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The Prospector Jan 2, 1914

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VOL. 3, NO. 11
Two death sentences have been
commuted and one reprieve ordered in the triple execution which
had been fixed to take place at
Kamloops last Monday morning.
It is understood that the representations made by Mr. A. D.
Maclntyre, of Kamloops, before
the Minister of Justice at Ottawa,
respecting two condemned men,
Jorgensen and Lynn, have resulted in both cases in the commutation of capital punishment to life
imprisonment. Jorgenson, it
may be remembered, was convicted of shooting the infant child
of his employers under revolting
circumstances near Ashcroft. He
was represented by Mr. James
Murphy at the trial, and on this
gentleman's instructions Mr. Mclntyre presented the claim for
clemency. In submitting the
matter to the Minister of Justice,
counsel is understood to have
urged the extreme youth of the
condemned person (who was not
sixteen years old when the crime
was committed) and the fact
that he was undoubtedly of weak
In the case of Rex vs. Lynn,
great stress is said to have been
laid upon the fact that the condemned man had been provoked
by a most brutal beating administered upon him by his victim,
and that this was of such severity
as to leave him under its effects
and in an abnormal condition five
or ten minutes later when the
fatal act was committed.
Mr. Justice Murphy on Wednesday granted a reprieve of one
month to Jerry Mulverhill, sentenced to be hanged at Kamloops
on December 29, i.i order that
an appeal for a new trial may be
made to the Appeal Court sitting
at Victoria next month. Mulverhill was convicted of the murder
of a man named Kelly at Decker
Lake, on the line of the G. T. P.,
following a quarrel in a poolroom. Mr. Maclntyre declared
that the witnesses were all sports
from the other side of the line
and that they testified that the
fatal shot was fired from outside
the pooboDm. Mulverhill had
received a beating from Kelly in
a quarrel previous to the murder,
but the evidence brought forward
at the trial was such as had not
been adduced at either the inquest or the preliminary hearing.
On this ground Mr. Maclntyre
asked for an adjournment to permit of the preparation of a defense against evidence then submitted for the first time. This
Mr. Justice Murphy refused, and
his subsequent stating of a reserved case is of great importance
in its bearing upon a legal issue,
as it permits an argument before
the Court of Appeal on the right
of an accused to an adjournment
when new evidence is brought
forward at his trial. The result
of this appeal will be awaited
with great interest.
The "Hyack" fire brigade had
their first practical drill on Saturday evening, the Owl restaurant
furnishing the means. A chimney in that institution blazed up
in a dangerous-looking manner,
scorching the surrounding woodwork, but Eagleson's brigade
were promptly on the spot and
gave a practical demonstration of
their ability to fight fire.
The temperature in Lillooet on
the last day of the year 1913, was
45 degrees above zero.
Some extensive additions are
about to be added to the Seaton
Lake hatchery.
Wm. Adams, in good old Scottish style, kept open house on
New Year's Day.
The country is safe. Constable
Wm. Baker has returned, after
a short vacation in Kootenay.
Mrs. John Moran and Mrs.
Tupper were visitors to Lillooet
this week, coming in from Anderson lake.
For a nobby suit of clothes or
anything in the gents' furnishing line, give Brophy Bros, a
The month of December is a
record one in Lillooet police circles. One hundred cases were
tried before Magistrate Saul during that period.
Lillooet people will be interested to hear that Geo. Scott is now
in England, and is making preparations for a return trip to this
Chinese New Year, now being
celebrated on the same date as
our own, affords the Caucasian
an opportunity for much handshaking with the Celestial.
A very enjoyable dance was
held in Santini's hall on Friday
night. 0. K. Presentin was the
promoter thereof, and successfully piloted the festivities to a
financial success.
