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The Prospector Jul 18, 1903

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• . ,
YOtTB SI'IIS('l!ll'T!(lN   t:\f'llt|-s   unit
this ISSUE,    hm: no] i.ah « ut.
Vol. S. No. 52.
$1-00 a year.
Provincial Politics
Mr. Sluart  Henderson,   of  Ashcroft,
Ivho has been East on professional Im--
oe.., has been interviewed by "The
Toronto World" antl gives liii views en
i e politit-al sitiiMtion in British Oolnnit
Ida. I!ein*_ the President of the Provincial Liberal As^ori ttion, Mr. Heinlersnti
nay be regan e I as voicing the .enti-
nentsof his l»arly, aid, therefore, his
iVurde Mill he of partirular interest to all
mr reatlers. Tne "T.ronto Wurld" re-
|)nrts a~ follows:
'Mr. Henderson, in the course of couver-
!Ration, staled that in the last five years
liritish Columbia has had six Premiers-Tur'n-
n, Semlin, Martin, Dunsmuir, 1'rior and
McBride-- and die following have held cabinet offices in that time, in addition to the
above, Eberts, Baker, C. li. Martin, Wells,
McKechnie, Hume, Cotton, Henderson, Cur-
lis, Beeliy, Ryder, I'ooley, Crown, I'renlice,
Mclnnes. Murphy, Green, Wilson, McPhillips and Tallow.
Absence of Policy.
"Vou can readily see lhe absence ofsettled
policy, owing to lhe constant change. Many
have tlniiiglil lhat party lines were Ihe only
solution and lo that view, ;it first very unfavorably received by Ihe local political lights
all with few exceptions have now cmne.
Mr. Martin and Mr. Eberts have been the
Iwo ablest men during that period, and directed mu h of the legis alion, However, |
with no settled parties, no settled allegiance, '
it was nothing for a man to change bom one
side of the Mouse to the other, consequent
upon the grant in a session to the constituency that he represenled, or the absence ol
such a grant. Now the member must belong to one party or the other in order lo
have any influence.
"British Columbia, which at the present
lime, with its resources of mineral, limber,
fish and ranching, ought to he the most prosperous province iu the Dominion is not so.
Unsettled government, unsettled conditions,
false booming, at one time empirical legislation, aud retroactive measures have all conduced to render capital, the chief necessity,
rather coy of investment in the province. A
settled government, a political party responsible, not a few individuals riding by a system of spoils and sometimes spoliation, be
that sentiment Grit or Tory, will advance the
Province rapidly until it is the wealthiest in
tbe Dominion.
Stagnate of Late.
"The railway development has lieen simply
stagnant of late and transportation is a serious question with us. The C.P.K. have a
uionoply, and well tbey Know they have if
and they make everyone in lhe Piovince feel
they have it. The present Government formed by McBride, a young man J2 years of age,
who entered parliament in 1898, is entirely
Conservative, and he has bright, active associates, formed early in June, at lhe time
parliament was prorogued. On June 16 the
House was dissolved hy the Act of 1902. All
the electoral lists of vo'e-s were cancelled
011 dissolution of (he then parliament, and
until August 15 every male, 21 years of age,
liritish subject, one month in the riding, six
months in lhe Province, is entitled to vote,
provided hy affidavit he makes application
to l*e enrolled, and elects one or other of the
constituences—one man one vote yrevails.
"McBride is not of that wing ol the Conservative party hitherto dominant in the provin
cial politics of British Columbia. It is a
question if he can unite the discordant elements of his party. ||e las not given a seal
in his cabinet to any of that wing of his party
and many of the .bitterest and most outspoken
of the oponents of the Mcllride government
are Tories. On the other hand, the Liberals,
by the resignation of Mr. Martin, have become united as  th y never were before. "
Making ot  Handmade   Goods Will Cultivate It in Canadians.
In Canada, above all other countries, we have gnat need to encourage individuality, for our system of
public education, however excellent,
tabes but little count of the individual, and from a certain standpoint
wo are educating on a system which
tends to destroy anything like strong
individuality. In fact, if you take
the spirit which prevails in our
smaller towns and villages* you will
lind a positive resentment against
the man or woman who dares to
strike out in any line of his own. Go
into our lurge stores and you will
lind one huge table covered with tho
same form of hat, reproduced a thousand times. I'ass into the mantle department, and on great trees hang
coats und jackets of the exact cut,
and make and color; and ull this is
influencing our people anil their view
of individuality and ils right to assert itself in any line in li:e. With
all our boasted freedom, us compared to the past, we full into line li,*e
tnild-eyod sheep and follow the mats.
In tbe obi days wo might havo I wen
led by individuals; to-day it is the
unthinking crowd that takes tlo
lead. How many people think or
care what has been the 01 i in or
inspiration of any fashion we follow
so blindly? Suiely there is nothing
so deadening, so calculated to still
the host that is in the human soul,
as indifference. Cnn thc .Society for
Arts and Crafts stir up the public to
take an intelligent interest in tho
thought and virtue which are expressed in the handmade article, they
will hi ing closer to the mass of purchasers in the Dominion the problems
whi h lace the men ami women who
design and execute the work they
propose to encourage. Those great
factories hide so much from us that
is beautiful and worthy in human
lives mid tbe struggles of the workers to beautify their own flvos by-
contact with beautiful things. Can
wo but encourage work which will
not separate men and women from
their homes and their children, can
we but raise the tnste of the richer
classes in the Dominion so that they
will take into consideration all that
a good handmade article represents
and be willing to pay lor that ideal
quality of human individuality, as
well us for the time and labor expended on its construction, we, shall
have much to thank the Society of
Arts and ("rafts In Canada for. —
Lally Bernard, in The (Hole.
A   Hop. fill View.
