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The Prospector Jan 27, 1899

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Vol. i. No. 29
$2.00 a year.
Editor The Pbospectob, Sir:    Word
has reached the people of 'Bridge River,
that there is to be a regular monthly
mail service into Cadwallader creek on
and after the first  Tuesday   in   March
next.   You will readily understand Mr.
Editoa the joy that this announcement
caused, especially   to  the  residents  of
Tyauchton, when it became known that
there had been no mention of an office
at that place.     To think that we have
such a liberal and open hearted government in power at Ottawa is something
we are truly proud of.    The few people
in Bridge River at present, have clubbed
together this winter and paid a man to
make regular trips twice a month with
the mails.     And now after prayers and
petitions to  Ottawa   we  receive  word
that we are to have a  regular  service
once a month to Cadwallader only.   Let
us be thankful it is not once a year. The
contract should be for two mails a month
at the least, for during the time the mail
has been  under the  present  arrangement, there has been t^fm ten *e forty
pounds of mail going in.     If this is al-
alowed to accumulate for a month there
will be considerable, more, and nothing
short oi a pack animal will lie able to
carry it.   As there will probably be 200
or 300 men working at different parts of
Cadwallader and Tyauchton during the
coming summer.  Tnere will be considerable more mail to carry  than   there is
now.   To say nothing of the annoyance
aud loss resulting from important  mail
matter  laving a  month   at   Lillooet.
Unless  those expecting such  make  a
trip of about  160  miles to  get  it  and
answer it.   We are very grateful to the
itNidentB of Lillooet for the  manner  in
which they have   worked  for  a  mail
tervice into Bridge River especially   to
the gentlemen who delivered the oration
upon the recent visit of Mr. Bostock and
hope they will receive their due reward.
C. T. Hakris.
Tyauchton, Jan. 17, 1899.
says that the deal on the Lome group,
situated on Cadwallader Greek, will most
likely be consummated there, This
deal will mean considerable for the
Bridge River section for as soon as arrangements are fully completed a gang of
men will be put to work on the claims
and will open them up thoroughly. The
Lome group is a good properly and little
trouble is anticipated in raising the
neceseary means for to put the company
in good shape.
Ebitor The Prospector,—Sir: Having perused your remarks re the intended government mail service into Bridge
River, I heartily concur with you that
once a month mail is not sufficient to
meet the needs of the residents of the
district. The population at present is
abeut fifty people, but next summer will
be largely increased. As districts in
this province with a much smaller population get a semi-monthly mail service,
I think that I re-echo the sentiments oi
all the people of Bridge River, in hoping
that the postal department will see iu
way clear to give us our mail twice a
month at least during the summer.
T. R. Mowson.
Bridge River Crossing, Jan. 21,1899.
The Lome Uroup.
Word receved from Vancouver states
that a wile from C. F. Law in  Montreal
Revenue From District*.
The following table of the revenue re*
ceived by the government from the various districts of the province will be convenient for comparison. It wil) be noticed that West Kootenay retains the
position of the banner revenue producer.
Victoria City | 108,476.01
Vancouver City.....  84,357.45
New Westminster City  17,329.39
Nanaimo City  5.39Q.93.
South Victoria  18,777.33
North Victoria .......... 7.247.431
Esquimau  16,084.29
Cowichan  12,3_t_l
Alberni  17,083.24
North Nanaimo District  21,6 <52.45
South Nanaimo District  12,985.81
Comox District.■..-."  6Q',03_:_>
Westminster District  57,772.83
Yale and Ashcroft ".  17.938.33
Similkameen and Osoyoos  21,585.32
Boundary and Kettle River  20,JM5.<j5
Nicola  10,134.91
Kamloops  28,327.18
Okanagah ,.. / 34,537.83
Lillooet  38,359.07
East Kootenay   58,151.74
West Kootenay.  292,595.08
Cariboo. «. 61,560.78
Omineca  3,308.00
Cassiar  13,379.80
Skeena  , 9,378.04
Lake Bennett  li.OOO.OO
C.P. Railway  11,808.00
E. & N. Railway  1,350.00
Total $1,439^)23.40
The question of a subsidy of a resident
physician for the Lillooet district is be-
gibing to be discussed by quite a few.
The present doctor for the district has
given good satisfaction to the people and
all would like to see him remain in tne
district, but without a subsidy it is almost impossible for him to remain. The
Subsidies for all the doctors in outlying
was withdrawn the first of the year, later
we learn that an allowance has been
itaade for a physician at Ashcroft, but so
tit have been unable to find out whether
we subsidy would be retained for this
district. The estimates will be brought
down in the house shortly and it behooves the people of this section to get in
and kick and see that the resident physician gets his subsidy as well as other
The people have known well the advantages it is to have a physician to attend to their wants. Next season Bridge
River will have quite a population and
in connection with mining there is more
or leu accidents whieh will necessitate
having a doctor. A resident physician
at Lillooet, with a subsidy is what is
wanted as it is rather inconvenient having him at Clinton when he is wanted
at Lillooet. But rather then have none
we are satisfied to undergo the trouble
of having to send to Clinton for a doctor.
