeps
ou the rocking chairs fur thai  purpose '
are the only
medicine that
will cure Dia-
beics. Like
Bright's Disease this disease was incurable until
Dodd's Kidney Pills
cured it. Doctors
themselves' confess
that without Dodd's
Kidnoy Pills they are
powerless against Diabetes. Dodd's Kidney
Pills are the first medicine
that ever cured Diabetes.
Imitations—box. name and
pill, arc advertised to do so,
but the medicine that docs
Is Dodd's   Kidney   Pills.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are
fiftv   cents a box   at   all
BROKERS. . . .
Id and
21  Stocks and bonds bought, to
if. carried   on   margin.    List
/,> iiiininv stockB carried
A Friend.hip That Wns of Great Vat
to lhe Former.
Dr. F. H. Oruie told me several good
glories about our old lime statesmen.
Among other anecdotes and Incidents the
doctor gave me some piquant reminiscences of Toombs and Stephens.
Toombs always tried to impress pcoph
with the belief thnt his genius made ll!_
equal tu any emergency. Even when
lie studied hard or availed himself of thr
labor of others he encouraged tho iilen
that Ills nw'st splendid efforts were Ihi
result of the Inspiration of tlie moment,
entirely offhand, without any special prep
mill ion for tlie occasion.
Once, -when a very important debnti
was going- on ia the federal congress.
T oinbs made a magnificent speech which
attracted everybody's attention.
It was not only an eloquent speech, but
it was remarkable for its masterly array
of facts and figures and its convincing arguments.
"Ynii must hnve devoted considerable
time to its preparation." suid oue of lhe
statesmen's admirers.
"Well, I gave about two hours to it,"
Toombs replied, wilh a careless, indifferent air.
Somebody repented tills to Stephens in
tlie presence of several congressmen.
"Two hours!" lie exclaimed, somewhat
Irritably. "Prepared that speech in two
hours, did tie? I spent two weeks on it
Thill's ail I care to say."
Stephens had patiently nnd laboriously
collected the statistics, aud Toombs laid
merely added the nourishes.
The two great Georgians attended a na
tioaal democratic convention shortly before the war, and Stephens was coaliiicd
to his bed just when lie could leust afford
to be laid up.
Afler an important caucus Toombs visited his friend and sal down by his bed
"Aleck," he said, "it was proposed to
nominate you for vice president, but I
told them that you did not want lhe oliice
ami would decline tile nomination, so
thoy took tiie other man."
"Toombs," replied the invalid, "when
you told them that you know you were
lying!"—AI In ntn ('uustilution
Marine Person—Yes, we're goln to
drag the river.
Simon Milkweed—So! Where ore
thov dragging It to? 	
Tlie Mnry of One of Munknesy'H Fa-
morn* rn I ii Unu*.
Mnny nn incident in the career of
Michael Schroeder—created Huron Mun-
knezy in tiie Hungarian nobility—was
a pitiless illustration of tlie truth of
Ilrydotfs line Unit great wits are sure to
mildness near allied and iliin partitions
mark tlie bounds of separation.
His marvelous and fantastical career
both as man and as artist was marked
by n hundred episodes Unit might have
been construed as evidence of mi unbalanced mind, but it wns not until his reason became hopelessly clouded thnt lhe
world realized ia how tremulous a balance had hung the intellect which had
given it three pictures which won for
their painter fame, riches, decorations,
titles and a devoted regard such as is
bestowed upon very few men in any walk
of life.
His weird methods of conceiving nnd
working out Ins pictures never had a
more startling Illustration than In the
ease of his most famous canvas, "Christ
Before Pilate." This picture, which Is 20
feet long and 12 feel high, contains more
than 40 figures, All the figures save one
were sketched In with a rapidity almost
maniacal between dawn and twilight of
one day. The one Hpuce remaining empty
was that reserved for the figure of .loses,
and it remained so ninny dnys while
Munkaczy worked on tlie other figures.
As he approached tlie oasis of white can-
„ left untouched hy his blazing colors
the artistic nml devotional fervor grew
upon him, and lie shut himself nwuy
from the sight of man that he might iu
perfect solitude am] silence realize his
conception of tlie Man of Sorrows.
When the picture was finished mid had
brought him worldwide fame, lie always
insisted Unit while lie was sitting nlone
nnd lost in n profound reverie a white
vision limited before his eyes and passed
into the iinpninted spneo on the canvas.
The painter, slinking with excitement,
sprang forward and with trembling hands
painted lu lhe figure which had come to
111 III like the phantasmagoria of u dream.
However Ihe inspiration for that dead
white ligure, set mnid resplendent crimsons mid purples, came lo him, we nil
know what Its effect upon the world was
It is estimated that 2.000,000 people saw
it in the course of its triumphant lour
among nations, Courts, embassies, clergy, pagans. Jews. Mohammedans. Christinas. Ihe very humble and the very
trroiit, crowded to see it. Some were
moved to tears; others sank upou their
knees and prayed.
