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 tint* Unptti
PRINCE  RUPERT,   B.  C.   SUNDAY,   OCTUtSER   20,   1912.
Price,  Five  Cents.
Display From Lawn Hill and Vicinity Has Been
Received By the G.T.P. Company and
Placed on Display In Windows of the
Offices In This City-Show Is
Made Up From What Was
Exhibited at Exhibition In That Part
of Riding.
The Grand Trunk Pacific Company's offices . here have received
from Queen Charlotte City a very
excellent display of vegetables and
field crops grown In that part of the
Queen Charlottes and around Lawn
Hill. These have been put on display in 'the windows on Centre
street, the local offices of the company. The display makes up a part
of the exhibit that was made, at the
Lawn  Hill exhibition a week ago.
In handling tlie exhibits as much
as was done before they were finally laid down in the local offices the
articles in many instances have suffered materially in appearance. This
applies to the yellow beans and the
samples of grain on the stalk. The
general character of the display is
of the highest order and is a demonstration in very practical form of
what this part of tlie province can
The Queen Charlottes are not
among the least valuable of the
farm   lands  in  the   Skeena  district.
Coast Is Swept By First Severe Weather
for the Season With Heavy
Vessels in Precarious Positions as a
Result of the Hurricane    thai
Visited   South   Oregon.
Portland, Ore., Oct, 10.—port-
land and the NortJlVest has experienced its tft'st real storm of the sea-
soli,. The wind blew n gale of SO
miles an hour accompanied by n tet
rifle downpour of rain, Windows
were broken and telephone and tele
S.-aph wires prostrated.
In tbe fruit districts much damage was done. Trees were uprooted
and brauclifis torn off other trees.
Steamer Buffers.
Mttshfleld, Ore, Oct, 19.—The
Bteamer Cnmiuo, from Portland for
San Francisco, was reported in distress twenty miles north of the
i'mpiiua river, early today, li was
picked up by the Bteamer Watson,
according to a wireless message,
and Is safe, Besides the cargo, she
carried ninety passengers,
Stranding of Vessel.
Sati Francisco, Oct. 19.—A telegram received from Willapa harbor
eays the schooner Defiance, which
'left San Francisco September 28;
■stranded today on Empire Spit. She
;ls reported in a  good condition.
The exceedingly mild winters there,
together with the very moderate
weather that prevails at all times,
is a very strong recommendation for
intending settlers who may be seeking a place to locate. Already it has
been proven that the soil is productive and the display in the windows of the Grand Trunk Pacific-
offices is sufficient to show that
there are no vegetables that cannot be produced  to perfection.
Potatoes that will rival anything
produced In the Dominion are included In the display. There are pea
vines shown loaded with pods. Cabbage seems to do remarkably well
In common with its sister vegetable,
the cauliflower, and some gigantic
samples of both varieties are to lie
seen. A small number of apples
has been sent over. Beets, carrots,
mangels, parsnips and horse ran' b
of the very best qualities are among
the products of the Islands that
have been sent to tbe city to show
what is in store for Prince Ruperl
in the way of garden supplies in a
very few years' time.
Oats in the stalk and other grains
and grasses are shown These sn'e of
excellent quality. The height of rho
timothy and grain is an Indication
of tlie richness of the soil that has
produced il- Tl|e grain Itself is
plump and heavy.
Tho rapidity with which tlierff
has been a commercial showing in
the line of fruit, .Vegetables anil
other in-'i, products in tMs pari of
i'iv province is n guarantee of the
enormous future that the country
has, Before another year passes it
is expected that there will bo n '.cry
materia] start made upon the supplying of ihe needs of this city in
the matter of garden produce. In
!h<- vicinity or Lawn mi1 there Is
a very excellent class of settlers going in and taking up the land mil
bringing it, under cultivation, the
result has been that there is a good
Showing iu an agricultural way. The
showing Unit was made ai   the falv
f. Continued 'on  Last  Pate.)
The Doughty Trawlers Triumph and the Canada
are Expected to Reach Here on Monday
-Canada Fish & Cold Storage Plant
Nay Be Used In Handling the
Catch at the Start Until
the Company's Own
Central Station Is
It  is expected   that  on    Monday i
the first of the deep sea trawlers for I
this port will  arrive  in  the harbor. I
These  are  the  Triumph    and    the i
Canada that have  been  brought  to
the Coast by the Doughty interests
to  be  used  in   the  prosecution    of
their industry    in  and  about    this
harbor,  and   across  on  the    Queen
Charlottes.     Mr.   Wilfred     Doughty,
wJio is taking the control of the affairs on this coast,  will accompany
the vessels to this port.
These two trawlers which have
been brought from England are the
first of a large fleet that is either
under order or on the way here. The
Doughty interests will have a large
number of them and in addition to
these there will be a fleet of no
mean proportions under the control
of the Canada Fish & Cold Storage
Company located here. This will not
make up the full list, for it is anticipated that there will be others
brought out and before many
months have passed this port will
be the home of a considerable fleet
which will be ever increasing.
The two trawlers that are now
on their way here and should reach
port on Monday will proceed at
once to tlie wharves of the Canada
Fish & Cold Storage Company al
Seal Cove, where ice for the first
voyage will be taken  on.
It is probable that in view of ilie
fact that the Doughty interests have
not yet located their cold storage
plants in this city or on Porpoise
Harbor, where they are expected to
be erected, that the local plant may
be used in the handling of the fish
that .are taken. The equipment of
the Canada Fish & Cold Storage
Company is all in place and ready
for operations. The company is delaying starting until near the time
of the completion of the Grand
Trunk Pacific, when it will make
a use of that line for the shipping
of tho finished product. The Doughty
interests on the other hand have a
very well equipped plant on the
Queen Charlottes for canning nnd
for other uses as a station but have
not the cold storage facillittes. The
latter company may, therefore, take
advantage of the local cold storage
in the handling of the fish that are
b rough I In in Ihe trawlers now on
the coast.
The arrival of these vessels will
be watched with interest. It will
mean the beginning in earnest of
the industry on this coast, end the
building up of a fishing population
in the city and the district. Prince
Rupert from now on will more and
more become the centre of the fishing industry on  this coast.
Agent at Skagway Was Sandbagged and
$1200 Taken By Assailant,
I lie    Rubber Passed Over About
Quarter  of  a   Million    Dollars,
However.   In   His   IlilSte.
Many Lives  Have   Been Sacrificed In
Consequence of the
ten Coasting Vessels at   l.eil.si   Have
Been   Lost—Tidal   Waves   Inundate Slimes of Philippine ■.
Skagway, Oct.' l'J.— The Wells-
FargO BXpress Company was robbed
lii-n- last night by a man who used
h sandbag on ihe agent, Mr, Taylor.
Nearly $260,000 in gold in the
hands of the Wells-Fargo Express
Company was passed by the robbei
who sandbagged the agent lasl
night. The robber took one package
containing  (1200.
A. E. McMaster, General Agent of the G. T. P.
on His Return Tells of the Wide Spread
Inquiries That are Being Made Con
cerning This District-Exhibit of
Vegetables In Company's
Offices In Vancouver
From the Skeena
Manila. Oct.  i:'.    I iii   number of
deaths   reported   from   mari lis
asters following terrific typnoori
which swept the Philliplne IslsA'ds,
causing a ioss of property estimated
al $s,00t), , Is gradually Increasing The exact Inin! has not yet
been ascertained It is known thai
ten coasting steamers have been lost.
series of tidal waves inundated
the coast of l.eyte. One [loin considerable damage  in  Cebu,
There returned to the city yesterday morning by the Grand Trunk I
Pacific steamer Prince Rupert, A.
B. McMaster and Mrs. McMaster,
who have been in the southern cities for a few days. Mr. McMaster
went south on business connected
with the winter schedule of the
steamers In ihis part of the territory of the company. The service
as arranged will in al! probability
be along the following lines for the
winter, when the company cuts the
service from the south to this port I
at the end of the month to one
steamer a week.
The service to Stewart and Granby Harbor, Massei and Naden Harbor and Skidegate will be carried
out by the Prince John, which will
leave Prince Rupert at 11 a.m. every Wednesday for Granby and
Stewart, returning at 10:30 p.m.
Thursday; for Masset and Naden
Harbor, leaving Prince Rupert at
midnight Friday, returning on -Sunday at 10 a.m.; and tor Skidegate,
leaving Sunday morning, returning
al  midnight Tuesday.
Mr. McMaster says ilia' in tin-
southern coast cities there is an Increased Interest shown in tiie city
of Prince Rupert and the' district of
which it is ihe centre. Tlie rame ol
the Not tb i" Its mani line .' production seems to be sprei ing and
the Skeena Is becoming om
most-talked-of parts of the province. There can be little question In
his mind that there will fron m
be  n   decide I  Influ □    I
tion.    Nexl   Bummer  will  see  tnanj
times the number thai  ha ■
i he    Ian I
come  i-j   l'i i.i'e  Rttpi
,i    -.
