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The Prospector Feb 14, 1903

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 'JtU -        ' h
Vol. 5. No. 30.
$1.00 a year.
•Timers' fleeting.
A very 8u")_t__liil nieelintr was held in
Santim _ Hall last Monday eveniiijc,
when a branch of the Provincial Minin_
Ae-ociation of Britn-h Columbia wa_
formed. The bu. ine.g of the meet tin
was opened by Mr. S Giblw reading a
letter from Mr. Mortimer Lamb, Secretary ot ihe Association which fully described lhe objects and ain,sol the Abb-
ocialion and lie importance of organization.
The object is, the formation of a permanent organization made up of delegates selected by the people from every
section ol the Province, and by bucIi organization to succeed in securing such
legislation aud assistance aa will place
the mining industry of onr Province on
a legitimate and profitable basis.
Mr. S, (libit, was elected Chairman
and Mr. Mertitt Brandon, Honorary Secretary.._ Seventy-two members were
entolled, and Mr. John Marshall, Mi.
Daniel Hurley and Mr. W.VV. Brown
were chosen as di legates to represent
the West Lillooet Association at the
fortitcomiiig Convention to be held al
Victoria on the 25th ii _■.
\fter some discussion as to the points
on which the delegates should be instructed to speak, the meeting adjourned until Saturday the 14th inst. when a
further meeting will be held in Santini
Hall at 4 p.m. to deliberate on and decide the subjects which most vilallv concern the mining i-diistry of this dis-
ti ict,
1 he Needs of the District.
A meeting of tbe Shareholders of the
Anderson Like Mining Company will be
held in town this evening.
or lady in ench county tu man..-- husiness for
an did oxiabl lulled house of solid financial -landing, A straight, bnnii lide. ensh Hillary ol $18.'
paid by chock each W.ditevdtry with nil expenses diruel from headquarters Money advanced for e\|ieiues.
Malinger, HID Caxlon Building, Chicago
At the close of ihe Miners' Meeiii g last
Monday, the Chairman was handed a
list of the preseing riqiiiremeniB of the
Di-lrict which be read out and promised to respectfully rubmit to our member for his approval. Tbey were as
Enlarged  schoolbouse and  assistant
teacher fjrtbe town of Lillooet.
Appropriation for town lire appliances.
Appropriation for accomodation for
sick and injuled peot le.
Two bridged on Bridge River.
Wagon Road from the Mission to the
Bend 'Or mines.
The trai s around Seton Lake and Anderson Lakes impioved and widened.
Wagon road from Roaring Creek to
M. G liivrny Creek mines.
Koad to the 15-mile House improved,
and the usual appropriations for repairing tiie Lytton and Ashcroft roads.
A subsidy for a phjsi.ian who must
reside iu Lilloiet.
How To Secure The Best
On lo my Ranch, a red mare with
white cro8i on forehead. No brand.
Owner Can have the same by proving
propettv and paving expenses.
Rlii'uird Means.
Paclielqua, B.C. February 7th 1902.
Into my field, a white and red heifer,
with bob tail. No brand. Owner can
have the. sane by proving pj~perty and
paying expenses. ,  f
Paul Santini.
Lillooet. Feb. 7ih 1903.
Head our special
offer on the
third page.
By W. H. Coaid, Dei artment of
Agriculture, Ottawa.
As   in   patriarchal days men did not
gather grapes off thorns or tigs iff this-
have good seid. This has long la en
understood by the Minister of Agriculture, but it was much easier to hope for
than to secure a remedy for a condition
of things which certainly called for reform. The outcome of consideration in
this matter led to a collection of Timothy
Ah ike and Red Clover- seeds from dealers n each Province of the Dominion.
A bulletin of the condition of the trade
<n these seeds hag been prepared under
the direction of the Commissioner of Ag-
• i:"lt.ure and Daiiyiug by Mr. G. H*.
. Chief of the Seed Division, and
the information it presents must be
useful to the farmers of Canada.
Every one engaged in crop growing of
whatsoever kind fully understands that
the Bowing of good seed is the most important factor in lhe production of paying farm crops. The results of the analyses of several hundred samples obtained from local dealers and other sources
are in this article set out iu extenso.
The greater part of the seed of Alsik'e
and red clovor sold in Canada, iB gtown
in Ontario. Timothy teed is produced
in limited puantities in nearly euery
province of the Dominion, but mud: ot
the best kind of Timothy is grown in the
Western Ssates, and is obtained from
Chicago and other Western points. In
general, Canadian gro*\n Timothy con
tains a larger percentage of bulled seeds
and weed seeds than imported stock.
This is not as it should be. The laager
ssed firms have specially equipped machines for recleaning grass and clover
seeds, and a great deal of the seed they
handle passes through those machines.
In our next letter we will point out the
results of tbis cleaning process.
— To Be Continui d Ni xt Week.—
Fraser Gold Dredge
Large Returns From
Operations Of Past Season.
The official report of the I'Ya-
ser Kiver (iolil tyredging do. confirms previous reports lit;.t■ (lie
liytton dredge, whicli met, wilh
:in .accident il lew weeks .*•*__,«>, lull
is iiiiw repaired, was ni.-ikiiio
good money in dredgirg lhc liver.    Extracts   I'll lilt      lhc      .'HJH.I'I
which wc .ne just in. receipt of,
say: A detailed report made hv
the chairman of the I'Ynscr river
di**_dg'iug company, who leeelil Iv
re! in ucd Irom Drilish foluiiihiu
slides that all rciisoiiiililciloiilils
have liccn removed concerning
I he possibilities of profit.-thfc unlil
dredging operation on Ihis river.
