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Twenty-four hours ending6 a.m.,
Nov. 13
UAX.TKUP.    MIN.TMIP.    »•"   I IN. SNOW
OR K X |     1.25
The Daily News-
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Ml     ltf|
For south
Jrince Rupert... .Friday, 8 a.m.
MJrirt-iBU Mary... Saturday, a.m.
VOL. II,  NO. 259
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Monday, November 13, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Fire Which Broke Out in the Hibben Building on Government Steeet Destroys all Manuscripts and
Records of the Native Sons—Loss $140,000
l'ai'iy «f C'IiuitIiiiu-ii Interview the
Taxation Commission nl Victoria.
Victoria. Nov. 13.—A fire orlgln-
StlDJ In nn overheated furnace in
ths basement, gutted the four-storey
building of the T. N. hibben Co. on
(.overnment Street shortly before fi
o'clock last night. Tho loss Ib about
The stock of the company is valued
at about $140,000 and Included the
Christmas stock. The Insurance was
The upper storeys Included a number of ofricea, rooms of the Conservative Club and the Native Sohb, In
which were valuable manuscripts,
liholographs and records of the British Columbia pioneers, all of which
wore lost. This Is the four flro In
the building In four years.
Winnipeg.   Nov.   13.—(Special)—
The Duke of Connaught hns con-
M'titcd  (o  open  thc  annual  exhibition at Winnipeg next summer.
¥l,.-.oii,ono IN WAGES
I'reHldfiit of Crows Nest Pass Coal
Co. Says lie Has No Objection to
Millers Joining Initio, but .
i Canadian Press Despatch.)
Victoria, Nov. 13.—Ellas Rogers
of Toronto, president ot the Crows
Nest Pass Coal Company, who Is
visiting here, snys the strike which
hns prevnlled for sevfcn months In
Ferule and .Michel, has resulted In
a loss of $4,j00,000 In wages to
He says he has no objection to
thc miners joining the union, but
he demands that they be free agents
to act as Ihey choose.
Warm   Bed* Covering*—all
So Declares Rev. F. W.  Kerr in His Address on His
Recent Trip Through the Holy Land -Land is
Full of Evidences of its Past Greatness
A country of grave Turkish misrule and lawlessness, a country of
.i.l ruin* of past splendor, but above
all a country of great memory and
Inspiration ia Palestine, according to
Rev. F. W. Kerr, who lasl night ler-
itired lo the Presbyterian congrcga-
tlon on his trip to tbe Holy Land.
Ilev. Mr. Kerr had unusual opportunity for coming Into touch wilh
the real life of Palestine. He was
one of a small parly of four students—one from Harvard, one from
Vale, one from Basle. Switzerland,
nnd himself, from Manitoba College
—who, under Prof. Kent, made n
journey. They avoided as far ns possible Ihe tourist routes, nnd In nn
extended visit traversed the whole
length of Palestine, and followed lhe
recorded Wanderings of Jesus from
H. tiianv to Calvary..
Thc splendid ruins, bringing Into
\lvid ronirait the glory of the past
with lhe poverty and misery of lhe
present, especially Impressed lhe lecturer. When he caught his first
glimpse or*thc Sea of Galilee II was
descried.    Not n sail gleaned on Ils
bosom. Only a few ruined vlnllagcs
were to be seen on Its banks. It
was a contrast from the busy srenes
In the days of Jesus. Today, Pales-
tln hns less than 300,000 people.
Then li had hnlf as many as the
population as thc Dominion of Canada. Magnificent pillars still standing on broad streets are all Ihat tell
of the ten great cities, with their
temples and ncqunducts und grent
arenas Ihnl Herod the Builder
Some striking Incidents were narrated by Mr. Kerr In illustration of
the condition of misrule Hint exists
under the Turks. The Jew In Palestine, he said, is not lo be recognised
by the virile, aggressive people of
Scriptural days, nor by the virile,
aggressive types who arc known In
America and Canada. The Jew at
Jerusalem Is poverty stricken nnd
leprous, n picture »f grief nnd woe.
This fall from grandeur to poverty,
,„.. preacher attributed- to the curse
thnt had befallen lhe land for reject Ing Jesus, who would hnve become I heir great lender had he been
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Victoria, Nov. 13.—At the final
sitting of the Taxation Commission
on Saturday Bishop Mac Donald of the
British Columbia Cathedral and various other clergymen, put forth a
plea for the legislative relief of their
property from municipal taxation.
'Hooch"   Plays   Havoc   With   Native
Morals Over Ihe Woek-Knd.
Jim Auriol, an Indian Ind, was this
morning found guilty of having been
drunk himself, nnd of supply Brio
Bates, another Indian, with liquor.
He was fined 186, With the alternative of twenty days. Jim snld he
got the liquor from Joe Cornsco on
the Princess May. II was In a flask
with a gorgeous .Mcintosh tartan ln-
bel. Police Investigation revealed
numerous other bottles In Jim's
room, but these, he snld, had been
there before he came to the room.
Bates was fined $10 or ten days.
Canadian Horn Tariff Reformer Will
He Elected Today to l.cnil Colonist
Party in Britain.
Owners of the Sealer I-esawha Are
l.ikfl) to (lei ii Disappointment.
Itesldenee   for   Indian   Agent   C.   O.
Perry to (io  I'p nt  Melliikiiila.
Indlnn Agent C. C. Perry Is hnv-
Ing n new residence built nt Metla-
katlu. Bert Greer Is to do the building, nnd the preliminary stages were
entered upon todny. The residence
will he a substantial one, in keeping
with the needs of an Indian agency,
and Is expected to be complete In
about six weeks.
Blteard In Manl*.   •  .
St. Paul, Nov. 13.—Manitoba and
the Middle West Is In the grip of n
blizzard. Five feet of snow has
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
London, Nov. 13.—At a meeting
of thc I'nlonist members, to bo held
In the Carlton Club tonight, Hoi.
Walter will propose and Austen
ChCambcrlnln will second the nomination of Andrew llonar l.nw as the
leader of the Unionist parly In the
House of CoCmmons to succeed Hon.
A. J. Balfour.
llonar Law's election Is assured.
He Is a Canadian, having been born
In New Brunswick fifty-three years
ago. He Is nn advanced tariff reformer.
Toronto   Is  Pleased.
Toronto, Nov. 13.—The announcement of the selection of llonar Law
ns the Unionist leader In Great Britain has caused great satisfaction to
prominent Canadians here and
tliroiighoul Canada. Many expressions of approval have been received.
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Victoria, Nov. 13.—An application
has been mnde for the clearance of
the sealing schooner Pescnwha. As
the new treaty forbidding sealing for
the next fifteen years comes Into effect on December 15, It Is likely to
lie denied.
Alilerinnii George Kerr Seconded u
Motion ol AI tic rin nn Douglas l.nsi
Successful Meeting of Bandsmen and-Those Interested
Held Yesterday—Will Petition Council Tonight
for $500—City Representation Discussed
II. C. Lumbermen Score n Poinl in
I'niili War as KeMilt of Protest
at Ottawa.
Ottnwn, Nov. 13.—A complaint
made by n delegation of British Columbia lumbermen, Ihat American
lumber Is entering Canada free of
duty when not entitled to, hns been
investigated by the customs board,
who find thai certain products of
United States mill not entitled to
free entry have been passed by customs officials.
In connection with recent debute
In the City Council over thc award
of the trunk sewer bylaw advertising, to which thc News was not Invited to tender mention was not made
In our columns of the fact that Alderman Kerr seconded the motion of
Alderman Douglas, that the advertising be divided between tho three
local newspapers. In justice to the
stand for fair play taken by Aldcr-
iiinn Kerr on the ocrnslon, the News
ninkcs special mention of the matter..
Steamer Minnesota  is  Ashore   i"<>
Miles Soulh of Yokohama—I'i'mh'i!
That Her Plight Is Serlnim.
Active steps are being uiki'ii to
organise a regular? city bum' in
I'rince Rupert. The Prince Hupert
orchestra has done excellent work on
several notable occasions, bul With
every Indian village boasting of un
Instruments bund. Prince Rupert
willed to get busy along lines to
secure a city bnfld worth having. And
this Is being done.
Tonight the City Council will be
approached for a grant of $a00 towards the purchase of Instruments,
and Inter, us thc action of the city
fathers muy direct, arrangements
will possibly be inndf for the representation of the City Council officially upon lhe band executive. This
subject came up for considerable discussion nt thc meeting of the prospective bandsmen und those interested, which was held yesterday afternoon in thc pul' ■• court room.
Al  this meeting,  wnlch  was very
well attended, Mr. Godson was appointed president (pro tern) nnd Lee
Baker secretary. Names were taken
In support of a petition to the City
Council for thc funds requested, all
those signing being experienced instrumentalists willing to spend time
In practices for thc work of the band
without fee, nnd to serve In all other
ways to further the success of the
Polly eighteen names are available
of experienced bandsmen, and thoBe
of many others Interested. It Is proposed to raise funds for the pur-
i base of band Instruments. Including two drums, three cornets, several
melllphones, trombones, etc. A first
rate city band Is projected, nnd will
certainly result In success if the citizens get In und help the plan nlong.
Then we'll have n real band wagon
to ride In when there's anything
lively doing.
Sloan Suit Club Winners
Club 13-F. W. Dowling
Club 14-F. Knott
Club 15-Phil. Hannifin
Club 16-Walter Owen
Club 17   Geo. Frizzell
Tokio, Nov. 13.—The steamer Minnesota of the Great Northern lino
hns gone nshorc near the Island Shi-
koku. lull miles south of Yokohama.
It Is feared Ihat her plight Is bc-
Wireless communication with the
liner was suddenly broken off before
details ot the tnlshnp could be ascertained.
Ladies'   and   Children's     '.V-narch
Knit" Sweaters—Wallace's.
Suspended Sentence, However, in Case of Steve Sweit-
zer Who Has Seventeen Stewpots in His Camp
—"Must be Watched," Says the Judge
turns of ihe northern country than
most. Let them Impress on nil whom
il may concern thai 1 personally
know .i little about the customs of
the trail, and 1 do not consider
■ -i. ti- i ii I ma; a light offence. Any
one found guilty of It would he most
severely   sentenced   by   me,   at   all
Terrible Tornado Sweep. Over Middle West States and
• Blizzard in Manitoba  Traffic is All Tied
up in the Kootenay District
_       .... .year ago, Is the statement mnde by
(Canadian l*"*"**^ thil STOtttcM weather reporter her,.
Seattle. Nov. 13.—Despatches this   <"e "■	
morning from Illinois, Wisconsin and I ^ ^ )l()|)j,
Missouri tell of a terrible storm that . ,,„,     Nm    ,:i.-,8pe-
Is sweeping over Um face of Ihe Miu-1 maUesI   *W  ever   horn
die West.    Terrible havoc Is being , crtl ^ Wpn ,,.,  .„
wrought, to life as well as to prop-, n    ^^ ^ ^ hMw nf Krncst An.
erly. by the hurricane . „lhi,.,.|l nnd wife.    The boy wellUi OM
Nine   definite   Instances  of   death   <   ' ^  ^^     H||  nnmls
from thc storm have been reported., "i ^^   ||)nn  n  mftn*1  „,.,„,,,
nnd    many   others  are  referred   to ^^ ^ h|| ,1|m,ml,lveiiess
where thc particulars are not given.        ■      nornmi, healthy child.
