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The Prospector Apr 28, 1899

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rol. i No. 42
$2.00 a year.
ftooet is all right and   tbe   chances
le that tbe district on  the whole   will
|!rove one of tbe richest in the province.
_lh the showing in Ihe   Bridge   River
faction iu some   places   would   demand
|ie attention of tbe whole country.   The
jw properties in tbe Bridge Riyer which
fave had  any   development   whatever
Hone show up exceedingly well.
Od'the Bend'Or a large quantity of
\:e is on tbe dump, and the workings
|n such a shape that tbey can   procure
lore to keep tbe bins filled. No. 1
lunnel is in about 500 feet. A ten-
Itamp ">iil is on tbe way up at present
\\\d should be on the ground in   a   few
keeks.   Tbe Well-known manufacturers
I me Wm. Hamilton Mfg. Co. is putting
to the plant and thetr men have been on
[he ground tor some time preparing the
dll Bite and to have everything in
teadmees. A substantial dam has been
mt in from which the mill will receive
its powers. During tbe coming summer
Lbe results of the first run will be made
tmd will probably be a good one, as the
\\e is very rich.
i, The Lorne group of claims have caused
considerable attention of  late  as |piey
have altfayB been considered one of   the
[best groups in the distiirt.   Last fad an
foption was taken by Mr. 0. F. Law who
shortly afterwards put a gang of men to
Bwork to sink a shaft on tbe ledge.   At a
distance of 75 feet tbe \\ d_e   was   found
to be very rich and. samples taken   fiom
the bottom of thii shaft and placed iu   a
iurnace fairly bulged out with gold.   On
Ihe surface tbe rock was exceedingly rich
;nd it continues through the ledge.     A
Joining engineer has recently  inspected
[this proper y for tbe syndicate and   wil
make liis report shortly.     All tha men
Lave been laid off but expect to   be   put
pn agnin in a week or so as there  is  no
lonbt    but  what    tbe   bond   will   be
Waken up.   The property will be further
[developed   during  the   ywar   and    the
lecessary machinery will be installed as
Boon as tbe property is in shape  to  receive it.   L:i8t season the original o vners
ferected an arastra   and  crushed   about
^thirty tons of rock in this crude way   of
[mining and secured in the neighborhood
(of $1,0 0 it being estimated that at least
150 per cent of the gold was lost. The
Lorne is no doubt a good property and
the present landholdersare men of ex-
'perhnce and capital and will work the
property for all its worth and it is hoped
that in a short time that their will be
shining their bullion.
The Brett group an McGillivray creeK,
'dn'Anderson lake, although verv   little
| has been heard of it lately is showing up
'in fine shape.     The work has been   go-
the whole face. This week Col. G. T.
Rives and R. B. Skinner of Vancouver,
secured a bond on tbe property and will
in a few weeks if everything ia satisfactory continue work on a larger scale.
The Gilfoil claims near Seaton lake,
about twelve miles from town, are under
bond to C. F. Law, and promises to be
one of the salvations of tbe district. The
work is going on steadily and the tunnel
is now in about 125 feet ami the chances
are good for opening up a large body of
ore. Assays f^om the ore gives gold and
copper iu good percentage. It is intended shortly to ship a carload of ore to the
smelters at tbe coast for a test. .
Cayoosh creek which has been deserted for some time, although having some
fine ledges, will in all probability have
some work done this season, operating
one of the properties on a la"ge scale.
Lillooet though a Utile quiet the past
winter has the best of chances for the
coming year. With tbe present indications this section promises to be one of
the best mining districts in the province.
Mr. R. Hoey drove to Pavilion  today.
T. C. Clarke of the 17 was in town for
a few days this week.
T. A. Brett returned from McGillivray
creek Thursday afternoon.
-j .       ; ~
The full ten inches of water was turned into the water pipe this week.
Wn_. Brett and T. A. Brett who have
bten in town lately from McGdlivray
creek, report that the Brett group is
showing up better than ever and have
some tine samples of free gold which
tbey got out of the tunnel at a distance
of about 250 feet. Tbey have also made
an open cut on tbe upper ledge which
is very rich and will continue work on
both places. This week parties have
been up looking at the group with the
intention of taking the property over if
satisfactory terms can be made. The
owners are confident of having a good
thing and are satisfied with the present
Considerable work has been done on
this group a tunnel about 250 feet and
an upraise was put in during the winter
and this spring and the upper ledge
projected. The chances are that the
•property will turn out first rate.
Colonel G. T. Rives who visited the
property this week returned Thursday
afternoon. He inspected the property
and st-cured samples which he is taking
to the coast with him. The colonel has
taken a bond on the group for himself
and _t. B. Skinner of Vancouver. The
termffof the bond have not been made
public but it is understood that it is similar the one recently held by Mr. Skiu-
ner, in the neighborhood of $50,000.
verdict of the jury being that the deceased came to his death by bullet
wounds from a rifle held and fired by
the Indian, Casimir, and that Casimir is
guilty of wilful murder.