The company received very encouraging rcstills, so much so
llm! in five consecutive weeks
they cleaned up 200 ounces of
gold—sufficient,, ns the chairman
ih-s. so the modern Canad an farmer j says, l.pgive.a net, profit, ou the
cannot produce good   crops unless I'ejpuJdlip capital   of the company
.it, (.he rate of f>0 per cent., per uu
-num. From u. hlrge nuinlier of
very careful tests made, I he average showed over $2 of gold per
cubic yard. .Such ret urns iu Onl-
itoriii.i, would tie considered abnormally rich, and would yield
tt very large profit, after the payment; of working expenses.
No satisfactory method has yet,
been put, into operul.ion for sav*
ing the Muck sand, which appears l.o lie rich iu gold, wil.li assays vaiying from 4 lo 2% ounces
of gold to the ton. The company
hits heen fortunate in acquiring
at it reasonable price four more
dredging lenses of five miles ench,
some of these lenses including the
richest bars in the liver, which
nie regularly washed at low wa*v
ter every year by miners wil.li the
old-fusliioued rocker. Some interesting experiments hnve recent
-ly been made hy. the company's
engineer in order to,arrive at au
iden. of the distribution of gold
in the river's bed. lu the place
where he mnde h's test-hole the
witter was 9 feet iii depth; the
first 2 feet below this gave 23%
grains of gold per yard, the next
two feet 10 grains per yard and
the next six had very low gold
values while the last six gave no
gold at all.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Uisintectani
Soap Powder dusted in the ball., softens
the water and disinfects. 38
Vancouver Ledger.
>K Brief Despatches )|
i'ierpout Morgan's name has
been forged lo papers for large
sums of money.
A strike is reported at the Mid-
iiel, and lernie Coal Mines.
The Alaskan Doiindnry Convention was rati lied iu Hit. United
States Semite this week.
An amalgamation of French S.
S. lines is announced.
The (bund Trunk I'acilic  wil
run a, branch line to Dawson.
I .asi. Sunday I,lie business block
of Messrs Morris nod Sleedt of
I levels! ke merchants, wits destroy
etl by liie. The cause is unknown.
Impersonator Well
At Vancouver, last Monthly G.
(jilroy Wiis sentenced to 6 nios.
imprisonment and it $50 line for
ill-personating Geo. Fletcher til
the recent Dominion by-election.
Captain Dernier announces his
intention to start for the North
Dole on June 1, 1904. Ile will
take 18 or 20 sturdy men with
A tidal wave in the Society Islands hns resulted iu the destruction of 1000 lives.
A brakemnn named Quigley, in
the iiinploy of the C.I Ml. was
killednenrSloean City, lu jumping from the cms his feet slipped on the icy platform and the
unfortunate man fell back across
the rails.
lu the Deuce Kiver country
there are 30,000 square miles of
fertile laud, with abundance of
timber nml coal. One-third of
this is iu Dritish Columbia.
The Vatican is contemplating
placing the Laval University, at
Quebec under the jurisdiction of
the Congregation of lint Proposal id a, at Dome, its wns done hist
-lanunrv in (license of I he Catholic University at Washington.
It is .now .officially unnonnced
thut the twenty ntillions of dollars which lite Methodists of the
Untied Stales undertook to raise
its ii 20th Century Fund hits been
secured. One effect is that the
debts on .-ill the Churches of (hnt
Hotly are to.be cancelled.
A document likely to throw new
light on the Dreyfus affair is now
in lhe French Minister of vVar
anil an effort will be made to reopen the case.
Whether the allies shall receive
preferential treatment in the settlement of the claims against
Venezuela, will be  settled by the
Hague tii 1 xi 1
Mr. Edward   Blake announces
Ids intention to re-en ter Canadian
public, life.
Mr; W. I'"'.   A I I KN   I V     tn notify  his
friends mul cu .' 1 is Uu I   lie I i nc tr Hotel   Wil|     Cil   tilli"* ' Hi ■•'■ " ll!S   "'    :   ".   HK'Ilt lltlll
direction until  I n iff' i' nol ice.    Mr.   VI    . .
Mill's liis fri ml -   ami  the  '   ivcl ii',".   |m   lie
gen rally tluil   llle.he.sl of care and^ attention
«.il 1 ,- In slow nl nu all   « lio  palt'onii
l'ioneer I li.tcl,
W.   !•'. AI.I.KN',
"Lillooot, faniiary, 19-13.
Word has been received from
Atlin giving Foley a, majority of
89 voles over McDherson. Den-
has yet to he heard from and the
Nans nud Skeena river. McDher-
noii's majority now stands at 97,
and it is unlikely that this will
be considerably reduced.
Spain   has it surplus  of nine
millions of dollars for 1902.
Gait hns accepted a Carnegie
Queen"*s University, Kingston,
hits now 84-1 students in Daily
attendance, the largest, number
n record.
Page   Metal Gates
Single or double—light,, strong, durable, economical. Will not sag or get rickety. Fitted
with self-acting latches, which open either
wy. A child can open or close in a strong
H--4-- wind- no surface to rosin.. Best farm gate
; made.  Use Page Fences and Poultry Netting.