Following the course of thc lornndo.  "e	
Ihe hospitals arc full of Injured per-  (j|.||V,NS ajfQRY WITH
sons who nave suffered
One Man, Charlie Burger, a Swede, Was Instantly Killed by Explosion While Cleaning Out a Blast Hole—Max Satich is Badly Injured—Hurried in to City
A sad tragedy occurred early this morning; at Mile 44 where the big tunnel is being constructed. While engaged in cleaning out a blast hole an unexplodtd charge of powder went
off killing one of the men, Charles Burger, and badly injuring severe! others. One of the
men is now at the hospital having his injuries attended to.
Burger who is a powder man received the full force of the blast and was instantly killed
by the flying rock. Of his two companions, one, Satich, the man now in the hospital, had his
leg broken, and the other was injured about the hands.
Supt. W. Mclnnes, who is in charge of the contract, immediately  had   a   special   train
tent for and accompanied the injured men into town. Burger is said to bs a Swede and Satich  PADI] [  ATIflN   OF   1\I A IM If IN P
.Bulgarian.   Satich. injuries are being looked after by Dr. Eggert. IT U*T ULrt 1 1UI1    Uf   UttlliYlilU
Immediately after the accident a special train wai securetl and the injured man and the
dead body  of   Burger were placed on board   and hurried into town.    The injured man  wsi Imperial Chinese Troops Break Loose and   Attack   In-
rushed with   all speed  to the  hospital.
Steve Bweltser, accused of rifling
a cache on the trnil beyond Stewart.
In the Hear Kiver country, was found
technically guilty ol' taking a rubber
tarpaulin not his own from the
cache, bill was let go on suspended
sentence by Judge Young this morn-
iiii.. sv 1* wns hy no menus clenr thai
he had been re..:!/ guilty of the serious offence, of slenlliin with felonious Intent from the raehe. Inn """•
planntlun was thnt m drenching rain
compelled him to Uke the tnrpnulln,
which was coveting only some conking untenslls. He did nol lake any
of the other things in the cache.
Judge Young laid very strong emphasis on the Seriousness of the offence of oache-lifllng In this northern country, where men's lives de-
ln'iiil often on their finding again
supplies left on the trail for their
return trip. "Do nol by any means
suppose thnt I am letting this man
go on suspended sentence because I
think the charge of cut he-rifllng n
trivial matter, snld lhe Judge. "I
see ninny here In court whom I know
to be men from Slcwnrt. who know
more  iibniil   irnll-lnw   and   Ihe  eus-
The accused was ordered to re-
I place the rubber tarpaulin taken
wiin „-*". similar or 1.1 within three
weeks, and warned that any further
suspicion ngiiinst him in future might
result In his serving a long sentence.
Two amusing little aspects of the
ense . .im, out In court. It was
■ 1.inn.-i 1 thnt mice might have eaten
or stolen some of Ihe grub alleged
lo hnve been stolen by the accused.
"POOh!" said W. E. Fisher, for Howard I'orler, Ihe complainant. "Mice
don'i eai frying pans. '
"I nm putting you on suspended
sentence," snld Judge Young to the
accused, "because evidence shows
that you have seventeen stewpots in
your camp, and I think a man who
has Heientecn stewpots ought to bo
wnii'hi'il       I Laughter. I
habitants—Snake-Like Procession of Humanity
is Fleeing for Safety—City is in Ruins
(Canadian  Press Despatch. I
Nanking, Nov. IS.—Nanking Is
desolate tonight.     Fully a thousand
Its inhabitants He massacred, and
tho   business   houses   nnd   dwellings
looks A \1 in ri. MAW,
—,.,.», to C t r  T        1  '    L    A        L L    ji|lrr  ""   '""ted   or   burned.     Seventy
Tripoli- Nov. lZ---Mrong forces or lurkisn Arabs supported ti."ii-;.n.i i..-i-..t.-1.1.1. n.-.i n h...
Cold In Knoteni-y.
Nelson, Nov. 13 -The Kooicnny
district ie experiencing the coldest
weather In ten years All traffic
has been demoralised by the Intense
frosl snd heavy snowfall.
tori OH. •»<>*!
ISMlS Assure* Vl Thle Is UN <"".'•«
Wave for Twenty Year. est Um*
(Csnadlnn Press Despatch.)
•Cattle,  Nov.   1.1- That   the  present cold wave I. the coldest at   his
„me of the year since the,**ahII- - .   ^
ment of the, weather bureau, twenty |
,\i.i.i   **■■■■
A, „„. O.H.nlng of .be ltelcbs.«g lhe
tnaeO-Oinim Agreement Wns
Soundly .oudeuined In * »»"-
Berlin, Nor. «■   ""^TS
lb, chancellor and ""M™**
Krnnco-Oerinnti   ngree.nen.   WSJ   the
Saturday. M«M I *•» "'»*   J*
indignation   again*'    Or**!     ,rM" "
JSS it m their opinion thtl the
aree",:,,,*  ^"JM
.,,.„ noarer to Tm* In matters
by artillery today delivered a determined attack on the Italians
all along the line between Hamidichand Boumeliana, but were repulsed.
Beginning in early morning with some serious skirmishes,
the fighting about noon took on the character of a general action.;!!!
As usual the Turks displayed desperate courage, but were unable
to withstand the tremendous combined fire from the trenches, the
field artillery and the guns of the armored cruiser, Carlo Alberto,
which lay at anchor in the roadstead.
While the Italians were attacking the fort at Hamidich,
which had been stormed on the previous night, they were suddenly taken on the flank by a large force of Arabs hidden in
some palm and olive groves. Heavy losses were sustained by the
Italians before the enemy were beaten off.
city. Down the railway from lhe
■ Ity a great, snnkellke line of humanity is trudging in search of
snfcly. It was the hand of the Mnn-
chus thnt brought this devastation.
While the Itcpuhlli'nns were 111 rnmp
awaiting reinforcements nnd emmu-
tloii, the Mam hns began tin' work
■ arnnge. Men, women nnd chilli   were  alike  slaughtered.
Pekin, Nov. III. Again all Is
tjuld within the cnpllol at Tientsin
todny. There Is no sign of lhe revolutionary SdrUICe that has been expected for days In Pekin, those
arOOfld the throne are engnged III
trying to end lhe revolution.    T.idny
there Sterns to be some foundation
for lhe hope that the government
will be able lo regain the allegiance
I i nl I imi im nut. Iiiiliiui Chiefs Son.
I'barged Willi l,li|iior Trouble lias
Thoroughbred    I'eillgrce   but
With all the appearance of ,i
while man, ami speaking excellent
Bngllah, Fred DudWOrd, son of the
chief of the Porl Simpson Tslmp-
seans, went in'o various hotels on
Sniiirdny and was freely supplied
with the liquor ho ordered.
Asked if he was not a full-blooded
Indian, he replied thut he was supposed lo be one. but considered himself   n   hulfbreed   when   he   ordered
liquor, Appearances being so strongly In favor of the latter Idea, Dudo-
wiird gut off with the usual I) ft I)
fine. %'. or seven days.
Aviation Caps -Wallace's.
Forty  DoCtOll Admitted.
Victoria, Nov.  18.—(Special)—As
a  result  of  recent   legislation,  forty
of the general In charge at Sao Tien. I dm tors will be admitted to practise
In   llrltlsh  Columbia.
,  AnnthershipmentNorthwny'sLldis
Suits, $25 to tlir. -Wallace's.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaner*. Phone 4.
The Daily News
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Daily Edition.
Monday. Nov. 13
A good husband never takes bis business troubles home to the bosom
of his family. A good editor never lakes his troubles to his readers, who
in this ease correspond to the bosom of his family. But at tbe present
moment, it Is due to Dally News renders and to the public at large to
explain that the late appearance ihe News has made on the streets of recent
afternoons has been due to some nieihanlcnl difficulties, which hnve caused
the etiiire staff n great deal of overwork and vexa'llon—not to put too
fine a point on It. Every day many Hems of local news that have been
faithfully reported and written up have failed to see type. We have received no complaints from readers, but we fear that the non-appearance of
certain items of local news on several occasions mny have caused annoyance
They have caused double annoyance to the staff, who have had the mortification of failing to see in print, news that had been faithfully reported.
As the doctors well know, the work of getting out a dally new-spaper
ranks among the most physically exacting of all occupations. Even under
thc most favorable conditions, the grind nnd pressure of striving each day
to excel the work of the previous day, makes the lot of thc active newspaperman an arduous one. To have, as on Saturday, frozen plumbing, and
a broken valve on our engine, in addition to the mechanical difficulties
which have hampered the work of the News staff during the past month,
made the task quite an heroic one. In this connection the News wishes
to acknowledge lis indebtedness to tbe Journal for aid In emergency, which
made possible the Issuing of Saturday's paper.
As we said at the beginning, neither good husbands nor good editors
advertise their troubles, even at the family fireside. IVe would not have
broken silence even now. wer It not for Information received by telegram
from San Francisco that ths new typesetting equlpmnt especially built
for the Daily News. Is now on its way north, and In the ordinary course
of events will he Installed and In working order within a week or so. The
plant comprises the latest and most complete multiple linotype machine to
be made, the first of its kind to enter the Province of British Columbia.
The staff are all praying for the safety of the ship that Is racing a'ong
with the News' new linotype machine. After It arrives there will be no
occasion for apologies.
Return engagement of the
Sherman-Cleveland Opera
The Time, the Place and
the Girl
samp:   cast   and    chorus      elaborate
scenic and electrical trodiction
a full list of passengt is ami crew, with
the survivors grouped separately. In
only three instances \v< re husband
and wife both saved. The a a nil scene
In the saloon accounted for this scorn,
ing discrepancy. Daied tren and
senseless women were wr inhed from
Bach others clasp either by overwhelming seas or during tho linal wild
light for life at the head ol the companion Stairway. A wreck, a fire in
the theatre, pays little heed to the
marriage tie.
The third and last meal of the day
wai, eaten In silence anil gloom, All
the spare ln-.npB were diverted to the
kitchen, because Brand, during a further detailed Burvey of the stores,
made in company with Mr, Emmett
nnd the purser, discovered ihat there
was an alarming deficit of fresh water in the cistern.
10 cook and supply for eighty-one
persons with utensils intended for the
jse of three, to give each separate In-
llvldual an utterly inadequate portion, I It became an Instant necessity to use
io   skilfully    distributed    that    none  every heating appliance nt command
stant be was startled. He had not
seen Mrs. Vanslttart since they came
to the rock, and he was shocked by
the change In her appearance. He did
not like her. His alert intelligence
distrusted her. But It was not his
business In life to select a wife for
his uncle, as he put it, and he had always treated her with respectful politeness. Now, owing to Borne fleeting
aspect which he could not account
for, some vague resemblance* to another which he did not remember having noticed before, he viewed her with
a certain expectant curiosity that was
equally unintelligible to him.