We could expel the AeacMarS ngnin,
the abstract Acadians, but we would
take abundant care that an exception
was made in the case of Evangeline
and Gabriel. For of that crowd of
sensitive, pulsating lifo hurried to
tho ships these two stand out as tho
only human beings. The expulsion
of tho Acadians has boon justified by
Mr. Pnrkmt1.11, and many a tender
and troubled conscience will bios 1 him
for the soothing pence be has
brought. The expulsion wns all
right. It was just the thing. Dut
that refers only to Acadians in the
abstract. So long as our language
is spoken Evangeline and Gabriel
will be like the ghost of Dun quo   at
Ibe  feast.
LOCAL   NEWS.       X\
Mrs. Mcintosh,
this week,
of Pemberton, was in town
Chas, Case,  of Bridge Kiver, was in town
last Wednesday.
Messrs Brandon  and  Clark are camping
out at Anderson Lake,
Miss Watkinson,   of   Lytton  Road,    was
visiting friends in town this week.
Tlie Mining Engineer, who has been examining the Ample Mine property, returned
to town last nigh'.
Dan Hurley was down from Bridge River
this week") and reports excellent showing at
the Lorne.
Miss K. Sanlini returned from the Coast
last evening, and will spend her vacation at
At the political meeting in town last Saturday, Dr. Sanson was chosen as the Liberal candidate for Lillooel.
Mr. and Mrs.  Wray, who have been visit
ing Mr     W. W.  Brown, left  for lhe Coast]
last Wednesday morning. I
"Tried Everything "
Ves, Sir, It's true, poor Tom is gone,
We buried liim a weak ago;
'Twas inflamation following on
A heavy cold he caught, you know.
"He thought it wasn't much at first,
And took same patent pills, and then
A dose of Dover's powder, just
To open up the pores again.
"And Mother, she is pretty good
At doctoring with  roots and such,
She fixed up everything she could
But didn't seem tb help him much.
"So then we sent for Doctor Hill
To come and try what he could do,
And he said Tom was bad, but slill
Allowed that he could pull him through.
"He puked him first wid) ipecac,
Then physicked him with calomel
And put some blisters on his back,
And some upon his chest as well.
"Then something else attacked him, too,
'Hyper-catharsis,' some one said,
And doctor gave him  catechu,
Tannin and Acetate  of Lead,
"Ilow he did sweat! he'd get as wet
As if he'd fallen in the creek, Sir,
And doctor made me go and get
Red bark and vitriol elixir.
"We gave him brandy, wine and gin,
Until at last he shook his head
And  pushed the cup with hand so thin,
Please lei me die in peace, he said.
"And so, poor Tom, he had to go—
Oil, how I miss him from my side—-
Hut it's a comfort now to know-
Thai every blessed thing was tried."
1'oor soul, thy ignorance is bliss,
And I've no heart to tell thee this:—
Thy Tom perhaps would not  have died,
If "everything" hail not been "tried."
A L-l 011 In Her  I- fn lor Canadians Wlin
Mny lit Hi.nie.
If Madame Albani (lye was a great
singer, she is s.ill a gieat 111 ski..n,
devoted to tiie upluting unu aggrandisement of her art. So true is
the i. spiration of her artistic fooling
that she does not hesitate to bring
in ber train voius which are fie.11
and ful , clear and true, without ono
thought that tl.ey may furnish u
contrast to her own—a contrast
which would be avoided hy a won.an
of less great fibre than the prima
donna, whose modest e'etneanor hii--
endeared her lo thousands of these
struggling in  tho musical  profo. sio...
The e is much concerning t 0 Hie
of Albani which hus never been published, and will never be published,
which would prove of groat interoEt
to Canadians. Possibly no artist
has ever obtained such a woild-wk'.u
leputation as Albani for qualit ei
which have made her the pride of tho
race from which she sprung. Tho fact
that she took the name of Albany,
irom wli.h city in the United .Stales
she j -ceiverl her first serioUs aid in
her subsequent career, points to tho
fact that gratitude is one of her
many virtues. This ought to be a
lesson to Canadians to le.p a lookout for nil pos.'.ii In means of helping
their native-born artists in tbe future, says The Toronto News. Hut
the ony most charming aspect of Al-
bari's character is the rit-tition 01'
that modesty of demeanor which he-
conventual tt'ai-iing had so thoroughly instilled. One cannot bo in I er
P'.'esance for any time without recog-
ni ing that, groat as is the arti.-t,
the strength of h■__• honest womanly
attributes is greater. She bus car iod
unsullied, through all the difticnllies
of a long musical carter antl through
all the emotional pitfal's which surround the artist in grand opera, the
reputation of that ex client type of
Fren'h-Canadian woman who is upright in every action of her private
and public life, without a taiitt of
prudery or Puritanism, who has all
the tact and linesse ne-.essary to
make her a welcome guest in social
gatherings in every purl of tho
world, nntl wbo yet carries under her
c'oak of spontaniety and gaiety lhe
veritable chain nrmcr of the self-respecting,   spiritually-minded   woman.
Latest Assyrian  Finds.
The well-known Assyriologist, Dr.
Hugo Winekler, has unearthed and
published an account of the legislation promulgated by King Amraphel
of Babylon, which, so far as is
known at present, wns the first book
of laws given to the world. King
Amraphel lived 2,250 years B.C., and
is mentioned in tbe Bible as a contemporary or Abraham, so that his
statutes were drawn up fully live
centuries before the laws of Moses.
They number 282, and contain tho
following:—If a woman who sells
beverages gives bad value for the
money paid to her, she shall be
thrown into water. If a wife be a
spendthrift, or if she otherwise neglect her duties, her husband may
put her away without compensation;
but if a man put away bis wife for
no other reason than that she hafl
no children, he shall return her whole
dowry. If a betrothal bo rescinded,
the man shall pay the Woman compensation. A willow with grown-up
children may not marry again without permission from a judge.
The Pop.-si ill lives.
Tim sod.<-_•(. nre slow  ill entering (lie. I'Ynser.
Th., Hon.   Mr.   Itli.ir,  Minister
of Hiiilwnvs, lifts resioneil.
The Hon. R.F. Green is IlieCon-
sei-vnl ive enndidnte in Knslo.
Tlie MerelM cornel is now visible
lo I lie linked eve.
