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 muvn ��������*
Twenty-four hours ending6 a.m.,
July 18.
The Daily
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
jli'Via   /i^rOR
n,1' *-    ^l*..--'!
Princess Wi-ty, .^Thursday p. m.
ttle j/^Wadneaday, p m.
ui $%W\
\'^)niA  H.^>
VOL* II,  NO. 160
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, July 18, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Publishes a New Poem in London Times Denouncing
the Declaration of London���Still Harping on
Prophecies of Evil Days
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, July 18.���Rudyard Kipling has brought a poem into the
political arena in behalf of the op-
poncnts   of   the   Declaration   of
London,  which   the   Government
(is pushing through the Commons.
Basing the reported  intention of
tlu* Government not to allow its
I followers to'vote indenpendently,
hut   io  insist  upon   coalition   in
[support of the declaration, Kipling
apostrophizes the Government as
"Panting to shame  the nation,"
even liefore the Coronation guests
���have    departed.     Recalling  the
iM-rviiv at  the Abbey,  the poem
|��liii-h appears in the Times, says:
The light is still i.i our eyes
01 faith and gentlehood,
|(ii service and sacrifice,
And ii does not match our mood,
Tn turn so soon to your sophistries
That starve our land of her food.
Another stanza reads:
"Wait lill the money goes,
Wait till the visions fade,
We may betray in time ('.oil knows,
But we would not have it said
When   you   make   report   to  our
scornful foes
That we kissed as we betrayed."
Ralph Broad Died Suddenly
Newly Wed Daughter Recalled.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, July 18. Ralph Brord,
for many yiars assistant curator
of the Dominion Geologic**.! Survey, dietl today aged fifty. His
daughter who was ni:Tried only
on Saturday had to lie recalled
hurriedly from her liomymoi-n.
Scytheman Lopped Savagely in
Montreal Yesterday
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, July 17.���Five sudden and violent deaths occurred
here yesterday. Christina Mar-
COtte was killed by a street
car ar.d an unknown man also.
J. B. Girouard, a lineman of
many years' experience was electrocuted. John Smith committed
suicide by hanging. James Wilson
died in the hospital as the result
of being struck by a heavy stone
while working at a house being
Member for Yukon Territory
Could not Stay over to Deliver
Promised Speech.
To be Made This Week by a
Fleet of United States Warships.
Sacramento, Cab, July 17��� A
fiililii attack on San Francisco by
i Heel of warships, headed by the
bruiser Marblehead, a hostile dem-
���iiiMnuion in the darkness with
Dooming cannon and flashes of
p'-Ailcr and everything but flying
jliflls is what  Adjutant-General
���"dies is planning for some night
Ihis week. The land, forces, man-
Jiiin the forts and batteries pro-
pcting the entrance to San Fran-
i Ray, will endeavor to keep
���lie fleet from entering.   It will be
a contest between the army and
the navy and i -.cidentally it will
be the first time in history ihat the
harbor has been attacked by a
fleet of vessels.
The licet of vessels will try to
cross through ihe entrance of the
harbor, while the soldiers on the
hills about the entrance to Golden
Gate will be busy with searchlights, flashing spears of light
over the bay and entrance to
detect the first appearance of a
hostile ship. The winner will be
decided probably by umpires selected from the regular army, the
navy and the national guards.
The Presbyterian Younj? Peo
pie's picnic will be held on Wednesday eveninp. Launches will
leave at 6.15 p.m.
liss Caroline Cantlon's Prize Was a Bundle of Worthless Mining Stock Certificates���In Three Years
They Have Become Worth $70,000
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chicago, July  18.*���Miss Caro-
I"���'< 'antlon of Chicago, a graduate
P| ��� assar, has just valued a bundle
mining stocks  she won  in  a
l""i  race for girls at a  fair in
Ta-gary,   Aha.     She   finds   they
F worth $70,000, ar.d will prob-
���>' bo worth $100,000 shortly.
s'" accepted the mining stocks
s ���> win of joke, as the mine at
1,1,1   time   was   nothing   but   a
rP'ospect."    One   of   her   com-
��>"���'* in the race won a diamond
''������'   donated   by   a   Calgary
f-lhonalre and Miss Caution was
l-'i'jmid t��� much  qujet j0king
fv her friends upon her "prize."
"���ai was three years ago, but
"' '-u>*K on to the stocks as the
[,'"'"""��� Mr. J. J. Young editor of
\�� Calgary Herlad, told her it
,""M �������������������� her rich some day.
���j' Mocks in the meantime arc
r"'"8 :" *70 a share and she has
thousand shares fully paid up
" """-assessable.
Meeting For Women
Another meeting to discuss the
nor work of a Woman's Club
J'   * held  in   St.   Andrew's
JJj- 'borrow, Wednesday, at
Dm.    Non denominational.
Citizens Warned to be Cartful
During This Extreme Dry
Spell. Shacks Caught This
Morning on Tatlow Street.
A little blaze occurred t��.l i bout
eleven o'clock this mor; i g in a
small shack Oil Ti .tic** street belonging to T. Osborne. The fire
was out in nine minutes after it
caught, thanks to the prompt
turn out of the brigade with the
auto-hose wagon. Though small
and inflammable the greater part
of the shack was saved. Another
little outbreak occurred in dry
brushwood near the Westholme
Lumber Company's yards yesterday afternoon and was extinguished by the employees. Owing
to ihe extreme dryness of the town-
site and the scarcity of water, too
great care cannot be taken to
prevent risk from fire. The firc-
figliting party has not yet returned
from the scene of the bush fire
across the harbor, but the cessation
of smoke would indicate that
its efforts have been successful.
Mr. Frederick T. Congdon, M. P.
for Yukon, and one of the most
finished speakers in the Canaidan
House, passed south on the Princess Mary this morning.
Mr. Congdon had given a promise a few weeks ago m stop off
in Prince Rupert on his way south
and deliver an address on the
political situation in Canada, but
the urgent call io reassemble the
House al Ottawa made this promise
impossible to fulfil.
While ihe Princess Mary was
at the wharf, Mr. Congdon walked
up   town   and   called   u|ion   Mr.
Morte Craig, and other of his old
Dawson friends.
Kfforts will doubtless be made
to capture Mr. Congdon on his
way north next time, and secure
the promised speech.
City Solicitor Peters Thinks
Small Debts Court is Liikely
to be Delayed.
In a lengthy report to the cits-
council last night City Solicitor
Peters explained thai it is possible
for tradesmen in this city to obtain
redress in lhe case of small outstanding debts, through the County Court on payment of fees very
slightly in excess of ihe fees in
a Small Debts Colin. Mr. Peters
tlid not think a Small debts Court
would soon Ih-established in Prince
Aldennan Clayton thought this
a pity. Even it if were possible
for a tradesman in a small way
of business to approach the County
Court for recovery of a small
account without having to employ
a solicitor, Aldennan Clayton
thought thai the difficulty of the
various legal formalities to Ik*
attended to might deter iii.iiiy
men from attempting to recover
their debts at all unless a Small
Debts Court were established.
S.S. Moltke from Italy Quarantined at New York
(Canadian Press Despatch)
New York, July 18.���A serious
outbreak of cholera has ��� taken
place among the passengers of the
steamer Moltke from Italy. Six
deaths have occurred already and
fifteen cases are in lhe detention
hosiptal. Strict quarantine is being
Aviator J. J. Joyce Had a Thrilling Escape from Death at
Chicago Telephone Wires Sa
ved Him.
Chicago, July 18.���John J. Joyce, an aviator, fell 500 feet in a
biplane at Hawthorne Park yes-
n rday, and escaped with only
slight injuries. He broke through
live telephone wires, one trolley
wire, and a heavy wooden backstop for a baseball diamond. The
backstop Wiis wrecked, and the
biplane was literally ground to
pieces, but Joyce escaped with
only a sprained ankle, a scratched
face, ami a possible minor fracture
of small bones.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
At Last They Start to Consider What Will Happen to the  City
When the Hot Weather Comes in the Summer Time���Plans
and Proposals to Get Auxiliary Supply from Morse
Creek Submitted---No Definite Action Taken
"You never miss thc water
till the well ruts dry." Prince
Rupert's well, or rather reservoir,
is running dry, and the ciiy council has suddenly begun to realise
the fact. Last night they passed
a resolution that the City Engineer should lie consulted at once
to see whether the Morse Creek
dams can lie repaired and the
witter pumped to the city. The
motion included also the pro|xisal
that   the  Acropolis  Hill   reservoir
should Ik- examined with a view
io its completion.
Proposed Before
Long before there was any sign
of shortage in  the water supply,
thc City Engineer suggested to
ihe council the Morse Creek proposition. His idea was to get permission from the Grand Trunk
to use the old dams and the water
supply, to have llic dams repairetl,
and get a pump to send the supply
into the city mains. Although
estimates were then obtained for
a pump, and the necessary piping)
cost of repairs to dam, etc., the
matter was left in abeyance. Now
comes the information that although the SHOW has lasted longer
thafl usual on thc mountain, and
although there is morc water
than there was last ye-ir, yet  the
mountain supply is rapidly falling,
because there arc nearly twice
as many witter connections this
year than there were last year.
Council Talks About It
In view of the disquieting report from the reservoir, the city-
council last night had a little
pow-wow about the need for water. Alderman Clayton said with
emphasis that it was imperative
that the council should do some
thing.    Alderman   Hilditch   said
ihat was very true. "We need
water, and wc have got to have
it," he remarked. Many and
various ways in which ihe water
has been running to waste were
Alderman Clayton told of a
ship which lay at the wharf,
filled boilers, tilled water tanks,
filled fire buckets, filled every
conceivable receptacle with fresh
water, and then turned the fresh
water hose cheerfully upon the
decks and had a good wash down.
This was scandalous he thought.
Alderman Newton spoke of the
leak thai keeps trickling steadily
from the tank above the fire hall.
Why was this not   put  right  he
wanted to know.
Save Every Drop
It was agreed that every possible check should be put on the
wastage of water. To prevent
steamers from taking it away
without authority by means of
the hydrant al the wharf the
Mayor thoughl a building should
be erected over Ihe hydrant, and
kept locked, the key to be in
charge of the G. T. P. office at
the wharf. Citizens are warned
not to start fires any without
permission from the Fire Chief,
because the situation if a big fire
were to break out would be simply
Aldennan Newton asked why
the Acropolis Hill reservoir COUld
not be put in shape quickly and
used ;is a reserve store of Witter
Taking Bad Chances
"We iire talcing too many chances," declared Alderman Hilditch.
"We don'l know lhat the Hydro-
electric By-law is going to jk-ss.
We don'l know that the Grand
Trunk selllenieni is goi"g to pass.
We COUld  have the Acropolis Hill
reservoir ready in sixty days."
"We'd   better   get    the   Morse
Creek   Dams  mi riled,"   said   the
Mayor.   "We had better have the
water even if we have to carry
it in buckets."
"I'll move that that go forward."
put in Alderman Douglas.