Tbe Tulip Crase.   -■-
Abouf the middle of the seventeenth
century the tulip became known in
Germany, and u scientist named (les
ner gives tbe first description of this
(lower. First only the yellow variety
was known, and then other colors were
produced by crossing. Tbe Dutch, particularly the citizens of Iiaai'lciu. produced tile most wonderful varieties of
this flower and obtained enormous
prices for them.
In 10114 the trade In tulips assumed a
peculiar turn. It degenerated Into a
sort of a game of chance, so that In
KIT.'! the authorities felt called upon to
Interfere and to Issue edicts against
extravagance In tulips, as they formerly had against trains and laces. This
Interference would seem to be justified
If one reads that in ISD0 a single flower
of this sort, called the Vlceorl. was
paid for with two cargoes of wheat,
four cargoes of rye. four fat oxen,
eight fat hogs, 12 fat sheep, two casks
of wine, four barrels of beer, two tons
of butter, 1,000 pounds of cheese, a
complete bed, a suit of clothing and a
sliver tankard.
Another bulb, tbo Semper Augustus,
was paid for with 4,000 gold guilders
and a coach with a double team of
horses. In Haarlem the tulip craze
reached Its height in the decade from
1030 to 1G40, when a price of 12.000
gold guilders (about $0,000 American
money) is recorded for a single bulb.
A SHORT ROAD to health was opened
to those suffering from chronio coughs,
asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, lumbago,
tumors, rheumatism, exuorinted nipples
or Inhumed breast, and kidney complaints, by thu lin rodiiotiou of the Inexpensive and effective remedy, Dr.
Thomas' Eoleatrlo Oil.
His Life For ii  Rami,
In n little Ic./n or village iu Gloucestershire there Is a church which
contains the mortal renin.ns of oue of
the old Crusaders. In iiiolilering of-
Ugy lie is depicted on the tomb, while
by his side In cold eloquence is imaged
the form of his wife. It will be noticed
by even the casual observer that the
female image Is bereft of oue of the
hands, aud the story runs that the
Crusader, while lighting in the east,
was made a prisoner of war and
brought before Salcdln, who, before
executing juilgiiier.i upou him, asked
him if there was auy reason why he
should not be put *o death. To this
the knight replied that he wns but
young, anil would leave n newly wedded
wife, who would bitterly rsioum his
"Tlie love of woman Is ns a fleeting
breath," retorted tlie sultan. "Your
Wife will forget that you have ever
lived; she will love again and marry
another." To this tho sad knight
could only reply thnt on her fidelity
be could rest his soul. "Well, then,"
replied Snladin, "I will promise on my
oath ns a soldier that if this man's
wife will cut olf one of her hands and
send It to uie I will set him free to
go to her." By tedious and slow Jour-
neyings the message enme, and she, In
all plteousuess for him who was her
lover and her lord, caused her hand to
be cut off anil sent it to the sultan,
who kept his word and set the Cru
slider free,	
As Pahmei.kk's Veoetablb P__6 contain Mandrake and Dun elioa, Ul-y cure
L'verand K dney Complaints with unerring
certainty, 'i hey al.-o contain Roots nnd
Herbs which hive Bpeclfie virtues truly wonderful in their action on tho stomach and
bowels. Mr. —. A. OairnorosB, Shakespeare,
writes: "I consider Parmelee's Pills an excellent remedy for BlliousneSj and ilerango-
ment of the Liver, having u od them mysolf
for some time,
I'ni.l   I a,r I'm-  111- "Fail."
The following incident illustrates
the fact that iu some places prohibition docs prohibit. The lil tl" low n of
Mt. i'le.isaiit, Brant Countys
1ms n .small Woman's Christian Temperance Union whose members are energetic,  Christian     women,  and  thoy
Wit'-   the    help   of   other      go.id   people
have for three years prevented their
one hotel keeper from getting a
li ense to sell liquor.
The county W.C.T.U. convention
was held tin re recently, and the W.
C.T.U. dolotutos from llraniford,
al,mil sixteen ladies, hired a conveyance and driver from the livery.
Knowing that there was nn liquor
sold at the hotol, thoy- thought il
would bo a safe plnco for the young
mau to get his dinner. However, lite
proprietor, having no regard tor lhe
law, thought il would be exeelleul
fun to gel the driver of the W.C.T.U.
women drunk. So before It was time
for tin-in to return they learned that
their driver was in the bottom of tho
waggon dead drunk. Two of lhe
ladfea returned by train, and arrangements were nmde for the return of
tl.o others.
Within nbout ten days the proprietor of thai hotel was arrestod for soiling or giving li |iior without a license,
was convicted and sentenced lo pay
a line and cods of ui| lit y-four dollars. The prosecution was by thu official authorities, i ml nol  by lhe W.
C.T.U. The man has since sold mil
und left the town.—Emma A. Wheel
or, ill  Union Sign  1.
There never was, nnd never will be, a
universal panacea, in one rem dy, for nil ills
to which il sh is heir—Ihe very nature of
muny curatives being such thut wero tho
germs of other und differently seuted diseases rooted in the system of tlio patient —
whut would relievo ono ill in turn would ug-
gruvuto tho oth r. Wo hnve, howover, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in n sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for muny and
grievous ills. By its gruduul and judicious
ubo the fruilest systems nro led inlo convalescence and strei'gth by tlie influenco which
Quinine oxorts in nuture's own restoratives.