The Page Wire Fence Co.,Limited,Walke-T_Ue,
Ont.   Montreal, P.Q., and Bt John, N.B.   10
B. Q. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops. Till.   IVKOSPECTCW, LTLLOOET, B.C." FEB. 14, 1903.
HV  TH "  I'RI) .     ;   .'     : i.l     ,       I   CO    I'ANY
THE   PROSPEC IOW is the onlj paper pub-
tisti.it in ihe 1.11 lime. II. sli i.l, an.l i-i   ill Ilu me
St I h.M-rip I. if) lis; Onr tin i'ri r ;l \'i':i I* in nd van cu. I
AtlVciiising rn e. mnde I. n«. \ ■' on .";,..' icm, ii.n
'''■ ,' -,, :i<i, ,,,,' i luvjlcil (III till i.i.'.'l I :ITS I.
pill i " or lot' i1 line est V 1.1 ■ ii'ini 11 iilenl loin
inii^; lie 111■ co1111,.-1ui<■.I l.y il.,- iiiiiiiu of ilu
wi llei'i bill nol ne i   *;i rilj for i ■ 11 >
A Good Start.
The meeting held Inst, Monday
evening led lo the formation of a
strong local branch of the Provincial Miners' Association. .Some
who were notpreseii'iattlie meeting, having expressed a. desire to
join the Association, had thei
names sent iu for menibershi|
and tlie result was th.it at the
meeting seventy-two members
were enrolled. During this week
other nnines have been sent in to
the Secretary, so that for a beginning we have it, creditable
showing. The three delegate*, e-
lected to go to the Victoria Convention are just the men for thi.
turn in the title of events, representing, its they tlo, both quartz
and placer interests.
NORTHERN      I     UrtO     y
Z00-2IZ First Ave North, -MINNEAPOLIS. MINN.
District Needs.
In this issue we publish a, list of
what the citizens of Lillooet regard as the immediate needs of
this section.
The people feel the need of the
improvements, nnd the list will
be respectfully submitted to the
local representative in the Provincial Legislature, when he returns from Victoria. The request
for iul enlarged schoolhonse wns,
two years ago, regarded by our
member as quite reasonable, and,
if we remember rightly, Mr. Smith
promised then thnt he would do
his best to secure additional
school accomodation, lint other
projects pushed the school scheme
to one side.' We yet fail to see
the propriety or the wisdom of
.spending the government grant,
for an enlarged jail instead of mi
enlarged school. We maintain
that the 50 children, iu our town
school have it right, to accomodation and comfort, prior to lhe
two or three inmates of the town
tail. What are the facts? The a-
botle of the law breaker and vagabond is perfect m its appointments, while 50 children aie put
into'a building as small as the
jail, with its single inmate, We
venture to say that John China-
mail at the jail, with his* warm
fire, three good meals a, day, and
frequent out-door exercise, lives
under far healthier conditions
than do the school children when
they sit ''three iu a.sent."
Onr friend Rowbottom conies
to the end of his title of woe this
week. We do not know if lie hns
reached Seattle yet, but are glad
tt) think he still lives.
We intend to give our renders
a story by .I.M.Hairie, shortly.
ft will rim for H weeks.
Friend to . . :sl, "Do you
mean to say that if yon had two
horses you would give me one?"
"Certainly." If yon laid twocows
would yon give ine one?" "Yes."
"If you hnd two pigs would you
give me one?" "Why, there, you
come a little close ho   e.   J have
two pigs."
I'HN CENTS I-'   k" TEN WB8K_.
V < :i -mim'i il  uiul i cm p'l' ,n *■   i.ffei in
■ •it'i.'ii nf ihii   .ii'.T, wp will ninil Tin.
I'll HI If to in" -"ii- •■( Im lire im!  now R'lli-
-, i iln>i'~. fur ten v. n ':- for ten • cut. .
Till- I'n:  It:  - H $2', Ul-ii,i'.:c weekly Ke-
V e*v ' i " inn." i in helllOt'l'HIH ll (I i'c-
ItlOl'lM E U*   lit*     ;    I il'llll.   :  II*   Hl'i li IHIIH   .'I'C
• ■ ii r . c I -. ii i,11iii four or fiivnr ; i i give.
i   interesting    mil    tiiiini-  li'il     ■lei k!i
■ I* nil ii- cal new1. ; ii'always liaif ett-
i to tin!, worth .tit ii_\ in j;, ii tvi ■ iniiii worl li
-ceiiij-, nook novices  nortli reiVil ntf, and
ii i.-i-iilntii'iiil-i  milt  erboth \ iililailc Htlt!
NOTICE is hereby given that application
I will lie made In the Legislative Assembly ol
the Province of Ihkish Columbia at its next
Session for an Act to incorporate a Conipany
wilh power to bu lil, equip, maintain antl operate aline or lines ol Railway nf standard
gauge from a point at or near Ilaxlclon by
llie most feasible and practical ile unite to a
point on the Northern Houn ary of British
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Coliinibia, at or iienr Teslin lake or Atlin
ei.-. liim; and it is hiked by inli IlijjeJil j L_k_) (ir |-t>t});  atsl, rrom Hazleton  by tin
mosl   feasible   and  practicable  route  via the
n "iiu'ii as wi-l la ">■ im ".Mil. men
I' _ editor is I, ni- I'.. I'n- . Send tt'ti
•■ns :ii silv i ,i' Hlatiiji- for t. n v\ "i k's
rial.    All mi ifri iptintis nie paid strict I v
iu  advance,  ami i n  expiration   the
paper i-  proiitptl\ _t   p|ii'd   Utile, s Ritb-
-i'ri|i ion in re new ed. VI cut ion Ibis paper
repeat.   They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters.