Representation should be made at
once to the government to have this
matter attended to, and every resident
of the district should get in and do _their
utmost to bring it about.
sections are suffering with the cold and
rain we have bright sunshine, with an
occasional wind.
A Nice Fellow.
R. Lambert, who lives near Marble
Canyon appeared in conrt yesterday
morning before C. Phair, S. M., charged
with, beating his wife on December 29th.
The magistrate gave him a very
severe lecture and sentenced him to two
months in jail with hard labor, or a fine
of $20 and coats. The prisoner put up
a very weak defence and asked for mercy.
He will serve the two months iu jail,
being unable to raise his tine which
amounted to $36. They charge was tirjt
taken to Ashcroft and Clinton, but no
summons would be issued as it was not
under their jurisdiction. The prisoner
will probably be taken to Kamloops on
torrow's stage unless he secures his fine.
Public opinion is that Lambert got off
very light.
C. E. Tisdall was re-elected by acclamation last Monday at Vancouver.   Mr.
I Tisdall had to resign his seat in the legi-
lature on account of supplying goods  to
government employers.
Local and Oeneral News.
W. Young has started doing some
work on the Blackbird claim next the
Ida May group.
It is reported that a joint stock company has been fonned and a deal put
through whereby the Vancouver World
will pass into the hands of the conservatives.	
Arthur Noel left Tuesday morn ng for
the Bend'Or mine to be absent a couple
of weeks to look at the work done during
his absence, and give further instructions
as to carrying on the work.
A private 1 ill is now before the Legislature for the incorporation of the Ashcrc ft
Water, Eleciric and Improvement Company. Ttii._ company seeks to acquire
the rights and privileges and property
of the "Ashcroft Waterworks Company,
Limited," and "The Ashcroft Water,
Light, and Power Company, Limited."
A farmer who saw the game of curling
last week at Ashcroft for the first time
thus described it. "I saw a band of
Scotchmen, who went throwing large
balls of iron, like cannon balls, on the
ice; after which they cried, "soop, soop,"
and then laughed like fools. 1 verily
believe they are really foolish."
It is reported that a company is being
formed to work the benches across the
river near the Dominion Gold Dredger
and Placer Mining Co's lease. The scheme
is to either pump water from the river or
run a pipe line across the river from
Cayoosh creek. The scheme will take a
little money and it is hoped that the
parties will make a success of it.
The wife oi the Rev. D. A. Macrae,
for some time minister of the' Presbyterian church, Nanaimo, died en the 10th
inst., in Los Angeles, and was interred
on the I3th inst., the funeral be ng
largely attended by the sympathetic
friends of the deceased, the husband and
the family.—World. Mrs1. Macrae was a
sister of Mrs. A. McDonald of Lillooet,
and a few years ago visited here for some
Fred Nelson who recently assumed
the management of the Oargile House at
Ashcroft has renovated the house thoroughly. The upstairs, has been gone
over and the bedrooms made firrt'das?,
the bar alto has been arranged and with
adjoining card room > makes it the best
bar-.room in town. Parties going to
Ashcroft will find the Cargile House
first-class and will receive the best of
attention. The dining room is in competent hands and the delicacies of the
season in nice stj le are served to the
guests. Mr. Nelson is an experienced
hotel man and we pret'ict a success for
him in his new venture.
Death of Mrs Oleson,
rhe sudden advent of spring weather
has destroyed all skating and sleighing
in this vicinity. The climate in this
section is unqualled in any part of the
province  and   while people in   other
Mrs. 01e6on wife of J. Oleson who
lives near Marshall's mill and who
has been very ill for the past few
weeks died early Thursday morning.
A young child a few weeks old died
several hours previous to its mother.
Mrs. Oleeon was about nineteen years
of age, and had been married about
two years. Her parents live near
Lytton where she was born and
raised. She was a sister to Mrs. J. H.
Smith who lives near the mill. The
funeral will take place frjm the residence
of Mr. Jensen tomorrow to the cemetery at 2 o'clock. THE PROSPECTOR, LILLOOET, B. C, JFIUDAY, ANUARY 27, 1899.
Published every Friday.
Payable in advance.
The Prospector is still being published, notwithstanding that the leader (?)
of politics in dominion and provincial
affairs in Lillooet has withdrawn his
large and remunerative support.