[areag thai   He within  the  radius  of
i    I  ;ni ■ i. nee.
A llttli   tlm< •  iln
Mr.    McMasti r si n    to the
Trunk  Pacifli    if   es  In    Vaneo
some samples of tho vegetables that
could   be grown  ii   r
districl.     Iln   sent   down   B   dlspla>
. nished   from   Kitsumkalum     thai
! garden bpoi of toi  Ski ei      '■    ei
arrived in the south he found -l
had been placed in the windows of
the Grand Trunk Pacific offices on
Granville street.
Mr. McMaster says that It made
a magnificent showing, so much so
that there was a steady stream of
admirers stopping before the windows to inspect the products of tho
Nortli. In addition to that there
were numbers who came in and
sought further information with regard to the display and the part of
tlie country that it came from and
the general conditions there. There
was sufficient interest taken in the
exhibit to warrant the belief that as
a result of it there will be a goodly number of settlers come Into the
district to Investigate and to settle
upon tlie hind that has produced
such magnificent vegetables as are
theri  displayed.
Mr. McMaster says that there is
no question that the display ol the
actual production of the district is
the very best advertisement that the
lands of the Skeena and the    other
rts of i'ie country can gel. The
display put on in Vancouver was a
nroof of Iliat fact, to his mind.
Presidential   Candidate Saw
Many Friends During the
Hi-     Intends   m   Make  Due     Speech
Mm e Before the t 'lose of the
(  inipnlgn.
Largest Armies Since the War of 1870 are Concentrating for a Life or Death Struggle Around
Adrianople and Uskup, Two of the Strategic Points Where the Fate of Turkey May
Probably Be Solved—Fleet of the Turks Is Bombarding the Bulgarian
Seaport of Varna-Greek Fleets' Whereabouts
Remains a Mystery as Yet.
Cbli igo,  Ocl     I        Tonight     Col
■ i!;- ued    :rom
• ■    I to ■'•<
many    friends
ig   the  day.     While  today    be
crisis, hi   Is not
al  all  beyond   I hi   i mge of
ii    cln itmstai permit,    lhi
Colonel will  make one more    peech
tin     '
l    "in in- iii   Madison Square    Oar-
den. New York, mi October 80,
Vessel With Pipe for the City Arrived
Yesterday From the
The Lester David Company Has Re
ceived  a   Large  Addition  to  Its
Stock  of    Material.
The tug Escort No. 2 has arrived
in port with a very heavy low. This
consisted of the barge' Norlh Bend,
Georgian No. i and Ocean Falls No.
1. These brought to the local yards
of the Lester David Company a
very  large assortment of  lumber.
This will be put in the yards of
the local company at once, and is
required to meet the demands that
are put upon the company to supply.
London, Oct. 19.—Along a mountainous front covering the whole of
the northern frontier of Turkey for
a distance of two hundred miles
from Kirk Kilieseh, near the Black
Sea, in the east, to Uskup, south of
the boundary line between Servia
and Bulgaria, in the west, tlie advance of the allied armies of Bulgaria, Servia and Montenegro Into
Turkey continues.
The Turkish army appears to be
acting purely on tlie defensive, lis
outposts are slowly withdrawing before the advancing forces, attempt
ing only to screen ihe way for Hie
mobilization  while  tiie   main   forc<
nt Hie Empire are marching inward
tin- frontier.
Only small engagements which
give no Idea of the mettle of the
combatants have occurred thus far.
Pew details of these scome through
owing  to  the close censorship.
It is certain that the inrgesi
armies since 1870 are preparing I'm
a death struggle before Adrianople
ami Uskup. These posls are being
first greal battle. The former is defended by modern fortresses with
three hundred nt' ihe mosl  modern]
guns. It is iu tlie main call way to
Turkey and should give the invaders
a   long  siege.
The town of Mustapha Pasha.
seventeen miles north of Adrianople, lias already fallen into the
hands of the Bulgarians,
The whereabouts of the Greek
fleel is unknown. It is reported that.
tin- fleet sailed in .the hope of find?
ing Hie Turkish .-hips. Meanwhile
the Greek governmenl has proclaimed sovereignty over part .of the
southern roast of Turkey.
Bombarding  Varna,
Constantinople,     Oct.      in.—-The
an Ived off Varna,
in  Bulgaria, on the Black Sea. at >i
o'clock  this morning.,  it  began ii -
boinharilinenl   ' of  the   place  BI     -
o'clock this afternoon.
lighting   Reported.
Constantinople, Oct, 19.- Heavy
fighting was reported In progress
throughout yesterday In the region
about Kirk-Klleseh, northeast ol
Adrianople. Large tones were engaged   OH   both   sider.
Lenve Turkey.
The departure yesterday from
Constantinople of Hie Bulknn ministers was not attended by any hostile demonstration. Thousands of
' ■ : ■ ' iiner pr icctli com
haiants of tbe Turks wen- permitted to depart n> Join their ton i
iiml their leaving brought forth no
unfriendly  denionstratl n
Tin- Work nt Discharging the Cargo
llns Already Commenced— Will
Take  Canned   Salmon,
Early yesterday morning t lie
Crown of Gallcia, Captain Halliday,
reached porl with about a thousand
tons of pipe for tlie city water
work*. Iho work or unloading the
pipe began at once almost and yesterday the pipe was being hOiMed
Hum iho holds and boinfc drawn
away to its place on the pipe lines.
The steamer Is not new to tills
port. She has before visited Prince
Ruperl with a rail cargo for the
Grand Trunk  Pacific.
Before \ea.\ ing porl sin- win take
ni a largi - onslgnmonl of canned
on thai will go to the Old Conn-
try market. This Is tlie first salmon
that has been shipped dlrecl from
hen   to Hie British  market. PRINCE RUPERT JOURNAL
Sunday, October   20,  1912.
prince Wiptxt journal
Telephone  138
O   Ii. NELSON. Editor.
121        ii'd    Lvem
le si -; '■ I
p. 0 -;"~
,       i   morning   excepl
:-v cat i''-: In the
ig rate if paid
One Ve.ar $5.00
lonth i $2..r-o
. ■    Months $1.26
pi ■    Month $ -5"
ed every  Friday for clrcu-
tation di    tl e   city   of   Prince
en at  ■ :.11" n y- ar addressed to
poll ts in Canada or $3.00 a yeai  i
ail  points  in  the  United   Kingdon
■ d   states   it   other  fori
; ies.
Advertising Kates I'pon Application,
Sunday,  Oi
Tin:  i is;:-
Prince Rupert will soon have the
nucleus of us fishing Heel in .the
harbor, on Monday ii is ami.:
eil 'hai the first of Hie trawler:
from Grimsby, England, that are i"
in- used iu connection with the "'
ford Bay enterprise, under the m i-
age --in ot Hie Doughty Interests,
will arrive here. From that time on
there is every reason in expect tiiai
ilien- will in- a steady increase in
Hie number of iliese craft in Prince
Rupert until the port becomes tbe
most famous fishing centre on the
While in tlie meantime it seems
necessary that these craft must he
bought in Hie Old Country the time
is not very distant when we may expect to see all these vessels anil
much larger ones as well constructed
in the city. The completion of the
mammoth drydock that is now under way will afford Hie facilities for
the carrying out of this and there Is
no reason tu expect that the dock
will remain idle. Tlie dock is being
constructed at Immense cost to the
railway company and whatever
oilier Interests are associated with
it and will have a capacity for constructing ail Hie vessels Hint maj
be required in Hie fishing business
in and around this port, it is Hie
hope of the  citizens ot  Prince Hn-
I am instructed-by the City Council   lo  i    Mil h   I  i'   following  notice
with     regard  to voting at  Hie    next
lun      al eli
rt   :     who will lie inserted
m.  the   voters'  lists' are  as  follows:
'.     Own        of real   estate.     Tins
neans any pel s a deed ol'
I ;ni',l Registry
Office or an agreement tor purchase
ni'  land   'I ed  in  tlie    Registry
Many    i e   one hai e    land    under
agrei      nt from the Grand Trunk or
tbe   Governmenl   whose   title  is  not
ed  In  the Land  Registry Of-
nd       Ir right to vote is doubt-
'■•'. '' hei   f—.     ters so i Ituated are
d  I led  If possible to register either
as Householdi r or Licence holder.