Winchester   rifles   are   made   in   all  desirable
calibers, weights and   styles;   and   are  plain,    11
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every    ™
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made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
pp pp Send name ind address on a Postal
""■■    forour 164-page Illustrated Catalog.
Asthmalene brings instant relief and  permanent!
Cure   In   All   Cases.
SENT AKSOI.lTl.l.Y KIM... ON IM.< '1.1 I* '."<).v I'O.sTA |.
I' c     I
e n •■ .
re I i c f ,
ii n i li I
I b •   i
veil     in
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    t i, c     >.  o  i
eases,      I: .. n ■   *    wltt II   i i-c  f
The Kev. ('. I''. WIvl.l.S", oi Villa |*.i,ls|
III.,   srtys:    " S'iTiii:   liinl   bollle  ol   A -: Inn: Ut
received   ingb'tiil'c 'ilirn.     I  caniKr    lell  yo
how ili.nl-lnl   I   feel liir the  i; I doi'ivcil frorl
il, I w i- a slave, chained ,-villi pnlr.td sore
throat liinl Asllnna lur lell yea is. I ilespaireV
of evri I" - i _ - •__ cm id. I saw your lidvei I iseiiienj
loi    lhe   line   111   this  die.nihil   ami    loiint'illiii;.
disease,    Astlini.i,   nml itbonghi  yllit  Usui   ovel
spul,en    yourselves,   bill    res'.Ived     lo   give   il
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a elinini.    Send  me a  lull-si/,c   buttle."
Ifev,    l)i*.    Mofi-iM    W ttCli-'le.r
Kabbl  of the  Con.';.   Ilin'ii   Isinc!.
Ncw   Vork;,   lali.   .;.    tooi.
IlltS. TAI'T    UISIIS."    M Kill. 'INK- ft.),,
I leiilli'inen: .  Yonr   Asilnnalene    is   nrtl
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in;;'   il   caielully   analyzed,   we   can slate   that     Asthmalene    contains!
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KiCV.   111:.   MOKKIS   WKt'llSI.KR.
N.   V.   I'eb. i, 1901.
Avon  SfltlNi
Du. Tai't buns.  Mkiiicink Co.
(ielltleil.eli: write   this   testimonial   limn    a    sense  of duly,   having  P-sted the
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skill as well , -.iii it of ni-in y others, 1 tdianced lo see your si;ni upon your win-
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commenced tal in;1, it alu ul 1! e liisi til K> v.inbei. 1 very umii iiuticcd ii ladlcn
improv <iii' nt. A tier 11 11;; out; bollle her asllnna had disajvp.eaied and she is entirely
flee    bom    all    sv'iiipioin.s.     I I       iat,   |   i  in   coiisislt'll.tly   recnniiiend   the    1
II     who    an-   all
as   been
ny. own
1 (Heine
.1   wilh   tins    distressing   disease.    Yours    respectfully,
O. I).   I'llKl.l'S,  M. D.
1 i-
Iii :, Oil nun. 11 l"
ein boundary nf lhe said Province, wilh i.tt-
thoriiy also to construct, equip, niaiii'ain ami
operate branches from any points on the proposed line or lines not exceeding in any one
case one hundred miles in length antl with
power to construct, acquire, own and maintain wharves antl thicks in connection therewith; and to construct, own, acquire, equip
and maintain steam and other vessels ami
boats and operate the same on any navigable
waters, audio construct, operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along ill"
routes of saitl Uailway antl its blanches or
in conned ion therewith ami to transmit messages foi commercial purposes antl collect tolls
therefor, and to actpiire antl receive from any
Government, Corporations or persons, grants
of laud rights ol way money, bonuses, privi-
. leges or other assistance in  aid  of the con-
.i.iils nnd utlier eiiuii'ini'ins.   t'usli leiiileis lur 1
,lllls "•"*,"• '    '        , „     ,,„, stru-tion of the Company's  undcrtal.ing and
mo   whole    |i.t)|mrl.y    aro     ie.tie„'ui    t"'1- .     .    *       .    ,,- ,
uti'is  for  wtii'Uiiig DpUtuiH or   for  |i.nrtioiiH to connect with ami enter into traffic or other
nf 1 lie propeity will i"' eniisiileri'.il      I'roni the arrangements with    railway,   steamboat or
former group !>5U IoiikdI ore Iiiih  hern   milled
1-R.  TAi-r  litttis.   Mkiiicini,-. Co. I'eb. 5. 1001
<;i'!1"''""'":     '   VV"IS      '     wilh   Asllnna    or   22   yejirs.     I have Hied inui.erous
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Kiver  or both, (hence Easterly lo the East- 1 '"i-ble   lo   work.    I   am   now   in   tim    , • 1   of  health   ami
lay.    This   tcii \   you can  mu
Home address, 25^,
Mining Property for saje.