It rolioves the drooping spirits of thoso with
whom u chronic stiito of morbid despondency and lack of interest in lifo is a disease,
nnd, by tranquiliziiig the nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing slee|>— imparts vigor
to tho iictiun of tlie blood, which, being
.timulated. courses throughout tho veins,
strengthening iho lieu thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity u
neeessury result, strengthening tho frame,
und giving life to tho digestive orgnns, which
naturally demand increased substttiiee—remit, improved appetite, Northrop A Lyinun,
of Toronto hnve givou to tlie public their
superior Quinine W hie tit tho usual rnte. mil,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, this
wino approaches nearest perfection of unyin
the nun ln.'t.   All druggists sell it.
Not only In Camilla, Ism ill Every Civilized
Country I'liroughout tlie World—Merit
Alone has Givin Ihi- Medicine Its
Great  Prominence   Over   Competitors
The reputation achieved by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills not only in
Canada, but throughout the world,
rests upon a very solid basis, which
may be summed up in two words-
sterling merit. The Enterprise has
had occasion to investigate a number of cures effected by this medicine, and knows that in some instances at least these cures were
wrought nfter other medicines had
failed even to give relief. Recently another cure came under our notice Unit cannot fail to increase the
popularity of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills in the locality in which it occurred, and us we can vouch for the
facts, it may well bring hope to
sufferers elsewhere.
Mr. Walter H. Johnson is ono of
the best known residents of Ilia
northern section of Queen's county.
He resides in tho town of Caledonia,
where be keeps an hotel, und also
runs a stage that carries passengers
and mail between thnt town and
Liverpool, a distance ot some thirty
miles. Mr. Johnson was in Bridge-
Water recently, on which occasion ho
gave a reporter of this paper tlio
following facts: About throe years
ago he was taken very ill. He had
tho best of medical attendance, but
made very little progress towards recovery, and the doctor told him
there was very little hope that he
would be able to return to his former work. The trouble appeared to
have located itself in his kidneys,
and for eight weeks or more he was
confined to bed. He suffered greatly
from constant pains in the back, his
appetite became impaired and. his,
constitution generally appeared to bo
shattered. At this juncture ho decided to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and got a half dozen boxes. In the
course of a couple of weeks he noticed an improvement in his condition and he continued the use of the
pills until ho had taken some ten or
twelve boxes, when he not only felt
that his euro was complete, but also
felt that in all respects his health
was better than it had been for
years. Since that time ho has been
continually driving his coach between Caledonia and Liverpool, and
has not had the slightest return of
the trouble, notwithstanding " tbat
he has to face at. times very inclement weather, that might, well bring
on a return of the trouble had not
his system been so strongly fortified
against it through the. use of Dr.
Williams'  Pink Fills.
If the blood is pure and wholesome disease cannot exist. The reason why Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
cure so many forms of disease is
that they act directly upon tho blood
and nerves, thus reaching lhe root of
tho trouble. Other medicines act
only upon the symptoms of the
trouble, und that is the reason
the trouble always returns when you
cease these medicines. Dr. Williams
Pink Pills make permanent cures in
kidney troubles, rheumatism, erysipelas, anaemia and kindred diseases.
But be sure you. get tlie genuine
which bear tlie full name Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People on
tho  wrapper  around   every   box.
Love is not only a sentiment; it is ar
Generous souls are defective in busi
ncss faculty.
The savage has feelings only. The
civilized bus feelings and ideas.
Nations, like Individuals, derive their
vigor from noble sentiments only.
A woman's errors come almost always
from her belief iu good or her confidence
in truth.
The man of superior mind makes sport
of those who compliment him aud some
times compliments those of whom he it.
really making spoil  in  his heart.
Stanstend Junction, P. Q., 18* Aug. 1&«.
MEttsjits. O. U. RIOHABDa _ CO.
lleiillenn n,—1 fell from a bridge
leading from a platform to a loaded car
while assisting my men iu unloading a
load of grain. The bridge went down
M well as the load ou my back, and I
struck on the ends of the sleepers, causing a serious injury to my leg. Only
for its being very fleshy, would have
broken it. In an honr could not walk
a step. Coinrneuced using MINARD'S
LINIMENT, and tho third day went lo
Montreal ou business and got about
well by the use of a cane. Iu ten days
was nearly well. I can siuoenly re-
commend it as the best Liniment that
I know of in nse.
Yours truly, ('. It. GORDON.
The Summer Poet.
I cannot go In searc-h of air;
I have my duties to pursue.
So consequently hurl my swear
Upon those folks dial can anil do.
I execrate their loolllh ways.
Their picnics. I inllght rides and fetei
And much prefer, myself, these days
To turn out verse at liberal rates.
—Town Topics.
A whanp—a whirring lliroupli the air-
Two hundred ynrils lo walk.
Another whang—an hour's search
Wade warm with low breathed talk.
A triplication ol tlie whang—
Tlie walk ami talk the same;
The green- n prelcnsc ul croquet—
And lliufs the gelling game.        —Life.