2.    An;   pi i on holding a trade II-
ite, bul before doing so,
lie nuts', In October, make a declara-
lon   si owing   Ms   right  to   vote  in
Form l. These forms can be o
,;; -. Clet k's office. Tlie do-
i laratlon musl be riled with I te City
CI within forty-eight hours after
it is made,
::. Any householder can vote. A
householder means a person who has
n Bided In Prince Rupert from the
Isl of January, 1012, and who oc-
CU] les n dwelling, tenement, hotel or
arding house, or any pnrlion of a
dwelling bouse, tenement, hotel or
boarding house. He must also pay
ill ra es, taxes or assessments whicli
ai - not chargeable on land, and
which rates, taxes and assessments
so paid amount to not less than
$2.00, Water rales and dug licences
do not count. Practically the only tax
that can be paid is the road tax,
$2.00, and any person who being a
householder as above described lias
already paid his road tax must also
make a declaration before he can be
placed on Hie Voters' List.
All voters must he 21 years of
ace and British subjects.
12,13,20,22,27 City Clerk.
Conditions mi Which Department of
Agriculture    Will     Furnish
Stumping Powder.
Following the brief announcement that us an advance step to
what is hoped to be a more general
system of aid to settlers in clearing
timbered lands in tl>is province, the
department of agriculture has Issued notification to Hie various agricultural societies and farmers' institutes throughout the province
that it Is prepared to issue supplies
uping pewder to liona-fiile
settlers free of'cosi upon i .'"'' n
which shall be equitable both to the
pen  that  tlie  company  will  see  fit   settler and  to the province.
to  Iniiiii   iarge  vessels  here.     There       Any   settler   who   is   desirous   of
will, however, be a very considerable fleet of these small craft Hull
will lie found to in- of Milue in the
m ilntenance of the yards.
li is reported that there Is a \ ery
large number of British fishermen
thai are ready to come to Canadf.
m take pari  in the industry as soon
benefiting from this boon can obtain details of how io secure it from
his provincial representative, from
the secretary of his local agricultural society or fanners' Institute,
or failing both these, by direct ap-
■ li tion to the minister of agricul-
iri blei i of how besl
as  the  opening   Is  created.     These to solve the question of the clearing
men   an    aci led   to     the     very  °'   binds   of  ihis  province  so   as   to
kind  nt  fis'hini     hai   Is  now   to  be-  makc   tll0m   available   for     agricul-
come  a   part   of  the operations  out|tural purposes is a big one.
of this port. Thesi   men will be wel-      "' !,!is  experiment  does not«glve
co .1     here,     li   will   mean     that  ''"'  results expected, then    further
i - will be a population of men action may he considered by tlie
and women of our own race that is government, but In the meantime
worth Infinitely* more to the country ' ' I'Ply "■'' free powder is con-
can    never    assimilate    with     our
people. province,   and   is   another   proof   of
- the desire  of the  British  Columbia
government to extend its aid and cooperation to the settlers where it
can be done tn Hie public advan-
: tage.
any  number of Orientals  that sidered as a distinctly advance step.
It  is one which is given by no other
To the Editor of The Journal:
Hear   Sir,     In   the   Daily   News
Sat urday    ei scriptiot
Prince Ilnpeii. 11. C.
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■■good - ■
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"Princess Sophia" Southbound nt 0 a.m. Saturday, October   10.
J.  G.  McNAB,  General  Agent. .        PRINCE RUPERT
Agency for all Atlantic Steamship Lines.
Skeena  Land    District—District    or
Coast Range 4.
TAKE NOTICE that Frank W.
Dowling, of Prince Rupert, occupation telegraph agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase tlie
following described lands: Commencing at a post planted on the
wesl side of Banks Island, three and
one-quarter miles from the coast and
about ten miles in a southerly direction from White Rocks; thence
nortli SO chains, thence east' SO
chains, thence south SO chains,
thence west SO chains to point of
commencement, containing G40 acres
more or less.
OTIS J.   BENSON,  Agent.     /
Dated 19th August, 1912. s4
Skeena Land District—District of
Coast Range 4.
TAKE NOTICE that Charles Halm,
of Prince Ruperl, occupation dairyman, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the iwesl side of Banks
Island, two and one-quarter miles
from the coast and about ten miles
In a southerly direction from White
Rocks; thence east SO chains, thence
south SO cliains, tbonce west' SO
Chains, tlience north SO chains lo
point of commencement, containing
ti40 acres more or less.
OTIS J.  BENSON,  Agent.
MACHINERY, Kails, Wheels, Axles, etc.. CANADIAN RAND CO.'S
PRODUCTS, Motor Vehicles & Trucks, Wire Rope, Steel, etc. Boilers, Agricultural Implements. Hoists, Teaming & Dump Wagons.
Third Avenue c"' ™ndasw»e, jr. phones m
Manufai ttirers   Agent
P.O. Box 436 prince rupbrt, b. c Blue 326
Dated  19th August,  1915
PHONE 1111 PHONE 110
.Annual   Report  Shows  Shares  l-larn-
ed Two ami a  Mali' Times More
Than Last  Vear.
5iven  at   some  length  of a  nn   -
Voted Divine.
There arrived  in  the  city  yester-
i-re   Hall.    The article    si    day ;l"' Rt'  Rev'  1;isll"i' Carpenter,
I was i resent.    This  ivould-be
[or cei lain statements made in con-
nei Hon   wiili   the   recent   sitting   of
ilii i-  - iniml .-Mm.    'i hose  who
i   i two and two i hei  and
- belong in thai society, nor
cupy  the    pulpit of the Church
England today.
Cyril     Orine and   .Mrs.  Ornio    ar
rived  inline yesterday morning from
the soutli.    They were accompanied
by   Miss  Smith,  ol   fiondon,  Ot
Ister        lira. On
.1.  A.   Klrkpatrli I     returns I   i -
- ;.;,,;.   11-.in ii  business irip    to
Tlie annual report of the Granby
Consolidated Mining Smelting &
Power Company, Limited, for the
year ending June 30, 1912, has
been issued. Tlie report shows $3.HO
a share earned on tlie stock, which
compares with ?1.47 a share in
the  prei lous : c ar
The copper product amounted to
13,231,121 pounds, which was 4,-
624,000 pounds less than in ihe
previous year because tlie mines
land smelier were shut down fur
I four months on account of the
shortage oi   fuel  during  tlie strike.
On account of the rise in tlie price
of copper iin'il the low operating
costs during the hisi half of the
fiscal year the company was able to
make a net profit of $583,379, as
against $216,625 In the previous
Subscribe  for  the  Prince  Rupert
Weoltly Journal, $2 por year.
P.O. Box 436 Phone 131
Office  Requisites of Every Description.
" UNDERWOOD " TYPE™Rrf for „ire
"MAfpV"    Inter-Inter Filing Systems
lii4V,JJ1 Office Furniture
Call or Send for Catalogue.
C. H. HANDASYDE, Jr.,   Third Avenue,   Prince Rupert, B.C
Rexal) Glycerine Soap
15c the Cake.   You will come back for more
C H. ORME, The Pioneer Druggist
Telephone 82    . The ^&%qJUL Store
■+ ++*++***+***+++1-+***++***+++**+++*+******>.>r>r*>r>r**>r'
Skeena    Land    District—District   of
Coast—Range  Pour
TAKE NOTICE that Ernest Scarlett, of Vancouver B. C, occupation
Policeman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described ands:—Commencing at a
post planted about two miles west
and three miles south from End Hill,
Banks Island; thence 80 chains east;
thence 80 chains north; thence 80
chains west; thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement; containing 640 acres   more or less.
Frank Engler, Agent.
Dated  May  10,  1912. Jel4
Skeena Land District—District of
Coast Range 4.
TAKE NOTICE that Henry Le-
tournetu, of Prince Rupert, occupation plumber, Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands: Commencing at a
post planted on the west side of
Hanks Island, one and one-quarter
miles from the coast and about ten
miles In a southerly direction from
White Rocks, tlience south 80 chains,
tlience west SO chains, thence north
SO chains, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing
640 acres,more or less.
Dated  20th August,   1912. s4
ons,   ol
siou   to
post ]llt>'
the sou*
thence ?'i
SO chair
thence »
Land   District—District   of
NOTICE that Alex. M. Ly-
Sllgo, Ireland, occupation
intends to apply for perm is.
purchase the following de-
landu:—Commencing at a
ited two miles south from
iwest corner of Lot 1713;
mth 80 chains: tlience west
i\ tlience north SO cliains;
ist SO chains, to point of
Agent   .1.   P.   Davles.
fuly 10, 191. jy26
J First Avenue
Telephone 186   J
Royal Bank of Canada
Sin-plus         #7,800,000
Capital          90,200,000
>':>tnl Assets  t.9100,000,000
Savings    Bank    Department—tl  Will Open an Account
Branches Throughout Canada and   Banking  Connections   With   All
Parts of the I'nlted States
Agents Throughout the World
11. P, WILSON, Manager Prince Rupert Branch
Skeena    Lnnd    District—District
Const—R.infro   Four
TAKE NOTICE that William
Stonehouse, < t Vancouver, B. C, occupation Teamster, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at a post planted two miles west
and three miles south of End Hill,
Banks Island; thence .SO chains
north; thence SO chains west; tlience
80 chains soutli; thence 80 chains
east, to point of commencement;
containing 040 acres, more or less.
