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Twenty-four hours endingS a.m,
Itripped and plunged
to save bull terrier
Inking Instance of Kindness to a Dog in Danger of
Drowning at Digby Island Marine Station.
���H. M. Lever of Prince Rupert had
Chilly Swim to the Rescue.
K'uriiiusly enough within a day
two of tho establishment of a
lirnli of the Society for the
levention of Cruelty to Animals
Prince Rupert there comes a
liking example  <>f  kindness to
animal in distress, kindness in-
Ihini; i'von some risk to human
It is from Digby Island
I inne Station under construction,
hi the story arrives. The in-
kiiii happened yesterday after-
Im. The actors in the little
titiw art* Mr. H. M. I.ever who
I'tiiplnyed on plaster work over
tn*. and a favorite bull-terrier
mging to the construction gang.
Dog Nearly Drowned
jlhc il"g is a high spiriteil one,
rr.itly lo plunge after allying in ihe water, and yesterday
ItrniKiii the movement of some
pgli* above the  surface of the
attracted   the   bull   terrier's
ration.   After yelping excitedly
uml fur a moment or two ihe
plunged into tlu* water and
[am   fur   tht*   spot.     Reaching
* tangle he nosed sround looking
imaginary water rats and in
ruing about got his hindlcgs
mchow twisted up in the long
|��v weeds.    He was struggling
ideally, and yelping piteously
aid when  Harry  Lever from
where he was working at the new
piles, took in the situation.
Stripped and Plunged
Without nn instant's hesitation,
seeing that the dog was certainly
in distress and would probably
drown in a few minutes, Mr.
Lever stripped off his clothes,
and plunged into the water. As
everybody knows who has trietl
harbor bathing here the plunge
is a pretty chilly one. Mr. Lever
is a powerful swimmer, however,
and swiftly covered the hundred
yards or so between him and
he drowning doggie. The bull
terrier wisely realising that aid
was coming hung on, and a few
minutes later his rescuer was able
to extricate the entangled hind-
legs, anil swim ashore wiih the
grateful dog. Both dried down
briskly, and neither is any the
worse of the link* adventure,
but the boys at t'-.e Island are
(|uile ple.-'sed with ihe incident
and the way the bull terrier krowa
his ki.id hearted rescuer from
iiiiiii' gsi ihem.
Mr. A. Gutstcin of the Acme
Clothii-g Siore, is in towr. He
says business is good i-\ thc br;" ch
store ii  Hazelton.
Unionists are
now divided
plitical Crisis in Great Britain
Balfour and Lansdowne Li-
|kely to Remain as Leaders.
Canadian Press Despatch)
[l.'-ntli-n,   July   27.���Thc   final
iii"ii of the political crisis is
ifi.iin but il is almost certain
!��' ili.it   Lord   1-ansdowne  and
��� Balfour will remain as lenders
'In- Unionists party.
I' a banquet   held  last night
In- insurgent Peers and mem-
ft- "f ilu* House of Commons,
i'i Chamberlain, following his
iii u.is given a great ovation
f'x li. iii il as the coining Premier.
mass iif lhe parly arc staying
ihe old leaders.
Dr. Lew and Mah Hong Released Yesterday Afternoon Bail
Fixed at $1500 Each.
Dr. Lew and Mah Hong the
two Chinamen who were committed for trial sonic time ago
on a charge of procuring, were
released on bail yesterday afternoon. Magistrate Carss fixed the
amount of thc bail at 81.rit)() each.
One of the while girls concerned in lhe case left recently
for Vancouver. The other is still
in the city.
Seattle. July 27.���(SpedaD���The
steamer Victoria arrived today
from Nome and St. Michaels
bringing more than 1200,000 in
gold bullion.
Reading from left to righl:���Dr. Felix Adler, of New York; Baron de Constant, famous peace advocate
and Wu Ting Fan, who will represent the Chinese nation at ihe Congress.
(Colonial Press Despatch)
London, July 27.���For the first
lime in history, representatives
of almost every known racial
division will meet in conference
to plan a campaign looking toward
an amelioration of the hatred
and jealousy today prevalent
among the three great divisions
of the world's inhabitants���-the
Mongolian, Caucasian and Ethiopian. The first of this sessions
will open today in the auditorium
of the University of London. The
International Races' Congress is
ihe name given to ihis convention,
which will continue its meetings
for four days.
Some of the most prominent
philanthropists, theologians, statesmen and economists of the world
will deliver addresses.
Among the writers of thc pa-
|K*rs are: Sir Sydney Oliver, Sir
Charles Bruce, Dr. Felix Adler
of New York, chairman of the
honorary general committee of
the ('(ingress; Sir John Mac-
doiincll, Baron D'Estournelles de
Constant and many others equally
well known throughout the world.
The convention has received the
endorsement of the Court of Arbitration and of the delegates of
thc   Second    Hague   Conference,
besides a grcat number of churchmen of all denominations.
This meeting between the Easl
tin* inter-racial affairs of the world.
Ii will endeavor to overcome thc
rivalry and nisiiindcrsl.Hiding that
for ;>ges has been 'rife among the
different    peoples   of   ihe    world
and it is hoped it will ultimately
solve the question that f<>r ages
has been moot among world powers���how to reach an understanding between   the  broad  divisions
*, *. n *a.. ���* .."I ii a n a ls**aa��**ass>**aa***Bsaaa -**-aaS*
���^i-ait WMttM '--i-a H^n'^-H1-'* ii-* ii11** ii-^H1--** \\s\*** ��� i ���*���*���-, i *-|-*
Northwestern League
Vancouver 7, Portland 1.
Spokane 2, Tacoma 0.
Victoria 3, Seattle 5.
American League
Detroit !i, Washington 12.
Philadelphia (i, Cleveland 5.
New York (i, 5; St. Louis 7, 1.
Boston 8, Chicago 1.
National League
Chicago 4, 7;  Boston 2, 1.
Philadelphia ii. St. Louis 7.
Pittsburg 12, Brooklyn 1.
Cincinnati 3, New York 5.
Pacific Coast League
Vernon 0, Sacramento 4.
Portland 8, Los Angeles 7.
Oakland 3, 'Frisco 2.
of society that inhabit lhe different
quarters of the world.
Dr. Felix Adler of New York
is ihe man who first made the
and lhe Wesl, and the Nortii and
the South marks a new era in
suggestion that resulted in the
coming together of the Congress.
Speaking at Fiser.lu-cl* in July
1906, he suggested the holding
of a congress to ascertain how far
it was possible to bring the conscience of the modern world to
bear upon the problems presented
by racial divisions. Al lhe time
of its utterancef Dr. Adler's suggestion was received wiih great
acclaim and still greater doubt.
The idea, however, gained f.ivor,
and after years spent in preparations ;i date w.is m*i and
representatives of the various nations agreeil lo the convention.
Tlu- universal character of the
meeting is shown by ihe following
excerpt from the lisi of delegates
Brajendranath Seal, Behar, India
Prof. Felix V. Luschan, University
of Berlin; John VV. Robertson
M. P.. England; Prof. D. S. Mar*
gcloiuth, Oxford University; Dr.
Christian I.. L-angc, Secretary of
the Inter-parliamentary Union
Wu Ting Fang, Shanghai, China;
Prof. Tungo Takcbc. University of
Toldo; S.iid Bey, Constantinople,
etc., etc.
Mr. George Ellis, Special Newspaper Representative is
on His Way Here Now from Winnipeg.���In
Neighborhood of Edmonton today.
Will arrive by G.T.P. Track
at Wharf Depot.
George Ellis, special representative of the Winnipeg Free Press,
is at present on his way to Prince
Rupert from Winnipeg by motor
cycle. The route has never yet
been traversed either by motor
cycle or auto-car. Owing to the
arduous nature of thc journey
it is impossible to say just when
ihe plucky cyclist will reach here.
He started about a week ago
from the grounds of the Winnipeg
exhibition, and travelled at first
via Portage la Prairie, Brandon,
Virden, Regina, Mooscjaw and
l-'.ilnioifton in the neighborhood of
which city he is at present. From
Edmonton his route will be chosen
by means of local advice.
Special Motor Cycle
The trip is being made on a
Minneapolis motor cycle, supplied
by the T. Eaton company, ami is
specially adapted for lhe journey
on iiccount of iis front spring construction and the two-speed feature which will minimise a lot
of the fatigue lhat the rider is
bound t<> experience.
Plentiful Equipment
Fllis was well provided for the
long run with small spare pans,
span* inner tubes fof lhc lires,
a camera presented by Puffin &
Company with which he will take
snapshots en route to verify the
trip. He also carries a Steven's
rille, a silver medal presented
by Henry Birks with an inscription statit g the object of the ride,
ar.d a gold watch given to him
by Pone and Markle. He will
also have a railroad attachment
for his wheel, which will allow him
lo take io the rails when the trail
is too rough or stony to traverse
with his wheel.
Will Arrive at Wharf
Unless anything uuforscen happens io cyclist or machine on thc
roughest part of the route beyond
Edmonton and through the mountains Ellis will arrive in Prince
Ru|K-n via the G. T. P. Railway
line and will dismount from his
machine at the wharf depot.   His
will not be the first motor cycle
lo arrive in Ruperl as ihe honor
of   having   first   ridden   one   on
Prince Rupert's plankways belongs
io    Mr.   Murton   E.   Rugg,   a
former member of the Daily News-
staff, and also a Winnipeg man.
Before setting OUt on his trip to
ihis city Mr. Ellis heard pomething
from Mr. Rugg of motor cycling
"thrills" experienced rounding Prince Rupert comers, and the temptation to come here was too great
for him to resist.
New G. T. P. Steamer for the
Islands Arrives from England.
Left Clyde on May 16th.
���C. Coats, Calcutta Newspaperman, is Purchaser of
Two Lots Close to First Street for Fifteen
Thousand Five Hundred Dollars.
[Another good real estate deal
'"-    been   put   through   by
1   McRae of this city.    The
''i1" v in question consists ol
'���Band 24, Block 18, Section
'Hum* arc situated on Third
fWUe, at First strce, what .'-.c
pwigoperations ���.,*. i.t prognw
���������'Miivt-mic-ri fast approach*
H'   ������" l"i<i p. id for ,he prop-
lv l�� 116,800,
A" Way from India
l"in has- r of  ,he property
' '������������<. Coats who is n news*
fi^'ii.*!! "f extensive ixpcrii ce
r-imr     He travelled ill ,l*i* ,t. y
i' '   -ih villa to invest in Prince
IviMl |,r"|K*r,y re*'dising thc in-
I   "We prosperity that is coming
to the city as a result of its nearness to the markets of the Orient,
and position on the tr;>de route
round the world. Mr. Coats is
at present extending his British
Columbia visit to parts of ihe
interior, and will spend sonic more
.ime in lhc lerritories tributary
to Prince Rupert.
Real Estate Interest
()��� his return he will again
p. SB through Ruperl. and it is
r r.; in that his Influence will have
the effect of interesting a good
dial more business from wealthy
men in India.
In conversation regarding thc
real estate market in lhc city at
(Continued on page 4.)
Tariff Interests in Great Britain Send Half a Million Dollars to the Opposition
for Election Purposes���American Tariff Interests Will Also
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, July 27.���The Ottawa
Free Press, a Liberal paper, states
today   that   "A   member  of   thc
Canadian Parilamenl who has just
returned from England has brought
from a group of British tariff
reformers an Invitation to the
opponents of reciprocity to draw
on them to the extent of 8500,000
for a Campaign to defeat reciprocity."
Dissolve Next Week
It is expected lhat next week
will see the dissolution of Parliament, and that thc general
elections will all be held between
the dates of September 20th and
September 25th. The Government is relying for success at tlie*
polls on the popularity <>f reciprocity with the rural constituencies. It is conceded that lhc
cities are less promising than the
ural districts.
Make Big Contributions.
Imported  Money
The Opposition is relying largely
on big campaign funds wlijeli the
British tariff reformers and the
American Interests which are opposed to reciprocity arc expected
to contribute. These arc expelled to come down handsomely In
iheir efforts to prevent the taxes
on food products from being removed, and a lot of money will be
spent  on the campaign  by the
Opposition.  Thc Government war
chest   is  also  well   lined,   and
Berce campaign may be looked for.
Where to Go
May Roberts & Co. In " Paid in
Full."    Curtain Hbcb at 9 sharp.
AUDITORIUM 8.3(1. Indoor Baneball
League.   Quill Drivers vs. Comets.
Drs. Lehmann and Edgar Cook
of Toronto Guilty of Illegal
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, July 27.���The medical
council of the Province of Ontario today expelled from membership Doctors Hdgar M. Cook
and William Lehmann ol Toronto,
tWO physicians who fled from
justice. Both were charged with
Illegal practice over a year ago
and have not been seen since.
To Watch   The  News want ads
[Is   to   know   your   chances   for
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria,  July   27.���After   her
long   trip   from   Olasgow   to   the
Pacific via the south coast of South
America, the new steamer Prince
John  built on  lhc Clyde for the
(',. T. P., arrived today.  She will
ply   between   Prince   Rupert  and
the Queen Charlotte Islands. She
is over two months out from
Glasgow which jmrt she left on
May Kith.
By wireless this morning it was
reported from Cape Laso thai the
Camosun was on her way north,
and would arrive ou time.
Young Real Estate Man at
Vancouver Meets Death while
Bathing at Point Jerico.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, July 27.���Reginald
Charles, a young real estate broker, aged 21, was drowned yesterday afternoon at Point Jerico,
near tin- Country Club while out
bathing with his business partner.
The undertow carried Charles
under to his death. His body
has not lieen recovered.
The Sad Side
Mildred Verne and Pauline Gray
two of the victims of Folly Avenue
were summoned to appear before
the Magistrate for being disorderly
the other night.
Instead of a Minority, French Ministry had a Majority
at the time of M.  Monis*  Resignation-
Correct Figures Come to Light Too
Late to Affect Situation.
Paris. J ii y 20. Probably for
the first time in hisiory a Ministry
has been overilhrown owing to
votes on ;i crucial ipu-stion being
counted wrongly.
A crisis arose in the French
Chamber over an  Interpellation
regarding the attitude of the Government as M the chief coinnii' d
of the Army in the event of v. r.
sidcrable  confusion   in   regard   to
lhe votes for and against.
A number of deputies announced
that their names had appeared
on the wrong division list. An
official rectification was made,
wi.h the result that so far from
hi vipg been defeated by fourteen
i. w. s discovered thai the Govcrn-
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. 'Phone 41 finding a better job.
tner i had a majority ol five.
and   after  a  division   the  officii 11    Though this discovery may be
list showed 288 votes against  ,he ihe source of much personal satis-
Govemtnent and 224 in favor,      If action to the ex-Premier, it is
M. Monis, the Premier, and Ills lol course,  too late  to affect thc
colleagues  thereupon   decided   on If; 10 of his Ministry.
resignation,   The curious fact has I    M.   C.-ill-.ux has reconstructed
now Ik-cii brought to light, how-1 the old Ministry.   There arc four-
evcr, thai at the moment of the I teen  Cabinet Ministers and four
fateful   division   there   was   con-1 Under Secretaries. THE   DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C
Publiihed by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside Canada-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance*.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
NBW YoRK-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 Ea-it 23rd Bt, .New York City.
Seattle- Puget Sound News Co.
London, England-Ths Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Even the Turks Find it Hard to
Support   More   Than   One
Transpacific Boats will Surpass
the Big Flyers of the C P  R
and Canadian Northern.
Stikina Und DUtrict-DUtrict o( Ca��lar
Tak.rS&SlSal ChrUtlan A. Tervo ol Stikine,
H  <���   oc" Miion custom, officer. Intenda to apply
lor ��r2S��S porehme tha loUowing d*��*r.bed
'"Wa-Ji UM $2-���
"ToTihJ e*�� Hank of srikln. River and on tbe
!?u, Vd. olth Smooth ol a Utile creak, thence
22 10 china, thenc north 40 chaina. thenc*
VS. 40 S3S thence aoulh 40 chsina to point
S enmmencement and containln. 160 acre, more
���    -\    WE   HAVE   A
Constantinople, July 24.���There
exists in Europe a mistaken notion
that almost every married Turk
hits several wives, that he is at
liberty to marry as many  times
a> he likes, and that it is for him luxurious steamers from the Pacific
just a-* easy to divorce a wife terminal to the Orient."
m overcoat.    Now     The C. P. R. has ordered two
Turkey  is   the  ex- palatial  Empress limrs of  15,000
Announcement is made in the
Syren and Shipping in an article
on the Grand Trunk Pacific system
that the railroad company pro-
poses   to   operate   "a   service
christian a. tervo
"i.teTFeb. 10, 1911.
Pub April "���
Take DOtSs that I. Uuchlan John Shenahan ol
Victoria.   U.   C,  occupation  teacher,   intend   to
(or  permiMlon to  purcbaae  lhe  loUowing
BudWeiSer Beer, We are sole agenU for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
dascnt-rd landa
al a post planted 65 chaini aouth
as to change
polygamy in
Daily Edition.
n.   and
majority of th
nnlv one wife.
not the rule, the
Osmanlis having
In tin
tons register, with luxurious
singer accommodation,
������:. luding
metropolis I suites of moms for privati parties
THURSDAY. JULY 27 itself polygamy does not amount and staterooms de luxe, a feature
��� io five per cent.   It is very rarely not heretofore Included in Pacific
met wiih in other big  centres of ocean  steamers, am! when  these
thi   Ottoman empire, save among vessels  are   ready   for  service
the   richest   and   most   powerful  December of next yi. ir
functionaries, and even then plu-
r.;ik> ��� if wives is an exception.
The reason for the rarity of
i�� lygamous practices among Moslems i- the very expensive char-
IromThi W laaet corner'ol Lot 3060. thenc. 40
chaTn,aouth. th.nc* 40 chain, weal, thenca 40
332 north, thence 40 chaina eait to point ol
D.ted AprU IT, 1911.
l-ub May 6.
Skeana Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Caajlar
Take notice that I. iobn L. Mitchell ol Prince
Rupert. B- Cw occupation bookkeeper, Intend to
apply lor  permiaaion to purehaae  the  loUowing
Commencing'at a poat pUnted about (6) five
mU��* .outh and ll) one mile **eat ol the lorki oi
Northern B.C. Liquor Company, �����*,
lh i
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Cauler
Take   notice  that   I,   Charla.   M.   Knou��e   o
Prince Rupert,  11. C, occupation larmer.   nlend
. , ,, , ..,..  to .pply lor pcrniUaion lo purchaaa lhe lolloalng
the White and Flat rivers, thenoe north 80 chain,   jeicrilx-d landi: .
thene* eaat SO chaina. tbenee .outh  80 ehalni.      Commencing at_ a po.t_pUnl^_al��uM'1) ^hre. ,
Skaana Land DUtrict-DUulct ������ Cou, o
Take notlc* tbat Mn. L. c. tS^**m*V
}:.$A���a���fr,.�����"i'><>. �������  .12
to pureua. it,
thene* aaat 80 chain..
Dated April 18, 1911
Pub. May 13
Francii S. Praatrn, Agent
the city council in the early
patronage upon its privati
that the Gr.tnd Tn Pacific
will have made its plai - for thc
Pacific senice in connection with
the transcontinental railroad and
Canada Northern railr ad will have
plans   out   for   Royal   liners   to
mllea aouth and gltwo milea weat "(the lurk, ol
White river and Flat mar, thanca aouth 80 cba na,
thenca  weat 80 chaini, thenca oortb  80 ehalna,
Pub. May 13. Francia S. Praaton, Agent
The sardonic title bestowed up
days of its efforts   to    bestow    pul
friends is likely to stick if certain members of the council can make it.
Nothing is ttxi small to be made the subject of machine politic-.
In fact the smallness and pettiness of some of the patronage that
is eagerly grabbed at, makes it unbecoming even to dispute.   One of a< ter of the wedding ceremony
the most recent cases is over the renewal of the dty employees'bonds. To begin with a Turk desirous to I connect   with   the   third   trans-
The bonds were negotiated through the office of a well-known ex- marry has to hand over  to his continental line which that system
alderman, who while living at present in Victoria, has large invest- bride's parents a sum of between  is building,
meiits. a permanent office and a resident manager in Prince Ru[vrt. S.Vi  and   $2,500,   or  even   much
More that lhat, he is doing more than any present member of tin mure,   according   to   the   means
council to influence men and capital towards Prince Rupert.    Yet and social position of the couple,
when the question of renewing the Ixji-.ds came up, one of the aldermen in   order   to   furnish   the  nuptial  May   Roberts   Company   Gave
Skeena Land District-District of Coait Range I
Coast District
Take notioe that Wm. Leslie of Sapperton. Ul
occupation Government Guard, intend, to apply
for permiuion to purchaae the following describ-
Commencins* at a post planted 40 chaini west   ���,.,      	
and 1-1' chaini aouth of the aouthwest corner of lot   (or parmiialon to purehaae the following deKT,tie<l
No 1733. range 5 coait dlitrict.mark��i Wm.Leilie.   ,���,*,
Skeena Land Diitricl���DUtrict ol Coait Rani;* 6
Take notce that I. John Ivan Peteraol Prlne*
Rupert   U. C. occupat on clerk, intend to npp^y
objected on the ground that it was going to "a non resident."    Hi** chamber.   Besid
objection   was  upheld.     This  is   Liliputian  statesmanship  with  a wife demands
An even ni'ir.* glaring piece of maladministration occurred over
the renewal "f a $1,000 ploicy on the telephone plant.   It was with
the prospective
a large numlic-r of
presents, very often extremely costly and frequently beyond the
means of the bridegroom.
Excellent  Performance  of
"The Marriage of Kitty."
NW corner, thence aouth 40 chaini. ihence eait
afi chaini. thence north 40 chaini. thence mat W
chains lo poat of commencement. conUining 3-.U
acret more or leii. _
T. D. Laird. Agent
Dated March 20th. 1911
Pub. April 29th. 1911
Skaana Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Caajlar
Taka notica that I, Allred Berrj man B illiami
ol  Princa  Rupert.  B. C��� oeeupation  merchant
Intend to apply lor permiaaion to purchaaa the
lollowing deacribed landi:
Commencing, at a poat planted about (2- two
r Ui* eouth oT tha lorki ol tha Whlu and Flat
riven, tbenee 80 chain, aoutb, thanca 80 chaini
weat, thenoe 80 ehaina north, thenca 80 chaini
Datad April 18. 1911. FrancU S. Preaton. Agent
Pub. May 13.
