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The Prospector Sep 8, 1899

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'■ ■
Vol. 2 No. 9.
$2.00 a year.
Another Attempt to be  Hade to Extract the
Wealth of the Fraser.
Passing through Lytton the other day
we had the pleasure of an interview with
Mr. .lames Draghan, who is now actively
engaged in ihe preliminary work for the
great dredger about to be constructed at
the mouth of the Thompson river. Tnat
this huge manipulator of auriferous
gravel will he constructed on lines vastly
different fiom dred-ges hitherto operated
in B. C, can well be understood after
the .quint we have'had at the plans
thereof, and the lucid manner in which
the constructor explained each minute
detail of tiie vessel. She will be 110 feet
in length, with about 32 feet beam,drawing 3 feet of water, and being equipped
with 32 immense steel buckets will be
able to sift about 900 square feet of
gravel on a 24 hour run. Some of the
castings on the dredger wilt weigh about
8 tons' each, she will carry a couple of
huge boilers, and haying the most powerful machinery obtainable for a craft of
this stamp, the Gobbledick Company
ought certainly to make a succesj of
fieir initial attempt at mining on the
old Fraser. If such should prove to be
tlte caie, Mr. Draghan informs us that
his company will immediately commence the construction of a couple more
vessels of the same stamp. .t present
he has a force of 12 men, which will be
increased to 20 in a few days. The
vessel will be ready for launching in
ab.ut 5 months' time, when the will
give employment to a dozen men.   It is
_ the intention of the Cobbledick Company
to operate on the right bank ol the river
for a distanco of 25 miles from Lytton
._ up stream.
That a firm of this description should
receive every encouragement and assistance from mining men in ail parts.of
this district, goes without saying. It
brings foreign capital to their doors,
affords remunerative employment to a
large number of men, directly and in
directly, and, above all, will help to
demonstrate to the outside world that
there is gold in paying quantities all
along the Fraser, from Yale to its very
source, and that the Atlin and Klonkik*
regions—rich though they may be—are
not the only mining districts where a
judicious expenditure of capital will
yield profitable returns.
In Lytton there lives a moon-eyed con
of the F owery Kingdom who seems to
have a narrow-minded vie v of the busi-
n«    principles of that thriving  little
town.   We took a stroll on the outskirts
of said town a couple of days, ago, when
this smooth disciple of Oonfucus made
our acquaintance in the most bland and
affable manner possible.    After finding
out all our business, and  incidentally
learning that we did not belong to tbe
capitalistic family, but merely a poor
pilgrim like himself, he kindly volunteered the information that Lytton was
noplace for men of our financial standing but  merely a recreative spot for
ie_itlemen  of  means—that  tbey, and
they alone, were the sole contributors to
t><e exchequer of Lytton.    Asking him
for an explanation, he informed us that
the currency of the town was obtained
through'the agency of the hotels, the
proprietors thereof obtaining their cash
in the following manner: "Poor man
come Lytton, him walk, clothes no very
good, him pay two blits ope meal. Mice
man come, him lide lailroad, hap dollar.
Belly nice man come, him lide stage,
Blix bittee. Big man come, lidem buggy,
one dollar. Belly good all same. Hotel
man catchem heap money; Lytton belly
good town." This information scared
us somewhat, as Silverthorn—the Kt
one—had spotted us getting off the t'ain
the previous night, and there was a
possibility of having to meet the "lailroad" charges. But this Chinaman was
a humbug. We got the best meal we
ever did get, at Lytton, for 25 cents,
ant was not looked upon as a poor man
either. Then we get high-toned and
boarded the Lvtton-Li 1 looet stage, in
charge of one of the best drivers on the
coast—Billy Cameron—and had a grand
ride of 45 miles into Lillooet, ov^r a
first-class road, but nowhere did we
encounter the hold-up sy tern spoken of
by my Mongolian acquaintance.
Next Big Fight.
New York, Sept. 2.—Jim 'Jeffries and
Tom Hkarkey of Dundalk, Ireland, will
fight for the heavy weight championship
of the world at Coney Island Sporting
club on October 23rd. This was decided
yesterday at a meeting of their managers
Only two hide were received for the contest. The Coney Island club offered M%
per cent of the gate receipt*) with a guarantee of $30,000, and deposited a certified
check for $2,500 as a forfeit.
