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Twen fcfour hours ending 6 a.m.,
! fit. 29
U1I  T, fl      his. Il-.mi*.    BAR.        IM. RAIN
53  3      46.0     29.831   .30
The Daily News
For south
Camosun Sunday,   a.m.
for North
Princess May Monday p.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II.  NO. 222
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, September 20, 1911.
\#.��6iatlva Zj^
QC"�� ;������    1911
_J. 44
**? C7C7
CT -C7
UVU        di
Price Five Cents?
I Rev. Principal of Manitoba College Had Gone to Scotland in Hope That it Would Restore His Health-
Warm Tribute From Rev. F. W. Kerr
Hon. Wm. Templeman Makes
Statement at Ottawa Devote Himself to Paper.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, Sept. 29.���News reach
leil here this morning that  Rev.
|l>r. Patrick, principal of Manitoba
ollege, died early  this morning
|u his old home at Kirkiniillock,
otland,    whither  he  had  gone
in hope of restoring his shattered
|ii-altli.    The  news of  his death
1.1s  caused   profound   regret  in
Tribute from Rev. F. W. Kerr
Speaking as an old student of
Manitoba   College,   Rev.   F.   W.
verr, when informed of ilii* death
j>f his late principal,  said:   "In
lhe passing of Dr. Patrick, Can-
^tl.i loses one of her greatest men.
have known  Dr.  Pitt rick since
003 when I first entered Mai iloba
lege.     The   college   had   just
Intend upon an era of Intellectual
levival, owing to the arrival of
���tro great Scottish scholars, Prin-
lipal Patrick and Professor Kil-
|a trick.
:or over ten years Dr. Pal rick
been principal.    He was one
|f thc foremost Greek scholars on
he continent;  in his college dry's
Ic w.in  the highest   honors year
|fur year, at the same time underlining his health.    Ever since he
s;.*- been an Indefatigable student,
forking often in the acutcst pain,
im   with  determination   urcon-
lucred*.      He has been a great
polar,  but  !>ettcr still, he has
|ecn a moral hero,
"lie came to Canada to be a
inadian,    He believed in our
destiny as a great people. In our
national veins he rejoiced to see
flowing the blood of all the peoples
of Northern Europe with Christianized Anglo-Saxon blood as its
chief constituent; and from the
amalgam he hoped to sec issue
the strongest, noblest progeny of
mankind. His logical mind saw
that the peoples of the Church
must themselves be first assimilated to one another. For this
purpose he accepted the ideal
of Church Union as his life-work.
Always unimpassioncd and deliberate one felt the glow of
intense passion, when he spoke
of his vision���the vision of one
Canadian Protestant Church. In
the halo of that vision he lived, and
under its burden he died.
"A few months ago lie had a
complete nervous collapse, and
hoped that thc sea breezes of his
home town of Dundee, Scotland,
niighl reslore him. We hoped thai
he might be spared lo see lhe
triumph of the cause he loved.
"Personally, he was to me a
great friend. He always had an
inner circle among the students
and I believe I was one of tin-
closest to him within that circle.
No one was more pleased that'
he was, when he heard my decision to come to the frontier
.gain at Prince Ruperl. No one
could come into touch with him
without looking upon life as a great
opportunity���and going forth to
work while it is called today
for the night Cometh.!1
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa,Sept.20.    lion. William
Templeman,  Minister of  Mines,
arrived at Ottawa lasi evening to
attend the closing meetings of tin*
Cabinet. Asked iis io his future
inteiilions he said lhal he intended to reiire from political
life for good, and devote himself
to looking after his newspaper at
Victoria. Hot., lion. Mr. Templeman is proprietor of die Victoria
-"lower-strewn Pathway for Winaome Bride���Reception
Followed Pretty Ceremony  in Anglican Church-
Hearty Send-off on Honeymoon
Miss "Pete" Tremayne, iwo of
the pretty and popular little girls
of Prince Hii|mti.
After the church ceremony a
reception and dance were held
at the Clapp Hloek, the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Morte II. Craig.
The reception w.is attended by
a host of guests and bride and
bridegroom on a dias in lhe large
hall received lhe congratulations
of their many friends. At the
dance which followed the inti-ic
was provided by Gray's Orchestra
augmented by members of thc
Prince Rupert Orchestra.
This morning Mr. nnd Mrs.
McTavish left for their honeymoon in the soulh by tht S.S.
Prince Rupert. The happy pair
were given a cordial send off nl
Ihe wharf wiih showers ..f ronfclti.
The bride distributed flowers from
her bouquet and Captain Barney
Johnston gave the young couple
a sonorous Steamship's salute with
three deep blasts from lhc -iron
as the boal pulled away from the
For New Fall Suits and Overcoats, see Sweder Bros., Helger-on
Block. :-t
m*f* ***** ^>>-> ll ^11���1 it-i"**.ii-��ii-^iisi��h��j||
Northwestern League
Vancouver 5, Victoria 1.
Spokane 9, Portland 1.
Tacoma 4, Seattle :>.
Pacific Coast League
Vernon 3, Los Angeles 1.
Oakland 4, Sacramento 3.
San Francisco 2, Portland I.
American League
New York 18, St. Louis 12.
Philadelphia 0, Cleveland 3.
Washington 2, Detroit 1.
Boston 0, Chicago '.,.
National League
Philadelphia 4, Pittsburg 0.
Chicago 2, New York 0.
Brooklyn 8, S'.. Louis 4.
A Mild Earthquake Visited the
Capital Last Night--Tremor
Was Felt.
(Canadian Puss Despatch)
victoria, Sept. 20.���A slight
earthquake wa*- felt here and at
Bellingham at 0.40 last night,
but no record was made of it* on
the seismograph, at the University
of Seattle.
Carpenters' Hours
Carpenters at Prince Albert,
Sask., have succeeded in reducing
their hours of labor from ten to
nine a day. They also secured an
increase in wages of live cuts tin
I'antorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4
Turkey Last Night Rejected Italy's Ultimatum Asking For  the
Immediate Evacuation of Tripoli���Italian Fleet Will Probably Open Hostilities by Bombarding Tripoli Today
Constantinople, Sept. 29���Before the day is over a state of
war will have come to pass between Italy and Turkey.
Last evening an ultimatum v-as received at the Porte from the
Italian Government giving Turkey twenty-four hours in which to
evacuate Tripoli and Renghasni. The ultimatum intimated that
only an immediate evacuation would be acceptable to Italy.
The ultimatum caused consternation in public and government
circles when it became known that a time limit of twenty-four
hours had been set.
At 9.45 p.m. the Cabinet after consultation decided to reject
the Italian demands as embodied in the ultimatum. An explanatory note was drawn up and addressed to the Powers, outlining
Turkey's position.
London Times and Spectator Supported by Clergy Are
Endeavoring to Have Monday's Contest Prohibited
Home Secretary Consulting the Law Officers
(Special to the Daily News.)" f
London,   Sept.   28.���Great   opposition is being fomented in Great
Britain  against the forthcoming
heavyweight boxing contest between Jack Johnson and Bombardier Wells, which i-, scheduled
to take place next Monday.
Times" Denounces Fight
The "Times" in an editorial,
urges that in the Empire's interest the Johnson-Wells match
ought to be Stopped because it
hits no sporting justification. The
spectator, says the "Times,"
will be attracted by a morbid
and unwholesome interest in a
Struggle between a white man
and ii black man, and the contest
itself, together wiih the showing
of light pictures, only can serve
o promote or aggravate the color
feeling throughout lhe entire
.nun try."
Preachers are Busy
The tight was denounced by
many preachers in iheir sermons
last Sunday, the main speaker
being Rev. Mr. Meyer, of the
Regents park chapel, who started
the movement against the proposed battle al Earls' Court.
Mr. Meyer protested that prize
fighl ii g was demoralizing and brutal and also that it would embitter
the feeling of the whites against
the blacks in America, South
Africa and India. "Of course, I
shan't do it, but I would dearly
like to break into the ring and say
lo  the  big  negro and   the white
are  brothers,
champion:   'You
siiid Mr. Meyer.
It is reported ihat Winston
Churchill, the home secretary, is
consulting the law officers with
regard to the legal aspects of the
Johnson is "Tetchy"
Johnson, when interivewed in
Paris, said that he was "tetchy"
because the English papers were
saying everything bad about him,
and that he was not gelling fair
play. The London fight, he said,
was a matter of indifference to
him, as there were dozens of
other places which would not
object to it match.
"It's jusi like this. You don't
want me io win, and that's the
truth," saitl Johnson. "But I am
going io win. That's what I came
here for. Longsd.de is sore at me
because I would not fight for
SO,000 at the National S|K>rtiiig
club. Why should I fight for
16,000 when 1 can get $15,000?
I i-m over lure for the money.
If the fighl i- stopped in London
we can light in Paris and get a
bigger crowd."
Very Appropriate
The Morgue which the local
Conservatives used as headquarters
in the recent cani|>aign is now-
being remodelled as "The Vancouver Chop House."
Among the passengers going
below today were Mr. and Mrs.
\. Gillies.
"Quite the most picturesque
cddlng Prince Rupert has ever
i ���-." i- the comment ihis morning
I. the marriage yesterday evening
li Mi-s Emilia Lysis Craig to
Mr. Duncan McTavish. The wed*
fling  look place  in   the Anglican
'liurch of St. Andrew,  Rev. W.
.mis being the officiating clergy-
Amid a  profusion  of beautiful
lowers from the south lhe young
couple were United.    A feature of
It he church decorations were  the
Union   Jack   and   "Old   Glory"
���draped on either side.    The bride
llooked   winsome   in   a   rich   lace
���frock, with filmy bridal veil and
��� orange blossom Wreathe   Her brides
pnaids were Miss McTavish, sister
.f the bridegroom, and Miss Mor-
llt-y, her friend.    The bridegroom
jw.is supported \ty Mr- ''������ Wallace,
Ithe ushers being Mr. H. P. Wilson,
Mr.   Pitcairn  and   Mr.  c.  H.
I Kearns.
The bride was given away by
| her father Mr. Morle ll. Craig.
Prominent   members  of   Prince
Rupert society thronged the church
antl  the choir seats presented a
specially bright appearance, Miss
L. Eliot at the organ rendered the
Wedding march from Lohengrin
Bl il Mendelssohn's wedding march
iit  the beginning'and end of  the
ceremony,   As bride and bride*
groom came down lhe aisle iheir
path tO the church door was
slrewn with (lowers nnd rose petals
by   Miss   Dorothy   Palmer   and
Holidayed in Rupert
Mrs. Jackman, wife ��f Captain
Jackman of the S.S. Omineca,
left for the south this morning.
Mrs. Jackman has been for some
lime the guest of Mrs. Ileilbromr
of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Hiirch have gone
-.outh, lo return idler a short
Match for Mann Cup Between
Vancouver and Young Toronto Agreeed On.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto. Sept. 20.���The Vancouver team has definitely decided
lo play the Young Torontos on
Saturday for lhe Mann Cup. Manager Clark" said laat right that he
had investigated the charges in
regard io the Status of ihe Young
Torontos and Mi's quite satisfied
thiit lhe team is an aini'letir one.
They Will be the First Ever
Granted in the Province of
British Columbia.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Sept. 80. -The firsi
degrees of Doctor of Divinity ever
Conferred in Briiish Columbia will
be granted tonight when lhe Sen-
alt* of Westminster Hall will honor
Riv.rtttl Professor Gordon, and
Rev, A- J. McCillivray. a former
p.tslor of Si. John's i liurch here,
with that degree.
Conservatives at Rimouski in
Their Glee at Political Victory Shot a Newly Arrived
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Quebec, Sepl. 211.    It is reported
here that the passenger from the
Empress of Britain who was killed
��� few days ago at Rimouski W8S
iin Englishman on his way to
Canada. He had landed to wil-
ness the political rejoicings which
wen- taking place over the Con*
lervative   victory,   and   was  shot
deatl during the demonstration,
Likely to Leave Us
In   the   event   of   lhe   Foley,
Welch A Slewart's -taff going up
river ihis fall Iwo well known
Prime Rupert families will accompany the party to New Has*
elton. These are Mr. ..ml Mrs,
D. McLeod, nnd Mr. and Mrs.
Conkey with their little son.
Henry Langworth Meets Death
on Toronto Streets Three
Others Injured.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, Sept. 20.- While running al a high title of speetl this
morning along Mason street an
auto belonging to a local real
esiale firm turned turtle killing
lhe chauffeur, Henry Langworth,
and injuring three passcngi rs.
Fourteen Men Imprisoned in a
Cave-in at Lower Dome Creek
it aivdial' Press Despatch)
Fairbanks, Alaska, Sept. 29.���A
mi inu- cave-in of a shaft of the
Shakespeare Mining Company is
reported from Lower Dome Creek.
Fourteen miners iire improsincd
in the debris, and a rescue party
of over one hundred men from all
round   the   dislrict   an*   working
heroically in a desperate attempt
io rescue their comrades.
Band of Love
Ensign Johnstone announces a
meeting to be held on Friday,
October tith, Bt ."> p.m. for the
purpose of organising the Band
of I.ove.
All giil*- ami boys between linages of five ami eighteen years
are cordially invited to attend   3t
Young Lady who Had Thrilling
Experience Wedded Her Old
Maniloil, Man., Sepl. 2H.     Miss
Eleanor Gladys Price, the youthful
teacher of ilu- little Riverdale
school house who was subject
to sciich a nerve-racking exper*
lence at lhe hands of a ruffian who
abducted her. has again disappeared, ihis lime for good and all.
Bui in her place ills lift Mrs.
Frank Patterson. Miss .'rice signed away lur identity today al
ihe home of her .islet, Mr-. J,
Goldle, ami underneath her -ig-
nalure on the regisier v.at. lhal of
her old sweetheart, 1 auk Patterson. Tlie ccrcinon) was performed by Rev. V " Crooks,
only Intimate frlci Is ol ihe bride
antl groom being present.
Shot on First Avenue Contract This Morning Damaged
Dr. Kergin'a House and Endangered His Wife and
Little Girl-Roof Pierced���Glass Shattered
A blast shot on Camossi's First
avenue contract ihis morning scat-
tered small rocks very badly, and
Was nearly lhe means of causing
llu- death "[ Dr. Kergin'**, little
gill who was al play behind the
Naden block when lhe rocks fell.
A large fragment whizzed by her
ami shattered a window close lo
Iii i. The force of the rock's
fall  -in.'shell  pari  of  lhe window
frame, and had ii si ruck the child
would have killed her.
