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Twenty-four hours ending 6 a.m.,
Ami. 12
. .   II'MI'      UIN.TKMP.    BAR.        IN. RAIN
rltiT      r.o.o   29.950     .20
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
)L. II.  NO. 182
Prince Rupert, B.C., Saturday, August 12. 1911.
For south
Camosun Sunday, u. in.
kok North
'"L  txtit'tixx  ile
Monday p. m.
AlK, l(j 19,,
'CTq R1A  B" 5>^RICE FlVE Cents
)elegates   to   Nanaimo   Convention    Instructed   to
Support Him.���Newton Supporters Carried the
Meeting by 31 Votes to 29 in Meeting
of Sixty.
Their Honorarium Will be $2000
per Annum
By the narrow margin of 31 to
��!��� a  meeting  of  local   Const- r-
rativcs last night endorsed  Mr.
M. Newton as the Conservative
���umiini'i- from Prince Rupert for
kin- Comox-Atlin seat In the House
ni Commons.   The delegates who
tin- to attened the convention at
s'.iiiainio nexi Wednesday were
Inly charged to support Mr. Ncw-
lon's candidature.
The   charge!   made     by   Mr.
INiwii.ii lhat the previous meeting
Jin elect delegates was packed by
Battles desirous of  injuring  his
ll'iiliiii'.l prospects made last night's
meeting of  more-than  usual  in-
IiitiM.    At  the previous meeting
IMr. Niwton only got  in ;\t   the
Lottom of the list by one vote
sin ilu* contest for delegates! securing less than a third of the voles
|<   ilu* meeting.   Last night, however, the Newton contingent in
I    r.nhir stormy meeting  held  a
ore majority and usitl it  well:
In a meeting of sixty, they managed to have thirty-one votes.
The chief object of the meeting
was to decide whether or not to
instruct the delegates to supixirl
any particular candidate. After
some discussion a motion was pul
before the house to the effect that
the delegates be left to exercise
their Judgment as to whom they
would support. Mr. Newton's
supporters opposed this, end voted
it down by 81 to 21).
Alderman Clayton thereupon
moved a second resolution that tlie**
meeting instruct the delegates to
support Mr. Newton's candidature
at the Convention, ard this was
carried by a similar vote of 111 to 20.
This makes Mr. Newion the-
official Conservative- candidate for
Prince Ruperl.
For row boats and launches
telephone 320 green. Davis'
Boat House.
I The Popular Little "Nabob''
Mean* to Do Well by His
Townsite at New Hazelton
Mr. Robert Kelly���or morc familiarly "Bob" Kelly���"Nabob Kelly" a> some say���reached Prince
Rupert by the Prince George
"I am going to put my new
townsite���New Hazelton���on lhe
market early next week," he said
in the Daily News.
"It would have* lieen on thc
marki i sooner bui for an annoying
li'th- delay .with the government
which dcmaidul special papers
which I had to send here for.
"Yes,  I   si; II let a local  linn
handle the sale of lots here* bill
which firm I have* not yel settled,
"Messrs. Foley. Welch it Suwart have already secured four
blocks 118, 119, 120 and 121.
The Union bank will also build
there. I shall have agencies selling
lots in Seattle, Spokane, Van-
couvci, Victoria, and other cities.
I intend lo spend money on this
proposition and give it a good start
at once."
Prince Albert South
Captain anil Mrs. Nicholson
wen; south by the Prince Allien
this morning. The old Alln-n
will  now  take  up  her long  run
between  Vancouver and  Prince
Rupert.    The Prirec John pleases
on .In* Island  run formerly the
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, Aug. 11.���The resolution to pay members of the
British House of Commons $2000
annually for their services was
carried by a vote of 250 to 130
The art of pleasing any lady
without the least trouble has been
discovered by the makers of the
"Queen Quality" shoe. Their
shoes a.re very easy, extremely
pretty, and most durable. Scott,
Fraud & Company have them in
all styles.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 5, Spokane 1.
Portland 2, Seattle 1.
Tacoma 8, Victoria II.
National League
Pittsburg 5, Cincinnati I.
Boston G, Brooklyn :j.
New York G, Philadelphia 0.
American League
Philadelphia 11,3;  Boston 5, I.
Washington 3,3; New York 1, 2.
Other two games postponed.
Pacific Coast League
Oakland 11, Portland 2.
Los .Angeles 4, San Francisco 1.
Sacramento 13, Vernon 3.
Kidnappers Relented and Gave
Back the Kid
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chicago, Aug. 11. ���Angelo Marc-no, kidnapped by black > hand
blackmailers last Saturday was
found by the police within a few
blocks of his father's home last
School Board to Meet
A short special meeting of the
School Board will lie held in tin
police court on Wednesday to
go into the matter of lenders for
the rc-fitting of the old school.
Witnesses Say That James McCall Who Sent a Bullet
Through the Windsor Bar was Threatening
the Life of Constable Hamblin all
Day Before Shooting.
Matters are looking rather serious lor James McCall the sailor
from the S.S. Prince Rupert who
used a rifle on Thursday evening
sending a. bullet through the Windsor Hotel bar within six inches
of the bartender's head. Seven
witnesses wen- examined ut this
morning's preliminary hearing of
the case before Magistrate- McMullin. As a result it came out
that McCall had been threatening
the life of Constable Hamblin
all day, and that he also threatened
to shoot the colored man Knies.
Cray who refused him the loan of
live cents in the Butte Cafe.
Up  for  Election
Accused comes up for election
before Judge Lampman this afternoon, aid should he- rot elect him
for s|H*etly trial the case will be
a cosily one for ihe city to send
down below. Asked if he had
anything to say ihis morning
accused remained silent. Evidence
of Arthur Little showed how ihe
sailor was obsteperaus almost as
soon as he landed, and required
to be restraineel on Centre street.
Afterwards he went up town and
did the rest of the- sum;. Victor
Swa.pson, the bartender who nearly
lost his life* toltl how recused had
Ik-cii seen to lord the gun deliberately ard fire from a sitting
position probably with thc in-
tention of hitting the coon. "The
bullet whistled by within six inches
of my head," said the witness.
Other Witnesses
Seven witnesses in all appeared
to give evidence this morning.
These were- Arthur Little-, Victor
Swanson. Ernest Cray, the colored
man, Oscar Cross, proprietor of
the Butte Cafe, A. Doyle, Constable Hamblin and Constable Mer-
rit. City Solicitor Peters conducted the prosecution. The accused
is charged with "Having in his
possession an offensive weapon
for a purpose- dangerous to the
public peace."
Reading from left to right they are Private CinTord of Toronto who captured the King's Prize at
Bisley, Sir Max Aitken who received Coronation Honors and  "Joe" Martin, once Premier
of  British  Columbia  but now a stormy petrel of British politics.
Strike Ordered by British Sailors' and Firemen's Union
Messrs. Hayner Bros., to Build Chapel, Offices and
Embalming Rooms on Grenville Court.���
Buildings in Mission Style with!
Every Modern Device.
Messrs.   Hayner   Brothers   arc
iboul   tn  start   at  once  on   the
' " ion   of  a  new  and. entirely
up-to-date undertaking establish-
"���ni on one of the fan shaped
on Grenville Court adjoining
Salvation Army Citadel.  The
ltd space measures 28 ft. x 50
';   X 100 ft., and will allow of the
'������"ion of a very fine substantial
I'Uitding which is just  what thc
M< ira Hayner have planned.   The
md has been leased for a con-
1 fable  term  and  the  building
will lie of a permanent type.
Elengantly Equipped
( hapel for funeral services, ofli-
' ���  and  embalming  rooms,  all
I* ciousand conveninetly arranged
'"��� included In the plans. Inside
'���" furnishings, fittings, and up-
'ing will be very highly
1 ncd and in lhc very best of
'    -J   taste-  quiet  and   dignified.
Outside tin Granville Ceairt frpn-
l,lR0 <.f the building is to Im*
(����'gned in the well known simple
Mission Style, which is still rich
ana substantial looking without
���-"-���ing vulgar or pretentious.   Thus
the building will exactly meet its
purpose. Funeral obsequies conducted there and the last slid
services rendered the dead will be
carried out in quiet dignity without ostentation.
Experienced Undertakers
Adding to their present equipment many <>f Uie very latest
appliances which have brought to
perfection the an of embalming
on this continent, Messrs. Hayner
Brothers, who have had thorough
training and experience in this
class of service- will be in a position
to attend to undertaking work
as fittingly as any of the firms in
the older centres of Canada. The
Chapel attached to their offices
will In- secluded and quiet. While
in the earlier days of Prince Rupert there was no lack of dignity
BbOUl funeral services held in B
little rough shack, ihi growth of
the city has demanded development In line with that of all other
cities, and in this department
Messrs. Hayner Brothers lead the
"Water Officials are Wrong in Every Point They Allege" Declares
Fire Chief Mclnnis.    He Means to Deal Direct with the
Fire and Water Committee.    Difficulties His
Dept. Has to Meet With Owing to
Street Obstructions.
"I do not inund to riply to
the- water officials' allegations
through any newspaper," said Fire
Chief Mclnnis when approached
by the- Daily News on the subject
yesterday. "My business is with
the fire and water committee of
the city council.    My report on
thc position of the fire department
is already in their hands, and it
is up to them to deal with it. But
I may say that the water people
are wrong in every one of the
points  they  have  alleged  against
the fire department."
Want  Callmen
Amongst the points emphasised
In the Fire Chief's report  to his
committee is the need for more
Call men. At present there is
an advertisement posted at the
City Hall for .another call man
and the opinion exists lhal several
more should be employed. All
the four call-men originally employed did not return to duty
after their dispute with the council
regarding wages, and it is apparently difficult to get men for
this duty at 110 |icr month (hough
the offer is made of free quarters
at the fire hall.
Condition of Streets
Another point sure to be touched
on is the condition of the- streets.
(In the occasion of lhe explosion
on Second avenue when the old
schoolhoiise. was burning ihe big
retl auto hose car was held up for
a few minutes l.y an obstruction
oulside the Bank of Montreal. A
light |Mile made riekctiy by ilu
ecxavalion of grade around il
had lieen stayed up by pier. I nl
heavy lumber. Two of these had
to  be   chopped  away   lo  lei   the
"Red Devil" get by.   Notification
of this obstruction had not been
sent  to ilu* Fire Chief, but Chief
(S|H*cia! to ilu* Daily News)
New York, Aug. 12.���Fifty British tramp steamers which are now
in jMirt here may lie licel up indefinitely by a strike ordered by
the* sailors' and firemen's union
of Grcat Britain. While thc sailors
on the liners of the Atlantic com-
paniea sign for the round trip,
ihe* sailors on most of thc 11.imp
steamers sign separately for the
journey each way. The union
has issued a new wage scale* cm-
bodying an Increase all round and
the seamen are instructed to refuse to sign . xc. pi under the- new
si*, le. Members >>f the Am rican
union arc not allowed to take the
plan of strikt rs.
Special Call by Acting Mayor
Al five p.m. toelay the cily
e-ouncil will meet by special summons from AciiiiR Mayor Kirkpatrick. A gooel .1.-. I of miiiiiiip.il
business requires attention, anel as
four of ihe aldermen and lhe
Mayor will Ik* Absent from town
on Monilay there can Ih* no
meeting then.
Amongst the business to be
attended to today is the* passing of
a requisition for pumping plant
for the new Morse Creek temporary
water supply. Alderman Clayton
will move thc granting of the orelcr.
The amount involved is $1175.
The city already owns suitable
lioilcrs for lhe* plant.
Undergraduates of  Cambridge   University   Held   an
Historic Farewell Over a Student Who Waa
Expelled for Breaking the College
to tfi tCu
to xi to <8>
to *.- *.-   :���
"Reciprocity is Right for the whole Dominion of Canada. It is right for the
Province of British Columbia even more than for the rest of Canada, and of course
it is right for Prince Rupert."
These are the words this morning of "Bob" Kelly whose reputation as a business head is unrivalled in British Columbia and whose name is known for sound
sense over all the West.
"Reciprocity-Right for Rupert"    three R's for the present election campaign.
"Good man all right," remarked "Nabob" Kelly regarding the candidature
of Mr. Duncan Ross.
(Colonial Press Despatch)
London, Aug. II.    Never within
memory have the Cambridge under
graduates "ragged" as they did
on   Thursday  afternoon,  when   a
w.ellknown   Trinity   Hall   H|xirts-
111.mi. who has recently iwen doing
great things on the cricket fii-hl,
was "sent down," and WM BOOOtded
a mock funeral on lhc most
gigantic scale the town has ever
Every  fancy costume kept  by
theatrical eostumen and others
was let out on hire and undergraduates too lain to hire a cosltinu
made one.  One had  I dr.-as suit
made of sackcloth, trimmed with
ashes.    Others bought  a  street
organ, draped in purple and black.
Karly OH  the  SOUM was B  c.'b
containing ihe Devil, Followed l.y
a haiUOm cab with (our undergraduate.*, inside four OUtstde. and
two   silting   on   the   htSTM    and
bandsmen. The hearse came next,
With "the deceased" walking at
lhe side. Next came the unfortunate  man S charger���a   very
small donkey.    A cab, with n
large   printed   nolice,   "Alas,   my
poor brother." contained the "dead
man's" brother. Bui perhaps the
most pathetic figure was lhe heartbroken witlow.
For fully  half a mile lhe- pro-
cession stretched, and so dense
were the crowds thai it took nn
hour to make lhe journey of a
mile io the railway station, where
the scene was unequalled in thc
history of Cambridge. Undergraduates climbed on to roofs
and even 011 to lhe top of trains.
Cambridge will know no more
of ilu* Student who has lic-cn "sent
down," but it will not soon (orget
Are You Down-hearted?
almost <>f them In pyjamas.    Prac-I    You won't Ik- il you get a pair
vl tically every vehicle in  the  town I of    those    comfort.ible    shoes    at
Waa chartered. I Scott, From! & Company's.   Com-
to      The procession was headed by 1 fort  promotes be-alth and health,
.  tots a   van   containing  eight   maskcel happiness.
���a _��.��!_ iiasf THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daii.v, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year.   Outside CANADA-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch.    Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New YORK���National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rii St., New York City.
Seattle���Puget Sound News Co.
London, England-Ths Olougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Daily Edition.
Saturday. Aug. 12
If anything more is needed to prove the utter unfitness of the
anti-reciprocity candidate in his aspirations to represent Comox-
Atlin at Ottawa, it is to be found in the articles In* has written in an
attempt to show that the reciprocity agreement if put into practice-
will make food dearer. .
The articles are so childish and immature as to be beneath serious.
notice.    The writer of them may test the absurdity of his labored
efforts by a very simple test,   ll as he says, the abolition of taxes
on food is going to make fewd dearer, then the adding of more taxes,
ought i" make it cheaper, which, as Euclid would siy "is an absurd
The articles are entirely absurd -palpably absurd.
In addition to reducing the cost of living, opening up great markets,
for our lumber, mir ti-h and mir mi tends, reciprocity will double the
present population of Prince Rupert,   This statement is made on the
authority of J. I'. Todd <'i Seattle, whom the Seattle Daily Times
declares is "the best posted man <>n fishing mailers in the Northwest."
J. J. Foster Travelling Passenger Agent of the Great Company is Big Enough to Believe
in the G. T. P. Terminus.
"There's going to be something
doing in this city, It's going to be
a hummer," quoth J. J. Foster
of Seattle, travelling passenger
agent for the C. P. R. Atlantic
lines, one hour and thirty minutes
after he had crossed the gang
plank of the ever popular S.S.
Princess May yesterday afternoon.
Back in the coast cities and in
the big ci liters across the plains
Mr. Foster met many people who
wanted to wade chin deep in al
��� community where hopes, that could
be realized ii backed up with a
i r.illtd up sleeve and stiff upper lip
lied on to a little patience. They
know I'rince Rupert is the place
and they are coming hither.
