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The Prospector Feb 13, 1904

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—~^-~       V            ~"*._      -^N
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£.-•>•**. .T:_.    -.               .-•-  ■      *<    .»*   .■&    .■-->._:.»    .
«^   . •' ..   ":-a~~w~~i
.*.-                                                             **■                              M
(-*•*»""■     '    "^JjgSK*              -■;'*•
...           .** -  •
_______m_mi______n _■ _____■* _.*V__-Hk.. fri
*' •1^*r"iri5v_a
.j. *. *
■ f -"_.. ..
I' . \ '   ^'v.'
_     ..4k.
Mr. Vkiietrs li.air'a Promotion.
I Mr. Charles Mair, the author of
friovirol volumes of verse, including
Tecu.iiseh," nml who for the pnst
|live years has been hiding his poetic
-fight under thc bushel of dopartment-
lil routine in the Immigration Office
[at Winnipeg, has been promoted to
Let (.bridge, and leaves shortly for
lihut land of Mormons, coal mines
l.nd irrigation ditches. In tho Unified States, as has been said, they
nako their poets ambassadors, while
two have a more economical method,
Lind utilize their fine frenzy in de-
lscribing to an intending settler tho
lijualtty of the soil on Sec. 13,
fTownship 6, Hangc 10. or explain-
[ing to a Sheffiold cutlor what are
J«.he chances of obtaining work at his
■trade at Otaskwan, Alberta. One
Vol the productions of Mr. Mail's
I which thc West appreciates best is
Ihis "Open the Bay," and, though his
[hair is silvered, it is to be hoped
LMr. Mair will live and flourish in
Ithe genial climate of Alberta long
f after his appeal has been hooded and
Ihis prophecy fulfilled, and Hudson
•Day has become % highway for commerce. Mr. Ma'r is a genial, philoso^-
rphic and optimistic soul', and he will
^ he much missed by many friends ill
|>r.(rr» I.ml  I • li *u*««.
On    two    re'ent   occasions,     when
school children were to the for*,   attention    was   called b.v disinterested
[observers to their  lack of   courtesy,
ir_toys Thc Globe.
The Governor-General, in addressing the children in the park on Empire Hay, said: ""With all the self-
reliance that marks a new country
. like this, it would be well to remem-
lre.r the gcncrois traditions and the
courteous manners of the old country. There was sometimes a tendency to demonstrate self-reliance by
a want of respect to fellow-men and
to thos? in authority."
Mr. William Scott, Principal of the
Normal School, speaking at the
luncheon given by the directors of the
Exhibition on "School Children's
Dav," contrasted the kind and courteous ways of the boys and girls of
Quebec with thc rudeness, or at least
bluntness, of those in Ontario. He
had considerable expc: ience in Quebec, and was inclined to think one
reason for the difference is that the
people there live in the past, while
those of thin Province arc more democratic.
       >•.♦»'-  «>—-vrtr   ,- mr
Colt ot loniion . m<>k«>.
It, tal.es seven million tons of air
a day to carry away the l.ondoE
smoke, compared with one iniiliom
ions of water to carry away the sewage. This poisoned atmosphere hus
already proved fatal to many of tho
tine old trees lor which tht- neighborhood of London, wa.-; once famous,
and the destruction of the Kew arboretum "is only a question of
time." Moreover, a bud fog may
cost 5.25,000 a day for l.ght ng
ulo. f, and Mr. J. C. Hnwkshaw, an
authority on the subject, thinks that
..'25,000,000 a year is not. an exec*
:«iVe estimati for the total expense
of smoke pollution to London
(!nex|iloieil ( an uln.
You  need  not go  to   Af i-a to I'm J
unexplored tenitory.   Them is a lot
of it. on tlii_. cont'i.ent      An   attach*
if the Canadian geological survey I*
ently  d scovcred   a  new  iLir,    80C
miles long, emptying into    Hudson
I'.ay.       He   dis ovcrcd several     new
..ikes also.     Enough    unmapped  ter-
i o y    rcinni:is to make its explora-
lon worth while for thos. nlulntluUH
'eekei'H after new things tvTm do no'
want  to ha/.urd  a  trip to the  north
BV T;l'« IM'.MI'«.irJlt l-Ulll.HUINU   t'OMl'ANV.
THE PRUSPeC IOK Is the only paper published In the Lillooet District, and is all home
S'll-SiM-iplionx: One Dollar a vein ir. advance.
AilvurlisiiiK ra.es matte known on application,
('ones|.i.ii.li-.nce is invileiloii all niatiers of
(.iilili.- or local Interest. All communications
in list lie accompanied liy tlie name of ilu.
writer, bul nol necessarily for publication.
If nothing' helps the cause of
religion so ntncli its n. free .ind
IViiiiU ilis(MiHHi<m <if its fuels nnd
th cbi-ineN, then it leeeul. relioious
debate in Allegheny, I'n., will I e
[.fbduetive of great, good. From
«i. special issue of The IMttshurg
Cnze! te,'wliieli has come («- us,
we learn Mint, it six-day i'eli»ions
debate has been caiiied on iu t lie
Allegheny Music 11 all between Dr.
Kat.011, of the M. E. Church, and
I'asttu1 Russell, I_endei- of a. body
commonly called 'The Millennial
Dawn. Telling points were litinle
by both sides, ami the debate in
every sense is worth the reading.
Our particular reason for calling
attention to the debate is twofold, namely, because it removes
from our mind tin erroneous impression of Russell's leaching respecting a probation for man after death; and it shows that men
disagree only iu non-essentials
when the deciding standard between relifiiouscontestants is the
Word of God alone.
Iu our hearing, before this de-
bale came to hand, Mr. Russell
was referred to as a, teacher of
Ihe belief that those who have
rejected the message of Christ in
this life will have another probation after death. Mr. Russell denies this, aud says that this after
death probation is not suggested by scripture save to such who
iu this life had no chance to hear
Ihe gospel of Christ. "I nui not
s lying,"' remarked Mr. Russell in
the lirst day's debate, "that if it
is true of you, as it wiih of the
apostles", 'Messed are your eyes
for they see, ami your ears, for
they hear,' that you will have a-
nother chance after death to take
anotoer glimpse and to hear further of divine mercy, if you fail
to tise your privileges now."
We give this note in order that
t.n this important subject Mr.
Itussell may be understood and
wrong impressions correcte.|.
The l/illooet h\-a-electiou is ex-
pt-ded to be brought o.n »,s soon
as possible after the rising of the
I lYuvineinll louse. Areyou ready
$1.00 a year.
