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Twenty-four hours ending 5 a. m.,
July 19.
The Daily
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
**%��? MAILS
h> -H
neess May  " p. m.
For South "t"
!y of Seattle.. Wediieailuy.p m.
VOL. II. NO. 161
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Wednesday, July 19. 1911.
Price Five Cents
Twelve Policemen and Twenty Civilians Hurt at Cardiff Docks���Troops are Ordered to the Scene-
Police at Antwerp Had to Use Their
Guns Against the Mob
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Cardiff, Wales, July 19.���Serious
rioting occurred here last night
tin ilu- docks arising from the
>ailtirs' strike. Twelve policemen
and   twenty   civilians   are   badly
A large liquor warehouse caught
lire I'm! the rioters Interfered with
the firemen and looted the warehouse of liquor, consuming a large
Troops have been ordered from
Newport as there is great fear
that the rioting may become more
Antwerp, July 19.���Serious siri-
kt* disorders occurred here last
night. Men loading lhe Red
I Siar steamer were attacked and
tin police attacked by the rioters
and iheir sympathizers were forced
to use iheir revolvers.
| Humboldt Reaches Seattle with
$100,000 of Cold on Board
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle, July  19.���The steamer
Humboldt arrived here from Alaska last night with one hundred
thousand dollars of gold bullion
from the Dawson district. It
will be shipped to a smelter near
San Francisco.
By "Down Below" We Maan
Vancouver Touched Ninety
Last Week.
One Death Took Place at Quarantine Station Yesterday-
No New Cases.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
New York, July L9.���Ore death
from cholera was reported last
night from ihe quarantine cation,
but no new cases have been reported during the I; st twenty-
four hours. Every precaution is
bei g taken to prevent the outbreak from spreading.
To watch  the want  ads is to
"get a business education."
���waw-M^e^ea.*!^." ~ ~*��
Northwestern League
Vancouver, 8 Victoria 4.
Seattle 12, Spokane 8.
Portland 4, Tacoma 2.
American League
Detroit 3, Boston 2.
Philadelphia 8, Si. Louis li.
Cleveland 2, New York 1.
Washington 8, Chicago I).
Pacific Coast League
Sacramento 5, Los Angeles 2.
National League
Chicago 5, 7;  Boston 1, li.
King and Queen Received a
Warm Reception at Scottish
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Edinburgh, July 19.���The King
and Queen received a rousing
welcome on iheir arrival at thc
Scottish capital yesterday. The
si reels were decorated with great
magnificence, and the celebration
was the most elaborate that this
generation of Scotchmen has seen.
The city is en fete today and the
celebrations will be kept up all
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, July 19.-The hoi
spell continues. o,i last Saturday
the official weather rc|*ort was
ninety; yesterday it was eighty-
eight and today eighty-nine.
Another Fire Call
The fire department responded
swiftly to a call from Eighth
Ave. and Lotbiniere this morning. Some muskeg had got
lighted from a small rubbish fire
and the smouldering glow spread
about two hundred feet. It was
speedily put out with little expenditure of water.
At Reassembling of Parliament, the Opposition Started Obstruction Tactics, by Wanting to Discuss Fenian Raid Matters
���Rumors are Busy in Regard to Changes in the
Cabinet, But No Announcements  Were
Made---Hon.  Frank  Oliver  May
Retire to Railway Board
Seattle Judge Was Out Hunting Cougar at Mt. Baker
���Was Fatally Shot by His Former Law  Partner R. H. Evans���Died on the Trail
Before Help Could Come
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Bellingham, Wash., July 19 ���
News has reached here that Judge
Prigmore of Seattle, was fatally-
shot by his former law partner,
R. H. Evans, while the two men
were out on a hunting trip in the
interior near Mount Baker. The
shooting was purely accidental,
and Mr. Evans is overcome with
grief at the tragedy.
Hunting for Cougar
Evans was armed with a high
power rille, and was hiding behind
a rock waiting for a shot at a
cougar. He saw the motion in
the bush, and thinking it was the
beast moving fired at it. To his
horror he found that he had tired
ar.d injured his friend.
Died on the Train
An emergency stretcher was improvised, and Judge Prigmore was
carried down the trail in an effort
to secure medical attention, but
he died before the little party
reached Concrete, where they
headed for.
Gasoline Caught Fire, and Six
Occupants Had to Leap into
the Water���Two Girls Lost
Their Lives.
(Canadian Press l)es|iateh,
Windsor, July 19.���While out
for a launch trip on the Detroit
River, a gasoline launch with
six young people on board caught
fire and the occupants had to
leap into the river as the only
hope of saving their lives.
Mabel Hanson, aged 19, and
her companion, Finnic McC.overn
of Woodstock, were drowned before
help could reach them. The Others
were picked up by boats which
came to their aid.
|The Mayor Has Presented a Silver Cup to be Competed
for by the Various Clubs���Questions of League
Rules Were Thrashed Out Last Night
through the kindness of the
I Mayor Prince Rupert Indoor Baseball League has now a handsome
illver cup to play for. With-
"iii saying anything to anybody
I aboul ii the Mayor after pre*
wing at the meeting of the
"Pcnpushers" team the other night
decided to present a cup to form
���"��� incentive for good live effort
"������ lhe pari of the teams and those
I ten ited  in   them   to  get   the
1    going   strorg.     At   last
��   meeting   of   the   indoor
��ll enihiisi" 's in  the Police
1   Chief   Vickers   made   the
uncement that the cup had
purchased and was on view
* S. Gray's store.
Organisation Matters
nr   two   important   points
I1"    regard    to   organisation    of
I the League  were   discussed   last
n|gnt   Representatives of the Bap-
|tt��t    Brotherhood,    the    Printers,
'���'-���  Pcnpushers,   and   the   Royal
Blue Ribbons, were present.   The
question of professionalism came
"I' igaln, and it was decided to
''���'*'   that  matter as decided at
M ""'.'ling, though there may be
>��� if lalcr.    A motion that
I baa
I ('tm
.mi i
I lit*,
P'ayers  be  signed  on   for a
11"""1  ol   fifteen   days,  and   rc-
I'laycrs    for    thirty   dayi
Playing for any team was
:m"' by vote of the represents-
lv,s"f learns present
ber nf
The nuni-
Players in a team is altered
"��  '������'���ui   twelve   to   ten.    This
���**������*��� With approval generally.
,Ne* Special Committee
mmittee ir.der
���'������w special n,
"���airmanship of Mr. George
'   Mid   composed   of   sebctul
x-��u�� ,��� .,,1((,r {hc Lcague is
'   m"'1    hi    ihe    Police    Court
room n u ��im
.      ''' 8.30 p.m. on Friday 21st
'list       Ti
"lc  purpose  of   this  im-
portant committee is to line up
the men of the teams, to arrange
any further necessary by-law details upon which all learns will In*
agreed,  and   to  settle   uimmi   a
suitable place to play, either llic
Rink or lhe K.'ien Islcrd dub
rooms being the probable area.
Each team is to appoint i.s np-
n sen l.i live, and  lhe  in.'".-gels of
die teams sre to hand in ilu-ir
line ups of men to Mr. Tin*.
Growing Enthusi-ism
Growing cnthuslrsm for thc success of the I.', g.ie pri \. iis, ;������ d
the teams arc already showi g
symptoms of brisk lively ri\. hy.
Roolers and fai s will Im- in cri.ids
all live redbloods. ll is ; s.on-
ishing lo li'd so me-y keen
players in the dty. Tin y .-re
springing up everywhere, sr.d the
organisers of teams have ev.-ry
C01 lidence In their men. So far
oily one little symptom of dissent has been apparent i I .In-
work of organisation of tht League. The li >' r.OtC of discord
comes from .he Pri ,u:. , They
have objections to the "unrestricted" selection of men by trams.
This  objection   il   is   hoped   may
be overcome, otherwise the League
must go ahead without the really
cracker jack team of the Printers
to whom belongs the credit of
having Instituted indoor baseball
i i the city,   li will be a pity if
,hiy fall out now.
Last night's meeting was held
iii excellent spirit, and voles of
thanks were cordially given for
Mayor Manson for his handsome
Kift of a League Cup* The en*
ihusiaslic and unsparing efforts
of Alderman Kerr and Chief Vickers who as chairman and secretary
of the first organising com mi t undid such goixl work is very highly
appreciated indeed.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, July 19.���Before the
smallest attendance al any session
of Parliament for iniiny sessions,
lhe House of Commons reassembled yesterday afternoon. The
heal was intense, and the political
atmosphere became siillry as well.
Obstruction Goes On
The Government proceeded at
once to throw down the gage
of battle by moving that the
lliiiise proceed st or.ee to go into
committee of Ways and means on
the reciprocity question. The Opposition responded ar once with
obstructive tactics, by moving an
Underwriters will Raise Rates
on Vessels Which Use Inside
Passage to Alaksa.
(Canadian Press I topatch)
Victoria.   July    19.    That   the
Insurance   rates Ml   vessels  using
the inside p&SSSge to Alaska will
Ik* raised shortly was the statement made today by Joseph l.ow-
ery, head of the London Salvage
This decision is supposed to lie
an OUt come of lhe several shipping
accidents w Inch have occurred lately to vessels using the inside
Merry Party of Bright Young
People Beseiged Residence of
Mrs. L. W. Patmore Last
Quite S surprise was successfully sprurg on Mrs. L W.
Pal more last night by a merry
party of Prince Rupert young
people who came ptVpStsd to have
a happy evenings social entertainment. The parly consisted
of  twenty altogether,   ladies and
gentlemen, snd along with iheir
well laid plans for B successful
surprise liny included B little
arrangement with Gray's Orchestra,
Beyond doubt lhe surprise was
perfect, and beyond doubt the
party was a lively success.   Mrs.
amendment to the effect ihat the
services rendered the country by
the Canadian volunteers during
the Fenian Raid be recognised by
the Govern men i.
Fight Goes On
Uncompromisi- g hostility was
displayed by the Opposition during the proceedings. By a majority of 01 lo 45, the smallest
attendance and majority for many
sessions the amendment was voted
down and the House proceeded to
discuss reciprocity. For two hours
James Arthurs, Conservative member for Parry Sound, spoke against
reciprocity.     Then   J.   D.   Taylor
of New Westminster, spoke agains
the bill  for an  hour anil a half.
until he was cut short by a motion
to adjourn at midnight.
No  Appointments  Made
Expectations that rumored Cab-
inet changes would be announced
were doomed to disappointment
as no announcements were made.
It is rumored that Hon. Frank
Oliver is to be given the seat
on the Railroad Commission which
has been vacant since ihe death
of Mr. Greenway, and thai Hon.
Walter Scon, Premier of Saskatchewan, will be taken into
the Cabinet.
Patmore caught on to the plan in
the twinkling of Sfl eye, and had
her own arrangemeats for the
entertainment of her guests complete in ii Hash. Willi song ami
dance, and deliciously cool refreshments for ihe warm summer
evening, the party spent the hours
merrily.   The ipadoua veranda of
Mrs. Paiinorc's line residence added greatly to the pleasure of the
dancers, and  thc superb sunset
over tile harbor added to the
pleasures of silling out.
The party carrying out the
surprise included Miss I.. Hobby.
Miss A. Brown, Miss V. l.ockhart,
Miss   FUlton,   Miss   Keeley,   the
Misses Greenwood, and Miss Kin-
kaid, also Messrs. Vance, Edwards, Arneil, Greer, Helgerson,
Tatchcll, Dunn, Wood, Morris,
Hollby, Fulton and Rogers.
For row boats and launches
telephone 320 green. Davis'
Boat House.
Where to Go
Pictures anil Music, 7..'H) p.m.
Pictures anil songs, 7.HO p.m.
PHENIX THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Pictures and music, 7.30 p.m.
INDOOR BASEBALL League meeting
at Police headquarters 7.30.
PRESBYTERIAN Picnic and Moonlight. Boats leave wharf at C.15
p. m.
PREVENTION of Crueltryto Animals
meeting In Courthouse at 8 p.m.
Delicious curds and cream and
fresh oat cakes at the Douglas
Cafe. 160-162
Pacific Coast League
Sacramento 4, Oakland 2.