If you are bothered with headaches, squint or cross-eye, or the
glasses you now wear are unsatisfactory, consult Dr. Kilburger,
specialist, who will be at the Excelsior Hotel on the 19th and 20th
Very, very few of the old-time
Lillooet men have been visible in
Lillooet during the Christmas
holidays. They are staying with
their ranches and mineral prospects. Strangers have changed
the old order of affairs, and
men of days gone by are rarely
Constable Blue, stationed at
Spence's Bridge, was a visitor to
Lillooet this week. While attempting to arrest an Italian at
Lytton, last week, Mr. Blue was
shot in the hand, but the wound
is not of a serious nature. The
would-be assassin is still at large.
From reports just received from
Bridge river, the "Broken Hill"
mine is showing up in a wonderful manner with the small amount of development work already
done on the property. Lillooet
people are very much interested
in the successful issue of the
work now going on.
On the line of construction of
the P. G. E. railway, men are
staying close with tneir work.
Fine weather has enabled contractors to make better progress
than they anticipated this winter.
Both east and west of this town
every camp is working in good
shape. Very few railroad men
are in town.
Dr. Kilburger, eyesight specialist, representing the Toric Optical
Co., of Vancouver, will be at the
Excelsior Hotel on Monday and
Tuesday, Jan. 19th and 20th.
See notice on 4th page.
[Special to the Prospector 1
Clinton, B. C, Dec. 31.-The
largest deal in Clinton property
took place yesterday. The J. E.
N. estate was sold to James War-
dell for $25,000. Terms-One
thousand paid down, twenty-two
to be paid on completion of deeds,
and two thousand to be paid at
the end of one year. The sale
comprises the hotel, ranch and
gardens. Smith will retain all
houses and land in the townsite.
There is a reliable rumor of the
pending sale of McDonald & Mc-
Gillivray's big store.
The dance held at the Excelsior
Hotel on New Year's Eve was a
most enjoyable one. The hotel
management had made every
preparation for the occasion, and
succeeded in the effort to meet
the year 1914 in a becoming manner. A programme of 24 dances
was not sufficient to meet the requirements of the occasion. The
music was all that could be desired Over fifty couples took
part in the mirth of the new
year, and not until 2 a. m. did
they take their departure.
Somebody's girl took a seat in
the Lytton auto the other day.
Before she reached that town, it
was made plain that she was riding in strange company—a policeman with two culprits for the
Kamloops jail. Whatever her
faults may be she was generous,
for upon learning that there was
a heavy fine upon the prisoners,
she dug up a wad of bills, and
peeling off the requisite sum—
$100—told the policeman to let
the prisoners go. They went.
It is needless to say they were
very much surprised men, as they
had never before seen this woman
We have an idea that those prisoners would have ridden a long
way in the company of some
"good" people we know of before
$100 would have been tendered
for their release, and there is a
possibility that when St. Peter is
made aware of these facts, the
gates of heaven may be left ajar
so that "somebody's girl" may
be able, when her time comes, to
creep in.
A Chinese washerman came
out of Squaw Alley a couple of
days ago, with a basket of nicely-
ironed laundry on his shoulder.
Having occasion to go into the
restaurant he placed his basket
on the edge of the sidewalk.
"Old Skag," the fighting dog of
Lillooet, had an eye on the basket,
sniffed at it, and, upon the reappearance of the owner, quietly
exchanged compliments with the
basket of laundry. A Chinaman
can sometimes get madder than
the average white man, and say
things which only Mark Twain
could repeat, and this Chink
proved to be one of that class.
It was just as well no one claimed
ownership of the dog at that
Two more auto loads of prisoners left Lillooet on Sunday, bound
for the provincial jail at Kamloops. They were under escort
of constables McLeod and Angus.
The latter is a good Highland
piper, and it is a pity to see his
"machine" laying idle at the
lock-up. Would it not be well,
next time a contingent leaves for
the Kamloops bastile, to have
Angus enliven his charges with
a "swirl on the peeps." It would
serve the double purpose of cheering up the convicted men and
warning ranchers along the Lytton road of the fate of evil-doers.
