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Twenty-four hours ending6 a.m.,
Sept. 5
ul, .....     MIN.TKMP.    UAR.        IN. RAIN
"A,Tt" f,3.0      ��!��I6      ...
The Daily News
K.llt   SOUTH
Princess Royal Frldaya.m,
for North
. Saturduy
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II.  NO. 201
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, September 5, 1911.
lEnthusiastic Support  Irrespective of Party Prejudice
Given Mr. Duncan Ross at Open Gathering in
Mclntyre Hall on His Arrival
Citizens arid electors irrespective
lol   party were Invited to hear
Duncan  Ross, Liberal and  Rec-
ii irocity candidate tor Comox-Atlin
|.    the Mimki-r niulcr Liberal As-
cintion auspices on Saturday in
Hn* Mclntyre Hall. The hall was
crowded with an audience enthusiastic for "Ross and Reciprocity
[i.r Rupert."
Fred  Stork  who  opened   the
Biccting s'-id:   "I  have Inn.  a
Liberal   all   my   life   Inu   never
R-l'i.re have  I   been  sn  proud  of
eing a Liberal as now."   (Cheers).
In his  recent   travels all  over
'.���p.ula mi Ilis trip to the old land
i    had    found    everywhere    the
icing  in   favor  of  reciprocity,
Mii-i particularly was ,bis so in
(is own   native  ham*  of   Ferric
mi* lhe miners to a mar  were
joting fur reciprocity. (Cheers).
Wanted at Ottawa
["timing to  Mr. Duncan   Ross
llr. Si..rk quoted llu- words of a
Imminent member of ihe Ottawa
Jh'ii-e "Duncan Ross, we want
nu back in Ottawa again!"
"You bet we do!" came a shout
turn ilu* audience followed by a
|ur>i of cheering.
Dr. Kergin in a short speech
rid: "If reciprocity were only
jn.i.1 for Rupert and not Canada I
\ : nol support ii. Uu. it is
for all Canada as well as
^uprrt and therefore I ;un going
isupport it! (Cheers).
Sir Wilfrid laurier ranks with
world's greatest Liberals. Pre-
llier   Asquith   and   Mr.    Lloyd-
orgC.We are fortunate in being
|r the side which  -vill reiurn  to
BWor such a man."    (Loud ap-
Good Man Ross
"We iire fortunate, too, in our
pdidate,   Mr. Duncan Ross is
man who is siraiglu���a good
[liter and hard hitter who can
Rk.* a blow fairly as well as give
squarely.   (Cheers).
"Reciprocity is simply two neigh-
'i nations with the same diffi-
[ il ii s to meet the same problems.
P-\'iiik: 'Lei us meet and make
fm-* "f trade.' That is the sum
I I substance of the pact���to
I -try it without respect of party
polities is surely the wisest policy,
to pursue." (Loud applause).
Dead Ones in Morgue
Cy Peek contributed a splendid
speech which will be found on
another page and in a very amusing
and common sense speech Tom
Dur.n emphasised the fad ihat this
is not a contest of Liberal versus
Conservative but one in which
the issue was a policy affecting
the prosperity of the people of the
"It is quite a coincidence that
the Conservatives should have
chosen Hart's old morgue lo rally
in." he remarked, "for mark my
.M.rds they'll cMry a corpse ou,
of there on the night of ihe 21stl"
(Loud laughter and applause).
Tlu- pl.'.foim party consisted
of Messrs. 1-'. Stork, A. J. Morris,
Cy Peck, A. M. Manson, Tom
Dunn, I). G. Stewart, L. W. Pai-
nioie and Dr. Kergin. Musical
numbers bj Cray's Orchestra were
given during the intervals.
Half a Dozen Joymakerg Now
Sadder and  Wiser
It was quia- a busy session at
the police court this morning,
what with those picked up asleep
in lhe glorious sunshine on the
sidewalk, ihe Indians and their
friends and witness. Five men
were fined various sums and in
one case sentence was suspended
to give the Indian a chance to
gel the man who sold him the
brain-fuddler. He said it was a
man on the steamer Vadso, bill
he did not know if the man worked
on the ship or was a passenger.
Those fined were Rutin tree, $10
and costs; Pat Maloney S.ri and
costs; Flannigan 85 anil costs;
Tate, Indian. $20 and costs or
thirty days; Innis, Indian, $5
and costs;  Turney 16 and costs.
Vancouver Defeated at Lacrosse
by New Westminster Team
(Canadian Press Despatch)
New Wes.minster, Sept. 5.���
Before a crowd ihat broke all
records New Westminster's world
champion lacrosse team defeated
Vancouver in ihe final name of
the league series by a score of
eight goals to five. Joe Lally of
Cornwall reft rt id.
This leaves the teams tied on
tlu* series with live wins apiece
and necessitates an extra series
of two matches to (letide the
world's championship and the possession of the Mil-to Cup.
Both Carried by the Necessary
Three-fifths Majorities
Both of thc bylaws put up for
the vote of the rale payers on
Saturday passed by good majorities. The vote on tlu* Grand
Trunk Pacific assessment was car-
ri(d by 408 to 44 against; and the
Hydro-Electric bylaw by 310 to
127 against. It was a large vote
in both instances and more than
sufficient to give the necessary
three-fifths majority.
If you want money apply P. 0.
Box 953. tf
British   Amateurs   Beat   Vancouver  All-Star Team
(Canadian Press I )espatch)
Vancouver, Sept. 5.���In a stubbornly contested encounter here
yesterday, before a record football
crowd, the famous Corinthian amateur team decisively defeated a
picked all-star Vancouver team,
the final score being four goals to
Reciprocity would extend the
markets for the farmers and di-
velop Canadian trade.
lr> an Able Argument, Convincingly Presented, Duncan Ross Appeals to Common
Sense of Every Householder, Especially the Wives and Mothers, Showing
How Development of Province is Being Retarded  by High Cost of
Living and thst Market of United States Is a Necessity
of Progress
Reciprocity doesn't conflict with
the British preference, which Lau-
rier nail- masthlgh.
^hief of Police Declared All Bets Off Because the Russian Claimed to Have Been Injnred in the Back
and Right Leg During Contest
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chicago, Sept. 5.���World's Cha-
fcplon  Frank Gotch conclusively
froved in the match between with
H .ckenachmldt last night his right
lhe    title    by   defeating    his
|>rmer rival in two straight falls.
Hackenschmidt was out-general-
I and out-classed in every phase
I 'he match. Gotch secured first
^'11 with a reverse of body and
[rist lock holds in 14.18. Afler
Joining his famous toe hold in
llu- second spasm the champion
forcing his opponent io the
���at when, fearing a broken leg,
lackquK. Time 5.32.
Hack's manager declares that
fhc Russian sustained an injured
pack and lorn tendons in the right
���>'k'*     All  bets  were   declared  off
\y the chief of police,
Although not officially announced yet it is pretty well known in
the city today lhal Mr. Hays
along with Mr. Ryley the Land
Commissioner, consulted together
regarding the silt- for  the Grand
Trunk Pacific Company's hotel,
and llu; decision was made to
alter lhe location of the big
building projected from the proposed site on lhc blu IT overlooking
the harbor to Pillsbury Hill.
It was also decided according to
inside information, that Second
street  is  to be carried  in a fine
sweep round past the Railway
Depot dose l.y ihe present temporary one, to re-enter the city
limits again at Seventh street.
Without needless preliminaries
Mr. Duncan Ross, lhe Liberal
candidate, got right down to his
subject at the smoker iu Mclntyre
Hall Saturday evening. "This
question of reciprocity," he said,
"is one which affects the monthly
grocery bill. For that reason I
am gk'.d to see that there arc some
ladies here. 1 wish there had been
an Opportunity for nu- to address
the ladies in a special meeting for
them, as, if I can convince the
ladies of the effect of reciprocity
in reducing their grocery bills,
I have no fears at all about the
votes of the men. I wart to say
right here and now that ihe issue
in this contest is one that is beyond
parly or party interests.
Affects Cost of Living
"It is an issue where the one
side believes lhat cheaper food
stuffs are needed to make it easier
for the people to live, while the
other side represents ihe protected
interests which are making it
more difficult for the people to live.
"1 want to make the cleaver
go between myself aril my opponent as wide as possible in this
light. He stands for the protected interests.   1 stand for cheap
er food stuffs ard the measure
which is to make tlu* cost of
living as cheap as possible for the
Start of Reciprocity
"How was reciprocity brought
about first in Canada? Long ago
ihe people of England woke up
and said 'We will no longer pay
taxes on our food si tiffs.' They
took action and repealed the corn
laws. Before that Canada and
the colonies had a prefercree.thai
is, their produce got in to Britain
for less than that of other lands.
With the repeal of thc corn laws
ihis preference was wiped out.
Then a Tory Government in Canada passed a resolution to the
effect that iu view of the effect
of the repeal of the corn laws the
advantage to Canada of beii g a
dependency of Creat Britain was
of no value. At Montreal thc
people rotten egged the Lieutenant Governor representative of
Briiish Sovereignty, and annexation mat ifestoes in favor of union
with the United States were circulated aid signed.
A Loyal Measure
"In order to restore to the
Canadian   people   the   loyally  to
the Crown which they had lost
through the repeal of the corn
laws, a. British statesman negotiated a reciprocity treaty between
Canada at d the United States.
lis effect was to remove ihe feeling
of discontent lhal had arisen, and
for twelve years this treaty was
in force with the result that the
prosperity of Canada increased
by strides and there was no more
word of discontent, no rotten
egging of the Lieutenant Governor,
no more annexation manifestoes.
It was during that time that lhe
late King Fdward VII as Prince
of Wales visited Canada finding
everywhere unswerving loyalty and
devotion to himself and Queen
Effect of Protection
'Meanwhile, however,something
happened in the United States,
The subtle policy of protection
came into force. Canadian exports were met by increasing tariffs.