After committing the deed of which
he is accused, Casimir, made good his
escape. He remaining in hiding until
Wednesday morning, when news was
received that he was on the reserve.
An armed posse immediately started
out to effect his capture, and found him
at the chief's house. When called upon
to surrender he at first refused, but was
finally persuaded to lay down his weapon on condition that the deputies
would do the same. Casimir was on the
point of giving himself up when he saw
himself covered with a gun and he
turned to his hiding place. He then
attempted suicide hut the gun missed
fire, after which he gave himself up.
Mr Walker was 36 years of age at the
time of his death. He was a native of
Ontario, came to this province in 1886
and worked for J. T. Edwards for several
years, whose eldest daughter, Maggie,
he married inl893, after which he went
ranching on Campbell creek. Latterly
he has been employed by Cameron and
Milton. The remains were interred in
the cemetery on Tuesday afternoon, a
large number of friends being in attendance at the'funeral.
It is reported that a picnic will be held
on the 24th of May near Cayoosh creek.
Geo. Hurley and Wm. Abercrombie
visited the latters deer ranch about 8
miles down the river on the Lytton road
Col. G. T. Rives left town this morning via Lytton. He will leturn in a few
weeks to see about working some of the
properties which he has an option on.
Maggie McDonald, tbe eldest child of
Mr. and Mrs. A. McDonald, who has
been ill for several months, is now able
to be out again though not entirely recovered.       	
Ool.G. T. Rives, a well known mining
man in this section, returned to town
last Friday evening from Vancouver via
Lytton. The colonel spent most of the
winter in California, and has recently
been looking at properties up the coast,
lie has secured bonds on properties in
ibis section and will leave for the  coast
'■'      The B, X. Company.
The British Columbia Express Co.
have issued a neat folder with map and
time tables of tbe route traveled by its
stages-:. It give stations and time of
arrival on all routes and will be a great
convenience to the public. The company's stage carries the mail from Ashcroft to all points in Cariboo and Lillooet
besides passengers and express. Good
lime is made on this, the longest stage
route in the world and everything possible is done to accommodate passengers.
Special conveyance are supplied and
wi;h good drivers and horses with relays
quick time can be made. The head
officer is at Ashcroft, with J. B. Leigh ton
superintendent and John A. Bremner as
secretary treasurer.
riurJer at Kamloops.
[ing on since last fall on the large ledge ! in a few days to complete further
Pand a tunnel about 250,ieet   run  from I arrangements for the working of some.
which samples of fr^egoklxcan.be found ;The colonel will most likely be in this
I at ttyat distance. On the upper' ledge an [ section all summer and the working of
fopeh cutbas been made, which, exposes j the properties  he   has  secured   means
a flue ledge with free gold showing across j considerate for this place. -
Philip Walker, a well known resident
of Kamloops was murdered last Saturday by an Indian named Casimir. No
motive can been for the deed beyond
the fact that the Indian had heen drinking freely.
The mudrered man was splitting
wood in front of his house when the
Indian pas.ed him. Walker accosted
| Casimir who answered him, and then
I deliberately turned and fired two shots
I from a rifle into his body. He expired
Ij in about ten minutes, but before pass-
! ing away made a statement accusing
i Casimir of the deed. Dr. Clarke held an
i inquest oh the   body  on   Monday,   the
J. Leta'i.n is ploughing Mr. D. F< aser's
yard and will put in a crop of vegetables
R. H. Brett has a stock of oranges and
lemons on hand, call and secure some
bef r j all are sold. *
From the appearance of some of the
gardens in town, it looks as if the principal crop will be rocks. Some having
fenced in all the rocks so that the email
boy can not get at them.
O. A. Harthorne will leave the first of
the week for Cadwallader where he will
spend the au miner doing work on his
claims. Mr. Harthorne has some good
property and is satisfied to hold on and
develop them himself.
The stableman at Hat Creek house last
week was eeverely injured by a horee
kicking him with both feet, striking him
in the chest. He suffered considerable
pain by the bleeding of his lungs but from
reports received this week state that he
ia improving some.
The dredger is still working away
very successful and is now in pretty
good shape. Gravel is still beiug put
through the sluices and the cleanups
always shows considerable gold for the
work. The dredger has been moved
ahead again and is still working on
Horse Beef bar. 7"
Published every Friday.
Payable la advanee.
KIC. A. PHASER,       •       •       PUBLISHES.
The session of tbe dominion parliament at Ottawa is quite interesting and
a lot of chewing the rag is being done.
It is reported that Indians are trapping fish in Lake creek. If such is tbe
case the matter should be attended to
at once. It is against the law and tome
information should be made. If the
trapping of the fish continues it will be
a hardship later on when the creek will
be entirely devoid of trout.