"The Lillooets are Coming" or
some such tune would sound well
on the 40-mile stretch of valley
between here and Lytton, and
also command an immediate right-
of-way from the numerous teamsters on that road.
The little daughter of William
Dickey, who had been suffering
from pneumonia, died at the
home of her parents, on Texas
Creek, at 9 o'clock Christmas
night. The little girl was laid to
rest in the Texas Creek cemetery
on Saturday last. The funeral
was largely attended.
Fort George, B. C, Dec. 31.-
Mystery surrounds the brutal and
revolting murder of Harry Porter
a popular young Englishman employed at the Bates & Rogers
construction camp as fireman.
The body was discovered in a
pool of blood and near at hand
were a heavy club and a bloodstained brick with which the
body had been battered almost to
an unrecognizable mass. The
pockets were turned inside out,
which would seem to suggest
that robbery was the motive, but
it is known that the deceased carried little cash. The segregated
district which has been swelled
by many desperate foreigners recently, is being searched by the
police for the perpetrators of the
deed. There is strong indignation against the condition of affairs under which the district has
been allowed to assume such proportions. 	
As will be seen in another column, an
extensive deal has been put through in
Clinton. The almost "spot cash" of the
transaction brings it within the realm
of sound finance it practically means
twenty-three thousand dollars cash on
the spot. The handling of the papers
is in charge of Crease & Crease, of
Victoria, and it will not take them long
to complete this transaction. The
property transferred includes the Clinton Hotel proper, with adjacent buildings and garden, stables, etc.; in fact,
the whole of the Smith ranch. Mr.
Smith retains all the small houses and
cabins in the town, together with the
property on the north-west of it. This
property comes right down to the main
road and includes many good building
lots. For a town of Clinton's size, this
is a pretty large deal, and speaks well
for the future of the place. The ranch
includes several large fields that stretch
along the valley on both sides of Clinton
as well as opposite the town itself.
In regard to the McDonald & McGillivray sale, we have just received authentic information that this deal will
be put through some time next week.
Lillooet Chinese entertained
the citizens of this town to a
grand display of fireworks last
Published to promote the Welfare
of the Lillooet District.
R. A. Hume, Manager.
JANUARY 2. 1913.
By F. J. Crossland. M.I.M.E.      •
There was a time when mining
was a comparatively simple business, in the conduct of which no
special training, other than a little
practical experience,  seemed to
be required.   Then only the rich
minerals were  sought  for and
mined, and ore that can today be
mined and treated profitably was
discarded.    That time, however,
is now long past, and the mining
and reduction of ores, except in
rare cases,  can only be carried
out successfully by men who have
been broadly   educated   in the
many branches of theoretical and
applied  science,   together, with
practical experience, which have
become essential to the successful conduct of mining operation.
Those who would attempt to make
a study of the reports of some of
the profitable mines will be impressed with the idea that a large
part of the success is due to good
management from both the executive and practical end, and the
reverse will often be found to be
the case, i. e., that it is not always the poor mine's fault that
it was shut down, but bad handling was responsible.
In my early days in the Transvaal the ignorance and incompetency of the boards of directors was indeed lamentable and
sometimes comical. A mine manager cabled a certain board of
directors in London, telling them
of the necessity of having another mining shaft put down on
the property, as the old one was
out of repair and dangerous.
They cabled a reply to the manager to endeavor to find a secondhand one.
There is also a story of a poor
shareholder who had stock in a
mining property that from all indications and reports should have
been producing, but seemed to be
the victim of recurrent reconstruction by different companies.
Every time this happened the
chairman of the newly-organized
company would say that the mine
was undoubtedly a good one, and
all it needed was good management. Finally our friend arose
at one of these meetings and said
that the next time he bought
shares it would be in "a mine
that could stand bad management." He was not far wrong,
The difference between good and
bad managemtnt might be 20 per
cent., and 20 per cent, is a very
healthy margin.
There have been mines so rich
that they could be operated at a
profit even by people who were
practically ignorant of mining
matters. Such mines are, however, rare, and there are at the
present time few that will yield
up their mineral to advantage except under competent direction.
