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The Lillooet Prospector Feb 23, 1912

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Vol. 1 No. 15
$2.00 Per Year
Prospects Bright for Railway Into Lillooet
W. H. Keary, of New Westminister, sold his ranch to Mose
Foster of this place, the deal being closed up the first of the
week. The property is locally
known as the Santini ranch and
is located on the flat directly below town. The consideration
was not made public. Mr. Foster will take possession the first
of the month. He but recently
sold the 15-mile ranch up. the
river, but had been in this section too long to pass it up just
as it is coming into its own. He
intends putting extensive improvements on his newly purchased property. Harry Keary,
who has been in charge of the
ranch for the past two years, announces his intention of building
a residence on his property in the
west end of town.
It is announced that W. C.
Keeble, late proprietor of the
Baillie Hotel in Lytton, has purchased a new seven-passenger,
sixty-horsepower Cadillac, which
he will put on the Lytton-Lillooet
road, catering to the passenger
trade between the two points.
Al Scott, well known here; will,
be at the wheel of the new  car.
Billy Page installed a new regulation size pool table in his
store room in the Santini building. The table is proving quite
popular with the local boys, the
business being good enough to
warrant Mr. Page announcing
his intention of putting in more
tables in the near future.
It is rumored that Artie Phair
has disposed of his ranch just
east of town to outside parties
whose names as yet have not
been given out. It is reported
that Mr. Phair received a good
price for the property. What the
new owners intend doing with
the property could not be learned.
Government Guarantees Bonds for $15;
750,000 for Road from Vancouver
To Fort George via  Lillooet
The Pacific Great Eastern
Railway Company will build
line from Vancouver to Howe
Sound, Pemberton Meadows
and Lillooet, thence up the
Fraser to Fort George. Construction commences in six
months. Completion 1915.
Foley and Welch are the contractors. The government
obligations are the same as to
the Canadian Northern.
BORN-To Mr. and Mrs. W-
Haylmore, on Tuesday, February
20th, a daughter.
, The above is the sum and
substance of a telegram received in Lillooet last Wednesday from Victoria announcing that the premier
had laid his railway policy
before the legislature. That
part of this policy which is
of particular interest to the
residents of this district
guarantees bonds to the extent of $15,750,000 for the
Grand Tr nk Pacific branch
from Vancouver to Fort
Geor >,e to be operated by a
company to be ca'hd the
Pacific Great Eastern. The
interest charges will amount
to $630,000 a year. The
Pacific Great Eastern Railway Company is incorporated by bill No. 24,' the incorporators being Timothy
Foley, John W. Stewart,
Patrick Welch, D'Arcy Tate,
Donald McLeod and Vernon
W. Smith. Its capital is
placed at twenty-five million
dollars. It is empowered to
lay out and operate a standard guage line from Vancouver to North Vancouver,
thence running along the
margin of Howe Sound,
thence following the general
course of the Squamish river
and continuing northeasterly
to Lillooet on the Fraser, and
along the bank of the Fraser
northward to a junction with
the Grand Trunk at Fort
George, a distance of 450
miles more or less.- The agreement calls for work to commence within three months
after the execution of the
trust deeds by the -government but not later than the
first of July, 1912, and the
company is required to expend in supplies and material a minimum of the cost
equivalent of at least 75
miles of the line during the
first year, 175 during the
second year and the balance
during the third year so that
the line will be complete by
the first of July, 1915. The
estimated cost is $35,000 a
The length of the road
from the coast to Lillooet is
something like 120v miles so
figuring that construction
will be completed as rapidly
as the agreement calls for,
eighteen months after dirt
starts flying should, at the
most, see trains into Lillooet
Then, no more wearying daj s
on the stage and no more
waits for an overdue train
when the station is reached.
Five and a half hours, Lillooet to Vancouver. Then
this district with its 15,000
square miles of mineral and
agricultural lands will surprise even the most farsight-
ed, and thousands of acres
that have lain dormant for
want of transportation will
be cultivated or developed.
With such bright prospects
this year will see the awakening of Lillooet district, and
we venture to predict that
it will have .many surprises
for the incoming investor.