This was what Mr. Foster was,
ltd to Bay after he had been shown
round a little by J. G. McNab,
C. P. R. agent here.
"Tour of inspection and on
business," answered the visitor
when questioned by the News
what he was doing here. He left
later for Skagway ami oh business
for the company whose arms of
travel extend around the world.
^^^^    L. BARKER
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Skeona Land .lilatrlet��� DUtrict ol Queon Charlotte
Tuke notice that Goo. II. Laux o( Prince Itupert,
i 11. C, occupation barber, Intenda to apply lor
; t-ormi-Eiion  to  purchaso  the (ollowing  described
i Commencing at a post planted about seven
i miles weal and one mile aouth from the moutb
; of Stanly Creek, Nudon Harbor, thence aouth 80
; chains, tlionco wost 40 chains, thonco north 80
I chains, thence cast -10 chains.
| Dated March 17, 1911. GEO. H. LAUX
! Tub. Aoril 22. Numa Demers, Agent
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 8801 landi
Prince Runert P.O. Box 861
Skeena Land DUtrlct���Diatrict ol Caaslar
Tako notico that  I.  Mary Carlo ot  Stowart,
ll. 0*, occupation married woman. Intend to apply
(or permission to purchase the loUowing described
of nritlsh Columbia of HC. Ontario. Saa-
and Manitoba Bars. kau-lu'wuii  mid  Al-
bortn Hois.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Offlce-Exchanuo block, corner Thinl avenue and
Sixth street. I'rince Ruoert. ��
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work n Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully trenle.1. Gas and
local anaathelic* administered f'*r the palnjtu extraction of toeth. (Consultation fr��*e. Otlices:
Helirerson Block. Prince Rupert. Il-U
Alex.M.Manson b.a..     W.E.William..ii.*.L.t..D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Kupert, B.C
Not Soft and White but Very
Not that J. P. Todd is a friend of reciprocity.  J. P. Todd is allied'
to those "interests" who prosper in der a tariff,   His men have been*    , -----------------------   ,       ,
.           ���     ,  ���   ,                    .    ..      i*     ,  ,-,     ,    i As an example of trademarks
accustomed to g" in then  boats out to the Canadian halibut  banks .                                 .     ,    ,     ,       ,
, ,     ,          .,.,    -.,..-,                   ,,                   .        , have von ever noticed the hands
and load up.    lhe Canadian hshernieii could not come into the mar- .   , " .      .   ,            .    Tl         ,
,          ....                     ,          .                             ,          ,     ,. ,           ,     , o|   the hospital  nurse.-'     I lit   soft
ket.     I lure was a. dutv ol B ceiii   i pound on lhe li-h caught bv a ,.      ,      ,      ,. ,    ���      .-    ���
,.      c ,                .;., .            ���   ,   ,           ,             ii.-,-,,'    i white   hand   which   in   lu-timi   is
C an.uli.oi fisherman.    Ihis corralled ilu* market !<>r j. P. I.kI.I and
the Seattle fishermen, leaving the Canadian fishermen out in the cold.
Tin's i�� what J. P. T>>dd siy. in an interview in the Seattle D.iilv
Under the reciprocity bill fish are admitted free of
duty. If this measure carries, the halibut fleet that makes
Seattle its headquarters will move to Prince Rupert as
soon as the Grand Trunk Pacific is completed to the Coast."
The loss to Seattle will be whatever money or business
6,000 fishermen involve."
What money and business do -ix thousand fishermen Involve?
In the first place there are the wives and families of the married
fishermen. Six thousand fishermen will have at least six thousand
dependents; probably* twice thai amount.
Six thousand fishermen will need between them several thousand
homes,   Those homes will have it. U- built by Prince Ru-hm-i car*
(H-iitcrs.    Tiny will have to In* built on lots at present held by lett  ,    ...
owners in this dty.
Six thousand fishermen and their families will need food, they
will mill clothes, they will bring abundant want- with them, all <���!
which the merchants of Prince Rup ri will have t.. siii-ti
Six thousand fishermen will need boats and repairs. The- trade
of a fleet of >ix thousand fishermen in Prince Rii|K-n will keep a shipyard and several engine \n.rk-* l.u->.
occupied in cooling fevered brows
does not exist and could not.
It is a skilled hand, but its work
makes it rough and chapped. Try
bathing your hand- in disinfectants twenty times a day and you
will find that, look after tin in .-s
you may. ihey will sunn In seamed
with cracks, which an east wind
often turns in bleeding cuts. And
as they are working hard for tome
twelve or thirteen hours a. day
ihe nurse takes a somewhat
larger si/e in gloves than iimM
women. If you ever see tin-
photograph   of  a   hospital   iiitr*..
you may observe that she prefers
lo keep  ihose- hands  In-hind  her
J. P. Todd "the Im s* posted man on'fishing matters iu ihe Northwest" tcs thai if rcciprodt) carries -.ix thousand fishermen and all
the mono) and business involved with them will move from Seattle
io Prince Rupert,
Every voter in Prince Kti|Hrt without regard to ihe usual considerations ..f i-S.TI> -Innild \..ti fcr ilu* reciprocity candidate when
lh.*  lime cniiii s.
six thousand fishermen wiih .11 ilu* mime) and business ihey
Involve is jus; what Prince Rup-crt needs.
Young Lady Surprises the Ton-
sorial Artist Up River
ruriL ok wm. roxoN. Esq.. a..!.-*.*..*! on., esu
Third Avenue also Water Street,
i     ,.ommenclng tt a poit [limited two (2) mllea
south and (2) two miloa west ol tho forks of lho
White and Flat rivera. thence 80 chaini north,
tlienew SO chains west, thence 80 chains .south* I
thonce HO chains east.
Dated April 20, 1911. MARY CARIN
, Pub. May 13. Francis s. Proston, Agent
Sktvmi Land District-District of Coast
I     Ttkt notlc* that I. Mrs. John Corley of Prince
Kupert, B.C., occupation married woman, Intends
tn apply for permission to purchase the following <
dMQliDM lutuls;
Commcncintr at n pust piunted 40 chnins east
���it..i I-.'.' chains south from the Bouthwest corner of
lot 17&I, Coa��t District, Range .'���. thence south 80 !
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence north 80 \
chains, thence west 40 chains more or less to the
point of commencement, containing 820 acres
mure or less.
Date .Mar. 20. l.t 11
Pub. Apr. 4. lyll
Skoena Land Datflct���District of Queon Charlotte
Tako notice that George Frtuell of Prince
Rupert, B. C., occupation butcher, intends to apply
for permission to purchaae the following deecribed
Commencing  at  a  past  planted  about seven
mllea weet and two miles south of the mouth of
Stanley   Creek   where   it  empties    into   Naden
Harbor, Graham laland, thence 80 chains south, I
thence HO chaina west, thance 80 chains north,
thence 80 chans east to point of commencement j
and containing 040 acres more orleaa.
Dated March 17, 1911 GEORGE FR1ZZELL
Pub. April 7. Numa Demera, Agent '
Skeena Land District*���District of Coaat Range 6 j
Take notce that l, Joe Jack of Prirce Bj p��rt,
I������ Cm occupation carpenter, intend to apply for
purmiaaion  to  purchaae  the  following  -described ,
Commencing at a post planted about throe.and !
one-half milea distant in a south westerly direction
from a blind slough from Observatory Inlet where
ilu* same touehea the Indian Reaerve thence east ���
80 cha ns, tbence  *nith 80 chaina, thence west80 '
chains, tbence south 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated April 14, 1911. JOE JACK I
Pub. May IS.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Range o
Take notice that Lottie McTavish of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation married woman, intends to
apply for permiasion to purchase the following
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner 100 chains east and 20 cbains north
from tbe northeast corner of Lot 1116, Harvey's
Survey, Coast Dlstrkt,Rango 5,thence 20 chaini
south, thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
north, thenco 40 chains west, thonce 60 chains
south, thence 40 chains west to post of commencement, containing 400 acres more or toss.
Dated May 2, 1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Bohler, Agent
= EAST =
Round     Trip    Excursion
Tickets   on   Sale   during
At Reduced Rates
Gooil for stop-overs on the
Through to Chicago without
change. - The Finest Train.���
Through a glorious country,���
Meals ami appointments unsftr-
Rogers Steamship
Seconil Avenue, Head Centre St.
Tel. 116.
Fruw and Flfili g.
Th�� only hotel li , ���,,
with hot ind cold �����,.,
or. '���> *;"Vm��- Bow fm.
nlahnl haunt* nortii ...
Vancouver. R
ui'. I'lioiu* a;, I.,,
Box li").     ;      .   ' :
Prudhomme & Fish
Public Stenographer
Stenography tr I Typewriting promptly
���Hi  ml.-ci to.
Phone 818.
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. belween 10th and llll. St*
Double Weekly Service
S.s. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Stewart, Thursdays and Sundays
at 8 a.m. Special fare on Sunday
boat, 18,60 return including meals
and berth.
>s. Prince Albert sails for Port Simpson, Naas River, Masset, Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, l.bO p.m.
and fir:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays,   1  p.m.,  re-
Thursdays    and    Sundays
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished nnd
Steam Heated Rooms
P.O. BOX 37
\ Rochester &
\-:r"^ Monroe
V     ' >v Coal
\     ."'Vi-'"
\_   Phone iis
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       turning
Skoena L*nd District���District ol Caaaiar        I     5.20 p.m.   ^^^^^���^^^^���^^^^_
Take notico that I Francis S. 1'rvaton ol I'rince ' ' - _      .   _  ,. 0
Rupert, B. C, occupation prospector, intend to .     The   C.rand Trunk Kailwny system
apply lor pormtaion to purchase tho loilowiim connecting with trains from thc Pacific |
Tlmoi'cin, at . post pl.nled .bout three I coast operatesia frequent and conven-
mii., Kuth and two miles ��at ol the lorki oi | lent service of luxurious trains over its
the White and Flat rival*., ihence south 80 chains | double   track  route   between   Chicago,
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND AVE.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 5S0
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
1 *
UM   T. KERGIN. M D. President DAI It) II. HAYS. In Vict-Prts
M I   HOBIN. 2nd ViicPees. and Manate,
IAY KUGLER. Secretary-Treasurer C fl  PETERSON. Atts-Mtncger
Executor and Administrator Receiver or Assignee Farm Landi and Mines
Real Estate and Insurance      Agent For Care nf Real Etlale      Escrow Agents
Fiscal Agents Trustees Registrar and Transfer Agent
Trustee Under Mortgage and Deeds of Trust
Safe Deposit Vault and Botes Collections
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. 4 fm ttnl on DepoM,
W���� wilt I* [.Im..*-.! tu answer rtny infioiftM r-nrnnllnir inv��lm*nt�� In Prlne* Runert
ami NurtlWn Brltiih Columtpift.
The  Continental  Trust Company;,   Limited,   Sm-mSSSam
and the 'bun' arc ;.ll
I want .i 'classic'
Till Sept. 23,1911
1 >... .nu tin. pragma of the Reciprocity Campaign
nativ aSffiJI41 K*<'<-t">". we wili mail Tin*
���M JW J?.KW*. "' ""* ******* ��' Canada, oul-
���We the Lily of Prince Ui.pirt for H cent.
A Hnzi-lton barber not the ton-
sorinl surprise.* of his career ih>
other day when ;i pretty young
woman wvlkiil in. iat down in his
chair, removed her h.-i. leaned
hack .in< I said:
"Cut ii short ph.**'
"Short hair is i*ll thc r.-m*," she
continued. "In France and in
Germany you're not considered
'It' if long tresses are worn. The
. i.iuiin' style, the 'Marccll wave,'
'bangs' 'r.it-
out oi date
Sin* wi'itiil for the slier-..
"Sic had a 'Buster Brawn* cut
whin -lu* came into the shop,"
��.ii<l the artist, "but  she s'iil she
wanted .. close trim. I cut her
halt 'round' in the back. Just as
they t-iv<-   the college boys, and
lhaved h< r neck. I iliil mu chop'
her hair <>IT in the front, bui  lift j
it   long  enough   to comb  back
over her foreheiul. On lhe si.les'
I clll if 'full Hilir Win n she left ;
she could wear her hat without I
hat pins."
A gallery of about  100 males
followed every clip of the s, js,nrs
over the young woman's head, and
stopped to talk it over long after
she had Ii ft the barber shop.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Puplt ot Frani Wllciek. Parts and Merlin.
Room 28.   Alder Block Upstairs
���_ - E.   EBY   CO.   Co._-_=
KiUumkalum Land For Sale
KITSt'MKALUM ��� ��� B. C.
S. O. E. B. S.
Th*   Prima.   Rupert Lorim*. No. 'II". Sons  of
Emrlan-I. Riaata th* Drat and third Tiii-ada*..  In
-arh nv.ntli In th.- Carpenter* Hall, at li p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sei-..
P. O. Hon S12. I'rlnee Ruperl
KKNK.ST A. WOODS. President. Ilox IU
STUCK rnMri.KTK rilONK 112
Funeral   Directors
3nl Ave. near r.th St. Phono No. S8
l'1��* llnily New* vu.ll ���*.     t   ..
���MMMPI in  tl���.  | TiircinllT     x   ,,n', f��lr r,,1*-'fl* "' lhe nr,.Krea. of the
"I i��l "ttenti.... t., il���. J"?., ���,n ':"������ -'HUirial columns wc will dev.it.*
Oeeulon U, let y,���lr fri,*,,,|, u, o      "m.      ^"^  "'Wantage of thia special
Th���l,   .    ��nC,",n",e *���* ��ee your local paper.
The Daily New. hy mM t ��� wwk, mj^sti
Baptist Services
"Disturbing Voices the Hope >>f
Humanity," will be Rev. Warren
II. M.i.i mi's subject for tomorrow
.\cnii.U.     Sua ire   . oniiiu nces   at
l.'.V)  p.m.,   Morning   Worship  at
ll a.m., Bil.le School ami Brother-
IvmkI Bancs Class at 2.80 p.m.
l-.ixcllcnl   nuisir   at    theSO   services miller the direction of   M.
John K. Davey.   Strangers and
visitors im   cordially invited to
Iworthlp   wiih   us.     Services   hehl
un Mclntyre Hall near oorner of
| Thiol ;.vi mn- iiikI Sixth st reel.
Hotel Central 3* &'���&:.%
Kuropean nnel Arnprlmn plan, otram
MMftfdi morfern rnnvenienc-pii. Hat*1*'
II "���' Im j; :*\ |M<r ilny. : t
Peter BUek
Gasoline Launches,.,::
���tow   Boata
and Canoea
For Hire by Hour or Day
-aoATS n.lll.T ANIl HI ruin I'
H. )���****       Cow f.trk        P.O. Boi 187
i it..-.i  261. - in i n
LINDSAY'S "s^aoe""1
G. T. I*. Tranif��r AganU
Or-i.ro promptlr niled.   Prices re^aonabl-*.
1 OmCK-H. B. RochMUr. Cwitra 8t*     Phon* ��B.
ihence eait M) cliuina.  tbence north  SO cbatna,
thenco weat SU cbaina.
Dated April 20. 11)11.     FRANCIS S. PRESTON
Pub AI ay 13
Skeona Land Dlitrict���Dlitrict of Coaat Rank-' 6
Take notice tbat I, Frank ilicka of Port Ka-
mutton, occupation merchant, inlend to apply
for [H-rmLaaioD. o purchaao tbo following duacnbeil
Commencing at a post planted on Ibe aoutb
hank of the llxchumaika River and about four
miles from its coniluence with the Skoena Rivur,
ihor.ee bO cbaina woat, ihence bO chaina nurtn,
thence 80 cbaina eaat, thence aoulh SO chains
to point of commencement, contaitUnf t>40 acros
more or leaa.