Skaana Und Dtitriet���Diati-ict ol Caiaiar
Taka notice that I. John Robert Paeey ol Princa
Wiih the Enpress Theatre pack-
These ed to the doors with an audience
drawn from a well-known local insurance firm without reason being presents   consist,   as   a   rule   (of ripe for laughter, th- May Roberta
given.   A mi mber of the firm went to Alderman Newton as a member bracelets, earrings, brooches, rings,
of the finance committee for an explanation.   The editor-alderman etc.) ar.d are sine qua non of a
is reported to have made no concealment of the fact that he was Turkish wedding.
handing out public patronage to help his private busir.t -������
"You could hardly expect me to turn business your way after
withdrawing your firm's advertisements from thc columns of my
paper," was the cool statement attributed to thc Incorruptible   One.
Thc fact that the amount at stake was trifling dots not rob the
incident of its lesson.
Moat  Remarkable Passenger
List   in   Canada
Company last nigh responded to
the occasion with an excellent
performance of the famous comedy, "The Marriage of Kitty."
From the rise of the curtain till
the drop, they kep: the audience
in screams of laughter and delight.
So complete a -succi
the comedy will  1    repeated at
Commencing at a poll planted about three an
one-hall milea dUtant n a aouth weilerly d reel on
Irum a blind ilough Irom Ob*ervalory Inlet where
the aame touehea tha Indian Reserve, thence
woat 80 chaini, Ihenee north 80 chaiiu, tbence
eaat 80 chalm, thenc* aoulb 80 cbaina to point o
commencement, containing 640 acre* more or leaa
Dated April 14. 1911. JOHN IVAN PETERS
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land DUtrict���Dlitrict ol Caaalar
Take  notice   that   1,   John   L'nwin   ol   Prince
Rupart IL C, occupation laborer, inund to apply
for permUaioo to purebaie the (ouowing d*acnb*d
Commencing at a poat pUnted about 12) two
mile* aoutb ol tha lorka ol tbe Whlu and FUt
rivera, tbenc* aoutb 80 chaina, thanca eaat 80
cliaina, thanca north 80 ehaina, tbane* waat 80
DaudAprU 18. 1911. JOHN UNW1N
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preaton. Agent
Inunda to apply for parmiaaion
(ollowing deecribed landa:
Commanclng alt poll planted at ihasouik--.
corner ol Lot No. 1733 marked Mr. I. , KXS
northeaat corner, th.nc* wo.t lo tkaiai H"
aouth 80 chaina Ihenc* aaat |Q �����**? tE
north SO chain* to poat ol OMUnaSSlLiJ
ulnlng 320 acrea mora or leal. ' ���"���
Dated March 20 1911.     MRS. L, C. I'L'T\*��u
1Mb. April 15. On, �� l-utn.m a{U
Skeana Land DUlrict���DUlrict ul Cu.lv
Take notice that 1, Urenton Jor lor, Moor. ,i
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation coi.tracior mnj
to apply (or permiaaion lo pureh-u* li.. tolloa,-,
deacribed landa: **
Commeaclng at a peat planted aboul  I. th-*>
mllei aouth and (2) two mil<* wnt ol the lorka
ol Whlta and Flat riven, thenc* no chair* soma
thenca 80 ehalni wast, thene* su ct.aiu unt
thenee 80 chaina eait. *
Datad AprU 20. 1911.      Francu S. PtMaa Ana
I'ub. May 13.
Skaana Land District���DUlrict ol Cuslu
Take none., that 1, Allred Kyle ol I'nnea Ra-
part,   U.   C,   occupation   electrician,  ir.t��d *.
apply  lor permlasion to purehaae iL. lulloaug
daacribed landa:
Commencing at a poet pUnted about j tins
milea aoulh ol tbo (orka ol the White and t.,t
rivera, thane* 80 chaini aoutb. thenc* aw* .Uu*
aaat, thenoa 80 chaina north, thenca N   bus
Dated April 18, 1911.
Pub. May 13.
FrancU S. Pnetan, Arm
Rupert, B. C. occupatioo cook. Intend lo apply
for permaaion to purchas* tbe lollowing deicribeu
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUlrict ol Coaat
Take  notice that  I,   William  John  Corley  of
Prinee Rupert. B. C, occupaUon rancher, inund
poat planted (2) two miloa   tu apply (or permiaalon u purchaM Ibe loUowing
Ilea west ol tha (orka of the   described landa:
Commencing *t a poll planud at lho eoulhweal
corner ol Lot loi.s. lUnge b, Coaat DUtriet, thence
south 20 chaina. tbenc* eait 40 cbaina, thenc*
north 20 cbaina, tbence weat 40 chaina lo point
of commencement, containing 80 acraa. mora or
Commencing at
aoutb and  2) two mil
Wblu and  FUt rivera,
thanca eaat  80 chaina.
thane* weat 80 ch. ns. ���__
Dated Apr I 20, 1911     JOHN ROBERT PACLY
Pub. Mai* 13. Franc a S. Preiton. Agen
thenca aou'h 80 chaini
thenoa north  80 chaini.
Skeena Land DUtnct���DUlrict cl Coait Range b
Take not ca that I, Martha Leek, ol Frinca
Rupert, B. C, occupat on marr -d woman luUn.i
to apply (or permUton to purehaae the following
deacribed landi:
Commencing at a poat planted about throe and
one-hill mllea dUtant In a aouthweater!*, direction
from a blind ilougb (rom Obeet-valory Inlet where
Dated April 8.1911.
Pub. April 29.
Skaana Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Caaalar
Taka notioe tbat  William  Frederick Cameron
ol Prince Rupert.  B.  C, occupallon  carpenter,
ntandi to apply (or pertnUiion  u> purchaaa tba
lulluwing daacribed land.:
Commencing  at  a   poal   pUnted   about   thre*
rka o(   '
aouth ol tha lorki
the Whlta and  Flat
A Toronto subscriber to the Daily News writes saying "I am
Edmonton. July 20��� The most a special matinee on Saturday,
remarkable special tr.in ever run     The story is well known to many
in Canada left Brandon for Ponoka theatre-goers.   "Ki   j " finding her
on Saturday.    It was a C. P. R. self almost penniless turns to her
train of standard equipment day lawyer god-father Kens;!I Ris*  for
pleased with the advanced position you take editorially on the hospital coaches, sleepers ar.d dir.er. char- advice.
question in demanding that the hospital treatment lie made a civic
utility." He enclosed the subjoined resolution recently passed by
the Riverdale Progressive Citizens' League favoring free dental clinics
in the interest of public health.
tired by the Alberta government Frankly
for the  transfer of the  patients wants a
from   tin*   Manitoba  asylum  for looking,
insane at   Brandon  to the  new
Since the publication of thc editorial article which clled forth  *,r"vi''' U ;'>>'lulm al 1,>"'"k''
our reader's comment, lhe death took place in Prince Rupert of a
young girl-mother under ��ad circumstances, who��e life might have
lieen spared to happiness and usefulness had hospital treatment been
the right of the citizen instead of the privilege of the moneyed.
A more enlightened age will call such a practice economic foolishness���if it docs not choose a more scathing name.
The following is the resolution of the Rivirtl.de (Toronto)  Progressive Citizens' League:
"Whereas investigation h;-s shown that, owing to the poverty
One  hundred  and seventy  in-
Kiay is hard to please.
she  states  it  that  she
husband.    But  a good-
ki, il.   lv...i it   and   rich
husband���the   kir.d   favored    by
Kiity is not easy to find offhand.
Kensal  Ri-e has an idea.    His
tb* win touehea tha Ind an Reaerve. tbence
80 chain*, thence aouth 80 cha na, ther.ee weat .       .
Was  it   that | ��h��'*��' *����� north 80 Jhan. to point; oljj-on..   rlvu^"tn-,BC.-.^th  M chain.,  ihenc.  w-t  I
SS3a��I iTis"1      Martha tSu <-��>���*������ "��������" ���"-���*������ b0 ��*��"*������ ****** *** 80
Pub Mav IS. c     ���*������     WQXIAll FREDERICK CAMERON
Sknna Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coait Rang.      r?*i*,J.A*ir'!','8- l9'*-      ���-.,���.���, s  p_,on  Atent
Take notice lhat Mary Beaton UUdereleeve ot, Pub. May 13. FrancU S. I reaton. Agent
Victoria,  B. C. occupation housekeeper.  Intendi |
10 apply (or permUllon U purchs the tollowing   f^m Und Dll,rlct_DutrU., 0, Cou, n,������ 6
*^'���it���'.. . ~��, nl.ni-l ., th. wiuthwwM      Take nolice that Grace McTavUh, ol Vancouver,
Commenang at V^I*gS^g��j�����S"   u. c   o-cup.tion marr,*..| woman. Inunda to apply
***�����^-���^*^--t>��!,J*?��^_*y_*, i**??  ^Sxmmxtim �� ��� P��l Plmt-Ki �� th* ���eulhwjet
ommencement. containing 3.0 acrea_more or '��..     fcJJJ  -- ^^ J- -yj g chmlM norlb ���,
sine [KTsui s. several score guards client, young Sir Torrington Parke
and keepers were passengers on
this train which arrived in Ponoka
on Monday morning.
or neglect of parents, large numln-r of children suffer from an  Private Clifford Has been a Mem
insufficiency of medical care, and, further, that children's teeth
are in a deplorable condition: and
"Whereas the preservation of the teeth is essential to good
health and g<x>d health essential to the enjoyment of life; and
"Whereas governments should do all in their power to pro-
lect their citizens against the destitution, the needless suffering,
the blasted hopes, the terrible despair and the premature death
caused by the appaling amount of sickness in the world, mosi
of which is said to be preventable:   and
"Whereas money spent upon the conservation of public
health  is well  invested,  the  pn vintion  of disease  being  much
cheaper than its cure, and the maintenance of a high standard
of industrial efficiency more ecot omical than permitting physical
deterioration; therefore be it
ber of  the   Bisley  Team   for
Three    Years    Has   Always
Been a Good Shot.
ol   fiescriinn
Toronto, July 20.���Private W.
J. Clifford, who has performed the
hitherto unaccomplished feat of j,ind fortune
winning both the Prince of Wales'
prize and the King's prize, is a
member of B company of the 10th
Royal Grenadiers. He lives at
7 Lippincotl street with his wife
wants to defeat a clause in his
uncle's will designed to prevent
him from marrying Madam De
Semiano. a designing Peruvian
widow. The clause says he must
marry within six weeks. Kensal
Rise sees ihe prospect of securing
a comfortable allowance for Kitty
by proposing thai she become ihe
wife of Sir Torrington. They .Tito part at the altar. Sir Torringion
is to qualify for his uncle's fortune.
A year afterwards he is to gi i a
divorce irom Kitty on the ground
and  hand  hi
over to M
and child. He was bom at Brampton, Ont., in January 1878, and
has   In
"Resolved that the Riverdale Progressive Cltisens' League f���r
plans Itself on record as favoring free medical treatment as well
as free medical inspection of sc|  a,\ children, and thai
But after being duly installed in
her comfortable villa, a wife v about a husband, Kitty decide!* li.i
game is a rather lonely one. She
wants a real husband, and when
Sir Torrington at the end of vlu
in this direction, we call upon the Board of Education to establish
free  dental  clinics  in   c.    .* action   with   the   public  schools,   the
children's teeth to be periodically examined and repaired absolutely free of charge, this service to be rendered to all alike without
any taint of charity."
en   B   resident   of   Toronto  year   turns   up   to   "arrange   ,he
ibout eight years.   Six years divorce, don'l cher know," Kitty
he became a member of thc | makes   him   so   comfortable     nil
as., step Grenadiers, and Is admittedly one | jolly that they postpone the divorce indefinitely and fall In I >ve
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
WM. T. KERCIN, MD., President DAVID H. HAYS, 1st VtcePns.
M. J  HOBIN, 2nd Vlce-Pres. and Manager
JAY KUGLER, Secrelary-Treasurer C. B  PETERSON. AssU. Manager
Executor and Administrator Recelter or Assignee Farm Lands and Mines
Real Estate and Insurance      Agent For Care of Real Estate      Escrow Agent*
Fiscal Agents Trustees Registrar and Transfer Agenl
_ Trustee Under Mortgage and Deeds of Trnsl
Safe Deposit Vaoll and Boxes Collections
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. 4 per cent on Drpoilfj
W* will U r,lMKMl to ,���,���,
����r any Inqnlrl*a r.aanllna lnv*slm��nU In Prlne. Ruoert
and  North��rn tlrltl.h Columbia.
Conllnenlaf  Trujf  Companji,   Limited,
flKCONtt  AVF.MUSC . .
I BIN' .   tUIPKHT. *.<
of the most  popular young  men
in the regiment.
Mr. Clifford was the best shot
in his regiment for two years. He-
won the president's match twice,
and last year at Ottawa he won
the National Association's medal
for shooting. In 1009 he was
waiting man on the Bisley team
and was a member last year and
litis year.   I.ast year, however, he
did  not  make  the  finals and  did
not shoot for the King's Prize,
After Many Years
Middletown, N. Y��� July 26.���
What is believed to be a canoe
sunk in York Lake more than
mn yean ago by Tom Quick, the
famous Indian slayer, has been
discovered and raised. The while
stones which legend lays "Quick
used in sinking the canoe" were
still there.
Read The Daily News
���Whites Portland Cement..
o. c.
n**�� 125       Naden Bl-xk
with each other to thc great
discomfiture of Madame de Semiano.
In the presentation there was
not a single weak feature. As
Kensal Rise the wise old family
lawyer, Mr. Ira Robertson divided
the honors wiih Miss Roberts,
who gave a charming presentation
of the jolly young grass widow
who yearned to have a real man
around the house.
As Sir Torringion Parke, Mr.
Gillard played the part of the
ardent care-free young aristocrat
to perfection, while special praise
is due to Miss Lillian St. John
for the excellent work she did in
the thankless pan of the hysterical,
erratic and ill tempered Madam
de Semiano. Both Leonard Carey
who played the part of Burberry,
the wise butler, and Bobbie Williamson who played the part of
Hampton, the wise lawyers' wise
ffice boy, showed themselves highly capable, in the comedy parts.
Tonight the company will present Kugene Walters well known
Stead knldrama "Paid in Full."
. .        ig i__
Dated AprU 17.1911.
Pub. May 6.
Skeena Land Dutrict���Diatnct ol Coait
Taka notioe that (Tad W. Uohler ol Kluum-
kalum, occupauon (arrner, intendi to apply  (or
pernuanon  to  purchaa.  the  (olluaing   daacribed
Commencing at a poat plantel at tha northeast oorner of A. M-Leoi * pre-emption, thunce
20 ehalni aouth. thenca 10 chaini eaat, thenee 20
chaina north, thenc* 10 chain, wait to poal ol
commencement containing 20 acres more or teal.
Dated April 10, 1311. KillEDRICH W. IIU1ILI.II
Pub. April 22. Fred Hampton, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUlrict ol Coait Range b
Taka notica that I, Ball Hall Kenney o( Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. occupaUon married woman,
inund to apply lor permUalon to purchaae tbe
following described lands:
Commencing at a poat pUnted at north eait
corner of T. L Lot 38528, tbenc* running wait 40
cl ai-,*, thenca north 80 cbaina, thenca eait 40
chaini, Ihenc* aouth 80 cbalm to place ol commencement cunt.ir.ir.it 320 acrea mor* or leaa.
My poat U on aouth eaat corner of land applied
for, marked letter* S. E., about one mile weal ol
Lake LakeUe, aouth ilde o! Skeena liver District
the northeast corner of Lot lllti. llarvey'i Surv.y
Coaat DUlrict, Range b. theoc* 40 Cbaina aaat
thenca 80 ehalni north, thence 40 chaini weal,
thence 80 ehalni aouth lo poll ol commencement
containing 320 acrea more or leaa. 	
Dated May 2. 1911. UllACE McTAV ISII
Pub Mav C. Fred W. Uohler. Agent
Skeana Land DUtriet���DUtrict ot Cout lUngt I
Taka nolle* tbii I, Frank llicka ut 1'on i ���
���Ington,   occupation  merchant,  inland to apply
(or uermliaion. o purchaae lhe (ollu��ir.g 'aacnbel
Commencing at a poal planted on tbe south
bank ol the Eacbumsika River and .bout lew
mile* from iu confluence with th. Saevna kit**.
thenc* 80 chaina wait, Ihenc* mj et.a.-is nam.
thenc*  80 cbaina eait,  tbence Mutti  wl chubs
to point o( eotntneneenunt, containing tilll atre
more or lea.
Dated April 21. llll. F1UNK ii:< .*.-
Pub. April St.
Skaana Land DUlrict-Duuirt ol Ccaat
Take nolle* thai William McTavish ol Vuen.
\er, II   C. occupation ph>itcun. Inlvndi to v.;.,
tor permUaioo to purebaaa th* lollowing Omcturi
Commencing al a poat planted at lhe south**
corner, 40 cbatna oortb and 40 chains eait of ths
oortbcoai corner ol Lot lllti. Har.ey'i --���".*.
Coaal DUtrict, lUng* b. lb*nc* tiU chiiu aaa
thenc* 60 cbaina nonh, tbenc* 80 chair* �����*.
tbenc* 60 chaina aoutb 10 poal ul cuminrt-aawl
containing 360 acre* mora or lea*.
D.lcl May 2. 1911. WILLIAM A. MrTUi.-il
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Hobkr. Acetl
Skaana Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coast lUsgs I
Taka notioa that ll.nry Macartrwy ol IT.ms
Kupert, B. C-, occupation miner. Ir.t.nli to i**-*u*
(or permiasion to purchaa* to* (ollowing owcr.ui
Commencing al a poal planled un lh* ���**���*!��
aide of Eichumaika River, about 2 1*3 nu.-* M
lu coniluence with lh* Sktacn. Ur..: .
1 2 milea weal Irom Eichunuik. r.|.. 1>. i**'" "
ehaina north, thenc* 40 cbaina eaat, thanes II
chain* aouth. lhaae* 40 cbaina w*at lo laatl .
comin*nc*m*nt, containing 320 arm men *t
laaa. Poat markad "H.M. S W. cor."
1 D.ted AprU 22, 1(11. HtaNUY MACARTM1
Puh. Apnl 2".
Skaana Und SIUtriet-DUtrict ol Havc-i Chartctt*
ol Coaat Range 6.
Dated AprU 29, 1911.
Pub. May 13.
John Uavarty, Agent
posit '
, rn,��r* or ***���
SkMna Land Dutrict -District ol Coaat Range 6
Taka notice that I, Clara May Little ol Princa
Rupert. B. C, occupation lulnater. Inund to
apply lor permiaaion to purcbaae the lollowlng
described landa:
Commencing at a poat planted at tha nortb
weat corner of Lot 1735, lUnge b, Coaat Unmet
thance eut 40 cbaina. thenca north 23 chaini
thance weat 31 chain' tbence north 20 chains
thenca weat 10 chaini, thanca aouth 45 chaina to
point of commencement, containing 112 acraa
more or leaa.
Dated April 4,1911.        CLARA UAY LITTLE
Pub. AprU li.
Skeena Land DUtriet���DUlrict of CaaaUr
lake notice thai I, laaac O'Brien Forbea ot
Princ* RuDert, B. C, occupation carpenter, inund
to apply for permlulon Xo purchaaa tbo following
deecribed landi:
Commencing al a poat planud about tiv mllea*
aoutb and one mile wait of lb* (orka of theW'hiu
aud Flal riven, thenoa north 80 chalm, Ihence
weat 80 cliaina, tnence aoutb 80 chaina, thenee
eaat 80 chaini.
Dated AprU 18, 1911. ISAAC O'BRIEN FORBES
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preaton. Agent
Skeana Land DUlrict���DUlrict ol C
RuTp��. 7t..lh^Ur-JS.  ln'und"S      T^^^^^t''^^
Commencing at a poll pUnted aboul two milaa     ***W* .__,  .i..,��j  sj*en anal
aoulh ol lh! fork, of the Whll. and Flat rivan. i m,��?ra���"d",1 mmmmTmmmfStmitt? ��5
thenc. nonh 80 chain., thenc. wert 80 chain.. "^V"-1 '^SS���, %: .*��� .... -'. . . *
thance Muth .-.0 chaina, tbence eaat 80 chaina. i5���lh.rir i-,  ��u rut- ."������������
Dated April 18, 1911. JAMES DUNLOP   ^una.  th.nc. ��   ��JJH ll>"" '^
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. 1'ra.lon. Ag.nl , g���J$���S*,**,***        ,**;���   II   Lll V
1 Pub. Aoril 22. Numa Uswn. �����*���
Skeena Und Diatrfel-DHtnei of .Cowl llia|�� *
Taka notice lhat Aknander Mclnlosh ol ����
eouver.   U   C,  occupallon  real  aataw bn����
inland! to apply for p*rmUa.oo lo purtmi* i��
following drac-il**.! Und*: ...       _ii
Commencing at a po* pUnled 40 ch***"1*!,
��� Irom the .ouihwaet corner ol Ut ��s. t��<J"
chaini aouth. Ihence 40 chain. ****l. I
chain, nonh. thene* 40 chaina ���**���! <
commencement containing J2u i
**** ***** ����� "ft-niimia nonet.
Pub. Mar ��
1 Skeana Und DUtrin-DUIrict ol foul Ila'P
Take nolle* that  AnnU Mu-allio ol Int"
Rupert, U. C, occupal.on m.n;.-i ���      ���
| u apply lor permUalon lo pur<h**f It* laueaaa
d*acribed landa: ,   , ^.
Commencng al a poal planled al ���|���� "JJ
' louthweit oorner, 60 ehalni eait lrc-n -\ ~\%Z
ot  Ut   1116,   llarvey'i  Survey.  I <*a��t  Wg-J
, lUnge 6. llaene* eaal 20 ehalnJ, the*,*. ejCU "
chaina,  thenca- waat  10 ch.ln..  i*
chaina,  tbenc *a�� 20 chaina. tbence w.ilJJ
Ihalna u point ol comnienwinett. contains ���"
> aerea mora or laaa.  u oil
' D.led May 8, 1911. ANNU. HI *VU*��
I Pub. Mar II.
Skaana Und DUtrict-DUtrict jl i.**    .