The government party in Victoria have
selected as candidates Ool. Gregory, Aid.
Stewart and T. W. Patterson to oppose
Messrs. Turner, Hall and McPhillips in
the bye-elections next week.
A petition has been circulated among
the residents down the river, for the establishing of ah public school at some
point near LaRochell's. The petition
lias probably been forwarded to the
school department.
A few members of the provincial legislature can now appreciate the Independence of Parliament act. An act of this
kind is necessary, although very inconvenient. It will be a lesson to future
members of the legislature.
An election proteut has been entered
against Mr. Neill of Alberni and a suit
for penalties sought from Mr. McPhillips
for sitting in the legislature when not
qualified. The point to be raised by the
suit is whether Mr. McPhillip really was
qualified or not.
The tax on miners working on mining
properties will in all probabilities be
taken off at this session of the legislature. There has been and is considerable good argument on both'sides of the
question. A couple years ago when*this
same measure was brought in.it received
opDosition from all parts of the province
and as a result the tax was not taken off.
The revenue derived from this source
ib great. The large number of -Chinamen rocking and crevicing along the
rivers bars will now escape the tax.
A communication published in last issue draws attention to a very important
question. A school for Indian children.
The Indian children of this district
attend the public schools and more
would if they had the opportunity.   Tlve
• people here have no objection to the Indian children being educated and are
pleased to see them improve their children. The Indians are in the hands 6.
the dominion authorities who should
see to their education. Other districts
have schools and why should pot one be
•established in this section.
■ This week is published two letters
from residents of the Bridge Kiver district relating to the mail service which
will shortly be established to that section of the country. The service proposed, once a month, will not be satisfactory, and most of the residents, if not
all, would be better satisfied to continue
the present mail service of twice a month
by special courier. The tenders calls for
mail to Cadwallader, but we suppose
that there will be provisions made for
leaving mail at the various places along
the route traveled, for if not the service
will not be complete. The courier will
in all probability leave mail along the
trail but the people do not wish to be entirely under obligations to him.
The Public Accounts for the fiscal year
ending 30th June, 1898, have just been
received. The balance Bheet shows that
the balance of the liabilities over the
assets of the Province on that date was
$4,845,413.64- The total avenue for the
year from all sources was $1,478,518.67.
including $38,894.27 amount withdrawn
from the Sinking Funds of Loans of 1877
and 1886. The net expenditure during
the same period is given as $2,001,031.85,
thus showing an excess of expenditure
over income by the late government of
A short time ago our member, Hewitt
Bostock visited Lillooet while on a round
to his constituents. A meeting was held
in the hall and Mr. Bostock was prepared
to answer questions and receive information as to what was needed in the district. A few suggestion were made and
the mail service to Bridge River was advocated to which Mr. Bostock promised
his aid. He has done so but not quite
satisfactory to the people here. At the
meeting nothing definite was given him
as to what was wanted, several " supporters " onl\ making a noise. Mr.
Bostock from his talk showed that he
was acquainted with the district and
made a good impression on his acquain-
ances and those who had the pleasure of
meeting him. If matters are not exactly
as we want them, put a littie of the
blame on ourselves for not making proper representations. No doubt on Mr.
Bostocks next visit to us, he will have
the local affairs explained more fully to
him and in the proper shape.
Master and Servants Act.
Mr. Macpherson (Vanconver,. Govt.)
moved the second reading of this bill,
the object sought by which is:
"Any agreement or bargain, verbal or
written express or implied, which may
be made between any persons and any
other person not a resident of British
Columbia, for the performance of labor
or service, or having reference to the
performance of labor or service by such
other person in the province of British
Columbia, and made as aforesaid, previous to the migration or coming;.into
British.Columbia of such other per;son'
whose labor.or service in contracted for,
shall bevoidand of no effect as, agains*
the person only so migrating or coming."
The returning officer of Victoria city
issued hia proclamation this -Week
fixing January 30th as the date for the
Victoriaby-celections.and February<2inlj
&r_ oiling day.
W, F. Allem Proprietor.
* * as M * * >k
First Class Hotel in every respect.     Accommodation
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably furnished.      Commercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
Pioneer Hotel.   Larg sample room.
Headquarters  tor tlie E5. C. Rxpress Stages.
As soon as the Lillooet-Lytton road is completed we will run a througli stfiige
from Lytton to Lillooet. At present we have rigs at both ends of the road wh Hi
will take you as far as possible, and we supply saddle horses for the rest <>i'.the
trip.    By starting from Lytton over twenty mile's is saved when going to Lilloqet.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write its for information.
-:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B i
Hotel Victoria
Thi8_hotel being new'and thoroughly finished througho.it is the only; first
class hotel in Li Looet. Persons calling at LI looet will receive every atten'jori Jjy
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel... I lead-
quarters for the Lillooet-Lytton stage. .
©    ©    ©    ©    ©   ©     CHARCiES    MODERATE.     ©©©©©©
3D.   _J,__^__-S_3ID=^:,  J?IE_0_?.
B. 0.
The Bar is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.-
R.&VV. GUMMING,'•;'■
ing Produce and
IF-VVILIOasr,-J3..C.-. ,- . .;...•;.
• -    ■        Flour and-Offal sold at mill atid delivered at reasonable rates.
-s_*'   <*-     <3k,     C3-_3_ST__3i.__.Xj  STOBE. ■'!§&■-.u **, <^'
Post Office and Telegraph Office in connection.    Freight teams ply'uw once a
.Svj -i vveek between Lillooet and Ashcroft.. °     i. i ' _
Want All the Copper.
New York, Jan. 16.—The Herald says
negotiations looking to the consolidation
of the copper mining interests of the
United States have been in progress in
this city for a week. With the reputed
packing of no less a powerful companv
than that of the Standard Oil, the copper
mining company, in its combination of
six plants, expects to revolutionize the
copper mining industry of the world,
the Boston and Montana and the Butte
and Boston mining companies, the old
Dominfon copper company, of Arizona,
and the Arcadian, Tamarac and Osceola
mining companies of Michigan, are
named as the component parts of the
new organizations.
It is understood that the American
company will reach into Canada and
absorb important copper mines there,
thus making the combination international, but the Calument and Hecla company, the largest producer in the lake
Superior region, has so far declined to
enter the combination. Interested observers of the transaction in mining
utocks in 1898 declare that a small coterie
of men have added $50,01)0,000 to their
wealth through the channel. The combination springs from the re°ent upheaval in copper, and the prices have
soared to the highest figures known in
face of unprecedented consumption. The
increased employment of electrical
energy has caused an enormous demand
for copper. European countries alone
last year used 456,769,760 pounds and it
is considered that the American mines
supply most of the foreign requirements
in addition to home demands. The
possibilities in the copper situation become apparent.
Revolution In Telegraphy.
Prof. Rowland, of Johns Hopkins
university, will test his mutliplex telegraph apparatus this week, endeavoring
to send four messages simultaneously to
Pittsburg and to receive at the same
time here four messages from the city.
The instrument may be called a printing telegraph instrument. It enables
several messages to be sent and received
at the same time from the same or
separate points over the same'wire; it
renders wire-tapping an impossibility
and is not effected by the weather.
Sending instruments are fitted with
keyboards, like type-writers. Their
number is the same as that of the messages that it may be desirable to send
simultaneously. Eight is the regular
number that the instrument is designed
to handle at once, but ten could be taken
without inconvenience. Each keyboard
must have an operator.
At the receiving station the Rowland
receiver performs his work without
human aid. The eight messages are
automatically separated and distributed
to six instruments. These print out
the messages as fast as received.
At present Mr. Rowland's instruments
ate fitted to print on ribbons of paper,
such as those used in the familiar ticker,
but his perfected machine will print the
messages on sheets of paper of any desirable shape and size. Hitherto there
has never been a successful attempt to
attain this result.
The only attention necessary at the receiving station is to supply the instrument with paDer and  take away   the
printed sheets. It would seem as
though the eight dispatches switched on
to a single wire would produce hopeless
confusion, but one of the devices Prof.
Rowland's instrument adjus's the words
in such a way that the separate letters
of the respective messages cannot start
on the main wire out of regular turn.
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
B. C.
First-class in every respect.
Choice  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars. Sample
room  tree.
Anthony & Robson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.)
Business established 1863
General flerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
Groceries, Drygoods,
Confectionery, Tin
Coods, Flour, Fruit.
Butcher Shop in Connection.
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGlLLlVRAY, Pr oprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.   Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquarters for stage.    Stable in con
A supply of
_r_a__ss__:  BEEF
always on hand.
TR0REY The Jeweler
JVancouver, B. C
Offical watch   inspector for
C. P. R.
£&. _E__I.B_E^__IiTl?
Post Office Store.
Book, StationerY, Soaps,
FancY Goods, Tobacco, etc
Twenty-six years with Messrs. Vivian &
Sons. Swansea, England.
Office and Labatory:   614 Hastinge St.
Assays and Analysis made of all kinds of Ores.
The Labatory is up-to-date, with all modern
appliances, including GATES' most approved Rock Grinding and Crushing  Machinery.
Printers' Supplies,
Job Printers'
Paper Stock.
Gas and Gasoline
Engines at
Toronto Type Foundry Co.