Frank Engler, Agent.
Dated   May  13,   1912. ]e!4
Skeena   District—Coast   Range   5.
TAKE NOTICE that I, .Jacques
Verheyden, of Prince Rupert, B.C.,
by occupation a gentleman, intend to
apply for permission to lease the
following described lands; Cjmi-
menclng at a post planted three
miles distant nnd in a south-south by
west direction from the southwest
corner of Timber Limit No. 37170,
mi Pearse Island, thence so chains
west, 80 chains Bouth, so chains
easi nnd 80 chains north to the point
of commencement nnd containing
840 acres more or less.
Haled. September Oth,  1 912,
Suite - Federal Bile., Prince Rupert
Lester W. David Co.
Phone 20 P.O. Box 805
Double S&llSiS    ^)ou')le
Weekly W       Weekly
Service    g|§P Service
S. S. "Prince Rupert" and "Prince George"
for Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle,   Mondays   nnd  Fridays,   0   a.   111.
S. S. "PRINCE GEORGE—For Stewart, S a. in., Thursdays.
S. S. "PRINCE JOHN"—Weekly service to Port Simpson, Naas,
Granby Bay and Queen Charlotte Islands.
Rupert for Sealey Crossing 10 a.m. Wednesday and Saturday, returning leaves Sealey Crossing at 10 a.m. Thursday and Sunday,
arriving Prince Rupert 5 p.m. same days. Stage connection at
Sealey on arrival of trains.
Grand   Trunk   Railway   System,   the  double-track   route    for   all
points in (lie East, connecting in Chicago with nil
lines from   the    Pacific    Coast.
For  fall   Information  apply  to
A, E. McMASTER, General Agent.
Office on Centre Street. Agent Atlantic Stsamshlp Lines.
I   The Club
5 ,
i> An    up-to-date    Barber    Shop
3 whicli caters to the fastidious.
X Tlie  most modern shop  norHi
5 of  Vancouver
Six Chairs
Sec-ind Avenue
"DOC"  I1EMERS,  Mf  .
oaflwa-a-aa-aa iwai&MSOPiSMKHa-atto
Pioneer Funeral Directors and
Embnliners.      Open   Day   nnd
Night.     Ladies'    Assistant     in
PHONE 86.    710 THIRD AVE.
Commencing October 16th,   1 !i 12,
the pay wickets In the Assessor and
Collector's office, City Hall, will close
at 4 p.m. daily, except Saturdays,
and 011 Saturday at 1" o'clock noon.
j. c Mclennan,
Assessor and Collector.
Meets second and fourth Friday in
each month Iu K. of P. hall.
Helgerson, BIk., 3rd Ave and 6th Si
Recording Secretary, Box 82-^
WM. S. HAi.L, L. D. S. D. D. S.
••:   DENTIST   :-:
Crown and Bridge Work a speclalt.'
All dental operations skillfully
treated. Gas and local anaesthetic*
administered for the painless ej
traction of teeth. Consultation free
Offices, Helgerson ^Ic, Prince Rupert
Slteena District Coast Range 5,
TAKE NOTICE thai I, Theophlle
Collart, of Prince Rupert, B.C., by
[occupation n broker, Intend to apply tor permission io lease the following described lands: Commencing at :i post planted lliree miles
distanl and in a south-south by
west direction from the southwest
corner of Timber Limit No. 37170,
on Pearse Island, thence SO chains
nortli, SO chains .west, SO chains
south and 80 chains east to the
point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated Scplember 6th, 1912.   '
LIQUOR ACT, 11)10.
(Section 4.)
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the first day of December next, ap-
p'ication will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
renewal of the hotel licence to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Hotel Essington, situate at
Port Essington, in the Province of
British Columbia.
Dated this 24th day of September, 1912.
Per R. G. Cunningham. President.
Applicant. T
Sunday,  October  20,  1912.
It   would   appear   as   if   Joe   D i.y-
ley,  the popular  b ixet   in   this    It:
will  appear In  I       ring  here again
iu :i short  time.
According to a -. n .- <f r bm
Tommy Bums, h ng  has been
fixed for the Bayley-Hylknd bout
in Calgary on Thanksgiving Day,
says the Victoria Colonist. Bayley
will leave here on Sunday, which
will give him abotil seven days in
Calgary before lie enters theTlng.
After his bout villi iiyiaini, Bay-
ley will likely go iii Edmonton, a
proposition being put on fool to
have him meet Scaler there early
in November, Then, If everything
goes right, he will jump to Prince
Ruperl anil taki on O'l.eary, I lie
Seattle Imy.
For the first time since his battle
with Pat Scott, Joe Bayley appeared
In fighting togs before a Victoria
gathering al a smoker beld in the
Labor Hall, l e boxed six fast
rounds witli "Cyclone" Scott, his
trainer, and Air. Hardwlck, the
local lightweight wrestler, who
threw Fred Smith ai ilio- lasi tournament here. The outstanding feature of the exhibition was that Hay-
ley showed himself to be in perfect
condition. lie was as fresh as a
daisy at the finish, his breathing
being almost normal.
Joe gave a clever exhibition, and
the first bout was worth seeing, for
"Cyclone" Scott not only has a good
fifteen pounds tlie better of Joe in
weight, hut is a good boxer himself.
In the second mill the vast improvement in tlie champion's work since
be first entered professional ranks
was seen, lie didn't try to hit his
man, and the limited space and slippery floor made it impossible for
him lo use much footwork, but he
could have knocked Hardwlck out
without, trouble if he had been fighting iu earnest. And Hardwlck, although his specialty is wrestling, is
no slouch with the padded mitts.
Tlie wrestler did most of the.
rushing and Bayley was content to
let him swing ai the air, or on his
guard. The champion made plenty
of openings and knew they were
there, but  let it  go at that.
Pioneer Steam La'
Skeena   Land    District—District   of
Queen  Charlotte Islands
TAKE ' NOTICE that Thomas
Deasy, of Masset, Queen Charlotte
Islands, occupation Indian Agent, intends to apply for permission to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands:—Commencing at a post planted on an'
island r.'uout two miles west of tlie
north end of Frederick Island, situate on the west coast of Graham
Island; thence SO chains south;
thence SO chains west; tlience 80
chains north; thence SO chains east,
to point  of commencement.
Henry  Edenshaw, Agent.
Dated April  14, 1912. jell
Prompt Service      Reasonable Rntei
• di  Called fni  .-mil  Delivered
• ■Men.    II*
Mel tier Asking for Son.
Arthur J. McMahon left Cleveland, Ohio, August 13, intending to
come lo Britisli Columbia and work
on a railway in the North, evidently the Grand Trunk Pacific. Since
be started west his mother, Mrs.
Minnie II. Livingstone, Oleon. New
York, lias heard nothing of him,
and she lias just written to tlie
postmaster of Vancouver, asking
his aid in Interesting the railway
contractors in Hie search she intends starling. "Tlie strain of not
knowing where he is or whether he
'is living or dead is more than 1
can bear, Won't you please help
me? lie is my only boy. Please
write." This is pari of the letter
from Hie mother, who adds that if
the boy is found slip wishes he
would be asked to write to her to
let  her  know  that  he  is  still  alive.
Skeena    Lund    District—District    of
Coasl—Range  Four
TAKE NOTICE that I, Max T'n-
niulli. of Prince Rupert, C, occupation Hotel Keeper, Intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at a post planted about four
miles west and five miles south from
End Hill, Banks Island; thence east
80 chains; thence north SO chains;
Ihence west SO chains; thence south
80 chains, to point of commencement; containing 640 acres, more
or less. MAX UNMUTH.
Frank Engler, Agent.
Dated  May  13,  1912. jel4
Skeena   Land    District—District   of
Que.en Charlotte Islands
TAKE NOTICE that Edith TJenner,
of Vancouver, "B. C, occupation
Clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at a
post planted about 9 miles east and
6 miles south from the southeast
corner of Indian Reserve No. 11,
Graham Island; thence stmth 80
chains; thence east SO chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains, to place of commencement;
containing 640 acres, more or less.
je-7 Robert Cross, Agent.
Dated  May 23,  1912.
Skeena   Land   District—District   of
Coast—Range Four
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Isobelle
Smith Ellis of Prince Rupert, B. C,
occupation Married Woman, intends
to applj for permission to purchase
the follow'ng described lands:-—
Coniinencii-u at a post planted four
miles west and one mile south from
End Hill, Banks Island; thence 80
chains soutli; thence 80 cliains east;
thence 80 chains north; tlience 80
chains west, to point of commencement; contaluing 640 acres, more or
Frank Engler, Agent.