Then Sir John Macdonald produced his club in the shape of
retaliatory tariffs. Bin he made
it clearly to be understood in a
special  clause   that   'These   high
Two Brass Bands to Assist Candidate Clements in His
First Address to Prince Rupert Voters- Pleased to
See Two Old Friends at His Smoker
CONTINUED on page 4
Raft Capsized and Eight Men With Four Women and Two Babies Were Thrown
Into Deep Icy Water in the Dark Last Night
The Conservative party secured
all the wind instruments possible
for iheir Bmoker in Mclntyre Hall
last night, having both the Port
Simpson and the Metlakatla brass
bands. There was plenty of seating accommodation when Cai dictate H. F. Clements ascended the
platform, followed l>\ Ml yor Man-
son. There was hearty nplpause
as the candidate took his seal,
followed by a slight hitch in the
proceedings.      This    wa-    broken
by Mayor Manson requestii g that
Aldermen Kirkpatrick, Newton,
Douglas ard Hilditch and 0. II.
Nelson take seats on the platform.
All complied with the exception of
Alderman Niwion, who was not
Mayor Manson's Welcome
The Mayor took it for granted
that ihey were all glad t>> welcome
the candidate who, since hi- nomination two weeks ago, had been
campaigning in the southern part
of lhe constituency. They wi re
sorry he had not reached Prince
Rupert sooner, bin there waa
ample lime between row- aid
election day for him to obtain a
rousing majority.
Not Much of Reciprocity
Mr. GemcntS was cheered as
he rose to make lhe only other
Speech of the evening. He began
it at 8.25 and finished at 10.30.
all the time speaking as rapidly
and hurriedly as if afraid of missing
the la.sl boat. Bui there was less
of reciprocity in i. than "f straight-
out party politics, in the course of
which he revived the old-time
government scandals in which the
names of Clifford Sifion and TurilT
were connected. He also devoted
some attention to the naval alTair-
of Canada, holding them up for
party derision.
Counts His Old Friends
Mr. Clements -aid ii was two
and   a   half   years   ago   si ice   he
was in Prince Rupert, aid he was
pleased lo see several faces among
the audience thai In- remembered,
particularly ���referring to two old
friends, Mr. Darling and Mr.
It was a pleasure to meet them
He saw many America) b present
and il was a pleasuri LO meet llieni
regardless of nationality as they
were making thi ir bread ��� i d butter
here and must therefore have lhe
best interests of Cai ada at heart.
This reciprocity pact, In* Baid,
was rot in the bes. interests of
Canada Lut was ore nf ilu* most
retrograde sups Canada could possibly lake. 1. was simply a red
herring thrown across the trail
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier to avoid
the discussion of other inportant
issues. If ih. re was io be any
rcciprociiy it should be within
tin* British Empire. The United
States wis io, ;��� natural market
for our products; the Mother
Coin tr) was ihe ot ly market for
Cai i ih ai d w; - all sufficient.
Challenge   to   Mr.   Ross
Hi- oppor.ci .. Mi. Ross, hail
claimed thai he (Mr. Clements)
had -|n.ktn in f; vor of reciprocity
in lhe House of Ci minor-. The
quotation given was "While I am
cot a free ir. der - far from il ���
I whould be ready lo favor recip-
r.K ii\ as between ilu- Ui ited States
ar.d Canada or seme natural product-."
In fairness Mr. Ri ss should have
quoted more. He would again
make the Statement lhal if il
were proven tint he had s|iokcii
iii favor of reciprocity, in Parliament >.r elsiwhere, he would immediately resign his nomination
and permit Mr. Ross to be elected
by . c. I. iii;>tion.
Ia Against Cheap Food
In    ihe   course   of   his   speech
Mr. Clements read Certain l'nited
States statistics, showing ihat in
linn country of high protection
the average Wage wa- |1.58 per
day. After he had concluded
with ii brilliant preroration a workman asked;
'A'.ni   -i id   lhe   average   wage
was 11.63 in ilu* United states; is
ihe average higher or lower in
"I believe it i- higher in Canada.
Sir John A. Macdot aid once laid:
A country thai i- cheap to live
in  is  .<  good country  lo get  otii
of.'    You are Ik tter "IT in  that
is Canadians regardless of party, respect thai any other country.
Labor Day in Prince Rupert
narrowly escaped being marred
by a terrible drowning disaster.
The float for transferring passengers to and from the railway grade
and the Davis boathouscs turned
turtle iit about nine o'clock last
night. Fourteen persons including
two infants were thrown into ice
cold water twenty feet deep, and
but for the heroism of the men of
the party four women and the
babies might have been drowned
with probably several of the men
also. Providentially all escaped
wiih their lives, but lhe result of
thc shock and immersion which
threw the women into hysterics
must yet be considered. The
accident was a mosi serious one.
One of the ladies was in delicate
health, and is now under medical
attention. One of the babies was
unconscious when rescued.
The Party Imperilled
The names of the ladies who
were flung into the water were
iis follows: Mrs. Roderick McLeod
with her baby, Mrs. Peter Smith
with her baby, Miss McLeod and
Mrs. A. Murray. The men with
them who also had a. hard struggle
for life were Alex Mackay, Roderick Mcl.cod, Dave Mackenzie,
Alex Murray, J. McQueen, Alex
Macdonald, Allen Fraser and R.
McLelland. The last named was
the piper to whose merry music
lhe picnic parly had just landed
on the float.
The party was a part of a large
one just returned from Metlakatla
in the launch Roseball. They
hurtled at nine p.m. at the Davis
float and crowded to the pulley
hauled raft. The first crowd got
across safely bill on the second
trip, the raft carrying twelve adults
four women and two infants in
arms, upset. Wild shrieks for
help rang out as the men and
women struggled in deep water
'ii the darkness. Those ashore
did what ihey could to help the
drowning. Mr. Davis was in his
oflice iit the moment. He rushed
out to help.
Baby Almost Died
Willi the pitiful scream of "Oh,
my baby, my baby!" a woman wi-.s
kept by main strength from throwing herself back into the water.
Another, Mrs. McLeod, rose below
the float and would have drowned
bui for the heroism of Alex Mackay
who dived for her groping under
the heavy logs of lhe raft. Her
husband saved lhe baby swimming
With it in his arms. The other
little one was rescued in an unconscious condition, and it took
Dr. McNeill two hours of constant
work to restore it to a safe State
ast night.  Both mothers and both
thc other ladies suffered severely
from shock find were in hysterics
when   rescued.     Thanks   lo   the
prompt  action  of  young  Allen
McRae who ran for Dr. McNeill
after having plunged to the
rescue of others, the infant's life
was  saved.    The   nor-swimmers
Though Mr. Clements Failed to Come Through With
His Promise to Resign at Alberni He has the Opportunity of Doing so Next Tuesday
"Most certainly I will take |i h<- audience   ard demanded the
up Mr. Clement's challenge, resignation he offend to make.
and am ready to meet him
Oil   the  evening  of  Tuesday'
12th inst. on the platform of
the Empress Theatre, Prince
In an inlcrvii w wiih Mi. I luncan
Ross this morning the above reply
to   Mr.   Clements'  challenge  of
Monday night  was given  by  ill.
reciprocity candidate.
"Once already in answer to hi-
own   challenge   I
Clements on thc
that as recorded
spoke ii> favor of reciprocity in
the House ai  Ottawa in   1907 8.
Though  on   thai   occasion   al   Al-
>erni  1  made a  point  of reading
amongst  the men were saved by|Mr, dements' own words in tavotH3
"This was the quotation
I read from Hansard: While
I am not a free trader far
from it I would be ready to
favor reciprocity between the
United States and Canada
on some natural products.'
This any one can find for
themselves in Hansard Vol. I.
1907 8, pages 204 5."
"Mr.   Clements  backed  down
have   nut   Mr. j fr-.ni hi- challenge.
Same  question,      "Still, since he hits seen fit  to
in Hansard he make another challenge after falling
io play up ,o ihe terms of his last
when  confronted with his own
words favoring reciprocity in  the
of   Hansard)   l   am   not
dinging   to   lhe   float   and   up-1 ,,f reciprocity from Hansard, three [resentful.    1 will meet him again
turned rafl. I limes in his hearing and that of|ai Uie time and place named.
The Daily News
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Daily Edition.
Tuesday. Sept. 5
The voting on the bylaws on Saturday made it very clear that
the majority of those who were privileged to vote,were desirous of
accepting the proposed settlement with the Grand Trunk Pacific
and of having the civic corporation undertake the building of the
hydro-electric project.
The passage of the assessment bylaw was a victory for those who
traded on the fears of the merchants and the workingnieii that the
G. T. P. would squeeze the life out of the town, unless the citizens
consented to bear the burden of the company's taxation for the next
ten years.
The people of Prince Rupen have a right to assume the Company's
burden of taxation in return for the promise to build a round house,
a station, a dry dock and an hotel which ihey would have lo build
in any event. That is a self evident truth. The chief regret is that
those who should have sought to instil courage into the people in
tho unequal light, were those who handed away the people's cause
antl stampeded the citizens inio assent.
With the hydro-eleciric bylaw the opposition was different. The
opposition was not to the scheme so much as to the method in which
il is proposed to construct it. Mayor Manson has given his private
assurances thai not a dollar will be spent on days labor that can be
given out to station gangs. But this does not touch the real difficulty.
The vital thing is lo see that���whether the money is spent on days
labor, station work or public contract���that the work is carried out
with regard lo public economy, efficiency and speed.
So far the council has not distinguished itself by public zeal.
It has shown a disposition to use public appropriations and public
office to further its private and patty interests.