British Columbia Branch
520 Cordova Street.
J. M, Mackinnon
Mininq Properties
Properties Bonded'.
and Contractors.
Contractors for the design and construction of complete stamp mills, concentration,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments.
Peterboro, Ont., and Vancouver, B. C. THE lTOPPECTPP, LILLOOET,  F. C, FRIDAY, JANUARY tl; 1899.
Not Drink, But Idleness.
Ottawa, Jan 12.—Judge Armour, in
referring to the presentment of the
grand juiy to-day, said that the would
Bend the recommendation lor plac ng
gat.s at all the railway crossings within
two miles of the city, to the railway
Regaiding covered conveyances to take
prisoners to the cells or the jail, the
judge said that  perhaps   now days  the
community was paying a little too
much attention to the comfort of persons
convicted of crime. The idea of coddling
them, which was exhibited, for instance,
in the supplying of tobacco for prisoners
in penitentiary, sd that they could enjoy
themselves at the country's expense,
was not called for by any good reason
that he could see. A treadmill would
be a public improvement on some of the
present comfort of penitentiaries. The
most valuable thing the community
could do for either itself or a offender
against society was to give the latter the
babit of hard work. Once accustomed
to that, an idle life would mean misery
to them. No one accustomed for years
to hard work was likely to relapse into
an idle life. The judge's opinion was
that the main origin of crime in the
community was not drink, but idleness.
Touching on the suggestion of a poor-
house for the count", judge Armour
said poorhouses were likely to be favorite
places with people who wanted to get
rid of the trouble and expense of keeping their own poor relations as they
The evil tendency the poorhouse eys-
tem fostered probably more than offset the mercy it sometimes was.
A good etoiy is told by Rudyard Kipling, at his own expense. During hie
stay in Wiltshire, one summer, he met
little Dorthy Drew, Mr. Gladstone's
granddaughter, and, being very fond of
children, took her in the grounds and
told her storie . After a time, Mrs
Drew, fearing that Mr. Kipling must be
tifed^of the child, called her and said:
'• Now, Dorothy. I I ope you have not
been wearying Mr, Kipling." "Oh, not
a bit, mother," replied the small celebrity, "but he has been wearying me."
Rev. Father Chinique died on Jan. 16
at Montreal, aged 90 years, Father
Chinique, 15or 20 years ago, was well
known throughout the Dominion, by
reason of his leaving the Roman Catholic
Church and joining the Presbyterian,
and attacking the Catholic faith on every
VANCOUVER, - - - - B. C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for fine work. Leave your orders with
the postmaster who will have it attended to as
well as if you came personally.
.eland House
Cor er of Hastings and Granville Streets.        VANCOUVER   B   C*
■w-___. _^___J^ILTO__T,  PEOP.
Is now under new management and has been thoroughly renovated.  Culinar
department unsurpassed.     The Bar is stocked with choice liquors and cigars and
will be in charge of experienced men.   Every convenience for commercial men.
FRED H. NELSON, - - - Proprietor.
J. H. Clements,
Lillooet M-ail orders cartefully attended to.
Are There Trustees In Heaven?
Chicago, Jan. 10.—"When I get to
heaven," said Rey. Thomas Gregory,
D. D., in offering his resignation as
pastor of the Church of the Redeemer
last evening, "the first qnestion I am going to ask ie, 'Are there any trustees
here?' If the answer returned by the
apostle at the gate is in the affirmative
I am going to the other place." Dr.
Gregory's resignation was immediately
accepted. Lack of money and co-operation caused the resignation.
Established 1862.
R.F.Anderson &C°
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Stoves and Tinware. Miners steel, Picks
Shovels, etc.
l_v_E_B_E?.CHE^_L>rT   TAILOR
Tweeds, Trouserings, Serges, Winter Goods, etc.
Call and inspect our stock. Good workmanship and moderate charges.   Repair
ing and cleaning a specialty.   Orders by mail or express punctually attended to.
"We," remarks an exchange, "are getting a little tired of this life insurance
business. When a man dies nowdays,
the first question they ask is, 'Was he
insured, and for how much?' The papers
also generally wind up the obituary notice with the amount of insurance. Soon
theobituary notices will read something
like this: 'Peter Jones died and left a
wife and two children. Loss fully covered
by insurance.' Or, if deceased is not in-
Bured, it will read about as follows:
"John Smith is dead. He leaves a wife.
Total loss.   No insurance."
AnumbW of bachelors of  Spokane
have organized and incorporated  'The
Don't Merry Club," Us object, "to pro*
. mote social enjoyment ;and   fraternal
feeling  among  its  members."     Talk
; about carrying a chip around   on your
* Bhoulder looking tor trouble! If the girls
of Spokane leave one of the members of
tnatciutTto tell the story of  its  fate a
year from now, they are not the spirited
and interprising young women  we believe them to be.—"P. *•'
|2.00 A YEAR.