Beware of  Ointments  for  Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the sense of
saiod and completely derango the whole system when entering it thtoiiKii the mucous sur-
fnros. Such articles should never he used except on prescriptions fioin reputable physicians,
as the damage they will do is ten lold to lhe
good you can poaallily derive from them. Hull's
0 .tanh Cure, niamilactaretl by F. J. Chcnev _
Oo., Toledo, ()., contains no mercury, ami is
taken internally,itcth ft directly upon the 1.1 -oil
and mueons surlaces of tho system. Ill bluing
Hall's Catarrh Cure he sure you get the genu-
liic It is taken Internally,and mndultl Toledo,
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney A Co.   Testimonials free.
Hold ly Druggists, price 75o per bottle.
Hall s I- ■amity fills are the best.
UJlvUi oil sHuidU .   d^/rcc/^'fruuh
& 4,n>-<(/ tsuls /&(/ JLfirr <Ajuv-i/ i/MiAr
leylfack4/44 Ajj 4h^4cnucrn*c*/,.
Market Street, Opp. city Hull,
Winnipeg, Mun.
Write for catalogue.
VV. A. SIl'l'KELL, B. A., Principal.
W. N. U.   291
Chhunic DaB^NQKumrrs uv 'me. Stomach,
Liveh aso Bio'on nre speedi y removed by
tiie active principle «f tiie Ingri client- entering into tiie composition of Parmelee's Vegetable Pil's. These pills act sp citicully on
the deranged organs, stimulating 'o action
the dormant energies of the system, thereby removing d:sc se s ml n newing life and
vitality to the afflicted. In this lies the ureat
sierct of the populurity of Parmelee's Vegetable pills.
ICyrle Rellew Is to appeal' In a London melodrama.
Stevenson's novel. "Treasure Island,"
has been dramatized.
Josephine Halt will star next season
In "The Military Maid."
Digby Bell Is meeting with great
success as a. monologue entertainer iu
the vaudeville houses.
Lions real and alive were shown In
the arena act of "Quo Vadis" as performed at Portland, Or.
Seymour Hicks and wife, Elliillne
Teri'iss, will begin a tour in the United
Stales next September in "My Daugh-
"Miss Hobbs" lias been ns succcsutul
In London as It was in New York. It
has passed its one hundred and fiftieth
performance nt the Duke of York's
Each Siamese mandarin bus his own
theater. The actresses are his slaves
No men appear on ihe stage. Rick
mandarins have as many as 100 actresses and more.
Elizabeth Marbury lias obtained
"L'Eucliaiitiiient." and will sell the
American rights on hor return from
I'aris. The play deals with a young
girl who fulls In love with her sister's
Tlie authorities of the city of Konlgs-
burg recently offered a prize of 111.000
frillies for the best opera of a popular
nature. All Idea of Ihe crowded condition of tlie musical profession in
Germany may be derived from tlie fact
that more than -100 operas were submitted.
Hotel Balmoral, ravrpBM:
AIkkK Uciuly to St'liU* Down,
"Thul old mini goln by," said the land
;d   uf   the  tavi'in   at   Vap!i;uilt   to   Ibn
[miner man, indicating with « ji rU ef
s  (.mull)  a   beni  Mid   tjino  worn   li-
v   ilial   was  doddering  down   tin'   vil
go strci't, "is' Unrk' Ziniri Tarp.v.    lie's
id lien1 all liis li fi1—'most Sl> years."
"Fl'm!" eomnumU'd the city man. wiih
ild   i'aci'tiousiu'ss.     "lie   must   like   il
■if pretty well by this time!"
"Oh,    yes;    he   says   In-   guesses    he'll
,;!,,■   this   village   hi_   [a-rmani'iit. resi
Tlie In.oIIi'Ot.tin] Girl,
"It is n great dnnvlmi I. tu hnve f^nse."
"Wlinl do you mean
"When n ciil hiiu wsun\ nil the men
she likes best are afraid of her."—Chiee
co Record.
1 n I i' I 111 (Urii.
"Kli:„i, you'll never again get me out
;it  ! o'clock to cut the grass."
"David, I wanted you to do it before il
got  hi t."
"Wi II. Klfea, it ,urnt hot in just three
minutes. I hadn't eat live strokes before
the people on both sides of us threw two
birdcagefl and four alarm clocks at me.'
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds. Elc.
DriH'Vil   II.m.K.
'Tho Hritish n..tion seems to he talcing
the Peking horror In rather stoical fasti
"Yes. They nre afraid of stirrinir it;
Alfred Austin."—Cleveland Plain Deal
Ont of the Pnbllo Fyc,
"What is n baeU number, puV"
"Well, n photograph ot the family of n
man who didn't get the poliihal noiuiiiit
tiou he expected might '*e so considered "
Minard's Liniment Cnres Distemper.
11 U Limit.
Enthusiastic young iVrsmi;-Oh. pro-
feasor, are you Interested in trees?
Professor Dryasdust (JeiienloKlenl
trees liitWest life. 'niit'Iiii'ii.': Rbmervlllo
IMass.i Journal
Minard's Liniment Cnres Dinhteia.
A Genlleninn of Color.