Now that the cilizens have decided in favor of the hydro-eleciric
scheme it becomes incumbent that capable, honorable and public
spirited cilizens prepare to offer themselves for public service next
January, and that special efforts be made to elect a capable and efficient
council to carry out the people's mandate to build lhe waterworks.
The speech of Duncan Ross at the Mclntyre Hall on Saturday
night was a masterpiece of reasoning and fair deduction. It stamp
him as a man worthy to represent this constituency in the House of
Commons. Tin* gn.it regret wa- that although ilu* CTOWd filled tin
hall and lined the corridors and staircases���it was not possible for
all who desired to hear him.
Very calmly and very convincingly he showed how under the
tariff the great jiork |��ckers and so called captains of industry exacted
a toll on the food of the people, using ihe tariff merely as an instrument
in the system. Very calmly and very convincingly he showed how
the removal of ihe tariff on natural products under rcciprociiy would
develop the fisheries, the lumber industry, the coke industry and the
pulp and paper industry of Northern Briiish Columbia.
His exposure of how .Mr. H. S. Clements in the House of Commons
has advocated reciprocity on one occasion, and on another has sought
to inflict heavier taxes on the consumers of Briiish Columbia, telling
though it Wiis, did not compare in the strength of iis effect wiih that
stream of concrete facts showing how reciprocity would brii g prosperity to Prince Rupert and Northern British Columbia. It was lhat
thiit lifted lhe meeting above the ordinary level of party politics, and
showed lhe unique and admirable picture of s|K-akers and voters
of both political parties, sinking the party difference*, and rallying
to the platform <>f the standard bearer of reciprocity.
It was with a fine touch of sirca-m he told of how a millionaire
pork packer in the East, a man who under the tariff exacts a toll of
2 cents ii pound on nearly every pound of bacon eaten in Canada,
through hi- subsidised newspaper wits raising the cry ihai if Canadian!
were io eat l'nited States bacon that came in without paying duly.
then ihey would be disloyal lo lhe flag.
Facts iire only to be answered by fads. Mr. Duncan Ross's fim
speech, crammed with telling facts, cannot be answered by the cry
of the millionaire pork packers and robber captains of industry. It
is an insult dial the people of Canada may well resent, when those
plutocrats attempt to impute disloyal motives to disinterested men
a thousand limes more loyal and patrioiie than ihemselvis.
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toronto, Ont.
To be Ready for Supply Service
and Ore Output before the
Big Snow Sets in.
The wagon road from Hazelton
to Nine Mile mountain is making
excellent progress. It will be
completed and in good condition
before lhe first snow falls. Road
Superintendent \V. A. Williscroft
has about thirty men at work on
it now.
This road really starts from
the end of the present Two Mile
wagon road, and when completed
will be 11 1-2 miles in length.
It will not be a big wagon road
such as one is accustomed to
seeing in the Bulkley valley, but
just wide enough for the time
being to be serviceable for hauling
out ore. A wider road if undertaken now, could not be completed in time to be of service this
year. This one can be widened
any lime.
Twelve    Commandments    for
Would-be   Centenarians
An Austrian student of longevity,
Dr. Arnold Lorar.d, in a new work,
gives these "Twelve Commandments" which reveal the "secret"
ind show why so many die prematurely: (1) Bo as much as
possible in the open air ard sun-
nine, and take plenty of exercise,
with deep breathing. (2) Live
on a diet of meat once a day,
eggs, cereals, green vcgeta.bles.acd
raw milk of healthy cows; and
masticate properly. (���*) Have a
daily action of the bowels. (4)
Wear very porous underwear
(preferably COttor), porous clothing, loose collars, tight hat (if any),
and low shoes. (5) Go to bed early,
and rise early, (tt) Take a bath
daily, and a sweat bath once a
week���if the heart can stand il.
(7) Sleep in a. very dark and very
quiet room���nol less than 0 to6 1-2
hours, or more than 7 1-2 or, for
women, 8 1-2 hours, and with the
window open. (8) Have one complete day's rest in the week,
without even reading or writing.
(0) Avoid menial emotions and
worries.  (10) Goi married, and if
a widow or widower, marry again.
(11) Be temperate in lhe use <>f
liquor ard tobacco, also of coffee
and tea. (12) Avoid places overheated���cspccii'lly by s.ci-in��� nnd
badly ventilated.
Skeona Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Queim Charlotu
Llandt, ,
Tako notico that Auatin M. Ilrown ol I'rinco
Kupert, occupation aaddler, intenda >" ��l'.'l>'
to the Chiel Commiaaioner ot Land" and Worka
lor a licence to uroBpoct lor coal, oil mill pi'troleum
on and under the following deacriliml land. "" lho
Weat Coaat ol Graham laland:
Commonclng at a poat planted twu miles eaat
ol the aouthoaat cornor ol C. L. No. 1117 thonce
HO chaina north, thence 80 chains uust, Ihenco HO
ehalna aouth, thence 80 chaina west to point of
Locatod Slat Jul*/, 1011,
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Quran Charlott
Take notice that Auatin M. Ilrown ot I'rince
Itupert, aaddlor, Intonda to apply m lho Chief
Commlaaioner ol L-anda and Works lur a licunco
lo proapoct [or coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the lollowlng deacribed litmls un the Weal
Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted twu milt*, east
ol the aouthea t corner ol C. L. No. 1177 tii-mee
80 chaini woat, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chaina eaat, thence 80 chains suuth lo point of
LocaUd lllat July, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of Queen Charlott
Take notica that Auatin M Hruwn u( I'r mo*
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intends to apply lo
the chiel Commlaaioner ol Lands and Works tor
a licence to proapoct for coal, oil anil petroleum
on and under the following deecribed lunds on the
Weal Coaat ol Graham Island:
Beginning at a poat planted three miles east o
tho northeaat corner ol C. L. No. 4174 thenco 80
chains eaat, thence 80 chaina suuih thence 80
chaina weat, thonce 80 chaina nurlh lo point of
Located August Iat, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
Skoena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Queen charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Uruwn of I'rince
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intends to apply
to tho Chief Commlaaioner ot Lands and Works
tor a licence to proapect lor coal, oil snd petroleum
on and under the following descrilied lands on the
Weat Coaat ot Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea east
of the northoaat corner ot C. L. Nu. 4474 thence
80 chaina aoulh. thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chaina north, tnence 80 chains eaat lo point of
Located Auguat lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land Dislrict    District ol Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Auatin M. Ilrown of Prince
Hupert, occupallon aaddler, intendi to apply
to the Chief Commlaaioner of l.un.l- and Works
for a licence lo proapact lor coal, oil und petroleum
on and under the lollowing described landa on the
Weat Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea east
ol the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4471, thenco
80 chaini east, thence 80 chains auuth, thenco 80
chaini weat, thence 80 chains north lo point ot
lairat.il Auguat lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
To Locate Below
.'\fter a brief visit to the city to
arrange his real oastc oflice affairs
Mr. H. N. Boss, who is probably
the land agent doing the widest
business in Central B. C, (till
return  to Victoria where he has
his permanent office at present.
Mr. Boss is very well known in
Prince Ruperl and has put through
some of the largest deals in interior
Prince Rupert and has had to do
with some of the largest deals in
interior lands ever put through.
Reciprocity is oonw 1111 with
the highest conception! ��.f Great
Britain's fiscal aspin dons.. <1 uill
help make Gonad* pent as the
Motherland is great.
With the fight between Bombardier Wills, former corporal in
��he Briiish army ar.d big Jack
Johnson oiJy a few weeks away,
Interest is licginrirg to grow,
despite the general feeling in British
sporting circles that Johnson can
put the British '"white hope"
away in a round or two if so
minded* Friends of the ex-soldier
Insist, however, that he has at
least an outside chance, ard that
the long course of training he has
undertaken will put him in such
shape that he may be able to
stand off the smoke and uliun.-tely
wear him down.
Skoona Land District���DUtrlct o( Queen Charlott
Tako notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation saddler, intends to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
fur u llconce to proapoct for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following described lands on the
Wost Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three milea east
of the southeast corner oi C. L. No. 4470 thonce
west 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains, thenco
oust 80 chuins, thence south 80 chains to point of
Located August 1st, 1911.
Skeena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Ruport, saddlor, intends to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a licence
to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and under
the following described lands on the Wust Coast of
Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three miles from
the southeast cornor of C. L. No. 4472 thence 80
chaina west, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains east, thence 80 chains south to point of
Locatod August 1st. UU.
Pub. Aug. It).
Skeena Land District���District of Queon Charlotte
Tako notico that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation saddler, Intends to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for a
llcenco to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the following described lands on the
West Coast ot Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted throe miles east
ot the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4472 thence
north 80 chains, thonce east 80 chains, thenco
south 80 chains, thence weat 80 chains to point of
Located August 1st. 1011.
Pub. Aug. It).
Skoena Land DUtrict���District or Queen Charlotte
Take notico thut Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation suddler, intends to apply to
the Chtof Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under tho following describod lands on thu
West Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a poat plantod three miles east
of tho northeast corner of C. L. No. 4472 thence
80 chains west, thence 80 chains north, thenco 80
chains oast, thencu 80 chains south to point ot
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, B. C. occupaUon saddler, intenda lo
apply to tho Chief CommUaioner of Lands and
Works tor a licence to prospect for cosl, oil and
petroleum on and under lhe following describod
lands on the West Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three milua oaat
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4478 thence
mj chains soulh, thenco 80 chains east, thenco 8U
chains north, thence 80 chains west to point of
common cement.