Lillooet post office has been put on the
list of offices to receive dutiable goods,
and R. H. Brett tbe postmaster, this
week received the necessary papers and
instructions from the customs department. The convenience of a customs
office at Lillooet will be greatly appreciated as from now on anything coming
through tbe customs will come direct to
-— ■     i      "■=
The future of Lillooet as a mining district looks exceptionally bright and in a
very short time more attention will be
drawn this way by outsiders, owing to
the richness of the different sections with
yellow metal. If properties with the
showings that are in Bridge river district
were in some localities a stampede would
be made. In Lillooet work ii going
steadily on and in a short time the district will have some paying mines.
Work has not commenced as yet on
tbe Lillooet-Lytton wagon road to complete the few miles to make a through
thoroughfare from Lillooet to Lytton.
From the chief commissioner of lands
and works information has been received
that tenders would be called in a short
time. The work should not be delayed
as it means much for people along the
road and at the ends. By all means call
for tenders at once and complete the
work. There are enough men in this
neighborhood who could be hired and
who are willing to work. Get a move on
and have the remaining few miles finished now that tbe appropriation has
been made.
The recent cold-blooded murder at
Kamloops last week should put the
authorities on their guard as to Indians
receiving so much freedom in the securing of intoxicants. The direct cause of
the murder was no doubt due to whisky.
The Indians throughout the province
are able to secure whisky in a very easy
manner, and the practice should be stopped. The provincial officers do considerable to prevent the Indians from being
supplied with whisky, but there are
numerous Indians which are let go by
without finding who supplied the whisky.
It would be a good thing if a severe sentence was administered to any person
guilty of such an offence and give them
the full extent of the law. If the Indians
will not tell who supplied the whisky,
impose the lent.nce upon them.
Says the Rossland "Record," on the
enforcement of the eight-hour law, id
the working of metalliferous mines in
the Province: "The 'Record' is betraying no confidence when it takes the liberty of setting the mine owners and the
uneasy press of this province at rest,
regarting the determination of the
miners to insist upon the enforcement
of the eight- hour law. They would be
foolish and week-kneed to recede from
the position they have taken, after going to the trouble and expense of securing the passage of the bill, which
they believe just the right. Those opposing the law had as well make up
their minds to obey it, and tbe sooner
the Government puts it in force all over
the Province, the better for all concerned."   	
The Montreal Witness, which has won
the reputation of being a very independent supporter, indeed, of the present
liberal government, at Ottawa, thus
sums up the Yukon fuss-and-feathers of
of the tones, in a nut-shell: "The
country is tired and weary of the discussion about the Yukon management.
There were irregularities, but they were
greatly exaggerated. Officials were, no
doubt, to blame, but it will be admitted
that the circumstances were extraordinary. In any case, that the government
acted, on the whole, wisely, is now
hardly questioned by the opposition
leaders themselves. Ev.ry one is satisfied that an investigation by so good a
man as Mr. Ogilvie, will suffice in the
case of the officials."
Just how any person can securs a
license to sell liquor at present outside of
any of the incorporated municipalities is
a problem which is bothering a number
who are desirous of entering the hotel
business. At the recent session of the
legislature a new act was passed which
came into effect on the first of April. It
provided for the constitution of license
districts and for the appointment of
license commissioner who should pass
upon applications for liquor licenses. So
far the license districts have not been
proclaimed, nor have the commissioners
been appointed, so that although the
act is in force it is imppssible to secure
a liquor license under it. Another
circumstance which may tend to complicate the issuance of liquor licenses
through the province is the fact that
there is no repealing clause in the new
act. The province has therefore two
liquor license acts but the necessary
machinery is lacking by which a license
could be secured under either one of
them.—Nelson Tribune.
Money In Raising a Family.
That there is money in raising a family
has been demonstrated by principal
McNeill of the public schools at Victoria
whose salary has been advanced from $90
to $100, while two of the lady principals
remain at the former figure. The
aggrieved ladies attended the trustees
meeting last week to personally present
a petition praying for equal rights, but
the trustees were inexorable. Principal
McNeill, they said, was married ana
had many children, and until the ladies
could present similar claims for consideration, their applications must be
W. F. Allen Proprietor.
First Class Hotel in every respect.     Accommodation
for Eighty Guests.    Large Annex comfortably furnished.     Commercial travelers and others
receive every attention by staying at the
• Pioneer Hotel.   Large sample room.
^»   ^   y&   _$^   ^   ^
7?\     /f\     7V\     7$\     7K     7$\
Headquarters tor the £3. C   Express Stages.
As soon as the Lillooet-Lytton road is completed we will run a through stage
from Lytton to Lillooet. At present we have rigs at both ends of the road which
will take you as far as possible, and we supply saddle horses for tbe rest of the
trip.   P.y starting from Lytton over twenty miles is saved when going to Lillooet.
If you contemplate a trip into Lillooet district, write us for information.
CAMERON & HURLEY     -:-    Lytton and Lillooet, B li.