"Better move that it be referred
to the committee to confer with
the engineer," said Alderman Hilditch, and this was done.
Cost of Scheme
An estimate of the cost of the
Morse Creek scheme was prepared by the City Engineer some
lime ago, and attached to the
report regarding the water submitted last night. It gives the
expense of the whole work net as
14980.07, details as follows: Underwriters pump, capacity .500 gals,
per mi'i. .$1194.00. Erecting boiler
(already owned by city) $518.00.
I-tying suction pipe and connecting pump with present 12-in.l
main at corner of Eleventh street
and Second avenue, 12346.84. Stop
valves, 1187.50. Repairs to dams,
$450.00. Building pumping station. $055.70. Total $5442.07.
This  sum  total,  however,  to  be
Party of Fire Fighters Despatched in Launch Cloyah
on Telephoned Warning from Cold Storage Plant
that Dense Smoke Was Rising
Fire broke out in the bush
somewhere around the head of
Tuck's Inlet yesterday about midday, and in the afternoon word
was telephoned from the Cold
Storage plant to the Provincial
Police that dense volumes of smoke
were arising in that direction, and
it looked as if the fire were spreading. A thick bluish haze of smoke
hung over Mount Morse, and the
sun was dimmed, while the smell
of burning spruce was distinctly
perceptible in the city.
Fire Fighting Party
About four p.m. on receipt
of ihe message from the Cold
Storage Provincial Constable William Godson with Road Superintendent C. J. Gillinghiim and
a party of six men left in the
launch Cloyah from the Rti]K-ri
Marine wharf with provisions for
several days, iind full equipment
to cope with a bush fire. They
bail instructions to find the fire
and check it if possible.   Although
the thick smoke hud been seen at
the head of Tuck's Inlet there was
some thought that the seat of
the fire might be found to be on
the Wark Channel side which
would mean a long detour for the
Picnic Parties Warned
Owi.-g to the long continued
drought the bush is very dry, and
thc present outbreak of fire is
said to be the first that has ever
occurred in the Immediate neighborhood of Prince Rupert, and the
fact that the bush has hail time
to grow dry enough for a fire to
lake hold is testimony to thc
splendid summer weather experienced here for the past six or
eight weeks. Today the fire is
checked, but the incident should
serve lo warn picnic parties yet
again to exercise every possible
care lest they endanger themselves
and cause great trouble by carelessly allowing a bush lire to start
from iheir camping place.
Is Interfering with the Work of
the Dominion Gov't. Telegraph Men.
Bush fires are reported to be in
progress at various points up the
river, and causing the Dominion
Government telegraph linemen great trouble to keep their line in
order. As soon as repairs would
be effected on one place troubles
were recorded from another���and
very few telegraphic messages foun
very few telegraphic messages
found their way in this morning.
To watch thc want ads is to
find, once in a while, a work-
hunter for whom you are hunting.
Sir H. M. Pellatt is Uncertain
of Precise Location Will be
in Maritime Provinces.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, Out., July 17.���Sir
Henry M. Pellatt who has just
returned from the Coronation, says
that Sydney C. B. May may not
be the site chosen for the location
of the plant of the ten million
dollar ship building company which
will construct the Canadian Navy.
The plant will lx- located iii the
Maritime Provinces somewhere,
and will have the largest docks in
the world.
Aid. Douglas Voices the Feeling of White Labor Laundries Against the Chinese Laundry Men Who
Do Their Collecting on Sundays
The Mayor with tin* support
of the City Solicitor rather wet
blankcitcd Alderman Douglas,
who however, stoutly maintained
his position on lhe subject. Then
Alderman   Newion   came   to   his
support   with   a   very  emphatic
argument that it was mifci unfair
to employers trying to, do the
"white" thing to white labor in
town if their business was undercut by Chinese who cared nothing
for lhe White Man's Sabbath.
True (he white man did not need
to encourage the yellow fellow's
Sunday   traffic,   but   as   long   as
money was an object the chances
were    in    favor    of   ihe   cheaper
laundry's getting patronage.
Matter Held Over
Neither   lhe   Mayor,   nor   any
of  the  olher  aldermen  enred  to
ackle tin- problem right off the
reel,   so   Alderman   Douglas  consented   to   its   being   laid   over
laundry   men   have   of I until   next   Monday.     Meanwhile
their   collecting   rou ds I the  City Solicitor, who with his
Evidently the sultry spell affected   the   energy   of   thc   valiant
scrappers amongst our aldermen
last night, for the council meeting
was    peaceful.      With    Aldermen
Smith,   Morrissey,   and   Kirkpatrick   absent,    the   festive   board
looked rather deserted, and when
during   the   evening   it   happened
that both Alderman  Newton and
Alderman   Douglas  went   out  at
the same time there was a suspension of business for lack of a
quorum.    A considerable mass of
reports   from   the   public   works
department regarding progress on
plankway and street const met ion
was   dealt  with.     On   only  one
subject:   was   there   any   intense
feeling hinted at.
John Chinaman's Ways
This subject was brought up
by Alderman Douglas, It relates
to the effect on white labor Ip.un-
dries in town, of the way .in-
reduced   by   allowance   for  value on  Sundays,   thus stealing  as  It 1 superior   knowledge   of   the   law
of suction pipe and supply main were,  a  day   in  advance of  thc I did   not   scruple   to   snub   most
which can be used again $512.00, white labor laundry.   This qucs-1unmercifully  the stout  champion
The   Mayor   had   the   idea   that |giving the sum of $4030.07 as the lion is vexing one important "Whi- lot white labor in Prince Rupert,
total estimated cost of effecting I tc Labor Laundry" in town, and 1 may'look the details of the matter
the Morse Creek augmentation of Alderman Douglas was asked tolup specifically for thc information
the present water supply. 1 speak about il. |of the council.
very little would be gained by
this immediately, and it would
be insufficient in frosty wealhur. THE  DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
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Daily Edition.
Tuesday. July 18
Bruin her
[regexinis is found dead
air at her home In Corn-
Copyright,  1911, by the Century Syndicate
"Who let you out'" Mortimer Tregennis considered
"Mrs. Porter had gone to bed, earnestly for a moment.
hairat herhome i,, Com.|BO I let myself out.   I shut the hall     "ThereJ> one .lung occurs to
wall, stricken dead with   horror, door behind me.   The window of me,    Bald he at last.     As we
Her   two   brothers,   Owen   audi the room in which they sal was sal al die table my back was to
George are found Insane from hor-closed,   but   the blind was not the window, and my brother Geor-
ror.   What has caused  it/    The drawn down.   There was no change ge, he beln    ...*  ]��� ���.
remaining brother Mortimer Tre
gennis cam
in Sherlock Holmes to
"the Cornish   Horror?'
Continued from Yesterday
it cards,
I saw him once
my shoulder, so
and looked also.
in door or window this morning, j was facing  it*
nor any reason to think dial any look hard  over
stranger had  been  to the house. I  turned round
Vet there they sat, driven clean |The blind was up and the window
mad   with   terror,   and   Brenda|shut, but I could just maki
lying dead of fright, with her head
I had hoped that in some way
back banging over the arm of tlie chair.
I'll never  get the Bight  of  that
room out of my mind so long as 1
coax my companion
��� quiet which had been the
of our journey;   but one
The interesting story in yesterday's News of how two residents
near the General Hospital have succeeded in making a fertile and
useful kitchen garden on their lots, ought to stimulate a number of
other people to follow their example.
By lhe liberal use of elbow grease ar.d a spade, many a sour
looking patch of muskeg might be turned into a pleasing garden,
producing flowers ar.d vegetables. Drainage, air and a mixture of
sand ar.d clay with the muskeg will accomplish wonders in the way
of making a garden.
Mr. George Naden lasi year experimented with potato growing
in the drained muskeg, and many people will remember the large
sized, tempting looking potatoes which later on were exhibited in his
window iis an example of what could be accomplished.
Many people this year are noticing the changed aspect of the
townsite. The muskeg patches are drying up, and where moss banks
used only to grow, patches of thick grass.are appearing.   This is a     "How
direct effect of the wholesale clearing of irees. and the letting in of | where   this
sunlight on the townsite.   The rays of the sun decomposing the muskeg | curred?"
I coulc
into ih
glance at his intense face and
contracted eyebrows told me how-
vain was the now expectation.
He  sit   for  some   time   little   in
ihe bushes on the lawn, and it
seemed to me for a moment thai
I siw something moving among
them. 1 couldn't even say if
it were man or animal, but I just
thought there was something there.
When  I asked him what he was
... I n.  .        C01,t  *****  6 ���-���������"���   DUlrict
Lovers of the Noblest of Man a L^J^SaS^ �������> - ku.
Dumb Helpers will Like This  |{-g^-i���, u p**-****. tta\#g* *>jgi
Commencing at . pet planted at tha n-wi
corner ol Lot 3983, thenco east Uu cbaiiTi ���"
���outh  40 chain., thonea ��,.-,*,, -.*"*��� "�����������������
"The facts, as you state them,
are certainly  most  remarkable,  ,
. said Holmes.   "I take it that you I �����  l      ���"��� j" '"''' ""' ,''-'1 :;'     ':
silence, absorbed in  the strange j have  no   theory  yourself  which
drama which had broken in upon can in any way account for them?"
our peace. "It's   devilish.     Mr. II.'lines;''
"I will look into this matter," , he said.   'It is not of ihis world.
.,    .       ../a    ir      r -c c*      i*i .i. . unimportant
he said at last.    On the face of lit Something  has  conn*  into  that
it would appear to be a case of a j room which has dashed the li^hl
very  exceptional  nature.    Have of reason from their minds
you lieen there yourself, Mr. Ro- human contrivance could do that?"
undhay?" "I   ft*ar."  said  Holmes,  "that
"No,   Mr.   Holmes.    Mr.   Tre- if x\iv matter is l>c\..ml humanity
the same feeling.   That is all that
1 can say."
"Did you not investigate?"
"No;    the   matter   passed   as
'You   left   them,
lion of evil?"
gennis brought back the account jt js certainly beyo d me. Yet
to the vicarage, and 1 at once We must exhaust all natural ex-
hurried over with him to consult Iplanantior.a before we fall back
you." upon such it theory ���������* this.   A*-
far  is  it   to  the  house u, yourself. Mr. Tregennis, 1 take
singular   tragedy   oe- ;t   you   were   divided   in   some
way from your family, since they
"None alt."
"1 am not clear how you came
to hear the news so early this
"1 am an early riser, and generally take a walk before breakfast. This morning I had hardly
started when the doctor in Iti-
carriage overtook me. He ��*ld
me that <>ld Mrs. Porter had seni
By direction of Act! g Police
Commissioner Bugher there was
posted the other day in every
stable where i"1**-'-' horses are
kepi hi N't" Vork ;i card bearing
a copy of "The Prayer of a Horse.'J
This is it;
To  Thee,   My   Master,   I
offer my prayer
Feed me, water and care
for me, and when the day's
work is done, provide me
with shelter, a clean, dry
bed, and a stall wide enough
for me to lie down in comfort. Talk to me. Your
voice often means as much
to me as the reins. Pet
me sometimes, that I may
serve you the more gladly
and learn to love you.