Date of Location 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeona Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Take notico that AusUa M. Brown of Prlnco
Rupert, occupation saddler, intends to apnly lo
tha Chlet Commissioner of Lands and Works
tor a licence to prospect for coal and oil and petroleum on and under the (ollowing doscribod lands
on tho West Coast ot Graham laland:
Commencing at a posl planted three miles east
of the southwost corner of C. L. No. 4477 ihence
80 chains oast, thenco 80 chains norlh, thence HO
chains woat, thenco 80 chains aoulh to point of
Dale of 1 .ocftUt.n, 31 it July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take noUco that Austin M. Brown of Prlnco
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intends to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for a
llconce lo prospect for coal, ull and petroleum on and
undor the [ollowing doscribod lands on lhe West
Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three miles oast
ot tho southeast corner of C. L. No. 4472 thenco
north HO chains, thence eaat HO chains, Ihence south
HO chsina, thenco woat 80 chaina to point of commencement.
AUSTIN M. ��' 'UWN. Locator
located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aut. 19.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queon Charlott
Take noUce lhat AusUn M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, aaddlor. intenda to apply to the Chief
CommUaioner ot Lands and W orks for a licence
to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under tne following doscribod lands on lho Wosl
Coast of Graham Island.
Commencing at a post planled two miles east
uf lho northeast corner ot C. L. No. 4478 thence
80 chains oast, thence 80 chains south, Ihenco 80
chaina west, thenco 80 chains north to point ot
Dale of Location 31il July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUlrict-DUtrict of Queon Charlotu
Take notico that Austin M. Rrown of Prince
Rupert, saddler. Intends to apply to lho Chief
Comm.aaloner of Lands and Works (or a licence
lo proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
ur.ili r tne following deecribed lands on tho Wost
Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing at a poai planted two mllea east
ot lho northeesl corner ot C. I,. No. 4478 ihenco
aouth bO chains, thenco west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chaina, thenco east HO chains lo point ot
Located 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
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BESNER A BESNER,   Proprietors
Tlie New Knox Hotel la run on the Eornpean
ilan. Flrsl-elM. *cr��l��. All the CM Modern
lmpro��emenU. ���:���:- Bfcos 60c ur
��<*nd Av*, Prince Rupert, B.C.
Windsor Hotel
Newl*^ Furnished and
Steam H.aled Rooms
CO. BOX 37
ead The Daily News
Skeuna Lund District���District of Coast Range 5
Take notice that E. II. G. Miller ol Falmouth,
Kng., occuputiun surveyor. Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
I Commonclng ut. u post planted at the N. W. Corner of Lot -I'loi!, Ihence west 80 chlans, thence suuth
20 chains, thencu east 80 chuins, thencu north 20
chains to the point of commencement containing
160 acres more or less.
Dated August 15, 1911. E. H. G. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 80, p. M. Miller, Agent
Skoena Land District���District of Coast Rango 5
Tuku notice thut Herbert J. Mackle of Pembroke, Dm., occupation lumberman, Intends to
apply for permission to purchuse tho following
described landit:
Commencing at u post piunted on the left bank
of thu Zymouollx or Zlm-u-got-iti. River, at southwost corner of Lut I70ti, thuncu northerly, following
the westerly boundary of Lot 1706, 80 chains
moru or less, to Ihe northwest corner of said Lot
1706, thenco westerly and southerly, following
tho lett-tbank of suid river, 80 chains more or loss to
point of commencement containing 160 ucres
moro or less.
Locatod August ID, 1011.
Dated August 21. 1011.    HERBERT J. MACK1E
Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick S. Cloments, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Range V
Take notice that I, Uoorge Kime of Towner,
North Dakota, U. S. A., farmer, Intend to apply
for permission to purchaso the following described
Commencing at a post planted at the aouthwest corner of Lot 2287, thence east 80 chains,
thonce south 40 chains, thence west 40 chains
thence south 40 chains, thenee wost 40 chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of commencement
containing 480 acres more or leas.
Datod July 15, IHU GEORGE KIME
Pub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell, Agont
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Range V
Take notice that I, Peter Larson of Towner,
North Dakota, U. S. A., farmer, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast corner ot Lot 1720, thenco south 80 chains,
thence wost 40 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 40 chains to point of commencement.
Datod July 16, 1911. PETER LARSEN
Pub July 25, 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skoena Land District���District of Coast Rango V
Tako notice that I, Adolph il. Christianson of
Towner. North Dakota, occupation attorney-
at-law, intend to apply for permission to purchase
the following deacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about ono and
one-half milaa (I 1-2) northeast of tho head of
Trout River on tlie wuit side of Lakelse Lake,
and about 6 chains from the lake-front, thonce
aouth 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to point
ot commencement.
Dated June 30, 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Pub. July 26.
Skeena Land District���District of Casslsr
Take notice that I, James Millar Johnston ot
Stewart, ll. C, occupation storekeeper, Intend to
apply for permission  to  purchase the (ollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about one mile
north from the Naaa river and about nine miles
above the forks ot the Naaa river, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence cast 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated March 24, 1911.   Frani Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17
Skeena Land District -District of Casalar
Take notioa that  1,  Mary Carin of Stewart,
B. C, occupatioo married woman. Intend to apply
tor permission to purchaae tho following deecribed
Commencing at a post pUnted two (2) milaa
south and (2) two miloa waat of tho forka ot tbe
WhiU and Flat rivera, thence 80 chains nortb,
thence 80 chaina weat, thence 80 chains south;
thonce HO chains east.
Dated April 20, 1911. MARY CARIN
Pub. May 18. Francia & Preston, Agant
Skeana Land District���District of Casslar
Take notice that I FrancU S. Preaton of I'rince
Rupert, Ii. ('-, occupation prospector, intend to
apply for permUalon to purchaso the following
doacribed Unda:
Common-ring at a poat planted about three
miloa aouth and two milaa wost ot tbo forks o<
the White and FUt rivers, thonce aoutb 80 chains
Ihence aaat 80 chaina, thenoa nortb 80 chains,
tbence west 80 chains.
Dated April 20, 1911.     FRANCIS S. PRESTON
Pub May 18
Coast Land District -District of Skeena
Take notice that I, Paul Brendlcr, of
Porcher Island, occupation farmer, intend to apply for permission to tease
the following foresnore: Commencing
at a post planted about 12 feet from the
location post of lot 1301 on Porcher Island, thence in a southerly direction
following high water mark 1200 feet;
thence west to low water mark; thence
northerly following low water mark
1200 feet; thence east to point of commencement.
Dated March 7. 1911.
First insertion March 11
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Take nolice that Austin M. Rrown of Prince
Rupert, saddler by occupation, Intends to apply
to the Chief Commiaaioner of Lands and Works
for a licence to prospect for coal, nil and petroleum
on and under tne following deacribed Unds on the
West Coast of Graham laland:
Commencing at a post nlantod throo miles oast
ot the northeast corner of C. L No. 4471 thence
south 80 chains, thence weat 80 chains, thence
norlh SO chains, ihence east 80 chains to point
of commencement.
AUSTIN   M.   DROWN,   Locator
Ixxated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation saddler, Intends to apply U
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the follownlg described Unda on tha
Wesl Coasl of Graham Island:
Commanclng at a post planted thrae miles east
of the southeast eorner of C. L. No. 4470 thenco
north 80 chaina, thenoa eaat 80 chains, thenco
soulh SO chains, thonce west 80 chains to point of
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeona Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Drown of Prince
Rupert, aaddlor, InUnds to spply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a licence
to prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum on and under
the following described lands on tho West Coast
of Graham Island:
Commencing at ��� post planted throe miles east
ot the northeast comer of C. L. No. 4469 thence
east 80 chains, thance south 80 chains, thence
weat 80 chains, thence north 80 chaina to point of
feocated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotu
Tako notice that Auatin M. Drown ot Prineo
Rupert, saddler. InUnds to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a licence
to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under tne following deacribed landa on the West
Coast of Graham lslsnd:
Commeneing at a post ptanted three mllea east
ot the northeast comer of C. *U No. 4469 thence
nouth 80 chains, thence 80 chains weet, thence SO
chains north, thence BO cbaina east to point ot
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeona Land DUtrlct���District of Quean Charlotu
Take notice that Auatin M. Drown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intends lo apply to
the Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Worka for
a licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the following described lands on tha
West Coast ot Graham laland:
Commencing at a post ptanted three mm* fast
of the southeast corner of C. L. No. 4476 thenee
north 80 chains, thence eaat SO chains, thence south
80 chains, thonce weat 80 chaina to point ot con>
mencement, ^^ y   BR0WN   Umm
Locatod Auguat 1st, 1911,
Puh. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtriet���DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Tako notice that Austin M. Drown of Prince
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intends to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Undo and Works for
a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following described Unds on the
West Cosst of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted throo mllos east
of tha southeast corner of C. L. No. 4476 thence
80 chains west, thenco 80 chains nurth, 80 chains
oaat, thenca 80 chains aouth to point ot commencement.
leocated August 1st, 1911.
1Mb. Aug. 19.
Skeuna Land District -DlstrU'i of ('oust Rungo V
Tuku notico thut JeMfl  M.  Tullinun of fedur
Kuni'l".    lowu,    m-eupuliun    lawyer,    intends    lu
upply for permUllon to purchaao tho following
.it���-..���! ti.e.i Undii
CommunciiiK ut it post planted On tho southerly
shore of KutsymatMD inlet on the right bank
of u small stream flowing Into laid Intel juat eaal
of Crow l.ulte. Thenee south 20 eliuins, thenee
WMt 20 chains inure or less tu the shore line uf
Crow Lake, thenoe northerly und eusicrly following thu ihorfl lines of CrOW Luke, tlie Inlet
to   CNW   Luke   mill    KuUeytuiileen   Inlet   tu   the
piucu of commencement, containing forty acre.**
more or loss.    Locutud AugUlt 7, 1911.
Duted Aug. Il, 11111. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skeena Lund District--District of ('oust Range B
Tuku notion that Surah K. Alton of Prince
Rupert, occupation nurse, intends tu upply for
permission lu purchase thu following dMOrlbfd
lands: J ..