After being in dry dock for
a week or more undergoing repairs the steam boat on Seton
lake was launched again and
made a trip to the Mission and
Portage last Wednesday. Among
the passengers was A. M. McLeod, who goes to his ranch in
the Pemberton Meadows; S. M.
Studebaker and W. F. Bluming,
who go to look after interests in
the Pemberton country and it is
said contemplate putting a boat
on Lillooet lake for the convenience of the travellers into the
Meadows, andC. Lind, S. Rosey,
and James Thomas, who were on
their way to the mines up Bridge
river. Several local parties made
the trip up the. lake on pleasure
W. G. Duguid, who has been
on a two weeks', business trip to
coast cities, came in with Lee
Harrison on Tuesday. He reports
that in both Vancouver and Victoria there is great interest being shown in Lillooet and the district and that everything points
to a ja/orable season for this
section. He has secured a contract to cut a large orce ' of lumber for the Dr. Jones' ranch, and
after stocking up the yard at the
lake to supply the increased demand expected here this spring,
he will move the mill down to
that ranch.
, The annual general meeting of
the Conservative Association will
be holden at the Excelsior hotet
on Saturday night, March 2nd.
(Section 35)
NOTICE is hereby given that,
on the 20th day of March next,
application will be made to the
Superintendent of Provincial
Police for the grant of a licence
for the sale of liquor by retail in
and upon the premises known as
Clinton Hotel situate at Clinton,
B. C, upon the lands described
as Lot 1, Group 5.
Dated this 20thlday of February, 1912.
James Wardell The    Prospector
1 ■" 1
Permanently camped at Lillooet, B. C.
Sending out  samples every. Friday
afternoon to    be   assayed   by   the
public at large.
Yearly,   $2.00   in advance.     Single
copies, five cents.
Advertising   rates   on    application
The Railway
To those who have been
in Lillooet long- enough to.
become acquainted with the
conditions prevailing here, to
realize the retarded possibilities and undeveloped resources, lying dormant only
because of inadaquate transportation facilities, the word
of the railway policy should
come as welcome news, and
should be considered worthy
of the support of all interested in the welfare of the district. The men who have
had the courge and conviction
to stay with the district
through thick and thin and
who have been instrumental
in bringing the proposed railway through this district,
have realized that all Lillooet needed was to have a
steel and tie outlet to the
coast and to the markets being developed in the north to
forge ahead as one of the
foremost sections of the province both in mining and in
agriculture, and now that
the long desired object is so
nearly within our grasp it is
time that party lines were
forgotten and one and all
gave their support to the
most vital question that has
appeared on the horizon for
Lillooet in years. The Prospector is non-political m its
policies, but it is not anti-
Lillooet. Therefore, regardless of whatever political
motives that may be behind
the railway policy, we cannot
afford to keep silent when
such an important issue is at
hand. We realize, as even
the most skeptical and chronic Knockers do, that railway
connections with the markets
of the province means the
making of the district, and
we are willing to boost and
further any fair proposition,
political or otherwise, that
will bring this section into its
Base Ore
Another of Lillooet's assets that must not be overlooked is her base ore propositions. Scattered throughout
the district are numerous pro
perties which have been de
veloped to 'a certain extent
but means of transportation
has been;; such "a drawback
that they have not been developed extensively, although
all show up good. Now,
that transportation has been
practically assured these properties will undoubtedly receive more attention and
several should develop into
dividend payers. On one of
these properties, the Anderson Lake Mining and Milling
company, there is already installed a 10-stamp mill and
it is rumored that there will
be something doing there
this summer worth while.
Other owners are preparing
for extensive development
work this summer.