Do not jerk the reins,
and do not whip me when
goin? uphill. Never strike,
beat, or kick me when I do
not understand what you
mean, but give me a chance
to understand you. Watch
me, and if I fail to do your
bidding, see if something; is
not wrong with my harness
or feet.
"Examine my teeth when
I do not eat. I may have an
ulcerated tooth and that,
you know, is very painful.
Do not tie my head in an
unnatural position or take
away my best defence against
flies and mosquitoes by cutting off my tail.
"And, finally, O my master,
���outh  40 chain., thonce wust 20 en
north 40 chain, to pl.ee ot mmm.no. SS' ll"""*>
Uated March 18, lull. Ju   \ iTi,.,,, , .,
I'ub April 16. '   -Ifcl-iUiN
S keen. Land Diatriat - Uistrit-t -J , ���,*.���
Take notico that 1, I'erry ljueei..',, . I l',i ���
Kuperl, U. C, occupallon ptv-epteur, mu.�����2
I Commencing at a poat pUnt��i n, tb, V10
1 ol Uooee llay, about thtwnlgbu ol a mil, '"[f
' ol the mouth ol tb. Bountl i Irak, ud bass
on the eaaterly boundary ol 'lii���u-r Limita,*
36281 or No. too, thonco aouth 4'J ciii..��� .lor.,
Ibe eaaterly limit ol said Timber l.i.;i,; \��� J ,,?
or No. 361'BO 4U chuina, thetice earn tu '
Uooao Uay, a distance ol  in cltair.s i
illOIB Ul
thuncu northerly along thu aiiote ul
41) chain, more or leas, ihence mi
"I leu,
-   ...telly it' C|;UM
mure or le�� to poinl tl commeneem,...*., cmtai
ltio acre. moi. or leaa.
Dated March 1, lull.
fub. AprU 1.
Skeena Land Datrict--Diatricl ol ljuesn Cinrloiu
'lake nolice that Ueorge lrizi.li ul vm���
Kupert, B. C, occupatiun butcher. Inland! iu amy
lor purmwion to purchase iho loUowing deaaibid
lauua:       *
Commencing .1 a post planted atom sevso
milea weal and two miles south ul ilio n.umh ul
Stanley Creek where it empties u.to a,tiio-i
UarlKjr, liraliain lalatld, Iheucu HO ctiiitu souia
tbence 80 chain, weal, thence 80 ci.uiiia nurlL
Uience 80 cbau. eaat to point o[ cuuuuuucotaent
and containing 040 acre, more urlesa.
Datod march 17, lull i.l.ultiiK UllZitU.
Pub. April 7. Numa D*tu**v, ,\^m
Skeena Land Diatrict���Dislrict ol tjueen Cliarloua
'laae nuiice Ib.l Frank Leuck ul ���������..:,;,.���,.
Unu, occupation bookkoupor, inleuu-. tu ajioiy
���or peruuaaion to purcuaau tne lulluaiug .. ...'.v...;
Commencing at . poat planted about suvati
mile* wuat and two mUes south ol Um niuuit :
-suniey Creek where u empties iuo Nadtn
uarbur, l.raliaiti Islanil, thence 80 chains souin,
tneuou 60 cnaina eaal, thence 80 cliauo* i,utm[
iheuc. 80 cbaina weal to point ol cotiuuencetiietil
aud conutniog 040 acrea mote or leas.
Dated MUCH 17. 1011. FRANK l.tVlCK
I'ub. April 7. Numa D.-nti.'-,, A*Bti
Skeen. Land DUtrlct��� Dislrict ol Coast
Take nolle mat Glenn McArttiur ul \ aticouver,
li. C, occupatiun real  eatata aget.t iBlefidi tu
apply  lor permiaaion  to purchaae ihu :,.....,
uoa-crlbed latula:
Commencng at a poat planted 40 chains a'-t
and 80 cnaina auuth ol lb. auuthwesi curr.er ul
Lot No. 1733 marked Glenn McArthure num.-
we.1 curlier. Ihence wulb 4U cnaitji. ll.ei.ee usst
80 chain., ihence north 40 chain., tunce sett
80 cbaina lo po-l ol commencement, cunlaltjiii
320 acrea more or '.**���.
D.t.d March 20, 1011.       i .I.I.N \ McARTlRK
I'lll.. A I'I 11 IU. T. D. Laird. Agent
and turning it Into soil again, arc telling.   They can be very much      "About a mile inland."
helped by a little draining of wet spots and by turning over with a     "Then we shall walk over to-
spad,*. gether.    But, before wc start, I
An eminent journalist who loured the prairie provinces a few must  ask   you   a   few  questions,
years ago declared that the grandest work he saw was the tree-planting Mr. Mortimer Tregennis."
on tiny townsites ar.d on the prairie farms.   He saw not only the value
of the growing trees as wild breaks for prairie storms and shade for
cattle on summer days;   he realised the great value of the trees a*
a relief to the eyes of generations io come, from the monotony of was even  greater
featureless prairies.
lived together and mu. had rooms\* ]"> *����" wi,h ���" "**'?" "��?"
-.,.. iaffe.     I   jwne   in   beside   nun
up*, rr.
"That is so. Mr. Holmes, though
the matter is *mst and done with.
We wen* a familv of tin-miners
.11        ���   ,    ,    , ,, _ must have buPK-d out hours be-
sage.     I   sprang
.ind we drove on. When wc gm
there we looked into thai dreadful
room.    The randies and the fire
Ske.n. Land District-��� Dutnct o[ Queen Chulolu
'lake   notice that  Hubert  O.  Crew ul I'-im
Itupert, U. Qaj occupation .g.nt, intet.us io apply
lor pwrnl-aton to purcbue lne loUowing uescnunl
Commencing  at  a  pan  planted  abuut 6 1-2
���in,** wal and ball a mue .outh ol the -nuiilti ol
when  my useful  strenirth  is ��� siaui.y Cn** who��� it mmtm   imo .s.i��i
I Harbor, liraham laland, thuueo eaal 40 ctiains,
COI1C, do not turn me OUt in.nca norm 40 .-na-na, thence west 40 cnsins,
* ' theno. south 40 chain, to point ot comiiiancunier.1
to  starve   or   freeze,   or  sell ��d coniaimng100 ��cr�� mot.iajtm.
nat.'i Marcn 17, 1011. 	
me to some cruel owner to I i'ai>* Apni 7.
Ill in.1.1  U. LllE��
Numa Demurs. ....:.'.
his   more   controlled   excitement'
a   company  ard
iMIlemilll  ri.urw    Wll),  -..nough  to  keep  us. ,    . _. ..  ��� ,,
than   lhe   ob- i        ��� l      i broken.    The doctor said Brenda
tll.ui     lilt.     Mil      |   W()|)  (   ,|,.���v   ,l,at   ,)���.,.,,  Wi|>,  aa���m. ||a     l������.
The  other  had   been   silent   an    ,   Reduih.  but We (old OUt  our ,
this time, but I had observed thai , ���  ,��� .  ^ ���1V ���, |f��>i�� ��-���� ^r   '����> ,�����,", ��lt��n8
there in ilu* dark uniil dawn had
must   have   In-en   dead   at   le.i*-i
'g    illlOUt     UK-   lIlVISlOU    Ol     tllf;    .        . _.. a_,.
There is a plentiful lack of flower gardens In Prince Rupert at pres-1 He sat with a pale, drawn bice, moneJ   , .(i it M, ,,* |H.lXUrn U>MX ",,ur!>-   TlK'ri' wm' '" "'** '^
ent.   In showing what it is |iossiblc to gel out of the muskeg. Mus- jhis anxious gaze fixed upon Hoi- t()r   mme   tjnK.    ||H   |t   w  ^   ;,j| ��f violeriv.    She lay jus; across
imes   and his thin hauls clasoed .- t. i lhe arm of the chair with  thai
nils, .ii.u   in.   nun   iiju.ub i i.is-h.u   t()r|,1Vl.n   a..(|   forgotten,   ai tl   1111,    . .        , ,, _.
conclusivelv   totether     Hi-   oah* ,    , tt- t |lK,k  <m   ,,l'r  face.    George  and
lomiusiMix    iu^ciiit.1.     nis   I1*"1-  w,.rt. the best of frurds together.    ,, .    . . ��
lips   quivered   as   he   listened   lo;     ...     . .       ...        , Owen   Were   singing   snatches   of
,hl" vvv> ,r-�� I songs i,..,| gibbering like two great
siilhm Broiher*. have done ii good work. There is no reason why
a hundred other men at least, should not get busy with spade ard
barrow .ii ���! help turn lhe wilderness of muskeg into a flower or vegetable
be slowly tortured and starved   to   death;    but   do   thou, I 3toina Lan-lDUula���Omnct ol Queen Chariot
'I      la..* nolle* thai Catherine Harrison, ol Calls!
my   master,   take   my   life   in ��� Alberta,   occupauon  .plnau-r,   intends  to apulj,
** lur iMrmitalon to purcnase the lollowing d'-scnt***!
the   kindest   way   and   your i lanoai 	
* ��� \     . iiintiiriiang  at  a  poat   planted  aUout B 1*.
God    will     reward    you    here   milea weal and hall a mU. aiulh Irom the mouu
' ol  .-.lanl.'j   Cl-t-ek.  when.  It umplie. li.lu .NaUi-Q
and hereafter.   You may not  Harbor. -Jr-sham uiand, Omm �� cii.m. mitt
' , ihence  40 chaina eaal,  th.nc. 40 chains nottt,
consider  me   irreverent   if  I  tb.no. 40 cnam. ...t 10 point oi co-;. 1..���;..���."...������.
and containing 100 a.-t.-. mora or luaa-
ask this in the name of Him ���>��� *��* It. "���'.���JAT.ltR.N1, llAKKlioS
who  was
a  stable.  ���'���.���-aw*'���
.Nun, j I ��������   . ' ���. Agent
the dreadful experiei.ee which had
befallen his family, ar.d his dark
eyes set nnd to reflect something
of the horror of the scene.
It is nearly forty-five years si ce Confederation, which is a form "Ask what you like, Mr. Hol-
of reciprocity lietween the Provinces of Canada. Prior to Confed- mcs." said he, eagerly. "It's a
eration lhe provinces had tariffs agai,;st one another. It is interesting bad thii.g to speak of. but I will
to tmte ihat the same appeals to ignorance ar.d selfishness that are answer you the truth."
used today, wen* unsuccessfully invoked fifty years ago. "Tell me about last night."