Another larger fragment of rock
struck the roof of the building
tpd   smashed    lhe   shingles   .ind
framing piercing right through to
lhc inner lining of lhe roof.    Day*
light was lei Clear into a wardrobe
and the smaller fragments split
shingles   and   rendered   the   roof
non-weather proof at many places.
Mrs.   Kergin who Wiis working
in   her  kitchen al   the  time   ran
almosi ;is great a risk its die little
'inc. She had just passed amiss
lhe line of the stone's fall an
inslant before the shot was fired.
What makes the matter serious
is the fact   lhal  no warning was
given io ihe inmates of houses
Inn*, to go into safet}, or to take
ihe children indoors.   Men called
"Fire," but ii was evidently not
over" came Mr. Fisher was able
jovially to shout to Mr. Wharton
across Second avenue: "They've
missed us again!"
A much larger blast fired th,.
day In-fore yesterday blew badly
back onto Second avenue lois,
bui threw no high stones.   Twelve
cases of dynamite were used in
ills blast, and the residents r.ear
by were uneasy about it-, effects.
Though stfe enough idler iill, lhc
shot was noi satisfactory to the
contractor, it is understood,
P. Hinton Says Good Progress  is  Being;  Made
Winnipeg. Sepl. 28.���W. P. Hinton, general passenger agent of
the Grand Trunk   Pacific,  who
returned from an inspection trip
of the western lines on Saturday,
statu! thai he expected the Ed*
monton-Calgary line of the Grand
Trunk Pacific WOUld be opened
this year.    The contractors have
experienced considerable trouble
in gelling supplies, notably steel
for the large bridge over the Red
Deer river near Alix but now this
bridge is finished and the structural
Imagjned that lhe blast WOUld I Steel gang has gone to a bridge
carry as far as ihis did. Ion the Brazcau coal branch.  Steel
When it wenl off the sound of I laying south of Alix is proceeding
crashing Stones SOUnded in all Iat the rate of about three miles
directions. Messrs. Fisher anil la day and the grade is finished
Whi-rton were warnetl 0111 of their War enough toward Calgary to
j office,   but   when   the   cry   "all I keep ahead of the track-layer. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
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in advance
1 I I
1 "
e--- ���
By Cllve Phillips Wolley
(AUTHOR OP QOLD, gold in cariboo, etc.)
.-...-_.~..~..~..~.���..^.^��.-j __.__, __���__,__,____.,__,.
Jim's lust  friend wns Ills worst nd- to triiiine bark to her rSUOfcerle, tut It
vooate.  it was Just that ability to tnk,> was curious ihat she had aol watted.
oars of himself which told against hta He could see the trail which led to
! with  ths  woman  he loved;   Just the the gulch through  which um Mary's
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-BO cents per inch.    Contract rates   helplessnesa nnd depsudsnoe   of   An- road home, but  there wns no slitn of
! struther which appealed to Kitty.        i Mary.   Old nu she was alio must have
It almost seemed as If the .pilot of moved quickly to have    gained    lhe
Hit- si,k room had leaked through the shelter of ths gulch already, or sho
log ��ralls and p'emded not only ths ��'��"'d not have watted iohk for those
on application.
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Daily Edition.
Friday, Sept. 29
At the close of last year the stock of Toronto Railway, at the
then prevailing price, was worth about 19,600,000. One night this
July it was worth 112,000,000. Next morning it was worth about
$14,500,000. Nothing had happened in the meanwhile. The earnings
of the company were excellent, as they could hardly help being in
a city which has so far outgrown its car service that over-crowding i*-
ihe regular thing. Bui the earnings were not astonishingly better
than they were in December. The people of Toronto hate the Sinn
Railway with the same deep .ind determined hatred. The expiration
of the franchise is set lor ihe same fateful day; but the day itself
is six months nearer
as remote.   What then wa.s ii all about?
tbe Chinaman nave a sympathetic
shiver. "You ro find Missy Hole; me
plenty busy cook him grub.'
Kitty looked at Anstruther.   Apparently lie was asleep, so hiinioriiiK the
, ��� rook, she went  down to the Miliary,
1 he prospect ol a satisfactory renewal is ju-t where Uolt and hl8 w*f(, wcre B\.,\ngi
whole ranch, bui nature Itself,   Bven olothes,
ths storm had quletsd down attar that     A Question which Holt wanted to
on,* wild I'uht. I R8lt wns suppressed before It left his
As the house lav somewhat lower "PS- Instead he asked his wife how
than the surrounding OOUntry, It was long �� was since old Mary had ulven
wrapped In a veil of mist, throtn-h 'the house one of her "thorough scrub-
ami above whtoh the rising fills blnKB."
showed,    patched   with   thin   snow
which emphasized the great distances,
ami Uu* beggarUnsss of the November
It was the time of the year In Which,
tn a girl like Kitty, the contrast between the sheltered life ot the old
Country ami the homslsssness of the
new would be most apparent, nnd as
she dwelt upon this, looking hour titti r
hour Into the (-loom outside, the only
relief to her thoughts was the necessity lot* waiting upon the man ��'ho had
In come to her typical of England. To
her. In the midst of her reverie, came
Phon, the Chinese cook.
'Missy Roll here?"
"Xo; Isn't she with the Boss
"Morc than a month, I'm afraid, but
I you know they have all been away
from the rancherle. Why'.' Ho any
of the rooms want scrubbing very
badly, old mini?"
"Oh, no, not a bit. I make a good
deal of mess with my bouts In the
bath room, but you ami Kitty look
after the top floor, don't you, little
woman. It Is always as clean aa a
new pin in spite of my efforts to the
"What a delightful old humbug you
are. Dick, where I am   oneerned," sho
said fondly.   "I did nol know that you
I would miss old Mary's mlitlstrailotiB.
I She cleans the  whole  house once a
I month,  upstairs  and  down,   but   wc
No can tind her.   Ole Man* come,: ought to have kept up appearances at
want  Borne clothes.    Heap cold,1 and  **V "���'���-' ��������� *"-r absence.   1 will go and
It w.is all about this. A group of very astute, energetic, and
able stock manipulators had noticed that the price of Toronto Rails
was low in comparison with the rate of earnings and the dividend paid.
Not low in comparison with the value of the enterprise, be ii reiiiem-
iiurcd, for there is no guarantee that when the franchise runs oui
in ten years the property can be made to realize anything like i;**
present value, and there is every reason of morality and decency
why it should not. Bui the public when properly handled can always
be induced to forget what is going to happen in ten years���whoever
expects to hold a stock for ten years anyhow?���ard to value a stock
solely by the percentage of return in the next few years. The earnings
of Toronto Railway were enormous; they were enough to pay a very
comfortable dividend and put aside a sinking fund that would have
replaced the value of the franchise when the franchise ran out.
But that would have been of no interest to a stock manipulator.
So instead of increasing sinking fund and depreciation charges, the dividend was raised, and instead of securing ordinary-priced capital for
the extensions that are absolutely imperative, the money is to bt
provided by the present stock holders, who are to gel eighi per en ,
reiurii (or it.    In addition to an increased dividend and the char.ee
to get eight per cent on a new investment, the fortunate holders .*.u
to receive new slock to the extent of one eighth of iluir present holding
absolutely free gratis, and for nothing, thus giving them a personal
claim to another one-eighth increase in their dividend earnings.   Tin
company will get two million dollars in new cash;  it will undcrtaki
to pay out to its share holders !j:}20,ooo in new dividends per annum,
Thiii is iill right at the present time; the company can pay it and
pay it easily.   It is at the fat end of iis franchise.   Il is serving a cil*.
of nearly half a million people with the appliances suited ;o iwo hundred
thousand, and the half-million have to ride andfiay fares no matter
what the accommodation may be.   But in ten years there will I.,*
no franchise, .'.nil the Toronto people will want lo start fresh.   Anil
then either the people of Toronto or the share holders of tin* Toronto
railway will be "out" llu- expense.- of lhe melon-cutting.
see to it at once
This was more than Rolt had bargained for. He had obtained the information he wanted without alarming her, but by suggesting a fault
where he knew none existed.
However, he followed his wife to
"Poor old soul; whni a duy for"her the room, nnd was relieved to be
to come," was Man* Rolfs greeting of shown all SMrts of dirt and disorder,
the message which he himself would never have
"Just the 'sort of day to make one  noticed, but no trace could he find of
want more clothes, desr.    Have you  ,llB! -��r whk'*- j�� waa looking,
anvthlng to give her?" asked Holt. Nothing had been touched; nothing
"I can find something. I expect. I that *** coultl think of was missing,
om rather glad that she has tome, Kven that damp outline on the boards
aren't you. Dick? Il looks as If the liad irM 0,f now* He wished tbat he
trouble with her people is blowing llod examined It mon- carefully, but,
over." after all, It could not have been old
"Perhaps;  but thc fact that an In-  Mary in his room, though she oppur-
dlan begs of you means nothing.   You vnl'i' dld k**ow ��le ���*y to It.
know what cultus potlatch means." He Paused for a long minute, nnd
"A free gift, that Is a Cool, bargain. went ovcr everything carefully with
I know, but I think poor old Mary ts hls eye. By George! his Winchester
grateful and really likes me." ihad  80I1C-    No-  ll  hadn't.    There It
Her husband smiled. He was not wa�� behind his oilskin, and there was
quite certain which would be the absolutely nothing else which she
greater miracle, that anyone should -ollld have wanted,
not like Man- Rolt, or thai an Indian Tl,al 'ace Peering around the door-
should be grateful. He had known In- wa>' t-����t have been a Blck man's
i! in us for a lifetime. j fancy.
After his wife had left the room on ���~���
her mission of charity, taking Kitty CHAPTER XVII.
with   her   to   "rummage" ln the old      In order to keep AnBtruther amused
clothes box. the Boss   sat   for  some  and     quiet,    Mary    Rolt had dinner
breeds.    Keep  your  heart up;   we'll
slop them before they can do much
,   He  was  running   downstairs  as  he
spoke,   and   snatched   a   Winchester
from Its rack as he passed out of the
Mary Rolfs heart sank as she saw
him snatch the rifle, but sho did his
bidding as he would bavo had her do
it, with the utmost coolness, and when
the men had rushed out after theli
master, she went back to tbe sick
room. There waB no noed for any
explanation there.
Through Ihe uncurtained window a
glare or red light proclaimed the work
that was on hand, even if the noise
of saddling up and the hurry ot hoofs
beneath the window and the shori
Bhai'p sentences of the mounting men
had not told the talc.
"Is it Bboot, Al?" they heard someone ask.
"Shoot? Aye. shoot to kill, curse
them. Git, you devil," and a clatter of
hoofs told that the horse had "got."
"Never mind the near stacks, boys
you can't saw- them.   Ride for all you
are worth to the first that Ib not light
ed, and���" the Boss's voice dkd out
as he galloped away with his men.
Morris Versus Flynn Boxing
Bout at New York was a
Sorry Affair. Another "White
Hope" Gone.
A sadder but a wiser man
Carl Monis awoke one morning
last Week anil gazed on ihe wreck
age of one of the best adevertised
while hopes in Jack Johnson's
history. The debris w.'.s none
oilier than Carl himself, Some
of the casualties were:
One broken nose, one tightly
closed eye, several missing teeth,
tins and bruises too numerous
to mention, and one cheek puffed
to twice its normal size.
Stuck It Gamely
Monis had ii very terrifying
ixpcriiTce. His ten-roin d bout
with Jim Flynn at Madison Square
Garden was the goriest New York
has seen in many years. Morris
supplying most of the gore.    Tin
giant Oklahoman was at no timt
a match for his diminutive adversary, and was given an awful
trouncing. It was generally conceded that as ;i white hope Morris
is quite hopeless,  but  he  has al
leasi treated Gotham to as fine
an exl ibition of courage as it ivir
Dining the last few rounds the
battle became so one-sided that
This Toronto episode affords one more proof ihat in thc growing
cities of a new country like Canada the fixed-franchise system is ;���
grotesque injustice. The frenchised corporations are administered
uniformly upon the theory that when the franchise expires the people
who granted it can be made either to renew it or to buy it back at Its
full earning value; so that the more a corporation is enabled to make
out of the ^ift temporarily bestowed on it by the public, the more
it is enabled Io demand of the public fur the surrender of thai gifi.
time, smoking and thinking, and his  served that night for Ihe four of thi-m
thoughts were not cheerful ones.        { In  the  bedroom,  busying  herself  In
A good many of his castles In the making the pretty place as vivid a
air had fallen since Anstruther's ar* contrast as possible to the grim world
rival, and  without  Jim's help he did  outside.
not feel an sanguine of ultimate sue-      A -wood fire glowed merrily on thc
ceBB ou the Risky ns he had done. wide hearth, and the light of It was
A sharp cry called him back from reflected by the silver snd glass that
thc future to the present. ; nestled cosily In the folds of tbe rose*
"What Is it." he called, opening his  colored cretonne hangings,
door. i'o you want all thc blinds drawn.
"I  dont  know. dear, answered his  Frank?" she naked with her hand on
wife from the lumber room.   "It must  the last of them,
have been Mr. Anstruther who called.      "Not unless you wish It."
"Where Is Kitty?" "Well, then. I'll leave this one un-
"Here With  me, looking out some-  drawn.     I   always snuggle Into bed  li.itlutd   old   fight   fans   at   the
thing for old Mary more cosily when lean peep out Into    j      ������     , j   M���rris   U)       -,
"8he ought not to���" a bitter night like thst.   Can you see ���s,\ '
But at this point  he and his wife  down the valley from where you lie hut  the  big  fellow  was game  to
reached tbo Blck room together, where   without moving?    A peep at ll  will
Kitty  was already bending over An-'make the fire feel  warmer  and  lhc
struther. I room morc homelike."
"He has fainted ngain,"  she   said,'    "It always feels homelike where you
chafing his hands helplessly, but even' are, Mrs. Rolt."
as she spoke consciousness returned,    She curtseyed to him with a laugh,
to him. , and then, turning to Kitty, who hnd
"I beg your pardon." he murmured, just entered the room, bade her be
very faintly. "1 give you all so much quick with the dinner,
trouble, but when I tried to call you, j "And see, my girl," she added,
I got another naaty one, and went off. "that Is not the way to lay a table,"
I suppose, as usual. II seems to me 1 and then with a few deft touches recall'!  do anything  without  fainting,"   arranged some of the silver.
and he closed his eyes wearily, almost,    Kitty for the nonce had donned cap ;,m| if | j|   \n\VA n)U|,' have -in
as If he were going to Illustrate hts   and  apron,  and   AnBtruther  was  not , '    ' '       '
last words. I the first to discover more charm and , Inni  he would have probably ex
the core, and was right on the
job to receive all Flynn could
send. And Flynn hammered and
hammered until the ring looked
like ii busy day at the stock
Is No Scrapper
Morris, big as he was, showed
little   real   power  as  a  scrapper,
VV. R. Hearst Reported to Have
Bought Historic Tattershall.