'Frisco 0, Portland 3.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. 'Phone 4
Boards of Trade of Eastern B. C. Cities Foresee That a
Coal Famine Will Occur Next Winter Unless Something is Done to Relieve the Situation
(Canadian Press Despatch)       I unrov
Nelson,   July   19.���Tlu*   Fernie GAMBLERS WERE
Donkey Engine on the Barque
Max  Exploded   at  Tacoma
One Man Killed, Two Others
Injured by Severe Scalding.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Tacoma, July   !!���    With a rc-
|Miri   that   could   be   heard   all
over lhe bay, the  donkey  engine
on board the French barque Max,
exploded early today, killing Louis
I luquenoy, lhe engineer, and badly
scalding two sailors who were on
deck ill the time.
As Large a Number as Possible Invited to be Present Tonight at Courtroom.
Tonight at eight in the Police
Court room a meeting is to be
held with a view to the organization of a branch of the R.S.P.
CA. in Prince Rupert. As large
an attendance of the citizens as
possible will greatly aid in making the affair a success. The
spirit which led a kindly teamster in the city today to place a
large cool leaf over his horse's
head to keep the sun from beat
and Nelson Boanl of Trades have
endorsed the resolution calling for
a joint meeting of the Eastern
British Columbia Boards of Trade
at an early date, lo consider
passing a resolution asking the
Dominion Government to tske
adtlon to relieve lhe serious situation created by lhe coal strike.
According to local coal dealers
high prices for coal here this
winter arc Inevitable, while a
coal famine is greatly to k- feared.
Even if ihe strike were settled
within the next few weeks it
would be Impossible to obtain
fuel owing lo other demands upon
the supply and the shortage of
cars during the movement of wheal
from the prairies.
The Nelson Board will hold a
special meeting tomorrow lo consider asking the C. P. R, to give
a special rate on coal from Vancouver Island mines to relieve
the situation, otherwise impor-
tations of Coal must be made from
Fines of $50 and Costs to
$15 and Costs Imposed���
Chief Vickers Made Out
Strong Case.
Prince Rupert In Today
With the usual big list of passengers, and a heavy cargo, the
S.S. Prince Rupert arrived on
time this morning from the
south.    The Prince Albert for
Chief Vickers   has  been
successful in securing a conviction against the party of
seven men found gambling
in the Grand Hotel the other
night.    The leader of the
set Jesse Hall was fined $50
and costs this morning by
Magistrate Carss. Jesse Ford
paid $20 and costs, G. Sampson $20 and costs, H. Burke
$20 and costs.   These men
had  all   pleaded  guilty to
having played at least twice.
The Jap Tai Kanio who had
been winning in the game
and had $20 in front of him
when the room was raided,
was fined $15 and costs. His
$20 was returned to him. W.
Burnside paid $15 and costs,
W. J. Smith $15 and costs.
These men had played only
once.    Jesse Hall, the ring-
the Islands took transferred pas
sengers.   While at Victoria '>-.i; leader, admitted that he had
this trip the Prince Rupert took | t&ken ft rake.o{f of two chip8
a big excursion   from  there toj     ,    e       _.. v. i -inoU     U
Seattle for the Seattle-Victoria out of eve7 hand dealt. J!
, baseball match.   About a thou- was a poker game, and to
ngdown upon it is the spirit 8(ind excursionists made the trip. make assurance doubly sure
which will prevail in the organ-   I Chief Vickers had a constable
ization of the R.S.P.C.A. branch Indoor Baseball \tabe a hand in the game un-
here. Quill Drivers vs  Brotherhood I knQWn tQ the   * Con.
Crescents at the Auditorium on       We Morrigoln lofjt hig litUe
T��� watch ������- wan, ads is to Jg*yflj ^ %U-tsn dollars-provided by
keep practical. mission **5c. .the Chief in the little game. THE  DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
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keeper of the public conscience."-Henry Watterson.
itury by
adily *'
Copyright, 1911, by the Ce
Synopsis of  the   family,     She  re
Brti-.tl.i Tregennis is found dead swered all Holmes's questions,
in her chair at her home in Corn- had heard nothing in the night, condemn*
wall, stricken  dead with   h.rror. Her  employers   had  all  been
it-others,   Owen   and|��ccellent spirits lately, a
had never known them more cheer
'course of tobacco-poisoning which
��� you have so often and so justly
said he.   "With your
11 permission, gentlemen. we will r.ow
return to our cottage, for 1 am not
aware   that   any   new   factor   is
land purchase notice
BESNER ii BESNER,  Proprietors
The N.-w  Kim*.  Hotel is run on the European
flan.   First-i'luiis a.'rvii*.*.   All the Latest Modern
mprovi'iiieiils, -:-:- REDS 60( Ul-
Cout Range 6 Lund Uidttit-t
Take   notice   that  1,   John   Unburn of  Kit
aumkalum, occupation (arnwr, Inund >., ., ,
lor permiaalon to purchaso tlie fallow tig ii-jO
Commencing at a post plant,.,! ���t ���:,��� ,10tlh
corner ol Lot D883, thence east io cl.....�� il?S!
south 40 cbaina, thence weal in a.T' .*J����
north 40 chaina to place oi comiii,*iivi.ic, /      ""
Dated Marcb 18, lull. JOHN hS'PBUr*,
Tub April 16. wvi*
Skeena Land Distrist- Diatrict o! i luiiv
Take notice tbat 1, Party (,ina u ,| i',,,-
llupaTi, 13. C, occupation prospector   i-uead u,
apply tor permission to purchas.- tha foiiuwin*
describe.! landst '
Commencing at a poat ;'...���,��� it,
ol Goota- llay, aboul thu-.-,.>, ul
ul the mouth ul the lloiuinta Cm
Daily Edition.
Wednesday, July 19
-there was a water shortage in Prince I however
Her   two     ^^^^^^^^^^^
Get rge are found insane from her-,.��. -- *��   ��� - ^ hm,
ror.   What has caused It?   The ul   and   Prosperous.    She  had   k
remaining brother Mordmer Tre-  slnred with horror ,        MJ - J
gcnnls calls in Sherlock Holme, tt the room In die mor, ug.  d- - J
investigate "the Cornish  Horror?' that deadful companj  round tne anyuimg
Holmes questions Mortimer Tre- table.    She  had,  when  she re-
tenuis closely about the details of covered, thrown o,x*u the winlow
to let the morning .-ir in and had
run down to the lane, where she
sent a farm hand for the doctor.
The lady was on her bed upstairs,
if we cared to see lur li took
four sirorg men to get thc brothers
into the asylum carriage. She
would not herself stay in the
it   the  outset   by  an Ihouse another dsy, ard was start-��� ^^^^
In some!indent which left the most sinis- Ing that very afternoon to rejoin | down, his forehead contracted, hi
, r impression upon my mind.   Tin } her family at St. Ives.
proach to the spot at which the i    We   asco'ded   the   st. ir*.
the affair, but gets little help. So,|
in compnny with Dr. Watson he
proceeds to the scene of tragedy.
  little   to   advance
ar.d his colleagues were elected |the investigation.   It was marked.
i' hi   proceedings of that
Chi the day that  Mr. Manson
to office���January 12th, 1911	
Rupert.    For several weeks the water shortage continued.
of the more elevated parts of the city there was not enough pressure J'
to send drinking water to the residents.    At a Third avenue fire, there    .  	
was so little water that the firemen could not after connectirg up their' tragedy occurred is down a narrow, j viewed   the  body.
municate with you. In the meantime I wish tou both good morning."
It was not until long after we
were back in Poldhu Cottage that
Holmes broke his complete and
absorbed silence. He sat coiled
in his arm-chair, his haggard r.r.d
ascetic face hardly visible amid
the blue swirl of his tobacco
moke,   his   black   brows   drawn
EBY   0%   Co.-==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
S.O. E. B'S.
The  l'rinoe  Rupert Lodge. No   318. Sons  of
Pn-rl-ind marti thi Slit and third Tuesdays   in
��3 month?., the Carpenter. Hall, at 8 P m.
P, V. CLARK. Sec.
1*. O. Box 812, I'rince Rupert
eyes vt cant and faraway,
.-.dlhe sprang to his feet.
Breda I-	
i Rochester &
rjr   n Monroe
f Ladysmith
i.      ' ���>**��� Coal
>���*.   Phone ii s
winding country lane.    While we jTregcnris had been a very Ixvu
need of arranging tor additional water supply was driven home roim
hose, get a stream to play upon the flames.   In a hundred ways the
r.eed of an
the council
ade our way along it we heard Itiful   girl,   though   row   verging
the  rattle of a  carriage  coming u-mhi middle age.   Her dark, clear-
  towards  us,  and  stood  aside  to��� cut face was handsome, even in
Now in the middle of July, another water shortage confronts ������** ���' P*��. As >* drove '���>' "���" death, but then* stili lingered upon
the city. The information is given to the citizens, that despite all ' caught a glimpse through tht i it somethi g of that convulsion
the warnings and all the dangers that the city passed through last
midsummer a.'-.d last midwinter, r.o steps have been taken to enlarge
the water supply.
Although hundreds of new citizens have en
last midsummer, r.othirg has been done to even provide for the water
needs of the increased population. Plans and estimates were prepared
by the City Engineer for obtaining additional water from Moral
Creek, but these were simply pigeon holed. Nothing was dor.e to
carry thc plans into effect.
It is quite true lhat the city council has lieen busy with other lts wav-
ihir.gs. But nothing the aldermen have done has been of so much "" *~"
importance as* the providing of an adequate water supply.
Most of us could have managed at a pinch without the extra
hour to the hotel bars; we cannot manage without water. Even
the appointment of a rat catcher, one of the most useful and distinctive
works of the council, is of I.r less importance than providing the try
with proper drinking water.
closed window of a horribly-con- of horror which had been her
iorted, grinning face glaring out hist human emotion. From her
at us. Those staring eyes ard bedroom we d>- ��� tied to the
tered the dty since|gnashing teeth flashed past us sitting-room whir, this strange
like a dread:',il vision. tragedy   had   actually   occurred.
'"My brothers!" cried Mortimer The charred ashes i I the overnight
Treget .-.is. white to the lips. "They fire lay in the grate. On ihe
are taking them to Hetston." table wen- the four guttered and
We looked with horror after the Ibanicd-oui candles, with the cards
gblack carriage, lumbering upon scattered over its surface. The
Then we turned out chairs had It-ccn moved back ag-
steps tOWSlds this ill-omen d house ai**,; the walls, but all .1-. w..-. -
in which they had met their strange it had been the right before.
fate. Holmes   pnetd   v\i h   light,   swift
It was a large and bright dwel- steps about the room; he sat
ling, rather a villa than a cottage, in die various chairs, drawing
with a considerable garden which them up ard reconstructing iluir
Elderly Bachelor Left Her a
Fortune Because She Had
Law Wages.
Fraulein Wardyss, a girl nn-
ployed as a saleswoman ii a b> >,t
ar.d shoe s.orc in the sin; II town
of Kisujszallas, in Hur.gi ry, l*;.s
just irhcrittd a fortune ��� f $130,-
Ul dt r ixiraordinaryciritinis,.. its.
Hi-rr Croney, en elderly bachelor, was among the customers at
the shop, snd expressed i digits-
lion al the small w.-.ges p. id .o
her. Recently In- entered the
shop io make some small purchases ar.d siad that he Intended
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Muffs,  Etc.
Vancouver Fur Dressing Company
1843 Granville St.        Van., B.C.
li vicinity
null aoULtl
on tbe easterly boundary ol Tum-t ,..:,.,-, v,u*
.iiiaJM ur No. 36260. thunce south lj t.... u lion*
thu etuterly limit of ��uui Timber l.i: it ;,--.. jo-js*
or No. ObZaO 40 chains, th-uua* etuii to ,i...* ihortol
liOuae Uay, a distance ul 41) ohaioi mon ur Wu,
thenoe northerly along the short) ul uiinse bsy
w chains more or leas, thence WMtati) |Q ci.*n,j
moro or leu to point ot Qoauunonneiit, c<it.numni
1'JU acres mom or leas.
Dated March 7, UU. PEKKV QUKENAN
i'ub. April 7.
Skeena Land Datrict��� Dutrict ul Quau ��. i.��i��m
Take nonce that U-sorge Pritntl ot irmcc
uupert. b. C., occupation Luicuer. Inlaodi loanii
lor poruiisblon to purchase the twowloi dtMlbM
Cununencing at a post planwd uLuai iev��a
miiea west and two miius suuin ui un iiiuuin u
buuley Creek where it emphui Into Naden
Harbor, Oranam Island, thencu ou ehatni ��uuio,
tLence 60 chaina west, ihsnce &<J c&tiai nut it,
tnence oU cbana east to point, ul Oomowmam
and containing b4U ucrt-a wore orltart.