M      LOCAL1 NEWS       v
The   Piibliu-^lichool   continues I
closed owing \& whooping cough
Mrs. Ctirlei'Mt towufor Victoria, last Tuesdniy.
Moses Koswl' of the  15-Mile
ranch was iu lown this week.
The V en.. Arclu eacou Small
will conduct divine service iu Si.
Mary's Cliurcl..ut 11 a.m. tomor
The service  in the   Mel.lu (list
Church, lomoirow evening will be,
conducted by  Dr. Sibree Clarke
iu the pastor's absence at Cavil-
iim AbnintaiH. * .      .       . -id
The second of Ihe seiies of "At
Home" galheiings will meet tit
Mrs. Shepherd's on Tuesday eve,
I'eb. 23rd. The admission will
be 15 cents, the proceeds to lie
devoted t.o fund for new carpet
for the Methodist Church. The
help of the ladies is again solicited to provide refreshments.
Russia   has been defe.ited  byj
Japan in their first naval battle.'
Fire at baltimore CHM.es one
hundred million dollars damage.
The Hon. Mr. 1'refoldnine will
Hue the Montreal 'Star' for libel.
Fire is raging in Chicago, and
is beyond the control of brigade.
Five students iu Princeton University have lieen expelled for
cheating nt examinations.
Hon. Jos. Chamberlain is to
take a two mouths' holiday an.l
complete rest, is enjoined.
The natives iu German (South
Africa have defeated the German
forces, and are now unopposed.
actcr and Kood reputation in each stale (one
in litis county required) to represent, and ad-
veriise old-e~iabli~hed wealthy business liouse
of solid financial standing. Salary $21,0(1 weekly with expenses additional, ali payable in
ciisli direct each Wednesday from head unices
Horse and carriage furnished when necessary.
References. Enclose self-added ress envelope.
Colonial,  332, Ileal bom St. Chicago.
The McMillan Fur & Wool Co. have
placet! tlieir circu'ar of Jan. 12th on file
at our office for reference. This l.ou. e
w»H eetalilittheil a quarter of a e ninty
ago, and on account of their extensive
bunine. b, tliey are in a po-iiion to pay
liiuli price*. Shippers lind their deal
iiiKB with them very satisfactory.
. Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant—ia strongly
recommended by the medical profession as
% safeguard against infectious diseased -    .»
SrOi-il£S Or RU.   .1...
Bom* 'lUii'O  ti.«     ivat   - a:   >• •-.:
uul.i _i*.ve ..iKi.l to v. * i*. 1.1 • .•
I«r-..is i.   I.U..I    .. .     K
One gels the impression troinu...
ing of Kuskin's eui*y .vears ihui ,.c
missed many oi the iJiiw.Lges oi
healthy boyl.OOd. i.l.ui he wus u
man, he and a companion were oi..
one day upon the .uuUtii&nsTcu.
'J hey passed a group oi men, .su-.-. u
writer in the birunu Aiagucn.-, \,no
were engaged iu rough wot'K with
"How I wish," said lliiskn. I
could do whal those men aie _on_,!
1 was never allowed to Uo un,.' ViOi'K
which would have strengthened my
buck. 1 wasn't allowed lo ride, ior
fear-of being thrown off; nor to row,
ior fear oi' being drowned; nor to
box, because it was viiigar. i was
allowed to fence, because lhat was
.Sometimes, when he was • living
with his parents at Denmark Hill,
he would enjoy a surreptitious row
on the river. "I - used to bo to.U,"
says the same companion', "not to
let hi» father and mother know wherj
he had gone."' Kuskin was then in
the forties.
It is easy to read here a woman's
fears and prejudice and dom nation.
Kuskin was always, quite properly,
under his mother's control; but it is
possible that if ho hud tad the outlet of reasonable athletics his destructive moods would have bein
less marked. It was during his residence at lienmark Hill that he was
anathematizing something or somebody  most un.oasonobly.
"John," said his mother, "you
tulk too much and you talk nonsense."
"Yes, mother," Itnskin replied, aa
humble as a little boy, and changed
the subject.
Ruskin was not afraid to admit to
M.hors la sides h;s mother that he
was wrong. In a lecture at Oxford
when he was Slade prol'esror, S.r
William Richmond defended the
feme which the world had accoided
to Miehelanl'elo and Rafael. 1 oiiner-
ly Kuskin had denounced Michelangelo, and was not very we'l pleased
with Sir William for presenting the
cither side. When Kuskin recovered
from the illness which hnd caused
him to give up the Slade protosdor-
ship, Sir William retired, that he
might till it again. Touching by
this, Kuskin sent, asking if he might
come down and dine wilh his former pupil, Who was delighted to have
him. At the close of a pleasant
evening, Kuskin suid:
"Willy, why did you make that
violent attack upon me about Michelangelo?"
"Mr. Kuskin, becnuse you talked
nonsense," ivplied Sir William.
Meanwhile Mr. Kus'.in rose to go.
"You are quite fight, Willy." he
said, in his candid way. "It was
Some lllftti-u
. I.II.    ...'II
< . I
The Somali camels contr.. I.
lhe    n iuii    coii.ils are   >l . e.
I hoy   s l.lom  iuju.e ell. oi o.- >V •
ing   about   thu   camp   at   oic,. ii.-
h. s  ofien  to   i ass  among   i... as
ihey kn.i; in rows, Sjlltivi I* sicp-
piiljj o.er tliciu oi ti.uu,i . u.i.ef
outs.re.ci e.l necivs, but I uu.c ne.n
had exi e ie.Ro ul' a viCiOUfi" i..ai.el ii
So.nulilan... 1-vin vyhe.i iinoci'tioiii..
...in, ope a i-.i-U thy luivly Lie.
i>ho,; li Ii.t h ird is 1 f f'ei. 'iiiii?
a uoii.... du. i I-, i.ispo. i.iv>^i is alt i.j-
i.t .0 v.- ^ie iv lu the manner in
Wiih i.e. _*.e tiOuti-J by Tne fiU-
li>e~>, who, though iutl.er,,ci ml to
thei pot ies. tie.or i 1 ...s.- a camel.
i\ii:iiy . .o ..  i      ui'o   utc^rl.   iji'iioiant
of '..i.l (i,, iis Woik. Id." d. lie
laigiiij i.y u.e w-ou.eu, tap'
a        Wii or      In       'lh'- !. oollyn
n le        i he     .   r.^i   i    e* t ;\ \.,. r
In   ih..  Ltntj.     iii    t   .      ieui   uf .