We read in Parkin's "Life of Sir John A. Macdonald." "In Nova: "Well, Mr. Holmes. I supped
Scotia." Parkin says, "oppi.sbi.ni was organi/eri by a number of there, as the vicar has said and
prominent bankers and merchai 1*- i 1 Halifax, who saw that the pro- my ..-,|cr brother George proposed
|xiscd union would throw o|x-,i du province, hitherto their preserve, a game of whist afterwards, We
to commercial and financial rivals from Montreal and Toronto." -sal down about nine o'clock. It
They prophesied ruin upon the removal of we customs barriers erected was a quarter-past teh when I
in every province which checked the free interchange of products moved to go. I lefi tluin all round
and the full dl vi lopment of i*. dustry." thi- table ns merry ;.- could Ik*."
It i�� interesting ar.d impum-ut to In* runiiilid ihai  1.*- iIumi  	
fifty years ��� i." dure were hostile Intcrprovincial uirifl's behind which
monopoly sheltered ar.d grew rich at the expense of national welfare.
When the financial and commercial pessimist bids us see disaster in
the reciprocity pact, the optimist of history will help us to despise
the warning, for we know thai as prosperity followed the -weeping
away oi interprovindal restriction, 10 will progress attend thc removal
of further trade obstruction.
which you s-h- ,1 ii-gi-ihcr, dues
anything stand out in your mem-
pry as throwing any possible light
;upon the tragedy? Thick carefully. Mr. Tregeiuiis, for any clue
which can help me."
"There is nothing at all, sir."
"Your   people   were   in   iheir
usual spirits.?"
"Never better."
"Wert* they nervous people?
Did they ever show any apprehension of coming danger?"
"Nothing of the kir.d."
"You have nothing to add. then.
1 which cmild assist me?"
SkMna Land District -District ol Queen Chariot*,
Taka nolle, th.t J. tl. .vlurphy.ol \ancajver,
U, C, occupallon coromtfcial iraaeUur, inl.nii
10 apply lor permlMion to purcbue tne (oUoaitil
deacribed land.:
Commencing al . pet planted about s*i'��a
mile, w-j.1 and one mile south Iro.n tue nuiaU
ol Stanly Creek. Nadan Harbor, ihenco norm Ml
The Acting Commissioner found
apes.   Oh. it w*as awful to sec!   I the prayer in  Pittsburg recently,
couldn't stand it. and the doctor and i. struck him so forcibly thai
was as white as a sheet.   Indeed, he obiai, cd a copy, a- d arranged JtauST JiS" ET-'T "ZUl
he fell i.ito a chair in a son of i(,   have   ii   reproduced   for   the|tiirtffS,^""'       n
faint, i'rd we nearly had him on police department.    He ihi.nks i,
our hards as well." will serve to obtain better treat-
na Denier*, Agsnt
Recently this paper changed its name from the Optimist
to the Daily News. Its job department, accordingly changed
its name from Optimist Job to News Job department.
Within the last few days, a new concern has started and
assumed the name of the Optimist Job.   It is not the job department of any newspaper, and its assumption of this misleading O
title is an obvious attempt to infringe on the goodwill and  "��
patronage of the job department of this paper, earned under
its former title.
In assuming the discarded name of this paper's job department, the new concern may be within its legal rights. But
on the point of honor which lies behind it, the public is entitled to pass its own judgment.
The entire plant and equipment of the job plant of the *
Optimist  is in  the News  printshops,  and  is being operated O
under skilled management.   The youthful optimists who have  **K
started  operations, under the cast-off title, are in no way con
nected with the original Optimist job plant.
t=j   AND ERROR   na
Will our customers please notice that the Job Plwt of tha Prince Rupert Publishing Co.,
formerly the Optimist Job, is now operated under the name of the " NEWS JOB. " It is
in no way connected with a company now soliciting business under our discaided name.
Under  tht  suporintendance of Mr.  S.   D.   Macdonald, our plant  is turning out better work than ever
For high-class printing thai has style and character to it, %tt lhe News Joh. Oar prices are right too
Ska.ni Land DUlrict���District ol Casslsr
Taka   nouo.   tb.l   I,   Thomas   Macguu-ra ol
_���...   . t   .1.      t.. - I..   �� I..   ' Suwul. B. C, occupation min.r.lnlend to apply
���Rtm.1rk.1blc, most remarkable!''  men' "'  "'"' ll,,rs*s h>   men who , (of ja-rmWon u> purchaa. th. Wtowtm d,��nbri
sail.   Hi Imes    risirt*   ard   lakiiu:  sometimes lose their tempers and     comm.nclng .1 a port plants on n.�� m"
K      , ��� ,    ���, bank olth. Naaa riv.r.boul lour miles .bo.stM
.lllllse   llleni. | (���,*��� & u., N.aa riwr, th.nc. wuih to cbsins.
  thenc. srast HO chains, thence north tu ctsinj.
I thane, wit 80 ch.ln. to point ol conimencemtni,
At the Fountain ��� con"inln�� 64�� ������ 7homaTmacuui lus
Ice Cream Cones 5c. Ice Cream \ SKWft*,9U' SidM> Frmnk"'"""
Sodas 10c, Sundaes 15c and 20c,
I .     i *..,,,,*)-. ,'.,.     t\f\~  *n*a_a Skeun. Land Diatrict-Ulstrlctol Coast
Ice Cream <J5c pint. 60c quart.��� ;   T��k* none* th.t i. En. John coney .i i*j
CU     ii.,,,        I',   .,      ..    li   :���.   I Rup.it. B.C., occup.tion m.rned ����� "titan, irlrno'
.   H.   Orme,   Pioneer    DrUgglSt,    u,applyforperml..loi.loPUrcha��thel.H''��'��
Phone 82. , ..���������,.���,'������'���, ;it . po.ipi.nted <" otajw jj
Uad MU cheina wulk Irom the aouthw.al "���""""
���������������  lut 1703. Coa.1 Diatrict, lUnite (.. thenc- soattt I
��. ,       , i'i ��� '���������"���-��� th.nc. mat *0 ch.lna. them.- M
III   W.lll'll    I llC   Will.t    ."lis   Is    I n   ch.ina, thine, ml 40 chains more ur 1
. . *| point  ol  commencement, containina
learn   lo  iiiipreciale   iinv   sort   ol , mor. or les..	
, .j ' ��� MRS. JOHN lLottlel COHI.1.1
ri-id   estate   btiving   oniioriuniiv Dat.Mar.no,i��u
, . .    ' I'lii- Apr. 4. 1-..11
thiii i- exceptional.
his hat. "O think perhaps we,
hud b.-itcr go down to Tredannick
Wartha without further delay.
I confess that I have seldom known
a case which at first sight presented a more singular problem."
Bill Heads
Price Lists
Memorandum Forms
Commercial Cards
In  Commercial Printinf
w* have a large dork ol
*>���***.'>.**a.i ���-*.��������.-
To The Ladies of Prince Rupert
Di<! ���-,,, ���*., ,t0p i��� ihinl, how muen rm,;tt || wou|d be for
PTaWh.-'.M ��l��a end ol each month, you could pay all hou.a-
U -i r.     . y t������'!t���,���    W�� *",-ici* -"""��� account and hate .paclal
B si *;-"*<nini It*    Pri.ale w.iiing room, ara pra.idad
;       -   ... ol eu.iomer. and individual attention ia (lven each
**(��� allow 4 par cant, on dapo.il. and uaa ol check..
i-Wia.IIIIBI-CI-a.ISSI     *w��IUS ,
|      Form,  f
  j_ sy'Um
We handle Blank UifSi
Loo.e   I **f
Stock Certificates
Articles of Association
Illustrated Pamphlet*
For society printing, wc ensure correctness of style and taste in Visiting Cards, Wedding
Invitations and Dance Programmes. For any kind of printing from the humble "dodger"
to the highest grades of multi-color printing consult the "News Job "
*9***\v**m0**m**m*m***^s*i ���
The Continental Trust Company,
2nd Aoenoe
Daily News Building
PHONE   98
Advertise  in The DaUy New8l?o*o*o*o*o*o*o*o*o*oo*o*o*o*o
PHONE   98    +
t, Rochester 6*
T Monroe
l      ' ' Coal
S1u*D. Und Oblrtet-OUtrlct ol C;'a.i ����J��
Tak. ootlce th.t Eldon .*>. I1.t��1l*r ul   Wl*
Oni.- occupation  doctor.  Inland, lo  "l'l"> J~J
|j.-nils.lon   to   purchM.  th.  loUo��ln|| .l����*"
Comm.ncln. .1 a poal plant*! ��t '���"' J
��� mi curur ol Lot Ikkt, th.nc. Htl
mora or Ih*. thane, aouth 46 chains MS ��� '�����
lh.no. aast 30 chain, mon or leu. 11
ll, chain, mora or Im. to polM ol eomm.ne.nnai
oonlainink U0 acne mora or IcM.    unl'll
liat*d March It, ISII    ELLON S. UM.)*"-*J!
I'ub. April IS- John CampUJ. AJ��"
Sken* Und District���llUtrict ol <�������'''_
T.k. notice th.t 1 KrancU S. Tresion o I in"
upert, U. C, occupation pro.|**ctor. ini>*n�� ��
-iply   lot  permiaalon  lo  purchaae the loiio*'*
apply   lor  p*rmla.lon
��� l.acribed Und.:
Commencim   >t   .   po.1   pl.nte.1  .lwu-  --;������
: n il,*. MUtb and two mllw wwi of l[���'''"" ..
' th. White and Flat riven. Ihence wutl. *''"''
1 Ihenc eaat  80 chaina,  tnence  nortii  "-U �������������
thence weat 80 chain.. ., n   ,.���i--TilN
Dated April 20. 1SU.     FRANCIS S. I UbM*-1-
I'ub .Uay 13
..Whites Portland Cement...
PIhhm 125      Nibs Block
���MM Und Dlalrict-DUItlcl ol Lea,. il"l��
Tak. not c. th.t I, Jo. J.ck ol I'm * ��jl H
ll. C. occup.tion c.rpenter, Intend lu *|,|*i��� ^
.KTmUaion U purchira lh. lollo.lnil tmwsm,
Und.: .        ,,���rt.*D-I
Commencing ��t . po.1 pl.nled >bu��t '"'" ,���,
! on*s-h.ll mile, distant In a aoulh .est.t.. ��� ��� "
Irom a bUnd alough Irom Obeervstory 1 ni'i *JJ,
th. Mm. louche, th. IndUn ltrs.*rvt* I'''-""   aj
SO cha na. thenc. 'iith 80 eh.lns. Ihu"" ��'
S��r��nil tv.   ch-Un., thence auuili 80 chain. U> polm "V*
"" '"'   m.nramenl, conUining 610 acrea more j-t l.*��.K
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Muffs,  Etc.
Vancouver Fur Dressing Compiny
1843 Granville St.        Vnn., II.c.
Dated April U, 1911.
Pub. May 13.