Storage & Forwarding Agts
Consign your goods to our care. We settle railway charges and forward to
destination without delay.   Correspondence solicited. W. B. BAILEY & Co
N. de Kevser ksm*°"-
Manufacturing Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Field and Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
All orders by mail and express promptly attended to. AH work warranted or
money refunded. If your eyesight is defective call and have your eyes tested free
in the most scientific way. Spectacles arid eyeglasses sent on approval to responsible parties. Tell distance you can read the smallest newspaper print arid
age.   We will guarantee satisfaction.   Repairing department a specialty.
* _^_ _K^
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
All points in Cariboo—Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and Fridav.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnished*
Head Office:   ASHCROFT, B. C.
The Prospector
STTIBSCIRIBIE FOR JTP,  952  _!_, *____]_*,_=&.
')-■'• ..._■.■■ ~- THE PF/OSPECldR, LILLOOET. B. 0.', FRIDAY,JANUARY, 27 1899.
Torrens' System Introduced.
[Hon. Mr. Martin  moved   the   second
lading of the Real Property bill.
[In moving the second reading of this
|ll, the Attorney-General eaid  he   had
)tvery many remarks to make.   In his
binion, the present system of 1 ind regis-
\y in this province was the worst that
>uld poE.ib'.e be on the statue   books.
A great many people were of  opinion,
id believed, that tl e certificates of title
sued under the present system,  where
food title, when, pb a matter of   fact,
jsh certificates were no good, and   if  a
Retake was made in   the  office,   there
[as absolutely no redress.       It  seems,
let session, the Government undertook
make the Province liable for errors,
it   this   only   made   matters    worse.
; There was  notning   more  important
Hth   regard   to   real    property    than
hat  should  be  absolute   title.     The
jresent system proposed was   the  Tor-
_its' pystem, which guarantees an abso-
itely good title, once it is issued by the
Registrar.   The Act furthur provides in-
lrance provisions, which   would  safe-
aard and one whose lands might have
3en transferred   wrongfully.       Under
fie new Act, the Executive  had   power
make new districts, in which the Act
kould apply, and, once it did so, the old
k'Etem would at once cease.     The great
(bjt ction to the present system was  the
lea fiat the general public   had,  that
lie present certificate was  an   absolute
guarantee that the title was good, when
,was not so.   Section 437 of the bill was
lie   main  clause,   which   was   largely
tppied from the Manitoba Act, where it
jad worked better than   in   any other
furt of the world, and this was  due   to
he welcome it received from the  legal
profession; and their co-operation.' The
let was compulsory.       When   he said
^his, he meant that it would not effect
iny one until they made a   transfer  of
Iny land they might have.    In addition
lo the proposed change, a .heap system
\i  foreclosing  mortagages    had    been
kdopted.       Under   the   present   Land
Registry Act, an action   in   the  courts
fas necessary, but it was proposed to do
[way with this practice.       And   every-
hiug woulc be done before the Registrar
Lf Titles.   Another improvement would
lie that the certificates of title would be
[lwaye in the Land Registry office, and
pot, as it was.at present, the certificates
if title being sometimes in the possession
\i the mortgagee, and sometimes in that
if the   mortgagor,   thus   placing   great
niliculty in the way of parties wishing a
perfei t title.   Under the new Act,   the
title would always be in   the  office, for
lie intpaclion of all parties.
To Exclude Aliens.