To be Re-erected on Long
London, Sept. 27.���It was reported today that Tattershall castle, in Lincolnshire, lias been purchased by William Randolph
Hearst. The old castle will be
pulled down and re-elected on
Long Island. Tattershall castle
has been prominently brought to
public nolice because of ihe attempts which have been made to
save the famous inantlcpicccs contained in il from being taken out
of the conn try.
Tattershall castle was erected by
Lord Cromwell, lord treasurer to
King Henry VI., about the years
1488-1443, and has been described
as probably the finest specimen o
medieval brickwork in the United
"What  did you  want, old  fellow?" I coquetry ln n maid's cap than In her
asked Rolt, kindly.   "We won't leave   mistress's toilette,
you again.   It wus very careless ot ui ,    "Docs the family expect to be walnd
to do so." on or does It stretch?"   bIio   BBkid,
Ansii other lifted Ills hand in depre- ] nauclly.
eating lushion. "What do you mean, Kalherlne?"
"Nonsense, I don't want so much i "Where I was last, the lamlly hnd
nn DAt.r i iia'rc rr, u; a i t* ,-**"--<--iK "'fur. but when Kitty was : )0 bc ���.���,���,,��� oll w-,en It bad a parly.
lot  rUrfc.  LIKtb   IU  WALK,  away I thought that I saw sorioouc ln j j,,lt W|K.��� p wal i,y itself ll stretched
���  | that little room." |1K,.   t|,|s,**   ���nd   reaching  across  lhe
Great Churchman is so Ener- |    "In my bath room?" table she posssssd herself of a snll
"Ycb.  Kitty   sits   there   sometimes j cellar.
Whan she Wants DU to stop talking and i     "You   went   as   a  lady-help,   1   sup-
Him to Rest. isleep. and I ihought that she had come , p0Bl,-   retorted   Mrs.   Rolt,   Bcverely,
back." ! ��a|| '\aixy and no help. Uke MIbs Mo
getic His Doctors Can't Get
The doctors intending the popi       "There Is no one there now," said
,-    , ,.���-     ,      . ,-        Rolt, coming  hack   from   thc   room,
find some dilticulty in persuading  ..Wll0 ,,-,,        ���,.,,��� ��� wt48?.
him to r.st sufficiently.   1'iux N
has been described as one of lhc
most active occupants of the holy
see.    Since lhe death of Leo Nil I
the carriage  in  which   the  late
pope   used   to   ride   about   the
grounds of the Vatican has never
"What was her story?" asked Anstruther.
ploded from mirth.
The giant is strong and willing,
but is one of the most amateurish
sluggers that ever aspired to John-
si ui's crown.
Some experts ihink he may
improve with time, but for the
most part those witnessing last
right's mill believe him a has-been
already.    He only made a good
showing ill one round    the third..
In compliance with the present
ro formal decision.    In  ihis case
however, none was needed.
"I don't know.   I saw someone peer i    --oh, slic eame out to help the poor; Ww  York   law   lhe  referee  gave
Ing round the door at me.   I thought   ^var Uoys, per brothers.   They could
that It  wns an lndinn when 1 Bat up   not afford lo hire any help, and Just
and called, you know what happened."   pigged until she .time. At the end of a
"lllti you hear the man move?" fortnight   their sister had discovered
"No; 1 only saw the face, or thought exactly ninety-nine different things,
that 1 did. but perhaps it wus only a each of which was, "lhe only thing
sick man's fancy." : Bhe  never  could  do,"   and   actually,
"He Ib a fraud. Kitty." decided Rolt,   guessing who It waa who cleaned lho
with a good-humored laugh," ho want-   boots, she put hers outside her betted you back, and Invented this bogle   room door every night,"
lis an excuse to bring you back.   Better      "And?
left the coach house.  Every mon
ing,  unless ill  health  or  pressure notTeavcyoiir post again," and so Bay-1    "And?    Oh,   and   she   married, of
of business prevents him,  PitlX X ���*���* h�� dismissed   the .SU-JetSt,    but   course   and  her brothers  do Just as
1 , nevertheless  he  went  Into the  Utile   they did  whilst  she was  with  *n**a'
lakes ;i Sharp walk lor at least two bathroom and looked round   it   very   except that  her husband cleans  her
During formal audiences he i;
obliged to be seated, but at tht
deceptions held nearly every evening, open to all members of tin
papal aid, the pope paces up and
lown one of the Valicatj galleries
have io walk iiv
carefully. On the table beneath his boots now.
looking-glass lay a handful of small | But Anstruther was not listening to
silver, with his Bluds and some old Mrs. Rolfs libel'on lsdy-hclps. In-
gold seals In a china tray, and his stead, he was gozing intently through
watch was hung on a nail In tbe win-   the uncurtained window at the foot or
dow frame. These were the only small
moveables of any value In the room,
Snd neither they nor anything elBe In
his bed, to which the others had their
backs turned.
Who would be camping down tho
ths room appeared to have been touch-, valley tonight, MrB. Ro'1?   he asked,
ed.    As he went out of the room he I    "In the hay meadows?   No one.
noticed a damp patch upon the pol-!    "Is nol Hint a fire?   Surely, my ey< h
lose who wish io address him j,^,* ^.jVtlfis'sTsira/whlcli a vKm | sre notjplajring me ts^_splnt
k bv his side.
BkukatmaattaaanaaaftHkaKakkak a haaaaaaattiikakaakaakaaaa ��
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We arc offering for sale a very .limited
amount of shares of stock at 2F>c per share;
par value Jl.on. These shares are Koing
quickly and will soon be oh" thc market    I   :
imagination might have made Into tho I The Boss turned la/.lly In hlB chair,
outline of a wet mocassin, but the Boss ' "Yes, lhat Is a fire Btiro *******
disregarded It.      . | There arc two of them.   Do you see
Five minutes later when be met his , that little one Just beyond HMDntl
wife downstairs, he asked whether eho !*   Suddenly  Rolls face changed,    no
had found anything for IhS old woman. ' iPrtUW     to    the    window   took  one
"Yes, I mndo up quite a bundle for searching glance down the valley, ai id
her; a wn.;m petticoat and all sorts Ot]��** turned sharply to his wife, his
thick totalis, Kitty's and mine; but tSOS working with some feeling which
the silly old  thing has gone without , to,Stw�� j^OMntW^ ^ ^^ ^ you
" " for a moment.    Will you excuse us,
Frank?" aud laying his hand on Kit-
Camozzi Scrapping Case Leniently Dealt With by
Magistrate Carss. Decision
i 44444444444*41*4
Rolt looked grave.
"Oh, you need not frown, Dick.  Wc
'were rather long, 1 know, but It is So
ltard  to  dSOlde what  one  really has
done with, i nd If thc old womnn didn't
Rot  her  chillies   to-day,  Bhe  will  get
them  nexi   week  when  she  tomes  to
give the hense its monthly scrubbing."
,     Rolt loOUed out over the darkotiing
I landscape,     Ths  November  day  was
drawing   rai.ltlly   to  a  close,  and   he
���knaw lhat old Mary had neve-n miles
ty's shoulder as he passed, ho whispered, "Keep him .pilot whatever happens. I rely on you," and then bo followed bis wife from the room.
Once outside the door, his manner
changed. "It's our stacks, little woman. ThOSS devils aro firing our win-
tor feed. Keep cool and run now and
tell the men In the dining-room. I'm
off to tbe mess bouse to get the halt-
Decision in the mysterious Camozzi scrapping case was given out
by Magistrate Carss yesterday,
Accused to go free until the
pleasure of the court to administer
sentence. This practically amounts
to dismissal of the case unless the
Recused get scrapping again, but
���s tlio political warfare is less
direct as formerly there is small
chance of further fisticuffing. Conservative conrgotulations arc in
For Rent���Furnished or unfurnished rooms (bachelors
only) over Wallace's Dry Goods
Store.���H. S. Wallace. tf
Skewi* Und DUtrict-District ol Queen Churlotte
Take notice th��t thirty d��yi attw tUte, I, C. h.
llnintw ol 1-rlnco llupert, U. C, by oeeupatlon
liookkiicpeer, Inteml to epply to the Chiel Com-
mlMloiW ot Until lor ii licence to proepect lor
coal uml iipiruleum on untl under 610 scree* ol
liiinl on i.iiiliiiiii Islund deacrlbod as lollowa:
loiiiiii.-iii-inr ut u |K>st planteel two milea north
of 0. I- 11. i'oal leSS No. IS, marked 8. W.
eorne-r 0. B. B. Coal Leaso No. IB, thence north
81) chains, tlie-nco oast SO chains, thonce aouth 80
chains, thunco woat 80 chaina to place ol com-
DalodS.pt, 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 18,
SktH-na Land District -Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
'i'ul,.- ti.it ic thut thirty daya Iroin date, 1, C, E.
H.iiiii.-r o( I'rinco Kupert, II. Oh by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner ot Lands for a liconco to proapect for
coal and pe-troleum on and under 610 acroa of land
on tirahani Island Uoscribod aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planled two mllea north
of C. B, H. Coal Leaae No. II, marked S. W.
corner C. B. '*��� foal Leaae No. 20, thence north
SO chains, thence weat 80 chaina, thence aouth SO
chains, tliuuci* east 80 chaina to place ol com-
liuti-.ts.-iit. 11, I'Jll.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Se-pt, 2*1.
SkiM-na Und District���District ol Queen Charlotto
Tuko nolice lhat thirty daya alter date, 1, C. E.
Hainter uf I'rince Kupert, 11. Ufa by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to the Chiel Commissioner of Lands for a licenco to proapect for
coal and pe-lrotoum on and under liit) acre-*- of
land on liraham laland described aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted two milea north
of C. E. II. Coal Loaso No. IS, marked S. E.
corner C. E. U. Coal Leaao No. 21, thenoe north
80 chains, thenco weat SO chains, thenco aouth SO
chaina, Ihence eaat 80 chains to placo ol commencement.
Dateel Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Sk.-i-nii Uml District���District ot Queen Charlotte
Take- nolice lhal thirty daya from date, 1. C. E.
HuiiueT of I'rince Kupert, It. C, by occupation
liookkce-per, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ot Una* for a licence to proapect lor
cual and uetroleum on and under 640 acrea of
.-I.ii.-i on Lraham laland deacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planled two mile* north
of C. E. ll. Coal Leaae No. 16, rnarkod N. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 22, thence aouth
8U chains, Ihenco woat SO chaina, thenee north SO
chains, thence eaat SO chains lo placo of com-
Dated Sept. 12,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locato
Ske-ena Und DUUict���Diatrict of Coaat IUnge 6
Take notice thai I, John Rutherford Realty
ot I'rinco Rupert, occupation onglneer. inlend
Lo apply for permiaaion to purchaae the lollowing
describcel landa:
Commencing at a poat planted on the eaat
��� hot.- nl thc Exchumstk River, and being about
two mllea northerly from tbe mouth of tbo aaid
Exchumalk River, and which poat 1% about forty
chaina north from a atake plantesl on the Excbumaik
River and known aa "E9"; tli.-nc* nortii 40
chaina, thence eaat SO chaina, thence aouth SO
chaina, thence weat forty chaina, thence norm
40 chains, thenco wewt 40 chaina lo the place of
commencement, containing 460 acroa more or leaa.
Dateel September 12, 1911.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that thirty daya from data*. 1, C. E
Bainter ut I'rince Itupert, It. C, by occupation
bookke-e-pvr, intend to apply to tho Chiel Commissioner of Landa for a licence to proapoct for
coal and pe-troleum on and under 640 acroa of
land on Graham Island described aa lollowa:
Commencing at a poal plantod ttve miloa eaat
of Coal Loaiae No. 4467, marked C. E. U. Coal
Lease No. 1, N. E. corner, ihenco woat 80 cbaina,
thene*) aoulh 80 chaina. Ihence east 80 chaina,
thence- nurth mi chaina lo place of commencemenl.
DatedSept. 11, 1911 C. E. BAINTER, Locator
i'ub. Sepl 26.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUlrict of Queen Charlotta
Take notice thai thirty daya from date, I, C. E
Hainter of I'rince Rupert, it. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to apply lo the Cblol Com-
miasione-r of Unda (or a licenco lo proapoct for
oal and *H*lrok*um on and under 640 acraa ol
land on liraham Island deacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a poal planted live mllea eaat
ol Coal Leaae No. 4467, marked C. E. 11. N. W.
corner Nu. 2, ihence aouth 80 chatna, thenco eaal
so chain., ihenco north 80 chaina, thenco weat
80 chaina to placo of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
1'ub. Sepl. 26.
Skeona Und District -Dislrict ol Quean Charlotte
Take nolico that Austin M. Brown ol Prlnco
Ruport, II. C, occupaUon aaddlor, Intonda to
apply to the Chief Commlaaioner of Lantla and
Worka for a licenco to proapoct (or coal, oil and
petroleum on and under the following deecribod
landa on the Weat Coaat ol Graham [aland:
Commonclng at a poat planted throo milea eaat
of the northeaat corner of C. I.. No. 447S tbence
bO chaina aouth, tbence 60 cbaina oaat, thonoe 80
chaina north, thenco SO chaina weat to point of
Date of Local ion il Isl July, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
koena Und DUtrict���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotu
Take notico that Auatin M. Brown ol Princa
Kupert, occupaUon aaddler, InUnda to apply
to tbe Chiel Commlaaioner of Unda and Work*
for a liconco to prospect for coal, oll and potroloum
on and under lne following deecribed landa on the
Wool Coaal ot Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat plantod throo milea eaat
ot the northeaat cornar of C. I.. No. -1474 tbence
80 chaina aouth, thenco 80 chaina weet, thonco 80
chaina north, thonco 80 chaina oaat lo point of
UcaU-d Auguat let, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notico that Auatin M. Brown of Princa
Kupert, occupation aaddlor, Inlenda to apply
lo tbo Chief CommUaioner of Unda and Worka
for a licence to proapect tor coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tho following doscribod landa on tho
West Coaat o( Graham laland:
Commencing at s poat planted throo milea eaat
of the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4471, tbence
80 chains eaat, thence 80 chaina aouth, thenco 80
cbaina weat, thence 80 chaina north to point ol
I/ocated August let, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und District���DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take nolice that thirty days Irom daU, 1, C. E.