In British Columbia.
Tinnitus lire Invin-il lot' the whole of llie
|.iii|.i'i iy, iiii'linliiii: C1..W11 (o.inii'il ehiii is,
null sue, t'y ini'le iicll, ( iipiic.ily I", lu.u '.uis
ilnlly), L111 inwisy 1 iissny tillleu, liilitiiiiltiry nml
i'nli.'.|iii|iiii' in, ut 'In' 'I' ul.1   1.ill 1   iti,l.|
Heels t'mu |,ii a y l.iuilletl,, i 1 unii* in I lie 1.11 tone I
tlis eii-i nt  tti.Msh i'i,I Inn;   liiiilutllng   thu
Amplu, W'liiUu,   Moiiiireh  nntl   Wullaml   ViiIb
mines   which   aru C.roiv'ii   griilllutl,   also   III.
Ntnill Slnv, (l.ilili'ii si I'lpu, thiiiltiu ICiiglo. Itnl.y
uiul jiinitin in .tii'inl   i-l.iini,    III I.I10 S11IIIU   (list
li.i. togulliQI' wilh a   mn sin in p mill, uiiiellillu
inn  lining   Inisincss  every
use of   US   you see lit.
:iviiigloii street. S.     Raphael,   ,
67 Etisl 129II1 si.,   New  York City.
■ .*
_} _) ffl ffi ffi ffl O
Trial bottle sent absolutely free on receipt of postal.
Do   not  delay.    Wtile  at  once,   addressing  DR.   TAI'T   11KOS' M KDICINE CO.,
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whole of the nlilive vvill hear looking Into  nml
Invosligatloti mul are an exceptionally Impor
or any of lhe aforesaid, purposes.
... ,  ,, .,,    , ,,     Dated this 3rd day of December, A.D. T902.
lain uiul vnliinhli!  group  ofeliiliii-   vvill)   lull -
workingeqiilpiueiil.   I'lilLparlleiilars mav  hu Cornwall & Rogers,
litul  on- niiplla'tllqn    to    Uigur    MIoomfltlM Solicitors for the Applicants,
bi'pililiitnr, I'. 0. Ilex 71-, Vmiftiiiviu' I! (.. ''
Subscribe for The "Prospector"
$100 per annum.
a-_E33Sr_E3_E^_A.XJ     l^CItlKOIirJLiTT
. Miners Supplies."—^^-
T.IT,IiOO___T, -bjo.
Branch Store at Bridge Biver where a
full stoek of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are oil hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C THE  PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B.C., FER. 14, 1903.
(The tallowing extracts Irom a letter re-
lic.ived from an old fellow-townsman, J.M.S.
;Kowbottom, may prove inleresling to many
gif our rentiers. It-wilt be remembered thai
our frientl recently left town on his faithful
but   feeble cayuse bound for Seattle,    lid.')
('oiitiniK-'il firm 11 l.-tsfc week.
We pti«lie<. on fiirtlteiiiiid soon
found ;i, l)i;itl»e nci-oss blm river.
While tleliheiiitiii"' which wity we
fslionltl f^o, we Kitw n, foiir-hoise
| te.'iin cumin"*along witihitlontl of
lnty. We Iniiled the driver antl
inquired onr whereabouts, lie
Kititl we werenli the mouth of lost
river, nnd nlioul. two inileH from
Robinson j ion .-office, nnd if we
liked l.o lide wil li him he would
tnke us theie. \Ve joyfully itccept-
etl Iuh invitiition uifd sooli niiiv-
etl nt Robinson where everyone
treitted um kintlly. We were both
broke nut I informed our host nntl
ei.il.ertainei'1. of the .net, but tlmt
did not diminish their hospitality. They told us we were the
lirst white men to invnde United
Stales territory tlown Lost River.
1 thoroughly enjoyed the comfortable bed that wns prepared
for me, nnd it will not surprise
yon to know tlmt 1 slept straight
on for nearly 24 hours.
Lb snowed henvily the next two
days, nnd my partner anxious to
see if he could get  the horses en-
giigetl  some men on promise of
pay to go with him nntl endeavor
to get them out.    Ile wns awny
five days but found it impossible
to get to where he supposed the
horses were. On the nextdny my
companion left on the  stnge for
Brewster und  1  wns left behind.
I dug a ditch for a mnn at Robinson, the proceeds ot whicli settled my board bill. 1 then obtained n, job with tt carpenter build-
it house, but not being first-rate
with the hammer mid saw I gave
the job up, us I was nfraitl of an
action   for innnslnughtei   if the
house should full ou its occupant.
Robinson  is the   distributing
point for the Shite Creek mines,
nntl here I met with it pucker, by
the name of I'ete  who proposed
tlmt I should travel with him ns
fnr its Rrewster nnd   gubherjip
his struggling animals. I joyfully
accepted   this offer.    To tlo  the
]>roper thing I felt it my duty to
dress up to the character, nntl
fortunately I secured a suit of
buckskins which fitted my figure
ns perfectly as if they  hnd been
mnde   for   me.   The jacket was
profusely ornamented with fringe
nnd   1 would hnve given something to add ti,  few bears' claws
to the outfit.   However witli the
help of a big revolver lent by Pete
which I strapped on  to my belt,
] cut n, very respectable figure. It
is now my   intention to let my
hair grow long again nntl its in
my  wnuderings  my   moustache
lind grown considerably lean now
posens n. very wild character.