May  10,  1912. jel4
Skeena   Land    District—District    of
Queen Charlotte  Islands
TAKE NOTICE that Walter W.
Cross, of Masset, B. O, occupation
Farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:—Commencing at a
post planted about 10 miles east and
8 miles soutli from the southeast
corner of Indian Reserve No. 11,
Graham Island; tlience north 80
chains; thence we3t 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains; thence east 80
chains, to place of commencement;
containing 640  acres, more or less.
je-7 "Robert Cross, Agent.
Dated August 13, 1912. s20
Skeena   Land    District—District    of
TAKE NOTICE, that John Flint,
ot Market Harbor, England, occupation Gentleman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:—Commencing at a
post planted four miles up the Kins-
koocb River from its junction with
tlie Naas River; thence north SO
chains; thence west 40 chains; tlience
south 80 chains; thence east 40
chains, to point of commencement.
Agent  .1.   F.   Davies.
Dated July 4, 1912. jy26
Skeena   Land   District—District   of
Queen Charlotte Islands
TAKE NOTICE  that Thomas Mc-
Ewan, of Vancouver,  B.  O, occupation Manufacturer, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described  lands:—Commenc-
] Ing at a post planted about 10 miles
ieast  and   8   miles   soutli   from   the
j southeast  corner  of  Indian  Reserve
No. 11, Graham Island;; thence.south
SQ   chains;   thence  west   SO   chains;
thence north 80 chains; thence east
80   chains,  to  place  of  commencement; containing 640 acres, more or
je-7 Robert Cross, Agent.
Dated August 13, 1912. s20
C. C. Van Arsdol divisional engineer of the Grand Trunk Pacific,
has returned to the city.
li. a. Rankin arrived yesterday
by the Prince Ruperl Erom tbe
Upon leaving the boundaries
of the Province of British Columbia, il. R. n. the Governor-
General wrote in His Honor
the Lieutenant-Governor ex-
ng iiis thanks for ihe
kindly welcome given i" him
self and the Duchess by the
people of this province. The
letter which was received by
Hon. T. w. Peterson was as
"Governor-General'B    train,   en
route. October,  10, 1912.
".My dear Lieutenant-Governor,—On leaving British Columbia, 1 write to you to say
what very great pleasure my
journey through the province
lias given me, and bow highly
appreciative the Duchess and I
have been of tlie reception we
have met with everywhere and
of the trouble which has been
taken to decorate the houses
and towns wherever we have
"Should you think fit to do
so I hope you will take steps to
make  this  letter  public.
"Believe me, yours very
truly, ARTHUR."
Skeena    Land    District—District    of
TAKE NOTICE that Henry A.
Armstrong, of Whitehaven, England,
occupation Brewer, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at a post planted 40 chains west
from the southwest corner of Indian Reserve No. SA, Naas River;
tlience west SO chains; tlience north
SO chains; tlience east SO chains;
thence south SO cliains, to point of
commencement; containing 040
acres,  more or less.
Wm.  Stewart, Agent.
Dated June IS,  1912. Jyl4
Skeena   Land   District—District   of
Queen Charlolte Islands
TAKE NOTICE that Bella W.
Cross, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation Clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:—Commencing at a
post planted about 10 miles east and
8 miles south from the southeast
corner of Indian reserve No. 11, Graham Island; thence north SO chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south
80 chains; thence west 80 cliains, to
place of commencement; containing
640 acres, more or less.
je-7 Robert  Cross, Agent
Dated  August. 13,  1912. s20
TAKE NOTICE that John Pascoe
Jermy Jephson, of Calgary, Alberta,
occupation Barrister, intends to ap
ply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:—Commencing at a post planted on tho east
bank of the Hocsall River and silu
ated 2 3-4 miles in a northerly direction from the northeast corner of
Lot 121, Range 5, Coast District,
British Columbia; thence 40 chains
in a northerly direction following the
sinuosities of tlie shore-line; thence
80 chains east; thence 40 chains
soutli; thence SO chains west to point
of commencement; containing 320
acres, more or less.
W. J. Jephson, Agent.
Dated April 27, 1912. ml7
Skeena   Land , District—District   of
' Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Geo. E.
Barnes, of Victoria, B. C, occupation
Agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at a
post planted near East Bay, whicli
is about 5 miles east of End Hill,
Banks Island; Ihence east 40 chains;
thenco north 40 chains; tlience wesl
40 chains; tlience soutli following
short line to point of commencement;
containing 160 acres, more or less.
.7. Dalby, Agent.
Dated Juno T>, 1912. je2S
Skeena Land    District—District    of
Coast, Range V.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Thomas M.
Turner, of Copper City occupation
farmer, intend to applj for permission to purchase Hie following described iands:--Coinmoncing at a
post planted on tlie north end of Terrace Ferry Island and one-quarter
mile south of Little Canyon, Skeena
River, thence for ST chains in a
southerly direction following west
shore to end of island, tlience for
SO chains in a northerly direction
following east shore of island to
place of commencement, containing
340 acres more or less.
Dated 16th September, 1912.
Skeena    Land District- -District    or
Coast, Rang--  -V
TAKE NOTICE that we, Fred ;:.
Juggins and George A. Young, Intend in apply fur permission to .cane
the following described foreshore:
Commencing al a post :-i."iited at tlie
oortheasl boundary of Lol 902, mi
Ice Berg Bay, Nans River, and about
two thousand feet nortli of ri,amber's Creek; theme south 40 chains,
following high writer mark; thence
east 10 chains; tlience, not tli 40
chains, folioAing low water mark;
thence west 10 chains to ] oint of
Located Aug.   SO, 1912. s3
MEALED TENDEU" addressed to
the umlorsigur/l, ami iudorsi d "Tender for Wharf at Refuge Bay, B.C.,"
will be received at this office until
4 p.m., on Thursday, October 24,
1912, for the construction cf a Pile
Wharf nt Reluge Bay, Porcher Island, Cooiox-Atlin District, B.C.
Plans, spei Ification and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender c.btaii.ed at this Department
and at ihe ( ffices of G. B. Hull,
Esq., Dintric . Engineer, Prince Ru-
peit, B.C., C. C. Worsfold, Esq.,
District Eng.neer, New Westminster,
B.C., and ot, application to Hie Postmaster at P.efuge Bay, B.C.
Persons tendering, are notified
that tenderb will not be considered
unlsss mace oil tlie printed forms
sir plied, fnd signed with their actual slgna'ures, stating their occn-
pat'ons aid places' of residence. In
the case if firms, the actual signature, tlie nature of the occupation,
auc'1 place of residence of each member of tin; firm must be given.
Each t nider must be accc mpanied
by an ac :cpted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the ordi r of the
Honours ;!e the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10
p.c..I of the amount of the tender,
which v ill be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter into a
contract w nen called upon to do so,
or fail to complete the work contracted foi. If the tender be not ac-
cepled   the cheque will  be returned.
The Department does not bind itself ti acenpt the lowest or any lender
By order,
DepMtment of Public Work;,
Otts.wa, September H 5,  1912.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they Insert II
without authority from the Department—27333.
ML M. Stephens & Co
Lots  33  and  34,  Block   5    $8,000
Lots  27   and  28,  Block  25,  $31,-
000 pair.
Lot  7,   Block  31,  $16,000.
Lots 19 and 20, Block 31   $15,000.
Lot   56,   Block   34.   $10,000.
Lot 18, Block 26, Section 1, $12,-
000. '  '
Lot 5, Block  1, $1,300.
Lots 50 to 54, Block 12,
Lots  11  and  12, Block  19
Lol  37, Block 9, $3,500.
Lot  58,  Block   11,    $2,100
two houses.
Lot 40,  Block 27, $700.
SECTION'   (t.
Lois   I   and   2,  Block   10,   $10,500
Lots 16 and  17, Block  14
Lot   10,
Block   25,   $1,200,     with
good  3-room  house.
Lots 25 and 20, Block 25, $1365;
$500 cash, 6, 12 and IS months.
Lots 15 and 16 Block 4; $1,800
Lot 28, Block 29, $700.
Lots 1 and 2, Block 42, $1,500;
government terms,
These are all on easy terms. Good
reduction for cash. Steam heated offices for rent In Federal Block and
the Stephens Block. Farm lands in
Kitsumkalum and Lakelse Valleys.
Fire insurance i" old reliable British' board companies.
See us for rentals and other listings.