This fact should be self-evident,
and it should be unnecessary to
mention it, but evidently this is
not the case. Time and again
we hear of mining operations
being entered into, by promoters
who have no real knowledge of
practical mining, to say nothing
of the scientific principles upon
which so much depends.
Their only interest in the undertaking is the money they make
through the sale of mining property or stock, and as soon as
they get their rake-off they get
out from under and let the crash
come. It is just such methods as
these that have been responsible
for much of the discredit that has
fallen on the mining industry,
and it is against such mining
methods that the public should
be warned, if a healthy condition
and the resultant profits from
mining enterprises are to be expected.
The preventative is to embark
on no mining venture that is not
under the management of some
competent mining man. Neither
is it safe to purchase mining property except on expert advice.
There are too many chances of
losing in an ill-advised prospective
mining undertaking to warrant
taking the longer chances of bad
There are capable and honest
promoters who, in their search
for meritorious properties, use
sound judgment and employ expert advice. And the public are
much to blame if they do not use
their judgment and see that they
are getting both when they take
up a mining investment. Capable
and honest engineers can be had
to advise as to the proper methods
of development of a mine and
treatment of the ore.
Although expert advice may
seem high and unnecessary at
times, the money spent in this
way will very likely be saved
many times over either by preventing disastrous investments
or making it necessary to learn
by dearly-bought experience.
I think there should be some
drastic legislation in connection
with the flotation of mining companies (indeed many other industrial companies should be included in this also, for wildcatting
is not confined to mining) to compel them to publish before flotation, reports of engineers, to
state the price at which the property was acquired by the vendors, the amount of promotion
commission, etc., the amount of
development done, and also to
compel each company to issue
full monthly and annual reports
as to their financial status, as to
the ore reserves and their values,
the conditions of lowest development, etc.
Don't in vest your money simply
because of the fact that a friend
or relation of yours made money
through a fortunate investment
in mining stocks.
Don't allow anyone seeking
your investment to overcome
your natural modesty and offer
to show you and convince you
that you, yourself, are competent
to determine the value of the
mine. Many men of business
ability in their own lines have
made trips of self-deception to
see for themselves that which
existed only in their imagination.
While in this article I have held
out the flag of danger, nevertheless, when the track is clear and
with due regard to proper management and careful selection of
mining investments, I have no
hesitancy in expressing the opinion that, conducted upon the
right basis, there is no business
that offers such attractive and at
the same time such safe investments as the mining industry.
iWMW^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^W^^^^ ^
Boots & Shoes.
Shoe Repairing
Agents for House of Hobberlin
«*^^^V**WWW*^WW*A*V*V «VW*A*/W^WW^^\WS* >
Established 1836
Head Office,   -   -   Montreal
H A VINOS    Dli 1* A R T M E N T
Accounts opened   for  sums of One Dollar and   upward.
Current Accounts
Issue cheques and have  paid cheques returned for receipts
Collections made in all parts of the Worlu
Travelers' Cheques issued, payable anywhere
A General Banking Business conductc d
|   A. B. GREIG,   Manager      -    -     Lillooet Branch
Water Notice
For a Licence to Store or Pen
Back  Water.
NOTICE is hereby given that Western Canadian Ranching Co., of Gang
Ranch, will apply for a licence to store
or pen back sixteen hundred acre-feet
of water from Gaspard Creek, a stream
flowing in an Easterly direction and
emptying into Fraser River. The water
will be stored in a reservoir of 1000 acre
feet capacity, built about 20 miles from
mouth of said creek, will be used for
irrigation purposes as authorized by
Water Record No. 171, on the land
described as Township Ten (10), Lillooet
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 15th day of December, 1913. The
application will be filed in the office of
the Water Recorder at Clinton.
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
Western Canadian Ranching Co.