Where   my future wanderings
will lend ine I know not, but—
"Where'er I   roam,  whatever
renhns I see
My heart nn travelled, fondly
turns to thee.
Still to old Ullooet turns, with
ceaseless pain,
And drugs at ench  remove a
lengthening chain.
JjlllbS tor Fall or Spring planting.
Seeds, Plants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009,  Westminster  Kontl,  Vancouver, B.C
wit ine 1.a unu oni v.
NOTICE is hereby-given that application
will In; made l > the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of liii tisli Columbia at ils next
session for an Ael to incorporate aCoinpaiiy
with power to lay out, construct, equip, operate by steam, electricity, or other motive
power, and main ain asineje or double trad*
standard or narrow j.;hiik- railway (a) from a
point from a point on the coast at or near
Burke Channel or lletitinck Ann, then l.y
way of the Bella ('oola . Kiver, Palmer s Trail and Black Water Kiver lo lhe fine
kiver I'ass or Vellowhead Puss, or l>u.h,
thence to the Easlei n boundary of the said
I'rovince, (b) ami from a point at or lienr
where the line ol lhe railway mentioned above inli i mi Is the t in- hundred ami Iw-n v
li:'ih meridian to a point near Burrard Iul i.
And wilh further power lo build, construct,
t'tpiip, maintain and operate as aforesaid
branch lines of the said Uailway not exceeding 150 miles in length; anil wiih power to
oiiihl and operate tramways in connection
therewith. And with power to construct,.e
(|iii|i, maintain ami operate aII necessary roads,
bridge.*., ways, terries, steamboats, wharves,
docks, elevators, warehouses, hotels, depots
and dial bunker-.. Antl with power to build,
own, itplip, operate and maintain telegraph
and telephone lines in cdlllleCti',11 with lhe
said railway or ils branches, uud toe instruct,
.ipiip, maintain antl operate branch lines in
connection with said telegraph and telephone
lints. And with power to carry on a general
transportation business. Ami to build and
operate all kind* of plant for lhe purpose ol
supplying light, heal, i Iccli'iCUy, tu anv kind
ol nioiive p iwer. Anil lo nctpjire lauds, bonuses, privileges, or oilier .tills IVoni any (lov
eminent, Municipalities, persons, or oili i
botlies corporate. And wiih power lo earn
on a general Express basin, ss; ami to prouuHe
companies; antl to make trail ie, or olhei arrangements with Kail way, sl.anib.-it or oth r
companies. Anil with power lo Construct,
uctjiiire, operate ami dispose ol smelters, induction, refining, concentrating or other works
for the handling and treatment if ores, and
to acquire, operate and dispose of cal land*;
ami with power 10 expropriate lands for the
purposes of lhe Conipany; and lo tak ; such
powers as are given to Co i panics under
Part 4.01 (lie "Water Clauses Consolidation
Act, 1897,"
And with power to levy and collect lolls
from all persons using, aiul on all freight
passing over any such railways, tramways,
wharves or vessels owned or operated by the
Conip ity. And with power to build wagon
roads lo be used iu the construction of Ihe
saitl railway, and in advance of the same, and
to levy and collect tolls fr all persons using,
and on all freight passing over any such roads
built for the Company, vvhefl|ier before or
after the construction of tne Railway. Ami
with power to sell out its undertaking, and to
purchase the undertaking of any ol|ier company, and with all other usual, necessary or
incidental rights, powers or privileges asniay
be necessary or conducive to the above objects
or any of them,
DATED at   Victoria,   B.C.,  this  second
day of December, A.I)., 1902.
Solicitors for the applicants
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
1. Its Fraser River Placers.
As far back as the year 18*38, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beef
bar, near tbe town of Lillooet. The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
tbe present time,
A company is now working a gold dredger on tbe Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $.3oU,0l)0, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of ullooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
andeuson lake and bridge river mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of  territory tbat remain  unprospected.
3-Ji-lFlshmg ajndJHuntmg GroLmds--^:3^
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts of tbe globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here.    Mountain  sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound.    Anglers find tbe lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
In tbe dry belt, and at an altitude tbat renders tbe seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in tbe gardens of the town 1
Nearest Kail-way towns are ashoroft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railwat,
Prospector" Club Offers,
Manitoba FreePress and Prospector for $ 1.50
The Manitoba I'ree Press with its weekly Supplement gives iH pages of reading matter every week. In addition to this, 22 admirable
painting reproductions will be given. For |i.50 we will have the Free l'ress, the 22 pnintings and The Prospector sent lo you for
one year,
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, 2 Premium
paintings, and The PRospectOR, Club Rate: $1.50.
The two beautiful pictures  "PURITV" and "ALON'E" which are to be presented wilh the Family Herald are 2* x 28 inches  in
size, and are suitable for framing.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and d-Mriptlon may
quloklr ueertalu our opinion free whether an
nYentlon Is probably patentable. Comm-nlca-
"onsstrlotly confidential. Handbook on Paten
_______ O1.81* •gmcr-orsecu.inirjpatenu.
Patents1 taken through Mum. * Co. recelt
lecial notice, without charge, in the
Scientific flm.rican.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. J.srgest clr
dilation of any scientific Journal. Terms, IS a
K_-_.-.r_. °ntbs,»_ Sold by all newsdealers.