Hainter of I'rinco Kupert, il. Dm by occupation
lmi.kl.i-. p. i. Intend to apply to tho Chlof Commiaaioner of Unda for a licence to proapoct for
coal and |H-troleum on and under 640 scree of
land on Graham laland doaorlbed aa lollowa:
Commencing at a post planted flvo mllee cast
ol Coal Loaao No. 4476, marked C. E. B. S. W.
corner o[ Coal Uaae No. 3, Ihence oaat SO chaina,
thenco north SO chains, thence west B0 chaina,
Ihence south 80 chains to place ot commencement.
Dateel Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. HAINTKU, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 26.
Skeena Untl District���Dislrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that thirty daya from date, I, C. E.
Bainter of Prinoe Rupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, int,-nil to apply U the Chief Commissioner ot Landa for a licence to proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham Island de-scribed aa lollowa:
Commencing at a jSost planted five milea eaat
of Coul Lease No. 4476, marked C. E. B. S. E
corner Coal Leaae No. 4, thence weat 80 chaina,
thence, north 80 chains, thonco eaat 80 chaina,
thence aoulh 80 chaina to place ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeona Und DUtrict- -District ol Queen Charlott
Tako notico that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, aaddler, InUnda U apply u, the Chief
Commlaaioner ot Unda and Worka for s licence
to proapoct for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following described landa on the Weet
Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing st a poat planted threo mllea eaat
of the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence
aouth 80 chains, thenco 80 chaina woat, thence 80
chaina north, thenoa 80 chaina oaat to point of
Located August let, 1911,
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Quoen Charlotu
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ot Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, InUnda to apply to
the Chief CommUaioner of Unda and Worka for
a licence to proapoct for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the lollowlng deacrlbod landa on tbo
Weat Coaat ot Graham Island:
Commencing at a poat planted threo mllee east
ot the aoutheaat corner of C. L. No. 4476 thence
north 80 chaina, thonce eaat 80 chatna, thence aouth
chains, thenco woat 80 chains to point ot commencement.
,      . , a       . . AV.*2\N M- ""OWN, Locsur
Locate-*] August Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ot Queen Charlotu
Take notico that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Ruport, aatlillor hy occupation, InUnda to apply
to the Chiel Coinmlaslonor ot Landa and Works
for a llconce U prospect tor coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following deicribeit landa on tho
Weat Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a poat planud three mllea eaat
of the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4471 thenco
south 80 chBlna, thence weat 80 chaina, thence
north 80 chaina, thence east 80 chaina to point
of commencement.
,      ._, .       .^HSTif,  M-  BROWN.  Locator
Locatod Auguat Iat, 1911,
Pub. Aug. 19.
Cnrrieo complete stock of !*���,.,,   ��� !
.tuntion,).idtomii���KpS.,;i|,lV;w f
Hm-i Block phon. no. n Second k
*M* "Hwwm^
rtntion,,    T
xond A��. t
IIUS mi)
Baggage, Storage and Furwunllm, ....
KlgeorMoiorCiiril:;;   'i1',,,'),';;''**'*  For
Seventh Ave. and Full
Gasoline Launches, .R���7caB�����:::
For Hire by Hour or Dai
-BOATS U1IH.T AND UKl-Allin."-
H. Joaulon       Co. C.��k       p.o.' fe in
I'M.im: 2511 i.HKI.s
���-��   -���-���-,-,-
General Hardware
Builders' Hardware t
Valves & Pipes     Oxfurtl Stoves ���
Graniteware      Tinware-      ��
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
..For Sale..
Level lot near Seal Cove at $:)50. tX
cash and $25> month.
Two level lots near corner of Ekroti
Avenue and Conrnd Strii-t. $6lrt
pair.   Easy cash and terms.
Two double Lane corners on Klcventk
Avenue and Donald Street at S6S0
pair.   Easy cash and terms.
Lot 19, Block 26, Section 5.  Easy tt-ntii.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
- Pattullo Block.
BESNER & BESNER,  I'ltorniCTou
The Now Knox HoUl la run on thr f-'snt**
plan. Flrat-claaa ecrvlce. All thc l.*il.*.t SI *;
Improvement.. -:-:- BhK> ���"���"
The Big Furniture Store
Main entrance 2nd Ave.; 8thSt
entrance, last door In Wiwk
Bigger and Better
than Ever
Take notice that the partncnJ��P
heretofore existing under thc i'*F
of Handasyde & Hurt lia�� '���";
day been dissolved ar.d thai ����
accounts due the firm are to K
paid to C. H. Handasyde, Jr.,*1*
will pay all firm debts and conun*
the aforesaid business.
Dated at Prince Rupert, H*   "
this day 25th of Sept-A* l,1!l1
6t        C. H. HANDASYDE, J'-
Wark's Closing
Jewelry Sale
Three    Only,
Three    Only,    $12.50
Dozens   of   Other   Clock. ���*
One-half Price.
See the bargains in the W��|
Window today. Your choic
for $2.50
1    1
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern  B. C.
Skoenu Land Dlalrlct ���Dimrlct ol Coaat lUnae V
Tuko notice that I, I'eter Erlckaon ot I'rince
Ruport, laboror, Intond to apply lor pormiaaion
. , to purcliii-tei thu tolluwlni- iloacribeHl lunila:
/ 1 Cominenclni! ut u posl plantod on tho north
hunk ot Williams Crook whuro tho railway rljht-
pl-way crosaiw nnd tl cliuina buck (rom tho creek
hunk, tliencti ROlltil ill) cliuina, thonce .-ml 40
chnins, tliuiico nortn 110 chuins, llmce weat 40
chums to point ot commencement,
llutoil July 7, lllll. PETER ERICKSON
I'ub. July 25. t'i-0,1 _, Cowoll, A��ont
Skoonu Lund IJintrict ���IJUtrict ol Coaat ltanio V
laku notice Uml I, John Evenaon ot I'rince
Hupert, luliorer, Intmul to upply tor permission
to purchuae the lollowln| iliiacrikoil lunda:
Commencing nl a post piunted ut tho aoutheaat corner ol Ut 4115, tlience nortii 80 chains*
thonco nuat  (id  cliuina,  llioncu aoulh  SO  chuins,
thenco weal 00 cliuina to puint ul conimencomont.
Uatedi July 1:1. 1811. JOHN  EVENSON
I'ub. July 25. Fr,.,l ���. Cowell, Auent
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert - and - Stewart
Canadian Pacific Railway
l.t". Coast service ��� Famous Priicess
Princess Royal
Friday, September 29th, at 9 ��.m.
Victoria. Vancouver and Seattle
, G. McNab ��� General Agenl
louble Weekly Service
Ls. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
Prince John snils for Port Simp-
|son. Naas River, and Stewart, Wed-
nsySe 1 p.m.; and for Masset and
���falsa Harbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
D'or Skitli-itati-, Rose Harbor, etc.,
pSatunlays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Jxetl trains from Prince Rupert Mondays,  Wednesdays and Saturdays,   1
���p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
In* ii Sundays at 4 p.m.
|The Grand Trunk Railway Syalem
nnecting with trains from the Pacific
ast operates a frequent and conven-
nt service of luxurious trains over its
futile  track route  between  Chicago,
Vonto,   Montreal,  Quebec,   Halifax,
. Boston. New York and Phila-
Atlantic Steamship  bookings
via all lines.   Full informa-
tickets   obtained   from   the
Pn   and
a of
|l-lti:it.HT   AND   PASSENGER   AGENT
Fraacr and Fifth St.
Tho only hotel (n town
with hut and cold water In roomi. Heat fur-
niahed hnute north of
Vancouver. Room* Mic
up. Phone 37. P.O.
Box 129.     ::      :
Prudhomme & Fiaher      Proprietor!
rince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
ill  members of  the  order in thc city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK, Sec.
Comfortable Cottage
(Rooms, upstairs and 4 roonls
ground floor.   Lath and plast-
ted.   City water���$25 a month
ltd Ave,
Prince Rupert, B.C
Application for Charter for a
application will be made to the Parliament of Canada at the next session
thereof, for an Act incorporating a
Railway Company^under the name of
"The Pacific, Trans*Canada and Hudson
Bay Railway Company," with power
to lay out, construct and operate a line
of railway from a poinl in the Province
of Alberta, at or near the City of Edmonton, tnence northerly by the most
feasible route to, at, or near Athabasca
Landing-, thence northwesterly northeast of Lesser Slave Lake to Wabiska
or Loon River; thence northerly to a
point at or near the junction of the
Loon River with the Peace River, or
at a point near the junction of the
Red River with the Peace Kiver, below
Fort Vermillion on thc Peace River;
thence northerly to Fort Smith on the
Slave River: From a point on tlie said
railroad near its crossing of the Wabiska
River or the Loon River easterly to
Fort Me Murray on the Athabasca
River; thence easterly along the Clearwater river and Chruehill River through
the Province of Saskatchewan to Fort
Churchill or Port Nelson on thc Hudson
Bay: From a i-t.int on said railroad
near its crossing of the Wabiska or
Loon River, westerly to Peace River
crossing on the Peace River; thence
westerly on the north side of the river
through Laurier Pass to Prince Rupert
or Portland Canal on the Pacific Coasl
in British Columbia; with power to
construct and o|>erale telegraph and
telephone and cable lines for general
public purposes; to carry on, construct,
maintain and o|K>rutc boats and ferries
for the purposes of the railway and
other puriioses; to acquire and make
use of lands, watcrlots, wharves, docks,
dock-yards, slips, warehouses, elevators
and other conveniences; and with
iinw.-r to enter into Agreements with
other Companies.
Solicitors for the Applicants
Dated at Ottawa this  lJili day of
September, A. I'.. 1911. 5w
Skoena Land Diatrict ��� District ol queen Charlotte
'lak,- noUco that Auatin M. Drown ol I'rlnce
Hubert, occupaUon aaddler, inlenda to apply to
the t lui-t Commiesioner ol Landa and Worka lor a
licenco to proapoct [or coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the (ollownig der-cribed landa on thc
Weat Coaat ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planled three mllea ea.1
of lho aoulheaat cornor of C. L. No. 4470 thence
north 80 chaina, thonco east SO chaina, thence
aoulh SO chains, thenoa weal BO chaina to point ol
l/ocated August let, ISII.
Tub. Aug. IS.
Skeona Land District--Dlalrlct ol Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that Auatin M. Ilrown ol Prince
Rupert, occupatiun aaddler, inlenda lo apply to
lha Chiel Commlraloner ol Land, and Work, lor
a licenco to |.r.-.|--rt lor coal, oil and potruleum
on and under the lollowlng doacribed landa on the
Woat Coasl ol liraham laland:
Commencing at a po*t planted throe mile.) easl
ol the euutheaal corner of C. U No. 44,6 Ihence
Ml chaina wosl, thene* SO chaina north, BO chains
oaat, thonce SO chain, aoulh to point ot com-
moncoment. ^^ M   *m0l*Ttt, Locator
Located Auguat Iat, ISII.
Pub. Aug. IS.
Skeena Und Diatricl-Dlatrlcl ol queen Charlott
Tako notice that Auatin M. Ilrown ol Prince
llupert. occupation aaddler. Inlenda lo apply
lo lho Chief Commlaaioner ol Lands and Works
lor a licence to prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the lollowlng tlcacribeel landa on the
Woat Coast ol liraham Island:
Commencing al a post planled three- mile*, east
ol the aoulheasl corner ol C. L. No. 4470 thence
wrat 80 chaina, thence north 80 chains, Ihence
,.i,st 80 chains, thenco aouth 80 chains to point ot
"""""""""""'AUSTIN M. UROWN, Locator
Located Auguat Iat. 1911.
Skeena Und DUtrlct-Dlatrict ol Queen Charlott
Take notico that Austin M. Ilrown ol Princ*.
uncrt. aaddler, Intonda to apply u> the Chiel
Rupert, aaddler.
Commissioner ol Und. and Work, lo,IS licenc*
and petroleum on ano
g deec
Coaat of Graham laland,
Skoor.a Land DUtrlct---District of Coast Bun V
luko notico ihat I, Hunjmnin A. Klah of Towner,
N. D., occuputlon tuurrhani, intend to upply
for neni.litt.ion tu ptirchuau tlio following duaerihud
Commencing ut a poat piunted on the cant
boundary and ubout live ctiuiim from the nuth-
eaat comer of Lot MM, tliuncu north til) chains,
thence eaat UU chain*, thuncu south 60 chuinH,
thonce woat 30 chuina to point of commencement.
Datod Juno M, Mil. BENJAMIN A. KISH
Pub. July 25. Kred K. Cowell, Agont
keena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Count IUngo 6
Tuko   notico   thut   Stunley   Creon   of   I'rinco
Hupert, II. C, occupation miner, intenda to upply
for pormlaslun to purchaso the (ulluwinir described
Commencing at a post piunted 10 chaina south
and 41) chains woat of tha northwest corner of
Lot 1733, Lakelau Valley, Diatrict of Coast Hunge
6. thonce wust 40 cbains, ibence aouth HO chaina,
thonce eaat 40 chaina, thencu nurth B0 chaina to
point of commencement.
Staked June 30th, 1011 STANLEY GREEN
Pub. July 15. Locator
Sk.vim Land DIatrlot-Diatrict of Coast Kuth-.* G
Take notice thai Percy M. Miller of I'rince Rupert. H.C., occupation Civil Knirincer, intends to
apply for permiaiion to purchase the following
deacribed lunda:
Comment in,- at a post planted on the left hunk
of McNeil River nt nortb weat corner of lot 4400
U.V., ihenco r.i* i .'" chain ������ ..I, , ; |, . tu westerly boundary of timber limit M-j (old number
41W10) thence northerly following suid westerlv
boundary of timber limit 00 chaina more or lots
to north west corner of suid timbti limit, thenco
westerly 20 chains mure or It-n* to left hunk of
McNeil Hiver, thenco southerly following said
left bank of McNeil Hlver 00 chains more or lets
to point of commencement, t/oittatninir luu acres
more or less.
��� E. I i.-Mu in, Auent
Date June 19.1011
I'ub. July 10,1011
Skeona Land District-District of Cassiar
Tuko notice that I, Thomas Carter, of I'rince
Huport. occupation carpenter,  intend  to apply
for tiermisston tu purchase tho following deacr) ��
ed land.
Commenclnir at a post planted about ono mile
auuth from the mouth uf Fulls creek and about
1 do feel back frum the beaclt, thenco -���< chains
north, thonce 40 chains west, thenco ni chains
suuth, thence vast 4<) chains toiKttntof commencement, containinn &M ucres more or toss.