The ('. I'. K. round house nl
K.iinlw.iji... u ,is tlesl roved bv fire
l.isl. Suinhiv morning. Incendiarism is suspected.
The first lnl.nl rn ilwny nc.-idenb
in (il. Ilril.iin for 18 mouths occurred nl SouUiporlhist Wednes-
ilil.V, when the express left the
mils nud 8 persons were killed.
Fruit Culture.
IliiN~iii Not  -oiiquer~u.
Tn 1870 one clause of the Treaty
of I'aris was abrogated; in .11)02 another. On both occasions Russia hus
been accused of faithlessness, if she
could be frank with hor accusers she
would say that an individual or a
nation is not morally bound by any
promise which may be extorted by
armed forces.    T==   _tz\ ptti&i t* bn
In a recent lecture on''Fruit Culture"
de-iiv rul before a fneeiing ol residents
ot' l/idysmith, Mt. It. M. I aimer bad
many thing-* to say of in'ere.t to farmer, throughout tbe Province, lleiehie
a fe.v of his main point. :
For an orcl a d,  slopes  are more preferable to low lands, beui^   .e.s  SIlbJHct
o frosts.
Peaches are accepted as the stand ird
I whereby   to gauge  tbe  hnrdiniss    and
j tenderness of f'nils.   If peaches thrived
m nny spot, many oil.ei fruits could be
crown tliere to advantage.
Of all asp cts the 8 nith Western is
lhe besi; the worst are I lie eastern points
of the compass
Wbereever iii trees  bave grown  the
j soil is sour, and ibe only thing th.it will
I reitllv grow well  and thrive there is tbe
! blackberrv.   Such soil should be goner-
| ouslv lop-dressed   with  stable manure,
, well rotted, and   lime.   This should be
I spteud lijthilv on ibe surface and gently
I worked in witli tbe rake or harrow.
Every new distiict invaiiaidy falls into the hands of the  travelling tree pedlar,  liritish Columbia has suffered much
from this e:iii°e; in fact,   it has suffered
more from tbe importation of worthless
p lints  than  it  has  from all   the  fruit
pests put together,   (let plants from B.
C. nurseries, nntl then  if there is anything wrong with the Bonds you can get
at the sellers.—Colonist.
or lady In 011-I1 county 10 inaiuiKO business for
an old esiMbl Islied house of solid financial stand
lug, A straight, bona lide ciisli salary ot $18,00
luiiil by eiiei-k i-iu-li WediiSHilny trlth all expenses d true 1 from headquarters. Money adVHtie.
ed for expenses,
Matiuger,810 -axton Building, Chicago.
THE PROSPECIOR i.s the only paper pub
Hslied in tile Lillunet District, und is all honu
Subscriptions: One Dollar a veai i" ndvanee, .
Advert Isi UK rates in tide known mi n|i|illt'Hilnn, j
Correspondent-- is invited nil nil inittlei's ol
public or local Interest.   All euniiiiiiiiiea.ioiis
mist   I"- iii-ciniipiiiiicil b.v   He  mi    nl   ilu-
iv ri l er, but nol ttee.essn.ri I y for publit'ittioii.
Every one should lie nlile lo /we
n good renson for voting* for Lis
Cill id id i lie nl the I'oilln-oniing
electiioiiH. [Jndoiilitedly lhe most. I
will he done by polihicill sell'-seek-
ers lo confiiMH theiniiid of Ihe voter, but there seeinsto lie no it.nl
dnnger when the voter is prepared lo refuse to sell his vole, or to
lie unduly influenced by friend or
foe. The individual vote may
seem of little value but it is all-
important, and on it depend the
issuer of political life, therefore
let us vote, without expecting-a
fee or reward, for the person we
judge most worthy. Tlmt fees
and rewards are expected, und
even sought for, by some classes
of society, i.s undoubted, but if
is also a fact thai, many give a
clean vote. Let the number of
the latter be increased, for on
that depends the well-being of
the West.
The lynching of negroes, once
confined to the Sou Lliem States,
is now extending to the Nortli.
During the mouth of .June eighteen negroes were lynched in the
United Slates. Mississippi led
with seven, Georgia, eame nexl
with live. Louisiana, Tennessee.
Arkansas, Illinois,Delaware, und
Mon tana, had oue each. Now,
many of the leaders among the
blacks are urging their people to
arm themselves, and to return
in kind any attack made on them.
The race war, so often predicted, seems to he now on.
There are more young men in
the col leges of thecoiintry taking
mining courses than ever before.
Of late years the vast resources
of the United Slates have been
used as a lever by which young
men, seeing tlie greatness of the
industry and its enormous future,
have by scores taken upa mining
or metallurgical course at some
of the many colleges of the country. There i.s indeed a very bright
future for those making mining
a study, for it, good mining engineer or metallurgist will always
lie in demand, and, because of
the country's expansion, there
will be plenty of work for every
competent mail who has made
mining nnd its kindred branch a
A young Japanese was riding
down town in a city hall train
I he other morning. A fresh-looking young man, Who had been
eying him all nlong, suddenly
"What sort of a *'nese' are you
anyway? A Chinese or a Japanese?"
Quick as a wink the reply came:
'•What sort of a -key' are you
anyway; a. monkey, a. donkey, or
a Yankee?"-('Hic.\('o INTER OCEAN
."•W/WrTJ-J1'«.? <-'-it
What has it ever done for ynu but burin?
TRY LIFE AGAIN now without it.
THERE IS A WAY now of making
resolutions that keep; that cannot help but keep
a      a      y¥,
LIQUOB   DRINKERS CURED Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
AT HOME.    With no loss of Time or Labor.
Tnere is an pnl'gli'ened aid now which take, hold of a man instantly.
liim. ml nl ilulllug h drinker it ^ive* hint almost immediately tiie snap of
ui.vl ile and p.ivver—lets the Htinliulil nf hti| e into hi. soul at once and
«el~ bin mind into operation with all its he-t Intelligence a prompt, result of effects on llie net ves, sti macli and whole body which are quick
md mat veloiiB. While at this point the cure lias only lit-gnn, the en-
cniirniienieiit i- so great that probably no medical wuik equals this in
satisfaction to a patient.