..f tr nspoi t art! i   i i  «ri   in iniyisii' :
for  wi.es  and   i     :U.K-iii..'    •?    t   e
ime sant     I l.-oi.   fe. (Is   v.   i I,   r nnr
peace til  -. ill-niti   m <i  n\ n   ie ub.ios-t
unknown in ff.v inirioi.
As ihe t oo* s tiia.e »htlr way inland c.i i us nie vine' lorineil
of  littlo  huts  of  hen    si nr f. wl
with eniri.1 ni; ts, and |>rii..ei terl i-'ll
round v ith a )'< • c of cut iji i i >
I id ti e I y i : , vi 1 ;. t . s ,-
lOininon i 1. s, and tie fi.sii caun I
li ilk oLt i .;l k- ut thise i,s >eiy ic-
f.esling on iho 1 ng in; r-Ins. 1', *•
iren of Soin li . nJ ine a cmii -.
white clay tour.: in various parts, <f
the o .nt y L-o dab on their- henfh .
w- i h mo s theta look li e bla.k
foo;    en \ i ■ "   r ' v i, s   . lu uii-
miu i led    ;.i- !• -i     .. i   fufcij.
un     ti e mi -   t   • irs in    a
I rent   I'ritiilii'n Urmiif''.
One in every thirty-six of the males
over 15 years of age in Great Britain is a seaman in thc mercantile
marine or a fisherman. That by no
means represents thc proportion of
Ilritons who go to sea in ships. For
the current year the total number of
officers and men, active service ratings provided by thc estimates f<*r
the royal navy, 127,00-1 beini; &n
inccaio of 4,600 over the previr. :,
year. Taking tho two totals ihis
means that one in about ever, twenty Britons is a sailor, whi'ii is tin
enormously larger percentage then
that which oi,y other nation can
boast, even with the conscript'on
which supplies the seamen of severul
continental com.tries.
Mli.K.in'. .lit. i   ...... I  ii-.-i-.
Mr. l.aboiuhere, of Truth, is a
daring man. lie recently coiiusscd
to having acted as mauh n.a v« **-
tween the lato gifted uut ccutfuriu
urtisl, .I anus McNeil \Vliistler, and
the lady who beenme his Wi.e. Inn
who Wat. ut the time a chaiiiung little widow of artistic, tasiis. huppy-
go-lucky ways und sunny dispos.l.on.
'1'hc two weie known io be slun^.y
attracted tow aid eftth otlu r, una k>
have already talked in a vague, t'ar-
oif, Klys.an way of po.-sili.c luairi-
uiony; hui it was perieiilv pin n that
Whistler would ne\e/ do u..;vili,ng ;o
practical and coitniton-piuie i-s i.e-
i.mti'ly to propose and be ai.j'liil.
g..l u license, go tn church nn i t e
inn. l'ied unless some kind n i n . . o. *
li;in in hnnd, l.esidis, it \..s ,i. ti>
and go wiih his, t'-nipi-r uml Ins loo
gtle iiiiiv he inigut treat i.n\ i^.n.)
nieiui v. lit Hiioiiul atte'nipl »I »*< - I'l.l...
vice.    Mv.   Lubo'ichi'ie Iook   the  i :■.
I.iiveriioi- i.l  \  eslern An*>trHliii.,t
The London Star says that .'<tn p
al Sir Ire.le ik IU f ..■;.!, i . .
whom the King, in put>uai:Ce if t'o
uppnrently set 1 d po icy of In i ^
military and nawil Covoinor'.- for tho
constituent colot ies of the t'oiiunon-
weilt■-, has app< inted to he Govei-
nor i f Wis cm Ai siraliu, er.ie;i\i ti ,i
naval serviu in duly, lt5'2, and as
a youngster was ) r sent nt so. <■> n I
of thc o| 0 atl-»llS in thc Bluck Sea
nnd the Bnl i cluiiig the war wl i
Uis ia in I8*">1-;"i. As a ecinniHiii.. r
he 'ei'VOtl ii the Sei'H| i-, whin, it
c ri id Iho ' i \p, when ft i'i e oi
Wai s, on his nu Miorable vi it to
liu!iu. As Fine' Oait'in on tie
' hih, on the Pu ile statini, lo
took that vessel n o action with the
I em i n iron' 1. d lluascar ufltMo-l'i
May. 1877. In 1884, whe-n in co' -
man.I of Ihe Monarch, he received tl.o
-i iv ; 1 tliuiils of  the Admir. I y   fin'
i clT(ns lo iu'L-niii o the ho ilia on
•he Nile for the lelief of tJen r.il Oiir-
.loii.   I'or Ihe Benin exp tli ion lu- n-
ei'iMl tin "'.''.T'., piid ti.e t n i d
< ross of the Bu'h followed utnong
the coronal Ion   hm oi s. THE   IM.OSPKUTO
it >
l.l.l.UARY 13, 1904.
A Tiflyloss Scandal
j       Author of "The Little Minister,"  "Auld Licht Idylls,
Window in Thrums," Etc., Etc.
htc^^i/^^ \|/5& ^ \V'^(^^|/''^^,f_!^,^!<'^,^>^!/^^f^,^!. l~~2
Haggart came home on a Saturday
evening, when the water-liarr..ls were
running over, and our muddy roads hud
:]pst their grip. But at all times he took
.small note of the weather, and often said
it was a fine day out of politeness to the
acquaintances he met casually, when
Tillyloss dripped in rain. To a man who
has his loom for master it only occurs at
an afterthought to look out at the window.
His shortest and natural route would
have taken the wanderer to Tillyloss
Without zigzagging him through the rest
nf Thrums, but he made a circuit of the
town, and came marching down the
"I wanted to burst upon the place sudden like," he admitted, "and to let
everybody see me. I dinna deny but what
It was a proud moment, lads, as Thrums
came in sicht. I had naturally a sort of
contempt for the placey. and yet I was
fell awid to be back in it too, just as a
body is glad tc slip into his bed at nicht.
Ay, foreign pnrts is grand for adventure,
hut Thrums for eomfiany.''
At the top of the Roods he was recognized by two boys who had been to q
farm for milk, end were playing at
swinging their flagon over their heads
without dropping its contents. The apparition stayed the flagon in the air, and
the boys clattered off screaming. Their
father had subsequntly high words with
Tammas, who refused to refund tbe price
of the milk.
"Though my expectations was high,"
Haggart said, "they were completely
beaten by the reality. Nothing could
have been more gratifying than the sensation I created, not only among laddies
and lassies but among grown men and
women. Very weel I ken that Dan'l
Straohen pretends he stood his ground
when I came upon him at the mouth of
Sauners Rae's close, but whaur was the
honor in that, when the crittur was paralyzed with fear? Ay, he wasna the only
man that lost his legs in the Roods that
day; Will'um Crewe being another.