Dated July Tth. loll.    Charles Wobater Caihuun,
I'ub. Autr. Gth. Airent.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Cout IUnge V
Taka  nolico  that   1,   i'aul   Hagen   of   I'rince
Rupert, laborer* Intend to apply (or permisaiun
to purchaao the following described lands:
Commencing at a |>uat planted on tho north
bank of Williams Creek about 60 chaina aouth-
oaat from R. It., thence aouth 40 chaina. thence
east 40 chains, thence north 40 chains, thenct
weat 40 chains to puint of commencement.
Dated July 7, 1911*. r.U l. HAGEN
Tub. July __. Kred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrlct���District of Coast Rang* fi
Tako  notico  that  Sarah   i:    Alton  of   i'rince
RujHTt, occupation  nurse, intends to apply for
permission  to purchaaa  lho following  described
Commencing at a poat plantod at the Northwest comer 140 chaina easterly (slightly nortb)
from ths northeast corner of Lot 1116 (Harvey
Survey) Coast DUtrlct, IUnge V, Ihenco nt) chaina
east, thencu 80 chaina south, thence 40 chains
west, thenco 40 chaina north, thenco 40 chaina
weat, thenco 40 chaini north to poat of commencement conUining 4<M) acrna more or leaa.
Dated Juno 14, 1911. SARAH E. ALTON
Tub. July I... Kred Huhlcr, Agent
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast IUnge h
Tako note* that Linford Howell Hell of Prlnco
Ruport, ll. f., occupation locomotive engineer,
intenda to apply tor permiaaion to purchase the
folluwing deecribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on tho north
bank of tho Zimogotiu Itiver about throe (3)
mllos dUtant (upstream) in a westerly direction
from the junction of the Little Zimogotiu River
and the main Zimogotiu River, ihence north 40
chains, thenco west 40 chains, thenee aoulh <t0
chains, Ihence east 40 chains to post of commencement conUining 160 acres mors or leas.
Daled June 7, 1911. LINFORD SEW ALL HELL
I'ub. July S. (ic. R. Putnam. Agtnt
Caaslar   Land   DUtrict-DUtrict   ot   Skaena
Tako notice that I, Lemuel Freer of Vancouvar,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to purchaao the following dcsnbedr lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the ahore
In a northerly direction (rom Port Nelson Cannery
marked I.. K.'s s". E. Cornor, thenco 20 chaini
north, thence 20 chaina weal, thonco 20 chaini
south lo ahoro line, tbence along tho shore to
point of commencement, conUining 40 acres more
or leaa. *
Dated June 10, 1011 LEMUEL FREER
I'ub. July 8, J. M. CollUon, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast IUnge V
Taka notico tbat Jesse M. Tallman of Cedar
lUpida, Iowa, occupation lawyer, intonda to
apply for permission lo purchaae lho following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on tho aoutherly
shore of Kutiymaieen Inlet on the right hank
of a small stream Homing into aaid Inlet Just easl
of Crow Lake. Thence south 20 chains, thence
wnt 20 chains more or leas lo the shore line of
Crow Lake, thence northerly and easterly following the shore linos of Crow Lake, the Inlet
to Crow Lake and Kutieymatorn Inlet lo the
place of  commencement,  containing  forty   acres
mure or less.    Locatod Auguat 7, 1911.	
Dated Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skoona Land District-DUtrlct of Coaat IUnge 6
Tako notice that R. F. .Miller of Tipton. England,  occupation   farmer,  Intends  to  apply   tor
aaafti^ .. a... m***
This is a little section ot the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressod that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Coffe Jelly, mwlc with milk. is
l'uri- rain w-ittcr i-. fine for the
Cauliflower cooks best with head
A cloth moistened with alcohol
will clean piano keys.
To break an apple, use a thread,
pulled through il.
Ammonia will bring out the
brilliancy of cut glass,
Clean linoleum with warm water
and polish with milk.
Sterilize jars and all utensils
In-fore putting up fruit.
Use butter rather than milk,
if potatoes need extra thinning.
Linoleum on the kitchen table
will last longer than oil doth.
When sonic ore is bunted or
Bcalded, apply lime water and
olive oil, half and half.
Peaches, stewed with pineapple,
make one of the most delicious
desserts of the season.
Decorated china plates should
be put away with round pieces
of canton flannel between them.
The best way to keep rats away
is io prevent any accumulation ol
garbage around thc house.
Clean old glass by pouring strong
ammonia on it; send) well with a
brush and rinse in cold waler.
If a soft piece of home-made
bread is rubbed on a scorch on
woolish goods il will remove il
Minced watercress and ditcd
tart apples make a delicious salad
with oil and vinegar for dressing.
A home-made specific for tan
and sunburn consists of a p.-u*
in. tie of magnesia and lemon juice.
tiirniiaai.in   to  purcnaM  tho lolltiwiei.
iu. .
post i-l.ut-.I alio.,) GO chains
lo" proapoct lor coal, oil anil petroleumi on^
under the lollota-lnj *'���
ile-Mrihed Units on tho Woat
Commencini- at a port plant-!L^Bft^gS
ol the northeast corner ol O. I.. I��J-1**2*5?_!
80 chain, eaat, thence 80 chain, south, IMM m
chaina weet, Ihe-nce SO chaina north lo point ol
Date ol Location dirt July 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
Skoena Lantl District-District ol Queon Charlott
Islsmls , ���.
Take notice thai Auatin M. Ilrown ol 1 rince.
Rupert, occupation saddler, Intenda SJ**
the chiel Commissioner ol Unds and ��orks lor
a licence to prospect lor coal, oil and petrolr-en.
on and under th* followim d���crlb.d land, on thc
Wnt Coaat ol liraham Island:	
lleglnnlni al a poMStaSMdJkM'WW** "  |
thc Korthca.1 corner ol C I.. No. *��*���&** J
rlialn. cast, thence SO chains south   Ux-n��� ��
chaina west, thenco SO chaina north to point ol
commenc-mant.   AUSTIN M.
Located Annuel 1st, 'I'll.
I'ub. Au|. n.
IlilOWN. Locale
Skeena Und District-District ot Queen CharloUe
Take notico that Aurtln'M. Hrown at I'rinco
Itupert, ...Idler.  Intenda to apply ^���f.SH
Commissioner ol Unds and Works Inr I 1 leaner,
lo proanoel (or co.l, n 5 ami petroleumon and und.
the. tollowln-f .leacrll-M lands on tho Woat loart
slHRSk sss i*K v gg S
wit 80 chains, thence north 80 chain, to point ol
commencement.   AIJg_.N M   BU0WN, Locator
Located August 1st, I'Jll-
Pub. Aug. IS.
CommenrinK at
west Irom lh* N. W. Corner ol Ul 4106, thence
north 10 chains, Ihence west 20 chaina, thenc*
aoulh 40 chaina, ihenee eaal 20 chains lo th*
point ol commoneement containing eighty acrea
moro or laaa.
Dated Auguat 19, 1911. It. K   MILLKR
I'ub. Aug. IS. I'. M   Mill.-r. Ag.-nl
Skeena Und -ii.tri.-i -District ol Coast Range 6
Taka  nolice  thai   I.  Thomas   McClymont ol
���rince   llupert,   11.   C,   occupation   real   estate
l.ruk.-r, Int.-nd to apply lor permission lo purchaao
the lollowlng dpe-celiM-d lands:
Commeneing al a p*ot planteel at the S. W.
corner of pre-emption reord 412, thenco easl HO
chains, thence aouth 40 ehalm-, thence wost 80
chains to shoro ot lake, Ihence lullowing ahore
ol lake In a northerly direction to point ol com-
meneempnt; containing :120 acre., more or les*.
Dated Sept. 6, 1911. THOMAS McCLYMONT
I'ub. Sept. 9. I .nt.. -i t .il.-. ARcnt
SI  ona Unel District-Diatrict nl Coaat Range 6
Take nolice that K. II. II. Miller ol Falmoulh
Eng., occupation aurveyor. Intends to apply fo
Remission  to  purchaa*  the lollowing   doscril>e-d
Commeneing at a poat planted at tho N. W. Corner ol Ut II"'-. thenee west 80 chians, thenco south
20 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north 20
chains lo the point ol commencement containing
1G0 aeree more o, lee*.
Dateel August I.*,. 1911. K. II. ti.  MILLKR
Pub. Aug. 2G. P. M. Miller. Agent
Skeena Und District���District ot Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M. Ilrown ol Prince
llupert, occupation aaddler, Inlenda to apply to the
Chiel Commissioner of Unds and Worka (or a
licence lo prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the (ollowing de-scribed landa nn the
West Coaat of (iraham Island*.
Commencing at a poat planteel three mllea easl
ol the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4472 thenee
nortii 80 chains, thence eaal iXO chains, thence
south 80 chains, theoce west 80 chains to point ol
Urat/d Auguat Iat. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und District���Dislrict ol Coast Range V
Take notice thai  I,  Peter  Un-en o(  Towner,
North Dakota, U. 8. A., (armer. Intend to apply
lor permlsaion to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planteel at tho south*
east cornet of Ut 1729, thenc* south 811 ehslns,
thence .est 40 chains,  tlience north  80 chains,
thenco eust 40 ehalna to point o( commencement.
Dated July IS. 1911. I'KTKR LARSKN
Pub July 25,.1��11. Fred K. CoweU, Agent
Skeona Und Dlalrlct���Dlslriet nl Coast Range V
Tako notice lhat I. A.lolph II. Chrlstlanson ol
Towner. North Dakota, occupation altorney-
at-law, intend to apply (or permiasion to purchaao
the (nllnwlng d-**erllie.l lands:
Commencing at a post |>1an)ed about one and
one-half mllea tl 1-2) northeast of the head of
Trout River on tho west slil.. e*J Ut-dae Uke,
and about 6 chains (rom the InkeTront, Ihence
soulh 80 chains, thenc-. wee* 80 chains, thenco
north 80 chains, thence cut 80 chains lo point
of commencement.
Dated June 80, 1911. Fred K. Cowoll, Agont
Pub. July 26.
Appetising Omelet
One cupful milk, tablespoonful
butter, tablespoonful flour, two
t ggs, ;i little salt and pepper; put
milk on to boil leaving a little out
lo mix with flour, then add with
liuiier and cook a minute or so,
stirring all the time. Let cool
-lightly; add pepper and salt,
add eggs well beaten, put ore
teaspoonful butter in granite or
tin dish and when hot pour in
mixture; when it In-gins to brown
put in hot oven iill it sets.
Oatmeal Jam-Jams
One cupful lard, three-quarters
cupful bttiwn sugar, two aid .".
half  cupfuls otameal   or  rolled
oals, nutmeg, one small leaspoon-
fttl  baking soda dissolved  in  hoi
water, add sufficient warm water
to mix; roll thin, eul in small
bake, and put together
twos wiih some kind of jam or
jelly, after baldng.
Ten   Beauty   Commandments
First���Thou shalt take a warm
bath nightly.
Second���Thou shalt eat many
Third -Thou shall drink much
t-odl WiUer.
fourth���Thou shall take a brisk
walk daily.
Fifth���Thou shalt breathe by
open windows.
Sixth���Thou   shalt   brush   thy
hair thoroughly.
Seventh���Thou shalt brush they
teeth thrice a day.
Eighth -Thou   shalt    care   for
thy nails daily.
Ninth���Thou shall abjure ligh
shot s and clothing)
Tenth���Thou    shalt laugh wel
and heartily.
Ilis factory, li wrb pointed out
io him that girls will not g<> into
domestic service, and that, according to his statements, ihey are
now neglecting tin* factory, and
he was asked where all the girls
i'.re going to, "Uless you," he
said, "they're all getting married.
We have no fewer than eight
who are leaving us at the present
time iu order to gei married. The
trouble is thai it is the best who
go that way, a fact, of course, for
which we can blame no one, least
of all the young nun."
Women and Strong Men
It is mil an in wholesome lliing
in its way, this cry of society
women for "strong men." Here
is Miss Eleanor Stirs declaring
that she "despises a sissy," and
that "only strong men who dare
to do things are worthy of women."
Here is Miss Mailcli
plaining thai she "is going
marry Mr. Astor because he
r.ot a society dude, but B real
man, who has been a soldier and
a man of action." And even Miss
Julia French chose her chauffeur
In cause of his manly appearance
and manner.
Well, men are generally
women wish  them  to be,
the  cry of   the  softer  sex   i
stronger  and   more   manly
���orce exit)
ihe caliber of the race is likely lo
be improved.
[items of. J
. BaBaS "".a-* . -a." "i * -a ��� *^.'^..^ ��
..������aa..+ .���..
The action of the promoter!
the Bayley-Nelson match in m
ing il free io lhe public last
was good business as well at
guarantee of iheir good faith
the public. It means an overflowing house for lhe next boil!
that is pulled off in the city.
The thanks of all who appreciated last right's entertainment arc due to Mr. Caslcy who
put up a considerable sum of
money to make it possible for the
lads to meet. Mr. Caslcy has pul
on some big matches in his time
and is a good lover of the manly
si mill
So Many of Them Marry That
There are None Left for Ser
The manager of
concern in ('liii*-it
b large business
lurch complained that although hc was advertising
all over New Zealand and Australia, he was siill unable to ohtai ���
There were lois of regrets that
the end came so early, for IkuIi
ds were strong and willing,    ll
anybody's hghi up to the
ihat settled It.    It was a
blow,  but  with  less force
lopped Tommy Maher on
previous night.
I input* William Evans hit one
m.'i', beat up another and was
limsclf roughly handled after the
Cleveland - Philadelphia baseball
game at Cleveland the other <la>.
A general light resulted and a
crowd of 2.0(H) spectators sw.trmid
on llu field and aroui'd the
parti, ipanta.
M   N   M
Eddie Durnan, the Toronto sculler who deflated Jack llackclt at
Rainy River the other day by
eight lengths, will challenge Dick
Arnst for the seul
ship of the world,
also row Phil Hair
professional sculler.
R    H    X
"So scared WSS ('.eorge Hi-cken-
schmidt of Prank Gotch that it
look H2.MW in cold cash a fiw
minutes liefore the match to make
him appe.'.r in the ring on lhe fate*
fill recent Labor Day." s.vs Dr.
Be Fe Roller, the Russian's former
trainer, recently in Seattle.
"Hack wi's simply afraid," s: id
Roller. "There was nothing else
the matter with him, Jim
of plain cowardice
before   the   match
State of terror, so
unable to sleep,
England hi- was i,i the best possible
shape and WOUld have been al
the  match   if   he  hadn't   broken
Ske-enii Land DIatrlot   District ol Queen Charlotte
Tuku nuticn thul thirty ilitya irom dull*, 1, C. K.