Wiih t.1 i- In lp .gainst the drink 1 ahii any man vt ho wants to lift from
h's life the handicap of liquor usiitt' ran do so wfth immediate re-tills.
Tnis guaranteed treatment Is within reach of all. Convenient ternn can
he tn ranged satisfactory to any one who is at all na onable, though, as
all people uud. roand, it does lit.t compare with ihe wo'ililess quark
cities adwrti-ed at so much per paekaue, or ''Free", etc. It i- a different
matter from all thi- to i-eifecl a tour e of ti.orotigh. special, personal
treatment lhat will really do the wurk and nire forever. It is a serious
undertaking and requites a high form of scientist- professional w rfc. All
the different kinds ot c.ises are li nulled under guara:iteed results. Only
-kill that is develop ul tn the hUh.st cau do it. Onlv professional fees
can pay for the time it requiiei, though they are made moderate and convenient fnr anybody The n el hods of practice used in this work has cost
v.nm nf tinie, vast s'ttdy and expensive experiments. The originator, IV.
W.'liam H. Saiinder«, had attracted wide notice lur his works on Neivous
diseases lung before pei fecting ihis treatment. And slill nothing hut care
and personal attention to cases today make- it possible fo- him lo accomplish the absolu'e cures which he guarantee". So the reader will see
this treatment mean* thorough pi-ientitic. professional attention. Uut it
also means results that are absolutely certain. The splendid lirst effects
on a man are alone worth the entire cost of treatment.
This treatment can he given WITH or WITHOUT the knowledge of
the pa'ient and can he placed in any nf his (nods or liquids lhat he ntes,
and heinu noloiles-i and tasteleg-, \t does its work so silently antl quickly
ihat ihe d unkartl is reclaimed even against his will and wi bout hi"
knowledge and co-operation. Tl.e wife mated for years to a hushand addicted in ih s curse will wonder if curing her husband hv her own effort"
can he true. "Is it pnmihle that there is such a gloiiousopp irtunity?"
• he will ask. And I hotl"ai>ds of wives who have pit it to the test and rc-
j nee in the reclamation of li *ir . poti'-B who seemed lost to all sense of
self-respect, genernsitv and maiilines" will trumpet, oul to lhe woild,
"Ye-, e is true". Onr treatment i" pnrelv ve.etahle, contains no narcotics, opiates, poisons or mine i al". We n~e no hyptld.. iniirlnjeo'lon of gold,
nnr any dangerous compound. It can he taken at b une without any loss
nr detention front hit-ines". I> stimulates the nervous ay-letn at once,
increases the appetiie, ami affortli perfect rest at n'urbt. It acts directly
Upon the stnmai'h. hut his up th-1 whole system, el i mi nates till I rice of liquor from thc body and leaves the patient in the same condition as if liquor
had never been taken.
those who have been deceived hy worthies- remedies. If yonr friend or
husband i" lhe worst ca-e in the com in unity, we are in oie anxious to cure
him.    Reatl the following:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. 18th, 1902*
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Dear S r-:— 1 have just returned after a long absence, anil feel it my
duty to write yon concerning m\ iwo patients. One nf them F.R...,gave
U(i the treatment after ahout. two weeks. Tne other, Win. C..., coiitinut d
to lake t le l real ment fait hf ull v, and he has heen able to refuss whisky a
hundred times and does not, crave it at all. For nine vears be bas been
awav from his parents and never during that lime has he heen aide to
keep n\vav from home long enonvb lo visit, home. Ile is now visiting his
lioni'-' in Clevelai tl, Ohio, and I exnect hit:-, hack In a few davs. When he
left he proini»ed he would not toucl; whi-ky while away. I trust he will
keep his good resolution. Kindly let me have a few pamphlets fur distribution. There are a few case" I would like to get for your treatment.
W.siting you success, lam
Wry truly yours,
Sister Superior.
S*. John's School,   Orev Horse, Okla., Sept. 27, 1902.
Dr. W. H. Saunders,
Dear 8ir:— Yoni letter re.-eivetl and contents no'etl. My patient
returned after visiting home, and has not touched w hi. key. 1 am so glad
that he took your ireatinent and l-is mother is simply delighted to think
that hetloes nol drink. The change worked in this man has attracted the
attention of eyeryonc.    I am
Very respectfully,
Sister Superior.
St. John's School, Cray Horse, Okla., Dec. 28. 1902.
Dr. W,   II. Saundeis.
Dear Sir: I wrote vou some time ago ahout publishing iny letters.
I hesitated becau.etliey were written in baste, and I doubt if tbey are
tit to punlish, D is a debt of gratitude on my part and if the letters will
benefit ynu in any way, make use of tbem. Ills tbe only means I have
to make 'iny return for vour kin Iness. This I ask- leave out my name,
and siniplv sign, Sister Superior, and of course omit the name of tbe patients     Mr. 0 is doing well.    He does not crave whiskey at all.
With best wishes of tbe season,
1 am, very truly yours,
SiBter Superior.
I'lilvadeia, New Mexico, Dec. 11 tli, 1901
Dr.  W.H. S.unders& Co.,
Gentlemen :—I have taken your medicine
for the liquor habit,-which was recommended to me by a friend in my
town. I only took one in mill's tre itm -nt whicli completely cured me.
I have no desire to drink any more. I suffered for yea-s with this curse.
Please accept mv thanks for the ireatinent R-st assured that 1 shall recommend your treatment to everyone in need of same.
I am,  verv truly yours,
Calletano (iarcia.
WE HAVE BEEN, and are, curing thousands ami we have hundreds
of testimonials tin liie speaking of (bene wonderful cnres WE WILL
fnr particulars and save the tl iwnfalleu. All correspondence is held sacredly confidential. No name" of patients published without their written
consent.    Consultation FREE.    All correspondence without marks.