Hotel Victoria,
IiIX,XjOO__3T, IB. C-_
This hotel being new and thoroughly finished througho.it is the only first
class hotel in Lillooet. Persons calling at Lillooet will receive every attention by
stopping at the Hotel Victoria. Good stabling in connection with the hotel. Headquarters for the Lillooet-Lytton stage.
©©©©©©     CHARGES   MODERATE.     ©©©©©©
xd. FiR-A-ss-a11 _?_=ao_?.
The Bar is supplied with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars. -__—___■____.
Flour Milling Produce and
General Merchandise.
_?_<_.VILIOlSr, JB. o.
Flour and Offal sold at mill and delivered at reasonable rates.
«*.    <s_*     <^     OJB31Sr3C_a.__.__i 8TOB_S.     ^    "^     **,
Post Office and Telegraph Office in connection.   Freight teams plying once a
week between Lillooet and Ashcroft.
W. CUMMING, Agent, Lillooet B. C*
'.,'- '-■■
The Eight Hour Law.
As a result of the representations
made oy the mine owners, the Provincial
(lovernment has definitely suspended
the operation of the legislation .prohibiting the employment of men underground in metalliferous mines for more
than eight hours a day. The Hon. Fred.
Hume, Minister of Mines, at Victoria,
Saturday, said that it will stand suspend
ed until the opinion of the miners, tbe
other parties to be considered, can be
Speaking on the same subject, Hon.
Mr. Semlin said that the government
proposed to proceed elowly, and to do
nothing which would cause friction,
either between the mine owners and
miners/or between either class and the
Government of tbe day. Tbe Government would institute no proceedings for
the present, or in any way seek to disturb the existing relations between employer and employee. Should the miners in any district ask for its inforcement
their request will be granted. In such
case, one months notice has been assured the mine owners before the Act
comes into force. The Government has
instructed Inspector McGregor to this
effect. The question of retention or repeal of tbe hw, is a matter that will be
left to the house at its next session.
A True Statement.
In the begiuing God crested the
heaven and earth; then the editor, the
liberal advertiser and the prompt paying
subscriber—and it yras jrood. Next day
a fierce blizzard set in and he created tbe
man that didn't believe in advertising
and another that didn't take t^e home
paper; then he rested. Then the devil
go into tin moulding room and created
the man that takes the paper for years
and didnt pay for it. After completing
that sorry job, and having a few chunks
of mud left, he made the excuse of a man
who settles his nubscription by instructing tbe postmaster to nark , the paper
Silverthorn Bros. Props.
Rhodes Plays • Mean Part.
A case now before the courts in London, arising out of the Jameson raid.dis-
elow»s Mr. Cecil Rhodes in an amazingly
mean-spirited   attitude.      A    troopir
named Barrows, who took part in the
disastrous fiasco, was severely wounded
and lost one of his legs.   Like the rest of
the rank and file he believed that the
were waging legitimate warfare, and had
the British Government behind them.
He has learned differently since, and in
consequence  brought   a suit    against
Rhodes ami Jamieson for compensation
lor his injuries.     The defendants have
come into court with what they call  a
''demurrer" to Btay the suit in its initial
stages, on the ground that a man  who
has shared in a criminal act with  another can have no redress for anything
that has happened to him  arising from
his guilty conduct.    The numerous fervent supporters of the "empire builders"
in the press are evidently  ashamed of
such low juggling with words,  for they
have hushed up the cage as far as  they
can in their columns.   But as the Times
is the official reporter it could not avoid
printing at length the judgement on the
point raised.    Justice Grantham,  who
presided in  the queen's  bench court
where the case was heard dismissed the
demurrer with costs. •
First-class in every respect.
Choice Wines,  Liquors
and -Cigars. Sample
room  tree.
Anthony & Robson,
(Successors to A. Stevenson.
Business established 1863.
General flerchandise and
Miners Supplies.
The story goes that, when Li Hung
Chang was in England, an admirer sent
him a specially fine bull terrier, intended
to watch over the veteran stateman's
declining years. The following letter
-— so the story goes — was received in
acknowledgement: "My dear —, While
extending my best thanks for sending me
your dog, I beg to eay that, as for myself, I have long since given up the
practice of eating dog's flesh; but my
attendants, to whom I handed the
creature, tell me they never tasted anything so nice.   Your devoted L."
Groceries; Dry goods,
Confectionery, Tin
Goods, Flour, Fruit.
Butcher Shop in Connection.
Lillooet-Lytton Wagon Road.
CHAS. McGILLlVRAY,  Proprietor.
First-class accommoda
tion for travelers.  Choice
liquors and cigars.
Headquarters for stage,    Stable in con
iu.i  The Jeweler
Vancouver, 13. C.
Offical watch   inspector for
O. P. R.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the firm of Hurley & Murray, carrying on tie business of
.hotel-keepers in the town of Lillooet, B.C., has
this day been dissolved. The business will, in
future, be carried on by Daniel Hurley, who
,will collect all accounts and pay all debts
against said firm.
Dated at Lillooet, B. C, March 30th, 1899.
Post Office Store.