Daint.-r ol 1'rinei- Rupert, 11. C. by occupatiun
l)ookkt*L'pi-r. itit.-iiii in apply to tho Chiel Com-
mlnlono* ul Lund* lur u lici-nco to prospect for
coul uml petroleum on innl umk-r lilt) ucnm ut
land un tirnliiitii laland il.-acrilii-il ua follows:
Commenelna al it pust plant,..! two mik-.-. north
o( C. B. II. Coal Leaae No. 10, murko.1 N. K.
corner 0. B. H. Coal Kenan No.  Ui, thi-nct) Houllt
8t) chuuiH, thenn weat 8u ehalna, thenoe nurth
chuinH, thenee oaat mo chuina tu pUoe ot com-
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C, 10. BAINTBR, Locator
Pub. Sept. Ill,
SkiH*nii Lund Dislrict    District of Queen Churlutle
'luk.- nutlet- thul thirty iluys (ruin ilule*. 1, C. K.
Balnter ol Prinoe ltu|ii*rt, B, C., l��y occuputiun
btiukk.-t-pi-r, inii'iiil tu apply  to tht. Chief Cutn-
ini-asioiit-r ot Landi (ur I. lie-lie.' to proapeel lur
cunl uml petroleum on und under 640 acres ut
lund tm Graham laland il.*neriin*.l ua fullowa:
Commeneing at u pout plantad two mik-a nurth
of C. K. It. loul 1.1-usi- Nu. 11, inarkod N. K.
curner C, B. 11. I oal l.t-aai- No, 17, thence south
8u ehalna, iin-nc.- w.-st BO ehalna, thenee nurth 8t)
chuins,  lli.-iui- e-uat   au chuins  lo  pluce- of  cutn-
Daled Sept. 11,1811.   C. B, BAINTBR, Looator
Pub. Sept. 88,
Second aveiue and Third Btreet
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
shu i,,i l,iimi DlltriOl Diatrict of Quiiir, Charlotte
Take notica that thirty daya from date, 1, C. K.
Balnter ol Prlnea Rupart! B< C*. by occuputiun
bookkaapari Intand to apply to the ChlaC Copt*
mtadonar of Landa for u Ltoanoa to prapaet for
coul uml pt-troU'tin) on uml uimUt t> 10 ucrua of
lantl on (iruham laluntl d-acrihitl ua followa:
ConunendnH al u |>osi jilutilfd twu milt* north
of C, K. it. Coal Laaaa No. 18, markad N. W.
corner C. BS<  It. Coul U>am> No.  IS, thence aouth
Mi chums, thence emit HU chain*-, thencu nurth U0
Chaina, thence wuxt  MJ chuina to pluce uf com-
Dated Bapta 11,1811,    C. K. HAINTKU, Locator
Pub. Sepl. 2il.
Skeenu Land District -iJiatrict of Queen Charlottu
'1 ;ii.. noticu that thirty daya from date, I, C. fc*.
Balnter ol Prlnea Kupert, ll. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo upply to ihe Chiuf Commlaaioner of Lunda for u licence tu proapect for
cuul und petroleum on und under t>IU acres uf
land un tiruhum lalund described ua followa:
Commencing ut u posl piunted two milea nrrth
of C. 1.. It. Cuul Laaaa No. H, marked S. II. cornu
C. K. 11. Coal i.--.i . No. ii. thencu north m)
chaina, thenco weal HU chaini*, thuicu aouth bt)
chaina, thuncu taat HU chaina tu ptacu of commencement.
Dated Sapt. 11,1911.    C. K. BAINTBR, Locator
I'ub. Sept. J'i.
Skaana Lund Diatrict Diatrict of Queen Charlotto
Taku nutice thut thirty daya from dutu, 1, C. K.
Huintur of 1'rincu Kupert, It. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to ihu t'lnel Com-
nn - it.i:. i of Landa for u licence tu pruapect for
coal and pelruluutn on und under MU ucrea of
land on Graham laland dc-acribud ua fullowa:
Commencing ut a po*t ptanUM one milu north
of C. K. H. Coal U-aao No. IU, marked C. J-. H
Coal Leaae No. 1 ���'-. thunce north M) chaina, thencu
weal mi chaina, Ihuncu auuth hU chaina, thence
uaal HU chaina to placu ul communcemunt,
Dau-ilSept.il, 1U11. C. B. HAINTEK, Locator
Tub. Sept. 2$.
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notico that thirty daya (rom date, 1, C. K.
Hainter of I'rince Kupurt, I* C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply tu the Chief Cum<
mlaaioner uf .Landa for a licence to proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under blU acrea of
land on Uraham laland deacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a poal plantud twu mil. . nulrb
uf at��ke marked C. 1 H. Coal Leaao No. i, marked
N. i . corner C. I* ������ Coal Leaao Nu. T>, ihence
auuih mi chaina, thence wuat HU chaina, ihence
nurth HU chain*, thenca eaal M> chaina tu place uf
cum mencement.
DatedSept. 11,1<)U.    S. B. UA1NTKK, Locator
I'ub. Sept. lili.
Skeuna 1 -tii'l DUtrict���DUtrlct of Queen Chralotte
Take nuttce lhal thirty daya from date, 1, C. K.
Hainter uf 1'rincu Kupert, It. C, by uccupatiun
iHMikkwper, intend tu apply to Ihu Chief Cum-
m ii.i.��� r of l.ntiii*. (ur a licence lo prwprct fur
coal and i- truleum un and under ti-iu ucrea of
land on Graham laland deacribed aa followa:
Commencing al a |K*af planuil iwu mil. . north
ot C�� K. H. Coal Leaae .No. li, mark��l C. K. Hainter
N. W. corner Coal Leaae No. (i, thenco auuth Ml
chaina, ihuncu eaat ������*" chain-, ihenee nurth HU
chaina, thence weat HO chaina tu place uf commencement.
DatedSept. 11, lUll.    C. K. HAINTKU, locator
I'ub. Sopt. 23
Skeena Land DUtrlct -DUtrict nf Queen Charlotte
Taka nutice thai thirty da>a frum date, 1, C. K.
Hainter of I'rlnce Kupert, H. t ., by occupatiun
lK>ukki*��iH-r, intend t<> apply to the Chkf Cum-.
tin inner uf Landa fur a licence to proapeel fur
coal and petroleum on and under mu acrea of
land on liraham laland deacribed ar followa:
Commencing al a poat planled two milea north
of C. I���-. M- Coal La***.*-** No. I. utake S. W. corner
Coal I ��� . ������ Nn. ?, tbence north BU chaina, thence
eaat >" chaina, Ihenee aoulh 6U chaina, thunce
waat *������ chaina lo place of commencement.
Dated Sapt 11,1811. C. I UA1NTLK, Locator
I'uh. Supt. 23
Skoana Und DUUict���DUtrict of Quaen Charlotta
Tako notioa that Auatin M. Brown of I'rince
Kupert, occupaUon aaddler, ir.lenda lo apply **x>
lho Chief Commlaaionar of -Laoda and Worka
for a licence to proapect for coal and oil and petroleum on and under tha following deacribed landa
on tha Weet Coait of Uraham laland:
Commeqdnf at a poal planted throo tntliw eaat
of the aouthweal corner of C. I.. No. 4477 thence
HO chaina eaat, ihence HO chaina north, lhance W
chaina weat, tbence HO chaina aoulh lo point of
Date of U-cation. UM July 1911.
Pub. Aug. I?.
Skeena Und DUlrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that Auatin M. Brown of I'rince
Kupert. occupation aaddler, intenda to apply to
the Chief CommUaioner of Landa and Worka Tor a
licence to proepect (or eoal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following deacribed landa on the Weat
Coaat of (iraham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea eaat
of the aoutheaat corner of C. L. No. 4471 Ihenee
north HO chaina, thence aaal HO chaina, thence aouth
HO chaina, thence weal 00 cbaina lo point of commencement.
Al'STIN M. BROWN, Locator
located Auguat lit, 11*11.
rut. Aug. ������-*
Skrena Und DUtrict-DUtrict or Queen Charlotte
Take notice lhat Auatin M. Hrown ol Prinoe
Ku|H'rt. aaddler, Inlenda to applv to the Chlof
Comm.anioner o( Ur.da and Wurka for a licenc*
I.aw-ButliT Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C., Ontario, Saa-
antl Mniiitiiliii Bars. katclmwan   antl Al
berta llara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office��� Exchange bluett, cornor Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prlnco Ruue-rt. 6
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S., U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
Al' ilcniiil operations skilfully treated.   Gas and
local anesthetics administered for tho painleas extraction of teeth.      Consultation free.     Otltcea:
Hcluerson Block. Prince Rupert. H-18
Alex.H.Mansnn n.A..     W.E.Willlama,B.A., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
purtL of wu. foxon, Ksq., a.k.a.-.. ion., ��no
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tablea SECOND AVI.
Plumbing, Heating, Steamfltting and
Sheet Metal Work
OIHco: 3rd Ave. Workahop:
Phon* 114 2nd Ave. bet. 111. anil -Ili St.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of leanr Wllctek. Pari, and Berlin.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
the fullowlng devcribed landa on the Weal
EBY   Cf},   Co._===_
Kitaumkalurn Land For Snl*
KIT8IIMKALUM . *t   _.
S. O. E. B. S.
Th. Prinoe Rupert Lode**-, Na ua. 8ona oa*
hnalan.1. meets the ilrsl and thlnl Tueadava In
-ach rnimth In the |a_ uf Enulan.1 Hall. B 2nd
Ave. at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sm..
P. O. Re.a t.12. Prince Rupen
ERNEST A. WOODS. 1're.l.lent. Iii, B
Teacher of Piano, Violin snd
Voice Culture.
UK < It
i-ii may
For ;. week
lit*   w.s   In   :���
at.Tttl he was
When we left
mi adequate supply ol girls (or | down and lost his heart.
to tirnepect fur coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the fullowlng if
Coaat of Graham laland
Commencing at a poet planted two milaa eaat
of tha northeaat cornor of C. L. No. 4478 Ihenee
aouth Ml chaina, thence w��*t HO chaina, thence
north hi chaina, thenoa eaat 80 chaina lo point of
Located 31at July, 1VU.
I'ul.  Aug. 17.
Skeena Land Diatrict- DUtrict of Quaen Charlotte
Take notice thai Auatin M. Hrown of Prince
Hupert, occupatiun aaddler, Intendi lo apply
to the Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka
for a hrence lo proepect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following deatritwd landa on lha !
Went Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted two mili-a eaal j
of the amitheaal corner of C. L. No. 4477 thence !
wi chain* north, Ihence 80 cbaina aaat, thence 80 I
chaina aouth, thence 80 chaina weal to point of ,
Located .11 at July, l.'ll.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skaena !*and DUlrict DUlrict nf Quwn Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dava from date, I. t ...
Hainter of I'rince Kupert, it. C, hy occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mhwioner of t*anda for a licence to proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under NO acrea of
land on Graham Dland di-n-nlx*-! aa follow.
Commrncinir at a |mM plant nl two ml.*- north
of C. Be M. Cml Ia******* No. t, marknl S K. curner
C. K. M Coal laeaae No. 8, thenev north Ho chaina,.
thence weat 80 chaina, thence wiuth Mi chain",
thence eaat HO chiin�� to plac*1 of mmmrnrement.
Dat-.-ls.-pt. 11. lull. (.. fi HAINTKU, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Und District -District of Quean Charlott
Take notica that Auatin M. Hrown nf Prince
Hupert, aaddler, Intendi to apply to the Chief
Commiaaioner of Unda and Worka for a licence
to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following de��cril>ed landa on tha Waat
Coiat of (iraham laland:
Cnmmencirig at a poit planted two milei eaM j
of lhe anuthea t corner of C. L, No. 4477 Iht-nM i
hd chatna wrat, thenca 80 chaina norlh, thenca 80 '
chaim eaat. thence 80 chaina aouth to point of
Al'STIN M. HROWN   Locator
Located 31 at July, 1811.
Puh. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUtrict -District of Queen CharloUe
Tako nolico lhat A-iitln M. Hrown nt Prince
Rupert, aaddler, intendi lo apply to the ChM
Commlaaioner of Unda and Worka for a licence
to proappot fur coal, oil nnd petroleum on and under
lhe following deacrOied landa on the Weal Coait of
liraham laland:
i i.n.ii.i i.mi,: at a poat planled Ihree mllea (rom i
lhe ...nit ������*, < corner of C. L. No. 4472 thence 80 I
chaina weat, thence KO chaina north, thence 80 ,
chaini eaat., thence 80 chain* aoulh to point of
com men cement. 4 i _..,    .
AUSTIN M. linnVt'N, Locator   CIGAUS
Ucated Auguat lit. 1911. I
Pub. Aug. 19. I
2nd Avr,
Bftwecn Tth & hlh Sl*t.
Trinrc Kupirt
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
til A III,IS RKASDN'Alll.l:
I ".1)1 I1TAK) I! :  AND I Mil AI.MI II *
I'unerat   llirecl.ir.
Urd Ave. near ��� th HI. Phnn* No. f*
..Grand  Hotel..
Worklngmsn's Home
Free Labor Bureau is Connrrtion
Phone 178 1st Av,-. and "lh St
Utile's NEWS Agency
M��.tii7ii).*i. -.-. Periodical* II Newspapers
Vancouver Lad Succumbed  to a Right Swing on the
Jaw While Going Strong���Bout Was Witnessed by
a Crowd That Packed the Club to the Doors
Before a crowd that packed
every inch of Bpace in the Gymnasium of the Kaien Island Athletic Club, and extended out into
the corridors, the much talked of
15-round match between Oscar
Nelson, >'f Vancouver, and Joe
Bayley, of Victoria, was pulled
off lasi night. It did not hist
fifteen rounds. The end came
very swiftly and ended disastrously
for Nelson who succombed to a
right swing on the jaw early in
the second round, and took thiamin.
Although the fight was of short
i hi rat ion. the boys managed to
crowd about fifteen rounds into
the iwo. They fought like wildcats from the first stroke of the
gong, and made the crowd frantic.
The events of thc previous night,
when comments had been made
On Nelson's non-appearance in
the ring had evidently slirred up
a little feeling between them, for
both started in to make a quick
knock-out affair of it.
Bolh lads were in the line shape,
Bayley especially being in the
pink of condition. He lipped
ilu- scale at 131 pounds, Nelson
being 4 pounds heavier.