By F. J. Fulton, Agent. d26
Water Notice
Application for a License to take and
use water, will be made under the
Water Act of British Columbia, as
1. The name of the applicant is Francis
2. The address of the applicant is
Lillooet, B. C.
3. The name of the stream is Black
Hill Creek. The Stream has its source
near the mouth of Michelle creek, flows
in an Easterly direction, and empties
into the Fraser River about 10 miles
above the mouth of Bridge River.
4. The water is to be diverted from
the stream on the South side, about one
mile North of the Northern boundary
of Pre-emption No. 175S.
5. The purpose for which the water
will be used is irrigation.
6. The land on which the water is to
be used is described as follows: — P. R.
7. The quantity of water applied for
is as follows:— One hundred miners'
8. This notice was posted on the
ground on the 25th day of November,
9. A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the requirements of the "Water Act" will be
filed in the office of the Water Recorder
at Clinton. Objections may be filed
with the said Water Recorder, or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
d26 Applicant.
Water Notice
Application for a Licence to take and
use Water will be made undeT: the
"Water Act" of British Columbia,
as follows:—
1. The name of the applicant is Francis
2. The address of the applicant is
Lillooet, B. C.
3. The name of the stream is an unnamed stream. The stream has its
source about 150 yards North of the
Northorn boundary of P. R. No. 1758,
flows in a Southerly direction, and sinks
on P. R. 1758, near Western boundary
of said pre-emption.
4. The water is to be diverted from
the stream on the South side, about
150 yards from the Northern boundary
of P. R. No. 1758.
5. The purpose for which the water
wiH be used is irrigation.
6. The land on which the water is to
be used is described as follows: Preemption No. 1758.
7. The quantity of water applied for
is as follows: Thirty miners' inches.
8. This notice \va<3 posted on the
ground on the 25tb day of November,
9. A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the requirements of the "Water Act" will be
filed in the office of the Water Recorder
at Clinton. Objections may be filed
with the said Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
d26 Applicant.
Notice of Filing of Petition for
Approval of Undertaking.
NOTICE is hereby given, pursuant to
Sections 75, 89 and 90 of the Water Act,
that the Nairn Falls Power Company,
Limited, has filed with the Comptroller
of Water Rights petition for the approval of the Honorable the Minister of
Lands, of the undertaking of the said
Company for the utilization of water
from Green River, Lillooet District,
under Grant of Water Right for power
purposes numbered 123.
A copy of said petition and the plans
and exhibits for the approval of the
undertaking as required by Section 89,
is on file in the office of the Water
Recorder at Vancouver and in the office
of the Water Recorder at Clinton.
Dated at Vancouver, B. C., this 27th
day of November, 1913.
The Nairn Falls Power Co., Ltd.
d5 A. McEvoy, Secretary. THE PROSPECTOR
Fifty-five well-furnished rooms. Hot and cold baths
Excellent table. First class bar. Large sample room
Two autos on request from Lytton or Ashcroft
Headquarters for Lytton-Lillooet stage line. Stage
meets Seton Lake boat. Rigs furnished on demand.
RATES: $1.50 per day and up. By month $35 and up. Meals, 21 for $9.00
Lillooet, B. C.
W.   J.   Abercrombie,   Proprietor
A First-Class Table.
REGULAR Trips up Seton Lake every
Convenient for all passengers to Mission,
Bridge River, Short Portage, Anderson Lake,
McGillvray Creek and the Pemberton country
Leaves, 8.00 a. m.    Arrives at Mission, 10 a. m.     Arrives
Short Portage, 11 o'clock
Returning Leaves Short Portage, 12 p. m.     Leaves Mission
12:45 p. m.    Arrives, 3:00 p. m.
Lillooet to Lytton
Experienced Driver.
Reasonable Charges.
Dissolution of Partnership
Province of British Columbia,
County of Cariboo.
I, Patrick Dolan, of Lillooet, formerly
a member of the firm carrying on business as Pool Room proprietors in the
town of Lillooet, in the County of Cariboo, under the style of Culhane & Dolan,
do hereby certify that the said partnership was on the 13th day of November
dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts and liabilities of the late
firm will be received and paid by John
Culhane, who continues the business.