Taka   notlc*   thai   I.   TbomM ,**1cNI"*uJ ���
i Princ* Rupert. U. C. occupation clerh. ""JJJ:
; apply lor p*rmU**loo lo purchaa th. io***"*
dacribed landa:
Skeena Und DUlrict-DUlrict ol Ci
Taka nolice tbat  I,  Mary  Carin  ol  Suwart,
B. C, occupation married woman. InUnd to apply
for permUalon lo purcbaae th* lullowlng d**acribed {
Commencing nt a poat pUnled two (2) mil a
aoutb and 12) two mil*. w**l of lb* forka cl Ibe
Wblu and Flat riven, thenca 60 chaini nortb,
thencu 80 cbaina waat, thence 80 chain* aouth.
tbence HO chaini eaal.
Datad April 20, 1911. MARY CARIN
Pub. May 13. FrancU .*-. Praaton, Agent
Skeena Und DUlrict-DUtrict ol Coaat
Taka  not' i  lhat  1,  WUliam   Melviii.  Corley ;
of   Toronto,   O-itario,   occupation   clerk.   Inund
to apply for parmiaaion lo purchaae lha loUowing
dewribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planled at the northwcal j
corner ol Lot 3035  lUag   5, Coast 1 M.l net. thenca
tail GO chaini, tbenc. north 40 chaini, tbence weat
.0 chaina to Hell'* tlau alough. Ibenc* along j
alough ..conn-fly to point ol eommencement, conUining 160 acre* mora or Ir**.
Dated April 6. 1911.
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict ol Coaat lUcga i
Take notice tbat 1, Charlea A. Vaughan ol
Prince Rupert. II. C. occupation merchant. Intend
lo apply (or permiaiion lo purchaaa the (ollowing
deacribed landi:
Commencing at a post planud on th* aouth
bank of Eichumaika River and about (our milea
(rot* Ita coniluence with the Skeana River, th.nc*
80 chaini eait, Ihence 80 chain* norlh, Ibenc* 80
chaini weal, Ihence 80 chaina aouth lo point of
commencement, conUining 610 acr*. more or leaa
Daled April 21, 1911 CHARLES A. VAUUIIAN
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Caaaiar
Taka notica that 1, Swan Hallen ol Suwart,
U.   C-,   occupation  carpenter,   Inund   to   apply
(or parmlaiion to purchaae tha lollowing deecribed
Commencing at a poat planted about (6) mile*   J���,!"'
aoulh and ona(I) mile weat ol tha lorka ol tha Whlu
and FUt riven, thenco 80 chaina aouth, thence 80
chaina eaat, thence bO chaini north,  thenc* 80
cbalm weat.
Dated April 18, 1911. SWAN HALLEN
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preaton, Agent
Skeena Ijsr.-I DUtrict���DUlrict ot Coait Range 6
Tako nonce that I, Lionel King,lay of Vancouver,  B.  C, occupallon  miner,  InUnd   lo apply
lor pc-mliiion xo purchaaa the (ollowing deaenbad
Commencing at a poat planted near the loutb-
weat corner of Lol 992, Itange 6, Coaat DUlrict
thence weat 40 chaina, thenee eouth 60 chalm,
Ihenee eaal 40 ehaina, thenoa north 60 cbaina lo
point o( commencement.
Dated March 24, 191L
Pub. April 22.
Skeana Land DUtrlct���DUlrict of Queen Charlott*
Take notica that Uoorgo W. Arnott ot Prince
Kupert, B. C, occupation real sstale broker,
intendi to apply (or permisiion to purchaaa the
(oUowing daacribed land.:
Commencing at a poat planud about leven
miliw and one-half mile weat and one mile aoutb
from tho mouth of SUnly Creek. Naden Harbor,
thenoe weat 80 chaini, thenoa auuiti 80 chaina,
thenco eaat 80 chaiiu, thenee north 80 ehalna.
Daled March 17, 1911. OEO. W. ARNOTT
Pub. AprU 22. Numa Demera, Agent
Skeana Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Caaalar
Take notie* tbat I, Alice M. Knouae ol Princa
Rupert, B. C, occupation married woman, InUnd
to apply for permUalon to purchaaa the following
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poit plantod about two'mllea
���outh and two mllea weat of the forka of Whlu
and Flat riven, thence north 80 chaina, thenca
eaat 80 cliaina, tbence louth 80 chaina, thence
weat 80 chalm.
Dated April 20, 1911. ALICE M. KNOUSE ,
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preaton, Agent |
Skeena Land Dlitrict���DUtrlct ol Caaslar
Take notice that I, Sydney Fitigerald ol Stowart,
Stikine Und Diatrict    I lurid of Center
Take notice lhat Sydney Hodgklneon of Telegraph Creek, B. C, occupation clerk, Inunda to
ippiy  for  parmiaaion to  purcbaae the  lollowlng
descrilied Und:
Commencing at a poat planted about a quarter
mile north eaat from Olacler Rim* and on the eaat
bank of Stikina River, tbenee eaat 20 chaini
thence nortb 40 ehaina, thance weat 20 chaina,
thence aouth 40 chaina to poinl of commencement
and containing 80 acrea mora or laaa.
Dated Fab. II. 1911.
Pub. April CA. Tervo, Agent
Commencing al a poat planled el-out I" "���"
s-iulh ol Ihe lorka oflba While ami !������* n*��J
thence north 80 cbaina, thence wl""
thence aoulh 80 chaina, thenc* ��c.i ���* ��� ���- |S
Dated April 18. 1911. THOMAS Mtil ^
I'ub. Uu 19. Fr.no. S. Pr��lo*^
FrancU m
Skeena Und DUlrict-DUtrict .1 Cl
Take notice lhat I, Charlei L. liettti-'*"
ait U. C. occupallon proapeclor. inl.r.J towjj
for permUllon to purebaaa the follo.ing o*��tn"-
l.nda: .    ,    -, -a, a��s
Commencing at a poet planted ���1*01',1E!wM��
aouth and on* mUe weet ol the gHfJrlS
anr- Flat rlvwa, th.nc* aouth 80 chsim. "-J
eut 80 ehalna, tbenc* north 80 ehalni. then"
Pub. Mar II. TrancU 8.1 tmun. n.
Skeena Und DUtnct-DUtriet rl t."^^
Taka  notica that Hume Babingf". "'.��������-
Ru-wel, B. C, occupaUon muter n-.M*'��� j.^ug
lo apply  (or  permUalon to leaae  lh* i**'��
d-wcribed landi: ,   .    . looraai"
Commencing at e poet planted about "��Rj 4
aouth of the Indian Kaeervo ����J��J_tt -jit*
G00M llay on th* eut sld. of the -'r'l.n.'rJ��� <���-*,
nortb 100 chaini along ihore to the 11 �����'   ���
thence weat 60 chaini mora or W��JJ"J ,u{ U
thence  100  chaini  along ihore,  Ihenc* *
chaina more or laea to poet, containing ewe
more or laaa. mttum iiaiiINCTO*"'
D.teJ March ^ 1911. HUME I1AUi-*>*-��
Pub. AprU 15.
B. ('.. occupation cook, intend to apply lor per-
miasimi to purchaae the (ollowing deacribed landi
Commencing at a poit planted about Ave mile
���outh and one mile of tho forki of White
and Flat riven, thence louth 80 chaina, thenee
weat 80 chalm, thenca north 80 chalm, thence
eait 80 chalm.
Daled April 18, 1911. SYDNEY FITZGERALD
Pub. May 18. FrancU S. Praaton, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrlct���Dlitrict of Coait Ranga
Take notica lhat I, J. Harold McKean of Princ
Huport, 11. C, occupat on blackim th. Intend to
apply  tor perm ulon  lo purchaae  the  lollowlng
d-wcr bed landat
Commencing at a poet planted about three and
one-hall mil*. 0* itant In a aouth weatorly direction
Irom a blind alough from Ob-wrvatory Inlet where
SfJfSi touehea the Ind an Keaerve, thence weat
Sk.fJ. %i.'"nc* ,<!uth 80 --he nn, thenc. eait HO 1
5^i����ml��l^,",��� ���.T'f SO cha m to po nt ol com
DaUd Apr I 14. l��ii.       j, HAROLD MoKEAN
Who has the
"NERVE" to turn
Out Poor Printing
Is not modest
About his charges,
Usually, of course, poor rr]nt'
ing ia "cheap" in price as well *���
appearance.   Not alwaya tliottg'1'
Sometimes the bungler wl'1
out-charge the artist.
It actually does happen, n"'1
not seldom, that you pay m��r''
for a tenth-rate job of work thMi
for a first-rate one.
Let us give you prices on JWJJ
next job for first-rate work, n"'1
then you can compare them ��'i n
with what you may have hml it-
pay for a tenth-rate job.
Daily News Building phone 98 Third Avenue
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern  B. C
., *S_St*S,   *9**M***M9*\*****1
This ia a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to ita columns, and to take part In ita discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Cerner" will fill a social need.
.NOTARY 1'lim.lC)
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert - and - Stewart
For nil kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel por-
ti'rs, nil kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment  Office
Headquarters for cooks ��Y waiters
Gasoline Launches, .R�����dwc.B�����.��
For Hire by Hour or Day
H Mum       C.w Creel        P.O. Bet 187
I'll.iM. *!.-.'.' URKKN
For Sale
Lot Block Section Price
��5 34             8 $.125.00
landi            14             8 660.00
lands 38            7 2.000
Come in and see our liat of buys in
other parta of the city
|Second Ave., Princa Rupert, B.C.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Fumiihed end
Sleem Healed Roomt
P.O. BOX 37
Krawr ami Fifth St.
Th? ��.pi> hotel In town
with hot ami cold wat-
**r In i ��� "ii Beat fur*
nlnhrt houae north of
Vancouver. K��om* 60c
up. Phone S7. P.O.
Ii-"t 129.      :       :      :
Pfudhomme & FUher      proprietor!
..Grand Hotel..
I sP'it.R Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
j "--ST in  TOWN   FOR  THE  MONEY
J GOODMAN. Praprlelor
Hotel Central S3 �����::
European and American plan, steam
heated, motlcrn conveniences. Hate*
11.00 to 12.60 p,.r day.
Peter Black
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
==E.   EBY   ca,   Co.=
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
The   I'rin.-..   Rupert 1. -la.-.*.  No. 318. Son!  ot
EtiKlenil. meet* the flrat and third Tueulaya  In
each month In thc Carpenter* Hall, at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec..
P. O. Box H12. Prince Rupert
KRNKST A. WOODS, Prealilent, Hoi 23
7, Rochester 6*
,;>*      Monroe
w      ' * Coal
, *.       ^     . ���������vi-1
-...   Phoneiis
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Matts or Rugs
Vancouver Fur Dressing Company
1843 Granville St.        Van., B.C.
BESNER & BESNER, [Proprietors
The New Knox Hotel Ii run on the European
plan. Flrat-clai. aervlce. All the LtMat Modern
Improvement*. ->'������ utDS **0c up
Feminine Fancy Takes to New
Fashion after Some Delay
Nearly all the tight skirts now
lieing made have a panel, or panels,
down the back. The idea was
really brought over from Paris
to New York last fall, but it has
not been very generally adopted
until this season. Thc French
thought the very tight skirt ungainly unless it was relieved by
some kind of drapery. So they
draped the light skirts of their
evening gowns with filmy draperies
of tulle and chiffon, while to the
buck of their walking skirts they
added these panels which give
a seeming fullness. It was a
graceful compromise between hobble aid plaits.
One would have fancied that
women in this country would have
welcomed the idea. Instead, the
panel was the one feature they
discarded. They have, however,
at last taken it up, and as the
majority of women seem to prefer
uniformity to individuality, we
sec panels by the dozens. They
are widely worn, not only on the
new gowns, but on old ones as
well; for in order to be just like
everyone else and have the necessary panel, women are searching
the shops for material to match
iheir partly-worn skirts, out of
which panels may be made and
Greatly   Improved   Design   of
Latest Corset
The corset of today is built
on hygicr.ic lines. Very short
(often only three of four h.chcs)
above the waist, it gives the respiratory organs free play. The
small waist is no longer .1 feature
of our fashions; in fact, some
of the newer corsets are so constructed that they rather enlarge
the waist measure. 11 used to be
claimed that corsets rendered thc
figure unnatural, but this view-
is losing ground. Very many
doctors order special corsets for
the purpose of benefiting women
patients who have certain muscular or abdominal troubles, and
they advise them for growing
girls, claiming that in cases where
they are not worn girls who
indulge in vigorous physical exercise are apt to strain of otherwise seriously injure themselves.
Breaks Eggs and Spills Without
Hurting Yolk
An ingenious but rather elaborate egg separator has just been
invented by an Oregon man. A
concave plate, with a lip on one
side, has a yolk-receiving socket
and a revolving cup mounted on
this socket. By bringing the cup
down thc egg is cracked and the
white flows out into the plate,
while thc yolk has a cleaning
arm extended from it, and by
turning this arm can be made to
clean the plate, the contents of
which can be poured through the
lip into the cup or other receptacle waiting. Of course, the yolk
of the egg is not broken in this
operation or it would run into
the white. As it is, the yolk and
shell are removed from the cup
of the separator afterward. The
experienced cook, however, would
probably regard such an apparatus
as more interesting than necessary.
Explaining a Title
Something   About   Food   that
Every Cook Doesn't Know
All footls are mixtures of three
dements���namely, fats, sugar, and
water. Fats and oils yield aboul
���4,000 calories lo tlu*. pound. So
that if one could cat a whole
pound of pun- fat (which no human
stomach unless that of an Eskimo
could stand), one might do a
whole day's work on the fat
alone. Sugar yields abiftit 2,000
calories to the pound, and is
therefore just half as valuable as
fat. Four-fifths of our daily food
is made up of water, wooily fibre
and flavoring juices, which are
of no value at all, since they
yield almost no energy.
(From Thc* Canadian Gazette)
It may be well to notice that
there is no foundation for the
suggestion that Sir William Max
Ait ken's knighthood is in any
sense a Canadian honor. Neither
il nor the C. V. O. conferred upon
Mr. Waller Baker, thc popular
secretary of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, formed pari of the Canadian honors list. Mr. Baker's
distinction, like the K. C. V. O.
conferred some time since u|miii
Sir Thomas Sliaughnessy, is understood to in* personal recognitions
by the sovereign of courtesies extended lo members of the royal
family visiting Canada, while Sir
William Ail ken's kniglitliiHxl is a
British political honor of the character usual on great national occasions when the services of members of both political parties arc
Miners Hardup
The mining towns along the
Pass in the south country and
the parts effected by the strike
arc in a very bad sha-x- and irade
is the worst known in many years.
The miners are short of money
and have been ofiering themselves
for laboring jobs as a dollar a
day.���Morning Allx-rtan.
For most delicious Bread,
Dainty Biscuits, Ele., use
Robin Hood Flour
Your Dealer Has It
���-*-*-*-*-* - <
-General Hardware-
Builders' Hardware
^ Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves *
Graniteware      Tinware 4,
Second aveiue and Third street
Over WeBtenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Ruoert P.O. Box 361
of llriii.li Columbia of B.C., Ontario, Sai-
and Manitoba Bare. kalchewan  and Al
berta Rare.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
OSIce-Exchange block, earner Third evenue end
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert. S
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U.D.8.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All denul operation, skilfully Ueeted.   (iea and
local anesthetic, adtnlnl.u-red f.-r lhe palnli
traction of teeth.       Coniulletlon fre*.
llelitermn Block. Pnnc* Rupert.
Have you learned that "keeping
boarders" is a business matter���
and that it involves timely advertising in the classified columns
of The News?
Find the Right Grocer
��� AND ���
Your Table Troubles End
Al.x.M.Mana.m B.A..     W K William..a a . III.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. o. box a
ruriL or wu. roxoN. no.. * a am ."tow . two
Third Avenue
Water StrMt
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Order* promptlj* Ailed.   Price* leaaunitil*
OFFICE   II. D. li.Th--.fr. Centra St.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SBCOND A vs.
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
We sell thc Right Groceries, Provisions, Fruits and Vegetables
that are healthful  this  weather.
Ideal Provision House
Third Are., near 6th St. Phone 1M>
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
tvTOCIt ' "Ml I r Tl rNONR 6S
ITEMS      OF    a    a
By winning the Manchester Cup
in 2 min. 27 2-5 sees., Marajax
gave I-'. Wotton, his jockey, the
fastest ride over a mile ard a
half that any horseman nas ever
had in the history of horse racing.
V     ft     0
For six years the record had been
held by Fiiiasscur, a French racehorse, Inn Mieh was the terrific
pace ai which Marajax travelled
thai he lopped off no less than
1 l-.r> sees from Finasseur's figures.
Si tit pit
Marajax was bred from Ajax
and Mary Scaton by Lord Clon-
mell, and al the bloodstock sales
in 10(18 was bought as a yearling
for 1,500 guineas. As a two-year-
old lie ran very disappointingly, for
he was Unplaced on each of his
five ou lings.
Si & tS>
"Knockout Brown will lighl Wolgast, winner lake all," declared
Daniel Morgan, the New York
lightweight's manager, "and I will
bet $10,000 with Wolgast's manager, Tom Jones, on the result at
ringside odds. I have sent a
telegram to this effect lo Jones
and Wolgast, and Brown will be
ready to figlu any time, but 1
hardly expect a bout before next
December or January, perhaps
ti  a  tft
Although Bill Lang and his
manager gave out that Lang had
agreed lo fight Bill Squires in
Brisbane in August, the promoters
in lhat state declare that they
know nothing of the match. Boxing enthusiasts are pleased to
hear that poor old Bill Squires
is not to Ik- coaxed back to the
ring io Ih- made a chopping block
of, for he would not have the
remotest chance of beating Lang.
Bill is heller employed on his
ti   **   t*
Here are thc ten previous records made (or a mile and a half
in  I up.|M . Africa, Australia and
l-'in.i--! in. Chantilly, France, '06 2:28 3 5
Zenfandel, Manchester,-
Eng.,'03 2:28 4-5
Spate, Newbury, Eng., '08.2:29
Airship, Manchester, Eng.,
'05 2:30 1-5
Goodrich, Chicago, '08... .2:30 1-4
Ballot, Shccpshcad Bay,
U.S..'98 2:30 3-5
Marlee,  Flcmington, Victoria,'10 2:32 1-4
Noctuiform, Randwick, N.
S. W., '05 2:32 1-2
Maniopoto. Randwick, N
S.W..'05 2:32 1-2
Corriccrian, Soulh Africa.
'08 2:35
a tt ��
Portland. Ore.. July 26.���Though he was put mil of the running
for lhe slate championship before
the   day   was   over   Allan    Mc-
Ciiii-hi-on of Scaiiic, proved i<>
Ik* the tennis Marethdner today
of  the  Oregon   iminianii'iil,   now
in pragma hen*.   IK* played ���
tolal of eleven wis. or 118 games,
and  played grant   tennis in  each
match in which he was featured
in singles, or wiih his partner.
Richardson also of Se.uile. in the
doublet. In his doubles match
with Richardson against Foley
of Siin FrancoHco, ami Lewis of
Portland, McCutcheon was strong
and the match went five sets as
follows:   1-0, 7-5, 0-3. 8*6, and 7-.">.
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Stewart,   Thursdays  anil  Sundays
at 8 a.m.     Special   fare  on   Sunday
liout,   $'J..r*0  return  including  meals
und berth.
���a. Prince Albert sails for I'ort   Simp-
Boti,   Naas   River,   Masset,    Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and fir:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and     Sundays
6.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
^^|^ B.C. Coait Service
ttSSSSv  Famous  Princess  Line
*���**���*���* S. S. PRINCESS ROYAL
Saturday,   July   29th,   8 a.m.
i. G. McNab
General Agenl
... FOR...
Take thc fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
-��   m *-MS.  s\   *   ��AAAAAAHAA1   m\AL*_A*_*.*.A_Jm.
|| w. j. McCutcheon
,   C^rri-M complete ttock of Drtiff*.   Special
i      attention p*M lo Ailing prvacripUona.
!! Theatre Block phon�� no. to Second Ave.
Phone 116
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
Snd Axv., next to old office of Optimist veil only
Beat mad* In Si-atll*-.    Fruit and Candy, whole-
���**!* ami Retail. Look for il.ali il(t. at nl(ht
SAM C.OWEN. Proprietor Phone SM
City Scavenging
Mr. J. G. Weston announces lhat he
has commenced work for the city.
All  orders  received  at   the
Office, 5th St.
Phone 42
To walch The News want ads
is to refuse to lie "tied" to an
unsatisfactory h-oardiiiK plane.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
H. H. MORTON. Sec.
He sells Buildings      He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys Lota He builds Homes
List Your  Properties with Jeremiah H. Kugler
Special Bargains in
Kitselas Lands   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse Lands
Hazelton District Landa      Bulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lands       Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum Lands, Sand, Gravel and Marble Deposits
He buys Leases He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rente Stores
Second  Avenue, Prince  Rupert,  B. C. f*| THE DAILY NEWS
His Majesty Gives Audience to Government Leaders.
He Does Not Wish to See the Historic House
of Lords Swamped With New
Liberal Peers.
peers VETO BILL dispute!I "The News" ClassifiedJlds.
=0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion"
New Paper to be Called the
���Morning Sun" to be Started
���Hon. W. Templeman Said
to be Interested in It.
London. July 26.���King George
has actively intervened in Ml
attempt to steer the warring political factions to a peaceful goal.
None is more anxious than is he
to avid swamping the historic
house of peers with a battalion
of new creations and if His personal
Influence can effect it he will
arrange some plan for overcoming
the present deadlock. His Majesty today gave audience to Premier Asquith, A. J. Balfour, leader
of tin* Opposition in thc House of
Commons, and Lord Lansdowne,
the Unionisi chief in the House of
Lords. It was understood that
his Majesty would see their leaders
later in the day.   Meanwhile thej
political situation Is so out of gear
that the King postponed his Intended departure for Ckiodwixxl,|
where he was going this afternoon
to visil   the   Duke of  Richmond'
and   attend   a   four   days'   race;
^--^.���-�����.ra-a->'a*-.'��-"������"���������������"*-*���""-���*  |   j
Coait Hun,*-* 6 Land Dklriol
The Insurance People
tvnn class nr DWOUXCt.   cet oca rates
The Mack Really and Insurance Co.
PbOMlM Third Avenue and Fulton St
Lost and Found
LOST-A Kokak: left on Metlakatla wharf.
Finder rewarded by leaving lame at Can-.lt>'!. s
Cigar Store. :���.-:'.