The world's record for 100 miles on Ja
wheel was lowered by Bourger, a Belgian, at Paris on Aug. 8th last, doing
the distance in 3 hours, 7 minutes, 47
seconds.   .   ___   •   ______•
Richardson & Glenn have finished the
assessment work on the Mabel fraction
adjoining the Bend 'Or mines, and will
probably come to town shortly for a few
weeks' stay. The Alhambra claim, ad
joining the Lorne, owned bo these men,
is locking exceptionally well. The ledge
has been stripped for a considerable distance by ground sluicing.
The Canadian Pacific railway have
made very reasonable rates for people
going to the New Westminster annual
fair which will be held first week in October. The return fare from Lytton is
$6.90, and from Ashcroft $8.30. The fare
is less than tbe usual single and no doubt
a large number from the upper country
will take advantage, of the cheap rate to
make a trip to the coast and to take in
the celebration held during fair week.
Returnt available show that the customs revenue of Canada for August
reached what is said to be the highest
figures ever collected in one month in
tbe history of the dominion. The amount
is $2,631,870, which is $512,672 more than
for August last year. Last month there
was shown a decrease from July, 1898,
on account of an abnormal rush into
Canada then of German and Belgian
goods to catoh the 35 per cent preference which existed but for a single
month. Thia month's gain, however,
more than balances up the deficiency.
Rev. Father Marchall came in on Mondays stage and is visiting his people in
this section. '
Wm. Cameron made a trip from Lytton to Litlobet Thursday and returned
to Lytton next day.
R. A. Hume arrived in town Thursday
evening from New Westminster and will
be connected with The Prospector.
Dan Fraser spent Thureday on Oa-
voosh creek and brought home a fine let
of fish as a result of the trip.    ■-
Arthur Stevenson, road superintend
ent, was at the slide Thursday watching
the progress of the work on the Lytton
Word received from Vancouver says
that Maggie McDonald who went there
a few weeks ago for medical treatment
has improving considerable.
Chinamen are preparing to sluice the
baron the river below Santini's ranch.
They have built a dam and secure the
waste water from town to work their
Lilleoet people are warm supporters
of Capt. Dreyfits, and anxiously watch
the proceedings of hie trial. An anti-
Dreyfus man comes to town occasionally
and is always called down.
Col. Rives may possibly leave for San
Francisco shortly on a bu iness trip in
connection with the company he is
representing, and on his return the
work will be resumed on a larger scale.
E. O. Delong will leave for Bridge
river tomorrow with a load of supplies
for th. Sucker creek.hotel. The lumber
for the scow to be built at this point is
nearly all cut and the ferry will be put
in at once. ■___:
Rev. J. E. Gardner and Mrs. Gardner
will leave for Pavilion mountain tomorrow. Mr. Gardner will hold services
there Sunday morning and return to
Lillooet the same afternoon to hold the
evening service here.
The Fountain Hydraulic Company are
washing away at their property nine
miles from Lillooet, and doing very well.
Last week a partial cleanup of the preliminary run was made which satisfied
Mr. Southard as to the gravel he is now
Reports from the Lorne arrastra are
still good and although information of
the last couple cleanups are not available, the chances are the cleanups are
keeping up to the average.- About six
men are at work taking out ore and put-
ing it through the arrastra.
John Dunlop went up to  Tyauchton
this week to visit his branch store there.
The dredger across the river from town
is working away and putting through
quite a lot of gravel every day. Tbedip-
per works first rate and With no leakage
and although tbe water is a little high at
present a good cleanup is expected. Mr.
Amess has half a dozen men at work on
the dredge.
The steamer Minnehaha is making
regular trips up Seaton lake, with Oapt.
Kinder in charge.
The infant child of John Olesen's,
which is being taken care of by Mrs. De
Shields has been very ill the past few-
days and this morning was very low.
E. J. Taylor is  doing work on  the
Wood Chuck mineral claim on Cadwal
lacier creek, in which he is interested
He has recently uncovered another fine
looking ledge on the property.
The Ashcroft Fair will be held on
September 27th, 28th and 29th, and
promises to excel anything heretofore
held in that town. The Lillooet baseball
team will play a return match with Ashcroft during the fair week.
Rod Atkin and Arthur Phair spent
Wednesday night and part of Thursday
morning on the mountain behind town.
They went out with the intention of
shooting anything they came a.roes, but
not wishing to loose sight of town failed
to secure any game. On their way home
tbey made a dicker with an Indian for
a few grouse.
Constable Burns returned to town last
Friday evening from his trip to Hat
Creek and Ashcroft, in :ea..h of Jimmy
Raines, who supplied liquor to Indians
here a couple of weeks ago. Raines
avoided the constable by taking the moun
tains, and it is now supposed he is at one
of the cattle ranges behind Hat Creek.