Commoncing lit  a post  planted tit the North   .
west  curner   110  chuins  easterly  (slightly   north)     ..mnn .....
from  thu northeust  corner of  Lot   1116 ilUrv-uy    *LrKM> cak-mm,
Survey) Coast DUtrict, Range V. thence mu chains       uf British Columbia
cost,   thunce 80 chains south,  ihence   10 chains
west,  thuncu   10 chain* north,  thenee 40 chuins
west,   thunce  -1(1  chuins  north  to  post   of  cum-
mencuimmt coniulnint, 480 fterci more ur less.
Datad June 14. 1911. BARAH B. ALTON
Pub. July 16. Frud Bidder, Agent
Second avetue and Third street
Over WeBtenhover Brog,' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue,
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Runert P.O. Box 351
Skeena Land District -DUtriet of ('oust Rann ��r>
Tuku notce that l.iuford BttttU Hull uf Priucu
Rupert, li. ('., occuputiun locomotive engineer,
Intunds to apply for pORnfaMOU to purchase the
[ollowing de scribed lunds:
Commencing ut u pust piunted un thu north
bank of thu EttnogQUtl Hivur ubout throo ,���������
miles distant (.upstream) in a wusturly direction
from the junction uf the Little Zimogotiu River
und Mitiiitubii Huts,
0, v. BENNRTT, R.A.
of R.e. Ontario. Baa*
ItatehtWan   und   Alberta Ban.
Barristers, Notaries, Era
Ofllce- Bbtehann block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Ruuert. 8
S.  HALL, LD.S., U. D.S.
Crown ami Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental Operation! skilfully treated. Gas and
and tho main Zimogotiu River, thenco nurth 40; i,^) ntmstheiicn administered f"r the painless ex-
chains, thenco wost 40 chains, thence soulh 40 traction uf teeth. Consultation free. Oflices:
chains,   thenco east   40  chuins  to  post  of  com-i H-wktrson Rlock. Prince Rupert. li-12
mencement containing 100 tern more ur le**.
Dated June 7, ion.   UNFORD BBWALL BBLL
Pub. July 8. Geo. R. Putnam. Agent
Caasiar   Und   I)istriot    11istrict   uf .Skeena
Take notice that 1, Lemuel Freer of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to upply fur permission
to purchase the [olumii.g desriliudr lands:
Commencing at u pust planted on tho shore
In a northerly directum from Port Nelson tannery
marked L. K.'a S. K. Curner, thunco 20 ehaina
north, thonco 20 chuins -west, thencu 20 chains
south to bhnre line, ther.ce along tho shore to
point ot commencement, contuining 10 acrea more
or lens.
Dated June 10, 1911 LK.MIKL FREER
Pub. July 8. J. M. Collison, Auent
Skeena Und District - District of Coast Range V
Tako notice that  I,  Peter Erickson of  Prince
Rupert,  laborer, intend to apply for permission
to purchase thu following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
bank of Williams Creek where the railway right-
of-way crosses and '.* chuins back from thu creek
bank, thenco south U0 chains, thenco east 40
chaina, thence north ;10 chains, thunce wost 40
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Julv 7, 1911. PETER ERICKSON
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowull, Agont
Skeena Und District- District of Ccnsl Kan ire &
Take nolice that I. Alexander Clucher, uf I >.. i -
horn, Manitoba, occupation farmer, intend tu
apply for permUsion lo purchase the fallowing
described lands:
CommencinK at a post planted nt the soulh
west corner of lot ��������� -���'-. d i 11 lei of Coast, Itamre 6,
s tuated about 61-2 miles in a south easterly direction from RreckenrJdtre Undinir. marked A.
C. north west corner; thence south M> chains,
Ihence east NO chains, thence north Mi chaina
i _i�� ���    f   ��� it      _i      _j:       .��� *��� .   * .    more or leaa to south east eorner of lot  3*KJ2.
dans un discoura qui [ui marque aapplaudissemcnts spontaius et |lh���nri,WMl40chains moreoriess to south west
corner of lot 3062, thence north 2�� chaina more
or less to aouth east corner of lot ihMifl. thence
west 40 chains more or less to point of commencement, eonUintnit MO acres more or less.
Donald Clacher. Auent
Dale June 2nd, 1911
Pub. June 24th. 1911
Skeena Und DUtrict���District ot Coasl lUnge V
Take nutice that 1, John  Kvenson of  Prince
Rupert, laborer, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described Unds:
Commencing at a post plantod at the aouth-
east corner ot Lot 4416, thence north HO chains
thence east 60 chains, thonco aouth  80  chains,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, en ;>.rriv.uit a Montreal de la Coronation,
tiTiiiini* avec les fanfares edatcrent et bruyantes, notre chef a conclu:
"Messieurs les clecteura, j'arrive devant voui plein de courage
et de zele pour defendre la cause du peuple canadien tout entier.
"Je n'ai plus longtemps a vivre ntais je soutiendrai la lutte
juaqu'au bout.   Quand je ne serai plus, ce sera a mea jeunes amis
d'accomplir ma tache.
"Je dis aux vieux commc aux jeunes oe qtlie disuii Henri IV:
"Suivez mon panache blanc, vous le trouverez toujours
sur le chemin de I'honneur et de la gloire."
"Suivez mon panache blanc:   e'est  ma chevelure  de
69 ans."
Alox.M.Manaon ii.a..     W.K.Willluma.l..A..L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc
Hox 285
Prince Rupert, H.C
1\ O. BOX il
rUIML Ol* WM.  KOXON. KS<I . A K.A.M..' I ON.. END
Third Avenue also Water Struct,
Repairing u Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried,
1 int -i.|.* Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sti
Roused to Surpassing Eloquence by the  Importance
of the Issue    Popular Local Speaker Excels Himself at the Reciprocity Smoker on Saturday
EiiKliil. and American Billiards
tlwne. weal 60 chain, to iwlnt ol cmm*ncaam.nt.   \ T.....I.... TQ..i..a <��.���.. is.-,.   Avar
p.UKlJuly 13, 11.11. JOHN EVEN30N|lwelve l*0"-*�� aSCOMP  AVE.
Phone No. 200 P. o. Itox 5*0
Pub. July 25.
Fro.1 E. Cowrll. A*p*nl
SU.**!.a Und Dlatrlcl���Dlalrlct ol Cout ll.  .��������� V
Tak.- notica th.1 1, Benjamin A. Flat, ot Townpr,
N.   I'.,   occupation   mprchnnt,   inl��-n*l  to   apply
tor permUalon to purer,**.**, thu (ollowlni tloacrit**-.!
CommcnclnR at a poal plantwl on th* oaat
boun.Ury and about live chuina from tho aoulha j
eaat corner ot Lot -IIM, thenco north 00 chaina,
thenca .eat U0 ehalna, thenca .oulh 60 ch.ina. I
thence weal 30 chaina to point ot com.npnc.-��,..iu.
Dated Juno 21. 1911. BENJAMIN A. FISH
I'ub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell. Auent .
krena Land Dlalrlct-DUtriet ol Coaat Rani. 6
Tak.   nolle   thai   Stanley   lli-een   ot   Prince.
Rupert, H. ('., occupaUon miner, intenda to apply
(or permiaaion lo purchaao tho lollowing dtvcril-.*.!
���  id*
Kor Beginners and Advanced l*uj��ila
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of li .in. Wilcsek. Pari, and Berlin.
Cy Peck at the Reciprocity
Smoker on Saturday night an-
r.ounccd himself out ard out in
favor of reciprocity and more���
as an out and out free trader.
(Cheers). "I would have no harriers between nations with ii ter-
trcde relation! like Canada and
the United States," he said amidst
loud applause.
Not a Party Policy
He was in favor of reciprocity
as a manufacturer, He was in
favor of the measure,even mon*
so as a consumer -being a man
as he said "of large physical pro-
por.ions." (Laugluer). Reciprocity would help  to send  through
the gateway of Prince Rupert to
the Eastern markets the wealth
of Alaska..    (Cheers).
Mr. Peck wiih apologies to the
party supporters present���deplored
the party system of govern men 1
as B waste of energy. In reciprocity, however, both Liberals and
Conservatives could Unite to support a measure thai ..ill benefit
all Canada.
Follow the White Plume
Surpassing    an    already    good
speech in lhe eloquence of his conclusion  Cy   Peck  said  earnestly:
"Gentlemen,  I  seem  tonight   to
see in thc future just ahead a
vision of the Conservative opposition to reciprocity broken and
iheir forces scattered. I see the
Liberal .'.rmy supporting the measure marching on gloriously under
Commencini at a pu.t planted 40 chaina aouth I
_ id 40 chaina woat ol tne northwe.1 corner of
Lot 1733. Lakolao Valley, DUUict ol Coaat Kange R���������, OO Alrlor Rlnrlf UnstairR
5. thenc* weal 40 ch*lna. Ihenco aouth KO chain., KOOm ����. Alder DIOCK Upstairs
thence eaat 40 chaina, thenco north 80 chaina tu
goint ol commencement.
tak-Nl Jun. 30th. I'.Ml
Pub. July 16.
.Skeena Land Dlatrlcl-Dlatrlcl of Ciaiitr
Take nolice lhat I. Thomaa Carter, of Prince
Ruperl, occupation carpenter, intend to apply
the flag of Canada progressive and
more prosperous than ever ln-fore���-
ar.d at their head I see the silver
hair of a veteran crowned wiih
another great triumph for the
welfare  of the land he loves."   A [ 53rindL,U"0,i <0purch"*'lh*" '""*"""���' ''������-b-
!...,���.  ,.f ,.|������.r;,.��� ���r,.���,..,l  il,.. mn        Commenclnu at a poat planted aboulonc mile !
burst ol i luring greetetl I lie i oi -; Jouth fronl llw nlwll^ of *...,, crtM,k ���nd ���Ulut,
.     ii  *������.,       ...:.l.  alanl* arl.lnn I IfiO feet back from the beach, Ihence HO chain*
eluding sentences with tncir vision jjjg ,h���nc��� ���, ch,ln, wc���, th,n��� m 52s
of the "White Plume" of Laurier,
Loyal hundreds in Prince Rupert
are ready to respond i<> lhe call
of "Ross and Reciprocity for Rupert" ard with their chosen tan*
didate i" "Follow thc White
Plume" on to victory.