At ihe start Bayley jumped in
to force the pace, putting in some
very clever footwork. His nimble-
ness and jockey work wiih his
shoulders did not rattle Nelson,
however, who stood up and took
advantage <>f one or two good
openings, and rushed Bayley io the
ropes.     Bayley   avenged   himself
wiih a swift upper cut and then
the excitement began.   Both lads
started in to mix it, and kept
Referee Nelson Dunn busy jumping
between thi-ni in the clinches.
Right up to the sound of the
gong it was a swift give and take,
with Bayley forcing lhe pace and
Nelson doing some hard punching.
In ihe second round the pace
seemed rather to be telling on
Nelson but a repetition of the
first round was begun, and hard
slogging was done on both sides.
In the interchange Bayley got in
his winning blow, a right swing
on the jaw that staggered Nelson.
Bayley declined to follow it up
but waited a second and then
Nelson collapsed. Amid great excitement the referee tolled off lhe
seconds and counted Nelson out.
The end came before most of
the audience realised it. When
Nelson came to half a minute
later he looked round not knowing
the fight was over. Bolh boys
were cheered by the crowd who
admired thc swiftness and the
fairness with which both lads
As his spoils of victory Bayley
look the StiOO purse put up by
the club. A collection taken up
by lhe crowd for the loser amounted to 8137.50. Mr. (asley had
previously provided for his training
Already there is talk of matching
Bayley to meet in Prince Rii|X'rt
some of the star performers from
San Francisco.
Popular Salvation Army Officer
Ordered to Northern Command This Winter.
The Unassuming Leader of the
Great Labor Upheaval in England.
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion
���n-t*^  ���
Phone 150
*r-*xm*l-lll   ll'hl ********r-mm**"*****If
**m ft**** i'**mi*�� **y**m**r*M "If
The Insurance People **���
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
I'.s    Hiiusi-s and Rentals.
For Rent
Furiiia.il,il rooms with bath.    Special rules by
th* week.   Talbot House-. It-'-.f
Witness in the Chinese Case
Was a Long Way from the
Mr. W. E. Williams has called
the News' attention to a staic-
nient   reported   in   Wednesday's
issue, where a witness named l.ee
Kee is alleged to have told the
court that "Chun Yuen who works
for Mr. Williams, the solicitor,
had bribed l.ee Kee," etc.
Mr. Williams has requested ihe
News io formally deny lhe Bt&te-
nient that Chun Yuen or any
oilier Chinaman is in his employ,
or has ever been in his employ.
"I have no fault lo find .villi
the News for iis report, for I am
informed lhat the witness did
make such a statement in his
evidence. But his statement was
entirely without   foundation.    1
have never employed a Chinaman," says Mr. Williams.
Captain Kerr, of thc Salvation
Army Corps here, has received a
telegram from  Major Morris announcing his appointment to the
Cammand at Dawson, Yukon, lhe
scene of Ensign Johnstone's successful Army work.   Captain Kerr
has only very short notice before
acting  ii|>oii   his  new  orders,   as
the river traffic into Dawson will
shortly close.   He left today for
Vancouver to have   his  eye-sight
seen lo before settling in Dawson
out   of   reach   of   opticians   able
to do ilu* work.
Captain Kerr expects to return
norih by the Princess Royal passing I'rince Rupert, but regrets
lhat  linn- will not  |H-nnit of his
bidding it formal farewell to all
his personal friends made during
his army work here. IK- extends
to ihein through this paper his
good-by message, and hopes to
keep alive his relations with Ruperl all the time lie is in the Norih.
At Annual Meeting Over a
Million and a Half Workers
Were Represented.
New   York,  Sepl.   28.���At  the
annual meedng of the Trades
Union Congress of Great  Britain
held in Newcastle, Kng., 66. delegates   were   present,    representing
1,667,000 members.
One of the principal propositions considered is the fusion
of ilu* various organisations into
on,* garnd national federation to
la-   called    the    Labor    Congress,
wiih ilu- object of furthering the
solidarity of labor and more speedily Introducing Improvements in
lhe labor world.
The American Federation of
Labor w;is represented by Delegates McFarlane and Tobin.
In a little flat, within a stone's
throw of the Elephant and Castle,
lives Mr. Harry Gosling, the chairman of tlu* strike committee and
general secretary of lhc National
Cnion of Transport Workers, who
was lhe central figure in the greal
upheaval ou Loudon. A wonderful
man   in   many   respects   is   this
strike  leader,  who  licgan  life as
a   waterman   lo   his   f.uhei   and
knows e\cry detail of lhe riverside
business.    His remarkable (lowers
of organization  is illustrated  by
the fact thitl he united the dockers,
car men, coal porters, stevedores,
lightermen,  watermen,  granary'
workers,   corn   |K>rters,   and   the
rest, and by bringing trade to a
standstill obtained inpprtant concessions for the men.
Business Meeting Called to
Open Winter Season. Plan
A big consignment of plums,
pears, peaches, green tomatoes,
and all kinds of preserving
fruits will arrive on the City of
First Experiment Tried in the
United   States  with   New
Means of Transportation.
New York, Sept. 28.���Thc first
United Suites mail ever transport*
ed by aeroplane was carried from
the aviation field on Nassau Boulevard, Long Island, to Garden City,
a distance of live miles, by I-.arle
Ovington, in a Bleriot machine.
His flight was the leading feature
of the international meet's opening
Ovington took only one bag of
mail and held it between his
knees, and when he was over
Garden Cily he dropped ii on the
signal of a man who waved a flag,
as arranged.   This bag contained
about seventy-five poundsol letters
.ind postcards.
Seattle tonight and will be
I. W. W. Proposal Afoot to Organise C. N. R. Labor and
Coast Loggers.
Calgary, Sept. 28.���According
to Organiser Biscay ihe Industrial
workers of  lhe' World  have lined
up the railway laborers employed
iiii  the  Canadian   Northern,  now
under construction in  the interior
display at Shrubsall's Market,
Third avenue, tomorrow. This
will be a good opportunity to
get them fresh.
on Hi British  Columbia,    ll  i��
This day week. Friday flth
Ociolxr, the St. Andrew Society
will hold a business meeting to
arrange the preliminaries for the
coming winter season. The meeting will Ih* held in ilu* Carpenters'
Hall ill eight p.m., and all nu niln r--
of the society, and intending members arc invited to come and
take part in the discussion of
mailers relating to the Increased
activity and welfare of tlu- Saint
Andrew Society in I'rince Ruperl
ihis winter. Amongst the first
items of business io Ik* considered
is the proposal to hold an opening
Social or At Home shorily. All
interested in getting arrangements
forward for a good time during
the long evenings iire reiiuesicil lo
Mr. B. Wilson accompanied by
his wife left this morning by the
I'rince Rupert, Tiny will spend
some time down In-low.
Prince Rupert Boy
A teacher, wishing lo impress
upon her pupils the population ol
China, said:
"The population of China is so
greal that every lime you breathe
two Chinamen die."
In a short time a little boy al
the foot of the class WSS noticed
by the teacher lo be breathing
and pulling vigorously. The teacher, alarmed at his actions, Inquired;
"What is the matter? What
on earth iire you doing?"
"Killing Chinamen," waa the
quick reply. "I don'l like these
foreigners, so I'm gelling rid of
them as quick as I can."
News Agency Opens
Tomorrow the Canada Railway
News   Agency   whose   new   Stand
occupies a central pouUor on the
G. T. V. wharf, will open up for
business under the maiiiigelllenl of
Mr. W. J. McLean. This new
news   stand   will   add   greatly   to
ihe appearance of the wharf which
i*- rapidly growing Into a throuughly
busy waterfront  section worthy
of ii coming big seaport like Print i-
ported, too, thiit an attempt will
bi* made by the I. W. W. organizers
tO enlist the loggers of the Pacific
Mr. and Mrs. M. G, Lee were
passengers by the Prince Rupert
Neatly Furniaheej rooma, gentlemen preferred.-
Apply Mrs. Mullin, ovar Majestic Theatre.     tf
Niee Furnished Rooms, Mrs. Greenwood, Alder
Block; Third Ave. 178-tf
For Rent-Furnlehed rooms, lint nnd cold water
with bath. Digby Rooms. (Ith Ave. and Fulton
Street. tf
For Rent-Sona of England Hall, HS 2nd'Ave.. for
Dnncea. Fraternal Societies, Socials, etc. Apply
Frunk A Ellis. Box 869 or phone OS. lUfi-tf
For Sale
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. 2 Storoy houae, houae-
hold iM-a-ds. Near Prinoe Kupert. A map if
Uken at once.   Add res* Box .������'--. tf
Fur Sale���Iriah Terrier don pupa, pi<difirreod, arrtt-
ty. irood companions, tfoud color. Goddard
Hi.-s., ,<;, Water St., Vancouver. 216-227
OUR Companiei are noted for prompt and just
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Sf ****�����-.II ***^ IS-
Wanted. ��� Cleaning" and pressing, alterations
and repairing for men and women. Dressmaking
called fur and delivered. Mrs Charles Perchcr,
820Third Ave.    Phone&M Red. if
FIRE! What Would it Mean to Yon?
Have you considered the loss and inconvenience
it would cause you? Such a thing is not only
possible but probable in any new city. In our
vault you will find the only absolute protection
for your valuable8. Rent a safe deposit box today.   To-morrow it may be too late   -
The Continental Trust Co.
Second Avenue
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
TAKE NOTICE that 1 will receive
tenders for the land known as Lot 1105,
Range 5, Coast District, Province of
British Columbia. This is one of the
choicest pieces of land lying along the
Skeena river and contains sbout 155
acres. The land is crown granted.
Tenders must be in before tlietifth day
of October, 1911. The highest or any
tender not necessarily accepted. For
further particulars apply to the undersigned.
Assignee of II. C, Breckenridge, Box
225, Prince Rupert, B.C.
iLost and Found       -,
��^ii*%ii*<,ii*^ii-^M'-��ii*��4i ���a-.n-^n**-.!!'-'^-!! *)ia*jQ
Lost���Ladies' watch in bracelet
turning to News odlce.
Reward bv re-
Wo carry everything In the food line, also garden seed a at the lowest market price*, at Collart's
nig Fted Store, Market Place
Prompt Delivery
l-li.-i-..- II or 301
Saturday's Match at Vancouver Will be Attended by Lord
Beresford, Lord Desborough,
and Duke of Sutherland.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Sept. 2.1.���The ball
ii- ihe first tacrossc ga.me <f the
Minto Cup matches which oper
on Satruday between the Te-
cumsehs ard Vancouver will be
faced by Duke of Sutherland,
Lord Charles Beresford ard Lord
Each of the illustrious pens is
well  known in  English sporting
circles.   Lord Desborough is the
holder   of   many   records   in   all
round amateur athletics.
Pastor to Remove
Ri\. P. VV. Kerr will shortly
remove from his well known ;m<1
centrally situated residence near
the Westenhaver offices, and u-ki-
up residence on Fourth avenue
not    fi'.r   from   his   new   church
Ensign Johnstone and Captain
Kerr of the Sill vat ion Army travel*
lul by tin- Prince Rupen this
mornlng. Ensign Johnstone is
east bound for Toronto i" attend
the S. A. Coi'ven-iion there, ai tl
may  accept  a  posidon  in   thc
Eastern centres of Army <)|ht.*.-
Miss Green, Ister of Mrs. Ward,
went below by the Rupert today
iiii her waty souh fur the winter.
Amoi'K ilu- passengerf for the
suuth this morning by the Ruperl
was Mr. R. Brutinel of the Prince
Rupen Hydro-Electric Company.
Mr. J,  H.  Rogers went  south
on a business trip travelling by
the Prince Rii|vert today.
Mrs. and Miss Muriel Coyrcy
went south this morning for the
Mr. anil Mrs. (). B, Sniiih were
passengers by the Prince Ruperl
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. T. Williams
have lefi Prince Rupert for a lime.
They w.-nt south with the Rupert
FOR RENT. Suite of two,
three, or more, large well-
lighted office rooms over Wallaces'. -H. S. Wallace if
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
In lhe County Court ol Atlin lloltlon at I'rlnce
Kupert in tho Mailer ot lho "Ulliclal Ad-
mlniatralor'a Aet"
In lho Matter ot the Estate ot Duran P. l.allenvich
deceased, lnlewtalo.
TAKE NOTICE lhat l.y oreler ol Hi.. Honor,
J-i.li*.* Young, made lho 3lat day ol August, 1911.
1 waa appointed Administrator ot lho Estate ol
lh* said  Duran  l\ Latkovlch dcce-a*cd_, arid all
K.inn ��� ha\ing claims against the said Estate are*
orehy require-.! to torware! aamo properly verilled
to me on or before tho 30th day of September.
i'.n. and all lho parllee Indehteel to Ihe aaid
l'.i- are rci|uired to pay tho amount ol their
intlcl.lc-diie.aa lo me forthwith.
DATED Hit .'.Hi day oi Septombrr. 1911.
JOHN 11. M.-MI I I.IN.
uil.n.il Administrator.
NoUce is hereby given, after
this date, (September 27) and
until further advised, freight for
Skeena River points beyond Van
At-tltil will not be accepted for
Agt. G.T.P. Railway.
One lot, Block 22, Section 5, Seventh
It Avenue.   Price $800.   $400 caih.
One lot,  Block  7,  Section  6,  Fourth
Avenue, Harbor View.   Trice $1350.
Two lots, Block 24, Section 8, Eleventh
Avenue.    Trice $1)00 each.   $60 cash
balance $26 per month.
Two lots, Block 24, Section 8, Eleventh
Avenue.     Trice   $600   pair,   one-hull
Two lots, Block 61, Section 8, Kelliher
Street.   Trice $175 each, $100 cash.
One  lot,  Block   7,   Section  8,   Tenth
Avenue.   Trice $300, one-half cash.
Two lots, Block 38, Section 8, Justin
Street.   Trice $500 pair, $300 cash.
One lot, Block  1,  Section 8,  next to
corner, Eleventh Avenue.   Trice $475,
$300 fii'ih.
Four-room house, plastered, paintetl, best
harbor   view   in   city,   on   Ambrose
Avenue.    Trice  $1837.    Cash  $600,
balance $30 per month.
Offices Bnd stores on Second Avenue and
Sixth Street.    Trices $36 to $75 per
Nicely furnished  Hal,  four rooms and
bath,   hot   and   cold   water,   corner
Fulton   and   Sixth   Avenue.     Trice
$60 per month.
6 antl 10 acres for garden trucking, at
Kitsumkiilutn.   Trice $(i5 per acre.
10-ncre tracts garden trucking at Kitselas.   Trice $60 per acre.   Terms.