"Yon   look   wre.tchedt"   remarked   thr
inert   fowl.
'I  am  wretched."  replied  the fat  pul-
"I didn't flare sleep last night."
'Was it on account of anything tlie owl
Id you when yon went to him to have
ur fortune told yesterday evening?" .
'Yea.    He told me a dark man would
in   cross   mv   nnth   and   speedily   win
Do you want Ink?
Do you want Type?
Do you want Plates 7
Do you want Stationery?
Do you want a Keady Print?
Do you want to trade Presses?
Do you trant to trade Paper-Cntters?
Do  you  want ANYTHING  in  th«
way of Printing Material?
Correspond with the
for the Printer
X75 Owen St., Winnipeg, Man.
British Columbia Branch, Vancouver
Iksuck nn   lili-al   Policy!
3i^rs. Manitoba and n. \V. T.,
Winnipeg, Man.
Or to PETBR DICKSON, General Agent,
Winnipeg, Man*
Brass Band
l i.HtriuiH'iiin, Drama, Uniforms, Bto.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Klne catalogua
M) Illustrations mailed free. Write as for aur
thln< Ui Muiio or Musical Instruments.
WHaley Boyce ft Co., Tor$__£_;Si.
Manufactured  by THOS. I.KK, Wlnufp*>
Catholic Prayer ^___5~82SS
ulurn, Ueliffious Pictures. Statunrv, and Church
OriiameiilB, Efttic.itic.nul Works. Mail orders receive pl_„pr ..•..-"-.. _n &i,sadiierico.joiiirB_
Shoe  Dressing
For ul. br .11 flnt-olM.
L. H. Pookard _ Co.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in Cows.
and bo would  mnny a.young
'  lady, rnthiT than take a bath
•     "without the "Albert"
It lenves llio pklti wn'lerfully soft
ami fri^h.ah'd its laini irugnmcu "is extremely pleasing.
Jlt'WHre of Inittatlirns.
Lillooet in organizing a hockey club. Watch
our smoke.
B. T. Ward it expectel in town next
}i II. Brett reiurned (ruin llriclge Biver
un Sunday
Mr. S. Graham of Kelly's lake paid a
i lion visit to Lillooet.
i; igene Gott returned  on  Tuetday'e
liugelrom Vancouver.
Wm. Halymore ar ived   on   Sunday
fiuni I'a.lwallailer Greek.
Dr. Sanson left for the coa.t  Widnea
day morning ou a business trip.
W.Andrew* from Tyauchton arrived
in town the first of the week.
Archie Mr Donald road superintendent
■in ived on Sunday from Clinton.
Me.irs. Wood & Nelson are making
improvements iu the Excelsior Restaur,
ant. .	
Work has commenced on the Gun
i r. ek bridge n liich ia iu charge of Alex.
>i Arthur.
I' has heen decided to hold the chilli i ns CliistulaB tree on Wednesday evening December 26th.
Mr. Barks travelling repneentative
i f ihe J. l'iercy Co., of Victoria visited
1.1looet this week.
Mr. F. M, Bard left town on Tuesday
for the I/orue wher* he expects to be
enipli ytd for lorne time.
Dr. Wllliama of Ail.croft came in
1   idays Blage for a short holiday,
li it Sunday via Lytton,
Following the example of the emper-
i rs of Germany and of Austria, the
king of Italy will not grant an audience
lu Mr. Kiuger.
The Bible Reading Circle held iti
vek'y meeting »l the resident e of Mr.
V. Miller. The next one will be held at
the residence of Mr. Cumming,
The Bend'Or Company are taking advantage of tlio mild weather and are
miming day and night. Winter pre-
tints noteiror to Lillooet people.
Fred II, Kinder lias purchased an
interest in the l'ioneer. It id reported
that a mill il to be erected in the near
future. In the words of a fellow citizen.
'Now she's working."
The Ladiu'a Aid Society held ita opening meeting on Wednesday afternoon at
the l'arsonaga, the event being marked
by a very pleasant tea of whicli a goodly
number took advantage.
For harness or saddlery or a good jack knife
gu to the .tislrafr.
J. Oleeon foreman of the Ample mine
si-ent a da> in town.
Dongald McDonald   of   Big Bar   paid
a Visit this week.
Jas. H.  Rowbottim  and ('. D.   Wraly
are sluicing on Cayooah Creek.
The Hoard of Li uor Lcense Commissioners
meet to-morrow at the court-house Lillooet.
MisE Emm J. Martliall of Cayoosh
creek paid 1. lionet a short visit this
week. ^^
Mr. Grant representing the Vancouver
Hardware Co., paid Lillooet a visit this
Service in the F'nglish Church on Sunday, llev. Archdeacon Small will
Mr. McDonald (Old Mack) intends going
up to Cadwallader shotrly, to renew work on
his mineral claims.
Mr. J. N. Jensen left for his home ii
Los Angeles last week, where he will proh
probably spend the winter.
Fred. A. Richardson representing the
Ames Holden Co., of Vancouver paid a
visit to town this week on busintea.
We hear tiiat several of our young men
tried their luck ia the Chinese lottery
Their luck turned out to be, bad luck.