Dated Marcb 17, lyll OEUHGE FR12ZBU
Pub. April 7. Nunta Dtmen, Ann
Skeena Land District���District ot Quho Cblihitti
lake notice that Frana Lkwck ul   ...... .-,���,,
Dm.,   occupation   booka-super,   "<������ ���   -    iu *ppij
'ur pt'ruussion iu purcnase mu u- :  ..���suham
i an as.
commencing   at  a  pust  planted   .,:.-, ,-.-,ea
milea ��ust and two nines suuin ul tnu inibu. g(
Stanley   Creek   wnure   u   empties    lata  .N��a��n
uaruur, Oranam Iwand, tbui.c�� 6U Ohliu mjui,
tneiic��  oO  cbains east,  tnence  ou  i...... *. i.urio,
meuce oo cnaina wust to puint ul oonundMMDNl
and cou-uuing 64U acrua iuum ur less.
Dated Marcn 17, lyll. FltANK LL\ICK
t'uo. Aprii 7. Ntima Ufii.ert, A<tg
Skeena Land Disuict���Disuict ul Cusst
Take nutice tnat Ulenn McArtnur cl ....... :,
13. Um occupation real estate agsnt mu-nda to
apply fur perinissiun to purchase the ��� .. -. t
auscribwl lands:
-tommencng at a post planted 4-J chair.i s.it
and tO cnaina auuth uf tne auuihv\t��t OVHC ul
Dui Na 1'iJJ marked Glunn McAnhur s :.::.*
wast corner, thence soum 4U cnains, turn eait
CU chains, tbence nortn 4U cnains, utu.ee ����t
od cnaina to po*l of cuminencvmui.t, ..-..:*,
20 acrus more or leas.
j-0 acrus more or <
Dated Marcn uu, lyll.
Tub. Apnl L&.
T. D. Urnl. '.-;.!
lo make Fraulein WardvM hdrett
u   nxiM.Miuvui is   vm.li j ci      I        i     I
He tested how much!10 ���? ^:,ff5f5L ^.l^SS
1 i.ii.i-.i   Directors
Jt.l Av*. r,<-*r 0th St. I'll..1 ������ No. 86
was already, in that Cornish air. positions.    ...   ���,.,.���  ..������   .,.�����..,       .     .  ���      ...      r^mm.   _
  .well   filled   with   spring   dowers, of   the   garden   was   visil.li*:    he J!* ^ bcl,cvtd lum '"   ,l' ,,;" y
Our temperance Mayor has been very active in arranging for'Towards this garden the window examined the floor, the ceiling ard ""��� bul l�� s*��J' l "   * "';' >
an adequate supply of bottle lice ses in preparation for a thirsty "'  the titting-room fror.tid. and the fircplaix:   l.ut *iv,r ..i-e didjmeam
But Iwttlcd beer, however good, is a poor suhstitute for jfrom  >���*��� acrordirg  to  Mortimer ,1 see ihat sudden brightening tf j^���    .
'Tregennis, must have come thai his  .v,-,  a-d   tighu* irg  of  hi��idre��"  out  *, fou"u"n   'K-"   a d
thingof evil which* had by sheer1" ,J ���--- -" ��� l�������e ���  ��''"���    Hc ��'�����������   lwo
.���.keen. Laad DUtrlct���District ol (jtiwn -   -:   -.,
iuu nouc* that Hubert  o. t ....  ul I'nncs
ItU-jatft, 11. C, occupation ag.'tit, inlatiOS lo a; ,.>
lur IMaTDli-alOD 10 purcaaai- lu* louo*iii|- Uaacni-nl
eottimeacltiK *l * post planted about - M
tule* w*��i and ball a mil* sumo ul it,* tuualB ;
M.ini.y Craak vsia-ru il empn-j* into .NaJ-a
tlmrbof, Orat.am island, thane* vast 40 ct-uaa,
ta��nc*s  norm  40 ciiania, tbvtic* *a-��l 40 cnaias,
lliflict- aotlta  40 cliaiiJ. IO pultll Ol .,i:i   ......   ;
*na containing l'-o act*** mot* or l-**a.
Datad Marcn 17, 1D1L        ill in.i.i'. ���  ��� ..: ���>
I'ub. April 7. Num. DuuiaTa. Aitail
Skeen* Land DUlrict-���District ol l��Uv--.. Cwrlo*,
I... noUce ttui Cttbenne Uarrisoii, cl   - .-.-
AJIhti*,   occupation  spinster,   inuuds   to  - ,..,
lur uvrmitaion lo purciats* in* futio.,*.** .....:.-.-J
lommsncing ai i post planted auuut t, 1*.
tnilas watt and ball * mil* soum Irom lb* maull
ol Mai.l.> t iii'Ii. wbera il t*mptl--s li.lu Nact-B
llart'or, lirabara lalan*-., ibene. 4u cnsins wulb
t:.. i.iv 111 cnains east, thenc* 40 ct.a..- Ita
tlivi.c* III cbains aesl lo point ol connu-r.celMnt
and coniatmug liiu meres mora or less.
Datad Marcb 17, I'Jll
CA'l III.HIM. llAlllllSUX
Pub Apr. 7. Numa L**ln**-��. Asrr.l
Skaana Land DUtrict - Diainct ol l)ue*n Cbarlgtu
Taka notioe tbat ). it ..lurphy.ul VIMMW,
li.  Caaj occupatiun commercial tra.vll.ir. ia'...Ji
 a. a_  Nl.^
summer.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
eold water.    It is more expensive .oo.    No matter how grateful we
may all lx* to the Mayor for forcing bottled heer ar.d spirit shops
upon the citizens, most of us would rather have had the water supply
attended to first.
It could have been  accomplished with much  kss bother and
excitement, ihaii the work of forchig additional licenses on the city.
horror in a sirgle instant blasted
their minds H> lin-1 * .*.lk. .1 -h .w -
ly a.id thoughtfully amorg thi
tlowcr-pots  ar.d   along   the   jiath
^ -a^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Ufore wc cr.ured the porch.   So
The cou. cil cannot plead   that they have  been too  busy  to sbsorbed was he in his thoughts,
I rememlxr. the he sttimhlitl over
the watering-pot, upeet it* contents, and deluged both our feci
I iv  the
Paul,    M.1.1.....ia.   occupation   married   woman i ja-cJioii und.
tntsoda io apply lor permUalon to purcbaae the ,     Commaacing' at  a  poat  plantal abojt  ���*,��
lollo.ing deacribed landa: oillo, wost and una nuu rouui Irun in. rajju
eomr .a-.^.^.^.^ ^^^^^^^^^m ���.. b*
attend to the water supply. They could lir.d time���and mane)
too���-to fight A. J. Prtulhi mine in his efforts to earn a living; they
could find time enough to raakeout lists of all the civic employees,
with the number of their wives .   d children, where they were Ixim. ;" '���   ���"���   Israeli   path.
how long they have Ikv.i in the city, etc.;   they have had time to ,**<-'  house we  were  met    _
consider a host of matters of very negligible importance. cldcr,>' Cornish hou* Ice pi r. Mrs.
Wiih die ample and repeated warnings they have had. they I'"rtl'r- who- **& th�� ���'''' "���  ���
shoultl have found time to coi sider the question of an adequate water >'"*" B 8|r'' losksd . Iter the wanti>
For that reason, after Lis arrival,
the lire was li,. "What arc you
gi i-g to do, Mr. Holmes?" he
My friend smiled ar.d laid hi*
hsi d ti|H��i my arm. "I think
W.iiMir,  ihnt   I shall ristim   thai
^^^^^^^^B .     ��� ^^B .-a*...* Laad DUlricl-Daulct ol Coaat lUr.f* .
11 a.'-.d   laving   It   Hat   Oil   till*   Counter      Take notica tbat Mra. U C, Putnam   ol St i w      '*.. (or .ajrmisaion lo purcbaai in.- I
Cl | . ,    Paul.    Mir.n.a.,1..    OCC,"��� a���    ��� -4-1    -.-��������! ? ***"'��� ���    "^
da-w   out   a   fountain   |K-n
corner ^^^^^
40 a    in*.
plaCCll    it   in    his   |��Ol'kct    left    llic   ^iJtb ��0 cliaina to'poat ol commenwme'nt, con    pJbTAprtfS."' Numa Daman. ������K*"
uinlng 3.-0 acrpa mora or lea. 1
ti    l ��� shop. Dated March 20 lyll.      Mil*-   I- C. PUTNAM
naa ' . . ,, , Pub. April U. Geo. R. Putnam  Agan skeena Und DUUIct���DUtrict ol Casslar
A few minutes later Herr ( ro- Take notice that 1. Thoma. m��.o.��ii a
��� ��� ���   , a Stewart, U. C, occupation mlnar.inl.*n0 tu spflj
���      ,.. |* CV 11  making a  Violent  effort   to   8to#M ^ g^^^tM ol COM Kan,. I   [or p.rmi-lon to purcha- lb. lullu.m.* d-cnts.
I ��� .*_ .u- ���.-!__..  I    fS noi*c,.ih.i I. Clm* M-gr UU.. ol l-rinc.   ftmfS ,t , ^ pUnwd on jj, n,it
lollowlna   bank ol lb* Naaa river about lour milea ""'"""
lorka ol lha Naaa riv.r, thenca aoutn m ��*��������
thenca weet 80 chains, thence nurn
thenoe eaat 80 chaina lo point ol coiiitn. *.-*���*-....
his  ivis  ard   lighu-irg  of   his 	
line which  would  have mid mel*���*  a   wtU"     Hl"   Mttt   ^��l^f&1*S^i-lJ^IS^il%.?&SIf����^*'^"i^~SBiS'S2f"ffS
thst he ��W some gleam of lirtt UpP��ntIcss to sign it. ar.d having ^^'^&%2&At fif* """" "
!., thi:uuiTdarkv,ss g! Placed  it in  his pocket  left   the glgg^-^.ffi^glSlS^^ l "" """^
"Why a fire.'" he asked.
they always a  fire in  this small
roeni Oil a -.pri' g eve
bill   ti.l   ���'   *a|*.| I'   ll   a_�� I"*   l"|-,.     . _	
Mortimer   Trig,--   is   .vpl.i* ..I av.i.l a motor ,*.,r in the r-vdway.  Ji*.��*�� ih.^1. cj-. m ^Utu.
that the right was cold ar.d damp, overstrained   his   heart   .<���<]   fell igaJy,!��**- �� *����*- **
dead.   On ihe next day the shop
dascrlt-*d laada: .
i uinmmciBg at a post planted at tha north
      sraat corner ol Lol lluj, ilange j, Coast DI.UICl . _
girl was informed thst she was S�� m* ����--,-- KISS .Sir. ~~ "TTsSIto^Ks
tb.nc* ��..t 10 chaina, Ih.nc* .outh 45 ehalna lo ; paled March 25, 1(11. Sidney rrana    >�����
pi.mt   ol   commenoement,   containing   112   acre* . I ub. May 17.
mote or lea.  _,..
fSfiiU. "tt        CLARA "AY UTTLE Skeen. Und Dl.trlct-Disir,.. rfC -
Pub. April lo. Tikc nol(ce lhM , Mr, John Corl���. u( | nact
��� Hupert. B.C.. occupallon married wumati. �������"
Skeena Und DUlrict���DUtrlct ol Caaalar to apply for permission to purchas* Hi*
Take notice that  I.  laaac  o Im. n   I utn.e ol   described landa:
sole heriess to $130.0(10.
For row boats and launches
telephone 320 green. Davis'
Boat House.
Prince Hupert, U. l\, occupallon carpenter, inland      Commeaclnjl ill J��at fi*"."^.^^"^,.^-*
lo apply lor permlMiun lo purcbu ~*
If .1 water famine, a fever epidemic or an outbreak of fin* wen Q
to vi-.it tin* dty . - ;i r.-uh of die water shortage, die citizens would m
have a. i d gn ui'!- for accusii g the council of criminal ni ^1^. i o .
Recently this paper changed its name from the Optimist
to the Daily News.    Its job department, accordingly changed  *
itt name from Optimist Job to News Job department.