The law is mighty and oftentimes waits
several weeks before it works on some
of the offenders.
In Favor of Dreyfus.
General Mescier's attitude during tbe
last few days has mystified his followers
in the Dreyfus case. He is extremely
clever and the general feeling is that he
is preparing something, the existence of
which will be revealed in a few days.
It is now accepted beyond question
that there is a serious division of opinion
on the part of the generals. . While the
case was running smoothly against Capt.
Dreyfus they all pulled together, but
since the tide of evidence has begun to
turn in his favor, as was notably in the
case during the testimony of Capt. Frey-
eteeter and Col. Cordier, which proved
much more damaging to the general staff
than the latter anticipated, certain dividing lines have become manifest between the various cliques. Gen. Rogst,
Major Lauth, Captain Cuignet and M.
Gribeliu, the principal keeper of the archives of the war ofnce,J.form one coterie;
Gen. Mercier and Gen. Gonse form
another, and Gen. Billet and Gen. de
Boisdeffre a third.
Tbe Dreyfusards express confidence
that their artillery witnesses, Maj.
Hartman and Maj. Ducross, will effectually satisfy the judges that Dreyfus was
ignorant of the matters mentioned in
the bordereau, as an artillery officer
would not have been guilty Of stating
the errors which it contained.
A Lillooet Crank Airs His Views on This
Editor Prospector,—Sir: The proper
observance of the Sabbath Day is much
to be des led. No blessing will attend
either an individual or community which
desercrates the Lords holy day. It is
with feelings of deep pain that I have
noticed on the last few Sabbaths that
certain of our young men instead of
obeying the melodious call to worship of
ttie church going bell, assemble on the
Main street and practise baseball. I am
not opposed to baseball or any athleti.
game in itself. At proper times and
provided riotous and unseemly conduct
is not Indulged in, such games are both
healthful and improving. It is a sad
fact however, that the devotees of these
games are apt to indulge to an undue extent in intoxicating liquors, and the language heard on tbe field is sometimes
enough to make ones hair stand on end.
Our esteemed member last session introduced an act, making it an offence to
play cards in any saloon or hotel for
money or checks. All right thinking men
should second bis efforts. The practice
of playing cards for drinks is especially
mischievous and prevails here to an
alarming extent. Such practices not
only stimulate the.taste .for .gambling,
but also cause people to indulge in that
curse of mankind, strong drink.
In conclusion, Mir. Editor, let me hope
that before long that it can with truth be
said each and all of these misguided
young men, in tbe words of the poet:
"At Church with meek and unaffected
His looks adorn the venerable place."
I am, Mr. Editor, yours truly,
Lillooet, Sept. 8th, 1899.
The Transvaal.
Pretoria, Aug. 31.—The entire correspondence between the Imperial and
Transvaal government was read in open
session to-day and President Kruger
asked the raad to meet secretly to-night
lor tbe purpose of considering.a reply.
President Kruger claimed that in the
convention of 1851 the suzerainty of
Great Britain was distinctly stated, but
he added that there was no mention of
it in the convention of 1884. He denied
that the government had excluded tho
British from politcal rights.
London September 1.—The situation
in South Africa has become rather complicated. The strong feeling of the
Dutch elements in the Oape Colony has
evidently ^influenced the secretary of
state for the Colonies, Hon. Joseph
Chamberlain, to do everything possible
to aviid a rupture and explains tbe
further endeavor for a conference at
Capetown to arrange for the constitution
of an arbitration court to deal with tbe
question of suzerainty, which, rather
than the franchise, now takes a place in
tbe controversy.
The American Bicyclo Company has
completed its organization, issuing $40,-
000,000 stock. It buys up all the old
bicycle firms in the states.
Col. Hector McDonald, the Omdurman hero, bas been urgently summoned
to report at the war office. He expects
-to go to Cape Colony immediately. o
Published _very Friday.
■UBSCR-IT-ON 12.00
Paya bl. in advance.
RIC. A. FRASER, Editor and Proprietor.
The portfolio of lands and work,
should be held by an interior member
of the legislature. The minister in
charge now haa all he .'an attend to looking after the finance department and hi
own troubles. An interior number could
till the office to advantage and as to the
work on roads trails he could have a better idea what should be done. The in-
interior members should get in and declare for their rights, and one is that the
lands and works be given to the up
The Bridge River trail above Mow-
son's has been improved some. The
road gang have built a trail around the
mountain, making the distance shorter
and easier for travel. The old trail went
up over the mountain wifh nnnierou.
switchbacks and the hard climb will now
be avoided. There are several other
places along the route which could stand
'a little improvement.