Phone 222 (12!! Third Ave.
tlie undet slgm d and endorsed "Tender for -.- Point/
Moresby Island, B.C.," will be received bis ol until- 4; 00 p.m.,
on Tuesday, Not imber 5, 1912, for
the coi tructii ol a public wharf
at Sand Spit Point, Moresby Island,
Qui en  Chariot ti   i '■ a ip,  B.i'.
Plane, specification and form of
contract ran be seen and forms of
tender obtained al this Department
and at the off! of G. B, Hull,
Esq., DiBti iii En ;lneer, - 'rlnce Rupert, B.C., F. W. Aylmer, Esq., District Engineer, Chase, B.C., and on
application to the Po tma ter at
Q n  CI arlotte  Cltj,   B.C.
Persons tendering are notified
that  lenders  will nol  be i onsidered
uuli       mad    the  printed   forms
supplied, and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places of residence. In
the cai e ol Hi ms, the acl tial signature, the naien- of the occupation
ami place of residi nee ol - acb member of the  firm  musl   be given,
Each tender musl be ace panted
bj an accepted cheque on a charter-
i il bank, payable to the order of the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Win:-.;. ritual to ten per cent. 110
p.c.) of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to do so, or
fail to complete the work contracted
for. If the tender be ool accepted
the cheque will be returned.
The Department docs not bind' itself tu accepl thci lowest or any tender.
Bv order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 8   19 12.
Skeena    Land  District—District    of
Coast, Range 5.
TAKE NOTICE that J. Bruce
Johnstone, of Lakelse Lake, fishery
employee, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:—Commencing at a
post planted 25 chains east and 10
chains north from tlie northeast corner of Lot 4 21, thence east 31
chains, tlience north 52 cliains,
thence west 70 chains, tlience south
22 chains, tlience east 40 cliains,
thence south 30 cliains to point of
commencement, containing 250
acres more or loss.
1 Dated  10th August, 1912.       au26
(Section 4.)
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial PoIi?e for
renewal of the hotel licence t o sell
liquor by retail in tlie hotel 1 nown
as tite Caledonia Hotel, sltuatn at
Port Essington, In the Provlm e of
British  Coin in Ida.
Dated   this   29th   day  of   September, 191H.
"   ,""-'
* Portlai
We are now carrying In stock and can make
Recently tested on the City's Cement Testing Machine
This cement showed tensile strength as follows:-
In  seven  days:   792  lbs.  to square square L'.ch
In twenty-eight days:  1,007 lbs. to square inch
4th Street Sole Agents for Prince Rupert
Advertise   in   the   Journal
Skeena   :.and    Districl     District    of
Quc'ii   Charlotte   Islands
TAKE NOTICE thai  Lnilu M,  Hal -
ringtiin, ol Vancouver, B. C, occupation Bookl coper, intends to apply for
permission to purchase Hie following
described lmds:—'Commencing at a
post planted aboul 8 miles eaii and
io miles south from the soutbeo t
lorner of Indian Reserve No. 11,
Graham Island; thence south 80
■hains;     thence     west     80     chains;
thoni e noi Hi 80 chains;  thei isl
mi  chains,  in   . Im e of coi
ni nl: containing 610 ac) es, more or
Je-7 Robert, Cross,  Agent.
Daied  August  12.  1912. s20
Skccni  Land    District—District    of
TAKE NO'iICE that Hie Hidden
Creek Copper Company, of Grand
Forks, B.C., occupation miners, intend to apply for permission to lease
205 acres of tidal flats and underwater lands in Granby Bay, bounded
as follows: Commencing at a post
planted at the southeast corner of
Lot. 898, Cassiar Ij|strict, tlience
soutli 45 deg. 24' W. 12.3 cliains,
tlience nortli 54 deg. 38' W. 3.21
chains, tlience ltorth 71 deg. 52' W.
!i.()7 cliains, thence south 57 deg. 'i'
W. 10.10 chains, thence soutli 78
deg. 49' W. 2.02 cliains, thence
south 2S deg. 0' W. 2.66 cliains,
thence south 4 7 deg. 53' W. 10.0-1
cliains, thence south 50 deg. 18' W.
.73 cliains, thanee south 69 deg. IS'
W. .77 chains, thence soutli 33 deg.
40' W. 3.64 cliains, tlience south 65
deg. 46' W. 2.27 chains thence
nortli 68 deg. 32' VV. 2.91 chains,
thence north 4 7 deg. 23' W. 3.44
chains, thence south 73 deg. 9' W.
5.42 chains, tlience north 82 deg. 2'
W. 10.49 chains, tlience north 70
0' W. 0.43 chains, tin nee smith 13
deg. 4' E. 5.33 cliains, thence south
7:i deg. 38' E. 0.21. cliains, thence
soutli 24 deg. i' E. 2.2-1 chains,
Bouth 34, 50' W. .".77 chains, thence
south 25 deg. 3' W. 15.36 chains,
( thence south 1 deg. 8' W. 12.84
chains, ihence east 25. chains, thence
north 43 deg. 39' E, 82.26 cha i .
west 9.24 chains to the poinl of be-
Hand   AugUSl   29,   1912.
Any person who is the sole head of
a family, or any male over 18 yean
old, may homestead a quarter section (100 acres more or less) of
available Doniinloi. lane In .Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta. Tli«
applicant must appear in person at
the Dominion Lands Agency or Sub-
Agency for the district. Entry by
proxy may be made at any agency,
on certain conditions, by father,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister of intending homesteader,
duties.—Six month's residence
upon and cultivation of tte laud in
each of three years. A homesteader
may live within nine miles of his
homestead on a farm of at least 80
acres solely owned and occupied b)
him or by his father, mother, son,
ilniifiliter, brother or sister.
In certain districts a homesteader
in good staining may pre-empt a
quarter Bectlon alongside his liome-
stead. Price $3.00 per acre. Duties.—
must reside six months in each of
six years from dale oi homestead
entry (including the time required to
earn homestead patent) and cultivate fifty acres exlra.
A homestoaO^i wno nas exhaust-
id 'ii-; homestead right and can-
mi', obtain a pre-emption may take
a purchased homestead in ei *-Hin dis-
trlcts.   Price $3 per a- ..ities.—
Must reside six months in each of
three years, cultivate fifty acres, and
erect a  house worth 5300.
W.   W.   CORY,
ii puty   nl   the   Minister   of   tlie   Interior.
N. B.—Unautnorteed publication
of tliis advertisement will nut be
paid  for
Land  I ilatrli I
TAKE NOTICE thai   I. .1
hour, nf   I'riiu o  Rupert,   B.C.,    nn
chant, : nd to i Issli
in pun ha -   tin   follow
landi.    Common lug    al      a    posi
planted    aboul   four  mlh
Kwlnltso   River, Skeeno   R   or, i   m
menclng    al     i he    noi thwi
thence  i 0  chains I th, them e     I
chains i ast, thenco 80 chiilm   norl
thenco 40  chains wesl   to  poinl
commi ncement, • ontalnlng 320 ■■■■■■
i -i: or  le s
I).   (.'.   WH1TFORD,   V-
Haled  Allans;   I'.'ili,   1912.       au2l
Skeena   Land    Districl—District   of
Queen  Charlotte  Islands
TAKE NOTICE that Christian
Orr, of Masset, B. C, occupation
Married, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at a
post planted about 8 miles east and
10 miles south from tlie southeast
corner of Indian Reserve o. 11, Ora-
ham Island; thence south 80 cliains;
theute east 80 chains; thence north
80 chains; thence west 80 chains, to
place of commencement; containing
64 Oacres, more or less.
je-7 Robert Cross, Agent.
Dated August 12, 1912. s20
Skeena   Land   DiBtrlct- District     of
Queen Charlotte islands.
TAKE NOTICE thai Annie
Brown, stenographer, »f Prince Rupert, B.C., Intends to apply tor a
licence to prospect for coal and oil
on the wesl coasl of Qraham Island,
on the following described lands:-
Commencing at a pest planted three
miles east of the southeast corner of
coal licence 5584, liicm-i- 80 chains
east, tlience 80 chains south, thence
80 chains west, thence 80 chain:
north, to the place of Hie beginning,
containing 640 aires.
Located  2-llh June,  1912.       nti'M
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Wharf al Massett, B.C.,"
will be received until 4 p.m., on
Tuesday, October 15, 1912, for rlie
construction of a Pile Wharf at
Massett, i White Si ttlcmenl i. Queen
Chai lotte Islands, Comox Atlin District, B.C.