Daled AprU 21, 1911. FRANK HICK.S
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land District���Dutrict of Queen Cbarlottt
Take notico thai George W. Arnott of Prince
Rupert, 11. C-, occupation real estate brokor,
intends to apply for permUsion to purchase tbe
lollowing doscntiod lands:
Commencinit at  a post  planted  about  soven '
milea and one-half mile west and one mile aoutb
from the mouth of Stanly   Croek, Naden Harbor, '
thenco weat i>0 chaina, thonoe south SO chains, <
thonce east SO chains, thonce north SO chains.
Dated March 17, 1911. UUO. VV. ARNOTT I
Pub. April 22. Numa Demera, Agent I
Skeena Land District���DUlrict of Cassiar
Take nolice that I, Alice M. Knouse of Prince <
Rupert, ti. C, occupation married woman, intend
tn apply for permiaaion to purcbaae the following
described lands:
Commencing at a poat plantod about two mllea
south and two mllea west of the forks of White |
and Flat rivers, ihence north HO chaina, thence
east SO chaina,  thence aouth HO chains, thence
west 80 chains.
Dated April 20, 1911. ALICE M. KNOUSE
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Ranee o
Take notice that 1, Clara May Little of Prince
Rutwrt.  11.   C.,   occupation  spinster.  Intend   to
apply for  permiaalon to purcnaae tbe (ollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at the north
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Hoston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast Service
Famous  Princess  Lne
Monday, August   14th, 9 a. m,
J. C McNab
General Aganl
a poal . __
wast curner -���! Lot 17*5, Rango 6, Coast District
thence east 40 chaina. thence north 25 chains
thence m-eet 31 chain Ihenco north 20 chains
thence wut 10 chaina, thenco soulh 45 chain*, to
point of cumtncnocmcnt, containing 112 acre*
moro or lees.
I '..i.-.i April I, mil.        CLARA MAY LITTLE
Pub. April 15.
Coait Rango 5 Land Dlitrict
Taka  notioa  tbat  I,  John   Hepburn   ol   Kit*
su-nkalui-n,  occupation  larmer,  intond  to  apply
[Of Permiaaion lo purchase the (ollowng describ*-!
... FOR a a a
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
r in-
Commeneini at a post planted at tha oorthoar
corner of Lot 3983, thenoe eaat 20 chaina, thenca
south 40 cbaina,  thence waat 20 chana, thonce
north 40 chaina to place o* commencement.
Daled Marcb IS, 1911. JOHN  I1EPUURN
Pub April 16.
H. B. Rochester
Skeena Und DUlrict���DUtrict of Caaalar
Take   notioe  lhat   I,   Thomaa   Macgovern   of
Stewart, U. C, occupallon miner.lntenu to apply .
for permlasion lo purchase Ibe following doecribod
Commencing at a post planted  on  tbo right
bank of the Naaa river about four mites abovo the
forka of the Naaa river, tbence aouth SO chaina,
thenoe weet SO chatna, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acrea more or loaa.
Dated March 25, 1911.  Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeona Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Caaalar
Take notice that I,  laaac O'llrlon  Forbea
Prince Rupert, 11. <'.. occupation carpenter, inten
to apDly lor permiaalon to purchase the followln
described landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about fiv mlleee
���outh and one mile weat of the forka of thoWblta
aud Flat rivera, thence north 80 chains, thence
weat 80 chaina, tbence aouth 80 chains, thenco
east K0 cbains.
Dated April 18, 1911. ISAAC O'BRIEN FORUES
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preaton, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range 6
Take notice that I, Dell Hall Kenney of Yar*
mouth, Nova Scotia, occupation married woman.
Intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at north east
corner of T. L Lot 38528, thence running west 40
chains, thence north 80 cbaina, thence eut 40
chains, thence aouth 80 chaina to place of com*
mencement containing 320 acrea more or lees.
My post U on aouth east corner of land applied
for. marked letters S. K., about one mile west of
Lake Lakelse, eouth sldo of Skeena river Dl'trlct
of Cout Range 6,
Daled April 29,
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in tlie Ht-lgeraon Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
H. H. MOKTON, Sec.
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Malts or Rugi
Vancouver Fur Dressing Company
1843 Granville St.       Vim.. B.C.
�������� - ���> -*-*-*-*
-General Hardware
Valves & Pipes
Oxfonl Stovei
i w. j. McCutcheon
Carrie* romplcta ,lock of I'ru����   l-l*--���1
atunUun paid to lllllnt pi--��r)ptw��.
Theatre Blsck room* n��  ��� Second Are.
I.IMK      BRICK     PLASTIlll     CBS**
Phone IK
75 x 100 ft. FOR LF.ASE
nn third Avrnuraml 11*
fifes Jeremiah H. Kujlei ���Ltmited
Utile's NEWS Agency
:: Periodical" :: t
a.-*** +.~* ~.-
 ��� a-*
* *
General Merchandise
Largest -Stoes,
Lowest Prices  in Northern B. C
Pub. May ia.
John Haverty, Aient
Skeena Land District���District of Coaat
Take notice that William McTavlah of Vancouver, 1). C. occupation physician, intenda to apply
for permission lo purchaae the following descrbed
Commencing al a poat planted at the soulhwos
rorner, 40 chains north and 40 chaina east of the
northeast corner of l*ot 1110, Harvey's Survey,
Coaat District, Range 6, thence'60 chains eaat
thence 60 chaina north, Ihence 60 chains west,
thence 60 cbaina south to post of commencement
containing 360 arrne more or less.
Dsteel May 2, mil. WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
I'ub. May 0. Fred W. Hoblor, Agent
Skeena Lend District  -District of Connt Range V
Take   notice  that   I,   Paul   Hagen   of   Prince
Rup��rt< laborer. Intent! to apply for permission
tei purchase the following described lands:
Commencing nt a post planteel on tho north
bank eif Willlame Crtwk about 60 chains southeast from H. R��� thence aouth 40 chains, thence
eaat 40 chains, thenco north 40 chains, tbence
��� wneit 40 shalns to point of commencement,
Iluh- July ��. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
K--W --~ r
.a, ********S******a .>-*fc.��a��.,^,.*fr.��w..*.a^..a*.��.a>��..
(NOTABV public)
r. o. ******
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert THE DAILY NEWS
1836 19H
The Bank ol
British North America
J5 Yean In Business.
Capital and Reierve Over $7,300,000
Letters of Credit
pea our customers' convenience
ive issue Letters of Credit payable
in Pounds Sterling for use in
Great Britain and all parts of the
world, and payable in Dollars for
use in Canada, United States,
Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cuba
and the West Indies.
We buy and sell Drafts on
l-'i.uice, Germany, South Africa,
Australia, New Zealand, India,
L'liiua aud the West Indies.
I'rlnce Kapert Branch ���
F. S. LONG. Manager.
Church Services-
Services every Sunday in the
Empress Theatre, 11 a.m. and
7 .10 p.m.    di-nday School and
Hible Class at   ' 30 p. in.
ItKV. K. W. KEKR, M.A., Pastor
Services evi ry Sunday at 11
a.m. nnd 7.30 p.m. Sunday
,S i-In ml   2.30   p. m. Harare
Rlble Class 2.30 p.m.
ItEV. \V. H. McLEOD ll.A D.D.    Pastor
uirrwr.KN umiii st. and 2nd avk.
Services every Sunday at  11
a.m.  and 7.S0 p.m.    Sunday
School at 2.30 p.m.
KEY'. C. It. SING. B.D. Partor
TOP OK81XTH btrkkt
Sunday Services 11
h. in . 3 p. in . h p.m.
Suntlay School 1.30 p.
m Public Services
Monday. Wednesday.
Thursday, Saturday at
8 p.m. Everybody welcome.
ENSIGN JOHNSTONE. C'm'imi ofnckr
Real Estate..
I...I IS, hlnck 20. section 1, $6300.
M mi Third Avenue for $2100.
Lot '>. hlock 4, section 5, $1300.
Lots 86 ami 26,   block   l'J,   section 5,
>I'*"" pair.
Lots   II  mill   I"'.   block   15,   section 5,
11800 imir.
I."ia 24 nnd 25, block 7,  section  6,
sS'.i."*.. i-ach.   These lots are by far  the
lu'��t buy in section 6.
Iai\ V. block 19. section 6, $1826.   Cash
$.125, I.aluncc in six equal payments
running three years.
Kiln* n-Kiili'iiiial lot on  Fourth Avenue
for $1300.
Tun lots on Ambrose Ave., $400 each.
Iliiiil.li'corner on Seventh  Avenue  for
tn*t pair, easy terms.
Double corner on the Plaza for $550.
Good level lot in  section  8 for $250.
Terms $25 cash, balance $10 month.
���For Rent
���'���riHim House with bath, $25 month.
4-rtHim House with bath, $25 month.
Tin. Stores on Third Av*.
McCaffery & Gibbons
Prince Rupeil     ���     and      ���     Haielton
Application for Charter for a
Mr. and Mrs.   F. S. Clements
to Build New Residence
On their centrally Bituated lots
on Third avenue and Eighth Btrecl
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Clements
are aliout to have built a beautiful modern bungalow residence
costing over $2000, and with many
of the very latest modern improvements in construction anil
equipment. A feature is the* fireproof construction of the entire
building. Steel lath covered with
marble hard fireproof plaster will
line the walls throughout, and the
roof will also be absolutely fireproof.
Mrs. Clements' Suites
Five rooms and bathroom will
form Mrs. Clements' own suite.
There will lie bedrooms, boudoir,
dining and receiving rooms all
filled and furnished in dainty
manner. Kitchen, pantry, and
store-rooms will be arranged most
conveniently and all appliances
wuill be' of p-to-datc type. A
commodious basement is also planned, including laundry and heating
plant with drying rooms.
Mr. Clements' Workrooms
For Mr. Clements own engineering and surveying work a spacious draughting room and office
is arranged in which Mr. Clements
will have his own working equipment as complete and perfect  as
Mrs. Clements' domestic side of
the household. A cosy den is
pari of Mr. Clements' suite with
snidy and other apartments conveniently placed lo suit his needs.
\V. L. Barker is ihe architect For
this residence, and contracts will
be awarded for the work shortly.
It is expected that the bungalow
will  be' complete  and  occupied
within a month or six weeks.
Accused Took Cartridge from
Box, Loaded Gun and Tried
to Shoot an Imperturbable
Coon who Never Said "Cough'
ippUcMlon will  be  made to the  Parliament of Canada at the present so��-
kn thereof, for an Act incorporating
.1 Itailway Company under the name
.���f   "The   Pucitlc,   Trans-Canada   and
Hudson Bay Railway Company," with
r to lay out, construct and operate
[ litis of railway from a point in the
I  ��(  Alberta,  at  or  near  the
' ">���  ..I   Edmonton,   thence  northerly
bj  UM must  feasible route to, at,  or
��� .r Aihul.ii.scii Landing:  thence north-
' *'' Hy   north-vast   of   Lesser   Slave
L ihs to Wuhiaka or Loon River; thence
"dy to a point  at or near the
lion ��f the Loon  River with the
Itiver, or at a point near the
Ion  nf  the   Red   River  with  the
��� * *'"   Itiver,   below   Fort   Vermillion
I UM  I'euee River;   thence northerly
' ���   Wl Smith on the Slave River;  From
nt  on the said  railroad  near Its
''"-���iiiK of thc Wabiska  River or the
' ".ui Itiver easterly to Fort McMurray
- IBS Athabasca River; thence easterly
ths Clearwater River and Chur
I   River  through   the   Province   of
���;'-In-wan   to   Fort   Churchill   or
":' Nelson on the Hudson Bay:   From
* ' "'ii' mi said railroad near Its crossing
"' ���'���" WsbUks or Loon River, westerly
*��� ��� loses River crossing on the Peace
'* *'-r:   thence westerly on the north
M ths river through Laurier Pass
''-     rinre  Rupert   or   Portland   Canal
" 'I'' Pacific Coast in British Columbia;
l.owcr to construct and operate
| ' .truph   nnri   telephone   and   cable
lot general  public  purposes;   to
"... construct, maintain and op-
'  MMta and ferries for the purposes
������'way and other purposes;   to
���'  and make use of lands, watcr-
������ .wharves, docks, dock-yards, Blips,
"cnouaos, elevators  and other  con-
''"���������   and  with  power  to  enter
" Agreement* with other Companies.
. Solicitors for the Applicants
Mleil  jt Ottawa  this  21st  day  of
'l'"'". A. L>., 19H.
James Mi-Call's rase came up
for trial today. In court today he declaretl the rille went
off by accident. I.. Marre, an
eye witness of the incident, who
helped take the rille from the
accused says that McCall after
threatening to shoot up the Butte
Cafe, went outside and standing
mar the barber's shack at the
corner of First avenue and Eighth
street caught sight of a negro
near by. Accused wanted to shoot
ihis man, and took a can ridge
out of a box of shells, loaded the
rille and brought il to his shoulder.
While McCall was swinging it
round to cover lhe coon the gun
went off. Mr. Marre says that
coon stood tinner than the pumpkin pie, never baiting an eyelash
when threatened. One bullet penetrated the wall of the Windsor
drove across ihe bar just missing
a do/en customers and Vic Swansou
the bartender, and smashing the
mirror. Three empty shells were
found, but some people ihink
only one shot went off in lhal
neighborhood wherever the others
may have been fired.
Advertise in
The Daily News
Mrs. and Miss Holtby to Spend
the Winter in Quebec
By ilic Prince George on Monday a number of well known
prince Rupert folk will be leaving
town on trips. Among them will
be Miss Holtby and Mrs. Hoi thy
who are going for a prolonged
visit to Ottawa, Montreal and
Quebec* They expect to be none
for six months Part of thai time
they will be Rtiests of Mrs. G. B.
O'Neill of Quebec, who before
her marriage was well known here
as Miss Ethel Holtby.
Mrs. (\ B. Wark will journey
with the party as far as Toronto
on a visit to relatives in the East.
A K<>��fi ���Hence cloth for the
dining table can be made with a
double thickness of white flannel
laid with the soft side on the
inside and quilted on the machine;
edge with a binding of white tape.
Couit Kange 5 Limit Diatrict
Tuko   notice  that  I,  John   Hepburn   of   KU-
munliiiliuii,   occupation  farmer,  intend  to  apply
tor por mission tu purchase tha follow ng described
Commencing at a post planted at the northeos
corner of Lot 3983, thonce east 20 chains, thuncu
south -It) chaina, thonce west 20 chana, thonce
north 40 chaina to place ot commencement-
Dated March 18, 1911. JOHN HEPBURN
Pub April 16.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District of Casslar
Take   notico   that   I,   Thomau  Macao vern   of
Stewart, H. C, occuputlon miner.lntena to apply
for permisaiun tu purchase the following deacribed
Commencing at a post plantod on the right
bank of the Nuus river about four miloa abov.? the
[orks of tho Naus river, thonco aouth HO chains,
thonce wont HO chains, thenco north 80 chains,
thence oast HO chains to point of commencement,
containing U10 ucros more ur loss.
Dated March 25, 1011. Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
I'ub. May 17.
Skoena Land District���District of Cassiar
Take notice that  1,  Isaac O'llrlon  Forbes
I'rince Rupert, U. C, occupation carpenter, Intond
tu apply for permission to purchase tbe following
described lands:
Commencing at a post piunted about tiv mileso
aouth and ono mile weat of the forka of thu White
aud Flat rivers, thuncu north 80 chains, thence
woat HO chains, thunce aouth HO chuins, thence
east 80 chains.
Dated AprU 18, 1911. ISAAC O'BRIEN FORBES
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preaton. Agent
Skeena Lund District���District of Coast Range 6
Take notico that I, Bell Hall Kenncy ot Yarmouth, Nuva Scotia, occupation married woman,
intend to apply for permUsion to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at north east
corner of T. L Lot 38&2H, thence running west 40
chains, thence north 80 chains, thenco cast 40
chains, thence south 80 chains to place of commencement containing 31.0 acres moro or less.