====E.   EBY   C&   Co..==
Kitsumkalum Land Kor Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
south, thence ��ut 40 chnins to point of (xmimrnc-r-       The   Prineo   Itupert Lodfre,  Nn. 3IH. Sons of
ment, conUinlnit 3^1 acres mure or less. ' England, moots the first and thlnl Tuesdays In
THOMAS GARTER, wh month In thc Sons of KnHlan.i 11*11. -.'nd Ave.
Dated July 7th, 1911.    Charles Webster Calhoun,   at H p.m.
Pub. Aug. 6th.
.Skeona Land District���District of Coast Rang* V
Taka   nolle*  that   I.   Paul   Hanm   of   Princa
Rupert, laborer, intend to apply for permiaaion
to purchaae the following .l.-i-nh.-l lands:
Commencing at a poat planted on  the  north
bank o( Williams Creek about M chains southeast from It. It., thence south 40 chains, thence
1 aaat 40 chains, thenco north 40 chains,  thence
1 weat 40 chains to point of commencement.
MARVELLOUS PHOTOGRAPH Btti^i ���-"'��� Frw) ft&XSS!
F. V. CLARK. Sec..
P. O. Bo�� Ml!. Prince Rupert
ERNEST A. WOODS. Pi-raldcnl. lion 23
Canals on Planet Mars Clearly
Made Visible
Flagstaff) Ariz., St pi. 2.���Pho.os
Skeena Land Diatrict- Diatrict of Coaal Ran*re 5
Take notice lhal Percy M. Miller of Prince Rupert, H.C.. occupation Civil Enitineer, Intend, lo
apply for permlaalun to purchaae the followinK
deacribed landa:
Commcm'lnii .1 * po��l planted on the left bank
I ..l...rl..   ,1...  ,.,��,., Ic  #.���   lha   of McNeil River nl north weat corner of lot  llir.l
ihOWtrg  Clean)    till-  t.UUS OI>   ille   RV   ,nrnrcp,.1*j,ch.ln.m..r,.,.rle., to weal-
M..*^ *.-..*.. ..vl.il.to..I 1,,.r..'erly laiundnry nf t.iiil*er limit Mf. (okl number
. fa Wert IXIIIIIIltll U< rt , .lasir,) thence northerly following aald we.lerlv
riot, l,i* Prnfna.nr l,,u*,ll of :ln l*oundary >.f ilm1*r limit no chain, more or leaa
,O.I.'\ ll> I rillessor I.OWUIOI till l(,n���rlh w���, romrrof .aid timl-er limit, thence
II ����� I 1l.a...r\* ilnrv lli'-ir lirrr Thr wealerly IKi chaina more or le.a to left l*��nk nf
U. S. UDSepWlOrj   near nerC.      Ull     McNeil River. Ihence eoulherly followlnu   wl.l
n-untlvn a nil  I isl   nielli   is s-.iil   ml hank .if McNeil River �����. chaina more ..r leaa
negailVI   SeCUrCO   MSI   nigni   IS S.>lll   ,���1>uln,���fc���������n,ncemenl, conUining US aere.
to be the clearest ever taken. ������serSs, fmm ��� M||_. ,,lt
  E, Flcxman, Axenl
Dale June 111. lull
The Annexation Bogie > P"**- '* '*>���''''
Soille   jelly-brained    persons   .ire   Skeena Und Diatrict���DUlrict ol Coaal Range I
Take nolic* .h.t II. F. Miller ot Tipton, Enr
Teacher nf Piano, Violin and
Voice Culture.
Between 7th ft Ith sts.   ,,rinct' Ru*1crt
Funeral   Director and   Embatmer
Funrral   Director.
3rd Ave. near ..Hi St. Phone No. Wl
(a      - i its >     iiiai.. .
i|' 1.' I i< i land, occupation larmer, intends to apply for
permission lo purchase the following uMfflm
Commrnritig nt s )>o��t pluni��-l about GO chains
weat from the N. W. Corner of I*ot 4-IOii, thenre
north 40 chalnn, thence west 20 chains, thenre
It liMi K     lo   south  40 chains,  thence east  *W  chains  to  the
.,11       ��� i point of commencement  containing eighty  acres
rcCOirniZC   Il.llll-V S   COIllet   Wheil   It    more or leas.
. .      -. . ! Dated AuguM 19, 1911. It. V. MILLKR
comes round again 74 yean hence;  pui,. Aug.2fi.
ard less logical in fact,   for   Hal- HV^        D.Btrict^Di-tric nf Cc- {tag. B
lev's Comet Will COIllC back lo Vll W       Take nolle, that Frank S.  Miller ..I La-Moon,
drculatii g a petition 1
to si cure signatures against un-
luxation. Just as logical as circulating   a   petition
in 1985,
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
; Kng., occupation civil engineer, intends U) apply
but anntxi'tion will never I p* pKtgum**M to ponmM tin nttovuf -mmiom
I anas:
Commencing at a post  planted at the N.  B.
 Corner of Ix��t 2H, (hence north 20 chains, thence
" mi      i ��� W(wl  20  rhainx,   thence  aouth   20  chain*,   thence
east 20 chains to point of commencemenl, containing 40 acres more or lens.
Dated August 15, 1911. FRANK S.   Mil I.I K
Pub. Aug. 2ti, P. M. Miller. Agent
..Grand Hotel..
Worklngman's Home
P. lit! Miner! Axeiit   Bpilllg Hi'ds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
GEO. BRODERIUS. Proprietor
WM. T. KERGIN. M.D.. President DAVID H. HAYS. Isl Vlee-P,.*.
M. J. HOBIN, 2nd Vlce-Pres. and Manager
JAY KUGLER, Secretary-Treasurer C. B. PETERSON, Ass't.-Manager
Executor and Administrator Receiver or Assignee Farm Lands and Mines
Real Estate and Insurance      Agenl For Care of Real Estate      Escrow Agents
Fiscal Agents Trustees Registrar and Transfer Agenl
Trustee Under Mortgage and Deeds of Trust
Safe Deposit Vuull and Boxes Collections
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT, 4 per cent, on Ocpoills
We will be pleaaed to an.wer any Inqulrlea regarding tnvcatment* In Princ* Rupert
and Northern' Urltlah Columbia.
Hotel Central ��j'ttlftS
European and American plan, .team
lienLal, modern convenience.. Rat""
���t.n.1 to t'l.Uxx per day.       :       1
Pater Black
Notice to Creditors
The  Continental  Trust  Company;,   Limited,
flKCOND   AVRNtIK . . .
humos sunsT, b.c.
Skeena Land lh.-1 ml.
Uintrict of Coast, Kange fi.
Take notice that Win. Francis Nicholson, of Prince Hupert. B.C., occuputiun
locomotive fireman, intend to apply for
permission to purchase  the   folluwing
il."��*nlii*il lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the |
1 north hank of the Zim*o-got-it7. river. 	
about two miles up stream in a wester-'
!ly direction  from the junction of the |Takr Notice that all creditors of H. H.
I little Zim-o-got-itz river and the main   Morton   nrc  ri.(,uired  to  send in their
Zim-o-got-it7. river,  and inarke.l W m.     , . , ��� ,  , .j���..������
i Francis Nicholson's southeast corner, H-"'��� properly proved In accordance
thence north-lu chains, thenre west 40 with the Creditors' Trust Deed* Act,
chains, thence south 40 chains more or 110 Williams & Manson, solicitors for
IMS tO shore line of river, thence east t, k.Axlg.���ce< on or before the 2\��t day
40 chains more or less along shore line B ,        ....      ,.     _uut,  ,,���,���
of river to post of lommencement, con- W September, 1911,  after which  date
taining lfiO acres more or less. thc assignee will proceed  to distribute
Wm. Francis Nicholson,        I the estate among the creditors.
Geo. K. I'utman, agent. 1
I Dated July 17, 1911. 1 D. 0- STUAHT, Assignee. THE DAILY NEWS
tariffs will not apply to the United
States if their high duties are
removed from Canadian imports.'
Mr. Duncan Robs here quoted
the now historic attitude of Sir
John MacDonald the Conservative
Premier of Canada towards reciprocity with the United States
ending with sir John's famous
sentence 'A lair measure of reciprocity is what we desire, and we
have   no   doiibi    ili.tt   it   cm   be
Conservative Measure
"Nine   times,"   went   on   Mr.
Ross,   "the Conservatives tried to
effect   the  policy  of  reciprocity
with tin* United States. Nine
limes owing to the protected interests in power over the line it
was turned down. In 1897 Sir
Wilfrid Laurier tried to carry it.
Again ..wing to protected Interests
being in power in lhe Stales, il was
turned down. Then something
happened in lhe l'nited Stales.
Tlu- people there got tired of the
high tariff, and the protected
interests began to lose power.
Then President Tali cine to Sir
Wilfrid Laurier saying 'We are
reaily to enter into a reciprocity
pad with Canada.'
"Emphasing this outcry by our
opponents of the supposed disloyalty of the measure and its
supporters I ask: 'Was reciprocity disloyal when it was in effect
ill Canada, and is i; any the more
disloyal not��.' The measure that
restored content and prosjicriiy
to Canada aggrieved at tlu- repeal
of the com laws is not likely to
be .1 disloyal one.
Clements  Himself!