Within the last few days, a new concern has started and *
assumed the name of the Optimist Job. It is not the job depart-1 *������
ment of any newspaper, and its assumption of this misleading *
title is an obvious attempt to infringe on the goodwill and U
patronage of the job department of this paper, earned under "�����
its former title. !U
In assuming the discarded name of this paper's job depart-   *"���
ment, the new concern may be within its legal rights.    But
on the point of honor which lies behind it, the public is en-  *~
titled to pass its own judgment. vj
The entire plant and equipment of the job plant of the U
Optimist is in the News printshops, and is being operated ��
under skilled management. The youthful optimists who have
started operations, under the cast-off title, are in no way con
nected with the original Optimist job plant.
uieVoliowlag au"iai'chiiiliir*wuth from the **ulli��.
  daacHbe.1 landa. lut Wild. Coaat DUtrlct. Ran��e... lli.i   ���
-^��� Commencing at a poat planted aboul flv roil*..- chaina. ihence east 40 chain,   tl"
���.   a   ^    a   .-a.   a      aoulh and on* niil* ��eet ol th* lorka ol lh*V. hit* chains, thence west 40chatn. m.ir.*'
���o*o*o*c*o*o*o*o*o*o*oo*o*c*o*o*o*o*o*o* SMSfts -�� s sis as ssat���; :;;;:;;
(    J       BKrt    HA  akaiaa ^^^^H MILS.    JOHN       l'<      '
t=3   AND ERROR   t=3
Will our customers please notice that the Job Plant of the Prince Rupert Publishing Co..
formerly the Optimist Job, is now operated under the name of the " NEWS JOB. " It is
in no way connected with a company now soliciting business under our discatded name.
Under the superintendance of Mr.  S.   D.  Macdonald, our plant is turning out better work than ever
For high-class printing thai has style and cbsrscler Is il, set tht News Job. Oar prices are right loo
8V cbaina,  lh*nc* eoutb  80 chain.,  thenc*  ,���,,,.   ,
aaat ao chain.. ���""���*>��� JOHN li,
D.ted April le, 1*11.  ISAAC O'UKIEN HiilllK- Date M.r. 2U. 1911
Pub. M.y 111. Francia S. Pn-alun. Agenl I'ub. Apr. 4. 1011
t>k*ene Und DUtrlet-DUtrlci ul Coast IUJP*
lake notica that Eldon S. Dei.Her >' '*-S
i.i ���   Ma...��.tt/.n   Hna.nr.   Intends  to   a,, .*   ' ,
Skeena Und Dialrlct ���DUlrict ol Casalar .-; -.-t���-.-Trrr- ,.,.���,,. ,u ,,,pi> ������>
Tak. outlc thai  I. Swan  llallen ol bl.warl.   Ont.' occupation  doctor,  in'-������    *���    "Jj&t
loa   c.rp*ni.r.   intend   to   appl>   prmUelon   lo  purchu.  the fullo-iitt   ���-"
  _ soul*.
Commencing .1 . poat
On    Ca   occupation   carpenirr,   intend   to   >ppl> P*i
lor i-eni.i-an.n lo purchaa* lb* lollowing deacribed '.nda:                                   ���i.��,��i at tl.* �����""r
-JT                  " Commencing at a poat pler.n-i   ���               .,
***********                 planied about ,61 mil*, wet corner ol  Ut UU*. ttjg*   , ' Z
soow a���u ...��.., n.���. -*�� ol the lork. ol the White more or tadM J^VuS! i ���  �� "Mi
and I Ul rl.ara. lh.nc.au chain, south.th.nc.au   thenc. weat 80 chaina n-ore or ����. i    ,al
chaina eaal. ll**ric�� 80 chaina norlh, tbence 80 46 cbaina mora or leaa lo point ol co
rhain. ***i oontain ng 140 acne more or les*.             rAlLKR
PSffilS.UIl.           SWAN  IIA..LEN S31 March 81. 1.11    ELDON;'       f^,
\\. ...                    v...... a i*~.i���n  A***i Pub. April 16                        John i si .
l-ub. MW 11.
���**-. ..^ n^.i ���*.iiwii*.!i*--.n*-fc.i-^.i*-*.i*-a.n tmm
To The Ladies of Prince Rupert
Did you c-rar atop lo think how much aaaiar il would ba (or
(or tou, if at lha and o( aach month, you could pay all household hills by check. Wa solid! your account and hava special
(aclllllee (or handling it. Private writing rooma ara prasrtded
(or tha uaa ol cuatomera and individual attention ia gi����n aach
depositor.    Wa allow 4 par cant, on dapoaita and uaa ol chacka.
Bill Heads
Price Lists
Memorandum Form*
Commercial  Cards
+��� -*...-**���*-*.. ���
tn   Commercial   Printing
we have a Urge flock of
W. handle Hl.nl, I edge,
Forma (or Loose Laa(
System t I I
���*.-������*.i*>i*^,i*a.i*a.i*a..*a.*w,*wiia uf
Stock Certificates
Articles of Association
Illustrated Pamphlets
Q   south and vntrt) mils *��t ot lb* forks
. .ll����'
Skeen. Und DUirlel-DUtrlct ol "*��'"uy,
T.k. nolle, tnat I KrancU S. I r.���        NJ ���
ik-na U.J District-Diatrict olJu-KnCb.rlotu    Hup.rt.  B. <^ ����uP*l'on0J*���"2 '��� ���'
l.laii-ia .pply  lor  permUelon to purenwe
T.k. notice th.l lieori. W. Arnott ol Prince ' <l��-scrib*d landat ,.   ,(���*���
Kup-rt, U. C, occap.UJO real estate broker. , Commencing at a poat I'""1""', ,,, ,0,k. ���"
iolenda lo apply lor --emission lo purcnas. the , ml'as, soulh ���ni,two, m"*V ' ' ��... i <��'*���
lolli,.ln, J��cnb��l lands: S * WW and H at river., then" ,,,M
Commencing al  a  poat  planlal   aboul   seven ��� thenca eaat  80 chains, thence i.ortn
miles       ' '
thenee weat  80 chains,  thence aouth  ti)  chaina.
thenc* eaat 80 chsins. thencs north 80 chains
Date.) March 17, llll.
Pub. April 22.
Lomnn-neing  al   a  pj.t   plant*!   aoout   seven ��� ..,*-���". *��*.   w  .........  	
las ani one-h.il raiU wesl and one mile south    ihence weet 80 chains.        ..���,���,< |   pKESrOU
im tb* mwih ol Sunly   Creek, N-ul.n ll.rbor,    D.led April 20, 1*11.    IRAM-is
ub May 11
Skeen. I .nd Dislrict -DUtriet ol Caaaiar
GEO. W. ARNOTT    .skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict o  Coasl    ��� '���_
Numa Demera. Agenl       Take not ce thai I. Joe Jack ul 1 "" ���   > , ,
. II   C occupallon carpenter. I***���''   '.     *...,,*J
i-ermlaalon   w  purchase  the  folio*"*  <""
i.nds: ,   .  , .,���       ���   --**-1
Commencing .1 . post pl.nle.1 at
one-h.ll mile, dlst.nt in . south wm
eut   80  chslns,   Ihenc. south   80  chains,  thenc*
w-*at 80 eh.lns.
Dsled April 20, MIL ALICE M. KNOUSE
l-ub. Ms, IS. Fr.ncU S. Preston, Agent
O   south end two mile, weat ol th. lorks ol White , Datsd April 14, It'll
���nd  Hal  rivers, thence north 80 eh.lns, thence 1 pub. May 11.
Skeen. Und DUlrict-DUtrict ��<<;'"ft,��'!!��,
T.ke nolice lh.t LeltU McT.vlsh ul *.J"-j ,,
B.  C.   occupation   m.rrie.1   womsn. J ,     ���,,t
 ..,..    l��.    aJn.laa.lnn    ,n    IlUrchSS*    !"���
apply  lor  permUaion  to  purchase
drecribed landa: .    ,  t.P nert^-
Commendng at a post planted "������
w*^ corner 100 chaina east .nd ." r;   jja���e)'s
from th. northeast corner ol l>,;,*o ' .,, chilsi
Skeen. Und DUtrict ���DUtrict ol C.aalir
T.k. notio. lh.t I,   Bertie   Edwin   B.dgrr   ol
8t*-w.rt,  B.  C,  occup.tion  pluml*er,  Inund  W , ,,������, %uw  _..  ��� -
ai.t.u-   lor perml-alon  to  purchue  the  lollowlng   Survey, Coot DUlrict,Range l,ln*n" ;t) r^alra
d--acril*��l Unda: si     south, thene. 80 chains esst, lb"1** .,, thtlnl
Commencing st s port plsnted about one mile , north, thsnee 40 ehalna wesl. la*"*- . mg0l*'
north ol the Naas river .nd about aeven milea   aouth, thence 40 chains weal to V*m. v
For soci<*ly printinfj;. we ensure correctness of style and taste in Visiting Cards, Wedding
Invitations and Dnnce Programmes. For any kind of printing from the humble "dodger"
to the highest grades of multi-color printing consult the "News Job"      :      :      :      :
fS   .ban  th*  lork.  ol  the  N.m   Illver  upetn-am, ' cement, containing 400 acrea more >'f       , .-, |.|l
th.nr*  north  80 chains, thenre east   80 chains.   Dated May 2, 1011. 1.01 nI- ���*"     t(trt
M    thenea anith 80 chains, thenc* w*et 80 chains lo I |>ub. May 6. P'"1 "' ""nl
^    point   ol   commencement    containing   640   acrea '
point   ol   commencement    conUining
mor* or lea.
Dated March 21. I'll Prank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub May 17.
The Continental Trust Company, uZta��*
Skeen. Land District-District''1 '���'���' ���*?,��r-
T.ke notice th.t I, Aleaander U��^"-".-ntfm| to
horn. Manitoba, occup.tion  fa"""*,, (���i|i.��lt.<
apply for permission lo purch.f* '"
deacribed lands: |    ._._, al lhe "*'.
Read The Daily News |
Daily News Building
���a. i.ia.i   hiiu.i .       ,    ,^p   av-',
CommenclnB .1 . post planteo, a      Rjnt,s.
rest corner of lot 30��f>, dl.trirt of I ��� ���*"'��� ���nV iV
PHONE   98
PHONE   98
eh-Un. w-al, thence 20 ch.ina north.' thenoe 40   ���'r" ie.'a"to"i<Slth��� ea'it'rorner of Hf*
���4X    ch.na  ����'.  thenee  40 eh.lns  north,  thence  4(1    west 40 eh.lns more or less H po""','
e~    eh.lns  east,  Ihenee  20 ch.ina aoulh.  thence  40   ment. oonUlnlnirfiftl arres more-r'"',,.urn
O   ehalna ewt. Ihene* 40 chain* ....... lo point  ol ' ^ *Tl KXANPER ' I V U ia.nt
v-' I eomm.neem.nt, containing .120 acres more or leas I Donald I'larh"'
Dated April 11.1(11. MURDOCK MeHAE   D.W June 2nd. 1(11
> Pub. June 2lth, 1(11
Pub  M.y 11. THE   DAILY NEWS
I     General Merchandise
1   1
Largest Slock     \  j
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
and - Stewart
Prince Rupert
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L, President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000.0q0_
I       REST, - $7,000,000
Every branch of The Cnn.idim. Hank of Commerce is equipped to issue drafti on
tbe principal cities in the foilo*vit.�� countries without delav :
ii recce
1. .l.iii.l
New /rilan.1
Philippine Islands   Sweden
South Africa
Straits Settlement*
Africa Creta
Arabia Cuba
Argentine Republic Denmark
Australia Eiryp*-
Austria*Bunjary    Fare* Islands
Belgium Finland
Brazil Formosa ^^^^^
Bulrsria France lava
CevlsD Fr'ch Cochin China Malta
Chili Germany Manchuria
China Great Britain Mestco ��.--. j^^-j^^^^^^^^^^^
The amount of these drafts is stated in the money of the country where they are payable j that is they are drawn in sterling, francs, mark*, lire, kronen, florins, yen,
taels, roubles, etc., as the case may be. This ensures that the payee abroad will
receive the actual amount intended. 233
Set via
I'nitcd Stales
I'l'H.u IV
WcM Indies, etc.