My post i.t on south east corner of land applied
fur, marked letters S. K., about one mile weat of
Lako Lakelse, aouth aide of Skeena river District
of Coast Range 5.
Dated April 29, 1911. BKLL HALL KENNEY
Pub. May 13. John Havorty, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast
Take notico tbat WUliam McTavUh of Vancouver, H* C. occupation physician, intenda to apply
(or permiasion to purchase the following descried
Commencing at a poat planted at tbe southwea
corner, 40 chains north and 40 chaina eaat of the
northeast corner ot Lot lllti. llarvey'a Survey,
Coaat District. Range 6, thenco GO chains oast
thenco GO chains north, thunce GO cbains west,
thence GO chains south to post uf commencement
containing 3G0 ucrea more or loss.
Dateel May 2, 1911. WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Uoblor, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range 6
Take notica that Henry Macartney of Prince
Rupert, B. C-, occupation miner, Intenda to apply
for permission to purchase the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted on the south
aide of K-.diunt-.iUn River, about 2.1-2 mUes from
Its confluence with the Skeena River and about
1-2 miles weat from Exchumsiks rapids, thence HO
chains north, thonce 40 chains east, thonce SO
chains south, thence 40 chaina woat to point o
commencement, containing 320 acraa more or
loss. Post marked "II.M. S.W. cor."
Dated April 22, 1911. HENRY MACARTNEY
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land District���DUtrlct of Cout Range -
Take notice that Alexander Mclntoah ot van
couver, B C-. occupation real eatate broker
Intends to apply for permission to purchase the
[ollowing deacribed landa:
Commencing at ��� poat plantod 40 chains aouth
from the southwest corner of Lot 995, thencs HO
chains aouth, thonco 40 chains west, thence 80
chains north, thonce 40 chains east to point of
cam mencement cunt timing 320 acros moro or leaa.
Dated AprU 17, 1911.
Pub. May 6
Skoena Land DUtrlct���District of CassUr
Take   notico   that   I.   Thomas   McMeckln   of
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation clerk, intend to
apply  tor  permission  to purchase the  foUowing
described tanda:
Commencing at a poat planted about two mUoi
fouth of tho forks of tbe White and Flat rivori,
thence nortb 80 chains, thence east 80 chsins,
thenco aouth HO chains, thenco west 80 chains.
Dated April 18, 1911. THOMAS McMEEKIN
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preaton. Agent
Skeena Lund DUtrlct���DUtrlct ot Casalar
Take notice that I, Brenton Jordon Moore ol
Prince Runert. B. C, occupation contractor, intend
to apply for permlsaion to purchase the (ollowing
described lsnda:
Commeacing at a poat planted about (3) three
miles aouth and (2) two miles weat of the forks
of Whlto and Flat riv.r-. thence 80 chains aoutb
thence 80 chaina west, thenco 80 chains north,
thence 80 chaina eaat.
Dateel April 20, 1911. FrancU S. Preaton, Agent
Pub. May 13.
Skoena Land DUtrict���District o( Caaaiar
Take notice that I, Sydnoy Fittgerald o[ Stowart,
B. ('.. occupation cook, intend to apply for permission to purchaae the following described landa
Commencing at a post planted about five mile
south and one mile of the (orka ot White
and Flat rivers, thence south 80 chains, thence
weat 80 chaina, thence north 80 cbaina, thence
east 80 chslna.
Dated April 18, 1911. SYDNEY FITZGERALD
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Uanga
Take notice that I, J. Harold McKean ot Princ
Rujiert, B. C, occupat on blacksm th. Intend to
apply  for perm aaion  to purchate the  following
deacr bed Unds:
Commencing at a post plantod about three and
one-half miles d atant in a aouth westerly direction
(rom a blind slough from Obaervatory Inlet where
the aame touehea the Ind an Reaerve, thence west
HO chaina, Ihence aouth HO cha ns, tbence east 80
chains, thonce north HO cha ns to po nt of commencement, containing tilt) acrea more or leaa.
Dated Apr 114. 1911.       J. HAROLD McKEAN
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range G
Take nollco that 1, Lionel Kingsley of Vancouver, B. C, occupation miner, intond to apply
tor permiaaion to purchase tho following described
Commencing at a post pisnteil near tho aouthwest corner uf Lot 992, Rango 5, Coast DUtrict
thenco weat 40 chains, ihonco aouth 60 chains,
thenco east 40 chains, thenoe north GO chaina to
Eolnt of commencement.
>aud March 24, 1911.        LIONEL KINGSLEY
Pub. April 22.
Skeena L*nd DUtrict���DUtrict ot Queen Chariot-in
Take notioe that J. H. Murphy.of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation commercial traveler, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the (ollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a poat plantod about seven
mllea west and ono mile youth from the moutb
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, thunco nortb 80
chaina, thenco weat 40 chains, thonco south 80
chains, thonco east 40 e ins.
Dsled March 17, 1911. J. 11. MURPHY
Pub. AprU 22. Numa Domera, Agent
Skeena Land District���DUlrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Frank Levick u( Woodstock.
Ont-, occupation bookkeeper, intenda to apply
for permission to purchaso the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted about aeven
mllea wost and two mUea south of the moutb of
Stanley Crook where it empties Into Naden
Harbor, Graham laland, thenoe HO chains aouth,
tbenee 80 chains east, thenoe 80 chains nortb,
thence 80 chains wast to point of commencement
and contanlng G40 acres more or Inns.
Dated March 17, 1911. FRANK LEVICK
Pub. Apr!! 7. Numa Demers, Agen
6keena Land DUtrict���DUtrlct of Coaat Rango 6
Take notice that Eldon S. Detwiter of Berlin,
Ont.' occupation   doctor,  Intenda to  apply  for
Grmlaalon  to  purcbaae  the foUowing  described
Commencing at a poat planted at the aouthweat corner of Lot 1928, thence eaat 30 chains
more or toss, thence south 46 chains more or less,
thence west 30 chaina more or leaa, thence north
46 chains more or less to point of commencement
containing 140 acres more or leas.
Dated March 31, 1911 ELDON a DETWILER
Pub. April 16' John Campbell. Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Casslar
Take notice that I, Swan  Uallen of Stewart,
B.   C.,   occupation   carpnn ter,  Intend   to   apply
(or permiaalon to purchaae tbe (ollowing described
Commencing st a post planted about (6) miles
south and onefl) mile west of the (orka of tho Whlto
and Flat rivers, thonoe 80 chaina aouth, thonce HO
chains eaat, thence 80 chains nortb, thence 80
chains weat.
Datod April 18, 1911. SWAN HALLEN
Pub. May 13. FrancU S, Preston, Agent
Appeals to people of discriminating taste because of
its superb Quality and Purity���no matter if you
dnnk it in Canada or in its St. Louis home town���
ft always has the same snappy flavor���its in a class by
Bottled only (with corks or crown caps) at the
.Anheuser-Busch Brewery
North B. C. Liquor Co.
Prince Rupert B. C
The Redley Home
Near Prince Kupert.
Will Re-open August 25th.
Girls from fi to 18 years
Hoys from 6 to 14 years received
Fee $10 per month
Applications  for  admission should  be
made as soon as possible to the
Skeena Land DUtriat-District of Cuslor
Take notioe tbst I, Parry Queenan ol  Prlnea
Rupert, B. C, occupatiun prospector, intend to
apply  for  perrniaaion to purcbaae tbe following
describe 1 landi:
Commencing st s post plsnted in the vicinity
of Goose Bsy, sbout three-eights of a mile south
of the mouth of the Bo nam a Creek, and being
on the easterly boundary of Timber Limit No.
36281 or No. 36280. thenoe aouth 40 chains along
tbe easterly limit of aald Timber Limit No. 3&2H1
or No. 36280 40 chains, thenoe east to the shore ot
Goose Bay, a dUtanee of 40 chaina more or leas,
thence northerly along the shore of Goooq Bay
40 chains more or leaa, thenoe westerly 40 chains
more or less to point of commence ment, containing
160 acres mote or lesa.
Dated March 7, 1911. PERRY QUEENAN
Pub. April 7.
Skeona Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Csaslar
Taka notice thst I, Jamea Millar Johnston ol
Stewart, B. C, occupation uorekeepcr, Intend to
apply  for permlsaion to purchase thu  following
described lands:
Commencing st s post plantod sbout ono mile
north from tho Nsss rivor snd sbout nine miles
above the forks ot the Naas river, tbence north HO
chsins, thence west 80 chains, thonce aouth HO
chains, thence esst 80 chslns to point of commencement, conUining 640 screa more or loaa.
Datoel Msrch 24, 1911.  Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. Msy 17
Skeens Lsnd DUtrict-DUtrict of Csaslar
Tsko notlos thst I, Percy FrsncU Godenrath
of Stewart, B. C, occupation journalist  intend to
apply tor permission to purchase  the foUowing
doacribed lands:
Commencing st s post pUnted on the right
bank of the Nsas river sbout sovon mitee sbove
tbe forks of the Nsss river, thence south HO cbains,
thence wost 80 chaina, tnence north HO chains,
thenco cast 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or leaa.
Dated Marc 26, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. Msv 17.
Skeens Lsnd DUtrict���Diatrict of Cosst Range V
Take notice that I, J. Lome MncLaren of
Princo Rupert, B.C., occupation real estate atrcnt
intends to apply for permission to purchsse the
followinK described landa:
Commencinft &t s poit plsnted 40 chsins west
and HO chsina south of the southwest corner of
lot 1733. vicinity of Lakelse Lske, snd marked J.
L. MacLaren'a nortwest corner, thence east 80
chslns, thence south 40 chslns, thence west HO
chsins, thonce north 40 chslns to point of commencement, containing 320 sores more or less.
Geo. R. Putnam, Agent
Date May 31, 1911
Pub. June 16.1911
Skeens Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot CsssUr
Tske notioe thst 1, Charles Frederick Metcsl
of Stewsrt, B. C, occupstlon freighter, Intend to
spply for permission to purchsss the  following
described Isnds:
Commencing st s post plsnted on the right
bsnk ot the Nsss river sbout six miles sbovs the
forks of the Nsss river, thenoe south 80 chsins,
thence west 80 chain*, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 ch-iim to point of commsnesment,
containing 640 acres more or loss.
Dated March 26, 1911. CHARLES F. METCALF
Pub. May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agent
Skoena Lsnd DUlrict-DUtrict of Cssslsr
Tske notioe thsl 1,  llortU  Edwin   Bsdger *��f
Stewart,  B. C, occupation plumber.  Intend  to
apply  for permission to purchsss  the  following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
north of the Naas river and sbout seven miles
above the forks of the Nsss River upitream,
thence north 80 chains, thenoe east 80 chains,
Ihenco south 80 chains, thenoe west 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or  esa. BERTiE EDWIN BADGER
Dated March 23. 1911.   Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. Msy 17.
Skeens Lsnd DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range
Take notice tbat Annie Mussallem of Prince
Rupert. B. C, occupation married woman. Intends
to apply for permission to purchaae the following
doscrilied lands:
Commencng at a post planted at s post st the
southwest corner, 60 chains east from N. E. cornel
of Lot 1116, Harvey's Survey, Coast DUtrlct,
Range 5, thence east 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence west 40 cbains, thence aouth 20
chslna, thence east 20 chaina, thence aouth 20
Chains lo point of commencement, containing 120
Pub. Msy 18.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Rango 6
Take notce that 1, John Ivan Peters ot Prince
Rupert, B. C, occupat oo clerk. Intend to apply
(or permission lo purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a port planted about three an
ono-balf miles distant n a aouth westerly d rect on
from a blind alough (rom Observatory Inlet where
the same touches the Indian Reserve, thenco
west 80 chslns, thence north 80 chains, thence
oast 8-t chains, thence south 80 cbains to point o
commencement, containing 640 seres more or Ima
Dated April 14,1911. JOHN IVAN PETERS
Pub. Msy 13.
Coast Land District- District of Skeena
Take notice that I, Paul JJrcndler, of
Porcher Island, occupation farmer, intend to apply for permission to lease
the followinK foreshore: Commencing
at a post planted about 12 feet from the
location post of lot 1301 on Porcher Is-
Innd, thence in a southerly direction
following high water mark 1200 fett;
thence west to low water mark; thence
northerly following low water mark
1200 feet; thence east to point of commencement.
Dated March 7, 1911.
First insertion March 11
Skeens Lsnd DUlrict���DUlrict of Cosst
Tsks  notice thst Hume  Bsbington o(  Prince
Rupert. B. C, occupsllon rosstcr mariner, Intends
to apply for psrmuslon  to loose tbe (ollowing
deacrlbod lands:
Commencing st s post plantod about 100 chains
aouth of the Indian Reaerve on the east side of
Goaee Bay on thu east side of tho I'onlnsula ihence
north 100 chslns slong shore to tho Ktwervo line,
thonos woat 60 chslna more or tesi to Gooso Bsy.
thonce 100 chaina along ahore, thenco east l��Q
chains mora or loss to post, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Dated March 8, 1911. HUME BABINGTON
Pub. AprU 16.
Sksens Lsnd DUtrict -Diatrict ot Caaalar
Tsks   notioe  thst   I,   John   Unwin  ot   Prince
Rupsrt B. C, occupstlon laborer, intend to spply
for permUsion lo purchsss tbe following daacribed
Commencing st s post plsnted sbout (2) two
mUss south oi tha forks of thu White and Flal
rivers, thencs south 80 cbsins, thence esst bO
chains, thencu north 80 chsins, tbence west 80
Dated AprU 18,1911. JOHN UNWIN
I'ub. Msy 13. FrsncU S. Preston. Agent
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUtrict of Cosst
Tsks  notice thst  1,   WilUsm John Corlay  of
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupstlon rancher, Intend
to spply for permission to purchase the (ollowing
desaibed lends:
Commencing st s poat planted at tbo southwest
corner o( Lot 3068, lUngo 6, Coast DUtriet, tbence
south 20 chains, tbenos esst 40 chslns, thence
north 20 cbsins, thonce west 40 chains to point
ot commencement, containing HO seres, more or
Dated April 8,1911.    WILLIAM JOHN CORLEY
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrict ol Cssslsr
Tsks notioe thsl WUlUm Frederick Csmeron
of Prince  Rupert,  B.  C, occupstlon carpenter.
ntenda to spply for permiaalon to purchase the
following described lends:
CommsnclDg st s poet plsnteel about three
miles south of the forks of the White snd Fist
rlvsrs, tbence south HO chslna, thence west 80
chains,  thsnee north 80 chsins, ihence -mat 80
Dated April 18,1911.
Pub. May 13. FrsncU S. Preston, Agent
Skeens Lsnd DUtrlct���DUtrict of Cosst Rsnge 6
Tsko notice thst Grace -McTsvUh, ol Vsncouver,
B. C, occupation msrried womsn, Intends Ui spply
for permission to purchsse lhe (uUowing dcocribeil
Commencing st s post plsnted at the southwest
comer 1U0 chains east and 20 chains nurth of
the northeast corner of Lot 1116. Harvey's Survey
Cosst DUtrlct, Rsngs 6. tbence 40 chsins esst
thonce 80 chsins north, thence 40 chslns wsst,
thence 80 chslna aouth lu (Mist of commencement
conUining 320 acres more or (���������__ ., _. .������..
Datod May 2, 1911. GRACE McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Uohler. Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot Caaalar
Take notice that  1, Jamas  Dunlop of  Prince
Rupert.   B.   C,  occupatiun   teamster,  Intend   to
apply tor permlsaion tu purchase tbo following
doscrilHKl lands:
Commencing at a post plant-ed about two miles
south ol the (orks of tho White snd Fist rivers,
thence north  80 chains,  thence west HO chains,
thenco south 80 chslns, thenco eait HO chains.