Witness my hand at Lillooet this 15th
day of November, A. D. 1913.
Partick Dolan.
Witness: Samuel Gibbs, Notary Public
Navigable Waters Act.
(R. S. C. 115.)
Railway Company hereby gives notice
that it has, under Section 7 of the said
Act, deposited with the Minister of
Public Works at Ottawa and in the
office of the District Registrar of the
Land Registry District of Yale, a description of the site and plans or its
proposed bridge over the Fraser River,
near Lillooet.
And take notice that after the expiration of one month from the date of
the first publication of this notice the
said Railway Company will, under Section 7 of the said Act, apply to the
Minister of Public Works at his office in
the city of Ottawa for approval of said
site and plans and for leave to construct
the bridge in accordance therewith.
Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 16th
day of October, 1913.
D'Arcy Tate,
Counsel for Pacific Great
Eastern Railway..
This notice was first published in the
Lillooet Prospector on the 31st day of
October, 1913.
Headquarters for Mining Men
Free Bus Meets All
Boats and Trains
Commercial Hotel
L. H. Clement, Prop
Guest Comfort is My Motto
Corner Hastings and
Cambie Streets
Vancouver, B. C.
American and European Plan
J.M. Mackinnon, BROKER, Vancouver, B. C
Suite 5 Williams Bldg.
413 Granville St.
Pioneer Watchmaker
and Jeweler
318 Cambie St.      Vancouver, B.C.
Orders by Mail Attended to.
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Pavilion, - B. C.
Lillooet Auto Car Co.
J. H. Kriege. C. B. Clear
Expert Machinists
and Fitters.
Being equipped with all facilities
for the prompt repair of automobiles, bicycles, etc., we are now
in a position to execute the most
intricate orders. No job too
small or too large to receive our
prompt attention.	
Dry Goods,
Camp Supplies,
Fancy Goods,
Lillooet, B. C.
James T. Farmer.
Lillooet Ranches and Fruit Lands a Specialty.    Correspondence Solicited.
Timber Lands,  Ranch Lands.
Coast Lands and Real Estate.
A limited number of prime-bred
Barred Rock Pullets and Cockerels; these birds are bred from
the three best laying strains in
B. C. Pullets $2 each; Cockerels
$3.      Mrs. Alex. Lochore,
Rosebank, Lytton, B. C.
Lillooet, B. C.
Open all Night
LEE BROS, -  Proprietors
Saddle Horses
Pack Horses,
Single and Double Rigs
for Hire.
Hunting Parties Furnished.
Horses and Rigs for Hire
Light and Heavy Draying
Express Delivery
Bus Meets all Regular Boats
From our Regular Correspondent.
Jimmy McKinley is spending
the holiday season in town.
The new China store presents a
bright-looking interior, and is
well stocked with sundry goods.
R. J. Maitland, barrister and
solicitor of Vancouver, spent a
few days in town this week on
legal business.
Joe Smith, jr., of Crow's Bar,
is among the Christmas visitors
this week, with his parents, Mr.
J. E. N. Smith.
Mr. Morrison, who held the
post of schoolteacher for the last
term, left for Vancouver last
Mrs. Sam Boyd returned from
her short visit at the coast a few
days ago. Mr. and Mrs. James
Bishop also returned to the 57-
Mile House, from the coast.
The weather continues mild
and clear, with the temperature
still above zero. Theie has been
a light snowfall, but not enough
to permit of sleighing.
Mr. and Mrs. Engeman and
Francis, of Ashcroft, spent a few
days with Mrs. James Robertson.
Master Charlie Robertson came
up at the same time and is spending his holidays with his parents.
D. A. Stoddart has sold out the
83-Mile House property and will
in the course of a few days or so,
come down to Clinton, where he
will make his home with his family. Mrs. Stoddart and family,
with Mrs. Chenall, have been
residents of Clinton for some
little time.