She held out a scrap of paper.
"Mr. Traill Is here," she said quietly.
"Here I" he repeated, wondering
what she meant, and perplexed by her
icy,    self-contained
Holla Coola Land Dlatriet—Dlatriet of Coast Rango
Take notlea that Ii. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intends to aiiply lor
permlaalon to leaae the lollowlng described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at the shore
near the N. IS. comer of Lot No. 8, thenoe north
40 chains, thence west 80 chaina more or hats to
east boundary of cannery leaae, thonce lollowlng
the said out boundary south 40 chains more ur
Ieaa to ebore line, thenoe following said shore
Une eaaterly 80 chains more or lesa to point ol
commencement;   containing  320  acres,  more  or
tone,   whilst be
In the hurry of the earlier hours a I,.0^1 JL,?alBl"«L *t,ra,1Se that she
serious miscalculation had been made , h,.V*?ii» .1 '"".l1*?.  °r h.lm'       .
In transmuting cubic feel into gallons. _Jj*i"'   ,h.f JialdIy V'"1 ls the best
 * .  _„!.., ... .... I word I can find.   He ls near to us, aa
near as a steamer   can  bring   him.
thould have cause to grumble at his
3r her neighbor's better fortune—hero
'"ore culinary problems nl com-
!"*•> *••• -
By adopting tUtWUu devices,
bringing Into service empty Jain-pots
und sardine-tins, tiny found it was
possible to feed twenty at a time.
This meant the prei aratlon of four
distinct meals, each requiring an
hour's work. Long before lhe lasl
butch, which included themselves, wns
lamenting the absurd discrepancy between appetite and antidote In the
shane of any thing to tat, the first was
ravenous aguln.
The women complained the least.
In tho occupants of tha two bedrooms
the girls encountered a passive fortitude which was admirable. It was an
extraordinary scene which met their
eyes when they entered cither of theBe
stuffy apartments. Many of the rescued ladies had not given a thought to
changing the demi-toilette of evening
wear on board ship for more serviceable clothing when the hurricane
overtook the vessel. They all, It is
true, possessed cloaks or wraps of
some sort, but these garments were
still sodden with salt water and therefore unwearable, even if the oppressive warmth In each room rendered
such a thing possible. Their elegant
costumes of muslin, cotton, silk or satin, were utterly ruined. Lucky were
the few whose blouses or bodices had
not been rent Into tatters.
Some of the worst sufferers In this
respect were now the best provided.
Blankets and sheets had been ruthlessly torn up and roughly stitched Into
articles of clothing. Mrs. Vanslttart,
for instance, who first suggested this
via media, wore an exquisite Paris
gown and a loose dressing-Jacket arrangement of yellow blanket, the component parts of which she persuaded
two other women to sew together on
the model provided by her own elegant
A few quick-witted ones who followed her example exhausted tbe avail
able stock, and pillow-cases and rugs
would have undergone metamorpho
sis In the same way had not Constance
come to the rescue by Impounding
them, declaring that they must be reserved for the use of those sufferers
who needed warmth and rest.
The men passed their time In smoking, singing, yarning and speculating
i on the chance of the weather clearing.
{Ultimately, when the banging ot the
: waves again made the column feel unsafe, a small section  began  to  plan
; petty attempts to pilfer the provisions.
It Is the queer mixture of philosopher
end beast In the average human being
ihat makes It possible for the same
man, In ono mood, to risk his life quite
voluntarily to save others, and In another, to organize selfish theft.
After an Ingenious seaman had been
detected in the attempt to pick the
store-room lock, and when a tray of
cold waa deliberately upset
whilst a football scrimmage took place
for the pieces, Mr. Emmett stopped
hese ebullitions by arming the watch
pith assorted weapons from the workshop and Issuing stern orders as to
their use In case of need.
Here, again, the warring elements
which form thc human clay were admirably displayed. On di * tudor
the bonds of discipline, the coarse-
I grained foremast hand who bad gobbled up a surreptitious lump of fat
pig during the first successful scuffle,
would brain tbe daring rascal who
tri.-d to better his condition by a stml-1
lar trick a second time. Discipline,
sometimes, converts a skulker Into a
When the state of the tide permit-1
ted. storm-shutters were opened and a
Mr.  Brand has   received a   signaled
message; he wrote It out and sent it
nu. Gulf Hock Light did not ^sses. I * ™ »■ ™»J| %««»"SSSS
proper apparatus.   The only method, hi the kitchen." <"*b»sc<.
mid start the distillation of a drinkable fluid.
that could be adopted was to improvise a coll from canvas sewn Into a
tube. The exterior was varnished,
and wrapped in wet cloths to assist
the condensation of the steam. Hence,
every kettle and pot being requisitioned for this paramount need, cocoa
could be supplied to the women alone,
whilst the taste of tho water, even
thus disguised, was nauseating. No
more potatoes could be boiled. Raw,
they were almost uneatable. And
potatoes happened to be the food most
Tho g. inline fresh water, reduced
to a minimum In the cistern, was only;
a little better In condition unless it
was filtered, and Brand decided thai
It ought to be retained for the exclusive use of those seriously 111. Pa*
(tents were multiplying so rapidly that
the hospital was crowded; and all
fresh i uses, as they occurred, per*
force remained where they were.
Neither Constance nor Enid felt tha
For some reason Mrs. Vanslttart
seemed to be greatly perturbed. Her
presence put an and to the gaiety of
the place quite effectually..
The young man took the paper in
He read: "Dear Madam—a signal
Just received from the Falcon runs as
follows:— 'Mt. Cyrus J. Traill is ou
board and sends his love to Etta and
Charlie. He will make every preparation for their comfort ashore and
trusts they are bearing up well under
Inevitable hardships.' Yours faithfully, Stephen Brand."
Pyne strode to the door.
"I must see If I can't get Mr. Brand
to answer the old boy," he cried.
"Perhaps you have attended to that already."
'  She did not make way for him to
pass. ^
"No," she said. "I came to seek you
on that account. If not too late, will
you tell your uncle that I do not wish
Dated Auguat 31, 1911.
Pub. Sept. dO.
William McNalr, Agont
bkeena Land Dlalrict— District ol t
lake  ntinoe  Hint Lclloy  p,  ,,.
iiuum, u. c, occupation civil , '
to a|i|,ly (or iiernnsaioii lo ptm-i , ,
dtacrlbtnl lunila:
Commuting «' a port plant' i
In a northerly direction Irom .,.,
lion ol Loi 1.1-..,, R.nm ., ,,,,
east 30 ohalni,  thenee north  ...
weat   to   batik   ol   river,   thenc*
hunk ol river lo point el oomrai
tainum Win acres, mure ui u-,.
Dated Sept. 'J, lull. LKltOV   !■'
I'ub. Uct. IU. Uordou (J, i
I tine.
■   *lli|
i lean
time   hang   heavily »«Jhelr^handa,  to delay a moment In Penzance.   He
will please me most by arranging for
a special train to await our arrival at
the station."
"What's the hurry?" he demanded.
"A woman's whim, If you like, but)
a fixed resolve, nevertheless."
"Will you travel In that rlg-outT" ha
asked quizzically.
"It Is an easy matter to call at a
shop lf we reach shore by daylight
Then I can purchase a cloak and hat
to serve my needs. Otherwise, it Is
matterli ss how I am attired. Will you
do this?"
"Why, certainly."
She gave a little gasp of relief. In
another Instant Pyne would have
gone, but Enid, who happened to
glance through the window which
opened towards the northwest, detained him.
"There's no hurry now for sure,"
she said. "Tne Falcon ls halt way to
Cam du by this time. I do not suppose she will return until it ls too dark
to do more than signal Important news
very briefly."
"But this is important," cried Mrs.
Vanslttart shrilly. "It Is of tbe utmost
Importance to me."
Tralil It can't be helped ma'am,'
They were too busy, though the new
ordinance regarding the food supply
transferred their attention from active
cooking to the replenishing ot titen*
Mis which must be kept full of salt*
water at boiling-point.
I'yne was an Invaluable assistant.
In thc adjustment of refractory can*
'.as tubes over hot spouts, in the man*
Ipulation of the condensing plant ao
that It might act efficiently, In tha
trimming of lamps, and the stocking
of the solitary coal fire, he insisted on
taking to himself the lion's share ot
the work.
He always had a pleasant quip or
funny story to brighten their talk.
"You can conquer trouble with a
grin," he said. "Worry doesn't cut
Enid, of course chaffed him about
his American accent, which, she protested, she would acquire after a
week's  practice.
"It is quaint to our ears," she went
on. "I never before grasped the reason why Mark Twain makes me
laugh. All he does Is to act as a
phonograph. Every American ls a
born humorist."
"There's something In that," admitted Pyne
a Joke. Say. Have you girls ever
heard how an English professor explained the Yankee drawl?'
"No," they cried.
"He said It represented the effort of
an uneducated man to make a speech.
Every time his vocabulary gave out
he lilted his voice lo show he wasn't
half through with his ideas."
"Ob," said Constance, "that Is neither kind nor true, surely."
"Well," agreed Pyne, slowly, "that
Is thc view a friend of mine took of tho
Bella Coola Land Diatrlct—Diatrlct of Cout Range
Take notice that B. M. Cliff ot Dundalk, inland, occupuliun genUeman, Intends lu apply
(or permission to lease the following described
Commencing at a poat planted at tbe N. F.
corner ol Lot 38, thenoe north 20 chaina, thence
weat 40 chaina, thenoe south 20 chaina more or
leas to shore line, thence lollowing the shore lino
eaat 40 chains more or leas to polnl of commence*
ment; containing 80 cares, more or lest.
Dated Augual 31, 1SU. 11.   M.  CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William MeNair, Agent
Bella Coola Lend District—District ol Cout Rang
Take notice that H. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation genUeman, Intends lo apply
(or permiaalon to lease the following described
landa: .
Commanclng at a poat planted at the N. W.
corner ol Lot No. 4, thence north 40 chaina, thence
eut 40 chains, thence aouth 40 chain.-, more or
leas to shoro line, thence (ollowing shore line
westerly 40 chaina more or less to point o( commencement; containing 80 acres, more or loas.
Dsted Augustus, 11)11. II.   M.  CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 80. William MeNair, Agent
Bella Cools Land District—District ol Coast Range
Take notlea that H. M. Cliff o( Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intenda to apply
for permission to lease the lollowing deecribed
Commencing at a poat planted at the N, W
corner ol Lot 252, thence aouth 40 cbaina mure
or leas to northern boundary ol leaso No. 1 applied
(or ny 11. M. Cliff, tbenos following aald boundary
eut 20 chains, thence north 40 chsins, theuce
weat 20 chains to point ol commencoment; con*
laining 80 acres, more or less.