Dateel April 18, 1911. JAMES DUNLOP
Pub. .May 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agen
.Skeena Und Dislrict ���District ot Coast Range)
Take notice that 1, Charles A. Vaughan ol
Pr'nce Hupert, H* OL occupation merchant, intend
to apply for permlasion lo purchsae the lollowing
described Isnds:
Commencing st s pott plsnted on the south
bsnk of Exchumsiks River snd sbout (our miles
Irom its coniluence with the Skeena River, thence
mi chains east, thence HO chaina north, thencu HO
chains west, thence 80 chains soulh to poinl of
commencement, containing 610 seres more or lens
Dated April 21, 1911 CHARLES A. VAUGHAN
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast
Tske  notice  that   1,   William   Melville  Corley
o(   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clerk,   intend
to apply (or permiaalon to purchaso the (ollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest
corner of Lot 3056 Hang 6, Coast District, thence
east 60 chains, thence north 40 ctiains, thence west
10 chaini to Hell's Gate alough, thance along
slough southerly tn point of commencemvnt, containing 160 acrea mora or lesa.
Dated April 6. 1911.
Pub. April 29.
Stikine Und District -Dstrict of Casslar
Tske notice thst Sydney Hodgkinson of Tele-
crsph Creek, B. C, occupstlon clerk, Intends to
apply   for  permisaiun  to  purchaso the  following
descrilHHl Ian.I:
Commanclng at a post ptantetl nhout a quarter
mile north east from Olacier Riffle and on the east
bank ol Stikine River, thenco east 20 chains
thence nortb 40 chains, thenco west 20 chains,
thence south 40 chains to point of commence men t
and containing HO acrea more or lees.
Dateel Feb. 11, 1911.
Pub. April C.A. Tervo, Agenl     I
Skoena Und District���District of Casslar
Take notice thst I, Alfred Kyte of Prlnee Ru-
pert.   B.   C,   occupstlon   electrician,   intend   to.
spply  for  permission to  purchase the following (
described lands:
Commencing st s post plsnted about (3) three
mllea south of the forks of the White and Fist |
rivers, thsnee 80 chains aoulh, thenco HO ebainr
eait,  thenoe 80 chaina  north, then(s St    halm
Dated April 18, 1911* ALFRKD KYTE
Pub. Msy 13. FrancU :*. Preston, Agent
Skesna Und DUlrict-DUtrict ol Coast Range6
Take notice that Mra. I- C Putnam of Bt
Paul, Minnesota, occuputlon married woman
Intends to apply tor permlsaion to p'lii'haso the
following described tends:
Commencing an post planted at the southwest
corner ot Lot No. 1733 marked M.n, L.C. PutnssVa
northeast corner, thence west 4'' chains, thsnes
south 80 chslna thence east 40 rhslns, thence
north 80 chatna to post ot comn. tncement, con
talnlng 320 acrei m->r�� or lesa.
Dated March 20 1911. MRS. U ( . Pl TNAM
Pub. April 16. Geo. R. litn^m   Agen
Royal Bank of Canada
Head Office: MONTREAL. Established 1869.
Capital, $6,200,000
Surplus, $7,200,000
Total Asset a, $100,000,000
Savings Bank Department, $1 will open an -n-count
Uranclii'8 throughout Canailu ami Banking Connection.-, with all purl*, of the
United States.
Agents throughout the world.
H. P. WILSON, Manager. Princ* Kupert Branch.
 Good   Fresh   Groceries  at   City Prices	
We have just received afresh shipment
of RAMSAY'S BISCUITS and Candies.
Our groceries are all Al goodB and fresh
)     To   Reaidenta of Sections 5, 6,   7 and   8���We deliver  promptly,
our gooda are freah, at price* not to be beaten in the city   i   i
.m*m   mm* MUSSALLEM & CO. wjsLgtua*
Crown Favorite Cooking Stove
Trice from $45 to $58. Other Stoves from $16.
Second Avenue
��� ���
Largest and Best Stock in Northern B.C.
Rifles, Ammunition and
Sporting Goods
for the Hunting season
Prince Rupert Hardware and Supply Company
Read The Daily News
"British Empire"
Here's the worldliest gun���a Green.
er Hummer less--
at a price within
the r.-aeh of all
sport-tri*.***. it- jot
all tin* Greener
features, hard
hitting, far shoot-
ing. lasting wear;
ih.-r.-'** nothing Let- e��/?o
ter;   price spOs)
Catalog I*.;
63-65 Bti.tr Hail Hall Mtmrtal. P.Q
Owned and operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Excellently furnished. with
steam heat, electric light, and all
modern conveniences, being absolutely first-class in every- respect.
The appointment* and service
are equal to any hotel on thc
Rales: $1 lo $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
lhe new steel Passenger Steamer
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monday afternoon
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
Northbound, leaves Vancouver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
Steerage Fare      -       $5.00
Th.* "f'umosun" is the only steame
on the run having water-tight hulk-
heads and dotlbla bottom, thus en
eurir.ir safety of pa->-��*ngers in case
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stork of dry finishing   lumber   on   hand.      Iloat
lumber �� specialty,    Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are as low as any.
("all or. us before ordering.
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
THERoyal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue end Sixth St.
The Finest B'poma.
The hart e*piipp��**i
and steam  healed.
HotsndeoM l��th��.
iHiiintr    reetitn   and
Cor.ey & Burgess, rops
West Coast of the Island is Declared by Experts  to  be
"Oil Territory"���News  Correspondent  Visits
The   Drilling Camps
(Special Correspondence)
With the construction of the
(".rami Trunk Pacific Railway, the
Queen Charlotte group of Islands
standing but tit-lny milts from the
city of Prince Rupert, hai beei
brought prominently before the
Incoming capitalists and settlers.
A wealth of timber covers the main
Island, where numerous parties of
surveyors are now engaged In
proving the various claims made
by tlu* locators. It has been
asserted l.y the geologists, who
visited and reported on the islantl-..
that coal and oil will lie exported
in large quantities from the de-
pi nitfs "ii <'.rah..in Island.
Expert Opinions
The late Professor Dawson reported, some twenty-five years
.iK" that the coal and oil hidden
��� .ah ihe land on Graham laland, woulf prove of inestimable
plain, "ii Yak.-un River and at
Skidegate. Two companies are
new n k*'K* d in <1. velopment work
and others will have iluir plants
..ii thi ground, in a short time.
Tlie black sands "ii the shore of
tin I. isi Coast, carry gold; but
the difficulty in clearing ;Ih* "rust"
from the mineral, and extracting
the "iron" from the gold has been
a drawback, which has kipt many
from > xploiting the beachi -. That
ihey ar, rich in gold, is acknowledged by all who have attempted
to mine from Rose Spi; ar.d Cape
Other Valuable Deposits
The wealth of copper at Ik*.da,
Jedway and other portions of
Moresby Island will mean a source
of profit to the owner- of the mines
in those lo.-aliu.**. while tlu* j.ol.1
deposits at "(i<>ld Harl.nr" and in
other localities are Inn harbingers
value.    The geological survey of of  the   future  development   that
Robert   Bell   and   K.   W.   Ells will bring to ligln the potential-
show, that "from Frederick Island  i'i. - of the group of islands,
to Otard Cove is an oil territory. I    The waterways and   fishing
thc   tarry   matter   occurring   in I grounds,   with   the   timber   and
other means of supporting a large
number of persons, will be written
about in a future r. port.
Fortunes for Some
At the present time few of the
residents of Prince Rupen realize
the   opportunities offered on thi
adjacent   islands.     The   incn is.
in iH.pulaii.iii, following thi   i
struction ol the railway, will bring
capital and labor to exploit and
develop the territory now almost
unknown.   Tin* opening up of a
country follows in thi   waki   of
tin* "ir��.n horse";   bui lioih land
��� d sea "ffir inducemi nu on thi
Queen Charlotte group of islands
that  will  In-  better  understoexl
when those who .-m  i ow i ��� gi g .|
in  devclopmi i .   work   r..���������.  thi
benefits thai  to i.. i >  in a new
country  cannot   be   brought   to
realize until th< opportui ities an
lost.   The prediction i- mi dc ihat
the few nero occupying the island,
who understand thc coi <ii i-1
things there, will shortly pr-.fi
l.y their persistenci and a number
of thriving tiiiis will result from
the splendid opportunities offered
the Basalt rock." A few y. an
.i Chicago firm installed ..
plan; <m Masset Inlet, and boring
f..r oal took place. For rea-.ns
known to the parties engaged
in the work, no report was made
public of the result. Recently
a plant, costing over $10,000 was
installed at Tiahn on the West
Coait of Graham Island, where
your correspondent inspected the
ground and found every indication
��f results that will astonish the
most optimistic.
Splendid Showings
Kx*K.*rts from all parts of lhe
world have visited the West Coast
oi Graham Island, and all are
surprised at the showing-. Along
the shore line the tarry mi
is oozing from the r>>k-. The
-it-le and basalt maki a I
covering than can Ik- seen in any
other "oil camp." The ground in
the immediate neighborhood of
thi plant ha- been staked and
r.rord. d and it is within thc
possibilities ol the :-.ir future
that oil wells will be pouring
fonh iluir "gushers." Already
the men engaged haw bored over em Queen Charlotte Isli ;.!-.
sixty feet below the  -urface and | 	
an poisUve that they will meet MINING CAMPS
with success.   Seven men, undo MAVC DDnPDCXC
and i x*M-ricnced "driller." arc work 1Y1A*\L iKUuKljo
il g at the plain and it i- rijioNid 	
that then   an   three more "u.fit-  Summary    of    Conditions    at
Three Owners Dispose of Valuable Kootenay Property to
Mr. Rand of Westminster.
Nelson, Aug. 11.���Messrs. A.
W. Con-tans, W, Shackelton and
(".corgi* M.mrer have sold their
interests in the Athabasca mil ��� :"
Mr. A. E. Rand of New Westminster. Mr. C. W, Riley ��� I th.
Dundee mine at Ymii- has been
appointed manager of the three
big pn perries in whii h Mr Rand
is interested, the Toad M untain
Consolidated, the I ��� ind. i d the
Athabasca. Several gold bricks
have l.eui produced by the Ath*
. abasca mine, which is eq lippi '���
with air drills operated by water
Sixteen feet of ore, i ��� which
seven feet have been sampled
ard have assayed nearly SI 1" per
ton have been struck ir ihe shaft,
which is being sunk on ih. lowes.
level   of   Queen   mini Sh(   p
Creek, according to W. B, Poole,
who reached the city from thi gold
camp last evening. This shaft
is now down 1200 feet.
Section Fifty-seven of the City-
Building By-law
"No person shall have or keep
in any building within lhe city
at any time more than 50 lbs.
of gunpowder, dyi amiti i r any
"ther explosive substance, and all
gunpowder or dyni miti under the
said quantity which i- kept on
hard by any pir-"ii within the
city, shall be deposited in a tire-
proof box <t safe���said fireproof
box or safe to be k. pt near the
front or rear of entrano of building
.���r place to be approved >>f by the
Inspector of Buildings and the
said Inspector sh. !l at once hand
over to the Chief of thc Fire Department a plan showing where
-uch explosive i- k. p; in such
buildii g."
When   a   store   bargain   is   in-
iting enough ;.. advertise, it's
quite likely tobeintcn sting enough
to investigate.
To watch The News want ads
is to know yur chances for
finding a better job.
toon to !����� in ilu* field
Your correspondent has been
over the whole <.f thi territory.
Wi;h him was .. man who owns
"oil" property in the United S
and the trip was made to exploit
the interior <���( th.  Island.   Thi
ii.ili. Btioni   for   oil   tan   lie   ���-.. n
-ni every hand and there i- no
doubt that tin country i- on ;lic
. v. ..(.I. \i lopmi ni work thai will
bring this Province mon prominently   before   the   world   than
.an> .liing be (or. ditCOVI nd.
A Hazardous Coast
Th<   Wesl  Coaal   ol  Graham
Island i- a v< r> Inhospitable placi.
Tin* I".  iin Ocean -wups mountainous w.iv. - ashore, which wcmld
ingulf any small trail, ai-d i-
iv. n dang, roil- for large Vessels,
Th. rocky shores are -tamed and
lorn   ii   would   no;    in*   wise   for
navigators to visi.  ihe locality
iu any irall that Would not ItSfld
wind and w. athcr.  In the Intt rior.
the ground is swampy and hilly,
the vail. >- are made up of "mus*
k. g" and iheri is little clear land.
There i- a good route for a railway from Naden Harbor or Mail si
Inlet, and it is understood thai
three  railway ninipani. - have *-. -
.und charters to build rasdi
when Conditions warrant.
Coal is There
Tin . videncc ..f coal land- are
Portland Canal Boundary and
Rossland District Mines.
Advices  from   Portland   <
.. nip an* to the I ffi 11   that  .In*
Portland Cai al Mining Companj '���
silver-lead  concentrating  mill   is
now   running  at   full   incn
Itj. and thc shipment of
ore from the K.il Cliff Company's
copper mine lo the Tyee Copper
Company'i smeltery is likely to
Im regularly maintained hereafter.
��� Ire   production   figures  of   the
Boundary district or 1011 to July
.".. are shown by the Phoenix
Pioneer   to   total   880,540   terns.
After tl.du< lion of 6300 ion- from
the British Columbia Copper Cun-
pany's Napoleon mine, which i-
situated in thi State ol Washington, there remains a total of
KSI.L'IK)   ions,   all   of  which   was
treated  this year al   Boundary
district  smelters.
Rossland minis have produced
approximately 180,000 tons >.f or.
during the expired s<-veil months
of the current  year, according to
the ..re production figures of the
Nel-on Daily N.w-. The Center
Siar group is lirsi, with an out put
of aboul 110,000 tons; the Le
Roi No. 2. Company's mine- next
wiih iuatly 25,000 tons, and lhe
l.i- Roi about 000 ions.
Ibe "Stay S-atlafaUory Ranja
Sold and
Guaranteed by
���"���T1CES IN THE
/  V\AA^\*VWl^VSA*W S
The Kaien Hardware Company
Tttllll) ANKNUE
Tha Villi cf Cur.on.
From time v< timo durins thp '.nt*
few   months   th ���   emtio   me.-sage
'Curi*- n BK coming" bat ben tla��h.
the   Atlantic     Doubtl-si
mini?    of    i,ur
VM ' '���'*'' r" have
s""n this me��.
ssae, an I living
wri I red ai to
it-  lull  purport.
It ii certainly
not n communi-
cu-i n of ovary
day InporUlUM,
f.' BXpla n��� I in
Itl entirety It
m<-nn< that tho
t-r- st ll mea!1-
ur- tailoring
|i mo in En?.
Ian I ..f modaro
urn ��� li coming ruht Into Canada to
* ��� ���   nd vi-it to |ti thousands
','    '"��� '  m '-    snd     fraud-.    livins
��� ��� I., minion it msani
inoi tl *. this, f'.r with ths
1      ' '       "t cm - lh" choif-it
��� of He*   lesdlng   ��.,. n..n
' i   iland, Inland nnd Soot-
��� .-. wood rfnl collection
I ' 1 British mat rial- in the latest
���ns* i .. 1 designs. Tweeds.
\\..r-t. !���, Vlcunai, 8>*rir*��, Cheviots.
MelU ns, I' .. ra, nnd in faet every
olai ol (abrle f- r which tho Mother
Country I   w Justly c-lebrnt *d.
The   ''ii-.- n   tour  throughout  Can-
.'In  i��  being Conducted hy the lend-
nn r- j.r tentative* of the house, In*
c'.udlng one ol the Principals, nnd is
conduct. I i  t sltogether fur the pur-
I".- i Oi  I ",i,'  Iiiiain"��s  but  with  a
view   So  tho   Principal*  getting  into
- r  touch   With  their  friends  and
re Idlng ovrsens.  /
It i- tr...* that lhe Ctirjon service
innlhllnles   the di-tnnces   separating
Britain's Colonloi from their Mother,
but this si p on the pnrt of the Pro-
prletore to i rsonslf pay n tnur of
.' :   Ot '*n      t"    their     rniniflrntlons
i'i" - th ��� Atlontlo, must do muoh to
won it! ngthen tin very lif> spirit
nermoatli ��� th.* house, nnd insbli
ih m to ��� v ��� 'vn more efHolent (or-
rios to lleir thoii<nnds of pntrons.