Snecky Hobart, you was one of them as
I walked into at Peter Lambie's shop
door, and I'll never speak to ye again il
ye dinna allow as I scattered ye like a
showman in the square does when he
passes round the hct."
; "I allow, Tammas, as I made my feet
my   friend that nicht."
"And did I no send the women flying
and skirling in all directions? Was it me
or was it no me that made Mysy Dlnnic
faint on her back in the corner of the
"It was you, Tammas, and michty
boastful the crittur was when she came
to, and heard she had fainted."
"And there's a curran women as says
they hung out at their windows looking
at ine. I would like to hear of one proved
case in which ony woman did that except
at a second story window?"
"Sal, they didna dare look out at low
windows. Na, they were more like putting on their shutters."
"And did some of them no bar their
doors, and am I lying when I say Lis-
beth Whamand up with hor bairn out of
the cradle and ran to the door of the
Auld Licht kirk, thinking I couldna
harm her there?"
"You're speaking gospel, Tammas.
And it wasna to be wondered ut that wo
should be terrified, seeing we hod buried
ye five months before."
"I'm no saying it was unnatural. I
would have been particular annoyed if ye
had been so stupid as to stand your
ground. And what's more, if I had met
the Auld Licht minister he would have
run like the rest."
But this oft-repeated assertion of Haggart's was usually received in silence.
His extraordinary imagination enabled
him to conceive this picture, but to such
a height we never rose.
By the time Haggart reached the Tene-
' ments the town had sufficiently recovered
to follow him at a distance. How he
looked to the populace has heen frequently discussed, Peter Lambie's description
being regarded as the best.
"Them of, you," Peter would say,
drawn to the door of his shop by Haggart groups, "as has been to the Glen
Quharity Hieland sports, can call to
mind the competition for best-dressed
Hielander. The Hielanders stands in
their glory in a row, and the grand leddies picks out the best-dressed one. Weel,
the competitors tries to look as if they
didna ken they were being admired, implying as they're indifferent to whether
i.hey get the prize or no, but all the time,
there's a sort of pleased smirk on their
,aces, mixed up with a natural anxiety.
_y, then, that's the look Tammas Hag-
,art had when he passed my shop."
"But ye saw a change come ower him,
lid ye no?"
"I did. I was among them as ran after
im along the Tenements, and, though I
ast saw his back, it wasna the back   he
..ad on when he passed mv shoo   1 would
say, judging from his back, as bis chest
wus sticking out, and he walked with a
sort of strut, like the Hielander as has
won the prize and kens it would be a
haver to make pretence of modesty ony
"But ye never saw me look back,
Pete," Haggart said, when Lambie's version was presented to him.
"Na, it was astonishing how he could
have kept frae turning your head. Ye
was like one unaware that there was sieh
a crowd running after ye."
"Ay, lad, but very weel I kent for all
that. Thinks I to mysel' as I walks on
before ye—' This scene winna be forgotten
for many a year.' ''
"And it will not, Tammas. It did the
work of the town for a nine days. Ay,
I've often said myself that yoi» walked
hame that nioht more like a circus procession than a single man. The only
thing I a kind of shake my head at is
your saying ye wasna a humorist at that
"I didna just gang that   length. Pete.
I w.
1st. V
Its ■*••
Ail Island K»tal to Mice.
Thoi'e is a small island named Papa
Little, that lies in St. Magnus Boy,
on the west side of .Shetland. It gets
his name in contradistinction to Papa St our, or tho Big Pupa, another
islam! in the same bay. Both names
arc of Noiso origin, and signify
Priest Islands, from the fact that
they were coloni od by the Irish Catholics who first introduced Chiisti-
anity. 1 hire was a solitary troi't
on this island at one time, but all
that now remains is a ruined homestead, for the place is used purely
for gra ing purposes. A striking
feature of the isles is the fact that
no mice can live there, ar.d on vat'i-
ons occasions, to tost the tri th of
this, mice have been caught and
slipped on tha isle, but so uncongenial did its soil prove to their existence that in a short time they
were dead. There aie in tanees of
crofters on the mainland, when
troubled with mi e. going the lenj. _h
of fet'lrng earth fiom this isle and
sprinkling it on the ground before
building their Ftoc s. This is said
to have h.id lhe desi ed c.ect in all
cor. si
a oil
h  *v
. ,\ uu, it. s ,1:1
. uc ye've s*~ot
ei,   Ltd.    YeV*'.  .
n ■ -     r   oil i
flngar it   .11
; but a spoon i
ca.su you . tiin
for   .  i.-
" tits s;:.
ie us in
.1 B&tt&St
________£■_. ,
Z00-'2IZ" fWAve.Niorth.   MINNEAPOLIS. MINN.
\Y -el, I... u, J. s..y a.
w.iea      ye     ma
'....,   LjOO
arguiuenii t
top O.    D.i
V.U.I.!-- SO t  I'
tcuo'a it with yo i
to i.< itJ"
"Ay. that'" true;
to touch ii with, in
Lookaboiuyou got a laugh
which annoyed Thamniiis.
•'Tttkj care, Loik.bmtyou
warnlagly, "or I'll lez y. s
humor cs.n burn too. 1 k n
thin k to sny to ye, my m u
"But what a.uU~ the w.tter so real
the oil?" as .'.'d Hob .rt, while Lt ok
abo i jca shrun : hick.
"My humor was in that condition,"
said Haggart, still eyeing the fqolisli
farmer threatening y, "when I came hack
to Thrums. It jusj needed a touch tn
make it boil."
"And, sal, it got the touch!"
"Ay, I admit that; but no till th.
ii. Oo tw.k to the march from tl.e
Roods to Tillyloss. In less time than it
would have taken Haggart to bring h f
sarcastic shaft from the depths where 1 ••
stowed these things and Are it into Lock-
aboutyou, he had walked triumphantly to
Tillyloss, and turned up the road tnat
was presently to be named after him.
His tail of -fellow-townsmen cam*) to a
stop at the pump, where they had a $ ooil
view of Haggart's house, all but a few
daring ones, nearly all women, who ran
up the dyke, in hope of witnessing tht
meeting with Chirsty.
"I suppose, lads," Haggart said to us,
"that ye're thinking my arrival at Tillyloss was the crowning moment of my
"It was bound to be."
"So ye think, Andrew; but that Just
shows how little ye ken about the human
heart. I got as far as Tillyloss terribly
windy at the w..y ye had honored ni'a;
lut, lads, something came ower nie at
sicht of that auld outside stair. Ay, it
had a michty name-like look."