Dated August 28, 1811. H.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. SO. William MeNair, Agenl
Bella Coola Land Dlatriet—Dlatriet ol Cout Range
Take noUce that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, (re-
land, occupation gentleman. Intenda to apply
(or permission to lease the (olluwing dosenbed
Commencing at a poat planted at the S. K
corner ol Lot 251, thence scuth -10 chains more
or leas to northern boundary o( Leaae No. 1
applied (or by 11. M. Cliff, theneo eul 20 cbalna
along aald boundary, thence north 40 chaina,
thence west 20 cbalna to polnl . I i-onunencemont:
containing 80 aerea, mare or lees.
Dated Auguat 28, 181L H.  M.  CUFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNalr, Agent
Skoena Und District -District ol I    .
Ii,S!»ft*t*" ll ClulitOMb.,    .
--■•- ..«»,..„ ,,,.,l g, ^,
ol  i'Niiiv  iiu,. rt,  11.  i
": ■" 2
_-     ......»      ....,...,      ...     ,_._     „,. .
engineer, Intend lo .,|>|,l> (ol p, , . .
the lollowlng .t, i laiitia.
Coiniiioiicllitl al u  iitul  pi.,,,., |
woat  corner  ol   Lol   Nu.   !..,
Lake!*!   and   maraud   Chrtalopher
N. !-. Cornor, thence weal in c.ji .
81) ehaina, llii'licu- eaat 10 Clialna, thi
chains   (0   poal   ol   Mmmutatm.ot
• l-U acta*, mole ot lea*.
CUliUsTUPtUa JAS, i;it\j|\'i
U""d uthV*"""'"    ''
PUb.   --..pi,     J').
■ I
Skeena Land Dlatrlct-Dlainct „l ,  ,
Tako iit.iiiv i., .i  it. u, Mail,:
U.  C,  occupation   truckman,  In
(or permission lo purciiawi tne (o,1ua   .
Commencing at a poat plum.-1  ;
ol 1'rtMimpllon No. JUi and .,2 ehll
the Naaa Uiver IS. W. Cl, tensnoa i
thonce 40 chaina north, thence  tu .
Ihence 40 cnuiua soum lo inu polnl o(
ment to contain loo acres non di .
Daled Aug, 1811. JUTsM T. lu,
i'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skoena Land District—Dlalrict ..! Cos
Take nolico that Harold r.   Sm
Alia., occupation slauuii agi-nt, Utli
lor permission lo purcua*. tne (oUowu
Commencing  at a pull planted a:   -
weal corner 100 chains eut and 80
(rem N. l-l. vomer ol Uie, lUr.
Cout District  Range b, thence lo t
thence 60 chains north, iuui„.
theuce SU chains south lo poat ot co
containing HO acrua, more ur li-sa.
Daled Sept, 18, 1811. III..
I'ub. Sepl. 2J. Fred V,.
said Pyne civilly. "Anyhow we're not
We do try to dls-lnter '. ashore yet, and I can't see that any
time will be wasted."
The electric bell Jangled In the
room, causing Mrs. Vanslttart to Jump
"Oh, what ls It?" she screamed.
"My father is calling one of us up,"
explained Constance. "It may be a
message from Jack.   You go, Enid."
Enid hurried away. She had scarcely reached the next floor before Mrs.
Vanslttart, who seemed to have moods
in full compass, said sweetly:
"Convey my deep obligations to
Mr. Brand, won't you, Charlie.     In-
remark.   So he asked the professor if   deed, you might go now and w-ite out
he had a nice agreeable sort of defi-' the text of'my message to your uncle,
nltlon, all ready for use, of the way  some early opportunity of despatch-
Englishmen   clipped   their  syllables.  ing u may offer."
Thc other fellow allowed that he had* |    ,,AU rjght
n't pondered on It. 'I guess,' said my
friend, 'it represents the effort of an
f.ducatud 888 to talk English.'"
Though the laugh was against them
they were forced lo snigger approval.
l think," said Constance, "that our
he said in the calm way
which so effectually concealed his
feelings. "Shall I escort you to your
"By no means. I came here quite
unassisted. Miss Brand and I can
chat for a little while.     It ls most
chief  national  falling   is   pomposity,   wearying to be pent ail day and all
and your story hits it off exactly. In
one of our small Cornish towns we
have a stout little Mayor who made
money In cheese and bacon. He went
to see the Paris Exhibition, and an
Exeter man, meeting him unexpected-
led, storm -shutters were openea ana a   , „le  fool of   lbe Elffe,   ToWfjri
I free draught of air allowed to enter. hallod h|m wlth ue„ ut ,He)Io Mr
through the door. Then all hands Mayor_. ho began. .Hush,' said the
eyed the sea with anxiety.    The wind        '
night in one little room. Even the
change to another little room is grateful."
Pyne   bowed,  and   they  heard  his
teady tread as he ascended the stairs.
"Quite a nice boy, Charlie," said
Mrs. Vanslttart, coming forward Into
the kitchen, with Its medley of queer-
looking, hissing, steaming contrivances.
Yes.    We think he is exceedingly
Prices 50c, 75c and Sl.
eyed   ne sea win, anxiety,    ine vwiia       j      glancing around mysteriously,
was strong and piercing, and the reef]..,' , ' ',        ?.,
I maintained    Its    ceaseless     roaring.   "'                 •                  „ ...      .   ,    „ ,
I Wherever a window  opened  towards      N°t*(i who heard these light-hearted nice," said Constance.   She wondered
the land there was a    small    crowd  young people yelling with merriment why the other woman seemed always
' waiting to peep through It     At last   would  Imagine  that  they    had    Just to stand   In the shadow, by   choice.
the sense of orderliness gradually per  dined off a piece of hard-baked bread The strongest light In the darkened
meeting the inmates of lhe lighthouse  >>"><lo without yeast and washed down chamber   came   from  the grate, and
'with water tasting of tar and turpen- Mrs. Vanslttart   deliberately    turned
^^v&m^&r&i^si I ^
I   The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK f 1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly nnd will soon be off the market     :    :
opt t tvrr»    A/-fvr*Po
4«»«n tiiiiiikiiinii
actually resulted In the formation of
queues, with stated Intervals for moving on. There was a momentary relief in looking at the land. The cliffs,
tbe solitary white houses, the little
hamlets half hidden in cozy nooks,
seemed to bo so absurdly near. It was
ridiculous to imagine that help could
long be deferred. Thc seaward pass
Ing of a steamer, carrying flowers
from the Stilly Isles to Penzance foi Garden, caused a flutter, but
thc sight of a Penzance fishing-smack
scudding under Jib and close-reefed
foresail between the rock and Quthcn-
bras Point created intense excitement.
Noah, gazing across the flood for the
return of the dove with the olive
branch, could not be more pleased
than these castaways In their granlt"
ark when thc brown-sailed limit came
within their view.
The window tn thc coal-cellar opened fair towards Ihe Land's End, and
the grimy occupants of this compart
ment could look their fill at the mas*
senger of life. A rich New Yorktr
In vain offered a hundred dollars lo
any man who gave up his place in the
line after he himself, by the operation
of the time-limit, was remorseless.y
sent away from the narrow loop hoi .
Dollars and pounds sterling have a
curiously depreciated . value und' r
such circumstances
The men of the watch were always
questioned for news by the unemployed majority. They related the comings and goings of the Falcon, carriod
sympathetic Inquiries from story to
story—promiscuous passing to and
fro being forbidden owing to tho narrowness of the stairs—and seized
every trifling pretext on their own
part to reach the topmost height and
filial their eyeB on thc extinslve panorama visible from the storm-girt
gallery. Had they watchrd the coastline less and the roof more their observations would have had value.
Quite early In tho day, the purser
handed to the occupants of en.-h room
"Now, Miss Enid, your turn," cried
Her eyes danced mischievously.
•way from it
"If all goes well he will soon be my
nephew by marriage," went on the
other.   "I quitted New York yesterday
Unfortunately, by the accident ot week In order to merry his uncle In
birth, I am deprived of the sense ot Paris. Rather a disastrous beginning
humor," she said. to a new career. Is It not?"
It seems to  be In the   family all
right," he  hazarded, looking at Con-
"Alas!" said Enid, "I am an American."
"I'll smile now, it that is all," said
But, please, 1 am not joking a little
bit.    When  you go   ashore you will: rled in Paris.'
I hofe not, indeed. Perhays you
are surmounting difficulties at the
commencement rather than at tha
"It may be. I am so much older
than you that I am less optimistic,
But you did not grasp tbe significance
of my words.   I said I was to be mar
probably hear all about me, so I may,
as well take tbe wind out of the sella
of gossip. I am a mere waif, who
came Balling In out of the Weat on*
day in a little boat which must have
come from the New World as no one
appeared to have lost either me or It
In the Old. Dad picked us both up and
adopted me."
Pyne did not know whether to taka
her seriously or not, until he sought
confirmation in a pair of tranquil,
eyes which he gazed Into at every op*
"It Is quite true," said Constance,
gravely. "I suppose that the mysterious affinity between parents and long-
lost children which exists tn storybooks Is all nonsense In reality. No
family could be more united and de-
voted to each other than we are, yet
Enid ls not my sister, and my father
is her's only by adoption. He found
her half dying, drifting past this very
rock, and before he could reach her
ho fought and killed a dreadful shark,
We ur« very proud of dad, Mr. Pyne.
You si-e, ho ls our only relation. Enid
knows ueilhcr her father nor mother,
and my mother died when I waa a
"ilrtiat Seoul" cried Pyne    _^
He turned quickly towardTthe^aoor.
Mrs. Vanslttart, very pale, with eyes
that looked unnaturally large in the
fair.)   light,  i:.ii.ii  there.    For an in-
"Yes," eald Constance, still at a loss
to catch the drift of an announcement
which Mrs. Vanslttart seemed eo anxious to thrust upon her.
"Well, the Chinook waa wrecked last
night, or rather early this morning.
The name of the ship was not made
known throughout the world until
long after daybreak. It Is quite im
possible that Mr. Tralil should have
reached this remote corner of England
from Paris In the Interval."
For one moment the girl waa pus.
zled. Then a ready solution occur
red to her.
"Oh, of course, that is very simple
Ms. Tralil wai awaiting your arrival
In Southampton, thinking to take you
by surprise no doubt. Thet ls sure tq
be the explanation. What a shock, thi
first telegram must have given him I"
"How did he ascertain that hla n, •
phew and I were alive?"
"The very first thing father did was
to telegraph the names of all the sur*
vlvors. I know that Is so because '
saw the message."
"Ah. He ls a man of method, I sup<
pose. You are proud of him, I heard
you say."
■ •■j
I i
■v. tf
I :,
•    **M\,
■  V»-ca
Skevna Laml Ubtrict— -DUtrici ol C
Tak* notic* thai t, Gordon C t.
l'rinco   K i,n .'t,   li.   C,   ".-   . :
broker, tntund lo apply fur parttl
cliaav tha following diwctlbctl lands.
Commancing  at a  poit pUnu-1
miloa in a northerly direction irom t
comer po»t of Lot I > *..•, lUnge  >, <
thenca  north  *WO chain*,  thenc*  we-i
bank, thence aouth following n..r
nl;  containim: 1* j -
Uated Sept. 9, 1911.  GORDON C. EMMK
i'ub. Oct. 10.