J. M. Christie
For all  kinds of help, cooks,   j
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grind Hotel Free Employment   Office
Headquarters for cooks a waiters
..Grand Hotel..
Sprim; Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN, l-.opn.to.
8 antl I
J nutl 8
Block Section
84 8
14 8
36 7
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspaper*
Come in and see our list of buys in
other parts of the city
Second Ave.,
Princ. Ruperl, B.C.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Sleam Healed Room.
P.O. BOX 37
Fiaaer ����l K.fth SI
Th...*n1>* hmU-lln loan
wllh h..l an.1 r.*l w.l-
,r in mm. V���t '��';
nl.hi.1 h-nias- noith "I
Vanruu.er K'*"*".a ������'n'
up. I'none ��. P.O.
llaalS. I        '
Price of Local Stocks
(Aa feported by S. Harrison * OU
nil)    ASKED
Portland Canal    16-84       16
Stewart M. & D. Co	
RedClifT      I*16
Main Keef	
Silver Cup	
4l'-aa.n-^n*-^.M ���**,***
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in iu discussions. Suggestions and criticisms ore invited by tbe editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy C.rner" will fill a social need.
Prince Rupert Branch
A French gown of white linen
broderie anglaise forming tunic
ii..il bodice olitr deep Item ol
blue siiiu. Stork and yoke are
finely linked while net. Thesi
may Ik- omitted, however, and the
finish made with a band of blue
sitin at lop of embroidered Ivodici*.
during the Winter.
Indeed various versions of the
pointed collar may already be
seen on smart costumes, the most
modest having the appearance of
a sailor collar of moderate di-
mensiors that has been cut away
to a sharp point ;it the back.
Then there is the long, narrow
shawl collar, very much wider than
formerly-at the shoulders, as if
it had borrowed some of the
dimensions of the popular snilor
collar model. This collar, made of
satin or silk and bound either
with braid or a band of cretonne
is splendid for wear with serges,
tweeds, cashmeres and other fabrics which are developed into
smart tailored suiis. Silk and
satin tailor nudes usually have
collars of finer fabrics, though as
the summer gets nearer upon us
the cretonne bindings are seen
in greater number and more charming variety than ever.
After all, the fashionable dressmakers are not getting very far
away from the idea of banded
trimmings. Frocks of all materials and for all invasions show ihis
form of decoration, only in many
of the new salin frocks and several
of the latest tub designs, the bands
are of the same material instead
of a contrasting fabric being used.
If further embellishment is desired,
one can always resort to the little
loops of soutache with handsome
buttons of braid or metal to give
the desired finish to the fashionable
forms of trimming.
For most delicious Bread,
Dainty Biscuits, Etc,, use
Robin Hood Flour
Your Dealer Has ll
-General Hardware-
Builders' Hardware I
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves ���
Graniteware       Tinware *>
Second aveiue and Third Btreet
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
Hints  for  Laundering  Fragile
For MifTcning embroidered muslin collars, blouses trimmed wiih
fine lace, and lhe like, gum water
is to Ih- preferred to starch, as it
docs not give the fibres of thc
ni.iti-ri.il the same harsh apjx-ar-
ar.ee. To prepare the gum water,
pui an ounce of the In-st gum
arable, broken iii small bits, into
a pitcher and |mur over il a cupful of Imiling water. Sei the pitcher in a warm place and stir the
contents frequently with a piece
of -iii,",ih Stick until the gum is
entirely dissolved. Strain through
fine muslin and Imttle for use. If
> qtlBndty is made tO hist for some
weeks,     il   will   keep.   Iietter   if
prepared wiih cold water, hm it
Hikes rather a lorg time to dissolve.    An average proportion to
hm* for stiffening is a tablespoonful
of the solution tO a Cupful of water.
Styles from New York Designers'   Recent   Records
Then- are some Indications just
now that the next Collar 10 win
general acceptance will Ih- one
that runs to a deip |Kiim at the
back, a style probably developed
from the long pointed hood worn
Oat Meal Cookies
One cup of sugar, half cup Ian
or butter, half Cup of sweet  milk
one third teasoponful of cream of
tartar, two cupfuls of flour, three
cupfuls of oat meal. Season to
suit taste. Put oat meal through
meat grinder and add an egg.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Ruoert P.O. Box 351
of Britl.h Columbl. of B.C., Ontario, 8u*
an.l H.nitoba Bars. k.tchewan  and Al
berta Bar*.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
Offlce-Exchanice block, corner Third .venue and
Sixth street- Prince BoMrt, 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated, ('.as .nd
local .n.sthel!cB administered for the painleaa extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Ofllcee:
Helvterson Block. Prince Rupert. 11-12
Alex.M.Manson ii.a..     W.E.Wi1IIiiiiis.h.��..i..i..ii
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
Ladies' and Children's
Special lines Just received
Everything for Ladles 6 Children
"The Ladies' Store"
Sixth Street        Phone Black 184
p. o. BOX 23
IM'IMI. OF WM.  flix.is. KM).. A.R.A.H.,*I ON., ��NQ
SIXTH STREET        prince rupert
Joe Jackson continues to play
line ball, in il with Lajoie back in
the game the Cleveland Naps will
>e able to start something.
-j-   &   &
Alexander the Gfcat put a crimp
in every team he met until he
struck Brooklyn, The Superbaa
hung a wee-wah on the Quaker
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert,
S.S. Prince George
For               1
Vancouver '
J^C       \f��*\    \   \    .        1       -a\j
bTTTm\ m\mk{
a *J *\W \ mjf4*\
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
and  Ui
Chicken and Corn Soup
Take two ipiarts of the liquor
in which a chicken has been boiled,
add one pirn of corn scraped from
the cob, chopped, one tablespoonful of finely rhnpped onion and one
ICanl teaspoonful of salt and simmer, closely covered, for an hour.
Rub through a fine sieve and
return to the fire. In a small
saucepan melt one tablespoonful
of butter, add two tablespoon full
of Hour and when mixed, one
cupful of rich milk or cream.
Add gradually a portion of the
soup and when smooth turn into
lhe large kettle. Season to taste,
sprinkle in one lablcspoonfiil of
very finely chopped parsley and
G. T. P. Tran.fer Agent.
Order, promptly filled.   Prices reasonable.
OFFICE- H. B. Rochester. Centre St.    Phone St.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave.
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
Now ton, Jesse Tannehill
Bailey, former American
pitchers,   are   all   doing
slab duty in the Southern League
this season.
Owen Moran will never again be
the sturdy fighter that he was
when he knocked out Battling
Nelson. Now that Champion Wolgast has disposed of the little
Briton so easily, sports are rivaling the words of Charley Harvey,
Moran's manager, who said a
month ago that all he expected
out of Moran was two or thre
more gum I lights.
0   tji   Si
Moran, according to those closest to him, tried to keep in conspicuous form and travel the booze
route too. His decline dates from
the time he whipped Nelson, since
which time he has gone a pace
that would have made the wildest
excesses of Young Corbett seem
ike a period of abstinence.
g '$   g
Harvey knew Moran had played
havoc with his inside workings and
that is why he put Moran through
such a long training siege up in
the mountains. Harvey actually
thought Moran was in his old-
time form, but it didn't take more
than a round to show thai Moran
had retrograded. Right now Mo-
ran's friends think he could make
the hil of his life as a temperance
lecturer, filing himself as the
greatest living i xample of what the
cup that cheers will do to one.
to*   gi   $
This has been a record-breaking
season of injuries to balldoni stars.
At one lime or another almost
every crack in the circuit has been
retired with the list of broken
bones and cracked digits topping
all past performances.
Those injured, struck down with
sickness or otherwise unhorsed
in the National include Tims of
PhiladlephiSi broken leg; Evers
of Cubs, sickness; VViltse of Giants, finger broken; Meyers of
Giants, finger split; Hofman of
Cubs, injured leg; Chance of
Cubs, injured ankle; Kvans of
St. Louis, broken hand; Rticker
of Brooklyn, sprained ankle; Harper of Brooklyn, broken linger,
Clarke of Pittsburg, injured leg,
and Kaiser of Cubs, broken finger.
ti  *t  Si
Milton T. Clark, who will have
the September boxing permit for
San Francisco, has negotiations
10 match Matt Wills and Packey
McKarland   for   a   twenty-round
bout in San Francisco on Admission Day, September 0, Weill
already has been signed by Tim
O'D.iy, acting for Clark in New
York, and ii is expected that
McFarland's signature will be secured immediately.
For Stewart,   Thursdays  and  Sundays
at H a.m.     Special   fare  on  Sunday
bout,   $il fill  return   including  meals
and berth.
at. Prince Albert sails for l'urt   Simpson,   Nuas   River,   Masset,    Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and f.r:
Ijuecn Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service lo Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays und Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and     Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Syatam
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over ita
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston. New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
BRingcd via all lines. Full information ard tickets obtained from the
oflice of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coaat Service
Famous  Princess  Line
Tuesday, July   18th, 8 a.m.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
a  a .  FOR .  a .
Take thc fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
1 w. j. McCutcheon j;
Carries complete Block of I -r-.itf a    Special   , ,
attention paid to Ailing preachptlona.      , ��
Theatre Block phonk n... to Second Ave. !
Ginger Snap
One ar.d a half cupfuls of brown
sugar, one egg, one cupful molasses,
two taespoonfuls ginger, two table-
spoonfuls vinegar, one teaspoonful soda. Let stand overnight
and in the morning add enough
flour to roll out into cakes and
bake in hot oven.
Phone 116
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., next to old offlc* of Optimist, sell only
Best made In Sealtla. Fruit and Can.lv. wholesale and Retail. Look for flash *\gi. at nltfht
SAM COWEN. Proprietor Phone 320
City Scavenging
Mr. J. G. Weston announces that he
has commenced work for the city.
All  orders  received  at   the
Office, 5th St.
Phone 42
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit thc lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
H. H. MORTON, Sec.
He sells Building!       He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys LoU He builds Homes
Special Bargains in
Kitselas bands   Francois Lake bnnds   bakulse Lands
Hazelton District Lands       Bulkley Valley Lnnds
Kispiox Valley Lands      Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum Lands, Sand, Gravel and Marble Deposits
List  Your Properties with Jeremiah H. Kugler
���Si.,... _ ��.aa.aa.��.��!^{raft.n.n.P*-��i��*-��!nS**^
He buys Leases He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
Second Avenue, Prince Rupert, B. C. THE DAILY NEWS
Chief Inspector Cunningham Pays First  Official  Visit
on  the  Little  Cruiser Restless���Had [a  Busy
Day's Work Today-
Chief Inspector  Cunningham eries i,i this pan of the province
of the Fisheries Department, ar- during th. pa--, season were very
rived in the city yesterday on successful, .a >! operations for tin-
board the protection iTiiiser Rest- coming   season   an   now   .ind.-r
less on a tour of the canneries.     w.,>        Inspector     Cunningham
"Our    special     duties     are found    that    this   district    was
to do everything possible," says generally In good shape from the
"The News" Classified Ads.
-=0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertions
District-Dutrlct o! Coast Rant* *
real   estate   broker
Skeena Land
Take notie*) thi
loUowing d^ribedlands: <g ^.^ ^
1 a      w    ~.     I..IC        * I   ..,*iau      All
thence oO
thence  80
Commencing at s p.-   .
from the soutn*e-*i BNS*��.WLS
ab ssfc ass a tt SJssl-
c5tn~.nw.-t.ent ooanlalal 320 acres "'or* ot ,.**..
Datad April 1
Pub. May G
Inspector Cui     - "to pre
serve the fisheries I the Pacific
Coast, and especiall) the salmon
fisheries of the northern coast of
the province, as ii i- recognised
thai great development of the
northern fisheries is possible.
These fisheries . re >��� day, and will
continue ci - il properly conserved, om  of the gn   test assets
The Insurance People
E.tR.  ��- LAM "t   INSURANCE.    GET ol'R RATE*
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Ir   -..��� '.'. Third A.enu* and FultonSt
protection standp* int. There were
few ii any violations of the regu-
lati'-ns. and Inspector Williams
who has been in charge had
affair*, well in hand.