FREE BOOK.    Dr. Saunders  latest trsatise on the pannes, various
types, and successful  treatment of the  liquor habit—''A CURSE   AND
ITS CURE."—mailed   free for a 2c. stamp.
Dr. W.H. S~unders& Co.
Dept. B. 1180,
Englewootl Station.
Chicago, III.
I >w
\lNI_U.   ^pB_-___B_____________________i        WWy,^'*- i
■   vr ' ■■■ EXBPBfEps' pi ine '"'•'■     '' '
0   J "   NORTHERN      p LJ |"f O   ' "*
Z00-2I2. fast Ave.Wprtl..   MNNEAPC.LIS. MINN•
; ^ 4*   •■■• 'ffi.RJTE *• FOR^'CIRCUJ.AR5 ''.     ;■
_**■ .¥;«-•-*!-~v'i'*':f,#*,.,~
Lot tho GOLD DUST twins do your work."
Snow  white clothes  ere  the  result of using
It   makes light   the labors of   washing.    Turns
wash day into play day.   Better than any Soap
and more economical..
Chicago,       New York,       Boston,       St. Louis.      Montreal-
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Miners Supplies."
Branch Store at Bridge River where ji]
full stock of General Merchandise and Min-J
ers Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C]
>.'■■     ' "   •!.!   i..    '.'   ■ '.        • ■' '
t..'-?-i.;'--f'V.*jg.:~-;.:;~~;        .;:    .•;
___\T- .    .-.  ,:.'■".-'       ^
N_K*--'- 1':-;>;''j'*'ffi___'' I
y■ - ^ /_*■*..
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, they are the only reliable repeaters. fj|
Winchester rifles are made In all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose,  every   pocketbook,   and  every  taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
r-Q -- -- Send name ind address en a Postal
■ net    furour 1-4-page Illustrated Catalog.
Subscribe for "The Prospector"
$1.00 per annum. THE   ri.OSPEOTO... LTIJ.OOET, B.C..  JULY 18,
Tulklni; Alioui  < itiiiulii.
■'Hlii-ii I fi)-si came io tho Senate," :
Kid Senator Cullom  to thoso lunch-
'ig til. ilu' same table in Ibe Senate
H__aui'un1   1 lie other day,     "I      bail |
•eit   i;li-iis iiliimi   ii   greater    United I
ttitcs.       ,M\      eyes were not turned
BSul.hwanl, whoro everybody sryns to
1 lo'-iiiK nowadays, but northward;
Iwas liinl as sure ,-ts sine that  before
Bis time we should lime gobbled up
ianada.   I (lid not think that we  wero
filing up there, and make a conquest l
the country,  but  I could  not see j
ply  chance of its getting away from
Whv,   when   1  was ele:ted      the
(cord lime, nnd went out to Illinois
make my bow to the Legislature,
liy  litlle spoc.'h  was  filled  wilh    the
Innexation  of  Canada.       Since  that
■me.   I   have     watched  Canntla slip-
ling farther and farther away   from
Until  now  it takes a brave mnn
Iven  to suggest thnt some day   tho
[plnrs and Stripes may  float beyond
fnir northern  boundary*    I  hnve often wooden d  if any of tho members
|)f that   I oui-lain ro    remember      my
pcech.    If they tlo, thoy must think
§lhnt  I am n mighty bad prophet."
",Yos," snid Senator Burrows, who
lind listerod as befit tori a man so
jnuc'i Air. Cullom's junior, "you
■ould not pry Canntla away from
Ifli-eat Britain now with a jimmy."—
^Chicago News.
Hinv.  Prof,   .John   Mhciiuii t.iilIn ri-.l Suli-
je«-t« tor   -nv-HtiiiUtioIl 'lh.wiij.iii.ut
Me t-i-ii On.Hliu l.ttM Vour.
.   Last summer a man with a   I nap-
jsaci. on his buc.v walked o>er u laige
fpait of '.v'esie. n Ontario, aroi sing   a
[great deal of cuiiosity and   is icing
;.oine    fear by his peculiar    (.-nduci.
, I ie passea througn the counii.8 f. oi.t-
! ing on Lakes Erie, St. Clu.r. Hi ron,
fund the Oeoigian i-lay.    \ihin seen he
; was geneially cai.y.ng a    bundle   of
■weeds in his hams, and to these he
appeared to attacn some value.  Farmers dii.ing along the r.oad    would
Isee him  pause,  peer into a    pai-.t ire
{field, cage iy scale tho fence,    pull a
th.slk\  put   it in his knapsack,     mid
icturn  to  t'ie highway.    Those di icing past would whip up their horses.
- and keep looking bt c. at bin    ■ ii-1 i 1
I they pis etl over tie next hill.    Ler-
liaps,   on  getting  their    last  glimpse
' of him,    he     n i  lit    bo    entering    a
swamp or gatluring mullein   leaves.
• No  doubt stories are  toll  a 1    along
his  line  ol    travel    of  this    strange
man,    occupying himself in    pursuits
soomingly quite idle and nonsensical.
tin • ....ii.i  ... ac- nn.
This man was Prof. John Macoun.
Ile was carrying on in.l. t gutions
into the lloi'a oi Western -ii-~.no in
connection with tne lt-guiar uur.. ui
ti.e lieologbul Survey ol* -t.nada,
and the annual s~miuary uvui'U of
tho departmc.it hi.s been puuii.he...
I rof. '..lacoun was on ihe way f.oiu
Jlay bth uniil . eptcim~ei' '.ih, and
tho economic i.s. o t of ii.s wt.i-i. was
to Iook into ti.e fi'uit-piodu-ing capabilities of ti.e country t rough
Which he passed. Not..ing bolter indicates tho climatic conai.i.ns of a
region than its wild plant life, ai.d
I rof. Macoun, alter gatnering 1,400
.specimens between Niugura and Owen
Sound, says ho lound nothing to indicate a Le; of waimth, and everything proved the assertion lhat tne
whole district was suitable for tbe
cultivation of fruit, ranging from
small lr*.i s to ci.eiiies, plains, apples, pears, peaches, and grapes. Le
not only found those fruits growing,
but found natuie cndoising by her
own unguided e.'iorla the claim of
this whole region to be regarded as
a fruit countiy.