■'■ 'j
-in of
• '■
Skeeea Land Dlatriet—District ol Queen Charlott,
Take notlea that Auatin M. Itrown of Prince
Kupert, occupation aaddler, Intends to apply to
shs Chlel Commissioner ol Lands and Worka lor
a licence to proapticl lor coal, oil and petroleum en
and under the lollowlnc deaclibetl landa on the
Weat Coaat ol Graham Island:
Commencing at a poat planted three miles east
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4171!
SO chains west, thence bO chaina north, thence an
ehaina east, thence SO cbaina aoulh lo point ol
Located Aiunist 1st, mil.
Pub. Aut. IS.
Skeena Land District—District ol Queen Charlotu
Take noUc* that Austin M. Urosrn ol Prince
Kupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply lo
tbe Chief Comralaaionef ol Lands and Works lor a
licence to prospect (or coal, oil and pelroleum on
and under tbe (otlownuj dtMcribed Units on th.
Weat Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a post planted thrvo mitea east
of the eoutbeaal corner of C. L. No. 4470 thenc*
north SO chains, ihence eaal HO ehaina, thence
a.,ulh 80 chaina, thence weat SO chaina lo point ol
commence menu
Located Auguat let, mil.
Pub. Aug. m.
Skeena Land District-District ol Queen Charlotte
Take noiice mat thirty daia (rem dale, I, C. U.
Bainter ol I'rince Itupert, I). C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Inlend lo apply to tbe ' -, l Coin
littaatoner ot Laniis to, a licence to prospect (ot
coal and pelroleum on and un ier bio aerea ot
land on Craham laland doscril*ad as loUows:
Commencing at a post |ilanta\! Iwo -nile* north
Tie:.n north.e.t .oineff Cna! Leaae 4166 markeu
C. K B. Coal Leaae No. -"'. ' , n.- aouth SO chaina.
thence wesl SO chains, th.nce north SO chaina
tfitnre eaal el* chain, to o! remmenceroent
r intaining 640 acres mor, or leas.
Hated Sept. 12. 1»11. C.  E.   BAINTEH
Pub. Oct. 1.
Skeena Land District—DUlrlct ol Caaslar
Take   milieu   that   Charlea   William   Ham   ol
Vancouver, B. C. occupation Inspector, InUntla
to apply lor permission to purchase lho lullowini
deecribed landa:
Commencing at • post planted at the confluence ol lllackwaur river with the Naaa river
about two milee south Irom the siith Dominion
Telegraph cabin. Post marked C. W. II. s. w.
Corner, Ihence SO ehains north, thence bO chains
eaat, thence 80 chains aouth, thence M0 chains
weet to point o( commonoemenl, containing 610
acres mora or loaa.
Dsted September 23, mil.
rub. Nov. S.
Skeena Und District—Dislrict ol Caaslar
Take notice that Thomas Arthur tt hit- o( Vancouver, B. C, occupation carpenter, Intemla to
Spply  lor permlaalon  to  purchase  tho  lollo.ltig
escribed lands:
Commencing at a posl plsnted at the con
Buence ol Blackwater river with Naas river, about
two miles soulh ol the sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. Post marked T. A W. S. K. Corner, llienn
SO ehaina north, thenee HO chains weet, thence mi
ehaina aouth, thence 80 chaina east tu point ol
commencement, contslnlng 610 acros more or Ins*
r. ._. ■       »»  .   T'H>»IAS ARTHUR WHITE
Datad Sept. 23, 1911.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Land District—District of Caaaiar
Take not ce that Angus James Mcknnilo ol
Vancouver, H. I.., occupation bookkeeper, intnlmia
d 'rltied I B*"^ '" purcn*J"' ,ho following
Commencing at a post planted at the con-
fluenco ol Ulackwaler river with Naas river, shoul
two miles south Irom the siath Dominion Telrgraiih
cabin. Poat marked A. J. M. N. W. Corner,
thence 80 chaina aoulh, Ihence BO chains en.t
thence 80 chaina north, thence HO chaina wiwt
to point of commencement, containing 640 acris
more or leas.
Dated ,AMES M-KEN»»
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Und District—District ol Cassiar
Take notice that Herbert  McUnnan ol Vancouver. II  (.., occupation real estate agenl, Inlomla
dVcffi'linKT"1"10" " purchM0 K '°l""""«
-..^■"."nr-i."." ESS rtSftad at Ihe confluence ol Blsckwaler river wilh  the Naaa  river
*JJEL2V2W "SS " "» ",*,h l>omlnl,,n
Telegraph  cabin.    Poat  marked   H.   M    N.   K
S^aSkT raff1 """I.1"' ,hen« »0 <*•'•<■
west, thence 80 chains north, thence 80 chslna
east to point ol commencement, contslnlng MS
acres more or leas. ^
KHfirftr'19u    "ERUEKT Mclennan
Skeena Und District—District nl Cout Range 6
Prin'c.* B,t ¥ ,'■' ThomM M "">'"'"<•'
hJokS ln.TJft„ ?' iC'l "'"I""™ real flat.
SS lm'i '"V""";0 ■W,i>' '."r peroiiaslon lo purchase
tho lollowlng described landa: '
~,™ m,*"lcr,,« *l ,* P«" Planted at the 8. W.
fSSn .kSJ-SftP .r"cor'' '■-• '"ence erit 80
ehains, thence Muth 40 chaina, thonce wr.1 80
chain, to .hor, „| Ut .hence lollowlng a..""
of lake In a northerly direction lo point "t com
mencementi  contslnlng 11211 acres, mnr,inTaff"
RftSV* imi-    ™°mas mcclymiTnt
Pub. Sept. 9. Ennmt Cole. Agenl
SkMna Und District-District of Coul I
E, I™i„ ^P    ' -i 2" OOTUP"flon waller,   Intemla
d.;te'Lir"-ion io pur'h'~ th» "•»"»".
sJSfiKfSSI,*! » Poat planted 65 chains south
Emm ni fiJKffi
Wm, thenca 65 chain, north,' K5? 70 ffi
aaat. thence 66 chaini muth to print of com"
m.nMmont,cont.ininB 4M acre gjg!% E»°*
D.UdOctobOT21? ^ AMIN   RU8HKL  "1C»
Pub. Nov, I.
Skaana Land DUtrict—District ul t
Taka nuuoe thai 1, llaiuamiu A. fti
N,   D.,   occupation   luarciiaiit,   mi-
(or penntaiioo to puxcbaao tna luim... ..  .
Comtnaacing al a i>»». plant** 1 i
Doumlary antl atraut uva cbaioa (ro ■
**aat oontor ol Lot 4Ast, mv.iov Mfl
tnunco aaat  JU chain*,  tbtfiio* »•.
uii'iio* watt ■*■■* cnauu to (HJint ul com
DataU Jona M, UM 1. Ih.\j \   :        ,
Tub. J-ii> J *. t -• i i.
I l.M|
• a-     .
Skeona Land DUtrict—Diatixt al Coaat lUnc* J
i«m?   notlea   tbat   lltrtan. Koj
WinuipaXt    Man.,   occupation   bMTii
to apply (ur parmUaluo to purcoaM u« l>ji,,j«iaj
tjaKniMxl landa:
Cuminvncing at a poat plants*.) at *
cornor 4U cbaina aaat and 4U rtia.,..
N. K. corner ol Lot lllb, h .;.     • ,.
DUtrict !Ui>*« 6, lhanca W cn«u.* i
nu chain* north, tbanea •-*» chaini Ml
chain* aoulh tu poat ol oonunancemr ,: ,
>••*) acrua mur* or laaa.
liadsl.Ni-pl. u, IVI1   UIKUM  Km
I'ub. Scpu 23. Fnd W. Bo
eSktwna Land District—DUtrict u( Coa»: i.. fcf V
Taka notico that Jcaae XI. nil
itapida,   luM-a,   occupation   la*>»r.
apply (or parmUrion  lo purer.**. ;
duacntiad landa:
Comniancintf at a poat plantad on ti • -,
abora ol   huttymaiaaa  Inlet on  thv . nut
o( a small atruam tloaing into aaid Inl
of Crow I.*.**.    Thane* south 20 ofaai     ttpaai
•eat 20 chaina mora or Ium lo the »■■ ■ .4
Crow  Laka,   tbanea  northerly  sr.-i  *
luatng tha shore Unee of Crow Laitr,  I ■ J UK
to Crow Laka and   Kuueymatean  u
piaca ol  commencocneni,^   :    I     arm
mora or laaa.    Located August 7, It'll.
i.ia.*>l .\u«. '.', 1'JU. JWM.   M     ■ UJW
I'ub. Aug. \2.
Skeena Land DUtrict -DUtrict uf Coa
Taka nonce tbat K. II. ti. Miller of I        ttk
Kng., occupation surveyor, inlw.iU le
permission   lo  purchsse  the  (ullo«n .. «1
I'ommenctnc at s post plsnte.1 *t ti
ner u( Lot 44Ub, thence arest auchisn*. "
20 chains, theuce aaat aU Chain*. Ub -j
chains tu the point ol; t
lt'0 seres mure or laaa.
Dated August li, 1911. E. ll. Q > I
I'ul.. Aug. jt.. P. M. Mi    -   \C*at
Skeens Und DUtrict—District ol CtNal .' -
Taka nolle* that K. K. Miller of I tf l.t<-
land,   uccupatton   farmer,    ntemU  to   . 1st
permission  t<* purchase  the (ulio«n.j •*
Commencing at a poal planted tboul > •>*■*
aaat Irom tbe N. W. Corner ol Lot tt Hi
north 4U chains thenoa waat 20 ch < ■
aouth  40 chaina,  ihence eaat 2i> chsi <-"
point mI commeooernent conlsinlng •
iimrv ur Ifwt.
Dsted Auguat 19  1911. IL 1"
1Mb. Aug. 26.                            P. ft. Ml M.**
Skeens Und DUtrict—DUtrict of Coa«
Taka notice that  Frank A. XMIer of
Kng., occupation civil onginear, Intra-!*
(ur permiMiun to purcbaae tbe foll..«* ■  .
Commencing al a pool planted at U
Corner ul Lot 28, thanee north io ch«*
**-»t   jo chains,  thenca aouth 2u cha.
eaat 20 ehaina to point uf eommem*
talning 40 aerea mora or leas.
I»al*.| August 15, 1911.        Mi\\i*
I'ub. Aug. 26. 1   M. Ml
Skeena Und DUtrict-DMrict ol ( oa
Take nutice that Lottie McTavUh of \ ■
occupniun    married   woman,   Intenda   I
lor permission lo purchase the follu»i?<g
Commencing at a poet planted  al Um
west corner |00 chains eaal snd 2" aha
(mm N. K. corner ol Lot 1116, Msrvc> *
Cnasi  Dlatriet  lUnge ■>, thertv 20 rtis • •
thence HO chains   east, thenre 60 chain*
thence  10 chains  w**t,  thence 60 ri*a
thence 40 chaini weat lo posl ol mnin,
Containing um scrm mora or Isao.