Wiih telling effect Mr. Ross
again showed up Ilis opponent
Mr. Clements as a decided advocate of reciprocity, as proved by
his   speeches  in   the   House  at
Ottawa recorded ill Hansard.
"When Mr. Clements said that,"
s.iid Mr. Ro-s, "he was member
for West Kent, Ontario. Now
Weal Kent is so near the American
���.ide you can almotl stnell the
Stars and Stripes there. Every
farmer there is anxious for the
best market he can get. What
about the loyalty of these men? I
Want this loyalty cry to be settled.
These men were either disloyal or
ihey were inu. If they were
disloyal then so i> Mr. Clements
who has said unmistakably "While
I am not a free trader I would be'
in  favor of  reciprocity  with  the
l'nited Stato.'
"To   Mr.   Clements'   credit   be
it said that he told the Government that if you cannot gel
reciprocity then the best thing
to do is to put up tin* tariff so high
lhat Canadian fanners can keep
their home mark. t.
Beans and B. C.
Then came ih.* historic reference
to ihe duly on beans. "Mr.
Chun in-," said Mr. Ross, "declared that sooner than have the
home bean market lost to the!
Canadian farmer he would raise
tin*  dun   on    Anierc.n  beans  lo
oo .nu- p.r bushel. Usually,"
added  Mr.  Ross, "Protectionists
are    careful    to   hide    their    real
idea  behind  guarded  statements
but here we have an inexperienced
protectionist saying what he really
"You surveyors, ranchers, pros-
pectors, m.ii who go with your
packs on your shoulders into the
undeveloped pans of this.- provinces living mainly upon bacon
and bean-, if you think Mr.
Clements' is lhe best way to
develop the great new country
then yotl will have to pay 00 cents
more per bushel for your beans.
Reciprocity Different
"Reciprocity has two objects in
view. First, to reduce lhe cosl of
food -tuffs io lhc people. When
you are paying thc taxes on your
loi you grumble all thc way io
ihe Assessor's oflice, ard grumble
ell the way back. Did ii ever
occur to you thai when you pry
your grocery bill���at least one-
third of that is going into ilu*
pockets   of   the   Covert*ment   or
of ihe protected manufacturers of
Canada? If your bill is SI-JO ten
dollars of it is tax just the same as
a tax on a i iiy lot.
"You an- juat as vitally interested iii this as in the assessment
and city taxes. Already ihe people
f>f the United States have begun
lo get sore under the effects on
iheir food bills of high protection.
Just as soon as reciprocity comes
inio force Great Britain ard all
other countries all over lhe world
will get the same advantage. Great
Britain   gets   more:    it   gels   the
3:1 1-3 per cent priferer.ee already
iii force."  (Cheers),
Oh, You Tories!
"Oh, these Tories! They always
preached loyalty, but we i>oor
Liberal- have had  to practise it!
i Cheers).
"By thi- little act of reciprocity
we not only reduce taxes to the
l'nited Suites goods but also to
(���real Britain���to every Briti-h
colony anil to every friendly nation as well.   (Cheers.)
Concrete Facts
"Let me just bring this to a
concrete basis, right down home
to you. If we get reciprocity the
goods you actually consume will
come to you cheaper,
"Take   vegetables.     I.a.-t   year
we imported $700,000 worth of
vegetables which paid $200,000
in duly lo tlu* Canadian Treasury.
Under reciprocity vegetable- come
in absolutely free. We import
quantities of Californian potatoes
on which we pay duty. Under
reciprocity they will come in free.
1 understand that my opponent,
Mr. Clements, has said that if
he could get American potatoes
at 2 cents a pound and Canadian
at 4 cents a pound he would take
the Canadian. Well. I must make
a confession to you. My loyalty
is not so great as to triumph over
my common sense. 1 would lake
the American potatoes a.t '2 cents
jus, the same as you anil any-
Other sensible men would. (Loud
Mr. Ross explained with details
dial: "Fruit, eggs, beef, mutton,
poultry all come in ai reduced
tariff, and all are goods of which
we use and pay taxes on large
quantities." In reference to bacon
he showed that last "tear we
imported this to the value of
SI,'.100,000 and paid on il in taxes
the sum of 83:15.890. Under reciprocity we will save 8125,000 on
this class of footl alone.
Is Loyalty Paying Duty?
Continuing his illustrations of
how much of the high cosl of
living is due to thc tariff. Mr.
Ross went on: "Now take the
matter of breakfast bacon. If
you buy Swift's at 28 ceils jkt
pound you are loyal; but if you
buy ihis same American bacon for
'.'I cuts )H-r pound you cease to be
"This leads us to the consideration of where all this loyalty
comes from. There was a man
in Toronto J. W. Flavelle, president
of lhe Wm. Davis Packing Company, who made so much money
in the pork packing business ihat
he wa- able to buy a newspaper,
ihe Toronto News, which is today
doing more Hag waving than any
other newspaper, Mr. Davies
had made SO much money that he
died (laughter) and there was a
friendly suit in regard to his
estate. In that suit it was shown
that the business had for some
years been paying 120 per cent
Loyal to Save His Bacon
"Where   did   those   big   profits
come from?   Bacon is protected
against  American  competition  by
2 cents per pound. But because
of this you do not get Canadian
bacon any cheaper. Two cents
per pound is a large profit in Itself,
"The News" Classified Ads.
-One Cent A Word For Each Insertion
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
1 "luta- Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.-House, and Rental..
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK 11,000,000
We are offering for salt- a very limited
amount of alian-a of stock at 25c per share;
par value J1.IK1. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   ;
and you cannot blame the Toronto
man for waving his newspaper
a- a loyal Hag to save that 2 cents
per pound. It is all right for him
to try to hold on to that protection
of 2 cents, but how about you
workers, who have to pay this
protective duty ?
No Loyalty in Trade
"1 heard my opponent state
the other day that the natural
market for Canada was not the
I'r.ited States but Great Britain.
1 contend that the natural markt t
for a country as for individuals
is the most convenient, antl we
demonstrated that lasi year by-
shipping SI 15,000.000 worth of
goods over the ta.riff wall of the
l'nited States, ar.d doing 191,000,
000 more business with lhe Cniicd
States than with Great Britain.
"If there were any loyalty involved in trade ihe most disloyal
people are the people of Greet
Britain. Last year she bought
from Uncle Sam, without ar.>
duty 118,888,000 poinds of goods
Who is her next best customer?
You have read about the hated
German and the unfriendly feeling
.here was between lhe two countries only recently, yet notwithstanding thai the English people
bought 57,000,0001b. dinnangood"
lasi year. Surely, loyalty and
trade are strangely mixed up; if
not Great Britain would not be
buying a pound of good- from
Germany. The l'nited States is
Great Britain's best customer, Germany her second best and Car: da
her eighth.
What the Chinese Wall Did
"Here is another of the specious
arguments of our Coi scrvative
friends, enunciated as lorg ago
as 1879: 'The iaiilT i.- die only-
way lo build up Canadr bscr.usc
Canada has ihe grcates. ; mount
of raw prolines ai d i a , r. I resources in the world.' There is
a country in Asia .hit s. mi .wo
thousand years ago pu. up a big
wall around iis frontier, li hi -
lieen dead ever since. (L&Ugh. r).
China says: 'We arc no. going
lo irade with any cour,r\ i:* .he
world, and we have built this
stone wall to keep out .he trade
of the world. Il was the British
llag that pierced the Chinese wall
and opened up .hat country ...
die trade of the world. (Chei rs).
Markets a Necessity
"The oily way to benefit by
our raw material aid '���; iiiral
resources is to open Up a in. rket
for them, Take our fish. We have
protection for our fish today, and
what has ii done? We have here
near Price.- Rupert ,hc gru.est
halibut banks in the world, t'rdir
a protective tariff not a sirgle
Canadian can find siiffieiinl capital
to go into it, and the gr.al   New
England  fishing   uust   controls
the halibut trade. But when we
have opened up a free mark, i in
the United States there will no
longer be any difficulty in gelling
Canadian capital lo develop our
whole fishing industry.
Makes Votes for Reciprocity
"No longer will it be possible
for a lot of Japs io come i:* .nd
take ihe cream of the fishing
business. A great cold Storage
plant for lish is being btlil'i here
today, all in anticipation of having
an ojH'li markci for its product.
That in itself should be sufficient
io capture every vote in Prir.ce
Rupen for reciprocity,
'A statement was recently published  that   there  are  320  fishing
boats poaching in British Columbia
waters because .he Federal Government   had   neglected   to
Money to Loan
Money to Loan on Prince Rupert Kcul Kstntu.
Agreements of sale bought.   P.O. I-"* VM*
Help Wanted
YVnntod n woman tu work in Il0t*l OUt of town.
Apply Immediately at Klnir 0��or81 hotel. ISMt
Wanted genera) servant.   A|��l'l> t"
Mra. I*. VV.
Boy wanted at once to loam tlu- printing trade.
Apply Newa Office.
Bt* Wanted���Apply at Ornu-V DrUB Store. ltW-tf
W an ted- Good sited boy to help In kitchen and
make himself generally useful. Apply James
Hotel. Srd Ave., corner of Nth Btr-Mt if
Wanted 3 room cottage close in. purtly or wholly
furnished.   Will lease fur 1- months If satisfactory.   Apply at A. W. Kdgc ��*����� 2nd Ave.
Wanted���Young active men's furnishings man
for warohouse. Apply in p-tnontQ J- PtaWi
Morris & Co. iw-a.no
Wanted a woman to work in kitchen, wages $35
a month, with room. Apply Prince Kupert
General Hospital. - "-if
We Want Your Listing
Call  and tell us what you have for sab-    if i,
saleable we can sell it. ua
Mr. Non-Resident
We will be glail to hear from you. Write ua n
garding the present market value of your P*t,..."