,. uiti Weedx Ti'iicli.
The country bordering on Lake St.
Clair, Lake Huron, and part of tlio
Georgian Bay Will, ho thin, s, j,luy a
largo jiuit in tho production of apples for export. On this point he
' The soil in most places is of t*he
right kind, being laigoly mixed with
lime, und the eiinn to being cpoler
I bun thut on Luke i_i__, the fruit
will bo later in ripening,    und hence
will    keep  better Between
Hollerith and Southampton lhe forest, everywhere proved the e-timate I
had formed of it on thu lower part
of Lake Hur.on held good. The same
terms may l.o uppliod to the lower
part of the. liraco peninsula, and the
country between Southampton and
Owen Sound. Indeed, the whole district, extending almo.t to t'oliing-
wootl, may be included mi the future
apple-growing area of Western Ontario."
Viuleta of the OitiiwH.
It was shown last full tbat the
country about Owen Sound and Mca-
J'ord could produce a large apple
crop, for when supplies failed el~e-
where the orchards of that ilistriet
came to tht; r.escue. Persons severely practical in their work and sympathies may smile to learn that Prof
Macoun's assistant "spent some time
during May in a further study of the
violets of the region about Ottawa,
several now species being added to
those already known," hut botanists
must carry on such inquiries so lhat
the whole line of knowledge will advance.
Over  Ten   TlKiiisiitid   Dollars   Paid   fur a
Jeweled Cornet.
The writer was recently accorded the
privilege of a peep into tho museum attached to the factory of ono of the largest
firms of brass instrument ruaksrs in London. Here aro to be seen typos, facsimiles
and models of every kind of musical instrument that the mind of man has ever
devise:!, invented or produced.
In ono corner is a duplicate of what is
believed to be the most costly presentation cornet ever produced, It was made
to the order '•*' the late czar of Kussia
and is of stt i Tig silver, rl'ohly graven
with various v.. vices, among which the
arms of the imperial house of Homimo-
figure conspicuously. The ..hole of the
ornamentation is of beaten gold filigree
work, and the "hell" of the instrument
is thickly Incrustod with rubies anil
emeralds. Its net value is a trifle over
2,001) guineas.
A melancholy interest attaches to a
battered and blood stained bugle which
was picked up on the field of Isandlwana,
In addition to tho dark patches, which
were once splashes of wet bloort, sundry
fragments of woolly hair were adhering
to the bell of the instrument when first
found, a pretty conclusive indication that
; the gallant owner had used it in a last
desperate effort to beat off his relentless
foes. It may be that some ebony skinned
Zulu still wanders about with an indentation in his skull whom it would be
difficult to convince that "music hath
Near to this interesting relic is a facsimile of a set of drums which were
niadc for the new Rhodesia horse. The
peculiarity lies in tho fact that the cases
are of aluminium, a precaution rendered
necessary by the number of white ants
that infest that countiy. The other instruments aro of brass, sliver plated, and
the whole band cost some ±!350.
The above is, of course, a comparatively modest turnout. For the real gorge-
ousness in brass bands it is necessary to
inspect some of the costly and magnificent sets of instruments turned out for
eastern potentates. The bands of even
the smartest of our crock cavalry corp.
are absolutely not in it, so far as elegance
of appearance is concerned, with the private bands of some of our India tributary
princes, although probably the latter
would have to give the former
points if it came to a musical
between them.
The private band of the rao of Cutch,
for instance, cost originally £900, and
most of the instruments are renewed
every four or five years. Tho tiger skin
used by the roa's big drummer, which
was sent over here to be prepared and
mounted, was taken from an animal
killed by his highness and measured over
1 feet in length. It is lined throughout
with heavy corded crimson silk, and the
brute's eyes are simulated by a pair of
big yellow diamonds.
Another very fine band was made three
years ago to the order of the late shah of
Persia. All of the instruments were of
pure silver—which, by the way, does not
give forth so good a sound as brass, besides being far heavier to handle—inlaid
with gold. The total cost of this band de
luxe was a trifle under 3,000 guineas. A
very different kind of band was that
made last year by the same firm for the
Mimkish Indians, a tribe of savages living near Alert bay, in British Columbia.
The hand is nearly all drum, and the
mouthpieces of the few brass instruments
are tipped with india rubber, to obviate
the inconvenience of applying metal to
the lips in a temperature of some 30 to
40 degrees below zero.
A curious order was received a short
time ago from tho emperor of Marocco.
It was for 80 clarinets for one hand. As
the Instruments in question were all in
one key it is probable that they were to
be played in unison. The effect upon an
average man of 80 band clarinets blown
simultaneously would probably be to
oreate in him a wild desire to take to
the woods and become an aborigine.
Even to imagine such an ear piercing
combination sets one's tympanum quiv-
((ring.—London Answers.
Origin of Mnbuoii'H I lioli-e.
Mr. Harper tells us all there is to
be told about 'lhomas Hobson, tbe
famoi s carrier between London and
Cambridge, who died in 1681. It
was from him that tho proverb of
"Ilobson's choice," arose, meaning,
of course, a choice whi.h i.s no
choice. "The saying arose from tho
livery stable business carried on by
Hobson at Cambridge, in addition to
his carrying trade. lie is, indeed,
said to have been the first wbo
made a business of letting out saddle horses. His practice), invariably
followed, was to refuse lo allow any
hoi so iii his stable to be taken out
of i s proper turn. "That or none
was his unfailing formula, when the
Cambridge students, eager te< pick
and choose, would have selected their
own fancy in horseflesh. Every customer was served alike, without favor."—London  Telegraph.
N.lV Ki-ilwiiy fur.