The majority ot the newspapers of the
province are harping considerable about
the political affairs of the province and
the reports published are disgusting.
Fake stories and interviews are bein^
continually published about the Semlin
government and its members without
the slightest foundation. Notwithstanding all the abuse the party seems to bt
sticking together.
The provincial mineralogist and his
assistants have been for some time making a collection of the ores of the province for the Paris Exposition. It is
hoped he will not forget about the Lillooet district, as he may be able to get
some exhibits which will he * credit to
the province.
Kruger and the Jews.
The Tramvaal Volksraad has been
considering the abolition of teligious
disabilities. In this connection the London Letter asserts that in a conversation
with Mr. Sam Marks of Prelo.ia, President Kruger reeuai ked; " It is true yon
Jewish people have no country of vour
own, but you are very dear to me, for
does not the Bible bristle with incidents
of the greatness of Israel? Why, we a?
Christians owe everything to the Jews.
But," he added, u where can you find in
the Bible, in the Old or New Testament
any referente to Englishmen?"
The Texas court of appeal has affirmed
a decision giving 10 a husband the right
to enjoin any third petson from speaking to, writing to or in any way communicating wilh his wife, whenever
such act shall prejudicial to said husband. This gives him absolute control
of his m.the-in-law, although the decision was rendered at the instance of a
jealous husband.
A Parisian flaneur relates that the foi
lowing conversation took place in an
emigration office. The father of the
family presents himself, and asks for
tickets: "How many are jou?" aska
the agent. "Three—1, my wife, and my
child." "Good; your age, your profession?" "T.iirty years, carpenter; my
wife, twenty-four, needlewoman." "The
boy?" asks theagent. "Seven months."
" Mis profession?" Tl . father. eyes
firmed Gothic arches on hia forehead.
"His profession, I say," repeated tne
agent, aangrily, V we "jhave no time to
lose." The father reflects and at last
replies," Milkman."
Reports of the Output Made to the Washington
A special report on platinum in British
Columbia was asked by Washington
from United States Consul Dudley at
Vancouver, and the report, recently published, follows:
Consul Dudley writes: "Upon receipt of the department's instruction, I
addressed a letter to the honorable commissioner of mines for this province, and
e sent me a statement of the output of
platinum since 1888. I have made diligent enquiry from other sources and
learn that it is generally belitved that
there are considerable deposits of platinum at several points in this province,
especially in the Similkameen division
of the Yale district. I am told that large
quantities of platinum have been found
in the eastern portion of British Columbia, between Calgary, on the line of the
Canadian Pacific railway, ai.d Edmonton in the North »est Territory.
" I do not learn that platinum hat
been discovered to any extent in the valley of the Fraser river.
" One of the best mining engineers
here said to me that platinum, osmium,
and associated minerals were found wherever there were placer depo9iis of gold.
This gentleman also stated as his opinion
that there was a considerable quantity
of platinum and associated minerals in
the placer mining districts in Alaska and
the British Nmhwest Territory. He be-
lieveB that much platinum is thrown
away by the miners in the placer districts, for the reason that the miners
working for gold do not recognize the
olher mineral of almost equal value.
Considerable search it now being made
for platinum by men of experience.
The deposits on the Fraser river, near
Lillooet and the Thompson river have
not yet yielded largely; but the belief is
general here that good amounts may be
obtained if proper efforts for its production is made.
Output of platinum from 1888 to 1897,
amounted to $35,650. Most of this comes
from the Similkameen division of Yale
Soo Pacific Line
Days Across the
Continent by the
The fastest and best equipped
train   crossing   the
Trains leaving the Pacific
coast Tuesday, Thursdays and
Saturdays connect at Fort
William with the palatial
lake steamers " Manitoba,"
"Alberta " and " Athabasca"
_erdss the great lakes.
For full information as to time, rates, elf.
«t_so copies Of Canadian  Pacific Ky., publications apply to any agent 0, P. K., or to
ft. J. COYLE,
°    : Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver, B. C.
nixed at Home.
A young married couple who recently
went to house-keeping on Olybourn
avenue had just enough money to buy
the necessary furniture. They had not
sufficient cash to invest in mottoes and
pictures. The young wife is handy with
a brush, but has considerable yet to
learn in books. She made an effort to
supply the deficiency in mottoes for the
wall by working at odd times on plain
cardboard with watercolors. Here are
some of the mottoes that now adorn the
Clybeuru avenue home:
" A Btitch in Time is the Noble.f Work
of God."
" What is Home without a Fool and
Hi. Mother?"
"People who Live in Glass Houses
Flock Together."