������-���a---* ��-*i t***M*A**mm *****
For Rent
(Continued from page onel
Amusing Chronometrical Discrepancies Revealed by Incidents in the Police Court
This Morning. Five Tickers
Tell Five Different Tales.
Furnished rooms with bath. Spec;:i! ra-es by
the week.   Talbot HSU*. '���'''���
Large well fumiihed room, jr.ate family-
Splendid view of harbor. Gentlemen only.
Apply P.O. Box 1519. l*4-tf
Mclntyre   Hall,  for concerts,   entertainments, j
dance., etc.   Apply J, H. Roger*. ;     nelM.
Wanted-Small houae, furnished or partly furnished.   State termi tcBox K. Dell* NewSaMMf
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, July 27.���A company composed of the leading
local Llbcrr.ls headed by Hon.
William Templeman will star, the
publication of r morning paper
in this city OS BOOH as possible.
The newspaper will be known as
the "Morni ig Sun." Incorporation has already been consummated
and it is hoped to have the paper
issued in lime tor the Dominion
election campaign.
Take notice that  I, jo,,,,   I,,,;,;;
run*-, Inu-
tha loll,,,
Comm-niclnj at a poat planted at tl.
lumkaluni,  occupation'lurimir,  ,,
lor parmlialon lo purchase tu. loll,,;. d,.W|
landu -""aiioai
corner ol LrtW l*mltTm7iV&2f<u��*
���outh 40 cbalm, thonco wuat M, " "."' ,*?�������
north 40 chaina to place el coininei.cin.ni'     "'
S keen* Land DUtrlJt - Duurlct 0|, -u,,,.
Take noUca that 1. hn |ig��ug ul It,,,,
lluperl, IS. X... uccupatiun pro,*.-cmr . u-j ,
apply lor pormUalon to purghu* tu U.uaia.
deecrlbe 1 landa: "I
Commanclng al a poal planted In tha
fcjuatUrj- ol Timber ".. '. W
ol Goo**, llay, about ttire^etgtiu ul a i
ul the moutn ul Ui* IJonania Crwk,
on tba easterly
Do away with this.    Patronize a whit*
laundrv.   White labor only at
Coay furnished rooms. Mra. !'��� i
Koomi. Third Avenue, betwev-
i*r. *-*mer��t
a.ven'.h   and
Lloyds  Increase German  Rate
ni 110      to 8 Per Cent' and Franco"
Pioneer Laundry. Phone llo   German to 12 Per cent.
present Mr. II. F. McRae expressed
his usual firm confidence in the
conditions here. His firm has!
been doing excellent business in ,
Rupert lots down below, and
during the last few weeks here a
great many deals were made by
Mr. McRae in lots on small
cash payment and easy term- to
local investors who are eager to
secure holdings.
Mayor Hopes He will Get Busy
on G. T. P. Assessment Matter as Soon as He Arrives.
Delay Grows Irksome.
Help Wanted
Mr. J. T. Phelan, Supt. of Yukon Telegraph Line on an Interesting Trip North.
No word has yet been received
by the Mayor from Premier McBride in reference to the G. T. P.
As-, "im m which awaits the sanction of the Provincial Government. But the Mayor has reason
to believe that the provincial
premier is now on hi- way to
Victoria from London. England,
and that he will travel there
direct.   Mayor Manson hopes ihat
At ten by his own watch Magistrate Carss entered the police
conn mum and took his m;u on
the bench. Five minutes before
he appeared P. C. McArthur on
office duty had studied his
titular chronometer and decided
that  the  Magistrate was  |USt  then i Girl wanted, immediately, for    rtt houiework.
.        , ' .      Apply Mra. D. Cohen, phone  . 15"-tf
A   phenomenally   punctual|yjmm^^ Mucker, Ksf> ��� ..M ,, Hi,id���
Wanted.-A woman to waih end iron one day a
week.   Phone 301. x!
p.'.t- A woman to do fancy ironing. Wages l--*-; per
day; alio girli to work on marvle. Apply at
once Pioneer Laundry. 1*55-167
newspaperman had already beenl 0:r've:0?u^,p'rCo-GOM,B4>- Tak'^l-JtfdN
On   the  sjKit   for  Seven  and   a  half .porUr wanted    ApplyTelbot Roomi, -nd Ave.
minutes.    The Magistrate sat on I J**
, , Wanted-Woman for kitchen - ri. wages Ms.'-1
the   Klicll   and   scanned   the   Cist'      a month and room.      Appl-   Prince  Rupert
, ,, .   .        c. ��� Hoipital. t*
sheet.   After waning five minutes
New        Solid       Ladies
in Crocodile, Morocco, Etc.
Watches       Souvenir*       Jewelry
he   looked   up   and   enquired   for t*���*
ihe Chief of Police.    "Expected j For Sale
he will give attention at once to every  moment"   was   the   reply. | .^,^,r^^,^,r^,^
thc matter of the G. T. P. agree- Moments passed but he cam.* not.' For m or ^.b,,. Ioc.t.., ���
ment which has now  been hung The Magistrate arose, out on his i  stewert. n* oppoeition. libera:-..rmi.  Fuiii in-
s in.   ..i..gi .unit   uiv.^.   |>*ui ,..->      formation apply or write t. C, Levrir*.  P.O.
up various ways for so long that ha:, and left the court remarking!   Box:ii.Stewart.b.c
R. VV. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London. July 27.���At l.loyds,
the war risks against hostilities
between Oritain and Germany
within the next three months
have risen rapidly from 5 to 8
per cent. In some cases 10 |ier
cent has been paid.
In   the   case   of   France   and
Germany 13 i>er cent has been
the in.ai.ily limn ol laid I liiiUer I.r . 83
or No. 30251) 40 chuina, tlience Hit |fl < ., . ri" 4
Uouae llay, a distant**.* ul lu okaui men m '���,'
thance iiorthotly alunj ih. aliur* ul in.,*, uj;
40 chaiiu mom of leaa, ihelin avvaunl*. 1.. tl '
mora or lea. to point cf commencem..!,*., c.:.-.,.,!j
loo acre, mota or leas ^
Uated March 7, 1911 PERRY QUSKMlM
l-ub. Aj.ru 7.
Skeena Lend Dalrlcl���Dulnel ol y ..   .     ,,,,
Take  nollea  thai   Ueori*.  Fraud  of  |-.mc1
Rupart, B. Oa, occupauon butcher, inlemia io apbly
(or permission to purchase lha lulluwing   .,:.:'.,.';
CommenclDg at a poal planted .boat tiv.11
mllea wa*t ana twu miles wuih ul mi- muuui 4
Stanley Creek where It emptws miu Ssdn
Harbor, liraham Island, tbenc* ao chain, suutn,
tbence bO chaini wait, thance - 1 chains numi,
tbence SO chana aast to point ul eu:nia.uc*-i*.m
and containing t>40 acres more orlaai.
Uated March 17, IVU OEURUI   .    .../.tu.
Pub. April 7. Numa 1', ��� . .. Aunt
Skeana Land Dislrict���District ul laasiar
Taka notice that 1 Francu S. I'roaluti ul in-c
Hupert, 13. C, occupation prospector, latsad to
apply ior pwmlaaion 10 purchaa* th. (oUuainc
d-a-cribud lands:
Commencing al a poat planled aboil it**,
mllea aouth and two nn..* aeat u( lli. lurki ul
tbe White and Flat rtv.rs. thence south 10 ctsins
Ibence eaat bO chaina, tnence nurlh ou ctuos,
thenca. w*al SO ehalna.
Dated AprU 20. mil.     FRANCIS S. 1'UESTuN
Pub May U
Sksooa Land Dislrlcl���Dlatrlct ol Cuut Iticr.
Take nol ca thai 1. Joe Jack ol I'r.rc. It.p-rt,
B. Cm occupaUon carpenter, inum-l tu apply (ur
permUalon to purcba-a, tba lullualng ut-acrit-*-*
Commanclng al a posl planted about lfcit*.u.
one-hall mil** disunt in a south aealerly uirecliuo
Irom a blind slougb Irom Ub*ervsu>r> 1-...1 ,un
tbe aama touch*.* Ibe Indian Raaerv* u > :..-*- .ui
SO cha na. th.nc* "itlh SO chains, ihenc* a. ,;.j
cbaina, ihence soulb SO chains 10 poinl ul cu&.
mencainent, containing ulu acr** mure or km
I isl.il April 14. 1911. JUL JALK
Pub. May 13.
everybody   concerned   grows
patient at tin delay.
Thc new Government telegraph
line to Stewart is now completed.
This morning. Mr. J. T. Phelan.
the superintendent of the Yukon
telegraphs for the Government,
left for Stewart to officiate al the
opening of the new line, and
start the work out of Stewart.
After satisfying himself that the| ..Gleeful   tidings   for   Alderman
line is in perfect order. Mr. Phelan
will leave at the end of the week,
when he will go on a vi-it to
Mayor Will Soon Have an Opportunity of Seeing It at
Foreign Resident Had Quite a
Lot of Bottled Stuff in His
Place More Than Chief Vickers Thinks Cood for Him.
R. Maul whose premises looked
to Chief Vickt-rs sii-pii iou-ly like
a Utile blind piglet, has been summoned to appear liefore the Magistrate to give an account of him-
The case* stands adjourned until
tomorrow morning. Evidence thai
Ma/zi had a considerable quantity of holt led liquor in his plan*,
and thai men were sun drinkfalg
there will In.- prodund
Before buying your Stove or r.ir.ge ��e* A. J. Jake notice that the partnerihlp consisting of
Geuand. McBride end Fifth A ������ Ca stove. Angui D. Mcinnli and frank Kelly. Contractor,
from 111. llS-lm       I carrying on a .treat contracting buiinesi In   he
1 City of Pnnce Rupert. In the Province of British
_    _ ,     _, ,      -,      .   .��� . . Columbia, under the name uf "Mclnnis tt Kelly"
Foar!.mlIlP'Cvn'Up1ieh-:!p  "y. J'r.r,.2Tt   w^diiaovrfonthelSthdeyof July. 1811.   All
hold nodi.   Near.Princ* Rupert   A  .nap if   |���b.|ltwi of ,h. p.rtn.r*hlp are to be paid by
get   there   on   time.     Just   outside      u*��n��tonc*.   AddreiiBox -���. tt! Angui D. Mclnnli. �����.*.��_
A. D. MrlNNls.
I    Dated at Prince Rupert this 17th day of July.lull
I 165-171
that the cast* billed for today:
must be adjourned until tomorrow
if the principals in it could not!
the court  room Mr-
Chief Vit ki-rs.    With an expre
sion  of  surprise  the  Chief  t' "k ]
1     ' --    :��� ��� '   +	
58-   j
Fire Insurance
Order in Canada Raised to Dignity of Province Father Let-
tereaux is Provincial.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, July 27.���An im|n>r-
tant change in the Redemptorisi
(Jrder came into elTeti unlay when-
by the ortler in Canada which
hitherto has been a vice-Province
of Belgium is raited to the dignity
of a separate Province of Canada.
The Provincial is Father Letter*
eatix of Beaupre.
out his watch. It read "three
minutes to ten." Behind the
Chief came the man summoned,
Hilditch. and good news for the .tith a watch which gave the
Mayor! The city road roller hi - inu I ��� nine forty-five. "Well
arrived by the C. P. R. S.S. I'm blessed," remarked Chief Vic-
Princess Kna today. Already the kt r- "1 wonder if there are two
dvic stone crusher is rattling away watches in own today that give oaod ���
at a great rate near Seventh the same time at the same mo-| |"
street on Third avenue, and al- ment. ard what is the right tinn*.
THE British t'nlon and Nati:-.' Fire Insurance:
Company of London. En.*..i- i. with capital i
of tUOO.Oin.00. See ui for ratei. The Mack '
Rea'tv and Insurance Cooipar.v. 7'*-tf
*      Business   Chances      j
ready some nice newly crushed
stone li -;.r..-d on the space on
Third avenue between Sixth and
- -. i *!i aim is. li m.*y Im* a
: ��� nurse, but the
Mayor's wii dowi ar, an. .
h'M which will command an
early view ol the operations of
ilu- road roller.
May be Bughouse
A man named < haries Willis
is being detained under observation by ilu Provincial Police.   H-
was brOUghl down river in the s S
Haielton by Provincial Constabli
Daniel from Kitselat. Willis has
been in the asylum In-fore al
Dawson, bin may come all right
with care.
Orchestra was Good
A lot of compliments wen* passed
imong the audience at thc Empress
Theatre last night about the Prince
Rii|n*r; On In si ra.    Their playing
was a revelation. Not many
kmw we had s. much orchestral
talent in the city.
May be Candidate
Rumors emanating from Con*
servative sources of information
that Aldennan Newton may
In* the choice ol the Prime Rupert i
Conservatives as candidate for
Solves the Problem
During these hot days there
is nothing better to eat for lunch
.han cold fresh vegetables ar.d
.j. ind fresh fruiis. The Ideal Provision House has just received a
fresh shipment. A new stork of
Cudah) Sanitary hams and bacons
has jus- come in.
Weather by Wireless
Fair  weather  is   reported   from
the Island wireless stations this
morning, but Triangle reports den*
N lo-;     Point  Grey reports clear
with northeasterly wind.
Rescue Bishop s Spoons
H. Robinson of the Rii|H*rl
Marine Depart mini, set out this
morning ai seven o'clock lo look
for lhe Bishop's silver at Tugwell
Island,   An exceptionally low tide
today   may  enable   the   parly   io
recover the losi property.
Best  In America
You    must    have    go-txl    shois
with good ��� loihes.   Slater Shoes
are   tlu*  liesi   made.     The   Acme
clothing Store.  Second  avenue,
have the exclusive agency in  this
dty for Slater **hoes.
Have you learned that "keeping
boarders" is a business matter
and   that   il   involves  timely  advertising in the classified columns
of The \i w-s"
Harry Darnell Veteran Baloon-
ist Dashed to Death at Plain-
field, III.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Plainfield. III.. July 27. -- Fal-
li; g from his baloon when 700
feel iii ihe air. Harry Darnell, a
veteran balloonist, was dashed
.o death before the eyes of ihou-
sat ds of spectators today.   Every
bom* in his boih was broken.
**+ hai Con-pen, ������ �����,,���,, Wall.,.- Meileiplece
"Paid  in Full"
Hon.* Record. B��i���t Brofc-a,
PRICES    11.00. 7Sc, SOc. ,P.T-     m      ,      ���      ..
ii���������,    __      . _��� SEATS    Neatly ell told
DOORS   Open 8.30.   C��rt.|��� �� tnup_
Held Theatre Party
A theatre p.T.y was given last
night   by   Mrs.   Gertie   Wells   of
Cordova  lo a  few   of her Alaska
Those invited wire Mrs. K. K.
Cardinal from Goldfield, Nevada,
Mrs. Ells Mi ssiiigcr from Cordova,
Alaska, and Mrs. Katie .Met han,
the artist, also from Cordova,
Afier the play tiny were cnter-
t.ii led to a luncheon parly at
Rcllley's Cafe.
The   Board   of' Railway   Commiasionen,   lor
Canada  will   hold**a   anting  at   Prince   Rupert.
B. C, on or about the 19th day ol August. 1911,
at the hour of 11 o'clock In the forenoon (or tht
'  '" ������������*  ������ "purpose   ol   blaring   matter*,   application!,   or
'"" ' complaints Sled with tbe Board and nerved upon
the  parties   intereited   n   accordance   with   tht
Rule, and Regulation, ol the Board.
By Order of the Boerd,
Board ol Railway
Commissioner, for Canada.
Dated at Ottawa this :6th Day of June, 1911.
King Edward Hotel Destroyed
During Lunch Hour Yesterday    Damage $4,000.
pert.   W rite me for particulars.
Watertown. W*ll.
War.ted-A I
H.  Davii.
Tenders Wanted
For building Concrete Wall, also Stone Foundation.   In-tulreof McCatfery& Gibbons.       1 ��� "-l-.T
Slt-wr.a Land OUtrict���District nf Coast Raw V
Tak* notice that !. George Klme of Towner,
North Dakota, U. S. A., farmer. Intend to apply
for permtaion to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a po*-t planted at the "��uth-
��'-t corner of Lot J.'-", thence eaat bO chaini.
ther.ce %outh 40 chaini, thence west 40 chaini
thence south 40 chain*it thenoe weat 40 chai.ii,
ther.w north Wj chains to point of commencement
containing 4h0 acr*-* more or lea*.
DtUd July 16, If* 11 QBOROB KIMK
Pub. July 25. Krtd E. Cowell, Ager.t
Skeena Land District- District of Coaat Rant**1 V
Take notice that  I,   I'eter Laraen of Tow ler,
North Dtkott, I. S   A., farmer, intend to apply
for jj^rmwsion to purcha.***- the following dticnrted
Commencing at a poit planted at  the **, th-
eart rorn^r ��f Lot  17W, thenee aouth 80 chi.inn,
thence wt>��t   40 chains,  thence north  hO  ch:  ns,
thence ��*a#t i'i chaim to point of commeneeme-.t.
Dated July It, 101L PKTKR LARSfiK
Pub July 25. 1911. Ytm\ h  Cowoll, Agent
Skeena I-anl Dutrict    District of Coaat Kangf V
Take  nMir* that   I, John  Evenaon  of   Pri ice
Rupert, latx.rer, intend \�� apply for permfwion
to purcha-v thu lolltiwing deMribad landa:
Commencing at a post planted at  the southeast comer o\ t/it  II..*>, thonce north n>t chai.4
Ihence eait   mj  chaini,  thence south   MM  chains,
thence wmi m chains lo point of eommeneeme.t.
Dated July 18, l&ll. JOHN* EVENS IN
Pub. July 25. Pnd E. Cowell. A^-nt
IMM I*nd District -District of Coast Range V
Taku notice that  I,  Peter Erlckaon of  Pri IM
Cash buys furnished hotel
with 20 rooms.   Price $1000.
Cash buys fine residence
property including House on
9th Avenue, Section 5.
Cash buys a nice lot in Section
7, Balance $25 a month.
Furnished Hotel for Lease.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
Pattullo Block.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Enderby, B. C. July 27.���.At
lunch hour yesterday lhe King
Edward Hotal which was a brick
veneer structure caught fire on
the upper Boor. Before ilu* fire
was extinguished damage to the
extern ol between three and four
thousand dollars was done.
Look for the Slate
If you see the Slate trade mark
OH the sole of a shoe, it nu ails
it is a Slater and therefore the
best. The Acme Clothi'-g Store
have a new  stock of Slater Siloes.
Mussallem & Company
..Good Frt��h   Groceries at City Prices.
and First-Class Goods only.
Give us your next order for a
M on Ural,   July   26, -Colonel
l Frank   s.   Mrignen   wai   today
ftltCted   president   of   lhe   Lata   of
hhe Wooda Milling Company, a
Itucmiui to Ma late father l.y an
lunanimoui vota of the director*,.
|The new prcnulent announced that
[he would pursue the anti-merger
1 policy of which hia father had been
| a firm supporter.
I'.-M" "���  !����wrer.  intind to apply for pormis ion
to nurchaae the following dracribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
hank of William-' Creek where the railway right-
of-way crew* ami :i chaini hack from the creek
bank, thence south 80 chains, thence eaat 4U
chains, thence north 80 chains, Ihence west 40
chains lo point of commencement.
Dated July 7, 1811. PETER ER1CKSON
Puh. July 25. Fred E. Cowoll, Agent
Skeena Land District DUtrict of Coaat Range V
Tako nolice lhat 1, Benjamin A. Fish of Towner,
N. D.i occupation merchant, Intend to apply
for permission to purchase lhe following described
Commencing  at  a  post  planted  on   the  east i
boundary and about 6V| chain* from thc aouth-1
east corner of I*ot   il-i. ihenco north 60 chains,
thence east  30  chains,  thence south  60   chains,
thence west 30 chains lo point of commencement.
Dated June 24, 1911. HENJAMIN A. FISH
rub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land District -District of Coast Range V
Take notice that I. Adolph II. Christlanson of
Towner, North Dakota, occupation attorney-
at-Iaw, intend to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one and
one-half miles (I 1-2) nnrtheast of the head of
Trnut River on the west side of Lakelse Lake,
and about 5 chains from the lake-front, thence
soulh HO chains, thence west HO chains, thence
north ttO chains, thence east 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated June 30, 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Puh. July 25.
Skeena Und Dislrict    District of Coast Range V
Take   notice   that   I,   Paul   Hngen   of   Prince
Rupert, laborer,  Intend  to apply  for  permiasion
to purrhaM* the following described lands:
commencing at a post planted on lhe norlh
bank of Williams Creek about 50 chains southeast from R. II,, Ihence south 40 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thence n<.rth 40 chains, thenco
west 40 chains lo point of commencement.
Dated July 7, 1911. PAUL HAGEN
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Mussallem & Company
I'hi.nc 228 Black
6th Ave.. East uf McllrMe
Establish Big Monastry
Whitney. Gil., July 20.���To
establish one of the largest monasteries and Catholic schools in
America, a Catholic order is negotiating or the purchase "f Whitney ranch, near here.
Her Endearing Terms
Pottsville. Pa., July 20���"Blail
head," "blockhead," and "hypocrite," were terms applied to I)r
J. C. Biddle l>y his wife which led
lo B divorce here today.
SkMna Land Dutrict���DUlrict ol Cua.i Hani* I
Take nolle* that Letlle Mcl'avuh ol tancoutat,
ll. 0* occupalloD marrual woman, lala-tos lo
apply lor p*rmli*loo to purchu* lb* toilo.iB|
.l.-afiiUai lamia:
l uinim-iicni** at a poat planleil at lb* nortb-
ari-al corner loll cbaina aaal and ill* chain* fiunb
Irom Iba nonbeeal corner of Lol lllo. tlam-'s
Surv.y, Coaat District,llango 6,lh��bM 2o cbaiu
aoulb, thance 50 chain, aaat, Ib.nc* lu . t
north, tbince 40 ehalna wail, ibanca on cbilai
loulb, thence 40 ehalna wait lo poat of coinisrD*
raro.nl, eontalnini 400 acre* mor* or Ion.
l).t*��l May '.'. lull. LOTTIK McTlVIMI
Pub. Uay t. Krxl W. Uohhr. Ac��i
Sk**na Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Queen CaarUia
Take notioa that J. ll. .\lurp!iy,*.l V.nujrar,
U. 0^ oeeupauoo commercial traveller, lateada
to apply lor permueion to purchas* lb* (wilosnal
.U*cnt��al landli
Commanatul at a pant planted about saiaa
mil** a***i and on* nut* routti Iro-n lb* mmxt
ol Stanly Creak. Neden llarlior, lb*n�� aorta H
chain*. Uiinco ��������! 40 chaini, lhanc* Mutb SO
chaini, lhanc* **al 40 e    in*. ..,.���������..