A Prospector's Opinion
[Did you ever hear a prospector say that the Lillooet
district was no good? You
never did. On the contrary
every man who has prospected the country has no doubt
of its future when transportation is provided. Here is
the opinion of a prospector
who has had experience in
many of the camps between
here and the Mexican border
a id who has pinned his faith
to this district]
This is not a reminisence
but a comparison. Many of
you who read this paper are
Do you rem-
mining men.
ember the Randsberg and
the Yellow Asher days? Well
I dry washed there before
the Yellow Asher was struck-
Do you remember Calico,
Parump, Sheep Trail, Pyramid, the White Hills? How
a lone prospector back tracked a leak from a worn buckskin sack carried by a Piute
warrior to color his face with
bright vermillion rings, leaving a trail of red oxide at the
end of which the prospector
gathered up $40,000 in native
silver. Many here any many
coming here are '.'Hassayam-
pa's" to whom all this, is an
old, old story. Mineral Park,
Cerbat, and on to Chloride
with it's Tennessee and Elkhart, Gold Field, Bullfrog,
Searchlight camps we discovered and worked in and as
their days are done drifted on
facing north, leaving the
desert with its infinite peace
and silence. Most of these
are now only a memory.
Twelve years ago in Lillooet district I remember
three or four men taking out
$1000 a week in old fashioned
arrastras; today the same
ground is still in the ring ar.d
steadily producing. How
often one hears the life of a
free milling camp is two or
at most three years, yethjie
is one claim, the Lome, after
twelve years, still turning-
out the yellow metal, the
siffht of which  in  brick or
".3 "+jmm>9Bmi!28SSEn3EW UIWIJ»W3lflEW^KBBW >,.
| ——|
Delivered    When    Promised
and Correct When Delivered
The Prospector
Lillooet, B. C.
pan always gives to one the
same throb of excitement,
the same, quickening heartbeat. A little further up the
creek the Coronation mines,
working a larger crew than
ever, after twelve years or
more, mind you. Experts
will talk and tell you of
water levels, with its sulphides and copper, base ore in
our phraseolgy. Yet when
one sees the yellow metal in
the white quartz beyond all
water levels, what cares one,
for things as they should be
according to the experts, if
the yellow stuff is there,
with all the book talk;Natuie
is good enough for me. Further up stream the Pioneer,
with its' nowsilent i rrastra,
worn out by grinding a never
ending ledge of three ounce
ore, which at present is being
developed in a manner more
fitting to its value, the creak
and groan of the arrastras
silent at .last, soon to be replaced with the sullen roar of
many sti mps.
Have you seen the Foity
Thiejes group? No. Perhaps
you hav. been in Angels,
Ca a i as county, California.
Wei:, ..; ca i beat even that.
I have seen and worked in
both. I'he Why Not, the
-Fort) Ch eves lead continued, pain ..'.; but, not colors,
but gold in twenty djfiterent
places. Some of the claims
are covered deep with ce-
mented debris, bat as sure as
you are oft-the deodte belt,
just so sure yon can be that
you have got it. Then on
again and across the Bridge
river to the Wayside with its
glittering ribbon rock, not
pyrites, but the always
known glitter of gold. These
are on Bridge river, South
Fork, and Cadwallader creek
running in a straight line.
Twenty miles of free milling
claims. Ycu say you never
heard of anything rich up
there. No? 'is $4000 in rock
all held in a carpenter's tool
chest, good enough. This was
taken out at the Coronation
at the first assessment done.
Eight sacks of rock 80 pounds
to the sack, running $100 to
the sack; taken out of the
Ida May by myself. Is that
good enough? One hundred
dollar specimens in three
inches square of rock. Is
that good enough? Are $20,
$30, $40, $80 and 110 nuggets
taken out of the South Fork
good enough? Ask any of
the Lillooet men what we
have. Bridge River will surprise you. Haylmore The    Prospector
F. C. Gamble, provincial engineer returned from Ashcroft
Sunday and went on to Churn
Mrs. J. S. Place, Dog Creek,
came in on Monday's stage, and
proceeded to the coast next day
on a visit to her daughter. Her
son accompanied her.
T. Barton, road superintendent
returned from a trip up the Cariboo road on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pollard
drove down to Ashcroft on Tuesday on their way to Vancouver.
Among the passengers who
came in on Wednesday's stage
were Miss McKnight and Mr.
Tom Baillie of Lytton.
We are having real spring
weather with Chinooks and warm
sun, and the snow is fast disappearing.
The 35th annual ball was held
on the 15th and 16th and as
usual proved a great success.