Plans, spocil i form    of
contract   can   be    e n  and  forms  of
ii inter obtal i       :       ih    iri ment
and al   I   - il  O,    B.    Hull,
Esq., Dli trb i En ilneer, Prim e Ru-
ert, B.C., C, l Id, E     , Dis
B.C.,  and   mi - -     to   the
Poi - notified
'      ■ : -! |l   I i !, . i-i|
mad       . printed    forma
.     ■ ,;   acting I heir   occu-
ol  rosldeni e.  in
ii-       -    if firms, :     ■ na-
nattiri -:  atlon
hei of tin aust hi     Iven
i; ni; tender ni i l be accompanied
by an accepted cheq  a chartered  bank,  payable to  the ordor of
the   Hoi i abh     I ie    Minister    of
Public i forks, equal to ten per cent
i lu p.c, i "i the amounl of the teu-
di r, - ii ii will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter
into a contract when railed u] on to
do so, or fail jo complete the work
contracted for, If the tender be not
accepted the cheque will be relumed.
The Department does not hind itself in accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, Sept. 10, 1912.
Newspapers will not lie paid    for
tliis advertisement  if they  Insert It
without, authority from the Department.- —27324.
Sunday, October 20,  1912.
Electrical Engineer From New York Is Young Lady   at Haysport   Met   With
In the City on Holiday
He     Is (Jiving  Sonic    Attention     to
Electricity at  the Same Time—
The Value of Railways.
Mr. C. O. Mailloux, a world famous electrical consulting engineer,
who has assisted in tlie building of
railways in Russia, Italy, Soutli
America and half a dozen other
countries, arrived yesterday iu
Prince Rupert. He is seeing for
himself the great inland waterways
of British Columbia. Incidentally,
he win gather such Information as
he can of the possibilities of power
fur industrial concerns in tlie province. Representing as he does many
wealthy clients all over the world,
the results of his trip may at some
future time, be of considerable importance to British Columbia.
lie was delighted with his trip
nortli from Victoria and Vancouver, and sees in the charming
waterway a great tourist future.
Mr. Mailloux has a great fondness
for traveling by water, having
crossed the Atlantic ocean sixty
times. His headquarters are in
New York, where his firm has had
the contract for electrifying such
Important buildings as the fifty-
seven storey Woolworth building,
the Plaza Hotel, the Waldorf-Astoria, and practically every big hostelry of prominence in  the city.
"Although I am no authority on
British Columbia, this I db know,"
says the visitor, "that prosperity
cannot, precede these arteries ofi
travel, and if it conies at all, must
follow them. So I think the Grand
Trunk Pacific, which is building
to Prince Rupert, and the Canadian
Northern and the Canadian Pacific,
are doing a great deal for the country, and after they have opened
up the country the province will be
in a position to utilize the great
water power whicli is now lying
, "in the eastern part of Canada,
along the SI. Lawrence river, a half
a million horse power is awaiting
development," said lie. "That is,
this enormous power is lying idle
until it becomes available for industrial use. It i» H"l I't all impossible that a similar condition exists in British Columbia, and if so,
it only needs time and population
to bring it Into the service of man.
I am not acquainted with Hie province, however, and know only what
I have been told. If 1 have the
time, I may Ionic intii I lie subject
while I am  lien- "
Iu addition to being known in
a majority of tlie civilized nations
of Hie world, Mr. Mailloux ii- one
of ihe vice-presidents of the committee on organization for the elei ■
iriiii cOngrcss to be held in San
Francisco during the Panama Canal
i >; Ibltlon in September, 1915. His
jurisdiction exti nils over the committee's international relations, to
which position in- was chosen by
reason of his wide acquaintance
among men of bis craft and becausi
in- ii  n  master of six languages,
"British Columbia, doubtless, has
greal possibilities fur ihe manufacturer nnd others Who are looking
for cheap power." .Mr. Mailloux
said. "Ai ihe presenl time this
power is nrobablj nol available becausi there Is no market. Population and development will supply
Hie deficiency
Sad Death—No Inquest
.Miss A iolet Casterton, Aged 18, Fell
from Plank Way, Stunning Herself mill Drowning in Creek.
A sad accident occurred at Hays
port on Thursday night which has
cast a gloom over the little fishing
town. Miss Violet, Casterton, aged
only eighteen years, met her death
under the saddest of circumstances
She lias for some time been employed In the hotel at that place and on
Thursday evening after her work
was completed left to visit a friend,
Mrs. DuBols, who lives only a very-
short distance from tlie hotel. The
route leads along an elevated path
way. About twenty feet from the
hotel the girl slipped off the path
and falling a distance of about
seven feet, had struck lief head on
a log and stunned herself. At that
point there is a small creek which
runs under the pathway and in this
she was drowned.
This is the only explanation that
can be given for the accident and
all the circumstances connected with
it. point to this as the only solution
of the death. ,
Had anyone been there to have
assisted her she would probably
have suffered little from the fall
above a short period of unconsciousness. The provincial police have investigated the matter and in view
of all the circumstances do not consider an inquest, necessary.
The deceased was highly respected in the village. She was seen to
pass out of the door on her way to
the neighbor's and no uneasiness
was felt until the next morning
when she did not appear at the hotel. One of the residents of the place,
walking along the plank way early
in the morning, discovered the body
immersed in the small stream. Miss
Casterton has no friends here. She
lias a brother and a sister and an
aunt in Vancouver, and they have
been communicated with in the matter.
W. T. Donnelly of New York, Designer
of the Drydock Is on a
Visit Here,
e   In   Making   an     I-.'vitmili.ition   of
the Progress ot the Work— He
Finds Things   Satisfactory.
On the Prince Rupert yesterday
there arrived in the city W. T. Donnelly, of New York, one of tlie foremost designing engineers of Hie
continent, and who is tlie designer
of the Immense drydock that is being provided here. He has come to
Prince Rupert at.this time simply
in Inspecl the progress of tlie work
and to offer suggestions for the further carrying on of tliis immense
undertaking, whicli means so much
to this city, He will remain until
nexl Friday he expects, in the meantime lie win confer with ,i. il. Pills-
bury, of this ciiy, who represents
Mr. Donnelly In tbe carrying out of
the plans for Hie undertaking,
Mr. Donnelly says thai Hie work
is being carried oni  to his satisfac
tion.    The next   move    Is to    gel
i di> cm warn it thought thai  I  1VI"'-V ''"'' ""' buildings thai are to
am urn  here on business, however,  '"' reeled on whai  i.- now pari  of
nr thai  I have any  particular busi- ""'  watel' covered  area thai   is  to
in-   undertaking in view, because i j'"' "lilizi,,i- T *menl work will be
have inn. I happened to he in Bpo-M)Ut '" •'" ","'('- beln*" under cqntracl
linn- mi n mission having in do :" ""' P«ienl time. This will in-
w-Itli electrical Installation, ami l olude ""' Building of a meat pipe
took  advantage of  ihe  opportunity Hint will extend from the deep water
to come up hi-re anil see fur myself smile of Ihe things 1 have
heard   about,
"Speaking generally about British Columbia, I should say thai its
hope lies very greatly in the railways. I know that In some parts of
Ihe globe it is the fad to decry railways and to at lack tlieni on ihe
score of their lieini: greal corporations. Nevertheless, railways are
Hie arteries of commerce, and, like
the arteries of the human system,
are absolutely necessary, They
oughl to he encouraged ami subsidized. Railways are especially Important to British Columbia, for as
they ni'- established business will
grow, the manufacturer and Hie
merchanl win come in. and there
win i.e an Increase in population."
 o- —
Captain John Irving i.- in the
ciiy. arriving by Hie Prince Rupert.
to   beyond   Ihe   railway   trestle     for
tlie purpose nf carrying of the water
when   ihe   filling   in   of   Ihe   bay     is
(lone to Granby,
F. M. Sylvester of Ihe Granby
Company, and C. O. Maillioux, one
of Hie directors of the company,
reached tlie city yesterday and have
gone on to Granby on Observatory
To (Tear  Land.
There arrived on tlie Prince Rupert yesterday a party of about
twenty-five Russians, Who have
come io ihis part of the province
for Hie purpose of making their
homes here. They have been engaged lo clear forty acres of laud in the
Lakelse Valley and bring it under
cultivation for early next spring by
tho syndicate that controls It.
Sickness and Accident
whose policies are guaranteed by
issue a special policy
with many features heretofore unknown which cost the assured
only $12.00 per year per $1000,00 insurance, and pays $5.00 per
week sickness or accident benefit for 200 weeks, doubles the indemnity when injured while riding on public conveyances or when
accident caused by burning building, and the principal Is Increased five per cent, per annum for ten years thus increasing the
insurance fifty per cent, without additional cost.
This policy is free of all restrictions and pays    for    everything except suicide.
Real Estate and Insurance
Will Give a Rate of Fare and
a Third for Holiday
Covering   tho   Thanksgiving  Period
There Will lie Low Hales on tlie
Steamers  From  Here  Soutli.
The Grand Trunk Pacific will
give decidedly reduced fares on Its
steamers from here south to cover
the Thanksgiving Day holidays. The
fare for the return trip will be at
the rate of a fare and a third.