" BirdB of a Feather Gather No Moss."
" Honesty Is the Thief of Time."
" He Who Fights and Runs Away (Jets
the Worm.'"—Chicago Inter-Oce.tn.
She had been railing at men, and telling why women should have the management of affairs, when the little woman* 4n the corner, suggested, casually:
" You can always tell what kind of a
husband » woman has . by the opinion
•be expresses of men, in genera), can't
you?" And the one wbo had been doing
the talking before, was so mad that she
spluttered when she tried to speak.
Jhmes Guerin, an old-timer,'died September 1st'iwthe ProV-h-fcil Oitt Man's
Home; Heu'wtell 71 years of ;age. -He
came to Gari boo in I8&1 /and had liVed
near Kamtoops since 1878. ;He" w_s a
native of New Jersey and owned a ranch
close to Kamloops.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
R.F.Anderson &C-
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils  and Varnishes,
Stoves, Enameled Iron
and Tinware.
Mi ers Steel, Picks, Shovels, etc.
aud Kussel Wire Fencing.
Wire Cable
Our Speclultlet*:
;k-_-_>£loo_?s7 __ c.
Post Office:§tor&;"I*
Book, jStationer.Y, $paps,. . j •'•
JPaticY GoodSj ^o^accor,;;etj.;
GATOIES, Mwij 'W^.t
W. F. Allen  Proprietor.
7«\     7*\
?k   ?*\
-k   •&
irst Class Hotel in every respect.     Accommodation
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably fur-
nisheti.      ommercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Large sample room.
* >K  * >K
^      ^      ^
7V\     7t\     7& ■■-"             	
__e_-_cit._rte__ lor the B.
C-  Expre.-.a Htugeg.
Hotel Victoria,
LILLOOET, _B_ C_        :
Thia hotel being new and thoroughly finished throughout Jis the only firs,
class hotel in Lillooet. Persons calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Headquarters lor the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
0    ©    ©    ©   *    ©     CHAHOES    MODERATE.      ©    ©    ©    ©    ©    0
2D. _ei__a__.s_-_-Ea  _?_ao_?.
LILLOOET, - - _ _
The Bar is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
As soon as the Lillooet-Lytton roAd is completed we will run a through stage
from Lytton to Lillooet. At present we have rigs at both ends of the road which
will take you a. far as possible, and we supply saddle horses for tjie rent of the
trip.   By starting from Lytton oyer twenty miles is faved when going toLilloott.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
Lytton and Lillooet, B C
Flour Milling Produce and
General Merchandise.
• ,  PAVILIOISr,'-3.a    '    :■■ -
K   • Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates* _■
<_.   <*   <v   a-_n_sr_23_a_\.__ stobSi. ~<*n '***'* fa
P<>.8t.Office and Telegraph Office in connection.    Freight leWtnB piyin'goiice a
week between Lillooet aud Ashcroft.'
CUMMING. Agent, Lillobet Bt C.
Storage &■",_^r\yarditig■■$$&
,,,'«•' poritiigp your goods .pour-care.-- We settle railway charges and-forward to
destination without delay'. ' Coriespoiidei-ce Eolicited1.     ■ ? *W.Bi -'BAILEY &Co THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. 0., FRIDA.Y, SEPTEMBER 8, 1899.
This nan Live, in Buffalo.
' You people here in Chicago talk a
jfood bit about high buildings" remftrk-
«d the man from Buffalo in the lobby of
[the Aodi-O'ium tli* other day,  "and I
| don't cay you haven't got cause.   But if
you *think   you've really got a regular
' eky-acraping, cloud-tirkling erection here
, beside that lake, you' e mistaken.     He
< .topped  and  puffed   hurriedly  at  his
"Talking of high buildings, now, have
any of you gentlemen ever seen the Jupiter building in Buffalo?" Nobody had
and the speaker went on. " Well, thats
a high building as is a high building;
thirty-seven storie?, gentleman, and a
" How high's the tower?" asked a listener.
" I can't tell you that sir.- The fact is,
it hasn't even been measured; they tried
t» me.tBute it once, but the fellow that
had the joH got dizzy and had to be carried down on the ninety-eight elevator.
After that they gave it up. But the fact
is that you can't stand on the street
across from the building and see the top
of the tower."
The man from Buffalo paused, as
though inviting criticism. Silence ensued and presently he continued:
"J ;ist before I left home last week
there was an accident in that building.
Yep, gentlemen, a man fell out out of
t'te forty-first story and "
"You said the building was only
thirly-seven stories high," protested one
of the audience.   Tie narrator glared.