Sk��na Und DLttict-Dlrtrict fiPSfiJSSm
Tak. notice th.l Lett I. McTavish ol V -niw-i ,;
! B.  C,  oeeupatlon  married   woman,   mi'      ^
I apply lor permiaalon  to purchase the
| d-**crilied lands: .        ,h. n0ftli*
Commendng at a post I'1*"1'���.,*'hl,,��� -.old*
wrat corner 1110 chains east and W a�� "   ,,',
I Irom the nurthMst corner of Ut 111'1. '    .liB,
Survey, Coart Diatrict,Kange S.lnence -. .
aouth, thence 80 chaina east, thenre
north. Ihence 40 chain. WMt. thenre/' "
north, thence 40 chaina eat. --
noulh, Ihenc. 40 chain. wn��t to post oi '
cement, containing 400 acre, more of n
Haled May 2, 1(11. LOI"111
I'uh. May S. Fred
f��111. Ilohlel. *��""
Third Ave
Skeenn Und District-District of CMJJ ".���!',��,.
Take notice lhat I, Alexander Cln.-her.   ' (| ,���
horn.  Manitoba, occupation   farmer,   ii ,|()Wins
apply for permission lo purchaM' II"'
described lands: ,h. south
Commencing ��t a posl platile.1 "��� '., infrh.
west corner of lot HOHf,, district of I "�����"��� |.. ai-
�� Uiale.1 almul 6 1-2 miles In a soiilli '" ' lrl| A-
rerllnn from llrerkentldge Unilmg. "j" cW���,.
C. nnrlh weat corner; thence smit'1 (hnin,
tl,-*nce east HO chain., the.ce north " J(<(.
more or les. to south east corner "> wplt
thenre west 4(1 chains more or less W -'' morf
corner of lot 3082, thence north ���If,1',". ,hrnc'
or les. to aouth e����t corner of lot ���" ''���ncf
west 40 chains mnre or Im�� to point ol f,i""
ment, containing 660 acres more or le"
Dale June 2nd. 1911
1 Pub. June 24th. 1911
Donald Clacher- THE   DAILY NEWS
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Samuel Harrison & Co.
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and - Stewart
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BudWelSer Beer, We are sole agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
Northern B.C. Liquor Company, I
PIm,  Nc.   7
.0. Be. S77
OFFICE     :
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel portal*, all kinds of laborers or me*
i ::.ii.:������-.,  call Up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment   Office
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
S. O. E. B. S.
The  Prince  Rupert Lodge, No. .IIS. Son.  of
England, meets the Drat and third Tuetxlaya  In
each month In the Carpenter. Hall, at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. S��*..
P. 0. Box SIX. Prince Rupert
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Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
Gasoline Launches, .^wc.Br:
For Hire by Hour or Day
H MulOD Con Creek F.O. Rot 187
riloNK 259 i.Ill in
�� and |
" ami 8
Block Section
84 8
14 8
36 7
Come in and see our list of buys in
other parts of the city
Second Ave..
Princa Rupart, B.C.
Hotel Central SJ--S1&5
Eurtiprnn and American plan, it-earn
heated, modern convenience!. Hat������
$1.01) tn $2.80 per day.        :        :
Prlcr  BUck
-.a-a... ���-*-*.. 4>
= !
This Is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prinoo Rupert
are invited to contribute to ita columns, and to take part in Its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Cerner" will fill a social need.
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Every Little Item Has a Meaning of Its Own
In embroideries, & special u*n-
(li-iii-y Ikis been not iced in the
direction nf Egyptian styles.
White dresses are lo he very
stylish in cotton voile, linen, pongee, lawn, Swiss and organdy.
A svyle that is deserving of
continuation, and which is accepted gladly l>y all women, is the
White parasols, nf silk or satin,
bordered with a six or eight-inch
band of black velvet, are very
The new bordered pongee makes
delightful blouses. Some nf these
hc.ve an Oriental air, others are
Hais of brocf.de, satin, silk and
tapestry arc veiled with net, gold,
silvir nr lironze gua/e with great
As children's skins are still
moderately narrow they must wear
close-lit ting petticoats or ihe little
dros loses iis stylish set.
The newest evening skirt lias
a short train that is cut in two
deep points like a swallow's tail
or else in one long point.
The chou is a favorite trimming
for dresses. It can be made of
velvet, satin, mousseline, and frequently has a silk Mower for its
The rliinchtoiie handcars arc
having ostrich plumes, often uncurled, startling up at one side.
Now antl then they arc curled
There are some very chic wraps
made in gold-tintcii material like
camel's hair, with bullous to match
Get Wise to the Significance of
Politics Early, Girls
Lunch and Meati at all hour*; Lunch  \'c
Meals 25c up-Come and See
little's NEWS Agency
MagazineB :: Periodicals :: Newspaper!
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furni.hed and
Steam Heated Room.
P.O. BOX 37
Fraaer and Fiflh St.
The only hotel in town
with hot anil ci.1.1 wnt*
el- In rooms. Rest fur-
ni.inal hoasa north of
Vancouver. Il.a.tns W��c
up. Phone 37. P.O.
Box 1��.      :      :      :
Recently women from all parts
of the world met at the congress
at Stockholm in Sweden. It would
M-ein lhat all these delegates think
that women should help to make
the laws. In Norway women are
,.in only voters hut members of
parliament, this is also the case
in Finland. In Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and four of
the t'nitcd States, women vote
for members of ihe legislature. It
docs not seem thai the change
has made much difference one
way or the oilier. Still Canadian
girls should try to understand
iluir history and read the news-
p;i|H-rs for il may Im* thai by the
time they are old enough they will
Water and Musk Melons
Prudhomme A Fisher      proprietor.
Price of Local Stocks
(As reported by S. Harrison A Co.)
llll.     ASKED
Portland Canal   16 -34       16
Stewart M. & I). Co  ��������
RcdClilT  ���lo    45
Main Reef.
| Silver Cup.
and Fr.--.lt Fruits of all
kinds are what you
should eat this hot
weather to keep healthy.
\V. have just received
a fresh consignment of
First of  the  Season
Grot.ries        Prim. Ham.        Prctri.ion.
have lo help in the government of
their country. Ilu- ini'ii make
many mistakes now nnd ii would
he very unfortunate il the women
were even more unlii lo vote.
See the ladies with the hats���
Stunning hats
Looming up in battlements and
slanting down in flats!
How they flutter, flutter, flutter,
At the comers of ilu* street!
And the ones who wear 'em utter
Words as soft as melted butter
To the friends they chance io
Aa they flash, flash, |];lsh,
In a sort of shiny hash.
Till you'll think a flock of blue and
green and pink and purple hats
Were the hats, hats, hats,
Hats, hats, hats���
The fearful and the cheerful string
of hats!
���Harric. Whitney Durbin
For mosl delicious Bread.
Dainly Biscuits. Etc., use
Robin Hood Flour
Your Dealer Has It
��� ���*-*-*-*-*
General Hardware���
Builders' Hardware I
a*.  Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves  *
Graniteware       Tinware ��y
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near 6th St.
Pretty   Ways   of   Setting   Out
Table Vases
One of the pleasantest duties of
the hostess in summer is to keep
her rooms beautified with flowers,
from field or garden. In Japan,
girls are taught how to crrarge
flowers, as a part of iheir domestic
education. We leave this to the
taste of the Individual, sometimes
with good results, sometimes otherwise. At least one lesson we may
learn from ihe Japanese, ihat is,
to make the flower in the vase
look as much like the flower in the
garden as possible. They would
never dream of massing blooms
together, but arrange each flowering spray so that it will show to
full advantage.
There are special dishes for
holding "tansies, violets, .ind such
short-stemmed flowers, having covers with small holes through which
the stalks are inserted into the
water, but any low, wide-mouthed
bowl or dish may Ik* used, and a
piece of wire mesh can be Iii till
into the top. ytiite pretty effects
have been achieved in the case
of iKtnsics by using an ordinary
soup plate of white china with
green and gold border, and apiece
of wire-netting cut to fit just over
the deep part of the plate, to keep
the flowers out of the water.
Long-stemmed flowers should Input in the vase loosely, so that
they will spray about gracefully
and not look si iff and bunched. A
deep vase is niiessiry. ol course,
but not so deep that the stems
will Im-. almosi entirely submerged,
else the flower flusters are sure to
mass logiher ."id look stiff.
Ornate vases should not be used
for   flowers,   as   the  holder  musi
not Ik- obtrusive or call attention
away from lhe blooms. Clear
glass is always safe. Dull greens.
grayish greens, and soft broWM
in pottery make excellent holders
for most kinds of flowers. Roses
and carnations look lovely in
silver. Wide-mouthed vases of
pottery arc suitable for tulips.
Sweet peas are lovely in white
Dresden vases, and nasturtiums
and some oilier varieties of garden
flowers are set off by btass IkiwIs.
���Canadian Pictorial.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
1 .aw Hut I.r Building*      Phone No. 280
Prince Ruoert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C.. Ontario, Sns.
and Manitoba Bar*. katch.wan  and Al
berta Ban.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Ofllce���Exch.nR-e block, corner Third avenue and
Slath street. Prince Ruoert 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation, skilfully treated.  Gaa and
local anasthelica administered for the painleaa extraction of teeth.      Conaultatlon free.     Offices:
Heliterson Block. Pnnce Rupert. 11-12
Alex.M.Mnii-m li A..      W.E.Willinms.il.A..I..I..I.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. O. BOX 2.1
G. T. P. Tranafer Agent.
Order, promptly filled.   Price. r--a.on.bl..
OFFICE- H. B. Roche.!.**. Centre St    Phon. ��S.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box 580
Sam Langford and Jack Driscoll
of Canada will meet in Winnipeg,
July 211.
"tfl      ���$      tfil
Jack Ward, the English lightweight, who came to this country
with Matt Wells, has relumed
a   tfi   -Sn
First hnseinan Tim Jordan of the
Toronto team is leading the East-
ern League in batting,
t'Jj    tii    *Sa
Fielder Jones, former manager of
the White Sox, is scouting for the
St. Louis Browns on the Pacific
Unless something is done to
put the brakes on the Berlin team,
the flying Dutchman will make
a runaway race of the Canadian
tS>    Si    *Sj
Ralph ('.laze, former ail-American football star and now an
Eastern League pitcher, has been
purchastd by the Syracuse Club
from Montreal.
it   tt   it
Knockout Brown wants 812,500
for his end to meet Wolgast.
Nothing stirring for K. 0. at that
S5     t&     tja
Scotsmen throughout Canada,
and Canadians of Scottish descent
are delighted with the success
of Private David Kidd, of the
70th Camerons, Winnipeg, at the
annual Highland games at Alder-
shot. He won first prize at the
hammer, first at putting the shot,
first at tossing the caber, and the
medal for the best Canadian athlete.
0     4     0
Tennis is being played in the
open air at night in Duluth. The
Duluth Boat club recently tried
an experiment on its asphalt courts,
placing powerful electric lights
over the nets, and it has been
found lhat tennis ran he suc-
seesfully played at night. The
courts arc occupied every evening
until 10 and 11 o'clock, and the
players say they have no difficulty in following the ball. It is
claimed to be the only place in
the country where outdoor tennis
is played at-night.