"I've heard tell ye stopped and ganed
at it, like grand folk admiring the v.ew.'
'.'Ay, lathics, 1 daursay I did si; but
it wasna the view I was thinking nLout.
I'll warrant ye couldna say what was in
my mind?."
"your funeral?"
"I never gave it » thocht. N», but
I'll tell ye: I was thinking of Chirsty
"Ay.and the startle she was to gfltt"
"No, Snecky; it's an astonishing
thing, but thc moment my e'en saw
that outside stair I completely lost heart,
and frae being lifted up with pride, down
goes my courage like a bucket in a well.
Was it the stair as terrified me? Na, it
was Chirsty Todd. Lads, I facad the
whole drove of ye as Ixild as a king sitting down at the head of his tea table;
but the thocht of Chirsty Todd brocht
my legs to a snip. Ay,for all we may say
to the coutrairy, is there a man in
Thrums as h.-isna a kind of fear of his
At this question Haggart's listeners
usually looked different ways.
"Lads," continued Tammas, "it ran
through me suddenly, like a cold blast of
wind—'What if Chirsty shoullna bo glad
to see me hack?' and I regretted michty
thut I hadna halved the guineas with
her. Ay, I tell ye openly, as I found
mysel' getting smaller, like a gas-ball
with a hole in It, and I a kind of lost
sight of ull I had to boast of. I was
ashamed of mysel' and also in mortal
terror of Chirsty Todd. Ay, but I never
let her ken that: na, na; a man has to
be wary about what he toll" *>*' •""* '•
,i____eeJ.lent reports iiu e I een received irom the di herein LOanoittees in
South Africa oi tne woFK accomplished in locating and curing lor thc
(.'una-lian soldiers' gia\es. the difli-
cu.t.e.t which have been encountered
and overcome have been many. Owing to the great distances and the
unsettled state of the country, oven
for a long period after peace was de-
cla ed, transportation to certain
distr.cts was, until quite recently,
refused to travelers. In addition, the
unusual climatic conditions, the vagaries of the South Af. ican vegetation, "which at some seasons has the
vitality of Jonah's gourd, and at
others the appaient dryness of Aaron's rod," have all contributed to
make the work of the Guild- of Loyal
Women of South Africa- an almost
impossible task. How faithfully the
guild has worked is shown in a report from the secretary of the Central Committee, Cape Town, who
states that no single grave that
could by any reasonable possibility
be reached by members of the guild
has remained unyisited.
At Woodstock,  Modder River, W:yn-
berg,  Bioemfontein and other    places
all the outlying graves,    as \vel>   as
those in the cemeteries,  aie in excellent order,  and decorated  with  flowers at  Christmas and Easter by  the
branches in those places.  At Magers*
fontein and  l'aardeberg only   a   verv
few months have elapsed since it was
possible   for     ladies    to    visit    the j
graves.   Now the work is being pushed   forward   as  rapidly  as     possible,   |
and the    Toronto secretary has    re- j
ceived     very  encouraging  ietteis     of
the progress    made  from the    sccre- '_
tar ies of the branches in    charge    of |
those graves.    At Paardeberg several j
permanent    stones have been erected  •
by relatives,  through the   agency   of
the Ixjyal Ouild of Women.
Money hus been sent from time to
timo by the Imperial Order of
Daughters of the Empire for all Canadian graves, and with special instructions that the Canadian graves
at Paardeberg and Hart's River be
put in order without delay at the
expense of the Canadian fund. Up
to date the amount sent to South
Africa by the i.O.D.E. totals S850,
the rest of the fund subscribed having been invested, the income therefrom to be expended annually for
the care of the graves.
1t»_ Mast dawn.
From one extreme to nnother it
characteristic of womankind. After a
series of pads all round—pads that
always seem to me to invite a thorough good and well-deserved spanking—next spring we are to be treated, according to the fashion-mongers,
to "skin-tight gowns, that will havo
no hips." This decree is seemingly
promulgated at this season in order
that every woman may have ample
time to remove her hips. Of course,
this means only those cleverly designed, but not always deceptive
panniers, which at times creukinglv
betray their presence and make every
latitudinal protuberance to be regarded with suspicion. They will now
go to join the bustle in the attic.
But no one can imagine that the fair
sisterhood mean to wear "skin-tight
gowns" over a natural framework
that has not often been moulded on
the best lines of art. The dressmaker will now be put to the pains
of designing a figure as well as a
costume, and as a natural consequence, a dress may be two inches
thick in one place, where it is only
that of a sheet of paper in am l hor.
Clothes are no longer a mutter of design and color combination. The
"occupant" of the coming di'OBU will
have to look as 11 she has been poured into it. It will be with much
compassion that the .masculine world
will look on this ncw -development in
the fashions of their sisters. It
means that woman, poor woman, is
to be more uncomfortable and costly
than ever.—Captious One, in Toronto
Sunday World*
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Winchester rifles are made in all desirable
calibers, weights and styles; and are plain,
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purpose,  every  pocketbook,  and  every taste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
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$100 per annum THE PROSPECTOR, LTLLOOET, B.C., FEBRUARY  1?>, 1904.
Lillooet District
Attracting Attention
on account of
i. Its Fraser River Placers.        --,____,
As far back as the year 1858, successful placer mining was carried on at Horse Beel
bar, near the town of Lillooet.   The adjoining ground is being worked with profit at
Uie present time.
A company is now working a gold dredger on the Fraser, with gratifying success, and
a new company has been formed with a capital of $350,000, to operate an improved
dvedge near the town of lillooet.
2. Its Promising Mineral Lands.=-^
Anderson lake and bridge river mining properties will prove themselves sufficient to
form a prosperous camp. Yet there are miles o_  territory  that remain unprospected
3. Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds-^*-**--
Increasing numbers of tourists from all parts oi the globe testify that the sportsman's
Paradise is here.   Mountain sheep, bear, deer, and all kinds of large and small game
abound.    Anglers find the lusty trout where least expected, and fresh salmon cease to
I liea luxury.
4. Its Salubrious Climate.
In the dry belt, and at an altitude that renders the seasons temperate and equable,
he climate is most suitable for health-seekers. Semi-tropical fruit may be grown, and
at the present time, November, rosebushes and geranium plants may be seen in bloom
in the gardens of the town
Nearest Railway towns are ashcroft and lytton, on the Canadian pacific railway.
.- , '
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liquor  drinkers   cured,  Easily, Safely, Absolutely.
ax homk.   Willi no loss of Time or Labor.
There ie an enlightened aid now which takes hold of a man instantlv.