Mr. T. Curson and his staff will
*nrry with th in on their t'.iir nil the
'- riding samples, all the lnie-d \Ve.��t
End < f I-oii Ion nnd New York nnd
Canadian fashions nnd will, in short,
he fully equipped to take order*" nnd
to measure clients for their tailoring
���1- ' d-.
Th"   nrrivnl  of  the  Principal   nnd
s'nff  Sill  In*  duly  ndverli��ed  in 1he
Dominion m wspspon during the
Uiiir. and visitors will slwoyi receive
a hearty ree ption nt ths various
hotels nt whloh Mi sri. Curtons will
'������ -.'iviria durin;' Ih-ir iirocreaj
'hroiiu-li the e..u!itry. They will nl-
ways In* honored by �� visit from
elient* nnd will not Imnnrt.i'ie orders.
Briefly Messrs, r.mon Intend to
llnna n tourh Oi 11." Mother Country
riuht Into the Dominion. Look ou'
lor definite dates.
The Main Line of
the G.T.P.
Will Pass Through
Centre of
The contract has been let for clearing the right of way for the G.T.P. I
If vou would make money invest in;
HOUSTON is situated in the centre
of one of the most arable and productive farming countries along the main
In the country around HOUSTON
some of the richest mines of the Province of British Columbia are located.
HOUSTON will be a distributing point
for the ��reat agricultural, commercial
and mining settlers that will soon locate
in the Bulkley Valley, the wealth and
iiossibitities of which ore so well
We have prepared an illustrated folder which we shall be pleasedto gi\e
you. This folder explains the honest
facts of the district.
The price of HOUSTON lots is very
low in view of the assured great future
of thc place. HOUSTON is not a speculation-it an investment that should
appeal to anyone wanting to make
money honestly. Call and see in or
write and we will convince you of thc
genuineness of our proposition.
Law Butler Co.
Selling  Agents  for Ihe Grand Trunk
Pacific Townsite of Houston.
Princ* Ruperl, B.C.
'P.O. Box   1540. Phone 60
Skaana Una Dtatrlol -Dh net o Coast Ran... \
Tak. nuilt* thai I, Own;.* Kinu> of  1 owner,
North Dakota, I ��� B. A., tanaar, toUBd to apply
for parmWon lo tmrcha** tho lefflowtag d<*Mnl>e<l
'"con.nuT.ci-*.* ar a po.t pl��Bt��d at tj�� south-
wrel corn.- of U'l J-'sT. tbaOOa fut SU chains.
UMBOS sooth 10 chains, Ihenco ��>*sl IU ciiains
ihti.co south 10 chains, thonco ��oat *lu chains,
thonco nor.h SO chains to point ol commoncomonr
oonulali.1 ��S0 acr.*a moro or'����. ,..,...
UaietlJuly 15,1911 Pf^SPJ, *HS
I'ub. July 25. Fred t. Cowall, Ajenl
Skeona Lan-i Dis.rict-IJUtrict of L'oast Kangu V
Tako nolic*-- that   I.  IVur Larson of  1 owner.
North Dakota, I . S. A., (armor, intond lo apply
for pornitaaioti to purcruLao lho following d.-acnt>*d
I'omrooncir.i at a post plantod at the south-
eaK corner nl Lot I'-'J. thenc,* aouth su chain.,
thonce weal 10 chains, thenco north SO chains,
thonco east l" chains lo point of commenwrnont.
liai.*dJulYl... It'll. PBTER LAR8EN
I'uh July IS, It'll. 1'""l I- --owoll. Atom
Skea-na Uad l'.-tricl -lli.trict ot t'oa.t Kanto V
'lake notico that  1, John  Kvenson  ol  I'rince
Ilu|HTt, lal.or.-r. intend lo apply  lor pormisnion
lo purchaao the followinK de*cntM*d lands:
lommencmij at  a posl  plantod at   the southeast corner ol Lol 4115, thonco north SO chains^
thence eaat  60 chaina, thonco south  60 chains,
thenco w.al 1*0 chains lo point ot commer.cemonr.
Hated July 13, 1911. JOHN  KVKNSllN
I'ub. July 'Jo. l'rvd K. Cowell, Atfenl
Sitivn* Land l.istrict���DUtrict ot Coast Kanjo V
Take notice that  I,  I'eter  Krtclwon  ol  1'rince
Kupert, laiaorer, intend lo apply for porrr.iaaion
to purchaa.* lh.- following doacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planled on the north
bar.W ol Williams Creek whore tho railway nght-
of-way crosau. and :i chains back from th* OTMB
bank, thonc* soulh 30 chains, thence oaat 40
chains, thence north 30 chains. Ihence MM 40
chains to point of commencement.
Dated July :. 1911. PBTBR BRICKSOM
Tub. July 25. Kred K. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land iJLnrirt ���District of Coaat Range V
Take notice lhat 1, Benjamin A. Fish of Towner,
N. I'., occupation merchant, intend to apply
for |a-rmi-a.ion to purchaa* the following daacribed
Commencing at a post planted on the east
boundary and about tive chains from the southeast corner of Lot 44S4, thence north tio chains,
thence east 30 chains, thonce aouth <>u chains.
lh*ncc west 30 chains lo point of commencement.
Dated Juno 21, 1911, UKNJAM1N A. FISH
l-ub. July 25. Kred tl. Cowell, Agent
Skeana Land District-���DUtrict ot Coast Range V
Take notice that I, Adolph II. Chrutlanson of
Towner. North Dakota, occupation attorney.
al-law, intend to apply lor permission lo purchaae
the foUowing desenbed lands:
Commencing at a poal planted about one and
one-halt mllos tl 1-2. northeast of the head of
Trout River on the a*est aide ol Lakelse Lake,
and about 5 chain* from the lake-front, thence
south so ahains, thencu **e*t eo chain*, thonc*
north so chains, thence east 50 chains to point
ot commencement.
Daled June 30, 1911. Kred K. Cowell, Agenl
i'ub. July 2 V
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District ol Coaat Range V
Take   notice   lhal   I.   I'aul   llagon   ol   I'rlnra
Ru|*ert, laborer, intend to apply lor permission
to purchaao the following deacrioed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
bank of WUliam* Creek about 50 chains southeast from It. Ba, ihenc south 40 chains, thance
eaat 40 chain., thonce nonh 40 ehalna. thence
west 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated July 7, lull. HAl'L HACEN
I'ub. July 25. Fred K. Cuwall, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���Dutrict ol Coaat Range 5
Take notice that Stanley Green ol I'rince
Rupert, II. c, occupation miner. Intend* to apply
for p*rmU*aion to purchaae the following dtwcnlied
Commencing al a posl planted 10 chains aoulh
and 4u chains weal nt th* northwest corner ol
l.ot ITU, Lakeiae Valley. Distnct ol Coaal lung*
6, ihence w-rat 40 chain*, thenc* aouth so chaina,
thence eaat 40 chain*, thene* north bO chains to
point ol commencement.
staked June 3oth, 1911 STANLEY OttUN
Pub. July I'.. Locator
Skeena Land District-District of Caasiar
lake nolice that I. Thomas Carter, of Prince
Kupert. occupation carpenter. Intend  to apnl)
for oermlsslon lo purchaaa lhe following described land.
G-mmenrlnir al a post planted alnut one mile
aouth from the mouth of Kails creek and about
ISO feel back Irom lhe beach. Ihence *���. chains
north, thence 40 v-ham- we.:, th.-noe a,, chatna
soulh. Ihenee eaal 4o rhaln*t..p.*lnl..f .-.mmence-
ment. containing AJ" a.*re�� more or lea*.
Dated Jul) ;th. 1911.    Charles Webster Calhoun.
I'ub. Ao.- filh. A,.*nt.
Skeana Und Dislrict���DUtrlct ol Caaslar
Tak* nolle* thai I, Chartas I.. I i*lgruv* ol slew-
art 11. C.. occupation prospector, Intend to apply
for permWlon to purchaM lh* lollowlng dwattod
Commencing at a poat plant*.] about ait mil*.
soulh and on* mil* waat ol the lorks ot tb* W hit*
and Hal rivers, lhvr.ee aouth SO chain*, thenc*
eaat SO chains, u.et.n rorth 60 cbaiu. lh*nce **��i
60 cbaina. '
Mad April 20,1911      CHARLES DELOROVE
l-ub. Mav 13. Francis S. I'leaton, Ag*nt
Skeena Land District.
District of Coast, Range S.
Take notice that Wm. Francis Nicholson, of Prince Rupert. B.C.. occupation
locomotive Unman, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
north bank of the Xim-o-got-itz river,
about two miles up stream in a westerly direction  from the junction of thc
I little Zim-o-got-itz river and the main
j Zim-o-Kot-itz river,  nnd marked Wm.
Francis Nicholson's south-east corner,
| thence north 40 chains, thence west 40
chains, tbence south 40 chains more or
| less to shore line of river, thence east
140 chains morc or |css along shore line
of river to post of commencement, containing l>." acres more or less.
Wm. Francis Nuiiulson,
lie... R. Putmnn, agent
Dated July IT, 1911.
Btaana ,U��d DUtrt. . .
Tak. nolice iu:  |
.Stewart, B.C., occupa-   ���
apply tor permlaw*-,
described lands:
Commandog it, ,
bank ot the N.O.,
lhe forks of the Nil, r.,. .
thonc*  west   *u chai
thenoe easi B0 ohl
containing lllo ac:.�� ���:
Dated March 21, 1 111
I'ub. May IT, 	
' '���;--���-i
: v --��� u
1 *; to
��� .,
'���' -Mlu
/' ">.*l,
���     LIS
Skoena Und Di.tr
lake note* thai !.
!**���!�����?,  IL >'    ip.
in end* to apply I r
following dl    -
Commencing at . i
bank  of the Zln *.-;
miUa. distant   ::;    ���  . '*i I
from the junc'i. n of I " " *.
and the main /..���: ������ .;
chains,  Ihenee ��.-- '   N
chains, thenc- aast i,
roancamant contait. .-
Hat.-l June 7, 1911.    . .
I'ub. July a. '..'.
��� "
Stikine Un-lliu*.::**
Take none. ,a... Cl
U C, occuaiion cus*.,-. . ������--<.
'in/* *�� ******* i*NmS
Commencing  al  a p��*t
���luarters of a n:i!e .  -***
and on the cut bar..   I
aouth side of the n.o.::. :' , :'
���ast 40 chains, thanca  ;. - ',                 *
weat 40 chains, ther.ce soulh I                  "'"
ol commencement ar.j c*   ta ' ir2 ',0,
or I.-a... ' ��� "*���*' -I
I'uT AeJuY10' mx-   "��Ht��Aa��|
:   I.���-TJ(
.*. : tn
hi *.:u al
��� jita
���   itia,
*:. am
��� ���
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict cl
Take notice thai 1. Laa:...   .
Victoria.   11.  C,  occupa*..
d^'rib^r"'00 ,o '���'���       ;-^
Commeneing at a post plaatad (I t'.tiami
from tha southeast corner t! .
ehaina aouth, thence 4o c:...
chaini north, thenee 40 c.
commencement, contai::r* I.    . ��� .     .    .   "
Dated AprU IT, 1911. -A..AW.V
I'ub. May 6.
Skoana Und LUtrlct���DUtriet;! ��� Ami,
Taka notica ihat I, Jo.n i.
Rupert. H. C, occupation booaaee*.
apply  lor  permission io  j .*
d.acribed lands:
Commeneing at a pott plaal
miles aouth and (1) on* mil. i
the Whlta and Flat rivers, tb*ce* r -���
thence aast 60 chains. tr.,:.c.   ���
thence wast 80 chains.
Dated April IS. 1911.        JulIN I.   .'.!:*
I'ub. May 13 PntM ,
Skeena Land Distnct- 1.   -
C ���..-;!.
Take notl.-e that Wm  I
occupation -Jovernm- *-.*.....
for permission lo purchase f.   :
ed lands:
Commencing at a p .: plaal
and 12>' chain, aoith ..f tr.
KoinS.rmaaaScoastd.sir A
N.W. .-..'n.-r. thanca . ���.-.   .
60 chains, thenc* n .rt-; .
chains to post of cw-nm.:..-.'
acr*. more or less.
WM. 1
T. D.!
Dated March ��)th.l:>ll
Pub. April 29th. UU
Skeana Land DUtrict���Dutrict cf itu
Take notice Ihst I. A '*. . .-.
of I'rtnea Runert. II. C, occupatioo aetamt
inund to apply lor p*rmta*u.>a to ponhM at
foUo.ir.g Ssoonbod laaai
Commencing at a ;   ���*. .
mllea aoulh of the IMS of '
rivera, thanca 60 ch*it.a ... i
waat, tbeaca 60 ehalna nor.h, thne* N km
Dated April IS, ISII. Francu s. PiaMa, .l|��
I'ub. May 13.
Skaana Und DUtrict-Dht M   .'   ���*��
laa* notice lhat I. .'
Rupert, II. C, occu;-
tor ***rmaalon to purchaaa lh* leUowlag 9sttrm
l ..mme'.dr.g at  a  : -
aoulh and   Si two mio- *��.: ..' :.*. .
i Whll* aad Flat rivers, thenc* Ml
I lhanc* aaat  60 chains. Ihete* MHt  '   m*\
, thenca aaat 60 ch. ... . __
Dated Apr I 20. 1911    JOHN HUBERT FACtT
l*ul*. M.iM. lis. .'���
Skeena Und DUtnet-District rf Cos
Tak* not ea   lhal I, Martha  L***. a rnw
llu|*ert. II. C . oce^; .*
. to apply lor permiasiaa to purchas* *.U Niaaal
d**er.t*ed land.:
Commencing at a flat planted a!< .*. li.-wol
one-hall mllea dlalanl in a e - ���
��� Irom a blind alough liotn "t���r�����   *��� li������t��
tba aama louche* ib* ltda���..'.���-���     ���:.**�����
In lhe County Court of Atlin, hidden al
Prince l.wi ��� it.
In the matter of the Official Administrator's Act, and in the matter of
the estate of John  Flanagan, deceased, intestate.
Take notice that by tbe order of his
Honor. Judge  Young, made  the 28th
day of July. A.D., lull, I was ap|*oint-
ed administrator of the estate  of the
John Flanagan deceased, and all parties
having claims  against the said estate
are   hereby r<t|uircd  to forwanl same
properly  verified to me on or liefore
the  2(>th  day of August.  A D.. 1911.
and  all  parlies  indebted  to  the  said
estate are required to pay tbe amount
of their indebtedness to me forthwith.
Dated this Mth day of July, A.D.,
Official Administrator.
Pub. Slav IS.
Skaana Uad DUtriet-Diatnct ol.���� Ra*
Take notice lhal Mar, I. .* - ��� ���<���*>*"���
Victoria. II. CM occupatioo homotmwr./������"
io apply loc permUalon lo purahaat Ut Wt��l
daac-riMal lands:
Commencing at a pttt planted at ll* ��������*���*
corner ol Lot 9����. Kar.��. 'QSZZ
no ehalna *oolh thene. 40 chain*  east. I��"
chaina nonh. thenar 10 cia-r.. ��~i      :  ���> ��
ommencemenl. containir.i; ���. ' **,
MAIIV IILATON lilU.'l.ll*kU1'
Dated AprU IT. ISII.
1Mb. May S.