Three lots on Third  Avenue close to
business section, level, good lease.
$10 cash and $10 per month buys you a
Is a Persistent "Influence" Exerted  in Your Behalf |
Every bit of printing that goe9 out to serve vou make* "Some
Kind of an Impression." Poor printing will leave a poor impression of its user as surely as would poor slothes, or poor
store or shop or office. "Good" printing will leave upon every
mind an impression wholly favorable of its user.
Even if but one in a thousand of these "Impressions " really tips
the scales for business, for orders, for you " Good Printing "
will have thus paid for itself I
Daily News Building phone 98 Third Avenue
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Skoona Land DUtrlct���Diatrict ot Queon Charlott
Take notico lhal thirty daya irom date, 1, C. E.
Hainter ol I'rince Kupert, H. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to tho Cbiol CommUaioner o( Landa lor a licenco lo proapect lor
coal and petroleum on and under t. lu aero* ol
land on Graham laland duecrlbed aa follows:
Commencing at a poat planled two miloa north
ol C. E. II. Coal Leaao No. 10, marked N. E.
corner Ce E. 11. Coal Leaae No. 16, thenco aoulh
mi chains, thence weal SO chaina, thence north
SO chaina, Ihence oasl 80 chaina to place ol commencement.
Dau-d Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. SS.
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Queen Charlotte
Tako nolice lhal thirty daya Irom dale, 1, C. E.
Iiui.it. r ol I'rlnce Kupert, li. 0. by occupaUon
bookkoeper. Intend lo apply lo tho Chiel Commissioner ol Landa lor a licence lo prejapect lor
coal and petroleum on and under t-lt) acrea ol
land on liraham laland duacribed aa lollowa:
Commencing al a po.1 planted two mllea north
ol C. E. it. Coal Loaao No. 14, marked N. E.
curner C. E. 11. Coal Leaao No. 17, thence aoulh
SU chaina, thencu weal SO chaina, thence north SO
chaina, thenco eaat SO chalu to place ol commencemenl.
Dau-d Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 2.1.
Skeona Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotto
Take nolico lhal thirty daya Irom dale, I, C. E.
Ilainler ol I'rince Kupert, li. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to tho t'hu-l Commiaaioner ol Landa lor a Ltceooo lo proapoct lor
coal and petroleum on and under t.iu acraa ol
land on Graham laland detaenbed aa lollowa:
Commencing al a posl planted two milea north
o( C. E. n. Coal Leaae No. It, marked N. W.
corner C. E. It. Coal Leaae No. IS, thonce aoulh
to chaina, Ihence eaal SO chaina, thonce north Ml
chains, thenco weal SO chaina to placo ol com-
DatedSept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. tt.
Skeena Land District���DUlrict ol Quoen Charlotte
Take nolice lhal thirty daya Irom date, 1, C. E.
HainU'r ol I'rince Kupert, n. C, by occupation
bookkeeper. Intend lo apply to the Chiel Commiaaioner ol Lantla lor a licence- lo proapect (or
coal and petroleum on and under Mil acrea ot
land on Graham laland described aa lollowa:
Commencing al a post planted two mllea north
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 8, marked S. E. corne
C. E. it. Coal Leaae No. 14, ihence north SO
chains, Ihence weal SO chains, Ihence aoulh HO
chaina, Ihence eaat 80 chaina to place ol com
DatedSept. II, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. SS,
Skeena Land Dlalrlct���DUlrict ol Quoen Charlotte
Take noUce that thirty daya Irom dale, 1, C. E.
Balnter ol Prineo Hupert, 11, C, by occupallon
bookkee-per, Intend to apply lo the Chiel Commiasioner ol l.atiils lor a llconce lo proapect lor
coal and petroleum on and under 040 acrea ol
land on Graham Ltand doacribed aa lollowa:
Commencing at ��� poal planled one mile north
ol C. K. B. Coal Leaae No. 10, marked C. E. B.
Coal Lease No. 16, thenee north 80 chaina, thence
weal SU chaina, thence aouth 80 chaina, thenoa
mat 80 chain, to placo ot commencement.
Dated Sepl. II, 1011. C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotte
Tako nolice lhat thirty daya Irom dale, I, C. K
Bainter of I'rlnce Kupert, B. C., by occupation
boe.kkee-per, inlend to apply to tha Chiel Commiaaioner ol Land* lor a licence lo proapect lor
coal and |H-lroleum on and under 640 acres, ol
land un Graham laland doecrlbed aa lollowa:
Commencing al a poat planted two miloa notrh
of .take- marked C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. I, marked
H. E. corner C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 6, thence
soulh Ml chain*, thenco weat SU chains, thence
north 8U chaina, ihenco eaat 80 chaina to place ol
I ..it. -I Sepl. II, 1911.    S. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUlrict -DUtrlct of Queen Chralott*
Take nolice that thirty days from date, 1. C, E.
Ilainler uf Prince Rupert. B. C by occupation
boeikkM<|wr, intend to apply to the Chiel Commiaaioner of Lantla lor a licenc* lo proapect for
��� ".il and petroleum on and under 640 acroa of
land on Graham laland doacribed aa lollowa:
Commencing al a post planled two mllea nortb
of C. E. 11. Coal l.i-aai- No. 3. marked C. E. Balnter
N. W. corner Coal Leaae No. 6, thence aoulh 80
chains, ihence eaat 80 chains, thenoo north 80
chaina, thence weat 80 chaina to place of commencement.
Datod Sepl. 11,1011.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sopt. 23
Skeena Land District-District ol Qu~>n Charlotte
Take notice thai Ihirty day, from date, 1, C. E.
Hainter of Prince Huport, il. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Inlend lo apply to the Chiel Commissioner of Lands (or a licence lo proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham Island deacribed a, lollowa:
Cummoncing at a poal planted two milea north
of C. E. 11. Coal Lea.,- No. 3, slake 8. W. rorner
t mil Lease No. 7, thenco north SO chaina, thence
i ust mi chains, thenco aouth 80 chaina, Ihence
west 80 chains to place of commencement.
DatedSept. 11, mil. C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen CharloUe
Taka notice, that Auatin M, Brown ol Prince
Kupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply to
the Chief Commiasioner of Landa and Worka
for ft licenco to proapect tor coal and oil and petroleum on and under tho (ollowing deacribed lands
on the West Coaat ol Grabam laland:
Commencing at ft poat planted three mllea east
of the aouthwest corner of C. L. No. 4477 thance
80 chains east, thence 80 chaina north, thenc* 80
chaina weal, thence 80 chaina aouth to point ot
Date of Location, lllst July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take nolice that Austin M. Brown ot Prince
llupert, occupation aaddler, intentla to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Landa and Worka for a
licence to prospect tor coal, oll and petroleum on and
under lhe following deecribed landa on the Woat
Coast of Graham laland:
Commencing at ft poat planted three mllea eut
ol the aoutheaat corner of C, L. No. 4472 thence
nortii 80 chains, thenco easl 80 chaina, thenco soulh
80 chains, thence wesl 80 chain, to point of commencement.
located August 1st, 1911,
I'ub, Aug. 19.
Skoena I .ami DUlrict���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotu
Toko notice lhat Aunin M. Hrown of Prince
llupert, saddler. Intend, to apply to the Chief
Commlaaioner ol Land, and Worka for a licence
to prospect for coal, oll am petroleum on and
iimli-r the fullowlng descrilied land, on the Weat
Coaat of Uraham laland:
Commencing at a poet planted two milea east
of the northeast cornor ot C. L. No. 4478 thonce
aoulh 80 elislm. thenc* weat 80 chaina, thence
north 60 chaina, thence eut 80 chaina to point ot
Located 31at July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUlrict ol gut-en (._**,
Take notice that Austin M. Uro.n ol Phie,
Rupert. occupaUon aaddler, intends to apple-t,
the Chief Commiasioner of Lands anil Morula-,
licenco lo proepect for coal, oil and in-troleua n
and under tbe follownlg described land. A ty
Weat Cout of Graham laland:
Commencing at a port planted three tr.ui
ot tho aoutheut corner of C. I* Nu. 111i)ue_
north 80 chains, Ihence eul MJ chain,, tUut
aouth 80 chaina, thonce wost 80 ctiains to pout,!
Located Auguat Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. IV.
Skaena Land DUtrlct���DUtricl ol Queen Charioua
Take notioe that Auatin M. Brown ol Craft
Rupert, occupaUon uddler, intend, to apply xs
tbo Chiel CommUaioner o( Land, and WoruU
a licenc* to proapeel lor coal, od and iMUoina
on and under tbe (ollowing divcrtlx-d Und, n ue
Weat Cout ol Graham laland:
Commencing al ft poat planted time miles��
ol th* aoutheaat corner of C. L. No. 1111 Ua
80 chaina weat, thence 80 chains north, *  -:_,
eaat,  theoce SO chalu aouth lo point of ���**������-
Localed Auguat 1,1, 1911.
Pub. Aug. It.
Skeona Land DUtrlct���DUlrict ol Queen CUrka
Tako notice that Auatin M. Itni.n of Pra*
Kupert, occupallon uddler, it.t.i-le to af.*
to the Chiel CommUaioner of Land, and Hat,
for ft licenc* to proapect lor coal, oil and utxrmm
on and under tne following d.*cr)t-e-l Unde oa il.
Weal Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing al a pool planted three tr_e,-att
of lh* aoutheut corner of C. L. Na 141*1 xlm*
weet 80 cbaiu, thenoa north Ml chair.), lb,
aeat 80 ehalna, thenc* aoulh oU chain, lo pwaa
commencement. ���.. .
localed Auguat Iat. 1911.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Quean I luxe
Takft notlc* that AusUn M. Hro.n ol tn*
Rupert, aaddler, Inunda to apply to tie ltd
Commluloner ol Landa and \S ork, lor s leftta
lo proapect for coal, oil and t*m*ml*M
under the lollowing deecribod lands on Ua **
Cout ol Graham laland.
Commandnc at a poet planted l��o *}��
ol the northeut corner of C. L. No. H'J_""
80 chalu eut, thence 80 chains mioxn, X**m*
chalu wut, thance 80 chalu north io pan��
commencement    ���.v. .__
Dau ol location 31*1 July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeen* Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol QueenClulte
Tak* notice thftt Austin M. H.'��-- *' "*
Rupert, excupatlon uddlc. inten.!. J�� ���_�����
the chief Commiasioner of ..and. an-l ����.��
a licenc* lo prospect lor coal, oil snd MW"
on and under tha foUowing doacribed land,cam
Wut Cout ol Graham laland I
Beginning at a poat planled litre- "'"1",
lha northeut corner of C. L. No. * * - *.��__? ���
chalu eut, thence 80 chalu aou.l) U*** J
chalu wut, thene, 80 chalu north to (���*�����
comm.nc-n.nt. AUW|M M. ���-..,-.N.U*,
LoeaUd Auguat 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug.
Skuna Ur.d DUtrict-DUtrict ol Qu
Taka nolle* that Austin It. BH
Rupert,  aaddler,  InUnda lo all-
Commiaaioner ol Landa and ����>
lo proepect lor coal, oil and pe-ln.:.
the lollowlng >
,.n iba-kw
.*, ell-raa
let s '****
... >���!.:�����
Mat l*
deecribed landa on tl
ol Graham laland: ,  -erf
Commencing at a port planled ���*^X5Z
ol th* northeast corner ol C. I- Is*, mm
eut 80 chalu, thence south
waat 80 chalu, thane* north -������ cl..
commencement.   Aug_.N M   ^ant,!
Located Auguat let, 1911.
Pub. Aug. iV
Skuna Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Qu��n leu**"
Islands , ....
Tak. notlc* lhat Autln M. Hn>��*> �� "JJ
Rupert, occupation uddler, Im. ml- " 2JJJ
lo lh* Chlerf CommUaioner of l*"1'"1.1*
for a lleanc* to proapoct for coal, oil **'*SZ0
on and under the following doscriboil lsr.d,"
Wset Coaat of Graham Island: ������ mt
Commencing at ft port planted   e<��! {,r���
ol the aoulhuat corner of C. L. n* * ���'     ,
1U chaina north. Ihence 80 chains east. ��     ���.
chalu aouth, Ihence 80 chains weet 1�� l��*��
commencement.   ^.^ ^ BB0WM, t_*
Located Slat July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUlrlct-Dlslriet ol ')' "l ''['"-'t
T.ke nolice that thirty days Irom '--"������*��� #
Balnier ol Prince Rupert, ll. l ���;, , ���l ice**
bookkeeper. Intend to apply to ' "' ' ���._ri IT
mUaloner of Unda lor a licence <" x>< ����� *
coal and petroleum on and un.n ��� '
land on Graham Island described ">.- '""    . m*
Commencing al a port planled .��"    .. _*
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. I. mu*' ���
C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 8, Ihene.* 60rt��" fh>-
thence weat 80 chains, thence sou ri ,
thence eut 80 chllns to place, of _9kTKH. lets'*
DaleelSept. 11, 1911.    C. E. IIMM**"'
Pub. Sept, 23
Skeen. Und DUtrict-DUtrict tt ***** �������
Islands r fnate
Tak. notlc that Austin M- "���"*" ,t lM<
Rupert, uddler. InUnda to HW ' , liee-to-
CommUaioner oi Unda and ,��_��"___ c�� ���**���*���
to proapect lor coal, oil and ,1"' ' ,,n le �����"
untfir IhT(ollowing doacrll-ed lands on
Cout ol Graham Island!     ,    ,  , ,_��� miles earf
Commanclng at a poet plentcl.' "J '���; ,h,����
of the soul has t corner of c. 1.- ���**���. .n,n���ll
80 chaina wut, thence 80 chalu n'"n-  pol��l a*
chaina eaat, Ihence 80 chains south to r
commencemenl. __   ������,,,���-.* IfitsU*
AUSTIN M. lino***  ���*��
Located alat July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeona Und DUtrict-DUtrict of I**-*" cl"'1""
Take notice that AueUn M* **'"'." "I i'*U
Kupert, uddler, InUnda to npi'ij y , litenf
Cemmlsaloner oi Und, and ""'���" ' ,n,l under
to prospect for coal, oil and pelrnl>���'�����' , (ouid
tho following de-scrlbe-d Unda on the ��'
Graham laland: .    , mile* fog
Commencing at a poat planled l''' ,���,���-,�����
lho southeast corner of C. L. N"* ,,,." ihrnc* *J
chaina wut, thence 80 chains nor "��� ,rl it
chaina eut, thence 80 ohains soul I'
commencement.  ,,,,. v. I***1'
Waled Auguat let. 1911.
Pub. Aug. IB.


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