Dated Sept. 18, 1911. LOTTIE  Md I
l*ub. Sept. 23 Fred W. Itchier. (
Hells Coota Und District-District ol Co.*- R
Take noiice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk
land,   occupation   gentleman,   intends   to   a
(or  tiermission  to leaae  the  following  df*
Commencing at  a post planted on the
nf   Ni-clerlsconnay   Hiver  about  10 chsii«
of  Indian  Keserve Line .theace west 60 H
following  the channel  ol  Necledsconnay   I.
Ihence south 60 chaina more or lesa to cl *
ut  Delia Coola  Kiver,  thenre following  el
of  Delia Coola  Kiver easterly 60 chsin*.
SO chaini mora ot leas lo point of commence
cnntAlning IHO aerea, more or Ins.
Dated August 28, 19H, If.   M.  I >
Tub. Sept 80. William McNalr, A
Skeena Und DiKrId— Plitrlct of Coaat lis-
Tske noiice that  Herbert J. Mackte of  l
broke, (Int.,  occupstion  lumberman. Intend*
apply for permUafon  to purchaae tne folios*
described landi:
Commencing at a poat planted on tha left '
ol the Zymmiofta or /,lm-a*got-itt Kiver, al so
woat corner of Ut 1706, thence northerly, loll'
the  westerly  boundary  of  Ut  1706,  W eh
more, or Ian, to the northwest corner of «a.d *
1700.   thence  westerly   and   southerly,   foil"
lho left bsnk of aald river, 80 chslni more or las*
pnlnt   of   commencement   containing   160   a
more or lesa.
Ucaled August 19, 1911.
Dated August 21, 1911.     IIKKKKKTJ  M \    '
Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick 8. Cleminta, Ag
Rkrena Land District-District of'Ceiilar
Take nolle.- tint I, Th »mai Carter, of Pri
Knp'Tt, ocriipstlon carpenter, Intend t" 6pP
I tor iier-niM|„n tn purchase the following d*1-
ed land.
Oimmonrln* at a pout planted about on-* ml
south from the mouth at Falla creek and «'»•
IHI feet l.-ii-k fr,,m iho beach, thence tn ch i
north, thence 40 ehalni west, thence 90 ch*'-
aouth, thenre enat 4*1 chains to pointofmimmen*''
ment, containing 820 acres more or l«ss.
-. .   . . , THOMAS CARTF.dt.
Dated July 7th, 1911.    Charlei Webatet Calhou ■.
Pub. Aug. 6th. Agent.
The Best
■si -fcii-**!''-* H0*% m asw-fcai'aaa^A^i'
General Merchandise
Largest Slock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
iNtlTASr riiBi.ic)
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
Fridays, at 8 a.m.
For Port Simpson  Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays at 1 P. M.
For Minuet and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
commencing November 9th.
For   Skidegale,   Jewday,   etc.    every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
Commencing November 2nd.
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mined
trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Christmas visit East travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago.   The finest and best
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with all roads East and
West.    Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged..    Full information and
tickets obtained from the office of
This Ii a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Points In the Btlqaotte Which Well*
iirwi Women Will Remember,
It Is The Trained Man or Woman
Who Rises to the Top of the Ladder!
To fit your son or daughter Jtor a business
them a business training,
career you must gi
The best place to send them to is tn
ie :
Nanaimo Business College
B.C. Coast service — Famous Prncess
Princess Mary
Saturday, November 18th, at 9 a.m.
For Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle
J. a McNab
General Agenl
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Fraaer and Hth.        Choice Wines and Clgva
It is the nearest business
college to Prince Rupert.
It's fees are within reach
of everyone. Its tuition is
personal, and develops the
individuality of the pupil.
Room and board is cheap
in Nanaimo. The pupils
are away from the distractions of tho larger cities   :
Ou tastl-jad mm iixltisri I ail its ii
The Ben Pitman System of
Business English and Letter writing
Commercial Arithmetic
Office Routine
ll Mir Meu ill Ihe Differa.ce Between Success md Failure to You
Ask at Daily News forour booklet teaching how to write shorthand
tlF«t*,M4*! tsttmlt
Great assortment of
for men,
women, women and children
Suits and Overcoats for Boys..
* the wear anil tear  .	
men. women and children
.       In all sites, and many Modi td
Girl's Dresses   thnt we will   sell at special
W. have just received |jH&ggff «tWf «    _
825 Third,        THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 03
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
All Cash
14, 15, 16
28          6         $626 ea.
33 and 34
2          8         1800 pr.
14, 15, 16,
17   47          8         $260 ea.
17 and 18
28          8         $800 pr.
40 and 41
28          8         $800 pr.
Call at out
office and see other bargains
If you have declined an Invitation
to a dinner or a damp, yon Hhoiild
make a call afterward. It Is a slight
and has only ono Interpretation, If
you neglect to do so. A hostess has a
right to feel offended and to understand that you wish to discontinue
ker friendship.
A hostess should always call on a
new acquaintance before offering to
entertain her.
If, through Ihe influence ot a
friend or realtive, a person has received an Invitation, he should pay
a call upon his hostess whether the
extended Invitation wns accepted or
When a member of a family Is 111
for a season, the calls made on her
may be returned by a daughter or
sister chosen for this duty. A call
should be made and explained If
the daughter be unknown to her
mother's friends. She should Introduce herself and explain her purpose in n courteous, gracious way.
When going on a Journey, a card
on which P.P.C. Is written can be
left or pusii'd. it is a French phrase
and means "To take leave."
If railing on a friend who Is visiting ono who you do not know, a
curd should be left for the mistress
of the liniisf, and It is for this person that you should ask. It ls not
permissible to call upon n friend who
is visiting a family with whom you
are nt enmity.
It is your duty to call upon n visitor of friends If the guest's presence
In the town has been announced. This
should be done before Including thc
stranger In any entertainment of the
Calls of condolence or congrntula
tion arc made with no reference to
the regular visits paid or received
They are formal little ways of being
thoughtful In time of trouble. Cards
are left both before and after thc
It Is necessary for one who has
been a bridesmaid, a maid of honor
or a matron of honor to rail upon
the mother or the bride shortly after
the wedding. The mother li the
hostess, you will remember, and you
should acknowledge her entertainment by calling.
.Note  for  HiislmmU.
A woman cannot  keep moths out
of a few old duds In a single closet;
but think of the genius of men, who
keep moths out of clothing stores!
tin'   HiihImiihI,  Too,
A well behaved, patient man never
knows whether his wife loves him or
not. But let hlni shoot somebody, or
forge a note, and his wife stands by
him In a manner to attract the attention  of everybody.
Hut Nursemaid Never Noticed ll for
Three Hours.
A nursemaid wheeled the dead
body of a year-old hiiby up and down
a New York boulevard for three
hours the other night thinking that
thc child was sleeping peacefully.
Then she patted the cheek of the
baby and noticed that the cheeks
were cold. The called to the mother
In her uparimeiit window thnt the
child had caught cold. The mother
hurried to the street nnd lifted the
baby from the carriage, then fainted
when she realized that the child was
dead. An ambulance surgeon snld
dentil was due to malnutrition.
Proper Cure Willi I'ndcrclolliei* Sure
Pro|ier    Care    Willi     CntrerClothes
Have*   Health   and   HimmI   Ijonk*.
Second Ave..
Prine* Rupert, B.C
Fire, Life, Accident ind Liability Isisriscc
Box 767
I l   **l ■■■»«■ "mi -a'*-*! ***
Phone 243 Black  ?
Read The Daily News
.    And Get AH the News
I•-*»»« r*>s4 l*»^"*> I a*-*** '**-»*■
Sell the Dally News.
It's the easiest and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply at
Read The Daily News
After using each time, the wash-
cloth must be thoroughly washed,
well rinsed and hung up to dry. Hut
this Is not sufficient; once every
week all washcloths must be sent lo
the laundry to be boiled, thus Insuring the destroying of any germs
that may lurk in the cloth. If a
It Is possible for her to reinfect
It Is quite possible for her reinfect
hersi if after lhe disease has apparently become cured. Further, each
member of thc family should have
his or her own Individual towels,
soap and wnshcloths. Aside from all
sanitary questions, In a matter so
intimate as the hath, there Is something repulsive In the thought of
haling your toilet aril. I k used hy
anyone else.
Ntteet Point.. Pudding.
I'eel and grate enough raw sweet
potatoes to weigh a half pound.
Cream together six ounces of butter
and a half pound of sugar; add alternately eight well beaten eggs and
the grated potato; then add the jtilrc
and grated rind of one orango and
one lemon, one-quarter of a teaspoonful of mnce, one teaspoonful of .in
jiamon, one-half teaspoonful of salt,
two tablespoonfuls of brandy snd
one gill of sherry. Heat hard, pour
into a buttered dish and bake in s
moderate oven for about three quarters of an hour.
Fried Carrots.
Srrapc good slued carrots and boll
In sllhgtl.v sailed water until tender.
Cut In slices, either round or long,
according lo preference. Melt one
tablcspoonfiil of butter or dripping
in n saucepan. When very hot spread
in the carrots. Sprinkle them with
salt, pepper and plenty of sugar snd
fry slowly until well browned, turning and browning on the other side.
When In the hot dish sprinkle with
chopped parsley.
Aspiring to become a "preacher
with a punch," K.ldy Young of San
Jose, well known In California as a
featherweight pugilist, has announced thnt lie will enter the ministry
and Inter become an evange'ist. "Religion needs niau who can put a
kick In It," said Young. "I'm there
with the kick, and now you ran nil
back and watch me slip the devil
some of the old sleep-drops." Young
addressed the Young Men's Christian
Association nt San Francisco Sunday
afternoon. He will go to Chicago to
study at the .Moody Evangelical Institute.
Harry Wolverlon, manager of the
Oakland Coast league baseball team,
ii. iv  succeed Chase as manager
of  the   Nf»   York   Americana   next
year,   according   to  current   report.
Han Johnson, president of ihe American   League   and   President   Frank
Farreli of the New York Americans
have united In their efforts to secure
a  good  manager  to succeed Chase,
whom, It is claimed, while playing
brilliant Individual ball, has nol had
siireeas In handling his players. They
arc now hot on lhe (rati of Wowver-
ton. whose executive ability has been
strongly recommended to them, and
are  In  rotnmunlcallon   with   Coast
League  magnates  in  regard to the
mailer.      Wolverlon    has    already
signed a contract wilh the Oaks for
nevt year and If they wish to do so,
the   Oakland   club   ran   hold   him
slrlrtly lo his eonlrarl.
P.O. BOX 801
BafTirairt.'. StortiKti un.l  F.irwiti'iiink" Auenta,
Ultra or Motor Cur day or nli^ht
Seventh Ave. unti Fulto
Phone 301
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   lw w   Chandlery
SI ft,Mi AVKNI'r:
Second and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
I,aw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Runert P.O. Box 351
-General Hardware—
J Builders' Hardware *
^ Vulvcs & Pipes     Oxford Stoves 7
Graniteware       Tinware *>
Flat in Rand Block, comer Sixth Avenue
nnd Fulton Street.
Also stores in same block.
Two cottage* coner Second Avenue ami
Ninth Street.
Lots In alt parti ol the city.
We represent some ol the largest Companies doing business in the City.