Skaana Uad Dmrtct-i>.��net ol Css*
Taaa ootios that Irrl W ' ���**.
kaluin, occup.tK-o lar a.-. '. " *22aS
pernuasoo  to  purchaa*  tba loUealad *u*m,
*Comro.ncit*a* al a :* ���
aaatsocaac ol    A. UcU.li
20 Chain* aoutb, tbenc* H ciai.. ��� ������ ��� "*���" J
cnaina aonb. tbeoe. lo en*,*. - ���    ��***
raaimaoeMDaat s-jotain.n** 2 ��� *--* ��� Tr,.
Pub. April M. F��d llw***. ��-*-**
Skeena Un.1 Wslnel    DM
Take nolle* that I'er. . MM
pa-rl. II C , oeeupatk-n .
apply lne permission lo purebaaa ta
,l.**rril**-*.l lands: ...
Cm.nen.lnir at a P*��l planted. . *,
r McNeil Koer at n..flh ������   : ���*'    *  ","J
.V.. Ihence eaal - ^
mi ���*
K.V.. thenre ea.'
arly boundary ����f I'" t
���.MIS) thanca northerlr f
la.undary at Umber lirvt ���
t.. north weal rorner . f ��-*
we.terl, 2-> chain" m.,r.   ���
M.Neil  Kl.er. then"  *
left hank of M, V I H ,   .  ..
la. poinloectanmenrer***-'. -
m��"0rk"' Phil.-
I l*
������at*. June 19. ISII
I'ub. July IS. ISII
Caasiar  Und   Di-T
Take nollee lha. I. Ia    ;������   I
occupation broker, .r.ier. I
lo purchase the Inllo* I .'
I ommenclng  at   a  |
In a northerly direction from "an."
marked 1. K.. S. I    '
nonh, Ihence 20 ehsir.-
south to ahore line. th**w �����
point ol commencement, eortair...*
or lata.
Dated June 10, ISII
l-ub. July is.
.    ���'
.   -- '
1. H.S<imm*mi**w'
Between John Younir Rochester, plaintlfT
Turn (;. Sultnn, elrfenelnnt.
Before hi* HflOOr Jiidire ToOf in chnml��ert>.
l-'t iilnv the 2ftth <ln>- of Jul>. 1911.
Upon the nppHration of the pUinttfT. upe.n hear-
inu renel the affidavit etf Charles Vinrent Bennett,
filed, and ti|��in he^rlnff what wa> allr ��ed hy C. V.
Bennett, routiwl for the plaintiff.
1. It la onlereel that service upon the defendant
of the writ nf aummem* and utalement of claim in
thia action 1-v t>uhliahinit thia eirder, toirether
with the notice hot e..n tfMOrMq, MM* a week for
four weeks, nreceilinit the l��t (lay nf S'-rtemlw-r,
till, in the "tlailv New��." a tn w��i'-ip��T pul��li��h-
eel at Prinee Rupert. B C. l-*> ���].< .t.o.| ,*,������) **n(|
aiilficlent irrvlceof -aid writ and statement of
2. And It is further ordered thai the MM defendant elo enter an appearance (����� the said writ
of summons anil file his statement <>f ilefcnee In
the i.ffire eif this Ooafl at Prinre- Itupert, ll.C., em
etr DVON the 16th day trf Sepertnl^-r, lp||,
.1. Antl it U further onlereel lhat the e��-st�� nf
thia application lie costs in the cause.
F. McU. YOUNO. L.J.8.C.
Thlsacllan is lmmnht to recover f lf��22.��0, the
amount due on a promissory note made fir the
defendant, dateel 2nth l>ereml��er, I9M| to the order of the plaintiff, payable t'| months afterdate
with interest at fi |��er cent, per annum.
PJineiptl        llR-fi.OO
Interest      84".*.
Total tl<*22.Wt
nnti'nt . r-' >
.rnf lot .>���������.di��t-
. .:> I
Skeena Land District    W
Take nettite that I. Al*1*
horn. Manited*. occup"'
apply for permiaalon to i
dearnlie��| lands:
weat corner   .
��� tuate-d about fi 1-2 �����>*** ,n ���
rectlem fremi Bfwlienrwltr'' <J
('..north weat corner, them-*-
Ihence eaat Ml chain*. !����������
meire ����r leaa to wuih ea��t ���'
thence weat 4n chains m-rr "r i'-
ctirner of lot **2. the-
or le���� to aouth ea*t
west 40 chains more or ie*1 '   ;
���^"���"���"���WBg   j ".."���.-*.
Date June 2nd. It'll
I'uh. June Mth. ISII
Skeen. Und DWricll"-'-
T.ke  nolice that   Sarah
tlupen.  neeupalion  nurse,  i
permnaion  to purchs"'  lh*  '���'
landa: , ,,   ,  ,. .1* V*
Commencing at a poM l"�� .
went corner 140 chain- t*. ���
Irom the norlheasl corn" * ���
Sorvrvi Co... District. Ilanre >.
eaat. thenre SO chains ><*"'��� .
meal, Ihenee 40 chains nnrtn. >
aeal, I here* 10 chain" nor*i
mencement containing ISO am"
I g0
ll.lr.1 June II
l-ub. July It.
Sheens Und DtaMl���t-n-"��'f,%*tm*.
Take   nolle  that   I,  t bar��  ���*'    K. WJJ
frlnee llm-erl. II. <  . "**"'"';v,J lh* f**1"
to apply lor permtasion lo putcna
deacril-ed land.: .    , .,���, ,|��,ul .'I"'
Commencing at * l��"l V^L et .'V2S-,
mllea aoulh and l2)lwo ""'?"���,r^,i.b ""3i
While rl����r and Hal riser, thenee^      ��� d*m
lame* weat SO chains. lben�� nnn
thence eaat SO chain.. ..., c \l   h-* ,L,t
Dated April20, Ull.     Qg*Sja |-*jtoS.��'*
l-ob. May II. Franrlo S   "-
*  "    ���   '   -    *���*���*-""- THE DAILY NEWS
^i �������.**���*��,** **���'*���**'**'
This Is a little Bection of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
Id subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to ita columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Coiy Csrner" will till a social need.
Miss Fletcher Wins English
Championship, Beating Record Holder.
London, Auk* 11.���Miss Cur-
t-,,*ii, of Liverpool, gave Miss Jennie
r'li-ii-lu-r, of Leicester, a grcat race
Leicester in the 100 yards
���s' English championship. Th.t* ladies took the lead from tlu
inn, and were practically level
p to (i(i 2-5 yards, when Miss
'tnwi'ii turned just ahead. The
ccision that Miss Fletcher had
���on in I min. 18 8-5 sees., and Miss
iiiweii was second in 1 min, 15
-.'i sees., was disputed. If Miss
urwen could have reproduced
cr form of thc previous day
it* would probably have won
���ith a good margin, for she cov-
fed the distance in 1 min. 12- 8*5
���, beating Miss Fletcher's
i'iiiIiI's record made at Manchester
i Oi-ioIht, l'.KK), by a second.
Miss Fletcher has not been quite
in speedy since that splendid per-
iini.tini*. Indeed, she seems at
resent to be a little faster than
i>i year, when Miss Steers of
.inlilT. beat her in 1 min. 18 8-6
.a. Miss Steers did not defend
ir title ihis year, although a
m days previews she easily won
In* 1(H) yards ladies' chanpionship
I Cardiff in 1 min, 20 sees.   Miss
leave swam excellently in t-.'iiMui*
lir.l place to Miss Fletcher and
lia-. Curwcn. She covered the
i-i.ni'i in 1 min. 18 4-5 sees., or
is black silk soutache.
One could not choose a more
serviceable gown for traveling than
one of this sort.
Charming Out of Door Entertainment at Mrs. W. E. William's Home.
'.'���.'> -i ca. (aster than last October
he:  for the second time she won
In Southern Counties 100 yards
nlits' championship.
. A most enjoyable tennis tournament and tennis tea wa.s given
by Mrs. W. K. Williams at her
home on Borden street on Thursday afternoon. The games were
keenly contested and the ladies
in success and defeat exhibited
all the qualities of true lovers of
sport. Mr. Melvin refereed the
games with all the strict justice
<>f a Roman senator and all the
ladies are  convinced   that  he  is
Thc afternoon was rather cool
to er joy tea on the lawn as arranged
for so the tournament over, the
ladies retired indoors, arranging
themselves around the blazing
grate where they enjoyed tea and
a friendly chat.
The invited guesis were: Mrs
Monis, Mrs. McMaster, Mrs. McNeill, Miss Pinder, Mrs. Tremayne,
Mrs. Burritt, Mrs. Mclntyre, Mist*
Crir.g, Mrs. Naden, Mrs. McLeod,
Mrs. Spain, Mrs. J. ('. McLennan,
Mrs. Lamont*, Mis. Craig, Mrs.
Patmore, Mrs. Bondcaux, Mrs.
Brandt, Mrs. I). ('.. Stewart, Mrs.
Benson, Mrs. Eggert, Mrs. Bullock-
Webster, Miss McLcnaghcn, Mrs.
Bennett, Mrs. MtClymont, Mrs.
Dawson, Mrs. Cade, Mrs. Ram-
Bay, Mrs. Kergin, Mrs. Youngi
Mrs. Parkin, Miss McMaster, Mrs.
A.  M. Manson,  Mrs.  Beckwlth,
J       I
*"**��. St****-* '***��'��**-���.��a-*a..��^����.-a^..^..^...^���^.��.l,r^.
Patsy Kline, the ckver Newark
featherweight was beaten by Johnny Kilbane, but hopes to prove
his worth in his match wiih Joe
Mandot al New Orleans on September 1. Patsy is an aspiring
lad and a defeat is not going to
make him forget that he has
aspirations for the featherweight
Sshwengcrs of Victoria, Canadian tennis champion at the pro-
vircial championship met in the
open singles rather easy victory
over McDougall, rated as one of
the liesl of the Montreal men, (i-3,
11 you want money apply P. ().
B"\ 053. tf
Silk mohair is among the prettiest of the slimmer fabrics used
for summer coat suits and those
with siripes arc exceptionally good
looking. This one is gray with a
black stripe, and the braid used
for decoration on coat and skin
SS Is the World's Greatest Demand
I "	
{JJ Our Watch  Department is one  which giveB  to the people of
C*jS Canada that standard of reliability which appeals to all in this
.{{ busy century, when each moment of time must be rightly spent in
Hi order to get the most out of it.    With us you will find the best in
ill every make of watch, from the reliable BIRRS* SPECIAL, to
Hi the best among the American and Swiss movements.   Our leaders
(S] are  the   Howard,   Hamilton,   Longines,   Agassi?, and the finest
r.{ grades of the Waltham and Elgin productions.   See our catalogue,
KJ or write to us directly for information relating to our watches.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
.��� ��� ���" *S?i* ��� ������ ���;��� :��� ���
one of the greatest of men. Mrs.
McNeill and Mrs. Pat more won
the prizes, the results of the
tournament being as follows: Mrs.
Melvin and Miss Mel.cnaglien
won from Mrs. Patmore anil Mrs.
R. A. McMordie. Mrs. McNeill
and Mrs. Patmore won from Mrs.
Manson and Mrs. McClymont.
Mrs. McNeill and Mrs. Patmore
won from Mrs. Melvin and MisR
Miss Sutherland, Miss Campbell,
Mrs. Robcrson, Miss Drumniond,
Mrs. Reddie, Mrs. Wark, Mrs.
Melvin, Mrs. William Manson,
Mrs. R. A. McMordie, Miss Fulton
Mr. E. C. Gibl-ons will leave
by the Prince George on Monday
on a three weeks' business trip to
the south.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4.
After a conference at Milwaukee
between Tom Jones and matchmaker Frank Mulkern of the National A. ('., the latter announced
that every detail had been satisfactorily arranged for the ten
round  bout  between  Ad  Wolgasi
and Packey McFarland there <m
September 15.
The Board of Directors of the
National league hearing the appeal of Sherwood Magee, star
outfielder of the Philadelphia club,
from the decision of President
Lynch, suspending him for the
balance of the season and lining
him $200 for assaulting I'mpire
Finneran, handed down a formal
decision sustaining Lunch in every
Chet. Mclntyre is maturing his
plans for the next boxing tourna
men; tt the V. C. .... set for Labor
Day and the boxing talent of
Vancouver is now ilu- richer by
the Incoming <>f an amateur named
Lees, who won the Canadian championships in both the lightweight
i.nd welterweight classes. He has
had one or two workouts which
have demonstrated his undoubted
class but lhe Vancouver fans will
pin their faith in Ernie Barrieau,
the best amateur lightwiiglu on
thc north Pacific coast at the
present moment.
The Best
Absolutely pun
Sid. Sykea, Manager
The Finest, Newest and Moat Up-to-date Hotel In Vancouver.
Excellent Cafe. Moderate Prices.
1142 Pender Street West
Phone 8500.
Vancouver, B.C.
When  in   Vancouver   You   Should   Stay at
Finest Csfs in B.C.    European Plan.    Rates $1.00 to $2.50 per day
lint and Cold Water in each room.
Vancouver, B.C.
BlldWeiSer Beer, We are sole agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
Northern B.C. Liquor Company,
Pko-K  IU.   7
P.O. Bet 577
Furniture Dealer       -        Third Avenue
J m
Every Buying and Selling advantage this store possesses has been utilized to stamp this Great Sale as one that must command your in-
-HH-MM'-*MaMiaMHM��HHMi*M" terest and approval. ���-a���������������__^-
Furniture Dealer        -       Third Avenue
If You Are Furnishing, Don't Ignore These
Dining Room Chairs-Solid Quarter Cut Oak in golden and early
English finish, No. 1 Leather seats, regular value of these chairs
consisting of five small and one arm $4J.60, $43.50 and   $28 00
$45.00.   Special Sale Price f
Buffets, Solid Quarter Cut Oak. golden and early English finish,
regular values $55.00 and $60.00.    Thursday Special   ��4Q QQ
To see our Splendid Values in Office Desks at nearly Cut in Two
prices. Flat Tops, Roll Tops, Type Desks, Office Chairs, rotary
and stationary.
Kitchen Tables, without draw, Sale Price    ^o'en
Kitchen Tables, withdraw, Sale Price      2*50
Kitchen Treasure, 12 flour bins, bake board antl 1 drawer, 15 QQ
Sale price	
Madras, Scrims, Creetons, Muslins, Lace Curtains. Tapestry
Curtains at CUT IN TWO PRICES. These lines of goods arc
selling quickly and your chance to procure genuine sale bargains is
to get in early.
~ Ti^n"beds
They are disappearing at our Sale Prices.   Re-   JQ Cft   11 tj
member any size Iron Bed from   -      -      .      -   **���***>**   UV
Folding Go-Carts. Sale   t�� ^O
Price       -       -       ���  -rw��"'v
,     We have a few left.
Get in on these before all sold.
Here's a Record in Chiffonnier Values
Surfaced Oak Chiffonnier with five drawers and hat compartment
British bevel mirror on top, Regular value $20.00,   *i\A AA
SalePrice        -J.IH.VV
Surfaced Oak Chiffonnier, 5 drawers and oval British
mirror. Regular value $22.50, Sale price	
Surfaced Oak Chiffonnier, 5 drawers, serpentine front,
shaped mirror, Regular price $25.00, Sale price	
Chiffonnier Quarter Cut Oak, 5 drawers, oval mirror,
Regular value $30.00, Sale price   	
Chiffonnier Solid Quarter Cut Oak, 6 drawers and hat compartment, oval British mirror, Regular value $38.50, Sale   $27 00
price     *    '
Chiffonier Quarter Cut Oak. 5 large drawers, swivel   <Q9 00
front, Regular value $45.00, Sale price    ������""'"'
Comforters, Blankets and Sheets, Pillow Cases, Bed Spreads,
and everything that is necessary for a home, at Prices Never
before offered to our customers.
Remember all orders for special  made over chairs,
couches, and any article in upholstering receive our
SPECIAL        SALE        PRICES.
r -���wi
Phone 20,3rd. Ave.
The Home of Quality
and Quantity
-J   v   v   tj
.     :    .