0     0     0
Jim Flynn of Pueblo who is
now in this city ar.d Carl Morris,
the Oklahoma white hope, will
meet in the ring as soon as some
club comes to the front with an
order to stage the contest. That
much was decided yesterday when
Flynn met B. F. I'fccr, manager
of Morris and discussed plans for
the bout. The object of the
conference was to decide where
thc fight would be staged. From
the present outlook the men will
decide the matter of supremacy
in an eastern ring, probably New-
0    0    0
That the Canadian team may
not be sent to compete for the
I'ahua trophy in the United States
this year is to be inferred from
Statements by the secretary . f
the Dominion Rifle associations.
As United States at present holds
the Palma trophy the challenge
should come from Canada, and
Captain Birdwhistlc, secretary of
D. R, A., is not at all sure that it
shall In- sent. "The question
has not come up at all before the
executive of the D. R. A," stated
Captain Birdwhistlc this morning,
"and is has been given absolutely
no consideration. I think, however, that it is doubtful whether
we shall send a challenge."
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Stewart, Thursdays and Sundays
at t-l a.m. Special fare on Sunday
bout,  $9.50 return Including meals
unil berth.
st. Prince Albert sails for Port   Simpson,   Nuas   River,   Masset,    Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
ami f'jr:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and    Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Boston, New York and Phila-
Atlantic Steamship bookings
via all lines. Full informa-
tickets    obtained   from   the
tion  and
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
^^sj-^^-a B.C. Coast Service
nj553h   Famous  Princess   Line
Tuesday, July   18th, 8 a.m.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
a   a   .   FOR a   a a
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
ii w. j. McCutcheon j
, ,   Carries complete itock of Drugi.   Special
attention paid to Ailing prescription*.
Theatre Block rm.su No. 79 Second Ave.
Phone 116
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., next to old office of Op tl ml it, eel) only
Beit made In Seattle. Fruit and Candy, whole-
tale and Retail. Look for tln-.li iljrr. at night
SAM GO WEN. Proprietor Phone 350
City Scavenging
Mr. J. G. Weston announces that he
has commenced work fur the city.
All  orders   received  at   the
Office, 5th St.
Phone 42
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
H. H. MORTON, Sec.
He sella Building!      He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys Lots He builds Homes
Special  Bargains in
Kitselas Lands   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse Lands
Hazelton District Lands       Bulkley Valley Lnnds
Kispiox Valley Lands       Porcher Island Lnnds
KitAumkalutn Lands, Sand, Gravel and Marble Deposits
List  Your  Properties with Jeremiah H. Kugler
He buys Leases He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
Secord  Avenue, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Situated on the Bulkley Valley Between the Railway and the Hazelton Mines, it is
Destined to Have a Great Commercial Future   Leading Hazelton Business
Men Will Build There in Anticipation of the Railroad and Mining
"The News" Classified Ads.
���==0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
Where to Go
lur the
and oth-
tln* Northern
riven i ly because of the rich mini
in   the   Ninemile  an<
Hazelton luis prospered
it has been the natural
base, and natural centre
Skeena, Bulkley, Kispiox,
cr Fertile valleys in
Interior,  aril   more
mountains near by. But Hazelton lias been up to now a river
town, all her transportation coming
up anil down the Skeena to and
from Prince Rupert. The coming
of the railway means for Hazelton
a lessening of river traffic, anil a
vast rail traffic bigger far than any
river boat traffic could ever be.
To be on the railway Hazelton
has got lo move where the station
will be, and upon that point on
the G. T. P. by the Bulkley
River just above its junction with
the Skeena the eyes of Hazelton's
leading business men have been
focusseil of late. They have been
keen to get in early and purchase
lots where the business activity
of the new city will centre.
Nearer to the Mines
Closer   to  the   mines,   in   fact,
just where the ore shipments will
reach the railway by the shortest
route from the mountain, within
a few hundred feet of the (',. T. P.
offices aid buildings, situated,
close io when* the railway station
will be. i- Lot NS:i or I-irkfortl. on
which lhe first available lots on
the new townsite are now being
sold. This week a number of the
prominent merchant
prietore, ard  busine
commence active business as soon
as the river steamer traffic ceases,
and the railway traffic begins.
Larkford is laid out is streets to
lit in with the plan of the Robert
Kelly townsite referred to as "New
Hazelton" on Section 882 just
over the steel and a little farther
from the mines. No lots are yet
for sale in Section 882. Larkford
bus are the first on the market.
Larkford will see the first buildings, and the opening up of business in the new railway city.
Lots Now Selling
Right on the railway beside
the station, right below the mines,
ar.d with the assurance in black
and white backed up by the money
paid, that the purchasers of lots
today will have their businesses
there in full swirg with thc coming
of lhe steel, Larkford is a gnat
field for investment. The town-
site  is ideal.    The  soil  aril  siir-
Messis McDonell and
hotel proprietors. R. S.
ens and
merchant, Messrs. Steph-
('nun, builders and contractors,  S.   B.  Slinger,  general
merchant, J. (.'. K, Sealey, owner
of   the   Omineca   Hotel,   J.   W.
Davis   of   the   Interior   Lumber
Company,  J.   Keller,  restaurant
proprietor, \Y. J. I.erkworthy, general merchant, C. J. Harvey, proprietor of the Hazelton Hotel, C.
II. Sawle. newspaper proprietor,
and a number of other prominent
Hazelton residents. Forty lots
were sold to Hazelton business
pet'pl. us soon as the sale opened,
and ihe faci that the Hazelton
people are purchasing and plan-
ni g io locate in Larkford, along
wiih the facts that Larkford is
nearest to the mines, and righi
Iclose to the station site, are strong
guarantees of the soundness of
this investment.    Messrs. Mc-t'af
The Insurance People
KVKKV CLASS OF INSlRANlK     .111 01 ll Ml**
The Mack Really and Insurance Co.
I'hono 150 Third Av.*i,t���* ��'��l Iul1"" *
|%W%M%|| |
Pictures and Music, 7.30 p.m.
i      Pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m.
}   PHENIX THEATRE, Second Avsuu.
Pictures and music, 7,80 p.m.
at Police headquarters T.'lu,
Aid. Douglas Comes in for
Fatherly Correction by the
Mayor for Using the Expression Last Night.
,       Lost and Found
LOST- Kye Glasses, in ease, Finder please ap-
,    |il>* Morte 11. Cr.lg, Arctic Studio.        IM-wl
FOL'NIl-Ptirse containing- a sum of money. Ap-
.     ply Prince Hupert General Hospital.     l.'.M; '
I . UN 1,   Kiir.-kii Clranlng and   Pressing Com-{
pany.   Men's suits cleaned and pressed $1 >a>
Ladies' suits pressed and cleaned.   Dry cleaning a specialty.   Room 13 Weslenhaver Block,
phone red 69. 121-117
l.OST-60 price coupon. Issued by th. P erles
Studio.      These coupons will be accepted I
presented   before   July  3rd   at   the   Pcrle   i
Studio. Aldei Block. 111-117
For Rent j
If Left Out Communicate with
F. Mobley or Headquarters
roundings are beautiful. A pari fery & Gibbons, Real Estate Ag-
of the townsite near the Bulkley ems, Third Avenue, have all plans
River  has  been   set  aside  for a aid particulars.
|iark.    Just   over  the  railway  is'	
the spreading townsite on Stction  POLICE   RAID
882.    Compact ar.d close to the;
station and the mines is LirkfordJ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Lois  there  are  now  for  sale  in | 	
Prince Rupert.    Messrs.  McCafT- Seven Men Discovered Playing
cry and Gibbons, Third avenue,
are appointed sole agents for
their sale in this city.
Prominent Purchasers
Following are the names of a
few of the leading business men
hor.l-pro- <f   Hazelton   who  have   invested
nu-   now   this week in Larkford Ins most of
Cards in an Upper Room.
Police Chief had Ordered
Game Stopped Only Recently
operating in Hazelton selected their whom have agreed to build and
'.���..  ��� * - .   ,' -.. *    . M.; lovs ut let hepn business there as soon as
definiu  .-- build, and -.hi Skeena steamer iraffic ceases.
Lieut. Karl Von Metz-Meyer. Charming and Self Possessed Tells How He Entered Eighteen Fashionable New York Homes, and Looted $5,000
of Stuff.
Canoe for i*)e���20 ft. PeUrborough In splendid
^         condition. 3 new paddles.   Apply Box M.,-Daily
���  News before July 22nd. 1SJ-165
Miuil  pUZZled bV  ill*   intricacies   it-roomed furnished home; fink and water.    Also
������F   . _ ' a two-roomed house.   Call at Fulton Si and 7th
Ave.. Mrs. Dixon. 1S8-159
Mclntyre Hal), for concert*. entertainmfnU.
dances, etc.   Apply J, H. Rotrera, phone 116.
Furnished Cottajre. modern conveniences, for
summer months. Apply Mn. Aider, 3rd Ave.,
opposite Newt Office. 11M '���
Three-room flat In Wettenhaver Block. S25 per
month; flat In Cup Bufldlnjr. $:'. other flats j
and houM* furnished and unfurnished.    Apply
Weslenhaver Brot.. phon* 100. HT-wi
SU-roomed House to rent; modern conveniences.
Fraser St. Apply Director. Cohen & Oft   : i -..
Do away with this.    Patronize a white I
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
i .
Suspicious that in spite of his
emphatic warnings gambling was
siill being engaged in in tin Grand
Hotel, Chief Vickers last night
quietly organised a raid upon die
premises.   A game used to be run
on    supposedly    permissible    li'-cs
in this hotel on the ground floor.
Thi*. was stopped recently by
order of die Chief of Police, buijwas
from   various sources the Chief fro*** die genial Aldennan Douglt
received   information   which   l��l' ��'��������� 'he cold tore of his remarks.
him to suspect chat the scene of I-h"
i.peratiors hid Ih-ci simply alter-  I""1-'8*!
ul from the ground to an upper --h.pl a by-law  might Ih* "frpmed
floor. *-P*"    ��������'   'he  u-nii  the  Mayor's
.-\bout midnight last night. Cor.- eye gleamed l-alefully. bui blandly
of the Mayor's new procedure
by-law which has shut off many
old familiar aldernuu ic oppor-tu
nities for hot air shooting, Alderman Douglas, last night goi quiti
vexed over the difficulty he had
in finding out where to introduce
"New Business."   The Mavor told _^^^^^_.,,,,,,_______, .
,.        , ,,   , '    , Wantrd-Sm.il hous*. furnl.Iud or partly furn-
1)1111   lie   would   haVC   tO   make   II      |,hed.  Stat* tarma ic Bo* K. Dally HawfcMMf
a motion, but his business, that
of the Chinese Sunday Labor,
In- thought needed discussion before
any motion was made, and he
wanted a way to get ii before the
board for discussion. This could
not be managed al ,h.n siage, a*d
Aldennan Douglas feeling aggrieved a little, remarktd that what
with frame-ups and difficulties ol
this kind, he had had quite a
task to break into this council, and
hadn't mastered i.s intricacies yet.