" Forty-seven, I said; forty seven.
Weil, thia man—he was a bookkeeper—
was leaning out of the window one day-
end lost his balance and fell. We were
all horror struck; yes, gentlemen,
1 happened to be in the office at the'
moment. For a while none spoke. Then,
with rare pretence of mind, I rushed
across the room and turned in the fire
al.ircu on the telegraph call. Then I returned to (tie window and peered down.
The unfortunate man had fallen about a
quarter of the distance to the street below. Gentleman, I hope that I may
never have to undergo another five minutes like those! With bated breath we
leaned over the fills and watched the
man falling wit. terrible rap:dity. Only
one thing could same him! Gentlemen,
] trusted in the fire department, and I
trusted not in vain. The Buffalo fire department is probably the finest in the
world. Inside of three minutes after I
turned in the alarm I beard the sound of
gongs down the street. The falling man
was now, as near as I could j idge, somewhere about the nineteenth story."
The man from Buffalo panned and
•huddered at the recollection. The audience said nothing; there are occasions
when mere words are idle.
" Another minute," continued the
narrator, "and the engines and trucks
were at.hand. Luckily the firemen saw
at once what what waa needed, and
with lightning rapidity spread their life
nets.   The man was saved."
The audience arose as one man, and
with perfect u< annuity remarked:
41 Will you take somethii g?"
Westminster Exhibition.
In o.der to swell the influx of visitors
to this year, provincial fall fair, the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company
have geneiouslv agreed to convey all exhibits from Calgary west absolutely free
of freight charges, pr.vid.d the owner
thip of the exhibits is not changed, „nd
that they are returned immediately
after ihe show to the points from which
tUftrjvere originally shipped. Livestock
wilt be carried atone fare. The company
have also agreed to geatly reduce rates
of fair for visitors to the exhibition.
The rates of interest to Lillooet are from
Lritton to New Westminster and return
10.90, and from Ashcroft $8.39.
CARGILE HOUSE, ashcroft.
Is now under new management and has been thoroughly renovated. Culinar
department unsurpassed. The .Bar is stocked with choice liquors and cigars and
will be in charge of experienced men.   Every convenience for commercial men.
FRED H. NELSON, - - - Proprietor.
__v_:_e_=?-CI3:j_._n*t tailob.
--_-S__:c-Eao_PT, __. c:
Tweeds, Trouserings, Serges, Winter Goods, etc
Call and inspect our stock,
ng and cleaning a specialty.
Good workmanship and moderate charges.   Repair
Orders by mail or express punctually attended to.
MINERS' SUPPL1LS a specialty.
Tin Shop in connection.
A Good Business
A first-class salesman wanted to represent us in Lillooet, B. C. and vicinity for
the sale of hardy fruit trees, ornamental
trees and shrubs.
• Over 600 acres under cultivation. We
grow varieties of stock especially adapted to British Columbia, all stock accompanied by Government certificate of inspection, and guaranteed free from blemish of any kind. Write for terms to the
N.B,—We have other territories not
covered, applications solicited.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
LYTTON, - - B. C.
First-class in every respect,
Choice  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars. Sample
room   free.
1899 PROVINCIAL 1899
Under the auspices of
The Royal Agricultural & Industrial Society of B. C.
will be held at
New Westminster'
Groceries, Drygoods,
Confectionery, Tin
Goods, Flour, Fruit.
Butcher Shop in Connection.
October 3, 4, 5, 6.
$I5000-IN PRIZES-$I5000
A Round of Pleasure for Four
Whole Days.
Home Itacea.   Rlcycle I.<.ce_.
CI--.i-.piot. l.iicroHse.   Naval and
Military Sports.   Aquatics.   <_y__-«
I. lint in.   Baseball.   KootlM.ll
Bund Tournament
Magnificent Illuminations.
Grand Concert etch evening.
Special attraction at the New Westminster Opera House.
Monster Excursions from all points at
greatly reduced rates.
For special features see small hand*
No entrance fee charged for exhibits.
EXECOTIVK-His Worship Mayor Ovens, T
J. Trapp, W. J. Mathers, Geo. I>. Brymner, tl. F.
Anderson, Alderman J. F. Scott and Alderman
M. Sinclair.
For Prize Lists, Entry Forms, and full particulars, writ s to
Anthony & Robson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.
Business established 1 stKl.
General flerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGILLIVRAY    Proprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.  Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquar.er_.or stage.    Stable in connection.
Mainland Cigar
British Lion
President, Secretary.