Christmas Day, which was all
that could be desired in point of
weather, passed off quietly in
Clinton. Quite a number of visitors and people from the vicinity
spent the day in town with their
friends. Several of the families
had Christmas Trees for the occasion, and many were the turkeys and plum puddings disposed
of. Good will and good cheer
Bob Fraser has returned to his
old "happy hunting grounds" —
Clinton—and for good and all.
Bob, who has been in Fort George
for the past 8 months, flew into
Clinton on Friday night, after a
very exciting trip down from Ft.
George, by auto, stage, shank's
mare, and other modes of progression. Bob reports coming
out on the Fort George road to
be a very pleasing experience,
with nothing to eat for 36 hours
or more, and Christmas time at
that, with a little snow, ice and
cold free. Mr. Fraser is welcomed
heartily by his many old-time
friends, and 'tis rumored that he
is going back to his old position
of manager for McDonald & McGillivray.
What old-timers have been
eagerly awaiting for the past
three months has arrived, and
the prosperity of the Tulameen
is now definitely assured. The
other day W. Dorn berg of the
Spokane outfit of capitalists came
mushing down from Treasure
mountain through three feet of
snow, with the welcome news
that the big lead on their claims
had been struck, the ore being
encountered in their 600-foot tunnel at a depth of 400 feet. The
width of the ledge is four and
one-half feet, with eighteen inches of solid galena, mining on
an average of $200 to the ton, and
three feet of concentrating ore.
These claims are situated right in
the heart of the new camp and
surrounded by many other promising claims.
It is with regret we learn that
Mr. Watkinson is not quite as
well as usual this winter. "Joe"
is the oldest settler on the road,
and we all hope he will soon recover his usual health.
Twenty-mile camp has re-opened under new management. This
popular road-house is always well
patronized, and is much appreciated by the teamsters these
short winter days.
Fred Watkinson has completed
a fine, commodious stable and
comfortable bunk-house at the
24, and reports business good.
Randolph Ruddock is a familiar
figure on the road these days. He
has a c'ontract to supply camp 40
with hay. He has also considerable business interests in Chilliwack, and is leaving for that district soon. Needless to say, the
fair sex hope that "Rannie"
won't be long away.
Recent arrivals on the road are
Mrs. and Miss Simpson and Master Simpson, from London, Eng.
They are with Frank on the 14-
Mile Ranch, and give good promise of making first-class Canadian
The Christmas Tree and Entertainment which was held in the
Town Hall on Saturday evening,
the 20th, was a great success.and
afforded a very pleasant evening
for the "grown-ups" as well as
the children. The entertainment,
which was held first, lasted from
8 to 10 o'clock, was given entirely by the school children, and included songs, recitations, dialogues, etc., which kept the audience pleasantly entertained and
called forth much applause. Miss
McDonald and Mr.Morrison acted
as accompanists. Dr. Edgelowe,
who was in the chair, made a few
remarks suitable to the occasion,
and called for three cheers in
honor of those who had taken
such pain3 to make the entertainment a success, which were very
heartily responded to. Miss McDonald and Mr. Morrison most
assuredly deserve praise for the
pains they undoubtedly took and
the manner in which they had
drilled the children. Dick Clarke,
as Santa Claus, handed out the
numerous presents in hearty style
as fast as he could. Toys and
all manner of things covered the
tree, and the "snow" round
about it. Great was the racket
when a few trumpets, rattles,
"squeaky things," etc., were let
loose, and it was midnight before
"Clinton and his wife" left for
Now is the time when every
good word you can put in for
Lillooet or the district counts. It
is the time when we should all
pull together for the benefit of
the district which necessarily
benefits us personally. From all
reports there is being great .interest taken in Lillooet district all
over the country, and many will
be coming in soon to look over
the country for themselves. It is
up to us to cheerfully give these
newcomers all the general information that we can. It is surprising the way facts regarding
the section and given publicity
in this manner will spread, or the
With Cash in the Bank
You Can Buy to
You know how everything
costs more when you have to buy
on credit. Why not practice self-
denial a while if necessary, open
a Savings Account in the Union
Bank of Canada, and, with the
money in hand, buy at Cash
prices ? The discounts will help
to swell your bank balance, and
you will have a good start towards
financial independence.