Dalad March 17, I.'I l. J* II   Ml lirill
Pub. April 22. Numa IXeeaet*. Attti
Sk**na Land DUuiet-Dlilrlcl ol guran I hulolll
Take notice that Irani. Le.lck ul Woudiion.
OaU, occupallon bookk**per, lounda to ������**.,
'or permiaalon lo purchaao lhe lollovin-l dastnt*-*
Commanclnc al a port plantad about er'.o
milaa east and two mllea aoulh ol th* matt at
Stanley Creek ��hera it m.|ii.�� Into -*.������
Harbor, Graham laland, Ihenee Ml ebains soalb.
Iheaee HO chaina aeat. Ih*nc* bO chains north,
theoce 80 chaina ***t to point ol eom*n��r.t**ii����t
and eontamnf bio aers* mor* or lem. _,..-..
Datad March 17. l��ll. FRANK I.LMCk
Pub. Aprl! 7. Numa D*ia-*n. Ana
Skeene Lend Dlitrlcl-Dliuict of Coest
Tak* notice lhat I. Mra. John Corley of Pf���*
Kupert. B.C .occupation married woman, intend,
to apply for permiaaion to purchase tbe folliwlM
dc*crili*d landi:
Cmmenclne at a poet planled ��' chain, ml
atal 12n chain, aouth from th* MOWna corner�����
lol 1TJJ. Coe��t Diitrlct. H*n��* b, Ih.nce wuih >
chaina, thenc* eut 40 chelna thence nerth w
chalnk thence ��e��l 40 chain, mote or lew lo w
point of commencement, containing i* itri-i
more or leu. ��^M. ^v
Date Mar. 10, Ivll
Pub. Apr. 4.1*11
Skeeoa Laad Dielltet-tHiu-ict ol Coaal 1UJP ��
Take notice thai Eldon 8. Detwller ol n��lft
Ont.' occupation doctor, Inund. lo a*|.) xte
permlalon to purchaae tbe lolloaliK desoitMl
Commencini at a poet planled at the ��utb*
***t corn�� ol Lot 1��2��, Ihenee eaal do cta-l*
more or le**, ihence louth 46 chaini mor* ut wj
Ibence weal 110 chaina more or leu, tl.er.-�� r.oni
46 chaini more or lee* lo point ol comnienctn*"
eontalnini 140 ac-rca mor* orl***. _ ..._���.tlPD
Datad March 11, llll ELDON S. DSTWUJM
Pub. AprU l��- John C amph*ll. Aim
8kf*na Und Dlatrlct-Dlitricl ol laa.lar
Taka nolle* lh.t 1. Swan  liallen ol MW|
B.  C, occupation  carpenter,  Intend  to_ijp>>
lor Mrmlaslon to purchaM the follow Ins duc-i-*"
Isniis: -      IWa
Commencini at a poat plam-l a
aouth and on.i 1) mil* wmi ol lb* lork. ol IM WJB
and Flal rivera. thene. 80 ch.ina aoulh.  '"��";J
chaina eaat, Ihenee 80 ehalni north, thene* .*
chaini waat. .. .,.,,....
Dat*d April 18. 1911. SWAN pAU*1!���.
Pub. May II. Francia S. Pr-loo. Ai��i
Skeena Laad Dirtrict -DUtrict ol al j��d Cb.rlotu
Take notlc* that 0*or.-* W. Arnott ol PnM*
Rupert, B. C, occupaUon real *at��ic br-ser.
Inland! U> apply lor permiuion to purcni*' ���"���
lollnwini daacribed land.: .^^.
C��nim.ncinl at a port planted about ��*"
milM end one-hall mlU w**t and on* -m..* ��we
Irom Iho moutli ol Sunly Creek. N.l". ll-"���'
thence wnt 80 chaina. Iheno* lojtn "I em**
ihence .ait 80 chaina, th.nc* norlh *���'���'""���'���...,tt
Ii.ie.1 March 17, llll. OEU. W. *\K\,n
Pub. April 22. Numa Demir*. ���1��*"u
Saw Himscl ; Fainted
Pittsburg, Pa., July 20.���Sec ng
himself in a mirror for the first
time in his life, Jacob Steinman,
an 81) year old hermit o Reserve
township, fainted first and then
trimmed his three foot beard.
...Whites Portland Cement...
o. c.
11mm 125       Nafci Block
Quill Drivers vs. Comets at the
Auditorium Thursday   evening,
���July 27th.     Game called at ��.45
sharp.   Admission 25c.   Skating
Seetrt h* after the game.
Championnof British Columbia
and Ontario do Battle for
Final Honor in National Championship.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, July 27.���Schwcngers
of Victoria, and Baird of Toronto,
the champions respectively of Briiish Columbia and Ontario, will
probably be in the finals for ihc
Canadian National Lawn Tennis
Yesterday Sshv.cngers beat
GatUlt and followed up his victory by healing Crier of Montreal
in the afternoon.
The finals will be played on
SkMna Und Dl.lrlct-DUtrlct olf i**1*!,,...
Take nolle* lhat I. Alice M. hno'i" "I   "^
Rupert   II   C. occup.tion m.rrW_wmn.n. ...^
lo apply lor permiaalon to purcnar
daeerlDed lands:
i the loiloaM
Commencini et a poet planted ������*""'ol White
���outh and two milM .at ol lh* lorks i   ��i"
and Flat rivera. thence north 80 eh.lns.   bf��J
eait  80 chaina.  Ihence aouth 80 chains. IB
weet 80 cllalni. ,���,. ,.   KWlt *������
Dated April 80. llll. ALICE M- h**1"    ,
Pub. May 11. FrancU S. I'mitoii. ttm
SkMna Uad Dtoulet-DliUlct ol Cout Ila-iP
���i-.l. ._.,_ .u.. I    ,-i���,   M.v  Lull* "I  ���'���  la
Take notice thet I, Clara May g*,t_J ��
Rupert, B.   OL  oeeupatlon iplniter, II f*Jm
apply lor pnmUelon to purchaM lh'
dawcrllied landi: ,       . ., lh. nottb
Comm.ncini at a poat planted ��' "rT-a-iHil
w-*t corner or Lot 17*5, Rani. 6, l*����.i" h,ioi
thence eaat 40 chain*, thance north - �� ln,
thenc* wnt 81 ch*ln' thence north *" ', , u)
thence weet 10 chaina, thence louth WW ^
point ol commeneement, eonlalnlnl ���������
more or leu. U1V . iilLE
U*X*4 April 4, 1911. CLARA MAY Ul
Pub. April 16.
Skeena Und OUtrlct-DUtrjct pl OgjJI   0,
Tak. notice that  I,  lMao O'Brien  '��' ���  j
Prince Rupert. B. C, occupation earpenl'r.,
lo apply for permUalon to purchaM tbo lo""
dMcrlhed landa: k- i flv fn'le*^
Commencini at a poal planled ��"*"-', '.h���whiia
aouth and one mile weat ol the lorki ol <���"''���
aud Flat riven, Ihence norlh 80 ch.hi. i"
wait 80 chaina.  Ibence MUlh 80 chlln".
eait 80 chain*. . ���.n���,ctj 1*1111111^
Dated April 18, 1911. ISAAC O'BRIEN ' *""    ,
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. 1're.fn. ��s
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol CoaalI ��}*,.
Taka nolle* that I. BeU Hall Kenne) i><
mouth, Nova Scotia, occupallon memo"        ||f
Inlend to apply lor permWon to purctui"
lollnwini dMCrlbed landi: ,    , ������-,!. rail
Commencini at a poat planted at '���"''., ill
corner ol T. L Ut 88628, thene* running �� )0
chilm, thenc* north 80 ehalni, thene! '�� m.
chalm, ilienr.. aouth 80 chilm lo place �� ,������.
mencement eonUlnlni 820 acre* J11,"1*,, .������|ied
My pint U on couth *aat corner ol Ian|J Jjjj, 0(
mencement  eonUlnlni  820 acre*  more ��   jj
My pint U on aouth eaat corner ol U''" ���}'
tor, marked letter* 8. E., about one mile ��
Ufce UkeUe, .mill, aide ol Skeena liver I
ol Coaat lt.nge .',.
Dated April 29, 191
Pub. May 11.
John Haverty. Ai��'
Twenty-four hours ending 6 a.m
July 27.
u.I TEMI".    MIN.TBUP.    BAR.        IN. RAIN
li'Iu 50.0     30.090       ...
The Daily News
Camosun Sunday, 9 a.m.
For North
PrineesB May Monday
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
|Pretty Incident in the Sunset Glow on Sixth Street
Last Night���Curly Headed Prince Rupert Baby
Boy  Refuses Four-bit  Bribe to
Strike His Colors.
Sixth street was warmly aglow
Ivviih the soft  evening  sunshine
treaming over the water alxiut
(even  o'clock   last   night.     You
milil hear from the barber's shop
ks you lay back luxuriously in
Bill* tonsorial arm chair, the voices
[if thc passersby, the men talking
)i| buildings or street grading,
[he ripple of girlish gossip, the
fchrill merry chatter of the children
plaj. Suddenly a broad shadow
Ut-pt |iast the sunlit window,
ami a ihrill of excited boyish
laughter rang out as a curly
! ��� ������: laddie bearing a huge
uttered and dust Union Jack
pan gleefully along.
Some Kid That
li was a veritable veteran flag,
Inn ilu* Standard bearer was such
liriglu baby boy! His fair hair
raiiKlii the ruddy sunglint, his
hu-rry eyes sjiarklcd. His happy
liult voice rang out in the aeon-
I'lil. ever unconquerable challenge
I" thc world of Youth, and Hope,
iml Love, and Joy. All the men
|"<>ki,l up as  the  laddie  passed,
oponding to thu boy nature
llt.it years cannot age out of
Ilu* In arts of the best and strongest.
I'tiir, lhat is some kid, isn't lie?"
nu tin* exclamation, and the bar-
li-r al the tloor made a jocular
piMiriing offer to the youngster.
Strike the Flag?   Never!
"Say, Kid, I'll give you four
I'i;-* to run round wiih the Stars
pl Stripes  instead of  that   flag
���iii've got."    The laddie paused.
li' may have been loo young to
���BOW the worth of patriotism or
J" appreciate the imaginary terms of ihe* Annexation Bogey.
fb- may have been only the
practical boy sense ihat "A Union
'���'k in the hand is worth all the
ui and Stripes in  the bush."
Byway he turned down the offer
li'li royal disdain shaking his
["ih little head with all the
pctcrminatlon   of   the   Canadian
Northwest. They tried to tell
Ni it was a foreign flag, a Mon-
������OCgijIn Hag, but no, no, he knew
ettcr. It was an old flag, a torn
���   and a dusty  flag,  but by
jiniiny it was his own flag and he
would fight for it!
Challenged "The Army"
So waving his standard defiantly he darted off up Sixth
Street towards where to the tinkle
of tambourines and rub-a-dub of
drum, the banner of "Blood and
Fire" led on the advance of the
Salvation Army. Wide waved
the "Blood and Fire" flag fresh
in its unsullied glory. Wide too,
waved that dusty old Union Jack
so proudly borne by young Canada.
Right alongside the Salvation Army standard-bearer the youngster
stood, ready to give ground lo
none, ready to do battle to the
death with any who dared attempt to displace him. All sunlit
Sixth street, all the business end
of Third a\. i ue looked on with
admiration. Yourg Canada, live,
glad, and defiant beneath the w.irn
and dusty folds of the dear old
flag, what fritbitii Canadian,
what lover of the old ku d, Scottish,
l-.nglish, Irish or Aniciiccn, could
have failed to admire?
Fog Banks are Causing Trouble
Down Below
The Domirion Cover me.it wireless stations report fog ai Triangle
and Pacheiia, with dense weather
at Ikeda. It is clear at Skidegate
Estevan and Cape Lazo.
The steamer Yadso was reported
in at Point Grey at 8.30 a.m.
Watch for This.
In to-morrow's edition of
the Daily News will appear
an exclusive interview with
Miss May Roberts, leadinjr,
lady of the May Roberts
Stock Company, now playing at the Empress Theatre.
The story will be full of
human interest. Watch for
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, July 28���.(Later)���All
the papers give prominence this
morning to the Morocco question.
They say that owing to the strong
stall-incuts issued by Premier As-
quith and endorsed by Mr. Balfour, these will tend to have a
peaceful effect.
The Daily Chronicle, the Government organ, has authority to
say that thc international situation is easier today than it has
been for some days, when peace
was trembling in the balance.
The Paris anil Berlin pa|>crs
express satisfaction at the tone
of Mr. Asquith's speech which all
claim opens the way to a peaceful
Cause of the Trouble
The Moroccan question is not
a new one. It has agitated the
powers of Europe and threatened
to turn Europe into a battlefield
for several years past.
Morocco  is  the  key   to  Africa
|Second Match of Indoor Baseball  League Was a Very
One-Sided Affair���At Seventh Round the Game
Ended with Score 69 to 3
Outdoor Baseball League Teams.
Today thc laddies may be unmercifully twitted by their chums
who didn't step out on the diamond
before such fearful odds. They
will be told that Comets generally
make a great stir about their
approach, but when they arrive
there is nothing to them but
blazing gas and hot air. They
may be referred to derisively as
"Comics" and regarded accordingly in thc light of a joke. But
r.gi'i st even odds in the battle-
fl Id of banter they will be able
to hold their own, and though
.hey may not play another league
match with the same lineup, tin-
lightest and youngest of them may
yet  prove  thc  finest  ball  player
Comets have tails.    Prince Ru-
l!r''- Indoor Baseball Comets have
|"s!    ��� tale.   It is a talc of woe.
I ���"> mi i the Quill Drivers at the
���Auditorium last night in thc second
���     *-���������--   League   scries   of   indoor
���"M������" il matches.    At the seventh
IJ'in-i; the  game was called  off.
""��� "core then was 09-3 in favor
"'���������������I'lii Pushers.   NuffSad?
Well, the you.g-.u-rs did  .hiir
" ��� ��� jTvay, but the Comets arc
�������ly very boyish still, and thou-
��"��� "vi and a xious to score, they
'"���*"��� "lit* weight and expcrici.ee
|'",;" '."nil Drivers'really capable
im'    Their   deficiency   is   one
p'"'1' time will cure, .-id some of
P** toys who got so badly beaten
Ml night  will  yet  figure as for-
I'layers in Rupert's First in Northern B. C.
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
London, July 28.-���The most pessimistic views regarding the
acuteness of the Moroccan crisis were confirmed by Mr. Asquith
in the House of Commons last night when he read from a manuscript which had been carefully prepared, a warning to Germany
that Great Britain proposes to stand for what she considered are
her rights, and to maintain the balance of power in Europe.
A further testimony of the gravity of the situation is given
by the fact that the Prime 'Minister obviously had taken the
leader of the opposition into the Government's confidence, for
Mr. Balfour's declaration was no less firm than Premier Asquith's.
Such plain speaking on a question so fraught with the possibilities of a great European war has not been heard in the British
Parliament in many years. The outcome of the situation now
appears to rest almost wholly on Germany's shoulders.
The English newspapers are united in supporting the Government. They strongly urge that Germany be not permitted to
make any African incursion that would seriously damage Great
Britain's national interests.
Famous Pacific Liner Struck Submerged Rock While
Going at Full Speed Outside Tokio Harbor-
Japanese Warships Rescued Passengers
and Mail���Feared Vessel is
Total Loss.
from the Mediterranean. Ii is
governed by a Sultan ar.d a weak
native government, and subject
to constant intern d troubles.
Conflict of Jealousy
The great European powers an*
in a conflict of jealousy lest any
their   number   secure   possession
of Morocco ami secure themselves
there���such ns for instance the
way in which Russia obtained a
foothold In Manchuria, or Great
Britain in  Egypt.
Interests at Stake
Especial rivalry exists between
France and Germany. France i-
facing Morocco on the other side
of the Mediterranean. She has
a vital Interest in seeing that
her great rival does nol secure
possession of Morocco. Germany
is ambitious commercially and territorially. She realises the strategic advantage of territory on the
Mediterranean coast of Africa.
And all of the great |iowcrs are
alive to the commercial avdantage
of getting a foothold in Morocco,
and of keeping out all rivals.
Nearly War in 1906
lu   l'.iiui  the  question   nearly
led   to war,  owing  to  the  intervention  of   France  in   Moroccan
affairs lieing resented by Germany.
Germany's threats over the Al
geciras   incident   led   to   the   retirement of M. Drlca-.se from the
French Foreign Office and a subsequent international agreement.
Now Germany is the offender.
To cap the list of grievances
which France has against her,
Germany three weeks ago sent
a warship to Agadir. This move
precipitated the whole question
British Fleet Ready
I n the present dispute, Great
Britain is in the attitude of back'
ing up France in her resistance
io < ���ernian aggression.
A British Heel has been in
readimss since July lib. so delicate has been the situation.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Tokio, July 28.���The palatia.
C. P. R. steamer Empress of
China, which for years has been
famous on the Pacific Ocean was
wrecked last evening outside Tokio harbor. She struck a submerged rock while streaming at
full speed off the Nojitnisaki Light,
in rounding the southern point
of Awa peninsula.
May be Complete Wreck
The liner was in-bound with a
full list of ixissengers from Vok-
ahama at the lime she struck.
Her bottom was lorn open by the
rocks, and she rapidly began lo
fill, but there was no panic on
board.     The crew and passengers
behaved  with  splendid  presence
of mind and restraint.
Warships to the Rescue
The vessel's syren drew the
attention of the Japanese cruisers
Aso and Soya which were in thi
harbor at Tokio at the time. They
immediately steamed to the assistance of the wrecked liner. Their
boats and launches were quickly
lowered and the Japanese sailors
Hived the lives of all thc passengers
together with tbe steamer's mail
The spot where the wreck occurred is a dangerous one. In
the spring of 1907 the liner Dakota
was wrecked close by. It is feareil
that the F-mpress of China will
become a total loss. F.vcn if
repairs arc possible, il will take
at least three months to put her
into commission again.
Large Passenger List
The passenger list was very
large, and contained a great number of Vancouver people. Their
names are not yet obtainable,
but it is known that all are saved.
The F-mpriss of China left Vancouver for Japan on July 12th.
Dead Body of "Old Geo.," the Crab  Man, Discovered by Tom
Collins���Suspicions of Foul Play are Aroused---Dead
Man's Dog Kept Guard Over His Body Until
Help Came---Provincial Police are
Investigating the Matter.
Tactics may Result in Parliament Being Dissolved at Any
Moment Now.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 3. Portland 1.
Tacoma 4, Spokane 3.
Seattle 11, Victoria 4.
National League
Cincinnati 7, New York 4.
Pittsburg 7, Brooklyn 0.
Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 3.
Chicago 8. Boston 2.
American League
New York 5. St. Louis 4.
Cleveland 0. Philadelphia 3.
Boston 9, Chicago 4.
Detroit 7, Washington 1.
Pacific Coast League
Sacramento 7. Vernon l.
Portland 2, Los Angeles 1.
'Frisco 1, Oakland 2.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, July 28.���Another day
devoted to an apparent obstruction by the Conservatives to the
C.overnmeni motion to proceed
with ihe reciprocity proposals in
the Commons has brought the
inevitable dissolution of Parliament nearer.
It may come now any time,
possibly by Saturday and certainly
not later than the end of next
Negro Excursion Train in a
Head-on Collision���Eight are
Dead and Others Dying.
(Canadian Press_ Despatch)
Charlotte, N. C., July 28.���
Eight persons dead, 50 seriously
injured, and 28 painfully hurt is
the terrible result of a head-on
collision between a negro excursion train and a freight in the
Hamlet yards this morning. Many
additional deaths are expected.
Killed in Auto Wreck
Pittsburg, July 28.���Special)���
Four persons were killed and several injured last night when an
liitoinobile was struck by a Pennsylvania train al lhe Grade Crossing near   the   city.
With a bad bruise on his forehead, and every suspicion of having
been done to death by foul play
the body of thc old crab-man,
George Lichtiiauer,was found lying
dead in about two feet of water
over on the beach at the mouth
of McNicholl Creek across lhe
harbor this morning, close by his
cabin door.
The body was found by Tom
Collins, who worked with the
Cold Storage Company and who
lives about a mile inshore on
that side of thc harbor. Collins
at once rowed over to the Davis
Wharf, and summoned the police.
Provincial Constable Godson with
another officer, and Mr. Collins
left  at once  for  the  spot  in  a
launch. The body was taken
out of the water, and found to
have a mark as of a blow on tin-
left temple. Blood streamed down
thc face, and was oozing from
thc eye and nostrils. The body
had been about twenty-four hours
in the water.
Pathetic Scene
When the police boat, closely
followed by a "Daily News" special launch approached the drowned
man, the miserable howling of a
little skye terrier made the raising
of the body still more pathetic,
The poor little creature was wading out into the water trying to
get as near as possible to its
drowned   master,  but  the  water
was loo deep for it.
The drowned man was clad in
canvas trousers and a dark shin.
His hands were stretched out
before him.    A metal watch chain
showed at his shin breast. Reverently hi* was laid in a boat and
left   while  lhe  police went  ashore
to examine his shack.
Food, Fresh Fish There
On the beach in a crab boat
close by the shack there was
a sack of provisions evidently
purchased only lately. Some canned goods were then- and some
rye bread. On ;i board at the
door of the shack there lay a
fresh flounder, It might have
I been caught less than a day  ago.
Dr. O'Donnell of Chicago Convinced That  he  Witnessed the Flight of Life���Is an Expert Student of
Spirit Phenomena
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chicago, July 27.���That thc
flight of life from a human being
has been wilnessed, is the assertion
tonight of Dr. Patrick S. O'Donnell, a famous X-Ray expert, who
alleges that he actually winessed
the spirit leaving a dying man
who was a patient in Mercy
hospital. Dr. O'Donnell couples
with his announcement an assertion that he believes that he hrs
discovered what in lad canstuifcei
aurora or electrical radiation was
seen by the human eye. Several
persons al tended his demons! rations at Mercy hospital. Using a
film of dicyanin and other chemicals,    held    between    two    small
plates of glass, In* seated together
all  the  physicians admitted  so
that by looking through ibe screen
they could distinguish the auras
of the diffirei.l subjects. The
aura was shown as a strong
radiation of light, surrounding the
(Cmitiiiiii'il on page 4,)
the   soul  or  spirit,   at   least   ihe I entire   outline  of   tbe  body   and
"electrical current" which cm .rolslbead.     In   carrying  on   these  ex-
.i       ,* i f  i   loerlments Dr. O'Donnell has fol��
the actions and movements of ,he  l'11" .     .       ,_
.    . lowed  a  discovery  made  by   Or.