Mr Cunningham returns direct
t.t th. Fraser River in the fisheries
proti cti n cruiser Restless in charge ��� : Captain Moore, starting
witl   ut   delay   as  by   the   time
in the keeping i f the Dominion,     he reaches there the eockeye run
To thi- end  effi rts are being Ion the l-r.i-.-r River will lx* at its
made to remove obstructions to heigl
the  .-.-cent  of   the   ti-h   to   their
brc-edirg grounds. Both natural
and artificial obstructions will be
removed,   and   at   the   moment
Familiar With B. C.
I   spec
r   Cunnuighani   is   no
tn    British    Columbia
rations  b^gl*0"--* he is  *" rir>t  Chief  In"
giving   t..   the   improving of  thc- H*��or   of   FIAsnes   appointed.
ascent for the fi>h into Meziadena Du���S  the  P88'   ��"  or  ,MvIve
Lake.    This 'while a difficult op- -**" h�� hai made ***** ''   -
eration   will   open   up   a   large "Mtsofir
swap ii * are) - for the Naas Rivi r
Work in  Hatcheries
ment i>: Fisheries with which hi
has  int..  .---> iati -I   for   twi i ���;. -
eight years.    He is thus familiar
with the fisheries of the piw   ��� ���.
Operations at   the  fish  hatch- as well as with the pi licj of the
Alarming Death-Rate at One Alaska Canning  Station
���The Run of Salmon is Very Late This Year Up
North, and the Catch Will be Light
Seward, Alaska, July IS.���The     Owing to the late arrival   ���
steam-hip  Dora,  form  Nushagak salmon the pack will be gro
and way ports, brings news that reduced      N     red   sail        were
thirteen deaths occurred from var- running at  Bristol Bay, ("hignik
ious causes In one week i f June or Carluk whin the 1' ra pass *:
on Chigntk Bay, the great -- Imon- e d   nly Idi g h Imi i  -.*.' n
packing   centre   on   the   Al. -k.   c ugh,.    The   n  ���
coast.    Gus Norton, boss fisher- Cook Inlet several days ag
man of the Columbia River Pack,     At Bri- ��� '. B> j it was -. i I that
era'   Association,   was   killed   at the placer gn ir.d 1    Good N'ews
Chignik on   June   14  by  taki g Bay was paying mon    han $20
carb li, .-, it| by mistake. day per man.
Systematize your office filing,
thereby saving time, space
and increasing iu effi'-.* . ���
hundred fold. If vou are" a
live wire put your filing problem up to us-that's our
business.      :      :      :      :     :
McRAE BROS., Limited
EvtarTHis-;��<����� thi on t. i
HXTS ITSSST      ���SCOND avf..
No Man Need Use Poor Printing Unless He is
The man who ia
able to buy any Kind
of printing i.-i able
to buy good printing. If lie uses
anything else it indicates to people
who see it that he
doesn't care espec-
and Satisfied
to Do So	
0   a*.   /.   0   a*.
:. 7,. .'. .'
.*. .-*. .*.
ially about the
matter. And most
people would infer
ids general character and personality
to be in keeping���
so it's disastrous
policy not to care
about your printing
for   high CLASS PRINTING OF am. KINDS sek TBS "news job'
Daily News Building phone 98 Third Avenue
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
WM. T. KERGIN   M DPresident DAVID H. HAYS, 1st Vlct-Pres.
I AY Klin ra   l     '   "OB'N. 2nd Vke-Pres. and Manager
IAY KUGLER, S.c,t|-,,���.T,��a.u,c, C. B   PETEPJON. As.'l.-Managcr
^R.lTi..i,f^t'Ta'nce       a'",'7 ��'r A""P'A F��"" L""1' ""' Ml��"
Fi.cal A.Tn,, T    ".'"' f"' C��,' ��f R,a< E,la"        ������������ A*'nl>
Tru.l,, 11. j"".V Registrar and Transfer Agenl
Safe Dcpo.ll Vault on���X��    " M"'*��" '""' Dttit * T""*
W      1,1,     S]Ay'"C$DEPAHTMENT- <��'������� on Depo.,1,
The   Continental   Trust  Company),   LimlirA   nooso Avr.N.i��...
  ���*' "���i    raiNci. aurairr. ��.<*.
Only Reliable
Patent Medicines \
are sold by us. We
don't carry "fake"
goods.    :    :    :    :    :
Toilet Article* and
Preparations, Perfumes.      :     :     :     :
When you're in
store drink at
Fountain.    :    :
C. H. Orme    !
Second Ave. Phone No. 82
>t*++t*t��+t**+*^*^+++++*********   -a   _, ,__ |_t,_
I       Lost and Found       j
LOST-Ey# Glasses, in case.   1 trim  i Va��� at-
PO Mori* 11. Craig, Arctic Bt ���  '* ���
FOUND-Eureka Cleaning- ar.:   I'r*.   ���
pany    Man's sutu claanod ar. i ire-*.
Ladica' suits pr*as��d and c'. UMd    ���
innasparrtalty.    Room 13 WMMabaw
phone red-ty.
' For Rent
I     -v*
zz I
Canoe for sal*��� 30 11. P.Url. - i.h la .*, endid
condition. 3 new paddle*. A;; '���.' s% . U .Dalq
New. before July 22nd.
SkMtta UcJ District-District ol Cassiar
T-i.  nol�� that  I.  Percy ��"*^jg������
ol Stawait. B. C, occupation journalut  intend to
apply   loV'permiion  M   purcbu.  .be  lolluwinil
"To^ei'n^.l a post Planted on the rtjit
kiikol "via mer about se.on niUo. above
U. lor��k. oTthe^.a. r.v.r. .bene* -wuh K chjuns
tbe-.oe ����t .-u cnaina. tnence north SU cbains,
t���nc�� *asl M cbains to poinl ol contmencment,
cont^tiin. "*��1,*^;;w^^-t -JODENUATH
Dated Marc It, llll. I'raak Sidney Wright. A��l
Pub. May IT.
Skeana Und Disuict-Dislrict ol Caasiar
Skeena Land District-District .
Take notice that Percy M   '.'
pert, B.C.. occupation CiMi }','
apply for permission to purchaw
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ot ��� a. I,.
of McNeil River at north wnt ���     ,b?.nk
R.V.. thence east 20 chain, m ,r,      | ..' 'otJ*��
���rly boundary of timber limit . ",''-
tm$ thence northerly  foil   .
, '��� Har.tfe 5
I I rtOM It.j.
'    * H
'   -a-
it."** or !��,,
boundnry* of timber llmil &) cha.:-
to north west corner of said titr.t-r
westerly 20 chains more or lets to c'i'u.u .
McNeil River, thence MUthtl | : ���Sr2&
left bank of McNeil Itiver eOeh-Ub! '   'JJ
to point of commencement. mdI
more or less.
fate June 19. 1911
I'ub. July 19.1911
B. Flaxn-u, .\8ant
Caaaiar   Land   DUlrict���Dutrict   ,'.   -,.,,
Take notice lhat I. Lemuel I'-.. ���
occupation broker, intend lo applj
lo purchaae the (oUowtn-t ue-.r.!*-:- .,
lommencini at a po*l  plantad  .:, the iho-*
in a northerly direction Irom Purl Nf
marked  L.  K.'s S.  E
I north
south  to shore
r. l snnery
Corner, thane
thence 20 chains  west.  -.:..    .
line,  thence along the
, ..   i   |,   John   Inwin   ol   Princa I point ol commencement, containir.i* i��� acra'raur.
n.i^-r h  c'   occuuatton laborer, intend to apply   or leaa.
S?7n&*2 wpi.rc-.as. the (oUowing deacrTt��d   Dated June 10. 1911 LEMl KI. FREER
'   " Pub. July-8. J. M  i .,...-.., \im
tbe foUoalng described
"commencing at a post plantedi about (2) two t
JUS S? ���� " %& S��L*5t,*�� | ���*-�� *^?fi*te5!j���� a ->*���
chains, tbence nortn  ^0 cbains,  Ihenca weat BO]
d��$ April IS. 1911*      .       .    ,*��^���HHJ
Pub. Slay IS. Francis S. Preaton. Agent
ill -.1 I'nnc
Uroomed furnlsha-d hous��; sink aad
a two-rta-med hous*. Call at fa '
Ave.. Mrs. Dixon.
ater Also
St andUh
Mclntyr*   Hall,   for  eoncart..
dance., etc.    Apt-ly J. H. R. .-��� -���
Fut*n!sh��al lottase. modem a *
summer M nth*. Apply Mr*. A
opposite News Office.
,rr.:*r,c**.   fcr
:*:, 3rd Ave..
Sl*t-rootr.-*d House to rant: moderr  c r.v*r.ie-ce��
Fra^rSi.. Apply tHnMonCahaa i <'��� ���   l*5-1-
W'anted-Small hous*. furnishcl oe par*-':- '��� ���" ���
tsh*d.    State tem-.s U-Box h. IHO N." - ���< ���''
Comm-aiious house, cornar 6th Ave   a- !   r*t -
eon St.. furnished or unfurni.hvd.     Pr- -e -'--
or P.O. Box V��i.
Do away with this.     Patronize a whit.-
laundiy.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Solid        Ladies
Stor*. and o***!c*a for r*nt.   Applv Dr.
Third Av*.. phon* *r��a**n r..
in Crocodile, Morocco, Etc.
Skeens Und DUtrlct���District of Cout.
Ts*e nouce ;hit huma Bsbington o( Prince
Kuuert, B. C, occupation master mariner, intends
to apply lor pernuatwn to lease the lollowing
mmSSa lands: ,   . ,AA   ,   ,     I
Commenein< st a port planted about 100 chains j
south of the Indian Raima on the east side ��
Gooee Bay on tr.e east side ol the Peninsula thence -
north 10U chains along shore to the Reserve line, ���
thence Ml 60 chains more or leas to Goose Bay,
thence luo chains along ahore, thence east oo
chains more or lew to poet, containing WO acrea
Pub. AprU 16.
Take notce that Linford Sewell lu-
Rupert,   B.   C.,  owupation  locomouv- *
intends to apply for permission to purchan  Um
following described lands;
Commencing  at  a  post  planted on the r.orth
bank  of  the  Zimogotitz   Rtl>  ftfa
mil��i  distant iup3tre��m>  in a  -mitWJ
from the junction of the Little Zimt ,���    ti Huvr
and the main Zimogotitz Kivpr. tr..- .    ���   -;. |Q
chains,  thence west  -10 chaini, time*  -  .:h i-j
chains,   thence east  -to  chains to poat ot com*
mencement containing 160 acres non
Dated June 7, 1911.    LIN'FUKD SKU .. ,. nY.ll
Pub. July 8. -Geo. H. Putua, Agent
Neatly Fjrntih����l Rooms; miliBn preferred.
Appl> Mr*. Mullin. over Ms.-:- Theatre.
Phune S�� if you want to rent * h mm, fumnhed
or unfurnished, corner tith A -���*- and Thompson
Street.   All m<dern conver ���
Coey furnished rooms.      Mrs    Dower. Somerset
Rooms. Thlnl Avenue, hetwwr. Bn-tnUl  ar.d
Eirhth. l'._-tf
Porter War. ted
Inspector i .  . m'*> i\\*.r:i*n-
, ��� with i'r.i Ki-'-. :i. - Depar it
hi* v. - rned with  the
;.     \, r>       *
quel      - h -,ht-
fisheries of ihi- whok   Domiii
.  <1  th<* Cover meni  hopes
expects that  the policy pun
ffice  will
: n   with   the  admi   *
of the Iii    ries iprat
��� ��� :  i "
jivi   I - *     - l   ���
��� -   nippon --     ���  ���
Ins.   Williams   Commended
I    ..-���   - ' :   I 'i--
rii ���  N'Lir.U-r Tvi-o, thi   .   r
. - - .   i! Pri ce Rupert
the Chief  Ir.spei    r  ������  -
��� ! : ;���   Inspector Willi ms ol
thii  dii rii     "who "wi :g ������> hi>
thorough k- ��� wli dgeof t
r. ��� d t.*<I invaluab i . --.-
marked <!hief I -;���>���' or I
hem this morrirg.   I..-  night the
fuhi ri. -  cruiser  Falco     I
0 ���';>. i. ni-- into |��,r, .������ .I -.- ���
.urrirn to iho **>ki<- .- i* *��� I ���;.  with
1 -;������, tor Williams.
Help Wanted
Walchea       Souvcnira        Jewelry
���������*.:.:     WATCH   IXSKCTOa   ro��  O.I.r.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St.
A FT��t Oasa H..u**k**per a*
A I-   n*��r Laundry.