Branch Offloe, (
38,BM**b*> New York
ngton, D. C.   .
^ ^ ^
7f\ /f*s 7l\
The Weekly Witness price $1.00
The World Wide  1.00
.Northern Messenger 30
The Prospector 1.00
Total value 3.30
Doe, "36 F BU Washington. I
Dt___T" Special. We were successful in our last club offer, and will now make a
special rate.    We will send }Tou  all the above papers viz: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, worlo wioe, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for $3.oo. THE   PROSPEOTO!., LILLOOET, B.C., FEB. 14, 1903.
&» -_f» >_<->A. >jii. ■_« _*_*».*-. >i-i>T.*. >_f. _*_"«___.
3\ JTv SR Jf^^/^TlR *Sf_5f? .^^. ***¥** ***f\
5    LOCAL   NEWS.       &
Tlieytmiio' folks of the town
jirc l»'«sy <•.' iMi.ing' St. Valentine's Day    .day.
lien lent ber the meeting' in Snn-
tiui'i- Hitll .-it 4 o'clock this afternoon.
A.W.Sinitli, M.P.P. left for Vic
toria Inst Sunday mon ing*.
I). Santiiii is visitiiij)- lii.s dnngli-
ter at the ( oas<.
ItomlSuperinteiiiieiit iVlcJ)oiiald
is tin n, visit to (.linton.
R. Hoey passed through town
• liis week with n, herd of cattle
for the Cole Ranch.
The many friends of Dr. and
Mrs. Sanson are sorry to hear of
the death of their irfnnt child.
Paul Santini,
carries a  full slock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Goods,
Pools and Shoes, Hardware &c
Nol Nol Nol Nol
This word Is used four times by
Prof. W. Hodgson Ellis, Official
Analyst to the Dominion Government, in reporting the result of his
analyses of Sunlight Soap.
"No unsaponified fat"; that means
no waste.
"No free alkali"; that means no
damage to clothes or hands.
" No loading mixture "; that means
every atom is pure soap.
"No adulteration whatever"; that
means pure ingredients.
Try Sunlight Soap—Octagon Bar—
and you will see Prof. Ellis is right
He should know. 202
General Hardware,
Picks and Shovels,
Axes, Hoes it Hakes,
Bar Iron, .Drill Steel,
Oils, Paints, Sic.
Divine Service will be held al
iYMjillivray's Half-Way House
t.n .'iinday at 3 p.m.. In Mr.
"A'right's absence from town. Dr.
Sibree Clarke will conduct, the evening service in the Methodist
Church. The moruihg service
will be withdrawn.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectan
So tp Powder dusted in the bath, soften:
the water and disinfects. 3.
The Lillooet salmon hatchery
having been completed the contra :lor gave a general invitation
t(. old and young to a "house-
warming" Inst Tuesday evening.
A big crowd accepted the invitation.
A general scarcity of hay in
this section is reported.
Mr. W. V. All IV lir.'s to notify liis
friends an.l customers ihat the l'ioneer Unlet will continue mul. r his management mul
direction until further notire, Mr, Mini assures his frirntls ami the travelling pitlili.
gclicrally that the best of care antl attention
will he l.t stowed on ali l.o patronize tin I
l'ioneer Hotel.
\\.   .     ..I.I.KX,
Lillooet, limitary, loo.t-
Mrs. Uren is visiting Mrs. (Dr.)
Sanson at Clinton.
The Veu.   Archdeacon   Small
will conduct Divine Service next
Siindny evening at 7.3o in St.
Mary's Church.
M.R. Englesoii returned Inst
Saturday from his visit to Ashcroft.
The School it). Pavilion mountain will open next Monday with
Mr. Temple from the Coast in
Mr. Gregory Junr. of Clinton,
is a guest at the v ictoria.
or lady in OHtill county to IMM1-K6 IiiinIikihk ior
anoltlfslittilislit'tl house of soll'l lliinnri-.lst~.tnl-
ing. A strniKlit, bona fide cash -alary ut $1H,00
paid by cheek each WctineHtlay with all ex pen-
Mi dlreul from headquarters. Money advanced for expenses.
Manager, ;.10 Caxton Ruildlng, Cliicngo.
NOTICE Is hereby given, in accordance wilh
the Statute*, that Provincial revenue tax, and
all assessetl taxes and income lax, asses, ed and
levied under the Assessment Act  and amend
meiits, are now due  and payable for Ihe year
_.<».   AU taxes eolleetible for ihe I.Hlotiel Assessment Dlstriel are >lue and payable at my office, situate at I.iiiooet.   This notice, in terms
of law, Is equivalent to a personal demand by
me upon all persons liable for taxes.
Dated at Lillooet, _i)rd January, 1803.
Caspar Phair,
Assessor and Collector
Lillooet Assessment District
Ullooet Post Oflice.
NO TIC' IC is hereby given that nn applic-
atioii will lie made hy the Camilla Central
Railway Company lo ihe 1'arlinmenl of Canada at the next session thereof for an Act
giving the said Company power to construct
ami operate the I..Ii.m:iik lines from or in
connection with the main line of the Said
1- From st nie p inl at r 1 cm
Su llnny in the Province of Ontario lo a pnii
it or mar Scotia Junction; thence s iiul erlj
|iu point at or near Halsmit or Sturgeon
Lakes i.i the townships of I.QxIey, Veriilain
or Ken-Ion, continuing southerly 10 the <it_\
ul Toronto.