I",lly' w. J. Klllnet <>f London.   Satis-
Dr. O'Donnell already has ��ur-  fR,(1\kl.  1u. had neen tbe human
prised   a  score   of   Chicago   l>hy-laUra,   Dr.   O'Donnell   conducted
sldans by  demonstrating several!the experiment which  be declares
experiments whereby the human revea-lcd to him the "flight of life." THE   DAILY SEWa
77?e Daily Aett'5
S'jrthern B C
T'et Le--c.-l '.n-.i'Ci*- --.: :������'. L^ftu .--..:v..*
f-M.iiiaaal try ri* ?n��.u ttitpxr- P wiausAui*-**
:..-..:.':   AJ'l *IX>:^":
���'. ������:-���'..*-.. .*-T."..'"  .'.A?.-,-.    .'.'     *   *>>��� ���-*���* ".*..--.���.   *.*.��� C '.�����. j*r jta.-. is asnr.iv--..
tiUX-i    ti. .��. >.* ,*i- " ��� -'.i. r.*-��aia-li. .'   t>. '���>��� ;�����-.���>*-��-���   "Aa-i .
li 'j.  l*t )sW    l-LT.'.-. .1    ���..*>Ti��.-.i-Jt
T8A3CSIEV' bl.'.fLk': *.'. ������.'-.".'���.."���������".,-;���'. m--.�� :��������   ��� *.-.      '.-���-...*-��.v. .-tvi
*..*    *V,   .*.4--..*-
������.���.���*.:.   .*.-: ��
.*.���-.���.������..--. .I *. ..--.-. .*.'���:- .-. .i>.:��-���
Sew y.u: - ">'*.". .- - ��� '-���  '--���-��-.  ;..- Lu-. - -.
'-.ia-*-:'-*   f*i*r**. .-w/j: -'*��������  ���������*
;, . . ..--��� -.��-.: :*-���>   .*���--���. 7**:-1 i
7- *;-j-. - -    -
Will not Arrive until Widnaa
day  Ne-xt  in  Order  that  Ht
May Secure Picture of Both
Pri-.-vt    G*or?e   ins   Pnnce
Rupert at Sea.
\     '��������� Rape*    " -"   '���  ���
 -   --���- ������������'-*���"
*.--���    -' ���' -   '
.-.:*:  y:-.rr.\-.i
��� . i:.:*. _*j<i 'Trfl���{****-**��� U   .���_��.���'
Mil  wjutm --ur.   C ir-��-����l  i.   Tt-r1'-   -1
i   '-.  uur'f-jjtji1! -r.ur.una ufi.t*ir   .:"���*-"���-J    - '-:
��� ur iMirAZjmtiii ia j'irniiMi  -i*   u-i*vv.i*i ^-"~-.--
'���imm*uustxi{   ic   i   inm*   na.:1*-^   W* ���' ??5��
..UK-a-sri   rf  *  uUit  niir-_i  il:    ���.-un    - -�����'-'ltf ;'���* "
���art in aa ��ur. uui tf i-cit-ia Ii �����* ��� ���'��� ���
r. lei  ai:*  u'  -.ut  niuir_i   i/   tv iir_a   *z*t*M. J���
��ur.   M   tmuiu.   *_utRiM   mn   ....
������ur.   (.1   gi^.m.   -i-rMiiat   sji-Ul.   <*���   BHBOi :,;|-
tr riniJiMn*oun��nc Mat euuu..*. 4      - ktTTi z'
'A  '���K_
. ii.
ie .
l-irjiL J-m.
:-u:   A-jrl T
ii-Mnna LtiiC Hat*���MMb u   I****    -   ���"
7k�� :i.u�� tt*s*m ~ Imusiia.. had   Jiiww1*-*-1 ���
"��"ir-ira.   *.    " ^   mmcar-ni   -**���-���:������-     -*        /���
���������a**-.:*-:   omtv
- -->*���.������ tj  it i jiuc ;.i;*.--: * ���
'.-un Ui* k*.i.:-,:*��tur tnn*ir n1 L��i ��� 1
-Btauu ��iir-i_ aamrfa fcl Am HI
ciiui'j   uii-li.   '.litniw  -wl   tnn..:-!  t*^        ���'���
Dah.y ��U,:r:v.-v
l>   ..J*-'
F.UDAT. Jolt 28
��� -   -.ry Wedaesd
��� If i     men     -:' '.������.-.- Br ���.--. t.'/r'i i
���   ����� Ottn . in a v-rai *-.:' !--i'.:
a miiiyjn dciQan v. defta*.
..-..���         -   .                         ���               -.   - - .
.'    ���  .*  * ���    .                        .-.- ���       :-���-.-  ���
���"   - ;'���'''��� ii ir.*
-    ��� -     -
.'ar.-.r I
Ti-c. iin-jta uac L a-uta _-   .- -*-;*-
?-u'.*r**-  i    T.  uD***u*a-*u'.*i  in.'.<��*.***". **-���
seci-j   '.-j-   *ai---aawui  *-i   j.ir-c-Aai   -;--
triaatri-aa: jbliU
'.���mnijina-uiif  *-.  a  *^*c  liBMal  t*:'*'
turn* bi.uu a.*..: inai r.  ..  M
*.*.�� -5'un. laiit J'a-: -.aari. -^rt;*.,*-. '. n-3 W =n
���.:..irti��  -aasc   *>.  erain.   :j-*a.��-*   ...   '
--'.hc*-* nR b'. **^" -*���
la--*-, ijri "J, '_>.:. KHl*.  -   "
?-iaT ��taj -1 ria^it*
.   a .:.-
I 1��
.-ul   1
It can do a W
....... - . ���-:....
*      * . -    -   ���:���   - -        --���>..--. kiivi-
b .- a ��; od "
'.        *
.   "      I -" *
...    g   .. ..     .   .
*.-.-.-    .:      :-:-.-   .-������-���     .- :
-:i.a***.A _an.t ->:anr.r*.-_*.r-_-
?u* srtta *_wu: lfn. [a***A*
rv:;.!.-_..-!  "...-*r^:n*n: >u��-*:       -���
'.*��� ;-.r-*-.L.an..^. -.-. ;u-*jai-aM -_:.-     il   *
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I.!**-!**--.*--.-- :-r u i ;.-*.*! | a.T  -:   -
at,: ���   -.:-..*. la a..:--*, -.if *_lrt a   .
>"; .TT- --l-iar. i -j-jm-- -. ir_- ���
*    ST  ~.r*.*? *.!*��-.���** ai<i=a .      ���
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- m m ".'. ;������.**.   '.if   -r.nrT-r^M-ar:- ���
i.r--r Ri-x* .r a-aa*.
; j4j * i-l-la * i
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-   .^-  -���
...   . L.
^i.-^-. ��.*.-.- Ji-j. IK.
.- .*. '.;--iKa. II..
:U'. um
;���   .*  ��� .-���  ���   ��� - '���    ��������...
m/ner. firm '. ��� nada     Ir. I   .
e.r<ii.a ���;.���������-���
... *   * .   . -       -    Itcaw
-  ������ 	
..-..- ������        -'      '���'���' ' '
. U.I   :.'.-��   ':a.
Uf    ?Ti*jBS    5.UMT--
r**anit  u   ICC*'.'   '���
'... .. a.: t   -*l-*-**ri*art   -Uittr
'.-j*i.**a*-*jc-aal  K  * >!*..  a'-
s.l�� sr.i-.**A n! *_w lira :t
- ��� .-a     :-*-..--.   *>1  *-���'*���  a. .
M    -.aa.    XT.***
B���w**r-**i--*. '.if T*t��a?
ut��: :��-. ��������� ��� -
"..   -..**-..; i.-.��*.l   -*��"
  .        '    .
-      -   ���     ��� '."    -       -        - -    ��� 	
T"*.* '���'��� -'    ':'������'���        .-     ���   . If -
..... . ... .   . .   .
j.r��- ��; ���    . ���..���.-������ -     ���. ��� -
��� ' - ' 'V '::���
-        ��� ��� 	
���       ' .a.*-.*/.* ir- -  ��� -
..;,... .-. I,        .   .
Doubti   Thrown   on   Right   of  ?~-'- M*''-*
Great Britain to the Orkney
and Shetland  Iiie��.
���        - -     ���
TtZO sl"
l*u-Jrt ijri :t 1>:'_      ??��.:  j
���i *. -A  u: I   "x
:*���:������*   H   cx*a
-..-..**      H      ���auU
.   .    *C��� *    'l/i
.--*-*-*.:l- '-!*��'
-;.*. !-���****--*-= -1 .   *���-" I   "aawK*
���^a.-. 1 ;ra .-- �����hj"f - ���^_;'���':-,
.  -.-i*r-.-;*.u: *. * *  '- -: xa'. .
tai a yAK. : . ���   xm   B   **
���r.-iT.-.   li.t     i     ***.    tlBalB   ���� B>        -U   *.      -J*
��� tic*  atrt   ?'x-.   - *ara.   ���_*.*���   ���   a  .  : :-*-.
-_*j***lJta   *t***-c   l��i   "a.ita    ita- **i   t.1.**"-!   HI
���*-   -    a aa      H    A* !*���
l��art t;r   li, -i::    >"^=     -*-���:
ra Nat ha I ��������� ttmm.
.'jresc .--i-'.4* 1
��� ��� ' *      ..     �� ��� ���**���
iiiw-- =   : . uxxmc ia =x- -: '   - *-*    ���-�����
V.   Si'..  ���   IU-   ���^FTumA-A   'J.   ���..���.AAA   "-A   '.lajl^-1��
zaaatjs Laait l*acr��*5���l>-r.-
1.11 ta    --tan:  ^   l��ar :
. v*j*e ; *   ��� I i ��� -   taa��� ���*--:
���wu.' xaimm'iMr^sr. at*. :��*arx-.- z.rurAr.a
**-.rr. a uLM *Ma*.tup i*vn . - - a - . ij*a. * Mr*.
���-S* ssaaa ui-jcaa *_-ji li-t a- a**W ��� '-i*-*ai-. ��a*��
*.: taasua. -au*-..*�� a-.*.**-. M ��� i -a *--���* *�� �����** !
���ra.uk --aaKc-a  Mi-u  -.'.   ex i-   if1 B*J=-
T.A-.rovamiv- v.-a *. i( Ul i.���*-s *-..���-�� :r aaja. _
a>- ���:-     .  IML UBU -iiA*
tm  aUi .'.
-1��- -
7 aaa xtirx*-. uae tf��.-i   -
-.-. iiv.iv '���
R*c; - proposal to ra
f>y/: pro -
.        -. '      -
:. .   ��� ���        tween the pi
.  *    .
���      *      . ��� ���     .
states inten
r the tariff, aad \      ��������������� 	
��� pai ��� -
'.���vs.rx:K.-.t ���= �� vm -..a-
:t '-,:*  M   iA-:*.  I
: -
spirit, the)   **���
graft��-r�� ar-d '.: ;-.*
thwri ��� .
Br    '���. g'/W
lo defeat the effw      ������',-���
- *       . :-:       ���  *   -
��� r    i -       Sosst
- -
- ���      -���   .
* . . ���     ���   ���    ���   -
��� -. '���  - ���
���   . .   -. - ���
���    -      .       ���
V   ��� ���
���    ��� ��� -
���' ���
* .* -     :   -
-   ���    . -    - j^-.;
vixaa *ia. '.iL&m-^t
���    '       ���
In th<* v/ ul ��',rk
" . t all tai
I - ���      liai la  dlfl    - ��� . ���
To the mu .
fr'.r.-.   i: f(
���    ��� itasna    the i       .	
;  *    .  *
������    ���      -    .['ply
iiivji" ih/ti -if meat, milk     -       ��� - and
of strict bttildhif laws, publii f infectious d
Hllpl/.r- '.' . ;iV,r.,*'.*
'.f SI ti ���'���*.:��.  S�� ,.,*.-,. ,.ji. r. ,
and fr>< ,,���,|a
g Because They Think
We Have Hot and Moaquito
Infested Tracts in B. C.
The A     "     :"
r and a
tenor th
British   <
-��� al    .
'/n the 1'.-  ���
.���a   *ta**r. ::*-.** 9.
t-iavaa  irti-M   --atoaat i.;  n. :*  ��** -*���  vx-.-. w
���s&3SABU*rz*~.'. ms-JS-l iat    .    a-***-** "���'.**-i :r ��*-������
stAKT  iL-iT J:i_.L.--:aJ.i..l
1-irart ���;-..-   .1..
na w.. i
-aa*--:x lai.-. _��*.-����� ..*������� ���������'  SsaM
Taa^  -,-xam --ia-: l--*��t   I    i -*-<-*   .'   *1-j.--
,y. :a.-~3--9*     -atuIa *-i  a:.
;..".*-*-*   rft.    a., .ry   *-***r.*a*:
^V-**-**^B*a-l.--(   tat    i   >���**���    SA*a��At.    .-���    -*.��    *-.'*"-*
-aaa*. -r.r-j�� * !w Vf'_*��: s ^a^^r.-/-.^-- -i��.��
.. -rx..*-. a. .--t. -.--�����.--. . 1 *-fc -, aw*- *-;rrj�� ?.
ex.** v^--t- '-ueirta .. -r-x *a **.". *�� >*.* 'J
VAzrzjesxczAex. vs. *x *. tij -. ar-a. -t ^t *����� >*aa
Laacae ta-. :'. -j. 1 f.-_ivi: . -: - i-^HLii'.
f^rt Hxt*r��- *<�����!
Inetrrr. :' '.a-aix*
Tax. a-an-a Uw 1. fc -iat-; I rxr<"-- j< ���**�����'���-
'-..�� >'.lt   U   at*.-**'/   li*   *a*f*
-    .��       ��� .* ��� ..-��.*���;    -a-*****-i*>.    X*.--.
I  a    t ;.a-. ���.*!>*. ai-'*.-. i .. *-u*t
...     i*. .-- - a- -/-.I* '-.**a -x ��txa
i       - a.-. .-.^n.   --we*-. ���!   -..  t-x-as.  ���*.-���*.
**r   M   t*. *--x   iMS-ta  v^U  M caaKS.  *-*-��a*a
*>a��c *-. tsx.ta.
:.-v*>^':-     * Ll   nT2.aLr.4L:.
.-.-.   U./   .. >f��a*M :   r-aar-it. AJJBA
a-aa Lawi Ia*t&-l-arrvt a/ C^aac ha-ia
Vaa* MM ux: I. ;   BMM UtilMA ^ h��M
'r..:������-. a   .. aaa-a-aKtat MmU. latar-ai M
M    '.*   -ar*. ��,-.   v.   ���.'���.-f-aa.   *.*-*   tW-.-*-.l*|
>a*-r .*-: Ml
Cavs-Baaa-iM n a va*. -.ai-jt. tmrmx u*�� ai-.
a   ..' -i--* -. txi- i . *k>.*. *aau* , Mam
, v..-.-. ,--..^*. '-.es 'rjem.stur, ii*M atav.
* -* MM 'A-a-a**** 'is .' I : A*, riaaar... *ia-*ar* aaat
- ��� x ia, iMiu* *>. *.  :���. tax ia. *.--��*,�� -aast t.,
t*U.*a.   lAAMB   V.r *.   1.   **i*S   *A   *AUll  tM
��� aia���aai. mr, ui-t i-a. wk -so** a* �����*
L��v��i ��.:���   .i ....        .*  HAr-yLl. V ���.��..*. i*.
iiasrs lail 1/^r.r. -'j.,-'/r. -J   .--**-. .-u-*a  '.
7.x.  *./_.*.   .-.a-. ;    L raai   iC-laa***/   *.l   "A  W.-
HT.     h.     '..     'a---T.Ji*.*-V.      I*. *#,*.     ^*.ri:     V.
I***   ***-r^i.*��'.*.    '.'.   ..--.-a-      ��   'X-..   'J    -a***      ���-��.
i>^i.i��ric --J a: t -.��-. -xaaoal taaar *.-.. > ..*.-,.
�������� tr.*-;* v< *>/. rr.   ru-ar* S. '. -���
-xasrx ��*r. M -r-x.x. luaat atra*.-. v. ��� ax.
ttaVO IM   a  *>x*x   -i-E.*-, MTU  M  OA a  taV
. i  -... >:;���;, .i.r
t--^ ��� *.    ' -J. -. -
L**: v.***. -i../..
f*��t A*.-1a
��� ��� ��� - :.-*u-*��t vt'.*��*i
Tats IM      . ..   ilvltc-ace   y T*.*.
Ci-. I IM,  il   C . *���..�����.,***!M c*.-.. t'.-x* 1. IA
:: ��� .:��� .      'r-r.*.-    ����/   It*  **��n.��Aay.*.     .   *��rrLa��  *.*>.  Ia-..*<
M   -:   a* ;
'' ���    -a-mill  foriy mil'.-��    c-M-weaa&t u. yxr. sfprnm) &������������ * mmm
. . ��a�� vr.: ***- V.r. ',�����.�� hiS�� .���:   ���- tf^ a��t
IVtr,    A-*    -������'-��   ���<       <*'   '������ -r   ���.���jrum  ***.   t.   ���  a.-i
���.���Aim  ::r:  t.  .-.a..-..   **>��c����  **m l. e ��� -a
���I'i*��*fi    I., a"    Wi<k   ttaMa v..*.-. l. ..t*.'j jt prjuA at eaetxuet* -uaal
a--, -j.*.--' V, tt-na mac* ��e laaa.
-.in.- 'if m'/--  !<���������"��� *������������ ... i��n
-.:-.' y r-,   ���,',:   th'.*   fit An., ca. Ten, At-��t
'.-.':���:      '���   :'*'rn.    tllMJgh    pro-      R*��t���� Ur.-l [ix-.r<t-ti*awln AlCaaoar
i '   'I i* ���   '���'    ��� '      .        HI   thi    .fill   resources '��f Taaa -.-/-a-. t-..t I. U,r/ <:*n* at Su��art.
([loves and nets, a-ere ^c,*M>yMa�����anas���ms\jsmmmf*��sm)g
the ; ������  i"'* tapped at the root .    ,hil>l l.-if^.r and ih<
in'lustri.il emph :.���-���.;�����' tlvi i ers. Of
by the subjection of i's adult fiii��-ti. ���-, un|rfiysiological hours ol
l.-it����.r >,r ",t ditkms iii miii<   ihop '.r
The function -.f Rational government! Is to preveni tha im;.<ir-
lati',1, of 'liv.iv . thft)Ugh stri<- -, . in     ii.   .,- . || ports '.:
the transfer of disease from one  lati to another through strict super.
vision of .ill Inter tati '.i��i"    to disseminate informatiofi on even
-    to     op  work. In   K;-m- ua-i
,          , . ' '.--������- -.f  a-,  a
I'lOi--. the thermometer s"x/l ;ir- mux* **���> i, w, *t.j�� ***t oi u��. lotiu a tba
���    '"..      ��� shade.
[or y*nrjmv/* V. *. Mt*M tha loiio-naf ametilmH
-. a-.-.:  t-*o 'Z| milaa
a-    t*-.   '���   **   1
Wtra aiyl Ixt r.ara, Uaaaca Ml tUloa north,
thar.t* Vr chaiaa *��at, u**-a��a '.'i cbaloa *r/utla
lla*r.-*. Vj cair.. tan.
Me>        " Prince Ruperl con* g?fi1^������-   mJidLSSSLi
���"""��� SMUilalMaa-lMMllCM.
'/il. sui nj    - .turner to perfection.   J[*J,1.'";.���e���tfc" '��� A"'*rl K'��;0' -SS,*J
7 I .   ...   j^^,    ���    , _   iM^tim   .laetrKiaD,   lotati-l   to
��� appl/ i'i*-  p*r*nlasi',n u,  purebaaa tba lollowlaf
amtaiXreA laMa:
Comm*ne*r.f at a fiat plaata-1 abwjt (%, thraa
ao -   - .a-, Kjtr, H th* '.-., of ��� .. Wblu aad Flat
rirwa,  '������--.���   t;'i  rt.air..  .-.it',.  ���"-'*  M abainr
uiatc vital itausttcs   a most impriftam lir.-i"h of ��h��- work of con* is to refuse to In- "tied" to an ***> ih">'* *�� "*iM ****> "-*0*" ** ���-'���������������,
leu,- pertaining to thi vitality, -.f thi people; .-*r.���*I to coded and tnl��*
ulste vital -.i-i-i' a most Important branch of the work of con��
vrv.i'ion -aIh'Ii b at [ir'-.ii> iadl) neglected 'I M Bjorkman
in "'lh' World's Work'' Magaiinc
HAVE You Been Getting Poor on the Money
You Have "Saved" by Using Cheap      ,(
Ssa^sstS&TC rr,"l' 5-5""'v" !******* M *'"��� *"<"*��� ipniHira
���MM1I.K It ^OrtSlV*,"Mtk,n    "'"���'���>,t- *******, *** ******* Hi
To watch The News want
unsatisfactory boarding plai
lMt*->1 April H, liil.
Pub. Mar U.
Francia S. I'n*aton, Af*ot
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
WM  T. KERGIN. M D . President DAVID H. HAYS, I si Vlce-Pres.
M. I   HOHIN, 2nd VicePres.  and Manager
JAY KUGLER, Serrelary-Tieasurer C, B  PETERSON. Ass I   Manager
3^5T55L*!��X���� fr \mtttm CMBAP ���rmlin�� I.
���t*��.-i���t-.|y r���lrHrll, ,,r���,nl,im>
a*i* If v,-. . ...  .
It ^StmVt,'" *?"��* ******* l-^triaaal
���n Mks res peas h tm p.*,^ to ,.��lnt ^g-, of lt,
'"R   Hi'il, -i.ass ..aiHiiH.. ���, At,. ^�� ���.K THr ..,���,. <0>.