Heavy and Light Wagons
Repaired at Moderate Cost,
I and all  Work Guaranteed.
N^^^N^V^N^S^S^N *
For prompt and efficient
freight service see Charles
McCaffery, Lillooet, B. C.
Water Notice
Licence to Store or Pen
Back Water.
NOTICE is hereby given that Western
Canadian Ranching Co., of Gang Ranch,
will apply for a licence to store or pen
back six hundred acre-feet of water
from Gaspard Creek, a stream flowing
in an Easterly direction and emptying
into Fraser River. The water will be
stored in a reservoir of 600 acre-feet
capacity, to be built about 40 chains
East of Lot 57, G. I, Lillooet District,
on Little Gaspard Creek, and will be
used for irrigation purposes as authorized by Water Record No. 147, on the
land described as Sec. 123, East 1-2 4,
East 1-2 9, 10, 11, J 2, Southerly 363
acres of 18, Southerly 317 acres of 14,
West 1-2 of 15, all in Township Ten (10)
Lillooet District.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 15th day of December, )913.
The application will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at Clinton,
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder, or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, b. C.
Western Canadian Ranching Co.
By F. J. Fulton, Agent.      d£6
Drainage, Dyking and Irrigation
Act, 1913.
| accordance with Section 9 of the above-
mentioned  Act, that one  month after
date hereof a petition signed by a ma-
i iority   in  value  of the  owners of the
I lands described therein will be presented to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council for the constitution of the said lands
as   a  Dyking   and   Drain ge   District
under the said Act, and for the appointment of Robert Kerr Houlgate, Joseph
W. MacFarland and Stanley Burke, all
of Vancouver. B. C, as Commissioners
for the carrying out of the works mentioned in said Petition.
Dated this 16th day of December, A.
D. 1913.
Bowser, Reid & Wallbridge,
Solicitors for the said
proposed Commissioners.
u    G.   M. DOWNTON    l
jjB. C. Land Surveyor j
Surveys handled in all
parts of the Lillooet District.      Mineral Claim   j{]
Surveying a specialty.      pj
Coming! Corning!
the partnership heretofore subsisting
between us, the undersigned, as Boultbee, Jacks and Cruickshank in the town
of Lillooet, British Columbia, is dissolved by mutual consent as and from the
1st day of November, 1913. All debts
owing to the said partnership are to be
paid to E. L. Boultbee and h. L. Jacks
at. Lillooet, B. C, aforesaid, and all
claims against the said partnership are
to be presented to the said E. L. Boultbee and H. Jacks, by whom the same
will be settled.
Dated at Lillooet, B. C, this 12th day
of November, 1913.
E. L. Boultbee.
H. L. Jacks.
Witntss: N. C. Cruickshank.
A. P. Hughes. n28
Eye Examiners and Makers of Quality Glasses, 131 Hastings
Street, West, Vancouver, B. C, will be in Lillooet MONDAY
and TUESDAY, January 19th and 20th, and will be pleased to
have persons with defective eyesight call and consult him.
Eyeglasses, Spectacles and Artificial Eyes fitted at a reasonable
charge.    Satisfaction guaranteed absolutely on all work done.
AT THE EXCELSIOR HOTEL.   HOURS-9 a. m. to 6 p. m.
' i Lands, Mines, Insurance and Collections
Mining business in all branches
a specialty.   Farms for
sale  or  lease.
I Lillooet,   - British Columbia
Cadillac Automobile (1911) in
perfect condition; electric lights,
; speedometer, &c. Apply or write
! Cadillac,  1632   Burnaby street,
i Vancouver, B. C.


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