Book, Stationery, Soaps,
Fancy Goods, Tobacco, etc
Printers' Supplies,
Job Printers'
Paper Stock.
Gas and Gasoline
Engines at
Toronto Type Foundry Go.
British Columbia Branch]
520 Cordova Street,
Vancouver, b. c.
Mininq Properties
Properties Bonded
•». •«*.
* TH"© ■-
Sole agents:
Contractors for the design and construe
tion of complete stamp mills, concentration,
clornation, cyanide and smelter equipments
Peterboro Ont., and Vancouver, B. C. THE PBOSPECTOK. LILLOOET, B. C, FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1899.
Speaking about the part British Columbia will take in securing a proper
mineral exhibit nt the World's Fair, at
Paris, lion. J. Fred Hume, minister of
mines, has said, according to the Victoria Globe, that his department is now
in communication with Ottawa on the
Dr. G. M.'Dawson, I cad of the geological survey, has written to the department of mines, giving some suggestions
upon the exhibit that will be sent from
this province. Mineral specimens must
not be larger than from six to twelve
inches, or its equivalent. In speaking
of specimens of British Columbia ores
now at Ottawa, Dr, Dawson remarks
upon tbe almost complete absence of any
coast ores. This is something that
must be remedied, and the owners of
mines on Vancouver island should do
everything possible to assist the department of mines to secure the very best
possible showing samples of building
stone ate wanted also. They should be
in six inch cubes, showing different
styles and faces if possible. Marble
must be in slabs one inch thick and 18
nctiea by 12 inches in area, polished on
one side.
Spielter products and concentrator
products in the various stages are to be
exhibited, and Dr. Dawson in speaking
of ore, suggests that working mines
fhould send ore from the lower levels
with a statement of the depth.
Coal samples of important seams are
wanted, the specimens to be two feet
Mr. W. F. Robertson, the provincial
mineralogist, suggests that pe pie who
hovi' good photos of mining scenes
should send them to the department so
that the best may he reproduced with a
view to getting as complete a representation as possible of the mining districts
of the province. The department, which
i9 well equipped with photographic apparatus, will also prepare some large
views for the exhibition.
The wl ole intention of this exhibit
from British Bolnmbia is not to un iuly
adv rtise any district, or is it a competitive exhibit with the rest of Canada.
The object is to work in harmony with
the rest of the dominion in sending to
Paris an exhibit that will give the people of the world the best possible idea
of Canada as a mineral country.
the sermon, he rote and announced that.
"All those who have children whom
thev wish to have baptised please
send in their na es, at once, to the
clerk." The clergyman, who was stone-
deaf, assumed that the clerk wa9 giving
out the hymn-book notice, and immediately aroee, and said: "And I
should say, for the benefit of those who
haven't any, that, they may be obtained
of the vestry, any day, from 3 to 4 o'clock;
the ordinary little ones at one shilling
each, and special ones with red backs
at one shilling and fourpence."
An official statement, just issued,
shows England to be the greatest drinking nation in the world, a discovery
which has astonished her people, who
hoped she had fallen behind in the aloc-
hoiic race. Of beer, wine, and spirits,
England's annual consumption per cap-
i a U given at 32.71; gallons; France's
28.79; Germany's 28.73; America's. 13.48.
The drinking of wine is decreasing iu
England, while that of spirits and beer
are increasing.
A widower married a second time,
and his choice was a wealthy lady about
50 years of age. When the bride and
bridegroom returned home from the
wedding, the husband introducing the
wife to his children, said: "My dear
children, kiss this lady . she is the new
mamma I promise to bring you." After
taking a steady look at the "new
mamma" little Charlie said : "Pa, you
hive been cheated 1 She isn't new at all 1'
Leland House
Corner of Hastings and Granville Streets.       VANCOUVER  B. 0
"W-auC. HAMILTOIT,  _?__iO_?.
CARGILE HOUSE, ashcroft.
Is now tinder new management and has been thoroughly renovated. Culinar
department unsurpassed. The Bar is stocked with choice liquors and cigars and
will be in charge of experienced men.   Every convenience for commercial men.
FRED H. NELSON, - - - Proprietor.
U«   lie   wlvlilvPLSe ^a. ASHCROFT.
Lillooet Mail orders carefully attended to.
Addressing a congregation^ which included many Moonlighters, a priest iu
Kerry reproached them for tbe prevalent drunkenness. He'bus concluded
his sermon on the use and abuse of
temperance: "It's whisky that makes
ye bate your wives and makes your
homes desolate; "It's whisky that makes
you shoot your landlords; and" — bring
ing flown bio fist on the pulpit with
etnphatic energy—"It> whisky that
makes ye miss them."