Quite a number of men have been put
to work at the Lorne this week. It i-
expected that the gang will be much increased as scon aa supplies can be got
The Public school will close for tl e
Christmas holidays on Dec, 22. A enr-
dia' invitation is extended to all who
are interested in school matters to
vieit the school on that day, or on any
other day. The Dumber of visitors to
lite school is not ds large as it ought to
J. C- Shernerof Cadwallader, came down
the other day and will meet the hoard of
License Commissioners on Saturday with a
view to obtain a liquor license for liU house at
Cadwallader creek. At present there is no
hotel in that section nearer then Sucker Creek,
and a traveler must either carry his hotel
accommodations along with him or impose on
the generosity of people camped in the
Donald Fraser and George McDonald
Me doing developing Work on Donald's
claim on McGillirray creek close to the
I'.rett group of claims. They are said to
hive found a good allowing.
The London Standard aaya that Lord
It isidicrv would reaume the leaderahip
n Hie Liberals, bat that Sir William
,f>rnon Harcourt and Mr Jolir.: i'orim
t f -• d to jilju^e tueinsi Ives to support
ma poluy.
Harry Keary who made the trip into
Pemberton Meadowa with the balot
boxes, reports tlie road in terrible shape.
■Tarry aaya he wouldn't take a hundred
dollars to go over it again, aa till own
und Ida boraea life vere nisny times
in danger. 	
Or. Sanson and W. E. Brett, two o'
i ur enterprising citizens are cleaning
'"ir lots on the flats ot the west end of
t an. In two or thieeyeari the flats
mil be the moat p:ctureaque spot in
town. Both Dr. Sanson and Mr. Brett
intend building there next season.
Besiukovschtaihina, Russia, ie the last
place to be mentioned as the only one in
the world run entirely by women. T'lis
state ia made up of seven villages, each
with a Woman mayor, and even under
the supervision of a woman president.
And there were womsu magistrates,
police, priests, in short, every office is
tiileet by women, no place of importance
beiilg given to men.—Family Herald.
probably the women were the only onee
a he could pronounce the name.
A Ladie's Aid Society in connection
with the Methodist Church was firmed
last week. The ofli ers are, President Mrs
Wright, Secretary Mrs Hell, Treasurer,
Mrs. T. A. Brett, Vice Presidents
Mrs Miller and Mrs Tinkham. The
ladies will meet every two weeks to
manufacture divers articles of clothing
etc which are to be sold as opportunities
present themieWei. The proceeds are
to be directed towards the embellesh-
ment of tbe church.
Mineral Act, 1896.
(Fobm F.)
Certificate of Improvements.
Lorne, Marquis and Golden King Mineral
Cltthi.fi nituate in the Lillooet Mining Division of Lillooet District. Where located.—
i adwallnder Creek.
Tiike notice that I, Daniel Hurley free miner's
eertifieate No. lftHO and as agent for N. Cough
Inn free to. tier's certificate No. 17984, J. A. Murray free miner's certificate No. 29801, \v. J.
Abercrombie free miner'- certificate No, 1811.,
Will la in yo.ing free miner's certificate No. 17914
nnd John K. May free miner's certificate No.
UiiBi, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to tlie Mining Recorder for a Certificate of I in pro ements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown (.mm of the above claims.
And further take notiee that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this fifth day of November, 1900.
Mineral Act, 1896.
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements,
Hiram and Copclahd Mineral Claims, situate
in the Lillooet Mining Division of Lillooet
District.    Where located:      On the rignt
bank oi Cadwallader creek.
Take notice that I, Alfred Wellington Smith,
free miner's certificate No. l8o:i'2, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, mint be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements,
Dated this fourth day of October 1900.
In the' estate ot Ou. Km 11 Johnson, deceased.
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned
will be received up toSaturdtiy, the 1st day of
December, 1900, for the purchase of an undivided one-half interest in the Clondyke Min-
ertil Cluim, situate on Cadwallader Creek, in
Lillooet District, II. C, Further particulars will
be furnbhed on demand. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Ashcroft B. C.
Solicitor for the Executor.
The agreement between Alex. McDonald
of the Hotel Victoria of Lillooet, U. C, and
(Jeorgtf Sanson, has heen cancelled. All liabilities Ate assumed by George Sanson ami .ill
who arc indebted to the hotel are requested to
pay same to Daniel Hurley.    Geo. Sanson.
Lillooet, B. C, Nov. 5th, iyoo.
Lillooet, B. C.
Manufacturer of all kind of
None but the best material used. Minors or
prospector*, sending in orders will receive
prompt attention and satisfaction guaranteed.
Lillooet. B. C.
Minors Supplies
Farm Implements
Harness & Saddlery
Furniture, etc.,
All ordera promptly attended to.
.'. Brett who occupied No 13 ol the
V nioria refuted to "hil"' tlie Junk
li tine eclieaie being convinced that the
13 would hoodoo him. His .uperititlon.
ii' li-riKili getting the beat of him, nml
•' nsiderini deacretlon better than valor.
Mr. Droit haa moved Ida headquartera
to the Knot and.