Dfl//y /Veuii Hullding
'"""����" Third Avenue
",'"'1 'af"*- Administrator Receiver or Assignee Faim Lands and Mines
Ileal F.tiate and Insurance       Agent For Care of Real Estate       Is,,.,,, Agents
Fiscal Agents Trustees Registrar and Transfer Agent
�����. -��     ,   '";""! fnrfrr Mortgage and Deeds of Tmsl
Safe tiepotll Vault and IX.,... ��� Collections
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. 4 pe, cent  ���n Oepoalli
W. will u ���!*,...i ���. nm. ,���. [MMM r*a.���ll���a Inv.alni.nt. In I'rlnea Rtipart
���wl  ���..���n���-,���  luni.i, o.luinlila.
The  Continental   Trust   Company),   Limited   **mP*mm..,
^ r     *-**     ���*-""����=��,     i ni, , i  a- 11 a i. ��.c.
The  Greatest
Fiction  Character of the Century  Come to  Life Again
A Double Chance
Daily . .
News ..
Sir   Arthur  Conan   Doyle    writes two   new    adventures
of the famous detective for the Daily News.
new S   dock Holmes i "rii���Tht- Adwnture
Dc-.ii's Foot   was concluded in y-*terday's i*s-je.    I     *
I ��rea: human interest.    It showed the K'reat detective at
hreadsof greed. ha;e. lov-j ar.d murder.
On  Mr.'...;.   WC will commerce the publication of another of
Shei     ���:.--   net���The Adventure of lhe Red Circle.    It
with a I-ondon lodging house mystery*    '������ '-* '*���" "' ���^���m'?d>
and interest.     If you are not a regular Mibecriber to tbe Niw��. pho-.*.
;r subscription today, and read The Mystery of the Red Circle.
The Daily News has the sole right of publication of the new Sherlock Holmes
Stories for Northern B.C.
To all husines* men who -ind a new siili-acription for a year CO
thc ll.ily News,   we will pttaint gratis ��� year's subscription to the
B.(   Commercial Review, the best commercial journal <<n thePSdnc
("oast.    Every up-to-dati* tradesman should bt ��� reader of thc Com-
merdal Review.
Send loOO for a year's suliscription to the Daily News, and
we will v-nd you gratis the Commercial Review for a year. The
ll.tily News may lie sent to your home address, and the Review HJ
vour lysine*��� address if desired.
The Daily News
50c A Month   -   $5.00 A Year
>*ii^*n��iiii��n��ii^ii��iii^n%n*ain*��ii��ii**ii*��   '|ai"%i'l��n*%ii��*n*��ii^ii%ai%��i^. n �� n %. h �� n ^ n *���*���*" "��� THE DAILY NEWS
<b��i*'.^hIh|h|i *******
i I    *m
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices  in Northern B. C.
a^r^.r^.*^.^a��jr*^r^.^��^^-.^^.ra*aur.^^**��.<..��������.������-*��.������*-.<��� ���***�������������� "*��� ��� **���*** �����-**--a--*��..-a>..^aaa��^r.
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will bo devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Curner" will fill a social need.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
U      and Stewart
Prince Rupert
Original Method as Discovered
in Switzerland
OFFICE    :     :
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, diBhwashers, hotel portal, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grind Hotel Free Employment  Office
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
Gasoline Launches, ^��Z
For Hire by Hour or Day
H JskulM       Can Creek        P.O. Bet 187
i hum- Wi i:xxy.y.u
land 4
i and 8
Block Section
34 8
14 8
36 7
Come in and see our list of buys in
other parts of the city
Hotel Central S?ftsfi5
European and American plan, nteam
heated, modern conveniences. Rat*0*.
$1.00 to $2.50 per day. I
little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
===E.   EBY   <&  Co.=
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
The  Prince  Rupert Loiliti*. No. 318. Son.  of
Ennlanil. meet, the lira!  nnil third Tuesdays   In
each month In thc Carpenters Hall, at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec.,
V. O. Box 812. I'rlnce Rupert
ERNEST A. WOODS. President. Hon 23
| Second Ave-. Princ* Rupert, B.C
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Sleem Healed Rooma
P.O. BOX 37
Irn.rr and Fifth St.
Tho only hotel In town
with hot and cold water In room*. He-it fur*
nistml house north of
Vancouver. Room* 60c
up. Phone 87. P.O.
box 129. :       :
Prudhomme & Fisher      Proprietor!
���Grand Hotel..
���Print Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proeelelee
f, Rochester &
,,y      Monroe
l      '���'* Coal
!\   *)    * '^'
*.:    Phone ns
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Matts or Rugs
Vancouver For Dressing Company
1843 Granville St.       Van., B.C.
BESNER &  BESNER, .Proprietors
The New KlHcix Hotel Is run on the European
filan.    First-class service.   All thc Latest Modern
mprovementa. -:���:��� IIKlis Stic UP
Paper-bag cooking is by no
means uncommon on the continent. The "bakes" managed by
professional "bake" makers along
the shores al various seaside resorts always have one paper-bag
course, often more. A traveller
in Switzerland, writing of some
of her experiences for an American
publication, says:
"When Staying in a Swiss chalet,
where pots and pans seemed to
be scarce, I was curious as to
how so many appetizing dishes
could be prepared for a meal with
a small stove and f pots. Going
to town one day, i was requested
to bring back a considerable quantity of thick grease proof paper.
Such an unusual demand for a
household where no cooked food
or butter appeared to be senl
out! Liter, I was asked to help
in the task of cutting paper for
bags of various sizes; also, I was
told these were used for cooking
in lhe chalet.
"Then at once I realized the
secret of the many delicious dishes
that I had enjoyed, for no flavor
or juices can escape in this
method of cooking.
"I was also let into the secret
of the bag-making, the paste for
these being prepared with a well-
beaten egg, mixed with flour to
a thin paste. Two sheets of
paper were cut to the size needed
to contain a shoulder of lamb.
These were smeared with the
paste along both sides and one
end, about an inch and a half
deep. The shells were ihen laid
on each oilier, the two pasted
pans touching, the bag was dried
and ready for use, the paste hardening further when in the oven."
Strength and Proportion of the
Sexes Compared by Science
Woman's strength at most is
only about two-thirds of that of
man. while her height is as sixteen
lo seventeen and her weight as
nine to ten. In woman the trunk
is, relatively to the arms and legs,
longer than in man. The head
is also carried less upriglu, and the
gait is comparatively unsteady
and indirect. The greater length
of the first finger, as compared
wiih the third, is a feminine
peculiarity. This relation, seldom
found in man, is nol uncommon
among women.
Woman's lung capacity is in
proportion to her size much less
than man's, and the amount of
carbonic gas expired is consequently less. Differences in the
blood are well marked and are
said to be significant. In woman
il contains a less number of red
corpuscles���about 4,.r>oo,(KH) in a
cubic millimetre to 8,000,000 in a
Have you learned that "keeping
boarders" is a business matter���
and that it involves timely advertising in the classified columns
of The News?
Dates Back to the Earliest Days.
Probably Eve Used One
Thc early manufacture of needles
was accompanied by more difficulties than at the present day
and that these now very common
articles were not within the reach
bof everyody, for the poorer housewives had to do their mending
and sewing with very clumsy
articles fashioned cither of wood
or fish bones. Later on the best
needles were made largely in Spain,
and Stowe tells us that "a negro
made fine Spanish needles iu Che-
apside, but would never te.-ich his
art to any." /
England, it would seem. It arm d
thc manufacture in which she
now excels from Germany, The
"Needlcmakers' Company" orgi-
Inated in the reign ol Henry VIII.,
and received their first charter
of incorporation in 1086, and many
curious powers wen* granted them.
It was at Long Crcndon, in
Buckinghamshire in Mi'iO, iliut the
wholesale manufacture of needles
commenced, but Kidilitch soon
became the centre of the industry,
and has remained BO ever since.
It is, however, only three-quarters
of a century that iie process of
manufacturing needles by machinery has lieen in operation, and the
innovation was met by riotous
It lakes in all about nine days
to make a needle, and the cost
par ton to the manufacturers is
somewhere about 60 pounds. There
are about forty thousand of lhe
smallest-sized needles to a p. .tm. I
avoirdupois, but no cmiming is
ever done nowadays by hand.
Find the Right Grocer
��� AND -
Your Table Troubles End
Wc sell thc Right Groceries, I'm
visions,   Fruits   and   Vegetables
that are healthful  thia  weather.
Ideal Provision House
Thlnl Aire., new ith St. Phone !-.���'
lhe new atei'l Passenger Steamer
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monday afternoon.
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
Northbound, leaves Vancouver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
Steerage Fare      -       $5.00
The "Camosun" is the only steame
on the run having water-tight bulkheads and double bottom, thus en
surlng safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
For most delicious Bread,
Datnly Blsculls, El*., use
Robin Hood Flour
Your Dealer Has It
I -General Hardware��� X
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
QrsnIUwsra      Tinware
Second aveiuc and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
I.aw-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Ruoert P.O. Box 361
of Ilrttlah Columbia of B.C.. OaUrlo, Saa-
and Manitoba Bart. katchewan  ana Al
berta Ban.
Olllce- Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth .11 .at. Prince Ruoert. I
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation, skilfully treated. Ga. and
local anaalhellce admlnl.lered for the palnle.. extraction of teeth.      Ctm.ultatlon free.     OtTlce.:
ll.liter-wn Block. Prince li.ii.--ii. Il-U
Ale M Man...,, I.A..     W.E William..a A . I..1..!���
Barristers, Solicitors, etc
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. o. Box a
ri rn  or WM. i..vs. (SO.. iin��.'i..**.iM.
Third Avenue also Water Street,
G. T. P. Transfer Agenl.
Ordera promptly mini.   I icea reaaonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rocheeler. Centre si.    Phone aa
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Fruit   :   Produce   :
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
STOCK OOMri.KTf* ril"M   68
Arthur Huts of Seattle, turned
in a hii last week that the fans
will talk aboul for a long time to
come. In the fifth inning, wiih
Householder on second, Arthur
caught the ball right on the nose.
It went down the field and almost
as high as the birdman was when
he circled over Seattle. Netzel
backed up on the ball and much
to his surprise and chagrin found
his back against thc flagpole.
He could not remedy the situation,
because the ball hit thc pole well
above his head and shot off to
the left. Hues had an easy time
making a real home run inside
the grounds and scoring Householder ahead of him.
9   $   0
Ty Cobb, the "Demon Tiger,"
has the greatest ambition ever
possessed by a ball player���that
of making 300 hits in one season.
tji   &    tin
Frank Chance will not likely
take his place on the Chicago
Cubs lineup again. Hereafter he
will direct the team from the bench.
-;     'Tat     l$J
New York, July 26��� Tom Kennedy, for two years amateur heavyweight champion boxer of America, has signified his intention
of turning professional. Kennedy's
first match will be with Al Pauser,
who is a hard-hitting heavyweight
of good class. They will meet at
the National Sporting Club on
August 4th.
0   0-0
Some eastern players continue
to come back year after year.
Albert Dade and Jim Kavanagh
have been farewelling ii for sonic
lime but slill slick.
0   0   0
The Alberta provincial championship tennis tournament will
be held at Calgary, August 7th
to 12th inclusive. Entries must be
forwarded to the Hon. Secretary
Archer J. Toole, Post Office Box
2008, Calgary, not later than
August 2.
0   0   0
Shortstop Bush of the Detroits
is a member of the Society for
lhe Prevention of Cruelty to Ball
Players. He states: "I have
never had the spikes on my shoes
sharpened. I don't believe in
it, for the reason that I may
dangerously   cut   another   player.
I suppose if I would sharpen up
and go spike-first into the bases
the opposing players would have
more respect for my base-running
ibility. I am losing stolen basts
right along. Yel, I haven't the
heart lo spike and maybe maim
a player for life."
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert. S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Stewart,   Thursdays  nnd  Sundays
ntSu.m.     Special   fare  on   Sunday
boat,   $!l.r*0  return   including  meals
anil berth.
at. Prince Albert sails for Port   Simpson,   NaiiH   River,   Masset,    Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and f-jr:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays anil Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and    Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
.^.m^m B.C. Coaat Service
MJ5E53r   Famous  Princess  Line
Hftfifflr  s.S. PRINCESS ROYAL
Saturday,   July   29th,   8 a. m.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
��� i ��� r (J ix ��� i ���
Take thc fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
! w. j. McCutcheon
Carries complete stock of Drugs.   Special
attention paid to tilling prescriptions.
X Theatre Block phone no. 79 Second Ave.
LIMB      BRICK     l-l.ASTKIl      CEMENT
Phone 116
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Boat
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made al short notice.
Our prices are as low aa any.
Call on us before ordering.
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., next to old ofllce of Optimist, sell only
Best made in Seattlo. Fruit and Candy, wholesale and Retail. Look for Hash sfgr. at night
SAM GO WEN, Proprietor Phone 350
City Scavenging
Mr. J. <;. Weston announces that he
has commenced work for the city.
All  orders  received   at   the
Office, 5th St.
Phone 42
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit thc lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
H. H. MORTON, Sec.
He sells Building!      He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys Lota He builds Homes
Special  Bargains in
Kitselas Lar.ds   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse Lands
Hazelton District Lands      Bulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lands      Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum Landa, Sand, Gravel and Marble Deposits
Lift Your  Properties with Jeremiah H. Kugler
He buys Leases He loans Money
He lias Fa mn For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
Second  Avenue, Prince Rupert, B. C.
ift,ttnmm^ THE DAILY NEWS
(Continued from Page One)
The little dog followed the men
and whined piuously about the
shack. It refused food however
and seemed disconsolate only for
the dead man.
"News" Races Police
The  "Daily  News"  man   took
charge   of   the   terrier   while   the
police pursued their further investigations.    The   l'.iiK   News
representative in the launch "Cloyah" driven by M. Ingalla romped
across the harbor in record time
and landed at the moment the
police were raising the body. Forty-live minutes alter the finding
of the body the "Daily News"
machines were clicking on the
Dead Man Well Known
''Old George Lichtnauer, the
crab man. was well known about
town and many people used to
patronise his wares. He was last
seen in Prince Ruperrt the day
before yesterday, but no one seems
to have heard much of his movements since. There was no mark
of violence about the body beyond
*:- v -. .- *.- -.- -:- -i ***** -ji * *.-
.*  *.'   ."  V   .'  *    '.'  '-  ****** *V'  V   1*
Splendid Performance of "Paid
in Full" by May Roberts and
Again l.ist night the Empress
Theatre was [lacked to hear May
Roberts ar.d her company of players, The play selected was Eugene
Walters' well-known drama "Paid
in Full."
The story is a dramatic one.
Joe Brooks, an SIS dollar a week
accountant for the Latin American
S. S. line, is married to pretty
Emma Brooks. Emma longs for
pretty dresses and other things
that can't lie got on $18 a week.
Two unhappy young people and
an interfering mother-in-law. packed into a four-roomed Harlem
flat i*- not an earthly Paradise.
Finally from borrowing money
from the safe to take his pretty
Emma to the show, Joe helps
himself to thousands of dollars
His family circl
"The News" Classified_a4ds*
==0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion^
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phone 15" Third Avenue and Fulton St
Lost and Found
I LOST-A   Kokak;   left   on   Metlakatja wharf.
Finder rewarded by leaving same at Camp**'
Cigar Store. l*.-*tl
Lost - A small black pur��e eontalnini: It.'l
Finder please return to Mr-. .-��� I '��� J*""'
Hotel, and be rewarded.
NO NEW COAL      __  c
Furnished  rooms  with bath,
the week.   Talbot House.
Even Though Strike is Ended
Mines   Cannot   Immediately i^^Jta-w^ssssi
Operate.   Men Have Left the    appi>*po.Bo*uu.
Names of three Candidates
Were Suggested but They
Must be Referred to Conservative Association, and are
not Made Public.
Last night in the office of W. E.
Fisher   ihe   delegates   chosen   by
the district Conservatives met to
nominate possible candidates for
the forthcoming election, Names
of three candidates were passed
upon, and it was decided thai
these should not be divulged until
the   Conservative  Association  of
Mclntyre   Hall,   for  concerts.   tntertaintMBU.
dances, etc.   Apply J. H. Roa-ers. *. t*.."*<* Ut.
Canadian Press Despatch i
Calgary, July 27.���The Miche
mines are a mass of flames, whil
l'rank mines will not be
Warned���Small houae. furnish.-'.
Ished.   State terms tc Box K. I'
. - ; irtly f'Jrn-
-.  ....lio-if
Do away with this.
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Prince Rupert has held a meeting
and considered them with possibly
others.    The Association will meet
on the call of the chairman, Mayor
Manson,   and  any  other   names
I of candidates favored by groups of
^^^^ the  Conservatives  may   be   sug-
n , ...    Bested   before  the  Association
Patronize a white j J^    ^^ m ^^ ^^
Schwengers of Victoria, Will
Meet Baird of Toronto To.
morrow for Championship of
(Canadian Press Desp;
Ottawa, July 28. Schwcngcrj
of Victoria, won lhe - mi.final
in tin- Dominion Lawn
Championship and on s.
meets Baird ol Toronto,
finals. ^^^^^
With his fellow citizen McRae
Schwengers was successful yesterday in the semi-finals ol the men
doubles. With Mis*. Sir; , -a,},.
wengers was also successful 111 the
mixed doubles.
in iht
town that there will be no lack
of "groups" amongst the Conservatives.
Ccey furnished rooms. Mrs. B ���" r. *-- T.ertet
Room., Third Avenue, betaer- Seventh ar.d
Eiehth. 11-"
sen    tu    uiuuauiius   01   uuiutis. i mines arc ��a mass ui  luuncs,  nn��.*   ti^^,rv,rt,r^rv^^,^,-^^,a��.*l
family circle move to a swell  the Frank mines will not be op-   i j
se.    A raise of salary and a erated this winter, was the dec- Help Wanted j
us of back pay,  is Joe's ex- laration of Mr. Hanna of th<* Bow .i~��--���.^��-~-~*^.*������-"-"���"' ���    ���"
bom    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
planation to Emma for their new   Centre collieries in trying to show
the bruised eye and blood trickle.jfouncj splendor and comfort. [the coal committee tha: even if
-A woman to wash a-
Phone SMI.
iron one day a
The police suggest that this may
have been caused by a rock.
Old Oeorgc Lichtnaeur came
here from Texas a y.ir or two
ago. He has some people still
living. Deceased was a clever
piano player, and has played at
little private -.otials frequently
in I'rince Rup-en. Curiously enough the position of the dead
man's outstretched hands when
he was taken from the water was
the position of the hands on the
keyboard. It would seem that
the ruling passion held even in
August First will See Railway
Ready for and Red Cliff Ready
Then   when   the  crash   comes,
and Emma's faithful admirer Jimsy
Smith, warns Joe that his arrest 1 of coal for months yet.
is imminent. Joe turns white-
livered and worse. He ir.si-.ts
on his pretty wife going at midnight to the suite of the president
of his company and offering terms
to   settle   the-   matter.     Joe   cal-
the strike is settled now there will  ^aWjKsWXsTJSBT ��
be little chance of any shipments'  one. pioneer uundrr.
Girl wanted, immediately, f r    .*-*. housework.
                                  ^^^^^^^^ Apply Mra. D. Cohen, phone  J            llo-tf
Should     the    Coal     Strike    Cease Miner. B.50. Mucker. S.-vi. wir-ed at Hiddea
,,       ,                                                  ,,.,,��� Creek Copper Co.. Gooae Has.   Taae S.S. \ adso
Monday    next,   as   Mr   William orVantur*.                               livtf
Whyte  Of   the   C.   P.   R.   Considers Porter Wanted    ApplyTalb-  Rant, 2nd Ave.
probable, the   trouble of getting
coal to the surface will only just
have begun.    Extensive repair j                For Sale
New       Solid       Ladies   j
in Crocodile, Morocco, Etc.
Watche.       Souvenir.       Jewelry
First Ocean-going Steamer to
Reach Lake Port This Morning    from   England.
cul.itcd on  the president's tastes work has to be conducted in the a>-~-~���-^^-^-^..^.���a^.���~~.
and Emma's charms. Frank mines, while it is impossible m Er.eii.h p��rambuiator��� ��� *.-.-���< ��!*.
Jimsy also made some lightning to  guage  how  long  it  will   take'   **���***''��� App,yP0-box '
calculations, and he warned Cap- to put "tit ihe fierce fin.*, raging
OFflCIAL   WATCH   issri . t.ni  FOR C.T.F,
R. VV. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
On Inspection Trip
By the launch Rover, J. L.
Parker, mining engineer of Victoria and Vancouver, left for Goosf
Hay to look over some claims of
his adjoining the Hidden Creek
Hazelton ' Will Make It
Water in the Skeena River is
! falling  now, and  there  is every
probability that the steamers will
ilic   able   to   make   regular   trips-
until  the late  fall  colse of  navi
gaiion.     The   S.S.   Hazelton   is
likely   io  be  the   first   IkkU
make the trip this week.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, July 28.���The steel
steamer Yorkton arrived here today with a cargo direct from
Sunderland, England. She is flu*
first ocean-going vessel in reach
this port.
Quebec   Nationalists   Cannot
Wait   any   Longer   Twenty-
one Meetings in Ten Days.
ror Sale or Lease-Beat locii-i   restaurant In
   Stewart, no ��pjxaition. lib*-. :-*rir.��.    Full In-
tain Williams the hard living old in the Michel mines. Thousands MSS*.^ ' " "mf* A^Sfa^ttlSfla^Sgarf
president of the line, of what I of miners have left the Pass, and w-Wti-you, sto*,;. *m.,m a. J. ^i"I^ a'S^taifi'r^WiViS
kind   of   funeral   awaits   him   if I it  will   be  hard  work  to secure    85^**' -""��"������   ^T" S*S��5��Sr&?S fnTO
liabilities of the partnership ar* to be paid b>
Chicken Ranch. 2 .-*. r. ������ f*.uuse, house-   Anarus D. Mclnms.
A. D. MclNXIS.
Dated at Princ* Rupert this 17th day of Julv.1,11
any  harm   befalls   Emma  at  his enough men to operate the mines ForSak
As  a  reward  for  the way  in
which she spurned his suggestions
of  how   the  little  matter  might
be    settled.     Captain     Williams
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      I wrote out a settlement in full of
with the Ore According to A. j j(H.-���   defalcations   and   gave   it
fully for months to come.
Every mine that has In-en closed
down will have to be fixed before J
it can Ik* worked. j
hokl r��d>    Sear Prince :-..;��� rv
taken at once.   Address B *   - ���
A  snap if
Fire Insurance
Erskine Smith.