Advocates of equal rights for women
will be interested in what is said to be
the late interpretation of the British
Columbia alien exclusion law passed last
Januaryi to stop Americans from locating claims in ihe Atlin district, says the
Seattle Pos^Intelligt/ncer. The report
comes from Skagway that women residents of the United States are not
aliens in the meaning of the of the act,
but that they do possess all the rights of
British subjects in the placer mining
dictrict; and this report is backed up by
the news and dozens of women are therefore rushing to the Atlin district to get
the choice claims that are left. It is
said to make no difference whether those
women tare married, and may locate
property for their husbands, or others
to/their broth rsor fathers or friends
or grubBtakers— the more women the
merrier is the invitation of the British
Columbia officials.
e:r,c:ei-A_:i_tt tjliloir,.
ASHOBOFT, IB. C.     '
Tweds, Trouserings, Serges, Winter Goods, etc
Call and inspect our stock. Good workmanship and moderate charges.   Repair
ng and cleaning a specialty.   Orders by mail or express punctually attended to.
Storage & Forwarding Agts
Consign your goods to our care.    We settle railway charges and forward to
destination without delay.   Correspondence solicited. W. B. BAILEY & Co
\l. de Kevser
Manufacturing Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Field and Magnifying
Glasses, Compasses and Aneroids.
All orders by mail and express promptly attended to. All work warranted or
money refunded. If your eyesight is defective call and have your eyes tested free
in the most scientific way. Spectacles and eyeglasses sent on approval to responsible parties. Tell distance you can read the smallest newspaper print and
age.   We will guarantee satisfaction.   Repairing department ia Specialty.
A clergyman was very anxious to introduce some hymn books into the
church and arranged with his clerk that
the latter was to cive out the notice
immediately after  the  sermon.     The
clerk, however, had a notice of his own
with reference to the baptism of infants
to jjive out; accordingly, tit tbe cl«*e of [Uot» the Catholic church at Ro»e."
St Patrick Was • BaptUt.
In a paper on Scottish Baptists read
ey the llev. D. Lamont at a Baptist m i -
isters' meeting held in Denver, Colorad ,
recently, he stated that " St. Patrick was
born in the fourth century at Dumbarton, one of the ten Roman British colonies in the kingdom of Strathclyde. His
father was a member of the town council at that place. His teachings were of
the Baptist church, and because baptism
received and conferred by St. Patrick
was immersion, is another proof of his
sect. No mention is made of him by the
Catholics until 170 yearss after his death,
and he never  received  a  dispensation
Clinton and way points—Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All points in Cariboo—-Monday.
LILLOOET DIRECT—Monday and FridaY.
Through and return tickets at reduced rates.    Special conveyances furnished.
Head Office:   ASHCROFT, B. C.
The Prospector
'**       <tf
- *_s
Rev. Maxwell Roasted.
(In the course of his address in the
louse last Friday, Mr. Powell made the
flowing remarks: "The high water
jiark was reached when Mr. Maxwell
|rose iu his place—I was almost going to
ly, with a temerity that has been un-
lalled from the days of Herod the
\te&t doi' d to R >bert Ingereoll—and
lid: 'You cannot hold this Government
its promises  because  the  great  Je-
(ovah aid not keep His.   He  promises
hing, and the man died   50 years
fterwards and the Lord   did   not  keep
lis promise even at that time.     I  am
Btonished that on the floors of aParlia-
lent, and under a British  constitution
^ased upon the Christian religion  and
le scriptures, any   sum   travesty  and
jlasphemy should   be  given   utterance
|o."   There was   a  Turkish   nobleman
dio was called to task at a promise   ha
\&d made some years previously.     He
>ked his critic sternly in the face 'and
thunderous note exclaimed: "Am I
In infid 1 dog that I should be the slave
ff my word9" Had the Rev. Mr. Max-
irell but known this incident the could
}ave used it effectively in his defence of
Mr. Laurie without the slightest reference to Deity.   Mr. Maxwell is quite
different being when preaching, or
rhen you meet With face to face. Iu
Jiis plan he is genial to joility, most
everent also. It is noteworthy that a
lembtr is about to introduce legislature
[ebarring preachers from the House of
millions. Doubtless its object is to save
Treacher* from   destroying  themselves
this  fiscinating   field    of    earthy
llory.—Central Canadian, April 13.
sunk at five on Saturday night and Sunday morning, extending from Howicks
group to channel Rock.
All the islands have been searched and
all the disabled vessels towed to places
of safety. The blacks on the mainland
buried the white men's bodies, which
were all mutilated by. sharks. About
350 colored men and twenty whites are
missing. Six schooners, s xty odd luggers and twenty diving boats were
wrecked. The coast tribes acted
humanly, but not all of the tribes would
go near the corpses. Tue steamer Victory has gone seaward searching all the
islands to the eastward, and the stermer
White S.argoingjnortheastof the barrier.
The channel lightship is supposed to
have sunk at her moorings and that her
men perished with her.
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
'    Will Introduce • Prohibition Bill.