Commodious hou... corner tith Av.. and Thomp-
���un St.. furnished or unfurnished. Phnn* il*.**
or P.O. Box MS.
St-., and ..tii.-*. for rent. Applv Dr. Melntyr*.
Third Av* . phon. gr��*n S��. ���..'���if
N��atly Fur*nl*h*d Rooms: ir��nt1.m��n preferrad.
Apply Mr.. Mullin. ov.r M-uestic Thr.lrr.
Phon. .'���-��� if you w.nt to rvnl a hous*. f urnished
or unfurnished. com.r 6th Av.. and Thompson
Street.   All mc-dern conv.nl.nc.
Coay fumlshffj room.. Mr.. It ... - Somerset
Rooms. Third Av.nu*. between Seventh and
Eighth. UMf
Anyone who has reason to think
he or she may have been nmiiu-d
inadvertently or through absence,
by the census man on his. rounds
I may  be included in  the roll
i communicating with Commissi
Frank   Mobley   within   thi
fortnight.    Even at the last mo-
men   names   may   get   into  thc
Dominion    population    figure*,   if
t right to headquarters al 0t-
oxiotwotjootwcxsoocxsooooooexg |tawa.   Yesterday the Census Bureau   issued  a   statement  which
tends to show the department is
anxious to correct errors or omissions by enumerators.   After explaining how mistakes are almost
unavoidable in a work of such
magnitude the bureau invite- the
| co-operation of the public in the
maiter   and   asks   that   persons
who believe or suspect  that are
lot  included   in  the census to
notify   the   chief   officer  of  the
census  at   Ottawa,  giving  iluir
names and post office addresses.
Such   letters  go  to  the  Department post free and if it is found
that the persons are not included
steps will  be  immediate!;,   taken
through the local officer to rectify
thc omission.
New       Solid       Ladies
in Crocodile, Morocco, Etc.
Watches       Souvenirs        Jewelry
nu I. 1*1    WATCH   IV rt. Toll   1'Olt   O.T.P.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
phone 82
The Mayor objected to the use I ��*���**��-�������� *r ska (wh��n hUk L ,      "      ~        .
of    lhe    term     "fr-.mi-.iiiv."        II..      -Jehool.   Salary����oar month.    Apply to John   Proposal    Now    to    Purchase    a
im     llll     linn        ir.'llll-lips   .       nt ���    D*,,,,. School Tru.l***.. stating att.lnm.nl. and ��� 2. -as a
Gasoline Boat to Tow the
Sniff Yacht. The Yacht is to
Go to Cameron Bay for a
Change of Air.
enclose t-p.tlmonl.ls.
W.nt*d to Uhnrw..    Apply Pacific Coast Con-
���iructinn Company. Dlgb> laland.        1U-1M
thought    it   was   high   lime   this
term  was dropped.    For himself   	
he had iu ver known of anv "frame-1��-[- ������������-��� ,J"">f,,'��tel-'*.,or '*.���"������' h<1,{?*r*ork-1
Apply Mr.. D. Coh.n. phon.32 1 .  tf
lips"   Oil    lllis   COW.eH.      Mi-lllh.-r-*.: Mlnm M.lu. Muck... IM want**] at Hldd.a :
sometimes thought alike though] ^suTr0* c~,toy- T'k'8i��.\'f"d,��
When   they  differed   111*   llu.llgllt   i. iTsro-roodJoin**, wanted.    Apply Pacific Con
���truetion Company, Digby Island.
much   bi-t.er.     The   Mayor|
Port.r Wanted
Apply T.lbol  Rooms, 2nd Av.
li the cold ton* of his remarks. +-~���~**~-~*^-
i later up liohhi-d tlie irre-1 ( Boarde
ssible   Douglas   wiih   an   idea j i.^,,^..^..^..^
SI . 'i:.t:   }'������ -    ' '��� ip
New   ^'��rk    July   >
rivalli .    I   -
A  recent   robbery  placed  bus-
:   on  \'"ii  Metz-Meyer ar.d
detectives \isiu.l him in his qui r-
ten in one of Brooklyn's exclusive
The lieutenant, unperturbed by
downstairs swooped  in  u|m,i  a
little   party   of   card-players   oc-
cupying on upper room.   Cards,
I.. ������ *    ���
���.ii-    !.-    ���        p li e   lasi
VhTl                     Klt  I     ^!������7-        	
���-.              he Norma        ���-:... the accusations of the officers, led chips, and cigar butts flew around
...       ..-- . -..*; them to a corner of his rooms and h;'|)h;./ard as the officers entered,
rglarja, pulling  up  thc  carpel   disclosed but  the  members of  the  p.*rt\
...                      .......   i/on twenty-one  pawn   tickets,   repn-1 realised  that  it  ��;���������  ��  case of
*       ..."   . 3ffiisenting different amounts which | taking it quietly
..... irefj he had received on the goods.
in ��� ������       .                    carryings Von Mets-Meyer claims to come
'��������� ���     ��� entered at least eighteen from a prominent Norwegian fam-
fiishi' ���. bli    Brooklyn   residences, ily  and   si\s  he  cami   t<>  this
generally whih the occupants wen- country to study banks and bank-
at dinner, and -'-"k .-.rti< le*. valued Ing lawi on a ihri..* years' leave ol
ai  s:,.iHH).                                         | absence.
-tables McArthur. Mansell, Mor-|*e 1k'1,1 Douglas persisted un-
rison, and Miller acting under heedingly until a general smile
instructions from Chief Vickers prevailed about the board. Later
paid a sudden call upon the hotel,IOT Alderman N'cwton too tistd
and without wasting an instai i -,u w"r,l> "l��me-up" in reference
,., pr. pan g .��� measure
of the mayoral tiilMm.
Permission Ivs lu-e i granted by
General  Superintendent   Mehan
for  the  civic  snilT  yacht  to  be
transferred from the Davis wharf
era Wanted        ll'" ;l  lMls'l'",n st  Cameron Cove,
I  ar.d   the   city  council   will  avail
'    ~ ""        iheinselves of the permission gladly.    Hid ii r.Ol lictn granted ihe
chances are that the sniff yeacht
might have been wandering about
homeless  or.ee  more.     For   the
furious onslaught of criticism di-
^^���1      ������ _   ���   , I reeled  against  its aromatic   pro-
1'o.lllon W.ntrd In ml *.lat. offlc*.    8mall Ml- , . .     ��� '
��ry and commission.   Fifteen year', rip.rt.nn | iH-r.Sliles   WSS   Slror.ger   even   lllflll
lra\ril'*-s- f..r a Ihira.i. whnl*a.le grocery  con-    * ...
-.*,.   H..1..I r.fc..,c    Addraaa answer u>  those proiK-nsiiies iheinselves, and
. ...........��.   111..1. r^mtxsxtxem
A few ca,   hom.Hk. room* ch**ap to steady
nnmers.   Kina- tleurae Hole). 2nd Avenue.
ituations Wanted
J. U Lone. TM-lSth a.traat, Edmonton, Alberta. ,
the  sniff  yacht
For Sale
a.-*-.   .
like B
Thai the game On Subject of Sewers Alderman
was for money stakes was dearly
established by the fact that up-
Before buyin-r your Stove or Kan-re see A. J.
i iallan.t. Mcllride .nd Fifth Av*. Cook stovea
from 114. l.-.-lm
HaniM. i." room..  '    ..<���
Newton Thinki He Sees Waste HSfi-ajfT?!^.** ��������   Prt-
of Public Money.
I ��������      For tarma apply owner un premiM*.
Drattel Rooming Houw. 2nd Ave. 144-tf
No Man Need Use Poor Printing Unless He is
The man who in
���i!,i.* in i.i.y any Kind
of printing i- able
to buy good printing. If he uses
anything eUe it indicates to people
who see it that he
doesn't care espec-
and Satisfied
to Do So	
a-%  S**i  In.  CS 1$
a*.   iTa   .%   l/J
ft ft X
--- -:-
ially about the
matter. And most
people would infer
his general charac-
I  ter and personality
I to be in keeping ���
so it's disastrous
policy not to care
about your printing
wards of twenty dollars lay on
thc table i.i from i f one of .he
ph \irs. a Jap named Tal Kano.
Ni'iiies of ihe other players who
appeared ai this morning's pbllce
Court ;ire.   Jesse 11.11. Jessi   Ford.
II. Burke, W. J. Smith, W.Samp*
so", pnd W. Burndde. All sever,
were remanded until tomorrow
mop i g when Ci,y Solicitor Peten
will i p|K-.ir for ilu- prosecution.
Uncle Jerry" Went South
Mr. Jeremiah II. Kugler, bettet
known   by  his  title  of   "Uncle
Jerry," was a passenger south by
I the C.  P.  R. steamer  Princess
Mary.      Mr.    Kugler   has   soim
Important business desli to clow
| in Vancouver, requiring his perion*
The Continental Trust Co.. Ltd.
\   AUTHORIZED CAPITAL $600 ,000 j
WM   T. KERGIN. M.D., President DAVID H. HAYS,  I si VicePres.
IAV Star, ru   fL I "9.B"V' 2"J Vlce-Prts.  and Manager
mi l-aUljLI-.K, Secretary-Treasurer
E*��ul��, .no" /t-fmlnlslrolo,
Keal EsM�� .������/ Insurance
C. B. PETERSON, Asst.-Manager
Hicelwr or^ Assignee Farm Lands and Mines
Plv^tim"���"""''   ^. ^tent For Care of Real Estate       Escrow Agents
A"T   ,     , Trustee, Registrar and Transfer Agent
Safe DSHD) Vault Stk^m '""' aJD"'1' "' T'"'>
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT, 4 pe, cent, an Deposit.
"'"ta P,'"M" "W K:,rrK,^:h''&:r.-im-nu ,n w��- ������
The  Continental  Trust  Company   I imii*J   .rcoHn *v��Hua...
r     yi    '-i.Miic.i,     PHiMcs, niii-F.BT. a.c.
Saskatchewan Cheated Out of a
Good "Ad" Someone Stole
King's Bread.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
London, July IH. The bread
inaki' g virtues of Saskatchewan,
(';���'��� da's    greal    wheal    country,
will have to be t������ ki -< for granted
by King George. The twelve*
pound silver bread basket, filled
with   the   finest   product   nf
katchowan's ovens, ami
Coronation present to the
has   arrived
have been  borne n-sisil
derelict at si a.
Commt don- Mscfarlsne, com
ma ding tin novel vessel at pros-
em his been having all ki ids of a
lime with her. Willi a heavy lisi
to |Mirt she lies at the wharf
awaiting orders. Captain Bab-
ington  had   the  contract   to  tow-
To watch the want ad- ii to
find a better place to live now and
Coal Tenders
T.nder. will be received by the undertia-nrd up
to 5 p.m. July 24th. for the delivery in the bunk*
or. of the Electric Light Pl.nt of 225 lung ton, of
T.nder  must be on form to be obt.ir.**d from
the City Hall where full particulars mso'.isobe
obtained.   Th. lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
St City Clerk.