Dancing was kept up both nights
until about four o'clock and all
seemed to have a good time. The
hall was beautifully decorated
for the occasion. Those who attended from Ashcroft were Mr.
and Mrs. Engerman, Mr. and
Mrs. Peters and family, came by
auto. The Misses Emma and
Ida Ulrich, Pete Brennan, Jess
White, F. Loring,. Mrs. McLeod,
from Cache Creek, the Dougherty family from Maiden creek,
China New Years is in full
swing which is a delightful time
for the school children.as well as
for the Chinese. They were very
generous, treating them to nuts
and candy, besides an abundant
lot of firecrackers.
It is reported that Jim Wadell
took over the management of the
Clinton Hotel last Wednesday.
Jack McDougal, well known in
Lillooet, is hauling hay from
Carson's ranch to Clinton.
J. Bishop recently sold 200 head
of cattle to J. Place.
J. Ken worthy, who recently
purchased the McEwen ranch, is
building a new log house on the
Boyle place.
All cattle in the upper country
are said to now be turned out on
the summer range, and are said
to be looking in good condition.
Paul Santini is wintering 150
head of cattle at the 17-mile
Mrs. T. C. Clark and Miss
Beluid of the 17-mile ranch are
running the boarding house at
Cache Creekschool.
James Dickey of the Black Hill
ranch has purchased a race horse
in Victoria that is said to be a
The grade on the Canoe Creek
road which was improved last
fall is said to be in excellent condition, and with the further work
that will be done this spring it
will make one of the best pieces
nf road in the district.
Hill & Burnett
New Westminister
Represented in Lillooet by
W. Haylmore
If you want freight hauled from Lyt+on to Lillooet
just  bear it in mind that
McCaffery & McKibben
have the two best" outfits
on the road and can give
you quick "service and
guaranteed)"', 'satisfaction
Address Chas. McCaffery it Lillcce
or   Hazen   McK bben at Lytton to
make arrangements
Lillooet General Store
W. J. PAGE   -   Proprietor
A newly-bought stock of
staple and fancy groceries
An excellent line of dry
goods, clothing, furnishings, etc. Call and see us.
Lillooet General Store
W. J. PAGE   -   Proprietor
Excelsior Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
= J   DUNLOP  =
Store near Seton Lake
General Merchant
Large Assortment of Goods Always on Hand
Dry Goods, Groceries,   Hardware,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Miner's Supplies
:   Outfitter for Camp or Trail   =====
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt  Attention   Guaranteed
LYTTON        ....      B. C.
From present indications this
year promises to be a good one
for Lillooet in the building line.
Several of our citizens have already begun extensive improvements on their property, several
more have announced their intentions of building residences in
the town and it is hinted that
there will be erecting and improving of the business buildings
With the activity that is already
being shown in real estate there
will undoubtedly be quite a number of substantial dwellings go
up during the coming season.
The new floor in Santini's hall
was laid this week, and is quite
an improvement over the old one.
It will be planed and put in first-
class condition befcre the masquerade on the first of March and
should add greatly to the enjoyment of the dancers on that
Lillooet General Store
W. J.P;GE,Prop.
In Order to Dispose of Stock on
Hand as Rapidly as Possible we
, Offer the Following Cash Prices
1400 lbs Beans 4 c lb
Jersey Cream, per case 4.60
Reindeer Milk, per case 6.05
Lipton's Tea, per lb. 40c
Victoria Cross Tea, per lb 35c
Rajah Ceylon Tea, per lb 25c
Star Brand Coffee per lb
35c or 3 for $1.00
Brown Berry Coffee, per lb.
35c or 3 for $1.00
Magic Baking Powder, per can
20c ov 6 for $1.00
B. & K. Rolled Oats at
35c or 3 for $1.00
Vinegar, per qt bottle 25c
Rice, per lb 6c
Sago, per lb 8c
Tapioca, per lb 8c
Buck Brand Overalls per pr.  85c
Buck Brand Overalls (bib)
per pair 75c
Smocks, each 75c
Shirts, from 75c to $100
Regular $3.50 Sweater for    2.75
Socks, per pair 15c and up
All Other Goods in Stock will be
Sold at Correspondingly Low
Prices    Terms Cash The
I, Moses Foster, of Fourteen
Mile Creek, by occupation a farmer, give notice that I intend on
the 20th day of March next, at
ekven o'clock in the forenoon,
to apply to the Water Commissioner at his office at Clinton, B.