Notice is hereby given that an application
will be marie to the legislative assembly of the
province of British Columbia at its next session
for an act to incorporate a company under the
name of the '• Vancouver, Northernand Yukon
Railway Company" and empower it to con-
tsruct, equip, operate and maintain a standard
or narrow guage railway from some point at
the City of Vancouver or some other convenient
point on tne snore of Burrard Inlet; thence
running in a northerly direction by way of
Seymour creek, or the most feasible, route to
the Squamish Valley; thence by the most feas
ible route through the Pemberton Meadows to
Lillooet; thence northerly to Quesnelle; thence
northwesterly to llazleton, or some other point
on the Skeena river; mid thence northerly to
the northern boundary of the province; with
power to build a branch line from or near
llazelton, along the valley of the Black
river to the northern boundary of the province; with power to build branch lines
from said railway to Fort St. John; with power
also to build branch lines east and west from
the main line along the north shore of Burrard
Inlet to Howe Sound and the west shore of the
North Arm of said inlet; with power also to
build and operate branch lines from time to
time to groups of mines and to farming lands
from any point on the main line or any of its
branches; with power in operating the railway
and its branches to use steam, electricity or
other motive power; with power to build telegraph and telephone lines for the purposes of
the company and for transmission of messages
for the public and commercial purposes; with
power to build all necessary bridges and road-
ways and to build, operate and maintain
wharves, docks, and sawmills and own and
operate ferries and with power to equip and
maintain steam and other vessels and operate
the same in connection with railway and its
branches on any navigable waters along or near
the line of railway and its branches; with
power to acquire water rights and to construct
dams, flumes, etc., for improving and increasing the water privileges and to generate elec
tricity for operatingjhe railway and any of its
branches; and to erect and maintain all necessary works for the generation and transmission
of electricity or power within the area of the op
oration of the said company, and for the supply
of light and heat and oilier power; and with
power to expropriate lands for the purpose of
the company; and to acquire lands, bonuses,
privileges, or other aids from any government,
municipal corporation or persons or bodies
corporate, and to levy and collect tolls from
all persons using and on all freight passing over
any of such roads, ferries and wharves and carried on any of the vessels used, built, or operated by the company; and with power to lease,
make traffic or other arrangements with railway, stermboat or other companies and 'for all
other usual, necessary or incidental rights,
powers and privileges iu any way conducive to
the attainment of the aforesaid objects.
Dated this 23rd day or November 1898.
Solicitors for a pplicants.
Toronto, Jan. 18.—The Mail reporter
lays a member of the Commons who en-
hoys confidential relations with the Lau-
j ier government assured him that legislation affticting mining would be one of
the most impotant matters in the coming
lession. The whole of the mining law
needs to be recast, and he Said the  gov-
rnment intends to deal comprehensively
nth it.
The M. P. continued: "We are going
insidt that Americans  be  treated   in
ie same way as aliens are in the States.
|Che house does not meet until March.
am afraid Dingley's death will have
ihe effect of delaying the session until
late in that month.''
J.  B CilbKKY,
A. B. TRIM. COM.., mjBLIK.
Lillooet. B. C
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
Surprise, Alpha Bell Fraction, Omega Fraction mineral claims, situate in the Lillooet
mining division of Lillooet district. Where
located:   Cayoosh creek.
Take notice that The Alpha Bell Gold Quartz
Mining Company, Limited Liability, free
miner's certificate No. 9564a, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
recorder for a certificate ot improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 'Al, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this rwenty-seventh day of October,
1898. 17
The Alpha Bell Gold Quartz Mining Company, Limited.   H. Del'encier, Secretary.
Certificate of Improvements.
Little Joe, White Crow, Delighted, Jim Crow
Fraction and Bend 'Or Fraction mineral
claims situate in the Lillooet mining division  of Lillooet  district.   Where  located:
Cadwallader Creek.
Take notice that The Bend 'Or Mines, Ltd.,
free miner's certificate No. 39122 a, intend, sixty-
days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificates of improvents, for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grants of the
above claims,.
And further take notice that actio.i, under
section 'Al, must be commenced b>'f re the issuance ofisuch certificate of impicte nents.
Dated this first day of December, 1898."*
The Bend 'Or Mines, Ltd.
21 per C. T. Diamond, agent.
Notary Public, Account£int and
Mining   EJrolcer.
Reports on Mining Properties.
Mainland Cigar
British Lion
Route to nil Eastern I'ointn.
Fewest Changes,
Quickest Time
Through First class Sleeping Cars and Toon's
Sleeping Cars to St. Paul, Montreal and Toronto
vvlthoui change.
The Dining Car Service along the line of the
C. P. R. is unequalled anywhere.
And be sure that each Cigar is branded, otherwise they are not genuine.
They are not only made of the Choicest Tobacco but are of home manufacture, and
should be patronized by all good citizens.
123 Water Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.
VANCOUVER, - - - - B. C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for fine work. Leave your.orders'with
the postmaster who will have it attended to as
well as if you came personally.
$2.00 A   YEAR.
Connections atVancouve
With Steamer lines for
For full information as to rates, time, etc
apply to the nearest ticket agent, or to
District Passenger Agent, Vancouver, B. C.
Tin  shop  in  connection.
.-   .     ••'"     ■*  ' .
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber aud Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Established 18t>_.
R.F Anderson &C°
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Stoves and Tinware. Miners steel, Picks
Shovels, etc.
R.   Cumming and  wife  of Pavilion
Mill spent Sunday in town.
Arthur Noel, J. McPhail and W. Ferguson left last Tuesday morning for Cadwallader.
Rev W. W. Hardie, Presbyterian will
preach in the Methodist church on Sunday morning.
J, A. Murray and T. Walters spent a
couple days out on the hills this week on
a hunting expedition.
J. C. Morrison, "professor," left
town last Tuesday morning for Nelson
where he will remain for some time.