\li-aarr. Ur. 8anaon, W. Brett, T. O.
I! i ri» r.nd P. Santini arecontemplating
/ hiving water from the Vancouver
K'l'erprlei to irrigate the flats on which
:li old rare traik waa titnatwl. The
«• at or would he brought in a ditch thr
•■ iter part of the dlltanc*. The bluff
,'< iu to the flati will likely be tunnelled
Looking Forward.
Toronto. Ont., Dec 8.—Rev. Principle
Grant of Queene  University,   Kingston,
delivered an  adIreseod laittiight I elore |
the Canada club on the rela ionalilp of
Canada to the empire.   The keynote of
future relation!,  ho declared,   must   be
unity   and telf-respert.     As a step   to-
watd the Utter he  ur^nl  lhat   Canada,
which had   eo long   profited   from   the
military  protection   ol the   motherland
ahould pay all the coate not only of aei.il
ine contiiigentl to  South Afiica but   of
k< oping  the   troopa   there   during   lhe
campaign.     Canada ahould release   the
mperial troopa   from   the necessity  of
'.arriaoning the   atrongholda ol   the Atlantic   and   Pacific   ami we urged   that
the dominion government make an offer
to permanently man the forta at Esqui-
nalt and Halifax with   Canadian  regulars.
I N'trporotti comj»'aint- are he rd Bbotii
A' • nraulfiajon Bridge river being in
► i-i| condition with ire al to male It
; ineal'lo to fun the lerrie* also dan
... una to fortl. tt ia Almost time the
jr..v Tjimenl wr-_l«l consider some more
lii . 'inn metli' <1 for crowing rivem on I
a i ii tlinrajb  nre*. e* Bridge Riw is »• I
Royal Hotel,
Sucker Creek, B.C.
Central point for Bridge
Kiver Miners and Prospectors, Good accommodation. -    -
Stable in conneciii
Notice Is hereby given that nfter the 1st di.y
of   December,  lin>i,  a bounty  of two doll  it
(3.00) wm be paid for every coyce kill    i..
)fl'tiled district of the pray In x\ »ubjo< t .    •
conditions of a notlceduted the 2_i.u  .
By Command
\'v\ !nci*l Bcovctari.
Provincial ~ SGTCtaryV Officii,
•gOth Novum bar, PJW<
Excelsior House
Dining lloom.
LIL!.' 101'
A. WOODS, Proprietor.
First Cass fsrlfiaL ,*..,,
; ity.
%$■ -n i?y and ■:<.
A. a.TKIN. C01.I... DrULtN.
Kit looet. tl. C
Notary F*nl)lic, Accountant  Biid
Mining   Hrolcer
RtfnorlHon Mining Properties.
Kstabliohed  ISSfi. incorporated 180fr
importers and Jobbers of HARDWARE,
Iron, Stfcl, Gints, Patnts. Oils Metals, Stoves, Timvura, Guns, etc.
We make a specialty of Biipplios lor
Milh-, Mines, IJliiLk?niitli8, Ititllroails, Contractor., I.iimbarmen, etc.
Agents lor;—
Giunt Povriler Co,
Kniibanks Scales
Bennett's KugHeli Fuse
Reglslereil Trademark "8DSBET "
Ulajestic Steel Rantsea
Canton Mining Steel
Spooner's Oopperiue
Vancouver, It. O.
lleadciuarters   for  mining    men.      European
Notice is hereby giveft that at the next
meeting of the lioftrd of license CJnnmiission-
ers, I intend t<i .'.pp'y for n transfer of the
hotel liquor license of the l'ioneer lintel, to
1-red. II. Nelson. \V. F. ALLKtt.
Lillooet B.C.
Novcmlier, 15th faoo.
Our punranteeil securitv plan ia a popular nnd profitalile policy to tlie assurotl.
It will pay you to sec our ratca ami dilfeient plana before taking out a policy.
«M. IIOLDKN, ins|«ctor, Vancouver. THOS. MeADAM. Provintlal Mnna(;sr.
Daily Tourist Cars
Tuesdays and Saturdays
Thursdays to
Trains pass Lytton as fullons:
East Ilouiiil, 2.05 West Hound 5.25
I'atnplilets furnished free.
E. J. COVI.K, Titos. CLARK,
A. O. A. P., AbciiI,
Vancouvei-. I). <". Lytton, B.C.
Why are the people of Pavilion so healthy?
Because they use Pavilion Roller Flour.
n. & \v. GUMMING Manufacturer*, pavilion n. C.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldin_s.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
J. M. Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondeo
Vancouver B. 0
isrow boys^«_^.
Don't Forget the Ashcroft Tailor
T hnve jnsl rtteelrod direct from R-mlinl the best selection of T*weetl«i VVoMteJa, Surges,
Panting. In tho tmerior.   SaiUftictiou Kutintnte-d,
Thomas MiH'OSJl. Merchnnt Tiftldr, Anh.roft, a. C.
Corner ol ilits.inga and Granville Stietti. VANCOUVER    B   (3
InlaM Cigar Manufacturing Co.