A new type of railway carriage was
inspected at Newcastle* England, the
other day. Tho dusty, cushioned,
padtletl seats have beeu rcp'ucoil by
light cane armchairs, comfortably
cushioned, four each side, easily removable and permitting of speedy
and thorough cleaning of the compartments. The carriages will be
put Into three trains between Newcastle and Cui lisle,
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.       ^__>
As far back as tlie year 1858, successful placer mining wns carried on at Horse Beef
ar,  near the town o~ Lillooet.    The adjoining ground i    being worked with  profit at
tbe present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dredge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.
ANi>i.usoN laki. and bridge river mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles of territory that remain unprospected.
3. its Fishing and Hunting Grounds.-^--
Increasing .lumbers of tourists from all parts of the globe testify that the sportsman s
Paradise is here. Mountain sheep, hear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound. Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
be a luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.<^~^>
1,, the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
the climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit maybe grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen iu bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashcroft and lvtton, on the Canadian pacific railway,
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Manitoba Free Press and Prospector for $1.50
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special  rate.    We  will send you   all the above papers vi/: Manitoba
Press, Montreal Star, Witness, world wide, Northern Messenger,
Prospector, and the 24 premium pictures for fo.oo. THE  PJIOSPEOTOK, LILLOOET, B.C., JULY 18, 1903.
Tlie following philforni wns ;i-
ilopted iiiiti.niiiioiii.l_y liv the Rev-
ulstol.e Convention on September
L2tl'i, 1902:
L—"Thut this Convention re-
■ illiiiiis Lhe policy of the I'urty in
ma Iters of I'rovinoiiil rouds uml
I rails; t lie owneisliipanil control
of railways uml lhe development
of the agricultural resources of
lhe Province, as laid down in the
Platform adopted in October
1899, which is as follows:
"To actively aid in tlie construction of
trulls throughout the Province and Unbuilding of Provincial Trunk roads of
public necessity.
''To adopt the principle of Government ownership of railways in so far as
the circumstances of the Province vvill
admit, ami to adopt the principle that
no I tonus should be granted to any railway compuiy which does not give the
government of ilia Province control of
rales over lines lioiiu-t.il, together wilh
the option of purchase.
"To actively assist by State aid in the
development of the agricultutal resourc
es of the Province."
2—That in tlv -antiuie and until
the Railway vp >ove set forth can
be accomplished, a K^nera' Railway Aci
be passed*, giving freedom to construct
railways nnder certain approved regulations, analagons to the system that has
resulted in ench ex'ensive railway construction in the United States, with so
much advantage to trade and commerce.
3—That to encourage the mining industry, the taxation of metalliferous
mines should he on the basis of a p.rcen*
of the net profits.
4—That the Government ownership ol
telephone systems should be brought
about as a first step in the acquisition
of public, utilities.
5—That a portion of every coal area to
be hereafter disposed of, should be reserved from sale or lease, so that slate-
owned mines may easily he accessible,
if their operation become necessary or
6—That in Ihe pulp land lease? provision should be made for refoie-tiiiy
aud that Steps should be taken for lhe
general preservation of forests liy guard-
ng against the wasteful desti uction of
7—That the Legislature and government of the Province should peri-evere
in Ihe effort lo secure the exclusion of
Asiatic lab>r.
8—Tnat the matter of better subsidies
and appropriations for 15.C. be vigorously pressed upon the Dominion (l-ivein-
9-That the silver "lead industries be
fostered by the imposition of increased
Customs duties on lead and lead products importc 1 into Canada.
10—That arrangements he made for au
amicable adjustment of the relations between employees and employed.
11—-That it is advisable to foster tbe
manufacture of the raw products of the
province within the Province as far as
practicable by means of taxation on the
said raw products subject to rebate ol
the same in whole or iu part when manufactured iu British Columbia.
1 What shrunk your woolens ?
Why did holes wear so soon ?
You   used    common    soap.
Aik for tbe Octagon Uai-. ««s
50   YEARS'
General Hard ware,
Ticks and Shovels,
Axes, Hoes Si Iv'akes,
Kar Iron, Drill Steel,
Oils, Paints, Ac.
Trade Marks
. . ». -        Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a Fleet, h and description may
niitokly iisiiertiiln onr opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly .onildentlal. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
l'litenig taken through Miinn & Co. receive
tftcial notice, without charge, lu the
Scientific American*
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of anv sclentltic Journal. Terms, f!3 a
yenrj four months, tl. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN&Co.3e,Qroad^ New York
Branch Office. C25 V St. Washington, D. C.
News from all t.tie world—Well-written
original sti.iriet-—Answer- io querie.—
Articles on Health, the Home, New
Hook., wnd on Work aliout the Fann
and Garden.
The WI-FI. Inter-Ocean
I- a member of the Associated l'ress
the only Western Newspaper re eiv-
ing the entire teletn phii: news service of the New Yoik Sun, and special cable of the New York World—
Daily reports of over 2,000 special
correspondents throughout the country.
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INTER-OCEAN (One Dollar)
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Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap I'owder is better than other powders,
as it if both soap and disinfectant.     _4
or lady in each county to manage liusl 110-8 for
an old established house of solid fiimnciiil Bland
ing. A straight, boim fide cnsli salary ol (18,11(1
paid by check each Wednesday wilh all expenses direct from headquarters. Money advanced for expenses.
Manager, 340 CilXtOll Building, Chicago.
Take Notice that sixty days after date I, the
undersigned, will apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission lo
purchase the following described lands in Kusl
I.iiiooet: Commencing al a North-West post
in the Pliew Hills, situated on Upper Dead-
man's i reek thence HO chains East, thence 40
chains South, thence 80 chains-West, thence
.0 chains North to the point of commencement,
containing 820 acres more or less, for grazing
James B. Uren,
Dated at Lillooet, V..C.   July 81h, 1908.
As a special and temporary offer l.o
readers of this ;~aper, we vvill mail Tut:
Puiii.ic to persons who are not now pub-
. ci ibers, (or len w eeks for leu cents.