C, for a license to take ,and use
four cubic feet of water per second from Fourteen Mile Creek, a
tributary of Fraser river, to be
diverted at a point about 1-2
mile above Lot No. 1589.
The water will be used on Lot
1589 for irrigation purposes.
Signature: Moses Foster
Dated this 31st day of January.
Everybody assured a good time
at tht Masquerade in Santini's
hall on March 1st.
Harness Maker    Saddler
Carrying All Lines. Horse
Blankets. Repairing of
all Description a Speciality
Ashcroft      -    -     B. C.
Lillooet Meat Market
a»t».TtTr(*\;.-j6W*» .waanv i
Fresh Killed Beef, Pork & Mutton
Large and small orders
given our personal attention. Satisfaction
Fresh Vegetables in Season
General  Hauling,
SPEEDY      SAFE       SUR E
Lytton to Lillooet
Four   Hours    Enroute
Expert Driver
Connects With all Trains
Roy McDonald
Six Tables
Cigars and Tobaccos
Smokers cupplics
ASHCROFT   -    -
j !;^i- .a'i.i" :-j TCc'a
Enquire at the Victoria Hotel
Prospector Ads Pay.
Subscribe for
The   Prospector
and get all the home news
FOR SALE-Cne Berkshire
boar $7.50, and pure bred Collie
pups, $5.00 each. Alex Lochoie
Rosebank, Lytton, B. C.
Alfalfa Sel
Clean new seed, $18.00 per jCO
pounds. Lillooet or Lytton. Alex
Lochore, Rosebank, Lytton, P.
C. A. PI
General Merchant
Manufacturers Agent
For   Twenty-five Years   Lillooets Leading Store
Complete up-to-date Stock in all Departments
Carefully Bought at Right Prices
Spring Stock
Our Spring Stock of General Merchandise is row : iliving. We will have the finest range of New Felt LLats, Prospector's, Miner's and Surveyor's Shoes, and Dry Goods, ever
shown in Lillooet. We will also carry our usual large stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Drugs, Etc.
The °nly Store that can give satisfactiom on orders
from the smallest to the largest.   Our Cash Price
is the Lowest Good Goods can be Sold For
We Lead, Others Follow
The Store of Satisfied Customers
Mail Orders Receive our Careful Attention
When in LYTTON go to the
Durham Barber Shop
First-class Shave or Haircut
Two doors west of the Harrison stage
■   B. C.       j
for   Pros-
Trappers,    3
Etc.     Our goods are
the best
and   prices   \
Chinese Goods
Notary Public
Lillooet   -   -    B. C.
Lands,  Mines, Insurance and
Mining business  in  all branches a
specially.    Farms,   Fruit innds   and
Residential properties for sale.
JR. C.  Stephenson
Blacksmith and
Expert   Horse-
All*Work Promptly
LILLOOET    -    -   B. C.
Stage Line
Regular Stage leaves Lytton Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
Regular Stage leaves Lillooet Wednesdays and Sun
days at 7 a. m..
Wire or write for Special Stage or
Desired Information
LEE HARRISON   -   Lytton, B. C.
ASHCROFT       -      -    B. C
■ irtmir* -x ncr., .**• e v
Frank McMyri
Lillooet's Barber
Operating in  the  southwest corner of the Victoria
Hotel   Lobby
Don't forget the Numbi
•*+*mM*m's** mm
Livery and
Feed Stables
Horses and Rigs for Hire.
Express Delivery   •
Light and Heavy  Draying.
Liliooet       -      -       -        B. C.
Subscribe for the Prospector
Hotel Victoria
Fifty-five well-furnished rooms. Hot and cold baths
Excellent table. First class bar. Large sample room
Two autos on request from Lytton or Ashcroft
Headquarters for Lytton-Lillooet stage line. Stage
iheets Seton Lake boat.  Rigs furnished on demand.
RATES: $1.50 per day and up. By month $35 and up. Moals, 21 for $9.00


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