I*"*)    Cjl   *��*
Mr. John R. Dreher of Seattle
Times Staff Pays Visit Here
with His Wife and  will De- Tuneful   Musical   Play  at  the
scribe City.
Empress  Theatre  Pleased
Today Mr. John II. Dreher ol
the Seattle Times, touring ihi** Though Hearing tin-end of iluir
part of Northern British Col- engagement, the Cleveland Com-
umbia with hi- wife on a hbliday ��ly Company is still drawing good
and descriptive writing trip visited houses and putting on good shows,
Prince Rupert, Last night they put on a tuneful
Mr. Dreher has that ideal news-J njinJca] comedy called "Cupid's
p.'i" r assigi mi nl 'a roving com Handicap." It gave the company
mission" and his story of Prince ,, chance to appear as a bunch of
Rupert will 1" .' series of bright merry co-eds and college athletes
impressions. Hi verj greatly en- anc* made ua all wish we had
joyed thi superb Bail up the Sound gone to college with them, instead
in the Prince George, and Captain 0f wasting our time in Berious
Saunders was able to gi\v him pursuits,
ideal weather conditions. Special interest attached to the
While talking to the Daily News comedy because it was written
on his arrival Mr. Dreher was and composed by Harry B. Cleve*
loading up his kodak ... take as |.,-���| and his clever little wife
he said, "Something out of the Drena Mack. There arc lots of
usual" in photographs. He was good songs, and plenty of move-
much ii crested in one city grading ment in it. One of the pretties
work particularly in the muskeg numbers i- Elton Ralston's song
and the men who mess themselves wjti- quartet chorus in the tir-t
up in i; for $3 a elay. act, "Dream Girl of .My Dreams."
"II n   in  the world <!i.!  they The chorus too made quite a hii
ever think of making a city here?" last night.
he asked  with  a  gl i ce   11  "tir 	
"The News" Classified Ads. || Empress J Theatre
Cleveland's Musical Comedy Go,
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P..S. ��� H'tuses and Rentals.
Lost and Found
Lost-A  Ladies' QoM  Watch,
turning to News Office.
��-^ n^ii-%11 msmtf **mis *>*,.*.m*-^***^.,'**M*,***'*tT
Money to Loan i
Money  to'Loan on Prince Rapt
Agrvements of sale bought.    P
For Lease
Or* S.S. Prince George, tomorrow morning
Two lots, stumps cleared off. U-' .r. city, on
-'th Ave. close to Fulton St. T ��� "���*".' I ������' j
on them is for sale. Apply ( iptftln BrwM.
Premier Hotel. -*���������*
*%**** H-^H*^II-^II*^II*^II -fcl*^..'**.' '-*** ****m*****m**f   ���
 +  ,1o awav with this.     Patronize a whit.* |
laundry.   White labor only at
M Aviv. LAW*
utler Bui.d
For Rent
Furnished  rooms with bath.
the week.   Talbot House.
..: r .*. - ..
Ll '-.."
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
��Va .:-:--..:..Ta^-..%vj..-afl
Q ;*: if** B B up u*a Q .?.���.*.
A Musical Comedy in
Two Acts
Neatly Furnished rooms. *-entl,*r.en Dfefemd.*"
Apply Mra. Mullin, over Hajastle Theatre,     tl
Mclntyre   Hall,  for concert.,   entertainment*.
dances, etc.   Apply J. H. Rogers, phone Ui.
"How . ver did you make such
.' splendid job of your city building?" i> his question after a walk
ri.iin.l the t"\vn.
Mr. Drcher's trip tike- him
i exi ... Stewart.
Sum Total for Past Week is Well
Over Nine Thousand Dollars.
Newspaperman   Drowned   Near ���*���''�� Furnished Rooms. Mrs. Cre*nw.x��i. AHar
r��T Block; Third Ave.                                      I1WI
San    DeigO   While   Trying   to S>wnve room house, cor. Ith Ave. an.H      *.-
Save Daughter of His Chief
street.   $2* a month.   Phu
r P.O. i- vsSJ.
San Diego. Cal., Aug. 12.-While  j Help Wanted
lathing on ihe beach at Lajolla,  (
���^ ���"��������������� il-a^H1^  11 *���**���!  -fcii%U'*i.n'��"'^'i"��"'%'
Two considerable item- apjiearj
in the list of building permit* foriCecil Karberg, newspaper reporter
the week ju��t ended.    These are j fdrnierly of Sj><.k.'i'i-. was carried
residential buildings fur Mr. E.ltO Sea by a IllCe billow .'lid Scotch Woman wants work, h -.-cleaning, wash-
Inn or fancy iron.nit. n ra taken home ,1
desired. Apply Aaarln.er.t H-use. Iat Ave.
and McBride 17S-1U
WATFR   fHARCFS ' oate8 '-������ ,',rst *-*treet am' Third drowned while attempting to save
nm-cix t-nrinuw avemie M oj>f ?;{000i aiul >lore ^ ^ q{ Qq       McGreWi -l!u.
Wanted-Good -i.-.-l boy t
make himself generally I
Hotel. 'Ird Ave., corner o
bate in kitchen and
A; pl]  Jam**
��������� Si n ��� ' it
*.ru.-d from Patfe One)
Mclnnis had seen the light department men at work and warned
them th.'r the job would obstruct
the r...'d for the tire department.
Tht work went on hejweve'r, and
the obstruction was encountered
ri .i ni"-; critical moment.
Lesson from Guelph
Under the heading "Things a
Fire t'hiif Ought t" Know" the
Guelph Hi i 28th ul... - ������ -
"It structioni have been issued
by tin* fire, light and markets
committee to the ritj engineer
and other departments who tear
up ihe streets, that notice must Ik.
sent to tin lire Chief when v. r
I block ���! from traffic."
Alderman Clayton's fire department recommi mighl v. ry
well includi provision >.f .1 similar
8 and 4
7 and B
50c, 75c and $1.00
Come in aid see our list of huys in
other parts of the city
For Sale
Second Ave..
buildings for Mr. R. C. Hyde on ten.year<ld daughter of the edi
Third avenue and Seventh street .  ,'    .     ...
,,���u.     .   ,*i- of the San Diego Sun.
to cost $4(MH).   A third item just
into the three figure standard is      lnl*au'1 *in& attached  I
a boarding house for Danito Cam-1 child's arm-  held  Ker  up  until
bro on Ninth avenue, to cost 11000.1 Gilberi Stafford swam from shore
Other permits issued are as follows: and rescued her. James Racken-
James  Hampton,  residence on bury, a tourist from Denver, Col.,
Seventh avenue, cost BOO. displayed ran- bravery in attempt-
Mrs. L. Shrubsall, residence  :ird ing  to  save   Karberg.    As  each
avenue, cost $400. succeeding  wave carried  thi   re-
John Storrings, out-buildii ..- onlporter farther ou   to sea, Racken-
Eighth avenue, cost 175. bury, a powerful swimmer, -"..e
Geonre Sutherland residence on '."Uti.l him-cli >trutjnlii*^ with the our c<.mpanie�� are note.', f.r prompt-indjun
, , , , ...       settlement*.   We write every known class of
ck Realty and Insurance C.��
Prince Rupert. B.C.   ill
m*r*Mml i*al.%.'*M.X.t*%n***i'-��..
���OwMng Ranare ind Kitcht-r. I- .mituw.
Oar. sth and Cuttun Stmts.
For Sal*��-Chicken Ranch. : S: mjr hout*. hou*f-
hold k >od*. Near Pnn< ������ Kjp-urt. A map if
taken at once.   Addreu B \ ft tf
For.Salr-OwnerwillttUfoorlead lots Not. 2S.
'��*. i"> and 2'��. Block 27. S    *.       . Taylor s:r>>*t.
���Ixe -tl x i" x 100, at t~   ��� each, on reasonable
tenns.   Apply Box 999. P.O.. Prince Kupert.
McBride street, eost $350.
Mike t'ruch. residenci. Seventh
avenue, cost $2tHl.
George an Hour Early
Hy the Prii   .... orgc ihi- morn- 	
ing tl.r. arrived .1 croud of lir-i Frank   K. Il\
and second class passengers.   The Prince  George
Weather Along Coast
Cloudy weather with lure and
tlier.' den��e fog Ih-'nks though
smooth sea prevails along thi
a it according to wireless re-
|H>rts. Tin* Prime Ruperl ��.������*
passing II.Told Bay southbound
..i II p.m. last night.
huge breakers end was c impelled
to give uop the fight. Karberg's
body has not lieen found.
returned  by the
toelay,   and   was
I me in oni hour ahead "f driving his M-^lit ri^ down Centre
schcduli and brought 180 tons of street  within a few minutes ><f
mi il. landing.
Comox-Atlin Liberal Convention
is fixed for
at Nanaimo, B.C.
All delegstes throughout ths constituency will pl.*a��i- endeavor to be
BUSINESS   S.-li'i-tion ��f a candidate to contest  seat  In Dominion Par
liament for Comox-Atlin
(.Sinn.-'l I
H. C. Brewster, M.L.A., Chairman
Salvation Army
Everyone is cordially i; i-ited :.>
attend the services to b. oin-
ducted in the local citad. I tonight
and tomorrow. Lieutenant Wright
will preach tonight and also sing
one of her favorite solos.
A public holiness gathering will
be addrSessed by Mr-. Ensigi
Johnstone at 11 a.m. tomorrow and
a public enrollment -nice will I..*
conducted by Ensign Johnstoni
.'t :i o'clock. Tin Ensign will also
preach at night. *-|i"i.'l music
l.\ thc I'rince Rupen Orchestra
ai..1 plenty of livel) congregational
singing as well a- djii ts and s< lo-.
Insurance. The M
ri "a I    a n a n^ n.ii.n. n a  **a '��� *mA,
r    *          ru I
j      business   Chances      ���
Good money in Moving Pictures. Wante.1 ���A
party to .tart movlna' picture show in Princ-
I; .[are   W rite me f'-r particulars.
-t-Cfl    Cash wi" handle a nice lot in Q
<PJU    Section?. Price $325. Balance ��� g{
monthly. Hi
I -a,, IE and 16, Block 49. Section 7, \%l}
$15(1 cash, balance
5 each
Lots on Summit Avenue at $500.   Easy
terms. {���*
\partment for rent, $20 a month. Nice ...
view. m|
For Fire, Life and Accident Insurance ��S
see me. ���;���
Lots in Fort GeorRe at $10.00 cash and K*l
$10 a month.    For free maps Ijj
and information see me. How '*-
is the time to buy lots in Fort
Floor Space for Rent      |
in the Hart building, cornerof
Second Ave. and Sixth Street.
The Best Business Corner in Prince Rupert.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
���������������������������������������������������������������-a** ���������������������������������������������
Pattullo Block.
Watertown. Wis.
H.  Davl.
Things You Should Know
Th.  best Canadian shoe is thc
"Invictus" Slater.  Sexitt, Froud &
Company have ju-t received ewer
SI (Hill worth of tin m.
Pantoriuir. Pionier Cleanem. 'Phone *1.
A^AAAM^A^^^4^*.^^^^A^W��i I
j l
��� New Goods  for
j your Toilet Table I
Some of the leading
wholesale druggists
have just sent ussumc
new perfumes, preparations and toilet
necessities    :   :   :   :
We carry only ths best
Patent Nledicines and
<>ur Prescription Ue-
psrtment is a specialty
C. H. Orme
|        "TIIK PI.INKER DMnOtST"        (
I.    Second Ave. Phone No. 82   j
Sl^^^^A^^^V^MMi*^WWWWVMVi I
Do Your Shoes
Need Repairing
If so bring them to our
Third Avenue, between
7th and 8th St. We
have moved from the
Hart Block       :       :
Huh the Hums-The Pain ia .rone.
If your .Ir-iler do*, not keep tht*m we will mall
you a lata   laj��..w.l.*r.l on r.'reipt of 2.*, cents.
I.. J. M ATHIEU Co..Props., sh. ,l���.���.h*-. P.Q.
..���* ma i nir.i; *.   M.
J) For HtadsctM V4 Nfunbpt I
*i *���**^t���L.'**^*-^*'. **���
John Kadakas
Third Avenue       Bet. 7th and 8th Sts.
All Varied in time iu Police
Court the other day. If
you carry a :      :
Reliable Standard Watch
You would always have the
Correct Time
Only reliable watches are
kept in stock by the G.T.P.
Official   Watch    Inspector.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
Sk.-ena Un*! I.i.trle.    Ili.lrict of Coast Sanaa V   H
Tak.* nolic (ha. J.,m* M. T.llman ol led,,   OOKXXXXXXXXXXXX3CXXXXXXXX*
Kn|n.|a. Iovam. ocrupation lawyer, in.en-la to
appw for pannlsalon lo purchas.* lhe followine
ilescril..*,! land,:
I omm.-ncinK n. a |..ia| planted on the southerly
shor.-,..! Kuttymataan inlet on th.* ri��ht hank
of a small ..ream tlowin-- into said Inlr. just ea.t
of Croj lj.k..   Thanca south *Ju chain., tbaaaa
west *!<) rhain- more or leaa lo lh.* ahore line of
Crow Lake, thene.* northerly and easterly followinK the shore line, of Crow Lake, the Inlei
lo I row .like and Ku.aeymaleen Inlet to Ihe
place of eonime'iremenl. containing forty acre,
more or leas. Irfiriilnl Aurust 7, 1911.
Dated ,\ug. <i. lull. JliSSE M. TALLMAN
I'uh. AuK. IS.
Three lots in Section 6, half block from McBride. and block
from School, price $600 each. $100 cash on each handles
them and balance on easy terms.   Will sell single lots.
Office Opposite Bank of .Montreal.
Is the  perfect  paste   f"r  I
uses.   Two.  ox.. bottle  1
tube 25c; 5 oz. WStsrwe
8 ox. Waterwell jar 50c.
Everything for th�� Office
McRAE  BROS., Limited
> * e>oe>ooe>ex>'Oe*K>'00.3e>o<>oe>e>e>o<>e^
Sraleel in; li-i�� will be r.-r. ivr.l h> th�� II liKlinv
Committee of the Methodfit Church of Print*
Hupert. HC, until 12 o'clock noon, A
"!*li. for the erection and completion
, inti*
to Tueidar, Aur. We*. f"r *
room In the oW .chwl WJJJ
Store Buildinff on Second  Avenue and
; Seventh Street.   Low Rent. 1
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd. I     pian. and ���!..���-
1    offlee of P. McUui
i i"
WH ! Specinctionimiy be �����*"���;
of ft Church , 0|^rf \S   D
building tn be erected on Sixth Avenue. In the 2t-lH|
Cily nf I'rince Rupert. B.C.. aceordlnc to plans j
lad ipeciftcatiemi prepared by O. I. Proctor,
architect, PHnce Kupert. A certified check,
equal to ten (10) per centum of the amount nf the
tender drawn in f ave>r of the Treasurer nf Trustee
Hoard, which will be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter Into a contract when
railed upon to do so; or if ht nr his heirs or executors fail to complete the ceintract.   The lowest or
der not necessarily accepted.
specifications mar bpfseei, at the
:Lauirhlin. Third Avenue, after noon
Tueaday, August 16th. Mil. 2t-l83
Tenders will be ******* I Mj��        JSH
toTuewlay.Aug. Ifiih f��r, j   ���, ,   '.jA^
water) in the old school bumi
Plans and spec!flcattons ma) i*
Engineer's ofllce. w p . A^E*,^
He sells Buildings       He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys Lots He buiklB Homes
Special  Bargains  in
KitHcliis Lands   rrimeoin Lake Landa   Lnkclae Lands
Hazelton Dintriet Lands       Bulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lnn.ls       Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum Lands, Sand, Gravel and Marble Deposits
Liet  Your  Propertiea  with  Jeremiah H. Kugl
He buys Leases He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
Second  Avenue, Prince  Rupert,  B. C.


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