Insltml of dulling a drinker it gives l.iiu almost ilium diatelj tiie ti a\> :.i
new. life and power—let* the sunlight of hoie into hif tout at oi:ce and
sets hit" mind into operation with all its best intelligence — a prompt result of effects on the nerves, Stomach and w'-ole hotly which are quick
and marvelous. While at this point the cure has only hen till, the encouragement la eo great that piobably no met ijul woik (quale ihis in
satisfaction to a patient.
With thi* help against the drink l.abit any man who wants to lift from
his life the handicap of liquor using ran do so w'fth im medial, results.
This guaranteed treatment is within reach of all. Convenient term-* can
he arranged satisfactory to any one who is at all reat-onable, though, as
all people undfrstand.it does i ot compare wilh ihe wo'lhless quacks
cures advertised at so much per package, or "Free", ei<. It is a different
matter from all this to perfect a course of thorough, tpeeial, personal
treaiinenl that will really do lhe work and cure forever. It is a tenons
undertaking and requiies a high foi m nl Ecipntilic prOfeveiottal w i k. All
the different knds oi oases an limdhd iimlel- guaranteed rtsults. Only
-kill that ie developed to the highest can d i it. Only professional fees
••an pay for ihe time it requires, though they are made moderate nnd con
venient fur anybody. The a ethuds ot practice used in this woik has cost
years ol lime, vast study and expensive cxper nients. The originator, Dr.
William H. Sauude.r., had at trace I wide hnin e h-i hi t- .. orki i n Neivous
diseases l<*ng before perfecting this I real ment. A i.l r-iill nothing hut care
and personal atteniion to cases today make.- it \...t> ihle for him to accomplish the absolu e cures which he guarantees. So .he reader will see
mis tre.-itment means thorough scientific, prote-i-ioiihl attenii-n. Itut it
■1I10 means results that are absolutely certain."" The splendid iiiet effects
on a man are alone woi tli the entire cost of iie.iiiii_'iit.
This treatment can be given WITH or WITHOUT the I no-ledge of
lhe pa lent and can be placed in any of his foods or liquids that he iites,
and being c-dotles-* and tasteless, i' does its w *rk so sitem ly ai d quick Iv
that tlie drunkard is teclaiuied even iigain-l ids'will ai.it wi hou1 hi*
knowledge and co-operation. Ti.e wife nau.'.l for \ears to ; hu-Jiahtl addicted lo ihis curse wiil wonder if curing hw hlisha d |Yv ! er «.\\ n effV.rl-
can he true. "Is it possible lhat there is such a gin l-u- opp mi .n\ ?"
she will ask. And thousands of wives who have pit it to t.i e test aiul* ic-
j dee in the reclamation of heir SpuilHeB whi teemed ld~t lo a I -etise o|
self-iespee.t, generosity and manliness will tiumpet out to the woild,
'"Yes, i» is true''. Onr treatment is purel. vegetahlc, contains i o i ar oi-
ics, opiates, poisons or mineials. We use no hypodermic li jecion ol g*.|.i,
nor any dangerous compound. It cau betaken at h-niew ithout ain lo-s
or detention from l'ii~iness. h siimulaies the nervous system storm,
increases the appetite, and afford, perfect r*s; at ngln. It in >s dm c I\
U|ion the stomach, I nilds up ih*- who'esystem, eliminatis all ir .ce ot lnj-
uor from the hodyand leavesthe patient in tli- s**mecoi.ditioH as it liquor
had never beeu taken.
ihoee wIm) have bi en deceived oy worthless remedies. Ifyulir iriei d or
husband 11 lhe worst case in the community, we are more anxious to cure
him.   Read the following:
St. John's School, Okla., Aug. I8th, 190". •
Dr. W.H. Saunders & Co.,
Dear S rs:— I have just returned alter a long absente. and .fa,] it my
duty to write you concerning mi two pa'ients. One of them F.R. .. gav-
up the treatment after ahout two weeks. Tneoiiu-T, Wm. G...,.ioiiMiiii«'d
to take tie treatment faith full v, ami he I as I ecu bit* to rutin- wl isky ..
hundred times and does not crave it at ull. For nine vears he has b, en
away from his parents and m ver dining that time las he hi en ahle to
keep away from hon e long enough io vis ii hou e. He is now visiting his
hom« inClevelai d, Ohio, and I expect I -im hack In a few dat*. When I e
lef: he promised he would not touch whi-ky while away. I nu i he will
keep his good resolution. Kindly let me have a few p~mpi lets f*u di_-
tri hut ion. There ~re a few case- I would like to get for jour in at ment.
W shing you success, I am
Very truly you s,
Sistei Superior.
St. John'. School,  Urav Horse, Okla,, Sept. 27, 1902.
Dr. W. H. Saunders,
Dear Sir:— Yo it letter r' ~,i .8,1 nnd content, noed. Vypati-nt
returned afier visiting home, and has not touched w his ey. I am so •glad
tint he look your *reiitment and i is motto r is s tnplv delighted to think
tint he does notdiink. The change worked in this nai, his atti acted the
attention of ey<.ryone.   I am
Very respectfully,
S'ster Superior,
St. John's School, Cray Hon-e, Okla., D* c. 28. ]fC2
Dr. W.  ft, Sun deis.
Dear Si':—I wrote vou some time ago ahout i uhli-hii.g uiy hi • r~.
I he it atid hecait e they were written iu haste, ami I d min it ihey . i
til. to pu lish. I is adeht ofgrati tide on mv ian in d it > I c h-tu-iV w .1
heie'it you in any way, make u-e of ■ I em. I is the only ni »• s I Imve
to make any return for your kindness. This I ask—-JeaVe ■ ut n y i i e.
and simple sign, Sister Superior, add nf course on.ft ihe nan e of Mi. \ a-
tienie.   Mr. U is d«i g well.   He does not crave whiskey al all.
With best wishes of the season,
I am, very truly yonto,
Sister Superior.
Pdvadeia, New Mexico, Dec. II h, 1901
Dr. W.H. Siunders&Cn.,
(ientleinen :—I have t k n vour nn dnire
f ir the liquor ha'iit. which was recprhuienoe.i to u e by h frn-ii'l in i* \
town. I only top It one ni tilth's ire*tm tt' whi It con,plele|> ell id n.<.
1 liave no desire to drink any more. 1 suffered lor 'eil'' « iin 11 j- . ni***.
Please ac-epl in v I hank- for tl e reatmint. R st issined il al I shah e
commend your treatment tneve yoni it. need ■ f -an e.
I au , verv truly yours,
Calleiano (ian ia.