To take advantage of this travellers can leave either October 2r> or
October 2S. The privilege to return
extends to October 30.
:- .
(Continued From Page One)
there and the display drawn from
U that Is exhibited In the window
of the Grand Trunk Pacific offices
is an evidence thai the farmers are,
not allowing Hie land to lie idle.
The development work that is being done by these farmers will be
tbe means of encouraging others to
come in and take up land there. The
leturns thai are to be obtained re
excellent, The market that exists In
Prince Ruperl is sufficient in itself
to warrant ti very large production
in all the farming districts that
there are In this vicinity.
WANTED—A maid, one who can
cook. Other help kept. Apply to Mrs.
P, 1. Palmer, 720 Fourth avenue,
east, corner Hays Cove Circle.
Hydrographic Steamer Lillooet Is In Port
Seeking Coal for Trip
The  Season's  Surveys   Have   Closed
and tlie Vessel Will Proceed to
J'.S(|iiiiiinli  for Winter.
The Dominion        Government
steamer Lillooet of the hydrographic
survey is in port. Captain Musgrave,
the officer In charge of the vessel
and of the hydrographic work on
this coast, is preparing to leave for
the south with his vessel for the
winter months. He has been fearful of getting sufficient coal to
carry out his plans of getting soutli
to Esquimau, but has found that ho
can secure it, and will get away In
a   few  days.
Tlie season's work has been very
satisfactory, says Captain Musgrave.
The work of locating the shore line
of Hecate 81 raits on ll«i Queen Charlotte side has been In hand and
there has been good progress made.
This is all preliminary to the survey of the Hecate 'Straits, which
will be done as quickly as it is possible to do it. When ii is taken Into
account what a tremendous shore
line there is to follow and the fact
that the soundings for shallow water have to be taken for a very considerable distance oul from thai
coast il can be easily understood
thai there are many season's work
ahead of a single vesseL
Recently Captain Musgrave has
had n party at work about the entrance to the harbor of Pacofi and
Skincuttle  Inlet,
Aleteorologicnl Report,
Oct.   li!,   5   ;,.m.    -liar..     29.932;
max.,  48,0;   niln.,  29.0
McCaffery & Gibbons
Lot 26, Block 34, $18,000; on
House and Lot 1, Block 30,
$4500;   good terms.
Lot on Beach Place, $4000; one-
quarter cash, balance 1, 2 and 3
years, 6 per cent.
Lot 4, Block 25, $10,400; terms.
.    SECTION 2.
Lots 44-45, Block 19, $2500;
Lot, 6, Block 16, Sixth avenue,
$4000; one-half cash, balance 6 and
12  months.
Lot 13, Block 28, $850; terms.
Lot  6,  Block  41,  $900;   one-half
cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Lots 19-20, Block 19, $4750;
$1750 cash, balance 1, 2 and 3
Lot 25, Block 22, Section 6,
$3000;   terms.
Double corner, Fiflli avenue,
Lot 23, Block 7, $3500; half cash,
balance (i, 12 and 18.
Lot 6, Block 21, $1500; half
cash, balance 6 and  12.
House and Lot 4, Block 5, $4000;
Lot   15,  Block  1,  $5000;     $2000
cash, balance 1, 2 and 3 years.
Lots 7-8, Block 30, $1200 pair;
easy terms.
Lot 23, Block 1, $1000; one-half
cash, balance 6 and 12.
Lots 78-79, Block 3, $2400; one-
quarter cash, balance 1, 2 and 3
Lots  7-8,  Block  45,   $575     each;
one-half cash, balance ti, 12 and 18.
Lots 3-lr32-33-43-44, Block 28,
$600 each, balance 6 and 12.
Lot 16, Block 21, $525; $225
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18.
Mutual   Life,  Dominion    of   Canada
Guarantee nnd Accident,  Niagara
Fire, Nova Scotia   Fire,   I.'-
Union of Paris.
McCaffery & Gibbons
Skeena   Land   District—District   of
Coast, Range Five
TAKE NOTICE that I, Robert
Knight of Vancouver, B. C, occupation Commercial Agent, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:—Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of a small Indian
reserve situated gn the right bank
of the Lakelse River about one mile
down stream from where It leaves
Lakelse Lake, and about one njllo
down said river from Lot 421J thenco
east 50 chains; thence south 4 0
chains, more or less, to the north
boundary of Lot -121; thence west
15 chains, more or less, to the northwest corner of Lot 421; tlience following tbe shore of Lakelse River to
point of commencement; containing
100 acres, more or less.
By W. F. Beak, Agent.
Dated  May 22, 1912. je14
Skeena   Land   District—District   of
TAKE NOTICE that Alfred
Thomas, of Prince Rupert, B. C. occupation Pipe Fitter, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:— Commencing at a post planted on the
left bank of the Naas River, about
100 yards northerly from the mouth
of the Blackwater River; Hience
north 80 chains; thenco west 80
chains; thence south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to the point
of commencement; containing 640
acres,, more or less.
Philip McDonald, Agent.
Dated   April   10,   1912. je4
Phons  150
Plate Olass
Employers'  Liability
Contractors & Personal Bonds
Policies    Written    Direct
The Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.—Houses and Rentals
The Coming Smelter City of the North
Truly, the future of Granby Bay Is bright. The absolute perma-
nancy Is one of the most gratifying features—as tlie supply of copper
ores In Northern British Columbia Is practically Inexhaustible.
Only a few choice lots are being offered for sale In the Town of
Granby Bay, and there is not much doubt that they will be sold quickly.
Grasp tlie fact that ore can be produced at Granby Bay much
cheaper than in places where large profits are now being made In mining
and smelting. Then you can appreciate what an opportunity confronts
you In the chance to buy property In such a place at first prices. There
is no earthly reason why Granby Bay will not be the big Important
mining town of British Columbia—and that means a rapid raise in property values.
Property is cheap In Granby Bay now. Get our prices and you will
get a lot. For prices, terms and further information, address
C. W. Calhoun, Sole Agent
P.O. Box 1)20.
Phone 318.
Skeena   Land   District—District   of
Queen  Charlotte  Islands
TAKE NOTICE that Eliza Sutherland, of Blair, Nobraska, U. S. A.,
occupation Housewife, Intends to np-
ply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:—Commencing at a post planted about
three miles and a half north and
five miles west from the northwest
corner of Lot 991; thence west 60
chains; thence north 40 chains;
ihence east 60 chains; thence south
40 chains, to point of commencement; containing 240 acres, more
or less.
Robert Cross, Agent.
Dated April 30, 1912. mlO
Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public
Office In
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Open for Conciliation and Mine
Temporary Address: —
Prince Ruper* Inn
Consulting Mining Engineer
Examinations   and   development   on-
Coal, Metal, Oil, etc.
709 Dunsmuir St.     Vancouver, a. C.
Skeena   Land   District—District   of
TAKE NOTICE that J. H. Robinson, of Whitehaven, England, occupation Capitalist, Intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at a post planted 40 chains south
from the northeast corner of Zaul
Zap, Indian Reserve, Naas River;
thence east 40 chains; thence south
80 chains; tlience west 40 chains;
thence north 80 chains, to point of
commencement; containing 320
acres, more or less.
Wm. Stewart, Agent.
Dated June 14, 1912. jyl4
Civil Engineers
Dominion and British Columbia Land'
Surveyors. Mine Surveyors. Reports..
Estimates and Surveying
OFFICE:   Rand   Bldg,  Second   Are,
Funeral Director A Bmbnbmer
317 THIRD AVE. PHONE 8tff»
The largist. best ap»i 'nted Hotel
in Prince Rupert. First Claw
Ci'1 ..ie. European and American
plan. Best accommodation in to' .
Sund ' dinner a specialty. Ask 'or
•«key  io the Cellar."
First Avenue and Seventh Street.
New Knox Hotel
on the En-opean plan. First class
service. AH the latest modem improvements.
THE BAR keeps only the beat
brands of liquovs and  cigars.
THE CAFE is open from 6:30 a.m.
to 8 p.m. Excellent cuisine. First
class service.
Rooms 50c and  up.
Office at H. B. Rochester, Centre St
Is handled by us.  All orders receive
prompt attention.  Phone No. 68.
! Customs Broker I
Forwarding,   Distributing   and *
Shipping Agent, %
Special attention given to stor- £
age of  Household   Goods   and  *
Baggage «-
First  Ave.   Near   McBride   St.  *
l\ O. Box 007 Phone 362 f
;. »> .j..;. ^»:. .j. »> &.;. * »:• * <i* .> .> •:« * »!• »:• ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
ENGINEER   ..~si
Reinforced Concrete a Specialty
P. O. Box 271
Contractor and Builder
Estimates given on a.'. V.asses oi"
work, whether sm 'I or huge.    Per-
sonal attention given to every item.


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