Ottawa, April   21—At  a   meeting  of
'rohibitionists in the house and   mem-
urs of the Dominion Alliance last night
[t was decided to introduce a bill in  the
louse to give prohibition to those   provinces that voted for it at the provincial
general election.   It would be, of course
^nder Dominion control and an enlarge-
|entof the Scott Act. Conservative  raised to act on the committee.
splendid lot of machinery for the
Ishcoft water works have arrived from
lie William Hamilton Manufacturing
Company, of Peterborough, Ont.   It is a
>rtion of the immense pumping plant
be installed on   the   Bonaparte  for
imping water on to Boston flat and the
irrounding section. The capacity of
fie first pump installed will be about
.000 gallons per minute, elevated about
|50 feet by electric power.     This equals
jtween 700 and 800 mine's' inches of
rater and is a small river in itself.
A newly-discovered mineral, which is
of a lustrous black   color,   and   which,
as a fuel, surpasses coal  and   all other
substances   heretofore known,   U  described in the "Journal of Geology."    It
is found on the islands of Barbados, in
the Leaser Antilles, where the  natives
call it "manjak."      It is   thought   that
manjak   is   petrified   petroleum,   great
quantities of petroleum being found  on
the same island.    It contains only   two
per cent, of water and fully 27 per cent
of s jlid organic matter, thus surpassing
in utility the best asphalt of Trinidad, in
which 30 per cent, of water is contained,
and which has been classed, ao far,   as
the very finest fuel.      Mixed with   turf,
it gives a heat far superior to any known.
Ida May, Mary Fraction and Nellik Fraction
mineral claims, situate in the Lillooet
mining division of Lillooet district. Where
located: Cadwallader Creek.
Take notice that I, William Gibson, acting
as agent for the Alpha hell Gold Quartz Mining
Company, Limited Liability, free miners certificate No. 95643, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant oi the above
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this twenty-second day of February,
Record nining Deal.
The Colorado Springs Gazette, says:
"Positive cable advices, received by the
Gazette announce the sale of the Independence mine, to an English Syndicate.
Vernon Z. Reed, co-operating with the
Venture Corporation of London, made
the deal, which is the greatest in the
history of A   erican mining.
Wholesale and retail dealer in
Hay, Grain, Chop
Feed, &c.
• •
Agent for
£. G. Prior & Co., agricultural im-
Four Hundred Live* Lost.
B" the Canadian-Australian mail
fcteamer Aorangi, which arrived at
nct«*ia a few days ago, the details were
Received of an awful storm on the
i__lnsland coast last month in which
|14 lives were lost, 87 vessels wrecked,
jind damage done mounting to  $1,000,-
The Cooktown Sydney Telegraph,
rriting on March  13th,   says:     "The
|atives are buying .their dead at Bath-
rda bay, where there  is a  forest   of
Tuuken luggers masts.   The silvery wave
A supply of
:f:e&:e_s_e_: beef
always on hand
ed  T__r   "caT^ b » I»11
-TO. JC-L.   JZ5__rOJ__j J L -
Post Office Store.
Book, Stationery, Soaps,
Fancy Goods, Tobacco, etc
Lillooet. n. C
Route to all ECaaterri Point*.
Fewest Changes,
Quickest Time
Notary Public, Accountant and
Minine  Broker.
Reports on Mining Properties.
Mainland Cigar
British Lion
-   Mainland
And be sure that each Cigar is branded, otherwise they are not genuine.
They are not only made of the Choicest Tobacco but are of home manufacture, and
should be patronized by all good citizens.
123 Water Street. VANCOUVER, B. C.
Wholesale   and     Retail   of
and Heavy Harness.
Saddles, Vehicles, Saddlery Hardware,
Harness Leather.
Quotations by mail forwarded on application.
412 HASTINGS ST., Vancouver, B.C.
__.. TJ_J,_?10_^/_D,
VANCOUVER, - - - - B. C.
Dealer in Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry and
Optical goods. Our repair department is unex
celled for fine work. Leave your orders with
the postmaster who will have it attended to as
well as if you came personally.
InlandCigar Manufacturing Co.
Our Specialties:]!
Through First class Sleeping Cars and Tourist
Sleeping Cars to St. Paul, Montreal and Toronto
without change.
The Dining Car Service along the line of tht
C. P. R. is unequalled anywhere.
Connections at Vancouver
With Steamer lines for
For full information as to rates, time, etc.
apply to the nearest ticket agent, or to
District Passenger Agent, Vancouver, B. C.
MINERS' SUPPLIES a specialty.
Tin Shop in connection.
Lillooet, B. C.
Have in stock all kinds of
Dried Lumber, Finishing
Lumber and Mouldings.
All orders will receive
prompt attention. Write for
prices or apply at the yard.
Established 1862.
R.F.Anderson &C°
General Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Stoves and Tin -
ware. Miners steel, Picks
Shovels, etc.      (
Clarke & Co., chemists and druggists
Ashcroft, send us a trial order. *
P. Collins has now his place fenced in
and presents a very nica appearance.
Jos.   DeSbieide improved  his  house
this week by putting a veranda in front.
Country court will be held by Judge
Cornwall next Monday in the court
house at Lillooet.