WE HAVE REEM, and are, cirirnt t|ion~Hhtls and we la<e luiiln.'s
f teg imnnials   on   til"  Spenkin • of the-e  wnmletfnl i-nie .     \\I_\">III,
or particulars and -avetm'd w ifalleii. Al- cone p i,«i n . is held sh -
e ily c mil l«h'i il. Ni inm« of pat ion's uhii h il i hioti tl -eii «tin, n
onsen*     0 >i°itlt I'it.'i ERE1*'.    AMco'-resp* n h-i.ce \< i'hoot nia"!**.
n       FREE ROO'v.   D'. Smiders latest treatise on tl no •->, vs>i u
Ivn s. and snecs ful  t   i    f 'Iv liquor ham --■' A Cl'li^E   A.\|i
ITS CURE."—mailed  me for a 2c   stamp
Dr. W 11. S uiul".,. Co.
Depi. 1..  1457,
En.'lewo .<i Station,
This I'uospeotob, .is m.uiv of
our leii»lees know, will lie issued
only n Few* weukm longer, and wh
wish in this issue lo tliiiii'l. I hose
who h;i\f nssislcd us iu nmkiiig'
thi-ir locul sJieel a Kiiti-ncinl siio.
tcss. Siiitv W« look clinrj^'t) no
mouth tins |i;isst'il wilhoul »i\ in»
us ii siii'|-ftin. True it is I tin 1 I he
liiiliim-e in our favor hns Ih*.ii
siiitill sotnelinn's, .yet onr needs
liitvt) heen 'tilly iiihI, ll is true,
too, Ihiil. liy ;i lil tie ex I rn expense
I'or l.tlior ittul iiiiiieriiil the |..i|.er
wotild have been improved, lint,
lo our mind, locnl Irnde conditions did not wiirruut tit it. extra,
Our decision, three yeiU'H nft'O,
to insert noliquoi'iidverliseiuen'
in our pit per may Imve militated
somewhat against our greater
commercial prosperity, hut not*
against our peace of mind, and
our present contention is th.-il
while places for rest, refreshment
and business are needed the selling of liquor is not necessary or
conducive for those purposes, and
if the hnr were abolished, till pur-
lies would be benefitted. We believe that the time has come uneven the moderate drinker to abstain from liquor drinking for
1 he sake of others less fortunate
than himself.
We Imve very few outstanding
nccouuts. To those from whom
we do not expect a settlement
we have sent an account receipted ir full, thus releasing them
from nil obligations. Ali others
are respectfully reminded of the
brevity of lime. All parties having claims against us must send
~iu the Maine to us within30 davs.
The INiblishers.
A Both*. Attaaapt   H*la«   Had*   ta Intro*
daea tha t aparrallai*.
An effort is being made to stock
Ontario forests with capercailzies,
the famous game hird of northern
Europe. Under the direetion of Mr.
Thomas Gibson, Director of Provincial Parks, 30 birds have been imported from Norway and were recently released in Algonquin Park. The
greatest care was laki ti with tho
shipment, and the birds were in good
shape  when released.
They cost $8 each in Sweden, and
the cost of transportation was no
small amount. A special commissioner was sent to New York to meet
them, and take thein to their new
The capercailzie is a large, glossy,
black grouse, and as it thrives in all
the pine forests of Northern Europe,
it is thought that it should get
along in Ontario. It became extinct
in Scotland and Ireland during the
eighteenth century, and has heen
reintroduced to the Highlands by
methods similar to those now adopted by the Ontario Government. Thc
bird is familiarly known as "Cock o'
the Woods."
An effort was formerly made by Mr.
Gibson and three were imported.
They were placed in Rondeau Park on
LaKe Eric and tho weather turned
very warm. To make thein more
comfortable their keeper moved them
to a shady, cool place, and next
morning found their throats had
been cut by a weasal.
It is hoped this trial will have
better luck. Mr. Gibson, who is still
in Northern Ontario, saw them released, and says that most of them
rose straight up and went off to the
wilderness. Others were more affected by the two weeks' confinement,
but after hobbling around for a few
minutes they, too, took to the
Mlaaawa la 1.11k.
A well-known Grand Rapids milkman was recently made the victim of
..cruel joke by a fisherman friend
vho happened to be passing the
milkman s wagon just .as that
worthy man was dodging around the
orner of a house with a bottle of
actual fluid, The fisherman had a
•mt or so of minnows in an ovster
an. Quickly he dumped the little
Sti into the milk tank and fled. Pat-
ons that morning were dazed to
tid the finny little fellows in the
oosoning of their coffee provided bv
iieir    faithful purveyor,  and    nearly
<>hl)f.d him before th* truth    cain»
- U ta
• >r itentlenian to manage im-dness in this
County and and adj lining teniiory for
liom-e of* solid financial standing. $20
g'raight cash salary a-id expense paio
■•ai.ii Monday direct from liea<li|iiHrtete.
Expei,se monev aiivani_e.il; position permanent. Address Manager,605, Mouou
Hnilding. Chicago.
Tlii- Rev. Irl Hick" Almanac ior 1904
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-tonus and weather in 1904, without this
wuiiderliil Hicks Almanac and Professor
Hicks splendid paper, Word and Work..
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Word and Works is am ing the best American magazines. Like the Hicks Almanack, il is too well known lo uted
further commendation. Few men have
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Un , .2201 Locust S.reet, St. Louts, Mo.
FOUND on the Lyiton-Lillooet Road,
.t piece of gold.   Owner can   have the
same hy proving ownership and paying
A J. Swart,
14 Mile Creek.
'_2 January 5,  1901.
NKWSI'AI'EI. PLANT, including large
Gordon Press, |8^\ 13, within chase; in good
condition, and in use, also Washington hand
press, type, etc. No re.iaonahle oflf.-r refused,
Address—Prospector 1'iiblisliing Co.,
Lillooet, B.C.
NOTICK is hereby given that 60 days
afler date I intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following land situated at tlie Kountiiu, l.i lionet Disliict, more
paniularly described as follows:
Commencing at post on the Southern
boundary ol Nicalo lionini's ranch, marked
Paul Santini's No. 1 p.ist north west comer,
thence South 15 chains, thence East 25
chains, th..-nc: North 15 chains, thence Wesl
25 chains to point of commencement containing 40 acres more or less.
Lillooet, January 5,  1904.
ai-ler and good reputation in em-h state (one
In tills county required) tn represent ami silver! me old -established wealthy business house
■ if solid financial standing. Salary f'2l,00 weekly with expenses additional, all payable in
cash direct each Wednesday from head unices
Horse ami carriage furn shed when necessary.