2-- From some point tin the
main line in the Dis'.iat of Kcewalin or 11
I).strict of Sackatchewu 1, . . ■ it < hurchill
on 11 nils.ui's May.
5 - A 1 oiitiiutation ol Us 11 tin
line from 'leis Juan Cache ly way 1 tlie
The rhompson nntl h'ta'se K :i valleys lo
Vancouver, or New Westminster,
4-- From .-.ii.. point 011 the
Thompson Kiv_i or » in of its trihtilaries to
Wadtliiigton liar!., r or Mute Inlet.
5-- From a point near the old
site of Fort Assiniboia to some point on the
Peace Kiver ami westerly to the Portland
Canal on the Pacific.
6, (.'rom some point on the main
line of saitl Railway at 01 mar the Montreal
Kiver in the Province of Ontario easterly to
some point on the (Jatineau Kiver in the
Province ot Qneliec.
Ani lo exercise with • 1 gnYd to
such lines all the powers ami privileges ;mv-
en to the said Company hy its Act of Incorporation.
DATED at Toronto this 10th day of
January, 1903.
Johnson & Falcon Iiridge.
Solicitors for the applicant.
Pacific Ry.
Trains depart as follows:
K.islliiiiind 1 j 14 Westlioiintl   2.40
I \ I'T'ON
F.asthonnd 20.57 Weslboiihtl   5.31
To St Paul-Daily
Toronto-Monday & Friday
Montreal & Boston-Wed.
N-W8 from all the world—WVll-written
original stories—Answers 10 queriee—
Articles on Health, the Home, New
Hooks, nntl oil Work alioiit the Farm
and Garden.
The WFKKY Inter-Ocean
Is a member of the Associated Press
the only Western Newspaper re "eiv-
ing the entire telegn phic news service of the New Yoik Sun, and special cable o( the New York Worltl—
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout the country.
Subscribe tor The WEEKLY
INTER-OCEAN (One Dollar)
BOTH FOR $1.25.
Subscribe for
The Prospector
* * * Pioneer
Lillooet, B. C.^m^^ H /Vf A1
W. F. Allen, Proprietor.
First-Class Hotel in every respect.      Accomodation
for Eighty Guests.   Large Annex comfortably furnished.    Sample Rooms for Commercials.
All   guests   receive   every  attention.
>&^—^>H. C. PARKER, - Lilllooet, B.C.-<_^______Jfj
    ..... I
Having purchased the stock oi
R.J. Atkins, we are now addingj
to it and prepared to fill all orders^
Repair Shop in connection with Store, where your ever\|
want will he supplied.   A complete iMutnhingOutfiton hand
MAKK VOUHdWh WKI *A 11* W. Knajiki.i.kd Knohs, Ktir C.ffce antl Teh I'ots.;
anil Other (looking I'i-iikMk.   I'.lrefi rents e.ieh, while they lii-t.
Elegant Equipment
Lowest Rates
♦ft Steamships from >K
Vancouver to
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton <~_ Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
All points in ('arihoo:      -   -    Mondays.
1.50Mile House : Mondays Si Fridays [semi-weekly service.J
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
^»   Special conveyances furnished.    Send   for  folders   ^j
Lowest    kales   mil   !:.-i    -'.ire- To an.l
I'Vuin   All     I Nil Ills.      I'or      ::;l      Illl'ol'IIMtifill
iiul Purlieu larsc.i 11 u'n or...;.'i.-..s miy <'. I'. R.
I'icket   \;;. 1 t or
K   .1. COYI.K,
A. ti. V   A.,
Viuieiuiver, It. (..
Kepiil.'H   neatly   uxtX'-iitml     Hhi-duks   .mule
nml repHlf-tl.
5 Pioneer Drug Store, £
lillooet, - - - B. t.
^^B      LETTER ORUtRS.     t
{***_* m __|_^^H_^__|_______K   .
Thr Andkrsun I.akk Mining ami Milling
company, Limitkd.
The A11 ii it it 1 general iiiecting of IlinSliare-
liotdera of the niiovt! Company will be, held at
the Head ofltce of the Company at I.iiiooet, B.C
tin Haturday, ihe Mill dHy of February, 190*1, at
ihe hour of 7,:„l in the evening, for the purpose
of receiving the lllreetors' repnrtand Blatenient
nf iiiftime nml expenditure for the ptiKt yeiir.
Dated at Mllntiet, this lUtll day of .litMiiiiry,
Head our special
offer 011 the
third page.
The new singe line leaves Lytton every Monday and
Friday for I.iiiooet, returning next day. Special trips
made.    Write us for information.
Peter liehagl.iati A Co., Lytton   H. C.
McCOSH is your nearest TAILOR.
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS MttCOail, Men-limit Tailor, A-herof!, K. C
Vancouver, I..C.
ttstahlished, 181K).
Assay work of nil fle~crijilioiis undertaken. Tests inntle up lo .?ooollis. A specialty
iiiiule of checking smelter pulps. Samples from the Interior liy Mail or Expr.ss
promptly qttt ntletl to.    C o r r e s po n tl e ll c e   solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and hest stock in B.C.,
including: Bar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents For VALENTIN..***.  High Grade CARUIAGE VARNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.


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