J. S. Bell is having his residence put
in shape, Joe Norton, the expert plaiterer
has charge of the job.
James McKivor has the garden in
front of his house utilised and will have
quite a crop this season.
Rev. W. W. Hardie, Presbyterian
minister, held service last Sunday morning in the Methodist church.
Mrs. Robb, of the Hotel Victoria dining room has not been well for the past
week suffering from an attack of la-
grigppe. |	
The \acant lot next A. McDonald
property has been fenced in which
necessitated some of the streets that have
been fenced in opened up.
Miss May Swarts who has been employed by Mrs. Hurley for gome time
left Wednesday afternoon for her home
down the river with her father.
A couple men arrived Tuesday noon
with a band of horseB from near Savonas.
They had them in the Pioneer Hotel
carral and succeeded in disposing of quite
a number. ._
Constable L. G. Burns visited Pavilion
last Saturday evening and brought back
Tommy Dunn with him. Dunn was
accused of supplying liquor to Indians
and appearing before the Magistrate
Monday morning and was fined $54.
J. F. Gibson, Wm. McAllister, and
Thomas Walters and wife left town last
Monday morning for the South Fork of
Bridge River. Mr. Gibson will return
in a few days and the others will remain
and will assist Glenn & Richardson in
working their placer ground.
J. J. Taylor, the mining engineer of
Rossland, who was Up Bridge River,
inspecting the Lorne group of claims for
Mr. Law ptirchased the $85 nugget which
was recently taken out of the North
Fork of Bridge River. He will take it to
Kootenay and let them see what we
have in this section.
A. Noel returned to town Tuesday
J evening after making a flying trip to his
camp on Bridge River. He returned
again next day and will move the machinery up the river as soon as possible.
The boats are *feady and the water is
raising some and it will only be a Bhort
time before the freight is landed at
Sucker creek.
Mrs. Hodge has been on the sick list
for the past week.
Harry Brett will leave Tuesday with
the Bridge river noail.
Wm. Cameron of Lytton spent a few
days in town this week.
Mrs. D. Hurlev was  able to be out
again this week after a severe illness.
Several small children have been ill
during the past week but nothing serious.
The bar and dining rooms of the
Pioneer hotel have been repapered and
J. Fleckenstein a barber, arrived in
town last Friday evening and has his
shop next the Pioneer hotel.
Meesrs. Mauns°ll and Tarouttleft last
Saturday morning for the North Fork
where they spend a few weeks hunting. >
A thirty-three f ot street will be opened up west of D. Hurley's house so as to
give residents on Second street an outlet.
G. F. Law and J. J. Taylor, mining
men and Dr. H. F. Burgees were
passengers on the stage last Saturday
morning for Ashcroft.
R. H. Brett had on exhibition Thursday pome fine rheubarb, the second
growth this season, which will take first
prize in this vicinity.
E. Bell, Indian agent, returned home
Tuesday morning after spending about
a week in this section looking after the
wants of the difierent tribes.
It is reported that six inchesof snow
fell in the Lac La Hacht valley this
week. Ttie weather in Lillooet has been
very changeable and the summer backward.
Reports from Vancouver state that
Major Burnet passed through the operation successfully which he went down to
have performed, and will be able to return again shortly.
The excursion up Seaton lake arranged
to take place on the 26th, has been
postponed until May 17th, when it is
expected that the weather will be more
favorable for the outing.
Prof. Odium, from Vancouver, arrived
in town via Lytton last Friday evening
on his way to Cariboo* The professor
has secured some good properties in
Cariboo and is now on his way to open
them up.
J. S. Bell and J. Benson, M.E., went
up Seaton lake on the str. Minnehaha
Tueeday returning the same day. They
visited the Gilfoil property and report it
as looking first rate, the tunnel being
now in 125 feet. Having an aneroid with
them them they tound that the claims
k were 2200 feet above the lake.
Established 1886.
Incorporated 1895.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware.
Mining Supplies.     Blacksmith Supplies     Mill Supplies.
Railroad Supplies.    Contractors' and Lumber Supplies.
Agents for Tbe Giant Powder Co.. San Francisco. (L
Paul Santini
Carries a full stock of all kinds of Groceries, Dry.Good,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, etc.
C3-_n_sr_iii.__.__.   _v_:_ii_R/Oi_:__._iT_?
Miners Supplies.
Branch Store at Bridge River where a u
full stock of General Merchandise and Miners Outfits are on hand.
J. Dunlop, General Merchant, Lillooet, B.C
General Merchandise
Miners' Supplies a specialty.
-_3_ft___T_=_:  OF-
'THE ASHCJ-OFlr BRANCH is the most convenient Wn_ for LilioQffe and:_!$'
places in the Cariboo district.   Money received on deposit.    Drafts .sdlied imd coIl«ettphl'iffadf {N
many part of Canada, Great Britain and the United gta^ei. . ?H;;'   Mi
Gold mist and Amalgara Furcha«»d ■,


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