Through the Westholme Lumber \ ~ ~t ,ur ,,u* ���" *������*lu,t '��� i!< s,i(l lu' I**"
ompaiiy application was made j Business Chances I decidid io relinquish in favor of
-i right  to thi  ciiy council for ������~ ~*-~-~* Mr. Davis who had ihe month's
sewers on Secord svenuc beiwei
six.h ar.d Third streets where the
. i w i In am- is io be, ai d where
other large buildings may go up
���hortly, The mailer is to be
attend) d i" bj ths Board of Works.
Alderman Newton in refererce
to this subjeel of siwers mentioned ii'-!s when- he considered
the public money was In-ing wasted
i,\ the putting In ar.d then digging
up a.g; i'i of s wers on roads lieing
This aggravated Alderman Hil-
dltch who laid I "If Alderman
Ntwton calls it wasting public
money lo put in sewers as we
have to do, then there is going
to Im* ii lot of public money wasted
in this city.   If Alderman Ncwtort
will come around die town with
Good money In Moving Picture..     W.nt-sd-A ' i'greemeill   III allow   .111* s'lilT yaclll
my lo .tart moving picture .h.*w In Princa   ,n   ,Jf,   ,lf%  n,   t.:     wlvrf       R'll
I   n
Watertown. Wis.
Fire Insurance
to in- up a I   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
the  meantime  die  dty  fathers
-**^-+ ;ire dickering wi.h Messrs. Foley,
I Welch aril Stewart over the pros-
j   pective   purch'se  of   the   gasoline
I launch Hecate which m
Real Estate
ay he tis.-it
THE British Union an.1 National Fire  Insurance   (,,  fjtygt  till* si iff Wt'llt   tllaki' g   illl
Ca,mpany of laondnn. England,   with   capital.
,.f K.isno.��inon.   Seeusfor rat*..   Th. Mack , whole otiilit a civic iov lleei.   Over
Rcallv and Insurance Comnanv. 7fl-tf c   ,     ,,
, the possible purchase of the Hecate,
T,I Alderman Douglas last night sadly
} shook his head. He had beer
X, lold by an old sea-dog down at
the wharf that the Hecai:- was
loo weak for such a strong job
as the towing of the sniff yacht.
Meanwhile the council will have a
proper test ln-fore purchasing any
gasoline host
You can mv. 5nc .day. We can sell you good
lot. for 60c a day Phone 21*6 and let u. Join
force..   H. F. M. Ha. A Co. 160-162
sent as a
millUS    the    loaves,
Some one swiped  ihe liread, and |
Take notice th.t the p.rtnerahip consisting of
John Legget and Berrym.n  B.tt Williams, carrying on a grocery antl general merrhatdl.. bual-
ness in the city of Prince Kupert, In the Province
^^^^ . of British .  .1-1... In r. <ind.r th. name of "Leggetl
me I will show him lo.s of ,hii gs f ^".'i'r'au" ���"���"���?,,",H ,"n *.h*'.l?*h A.r "f
IS*    July. 1911.   All .ccounts owing to the partner-
lie   llolsn't   kl'OW." ship are to b. paid lo the ..Id  Alfred  llerryman
, Ball William., who also assume, all liabilities of
- the partnership.
PlcniC Tomorrow D.t*datI*Tlnc.R,.p*rtthl.l1l'dB.yoflJu|lyAlllil.
The Presbyterian Youn�� Peo- 1S"-,M
pie's Picnic leaves at 6.15 WpH. | ��� ��� .. .
nesday evening-, returning at.
moonrise. Latlies brinjr luncheon, men 75c, One launch leaves
at 4.30 to prepare supper; come
on it if you can. Everybody is
invited who loves a good time.
To watch the want ads i* to
keep every Imsiiicsi Instinct alive.
ai......:.       ss\\\\\\\\\\m        r:������ "���"-I    Delicious curds and cream and
en, ves are now working on, hi fresh oat cakes at the  Douglas
myBtory' I Cafe. 160-162
Look out for the special coronation films that will be shown at
the Phenix Theatre next Wednesday. Good vaudeville and
pictures tonight.
2 cleared and level Iota, with house, on
9th Ave., for sale as owner is leaving the city.   Good  terms.
P.O. box 767
A Brakeman Killed
Perdue, Sask.,  July   17.'   (Spe*
cial)���Brakcinan Andrews was killed at Asquith, s.-sk., on Saturday
morning. He was caught between
cars while COUplif g ;- train, and
crushed to death.
Born on July 17th to Mr. and
Mrs. Flexman, a son.
To watch the want adi is to
Pattullo Block "know values" in real estate.
Ca-aiar   Land   District���District   nl   >k��ens
T.k. notice that I, Lemuel Freer ol Vsncotiver,
occupation broker, Intend to ��ppl>- for permi��i��->
Io purch.se the (ollowing desribedr lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the snot.
In a northerly direction Irom Port Nelson lanMO
m.rked L. FY. S. E. Corner, thence '.'ll chsiu
north, thence 20 chains west, thence -0 chsiu
south to ahore line, thence alone. lh>* ��*10*T *��
point of commencement, conuinlnil 10 acres mote
DtMdJUM 10.1911 LEMtlX ������
Pub. July 8. J. M. Colli-Jin. Atent
Skeena Und DIstrict-DUtrict of Cua.t Range S
Take note, that Unlord Sewell Boll of 1 nnt.
Rupert, B. C, occupation loconotiv.* 'W""^;
Intend, to apply lor permission to purcha*' i"
lollowing deKribed land.: , h
Commencing at a post planted on the ntmn
bank ol the Zlmogotllx River about WIJ
mile. dUt.nl (upslnsam) In a wc.t.rlj ��"*?<"''
from the Junction ol the Utile /.imogiitilt �����>��
and the main Zlmogotiti River, thenc.* r.ortn w
chain., th.nc wo.1 40 chains, thenco ��i*i��n ��
chains thenc. eait 40 chains to post ol co*a
mencement containing 160 acres more or l,*��
D.ted June 7. 1911. LINFORD Sl.tt Al.I. R"Jj
Pub. July 8. Co. R. rutnam. Ateni
mtetiil lo
Skeen. Und Dtotrict-Dlslrlct ol t usia'
T.k. nolle, that I. Charle. Iredenck Html
ol Suw.rt, B. C occupation Ireight.-r.
apply  for parmiulon to  purchu. th.
described land.: .    ���.,
Comm.nclng at a pcxt planu��l un lh. nip'
bank ol lh. Naa. riv.r about aU mik* ���������''������
fork, ol lh. Naa. riv.r, lh.no. aoulh g <t*m
th.r.c�� wmi 80 ch.ina. thenc. north �� "g?
th.nc awl 80 chaina to point ol comuien-viii.i-*.
containing 840 acre, more or leaa. ..lti'ILI
Dated March 25, 1911. CHARLES I. MLT  AIRE May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, \t"<'
Sk-stna Und DUtrlct ���DUtrict ol Cos.!
Taka notlc that I, William John lor.e, ��
Princ Rup.rt, B. C. occupation JWOJS;
to apply lor permiaalon to purchase the [oiio��i��s
doscillwd lamia: .       .    .,���,,h��est
Commencing at a poat planted at lhe a"" J��
��rner ol Lot aOBB. Range 6, Coasl. Ulst i��. \*'���
toutl,  20 ehaina.  ihenc   cat  �� J**,*1'-
north 20 chaina, thane woat 40 chain*,
ol eomm.ncm.nt, eont.lnlng 80 .��.��,
'oSod April 8.1911.    WILLIAM JOHN COW**
Pub. April 29.
Skaana Und Dlatrlct-Dl.trWo* 0lgj��
T.k. nolle lh.t  William  Frederick I a���'
ol  Princ  Rupert   B.  C, M��P����' ^
ntonda to apply lor pwmiealon W purcnaa*
loUowing dccrlbed landai         .    , lhrt.
i;omm.ndng at ��� pet planted*Jnu,d V|���
mile aouth o7 th. lorta ol th. WWW '"' N
rlvnm, th.nc -��uth 80 chain., Ihene. * g
chaina, th.nc north 80 chain* U""'0" ��*"'
Ru���riM.Pyri,8:8���,���,l���     Fr.n.US. Pr��.-.A������'
ur* ot
Skeena Land Dlatrlct-Dlslrict ol Custe   rf
Tak. notlc that 1, Br.nt.on ���l<'.''.l��n,,;:TP.7rn-l
Princ r	
to apply lor pen
d-w-ribed lands:
s none to.. ., Brenton -I*"1''*1 j. Man
Rupert. U. C, occupallon conlr-r or.
ly for permiaalon to purchase the lo"
���a,..ie.1 lamia: .     . (:i) thtee
Commeaclng at a pet planted about t ; M
,���lie, aouth and (2) two mile wesl " ^ ,h
ol White and Flat rivera, thence 80 f''"'J" nortb,
thene 80 chaina wet, thenc 80 chain"
th.nc 80 ��h..e ^.-j, J0RIK,NMSOOg
D.t��l AprU 20, 1911. Francl. S. Prmlon. Al
Pub. May IS.
Sken. Und District-District ol Ojl*�� |lu.
Tak. notlc th.t I. Allred Kyi" ol I rm      u
p��t,   B.   C.,   ocup.llon   alaetrlelan.  I'   ||ow|n|
apply lor permUalon lo purchas. �����
decrlba-d l.nd.: .   .���,. ,������) iht*"
Commencing at a poat planWd abniii t '   ,..,,,
mile aouth of th. fork, ol tho g hue ����� hl)D,
rivm, thenc 80 ch.ina south, thenco w   h(|M
aaat,  llience  80 ch.ln. north, thenca w
wet. ., ..���lm- KVTE
Datad April 18, 1911. AQL|. ���, ,n. Al"1
Pub. May 18. FrancU 8. Preaw.
Skena Und DUtrlet-DUtrlct o( Coa��' RAJfj
Tak.  notlc that  I,  Charle  A.   v�� '��� ,nl.na
Princ Rupart, B. C, occup.tion I^"rJ{J* following
to apply for permieion lo purchaso
decribed lands
Commencing at a pet plantod on lh |n(W
bank ol Eschumalks River and about loi*^.
Irom Ita confluene with the Skeena ��i���|i'-lfl 811
 llttftice ....
80 chains east, th.nce ��- a..-..- - n01ni ���
ch.ln. ��Mt, thenc 80 chaina ,0.^*1m���"n or !<���",
'h.l�� norlh, _lhen��'���,
commencement, eont.lnlng 640 .cres "V^VitoIlAN
D.l-*d April 21,1911   CHARLES A. VAUU"
Pub. AprU 29.


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