Rupert property.   DO IT NOW "'"'
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
\ For Rent
4��i ���*. !.����� .1 *..*,. ����i. a^,i *. i.aa..^naa..
Furnl.lu-d lu.ua... cor. Sijtth Av
St. M.al.'i ii in .vary reiiM*ct.
1'attullo A Radford.
Fumiahod  rooma with ball).
the week.   Talbot House.
���Hue and Y<r.inK
PhOM S3 or call .
lW-tf    ,
Sneclal  ralea by ;
Neatly Furni.hed room*. MatiflOMO preferred.���
Apply Mr.. Mullin, ov��r M:i*e.tic Theatre,     tf
Nice Furni.hed Itoom., Mr-
Block: Third Ave.
Greenwood. AUIer L       ,Qt   g^y^   ._   BU)ck   ���    g^,,
avenue.   Price $9450,,cttsh $5250.
For Rent-Son. of Englan.t Hall. 2nd Ave., for ,
Ilanee.. Fraternal Societi... Social., etc. Apply | TWO    lots    Section    5,    Block    -I,    With
Frank A EHL. Box M or phone OS.
For Sale
Kor quick sale, lot.;.!. block tf, section 5, faring
two streets.   Price *������-- Terms $550 cash.
Balance one year.   Addr��">s Immediately Box
U Ually News. 2t*0-2��&
Launch 2ti feet. In goud running order SllU.   Apply Moo re houae. cor -ih A.e.and Donald Street.
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. .' Storey houae. household goods. Near Prlne.* Itupert. A snap if
taken at once.   Addreas Bit 3tfi��. tf
OUR Companies are noted for prompt and just
settlements. We writ* every known claaa of
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Lost and Found
I.'iit. last evening lietween Summit and Fifth
Ave. and Post ohVe, a amall black purse containing three flu bills and some silver. Reward
on returning same to News olllce.
Lost l>etween Central Hotel and wharf, ladies'
gold watch and fob; monogram E.O.J. Reward
by returning to News office. 200-t-f
B O Y S !
Two Five Dollar bills to
be given away to bright
boy��. See Mr. Munroe at
the News ofllce.
. n���**..>.-.>.��� ^..^..-
buildini;, two rooms furnished, kitchen,
two hatha, store, parlor und piano.
Price $4200, cash $2500.
One   lot   Section   0,   Block   11,   Sixth
avenue.   Price $2250.   $500 rash.
Two lots,  Section 7,  Block 22,  Sixth
avenue.    Price $1050.
One  lot   Section  7,   Block   16.   Sixth
avenue.    Price $550.   One half cash,
balance 6-12 months.
Combination three lots, two in Section
7, one in Section h, ull for $1050.
Three lots, Third avenue close to business
section.   Good lease.
For Sale (Snap)
Four lots, Section 8, Block 34, Eleventh
avenue, ull for $369.65 cash.
Corner  lots   13,   14,  Block   12,  Sixth
avenue and Fulton street for lease or
will build to suit tenant.
170 acres, with one-halt mile of waterfront, Crown grunted.   Price $20 per
acre, one  third  cash,  balance  6-12
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
sufficient protection ... the fishing
banks. Remove your t;>rilT laws
against ilu* fishing industry; give
Canadians an open market (or
their catch and they will not
In* asking for protection by cruisers.
Willi an open market they will
make lishii g a large and prosperous
occupation in no time. (Applause).
Restriction on Coal Output
"The Conservatives tell you you
must In* taxed because we arc so
rich in our natural resources. I mler
tin- present regulations the duty
on coal coming into Canada is
68 rents per ton;   filing into the
United States 45 cents a ton.
These duties are equalixed under
reciprocity,  making ii   45 cents
per ton for either country,
"That does not seem much, but
reciprocity also cuts off 20 per
ceiu duty on coke going into
the United States. In previous
years all the Western States have
gone   to   Pennsylvania   for   their
coke because of its duty. We
have the finest of coking coal .-it
Crow's Nest Pass, and on the
coast the finest of steaming coal.
Yel   the   resull   of   that   duty   is
that the collieries of Crow's Nesi,
Cumberland and Wellington are
often shut down.   Willi reciprocity
an enormous market for coal and
coke will be opened up, and instead
of  these  collieries  working  from
ten   to twelve days a month they
will be running full time.  (Cheers).
Lumber and Pulp Wood
"Then we come to timber, on
which we have a protective tariff
today.   We have the finest forests
in the world, beautiful lo look at,
I but an  All-Wise  Providence did
We carry everything in the feed line, also garden seeds al the lowest market prlceh, at Collart't
ol* Fted Store. Market Place
Prompt Delivery Phones 41 or 301
Tenders Wanted
Tender* wanted fur clearing lot* 1 and 2. block
2.1. wetlonl. Specification, at C. D. Newton',
otltce. Exchange Block. ll.K-2.il
* Q
Launch Owners, Look Were/
(  Plain Facts of a Vancouver to Prince
. j  Rupert Power Boal Cruise told in plain
1   terms for Possible Purchasers.
^������-V.1 ���
TWO Launches came into Prince Rupert Harbor the other day
Both were beautiful pleasure craft. Both had come from the south on ii
long cruise.   Both had lifty H. P. gasoline engines.
BUT one luunch was towed by the other into harbor, uml hMdtd
straight for the Rupert Marine Repair Wharf. To Mr. H. Roblnon ol
the RuHprt Marine Ironworks her owners told a Bad story. Her enitine
--NOT A "STANDARD"���had given trouble thc whole way (mm Vancouver. Had it not been for the continual help of the other luunch the
disabled one could never have made the trip.
SS^raltSrS The "Frisco Standard" |
Cut rrprewnti thi**.  ���
cylinder type " 1'n,���
Standard"    u,wlii��
Knitinr. .lie. ���>', h.p. u
12r, h.p. :
Quick .1*11.m ..( all
.1.*. from Ihu. >>*��������.
cylinder upward.
Rupert Marine Ironworks & Supply Co.
Olllce Phone: Blue M
Well Kitulpped Repair Shop
Worka on Wharf: Phone .11
A ''��-���������"��� i' ������   Carped
Ross & Reciprocity
Committee Rooms are Open Every
Corner 3id Avenue and 5th Street Everybody welcome
HIONK 301 r.o. HOX 804
.-.*,  ii ma ii.  MKacuAN-m' DSUVSn SlaltVICK
llaxKaxe. SK.raK* and F<<rwardlnK Aaent..   Kor
HI*, or Motor Car .lay or nlitht
Seventh Ave. and Kullon I'hone .Kit
not put them there to be looked at
lillt   to   UM*.     Yet   Statistics  -allow
that fires destroy more of thi?,
beautiful timber than is used.
When the Panama Canal is opened
to commerce British Columbia lir
will find a ready market in New-
York City.
"Fish of all kinds, eoal and coke
and lumber and pulp wood, all
these of our great natural resources will find a ready market
with reciprocity, Everyone interested in these industries, everyone feeling an interest in the
general welfare and prosperity of
his country will surely vote for
reciprocity. (Cheers).
The Railway and Reciprocity
"If there is one poinl in the
Dominion  of  Canada  that  ought
to be more deeply Interested in
this question than any other point
it is this new and growing and
ambitious dty of Prince Rupert.
The mere fact of your being the
terminus of a transcontinental railway will not make you great; the
mere fact of being able to transship other people's goods at ihis
port will not make you great;
the only possible way lo be great
and prosperous is by developing
these natural resources. Get your
food   supply   as   cheaply   as   pos
sible to develop these natural
resources, and secure the best
market for them through reciprocity and Prince Rupert will 1k.*-
come a great commercial dty.
What Reciprocity Means
"Uei iprociiy means to you cheap
er food and a reduction of taxation
upon your labor. It means the
opening up (if a market of ninety
millions of people. It means the
building up of a greal city iu
Prince Rupert. It means the
opportunity to trade more freely,
more especially with the vast
territory of Alaska to the north
of you. Surely, therefore, in der
ihis. circumstances, whether *,ou
are Liberals or Conservatives or
Socialists, you will join together
in a long pull ar.d a strut g pull
(or reciprocity ard the future
prosperity    of    Prince    Ruperl."
(Loud applause).
Mr. N. Scheinman of the Acme
Clothing House |ef| Saturday for
�� trip to Hazelton in connection
With iheir More there. I luring his
absence their Prince Ruperi store
will In- under the management of
Mr. Cluck.
fi**mTS*\^��!******7&*tt* *} C*mx*r
g ass -Th SS e^*: to �� 8
McCaffery & Gibbons
Real Estate Offerings
Lot 26, Block 16, Section 1. *���" '*���*
This lot waa purchased St thi'��'"
yeani ago for $1760 ai.d x* �� b��f|*
at $2200.
Lot 30. Block 16, Section 1. f��i ******
A good lot on First avenue i.'i f-5*-
House and lot in BsetlOB 4* *J
neighborhood, line vi.�� IU""g
for $1250 on any terms |,ur.*li*��'*��'
offer. J
Double corner in Section 6. W *-lw"
easy terms. ta
Two lots on Fifth aveiiu.*. SfCtlOB*-"
$950 each. to |
Good lot on Sixth avemi.'. SK*��*P
$325 cash. ...
Fine double corner in Set ton *>. I��r"''.
Sixty feet on Third avenue. ���*<*������*" "
for $1200. jjh
Lot on Ninth avenue, Section 'J<"%
Level double corner in Section >. �����
cash, balance monthly. ^
LoU in all parts of Bijttton $.  '���
cash, balance in snu.ll niontW foments.
Flat in Washington Block.        uj
Furnished house in Ssctto" ��
per month. ���..*.
Three room house for W^JK*^
Four room house and bath, Fl"**"
$30 per month. *s*ttioii'.
Seven room house With I'*'*** -
for $35 per month.
Store on Third avenue.
McCaffery & Gibbon*


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