References. Enclose sell-addedress envelope.,
Colonial,  332, Deal born St. Chicago.
A Course in
One Dollar
Carbolic Salve*
We do not kn >w of a Letter salve
or ointment. This is the one that
cures. It sli mid Le kept on hand
constantly, so that it can lie applied
promptly iu emergencies.
It relieves quickly the pain from
hums anil scalds; ii heals cuts, and
cures itching piles, A thoroughly
reliable ointment that many people
'•swear by."
Price 25c. by mail.
DRUG Co. Ltd.,
Paul Santini,
carries a  full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry Goo.lj
Moots and Shoes, Hardware Sic-
Head Office - - Ashcroft, B.C.
Clinton Si. Way Points: Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday;
All points in Cariboo:      -   -    Mondays.
150 Mile House : Mondays Sz Fridays [semi-weekly service.'
Lillooet: Monday and Friday.
4;4 Special conveyances furnished.    Send  for  folders   «$|
___" '  LI
Our Catalogue is a veritable bank book, wherein
every article illustrated
means to our customers
a direct cost saving.
Th*;new edition, ready Nov. 15,
will be af incalculable value to
ever, peraon into whose hanJe
■t comet.
It will illustrate articles
of high quali ty only at the
extreme   lo .vest   prices.
Write for a copy. It will
be forwarded free ol -ost.
Ryrie Bros.
IM.'IIKS.'.IONS,  a monthly  jour
Miiil uf husiness making.   ideas him
whicli! during 1.1 e year,gives a thorough
Ireatinent of the different  phasisof ail- j
verti.ing, will he Kent to any address in I
Canada <>r the United Sta'es for One
Dollar.    Send ten cents fi.r a  cample :
I'Opy.    It will he worth a dollar to yon. j
St. Cat|leri»^ 0»t.
Head our special
offer 011 tlie
third page.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ae.
An Tone lending n sketch and description may
nntcklr ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention Is probably patentable. Communlcn-
t Inns strictly ciiiiUdentlal. Handbook on Patents
aunt free, oldest agency for securing patents.
Patent* taken through Munn a Co. receive
»p. flat notice, without charge, In the
Scientific American
A handsomely Illustrated weekly.
Lnrcreat clr-
Ternis, |3 a
ciilatlon of any srlentlflc Journal. ....
tear; four months, tl. Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.38'^ New York
Branch Oltlwi. B25 V Bt. Washington, D. C.
The new singe line leaves I.ytton every Monday an J
Friday for Lillooet, returning next day. Special trim
made.    Write us for information. If
Peter Hehagliuti Si, Co., l.ytton   1*5. C. fl
Blacksmith Supplies
We carry the largest and best stock ill B.C|
including liar Iron, Cast Steel Spring Steel; Tire Steel, j
HORSE RASPS,  ETC.,   ETC.. .......
Sole Agents For VALENTINE'S  High Grade CAKKIACK VAKNISI... .
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.
Wholesale a- « Retail Merchants
122 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B C.
McCOSH is your nearest TAILO
Don't Forget the Address.
THOMAS McCOHH, Merch~.nlTailor, Asliuro.l, ll. c
Vancouver, 1MJ.
Established, 18..0.
Assay work of all descriptions ttmlt.rti.ket). Tests made up to 2000 11 is. A specif!hi
made of checking smeller pulps. So III pies from lhe Interior liy Mail or Kxpr^l
promptly alti nded lo.    Co ires po 11 d e 11 c e    solicited.
"Wash greasy dishes, pots or pans wu
Lever's Dry Soap a powder. It will 1
nove thc grease with the greatest case. *■
My  feet  upon  tlio  nursery  stair:'   '
Miiko-i them n nniplc fell nml isre;
My, skirt tilwit ni.-t   h.ii-i I utiiuq   .
For every nip.ure «tr kt-s llieui iluihll.
What jctoii*..<k of wiuil ami ifluiwe! "
Tlie light of iny piKW einiiiti'n:ince   ,
bights up tlielr world that' rlw1 wire uttat,
"Hut >Mi ure lovely,  mother dtrkt'l"
I (50 uol  to my icrare. lint I
Knmw lli'iitt.'s lul>   snpr.'inae.v;
Mice Cleoim'ira'g self, 1 jmire
I'he very Lelichts auj iept.'M ".' I.nvc.
There are very few cleans-
ing operations in which Sunlight
Soap cannot be used to advantage. It makes the home bright
and dean. 1B
The McMillan Fur & Wool Go. Ii~vh
placed their rircu ar of D •« 12' li on Hie
at our office for reference. Tliis liou.e
whs et-utlilisl.ed a quarter of 11 c r.ttiry
ago, ami on Recount of their extensive
Im. inefe, they are in a po"i,i,m to pay
hi<_li price*. Shippers Uml llieir deal
itigs with them very satisfactory.
A« a - pecial ami temporary offer Io
readers of thi" ;>~per, we will mail Tiik
Public lo persons who are not now mil-
ililiei-. for ten weeks for teneeiits.
Tub I'l'Bi 10 is a f'2,16-paue weekly Review for 'lemocratic Democrats ami democratic Repuhlieans; its opinions ate
exp esse.I without fear or favor; it tcive.
an interesting   anil   comiecteil   weekly
of all I istotical news; it. Always has ed-
itoiials worth studying, a cartoon worth
seeing, nook notices worth rending, ami I
miscellaneous matter hotli valuable ami j
Interesting; ami it is liked hy intilligent ;
women a. well as hy  intelligt nt men I
Tne editor is I. >ni- V. Po. t.   Semi ten
cents in silv* r or stamps for tin week's
trial.   All huohi* iptt'iis ne pHid etrictli ,
in advance, and upon expiration   the;
psvier ii promptly st-pped   unless su»>- ■
sciip'ion is renewed. Mention this pip r
Address:      THIS PUBLIC,
Unity Ilu Idlng, On lAuo. III..
Use lever's Pry Soop (a powder) to j
wash woolens m.J fluiiiie.s,— vou'll like
SeeUS, for Spring   plMi.u
Bulbs, Plants,
Cnltllogiie free.
M. J. Henry,
3009, Westminster  Uifflil, Vancouver, lt.('l
Wliri'K   I .A III tit ONI v.
. -
NI-:\»'  »VKSr.MINSII',l(. It, o.
(iiMienil lltii'<i\\*iin%
Tit-kn and SIimvi.Im,
A M'M,  I Itll'N Si   I   !l!<t'S,
Har Iron. Drill KU)...|,
Oils, rainls, Sic,


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