W. H. KEARY, CommlM-oner.
i And be sure that each Cigar Is branded, other-
j wise they are not genuine.
j   They are.not only made of the Choicest To-
! bacco but are of home   manufacture,   and
'should be patronixed by all good citlsens.
i 138 Watw Street, VANCOUVER, B C.
.- - - T-HTE. - - -
and Contractors
Sole agents:
M. Batty & sons Dredging Machinery.
Contractors for the design and construction of complete stamp mills, concentration,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments
Peterboro Ont., and Vancouver, B. C.
J, M, Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bondeo
Vancouver B. C
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All points in Cariboo—Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and Friday.
Through and return tickets at reduced rate*.    Special conveyances furnish*!.
Head Office:   ASHCROFT, B. C.
N. de Kevser, *shcro"
Manufacturing Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Field and Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
All orders by mail and express promptly attended to. All work warranted or
money refunded. If your eyesight is defective call and have your eyes tested free
in tbe moat scientific way. Spectacles and eyeglasses sent on approval to responsible parties. Tell distance you can read the smallest newspaper print and
age.   We will guarantee satisfaction.   Repairing department a specialty.
Leland House
Corner of Hastings and Granville Street!.       VANCOUVER) B. d
wm. »_w___xx.3»oar, jprojp. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1899.
The fall assizes will be held at Clintor.
on Thursday, September 21st.
Joe Russell has been ill tbe past week
with inflamation of the lungs.
George Hurley made a couple trips to
the slide this week for passen gers.
James S. Bell returned from a weeks
trip to tbe coast citiej Monday evening.
W. Durban and J. McKivor left for
Bridge River the first of the week to
work on claims.
Mrs. II. Keary and two sons left town
Tuesday morning via Lytton for Victoria,
An operation will be performed on the
youngest boys eves.
Harry Brett left the first of the week
for Cadwallader with the Bridge river
T. J. Cole returned to bis ranch the
first of the week after a few days visit to
Ho Sing has taken over the boardinp
house at the Bend'Or mines from Arthur
F. Noel.    '__	
The Clinton races 5th and 6th of October will be all right. Be sure and be in
See the add of tbe Ashcroft fair in
this issue. The fair opens on Wednesday September 27th and will continue
for three days. Horse racing, athletic
sports, etc. have been arranged.
- Fair! -
Major P. Burnet left Saturday for
Quesnelle and will be engaged suivey-
ing in that section,
Last Monday was Labor Day and was
ebaerved throughout the province and
by The Prospector staff.
Paul Morrison left town Tuesday for
Ashcroft and will proceed to Nelson
where bis brothers now oeside.
A special B. X. stage arrived in town
Saturday evening with one of the numerous commercial men who visit this
Samuel Gibbf, J. 1'., and T. P. Reed
left last Saturday morning for Cadwallader to do assessment work on their
mineral claims.
D. Fraser of tbe Excel.ior bouse is
having the building on tbe back part of
his lot converted into a stable to accommodate the public.
H. C. Turner arrived in town Monday
evening via Lytton. He has recently
come from Atlin and will try his luck fn
the Lillooet district.
Some ea^h was contributed to tbe
treasury; last Saturday evening from the
Indians who imbibed too freely of booze
tbe previous Saturday.
" Billy " Abercrombie was in tbe vicinity of Pavilion for a coupl« davs this
week after cattle and tbe residents of
Lillooet were supplied with fresh meat.
Win.Eu and T. A. Brett left Tuesday
morning for McGillivray creek to do
assessment work and when finished
will go over the mountain to Oiulwalla-
der to work on tlttir claims near the
Lorne group. >.
Part of the fence in front of A. McDonald's residence was broken down
Morxfay evening. A horse tied toit was
frightened and while trying to get looFe
pulled it over. The fence fixed next
morning little thewor>efor the ac.ident.
Charles Noel who has been connected
with the boarding house at the Bend'Or
mines for several months arrived in town
last Saturday evening and will remain
sometime. He reports work as going on
steadily and everything looking first
rate. The mill is running without a
hitch and the cleanup will take place
about the 20tli of this month.
The rain has ceased and thtre has
! een fine weather for the past few days.
The predictions made by some of our
weather prophets have came true. They
were confident of having fine weather
and with persistent predictions brought
it around. .
Ne»- Fishery Inspector.
Mr. John McNab, wha has been inspector of fisheries of British Columbia
for many years, has resigned, and Mr.
Colin Buchanan Sword, ex-M. P. P. of
Matsqui, has been appointed as hie
successor, and will, it is .understood,
enter upon his du'ies at once.