,erti war*,,
and Second Av.
rHONE 82
T��afl*.��r wanted for the  P *    - tnpscn  Public
School.   Salary IW bar mo-*       Apply to John
Damn*. Sch-a 1 Tu.te*. su-.:* .-s-.tar mar's and
.*..-���  ... lt.l-
War.taaj jr. Lata r��n.    Apply Pac
c Coaat Con.
.r: I-. *r-
Clrl wa**t��**d. lmm��-dlat*lr. fcr '.-rht houMWork.
Apply Mrs D. C<*h*n. ph.- -.'--tf
Mr*rsC<.. Sluckera B.iri. wa-ted at H*dd��a
Cr��*k C.*p��r C-.. Gooae U*. Tak��S..�� Vadso
or Venture !l-tf
Aptly Talb.; Rokt.s. Sivl Av*.
������       Boarders Wanted       ���
A f*w  C--.J   hotna'lk*  *oo-r,  ch*ap  P. steady
r*>j��v*r.    Km-r .i-i-orr* H *.��.. ir.d A.��nu*.
2 cleared and level lots, with Ix.use, on
9th Ave., for sale as owner is leaving the city.   Good  terms.
box 757 Pattullo Block
Skeena Land Dutrict���Dutrict of Caasiar
Take   nouce  that   1,   Charles   M.   Knouse  o
Prince Kupert,  It. C, occupation (armer, intend
to apply for permission to purchase the (ollowing
lieacnb-vd lands:
Commencing at a post planted about ��� l) three
mile* aoutb and t.ltwu mil** west of the forks of
Whut river and Flat ri.er, thence south ttO chains,
thetK*  west 60 chains, thenc*  oorth  bO chaina,
tb*nre eut 60 chains.  ������
Dawd April20, 1911.     CHARLES M. KNOLSL
Pub. May 13. Francu S. Preaton, Agenl
Skeena Land District���Dislrict of Coast Ran^ 6
Take notce that I, John 1-sn Peters o( Princ* J
Kupert. B. C. occupat on clerk, intend to appl)
U: p*rmi��ion to purchase the following dusa.bed
Commencing at a post planted abuut three an I
one-half miles distant n a south westerly d rect on .
from a blir.d slough (rom Ubservatory Inlet where !
tre same touches th* Indian Reserve, thence |
����*t &l> chains, tbenc* north bO chains, thence I
cut MJ chaina, thenc* south hO chains to point o
commencement, containing -S-10 acres more or Iom
Dated April 14.1911. JOHN  IVAN  PETERS
Pub. May IS,
Cuast Land District -District of Skeena
Take notice that I, Paul Brendler, of
Porcher Island, occupation farmer, intend to apply for permission to lease
the following foreshore: Commencing
at a post planted about l*i feet from the
location post of lot 1801 on Porcher Island, thence in a southerly direction
following high water mark 12U0 feet;
thence west to low water mark; thence
northerly following low water mark
1200 feet; thence east to point of commencement.
Dated .March 7, h*ll.
First insertion .March 11 .
Skeena Land District���District ol Caasiar
Take notice that 1, Charles Frederic-*. Me'xsll
ot Suwart, B. C, occupation freighter, intend tq
apply   for  permission  to  purchsae thu     .    .   ,
1 described lands:
I     Commencing at  a  post  planted on ths right
��� bank of the Nau river about su miles sbovsths
' forka of the Nau river, thence south ao chsici,
' thence west -80 chains, thence  north n) citsim,
| thenc* east SO chains to point of com mencement,
containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated March 25, 1911. CHARLES F. MLIYALF
Pub. May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agent
Skeena Land District���Dutrict of Coait
Take  notice lhat   I,  William John COftfjr of
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation rancher, bMttd
to apply for permission to purchase the [oJo��i&|
deacribed Lands:
Commencing at a posl planted at the south****
corner of Lol 3063, Range 5, Cout Dutr.ct, tnenet
iouth 20 chaina, thenoa east 40 chaim, thenH
north 20 chains, thence west 40 chains to ;��� :.:
of eommencement, containing bu acr**, mors or
Dated April 8,1911.    WILLIAM JOHN CORLKY
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land District���DUtrict of Csstar
Tak* notio* that  William  Frederick Cameron
of  Prince  Kupert,  B.  C., occupation carpenter,
ntends to apply for permiasion to purchase tht
fjllowing deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about three
milea south of th* forka ot th* Whit* and Flat
river*, thenc* eoutb -0 chains, thence ��est i<i
chains,  tbence nortl   60 chains, thence east H
Dated April l\ 1911.
Pub. Msy 13. Francis S. Preston, Agent
Coal Tenders
-���* your Stov* or Rant* *** A. J.
... a-I McBnd* and Fifth Av*. G. k itotis
frotr. Ill t��.'.m
. -.���     ...  |: . - ,; U*-jae. ten rooms,  house-
��� ���t    .- a* :  .-a**   r.*wl�� furnished.     Price
F-.r terms apply owner on  premises.
Dreu! R-*.mina-House. 2nd Ave.        llt-tf
Tenders will be received by the .-:���-��� .���: -*i up
o S p.m. July tith, for the delivery- tn the bunk-
r. of the Electnc Light Plant of ��>.' lonit tons of
Tender must be on form to be obtained from
th* City Hall where full particulars may also be
. turned. The lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted.
it City Clerk.
Skeena Land District���District ol Coast Range b
Take nolic* thai Grace McTavish. ol Vancouver.
B. Ca, occupatioa married woman, intenda to apply
lor perrat-aioo to purchaae the following deeenbed
Commencing at a post planted at the aoulhwea.
corner lull cbaina cast and 20 cbaina nortb ol
the northeaat corner ol Lot 1116. Harvey's Survey
Coaal Dutrict, Itange &, tbence ll) chain* eaal
tbet.ee bO chains nortb. thence 40 ehaina waat,
tbence 00 ehaina aouth to post ol commencement
containing i'io acraa mora or k-aa.
Dated May 2. mi. i.ll.M K  McTAVlSH
Pub. Mav 6. Fred W. Bohler. Agenl
Skeena Land District���District ol Caasiar
Take notice thai 1, Brenton Jurdon Moor* t*l
I Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation contractor, intend
to apply for permiaaion to purchaa* th* (ollo*ir.|
ili-aeribed Ian,Is:
Commencing at a post planted about 3: thm
m,l*a aouth and 12) two milea weat ol lh. lord
ol White and U.t rivera, thence 80 chain. -.'.--.
thence so chaina waat, thence 60 chains nonh,
ihence 80 chaina eaat. ..���.���-
Dated April 20, 1911. Francia S. I *.-��� tmst
I'ui.. May 13.
Skeena Und Disuict- District ol Cassiar
Take notice that I, Allred Kyle ol I'rince it.*
pen.   B.   C-,   occupation   electrician,   intend  ta
apply  for  permiaaion  lo  purchase lh* follosi&g
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about il 1W
milea aouth ol the lorka ol the Whit* snd lut
riven, thenoe 00 chaina aouth, thenc* SO c-- -
eaat, thenoa 80 chains  north, ihrnra tt    baiu
Dated April 18, 1911.
Pub. May 13.
Francia S. l-teslon. Agssl
Business   Chances
Serve Tea and Cakes Tomorrow to All Comeri.
��� Movint Pictures.    Want*d-A
party I. .tart movlna* picture show In Prince
* rile me for particulars.    H.  Da.,..
Water*., wr.. Wi. l��.wl
Skeena Land District ���DUtrict ol Caaaiar
Take nolle* that  I, Jama*  Dunlup ol  I'rince
Itupert,  B.  c, occupation teamater.  intend to
apply  lor permtasion lo  purchase  the (ollowing
Hospital Ladies   Auxiliary Will deacribed land.:
_ r          .   _   .   Commencing at a post planted about two milea
aoutb ot the forka ol lne White and Flat rivers,
thence north &0 chaina, Ihence west bU chains,
thence aouth *u chatna, tbence east su chaina.
Datad AprU 18, 1911. JAMES In NI., ,1*
Pub. Mav I J. Francu S. Preaton. Agent
Mussallem & Company
..Good  Fresh   Groceries al City Prices.
Wi* hart Fr.*��h Lettuce. BliaMlwirtM,
Cakes, Peaches, Plums,
Apricots, Tomatoes and Qnm Onions
To residents >.f sections 6, ��i. 7. and 8���
We ileliivr promptly; our (foods are
fresh, at prices not to beaten in the cit>
Particularly j��1 .-;���--i���-.ji sounds ihe
|i!a,i jti-t announced by the Hot-
pits!  Ladles' Auxiliary, t<�� have
. ...   ��� _..n��        j ������ j >r. tty service of afternoon tea
4- I in the Knights ol
Helgi tmim   Block,
Fire  Insurance
Pythias H.-.ll
ni   Thursday
THE Blitlab Ul   - a-: Sa- mal Fir* Insurance
'  I. ������! *    I. eland,   with   capiul
'  '         ��� lor rate..     Th* Mack
Realt. ar��: I,...rar,.. I'.aT.banr. 7���tr
after >"ii 20th i. st.) between ilu-
hours nf three snd >ix p.m. The,
merely nomi ;-l charge ..f J5 cents
n *-~-��-*-~-^..~-~^_-��.^.^..^m^ will |���* made, end ilu- tea, cakes
j Real Estate | pr.d cool refreshments will certsinlj
Mussallem 4 Company \ :
���������i       : ��� ���   'V  I -������ ���
V a* ...'.- a ���!*>       W* can **l!  > .u good
It. I i '.    , .|.,      |*h ,r,. ft, and let us Join
forces    II  F  M.|la*SCo. liO-IM
.ui promisi ig
summery .-  ���!
��� -i< i
Good Things to Eat
I   Ill-It   |1
Pil  .". ,
eryb il>
\iinl   ,n
,'*; 1
That will break the
table monotony at your
house can be found st
our store. Every boat
from the ..outh brings
us Fresh Fruits. Fresh
Vegetables and New
Groceries.       :       :      ���
to look especially
sweet  for the oris ;��� forego i
very  liri^lii
ci ii'p.'- > will.', te) <l
i   .  rt-siiil
Take nonce that th* partnership consisting of \ilrfl   ,n  |,t*  ,ii,ri*
John Leee.t aid It.rr.tran Bait Wtlltama. car-
ryln-ronaitroc.r. art a. r.ral merchaidl-e bust- ;Tl*   IslKrlillK    L.vltcd    lo   llro|
mm la th- eliy of Prlaw Rapan. la the Province ' '
?JH!9,'*,'??',,,b**-^ .-il*r the nameof "Legaett ;mi| t;*Kl" tl*.'.
Sksena Land Dlaulcl���Disuict ol Caaaiar
Taka  notice thai   I,  Mary  Carlo  ol  Stewart,
H. C occupation married woman, intend to apply
lor la-riuiaaion lo purchaa* the lollowlng deacribed
Commencing at a poal planted two (2) miles
aouth and i2) two milea weat ul tbe lorka of tbe
White and Flal rivers, thence 80 chains nortb,
thence 80 chaina west, thence 80 cbains south
Ihence M) cnains east.
Dated April 20. 1911. MARY CAHIN
Pub. May It. Francia S. Preaton, Agent
Skeatna Land District���Diatrict ol Coaat
Taka  notice  that   I.   William  Melville  Corley
ol   Toronto.   Ontario,   occu|*alion   clerk.   Inland
to apply for permiasion to purchaae tha lollowing
described lands:
Commencing al a post planted at the northweet
c.rner ol Lol *10sb Raag b, Coasl District, Ihenc-
��a*l OU cbaina, tlience nurth 10 chaina, thence waat
10 chaina to HoU'e liale alough, thence along
alough aoutherly lo point ol commencement, con*
taii.ii.g 160 acr*. mora or laaa.
Dated April b. 1911.
Pub. April 29.
I*. i-i-nli.tllv  I
* William, v.. dlaeshstf ���n the I'uh day of
J-ily. llll. All arc,Ma owing to the partner-
ihipara tola-pail t.the said Alfred Berryman
llatt William*, who alaoe.aumea all liabilities of
th* partnership
Dated at Prince Rupert thi. n day of July.1911.
Skeena land Dislrict -District ol Coast Rang*.