Second Ave. Phon* 1 12
We Pay Highest Prices
for Brass, Copper, Lead,
Rubber   Boots,   Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cash Store
of British Columbia of B.C, Ontario, Saa-
end Manitoba Bars, katchewan  and Al
berta Kara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office—Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince RuDert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D. D.S.
jJCrown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operatlona skilfully treated. Gaa and
local anesthetics admlniatered for the palnleaa extraction of teeth. Conaultatlon free. Offlcee:
Holirerson Block. Pnnee Ruoert. 11-12
Alex.H.Manson ll.*..     W.K.Willmma.n.*.. l.l.d
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P.'O. BOX 2.1
i.i'ii. or Wat. roxoN. esq.. A.R.A.M., i on., una
Fire, Lit. and Accld.nt Insurant-..*
018 3rd Avenue Phone 203 and Green 212
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Hth Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Avg.
Mother'*   Prayer.
While the boy Is away with a Run,
his mother declares that if the (lood
Lord will bring hlni hark nllve, she
will never let him go again.
Leave ll lo Hint.
When a boy Is whipped at school,
and his mother sends him out Into
the yard to get n slick of the sire
the teacher used, lo show visitors,
the case against the teacher Is prctly
Ilaocbalt Una are Interested In the
movements of their dllferenl Idols
of lhe New York (Haul National
League ehampiona. several of whom
arc already making their plana lor
the winter. Cbrlaly Mathewson la
planning a trip to Ihe wilds of Canada to see II his mighty right arm
Is aa true with lhe rifle and shotgun
as It ia in "iiu'llng 'em over," and
he experta to establish a new ir.'-e-
out i-.'i'i among lhe BOOM and
rarlbou In Ihe land of non-rciiii'o-
rily. Rube Marquard, lhe sensational
mm lh paw. Is burning up Ihe Gotham
roads In a new automobile, which he
has Just purchased, while Oils Cran-
dall, the thrifty, Is Investing the
earnings of his pitching arm In In
■liana farm land. Chief Meyers, the
Indian catcher, will pursue his horticultural ambitions In sunny California, where he has purchased a
ranch. Fred Merkle also realises
that tirse basemen come and firsl
basemen go nnd Is laying up for a
rainy day He aspires lo become a
"peach hing'' when he has lo quit
the diamond nnd has made a start
by purchasing a peach orchard In
The James see
Nicely furnished rooms   Good table board
Beavrd I < 7S Room .nd Ro.r d 17 OO
Wr carry wcrylhlnir In lha fe«d line, alto k**r-
<lm t-ai-efi at thr luweet market price*, at Collart't
ol* Fiad Store. Market l*lao«
Pronu/l Delirerr Phones 41 or 901
Offers will be r**ce**ed br Ihe underaiffned up to
noon of Frtd.r. loth .la> ,.f November, itll, for
thepurrtuue nf the Ktchansr drill aa a e,*tne
tmKeen. An inventory of *ts*et. mil be furnish*
-.Ion application.
Stewart a.
P. H  Hani.are « Supply Co.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Trans Wllcaek. Parts and Berlin.
The Canadian Han'   of Cnmrneree ore open to
receive otters for the ptirrhase of tbe hull, line
.....   .a-ri||„a| s. ll,-- f.t»     Hall       In    th.   .Vent   of
sn ntTer bein# errepl-d lh. purrhaser must bind
him*slf tnrem*ne the laui'lin* nn receipt of 00
day.tvoUce from the tl.T.P. RalLaylt'.. The
hi.hesl oe an, offer will not nn ■aa.tll, he ar.
Tenders Wanted
Following Is the MrOraw's, Ihe
tllant's boas, rholce of an all-.tar
team  from  sli  players:
Pitchers—lohn Clsrkson. Amos
Unfile. 0, Mathewson. Nap llucker,
Morderal llrown
Catchers-   Mike   Kelly.   Mm k   Kw
Ing, Wllbert  Robinson. Roger nro«-
First base-  Fred  Merkle.
Hernml  ha«e     Napoleon  l.ajole
Third base -Jimmy Collins.
Shortstop—Hans   Wagner.
Utility  Infield     Hugh Jennings
Klghl   field- Willie  Heeler.
Center field — Ty Cobb.
Left  flelil     Kd Delhonly.
Utility "iiilieiti    Hilly Hamilton.
Separate Tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to 5p.m. Nov. 13th,
for all electric wiring and plumbing in
connection wilh thc new cily lire hall.
Two hundred barrels First Claas Portland i'emeiit as per speciflm-
tions for the New City Hall
Plans antl specifications to be seen at
office of city clerk and Messrs. Potter
A l.ailey, architect*.
Ernbbt A. Woods,
Cily Clerk.
Room 28. Alder Block Upstairs
EBY   <&   Co.==
Kiuumkalum Land For Sale
crrauMKALim .       H c.
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prince Rupert l»l*re. No. JIS. Sons of
hnsrland. m«el* lh- llr«t and third Tuesdavs In
«ech month In the Son* nf England Hall, nm 2nd
Aire, at s p.m.
F. V  CLARK. See..
ERNEST A. tW&aSVSV' """"
Teacher oi" Piano, Violin and
Voice Culture.
2nd Ave,
Between Tth At Bth Sts.
Prince Rupert
IN THE MATTER nl the Relate nl JOHN
CAPKCCI late ol Ihe City of prince Hupert. in
the Province nf HrtlMi Columhi.. deceased:
NOTHT. s* hr-rl.y (iren thai all persons
bavins; an) claims or demand* atain.t lhe Uie
John repecri, *thn died nn nr elioot the sth dsv
nl lieeemhef. |f»lo. si Prince Runrr*. ll i . *«-
required lo send 1>. pom prepaid nt to dellvsr
te the underslttned Solieilnr herein Inr Adnllo
Assail. AdminMralnr. thrit ratnes anal add Mas*.
and lull psrlieiilsr. in wrrtins nl their rlsim* snd
rtstemenla of their aeemtnl., and Ihe nalur.1 ot
Ihe saetirllie., II sny, held h>- them.
ANI> TAKK NOTICK thsl alter the loth day
nf Dwrmlaer. 1911. Ihe said .V.I. II.. Aarali .ill
proceed to Ihe assets nt the aaid deeeeerd
amonf the penmn* entitled thereto, ha. inf reffard
only to the claim, ol *rttrh he **ill then have had
nolle., and Ihsl Ihe said Adeltn Assail .ill not
he liable tor the said aasrla or any part therenl
to any peraon* of ..hose claim he a* not lh»n in
receipt ••! nol lee
IIATKH st Prince Huperl, II. C . the 2nd dsy of
Noiember. A. I>.  lull.
I.   W    rATMORK.
Solieilnr l„r the said
Adello Atxali
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
. IIAII..1.S Hl'ASiiNAMI.i:
Fiirwr*)   t'.r.t |..r«
Sn] A  <* near Ath 8t. Phon* Na M
..Grand  Hotel..
Workln,|msn's Home
Free Labor Bvi*ai in Connetlisn
Phone 178 1st Ave. and 7th St
GEO. BRODERIUS. Pro-viola*
Advertising Pays-in The NcwspTn
rtkt-vM leintl Pie.rirt    Hit*rlcf M ('mu fUnr*
T**** no»i«. ihnl MIm Miry MiiUUl* nl C\w
"tropntan   «nin«i#*r.   Inif-nrl*
|wmtatim In fiuftt,u* lh* fnllnwlnff
inmrn^fint •! * port nUniH nn»* rh«in« nntih 1 ».
of the w-uthMat  f-MfrT nt !/>(   M2, th»nr*»- nnrth    MtRMlnPP
40 rhsii«. thenrr e*«n jo thuln*. ih»*n<» -mtth 40
fhiin*. ih"*nf* wr-«-t  20 fhkin* in point nl eon.-    _,_
menffTtvnt.  mnUininf hiMv term, more or Ion    CIGARS
l>»tH IM. 11.1»M.      MIHSM AKY MIIA'IU.K
VS Utile's NEWS Agency
Jehft C. M.iiviiie. Atsnt |
We have just arranged with one
of our clients to place forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots are some of the best in Sections
7 and 8. The prices arc as low-
as any on the market, nnd the
terms so easy—monthly—that any
one can buy. Along with this
exceptional offer, each lot admits
the purchaser to n drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky
ticket the trip is yours; or you
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good—
one in forty-two. Come in and
lelortlll Miiiim-i- Brought Out the
Steamer Islander I-nun
In   1WW.
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Vaneouver, .\'ov. 13.—Death occurred here today of Captain George
Robertson, aged 66. He enme here
In chnrge of the steamship Islander
from Seniiaii.i ou the steamer's
maiden voyage, in 1S88.
There will be a big time at the Baptist Brotherhood Social in the Mclntyre
Hnll, Monday  night.     Everyone wel-
siieriiiiiii-i'levi'liiiiil Musical Comedy
Compiuty Makes Good imi Second
Visit—"A .Stubborn. Cinderella"
Proves a Pencil.
Notwithstanding the weather outside, there wns nothing of a frost
about the presentation of "A Stubborn Cinderella" on the Empress
stnfe on Snturday night by the Sherman-Cleveland Musical Comedy Company. But a few hours landed from
the Princess .May, just In from the
North, the company had tbeir arrangements mads so completely as to
be able to put nn an elaborate show
at the regulation hour with never a
hitch, and n parked house greatly
enjoyed the eomedy.
Prince Kupert has, of course, old
friends In the Sherman-Cleveland
Company. Harry B. Cleveland, for
Instance, whose good-looking and Inimitably humorous "Mac" was a first
favorite. Miss Drena Mack, charmingly dressed, sang and acted with
the same excellent effect which hns
won her so many friends In Prince
Rupert, Jack Westerman, as "Skee-
ter," and Frank Snyder, as "Fat,"
scored again, as did Elton Ralston,
and Miss Josephine Gerrlsb,
Mr. George Perkins, who, It will
be remembered, was the hero of
what was very nearly a tragedy In
real life, when he fell Into a crevasse one one of the great glaciers
of Alaska, appeared as "Professor"
and "Engineer," a double role to
which he did entire justice. Evidently his Icy experience has not Impaired his histrionic ability. William
Darling. In the triple role of "Officer," "Marble Worker" and "Hotel
Manager," hit off his funny turns
admirably, nnd nil the other mem-
hers of the company worked hard
and effectively ns ever, particularly
.'hat Indefatigable chorus, whose
support In the feature songs was always given with a will, nnd just ns
willingly In response to the last ns
to the first encore.
Tonight the company puts on
The Time, The Place and The
Girl," nnd there enn be no doubt
that in spite of the wintry atmosphere outside the Empress Theatre
will be aglow with warmth, and light
nnd merriment, as always with this
popular company on the boards.
MaSs*aias*aU**a .'**i'
gUI .^s**a*r**a.**s*t
.r>iwM^»^.WM^i^,^,^M^,>t<^,>^|f>||^||<u>>||^|^.^,^>J>><>>,WM>>J>> *■-«*»**maaiUMs*-*,**-^.* .a.*****)
"The News* Classified Ads.