"Copper-gold ore from the Red
Cliff mines will reach the Tyee
smelter at Ladysmith in thirty
days at the latest, -aid Ir. A.
Erskine Smith, president and general manager of the Red Cliff
Mining Company and president
of the Vancouver Mining Exchange.
"Our ore bunkers are filled ar.d
we are smelting only the completion of the twelve miles of trai k
connecting the Red Cliff district
with Stewart to begin shipping.
Tne railroad has Ik en promised
for some time, and Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann have assured us
thai they will complete the line
before August 1. The t nicks will
be laid right under our bunkers.
"We are drifting on ore in ihrce
levels, ard it appears as though
Reil cliff Mountain were largelj
composed of valuable mineral bodi-
i - lhe on* wc are selling to the
Tyee smelter is about equal parts
copper and gold .nd we shall
ship wo tons a day if the boat
service is .is good as we expect
"Our water power system is
complete and we have discarded
the old  steam equipment.    The
gravity tram from mini* lo bunkers
will in- completed during ilu* lirsi
week ill August, and then we shall
start shipping in earnest. Fifty
men are at work at the mine, and
with them we shall !����� able to take
out as much ore daily as the boats
can handlei
to Emma.
But the incident opened Emma';
eyes to the character of the skunk
she married: also * * tht
kind of man Jimsy proved to be.
The curtain comes down with
Emma leaving her husband ������ -
home to mother. The audience-
is left to calculate that some day
she will become Mrs. Jimsy Smith.
and that J'-e Brooks will get no
In their respective parts the
company showed themselves well
suited. May Roberts as Emma
showed her emotional ability and
some very pretty gowns to great
advantage.      Ira   Robertson    rep-|
THE Brftfcfc Uatoa nd Nat mI Ftr�� faf virtue* |
Coffif>*r.y of Lradon.  Entasd.   with    caoiUl
f r: f.<   ��������� 00.    $*eo��lr rate*.     The Mick
hcai.v a-*: lrjurv.eeComiaav. 7"-tf
New Leg Grafted on to Old Girl i
Operation   was   Successful. ������**"
Over the Line   Special."
Battle by the Hash
In the Owl Restaurant last night
two foreigners named respectively
Allcss and Pavieh got calling each
other names, fell to fisticuffs, and
finally went for each other with
chairs. They wen- parted by
Provincial Constable Godson and
ihis morning Alless who used
I the worst language first to the
oilier was lined $.1 and costs.
Business   Chances
',...  -     ...     -   M   . r..-  Picture.       Wanied-A
The Board ol ��� Railway Commbaloner*. lor
Car.ada will hold*a alttlnf at Prlne* Rupert.
H C on ot about th* 19th day ol Aufiut, 1(11.
al lh* bout* ol It i'clock In lh* forenoon (or th*
pu.**po*e ol hearing matter*, application-*, or
complainte f.led with th* Board and t**rv*d upon
the   parti*,   interaated   In   accordance   with   lh*
Conductor Tries to Collect Ticket   from   Man  on  Toronto
Train    Makes Gruesome Discovery.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal. July 28���Tin- Nationalist campaign in Quebec has
commenced without wailing fur
any formal announcement of the
election date. Bourassa, Monk,
and La -ergne have arranged for
twenty-one meetings in  ihe next
ten days.
Coaat Kanfe b Land Distinct
Taka notice tbat 1, John  Hepburn ol toX-
sumkalum,  occupaUon  tanner. Intend to .;���?���)
lor |s-niiiaaimi to purcn
l lb* lollu.nit alesc-ili
party to start PMtog t'icture show in Princ*   Rulae and llefulattona ol the Hoard
New York. July 27���By zr. :'--
irg the shinbone of a man to a
woman suffering from cancer, thus
practically giving her a whole
new lower leg. the Burgeons of
the New Vork Hospital for Deformities have completed an operation unique in surgery. l'p
to   now   operation   of   this   >.,r-
r..; .-���    w nt* me for particular..
Watertown. Wis.
H. I -��� ���
Tenders Wanted
For building Concrete Wall. al��o Stone Founda*
tK.n.   Inqjir*<-f atcCa*T*ry & Gibbons.      1W-1S.
^^_       By'Order ol the Board.
Board ol RaU-aay
Commlaaloneni lor Car.ada.
Datad at Ottawa thia 26th Day ot Jun*. 1011.
The partnership formerly exittintr between J. '
  K. Ar.de. .on and L. M. Hughe*. General aler-
lao..    I ���. ., ��,-��.,,A ..   ..a,..:���,.,.. I chant,,  at the Hi-E!len River. Graham Island.
have been confined to e.\|x.-nmeiual ha. b**n diss.,;-.*.!,   b.i.r.e,, win be carried on
...   _s.    t _   j^  by the undersigned.
work done on dogs. .t
The first essential was to get a
resented  the hard living Captain ',.,���. ()( th(. oro eaun ,)V digeaae
Williams  with  great   gusto,  and After a ^ mt of *j,e ho8plta|g
quite   endeared   himM-lf   to   tin* whi(.h  h.,I,r���w)  t.mi.rKem.v  rasc.s
audience.      \ ntor   Gillar.d    gave reported   ilia;   a   man   had   been
a powerful imi.crsonat.on of J.nisy ,.*���,.,, jp .,��� .1(,.i(k.)U    As thu ,������,,.
Smith.     The   part   of   the   sore- U;,s  ���, , 1;,inu,,   .WK,   wol,,f,   haVL
headed    crave    Joe    Brooks    was ^   ^..^   ^   p,^^   y[M ���,
excellently Impersonated by Geo. .,���. lV     .-       ,,    f nli(1.
'���""" ical college, requisition was made
Tonight.   Miss   Roberts   [irom- for ,,.,. ,.,   ,i���.  |eg8i  from  which
Ises to display some of her Parisian the   tibia   *-as   taken.     It   was
gowns  when   she   takes  the   title I kepi in an icebox, immersed in a
role in -The Adventuress." s;ronK    s.tlt    solution,    until    the
siir^ioi] was ready to use it.
Cash buvs furnished hotel
with 20 rooma.  Price $1000.
Cash buys fine residence
property including Houae on
9th Avenue, Section 6.
11A   ''���'���-������ buy* a nice lot in Section
���V ���*�� V   7, Balance $26 a month.
Furnished Hotel for Lease.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
Pattullo Block.
Skeen* Und DUtriet -District of Cowt Ra: (e V
Take notice that I. (.eorfe Kime of To-rner,
North Dakota, V. S. A., fanner, intend to apply
for permmion to purchaa the following df-vribed
Commencing at a post pla.tted at the tiuth-
wwt comer of Lot 22-T, thence eaat (��0 c alna,
thence "wuth  40 chains, thenee weat  40   r talni
thence south  40 chains, thenee west 40 chain*, li^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^    i
thence r.t.rh vi chairs to point of commenc��n,cnt   ..Good Freah   Groceries at Cily Pric��i.   Two   foriMKIl   rmploVWS,   brollHTS,
acrea more or ^^^| ^^^^^^^^^^I^^^H
Mussallem & Company
(Canadian Press I)es|*auli)
Stratford, Ont., July 28.���Wyen
a conductor tried to collect a
ticket from n man on boanl the
Toronto train this morning he
found the man was dead. He was
identified as H. Plumb, an Englishman who reivntly came to Canada.
Crown Plaster Mill Burns with
TTwo Employees Loss $75,-
(Canadian Press IVspatchl
Cayuga.  Ont..  July   28���The
Crown Plaster Company Mill was
totally   destroyed    by   fire   here
last  night with a loss of ?7'i,(HM),
Commandng at a poat planted at tha nocthsn.
eoma-r ol Lol HUM, Usance aaat -u chains, u..:..>
aouth 40 ehalna, inane* w**l to cnans, thracs
nonh 40 ehaina lo plan ol Nmm*n��m.til
Uated March IS, lull. JOHN ttSTOUW
I'ub April Ita
Tak. nonce that I. Perry Vlu-nan .J rnn��
Rupert. U. C. occupation proapectur. IggL"
apply   lor  pwraladon  w purch*�� lb. loW��i����
'"cimmVnan.' at a poat plantad In th. .ioratir
ol Ooiae Uay, aboul Him-ela-ila ol . ���* PJJ
ol tb* mouth ul tb* bonania I rw��. .nal fall
on lb* *a��tafll boundary ol limU-r Limit .->��
ib-m �� No. MS U.*noa **oulh io ch..nt -JoM
lb* .Mterly limn o( aald Tunta* Umil ���**�� *J��!
or No JWall 40 chaina. th.no> eaal to lb, .hies"
llouaa Uay, a diatano* ol 411 chain. ni��v or Xm.
th.no* nonnerly alon�� lh* .hor* "OyJH
4U ch.ln. more oc lee*, thenc. Ml >'�� gg
mor* or laa* to point cl commencement, eaataum
IbOacnamaa at loa. n..���uv ul'I't-NAN
liaied March 7, ISII. ***** QLLt.s*-.
Pub. April T.
Skaana Und D,u1ct-Diatrict ol ��u*M Ch��^
IS   nolle,  lhat  Ueare*  Inusll "M*���H
lluiwrl. b. C. occupauon buulmr. inwiu. loWJ
BSSfiS w purchaa. th. loUowmi aWnwl
"tfll liSQ *i ��� P-�� SJaPtftfimUW
mJ. 55 and two milaa wuth ot Ita ""JJJ
Stanley CneM wbee* It *mpli�� KL2S
TuTbor, liraham Wand, Ibenc Jj ��g Jg
tr.*imi Vo cbaina urns., tb*nce eu mm mm
SSS S ST*! xo po.nl * MUIM-M*
and conlalninj bill ama mot* or JJ"       iiizzBU.
i>.i*d Much n. nn     oaoaoBj sb"-
Pub. April 7.
"Sm�� Drnm, *��"���
I Dated July IS, 1911
Pub. July 25
.,. ol.'.l    KIMI.
Fred E. Coaell, A|[.*nl
Ske��na Ur.d Diatrict    lilatriet ol Coaat Rar.se V i
Take  r.olice that  I,  I'eter  Uraen  ol Toi.ner.
North Dakota, V. S. A., farmer, intend to i pply
lor permuaaion to purchaae the follow ing di-ac. ibad
CommencinK at a post planted at the s.uth-i
east corner of lyit 1729, thene* aouth ttt. c. aina,
thence wi-at  40 chains, thence north 60 cl alns. |
thence east 40 chains to point ol commencen.-*nl.
Dated Jul/ It, ISII. I'KTKR LAK-iEN i
Pub July 25, l��ll. Fred E Cowell. Asent
and Firat-Clasa Goods only.
Give ua your next order for a
Mussallem & Company
Will Auction Theatre
Tomorrow  the  Phenix  Theatre
Skeena Und Iliatrirt
Take  notici. that
District of Coast Rat.ne V
John  Evenaon of  I'rince |
1'hnne 22* Black
5th Ave., East of Mcllride
K i;.. r*. laborer, intend to apply for permlasion \
to purchaae the f'>lli>-vin*- deacribed land.:
To Watch The News want ads
is to know your chances for
finding a better job.
Province   Imports  from   Puget, _ .        .
r . ,. , ������  , 1     Commencinu at a post planted at the aouth-
Sound   $7,000 000   More   than   ""  Second  avenue,  Will   be  put  lip   east corner of Ut llh, Ihenco north SO chains! ;
/ . ,      , , i . ,1 thence eaat   80  chains,  thence  aouth  80 chains, '
I for auction, lork, stock and barrel, i thenre wmi 6o chaii -
She Exports.
During the United States fiscal!'1   has
is to point of commencement.
,^^m^^m^m^mm^^^^^^^^ JOHN EVENSon
at  .1 0 clock.     I luring Its existence | I'ub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell, Atent
year,   ending   June
Columbia    imported	
IHU,l!t() worth of goods from Puget
Sound ports across the border, and
exported goods valued at 14,810,
2HI,   leaving   a   balance   of   over
17,000,000 on ihe wrong side.
had   a   very
30,   British I career, but there may be a good
oine   .���}i2.-;fi|turc ahead of It.    The upset
price at tomorrow's sale is SI,200.
llC'llllered i Skeena Und Iliatrirt -District of Coaat Range V
1 , j     Take notice that  I,  I'eter Erickaon  of  Prince
upert, laborer. Intend to apply for permission
purchase the followinK descrilied land.:
Commencing al a pott planted on the north
Where to Go
Muy   RAbertS  & Co.   in
vi'tittiress." Curtain rises at 9 sharp,
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone
And her Company In
The Adventuress "
Btowl upon the secret police of Rome. MaKn.��.cent contum.ng
SptcUl MahnM to-mortow afUrnoon ol   "The  Marri.B�� of Kltly."
PRICES:    25c and 50c
Land Registry Office
Rt Lots io, 64 and 171, Rang* 4,
Coniit Diatrict
Wlnr.-f.n  pnwf of  loan nf  (aprtlllpntn of Tlt.o
I In  thf  niran of  the OttDHlU   I'nclflc   Hulphlto
io.ii* <- im l..-,ol,y Kivi-n iInn l Mini)  at  trie explra*
I Hon of on* month from the Itrat nnMli.sii-.it w���...
hank of Wllliama (reek where the railway riRht-
of-way croaaes and II chaina hack from the creek
hank,   thence  aouth   BO  chaina,   thence  eMt   401
chaini, thence north BO chaina, thence weat 40 |
chainn to paint of comtnrncement.
DltM July 7, 1911. I'KTKR KKICKSON i
Puh. July 26. Fred K. Cowell, A^nt j
.Skeena Ijinrl Diatrict --District of Coaat Itange V
Take notice that 1, Unnj-imin A. Fiah of Towner,
N.   D.,   occupation   merchant,   intend   to   ippty'
for permiMion to purcha.-v? the followlnR deacrihed
Commencing   Bt   n   pout  planted   on   the  east |
boundary and about live chaina from the aouth-
eaal corner of l.m  4-tS1, thence north (10 chain*,
thence eaat  HO  chainn,  thence aouth   '���"  chaina,
TllC A(i-   thence weat HO chaina to point of commencement.
! Dated June 24, 1911. HKNJAMIN A. FISH
Puh. July 25. Fred K. Cowell, Agent |
Skeena Ltnd District -Dhtrict of Coaal Range V
Take notico that I. Adnlph 11. Chriatlanaon of
Towner, North Dakota, occupation attorney-
at-liiw, inteml to apply for permiaalon to purchaae
the (ollowing deacrihed landa:
Commencing at a pont planted ahnul one and
one-half mllea (1 1-2) northeaat of the head of
Trout River on the W*M aide of [4JMM Lake, j
anil about T, chaina from the lake-front, thence
aoulh HO chuina, thence weat HO chaina, thence
north KI) chaina, thence eaat HO chatna to point
of commencement
mmmmmmmmmmmm ADOLPII
Dated June BO, 1011.
I'uh. July 26.
md ������ Cowell, Agent
r~ '
Only Reliable
Patent Medicines
are sold by u��. We
don't carry "fake"
goods.    :    :    :    :    :
Toilet Article, and
Preparations, Perfumes.     :     :     :    :
When you're in our
store drink at the
Fountain.    :    :    :    :
C. H. Orme
were burned to dentil.
British Home Fleet Works all
Night to Coal up for Service.
(Canadian Press l)es|xitrh)
London. July 28.���The first division of the home lleet slationed
at Portsmouth was ordered last
ninht to eoal up and complete it?
supplies   wiih   oil   fuel   by   this
morning.   Operations were continued throughout all last night.
Skeena Und Diatrict -Diatrict ol Coaat itange V
.������, .. ,���. -.���,,.. , . Take notice thai 1. Paul llaaen ol I'rlnce
SSt imftlaaSon h.,."-   Hupert. lahoror,  Inteml to apply %r '  n(*
e ISS 0StinSltr5   "' JS""*" ��� he following doacrlUl land
e valid objection he I ���..-"'"Jr'.lr.lW "l .1 P?" .Plented  on
... Irom the ftral
I Ti.l.      . : ' "P'tcnle of  the
I'X'io'r IS ^.-nT"*'"������ **** oblectron hi I ���.-{,' 	
ku^1. IJcgahmi51!R1S����MJ �����"��- 3 Tl*M:$nJS&�� cchh.'^ ife
WM.E._BURRlTr, lDT^0jSl,V".Vo1,^,nl��,~mm,*1��m-,nt
ol -WlillamB Croak aliout 60 ciialna aHuth
 , 1 D.ted "July"i',"l0ll
Diatrict ReaUtrar o( Title* \ Pub. July tb.
General Machine Shop and Ship's
Carpentering. Also agents for Falr-
t'anks- Morse and Knox Gasoline
bngines. Gasoline Engines and Ac-
paul iiAtiEN I celu,0rlcs carried In stock.
"" ' ^'^ A��""   U-fc- - ��~^ ��- Kle.   MJ, ���4 .4 WS���,
Popular Girls Gave a Pleasant
Little Function for Friends.
In the new hall on Second
avenue last night a very charming
little dance was held. The arrangements for it were made by
ti group of girl friends in thp cily,
and the dance turned out in every
way a greal success. Mr. Kauf-
inann's music, all the popular
airs played all the soft and pretty
ways, went splendidly. The hall
is just ideal for a happy dance
where a merry party can get
together and have a real good
Skeena Und Dlatrict-Dutrict.   1 �����'��
Tak. nolic. lhat I rranc l I"  ���'����� c'nJ"5
Kupwt. U. O, occupallon pro****.*.-* r. "���""
apply  ior  permtalon  lo purchaa* ...i ���*"���
d��*cril-e-i landa: ,   .  .    .,,u. tbtas
Lomm.ncn,   at   a  poat   pl������-*J  " ^ti."
mile, -amth and two milaa a��l ol     ��,"��� b-fJ
the White and FUt riven .th.nc* h.u i. Jf ��
Ihenco eaat  ��u chaina. tbenoa norm *���> "�����
thenoe aeat ,0 cbaina.
Dated April 20, 1,11.
I'ub .Uay 11
SkMna Und Wrtrfcl-Dl.lr.ct . gJt-gSl,
Tak. nol ca lhat I. Joe Jack ol ',' 'M "/|*t
11. C. oceupailon carpenter. Igg��" -gjw,
iKrmlaalon to purchaae the lollo.ina mm
landa: ,    ,   , .a.,,
Commencini el a port planie.|_ '_;
mlaalon   to   purchaaa __^^^^
one-hall mllea dJatant'lo a'aoulh ��"   ���    ?��S
Irom a bUnd alou,h Irom ut-ecia.tao    ���'"   M-
IK. ���naa  ,mie<-*a the  Indian   I.'*"' ;' ���W
ansth ��0 chai... ������'-"" T"
tn) chana. thenet ��� _
chain*.  Ihence ��oiith  Ml  Can-
mencaroent, conlalninj 6��U acre* m-ri.   .. ,���.
Dated April II, 1,11.
Fub. May i:i.
I tea-
J- I. JAeK
Skeena Und XfMftfMM X*     ** ['^-J,,
TkenoUCbatLettleMc..;" '^j, ���
B.   C,  occupation  married   ��""'J '���     ,ulk,��in,
apply lor perm Won to putcha*. i-
deecribed landa:  .    ���   ���. ., ,,,, oott^
Survey, coaat uiairici,���>*"*- -;-; ���., ao i
aoulh, thenee 80 chains east. �� ,|0 cM,ni
nortb, thance 40 chaina we.1. , .ommts*
Muth, thene* 40 chaina wmi to l ���*
cem.nl. conuinln, 400 acre, n or *" ".,  , AvlSH
Dated M.y 2. l��ll. LO J    ' .,., A-,,t
Pub. May,. Fr*d��"
Skaana Und Dlrtrict-Dirtrict ol 0 '<���'" *-
lalanda.     .     . */**M,flF
Take nolice that J. E ^"^;    ,,   \**+
B. C, oMupallon commercial "������".,   |auertH
to apply lor pffmlaaion lo purch*-
deac-ribed land.: _l.���l,.i  .. " >"  fiS
Commandn,  at  a m��Jjf��M^        ���,autb
mile, -.art and one mil* foutn ��� n0���b ��9
ol Stanly Creek. Nad.n Marl."..        .', MUib M
ehalna, thenoa ��ert 40 chain.,
chaina, th*nce eaal 40 e    lne.       ,   ���   *tlIT lir**��.
Daled March 17, 1011.
Pub. April M.
J. II- M-'Vnat
Ham, *���*"* Al^
Skeena Und Dt.lrlet-Dlj�� cl ol ��   *'uc^,ii**
Take nolice that Frank U-ltjJ( ' ��� -, ,p��
One.   occupation   bookkeeper.  �������      toeril��
purchaae lhe lolloaiia
Onl..   occupi
'or permiaalon to
Comm.neliui at a port  ���������-��� --.- ,hP �����.*���-
art and two mCea **��*�� ���mt M��*
_ here  it  ""I���: d;������, so"-?*
Harbor, Graham laland, Ihenc* ��. ' .,��� nortb-
thance 80 ehaina coat. Ib,l.,c",, .., i���en��""*
thenee 80 chaina mat to I-"1"'',' ,.,,.|*
and conunln, 640 acrea more "JSTkH I.h\"i
D.te.1 March 17, 1��11. K^\���
Pub. AprU 7.
Sum a I
Possible "Pig" Postponed
, Tom Maz/i's case is again adjourned, ihis lime until Monday.
Tom is suspected of having run
a sightless porker.
Skeena Und Dlslrlct-Dls"
Take notice that I. Mrt. J_-*J_y
f I*'''*1   *
- "' ''"US!
lake nolice mat i. mra. -"���"-, ��� .li;in. ""*'-
Rupert. B.C., occupallon marrle-l > f.,n<,*ln��
to apply for permlolon to purcha"
deacribed l.nda:
C.immencln, at a po.1 Pi""1"'h,.r,i cit"''m
:h from the .-'".*,"*., ��� ��,ulh E
 ml pl��nlB,���'..
���t.d 120 chain, aouth from the a;"" " , mu...
lot 178.-., Coast Dlitrict, Ilanee "��� JJ���, nteth "J
chaina, thenc* eaat 40 chain* JJ" |���., xo x��
chain., thence weat 40 chain. """:���,. OO ���-**���
point  of  commencement,  coni"'
moreorleit.  ���. cilltl.r.'
MRS. JOHN (laottlel
Date Mar. 20, 1911
I'ub. Apr. 4.1,11


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