Tak* notlc* lhat 1, Charle* A. Vaughan ol
Princ* Kupert, II. C, occupation merchant. Intend
to apply for permtasiin lo purchaae the lulluwing
deeenbed laads:
Commencing at a post planted on lh* aoulh
I 111' fct illi'lllr 1 hank ul Exchumslka River and about lour milea
from Its coniluence with the Skeena Itiver. thence
80 chains east, Ihence 80 chains norlh, thence 80
ehalna weat, ihence 80 chain* south lo point of
commencement, containing 610 acre, moro or leas
Dated April 21, 1911 CHARLES A. VAUGHAN
Pub. April 29.
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave. near nth St.
Phon* 190
Louis Hanson was Seeking Relief from the Heat Third
Similar Case.
Sealed tender, addraeaed to the undersigned
and endorsed "Tender for Public Building. Revel
��t,ik*. B. ('.," will be received until 4.00 p.m.
on Monday, July 21, 1911, for th* construct ion
i,l a Public Building at RaealaUM, II. C.
Plans, applications and form ol contract can
lie Ma>n and forms of tender obtained on application   at   the   offle*   of   Mr   Wm.   Ifpndpraon.
th* Port
Ketchikan's   Bachelor  Mayor
Welcomed Delegation of Fifty
three School Mar'ms.
Mayor Tom Torrey of Ketchi*
kai\ Alaska, is being congratulated
for his cleverness ; a a tactician
then- days, Ladies are none too
plentiful i i ili-i liiirn- Last week,
the Mayor appointed himself aa
.-.1 entertalnmer.i committee tn
welcome .-��� "delegadon from T;>-
ci niii." Liter on It turned out
that ihe delegation w;*s composed
r'ms. who
Sk.ena Land District���District of Coait Range S
Take nolice that I, Lionel King.!.*/ ol VancJU-
ver,   B.  C,  occupation   miner,  intond   to  apply
lor purmiaaion to purchaae tha following described
Commencing at a post planted noar the smith-
weet corner of Lot 992. Itange b, Coast District
thence west 40 chaina, thonce south 60 chaina,
thence eaat 40 chaina, thenca north 60 chaina lo
point of commencement.
Datad March 21, 1911.        LIONEL  ICING 'LEY
Pub. April 22.
Skeena Land Dlitrict���Diatrict of Coast lUtigj i
Take notice Hut I, Frank  Hicks ol I'ort u*
slnston,  occupation   mcrehanl.   Intend  to  ..;
for permission. o purchase lhe (ollowing dcacrtt**.
lands: ,        ,���
Commencing at  a  poat  planttd on tb* Mil.a
bank  ol tbe Eichumaika  River and al
milea 'rom iu confluence with the Skeena lli.ar.
thenca 80 chains w*-al, th*nce 60 chains a.m.
thence  80 chaina aaat,  thence suuth   " ch.trj
to point ol commencement, containing uw arm
more or Itta.  ,,, ....
Dated April 21. 1911. FRANK 111. h*
Pub. April 29.
Skaana Und Dutrict��� Di.tnrl ol Coaal
Taka notice that William MeTavlab ol WiW*
ver, B   C. occupation physician. Inten.la iu stw
lor permiaelon to purchaaa the folloaing Jrsoiea
Commencing al a poat planted at the aov.tt..��
corner. 40 chain, nortb and 40 chaina east . t��
northeaat corner ol Lot 1116. Har.cy ��� *���-���*').
Coaat DUtrict, Range 5. Ibence 60 chain, east
Ihence 60 chaina north, thence 60 ch.ina ��������������
thenca 60 chains aoutb to post ol commitr��m��ii
containing 360 acres mora or leas. ..
listed May 2, 1911.     WILLIAM A. McTAU.'l
Pub. May 6. Frad W. Bskkr, AS"-1
Skeena Land DUlrict���District ol Coast Rang. '
Take notlc*  that I. J. Lorn* MacLaret
I'rince Rupert, B.C., occupation tr.,1 ���
Intend, to apply for perinl.siioi to i ,
follow intr deacribed lands: .
C.immencing at a poat  planted  10 cha
and s,, chains soulh of the t.,uth��e.t
lot lT-o, vicinity of Lakelse Lake ,t I '   - --    _
L. M,., l.ui. i, ��� nortweal corner,  lh. nee
chains, thence aouth HI chain*, then.-   *������
chains, thence north 4" chains to I
in.-i,.. in. nt. cuntaininK HO *.*"������ "" "
Geo. R. Pulnam. A-l* M
Date May 31. 1911
Pub. June IU. 1911
Skeena Land Dlati-lcl���DUtrict ol Cut I
Take notica that Henry Macartney .'I mj
Hupert. B. C . occupation miner. Inlet ��� ��������� "^
lor pcrmiaflon to purcbaae tbe lollowlng ile-cr.*""
Commencing al  a  poat planted on lh' w01'
aid* of Eichumaika River, about 2 1-2 tni.es ir*"
Ita confluence wllh th* Skeena River and an*".
1 2 miles weal Irom Eichumsiks rsplds, ua-.-c.
cnains  north,  thsnea 40  chaina aut, "���"������
chaina aouth. thenca 40 ehalna west 1�� i'"'" of
commencement,   containing   320   seres   nn-r*
less.    Poat marked "H.M. S.W. co'. . ..
Dated April 22, 1911.     HENRY MACARTM."
Pub. April 29.
Skeana Land MUUIct-DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
Taka noUce that Geo. IL Laua of Prince ItJ***."*
B. C, occupaUon barber, inlands to spiayj
i*erml��lon   to  purchaaa  tha  lollowing  d*��cr"'-"
Commencing at a poat planteJ ab"Ut s��.��
mil-, wast and one mil. south ftr ��� ���  >""
of Stanly   Creek, Naden Harbor, liv i'	
chaina, thanca waat 40 chains, Ibence norn
chains, thanca east 10 chains. ., ,   ,,   t.ttt
Date.1 March 17, 1911. .    OfcO. II   '���*���
Pub. April 22. Numa Darners. M'-
idian Presi
, July l'.i.
resident  architect,  Victoria,
Office. Revelstok*. II. Ca, and at this Department.      t   cr.     -i i       ,
Peraona   tendering   ar-    nntifle.1   that   tender.   01    III I V-l lirci*   SI'llool   111;'
will not be considered u  ie*a made on the printed ��   t . * , ,
forms  supplied,   and   signed   wllh   their  actual   arr sight siCltig HinilR llll-ro.-ist
signature.,  stating  their  occupations  and  place*
of residence.    In  the caae ol  firms,  the actual
aignalure, the nature of ihe occupation and place
of residence of each member of the Arm must  laa
Willie seek rg   ��l,.nn\
, ,     Each lender must be arrompanioi by an ac-
relll I   troll!   llll*  OppreSSIVC  lle.-l   DV    <��l"e.l cheque nn a charter..,| bank, made payable
��� - - ���     U, Ihe order nl the  Honourable the Minister ol
Public Work", equal lo ten per cent (10 p.c I of
the amount ol Ihe lender, which will be forfeited
if the person tendering decline lo enter Inio a
t-onlrael when railed upon lo do ao, or fall to
complete ihe work contracted for.    If Ih* t.nder
be not .ecepteil the elie.,,,,. will be returned.
The Department doe* not  bind Iteelf to acrent
the lowe.1 or any tender.
By order,
R. e. DS8S0CRBM.
Mikmel and nmrirt     lu-lricl of Ce-aiar
Take notice tbat ChrUtlan A. Tervo of Stikine,
B. C-, occ'iuatlun customs officer, intend, to apply
for oernilaslon to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a poat planted about threa*
quarter, ol a mile north eaat from Glacier Riffle
and on the east bank ol Stikim* Rlvar and on the
aouth aide ol tha mouth of a little creak, thence
eaat 40 chains,  thence  north  40 cbaina,  Ihence laa-stt*--*-*, .   ,.   . nn-.i..i,,.   , , i*. ���
west 40 chaina. Ihence aouth 40 chain, to point I ���?*��&*&%��2^1 L?y.v   Coi.l
ol commencement and conUining 160 acrea mora ��� �� llarv.v a     ur.,..
Dated Fab. 10, 1911.     CHRISTIAN A. TERVO
Pub April 7.
bathing In the To.lwanlsli l< ver.
Louis   Hanson   gm   beyond   his
depth and was drowned yesttjrt
Hiis is the  third similar
here, since thi
ill! 111.
coming ot the heat
Cake   Filling
two large apples and grate
lhe gri'te (he rii.il of one
lemon ard use the juice, Add one
tablespoonful of butter, and one
ti -Mi spooi fail  of  flour,  on  ecup
sugar,  one   egg.     Mix  all   to-
Skeenn land District���District of Coast Rango b
Take notice that 1. Lauchlan John Shanahan of
Victoria.   II,   (-.,  occupation   teacher,   Intend   to
apply   for  permiaalon   to  purchaae   the  following '
daacrll*ed lands:
Commencing at a post planted 65 chains south
from the southeast corner of Lot iih.ii. thence 40
chaina aouth, thenca 40 chains west, thence 40
chains north, thence 40 chains east In point of
commencement, conUining 160 acr.*. more or lesa.
Dated April 17, 1911.
Pub. May 8
Skeena Und DUtrlet-DUtrlct of Coast '������"��'
Taka notica that  Annie Musaallem �� "���S
Rupert. II. C, occupation married woman,    i<"
lo apply for permiaalon to purchase the lolio'i���
described lands: . ,M
Commencng at a poat planled at if'1 ��� ,,
nuthwet corner 60 chains east Irom !*��� r, ,,.,,,rt.
1116. Harvey's Survey, Loa.1 >'""",.
lUnga 5, thence eaat 20 ehaina, Ihence n.r'n '
chaina, thenc* waat 40 chaina, Ihence .���������'" ���0
chaina, thance eaat 20 chaina. thence ���" ' ,a
Chains to point ol eommancamant, containing
acraa mora or laaa.  _ ....uu^LLbM
Dated May 8, 1911.
Pub. May 13.
_ Skeana Und DUlrlct-DUtrlcI j I ������� ������   ol
Taka   nolle*   that   I.   Thomu ^<cr*,",,'j to
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation clerk. "   "!���,..
apply  tor permUalon  to  purchase IM ������"""
doscril-e.1 landa: . ,., ���,in.
Commencing at a poat planled about I*.' "J"
siuth of tha lorka of tha While and W'JJJE
llienca north 80 ehalna, thance cast 80 en."
Ihence south 80 chaina, thence west IB *"��� Kv,*,
Dated April 18, 1911. THOMAS Mc*'1*:1*',
Pub. Mai- 18. FrancU f, VrmUin. Al"
Read The DaAly News      1-agTTOgWg
1       "' I Inii-arl 1.,-anl
l'*Iiarlmenl ol Public Wnrka,
Ottawa. June 29, 1911.
NawaMMn will not l,.. ,,.,,! (0r thia advartls.
I "'Ii��f t tnrnt .
without authority from tht '
Skt��ni Und District -District of (asalir
Tak* notlc* that I, John L. Mltcholl of Prince
Hti^rt, 11, C.( occupation bookkeeper, Intend to
apply  for  permission  to  purchaso  the  fullowlng
i , ,    .        deacrlbftd Isnds:
M tlHT Ul a  KilllCOpail  iir.d TOOK fori     CommenclnB ��t ��� post planted about (6) flvt
���i    fi.w    sn)   .., 11 i   mlIi" *ouln ,nt* 1*1 one m*** wplt M lhe forks of
II ^     millUtC*.       I (K*    any    Jjood   the White and Flat rivera. thenco north 80 chslns
thence  nast  HO chaina,  thence south  SO  chains,
*yer cake and this for the filling.  S*:S'
* * I It i�� called Gsntlemsn's Favorite. , RTsiW',9"'   ^SSS'sSAffig'ffii
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrlct of I ���""',.
Take notice that I, Charles L. Delgrove nl >>'
art B. C, occupation proapector, Inlend   ���_" ,^j
lor permUalon to purchase tha following u*��c"
'-""'": i    m,|rl
Commanclng at a poat planted aboul "it���,,,
aouth and one mile weat of the forksio lire ��>
and Flat rivera, thanca aouth 80 chains, in*.
eaat 80 chaina, thence nortb 80 chains, tti��ne*. *"
80 chaina.
���Hwwasasa | }.,urM^^,.,,8.0��� "u Wffli&*


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