—One Cent A Word For Each Insertion™
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.-Houses and Kcnta.n.
For Rent
The Wags Are Mentioning the Name
of a Prince Itupert Alderman,
Applications will be received
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Directors of the
Prince Rupert General Hospital
Association from women wishing to take a full course of
training,in nursing. 12l
Some of the local wags are trying
out n new one on the Innocents.
They are talking blandly of the new
"white hope" in Prince Rupert.
When the curious inquire who he is,
they mention without a smile the
name of a certain Prince Rupert
We would mention the alderman's
name, only It's years since we hnd
the gloves on. It isn't Alderman
Douglas, nt any rnte.
Immense interest is being taken in
Northern B. C. Coal.
The opportunity for big fortunes
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue at extremely low figures).
Investigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, Ltd., at our office—dollar shares,
IS. each, 5c. cash.
H.  F.  McRAE & CO.
Phone 205 Second Avenue   nS
Nit*. Furnished Rooms. Mrs. llrconwoofl, Alder
Block: Third Ave. 178-tf
For Rent-Furnished RtJOtTH-Bueltla" Block— week up.
For Rent-Two roomed cabin. eloM to McBride,
freshly papered and clean, only Sill per month.
II  F. M.-Kne A Co. t-f
OUR Companies* are noted for prompt and just
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty und Insurance Co.
, Wanted j
Salesladv for candy oounter. Afternoons only.
Address Box 6i2. Prince Rupert.
Wanted. — Dressmaking, cleaning and pressing, repairing for men and women Mrs Charles
Percher. 820 Third Ave.   Phone 294 Red.     tf
<|» .---an--a Si-%  H"*Yn,S>**^ll »»»sSI «fcSI » II ■»*. II -»»■ SI -»  "*■» ■♦
{       Lost and Found       j
FOUND-2 Small Keys.   Inquire at News Office.
Found—Ladles' opal set brooch. Owner send
description to E.J.M., Dally Newa.       258-259
Real Estate
Furniture of every de-
scription ut prices thai
cannot, be beaten.
Everything foi '
Will buy lots in Prince Rupert at bariraln pricea
ftir cash.   Apply P. O. Box 860 statin.* location,
... —».. .,.,i . t
price, etc.
£11-1 f
Lots 12 and 13, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $6000, one-fourth
cash, balance 6-12-18 months.
Lot 7, Block 28, Section 5, Summit
Avenue. Price $525. $225 cosh,
balance $50 every three months.
Lots 5 and 6, Block 22, Section 7, Sixth
Avenue. Price $600 each, one-hall
cash, balance easy.
Lot 3, Block 24, Section 7, Sixth Avenue.
Price $600, one-half cash, balance
Lots 19 and 20, Block 4, Sect'on 8,
corner Ninth and Donald.  Price $800,
one-fourth cash, balance 6-12-18
Four room house, Ambrose Avenue,
plastered and painted, best harbor
view in city. Price $1837. $600
cash, balance $30 per month.
F. W. HART   I
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62     £
Eastern stenographer of wide experience wants
poaltion. Address "Stenoirrapher." 662 Cordova St., Vancouver, B.C. t-f
Ladies Plan Entertainment
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian
Church will hold a sale of aprons, home
cooking and candy at the church hnll,
4th Ave., on Tuesday afternoon mat
evening, Nov. 21, from 3 to 10 p.m.
Tea will be served.
Five and ten acres, garden trucking
Kitsumkalum. Price $65 per acre.
Lot for Sale in Section 6, Block 22. Lot 15, Tth
Ave.   Apply Mike Ruilch, Box 68! City.      tf
For   row   boats   and   launches) G. T. P. Tran.fer Agent.
Telephone     320    green.        DaviS |       Orders promptly Riled.   Prices reasonable.
Boat HoUSe. I OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre SU    Phone*
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.    White labor only at    '
Pioneer LaunJry. Phone 118
Today is the
Last Day
but two to
Pay Taxes
and receive the rebate
J. C. McLennan,
Collector, City Hall.
BESNER & BESNER,   Proprietors
The New Knox Hotel  is run on the European
Flan.   Flrstadaas service.   All the Latest Mialern
mprovaments. -:-;. BEDS 60c UP
Stores on Second Avenue.
Three lots close in on Third Avenue,
level.   Good lease.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Plumbing, Heating, Steamflttingand
Sheet Metal Work
Ollice: 8rd Ave. Workshop:
Phone 174 2nd Ave. bet. ?th and 8th Sta.
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your listings
Continental Trust Co., |
Second Avenue
Prince Rupert    "*
Skeena   Mail and  Express
Leave all express packages for interior points with the Pacific Transfer l'u.. 807 Third Ave., and insure prompt forwnrding.
All accounts and correspondence addressed to
p-°-* m    BEIRNES & MULVANY     "■*»"
will receive immediate attention
Vesrm, W. McMillan A Co.. Whole,
mile (irocers, lo lltillil Xevt In
I'lere)- Morris' Premises.
Zl.lio  AT (KIOSK  HAY.
Nf.t iiinii IIiihiiIIiiiim Kinds Vim- Hiver Rapidly Cloning I'p.
Another large warehouse Is planned for the waterfront who'esale district of Prince itupert. A two-storey
building with spacious accommodation and construction similar to that
of the Kelly-Douglas and I'lerry Morris buildings is to be erected on the
space next to the Plcrcy Morris
building, tn tne east. .Messrs. W. J.
McMillan & Co., wholesale grot^is,
gave Instructions to W. L. Marker,
architect, to prepare plans, and this
morning contracts were let for Ihe
building. Carpenter work will be
done by Messrs. Mitchell, Currle &
Wall. Hoofing and sheet metal
sheathing of the entire building Is
in the hands of Messrs. Smith A
Mnllct. The plans provide for a
building opening on )o the wharf
side, served with temporary hand elevators until power is available and
sultoble for the class of goods handled. Premises opening onto First
Klrst Avenue are contemplated for
erection later. They will, ll is understood, be of concrete.
With the Rover on a run to Kin-
■ "lull, where he was to meet a party
of surveyors from I'pper Naas districts, Norman llroadhurst fettnd
very severe weather prevailing on lhe
Nans nnd in the Goose Hay district.
The thermometer registered Zero nl
Qoose Hay the other nigh I. Ire is
coming down the Naas pretty badly
now, nnd the wind was blowing a
lively gnle day before yesterday. The
lt<i\er bail to return without meet-
ii i; the surveyors, who are laic In
inakliiK the roast.
BAD in 11 ti   ihum
Mm. Thomas Iteiti Leaves Husband
nml Two Little One-—Widuni-r I.
Well   Known  Olil-I linei.
si IIOO.VKK  l>AMAflKI>.
Before the auction of lots in section 2,
ntending purchasers should carefully
Study the Lot Grades
You can only do this satisfactorily by
obtaining a copy of thc large map (3 ft
6 in. by 2 ft.) complied from official records by J. H. pfilsbury, CE. This
gives full details of contours, topographical features, street levels and
the grade of each and every lot. <
For Sale at the Office of
C B. SCHREIBERI CO.    ■    Prist* Rupert
618 Third Av*. P. O. But 016 Phona Rf,
Icclilenl at Wharfslde lo Princess
Victoria—Fouled Kingsway and
Carried  Away  Mast.
Considerable damage was done on
Sunday   morning   to   the   schooner
PrlnresB Victoria, which tins moored
near to the trawler Kingsway at the
new    Davis    wharf.    The   schooner
I broke away from her moorings, and
| fouled the trawler, smashing In her
j own   bulwarks   and   carrying   away
her mainmast.
The Princess Victoria Is a 66-foot
boat, and wbb built at Masset In
1905 by Captain Stanley for sealing. In this work, however, she was
never used, but piled between Prince
Rupert and Masset with passengers
and freight. Bought rcrently by F.
Clark of this city, she has Just been
sold to the Pacofl Fish and Fertiliser
Co., owners of the Kingsway, to extend their fishing business. The
Princess Victoria was stink ths same
night at the Cottage City, off Hel-
inencken Island, but wag successfully
Wharf l.ltleietl Willi Trophic, of the
t Im-- Today.
Kueben Liiihan, an Indian hunter,
with a party of hunting companions,
between them, shot n dozen splendid
deer on I'll! Island over the weekend. The snow has rendered the
hunting better along the coast of
Ihe Island. The deer were brought
in today by (he hunter In his launch
Yakllk, and. laid mil with their fine
horned heads on the snowy wharf,
made n truly llrltlsh Columbian
study In slill life worthy of a fine
Mall Soulh Tonight.
Some time after 6 p. m. the O.T.P.
steamship Prince John will pull out
on her fall trip for overhauling nl
Vancouver. She will carry passengers and mall south. Mall closes at
6 p. m. at the post office. The Prince
Albert takes up the work of the
.lohn until Ihe .lolin returns lo her
This morning the death
after  three   weeks'  Illness,
Thomas Held, at  her h"ii,<
enth    Avenue   East.     The
stances of the deaths are particularly
sail, and there two other lit)
dreii  left, a boy nnd Kill.
jand four years old respctiluh   Their
father.   Mr.   Thomas   Held,
well known In lhe ell.v.   II,
the  first  old-timers  of  Prince  R-"
pert,   well   known   lo  local
fur   his skill   In   (nxldcii,;)
himself a good  hunter and
und   was employed  ns offu
catcher   for   l'rinco   Rupert
sympathy Is extended lo him,
widower lefl wilh two little
care for.
Friends and aeiiunintnii" -
spot fully Invited to atiei
funeral, which will lake
E. L. Fisher's funeral ehapi
day evening al 7:30 p. D
.lames officiating; nfter wl
body will lie in state until '
dny morning, when It will
moved in (Inrden Island fo
Scandinavians   Had   .l„v|„|   Valhalla
Very successful was the Valhalla
social and dnnre held on Saturday
night In the K. of P. Halt. Husk
was by tvauffman's Orchestra, and
dancing was enjoyed until midnight
About fifty Scandinavians were present, nnd greatly enjoyed the evening
Light refreshments were provided
Por Section Two Bayers
Intending   purchasers   In
Two will find It worth while I
the large map Just prepared I
I'illsbury, which will enable Hi
figure pretty closely on the
excavation.    This map, which
vertlsed In nnother Column, g!*t
street   levels,  lot   grades  nnd
vnluable information.
Service to lionet-dam
fcondou, Nov. 13.-(Bpeclal)—The
C. P. R. has announced that they
will establish a line of steatnsMpg
from the United State, and Canada
to Rotterdam.
•lust  a  i,iin-i	
Was  It Alderman Clayton or
Kinplre g     energetic     represcii'
who   suggested   Ihe  real   reaa.
Hie alteration of the city hall In'
furnishings,   which    leaves   su
Brand   rlenr  spare  In  the  ecu   .
the floor, with room  for a  rll
excited on  lookers all round'
I .  H.   Hont   III.
With   extra  freight,   left   »*•
the   passenger   steamships   of
line,  the  American  steamer Mel
'lying the same flag as Ihe CIl]
Seattle,   State   of   California.   •
came In this morning.


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