Our Bpecloltiea:
Rates $2 and *2.50 per <luy
Nowi modern nml Hirtt-cluHs. ItonniH nl)
Ktt'iun heated. Ctrieuie atid table norviet
Fie- Bub. Proprietor9,
Bead The
Klamland Cigar
IF   .   »U   A'ANT TO KN.IOY A (iOOP
British Lion
™   Mainland
ire that each 1 gftf is branded, other-
■ «re not Kfimliie.
-  only made «f the    boleest To-
e of  home   manufacturf},   und
•■• nixed by all kihmI citizens.
•;d colleot In British Columbia
tied maniifi intrinR  WboleMle
.'. .   r ■■ r 1]
,    i- :.■'■'
, tldn hso ■
General Hardware,
L'aintp, Oils  and Varnislies,
Stoves, Enameled Irun
and Tinware.
Miners Steel, Pick., Shovels, eta., Wire Cable
tinrt Kltssel Wire FelU'inir.
VANCOUVBR,   -   -  -   -   IJ. C.
I")h»|it in Wa'oIipPi DiHiiiorulfi, J«*w-
■Iry and Optical ttnotlf), Our repair iji
.urtii.eni ih lili«Xt*elU(1 f«ir Hnu worl-
L**hv« your onleie wilh   tin* pofllniaPtei
\ ho »i1| hiiw it HtK-iiilcd lu aa well au i
ou fimif ptirBonnll .
Cariboo and I illocet
.Slave Travel
0!lntnn nml   a in   .    nta,  Mopdav,
Weilne day ami Fi   I iv,
All  |ioitne in C. iimc, MonilityV.
Lilli'Oel direct, M n.'iiy and F i lay,
Kurke of Quesnel e, and way iioints,
A   epn iiil  en e   . ■■ i > ;n : f
■ nd Mxpii'^1*, « ■ Ae
180-VI i In  Ho n« ■ .i  . • a
Throujthanil Rt n<-n  r   ,.u 5 at     >dllC!
BpeelHl Conveyaiirei Furrilsli'il.
'.38\YER,    AXVLYTIOAt,    0HB'.1ST    ANI
Assnver for _6 years with   Me   '-,   vivl  n
ftnttP. Bwamoa,   Llocnted Hrovl i •   ' rVsiajre    f
Bniimi ( olumbla by RxaintnatWn.
15 i      -  !■
il Uaba
, Ri hanlfl
Time Table Ko. M,—Taking Kffoct June l">(h,
Victoria to Vnncouver- fiallv, fxrept M"M-
lay, ni 7a.m. Vaui'iiuver to Victoria -l»;tfIt Mt
i.:to o'clock p.m., 01 on arrival of the C.P.R, No
1 train
Uugultir freight steamers will leave Victoria
nt 12 p.111 on Mindtiy, Tnesdny and Thunda/,
.ind \ ancoiner at 1_ p.m. on W6df.e_d*y m.'-l
Leave Victoria for NdW \\>HtirifUKter, I ndntr.
ailu rind IxilaiulM—Monday, WedncFdnv „r,«
Friday at < a.in. Leave New WeMiiitnuier for
Victoria hiuI   Wny   Porth— Tu est lay,  ThiUBd.^y
nd Saturday ai 7 p.m.
Stemnflhlps of this  company   will Ir.-ive far
fori   SlmpBon ami  Inlermedlnt* poluts, *ia
.'ictoi'in, evry Sunday at 11 p.m.
SttoiMH'diipri of this coiii'inny will leave evnry
Vednesday for wrangid atid Skngway at 8 p.m.
Steamer   leaves   yh'toria    for   Alberni    and
oiiud P-irts on the Is', 7th,   llth   aud _(lth id
taull mouth, cxtcudlilK latter Iriprt to  tjtmlniliu
i id   upeHcolt.
'" company re»erven tho nchl  of Chancing
In. u.  " table at any time Without notinYatloA
(leneral Krclghl Agent.
Vt ft TiAXTfitt,
Pa*«eng#r Atfout
"The Bow-legged Ghost and Other Stories,"
With an Intro
(1 n c t i o n bf
Am er ioft'i
cmtftit poel,
Jam_ rfhit.
enmb Riley. An
llluairated TOl-
h u moiom
.ketches, Tcrae,
.'aeetloiw para-
iraphi and col-
loquln. A book
tbat will not
dlMPjpotnl tbe
reader, at tt
•liter, a new
and heretofore
Held of humor.
A book to ba
read .loud aud
enjoyed among
fi Wend..  Contain. "Tha Bow-lened Oho*,"
Couldni UUfh,^ "Powlble Title, of Future
SS1!?1 ,'^8effiSJ I-oclnof Hair." "No Woman, No
aSi __'_' Actre__," eic., eto. This (Irrt
edition bound In cloth, printed on extra Una
wr*raridat»olutelTtheb_« humorom book inilv
JUhed. Worth ».<o, mailed pwti»ld for «!.oo.
Order at onoe. Send for our n.w .pedal tQu-
trattd Catalan, mailed free. Olveaymi the Ion-
eat price, on all good l>«,l-i. Addrwa all order, to
*,brl.„r, m4 tUoufkoturorfl. AkTOD. Ohl*.


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