•'There will be general satisfaction."
says the Columbian, "that Mr. McNab.
in retiring after many years' service in
the fisheries department, will b?ve so
worthv a successor in that important
office as Mr. C. B. Sword, than whom a
more fitting or generally approved appointment it would have been probably
impossible to make."
;    Pe-ilien.
R. A. W. Cumming have added to their
flour mill a plant for the manufacture o'
Graham flour and can now supply that
article to customers in ten pound bags.
W. Cumming of Lillooet will always
have a supply on band and the Lillooet
people who wish to have it will call
Gen. T. H. Stanton while in a reminiscent mood told this story to an Omaha
reporter: " One morning I got around
to the Army and Navy Club in Washington, and found none of the distinguished
members there. I felt a little loneh,
and, touching a bell, I summoned a
waiter. " Have any of the old drunkards
been here this morning? I asked. '"No,
sah; you'se de fnsi one,' he replied."
Tbe Paris correspondent of the London
Daily Mail Says In learns on excellent
authority, that Gen Mercier will be
prosecuted i.i connection witli the
Drevfus affair.
A.B.TB1N. COLL., P.BUN.   i
Lillooet. B. C
Notary Public, Accountant nnd
Mir-li-il   tiro Iter
Reports on Mining Properties.
A.. U-FFO-EtlD,
VANCOUVER, .,--.- B. C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for tine work. Leave your orders with
the postmaster who will have it attended to as
well as if you came ner.onally.
Wholesale    and     Retail   of   Iv-gli
and Heavy Harness.
Saddles, Vehicles, Saddlery Hardware, und
Harness Leather.
Quotations by mail forwarded on application.
412 HASTINGS ST., Vancouver, B.C.
Wednesday, September 27.I1,
And will continue for three days.
Come and visit the Fair. We
promise you it shall be
the best ever held
in Ashcroft.
Good prizes and good purses
for races. For racing program see "posters. Send'
for prize list.   ■
President. Secretary.
Board of Manatfment.—F. 8; U'\-
n"lds (chairmHti), J. E. l.iii_lit, Hen y
Haivey; J. C. liarn.s, Geo. I. Blair.    •
Under the auspices of
The Royal Agricultural & Industrial Society of B. C.
will be held at
Now Westminster
October 3, 4, 5, 0.
$15000-11. PRIZES-$I5000
O-P-ElSr TO T ______ WORLD
A Round of Pleasure for Fo.ur
.   .Whole Davs.
Horse Rticen.   lUeycle Races.
Cl.~tt_.plO-. I.n.rosse.   NhviiI  .tiid
Military -.ports.   Aciii.tticH.   (iyni.
l.l.cii.o.   Baseball.   Football
Il.ti-id Tuiirt-Hiiie-it.     • ,'
Magnificent Illuminations.
Grand Concert e,.cli evening.
Special attraction at the New \Vest-
minster Opera House."   '''  .
Monster Excursion, from all points at
greatly reduced rates..
For epecial feature, eee .mall handbill?. c     '
No entrance fee charged for exhibits.
EXECUTIVE-His Worship Mayor Ovens, T
J. Trapp, W.' J. Mathers, Oeo. I). Brymner,-R..F.
Anderson, Alderman J. 1<\ Scott and Alderman
M. Sinclair.
For Prize Lists, Entry Forms, and full particulars, writ- to
President. Secretary.
W. II. KEARY, Commissioner.
Established 1886.
Incorporated 1.9...
Wholesale and Retail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill  Sup-plies
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors'and Lumber Supplies.
Agents for The Giant Powder Co., San Francisco.
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Good,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc.
Miners Supplies.'
__II_XiOO__T, __. C.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a
full stock of General Merchandise and Min
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
General Merchandise
i 5
Miners' Supplies a specialty.
_B_4___T__:  02?-
THIC ASHCKOKT BRANCH is the most convenient Bank .for Lillooet and all
I laws ill the Cariboo district. Money received on deposit. Drafts issued and Collections made
.n any part of Canada, Great Britain and the United States.
Qold r>UHt find Aninitiom f^tirchased
Brick Block, next to Bank of B. N. A., Ashcroft, B. G. '
A large and well assorted stock of Ne^ty
Goods. •Prices reasonable. V" :-:       :-:
Special attention to orders by mail.   Let us know what is wanted or, ^hat.is  j
t.rnnhlp   nml medicines. Atfl'.. will hp nrnnint.lv fnrwarAoA    "'■'*"""''
,1   .v.,,'!   iMfiV ,'/•   '
the trouble, and medicines, etc,.,.will be promptly forwarded
Dr. Clarke's office at the store.


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