R. Hoey who waB hurt some time ago
and wiio has not been enjoying the best
of health lately is able to be around
again. ,	
The funeral of the late Mrs. Olsen will
take place on Saturday afternoon. Leaving Mr. Jensen's house for the cemetery
at 2 o'clock.
Constable Burns spent a couple of days
at Marble Canyon this week bringing in
Lambert to stand trial for family disturbance.	
Rev. R. Hughes left the first of the
week for Clinton on a visit to that section.
He will return again in time to hold
service next Sunday.
The Burns society at Ashcroft celebrated the anniversary of the Scotch
poet on Wednesday evening in royal
style by a dinner at the Cariboo Exchange
Fred Appleyard has had a very sore
foot lately, being unable to move around
much. His foot came in contact with
one of the roots sticking in the ground,
near the mill.
P. Mchaughlin, a weli known resident
of Lillooet left last Tuesday morning for
the coast via Ashcroft. He inteuds going to the Atlin country very shortly.
•Pats" many   friencU  in   this section
wish him all kinds of success and
that he will visit Lillooet again.
J. W. Col lis returned from his trip up
Tyauchton Wednesday and will leave
for the coast in a few days. While going
up Tyauchton creek he had the misfortune to go through the ice, which was
very narrow along the edge. He managed to save himself by clinging to some
rocks whi^h were near by.
Several dogs have arrived at their
respective homes a little faster than
usual. A tin can attached to their tails
makes them move and some only hit the
high places. The "boys" seem to enjoy
it considerable, but the dogs never stops
to let any one know. Its a rather cruel
practice and way to get the dogs off the
street. Should the participants accidentally fix the wrong dog the joke will be
on the other side. A joke carried on to
far may end disastrously.
Misp A. C. Noel Mt Thursday for a few
days visit at the Fountain ranch.
Ho Sue has been on the sick  list  the
past week with an attack of lagrippe.
Dr. Sanson arrived from Clinton Wednesday and spent a couple of days in
J. H. S. Rowbottom, (Pewatin) went
up Cayoosh Creek Tuesday on a hunting
Mr. J. M. Mackinnon will probably
visit Lillooet district in a few weeks on
his mining business.
Nip Tuck the Chinaman who died last
Wednesday morning was buried Saturday with the usual Chinese services.
Mrs. Glencross who has been ill at
Ashcroft is now somewhat better and
will be able to be around again shortly.
The lagrippe which seems to be prevailing all over the world has not hit Lillooet very hard as yet, olthough a few
have experienced a little sickness.
Rod. J. Atkin, the tinsmith, who has
had charge of M. Dumond's store
left on last Saturdays stage for Ashcroft,
where he will remain a Couple of weeks,
doing work there.
Mrs. Robb left on Saturday's stage for
Ashcroft and will visit the coast for a
short time. Her young daughter who
has been attending school at Kamloops
will return with her.        '._n,Min      /»■.?■>
.  .•■;_:?■   10&    -•
The much talked of minstrel show is
now under way and will very likely
come off ahout the middle of next month.
The songs are new and catchy, also
the jokes, and the participants whose
music ability, and ready wit have lonjg
been known facts, will, you may be sure
do full justice with them. Mr. 0. T.
Diamond is 'looking after the first part,
and all those taking part in same are
requested to attend a practice in Mr.
Noel's office tonight ai 8 o'clock.
New York pays $138,000,1(00 a year, or
$47 per head, for city government. Paris
pa"s $29 per head, London $10, Berlin $12,
Vienna $8, Chicago $20, Philadelphia $22,
and Boston $24. London with nearly
twice as many people as New York, witu
nearly double the mileage of paved
streets, more than double the mileage of
sewers, and more than lour times the
area of parks, spends $65,000,000 to New
York's $138,000,000.
f'2.00 A  YEAR.
Established 1886.
Incorporat* d 1895.
Mclennan, mcfeely & Co., m.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill Supplies *'
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors' and Lumber Supplies,^j
Agents for The Giant Powder Co., San Francisco.
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Good
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc.
Q-__1T___^__XJ     MERCHANT:
Miners Supplies.
_i__oo_ T, B. a.
Branch Store at Bridge River where »
full stock of General Merchandise and Mint
ers Outfits are on hand.
• j
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C<
H 1
0 I
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty.
^——————————————————mm______________________ -_________^_____ i __
 _3__._5T__:  OF	
THE ASHCROFT BRANCH is the most convenient Bank for Iihloo>t and it
places in the Cariboo district.   Money received on deposit.    Drafts issued aud colio lions inacj'
in any part of Canada, Great Britain and the United States.
,_old Oust und Amalgam l-»u re Itemed.


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