The l'riii ic is a ***2, 16-paue weekly Review for democratic Democrats and democratic Republicans; its opinions aie
exp-e.se.l without fear or favor; it gives
an interesting and connected weekly
ufall l.i.toiical news; it. always has ed-
itoiials worth studying, a cartoon worth
seeing, oook notices worth reading, and
miscellaneous matter both valuable ami
interesting ; and it is liked by intelligent
women as well as by intelligent inei
The editor is Louis E. Post. Send ten
cents in silver or Billmps for ten week's
trial. All suhsr, iptinns are paid strict 1>
iu advance, and upon expiration the
paper is promptly strpped unless sub-
scriptiou is renewed. Mention this paper
Address:       THE PUBLIC,
Unity Building, On cago, li.i..
Mining Property for sale.
In British Columbia.
Tenders are Invited for ihe whole of Ihe
properly, Including Crown 0 ran led clulris,
null site, Cyanide mill, (.-iipacity 4ft lofrt) ions
dully), tramway, assay oliice, laboratory ami
fiilli-i|iii|iiucnl. oi the Toronto I.iiiooet Uohl
lleofs Company Limited, sllunlc hi the Lillooel
district of liritish Columbia; Including the
Ample, Whale, .Monarch and Welliunl Vale
mines which are Crown granted, also lhe
North Slur, Golden stripe, Golden Kngle. Ruby
nnd jumbo mineral claim, hi the same dlst
rict. together witli a leu stamp mill, machine
drills aud other equipments. Cash lender, for
the whole property are requested hut
offirs for working options or for portions
of tlie properly will he considered I'rom the
former group WiO Ions of ore has been milled,
willi an nssny   value   appioxlmallllg $10.00   lo
:jll.iiii   Wagon r 1 from Railroad lo mill. The
whole of the above will hoar looking Into and
Investigation nml are an exceptionally Important, nnd valuable group nf claims with full
working equipment, Kill I pai'tlonlai- mav be
had ou application lo ICdgnr lllooinfield
Liquidator, I'. 0, llnx 7i:i, Vancouver 11 C.
Have you   ordered .your new
Ktlit?     (iivt!   _llc.--.~lh li  lil". 11.1.     lit;
will gtveyouaalii-fact-ioii.
JjUlbS ior Fall or Spring plaining
Seeds, Plants,
Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Koad, Vancouver, B.C.
♦§♦ T
AS      Drugs and riedlclnes,
}$♦ ~^%
AS      Spectacles and Toilet Requisites,   A\
)M ^~K
7*S      H.l-.ng Tackle etc. etc. AS
^5    Mail   Orders    Promptly   Filled.    <f_
ii j ii
^   CLARKE & Co.        *
i.       DRUG STORE       ^
^       LILLOOET, B.C.  *
The must natural means nf
helping nature to hold hones and
muscles and ligaments in plnce,
while the muscles reknil and grow
strung, afler a severe wrench ur
strain, Saves mnny a crooked
elbow and wrist and ankle. We
mail you full directions for self-
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is lli_ hest tiling we know of.     It
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greasy,    lly mail 25c.
*V~A____TCOTJ-V*B*R, ~B. C.
A new and thoroughly equipped
private hospi al specially adapted
for Surgical nnd Klectrical Treatment, with superior accomodation lor Lying-in Cases. Only
trained nurses employed
The McMillan Fur & Woo! Co. have
placed their circular of May 5th on file
at our office for reference. This house
was established a quarter of a century
ago, and on account of their extensive
husine. s, they are in a position to pay
high prices. Shippers lind their dealings witli them very satisfactory.
Read our special
offer on the
third page.
Paul Santini,
GKNI-KAI. M..l..(. HA NT, l_ll_I.OOP_T, |j. <
curries a   full stock of all  kinds of (fi'tu.orics.  Dry (in!
Boots and Shoes, 11 unity urn Si.<
-C^—^^ H. C. PARKER, = Lillooet, B.C.
Having purchased the stock
R.J. Atkins, we are now addi
to it and prepared to fill all order!
Repair .Shop in connection  with Store,  where your ova
want will besupplied.   A complete lMiim.MiigOut.it on lni-l
MAl.li VOUH OWN REPAIRS.    KNA.IBU.KD   Knoiis, Tor Coffee ami 'I'cm l'|
unit Otll.r Cooking Utensils.    Price fi cents each, while lliev la.I.
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton & Way Points: .Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridal
All points in Carihoo:      -   -    Mondays.
150 Mil a House : Mondays Si, Fridays [serai-weekly servicj
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
H  Special conveyances furnished.    Send   for   folders
'lhe new stage line leaves Lytton every .Monday a|
Friday for Lillooet, returning next. clay. Special trij
made.    Write us for in formation.
Peter Hehagliati Si, Co., Lytton   M. C.|
McCOSH is your nearest TMOI
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS M„CO.SII, Men-limit Tallin', Axlittiofl, II. v.
M IN IN (J K N G1N I*: 1*: IIS A NI) A SS A VI _ I. S,
Vancouver, B.C.
•      Established, 1800.
A.ssny work uf all descriptions undertaken. Tests made tip lo _ooollis. A special tl
made of checking smeltar pulps. Samples from tlie Interior liy Mail or ISxpr_S
promptly alt. ndeil   lo.     Correspondence     solicited.
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and best stock in B.C.]
including: liar Iron, Cast Steel, Spring Steel, Tire Steel,
Sole Agents l-iir VALENTINE'S High Ora-le CARRIAGE VARNISH.
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
Tht« I* the Pane Rtandnrrt eleven bar wire fence- Coll, Rprlng wire (not crimped)—ta' gb upthenlaok
in inmmer, doen not become too tiuht tn winter— rogntateri itn own tension nil the time. Pane
upright* in one piece stand HHtrain of KI) pound-., rom mon upriuM h Nplicod at en oh bar break at 900
pound*.   Page gate*, ornamental fence.., poultry nettiim, are Standard the world over.
The Pago Wire Fence Co., Limited, WalkervUle, Out.    St. John, N.B. Montreal, F.Q. 12
E. G. PRIOR A CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.
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